Mopping, privacy and safety on the toilet

We've had lots of snow and sleet where I live and believe it or not, it has made the main floor large bathroom at my school kind of dangerous. Most of us have snow or sleet or ice on our boots and shoes when we enter the school. Many of us hit the bathroom first to crap or pee before we go to our locker and 1st hour. Last week a girl I know got a concussion. She was pulling up her dress to take her seat on the toilet when her heels went out from under her. She hit her head on the toilet bowl and her shoulder on the toilet paper dispenser.

About half our toilets don't have cubicle doors. So the other day there were like 10 of us on the toilet when two female custodians came through. Each had a dry mop and asked us to pick up our feet so they could dry the floor under us. I think that this is great, but they are seeing us in a compromised situation. One girl brought up the issue of personal privacy and did it in a nice way. The custodian told her she's not forced to use the bathrooms and should be going before leaving her house. My friend Kennard said the same thing is happening in the guys' bathrooms too and that it is worse than ours since there are no stalls with doors. He said the male janitors are doing the dry mopping too, but that their situation is worse because guys dribble in front of the toilet and over the seat because they are too lazy to lift it.



Willow: Fair point! I guess I didn't realize just how open they are even in semi public places. I thought that maybe swimming was one thing but bathing is another. I guess not, though. It's not a judgement, I just didn't understand that attitude. I actually think it's kinda cool that some people don't mind leaving the door open. Everybody poops!

Braidy: Oh no! I'm sorry you also had to sit in dirty underwear until you got home. I bet you were still pretty relieved to poop, after having to wait so long to get in there. Were you able to finish under those conditions or did you have to pinch it off because of all the noise? I hate trying to poop when I can hear a lot of noise, especially if it's people talking or footsteps near the bathroom.


Urinals at home


I read your story about watching the Olympics with Bill. You both should keep the urinals you bought for in the car nearby and pee in them instead of going to the bathroom. Maybe keep them close to your bed to pee in during the night and when you wake up in the morning. Post stories if you decide to do this. :)


Poop Day

Today is definitely a "poop day." I have already gone twice in the last hour, and I still feel like there is more in me! It's not diarrhea, just quite soft poops. I don't know if it's because of the coffee I drank this morning or if it's because I never pooped yesterday...All I know is that I'm going to be on the toilet quite a few times today!

The first trip this morning lasted just over 16 minutes. I time my poops so I have an idea of how long it takes me to go. Anyways, I felt the urge to go and so off to the bathroom I go! I let out some pre-poop farts and then I hear the familiar crackling sound of poop starting to come out. The first two pieces were quite large and they made a loud splash as they hit the the water. I definitely wasn't done, though! I could feel much more inside me just waiting to come out. I pushed a bit and for the next few minutes, little soft pieces were plopping away! I don't know where it all came from....closer to the end of my pooping session, it was getting a little difficult to push the poop out. It was sitting right at my hole, so I had to get it out. I spread my legs as far as I could and just started pushing and grunting. Little by little, I could see the tip of the poop making its way out. Boy, was it stubborn! Finally after 5 minutes, the poop plopped into the toilet. I still wasn't done! I pushed hard for another couple of minutes and the last two chucks plopped into the toilet. I wiped 5-6 times (it was messy...) and went on my way.

Not even 20 minutes later, I felt that all too familiar feeling. I was thinking to myself....I JUST went! Off to the bathroom I went...again! My butt was feeling a little sore from my last poop, so I tried to take it easy. I pushed gently, and large log started making its way out. This was followed by a couple large chunks. My butt was now stinging and I'm trying hard not to push a lot. I leaned forward a bit to make the poop come out easier and as I did so, I let out a wet fart! A couple more pieces came out! I felt pretty empty so I wiped a couple of times and then left.

I don't think that is the last of my poops today, though!

Sir Shits-A-Lot

Buddy Dumping / Protein Cookies

Howdy from Texas! I first found this site as a kid back around 1999/2000. Glad to see it still exists.

The buddy dump stories are great. When I was eight, my (at-the-time) girlfriend and I pooped outside in the playground behind the trees together. We pointed and laughed every time the other one farted, wiped our butts with leaves, and covered our poop with sticks. I've never buddy dumped with a girl (or grown woman) since. The women I have dated have always been squeamish and embarrassed about their bodily functions.

I'm somewhat of an outdoorsman and think it is safe to say rocks are actually the preferred medium of natural butt wipe!

The only other buddy dump story I have is one where I was pooping in a gas station restroom after a long day of intense physical work. This dude kicked open the door and stomped into the restroom as I was about to start crapping, which really disappointed me. I deeply value and enjoy my bathroom privacy. He might not have been thrilled about my presence, either, as he loudly yelled, "DUDE, I gotta shit SO BAD! I'm gonna BLOW UP this bathroom!"

"Makes two of us," I said, realizing conversing with him was probably inevitable at this point. I farted and let out a torrent of noisy but smooth, solid turds between loud farts. There was yet to be any noise from his end. I felt like I still had more poop, so I waited, pushed, farted, and felt a second wave coming. More turds, more farts. I'm sometimes surprised the colon ONLY has a capacity of around five feet/sixty inches because I poop in such robust quantities. Maybe my body just produces a lot of waste. I sometimes have to poop three times in the same hour in the same morning. . . though if I took a page from Sammy's book and just sat there through it all, maybe I'd just have one hour-long poop instead. (Really dug your stories about pooping with strangers bro!)

I sat a little longer to make sure I was done, wiped a couple times and then a couple more to make sure I was clean 'cause I'm anal like that, and flushed. Right as I flushed, I heard, "Ohhhhh," followed by BRRRRRRRRRBT BLEEEERNK SPLACK SPLAT SPLOOOOOSH! from the next stall. He started grunting, swearing, and groaning. SPLASH! BRRRRRP! SLOSH SLOSH SLOSH SLOSH! The smell was rapidly filling the room. I washed my hands and left, feeling bad for the poor guy. He clearly ate something disagreeable.

Speaking of which: these "protein cookies" were on clearance and I bought some. They're full of things like chicory root fiber and each one has, like, 100% DV of fiber if you eat the whole thing. I didn't read the label and only realized this after I felt gaseous poo cramps, followed by rumbling and near uncontrollable farts, followed by "I-NEED-THE-TOILET-NOW," followed by so much poop rushing out so quickly that I almost wondered if my intestines followed. Forgot to mention they had sugar alcohols, too...

I was up all night pooping, sharting, blasting the sorts of farts that echo, and splattering the toilet bowl. Good thing I live alone.

Patti K - wanted to say I appreciated how animated your writing is --
also wishing you GOOD, SOLID, NON-CURSED poop vibes with all the smooth moves! Maybe buying Digestive Advantage will help if your poop remains cursed?

Mina - "bururururu " is now going to be the word I think of any time I have that sort of soft poop or hear someone else having it. bururururu! And I also never heard the term "motion" used to describe bowel movements before, but it makes sense. And you are right, it's a very human experience to poop and we ALL share it, so it's awesome to find this forum where we can not have "loo shame!" Ha ha


being watched

Marla: I do mind very much being watched. I'm very private about my pooping.(not so much peeing) I mean I'll go into a public restroom and use the urinals but to invite people into the stall while I'm crapping
is simply taboo to me. I'm surprised that as a woman you let people watch you do your business especially when it's pooping.

Jessica B

Buddy Dumping with Helen

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted in a long time, sorry for this. My life has become quite regular and uneventful, so there is little point posting boring stories.

I went to a concert with my friend Helen last weekend. I have written about her before: we went on an exhausting hike together last summer. She's half Swedish, she has quite a dominant personality and is a little peculiar, but lots of fun to be around. She might even be a little autistic because she does not conform to the social "rules" she does not like and she does not give a shit about what people think of her. We danced and drank until the morning, then we took a cab back to her place. She gave me training pants and an over-sized T-shirt and we went to sleep.

I woke up just before her and went to the bathroom to have my morning pee. It was short, rather dark and smelly, as usual after such a night out. I flushed and washed my hands. Then I went to the kitchen to make coffee with foamy milk. Helen joined my and we chatted at her kitchen table drinking cappuccinos and orange juice.

Coffee always make me go number two in the morning, I was feeling the urge building up while Helen was telling me about her climbing class. When I could not contain my prepoop farts anymore, I told her "Excuse me for a minute, I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back!"

I went to the bathroom, sat on the bowl again and relaxed. I farted twice and released quite a few mushy nuggets. It was smellier than usual. I felt there was more to come, so I just sat relaxing.

Suddenly, the door opened (you can't lock it, Helen lives alone) and Helen walked in, her mug in the hand. I protested "Helen, I am having a poo!" to which she answered "Don't worry sweetheart, the smell does not bother me." and closed the door behind her. She the sat on the bathtub and resumed her story. Just when I thought I would wipe and leave because that's too much for me, a bad cramp hit me and I farted again. I expelled several soft turdlets. Too much alcohol messes up my stomach. Helen commented "Oh, you really had to go!". I blushed again. Indeed, I needed this.

I then wiped using the toilet paper Helen keeps for guests. I did not feel like using her fabric wipes after such a messy poo. I stood up and pulled up my sweatpants when Helen said "Don't flush, I have to go too!" so we switched places. She had a sip of coffee, closed her eyes and soon enough I could hear her pee splattering and a log crackling from her bottom. She grunted and the turd broke of with a loud fart. "Aaaahhh", she moaned. She then expelled a second crackling turd. She was done within a minute and then proceeded to wipe using one of her self-made reusable wipes, folding it neatly every time. She then threw it into her special laundry basket, flushed our combined mess without looking back and washed her hands too. We then left the bathroom and had breakfast.

Helen is quite a weirdo, but I think I accept it because I have the feeling she cannot be helped, and of course, because she's a good friend.

Love and take care,


Sleep Apnea

I will be getting a sleep study done next week for sleep apnea. I read that this might be the cause of my bedwetting issues. I'm super worried that I will wet myself when I'm doing my sleep study. Has anyone here done one before?? Are the doctors typically understanding about it? If I tell my doctor before hand, will they recommend diapers? Please, any answers will help

Cindy Lou Who

2 work stories

I work at a target, and obviously working for hours means I have to go to the bathroom from time to time. While I was In there today there were two situations that were memorable, per say.
The first I had gone in to take a pee and there were a couple other girls in there but it was all normal. I stay there peeing for a little while as it was a long shift and I was busting as I peed, the bathroom started to clear out but another woman came in to the stall next to me. I immediately recognized her as one of my managers, a brunette woman with a nice curvature to her. She shut the door and pulled her khakis down to her ankles and I could see a black thong. I heard her plop her butt onto the toilet. A first a soft stream, then a wet fart, followed by a crackle and a plop. She grunted then I heard two more plops. At this point I coughed, and things seemed to go quiet. She then said "Oh my gosh Cindy, how have you been doing?" "I'm alright haha" she must have looked at my shoes. I was looking at her shoes while we were talking side by side and she let out a final little grunt as she rolled her feet frontways, and what sounded like some mushy poo came out with a few farts mixed in. She seemed to almost ignore the fact that she was making it pretty clear she was taking a massive poop. "Well, I'll see you on the floor!" She wiped twice then left.
The second was much later in the day, this time I was going in to take a dump, I usually put it off as I'm shy to poop in public. As I was dropping my first log, a petite blond girl came in. She ran in, obviously desperate. She went into the stall next to me, she was making a lot of noise with her feet so I looked over. I heard her frantically trying to rip out a toilet seat cover. As she placed it down she zipped down her jeans and quickly placed her butt on the seat, but there was silence. I was surprised. But then, a relatively long messy fart followed by many quick plops ensued. Then, thee was a quick BRAT followed by what seemed to be liquid poop before another fart finished off the stream of diarrhea. I heard a faint sigh of relief. I then heard her rustle through the toilet paper dispenser before then going into her bag. "Oh my ????ing God". "Um do you have any Paper on your side?" I handed her a wad of paper and she gladly took it. " um, sorry, do you have anymore?" I gave her another wad. "They must not be stocking these, it's terrible." "Oh I know, they're lazy". She stopped for a little, before saying, "I'm so sorry could I please have some more paper?" "Oh no problem, it happens to us all" "I wouldn't need this much but the Pizza Hut In here has given me diarrhea twice now!" She wiped up, flushed, and then left.

Uncle Harry

Peeing in the Park with Dog

Now that the olympics are over, we can stop turning on the TV at 7 PM every evening. My wife Harriet and I decided to take a long needed walk in the park. It was unusually warm a few days ago and, of course, no bathrooms were open. This time, however, we decided to take along Henry the dog. We walked him in the neighborhood until he was empty, and then jumped him into the car. We drove to the city park, parked the car, and got out. Henry, of course, lifted a leg on every tree he saw, even if nothing came out. After a while, Harriet needed to pee. We decided to find the nearest toilet building and go behind it. When we found one, there was a group of people having a picnic. Occasionally,some people, both men and women at the same time, went behind the building and peed. We had no choice but to join them. I took the leash while Harriet pulled down her slacks and peed on the ground. She is not pee shy and does not care who sees her as long as other people are doing the same. When she finished, she took Henry's leash so I could pee on some bushes. When I finished, I introduced myself to some picnicers and asked about their carelessness of men and women peeing together. They said that they belong to a group that believes there is no reason to have separate bathrooms for men and women, promote that idea, and try to get it established. Good luck!

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To:Nonna great story about your gassy day.

To: Taylor great story it sounds like you did a good job helping that girl out with her poop shyness and great story about you and Francessca pooping together.

To: Shannon hopefully you feel better soon.

To: Abby C great story about your huge poop it sounds like it was a good one and I bet you felt good afterwards.

To: Shellee great story it sounds like you and your teacher both had great poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Response to Aleks, plus a new survey


I was like 11 and taken aback by this college student who had been so encouraging to me who I must admit I exposed accidentally while she was on the toilet. It was her potty mouth and the tone of her voice as she blasted the curse words out at me. And they went on even after the door was closed and she took her seat. She was yelling so loud, I could still hear her over the traffic that was standing still waiting for the light to change nearby at an intersection. The door was facing the street and I think those in a few cars could have seen what happened. After practice when Gina took me to the toilet, I was a lot more composed. Just as I seated myself there were some sirens in the background that became louder and louder. At one point, just as I was making my final push because I didn't want to piss Gina off again, it was horrifying to me because the sirens seemed like they were on the grass and right outside my toilet. And they didn't stop. I finally just got up, yanked my clothing up and ran out without wiping. The sirens were just too scary. It turned out that the emergency vehicles were just stuck in a large traffic jam and the drivers were not immediately able to get out of the way. I did special wash my undees when I got home because they had a large brown streak from my not wiping. I just got too scared, frustrated and almost melted because there was no fan in the toilet. Then I enjoyed my shower.

Now here's a new survey:

1. When you were a small child, were there any public bathrooms that your parents didn't want you using? What caused this?

2. Did your parents encourage you to use bathrooms away from home or discourage you? Explain.

3. Did your parents nag you to "go back in and try again" before you left home on a trip?

4. If you were on an airplane or bus and had an emergency how would they have reacted?

5. At what age did they allow you to go into the opposite sex's bathroom without their supervision? How did you do the first time? Explain.

Now my answers:

1. Mom hated bathrooms in public parks. Said they were too filthy and that no normal person would want contact with such facilities.

2. Mom was encouraging when we were in places like nice stores, at church or at the mall. Sometimes she would walk me to an even nicer bathroom nearby that had these tissue seat protectors that went over the toilet seat. I remember a couple of times worrying if I would even be able to hold it until we got to the better restroom.

3. Yes, especially when we would leave for grandmas because that would be a three hour drive and she hated the rest stop toilets along the interstate highway.

4. I had an emergency when I was about 7 and we were flying to Washington, D.C. Luckily, my discomfort caused a stewardess and a couple of other passengers to yield their place in line for me. Mom took me in, spread paper over the seat, was encouraging when my bowels splashed out.

5. I was flying with my dad to another city where he was a finalist for a job. As soon as we parked the car at the airport, I had to both pee and deposit a two-day crap. I think I was about 7. He walked me to the ladies room door, told me to take my time to do a good job, and to call for him if there was any problem. Now the "big girl", I went in, got up on the stool, and pretty quickly accomplished what I needed to do. I was finishing up and remember the eyeballs of an older lady looking in on me pretty strange. When I got done and met dad outside, he explained that he asked the lady to look in on me. After that, I guess he gained more confidence in me.


Peeing/Pooping with Commertials

Last week, the Olympic Games finally ended. I watched them off and on, but I thought the roundup would be the most interesting. Bill called me as he said he would and I invited him to come to my apartment on Wednesday to watch what was left of the Olympics. I put together some snacks. We sat in the living room, watched the events, and did a lot of cuddling and kissing, as well as eating snacks. I knew I would need to pee, and possibly poop, before the 3-hour event was over. We didn't know it then, but it turned into 4 hours, until midnight. Anyway we both timed our personal needs to hold them to commercials. Bill had no trouble with that, but I wasn't sure I could, even though there seemed to be more commercials than show. I made it to the first hour commercial.I peed and got back to the TV in time. Unfortunately, I had a sudden need to poop and I couldn't hold it to the next commercial. You can't see my TV from my bathroom, so Bill ran back and forth to keep me posted as too what was happening. I was ok for the remaining 4 hours. I asked Bill if he wanted to leave early, but he said he would stay until midnight. He invited me to come his house for the next day.

I drove to his house on Thursday. I found it, but was startled. It was much larger than I expected. There was a two-car garage with one space empty. He met me outdoors and said I could park in it. Inside, the house was nicely laid out. I wondered how he paid for all this on his teachers salary. He explained that his great-grandfather made good investments and left it to the family. Bill didn't realey care about money. He just liked to teach. On some some Sundays, he tutored needy students for free.

So we watched the Thursday show in comfort, but still with the commercial run to the bathroom. I once again needed a poop during the show, but this time I could hold it until the next commercial. Ha-ha. On Friday, he came to my apartment and on Saturday, I went to his house. The big closeout on Sunday, we spent at his house, with his parents and sister Rhonda and husband with a dinner. To bad we couldn't leave the bathroom door open.. or could we? Rhonda forgot to close it when she went to pee. LOL.


Morning poop

I just had a great poop this morning ! It felt so good and natural. It was a big load that just came out in a minute.

The only problem, it was about 25 minutes after I showered.

On the weekends, I like to work out, and or have my morning coffee, take a big poop then shower. On the weekdays this happens after get all clean, dressed in nice clothes ( And sometimes cute or sexy panties underneath ) . My poop gasm is spoiled when I realize I won't feel so fresh all day. Especially when I poop at work with the 1 ply toilet paper I don't feel clean. Almost always have to change my Panties or thong if my boyfriend wants to " play" after work if you know what I mean .

Guys and girls anybody else feel like this? I'm thinking I should buy those cottenelle wipes and bring them to work, though all the staff would know what I was doing if I carried Jose in he bathrrrom



Poop Day

Today is definitely a "poop day." I have already gone twice in the last hour, and I still feel like there is more in me! It's not diarrhea, just quite soft poops. I don't know if it's because of the coffee I drank this morning or if it's because I never pooped yesterday...All I know is that I'm going to be on the toilet quite a few times today!

The first trip this morning lasted just over 16 minutes. I time my poops so I have an idea of how long it takes me to go. Anyways, I felt the urge to go and so off to the bathroom I go! I let out some pre-poop farts and then I hear the familiar crackling sound of poop starting to come out. The first two pieces were quite large and they made a loud splash as they hit the the water. I definitely wasn't done, though! I could feel much more inside me just waiting to come out. I pushed a bit and for the next few minutes, little soft pieces were plopping away! I don't know where it all came from....closer to the end of my pooping session, it was getting a little difficult to push the poop out. It was sitting right at my hole, so I had to get it out. I spread my legs as far as I could and just started pushing and grunting. Little by little, I could see the tip of the poop making its way out. Boy, was it stubborn! Finally after 5 minutes, the poop plopped into the toilet. I still wasn't done! I pushed hard for another couple of minutes and the last two chucks plopped into the toilet. I wiped 5-6 times (it was messy...) and went on my way.

Not even 20 minutes later, I felt that all too familiar feeling. I was thinking to myself....I JUST went! Off to the bathroom I went...again! My butt was feeling a little sore from my last poop, so I tried to take it easy. I pushed gently, and large log started making its way out. This was followed by a couple large chunks. My butt was now stinging and I'm trying hard not to push a lot. I leaned forward a bit to make the poop come out easier and as I did so, I let out a wet fart! A couple more pieces came out! I felt pretty empty so I wiped a couple of times and then left.

I don't think that is the last of my poops today, though!


Hey guys. Is there anyone out there between 10-17 that likes to get skid marks in their underwear. I always do. I never wipe my butt when I go to the bathroom. Thanks for reading.


Response to Aleks

What would be the point of separating gender in the shower if we are already nude? As to toilets, we have 3 stalls for everyone. The stalls have standard doors. Some people close the door, some don't. I don't know about other clubs. Maybe they do things differently.


Latest car trip.

I was driving along on an 'A' road when I saw on the opposite side of the road a caravan towed by a car had parked at the side of the road, with a man standing at the front peeing over the crash barrier into the hedge, then I noticed a female squatting between the front wheel and the crash barrier. I would of thought that she would of used the toilet in the caravan.

Later at a motorway services, I had parked in the first row from the building with the toilets etc., and as I pulled away I saw a car in the third row with the passenger side doors open and a female just doing up her belt and at her feet a puddle and a white tissue. There were not many cars in this park and as I passed by to get to the exit I saw that the male driver was standing and looking towards the back of his car and down to something near the ground, I could see trough his side car window the head of another female squatting.
Why did they not walk about four car lengths and use the toilets.

I was out cross country skiing and felt the urge to take a dump. I went behind a rock, pulled down and pooped in the snow. I have pooped outdoor many times before but never pooped in the snow. Later on the trip my girl friend also had to poop. She had never done it in the snow before either. We also spotted sign of others that had done it too (paper and poop).

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Day at the theme park

Me and my friend Tonya earned a day-long pass to a theme park because we got more volunteer hours in than anyone else in our church group. Since we both turned 12 that same month, our parents decided we would be old enough to go together to a theme park without an adult. Once we were dropped off we had to stay together for the 10 or so hours we were there. We had to promise and repeat it to our parents a couple of times over before we were dropped off. The first thing we did was go to a coffee stand. We each had a good size cup of coffee. Within 45 minutes or so, before we could walk to the side where the rides were, we both had to wee. Bad. Drinking coffee in 70 degree heat didn't help either. We were both sweating pretty bad. So we turned the corner into the first womens bathroom we saw. Try a line of 10 people for about 4 toilets when you're bursting. So we decided to run through an area where there were a lot of wires and cables and loud utility trucks. We had to jump over a number of trailer hitches and swirling machines that were very noisy. It was Tonya's idea because she said less people would be using the bathrooms around there. We both knew we were just a moment away from leaking and jumping over cables wasn't helping. Finally, I spied another restroom building. It looked pretty bad on the outside but me and Tonya were desperate. We could smell the stench already before we walked around the wall. Then came the surprise. Only 2 stalls. The first had just a hole in the floor but it was covered up because Tonya seemed ready to sit over it. Then we looked into the other stall. There was no door. There was a college-age girl on the toilet. We could smell smoke and sure enough she had her cigarette between her widely-spread legs with her thong underwear and shorts laying on top of her shoes. We stopped back a moment and Tonya whispered to me "Did you see her hedge?" I corrected her and when I said "bush" we both laughed. We could tell by the top the girl was wearing that she was a park employee. I told her how desperate we were and she said she was on her break. Then she stood, took one more drag on her cigarette, and tossed it into the bowl. The girl exited fast and me and Tonya quickly decided to do a buddy pee. We were on opposite sides of the toilet and our backs hit into one another. I had to push her a little because the first drops of my piss went onto the seat. They just missed the bowl. What was amazing was that we both drained for over a minute and got our piss into the bowl. There was no toilet paper, but we didn't care. We kept from having an accident.


Having huge poop loads this week

Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I made my last post. Let me reintroduce myself, I'm a tall, skinny, 30 year old African/Native American male from NYC.

Here is my story:
I been having huge and smelly loads this week. Few days ago I had diarrhea in one of my favorite public bathrooms. Took me about 90 minutes to poop. Today, after finishing up work for the day, I felt a urge to pee and poop. I been holding my poop all day. Shortly I got off from work, I decided to make a trip to one of my favorite public bathrooms in NYC. Sometimes I hold in my poop just to poop in my favorite public bathroom since it's one of the cleanest public bathrooms I visited. It also an All-Gender public bathroom. I went to the community center that I used to volunteer at the computer lab and made my way to the first floor bathroom. I took the middle stall out of three stalls. Took off my coat, unbuckled my belt,unbuttoned, unzipped and dropped my navy blue cargo pants down around my ankles, followed by my gray themo pants and my light blue underwear around my ankles. Started to pee and slowly dropping my load, I took my time dropping my bunny sized poops. Released some facts on occasion then I felt my huge load that I been holding in and it slowly pushing out of my butt which I took my time to let my poop out. Eventually pooped out two huge loads & lots of bunny size loads. One of my favorite type poops to have that took awhile to pass and smells that let's out occasional fart. I got up from the toilet seat with my pants & underwear around my ankles and started to wipe my butt. I flushed the toilet and pulled up my light blue underwear followed by my gray long underwear & my navy blue cargo pants.

Roughly 90 minutes later I felt the urge building up again to poop and pee and I went back to the same public bathroom to do second round of poop. Which this time took much longer to poop. I took the middle stall again but this time I went to the second floor bathroom since people more likely to poop in the second floor bathrooms from my experience using the bathroom in the community center. Unbuckled my belt again and rushed to unbuttoned my pants and zipper and quickly dropped my pants and long underwear around my ankles followed by my light blue underwear which I almost peed on my underwear before I dropped them down around my ankles resting above my pants & long underwear. Quickly I started to pee when I sat on the toilet and released some facts before dropping my load. Started to read my newspaper to catch up on some current events since I felt it will take me awhile to release my load. Which I had a hard time pooping my second load which took longer time to drop. Roughly 20-30 minutes in while I'm pooping my second load a guy entered the bathroom and took the last stall, overheard me while reading the newspaper and playing with my cell phone which he took the last stall. The guy said he sorry if he scared me which I mentioned that he didn't scared me and trying to poop, he explained that he needed to poop as well. Since I was bored I was reading the newspaper and trying to take selfies of myself since I do some photography in my spare time. I explained my current struggle to poop my load and mentioned to him that I been in the bathroom for awhile and telling him that I being comfortable pooping in public bathrooms with my pants and underwear resting around my ankles which I used to be afraid to poop in public bathrooms with my pants and underwear resting around my ankles which I used to feel embarrassed when people see my pants and underwear under the bathroom stall door. We both had hard time pooping that he eventually got comfortable in the stall which he eventually dropped his black pants and underwear around his ankles like myself. Now both of us next to each other chatting and pooping in public bathroom with our pants and underwear down resting around our ankles. Few minutes later a lady took the first stall to pee which I explained that I had hard time pooping which she had no problem with us pooping. After the lady left, the guy farted and we still was chatting. Eventually he finished pooping and left the stall. I stayed in the stall at least another hour. Most of the people only went to the bathroom to pee. One female went to the last stall and she dropped her sweats and panties around her ankles and released some facts and pooped. Eventually I gave up after two hours and done some shopping. I felt the urge to pee and poop again and made a dash to the food court bathroom in the mall to pee and attempt to poop. Besides farting and peeing was not successful in my third attempt tonight.

Anyone got good stories lately.

Still constipated...

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't had time to post for a while.
Imogen- that makes me feel alot better, I would say I get damp patches in my knickers about as often as that too. Although its better now than when I was at school I still can't seem to get out of the habit of holding on until I'm really bursting for a wee, even if I'm just lazing about at home! I must admit I do feel pretty stupid if I wee my knickers a bit when I know full well I could have used the loo before I'd got that desperate, but I guess old habits die hard!!
Natasha- great story, when I'm in the queue for a cubicle I do sometimes hear other girls whispering about what they need to do once they get on the loo and how desperate they are, it used to happen when I was at school quite often. I remember once I was behind a pair of friends and I overheard both of them saying they were dying for a poo, but luckily neither of them had an accident! I felt really sorry for the poor girl who pooed herself in your story, it was lucky her friend was able to go and buy her some knickers to change into.
To be honest I hate queuing for a public loo when I'm really desperate, its not a nice feeling standing there praying that you'll manage to get into a cubicle and get your knickers down before anything comes out into them, but luckily apart from a few leaks and/ or skidmarks I've never had anything worse when I was at school or when I use the loo in a shop or leisure centre etc.
Anyway, my constipation really hasn't improved at all, I'm still only able to have a poo once every four or five days and I'm having really fat, hard and knobbly logs which take loads of straining and pushing to get out. I'm also embarassed to say that I've been getting liquid poo leaking into my knickers recently as well, I know that can happen with really bad constipation, its something I had to deal with not long after starting secondary school but I hoped that it would never happen again. Lucy is still really constipated too, we decided a while back that we're both going to have a week off next week to try to get back into a better pooing routine. If I could get back to opening my bowels every other day and not having rock hard logs I would be able to summon up the courage to use the toilet at work when I want a poo, as I said before it's just a single loo which leads directly off the office I work in so there is basically no privacy and I just can't face spending ages straining and grunting. Of course that means if I get the urge to go for a poo while I'm at work (which happens quite often, typically) I just hold it in and so I end up getting more and more constipated. Whenever I've put off the urge like that the first thing I do when I get home is go on the toilet and try and have a poo, but most of the time by then my bowels are like concrete and despite pushing really hard I can only seem to go after at least three days have passed since my last poo, and by that point its a massive struggle! I will post again soon and let you know how our time off goes!

Natasha, I liked your story about the girl weeing standing up. I might try it some time!

The reader

To Lavah

Thanks Lavah for another great story. Keep posting. Have a nice week


Response to Willow

So, it's a nude swim club, but the showers aren't separated by gender? What about the toilets? Do nudists not care about going to the bathroom around the opposite gender? If so I might have to become a nudist! Only kidding... kinda...


Response to Braidy

Great story! Sounds like a terrible experience, but at least she apologized. I wonder what curse words she used. Could you give us some hints? Was it just general cursing or was she directing them at you personally? She must have been in a really bad mood! Was it awkward pooping while someone stood guard? Seems odd to stand up like that, was she standing up to grab the door from you or to pull her pants up or something?

I decided to use my name today. Because of the spelling I used to be afraid of getting recognized, however I now know it's more common than I thought. In a bit of a rush so I can't make introductions today. Maybe some other time. There's so many people to give a shout out to, but my favorite has got to be Abbie. All your stories are great, hope to read more soon!

To Joseph

Great accident stories, would love to hear more of them


Second Re to Patty K.

Thanks for your reply. Not to kick a dead horse but the words we use always interest me. I think of "pushing" as what you do to gently keep a poop moving once you've got it started on its course out of your bottom, just sort of keeping pressure on it with a deep breath. "Straining" on the other hand is a much more intense bearing down, grunting, all out action taken to get a stubborn turd to start on its way out when its been stuck at your anus for a while-- JW


Car Again

Hi again!
It's me Haylee, the one who really wants to pee in a car. To Leon and the anonymous poster, thank you so much for replying and for the suggestions! I have seriously thought about those same things. I like the idea of peeing in a friend's car, and I wish I had a friend who would want me to, but I don't know if any of my friends would go for that. Only a couple of them have cars anyway. I have also thought about just asking my mom, but I know it would never happen. Not that it would bother me to pee in front of my mom, but I just know she wouldn't go for the idea. I mean she's cool and everything, but she's not exactly the kind of person that would say, "sure honey, go ahead and have a pee in the car if you want. Go ahead and ruin the seat." I mean not many moms would ever say that. So I'm still not sure how I would pull it off. But I want to do it so much. I really do like the idea. And like I said last time, I don't want to put anything on the seat to protect it like a towel or anything, I want to pee right into it. I want to ruin it. Of course to me it's not ruining it, but you know what I mean. I want to pee IN a car. Anyway, thanks again for the ideas. I know someday I'll have my own car, but for now I will be thinking about those suggestions. And of course if anything does happen I'll be sure to post about it!
Take care,


Farting a lot!

Today I woke up and got dressed normally, I thought I might have had a gassy day, when I farted really loudly just before I put my pants on... I couldn't help but laugh! When I caught a whiff of it I had to plug my nose because it smelled really bad! When I got down to the car I got in and when I leaned forward to put my keys in the ignition, I accidentally farted! It smelled even worse than the first one! Once I got to class, I immediately had to go to the bathroom I rushed through the hallways trying to hold my farts! About halfway to the bathroom I couldn't hold it any longer and I started letting out farts as I walked! I feel bad for the people who were behind me because they stinked! When I got to the bathroom, I didn't have time to make sure everyone was gone, I had to fart! I got into a stall, and slipped my pants down to my knees and sat on the toilet, then the silence was broken: "BBBBBBBBBBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT!!" I started to laugh because the toilet made the fart echo, so everyone in the bathroom heard my fart! Shortly after that huge bubbly fart, I pushed out some poop that plopped in the toilet! That echoed too! I couldn't stop laughing! I knew that everyone could hear me! I could believe it I HAD TO FART AGAIN! So I smiled and leaned over on the toilet seat then: "FFFFFFFFFFF!!!! BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFT!!!" Right at the beginning of the fart I pooped a little bit again and the rest of the gas followed! I wiped my butt, pulled up my plants and opened the door, there was like 5 people standing outside of my door wondering who was inside farting so much! They started to ask me what I ate and why I was so gassy! I realized I forgot to flush the toilet, when another girl went in the same stall! Before I could say wait she came running out cringing because of the awful smell! I went into the stall after she came out and I took a big whiff! She was right it smelled really bad! I flushed the toilet and walked over to the sink to wash up and to check my hair. I felt another fart building up, and I said "hey guys!" Then "BBBBBBRRRRRRFFFFUUUUUUUUFFFBBBBBBBBTTTT!!!" They all yelled EEEWWWWW! And I left the bathroom... I didn't have bad gas again until I came home and started to write this funny story! Just as I was writing this I leaned over in my chair and ripped a bubbly fart! My no heard it from the other room and came into my room, I didn't think the fart was going to smell as bad as it did, but my mom had to leave the room because it smelled so bad! I don't know what her problem is, but I could shell my farts all day long!


Cafe buddy dump

I was in town today running a few errands before the weekend so I could relax, and after having lunch at a lovely café I decided to use the toilets there before leaving. The café was really quiet with two other girls being the only other guests. One looked about 16 and the other was much younger, maybe 6-7. I'm guessing it was her little sister. I said thank you for my meal as I walked past the woman at the counter and to the toilets.

The bathroom was rather small, but fitting for the café. It was the usual arrangement, two toilet stalls with the sinks and mirrors opposite the doors. I took the one furthest from the entrance, pulled down my jeans and knickers and sat down. I was in absolutely no rush and the place was really quiet so I just took my time and let things happen naturally. I had been sitting for a couple of minutes when the door opened and I heard talking, it was the two girls I had seen earlier. "That one is taken so you'll just have to come in with me" said the older girl. They both went into the stall next to me and I saw the older girls jeans bunch up as she pulled them down and then heard her peeing. It was quite short and she started getting some toilet paper but hearing her seemed to set me off because I started peeing too. Another tinkle filling the bathroom. I went for about 30 seconds and waited for the rest.

The two girls swapped places and I heard another faint tinkle as the younger girl started peeing. Then I heard her sister say "What's wrong?"
"I don't like pooping in public Nicola, nobody else does it."
"You'll have to get used to it sweetie. Everyone does it, I do it, Mum does it. Even your teachers at school do it. There's nothing to be ashamed of. I won't tell anyone."

That made me smile because I knew I could help her, and it was so sweet hearing her sister encourage her. I gently pushed, weeing a little bit more as I was stretched open by the wide head of my poop pushed past my hole. Once I was going I could relax and let it happen naturally again, enjoying the sensation of it slowly creeping out. After a couple of seconds it fell into the water with a loud splash.
"See? That lady isn't bothered by it. Can you at least try for me?" My poop continued coming out and it wasn't long before there was another splash. I still had plenty to go.

I was just starting to open up again by a third piece when I heard a splash from the stall next to me. The young girl was pooping and I was so happy for her. A few seconds later there was another splash and I dropped another piece of my own. "See, it's not that bad is it?" She got some toilet paper as I pushed out a much shorter piece and got some paper to wipe with too. I started with my front, reaching between my legs to wipe and then I got some more for my behind. The first piece came out nearly clean, amazing! I only needed two for my back. I stood up, pulled up my clothes and flushed before washing my hands. The girl next door was still cleaning up.

As I was washing my hands they flushed and left their stall, joining me at the sinks. The young girl looked really embarrassed so I flashed her a quick smile in the mirror which seemed to help a little. Her older sister mouthed "thanks" just before I dried my hands and left. Hopefully she'll be able to overcome her shyness a little now!


Having huge poop loads this week part 2

Hey everyone, here is the second part of my earlier post of my poop loads. After struggling to poop with my second round I left the community center and done some shopping. After of two hours of shopping I felt a urge to pee and poop again while I was riding the subway. I got off the train and went to a mall nearby my neighborhood which was still open when I went inside the mall. It was after 10:30pm when I went to the mall. I decided to try another attempt to poop before I get home. I went to the lower level of the mall where the food court is located and went inside the men's room. All the stalls were empty when I went to the mall public bathroom. I took the third stall out of five stalls which is the middle stall. I love pooping in the middle stalls since I'm not embarrassed & don't mind people pooping beside me. I took off my coat and place it on the hook, followed by my shopping bag & backpack. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned, unzipped my navy blue cargo pants and dropped them down around my ankles, followed by my long gray underwear and my light blue underwear down around my ankles resting above my feet. Started to pee and released some occasional farts. Still felt the urge building trying to come out of my butt. Few minutes later two guys entered the bathroom informing each other they need to take a shit. I mentioned to them while I'm in the middle stall that I'm pooping and kinda struggling to poop. The two guys took the end stalls. The guy in the first stall dropped his jeans and boxers around his ankles like myself and the guy in the last stall didn't dropped his pants around his ankles. I could hear one of both of the guys dropping their loads and farts. I was bouncing my feet that my belt buckle was hitting the floor. I mentioned to them that I'm trying to poop which I was struggling and the two guys didn't mind and advice me to drink some milk. Maybe I should start back drinking soy milk for easier but rather smelly poops. Eventually the two guys left the bathroom. I stayed there to roughly 11:15pm which I spent over 30 minutes to poop. I got up to wipe my butt and inspected the toilet that either I didn't dropped any poop or had a case of Phantom poop, only saw my pee in the toilet. I flushed the toilet, picked up my light blue underwear, long gray underwear then my navy blue cargo pants. Then I left the bathroom, exited the mall and went home.

I have more poop stories to share that I will post in the coming days and weeks.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pete the poop

Urgent pizza shit

The otger might enjoyrd puzza and beer. Nrxt day my bum felt it. Ealking into work dashed into a cafe to have an urgebtsoft very smelly pooh. Decided to hsve a tea afyer and thrn haf yo dash back for round 2. Anotger very syinky, farty affair.

Patty K

Response To JW

Thank you for your concern!

To answer your question, it's not literally 10 minutes of non-stop pushing and/or straining. I did spend 10 minutes on the toilet and to get my poop out I had to strain and push a lot, but for the most part, that's just me adding my usual wackiness and flair to my posts!

Also, that's a good question? I don't think I have an answer. I guess I always considered them similar actions, if not different ways to say the same thing. If anyone else has an answer to that, lemme know

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