My cousin Selena was at my house and she had just got out of the shower and she sat on my back nude then I heard her stomach rumbling and then she said she had to take a dump and she told me to bring her some newspaper and tissue and while I was getting it she told me to hurry up because her shit was about to come out so I hurried up and brought her the newspaper and tissue then she Popped a squat on a newspaper and started pooping and it came out like soft serve ice cream coming out of the machine and then she said she was finished and then she made me wipe her ass.


"Sit Time"

About scheduling a "sit time" on the toilet to establish regularity, it reminded me of a roommate I had in college. We shared a suite with one private bathroom. As we were moving in the first day, he said to me, "I have some digestive issues and I need to sit on the pot for a good half hour every morning. If this is a problem, let me know and I'll find a public bathroom." I told him that I thought we could work it out and I could be flexible about my bathroom routine. It really wasn't a big deal for me, and I was able to work around his "sit time." Every morning, he'd get up and head for the john and I would hear through the door his grunts and dry farts and long sighs as he tried to move his very stubborn bowels. After a few months, he became comfortable with me and he'd report how he did. "I haven't had a good crap in three days." Or "Finally I had a good shit. I feel so much better." If things got bad, he'd resort to a laxative and I'd hear through the door his sighs as the cramping led to massive torrents of loose stools punctuated by wet farts. He'd come out and report that he had "made a mess of the toilet" and to "stay away until the bathroom aired out." I'd get a whiff of the odor and it was very pungent. As for me, I have always been quite regular. He would see me exiting the bathroom and he'd sometimes say, "Sounds like you really had a good clean out. I'm jealous!" We kept in touch for a while after college and he told me years later that he had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and he had found a medication that was relatively effective.

Jessica B

To Anna

Hey Anna,

Thanks for sharing about the other toilet events during your camping trip, I really appreciated your post. I look forward to going camping myself, but I don't know whether it will happen this year, as many of my friends are busy or already scheduled some other type of holiday. We'll see, I suppose.
I especially liked the part you wrote about going before the sunset. Finding a big lonely but stinky log at a scening "pooping spot" is something I also already experienced. And anyway, pooping with a nice view is pure luxury!

Thank you for your comments about my London trip. I cannot afford going shopping for just a weekend often (financially as well as ecologically) and I'd have spent more time there if it would have been possible. It just happened like this.
I actually do remember one or two of your posts when you wrote about having to go urgently just after shopping. ;-) Needless to say that I enjoyed reading them as well.

I think that the blond girl we ran into in the hotel's lobby washroom was aware that I could hear her doing her thing. However, I assume that she had no choice since she had to badly and this guy was waiting for her at the table. She surely swallowed her pride and did what was necessary hehe.

Love and take care,


Dear Dayna: I very understand your idea of time on the loo to be thinking time. I feel like you exactly. My friends too. We don't like to text or read or use tablet. We like to sit and think. I stay on loo 10 to 15 minutes usually, so I can think many things. Even I do buddy dump with my friends, we don't talk so much. We look each other with love in our eyes.

Dear Anna from Austria: I am happy you welcome back bad Mina. Not everyone say such thing.

Dear Victoria B: Hisae and Maho and Kazuko send love to you. And me too! with big kiss. I can't translate all post for my friends, but I never miss your posts, my friends all want to hear.

Dear Anna from Canada and Yvonne: I and my friends love your story of motion in nature. Somebody else also said like that but I can't find post. I did once before but it was high school and a diarrhoea, and I worried my friends, so didn't enjoy. And Hisae did with us but also diarrhoea so didn't enjoy so much, but I felt warm feeling. I think Maho and Kazuko also felt.

Now we are talking about do buddy dump in nature. Japan has bear, so we have to choose location carefully. But we are making a plan. Maybe this summer vacation we will do motion in nature all together so I tell you story if it is a success.

Dear Becc: We really like so much your story about bench loo and Cassie next you and shy girl at end of bench. I want to see such kind of loo in Japan! But I hope very long bench, because as I said I stay long time, and Maho and Kazuko too, only Hisae is quick, old timer of this site know that. So if we use bench together, other girls have to wait forever, I feel bad. I like loo in ancient Roman town. I see on internet. About 25 loo!! I want to sit there with friends for long long time and do 25 big motions one sitting.

Shout out to Brandon T, Taylor, Brittany B, Jessica, Abby from Taiwan, Winnie the Poo, and many many other people this site. And Jessica, thank you for comment on snake.

Love to everyone from your very own Mina, and H K M


About a wetting accident a couple year ago:

I posted a story some time back about about the time I took a two hour boat tour on the WI River. I had a few beers at the local pub nearby & already had to pee but was running late so I did not stop to use the restroom because I figured they had some on board. Long story shorter, my needing to pee became an emergency so I asked the young woman who was the tour guide if thee was a restroom on board. She said three was not but that there was mid tour where they make an island landing. She came back to the back of the boat to see how I was doing as we were pulling up to the island & she saw me sitting thre nervously all wet with a big pool of pee under my seat & she instantly realized I had just had an accident.
Well, fast forward to this year & me & my girlfriend were gonna take the tour, but I knew enough to use the restroom & not drink beer before. Well, this same female tour guide was our tour guide once again. She clearly remembered me & asked me if we could talk off to the side. I said, no I know it"s got to do with the incident & my girlfriend knows that story. She said that she was just newly hired back then & that she did not know the boat does have one tiny restroom on board. She said, I am sorry that happened to you & I felt so bad about it when I learned we did have a restroom. She says that these days, they not only tell the guests about the restrooms on the island but also mention to the guide if there is ever a bathroom emergency." She said they just don't want everybody using it.. Except if there is an emergency. She did give me some discount tickets for area attractions & said, "again, sorry about your accident, that did not have to happen."


Bottom Wiping

I refer to the post from Jenny. I do not wipe from behind....I go around the front because I lack flexibility due to my medical condition...sometimes it can be a bit difficult to wipe but as I wear continence underwear (disposable) it is not such a big problem.

I have had some good BMs the last couple of days...I am totally irregular as to my timing but live with it.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Simmee great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: KK first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had to poop a lot and I look forward to reading anymore of your stories thanks.

To: Boyfriend it sounds like you got a great show and I bet she felt better after that big poop and I look forward to reading more stories about her.

To: Abbie great story it sounds like you all had great poops.

To: Christy great story it sounds like both of you really had to poop.

To: Megan great story.

To: Annie From Taiwan great story sounds like you had a good cleanout.

To: Melanie first welcome to the site and I hope your constipation gets better and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Reply to Abbie and story

Hi guys, first a reply to Abbie, nice story about your trip back from the pub I know the feeling of having to have a desperate squat because you're about to wet yourself!

In this hot weather I've actually found I've got a runnier ???? than usual, I've had a poo twice a day and they have been quite runny.

So on to my story. A few weeks ago I went to visit my friend who lives by the sea and we went to the beach in the evening. It was a lovely day and really nice to watch the sunset whilst drinking. Naturally after a while, especially given it was so hot and I'd been drinking water as well, i needed a wee. I went to hide behind a concrete slab and squatted down and had a much needed wee onto the sand. While I was there, two other girls came and squatted opposite.

Much later in the night,in fact I think it was the early hours of the morning, I needed to Go again, but my friends were talking about heading home so I held it in,thinking I'd go when we got home. It took them ages to decide and by the time we were heading to leave, I was desperate and felt my bladder was going to burst. As we walked I could feel a tiny amount leaking out,so when we were by a wheelie bin I squatted behind and did a huge wee, making a puddle that ran across the pavement! I had black knickers on so it wasn't obvious that I had leaked!


So today my baseball team was involved in a tournament with a bunch of different towns. I had to play in 2 games, one at 11 and one at 2. The first game ended around 1 and the second game ended around 3:30 i got lunch with my mother. I finished up my lunch and was about to leave i said to my mother, "Im gonna go use the bathroom okay" "Alright just hurry up and wash up really good". I really need to go and my mom knew that. My mom and my dad got divorced a couple years ago and she was doing good with me and my brother. I found the bathrooms which had 4 urinals and 3 stalls, the middle stall was taken by a kid about my age and he had a blue jersey on so he was on the other team for my second game and he was pooping. I took a urinal and started peeing, once i finished I just decided to take the last stall to take a poop. I pushed my pants down to my ankles and sat, I let out a windy fart which didnt make to much noise. My first piece started crackling out and splashed in getting my bum wet, I heard a splash in the other kids stall and he started rolling off toilet paper and flushed. My second piece started coming out which was really long and splashed in, then a kid on my team Ian came in and he peeked through the stall while walking by and took the middle stall and lowered his pants to his ankles and his underwear a bit above that. He was farting a lot, we started talking a bit since we were both there and i heard a plop and he started wiping and left. My third piece splashed in and i rolled out some toilet paper, another kid who was about 13 came in and took the middle stall I noticed he was the kid who worked at the snack bar, his gray shorts were at his ankles and i started hearing, plunk plunk plunk plop plunk plunk plop plunk, he wiped up and flushed and i wiped. I came out and the kid was having a conversation with my mom, my mom was his teacher a few years before and she introduced him to me. We got in the car and she immediately said, "Why were you pooping in there the bathrooms are dirty" "They werent that dirty they had just cleaned them" "Was Ian in there too he did some really good pitching" "Yeah he was pooping too so wasnt the kid you introduced me too" "He pooped in there that is surprising, that was a well deserved poop for Ian" "Yeah it was there was a lot of ploping" "You washed your hands right" "Yes I did".

So in June me and my team went to a baseball camp which was overnight. The practice finished up at 7:30 and we had to go to the locker rooms and then to our rooms. Me and Ian and our other teammate Jake all went to the bathrooms, Ian's pants were at his ankles and Jake was kind of weird and took off his pants and underwear and just hovered, i finished peeing and told them id be back at the room and Ian said "No dont leave come poop with us" "Okay fine". I pushed out two very fat long pieces and i heard a splash from Jake and a plunk from Ian.


Open Door Toilets

I'm doing child care this summer. Merika will be starting 3rd grade next month. She's really smart, but her parents are divorcing, so I have her at least 10 hours a day, sometimes even longer on weekends because her mom shows homes. So by reading from her mom's book list and doing chores at their apartment, Merika earns at least 2 weekly trips with me. We alternate between the mall, downtown library, but most often the beach, although a park with a bike riding trail is also popular. The problem comes in because we often have to use the bathroom and Merika is terrorized by the two most usual outside alternatives: portable potties and large bathrooms where none of the toilets have doors.

Personally, I use and Merika sees me use both of the alternatives. I don't particularly like them but they are reality. But my mom reminds me that I'm twice as old and more confident than Merika. Recently, I've used a PP twice to pee. They are dirty, hot and sometimes fly full, but I'm not seated that long for a normal pee. If I was going to take a full crap on one of those out in the hot sun at the beach I would probably either pass out, melt or both. But like I've told Merika they will give her privacy. Still she refuses. So 3 times recently I've taken her to one of the crowded toilet-rest buildings.

This building has two sides and a half-high block wall separating the two sides. On 1 side there are open door toilets in 2 rows. Each row has about 6 toilets and they directly face the 6 toilets in the other row. These stools are larger and a little more higher than many other places. I agree with Merika that they seem kind of awkward to sit on also, but that each toilet she uses when away from home is not going to be as comfortable as the one in their apartment. Still, despite her complaints, I'm trying to give her confidence to use them.

This last time I brought one of our beach towels in and gave it to her to put over her lap as she sat. She still seemed frustrated sitting with no door, but I took a piece of ice out of a large soda she and I were sharing and tossed it at her. She picked it up and tossed it back to me and the frustration seemed to be broken. Within a 2 or 3 second period, I could hear a pitter patter of pee going into her toilet bowl. She seemed so relieved I thought she was going to cry. I know she is frustrated with so many other persons waiting and sometimes even shouting profanities as they wait for a toilet to open.

Then that afternoon, Merika got off the toilet, flushed and then turned it over to me. As I sat, feeling my crap slowly sliding down the chute, I demonstrated to Merika what I have learned to do on open door toilets. While seated, instead of looking forward at all the commotion, and especially this one older lady who was eyeing me down like mad and then leaning down to tell her young daughter to hang in there while waiting, I did something that I wanted to show to Merika.
As I sat, I spread my legs wider, threw my head and hair between my knees and kept my eyes on my feet. I was pushing a little harder and within a minute or two my crap was stretching my hole and exiting.

After I wiped and Merika and me were washing our hands, I reviewed with her a second time what she had seen. Too bad it happened, but just then a wave of water came at us and drenched us. It was probably caused by a group messing around with the shower heads in the other room and throwing the water over on us. A couple of hours later, when Merika and I were taking our final pees before taking the hour long city bus ride back home, someone through a sandwich-size bag of crap over the ceiling and onto our side. I used that as another reason why I feel Merika should consider a PP as her best option.


Re: melanie---CONSTIPATED

Melanie your household, as a kid, sounds very similar to mine. I was often constipated and the rule in my house was that I had to sit and "try" to go EVERY morning after breakfast. My mother used to sit with and she would encourage me to "bear down". Its funny but I never heard it referred to as "pushing" until late in my teens.
How did you feel about your mother watching you "push"? I hated it, to tell the truth, I ALWAYS want/have to grunt when I bear down really hard and I was really embarrassed when she heard me grunting.
Unlike your Mom, mine was FOUND of enemas, the rule was if I didn't go for three days in a row I got an enema.
Did your Mom ever demonstrate the "proper" way to "push"? I can remember several times when she would sit on the toilet, with me beside her, and STRUGGLE to move her own bowels. I can even remember her giving herself an enema while I sat and watched!!-- JW

Steve A

The Morning "Coffee Effect"

Sometimes when I work in the mornings, I'll drive over to Dunkin' Donuts to get some coffee before I start my shift. Once I finish it, I may or may not get an urge to go after I finish it, but I only drink coffee on certain days.

I wanted to ask the "everyday" coffee drinkers if they develop an urge every morning after they finish it?

And would this work for any another warm drinks like tea or hot chocolate?

This summer my hubby and I are van campers. We have both gone shitting in the outdoors several times. In fact very enjoyable.


Quick reply to Brittany B

Hey Brittany! So glad you like my stories. It's great to know other girls enjoy this sort of thing! Maybe if the stars align we'll be able to share a poop together some day. I'll try to share some more stories soon. Had a great experience at the library the other day but I want to take the time to fully tell the tale. See you all soon!

North of Golden Gate bridge in SF this morning I saw a mature female biker stick away from the road to pull down and squat just back of some bushes. She took here morning dump there. Never seen that before.

Hello there. I am 21 years old girl from India. I have been obsessed with poop since i spied on a boy pooping when I was in fourth grade.i have been a lurker for a very long time here. I have a story to share on diarhhea.
I ate out with some friends a couple of days back and the next morning it hurt. I went to the toilet and felt as if someone is tearing my anus from inside. The poop was liquidy at first, then it got mushy. After a while it stopped, but i felt as if there is more left. So after a about of diarhhea, i sat on the toilet with constipation! It was very brown. I had to drink some prune juice to get going, but at evening i did. It felt as if someone had turned on a tap. That's all for now. Hope you Welcome me into your community! :)


I have the absolute best girlfriend in the world

Ever since I was about 13, I've always had an interest in hearing and watching girls pee or poop. I would regularly press my ear against the door whenever a girl I knew had to use the restroom. Now, 5 years later I'm 18 and my Girlfriend just is the best. Maybe about three months into our relationship I worked up the courage and told her about my interests and she responded by smirking and wetting herself right in front of me... you can imagine what happened next haha. Ever since then she has regularly let me watch her use the restroom, peeing or pooping, and she pees a lot when we have sex, and she loves to hold me while I piss.

Anyway, I figured I'd tell a sorry that happened maybe a week ago. We were driving home from a great steak dinner at a moldy fancy restaurant when she let out a loud fart and looked at me a bit desperately. She told me she had to poop, badly, and immediately I could feel myself grow a bit excited. She reached around and grabbed her ass and moaned a bit and told me to hurry. I obliged and sped back to our small apartment in about 15 minutes. Upon reaching it she jumped out of the car as I was parking it and sped into the bathroom, leaving all of the doors open as she quickly tore off her dress and thong. She was braless as she has fairly small breasts and now completely naked as she sped to our small bathroom, sitting down quickly and moaning spread her legs. She told me to come watch and I quickly kneeled in front of her, watching her asshole stretch a bit as a long dark brown log began to protrude from it as she farted quietly and grunted a bit, before an enormous maybe 14 inch log shot out in less than three seconds from her asshole, and she moaned with relief. She began to pee, a very loud foamy one, for about 30 seconds before spreading her cheeks and pushing again, letting out another similar sized log with a moan, panting a little and smiling at me. She asked me to wipe her, which I did and well... I'll let you imagine the rest of the night...

I have many other stories so if you'd like to hear any, let me know!

Monday, July 16, 2018




Great story about pooping at work, I've done this loads of time and now I am comfortable about doing it at work now. Don't worry about asking questions to your work friends its completely normal, and if they react they are probably annoyed or just not comfortable.

Take care

Brittany B

I would love to poop infront of cameras and see the horrible looks the 'housemates' would give and not to mention the viewers if they were to show the pooping haha. But one toilet getting destroyed everyday who knows they might not be a toilet to poop or pee on in 3 months as all the housemates will stuff themselves and take monster dumps everyday. Lols

Take care

Happy pooping

Sorry the first message was a bit too short. Squatting is no big deal. The only challenge is privacy. I have been lucky but my hubby has been walked in on a couple of times. We have both observed several others going to toilet outside. I especially find it quite amusing to see mature men squatting like kids. Big bums small bums, white bums hairy bums. Some squatting well down others just more like bending forwards. Some digging a hole others leaving it just on the ground. Not least some hiding better than others.


Some replies

To Becc - Amazing story! I'm actually going on a camping trip next week from Saturday 21st to Sunday the 29th with some friends from university and one of the girls has warned me about the bench style of toilets there. Everyone seemed a little unsure about using them but I can't wait! I'll post any interesting tales here! :)

To Victoria B - I really liked your story of "number three" I love it when that sort of thing happens, and your body seems to be kinda out of your control. You just relax and enjoy the ride. It hasn't happened to me in a while but I'm looking forward to when it does!

To Anna - Wonderful story about your release while wearing your white bikini. It sounded like you really needed to go! Thank you for sharing

Much love to everyone x


Latest story

Hi everyone, I will get to my latest news after a comment.
Natasha- great to hear from you again and glad to hear your not constipated any more, it sounds like you have got into a really good routine. I had got into a pretty good routine myself before I started to get constipated again a few weeks ago, I was getting home from work and going on the loo straight away, I tend to get the urge for a poo now just after lunch so I don't have to put it off for too long. At least its much better than when I was at school and would always need a poo mid morning! If I can't poo when I get home I try again after tea and normally I'm able to go at least every other day. Unfortunately when the weather started to warm up a few weeks back I started finding it harder and harder to have a poo, I don't think I've been drinking enough as I haven't been weeing much either and so my constipation has come back with avengeance and I'm back to pooing every 3 or 4 days at the moment which is really grim, especially as I had been doing so well. In your post Natasha you said your almost always able to push out a good sized poo when you go for your morning sit, I was wondering on those occasional times you don't go what your routine is then? Do you push hard and try to force a poo or do you just wait until the urge comes? If you don't feel the urge later do you go back on the loo later in the day or just wait until the next morning? If I still haven't managed to have a poo by the time I go on the loo for the second time I have been trying to force it but am not sure if that is making things better or worse! Normally when I force it I can manage to push a few pebbles out but can't have a big satisfying poo, I just seem to have to wait until the urge comes, which of course might be 3 days later and then I know it's going to be a really fat rock hard poo that is a massive struggle to push out. Anyway, I sincerely hope you remain free from constipation and your new routine keeps working!
This weekend Katie was free, Lucy and I haven't seen her for ages so we went out together Friday night and Katie slept over, I'll start the story from when we were walking back to mine. Lucy and I had been for a wee just before we left the pub but Katie had said she didn't need to go, however she suddenly said "I need to have a wee, I don't think I'm gonna make it home!" so I said "Theres somewhere you can go over here, I used it a few weeks back when I needed a wee on the way back!" We turned off down a path and I could see the grassy area and bushes a short way away which I had used before. Just then Katie squealed and said "I'm weeing my knickers, I'm gonna have to go here!" and she lifted her skirt, dropped her pink knickers and proceeded to have a gushing wee right in the middle of the path, Lucy and I stood either side of her to try to give her a bit of privacy but I hoped that no-one came along as she wasn't exactly very well hidden. Katie weed for ages and eventually she stopped, I realised I was getting pretty desperate again and decided I would go behind a bush as soon as Katie was done. Lucy offered her some tissues to wipe with but she said there wasn't much point as she had already wet her knickers quite badly. After Katie had finished her wee Lucy said "Actually I really need a wee again!" and I said "Me too!" so Lucy and I quickly walked over to the bushes, Lucy hiked up her dress and dropped her yellow flowery knickers and I pulled up my dress and lowered my white knickers, we squatted and shortly after were both weeing strong streams into the grass. Lucy wiped with a tissue and passed me one, so after I'd wiped I pulled up my knickers, smoothed down my dress and went back home. When we got back we went up to my room to get ready for bed, Katie took off her skirt, top and bra and I could see there was a massive dark patch on her knickers, she said "I need to change my knickers a sec!" and took them off so she was totally naked. She rummaged through her bag and took out some pale blue knickers with pink butterflies which she put on, in the meantime Lucy and I had taken off our dresses and bras and were in my ensuite cleaning our teeth, when we were done we went back into the bedroom and got into bed. Its been so hot recently Lucy and I have just been sleeping in our knickers without any bedclothes, when Katie came back in from cleaning her teeth she said "Its lucky we know each other really well and don't have to worry about covering up, its far too hot to wear anything more than knickers in bed!" We both nodded in agreement and were asleep shortly after, I woke up first the next morning at about 9.30 dying for a wee again, so I got up and went into my ensuite. I dropped my knickers to my knees and sat on the loo and straight away started to empty my aching bladder, it was so loud it sounded like I had turned the bath taps on! I weed for what seemed like ages and when I was done I wiped my front, pulled my knickers back up and flushed. I went back into my room and noticed that Lucy and Katie were both lying face down on top of the bedclothes, Lucys knickers were stuck up her bum really badly and Katies knickers were too small for her so the top of her bum was showing!
I put a t-shirt on and went downstairs and made some toast which I brought back up to my room, as I went in I saw Katie on the loo with her knickers round her knees, it sounded like she was having a massive wee and there was a huge look of relief on her face! When she was done she came back into the room and we started to eat the toast. I noticed Lucy was finding it hard to sit still, she kept shifting position on the bed so I guessed she needed the loo, a few minutes later she said, "I need the toilet now only its a poo so I might be awhile, does anyone else need a wee first?" Katie shook her head and I said, "No, but I'll probably want a poo myself in a bit!" Lucy said "OK, I'll try not to be too long!" Katie and I followed her in to my ensuite so we could keep chatting, Lucy dropped her knickers and sat down heavily on the loo. She had a quick wee, I guessed she must have gone for a wee while I was downstairs as she didn't need to do much. Lucy then started to push, I could see she was holding her breath and after straining for a while and making some loud grunts she was very red in the face and still hadn't managed to have a poo, she said "Sorry about this, I'm constipated, I don't think I've had a poo for 5 days!" By now I had a heavy feeling in my belly which was turning into something more and I knew that a big poo was on the way, so I hoped Lucy wouldn't be too much longer! Lucy did a few really hard pushes and couldn't help grunting even more, but luckily that seemed to help and shortly after I heard a loud plop as her poo dropped, followed by a few more plops a minute or so later. I could feel my poo threatening to poke out of my bum so I knelt up and pulled my knickers down a bit and said "Could you hurry up Lucy, I'm just about to poo my knickers!!" Lucy quickly stood up and flushed, and then stepped to the side to wipe her bottom standing up so I could get on the loo. I quickly dropped my knickers to my thighs and sat down heavily, my bum slapping down onto the seat, I couldn't help moaning a little with relief as I relaxed my clenched bum and felt the tip of a massive log start to poke out, it felt so good just to let it come, stretching my bumhole more and more. By now Lucy had pulled her knickers up and was sitting next to Katie on the floor. I knew this was going to be a fat one and I would have to push quite hard to get it out, so I took a deep breath and started to bear down, I knew I was screwing up my face a bit as I pushed to the amusement of the other two, they couldn't help giggling as I continued to strain. I kept pushing and grunting for the next 5 minutes, feeling the log make its way out a tiny bit each time, and eventually it dropped and splashed down into the water and I was ready to wipe my bottom. After I'd wiped I flushed and pulled my knickers up and then washed my hands, and we went back into my room to get dressed. Katie rummaged in her overnight bag, she said "I know I've got some clean pants in here somewhere!" In the meantime Lucy had taken off her knickers and put on some white ones, she started to put on her bra as I took off my t-shirt and went over to my underwear drawer to find some fresh knickers too. Katie took out a pair of green knickers and pulled down the ones she was wearing, she quickly put on her clean ones and then put her bra on. While Lucy and Katie put their jeans on I changed my knickers, my clean ones were yellow with pink and blue flowers. I put on my bra and then finished getting dressed too. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Answer to noname contribution. Never done it inside a car. But several times I have done it somewhere in nature. In the bushes or in the fields. For a period I had a job that implied much driving. I have also been eager with outdoor activities. I don not really know how many times I have had to just find a spot where it was possible to pull down squat and get it done. And for sure I am not the only one. I have seen others squatting with pants down several times. Not only women even men, young as well as seniors. Just ask a hiker. She or he will admit that going im the bushes is something they have experienced.


Finally pooped at work.

HI guys! I've been a lurker for a long time and just never really had anything awesome to post until yesterday! I just got to a point in my day now where I can sit and type this out. Little back ground here I'm twenty seven years old. And I work at a Coffee shop here in town. I'm a southern girl WOO! I'm short curvy all that fun stuff i'm a cutie. AND one of my number one fears in life is pooping in public. NOW that being said onto my story! Yesterday was a normal day everything was cool and chill. It was just my work Hubby "WHOM I love to death he is the greatest ever we aren't a thing but we are work married lol." It was just us and it was kind of slow had my normal early morning customers. This mother who is i'd say in her 40's? me and her are kind of chatty every morning it was going good. UNTIL about 10 am. I started getting really heavy and gassy. So me and work Hubby was standing talking and I laid this nasty gurgle fart down. Like I have tooted around him before but nothing like this! He looked at me with true worry in his eyes. Well a few moments pass a elderly man came in and I was ringing him up doing my thing when suddenly my stomach just cramped and gurgled quite loudly the gentlemen even heard it. That was when my panic started happening I got the guys coffee and away he went. But I knew I was in dire needs of the bathroom. SO I went back to talking to my work hubby trying to get through it maybe by a miracle it would pass! How wrong I was. By this time I started sweating pretty bad. And I was telling him the only reason I think I could feel this bad is the HUGE fruit salad I had for dinner the previous night. Then it hit me again no longer than I got my sentence out a fart just zipped right out of my backside and it was one of those "Hey girl it's ya colon and stomach giving you final notice" Like I had to go, told him to cover for me and I waddled to the bathroom. I rushed into the bathroom took the last stall and ripped my snug jeans and panties down and plopped down. There wasn't any pre-show fire works or nothing just sat down and woosh! And it just kept coming it was mushy and like pudding just kept coming out of me. When I didn't think it could get ANY WORSE. I mean I was already there and going. Then bang! the door swings open to the bathroom and I hear moans and pants and a couple of "Oh Jesus Christs". You guys I was trying to remain civil for my first time pooping at work. THIS girl started off with a huge ripper followed by some plops followed after that with a huge ripper again and then I hear moaning again. All the while this is going on next to me I steadily have silent pancake muddy mix coming out of me. I wanted to cry! SO finally I get to where I think it's over. I wipe and it took SO many wipes. I wash my hands and fix my hair up. GO back out and My work Hubby is there giggling. has the nerve to ask me how it went. I Just shook my head and told him to drop it. Then a few moments after I left the girl comes out. She couldn't of been more than 17! She was really petite. In my head I was like how did all that noise come from her! Then to top off the day. I opened my mouth and asked her if she was okay. WHY I did that I don't know. I care about people to much I must of embarrassed her SO much. I know if someone asked me that like that randomly I would of died I just couldn't help it. BUT yeah that was my story of my first time pooping at work lol. Hope you guys liked it and maybe I'll share other past experiences from back when lol.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and had to poop a lot as well.

To: Dayna great story about your huge poop.

To: Becc great story it sounds like you all had good poops.

To: Anna great story about your poop in that outhouse.

To: Jessica B great story it sounds like you and Luisa both had some great poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anna from Austria
@Mina Good to hear from you again. I liked your latest story and did not find it boring.

@Anna Yes I had to go that urgent that I do I forgot to look.

And yes I really left the stall with pants down. At the moment I was not worrying caught by my coworkers. It was a long day at work and I just wanted to home. So I was not thinking much about the potential consequences of leaving the stall with my pants down.


Crapping preferences and requirements

Our city has a large summer school program, but instead of it being held at my regular school, the classes are held at another school in the district. I'm taking two gifted program classes, including one in leadership development. For the leadership class we have guest speakers from the community come in and talk to us. So a few minutes before class began I opened the door to the girls bathroom and this little old lady who was exiting kind of stumbled into me. I apologized. She was really disoriented, it seemed, as she held onto my arm and asked me, or started to ask me, a question. She looked me right in the eye, called me Honey, and complimented my class ring. Then she slowly asked me a question that I could tell embarrassed her.

She asked me which of the bathrooms in the school would have those "seat protectors" that you spread over the toilet seat before you sit down on it. It caught me off guard. This wasn't my regular school. My generation doesn't use those dumb things. I needed to get on the toilet ASAP or I feared my tight yellow shorts would not be able to dam my wee. I was honest with her about my situation and told her if she would wait for me to get done, I would escort her down to the main office with her question. Since she was a first day volunteer in the library, she said she would take me up on the offer.

While she waited, a few feet from me I took the first cubicle, latched the door lever, and quickly placed my butt on the toilet seat. Although I was bursting, her standing there and then asking me a couple of more questions as I sat made me more self-conscious. She asked about my grade in school, my name, but as soon as my pee stream started into the water into the bowl, she complimented me again and started to tell me about 1948, the year she graduated. She said back then there was a metal holder inside each toilet stall door with the seat papers. She would just pull one off and then sit down on it. Now, 70-some years later she still insists on having one before sitting for her crap.

As for me and my friends, getting permission from a teacher and having an open toilet available, and the time to sit and take care of our needs seems to be enough to worry about.

I walked her to the main office and opened the door for her. Then I had to walk to my classroom where I arrived just as the tardy bell rang.


Wiping questions

Long story short, I had surgery on right dominant hand. It has been awkward. Wet wipes have been a life (and panty) server .

Does anyone wipe with their non dominant hand ? Has anyone had issues being physically unable to wipe ?

Brittany B

Something I Thought of

Hey everyone! I wanted to pose a question to everyone today that I've been thinking about. But first...

Anna - oh my girl! thank you for filling the void of bikini-clad babes on the toilet in my life hahaha! that was a great dump! wish I could have been in that outhouse with you!

Becc - Your camp stories were awesome! I've used pit toilets before, but never ones that were just a bench with several seats in it. That's so cool! Especially getting to poop with your counselor. That girl Cassie sounds like my kind of chick haha! I'd love to share a dump with you on a bench style toilet.

So I don't know how many of you watch the show Big Brother on CBS, but I do, and I was just thinking about how there is one toilet for 16 people at the beginning of the game. That's gotta be nuts trying to get some toilet time in! And if you're a bashful pooper, well, you'll probably have to get over it pretty quick. And I know there's a camera in the toilet room, because they have shown a view of the toilet room on the TV episodes, not when anyone is on the toilet, but if someone is saying something to someone else that's game related, and they use the toilet room for some brief privacy from the other players, they'll show that shot. So do you think you could poop on camera for 3 straight months, knowing production is going to see it? You all know I'm not shy, so I think I could handle it!

That's all for now, I'll share more soon. Peace!

When jogging this morning I had to take a dump. I always have toilet paper in my waist bag. I found a spot behind some bushes and pulled down and squatted and got it done in a few minutes. Nobody discovered me.

Hi Ben. How much paper do I use? Basically I wipe until the paper comes out clean. Sometimes that's just one or two wipes, sometimes ten or even more if it's a soft dump.


Embarrassing poo story

Here's a very embarrassing story from about 3 months ago. I often go round to my friend Clair's house after work, (we work together). I've known her a very long time and as we often have to do evening shifts on one day and then some morning shifts the next day, I sometimes stay over at her house for the night before we both drive back together to work again in the morning. Now I have moved out and stay with my boyfriend normally but Clair still lives at home with her parents and younger brother who's about 14 or 15. I normally quite enjoy staying over at Clair's and we always have a lot of fun except for one thing. The house only has one large family bathroom, which doesn't have a lock on it. Which as you can imagine puts me in a very uncomfortable situation, given that I have to spend the night there and unfortantly nature sometimes calls. Having to pee knowing the door doesn't have any lock on it is bad enough for me as I'm very shy about these things but sometimes when I can't hold on to my number two until I can get home is really uncomfortable.
Anyway about three months ago we had came back to her house from work and from about 6 o'clock onwards I'd felt the urge to go but tried to hold it in till the morning with the idea of waking up early and going then when hopefully everyone was still in bed. At about 9 o'clock I realised I couldn't hold it so rather reluctantly I went upstairs to the bathroom. I shut the door and quite hastily pulled down my pants and seated myself down. I wanted to make this as quick as possible. With little effort my first log came out and made a little splash in the bowel. Just then as I had my second log hanging about an inch out between my cheeks, there was a quick knock on the door and before I had time to make a response the door burst open. "Oh don't mind me" it was Clair's Mum "I won't be a sec" she closed the door over behind her without properly shutting it, before walking over to a cabinet near the sink. "I'm just looking something dear, I won't be long" as she rummaged in the cabinet. I felt completly embarrassed that my privacy had been invaded whist I was in such a vulnerable position. I was very conscious of now making a sound, so hopefully she would soon leave without being awear that I was having a poo. She continued to rummage around before eventually finding what she was looking for some sort of cream. "It's never where you think it is " she said or something along those lines. And she stood up to talk to me. For a moment I thought she was about to start some long conversation but just then she seemed to sniff. She looked a little confused and then I think the smell coupled with my embarrassed expression, made her realise that I was actually having a poo right there. "Oh sorry honey, I'm really sorry and I'll just go and give you some privacy, sorry I'll wait out side and make sure you get some privacy". That wasn't what I had in mind having her wait outside the door probably able to hear everything I do. She kept apologising and clearly felt very awkward but no were near as awkward as me! I quickly tried to finish so I could ge out if there as soon as possible when I heard someone coming up the stairs, it was Clair's brother as I heard his voice. "Don't go in there" I heard her mum say. "Oh" I heard him say, "Megan is in there, she might be a while, she's having a..." I couldnt hear it but I knew she must have mouthed the word poo. "You go back down stairs" she told him. I gave a quick wipe and flushed and exited quickly. Her mother was right outside the door. "Okay dear?" She said, "yes " replied awkwardly. "Okay I'll just open the window to clear the smell" she said much to my humiliation. I told clair who laughed a lot at my misfortuane, she said it's happened to her many time and she told her parents to get a lock on that door. Anyway that's my story, hope you enjoyed it.


Reply re Jacqueline

Hi Jacqueline. Thanks for having the courage to share your story here which, based on what you've said, prabably wasn't easy. Reading it, I certainly felt very humbled. I can understand where your husband's coming from in relation to your daytime accidents - up to a point. However, if your son learns at any early age that adults as well as children can - and do - occasionally have accidents, it might help to make him a wiser, more compassionate, person later on in life than he would otherwise be. Perhaps the first thing you should do is try not to worry because, whilst it's not the whole story by any means, I'm sure that anxiety plays a part in your situation and the propensity to have accidents both during the day and at night. It's important to understand that anyone can have an accident at any age if they need the toilet badly enough.

True enough, the doctors may have failed to find an 'underlying cause' in the sense of it being a matter of serious medical concern. I do think, however, that you probably suffer from a weakness which is exacerbated by anxiety. My advice would be to see your doctor or practice nurse and ask about Kegel exercises which can be used to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor. Although nothing's ever guaranteed, Kegel exercises may well help to improve your bladder control. I'd say it was worth looking into.

There is a school of thought, and it's a perfectly respectable one, which says that adults should only go to the bathroom when they need to rather than at fixed times such as going to bed, getting up, and before leaving home for any length of time - especially if a car journey is involved. However we have to live in the real world and everybody's different in terms of what works for them. In your case I think it might be beneficial to timetable bathroom visits into your day so that your bladder gets used to being emptied (within broad terms) at certain times. If you have an urgent need to go whilst in the kitchen whilst you're on your own and you haven't really got time to use the bathroom, use a measuring jug or another container, dispose of your pee down the sink and wash the container thoroughly. The urine of a healthy person is sterile and poses no threat to health. I'd advise drinking a normal, healthy, amount of fluid and not cutting back as a certain amount is necessary for kidney function, regulation of the body's cooling systems, and general good health.

You say that wearing protection isn't an option because it's not in your budget. I don't know how tight your budget is, but here in the UK, adult incontinence pants aren't massively expensive and people who have certain conditions can get them prescribed for free. Although I don't need to use them full time, I do buy them for occasional use if I'm going on a long journey or know that I'm going to be without toilet access for several hours. From memory I think they work out at 11 to 12 a pack which normally contains 10 or 12 diapers, so not hugely expensive. I guess it depends to a point on what other outgoings one has.

Do let us know how you get on. I hope sincerely that you can get to a point where your situation improves. If you can get rid of some of the anxiety, I'm confident it will. Good luck.



Taylor: thanks so much for your sweet reply. No need to "get it", just enjoy it! Glad I have a kindred spirit. Love ya, girl!

Brittany: Sorry there was no public bathrooms for you to enjoy. That sucks! Still sounds like you had a nice poop though! So satisfying!

Dayna: so happy you like my stories! Welcome and hope to hear more from you!

Anna: LOVE buddy dump stories! Keep 'em coming and glad you enjoyed!


She sharted

Me and my friends were at the mall a week ago we were sitting in he ce area we all had our starbucks and we our fast food my friend abbie she had an iced mocha some mcdonalds fries and something from panda express a while later abbie was like guys and let us this loud fart then she jumped up and started running away laughing my other friend Kara yelled laughing OH MY GOD SHE JUST S**T HERSELF! We ran after her laughing as well we caught up to her and she was like um I just sharted diarrhea is coming out my a** we made it to a bathroom we all went into the handicapped stall she ripped her shorts off and plopped right on the toilet our friend went to go buy her new shorts and me and the others were standing by her I was cleaning up her legs while shes on the toilet ripping farts she was like guys I did not even feel like I had to poop I cant believe I sharted in front of so many people the other were waiting outside the stall complaining of the smell I stayed with her helping her clean up while waiting for her new shorts to come she kept wafting da s**t smell in my face which was nasty but whatever Aaliyah came back with new shorts I put her old shorts in the bag which reaked and she wasn't done yet everyone was laughing and complaining because this is typical abbie she always farts and always has to poop and takes forever. She finally finished after literally 6 minutes then of course we couldnt get the toilet to flush I tried getting it to flush while abbie was cleaning her self up better and an older woman walks in and gives a disgusted expression. We asked her if we needed to keave and she said no her stomach didnt hurt so we shopped for about an hour and left.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Been crapping tons today

Hi everyone :) Hope everyone is doing well and dooing well. I have. My body and bowels have been busy since I woke up at 8 AM. Right after taking my meds after my cell phone alarm went off, I needed to get out of bed, grab a pad (on my VERY heavy period) and head to the WC where I pulled down my grey shorts and boy shorts underwear and sat on the toilet. There I unloaded all the crap that had built up from the night before. I spent about 10 minutes letting go of all of this with no problem. I discovered when I was done that it was a bunch of soft logs. It was a really messy wipe, requiring lots of TP.

I've been going multiple times today, after each meal (LOTS of soft logs!) and after a long walk (daily, with my caregiver). Been eating very healthily and drinking tons of water, both warm water in mugs and plenty of water in my water bottle. Also during the day. Also been walking long distances each day. As a result, ALL that pent-up stuff in my stomach has been coming out. Last time I crapped was about 15 minutes ago. Another huge load, full of soft logs. Needless to say, my body is getting a GOOD clean out, finally!

Time for my afternoon nap and probably another poop soon. Take care everyone, and Happy Pooping!


The other night i was hanging out with my friend Amber and her boyfriend. We were drinking all night. Next morning Amber was complaining about having fiery shits. She would use the restroom and the go back to her room. After the second time i went to users restroom. I expected to reek really bad but it was only a very minor poop smell.


Public Pooping & toilet Paper

To Becc. Communal toilets of this nature I thought would not be well received. I wonder how many girls help their constipated etc. You are great in that you were able to have BMs without problem. Yes, a good poo can be very enjoyable so why not enjoy it!!! You are doing no harm, only good.
I recall the first time I did a poo and enjoyed it...we were at the beach fishing in a rocky area...I was very young...might have been five or six. I was getting irritable and had a ???? pain. Mum wanted to take me to the toilets but I would not go near them because they were not sewered...I would have had to shit in a can! She then wanted me to squat behind a rock and I would not because someone might see me. Mum got the bright idea that I should poo standing up so I had view of anybody coming near me. She took my swimmers off...I was reluctant to begin with but with encouragement and rubbing my ???? and a lot of pushing and grunting on my part out came a big stubborn turd then a whole lot felt so good.

To Ben...I use about two or three sheets, sometimes more depending on the consistency of my stool. I take metamucil which makes the process a lot less messy...What I spend buying metamucil I save in toilet paper.
Yesterday I had a good big poo (twice) I will sit on the toilet soon to see what happens today. Time will tell.


a few answer

to Jessica and Jessica B: For sure the other girls pooped on the hike, too! On the first morning, only about two hours or so in, I was at the back with Danielle when she said to me quietly, "I really have to poop". She asked me to tell the others to wait and then took her pack off and went into the woods with a roll of tp. I went ahead and told the girls that Danielle was going to the bathroom and that we had to wait a minute. In the end it was more like five minutes and at one point Amber was like, "I bet she is taking a s***!". We all kinda giggled, but I didn't confirm that Danielle was really pooping.
Another time, we were about to get going after lunch when Amber went behind some shrubs to go to the bathroom. It took her quite a while and when she came back she was like, "sorry guys, I had to take a dump", haha!
Finally, one night we were all hanging out in front of the tent chatting and waiting to watch the sunset. We were also all a bit tipsy, by the way. Anyway, I needed the bathroom for both things and went to a spot a little away from the tents where we had peed before. When I got there, it smelled like poo a lot, actually, it was kinda stinking. There was a big log on the ground that was only partly covered with leaves and next to it a couple of pieces of poopy toilet paper. I squatted a bit farther down and then peed and pooped. I pushed out three fairly large turds quickly and when I wiped I only needed like two pieces which was great. The spot also had quite a nice view, so I guess it was a pretty good experience as far as going number two in the woods goes, haha!

to Jessica B: I love that you can just go for a quick shopping trip to London. I'm so jealous! I really liked your story! Coming home from a shopping trip and then bombing the toilet big time first thing is something I can definitely relate to! I also feel for the blonde girl. I think I'd have been embarrassed in her situation, too. I wonder if she realized that you could hear her doing a really large poo?

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