Brittany B

Another College Dump

Hey all! Gonna tell about another big dump I had during my college days, but I'm gonna reply to people like always!

Christy - I really enjoyed your story! Sounds like you had a good dump, and that other girl really had to go. My story today is actually rather similar to yours. Hope you keep building your confidence.

Pratik - Your response really made me laugh! I doubt they would ever show anybody actually pooping on network television, unfortunately. It's cool to hear that you wouldn't be shy though!

Boyfriend - Your girlfriend sounds awesome. If I had a boyfriend that wanted to watch me poop, I wouldn't have any problem with that! You're a lucky boy!

Mina - Yeah, maybe I'll get lucky and meet someone like me someday. I love all my friends, I've known them forever, they're all just poop shy. But hey, maybe that can change someday, or I could at least get lucky on a night we're out drinking or something haha!

and of course, Becc - You're the best! If the stars aligned for us to share a bathroom, I would never want it to end. You're library story was so exhilarating to read, I absolutely loved it! Can't wait to hear more from you!

So while I mostly pooped in the dorm bathrooms, I did have to poop in classroom buildings and other places around campus. One hotspot I enjoyed was the cafeteria building. The cafeteria in my university was buffet style. So you paid to get in and could stay as long as you wanted and could eat as much or as little as you wanted.

One day, I spent about 3 hours in the cafeteria eating and studying with a few people. It was taco day too, one of my favorite days! After I ate my fill, I could feel a big poop brewing in my bowels to make room in my intestines for all the food I just ate. I stayed and chatted with my friends for another half hour before I decided I needed to get my butt on a toilet, pronto. I gathered my things, said bye to my friends, and left the cafeteria. The bathrooms were in the entrance to the building, so I popped into the girl's room, ready to unload. The bathroom here had 6 stalls, 2 were being used, and it smelled like they were pooping too. The first and fourth stalls were taken, and the girl in the first stall started to wipe, so I took the third stall, so I would have a neighbor haha.

As I dropped my pants and panties to my knees, I heard a small fart and plop from my neighbor, and the other girl flushed and left. I got my butt settled in on the bowl for the long haul and farted really loud. My plops weren't too far behind, as 7 soft, mushy turds quickly plopped into my toilet. I farted again after and sighed audibly. This dump felt so good. I heard one more plop from my neighbor and she started to wipe. I was a little disappointed to lose my company. She flushed and left as I pushed out another wave of 5 sloppy turds and rattled the bowl with another loud fart.

Luck was on my side though! I was only alone for about a minute, until the bathroom door suddenly opened, and I heard a girl in flip flops come scurrying into the bathroom. She took the second stall, right next to me, dropped her yoga pants and a purple thong to her ankles, and sat her butt on the toilet. She immediately farted loudly and dropped a lot of loud, wet plops into the bowl. I heard her sigh and whisper "Thank God!" She must have been really desperate! I farted again, almost as if to announce my presence. She didn't seem bothered by it though, as she pushed another sloppy wave into her toilet! I felt a little more, so I gave a push and dropped another 6 mushy turds into my toilet and sighed. I waited and listened to my neighbor as she dropped another ploppy wave and then splattered a huge fart into her toilet. She breathed heavily for a bit and started to wipe, so I started working the toilet roll as well. I wiped 3 times, flushed, and redressed while she continued to clean her messy butt. As I washed my hands, she wiped about 6 times before pulling her thong and yoga pants back up, flushing, and meeting me at the sinks. I smiled at her, and she smiled back, sighed, and said she felt so much better. I laughed and said, "I bet you do!" She was a cutie, with straight black hair, a bit of a tan, and thick dark rimmed glasses. She looked like she worked out cuz her butt looked great in those yoga pants! After that, I went back to my dorm to relax.

I hope you all enjoyed! Peace!


First Post

So I've been reading for years but I've never had the guts to post. Today though, I decided that had to change. I'm spending my summer working at a summer camp. The food has treated me well thus far and I have my own room but the bathroom is between two rooms so there aren't only two of us using it. That situation would have terrified me a few years ago but I've finally recovered from being TOO poop shy and I've learned from horrifying constipation (I'm sure I'll tell stories later) that it's not worth holding.
Anyway, today I got back from my day off. We went out and ate a lot and I had a lot of coffee. I had such a stomach ache so I went to the toilet and I just started pushing. Usually my logs are dry and hard and a couple inches thick. I pushed a little bit for a good 30 seconds and it just kept coming. Finally it just slid into the bowl so I got up and turned around and I couldn't believe it. It's was a good foot and a half and about an inch and a half thick. It was by far the longest log I've ever produced. And there was more too! I don't know why it was so easy or so long but it was such a relief! I'm lying in bed typing this and I still need to go more! I don't know if it's the heat or the food or the coffee but I'm not gonna complain!
Anyway I hope this wasn't too poorly written! I've been reading for so long I can't believe I'm finally posting!

Hi all! Been reading this board for ages, so many nice stories (for me especially those with illness and bathroom lines!:) )
Finally decide to start posting some of my experiences too, starting with the ???? flu outbreak at our office last week.

It started like a normal cold with girls starting to blow their noses, sniffling and drinking lots of tea for a day and the next one girl was already home ill. The rest of us like me came in thinking it wasnīt serious - mistake!
Halfway through the morning me and the 2 other girls in my room were sniffling away when one of them, Caroline, suddenly looked alarmed and jumped up to run out. I could hear her rush towards the ladies and thought it was the tea when I felt my stomach flip and knew I would throw up. I got up and followed her to the ladies, but both stalls were already in use both girls hurling. I knocked but before any of them could finish I had to bend over at the sink and empty my stomach. I felt pretty bad, but luckily it was just 2 heaves. Just as I was finishing Caroline exited her stall looking pale. I told her I had been sick too and as we cleaned up at the sink 2 other ladies came into the loo holding their mouths. They briefly struggled for the free stall then just both ran in and bent over! Sounded pretty bad. As we went back to our room our other roommate, Victoria, passed us looking equally distressed. Turns out it hit most of those sick around the same time!
We hoped we were done though and kept working, but no such luck. I didnīt feel queasy anymore but my ???? kept growling a bit and I could hear the other girlsī too. I remember thinking I hope its not gonna start at the other end just as we heard somebody speed-walk towards the loo in high heels outside!
I was starting to feel a definite need building and knew I was getting the runs so just as I got up to head to the ladies Caroline jumped up again holding her stomach. She gasped "gotta go" and hurried off, me following. I admit that I tried to beat her for the other stall but she was faster and anyway as we neared the toilet one of our really cute interns ran past us holding her bottom saying "sorry its an emergency". As we followed her in she was running into the open stall hiking her skirt up showing off her cute black panties before slamming the door and immediately joining the other lady in squirting liquid diarrhea. Both were moaning softly.
Caroline went to the other stall so I queued for the interns both of us holding our stomachs and clenching our bums up. She knocked on her stall and asked the other woman, one of the secretaries, to hurry but she just groaned and blew another wave into the toilet. By now I was really desperate and starting to poo dance to keep my panties clean. Caroline was hopping up and down with a hand on her bottom obviously just as desperate!
Finally her stall flushed and she pressed past the relieved lady to start her bout. As she was hurrying in Victoria came into the loo holding her ???? followed by Sandra from the next room. Victoria immediately went to Carolineīs stall to queue and Sandra instantly asked if she could have my stall first as she had really bad diarrhea. I told her I did too and didnīt think I could wait, knocking on the door just as the intern flushed her loo. I was getting ready to go in but Sandra was starting to sob that sheīd started to mess herself so I let her have the stall. She moaned thanks and waddled in, her panties were already full .
I was bursting now and doing a poopoo dance alongside Victoria listening to the two girls blast the toilets. Victoria kept saying "hurry oh god hurry please" and tightening her pretty butt while I was walking on the spot trying not to poo myself.
Finally Victoria got a stall and sighed in relief as she exploded making me loose a bit into my panties. I banged on the door telling her to let me in and was seconds from squatting on the sink when she flushed. Holding my rear with both hands I managed to keep control until I could rush in and sit and just release the worst wave of liquid poo. I moaned loudly it felt soo good to finally go.
I kept squirting wave after wave with Victoria enjoying the relief, she finished before me and just as she left the stall 2 more ladies rushed into the restroom almost running her over. One slammed the stall shut and started pooing as the other tried my door and knocked urgently. It was my supervisor Carmen. She yelled "hurry please I have to go NOW" and kept knocking and almost running on the spot. Luckily I was done and quickly put my panties in the trash, wiped and flushed, as I opened the door she squeezed in with her skirt around her waist. She went "oh thank god" ripped off her slightly soiled panties and started having diarrhea into the toilet.

Luckily I didnīt need another trip until we all went home having a half day, I had to run for my own bathroom 4 more times but was done by evening.

I get hit with the stomach flu quite often, anybody else?
Let me know if youīd like to hear more flu stories:)


Jessica B

To Steve A - about coffee

Hello Steve,

Yes, there definitely is something like a "coffee effect". I think coffee is somehow involved in the vast majority of my posts. And quite a few people here also seem to have to go after drinking a cup.

I read a study on the Internet (you easily can find it) that found out that this affects half of the ladies and one third of the men. It is specific to coffee, but has nothing to do with the caffeine. So you don't get the same effect when drink hot chocolate or tea. :-)

This morning for example, I woke up, made myself coffee and read a magazine. Not even 15 minutes later (and two airy farts), I was sitting on the pot.

To everyone else: thank you for sharing!

Love & take care,


Reply to Simmee and story

Thank you Simmee for the relpy. I enjoyed your story about pooping in a handicapped stall. I have some news i did a poo in a open stall last week, it was hard at first but i got over it and just went for it. I found one at the mall. But when it came to wiping i just remained sat down luckily for me no one was in the bathroom whilst i was ripping it a part haha. Looking forward to hearing more from you Simmee, take care.

Today I had a strong urge to poop while traveling back from work, it got to the point where I was doing slient farts on the train (which by the way people were recognising instantly but thankfully they didn't know it was me haha) anyway as soon as the train hit my stop I immediately ran home. As soon as I got in I immediately headed for the bathroom sat down and instantly started pooping it was quick and i mean it came out in super speed and then towards the end i farted and sprayed a little bit of a diarrhea which felt weird as most of my poo was solid. Anyway I got up and looked at the toilet and it was full i mean i covered all the water and at the top was a paste of brownish mess. I flushed it and thankfully it didn't flood. I sat back down and little more diarrhea came out, afterwards wiping was a bitch so runny i got some all over my hands, which i rinsed and rinsed until my hands smelt fresh. Has anyone ever done this before had a solid poop with a bit of runny diarrhea in between?. That's all folks.

Happy pooping

Keith ( White Van Man )

Re :- Ladies and Caffen

Recently Ihave been seeing a lady who is few years older than me. It was a Sunday we meet around 0930 and drove out to a Tudor Town in Suffolk, Begins with the letter L. Parked up took a walk Down to the local hotel the S, my lady friend had a cigarette whilst we walked.
I ordered up a caffeterie of coffee, within about 5 mins she was asking where the Ladies was I told her. After approximately 10 minutes she re appeared, we finished, the coffee and made our way back to the car, as we drove towards Stowmarket, my friend appolgised for the time in the ladies. Being the perfect gent, I said don't worry when you've got to go and all that, she then advised she was delayed doing #2, also said the woman was doing same in next toilet too her, my friend blamed the coffee not being used to it, also make reference to the stink factor.

Monday, July 23, 2018


Replies excited to hear about your camping trip! Hope you have some amazing experiences and look forward to reading your stories!
KK...welcome and glad you enjoy pooping! I can totally relate so don't feel weird!
Simmee...loved the story. I know it seems a bit strange but don't be intimidated by doorless, wall-less toilets. Honestly it's a very freeing experience. We all do it and something about being seen/heard is invigorating!

My girl friend is a girl scout. She has told me that they often have to go to toilet in nature. Finding a place to hide and then pull down, squat and pee or even poop if necessary. Not only the youths do, even the leaders. Does anyone have stories about going to toilet outside on a scouts' hike? I have never pooped outside. But I once saw my mother squat to take a dump at a day hike in the mountains.


Big poo

I just took a really big poo, it was one of the ones that are formed into logs but really oozey. I just have a question for everyone, does anyone ever take immodium to deliberately make yourself constipated. And if someone could tell me what food is good to eat that will make you constipated.

Jessica B

To Steve A - about coffee

Hello Steve,

Yes, there definitely is something like a "coffee effect". I think coffee is somehow involved in the vast majority of my posts. And quite a few people here also seem to have to go after drinking a cup.

I read a study on the Internet (you easily can find it) that found out that this affects half of the ladies and one third of the men. It is specific to coffee, but has nothing to do with the caffeine. So you don't get the same effect when drink hot chocolate or tea. :-)

This morning for example, I woke up, made myself coffee and read a magazine. Not even 15 minutes later (and two airy farts), I was sitting on the pot.

To everyone else: thank you for sharing!

Love & take care,


Answers for Pratik

Answers to questions about using toilet stalls with no doors:

1) I use such stalls frequently. At school, it is several times a semester because my loss of privacy is small compared to waiting for one of the more heavily used toilets (with a door) to come available, then doing my thing, and then not being late to class. In my school, Saturday morning detention hall fills the cafeteria and many of the students have tardies.

2) At the beach this summer so far, Merika and me have used the stalls about six times each. A few more of them are for craps than they are for pisses. I've seen Merika piss in the water which is one of the reasons I've started offering her the blanket to put over her lap as she sits on the toilet.

3) Beginning with my last year in junior high, several of the girls before using one of the faster no-door toilets used what they called shit-shields. This works best during the really busy passing periods between classes. This means two girls team up and while one is on the toilet, the other stands with her back to her seated friend to shield her. One gets done and they change positions.

4) At age 12 my parents let me go to my first concert at our civic center. I was 3 days constipated and Lena, my friend, suggested I use a handicapped toilet since they are less used and are higher up off the floor. Of course, it had no door. The wiping was nicer even though it was messy because there was more space between my dirty butt and the toilet bowl water. Previously while wiping in a no-door toilet at school the top of my right hand would scrape on the top of the water and I would have some shit smeared on my hand. That was gross. I was late to class because I was forced to wash my hands and with extra attention to the smear. Worse than that, while in class and taking notes an hour later I still could smell some of the shit from my hand.
An hour later before eating lunch, I went in and washed my hands again. So Pratik, unless you use a handicapped stall or stand to wipe (something I do at home but would never do in a public bathroom), wiping can be a problem.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

The Shy Librarian

Hello, it's me with another shituation. Because my printer malfunctioned, yesterday (7/17/18), I visited the library to print some important documents. After making my computer reservation and printing my papers, I browsed the library to find a book for checkout, where the same girl behind the counter was re-shelving books. I intended to check out a book about farming a certain plant, but had trouble finding it, so I approached the girl. She was young, about 18 with thick black-rimmed glasses and a skinny build. I'm not that tall myself, about 5'5," but I towered over her. When I walked toward her, an intense shit smell attacked my nose. The library was small and mostly empty of people, so she probably thought she could fart alone with nobody smelling it. Girl was she wrong. I kept my distance and ignored the smell. When I got her attention, she turned to face me awkwardly. She was a quiet, shy girl with a soft voice, the perfect fit for a library employee. Unable to find any farming books herself, she directed me to the book database computer. "If you need help, just let me know." She said. "I have to use the bathroom, so I would be right back." "Alright, thank you," I replied. Based on the fart smell I walked into, she obviously had to shit. In fact, I held in an intense urge to shit before visiting the library. My time spent printing papers and book browsing made the urge grow intenser, so I followed her to the latrine.

This latrine had two stalls and the girl took the first stall. She lowered her black pants far enough to go, and sat on the toilet, but I heard no activity from her stall. I entered the neighboring stall, also lowered my clothes to my calves, and sat on the toilet. I pushed and unleashed a heavy stream that lasted for about 20 seconds and coloured the toilet water dark golden. Dark rum tends to darken your urine greatly. When the final droplets of my pee trickled down, I pushed again and a thick log slowly oozed out, stretching my hole wide, hurting it. With more force, the log slid out and quietly fell into the golden water. The log looked 12-inches, dark brown, and partially poked out the water. All the while, no sound came from the girl's stall. Not long after the turd dropped, the smell seeped throughout the latrine. Despite releasing that huge log, I still had a strong urge. "So, you like coming in here just to sit?" I asked her. Unless with company, I normally don't talk to other women in the bathroom because it's awkward, but shitting next to a stranger doing nothing is even more so. I received no instant reply from the girl. "No," she said, after hesitating to answer for about 5 seconds. "So what's the problem? You haven't used the bathroom yet." She, again, hesitated for 5 seconds.

"Well, I am shy about going around other people." She finally answered. "I might be in here for a while, so you might want to go now," I said, considering my intense urge. "Just go. You don't have anything to worry about." This time, she replied not vocally, but anally. She pushed out a turd that crackled on its way out and loudly splashed. "Sorry about that." she said. "You're good, don't apologize. Everybody does it." An even more putrid smell seeped out her stall and added more funk to the latrine. I turned my nose, but didn't say anything. "Sorry about the smell," she said. "Like I said, you're good. It never smells good." No reply, but she grunted again softly and the scene was déjā-vu, with the same crackling sounds, followed by another loud splash and sigh. Despite adding to the smell again, she didn't apologize this time. My stomach bubbled and churned violently. I pushed on this second urge, but instead, I unleashed a gassy explosion similar to an assault rifle, with extra emphasis on "ass." Using my turd's eye view, multiple smaller turds swam, floating in the golden water. "Oh my," the girl said, laughing softly. "It seems like I should be the one saying sorry," I joked. She laughed and took amusement at me breaking the ice with my asshole. The girl let out a possible 15-second stream of pee, ending her session.

I was also urge free and when I reached for toilet paper, I had none in my stall. "Hey, can you pass me some toilet paper? I'm out." "Sure." She said. She passed me six wads underneath the stall. "Thanks," I said. "You might need more based on how that last one sounded," she said, sounding more confident. I laughed. "I just might." As expected, even after using all six, shit still covered much of each wad. "Yup, I need more." The girl passed six more wads. Even after 12 wipes, the toilet paper was still mucky. "Did that do it?" she asked. "Nope." I said. "More!" She passed me six more. "If this doesn't work, you might need to change your diet." She's unaware that I shit messily disregarding what I eat. I explained that to her when I still was dirty, even after wipe 18. "Well, maybe you need a doctor," she said, giggling while handing me another six. I flushed to prevent clogging. Even after the 26th wipe, I wasn't fully clean. However, not wanting to bother the girl or further embarrass myself, I feigned cleanliness. "Alright, that did it! Thank you so much!" The girl chuckled. "You're welcome." Unlike me, she only had to wipe four times before she flushed. My toilet's interior was smeared in thick dark brown skidmarks. With no way to clean it, I ignored it. After we both washed our hands, I thanked her again for her help and left the library without a book, intent on heading home to shower away the remaining shit I didn't wipe.


Update and Camp Story

Hiya. I've been eating a lot of fresh produce lately (mainly tomatoes, my favorite) and plenty of fiber. I'm getting consistent, healthy bowel movements now which is nice. I just pooed, an ~9 inch log that left my butthole burning afterward! It took three wipes to clean up.

Oh, and here's a short story from when I was a teenager (one of a few that I promised)! During the summer times of my early teenage years, I attended a super pro-nature day up in NY. We did lots of singing and acting exercises, outdoor nature-related activities and fun teambuilding games. Each group would also do their own camping trips, mostly backpacking trips and a few canoeing trips. Real fun stuff; I made a lot of my current friends there.

Anyway, on one of those backpacking trips we hiked ~2 miles out and stopped at a shelter to set up camp. Being out in the forest and all, we would, naturally, do our business in the grass around the camp. That's where the spade comes in handy. I recall I was walking around the cliffs near our camp and bumped into a boy that I was familiar with at the time, let's call him Peter. Peter was squatting behind a bush, with his pants at his ankles. I noticed he had the toilet roll with him/

"Hey, Peter!" I'd called out to him.
"Wha? Dayna! Why're you right here?!" Peter shouted.
"Duh, it's the camp site. You're not even that far away from the shelter."
"Well, leave me alone! I'm trying to poop!"
"Heh. You sure you don't want to talk more?"
"Yes!! Now go!"
"Ugh, fine then. Have it your way."

I made a note to stop by the area after he was done going, just to check it out. I was fascinated by poop already at that age, so I was thrilled enough just talking to him while he was shitting.

I forgot about the encounter until later in the evening, where we were sent out to collect firewood for the campfire. I remembered my talk with Peter and returned to the scene of the crime! I found the hole relatively quickly, as the white of the toilet paper stuck out amidst the browns and greens. The hole looked to be lazily dug out, and a few tennis ball-sized lumps stood out underneath a clump of TP. After I looked over the scene, I went out and collected some sticks so I didn't look suspicious.

That was one of my first real poop encounters with another, friendly person. It was really fun talking to him while he was doing his business, even if I had surprised him with my presence. Anyway, that's my story. I have some more that I'll share another time! Peace!



The Library

Hey all! So this story happened last week at the library and it was amazing! First off I'll say I guess I am a bit "old fashioned" in that I still enjoy going to the library. Personally I think it's a peaceful place to relax after a stressful work day. My local place is huge and has lots of comfy seating options. I love grabbing a comfy chair, kicking my shoes off and just relaxing with a book or magazine.
Anyways, last week I was comfortably reclined and reading when I felt my bowels beginning to stir. I laid my book down and proceeded to the bathroom. This particular room, which I have frequented, had four stalls. As I entered, I noticed that only the second stall was closed. Hoping to enjoy the "company" and leaving myself open to a neighbor on the opposite side I entered the third stall. As I closed the door I noticed the smell of poop in the air and was slightly disappointed that I had missed the ahow from next door. I slowly lowered my pants and settled my bare cheeks on the cool seat. I glanced under the stall and saw a pair of Birkenstock clad bare feet with sweatpants all the way around the ankles. There was total silence, so my guess was this was a teenager hunched over playing on her phone.
I held off on releasing my poop, hoping for a more active neighbor and before I knew it I heard the door open! The distinctive sound of flip flop clad feet entered the room and my heart lept a littlle as the stall next to mine was entered. I heard the dropping of pants and butt meeting seat. I glanced down and saw the distinctive bottoms of yoga pants and a beautifully pedicured set of feet. The thought that this was an attractive girl intrigued me and I readied myself. A long stream of pee issued from next door. I waited with baited breath than I heard the start of a crackle! At this time I slowly relaxed my hole and felt my poop stay to descend.
Next door, I heard a soft moan, and from the crackle it sounded like her poop was pushing in and back out of her butthole. I held back a bit and listened attentively. She was gently moaning "umm...ah....umm". Suddenly she exerted noticeably. Excitedly I pushed at the same time and two big "splooshes"! landed at the same time in our adjoining toilets! She went into her soft moans again, and feeling uninhibited I started to softly sigh myself as I worked on my next log. I giggled as I wondered what Birkenstocks was thinking about the two chicks orgasmically pooping next to her. As if on cue a bowl shaking fart emanated from her stall. I held my halfway out poop for a moment hoping to hear something from her but nothing came. Oh well...a large splash and sigh came from my opposite side, and I pushed out my second log, which was very long and satisfying. At this point I felt that I was done, but really wanted to see what my neighbor looked like. I glanced down and saw her toes scrunch tightly, which was followed by a big fart then one more large plop.
Finally, I heard the paper start to roll in Birkenstock's stall. I reached for the roll myself and did a few wipes. I was pretty much clean. My opposites neighbor was wiping at this point too and I then heard her stand up. Birkenstock's flushed and left....I finished my own wipe and slowly stood. The toilet flushed next door. I flushed myself and exited. I walked to the sinks and the girl next door joined me. I glanced over and she was a real beauty. We met eyes and I smiled. She smiled broadly back at me and even though there were no words I knew we had enjoyed pooping next to each other! I exited and went back to my book, with an exciting experience to remember!


Dear Brittany B from page 2714

I hope you find friends you can do buddy dump together. You are right, it is very fun! I often do with my friends especially week-ends. If it is difficult first time, my first time was when my friend Kazuko was in a terrible pain. So I went into loo to help her. And we broke ice. Story is page 2419 I think, but not sure. My computer is sulky mood, so I am hard to check. I hope you get good chance soon.

Love from Mina and Kazuko

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hey, bit of an odd question, but does anyone flush food or food waste in the toilet? or have you ever met someone who does?


On having to interrupt Kennard's craps

My friend Kennard and me spend a lot of time together. I've written before how he's so inhibited about using bathrooms away from home. The only exception is when we are at a place like the park when there is no one else around. Also, we've shared the toilet at a gas station, but that's because it was the size of a closet with only one toilet.

So when my grandma was scheduled to fly in for a visit, I invited Kennard to ride with my dad and me to the airport. We would be dropped off to wait for her. Dad's very strict and punctual so at 6 a.m. after one honk at Kennard's house, he yelled at me to go and in get him. I knew his parents had already gone to work so I went in through the unlocked door. I took the turn to Kennard's room. I glanced at the light and open bathroom. There was Kennard sitting on the pot. His tattered blue jeans and ragged light blue shorts were at his feet. His p**** was laying over the front of the seat. He jumped up right away and was pulling up his clothing as we started to run out of the house.
In the car I texted him to see if he remembered his fly. Luckily he had but he said his crap was just starting to drop when I interrupted him. I told him flights were often late and he could crap while we waited. He said he was getting gas because he had finished off his parents' leftover coffee.

I replied that I had to pee like a racehorse, but my dad couldn't wait because he had an 8 oclock meeting at work. Dad dumped us out, probably not as close as we would have liked to the terminal, but both Kennard and I hurried through the car loading lot. He's so awkward. He stepped over some luggage, caught his foot in its handle, fell against me and we both ended up on our knees. Two cops picked us up. I took Kennard's hand to kind of lead him away from doing something dumb like that again.

It seemed like 10 minutes or more before we got into the terminal. We both needed the restroom bad. We had to cut through several lines of people waiting for tickets. Then we saw the lighted bathroom signs. I felt my butt on the seat and the relief of torrential pee even before I got to the entrance. I let go of Kennard's hand, passed a couple of middle aged ladies who were pulling luggage to slow, and moved fast into the bathroom. I could feel my pee trickling into my underwear. There were so many stalls I couldn't count them all. Women were waiting their turn. I was thinking about going to the far end and throwing myself up on a sink. Then I noticed an open toilet. No door. Seat down. Yellow bowl. Open for use. Mine! As I yanked my underwear down and thudded to the seat, my pee started full force. This lady in a black business suit complimented me on avoiding the accident and said I was more adventurous than her in giving up my privacy. My pee lasted for almost 2 minutes and when I looked between my legs, I saw a bowl of bubbles. I knew the bubbles were mine as well as much of the pee in the bowl. I texted Kennard that I was done and was suspicious when he didn't reply. I wiped, and unlike the previous user, flushed and washed my hands.

I got out into the crowded hall. Kennard was there. Grandma's flight had taken off almost 2 hours late. I asked him how his shit went. When he tried to change the conversation, I knew nothing had been accomplished. First, he showed me the yellow floor sign that the mens room was being cleaned. I'm so use to this out of him, I get upset because I really care about him and want to help him get over being so inhibited about shitting in a public place. He holds out until after school. Then he'll dump at my house or a few minutes later at the park. It can't be good for him to hold it in for 6 or 7 hours until he gets to a toilet that suits him. So I forced him to walk with me farther down the hall until the next bathroom. We got there to see construction tape cover the entrance. I suggested taking the escalator down one level. Not a good idea. There must have been 10 guys standing in line just waiting to turn the corner and get into the bathroom.

We tried another wing, found a bathroom that wasn't that busy and I told Kennard to get onto a toilet and sit for about 10 minutes. I set the timer on my phone. He texted me after about 5 minutes and said he had lost the feeling. I told him to continue to sit and perhaps push a bit. He did and then sent me a photo of three pieces that looked like candy kisses floating on top of the water. He gave up and an hour later and after some food I told him to go back there and try. I did too and I had a pretty normal crap for that time of the morning. This time Kennard got the same result as his first time.

At about 11 grandma's flight arrived. She got her rental car and about 10 minutes into our trip home, Kennard had his shit emergency. He knew it was coming because I could smell it. So she stopped at a gas station and Kennard hurried in like I've only seen him do a few times.
Luckily, this was one of those 1-toilet rooms and he more than halfway filled the stool that his largest piece was extending outside the water. He called me in to see it and for once I agreed with him not even trying to flush it. I bought a large bottle of pop for him and me to share. I felt good about spending the money not only for Kennard's sake, but also because I knew someone at the store was going to have to do a lot of plunger work.


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Interesting story about pooping in open door stalls, this is the one thing I've yet to do. I have never used one before but I feel like I should try it out, I'm not afraid about being seen on the toilet pooping but when it comes to wiping I want to be left alone, you see that's the one thing I don't want any one to see me doing so how can I conquer this? Also how many times have you pooped in an open door stall?

Take care

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