Crowded softball tourment

I have been reading for years but never posted. I a 30ish female short and chubby but not to much . I was at a softball ball tourment in a small town watching my daughter playing. Well that morning we stopped for a big breakfast and coffee which I knew I would have to poop at some point that day but I don't have any problems with public toilets I mean that is what they are there for. Well after a few hrs I felt my ???? was hurting and needed relief so I go off to find the ladies room and oh God there is a line of a couple ladies out the door so I waited paientaly as I finally made my way into the restroom is was tiny with 3 stalls . One of the stalls was being occupied by someone having a severe upset stomach as we could hear everything and smell. The ladies in front of me were chatting about how they needed to move there bowels as I did also feeling more desperate. 2 of the 3 stalls emptied and the 2 ladies went in now all 3 were pooping as I heard many plops and a few ladies goined the qeue behind me. The lady right behind me was breathing a little heavy and tapping her foot so I knew she needed a dump like the rest of us . She asked if she could go in front saying she has a upset stomach which I replied no I am sorry but I am about to mess myself finally the stall with the lady having the runs becomes open I rush in ,it smelled so bad but I had no choice I lowered my pants and sat instantly exploded with some soft poo spalttering the bowl I hear the lady waiting say oh god all 3 are pooping agin . I am in there a good 5 min when the girls to my right flushes and leaves telling the lady waiting sorry for the delay but the toilet didn't flush I heard her say I don't care I need a seat with a hole in it she rips off her pants and explodes a lot of loose plops sighing with relief I have a couple more cramps and finally feel I am done . I flush exit and aploagize the the gilrs waiting . That facility really needs more toilets I over heard aan saying the men's room had one 1 toilet and people were begging for it if a facility knows they need more bathrooms for certain times they could at least bring some porta potty just saying bye hugs

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Replies Dayna, Steve A and Batfinch

Dayna, as my name suggests I am a guy who gets constipated quite a bit and it is due to a medical condition.....I have learned not to worry about it and when I get too full with pains and bloating I take my laxatives for relief. I would love to have somebody with me when I "go" for encouragement.
To Steve A I have no problem with gender neutral fact i prefer them!
To Batfinch....good work in doing a number 2 in a gross public toilet, Your own health must prevail.


Friday Replies

Question and Answer. Yes, I have had a teacher fart in class. It's over 40 years ago and my English teacher, who happened to be a lovely lady, started farting one morning and carried on 'letting off' before eventually excusing herself and heading for the staff toilets. Needless to say there was a certain amount of mirth whilst she was out of the room. I think she was just backed up and the need became urgent at a time when she'd rather it hadn't.

Batfinch. Public toilets can be rather grim and, given a choice, I prefer to do #2s at home if I possibly can. Obviously it's a good idea to carry some tissues and a small pack of wet wipes on you. I certainly try to be prepared if need be. Also I carry a radar key which is part of a nationwide scheme in the UK to access disabled toilets which, generally, tend to be more spacious and cleaner than other toilets as they receive less use. In my case I think it's justifiable on the grounds that I do sometimes suffer from mild IBS.

John H. Glad to see you're still around, mate. I've not posted so much lately as I've been struggling to do other things.

Martha. Thanks for sharing your story. It's absolutely fine to shit your pants, especially as appears to have been the case with you that you genuinely had no alternative. Hopefully it was a nice firm load. Cleaning up after accidents can be a bit of a hassle but it's certainly not the end of the world. I've shit myself twice in the course of adult life (on both occasions I farted and got more than I was planning for) and it was hassle but I've been able to look back and laugh. Although I've never been to the USA I gather it's well known, in some parts at any rate, for a dearth of public toilets. It wouldn't surprise me if accidents were commoner than people might think.


Berlin Marathon, continued

Berlin Marathon, continued

After a really eventful pre-race morning in 2013, I was hoping for the same two years later, and I was definitely not disappointed. Everything seemed to follow the same pattern - the start area accessible exclusively to runners and the greenery in front of the Reichstag building, both inviting and not securing enough privacy. As soon as I arrived at the place I was greeted by a really impressive sight. A girl in her mid-twenties was taking a leak. Unfortunately, I did not see the beginning, but the rest was interesting enough. I could watch her from a really close distance, some three metres. I had a 'side-lifted' view which means that although she was basically squatting with her profile turned towards me, one side od her was lifted. This really made a difference compared to a 'normal' side view, because her entire slit was visible, as so was the gusher shooting from her pee hole and landing on the ground with loud splattering. It was quite like an open water tap running. I simply could not believe my eyes. The puddle on the ground beneath her was growing rapidly with thin streams flowing in several directions. She must have been perfectly aware of being watched. But a light smile on her face revealed she was enjoying it. I wondered how much urine she was able to store inside her bladder. It was definitely one of the best sightings in my life.

After that amazing beginning I decided it was time for my own show. First I looked around to find some audience, which was not difficult. I spotted three female runners squatting in a semi-circle and chatting merrily while peeing. They were about five metres away. I made sure there was nothing to obstruct the view, and then I took my waist belt with power gels, dropped mu shorts and pants and went into a squat. Seconds later I exploded with a stream of soft poo. It was diarrhoea-like, although not exactly. Such a reaction of my intestines was basically due to drinking beetroot juice in the days preceding the race in order to enhance my endurance. Anyway the result was that my poo covered quite a distance separating me from those three girls. One of them commented on it (unfortunately I did not understand what she had said in German) and all of them burst into loud laughter. Then I took my time wiping. When I raised I realized they were already gone


my morning poo with mum

ty for the comments
As I said before my family are open about bathroom matters it has led to some interesting interactions, like yesterday. It was like most other days accept I woke up needing to poo. So I headed straight for the bathroom. Mum was in there squatting over the toilet. She had not long got there and was doing a golden pee. I knew she would be a while cause, she like me only squatts when she needs a poo. I thought about leaving her to it but my poo was close too, so I slipped off my panties and sat on the edge of the bathtub with my night dress hitched to try and wait for her to finish.
Mums pee trickled to a stop and she farted, her bum hole opened and I could see her dark brown poo start to poke out, seeing her poo made me want to do mine even worse. I did a wee into the bath that I couldn't hold anymore, it trickled down the tub to the drain mum saw it as she started pushing but didn't say anything. Her poo slowly grew it was all these little pieces all joined together. It slowly inched out of her bum till it got to about 8" long and dropped. She had more to do but she swapped places with me so I could do some of mine. I quickly took her place squatting over the the toilet as my poo started to poke out.
I gave it a push and could feel it opening my bum wide. Mum watched me as my poo grew to about 8" and dropped she then asked to swap again. I still had heaps more to do but it wasnt quite ready.
Mum squatted as her second piece started to poke out it was similar to her first but she didn't need to push as hard to move it. My next piece was ready too so as soon as her piece dropped we swapped again.
I pushed and a long rope came out of me it coiled into the toilet, I pushed again finally getting it to end just in time for mum to get back on for her third. She pushed and a long rope came out of her too it coiled on top of mine filling the toilet. It broke leaving a tail stuck in her bum that she had to push hard to get out. I then got back on for my third piece, another rope grew under my bum, semi solid it coiled under me above the waterline and produced a smell that would make an onion cry. It took ages to end and mum was getting desperate. She got back on for her forth it was a rope too it coiled on mine adding to the smell, the poor toilet was so full when it ended. She then stood up and reached for the paper, I got back on to have one more push while mum wiped tossing the used paper under me and repeating the process 12 times until she was clean. I pushed and got one more semi solid 10" rope out and then I was done, I wiped my bum 12 times and my kat twice and tossed the paper in.
We both looked at the toilet and decided not to try flushing it. We then went out to the kitchen to make breakfast, not really giving it another thought, that is until dad came out 30min later fuming, have fun did we this morning Cassie ? He goes as he gets a bucket and gloves.
He kisses mum and says our daughter has a rubber bum, puzzled she asks "why" and he tells her about the massive poo in the toilet. She didn't say a word, let me take the blame for the lot. Dad then went and cleared the toilet with buckets of hot water and the toilet brush so he could have his own poo
He was still sitting there reading a mag when I went in for a shower 30 min later. It's harder to see Dad and David pooping on the toilet, you can only hear an occasional splash but you can't really see any thing coming out unless your in the bath and there leaning forward while they go.
They don't show what there doing like mum and I do but in saying that I don't think I have ever seen dad watch either or us go apart from when he's shaving. My little brother David on the other hand loves to be in the bath when mum or I go so he can see us poo. Mum says he's just curious about us.

I was out in town today shopping for some smart clothes for an upcoming interview. After getting a cute white blouse and checked trousers I grabbed a bit to eat in a Subway. As I was walking to the bus stop I felt a heavy feeling in my bowels so doubled back and went into the shopping mall again. Getting to the women's bathroom I went into the third cubical along (out of eight) and locked the door. After I had hung my bags on the door I lifted up my blue maxi skirt and as I was doing so I heard a toilet flush. Holding the skirt above my waist I then pulled down my red polka dot panties to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. Once I had had a quick pee I then relaxed my sphincter. Within seconds my first log was slowly coming out of my ass without any pushing on my part. And it just kept on coming. I was beginning to wonder when it would stop when the log suddenly broke off and plopped into the loo. A couple of seconds later another turd splashed into the water. Then I heard the door to the bathroom open and a woman take the cubical to my right. Peaking underneath the divider I saw that she was wearing black trainers. I then heard her have a forceful pee and three turds plop into the toilet in quick succession. As she was whipping I tried to push some more crap out. After she had left the bathroom another woman entered and as she was peeing I let out three loud farts. As there was nothing else forthcoming I took it as the sign I was done and got some loo roll to wipe with. As I was doing so I heard a loud grunt from the other woman. Putting the paper into the loo and flushing it I then pulled up my panties and let my skirt fall around my legs. Unlocking the door to the cubical I walked to the sinks and washed my hands. Just before putting my hands under the hand dryer I heard another grunt. After walking out of the bathroom, hoping the woman would be able to have a poo herself, I went to a nearby record store and as I was flipping through the LP's I kept getting distracted by the tingling sensation around my butthole, which has to be one of the best feelings in the world.


A story from two perspectives?

Would anyone be interested in reading a story from two different perspectives? For example, if I was watched while pooping on the toilet, would you be interested in reading an account from my side, but also from the other persons point of view?




I've returned!

Hiya! Some of you may remember me from around September-October-ish, back in the 2670s (my last post was page 2677!), but I have returned! School kicked my ass this semester, hence my absence. I've still been lurking every so often, but no posts from this busy bee. I plan to return to semi-regular posting. In case no one remembers me (very likely), here's a rundown: I'm a 20-something female, usually dyed hair (right now it's just standard black), somewhat skinny (lost a lot of weight over my hiatus), currently in community college.

My shitting schedule's been thrown for a loop because of all the stress and my eating habits. I've been constipated for a while and my regular once-a-day log has been shifted to whenever-my-bowels-decide-to-push-out-something. Now that the semester is over, I'm going to get on a better diet and hopefully get some more pleasurable poops!

My girlfriend and I ate some kebabs in LA today (I had lamb, she had something with more meat) and it was SO delicious! It filled us up both so much though, and by the time we got back to our hotel room (we live up north) we were both clamoring for the toilet. She got in first and, as she always does, blew the bathroom up! I was so happy to relieve myself after she finished that I didn't mind the stink or the skid marks. I grunted out one long, thick log, followed by a few farts. My own poop smell got added to the miasma as I flushed the 12-incher down. I left the bathroom and then joined my gf on the bed, to where I decided to rejoin the community and write up a post again!


Steve A

To Vera & Curious (Public Restroom Confidence)

There's something about this that makes some people feel uncomfortable. I used to feel a little uneasy at times, but then, I eventually got over it.

I've never had any problems going in middle or high school, but at times, some of the teachers didn't understand why I always needed to go at a certain time of the day. They always wondered why I asked almost everyday. I either went quickly or took my time between 5-15 minutes. I understand that they don't like it when students ask to use the restroom during class, but now, I don't have that problem in college at all. The professors don't care if you get up and go.

Now in college, I have absolutely no problems with pooping in the dorms. People are more open about it and I've actually have some stories/experiences about people talking about their habits openly & using the gender-neutral bathrooms at college:

Most of them are for single use only, but the ones in my dorm building are slightly different. They used to be for Men and Women, but they eventually changed both of them to unisex. However, everyone still treats it like a single use bathroom, even though there's 2 stalls in one and 1 stall and a urinal in the other.

My Story: One time, I actually use these bathrooms to poop at times, so when I was in the bathroom one time, two girls came in to pee quickly in the other stall. They didn't care about me being in their, but other people normally just walk in and leave when they notice that one stall is currently in use.

Some people are more comfortable and open than others.

Overall, I didn't mean to type this much, but honestly, you'll eventually get over it as time goes along because any situation is bound to happen someday in the future.

Question & Answer

Has anybody ever had a teacher who farted in class? I've only had one. She was my agriculture teacher. I don't know her exact height, but I'm taller than her and I'm 5'7, she had brown hair that went just below her ears and she was a bit overweight. The first time she ever farted in front of us was on a Monday of the second week of school, and it was loud. The thing about her is that you never knew when she was going to fart. We could be outside or inside the class and she would fart. I think my favorite was when she was writing on the board and farted while writing. Some students had asked why she farted and her responses would be "Everybody farts" or "It is my classroom." She was perfectly fine with farting in a room full of boys. I'm surprised she was. I think she got amusement from farting in front of y.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Public toilet

I was o the way to pick my granddaughter up from school when I needed a No 2. I knew where a public toilet was a parked in the pub car park opposite.
The toilets were dibolical no paper of course.

I squatted over the toilet with the seat up and let go. I had to use a hankacheff to wipe. That I trew away in a bin.

It was ghastly

John H

Comments and a question

Hi all. Great posts and just adding a few comments.
@Martha, welcome and sorry to hear of your accident though it sounds like you handled things well and made the best of it. Lucky it was a solid load. Bet it felt good to get it all out? Did anyone see you walking home with the load in your panties? There is no harm if you enjoyed the experience or found it not so unpleasant. If you have any further experiences, accidental or otherwise I hope you share them with us here.
@Tailor, I enjoyed your mid exam story. Exams have the same effect on me and can lead to me pooing more than normal. It sounds like you gave that lady an audio treat that she won't forget. Good for you that you were not afraid to release your load knowing the lady was standing outside the door.
@Imogen,it was nice of you to let the other lady use the toilet before you given your own need. Even though the lady didn't manage to save her panties it would have been worse if she had to wait any longer. Has any other people removed Damp panties or boxers in a public bathroom I wonder?
Take care all
John H

Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd share one of my running stories...Several years back I had just recently gotten into distance running. One early Sunday morning I had decided to do a half marathon. I was partially talked into this by a gym friend named Kelsey (you may remember her from my pooping at the gym story). On this particular day we had gotten to the race starting location, which was at a school. We were at the registration tables when I got the familiar urge. I mentioned that I had to go and Kelsey emphatically said "me too!".
We went in search of the restrooms and found a line of about 20 stretching outside the door. A pungent smell was wafting into the hallway. Kelsey inquired to another runner in line how many stalls were in the bathroom and found out that there were only 4. The race was starting in 20 minutes so we highly doubted we would get in in time. "Oh well looks like we are doing our business in nature", said Kelsey. "Don't worry I have wet wipes!". As a more experienced runner she had obviously encountered this situation before. We headed outside. There didn't appear to be an abundance of cover anywhere. She suggested we both look for a semi private spot and text the other if we found something. I quickly headed off, by now starting to clench my cheeks against the impending onslaught. I wasn't seeing much of anything in the way of cover when Kelsey texted..."behind the dumpster, parking lot behind the school!"
I jogged behind the building and saw the dumpster at the far end of the lot in front of a wooded area. I quickly made my way there and as I turned the corner I encountered Kelsey's butt bared to the world, with a thick log of poop slowly descending between her cheeks. "Hey girl!" she cheerfully exclaimed as I walked up. At this moment I was beginning to get a bit of an adrenaline rush at the thought of dropping my pants and emptying my bowels in front of Kelsey. Her log broke off at this point and accompanied by a fart another immediately started to open up her butt. I quickly lowered my shorts and went into a squat facing Kelsey. "If you're going to race get used to this" she chuckled. "A lot easier than standing in endless lines". No worries I replied as my butthole opened wide and started dropping big chunks of poop. I glanced between Kelsey's legs and was more than a little turned on to watch us pooping in unison. At this point she finished and had taken out her wet wipes. She grabbed a handful and handed them to me. I still had a couple pieces to drop, which I pushed out and then began to wipe. Kelsey hiked up her shorts and waited while I finished cleaning myself.
Feeling invigorated I pulled up my shorts and we headed off to the starting line. We both did quite well that day. We've done several races since, and honestly at this point we don't even bother waiting for a bathroom. Taking care of business out in nature is actually kind of freeing and exciting, and I've seen more than a few others casually doing it too! Hope you enjoyed. Until next time, happy pooping!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Cassie great story it sounds like you made a new friend and both had great poops as well.

To: Brittany B great story it sounds like that one girl had a good poop.

To: Brad great story about your girlfriends big poop.

Well that's all for now.


Brandon T

PS. I love this site


With friends in the woods during winter break, pt. 1

A few months after our adventures in the "haunted house", our group of friends got together again and we decided to go camping in the woods. Carrie, Sarah, Mary, James and I packed the essentials, including a tent, sleeping bags, and lots of food and water, as we planned to be out for several days.

It was winter now, so we brought warm, thick clothes and boots. I brought along a lighter for making a campfire, which was a necessity due to the cold weather. Sarah brought along a five-gallon bucket with an attach-able plastic toilet seat and lid, as well as a small pop-up shelter to put it in.

As it was winter break, we decided to set out on Monday evening the first week of break. We trekked through the woods for about an hour, finally stopping in a small clearing between five large trees which somewhat sheltered the ground from snow. Everyone was a bit cold now, so it was just as well we'd camp here.

James and I quickly set about getting the tent up, while the girls set up the makeshift bathroom. Once it was all complete, Mary quickly dashed inside the "stall" and closed it behind her. We heard her hurriedly unzipping her pants and pulling them down, then the seat creaking as she sat on it. A loud pattering started in the bucket as Mary began to pee and she sighed in relief. Carrie nervously shifted from side to side; she obviously had to go, too.

A loud fart from the stall made Sarah giggle. Then, a few seconds later, a thud in the bucket told us Mary had pushed out her first turd. She farted again. A long crackling followed, Mary grunting softly as she pushed, and then a heavy thud hit the bottom of the bucket. A poop smell began to be noticeable from within the canvas stall, mitigated somewhat by the cold air.

Another thud marked Mary's third poop. She grunted and then farted loudly, followed by another thud in the bucket. Then she strained for a few seconds, grunting under her breath, and finally pushed out a small turd which dropped into the bucket with a little thud. She let out a last, big fart and told us she was done. We heard her tearing off some toilet paper from where it hung on the wall and wiping herself. She used some sanitizing hand soap that was in a pocket by the door. Then she pulled up her pants and unzipped the door and stepped out, blushing a little.

"Sorry, it's a bit smelly in there," she mumbled. Carrie slipped past her and entered the little room, zipping it shut against the cold. A little electric lantern hung from a hook on the ceiling, useful for nighttime visits. Carrie tugged her snowpants down and sat on the toilet seat. A strong hiss started as she peed for nearly a minute.

Carrie grunted softly and a few moments later, there was a thud in the bucket as she pooped. Her pee tapered off and she sighed. Then she farted loudly, which made Mary giggle. Another thud in the bucket announced her second turd. She farted again. Then she started grunting louder, clearly pushing hard, straining for almost ten seconds. There was a heavy thud in the bucket and she let out her breath in a big sigh. A loud, deep fart echoed in the bucket.

Sarah, who had been dancing on her toes for the past several minutes with her hands pressed between her legs, moaned and suddenly fumbled with her pants, tore them down and squatted where she was. Her pee melted the snow under her, hissing loudly. A look of total bliss lit her face as she squatted there, peeing for nearly a full minute.

"Oh no, I can't stop it!" she wailed suddenly, as a huge turd dropped with a thud into the snow under her, steaming in the cold air. She blushed deeply, very embarrassed. She started grunting, gripping her knees, and another long turd started slowly sliding out of her bottom.

During this, Carrie dropped three more turds and farted twice. She squirted out a bit more pee and tore off some toilet paper to wipe with. Then she pulled up her pants and unzipped the door after cleaning her hands.

Sarah was still squatting and pooping. Her second turd had fallen into the snow with a small thud and she was now straining out the third, or trying to, her face getting redder the more she tried. She began to whimper, squeezing her eyes shut and grimacing as if in pain. Slowly, a very thick turd began to poke out of her bottom. She grunted and strained, squirting out streams of pee with each push.

Her massive poop inched out as tears rolled down her cheeks. Sarah pushed and pushed for nearly five minutes, Carrie and Mary holding her hands and encouraging her. Finally, the enormous turd dropped out of her bottom into the snow and she let out a loud moan of relief. A loud fart echoed around the clearing, followed by a second. She let out a tiny bit more pee and then weakly asked for the toilet paper. Mary got it for her and Sarah wiped herself, wincing as she did her butt.

Carrie took some toilet paper and picked up Sarah's poop and threw it into the woods. After that, we noticed that night was falling and eagerly climbed into the tent and quickly changed into pajamas for bed, falling asleep quickly (I've lost this ability with age and dearly miss it).

During the night, I woke up needing to poop and carefully climbed out of the tent after slipping on my coat and boots over my pajamas. I headed for the small tent outhouse and stepped through the door. Turning on the light overhead, I saw that the girls' poops had frozen, which would make cleanup easy. Dropping my pajama bottoms, I sat on the cold seat, shivering slightly.

First I peed, sighing as a day's full bladder emptied into the bucket. Then I started pushing. A large turd slowly slid out and dropped into the bucket with a thud. I farted quietly. Another push dropped a second large turd into the bucket. A louder fart echoed in the bucket, followed by two more. A last, quite large turd slid out and dropped heavily into the bucket and I felt done. I used the hand soap, pulled up my pants, and exited the bathroom. Heading back to the tent, I climbed back in and fell asleep again.


Toilet Attendents

Anyone have the job of been a toilet attendant and have the pleasure or unfortunate work to clean public restrooms?
Me I do

your name (Constiguyoptional)

Post Title Just Jerika and Martha(optional)

Thanks for your post Just Jerika. How did you feel about opening your bowels in a location that lacked privacy. Were you able to get a good evacuation?
I know I would have no problems provided I was not likely to be seen by anyone I knew.
To Martha...I have pooed my pants a few times, not deliberately except for once (sort of). I had been very constipated and when I get the urge to go I have to act quickly or the urge is lost.
I was driving home, not far away and got the big urge and needed to fart. I raised my bum from the seat to let out some gas but more than gas came out...I thought in for a penny in for a pound so I went with the urge and pushed and had a giant evacuation in my trousers. There was nobody at home so I waddled in...put my undies in a plastic bag for the garbage but had to park my bum on the toilet for more action...there was poo every where...had to clean up in the bathroom and then had to take my trousers outside and give it a good hosing.
So much relief but the clean up...probably not worth it.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Struggling to have a poo again...

Hi everyone, I have a quick update for you, which I'll get to after a couple of comments.
Imogen- glad you made it without getting your knickers wet, it seemed like the other girl wasn't quite so lucky!
Jasmin K- Many thanks for your reply, I'll tell Lydia to get to school early if she can and try for a poo before lessons start, like you say at least that time in the morning the loos are pretty clean and theres always toilet paper. Also I remember that whenever I went to the loo before school I was never the only one moving my bowels and by the sound of it other girls were trying hard to go before lessons started up meaning I felt less awkward if I was struggling to have a poo and needing to grunt it out. When I spoke to Lydia she said she usually doesn't mind having a poo at school but she does get embarrassed when she's constipated which I can totally understand, its not that nice sitting there grunting to pass a really hard log and knowing that whoever is in the next cubicle can hear you having a hard time! I did say to her though its better out than in and thats what loos are for, and she agreed to try to go for a poo at school even if she knows its going to be a hard one rather than holding it in, so hopefully things will improve for her. In fact sometimes I remember being on the loo at school when I was constipated and as soon as I started straining I heard the girl in the cubicle next door straining too, it was almost like once she knew I was having a poo she felt able to start pushing herself!!
Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post I'm starting to struggle with my constipation again, over the last couple of weeks I have been finding it a real struggle to push my poos out and have only been for a poo every 3 or 4 days whereas before I was going every other day or even sometimes every day. I have tried really hard to stick to the same routine- go on the loo as soon as I get back from work, this is the time I try to relax and just let my poo come, if nothing happens I do push a bit but I don't really go for it. If I can poo obviously I'm happy, if not I just have a wee and then go back on the loo after tea, and thats when I push really hard and try and force a poo. Obviously if I haven't had a poo the previous day thats when I try even harder, and until the last couple of weeks I've always managed to produce something. Recently though I just haven't managed to go despite really pushing so I end up feeling dizzy and coming out of the loo a red sweaty mess, its been so warm here lately that even though I've been undressing to my bra and knickers before I go on the loo I still get too hot!! This morning I woke up late as its Saturday, from her breathing I could hear that Lucy was still asleep. I lay in bed for a bit feeling desperate for a wee but I couldn't be bothered to get up, eventually I realised it was either get out of bed or end up wetting the bed so I got up and went into my ensuite, I was just wearing a pair of pink flowery knickers so I pulled them down, sat on the loo and sent a powerful stream of wee fizzing in to the bowl, I couldn't help moaning with relief as I emptied my aching bladder. As I was in mid flow Lucy came in, like me she was just in her knickers, hers were pale green and looked really tight. As my stream died away Lucy was squirming and jiggling about and holding herself through her knickers, she said, "Hurry up Abs, I'm literally just about to wee my knickers, I need to get on the loo NOW!" As I quickly wiped Lucy tugged down her pants and as soon as I stood up she plonked herself on the loo and almost at once I heard her starting to wee and a moan of relief. As I pulled up my knickers she said "Ah God, that feels good, I was absolutely bursting for a wee!" she said. As her stream died away she farted a few times and I could see she was pushing, she said, "I really need to try to have a poo, I haven't managed to go the last few days!" She did a hard push and did another fart, after another few pushes she was a bit red. "Is it coming?" I asked, and Lucy said "As usual when I get constipated I can push the tip out but then it gets sucked back up my bum, it always takes me ages to have a poo whenever that happens!"
"Yeah, I know what you mean, I've been a bit constipated myself lately so I was gonna try to have a poo in a bit as well, I'm pretty sure I'll have the same problem if it makes you feel any better, whenever I'm constipated I have really hard poos that go back up my bum when I stop pushing!!"
By now Lucy was bearing down again, she was screwing her face up and straining really hard. After a few more pushes she shook her head and said, "I'll try again later, I need a break for now!" I said, "I might as well try now, I guess!" I pulled my knickers down again and sat on the warm seat, took a deep breath and started to push. As I predicted I could feel the tip of a fat hard log poke out of my bum as I strained, but when I relaxed it got sucked back up. "I'm having the same problem you just had, it comes out a bit but goes back up my bum when I stop pushing!" I panted, and Lucy said "At least its not just me!" I bore down hard and kept up the pressure for as long as I could, and then took a quick breath and pushed again, I couldn't help doing a loud grunt as I stopped pushing! After a few more pushes like that I was able to relax a bit as I'd manage to get the log out far enough that it wasn't going back up my bum, thank god!
"Hows it going, Abs?" asked Lucy. "Well, its not going back up my bum any more at least!" I said, taking a deep breath and pushing again, "But now its getting really fat and I'm really gonna struggle to get the widest part through!" I bore down again and felt the log slowly easing out, I just hoped it wouldn't get stuck, I sometimes get that problem as well which is also really annoying. Today wasn't my lucky day, after a couple more pushes the poo refused to budge and I had to reach round behind myself and pull my bum cheeks apart.
"Sorry, its got stuck!" I said, I would have blushed but my face was already bright red from all the pushing.
"Don't worry, last time I had a poo it got stuck as well, just push really hard and grunt it out!" Lucy said. I nodded, I was just glad Lucy often struggles to go for a poo as well so she understands what its like trying to get a huge fat log to come out! I did a few massive pushes and couldn't help grunting loudly after each one, luckily that seemed to make the difference and I felt the log starting to move again, it was really hard and knobbly and was stretching my bum hole to its limit. Just then a bit of the log dangling out of my bum broke off and made a loud plop, and shortly after the rest of it splashed down into the bowl and I moaned with relief. "Thank God that's out!" I said, as I felt another smoother, smaller poo sliding out. After some gentle pushing it plopped into the toilet and then I felt empty, so I wiped my bottom and flushed before pulling up my pants and washing my hands.
"Right, I'm gonna try again now!" said Lucy, dropping her knickers and sitting back down on the loo. She started to bear down, as she pushed I could hear some more wee trickling down into the toilet and I saw her starting to go pink as she was having to strain quite hard. She kept on pushing and after a while she said "Sorry about this, I know its taking me ages!"
"Is it still going back up your bum?" I asked, and Lucy nodded, bearing down with all her might and doing a loud grunt as she caught her breath. After a few more pushes like that she paused and said "Well if it makes you feel any better mines stuck now too!" Like I had done she reached around behind herself to pull her bum cheeks apart and I heard her starting to strain again, from the look on her face I could tell she was really pushing hard and her grunts were getting louder and louder. After another few minutes of her straining I finally heard a loud plop as her log dropped and then a moan of relief. Lucy went on to pass another couple of logs, which needed a bit of pushing but not anywhere near as much! When she was done she wiped her bottom and flushed. We both took off our knickers and went into the bedroom to find clean underwear and get dressed. I hope you enjoyed this story, I will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


At the station

Hi guys

Last week I had to catch the train back home one evening. The train is two carriages long and normally has one toilet. About 10 minutes from the end I decided to go for a wee, and found the toilet was out of order. Not a problem, I decided to go at the station.

We arrived at the station in my home area which has a small building with toilets in. I went inside the ladies and only one cubicle was working and that was occupied. The toilets themselves were pretty grim, a but smelly, and tiled in quite an old fashioned way. After I'd been waiting for a little while another girl came in, she looked about 30 and was blonde. She asked if I was waiting, I said I was, she sighed and started to fidget. I could hear her breathing quickly through her nose and jumping up and down, obviously quite desperate. She was in a black office type dress so I assumed she'd come from work.

A minute later I heard the loo flush and turned to the girl waiting, who was bent double, and asked if she'd like to go first. She whispered "thanks" and her face looked in agony. The lady in the loo came out and the girl barged in, whimpering in pain. She was in there for a while then flushed and came out a lot calmer, saying "thank you!" before rushing out without washing her hands.

I went into the cubicle, pulled my skirt up and turquoise knickers down, then let a long hissing wee out. As I did this I noticed a pair of knickers, white with silver lining, in the corner of the cubicle, which were quite extensively wet. I'm assuming that the poor desperate girl didn't make it in time. I felt for her as we've all been there!


Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd share one of my running stories...Several years back I had just recently gotten into distance running. One early Sunday morning I had decided to do a half marathon. I was partially talked into this by a gym friend named Kelsey (you may remember her from my pooping at the gym story). On this particular day we had gotten to the race starting location, which was at a school. We were at the registration tables when I got the familiar urge. I mentioned that I had to go and Kelsey emphatically said "me too!".
We went in search of the restrooms and found a line of about 20 stretching outside the door. A pungent smell was wafting into the hallway. Kelsey inquired to another runner in line how many stalls were in the bathroom and found out that there were only 4. The race was starting in 20 minutes so we highly doubted we would get in in time. "Oh well looks like we are doing our business in nature", said Kelsey. "Don't worry I have wet wipes!". As a more experienced runner she had obviously encountered this situation before. We headed outside. There didn't appear to be an abundance of cover anywhere. She suggested we both look for a semi private spot and text the other if we found something. I quickly headed off, by now starting to clench my cheeks against the impending onslaught. I wasn't seeing much of anything in the way of cover when Kelsey texted..."behind the dumpster, parking lot behind the school!"
I jogged behind the building and saw the dumpster at the far end of the lot in front of a wooded area. I quickly made my way there and as I turned the corner I encountered Kelsey's butt bared to the world, with a thick log of poop slowly descending between her cheeks. "Hey girl!" she cheerfully exclaimed as I walked up. At this moment I was beginning to get a bit of an adrenaline rush at the thought of dropping my pants and emptying my bowels in front of Kelsey. Her log broke off at this point and accompanied by a fart another immediately started to open up her butt. I quickly lowered my shorts and went into a squat facing Kelsey. "If you're going to race get used to this" she chuckled. "A lot easier than standing in endless lines". No worries I replied as my butthole opened wide and started dropping big chunks of poop. I glanced between Kelsey's legs and was more than a little turned on to watch us pooping in unison. At this point she finished and had taken out her wet wipes. She grabbed a handful and handed them to me. I still had a couple pieces to drop, which I pushed out and then began to wipe. Kelsey hiked up her shorts and waited while I finished cleaning myself.
Feeling invigorated I pulled up my shorts and we headed off to the starting line. We both did quite well that day. We've done several races since, and honestly at this point we don't even bother waiting for a bathroom. Taking care of business out in nature is actually kind of freeing and exciting, and I've seen more than a few others casually doing it too! Hope you enjoyed. Until next time, happy pooping!


Amusement Park Visit

Recently my boyfriend Adam and I took a weekend off to travel together to a regional water park and amusement facility. In addition to the beach, the place is known for awesome rides and so many different attractions. Before getting to our hotel, we made two pit stops. At one gas station I had my usual morning crap. What was unusual was that I was not walking our dogs and had not had my morning coffee yet. Adam was a little later due to a line for the mens room, but I realize that's the way he's always done things since back in high school or junior high when he was bullied at the urinals. Since then in any public place, he takes a toilet and seats himself to urinate. He thinks he more thoroughly empties himself too because he's so comfortable.

For us, though, the awesome rides were one of the reasons for our trip. The lines for each were long, despite the fact that those with weekend-long passes were forced to go through the line each time. In one line, this for the medium-sized roller coaster, we were behind a young couple that enjoyed conversation with us, and their two kids. Their daughter was 9 and their son was 11. We were told the wait would be about 45 minutes. That wasn't too much off. About 15 minutes into the wait, the mother leaned down and asked the girl why she hadn't been to the bathroom. The girl answered she didn't have to. Dad tried to coax her out of that line and into the bathroom too, but she seemed to resent it. After about 10 minutes, the boy said he had to use the bathroom. Both parents were elated. Dad suggested that the boy take his sister with him and the girl was adamant. She took a stance like she wanted to fight him. So the boy sent off alone, but not before the mom reminded him to not touch anything and something else I didn't catch.

While we continued to wait the mom continued to badger the girl about going. She was told the ride was fast, jerky and exciting and that could cause her to pee her pants. The dad made a lame joke about how it might help him move his bowels and how he gets constipated on trips. He wife turned and halfway apologized for him. Then their boy came back. Just like his dad he was kind of gross. He just started running off everything that was wrong: horrid smell in bathrooms, toilets overflowing, no privacy doors, flies and bugs eating at him while he sat in the 150 degree temperature, absolutely no toilet paper in any of the stalls, and how he used a brown paper towel off the sink roll to wipe with. As Adam waited, he winked at me about what the boy was talking about. He remembered that my first job at 15 ten years ago was in an amusement park. Nothing changes I know.

I'm a social worker in a medium-sized southern coastal city. I'm divorced, 50-ish, thin, and in very good health. Every day after work I try to take a half-hour walk through my neighborhood, just for exercise. Yesterday, just after reaching the point in my walk where I was farthest from my house, I had a tremendous urge to move my bowels. The discomfort was really intense, and I started walking back home as quickly as I could. Within several minutes, I knew I was not going to make it back home. My neighborhood is residential, with all single-family homes.

There are no commercial establishments at all, and within the past few years there has been an influx of new owners, so I didn't know anyone other than the neighbors right around my own home. As a result, I was not in a position to knock on someone's door and ask to use their toilet. There was not even a bush I could hide behind.

It finally got to the point where I couldn't hold it any more, and I just let go and did it in my pants. I had been a bit constipated for the previous several days, and must have dumped a 5 pound load of very firm poop in my panties. I had on a pair of walking shorts (the weather is still warm here), but they didn't do anything to hide that huge bulge in the back. In addition, the weight of that huge load started pulling my panties down, and I had to use one hand to grip my waistband to keep my pants up.

After a brisk 10-minute walk, I got back home, undressed in the garage, dumped my panties in the garbage, and headed for the shower.

This is the first time anything like this has happened to me, and even though I have read about "poopers", I never thought that I would like anything like that. Quite frankly, I'm still undecided. The feel of that huge load in my panties was exciting, but I've yet to overcome the urge to feel ashamed. That's the way we are brought up, you know. Grown-ups don't poop in their pants, and if they do have an "accident" they're not supposed to enjoy it.

I'll have to give it some more thought...and maybe try it again.


Dollar store

Had a rather embarrassing Sunday last week. I need to go bathroom really bad. So I stopped at a dollar General . When I got there you needed a key to get in the bathroom. I was already desperate to go. I went up to the checkout and there were two customers before me . It probably only took about 5 minutes or so. I got the key from the lady and she started to follow me for some reason, but I got about 10 feet from the bathroom and just exploded watery diarrhea filling my pants in front of the lady. The back of my jeans were instantly soaked. She just turned and went back up front and I went in took paper towels to the outside of my jeans to dry them. Of course I had to take the key back to her. She just asked if I was alright. I told her yes and got a plastic bag from her to sit on in the car. Wish I could say it was the only time I've pooped my pants, but probably the most emmbarring


Post Title (optional)To Brad

I wish I had someone to help me go poo....i have had help a couple of times and it is sooo good.

Late last night I was working on a presentation in the library. It was me, my friend Bebe, two guys and a pretty, blonde German girl named Maria. All throughout the evening I had been holding in a poo and by the end it got pretty urgent. I even accidentally farted once! It was silent, but smelled a bit and I really hope nobody noticed! Anyway, when we were done, Maria quickly said goodbye, while the rest of us stayed and chatted for a bit longer. It was only after another minute or so, that a cramp reminded me of my urgent need to do a number two. I told the others I needed to use the toilet real quick, and then I made a beeline to the bathroom. This is a different bathroom from the one I often use when I work in the library by myself. It's quite big, with six stalls on each side. I went in and it was completely empty, except foor one stall. Right away, I knew that it was Maria using that stall. Her turquoise toenails and the tan sandals she was wearing that day were fully on display in the gap under the door. On top of that, she had pulled her pink string almost all the way down to her feet, which she had pretty wide apart, really stretching her panties. I took a stall on the other side, locked the door, pulled down my jeans and black undies and sat down on the seat. I peed, and while I did so I looked around and noticed that I could see Maria's feet under her door super well through the gap in my stall. When I was done peeing, it was suddenly very quiet in the room. There had been no sounds from Maria's stall at all, except a small cough. I felt a little bit self conscious doing a big poo in the quiet bathroom with Maria as an audience, but at that point I really couldn't help it. A big log started to push from my bumhole, stretching it real wide. I let out an embarrassingly audible moan as my large poop dropped off and splashed into the bowl. After that, the room was silent again, except that Maria was now making the faintest grunting noises. She was on her toes now, which is totally pooping posture and confirmed that she was pushing out a turd of her own. And of course, just as I was doing my second piece, a very audible plop came from her stall, followed by a short fart. All in all, I did three poops, all pretty big but the first one was the biggest. I wasn't making the worst stink, but there was definitely a very noticeable poop smell in the room, some of which I think came from Maria's stall also. She did a few more plops as well and each time I could see her flexing her toes as she was pushing out her poops. When I felt empty, I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my rear end. Then I flushed, pulled up my pants and left the stall. Just then, Maria asked, "excuse me?". I said, "hey, it's me Anna". And she was like, "Oh great, it's you. There is no paper in my stall, could you bring me some?". I told her sure and went into the stall to her right and pulled off a bunch of tp. From her stall Maria went on, "I should have looked, but I really needed a poopoo. I almost couldn't hold it!". I was a bit surprised she volunteered this information and I thought it was kinda funny that she used the word "poopoo". I couldn't think of anything better to say other than, "I really needed to go as well", and then I handed her the paper under the stall. She said thanks and then I headed over to the sinks to wash my hand while she was wiping. She was still in her stall when I left, so I just said "bye" and went out and back to the table to chat with my friends. I saw Maria leave the bathroom shortly after. She looked very happy and waved over to our table. I guess she was kinda lucky that I had needed to go to the bathroom as well. Ok, that's my story for today! I hope you all liked it!

to Vera S: Hi, and welcome to the site! I poop in public bathrooms quite a bit, mostly at school or in the gym. I wouldn't say I am super self confident about it. Often I just can't help it and I really need to go. I do get a bit embarrassed sometimes. After reading this site for years, what has helped me is considering public pooping as a bit of an exciting adventure! Also, I guess I have learned that most people are not judgemental at all in the bathroom and also that apparently more than just a few girls find it a bit exciting to have a pooping buddy in a public bathroom!

to Victoria B: Loved your story about when you helped your friend Monica. That was very sweet of you!

Thanks for your response and those two wet pants reports.

I don't recall any more choir incidents but there is a church related one. I was in the scouts as well as the choir. The uniformed organisations had a church parade each month. I had to dash in, get into choir robes and then back into the parade afterwards. I do remember being quite desperate by the end and saw others who clearly needed to go. On several occasions, as we came out of church I saw the skirts of several brownies, eight and nine year old girls, who had clearly wet their knickers.

Scouts provided several experiences. There were no loos at our scout hut. I remember a lad of 13 or 14 who near the end of the evening was obviously desperate but did not want to say anything. Suddenly, a wet patch appeared on his shorts. It wasn't very big but he had obviously started to wet himself. I knew he lived quite a distance away and would probably have badly wet himself by the time he got home. A younger boy, a cub, about 8 once wet his pants. In senior scouts we had a game which involved one person riding on another's back. On one occasion, a lad of about 16 fell of his mount and the shock made him wet his pants. Another boy on two occasions messed his pants when he was very nervous in a game.

Apart from a boy in school - 14 at the time - who wet his pants all my other memories are of adults. I can write those if you re interested.


Mid exam poop

Hi everyone! How have we been doing? I'm sorry I haven't posted much recently but I've been busy preparing and studying for my university exams, which this post is about!

I had a chemistry exam for university today and all day my stomach had been gurgling and moving about loads. I tried sitting on the toilet twice with no luck, not even some gas, so I guessed it was just me being nervous. Well about an hour into the exam my stomach was doing somersaults and really making a lot of noise and I actually felt like I needed to poop. I was getting rather desperate for a pee too and I decided it was best to try and get some relief so I could properly concentrate on the exam again.

I reluctantly raised my hand and about a minute later a supervisor came up to me and I explained my situation. She told me I would be able to go to the bathroom that had been checked before the exam and monitored, and that the supervisor would be standing outside my stall at all times to make sure I wasn't cheating somehow. I had no problem with that and I was escorted to the toilets and directed into one of the two stalls.

I locked the door behind me and lifted up my loose knee length skirt, pulled down my underwear to my calves and sat down on the cool seat. It was such a pleasant feeling on a warm day. As expected, I could see the back of her feet underneath the door. She wasn't joking about standing outside. After sitting for a few seconds I felt my stomach gurgle and flip again and knew something major was happening inside me. I wanted to take my time and fully enjoy it, but on the other hand I wanted to get back to my exam and didn't know how patient the supervisor was.

Luckily, my body decided for me and having only been sat on the toilet for maybe 15 seconds I bit my lip as I began to birth a really wide load. It was moving rather quickly but stretching me to capacity and it felt so good to finally go after trying so many times. It fell into the water with a loud splash and without a moments pause the rest continued coming out, keeping me forced open. This soon broke off too and I ended up pushing out another two pieces.

I was getting a massive thrill from the supervisor being stood outside, knowing that she knew I was pooping, and that she could hear every single splash. I started a loud stream of pee as I got myself some toilet paper and waited about 30 seconds to finish. I went for longer than I anticipated! Once I was empty I wiped my front once and my behind three times and then stood up to flush, but not before having a peek at my creation. There was one long log about two inches thick and six inches long sat across the bowl with another about two inches long resting on top. The other two were obscured by my toilet paper.

I flushed, pulled up my underwear and made sure I was presentable before leaving to wash my hands with the biggest smile ever. This one toilet trip has made my entire week. I returned to the exam room and felt so relaxed afterwards, and seemed to be able to concentrate a lot better.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

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Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Benjamin another great story it sounds like Carrie really had poop a lot.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you both had great poops.

To: Grace great story about your big poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


my park buddy dump

I am white 17yo 5'5" c cup boobs athletic body pee a dozen times a day poop at least once every 4 days. Mum Dad Me and my brother David are all open when it comes to bathroom routine. Dad says mum and I are show offs on the toilet as we like to flip the seat up and squat on the bowl when we need to poo. Mum tells him to leave us alone and we do what's comfy. Dad got the hint and even built a timber stool around the toilet for mum and me to squat on
Mum decides we need a family day, picnic in the park, a technology free day as she puts it.
While I am free to make my own choices I go along to keep the peace, She doesn't ground me or any of that she just won't do anything for me, so I went.
About an hour travel and we're in this forest park it's got a mown grass area and walking trails toilet block up the top of a small hill. brick modern council looking toilet. We're there about an hour and my 4 day old poop decides, now is a good time to want out. I gather my thoughts and set out on the walk of shame up to the toilet.
It's like the whole park knows where I am going and what I have to do.
I walk past another family and a girl about my age gets up and starts walking with me. She makes comment on my dress and we start chatting, her name is Sammy she dark at least 6'6" tall huge boobs, looks like she could crush me with one hand, she's not overweight just a large framed girl.
We get to the toilets walk around the brick entry wall and are confronted with a room about 4'x8' wash basin on the entry wall and two toilets facing each other. We look at each other and walk in Sammy takes the left toilet I take the right. I slip my panties off and squat over the steel bowl Sammy watches me and then does the same.
We settle in our squat and both start to pee, I have seen mum heaps of times on the toilet but never a dark girl my own age and yes I was curious as Sammy seemed to be about me. I shave and have an innie Sammy shaves but she has an outtie.
My pee come out in pretty much a clear stream and dribbled to a stop, the last drops run down my left bum cheek. Sammy's pee came out golden in a stream but kind of splattered and shook her outie as it came out. Her last dribbles run down her bum cheek too.
We sat in silence for a moment waiting to see if the other would wipe but neither of us did, she made eye contact and she asked if I had to poo to, I nodded and she smiled and said lets dump together? I said sure but I might take a while got 4 days worth, Sammy smiled and said me too.
I pushed and could feel the tip open my bum Sammy must have been the same she was pushing also but I couldn't see anything coming out of her but her bum was doming. I relaxed and the tip sucked back up closing my bum Sammy's domed bum did the same.
Sammy nodded I pushed again and the tip poked out Sammy smiled at seeing it and pushed hers as well. Sammy's bum domed and the tip of her poo poked out. It was yellow and gave quite a contrast against her dark skin. Sammy and I both relaxed at the same time causing the tips to suck back in. Our next pushes got both of our poos to the same position but neither of us got them to move any further.
Both Sammy and I push hard and our poos move a little more then get stuck her poo is thick. Sammy and I both push again my bum opens really wide Sammy's bum domes more and stretches around her poo. Sammy says I got to get this moving its giving me but ache.
I take the hint and we both give massive pushes, my poo unplugs and moves. Sammy's did the same, mine narrowed slightly once the plug passed. Sammy's seemed to stay the same thickness only grow in length till it was in the water and still in her bum at the same time. Mine plopped and another piece started right away it came out so much easier than the first. Sammy's coiled in the water under her as I did another piece.
Sammy's tapered to an end while I did one more. We then both wiped I did my kat first then my bum 4 times. Sammy did her kat first then her bum 12 times checking the yellow poo on the paper each time till she was clean. we put our panties back on and flushed the toilets gurgled but nothing moved we washed and left walking back to our respective families. 45 minutes had passed by the time I got back.

Brittany B

Stinky Showers

Hi all! I wanna share another thing I remember from college today, but first I want to say her to some people.

Grace - Hey girl! You're a real toilet punisher huh? haha I may bomb the toilet, but you take it to a whole new level. Not like I've never clogged a toilet though. You're stories were awesome! I especially liked the one at the Starbucks. Your friend telling you to take it easy on the toilet really made me laugh! I look forward to seeing more from you!

Victoria B - Oooh girl! I had a feeling after your teaser that you story was going to go in that direction. That's awesome! Monica really needed you and I'm glad you were able to be there for her.

Benjamin - You are one lucky boy to have not one, but three females who were pretty chill about pooping with you around! I guess when there's no toilet, you gotta make due! Looking forward to more!

Becc - Hey girl! I'm glad you like my stories too! I'm surprised you find so many places without stall doors. I've never found them myself! Cate is such a cool friend! Wish I could poop with my friends haha! Always looking forward to hearing more from you!

Jenny - I've never really felt too bad after wiping in pubic, except when I have diarrhea like my last story at the mall. I guess it's just preference really.

So in the bathrooms in my dorm rooms, their were 3 showers that were right across from the toilet stalls. When the bathroom got steamy from the hot showers, it seemed like any poop smells were increased tenfold! One night after a long day, I gathered my shower items, and made my way down to one of the bathrooms. One girl was already showering in the far stall, so I took the shower in the middle of 3 and started to do my thing. I like hot showers, and apparently so did this other girl, so we had the bathroom steaming up pretty good. As I was washing my hair, I heard the door open and 2 sets of footsteps come into the room. 2 toilet stall doors shut, locked, and I heard the rustling of clothes as the 2 new girls settled their butts on the bowls.

I couldn't really hear them pee, since I was showering, but after a minute or so, I definitely heard a pretty loud fart and the plops begin. And they didn't stop! Just steady, mushy sounding plops every couple of seconds with some farts every so often. I peeked out the shower curtain and saw 2 pairs of feet in flip-flops with pajama shorts and panties around their ankles occupying the first 2 stalls. With my head out, I could discern that all that plopping and farting was coming from the first stall. She was like a machine! Just farting and plopping away like there was no tomorrow! And man did she stink! I couldn't hear anything from her friend, but seeing as how she was still seated, I bet she was probably dropping turds so big they weren't plopping very loudly. Between these 2 girls and the steam in the air, the bathroom was getting quite the heavy stench of poop. I heard the other showering girl end her shower, so I put my head back in and resumed my own shower. I was almost done anyway.

The other showering girl seemed to leave in a hurry, must not have liked the stink! I leisurely finished my shower as the girls continued to bomb their toilets. When I got done, I dressed myself and went to the sinks to comb my hair and brush my teeth for the night. I heard a few more plops and farts from the girl in stall 1 and I definitely heard a quiet flump of a turd in the bowl of stall 2 before she cut a loud fart. Both girls started to wipe themselves while I was brushing my teeth and when they flushed and came to wash their hands, I got a good look at them. Stall 1 was a curvy brunette of average height with curly hair, stall 2 was a taller, slightly less curvy brunette with straight hair. I remember seeing them often and I believe they were roommates. The curvy girl said she was sorry they stunk up the bathroom during my shower and laughed. I told her, "hey, no worries! A girl's gotta go when she's gotta go right?" and we both laughed. Her friend didn't laugh, as she seemed a little embarrassed. They left before me and as I was finishing up, a girl walked in carrying shower gear, smelled the air, and just turned around and left. I figured she was headed to the other bathroom on our floor. Haha

Hope you all enjoyed my story! Peace!



Today I had to use the bathroom so badly. I'd been holding it for a couple of hours while binge watching a show on Netflix, you know how it goes. It had also been a couple days since I last pooped, I think just because I was dehydrated. Anyway, this morning it was definitely pushing to come out. So when I couldn't stand it anymore, I finally paused my show. I felt a strong urge just sitting, but when I stood up I had to GO. I waddled upstairs, turtleheading, but just before I reached the bathroom door my roommate called my name. She was leaving for work and already late and my car was blocking hers in the driveway. Clenching my cheeks, I sighed and walked past the bathroom to grab my keys. I had to stop in the hallway to cross my legs and clench with all my might trying not to poop my pants. When I felt I had things under control, I all but ran down the stairs into the driveway. I could feel the poop pushing itself out, but as soon as I sat down in the driver's seat it stopped from the pressure of the seat. I backed out, let my roommate pull out, and then pulled back in. I twisted the keys to shut the car off, swung my legs out and stood up. As soon as I was standing again, I knew I was in trouble. I tried clenching but it wasn't working. A log started to slide out and then stopped. It was touching cotton, and I knew from prior experience that I had about .2 seconds to get to a toilet before it started coming out full force.

I could have made it, I think. Barely. But in that moment I got a tickle in my throat and coughed. It took one cough to push all of my poop out into my pants. Even though I was wearing jeans, there was no resistance. The whole load slid out all at once, and I felt warmth spread into my panties, across my butt, and down my right leg. Now, when on the toilet, when I poop, I pee. So I guess my brain assumed it was time to go, because for a moment I felt my bladder release and a hot spurt of pee shot into my panties. I crossed my legs and leaned against the side of my car. Finally I regained control. But while this whole thing was happening, my neighbor had come out to mow his lawn, and now I had to get past him to go inside. And quickly, without peeing my pants the rest of the way. I felt the seat of my jeans with my hand and there was a HUGE lump, no doubt noticeable. It was very warm, too. I waited until my neighbor was facing opposite of me, and jogged up to the front door, poop sliding against my legs. I got the urge to pee again once I got inside, so I dashed up the stairs. I could feel my accident slipping out of my panties with every step but I had to make it to the bathroom to pee. I stopped in front of the toilet, and the urge to pee became stronger (it always does that to me in the bathroom!). But I couldn't just pull my pants down and fling poop everywhere. I had to think. But while I was trying to think of the best way to do this, my body had other plans. I crossed my legs and shoved my hand in my crotch, but I had already started peeing. Shit shit shit, I kept thinking. I swiveled around, trying not to uncross my legs, and just plopped myself onto the toilet, loaded pants and all, and peed through my jeans. Again I felt the warmth spread across my butt and the backs of my thighs. The poop in my pants became soggy, and when I stood back up to assess the damage, everything sloshed around.

One hell of an accident and one hell of a clean up, but at least no one saw. I came really close to my roommate and my neighbor witnessing, so I guess that was lucky.

Anatomy Student

To Lurker with a problem

Visible mucus in stool can signal a disease. The mucous membrane of the large intestine helps stool to pass. ... When stool has visible mucus, it can be a sign of bacterial infections, anal fissures, a bowel obstruction, or Crohn's disease. Inflammatory Bowel Disies or IBS are also plausible, but there will usually be a trigger. You very well may have an infection and you should see a medical professional. Be sure to drink plenty of water so you don't get dehydrated and avoid insoluble fiber like nuts, popcorn, and seeds until you and your doctor figure it out.

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