Poop buildup

Hi nice people,

The most horrific thing happened about a half hour ago I wanted to write about. I've found that my being a teacher has an impact on one's bowels, since there's rarely any poopy time at work and things get backed up. I hadn't pooped in about the last week and was getting worried. Right as my worry set in, I thought I'd go to bed for the next day still trying to sleep as I type. I stripped down to just my white panties and climbed into bed and tossed and turned. Suddenly I felt like I had to fart but something almost came out. A poop was finally coming. I was so happy.

It had instantly gotten bad so I jolted out of bed and ran to the potty, pulled my panties down and sat. Anyhow I started pooping so much murky diarrhea.I was on the potty for what seemed like 30 minutes and my poop kept coming out, one blast at a time. It was a poop that's completely liquid but you still have to push out. I was hurting and wanting to cry as a week's worth of poop keep leaving me.

After I pooped and pooped it all out, I got up and it looked like chunky coca cola was in the potty! I wiped and pulled up my undies to head back to bed where I'm currently at. My butt is still sore from my poops and I think there's more. I won't even care if I poop my panties while sleeping because it will be more out.

Your stories are all so great!
With love,


Exposing my coach on the crapper

During the first part of the summer before my friend Nikki and I started 5th grade we were bored pretty bad. Her mother had found out about an intermediate grade softball league that was being formed at one of our city's largest parks. Believe it or not, Nikki was far more physical than me back then, even though I'm a scholarship college athlete and coach now. But we got this unbelievably nice college girl to coach our team to pay off her scholarship and both me and Nikki thought Gina was just wonderful. We had morning practices at 8 and games later in the day at 2. Nikki's mom and mine divided up the transportation duties and after about a week Nikki and I knew we were into something good. Our diamond was out of the way of most of the others in the park. It was a considerable walk to the regular restrooms that also required crossing a golf course. So for the rest of the summer we were told by Gina to use a portable toilet that somebody at her college had brought in. We found out later it was her boyfriend.

One morning I had overslept and Nikki's mom woke me up. I threw my uniform on and raced out to the car. I forgot to stop in the bathroom where I usually took my crap. When we got to the diamond most of the girls said they had not seen Gina. I took that as my opportunity to run over to the toilet. Knowing that I had to crap, I wanted to get it done fast. Nikki stayed behind. The green door was shut. I figured it was to keep the bugs out. I yanked the door open. There was Gina sitting with her jeans and underwear at floor level. She was crapping and immediately got up, cursed at me like I couldn't believe. Two teammates were following me and saw the whole thing. It was so embarrassing and they consoled me as I cried for several minutes. Gina finally came out and walked right by me without saying anything. I was too shaken up as we joined the rest of the group that took me back to the diamond. We practiced an before my mom picked me up, Gina walked me down to the bathroom. She apologized as she walked. She had been in a fight with her boyfriend and was in a bad mood. Constipation and a laxative also contributed to it. She told me to go in, do my thing and she would watch the door. I guess someone had stolen the whole lock assembly. So I want in, took the seat and did my thing while Gina guarded the door. At the end of the week, I was made Player of the Week. It is a certificate I still have. Later that summer Gina invited me and Nikki to come to one of her college tournament games. She was such an influence on me and one of the reasons I decided to become a college athlete, graduate student and coach.

Hello, thank you for your response Adam. Luckily, my mom rarely mentions any stains in my underwear. I have posted a a lot about poop in the past but I had a memorable accident with pee a few years ago. I was at a swim meet in the summer and it was cold and windy. I had began to have to pee but the coaches would not let you leave the area during the meet so swimmers wouldn't miss their events. By the time I was lined up behind the block, I had begun to squirt a few drops of pee into my suit and was fighting to keep control. I was embarrassed because the wet spot on my suit was very noticeable as our suits were very light green. I tried to act normal and not face the timers or other swimmers so they couldn't see the growing wet patch on my suit. My event finally arrived but as I was stepping up onto the block, I was hit by a cold gust of wind and the cold made me completely lose control. As I waited for the beep to start the race I was standing on the starting block completely drenching my suit! I'm sure the timers noticed as I could see the pee dribble down onto the pool deck and the block. Finally the race begun and I was never more relieved to dive into the pool. When I got out luckily no one mentioned the accident but it was a very close call.


Peeing at the Swim Club 2

I'm sorry I didn't finish my last post, but I got interupted. I got back into the pool and started a back stroke along the length of the pool. Of course I couldn't see behind me and I bumped into a man. "Watch where you're swimming, lady", he said, nicely. I stopped swimming and stood on the bottom. I apologized. "That's ok", he said. We introduced ourselves and started talking to each other. We quickly became interested in each other. His name was William, Bill for short. He is a high school teacher of science classes, not far from where I live, but in a more rural area. The swim club was in between us. We got out of the pool, dried off,and sat on one of the tables around the pool. We spent the rest of the day getting aquainted with each other. He had an older sister who worked in a jewelry store, along with her new husband. We sat in the hot tub for 10 minutes and then went back to the table. We were so enthralled with each other that we exchanged our addresses and phone numbers. The attendant came by and said it was getting late and she was getting ready to close. We got into the shower room and rinsed off the chlorine from our skin. We both needed to pee and Bill suggested why do we need toilets in the shower. There was a drain into which the water ran and if we pee in the shower it will just run down the drain. So we did it. Bill didn't aim his dick. He just let out his pee. I did the same. My pee went straight down between my legs and rinsed off. We laughed at what we were doing. We dried off and got dressed. Bill said he would call me and see what we wanted to do next week. On my drive home, I could't believe what was happening. I've had boyfriends before, but none lasted very long. Could this be it? Time will tell.


Some issues at work

So I'm a 26 year old male, and I found this website through my own google searching about something personal. I have had a few scares at work that have made me resort to doing something funny...Ha, not really funny. Because reality isn't always the way you want it to be. I'll tell you what I mean.

Ever since being hit by a car while riding my bike when I was 10 (and a subsequent surgery to repair a tear in my abdominal wall, which is important to know), I have had weird and slightly unexplainable problems with constipation and bladder control, I guess I'll phrase it. I've always been on the hunt for solutions to my side effects, and my effort has paid off but that's how I found you guys here!

I'll start with the first time I had an...accident. I really hate saying that phrase. But I was 17 at my first job ever, working as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. I had gotten in trouble for taking too many smoke breaks and so the manager was always watching me, making sure I was in or around my station. If not he would come hunt me down lol.

Well anyways, on one random and fateful day that year I had eaten a ton of food at a football game the night before and I was working the evening shift, and there was a pretty good dinner rush that kept everyone busy until closing time. About an hour before close I went to take a smoke break (with permission of course), and that was when I really suddenly got the urge to take a poo. I finished my smoke and headed back inside to close my station.

I got 2 or 3 more waves or urges to go as I closed, and I promised myself I was gonna take such a big poo when I was done closing. Well the servers and front of house had a different plan because they usually made a final cleaning and closed the bathrooms well after we had closed. Tonight they had the bathrooms and everything's done way ahead of schedule.

I immediately assumed one of the servers had some party to go to right after work and closed fast to leave fast. Not the first time they had done that. But they had unknowingly made me a victim of my own demise.

Because just as I started strategizing how to take a dump as soon as possible, I got hit with a side splitting cramp that made me put my hand on my butt cheeks as I stood in front of the closed bathrooms. I decided on the gas station across the street and started a hopping walk to my car. I had a huge turtle head sticking out of my butt lol and I felt sure it was making a big skid mark in my underwear.

I made it past my manager and the last couple of co workers, said my last goodbyes, and started into the parking lot toward my car. I got about halfway there! But I felt a sharp pinch in my stomach area that made me bend over alittle, and seconds later that big turtle head started slowly sliding out further into my briefs. All of the sudden my insides clinched up and I got this undeniable urge to push. And ugh I remember it just felt like I had a pole coming out of my butt. It wasn't really loud but I could hear these quiet little farts and it was crackling. I was super embarressed when I came to my senses, realized where I was and what had just

Nobody was watching, and it was just after sunset so it was dark enough. But jeez I still felt like the whole world knew that I pooped my pants. When I went to get in my car was when it got really bad. I realized this huge poop the size of a cantaloupe was about to be all over my butt. And I drove a stick...but ugh when I sat down was bad enough. But every time I had to clutch and gas, it would cause my butt to push into the seat a little bit. I tried to avoid it and hover as much as possible but by time I had made it home the damage was really done.

I mean I had poo all the way over my crotch area, coming out of the leg ands and about to spill out of the back. It definitely added insult to injury when I was trying for so long to get the poo off my penis and out of my pubic hair.:/ I don't miss that one bit.

That was the only time I've had a poo accident since I was like 12 or 13. But then it happened again years later when I was 22 when I had started working a better job. Very isolated, and I'll talk about that another time. But embarrassing enough that it worries me I would lose a job some day because I had an accident. I had finally got a better job and was now working as a massage therapist, something I still do to present day. I love it!! I was in my first 3 months of working when I realized my ONLY problem with this job.

All of the sessions I work are at least 1 hour long, but many are 90 and 120 minutes as well. Before I started this job I hadn't really realized it would be an issue, but holding my pee for more than an hour can be really challenging some days!!!

Well 3 months into the job, I finally peed my I say finally because I had like 30 close calls before that, but yeah it finally happened. I had held it a whole 90 minute session and made it to the end, then left the room into hallway already about to pee my pants. I stumbled to the bathroom and opened the door and literally as I'm pulling at my belt trying to rip my pants down...I just started pissing like full blast in my pants. Right there standing in front of the toilet lol..

By the time I got my belt undone and my pants down probably 5 seconds had passed where I was full on just pissing my pants, and I was literally soaked from my butt and crotch almost to my ankles. Like there was absolutely no way to hide it lol.

I realize that I was in trouble and I can't do anything for myself in the bathroom except finish peeing and pat myself down with some paper towels. I do so and walk out of the bathroom Togo quickly to the breakroom, not even thinking about my next session. As soon as I opened the bathroom door, a really cute co worker of mine happened to be coming down the hallway and saw me the moment I opened the door. The look on her face meant she saw that I had peed my pants right away.

So I told her, "I peed my pants!!!"

I walked really fast past her to the breakroom to text my supervisor and tell her I need to go home that it was an emergency. I sent the text, got my day cleared, went home and tried to collect myself. I was super embarressed even though I can smile about it now.

Well all was good for that day and the next two weeks until. What? You guessed it, I peed my pants again..!!!! I couldn't believe it when I did it again only two weeks later. Same situation except alittle different. I lied and told my client I needed more hot towels, so I left the room because I thought I was gonna pee my pants right there in the room with the client.

As soon as I got out into the hallway it happened. I tried to walk to the bathroom but I got about one step in before I started peeing my pants. And again I had to go so bad, I was just pissing full force in my pants and I had really done it this time. My pants were soaked and I'd had it.

I was mad at myself at this point, even though all of these accidents are directly related to the side effects of how my abdomen was stitched up when I was younger. It didn't ruin my continence, it just made things "tighter" says the doc.

Well the second time I peed my pants at work was enough. I sucked up my pride and went online for, something...I found some adult diapers (I just call them protection). At first I bought some smaller ones because I wanted them to be discreet. But I learned they leak too easily. So after getting my comfortable with the diapers I started wearing one that's quite a bit poofier, but they never leak which is what I prefer over the stealth abilities of the thinner smaller diapers.

I have a couple more stories. I have to worry mostly about not peeing my pants, but I might be back to talk about the other time I've pooped in my pants trying to hold it through work. When I have freedom of a bathroom at home I don't have to wear protection. But at work, I feel I have no choice anymore or else I could lose my job very that is my story so far.

I'll be in touch!!

Abby C

Back once Again

Hi everyone, its been a while since Ive posted. I havent posted mostly because theres been nothing to post. Although today I do have a story to post.

To Colby: I loved your story about your friend Ryan pooping in your toilet. It was very funny about how he didnt realize there was no toilet paper until he let out the huge piece. About your second post there is really nothing wrong about taking a poop at school. Everyone has to poop and school is kind of the place for that.

Now time for my story which is kind of like Colby's story. So a few years ago I posted a story about my friend Riley in math class. She was in a different class and I had left to go poop. She had also left and was pooping also but she never knew it was me. This weekend she had invited me over to her house. I got there and we did make up for around 15 minutes. It was 4:30 and I would be there until 7. I then asked her "Riley wheres your bathroom I really have to poop", she laughed and showed me, she then told me, "Sorry if the seat is still warm I literally had a poop right before you got here." We both laughed and I closed and locked the door and sat down. I let out a nice long pee and I heard footsteps up the staircase and I heard hey mom, "Hey sweetie where's Abby" "Oh she's kind of pooping right now in the bathroom down the hall", her mom asked "Does she have a plunger and toilet paper and everything", then Riley said "I dont know you would have to ask her I think the plunger is in there but i feel like I used all the toilet paper because I was pooping before she got here thats why I had you open up the door", then her mom walked down the hall and knocked on the door I let her come in but I covered my vagina since it had a lot of hair on it but my pants and g string were at my ankles so I was kind of in full sight. "Hey hunny sorry about this but the plunger is right next to you if you need it and toilet paper is under the sink", I said "Thank You sorry about this I didnt have time to go at home", "Oh no its fine if you go here youre always allowed to", she then closed the door and I heard Riley ask "Is she all good in there" her mom said "Yeah shes fine but I feel like shes having a big one in there so give her a few minutes. I then started pushing and it was really huge it then splashed in and it was about a foot long. I got toilet paper and started wiping and I used the plunger to get it down. I walked in to her room she was there using her phone on her bed and she said "Wow that mustve been big", I said "Yeah it was like a foot long and I managed to clog your toilet but I used the plunger."

So anyways thats all I have for today but I will try to post more often on here so byby everyone.

Abby C

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pete The Poop

toilet clogging

why do people feel the need to clog the toilet full of paper ? I've noticed this quite a few times with no visible signs of a poop Now I will admittedly sometimes leave my poo 'on show' if its a good an But it's easily flushable.

On a similar note I did a reasonably big poo the other day no visible sign of clogged paper or any poo but when I flushed water rose up and I had to leave my poo right to the rim in the water

buddy dumps

I've never had a proper buddy dump either by sharing the loo or being in the same cubicle.

I was once in Homebase however and needed a poo. The ladies was out of order and whilst I was farting and plopping away a lady came in and tried the handle. I told her give me a few minutes. I did quite a smelly poop and left a bit of a smell when I left

Victoria B.


To Taylor: Pancake Day is something we really must look into on this side of the Atlantic. I'm glad you and Francesca were able to enjoy both it and its result together!

To Aviana: I've had it come out from both ends before and it's certainly not fun. I like your name; it's pretty!

To Mina: That's okay! Just writing about it made me feel better.

To Patty K: I'm writing this within a few minutes of unleashing some nice butt pee from my own Krakatoa. My normal output is multiple-flush big, both before and after becoming a vegetarian, but I still get some weird ones. I like your writing and I'm happy you found us here!



Buddy dump with my ex-teacher

I was in 3rd grade and it was one of those days where we only had a half day of school. Teacher meeting in the afternoon or parent conferences, I didn't pay that much attention. I just knew we got out at 11:30 that day. So because of the different schedule we didn't have our break or recess time. I was trying to hold my poo until the bell rang, but by 11 I was having what a future boyfriend of mine would call a prairie doggin' decision. I remember finally getting up the courage to raise my hand and ask permission to use the bathroom. My teacher was this older lady who would get mad at the class if one person leaving would cause a disruption with classmates also seeking to leave. I was the first to sign-out that morning and very self-conscious at 8 years old.

After closing the big wooden classroom door behind me I moved as fast as my feet would carry me. For once, I didn't care about the noise my shoes were making on the wooden hallway floor. It was one step up to the bathroom. At that point it was a concrete floor that wasn't that noisy. I headed into the first toilet. The door was off, but that was the case with most of the toilets. I dropped my sweats and care bear underwear to the floor and slid onto the seat. The seat felt like ice to me, but I knew I was lucky that a large part of another class wasn't in there. I knew I couldn't hold it any longer. The first piece dropped into the water and was hard enough to splash my underside. That was something that had always annoyed me greatly.

At the time my 2nd grade teacher Miss Smith came trotting in. She ran into the toilet next to mine, cursed, which I found embarrassing because she would send us to the principal for doing it, and mumbled something about none of us knowing how to flush. Then I saw her left foot come off the floor and she flushed it. Then I heard her yank some paper off and I could hear her sliding it across the seat as part of a wipe job. Then her bright red underwear fell to the floor as I heard her lift her dress and then seat herself. At that point I was stunned to hear her voice. She asked how I liked 3rd grade. She asked about my art project that is required of every student. She asked about what my Brownie troop was doing and as I started answering her, I could hear her push hard. It was like she was getting really winded and I saw her spread her legs wider as she unloaded. I didn't want to admit it but as we were talking I looked at the toilet paper roll and it was out.

I politely asked Miss Smith for some toilet paper. She pulled some off and passed it to me under the panel. I apologized and she said that was sweet of me to do so. Then she told me she still needs to 'train' her boyfriend before they get married in the summer. I laughed at that. When I told my mom my mom said she remembered from parent-teacher conferences that Miss Smith had a nice sense of humor. But I also heard mom telling my dad that Miss Smith could probably get into trouble for using the bad language. From my perspective back then, Miss Smith was so normal and we could relate to her as something more than an authority figure.


Roommate - To spray or not to spray


It's been a while since I last posted, I've been in the routine like I usually am, like a hamster wheel. Work, school, travelling, etc. The beginning of February, I had moved to a school apartment with a guy I had known for years. I moved in the beginning of the month when I picked up my keys.

The bathroom is quite small and VERY easy to stink up. My roomate tends to shit in the morning, he'll go around 11 to noon, he takes about 10 minutes, he stinks the bathroom up a litte bit, but he shuts the doors after, and doesn't air it out, nor does he spray anything. He had roommates here before, and I wonder if they stunk out the bathroom without spraying or anything.

Normally if it was by myself I wouldn't care, but since there's someone else, I try to be courteous. I have only shat in the bathroom a handful of times, because there's not a lot of light, so I can't see my shit that well, and the toilet reeks of urine, and smells bad. Not an enjoyable experience.

The other day I was in the apartment when my roomate shit, he went in, sat down, had some loose sloppy shit, wiped, paused for a while, then flushed. There is no hiding your noise, even when you have the fan on. I went in today to poop, I sat down, farted, let out about three thick lumps into the toilet, and stood up shortly after.

The bathroom smelled pretty bad already, I had wiped the seat off with toilet paper, so the shit was above the water and on top of the TP. There were three thick rock looking turds making a medium sized pile in the toilet. It took forever to wipe, and I sprayed some walmart airfreshner, as well as flushed the toilet twice, and sprayed Febreeze. Sometimes I think I do too much to cover it up, but I just want to be nice.

My roommate on the other hand will only flush once, and won't spray at all. When I go in afterwards, it smells like a warzone. I usually hold my crap till I'm out in public and go there, usually I go to the Target Store to poop, since their restroom is usually clean.

However their toilets don't flush too well..

Until next time


Skid Marks

To Evan

I can only say that I remember having them most of the time and that I still get them today. I am wearing some chain store tight whites right now, have checked them out and I have skid marks, one heavy thick one and some minor background ones. I do know when I scratch my bum I nearly always feel a wet patch, especially if I have dug deep.

As for the teacher it was not just my underpants he waved around and I was not always the worst.

Sometimes we would compare them in the changing room. A lot of my mates tended more towards the yellow marks left by starting to pee too soon or putting it away too soon. I think I said before but my Mum was not really too bothered although she did tell me off sometimes along with my Dad who was no saint in that area. He and Mum came in to the house from shopping once and Dad had pooped his pants. Mum went with him to help him clean up and they were gone a very long time!

Soiled Pants


I cannot imagine there are many people on these pages who have not done a poo in their pants in a public place. I have soiled my briefs several times going home from school when I was in my teens and since then many times travelling home from work. It's fair to say that most of them have been because I believed I would be able to 'hang on' till I got back but was proved wrong. I imagine if your friends felt they could talk about it you would find you are not alone. I know my Dad did it at least a couple of times.

I went to football regularly and seeing men and boys in wet pants was not unusual and quite often men who I suspected had messed themselves.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina it sounds like Mari had a really good and really big poop.

To: Patty most likely you ate something that made your poop maybe a combo of things.

To: Anna great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Peeing at the Pool 1

When I was in High School, we had a large swimming pool. I wanted to take all the lessons available. I did all there were and became a very good swimmer. In university, I joined the swim team at first, but stopped because I needed to focus on studies. I also tried out a nude beach on Lake Eire, but the water was too cold. After I graduated and went to work, I did swim in the company pool occasionally. One day, a friend told me about a nearby swim club where swimmers swim in the nude. I went with her, took a shower, and got into the pool. The feel of the warm pool was invigorating. I paid the fee and became a member. I was told that the club was open Fri-Sun and holidays throughout the year and everyday during the summer. I needed to pee, so I tried out the bathroom I sat on the toilet and it worked like any toilet ha-ha-ha. My pee was coming out with a rush and falling out between my labia. I washed my pussy and stood up.

(To be continued)


Friends who poop together, stay together.

To Taylor who asked about a buddy dump - Could you please add a letter to the end of your name so people don't get confused between us? Thanks!

Francesca and I had an early start Monday morning, deciding to go into town and do some shopping at an area we had never visited before it got too busy. At around 10 am I was starting to need the loo so we went and found some toilets. I hadn't been at all yet so I was quickly getting quite desperate to empty both ends. It only took us a couple of minutes to find a single unisex bathroom and Francesca said I could go first. When I opened the door I was surprised to see that A) It was spotless, and B) It had two toilets! I invited her in with me and she locked the door behind us before walking over to the left toilet.

She reached up her cute dress and pulled her leggings down just enough to go as she sat, her dress completely covering her again. Moments later I heard the familiar hissing from her peeing as I unbuttoned my jeans, she never takes long to start! I pulled my jeans and thong to my calves and sat on the toilet next to her, listening to her stream hissing away as I made myself comfortable. Her pee went for quite a while and then we both sat quietly waiting.

I felt my poop crowning and then broke the silence with a tinkle as I started peeing. I was emptying both ends at the same time. My favourite! It was so nice to just completely relax and fully enjoy the relief, feeling my poop slowly sliding out on its own while I emptied my bladder. After a little while it broke off and fell into the water with a small splash as my stream tapered off. The rest quickly followed and I felt empty.

I waited before wiping because it looked like Francesca wasn't finished and I didn't want her to feel rushed or anything. I was more than happy to wait while she took her time. We had been sitting for about another minute when she let out a little sigh and I could hear a faint crackling, she was pooping! The crackling lasted for a good 5 seconds and I was soon hit by the smell of a healthy load. Like always, she didn't react to her release at all. Not even a smile.

Francesca got some toilet paper to start wiping so I did the same, wiping my front first and using two pieces for my behind. Francesca reaches behind the entire time to clean up so I couldn't tell which end she was wiping, but she only used four pieces in total. She stood up and reached under her dress to pull up her knickers, turned around to flush and suddenly froze with a look of dread on her face.
"Umm… Taylor? Do you think this will go down?"
I peeked into her bowl and couldn't believe what I saw. There was a huge, soft log about two inches wide and at least 12 inches long. Curled neatly around the bowl and covering it completely. Her toilet paper was neatly piled in the middle. It almost looked like art.

"I don't know… shall we try it anyway?"
I pulled up my thong and jeans then flushed my toilet. Everything went down without a problem.
"It looks quite strong, you should be okay."
Francesca reached over and pressed the handle on her toilet. At first everything seemed to be going great but suddenly the bowl started filling. Her paper floated to the top while her large load stayed stubbornly at the bottom.
We looked for a plunger but there wasn't one, not even a brush so our only option was to leave it. We washed our hands and quickly left. If there was an attendant we would have mentioned it to them, but at least there was still another toilet that could be used.


Re: Patty's Butt Peeing

Patty, I enjoyed your story, your descriptions are quite detailed and interesting. I'd like to ask about your "10 minutes of straight up pushing. Pushing and straining." Do you often find yourself pushing and straining for that amount of time? I'd be careful about that much straining, doesn't it give you hemorrhoids and bleeding? I used to strain that much myself and in my 40's I started bleeding from the rectum. Had a GI doctor advise me to limit my pushing to five minutes and if I was uncomfortable with not producing anything to use either a suppository or and enema to relieve the discomfort.
Also, do you think there is a difference between "pushing" and "straining" to move your bowels?-- JW


to Taylor

Hi Taylor, I love your question about buddy dumps. I wish I could write a story, but nothing like this has ever happened to me. I believe you once had one about going number two with your teacher in school, which I thought was very interesting. Teachers and students always used different bathrooms in my school. Now that I am at university, we use the same, of course. I think it would be a bit weird but also kinda interesting to buddy dump with one of my professors.

I hope you are all well!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Pooped with a school teacher.

To Taylor.

I had to poop on a school holiday in Switzerland. It was some years back now and coaches did not have the luxury of toilets - well ours certainly did not. I was fifteen. My friend Ken had wet his pants as we travelled through France on the first day. He got away with it because when we arrived at the hotel an hour later it was dark and no one noticed. He wore his dried out underpants for the next three days.

The following day we drove and drove and I became desperate for a pee and a poo. I was not alone and when the driver finally stopped on a rough clearing off the road there was a desperate race for the woods. I found myself alongside Mr W, a man who disliked me as I did him. It didn't matter though. We were both desperate and pushed our trousers and briefs to the floor and pooped instantly. He groaned. I will always remember that he was wearing red Jockeys with white elastic and that he had been leaking and they were as wet as mine and he had a large poo stain on the back of his shirt tail. We both quickly pulled our clothes back up, no wiping, and as we headed back for the bus he said, "you don't tell and I won't tell."

He became a lot less unpleasant after that and I began to learn something in his lessons. After that every time I saw his briefs waistband rise over his trouser belt I thought of that time we pooped together in the woods and I realised that sometimes even adults can have accidents and be humbled by the experience!

To Adam: I enjoyed reading your post. How often would you say you used to get skid marks? I still have them pretty regularly. As for pee stains, I would say I only get them once a week to once every two weeks mostly from pulling my underwear up too soon. Did a lot of boys in your gym class have dirty underwear? I would be so embarrassed if my gym teacher held up my skid marked briefs, especially since I have gym at the end of the day when my underwear is most likely to be dirty. Has anyone else had a gym teacher do that or have any other problems with dirty underwear at school?



I have a request for everyone. Could you tell us about a time when you buddy dumped with someone who had some sort of authority over you (a boss, a teacher, a professor, et cetera). Or, from the other side of things, a time when you were an authority figure and buddy dumped with someone you had authority over.

'Buddy dump' can mean whatever you want it to mean. Took turns on one toilet, sat in adjacent stalls, shared a stall, used adjacent toilets with no stalls, used toilets with no doors, whatever.



Another curry story

Thank you to Patty for shoutouts! I am happy that you like my post. You are half Japanese so you know perhaps, we have many onomatopoeia in Japanese language. Some very common, some not so common, and bururururu is not common at all, I only hear once and my friend Kazuko too, but it is vey accurate word! You are lucky you write very good English! My English is very terrible. When I lived Wales, it was better, but that is a ancient history now.

I have another story about Indian food but it is different restaurant. I went this restaurant with my colleague, her name is Mari (not real name) and she is favourite colleague. She is quite small girl but she eat like tyrannosaurus, and she often do motion in office loo in early afternoon, that is favourite time for her. My boss never complain. When my boss was young, she had to look after company visitor even she had bad stomachache, she hold back her bottom, finally the visitor went, my boss ran to loo but motion was so violent, it went all over floor and fantastic volume so she had long time to clean up. So she say to us, if you want to go, go! Take long time if you like, when client is not here.

So Mari goes and stays long time and does motion tyrannosaurus size.

We ate curry and had nice lunch break. But in afternoon about 2.30 I felt funny feeling my stomach. I look to Mari but she is not at her desk. So I went to loo. One cubicle was occupy and there was big smell of motion. Maybe Mari? I entered next cubicle and bared bottom and sat down and bururururururururu at once, very huge one. At same time I heard even bigger bururururururu from next cubicle. and there was sigh noise and then again huge burururururu. I know that sigh noise! "Mari are you OK?" " I be OK soon Mina, but I need to do motion more" So we stayed in loo and burst little bit and bururururu a lot. Finally I finish after about 10 minutes but Mari still is busy her bottom. I washed with washlet while she does more. then I dried with paper while she does more. When I flush, she is finish too and wash and dry. So after I wash hands, I wait for her, she flushed twice and came out and washed hands.

"Are you OK Mari?"

"I feel fine now, I wanted to get that poo out from my bottom, now it is out I feel fine"

I was feel same way. No stomachache now, I feel fine. Only I need to fill loo with brown contents of my bottom. Now finished. I said Mari, "do you think the curry was bad? we both did a huge diarrhoea." She said, "maybe, but I thought delicious!" Actually I also thought. And we said, "we can't tell restaurant about this, we have no proof."

Mari said, "I don't know reason, but with you Mina, I don't feel shame in loo."

I look at her and she look at me. Suddenly we hugged strong hug. In ladies room of office!

Before this day Mari always call me use my surname, but after this day she call me Mina when we are alone. I am same. I call her Mari now, but I call her Ms XXXX in office.

Motion is very human thing. It is good to share with best person! And with people on this lovely site.

Love to everyone.


P.S. Curry shop closed for ever few weeks later, end January.

P.P.S. Patty, my best friend Hisae sometimes does green motion. Mine is usually yellow, very dirty yellow, not like lemon.


I pooped in my pants at the mall.

Hi, I am embarresed. Last weekend I pooped in my pants in the mall really bad. It showed through the back of my jeans. I went into department store and bought a change of pants and underwear. Nobody really said much of anything. Should I be really ashamed? Has this ever happened to anyone, or have you seen it happen. Please post stories to make me feel better. Thank You, Paul.


Certain pee movie

Hey all,

This may not be the ideal place to ask this, but I remember at times people would post on bathroom scenes they caught on tv, movies, or DVD.
There is a movie called Wounded Faces that came out a long time ago (1991) that I've been looking for practically since 1997 or so, with no luck. It's been more of a on again off again search, and I figured it would eventually turn up somehow, but it hasn't. The one still photo of a pee scene of a girl squatting over the toilet while talking to a guy makes it look like it would be worth it to watch. Anyone have any ideas on how to go about finding it?


Boat trip in Sweden

Last summer I was invited to join a friend of mine and his family on a week end boat trip in Sweden. The boat was an open day cruiser and we camped in tents on the shore. The second morning I went early up to go to toilet. We had to go somewhere in the surrounding forest. I went well away from the camp site and found some dense bushes to hide behind. When sitting there the mother of my friend approached the spot. Just before I should shout out "occupied" she stopped, turned around and pulled down her pants, about 15 meters ahead of me. She did not really squat but more bent forward. First she peed and then she pooped. I could see a long "snake" coming out falling onto the ground. Then she wiped four or five times before she pulled up and went back. It was all done in less than 1 minute I think. When I returned to the tents she was the only one up and she was making coffee. "You too are early up" she said. "Oh, yes I just had to go to toilet", I said. "Yes, nice to get that done before there are too many walking around out there" she commented. Nothing more said about that. It was a bit embarrassing, but now amusing to recall.


Dear Victoria

I am sorry I made you scare when I write about phone. Of course it's OK to use in loo! But it's good to wash, or wipe with wet tissue, after you use. Then it is no danger to catch disease.

Love from Mina

P.S. We were sorry to hear about your accident. We don't know what can we say...

End Stall Em

Mark's "Sticky Seats"

Mark's experiences recently about sticky and seats of marginal quality on public toilets had my attention the other morning when I was having my coffee. While reading my favorite forum my boyfriend Spencer sneaked up behind me and in giving me a kiss, noticed what I was reading. He and I have had some long-standing disagreements on this. I've known him since we were in classes together in K-12 school. His first job was cutting lots of lawns in my parents' subdivision. On some days he would drop by in the middle of a summer afternoon and ask to have a crap in our bathroom. So one day while he was on the toilet I walked in on him with a towel because he was sweating so profusely. It was one of those OMG! moments. He had toilet paper hanging out from him on all sides of the toilet. When I asked him about it later when we were having a cold drink in the kitchen, he seemed to think seat-covering was the norm. Now we're living together in the same apartment and the heavy toilet paper use continues. I understand that's the way he was raised and I respect that. At the mall I work at the toilets have three different styles of seats, depending on which wing or floor you are on. The main building with the food court and atrium is the oldest and it has heavier, black seats, that have a stronger rubber pad under them that connects with both sides of the toilet bowl. East wing, the second addition to the mall, has much lighter white, plastic seats that don't have the underside padding. These are much looser and I've had complaints at my kiosk that a couple have broken or been broken off. West wing, the addition put on about 10 years ago has the white oval seats on both gender bathrooms. They are intended to be more friendly for little children to use, but with no cut-out in the front, there's a cleanliness problem because of the urine-plash issue.
I use the mall bathrooms 2 and 3 times a day. A couple of times I've had a little butt stick when I stand up, but each time its been when I've sat on one of the lighter, white plastic seats.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hi, Billie again, this story comes from a festival me and my best friend Emma went to, we were hanging about in these quiet rarely used blocks of toilets when Emma stated.

'I really need a poo'.

At this point i had secretly been holding a turd back, when I said that I needed to go too, we got into opposite stalls and sat. there was a few seconds before Emma let out a really windy fart. I laughed and as I did, a greasy smelly poop fired out my fat butt, Emma let out a giant windy fart but then a violent sounding poo fired out her bum.

'I think we stunk the place up' she stated.

She had a point, the block was stinky AF. i wiped, and waddled out. Emma following.


Interesting Flight

Guess I'll take the plunge (heh), I was flying back to Virginia from visiting relatives in Texas earlier this month. It started out alright, went to the bathroom before my flight because I knew I only had a 45 minute layover in Houston then a stop over in Orlando before we reached my destination. Had a little bit of time to kill and wandered so I about the gates and shops. Eventually I caved into my thirst and bought a Dr. Pepper (my Kryptonite), didn't realize I had already gone through half of it by the time I had boarded my flight.

Flight to Houston wasn't bad however, due to our arrival gate not being cleared, we were waiting on the tarmac for a good 15 of my 45-minute layover. Bad news, I thought, this was eating up my time quick! After finally getting off the plane, which took another 15 minutes, I dashed to my connecting flight's gate and managed to make it just as they were boarding my group. As I waited to board near the end of the line, my body was signalling that I had could use a good pee. But before I could step out, the line was moving and we were boarding. Damn!

That was okay, fortunately years of online gaming have taught me how to hold my piss. After boarding and taking off, I decided to read some A Storm of Swords to take my mind off my slowly-filling bladder. But of course, the chapters I'm reading are taking place near areas of flowing water, which are described quite vividly. I'm less than thrilled to hear about flowing waters but whatever, I got the Bladder of Steel, let's do this! An hour and a half later, we land in Orlando and everyone getting off the flight depart while several other passengers and myself remain on the plane.

By this time, I can't keep my leg from shaking and my thinking of water thoughts, but that's okay, pee break! Unfortunately, several other passengers had the same idea as before there were only two toilets on the plane and about 12 people needing to pee and poop. On a scale of one to ten of the desperation meter, I'm sitting at a five, maybe six, good thing I was second in a queue of six for the rear toilet. As I'm waiting outside, the other passengers are lamenting there is a line, one even said he might pop pretty soon! Underneath the chatter, I could vaguely make out the dude sitting on the pot inside squeezing out squishy-sounding turd. Looking up, I can see the neon bathroom sign, with a big red X crossed through it, mocking us. Soon, that X disappeared and in I went ready to piss. The smell inside the cramped WC was honestly not that rank, but something you would like to stop smelling.

Locking the door, I unzip my fly and whip out my hose ready to pee and.....nothing. I couldn't pee! Maybe it was anxiety or maybe I because I wasn't as desperate as the others nothing could come out. But I knew that I couldn't just take my sweet time coaxing my piss out of my hose, others had to go! Sadly, I zipped up, flushed and exited, letting the dude about to pop have his much needed relief. I sat back down and went back to my novel waiting for take off.

About maybe an hour later into the last leg of my flight, I couldn't read anymore. A pressure from my lower abdomen kept reminding me of the unreleased fluids filling up my screaming bladder. It didn't help there was turbulance throughout most of the flight, therefore restricting me to my seat. The other times I couldn't get up thanks to taking off and descending and all that crap.

After finally, FINALLY getting off the plane, the desperation meter was reaching 9 and quick! Rushing off the plane I practically danced my way through the terminal, out past security and located the nearest men's room.

Running over to the farthest urinal from the door I whipped out my hose, pointed him straight into the porcelain goalposts and.....relief, sweet sweet relief. PSSSSSSHHHHHHHH, it was probably one of the strongest streams of piss I could recall having. Panting soon turned into moaning as I stood there, legs shaking, body leaning against the divider peeing for over a solid ninety seconds. Pssssssshhhh....pssshh, psshhh, was over, finally it was over. Almost eight hours of piss holding right there. I was so glad I didn't have to wait in line, else the potted plant in the bathroom would have become my potty plant! Haha!

Shaking out the last drops (for now, round 2 came after I got home) I breathed a huge sigh of relief and zipped up, then left the bathroom and headed out to get my luggage.

Hoped you enjoyed it!

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