Electronics and public toilets don't mix

In the past couple of weeks me and my friend Savannah have been out at events or clubbing, but when we enter the bathroom--usually too small to accommodate the number of persons waiting to use it--we've become more aware and agitated by those sitting on the toilet totally affixed to their smart phone or other electronic device.

An example was at the mall Saturday morning. It was something like 8 stalls. All were taken. We were waiting next to one another for adjacent stalls to open. My crap was beyond knocking due to all the liquids that went through my system the night before. When the toilet opened, the girl in front of me, who was high school age, immediately went in, dropped her shorts, and seemingly fell onto the seat with a thud. Her stream started immediately, but it ended after 20 seconds or so and she remained hunched over her knees messing with her smart phone for at least another 3 minutes. I was getting enough gurgling to know I had to knock on her door. I could see she was still working on her phone and she didn't even look up or acknowledge me. Savannah stood aside when her turn came and gave me her toilet. The seat was down and what should have been faster in the emergency wasn't. My right finger and thumb seemed numb in ripping at the button on my jeans. By the time I got my jeans down, also breaking a nail, about an ounce of soft poo got into my pink underwear. Once seated, my soft shit poofed out so loud Savannah, seated next to me, could hear it in her stall. I took them off and wanted to toss them overboard to the ***** on my right who was still tying up her toilet with others waiting.

I've asked my boyfriend Diver if it is any better in the guys' bathrooms. He said he's seen others tap guys on the shoulder when they are done at the urinals, but refuse to move out of the way for other users. Also Diver saw one guy take his piss but continue a texting exchange as he walked away and out of the room with his organ still exposed.


A quick response to Taylor

Not a lot of time to write one of my full experiences today but I was catching up on some recent posts and have to tell Taylor I loved your poop during exam story! I totally get how it was a thrill for you. If you've happened across any of my posts you know I have a unique fascination with being listened to/seen while pooping so I fully understand your feelings in that situation. I'm glad you got to experience it. I'd love a buddy dump with you, girl!


maybe the aliens took me ?

Woke up yesterday with an incredible urge to poo, it was way beyond the you need to get to the toilet feeling, it was more like your bum is opening now and the poos coming out. I thought noo this can't be I'm dreaming but a quick feel revealed the truth. I had the tip of a poo poking out about an inch. I flicked back the covers, rolled onto my knees and got up keeping one hand under my nightie trying to hold the poo in place and stop It coming out more, I stumbled down to the hall to the bathroom losing the battle more with each step.
By the time I finally managed to get to the toilet and squat I had a 6" log in my hand with another poking out. yes while it was firm - hard it was still gross to have done it in my hand, I couldn't control It, I couldn't stop it I dropped it, into the bowl while my next log erupted from my bum making its own way out. I didn't have to push I couldn't hold on. I just had to let it go. This went on for 9 pieces before I felt like I could control it again. Some were 6" long some were smaller all about 1" fat, a little thinner than what I usually do. I gave a couple of pushes just to be sure it was indeed done then wiped twice. The paper was clean not a mark on it. I climbed off the toilet and inspected the back of my nightie in the mirror. Yep pooed it big time couldn't believe it. I hit the flusher and went back to my room for a clean nightie and panties. Then like a light had been switched on it dawned on me, it's dark outside what time is it and where are the panties I went to sleep in?
In the seek for answers I rolled back the blankets more to revel pure horror.
My panties were at the bottom of the bed with another 6" log in them and the sheet had its own poo streaks. What tha? How tha? I had no idea. I gathered some fresh panties and a nightie from the dresser and went for a shower.
I then collected the logged panties and tipped the log in the toilet, then took the sheets panties and nightie to the washer and put them in for a hot wash- soak, powder soaker and cup of disinfectant to be sure.
I checked the bed, not wet so I hadn't done a wee just poop, weird, I remade the bed with fresh sheets and climbed back in. Next thing I know mum's waking me up for school hours later. She never asked about the washer but my nightie and panties were folded on the end of the bed when I got home.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Becc great story it sounds like you all had great poops and the woman on the phone was pretty desperate and whoever she was talking to got to hear it all.

To: Benjamin another great story.

To: Samantha it sounds like you all were pretty desperate to poop.

To: Cassie great about your poop with your mom.

To: Elphaba great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

A quick one


So I overslept this morning and woke up to the sounds of my roommate Sierra in the shower. That was fine except for one problem: I was bursting from both ends. I knocked on the bathroom door: "Are you going to be much longer?" At that exact moment the water came off and I heard Sierra get out of the shower and start drying herself off. "No, did you need to pee?" she said at first before noticing my squirming and upgrading it "Or to poop?"

"Yeah, and urgently too." I replied. She dashed out of the bathroom and said that she'd just come back to do her hair once I was finished. I dropped my orange boyshorts and sat down not a moment too soon. The initial plug slid out and was replaced by a bunch of soft-serve while my bladder drained a steady flow of urine on the other side. It must have only taken me thirty seconds to finish up everything.

I wiped, stood up, and pulled my undies back to waist level before flushing everything down and washing my hands. The smell was unreal. "More work for the fan," I thought as I left and went to get Sierra. "It's all yours. I'd suggest waiting for a few minutes though!" I said. She smiled mischievously and I went about my day!



For Your Information

To BrentC I Have a rare neurological disease a bit like Parkinsons but fortunately it does not affect my mind. I take osmotic laxatives and Colyxl & Senna tablets. Suppositories are of limited use because the blockage is just a little too high in the colon. I have had enemas on a few occasions with great success but need someone to help me with that so it is a rare thing. I also take Ducolax too sometimes.
To Scott...sexual intercourse does not cause me to have a BM.
To Becc...women should not be ashamed of a BM. In fact, like you they should enjoy it.
To Jonathan. Avery good post indeed. I wish I had someone like you to help me with my bodily functions. My partner has seen me poo on a number of occasions and being a male plenty of men have seen me pee. A few other women have helped me have a BM when constipated when I am a health clinic but that does not happen too often.


Anyone have any relationship advise for a girl with IBS?

Hey guys. Sorry I took so long to make another post. Nothing really worth writing about has happened recently, and I can't think of any really good stories to talk about that happened in the past. Instead of telling you a story, I am looking for your feedback.

Since a lot of you probably missed my first post, I am a 15 year old girl (Dylan is a girl's name too! Lol), I have IBS, and I have bowel control issues that sometimes require me to wear adult diapers when my IBS gives me bad diarrhea. My friends and family know about my embarrassing problems, but I try my hardest to keep it private from anyone else.

My question is for everyone else with embarrassing problems. How do you bring it up when you are dating someone? I've only had one "romantic" relationship, and that was with one of my best friends. I've known him literally all of my life and he lived right next door to me for 13 years. It's not like I had anything to be embarrassed about when I was with him. We both decided that we are better as friends than "lovers," so we stopped that, but I haven't even bothered looking for anyone else since.

I don't want to sound cocky or arrogant, but I am attractive and get a lot of attention. Finding someone isn't a problem, it's just telling them about my medical issues. I have no idea how to do that. I am extremely fortunate that nobody I never told has ever found out I wear diapers, and I never got teased for blowing up the bathroom when i have diarrhea at school. I usually will just use the bathroom in the nurse's office when I'm feeling sick anyways.

I tried talking to my mom about this, but the medical problems I have don't run on her side of the family. They run on my dad's side of the family, but I not as close with them as my mom's side, and my dad died when I was really young so it's not like I can ask him.

Have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Friday, June 29, 2018


To Constiguy

I have had lifelong chronic constipation too. My doctor says it is from a condition called colonic inertia or CIC. When it has been too long since my last poop, I take Dulcolax tablets or Dulcolax suppositories to get relief. If you don't mind my asking, what is the medical condition that is causing your constipation? What kind of laxatives do you take?


strange thing in the toilets

something weird happened today, I was at a small suburban mall when I had to make a toilet stop. it was only a wee but the toilets were unisex three cubicles at the left end sink at the right end in a room off a corridor beside two stores.
I walk in the middle stall is occupied other two empty so I take the left end, go in bolt the door, slip down my jeans and panties give the seat a quick wipe and sit. Within seconds I start a hissy wee it lasted for around a minute and it was done, I wiped my kat twice and dropped the paper under me. Stood up, pulled up my panties and jeans. Then pressed the flush button but nothing happened, it was like there was no water to flush. During this time there had been no noise from the middle stall at all. I unbolt the door and go to the sink to wash my hands. I then give my hair a quick brush. I hear the middle stall door unbolt and open and another stall door close and bolt but no one came up to the sink or out the door. Curiosity got the better of me so I looked. The stall I just used was occupied middle open. I looked in the middle stall perfectly clean paper ect ok. Why would someone change stalls to one that wouldn't flush??

To Evan

Hey Evan, got any more accident stories, I liked the last couple you posted

Just Jerika


Here's some additional information, as requested:

For ConstiguyOptional

How did I feel about that little creep boy of 5 or 6 watching me and pestering me with his questions while I sat in a doorless toilet stall and crapped? Yes, I got out a decent crap, but with each splash into the water he laughed more and that seemed to increase his interest during the 10 minutes or so I was seated.

For Curious:

Why are girls more accommodating toward letting guys watch them pee rather than poop. I think it is about the amount of time seated, the ease with getting the task done, and the amount of wiping that's sometimes needed. Other readers--am I right?

For Jonathan:

Have you had a person in your life that has helped you become independent in the bathroom? Yes, my best friend Gopi.

Is it a female thing to read on the toilet? Yes, and I think it is becoming more so since we often have a phone or laptop available to us
as we are seated. I'm in my 20s now and for the past 15 years or so Gopi and I have used toilets together at school (two in the same stall when we were caught meant a handbook violation) and at gas stations and in the park when we were riding our bikes. We would take turns at using the toilet and she was very supportive of me when I had to sit longer in order to get my crap out. Being one of the most vertically challenged of our class didn't help either. But Gopi would keep me company while I sat. Not only was Gopi a lot more confident about herself, but I would joke with her about sacrificing trees because she would always spread of layer or two of toilet paper across the seat before sitting down. I'm sure she's doing it now, even though our colleges are nearly 1,000 miles part.



Does anyone frequently need to have a bowel movement immediately following sexual intercourse? It happens to me a lot. My girlfriend gets upset with me because it spoils the mood.



Hey all! Here's a fun little story from yesterday morning. I was out running some errands and had stopped into the local target. Cate and I had had a mildly excessive night at the bar on Saturday and I could feel something going on in my bowels. As I was right at the entrance near the restrooms the timing was actually quite perfect. Immediately upon opening the door I was greeted with a wet sounding fart and then some loose sounding plops into a toilet. Nice! Pooping is always better with company. I scanned the 4 stalls and noticed that only the third was closed, so obviously that's where the noise was coming from. Other than that the only occupants of the room was an attractive woman at the sinks checking her makeup.
I entered stall number two as several more loose plops dropped next door. I lowered my shorts and plopped my cheeks onto the cool seat. Looking under the stall I amusedly noticed that my fellow pooper was wearing nearly identical flip flops and had her nails painted white just like mine. The similarities between us didn't stop there as almost without a push, loose messy poop quickly started exiting my butthole. I glanced thru the crack at the woman at the sink, who was calmly oblivious to the onslaught going on just behind her. A moment later she said "I'll be by the swimsuits Stace". "Sorry Mom, I think I still have a while to go" came the response from next door. "No worries hun take your time". This family is cool, I thought to myself. The daughter freely farting and plopping a few feet behind her mom, and the mom not batting an eye at both her and me filling our toilet bowls loudly in her presence. Too many women are such prudes about performing a completely natural body function which we all do!
The mom left and moments later the door burst open. I heard the sharp click of high heels entering the room. Stacey and I were both in the midst of dropping more poop at the moment, and Stacey let loose another large fart. Peeking thru the cracks I saw that it was a well dressed business woman entering the room. She was in the midst of a conversation on her phone. I half expected her to be revolted by the sounds and smells coming from the room and turn tail and leave but much to my surprise she bolted into the stall next to me. "Sorry Lisa just give me one second" I heard her exclaim and I could tell she set the phone down on the paper holder. Her pants dropped quickly and before I even heard her butt hit the seat there came the sound of one of those poops that you are desperately holding in on your entire commute from work. It rocketed into the bowl and it had to have splashed her behind. I couldn't help but giggle a bit. I was expelling the last of my load at this point and Stacey was finally wiping. Next door a loud crackle was taking place as the woman obviously had more to go. At this point she picked the phone back up, said "sorry about that" and resumed the conversation. I can only imagine what the girl on the other end was thinking about what she had just heard!
At this point I wiped, which was surprisingly not too much of a mess considering the consistency of my poop. Stacey on the other hand didn't appear to be so lucky, as she was still furiously working the roll. I flushed and went to the sinks. As I finished up Stacey finally flushed and exited. She was about mid to late teens in my estimation. As she walked to the sinks she met my gaze, smiled and said hi. Totally unashamed about what had just occurred between us, her mom, and the other woman. My kinda girl!...oh well that's my story for the day. Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, June 25, 2018



Hi Dexter. Thanks for sharing the story re your Mum. He cheese and brocolli meal might have had a bearing on things, although given the vivid description of events that you provided, reading between the lines, I get a hunch that she'd not done anything poo wise for 2 or 3 days and was probably backed up.



With this hot weather I've been drinking loads and loads of water to keep cool and hydrated. So I'm weeing a lot more than usual! I've been staying with my parents for a few days, they live in a village outside of the city. I went for a wee before getting on the bus and about 45 minutes later when the bus got to the village, I was busting for one again! A dash home and ferocious wee was in order!


The blocked toilet.

Yesterday (Sunday) when I got home from church there was a massage on my answer phone from a neighbour, I returned there call and was asked if I could go and look at her daughters toilet as it would not flush, I said that I would after I had had my lunch.
So after lunch I picked up some tools and went down to the daughters house. She let me in and we walked along the passage, passed the back door to the yard through the kitchen door passed the kitchen window with the kitchen sink and into the bathroom door. The toilet was full to the brim with water, it was blocked not that it would not flush. I asked if there was a manhole in the yard and there was. we went through the kitchen and out the back door into the walled yard, the manhole was about halfway between the door and the window, I opened it and found it was empty, I went home and got my fibre-optic camera and laptop, I pushed the camera up the pipe to the toilet and just after a bend into the bathroom there it was the blockage. Now inside me and her partner tried to pass a garden hose down the toilet to push on the blockage but could not get it to go around the 'U' trap. So the toilet had to come out, got most of the water out into a bucket and the toilet out, put the camera down to see a load of toilet paper, I asked if he had a wire coat hanger we could us as a hook, and he went up stairs to find one.
As I waited his wife (about 35 years old) went out into the yard, I stood up in the bathroom doorway to see her back over the open manhole with a foot on either side, with a look up at her neighbours back windows she undid her jeans and pushed them down to her knees then her pale blue knicker, going into a high squat she started to pee and pee, her nice firm round bum to me, as she tailed to a stop she giggled her bum to get any drips off and pulled her knickers and jeans back up. I got back on the floor and was looking at my laptop as she came back inside, just then he came back with the coat hanger.
We hooked out the blockage, toilet paper, a rag with bits of wall paper and a scraper. They had been doing a bit of DIY in the morning and he had dump a bucket of dirty water down the pan and flushed, later she had used the toilet and flushed that was when it was found to be blocked. I said it is funny how a wall paper scraper will go around the bend but not a garden hose pipe. With the toilet back in and working I left.
Not only did I get to see a nice firm bum peeing but they gave me £20 and a bottle of red wine for my help.


With friends in the woods during winter break, pt. 3

We woke on the final morning of our winter outing (we planned to head back in the evening) and hurriedly dressed in the cold tent. Getting outside, James quickly got the fire going again and he and Sarah began to cook breakfast.

I needed to poop badly and headed for the toilet tent. Mary seemed to think the same and we met at the door into the tent. She blushed a little and grinned. "I have to take a dump. It feels big, so I'll be a while."

"I need to, also."

Mary thought for a moment. "Wanna go in the woods? That way we can go at the same time," she said, shifting anxiously from foot to foot. She did seem desperate to go. I agreed and we headed for the trees.

We walked on for several minutes and finally stopped beside a fallen tree. Mary looked relieved and quickly began unbuttoning her pants while I carefully brushed snow off the log for us to sit down. Mary dropped her pants to her ankles and sat on the log, shivering.

"Brrr, I want to do this as quick as I can, my butt's freezing!" she complained.

I pulled down my own pants and sat beside her. We started pushing and grunting at the same time, and soon I heard crackling from her butt. She moaned softly in relief as a huge, thick turd slowly slid from her bottom, dropping with a thud onto the frozen ground. A fart sharply cut the air and she giggled.

My own turd dropped and I started on my second, needing to push quite hard this time. It slowly slid out as I panted and pushed, finally dropping with a heavy thud. It was immediately followed by a loud fart and Mary giggled again.

She pushed out another long turd with a strained grunt. She farted again. A stream of pee splashed against the log as she let go and she sighed softly. She peed for about twenty seconds before tapering off. Another fart bubbled out of her butt.

I finally pushed out my second, large turd and it fell with a thud. Sighing in relief, I also began to pee, making sure it wasn't splashing. I pushed out a third, smaller turd with a grunt and farted loudly again. Another strained grunt pushed out a final, large turd, ending with a soft fart. I sighed, relieved to be done and able to get dressed quickly.

I noticed that Mary had scooted closer to me over the last five minutes, her bare thigh nearly touching mine. Her hand brushed mine and she glanced at me and then away again quickly, her cheeks reddening.

Then I realized neither of us had brought toilet paper. Shit.

Mary farted again as she dropped another turd. A bit more pee streamed out but stopped quickly. She grunted, straining for a few seconds, but nothing else came out but a tiny puff of a fart. She sighed. The she looked at me, seeming to realize something.

"Uh, I forgot to bring toilet paper, did you?"

I shook my head. Mary cussed and looked around.

"There aren't any leaves anymore to use! What do we use? I can't get my panties icky, it'll be gross and I don't have any more!"

I got up and walked (or waddled, with my pants at my ankles) to a few branches lying on the ground. Mary pouted on seeing them.

"Uh uh, I am not scraping up my delicate tushy with that! Ouch!"

I shrugged and very carefully rubbed one between my cheeks, wincing a bit. I dropped it and used the other. I reckoned I was clean enough to make it back to the real toilet so I could properly wipe.

Mary relented and carefully poked it between her cheeks and rubbed a little, grimacing a bit. She took another and repeated the motion, stopping quickly. Standing, she reached down and pulled up her pants quickly. We started to head back, relieved to be finished and eager to return to the fireside.

The rest of the day was lazy. We had lunch around one and James disappeared into the toilet tent for about ten minutes, pushing out at least ten turds. He let out an enormous fart and exited the stall a few moments later.

Sarah and Carrie headed off into the woods together around five p.m., Carrie holding a roll of toilet paper, and I decided to follow. The girls walked for a few minutes, finally reaching a large tree stump that seemed to be somewhat hollow in the middle. Carrie hurriedly unzipped and pulled down her pants and sat delicately on the stump, her butt over the hole.

Her tense face relaxed and she sighed, a little hiss coming from under her as she peed. Then she spotted me and grinned.

"I knew you were there," she lightly accused, smiling.

I stepped over to a tree and unzipped to begin peeing, which I did.

Her pee stream dried up and she pressed her lips together as she started pushing, her eyes squinting shut. After a few unproductive seconds, a long crackling began and she moaned softly, one hand on her stomach, her eyes closed.

Finally, we heard a *thump* inside the stump and she sighed deeply. A poop smell began to waft up between her legs. Then her stomach gurgled and she grimaced. "Oh damn, I shouldn't have eaten that one that fell on the ground," she groaned. Seconds later, her stomach tensed and a big splatter echoed inside the hollow stump. She groaned again, holding her stomach and leaning forward in pain.

She let out a long, spluttering fart, which ended in another gush of diarrhea. Another loud, wet fart followed. She grunted and began to strain, her eyes squeezing shut again. Another flood erupted into the stump as she moaned and cussed. Another round of loud farts echoed around us.

Carrie was looking definitely sick now and I cautiously moved out of the line of fire. Then, unsurprisingly, she leaned forward and retched. She had a sensitive stomach, so any sufficiently awful bout of diarrhea was accompanied by vomiting. She burped and an unidentified clear liquid trickled from her mouth.

She retched again and more clear liquid splattered the ground. Sarah was beginning to look queasy now, too, watching Carrie be sick. Another long splatter of diarrhea poured into the stump. Carrie was shuddering now, both from cold and her food-borne illness. She burped again and retched, and a long stream of fluid splattered the frozen ground.

That was too much for Sarah, who took a few unsteady steps away and bent over, heaving into the snow and emptying her stomach of her recent dinner. Suddenly, she yelped and madly scrambled to pull down her pants. She squatted facing away from us and a long, thick turd slid quickly from her butt into the snow. She farted and another turd started sliding from her butt.

It dropped with a little thud and she farted loudly. Behind her, Carrie retched again and finally brought up most of her dinner between her feet. Sarah retched again, too, but nothing came up. Her straining did push out a large turd, though, which dropped heavily into the snow. She farted again. At the same time, she began peeing furiously, emptying her bladder in about ten seconds. She sighed.

With another loud fart, she expelled a final, small turd and took some toilet paper to wipe her butt and front. She pulled up her pants and stood up. She faced us and I saw she looked quite pale now. Carrie was still on the stump, shaking hard as she emptied her bowels into the hole, farting like crazy all the while.

Finally, she finished and sat there, shaking, sweat drenching her skin and clothes; she had to be freezing. She took the toilet paper and wiped herself, needing to do her butt several times. At last, she stood up and pulled up her pants, too. We hurried back to the hot campfire, where Mary and James sat talking; both were concerned by our long absence and Carrie weakly told them of her being sick.

About half an hour later, Carrie began to look queasy again. Her stomach was gurgling ominously and she kept grimacing. The paint can Mary had pooped in sat near the fire, scrubbed clean (courtesy of Mary herself). This Carrie grabbed and headed to the toilet tent, looking ill.

She zipped the door shut and pulled down her pants and sat down on the seat. We heard her low, miserable moan as a long splatter of diarrhea hit the bottom of the bucket, followed by several loud farts. Then we heard her retch and something splattered in the paint can, too. Sarah winced, going pale.

Carrie kept at it for over ten minutes, throwing up and letting out diarrhea nearly the whole time. Finally, she stopped and sat there, breathing heavily. She burped and coughed a few times, but seemed done otherwise. A few farts pushed out and that was that. She wiped herself and came out carrying the paint can, which she dumped out in the woods a few yards away.

We took that as our cue to pack up and start heading home. Along the way, Carrie had to stop us to urgently squat and strain for several seconds, as if needing to have more diarrhea, but nothing came out except for two loud farts. She looked exhausted.

Mary had a long pee about a minute from the edge of the woods and managed to push out a small turd, her little nose scrunching wit effort, with a little fart at the end. We finally arrived in our neighborhood and said our goodbyes. I helped Carrie over to her house, as she seemed a bit unsteady on her feet. At the door, she croakily said goodbye and gave me a tight hug.


Basement Bathroom

At the ???? I'm attending, there's a basement with a gym, music room, bathroom etc. The bathroom is by one of the rooms down there. I've both pooped and peed in this bathroom. The bathroom is one of those that have only 1 toilet, and the braille is on the door. Sometimes after I work out in the gym, I have to pee. If its bad enough, I go before heading for the elevator to go back upstairs. Yesterday I played the keyboard in the basement, but no bathroom visits. Sometimes while in technology class on floor 2, I've gotten rumbly in my intestines before a poo. The bathrooms on the second floor have handicapped stalls just like on the first. I've used it in the womens every once in a while. Once while in my career guidance class (which is in the second basement), someone named April farted audibly at the computer. I think this was because she had to go poop, but I never asked.


Peeing at the Mallj

I don't usually post this early, but I'm home with a cold. Last Saturday, Bill and I went to the enclosed mall near where I live. We both peed before we took off. The traffic was heavy and by the time we got there I had to pee again. I was so used to using the men's room at the office that I went in there. Bill didnt notice. The room was empty. I sat down in a stall and peed wthout closing the door. A man came in and looked startled, but said nothing. He just went to a urinal and peed. He stoped before me. Then he wanted to know what I was doing in the men's room. Men's room?. Me? OMG. I aplogiised while wiping my vagina. He accepted it while watching me wipe with interest. I came our and told Bill what had happened. He.wasnt surprised. We went on to shopping. I found several nice skirts and blouses. Bill found some shirts and pants. It was crowded that day and took a while to shop. By then I had to pee again. This time, i made sure to,use,the ladies. The way back was crowed and i had to use the urinal. In the car. However the day was worth it.


Moment From Childhood

I remember a situation a few years ago. Me and my sister Dora were playing hide and seek. It was just us in the house and I thought of a lot of cool places to hide. It was finally my turn and Dora says "don't go in moms office, we're not allowed in there." I said okay but right after she said that I had the bright idea to go in there and hide because there's no way she'd ever be able to find me. I was a little cheater like that.

As soon as he started counting I bolted up to the office and hid underneath the desk. Dora looked around for me for about 5 minutes then decided to go downstairs and look. Mom came home, and I heard her say hi to her as she was going down the stairs. Since the office door is right by the stairs I was screwed. So I decided to just wait it out.

I heard heels come into the office and close the door. I was screwed Then I see legs walk over to the office chair and sit down. Mom then crossed her legs and scooted her chair in. Her knee was an inch from my face, so close I had to turn my head so she couldn't feel my breath.

At this point I knew I was done. She's gonna find me and I will be grounded for being in a room I wasn't supposed to be in. I hear her pick up the phone and start talking to someone. This goes on for awhile and I notice I can see clearly up her skirt at her pink panties. As shes on the phone I noticed shes listening now to the other person talk and as shes listening I see her tilt her ass and I hear this huge rumble come out of her ass and into the office chair, followed by a smaller "bruuuuuurp." in about 3-5 seconds gas filled under that desk and all I could smell was awful broccoli farts. I tried putting my shirt above my nose but it was a thin shirt or something because I could smell it right through.

Another 10 minutes later she uncrosses her legs and leans back and I hear another rumble go into that office chair. This time the smell came straight down her skirt and hit me in the face with stank. At this point I'm dying. I hear a knock on the door and its Dora. I hear her say, "hey mom can I come in, I was playing hide and seek with Dexter and I can't find him so I just gave up. Can I come hang out with you?" Then I hear mom reply "Yeah in a minute Dora I don't think you want t be within 20 feet of me right now" she said with a giggle. I was about with in 3 inches of her. She gets another phone call and I hear her say "hey babe" so I assume it was her current boyfriend at the time. Then after a couple minutes she lets go a bunch of farts right in a row. bruuuuurp, plop plop plop, and a last plop. "Oh babe I've been ripping the biggest toots in the office……..yeah they reak…….no……yeah I'll probably go poop and I will be ok……broccoli and cheese……well between that and the protein shake."

As I'm hearing this I am dying. It smelled so horrible. I can tell she has been holding these in all day. She hang up the phone and crosses her legs again. After that she tilted her ass again and let out an very windy, airy fart that sounded like she was being deflated. This filled up my nostrils immediately with pure poop smell. She must've known too because she got up and went to the bathroom. While she did that I made my way to some fresh air and ran downstairs. I told Dora the whole story and she laughed hysterically. We were watching tv about 30 minutes later and I heard mom yell from upstairs "I wouldn't go into the bathroom for about an hour!." Dora and I both looked at each other and laughed.

Hello everyone. It's been quite a while since I lasted posted here. I've been keeping busy so I haven't had much time, though I've managed to read some of the posts. As far as pooing goes, I think I've finally conquered my constipation problems. I use the Squatty Potty and sit on the loo for 15 minutes every morning, and I almost always am able to push out a good sized poo. It feels great to start my day with a big poo that leaves me feeling empty.

Anyway, to make up for my long absence, I'll be sure to share loads of stories. I actually pooed twice today! During my morning sit, I let out tonnes of farts but I wasn't sure if I'd end up doing a poo or not. After 15 minutes, I was still feeling heavy in my stomach, so I started giving small pushes and massaged my belly, to hopefully coax a poo out. It ended up working, as a long soft poo emerged from my bum. Once the first bit was out, the rest came rushing out quite quickly. Then I wiped once on my front and twice on my bum. My poo was very long, coiled and curled up on itself and really filling the pan, and I wasn't sure it would flush. It did flush just fine, but I had to use the loo brush and then flush again to get rid of all the poo stains left behind.

Then later this afternoon, whilst I was at work, I felt an urge to poo again. As soon as I was able, I headed off to the ladies' toilets. One of the cubicles was taken. Unusually, I could hear her weeing a very fierce stream. I can only guess she failed to fully close and lock the cubicle door, in her desperation. I took another cubicle and she had finished up and was leaving her cubicle about the same time I had my pants down and was sitting on the loo. I opened by weeing a little bit and then I started to focus on pooing. Over the next few minutes, I let out a lot of small pieces of poo that plopped and splashed loudly as they fell. By the time I was finished, I'd pooed a lot and made a big pile that rose above the water line. I decided to flush before wiping, just in case. Probably just as well, really, as this poo was a messy one and I used what felt like half the loo roll before I felt clean.

Okay, on to another story. A few days ago, I was out at a cafe with Emily. When we finished our food and drinks, she said she was absolutely bursting for a wee. I had to go a little too, so we went off to the toilets together. This particular cafe only had a "family bathroom," which meant it was its own private room with a locking door and a sink, and it had two toilets. One was much shorter than the other, clearly meant for children. Emily took the regular toilet, because it was closer to the door, and I sat on the small toilet. She immediately began weeing a strong stream. Sitting on the small toilet was a very strange experience and I had to shift positions a few times before I got comfortable. Then I did a short wee, wiped, flushed, and washed my hands. All the while, Emily had been weeing loudly without stopping. As I finished washing my hands, her stream weakened to a trickle, but she kept weeing for probably another 30 seconds at least. She wasn't kidding when she said she was bursting!

Well, I have some more stories I want to share but I'm almost out of time for now. I'll share one quick one and then try to post again in a few days to share the rest. At the weekend, I stayed round my friend Ashlynn's. That evening, we were watching a film together when she asked me to pause it because she needed the loo. Some time passed and then I heard her call out to me. I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door and asked what she needed. She explained that she was out of loo roll and asked if I'd bring her some. She told me the pack of spare rolls were in the closet right next to the bathroom. I got her a roll and brought it to her. She was sitting on the loo with her shorts pulled down just far enough to be out of the way. There was a strong but healthy poo smell hanging in the air, and I could tell she'd sprayed some perfume, though it didn't help at all. Honestly, it just smelled like she'd done a poo in a field of flowers. I left her alone to clean up. She came out a few minutes later and apologised, saying she usually keeps an extra loo roll or two under the sink, but today she completely ran out. I told her it was no problem, and then we resumed the film.

Right, well, that's me for today. As I said, I'll really try hard to post again in a few days to share the rest of my stories. Until then, bye!


Bathroom trip with my older cousin

Hi! I posted on page 2665 about my trip to the public library bathroom. I decided to recall the events of my first trip to the school bathroom in school.

I was in 2006 and I was in Grade 1. I was very shy to use the bathroom (I often held my poo and pee until we reached home). During this time, six of my cousins went to my private school. Out of them, one helped me to overcome the fear of using he bathroom at school. Let's just say her name was Christine. She was in Grade 6 at the time. She was very kind and helped me be more vocal throughout my school life. Christine was of medium build. She was around 5 feet and wore the traditional school uniform, black cardigan with white shirt, red skirt, white socks and those black girls school shoes with the strap across. Her parents were both working, so my parents usually sent her back home on the way to my house (she lived just 5 mins away from me).

I remember the day clearly. It was a Friday and both of us were going down the stairs. Just as we met my father in the school foyer,Christine asked my Dad, "Uncle, may I use the bathroom before we go?" My dad said of course. He was a really kind man that was very soft spoken. He turned to me and said, "Jonathan, I think you should go to the bathroom to before we leave." Of course, I had to obey my parents, so I followed him. Christine and I walked down the quiet hallways of the school to the bathroom. I told Christine that I was nervous since I never used the bathrooms at school alone. I went on to tell her that I usually held it until I reached home. Christine assured me that everyone goes to the bathroom. She asked if we use the unisex bathroom together so that she can show me what to do. I asked her if that was a bit awkward to have a boy and a girls use the same bathroom at the same time. Christine smiles and said, "Well, Jonathan, just this once. I'm going to show you that using the bathroom isn't scary at all!" I agreed. We walked down the hall and made sure the coast is clear. Then, we snuck into the unisex bathroom.

The unisex bathroom had one toilet, sink and a baby change station. I asked Christine if I could go first. I told her that I had to pee really badly. She said okay, as her was not an emergency. Just as I was about to pull down both my pants and briefs, Christine stopped me. "You don't have to pull EVERYTHING down Jonathan! Just unzip here!" She pointed at my fly. I unzipped my fly. Just as I did that, I turned to her and said, "I think I know that to do." I walked up to the toilet and pulled my private part out of my briefs. I then started my stream, which lasted for about 10 seconds. After I finished, Christine pulled some toilet paper and handed it to me. During this time, I never wiped myself after I peed, only after pooping. Christine said that it was a healthy practice to clean myself after using the toilet. I agreed and did as she told me. After that I threw the toilet paper into the toilet and put my private part back in my pants and zipped. Christine said that it was her turn to go. I asked if she wanted me to away to give her some privacy, but she said its okay to see how she did it.

Since I was 6 at the time, I did not have a sense of logic. It was hard to grasp how girls could use the toilet in a skirt. I asked Christine this, she replied, "Just look at this." She said that her friends just lift up their skirts, pull down their underwear and go. However, Christine said that she does not like to dirty her skirt when she is on the toilet. She undid the safety pin on her skirt, and took it off. She handed to me he skirt and cardigan. "Can you put these in my backpack?" I just placed them in the backpack. While doing this I looked away since I did not want to see a girl on the toilet. Christine said, "Jonathan's it's okay to look at me. I don't mind." I turned to see that she was just wearing her gym shorts underneath. "Not bad, right?" Christine said. "Why do you wear shorts under your skirt?" I asked her. She replied, "so that no one sees my underwear." "Jonathan, I am going to do my business. This is what you do when you go. Just watch what I do, okay?" I said okay.

Christine asked me to stand in front of her. I did as she told. She pulled down her gym shorts to her knees. Then I saw her pulling down her Hello Kitty underwear to her thighs. I was astonished by her physique. Just as she pulled down her underwear, I saw that she had a hair right above her privates. She then sat on the toilet seat. I asked her what was the hair doing right above her privates. She replied that once I got older, hair would grow there too. As Christine sat on the toilet, her stream began. It was not as loud as mind, it sounded like rain falling into a pond. After 5 seconds, it stopped. She just sat there and waited. "During this time," she said, "you can keep yourself occupied by reading a book" (this was before iPhones and tablets). She pulled out her Nancy Drew detective book and read it. She still continued talking about both of our days. By this time, 6 minutes have passed. Christine put her book back in her bag. She pushed gently and I heard a splash in the toilet bowl. She smiled at me and said, "Jonathan, I am going to wipe myself now." She pulled off some toilet paper and spread her legs, wiping her private part. She then stood up and asked me to come around. She wanted to show me how to wipe my bum. As I walked around, I peered into the bowl. Her poop was just a single round ball that was about 2 inches wide. Christine's bum looked like an upside down heart. She took some toilet paper and wiped it. She showed me how to efficiently clean my bum by pushing down as I reached what she called the "poo hole." After wiping three times, she pulled up the Hello Kitty underwear and gym shorts and flushed. We washed our hands and left the bathroom.

From that day on, I went to the bathroom myself and was never afriad every again.

Thanks for reading!

Survey questions:
1) Name and age
2) Have you had a person in your life that helped you be independent when going to the bathroom?
3) To those who read on the toilet, what is your favourite thing to read? (Books ,magazines, newspaper)?
4) Have your friends or someone close you seen you poop or pee (like in my story in the same bathroom)?


With friends in the woods during winter break, pt. 2

The next morning, it was very cold in the tent and we quickly dressed in the warmest clothes we had. James headed for the bathroom stall and stepped inside, zipping it shut against the cold. A strong rattling in the bucket told us he was peeing into it. He finished after ten seconds and then we heard him pull his pants down and the toilet seat creaking as he sat on it, gasping as his butt touched the cold seat.

We set about starting a campfire in a large ring of stones. It took a long time to light, and when it did, took even longer to heat up enough to start warming us up. Finally it was blazing nicely and the rest of us crowded around it closely.

James was grunting inside the canvas stall, seeming a bit constipated. Finally, after pushing for nearly ten minutes, he moaned as there was a loud *thunk* in the bucket. A loud fart erupted, making us laugh. Another series of strained grunts pushed out a second large turd, which fell into the bucket with a thud. He sighed in relief. Beginning to grunt again, he pushed for several more minutes and gasped as a startlingly loud *THUNK* hit the bottom of the bucket. A very loud fart blasted out of the stall.

"Are you all right?" Sarah asked, looking concerned.

"Ugghhh, my butt hurts so bad," he moaned. Carrie smothered her giggles behind her hand as Mary admonished her with a look. We heard him straining again, pushing hard for about a minute more, and farted loudly twice, but produced no more poop. He started wiping and used some hand soap before leaving the stall, looking incredibly relieved.

After roasting sausages on metal skewers (all brought by Sarah), Mary said she wanted to try something naughty. She grinned at us and went into the tent to get something, coming back with a large paint-can we'd used to store snacks, which she'd dumped out.

She unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, shivering as she sat precariously on the can. First, a long rattling started as she peed into the can, stopping after fifteen seconds. Then she scrunched up her face and started grunting. A crackling was heard under her and then a small thud on the bottom of the can.

"Why are you pooping in that paint-can?" Carrie asked, shocked. "The toilet's right there!" She pointed at the tent with the bucket in it.

Mary grinned and said nothing as she continued to grunt and strain. Another thud in the can was followed by a loud fart, which was a bit muffled by Mary's butt sealing the rim of the can. She farted again quietly and dropped another turd into the can. She grunted again, continuing to push, and there were three more thuds, one after another, followed by another loud fart. She sighed in relief and asked for some toilet paper.

We were a bit confused by her little act, but Sarah got her the toilet paper. Mary wiped herself, dropping the paper in the can, and stood up, revealing the can to be nearly full of Mary's poop. Then she picked it up and dumped it out into the fire!

This was not a good idea.

It began to stink badly and the smoke turned black as her turds burned. Imagine a poop smell with a slightly burnt aspect to it...really not good. Mary was laughing, but the rest of us cleared well away from the fire to let it burn off.

"Mary!" Carrie and Sarah said, appalled. "That was really gross, Mary, why did you do that??" Mary shrugged.

"I was curious to see what happened," she said.

"Oh, nice!" Carrie said sarcastically. "Maybe you should have just popped a squat over the fire and pooped directly into it!"

Mary laughed. "I would have gotten burns on my butt, ouch!"

Needless to say, neither Sarah or Carrie spoke to Mary for the rest of the morning. Eventually, Carrie headed off toward the woods and asked me to accompany her. We walked for a few minutes, until we were out of sight of the camp.

"Blah, it STINKS over there now!" she complained. "I didn't want to go poop in the stall, smelling that the whole time. Why did she have to DO that? So gross!"

She was fiddling with her pants and pulled them down, squatting quickly. A flood of pee rushed out and she sighed deeply. Then she farted and flashed me a smile. I decided I wanted to poop too, and I also pulled my pants down and squatted next to her. Carrie was grunting, her eyes unfocused in front of her, and a long, thick turd slid out of her bottom and dropped to the frozen ground with a thud. A look of relief crossed her face.

I held my penis down to avoid soaking my pants and let out a long pee, letting out a sigh of my own. At the same time, I started pushing out a log of my own and kept it going for some time. It finally fell out after almost ten seconds and Carrie exclaimed at the sight of it.

"Wow! That is BIG. Are you all done now?"

I shook my head and started pushing again, grunting softly, as Carrie began to do the same again. For about fifteen minutes, we pooped (each farting quite a lot, but that didn't bother us), talking in between the hard straining that rendered it hard to speak.

"Are...ugh! going to...eurmph!...go to the Christmas dance next week?" Carrie panted as she worked on a particularly hard one. She finally expelled it along with a loud fart and sighed loudly.

I said it would be fun to go and suddenly asked if she'd like to go with me. Carrie let out a loud fart in her surprise and laughed at it.

"Oops, 'scuse me! Um, YES, I'd love to go!" she squealed, giving me a one-armed hug. "What...ugh!...should I *pprrttttt!* wear?"

We finished up after nearly thirty minutes and headed back to camp. The others were surprised by our long absence and Mary whispered to Sarah in a not-so-quite whisper what she thought we'd been doing, all alone, but Carrie heard and, scowling, disabused her of that notion at once. Teenagers we may be, but still...

The rest of the day passed normally, with us sticking around the campfire (which stopped stinking after a few hours) for warmth. Sarah let herself into the toilet stall shortly after lunch and we heard her grunting out several long turd which dropped heavily into the bucket, along with a series of loud farts, ending with a long pee. After she came out, we continued spending our time keeping as close to the fire as possible without burning ourselves.

Mary finally apologized for her behavior earlier into the day, which was stiffly accepted by the other two girls. James shrugged, but she did seem genuinely sorry, so I said it was okay.

As evening drew in, we sat around the fire, telling jokes and stories. James had a particularly funny one about one of his friends (a boy) who decided to piss in the girls' room sink...right as the principal (a woman) walked in.

We finally put out the fire after a few hours of this and retired to the tent, where we wrapped ourselves tightly in our thick, winter sleeping bags. Mary cheekily suggested that Carrie keep warm by climbing into my sleeping bag with me, but Carrie sarcastically asked if Mary would prefer if Carrie slept in Mary's sleeping bag instead. Mary politely declined this and all was quiet until we all fell asleep.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Becc great story it sounds like you both had great poops outside.

To: Benjamin great story it sounds like they had great poops and had to poop a lot as well.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together.

To: Anna great story it sounds like she had a good poop.

To: Taylor story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and felt a lot better after.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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