Patty K

The Toiletstool Curse - Revenge of my bowels

Hey guys, it's PK!

Yeah, my name's Patricia. I was gonna keep using this alias but when I told my boyfriend about this site, he asked me why I didn't use my name, especially when I explained that it was anonymous. I figured it was pretty silly of me to keep hiding it, so I'll formally re-introduce myself.

I'm Patty, 5'5, japanese (technically half, cuz my dad's white, but I look like my mom, so c'est la vie) etc. etc. Hope you don't mind the sudden change.

Anyways, my first post was about how my bowels were treating me better lately after I moved out west. Then, my second was about how I actually had a bout of diarrhea THE NEXT DAY. Well, it turns out that my decision to write here on toiletstool has cursed me, cuz I had another bad bathroom experience. Still diarrhea, but this time I wasn't in my room.

During class today, I could feel my stomach kicking itself over what I'd eaten for lunch that day (I got a sandwich from a deli in my commissary). Surprisingly, I was doing a fine job holding it. I was farting a ton, sure, but I really didn't cause a stink. As a side bar, does anyone else get a rush when they have to fart in public? I always feel like I'm doing something secret, hoping nobody notices. It's kind of fun in a weird way, like I'm a spy trying to get by undetected!... Yeah that's weird, moving on.

So like 20 minutes into class I realize I can't hold it any longer. My farts are getting wetter and longer and I'm just clenching my butt cheeks to keep from making any noise. The moment I caught a whiff of one of my toxic farts I knew I had to take a trip to brown town or else I'd turn my class room into a gas room (I know, these puns are killing me too). So I just get up and walk out of my seat (Thank god for college) and I do this whole act like I'm not sweating and about to shit my brains out by walking out of class as calm and collected as I can but the second that door shut I fast-waddled all the way to the toilet.

When I finally got the chance to sit down, it was just another repeat of yesterday. Wet, sloppy farts that gave way to sharts, and lots of gooey liquid poos. I kept pushing to try and get it all out of me as fast as I could, cuz I didn't wanna be out of class for too long. But I was going nowhere fast, as my diarrhea didn't wanna come out... ironic, isn't it?

So I sadly just accepted that my entire classroom knew I had to poop, and I just sat and let my butt take the wheel. It slowly drip-fed my shits into the toilet, splatting out one faucet spray after another, then stopping right afterwards.


It was not fun. I think I spent a good 10-15 on the can, which is pretty average for me, when my stomach is upset, and I was lucky to not be as sick as before. Perhaps it wasn't the food that got to me, but instead just some leftover diarrhea from yesterday? I can't be sure. But either way, I feel like this is some sort of revenge against my bowels for talking shit!

I came back to class right after and I got a few looks, but luckily, this is college, so nobody said anything.

Anyway, that's my story. Hope you guys enjoyed this tragic tale of toilet troubles. I hope you guys enjoyed!

- Patricia/Patty/PK


Reply to Abbie

Hi Abbie

I probably have a damp spot every week or other week. I still put off going for a wee at uni if I get distracted! Normally these happen on the final dash to the toilet or frustratingly, when you're taking your trousers off or locking the door, where another few seconds would have saved you!

I haven't really had problems with constipation but I sympathise with you as it sounds like yours have been going on for a while!

Luckily when we used to get changed for PE I could manage to hide any damp patches, I did once see another girl who looked to have badly wet herself, getting changed.



Camping (and pooping) with zoey and her friend

Hey its matt again, i havent posted in awhile just have been super busy lately. Ive got a story that happened early last summer when my family, zoeys family and zoeys friend kendra went camping for 5 days. As you know zoey is pretty poop shy but will poop around me and a couple of her real close friends. We had been there close to 2 days when i had to poop, i told zoey and she asked if she could come with to keep me company and because she wanted to try and go also if she could. Zoey told kendra and kendra asked to come with and admitted she had to go also. We walked to the closest bathroom which was unisex but had 2 stalls in it (one smaller and one larger, handicapped equipped stall) zoey and i took the bigger stall and kendra the smaller one. Kendra and i have never pooped around each other before in the same bathroom at the same time so it was a little odd at first but weve all known each other long enough so it wasnt real awkward. Zoey told me to go first because she would probably be awhile. I sat down and leaned way forward (zoey enjoys watching me poop when she gets the chance because it makes it less embarrassing for her when she has trouble) and i started pushing. Pretty soon a big log started to come out and took me a few minutes to finish it. It splashed loudly and Zoey said damn matty thats a big poop! Are you done? I told her almost. I finished off with a couple smaller round chunks of poop then told her i was done. I wiped and flushed and zoey had a seat.zoey asked kendra how she was doing and she said her poop was coming out but it was slow and she was taking a break. She also said she hadnt pooped in awhile so that didnt help. Zoey said i know what you mean i havent pooped in 3 days. Zoey took a deep breath and pushed for as long as she could. After a minute or 2 of this she stopped to rest and kendra could be heard grunting softly. Pretty soon a huge splash was heard from her and a sigh of relief. She tore off a bunch of paper and wiper herself, flushed, and washed her hands. She asked zoey if she could come into the stall with us and zoey said sure. We chatted casually for awhile with zoey pushing and straining. After about 10 minutes she said she could feel her poop up inside her but it just wasnt ready to come out. She said she would try later. We all went back to camp, and the next morning before kendra was awake zoey and i went back to the bathroom. She tried again for about 20 minutes but again couldnt get her poop moving. She told me she would need to wait until the urge got stronger and she needed to go badly before anything would come out. So the next day about the middle of the afternoon she got hit with a strong urge to go and felt like she needed to poop alot worse. She told kendra and the 3 of us took my dads boat for a ride to a secluded island so zoey could take her time and have privacy. I brought a bunch of kleenex and some hand sanitizer. We hiked awhile and found a nice relaxing secluded spot on the island. I brought a bucket along for zoey to sit on. She took off her shorts and sat down. She pushed for awhile with a pained look on her face with kendra and i encouraging her. Zoey said her poop was ready to come out but it was really hard. Pretty soon after straining hard some more, a couple thuds could be heard in the bucket. Kendra said there you go girl keep that up! Zoey pushed and pushed for about 10 minutes and stopped to rest and informed us she had a turd sticking out about halfway. Kendra held her hands and told her to push and zoey told me to spread her butt cheeks to help it come out. With kendras encouragement and me holding her butt open, zoey eased her turd out with alot of pain over the next 10 minutes. The turd finally sped up and dropped into the bucket with a huge thud. It was really big and thick and both kendra and zoey commented on it. Zoey wiped herself and kendra dumped zoeys poop out under a tree. There were 5 really hard and big balls of poop followed by her log which was about 20 inches. She thanked us for keeping her company a d we headed back to camp. Kendra and i pooped again before we left but thats pretty uneventful! Ill try to keep posting when i can, take care all!

P>Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca great story.

To: Emily H could be something your eating that not agreeing with you like possibly dairy products or it could be IBS may be a good idea to talk to a doctor just as a precaution mainly if it starts to get worse.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you all had lots of good poops an I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PK first welcome to the site and great story I look to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Abbie great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Diarrhea problem at home and work.

To Emily H.
I used to have this problem when
I was jogging or riding my bike. I would have
to go in the bushes sometimes. Really embarrassing.
Maybe it's something in your diet that's causing it.
I talked to my doctor and he said to eat more fruits
and vegetables. You should talk to your doctor
about it. You might have irritable bowel syndrome
with diarrhea.


Exercise run

Me and my friend Kennard have a lot in common. We try to do something together most every day but with our classes and school activities sometimes its hard to get together. When we do leave school together at the same time, he's often been holding his crap in for several hours. Since he was bullied in grade school and junior high, he finds it repulsive to take his craps at school. Sometimes I will go in and piss just before I start my walk home. I also crap every day or two at school, usually in the morning or right after lunch. Although I encourage Kennard to use the bathroom right across the hall at school I use, but he won't. But since I live closer if we stop at my house before doing homework or doing something else, he will take his crap there. It is usually large and sometimes it has to be broken up with a coat hanger and plunger. This upsets my dad, but nobody is perfect and I've been trying to work with Kennard because he's kind of socially awkward.

So one night Kennard texted me at about 9:30 to say he was just finishing his homework. I had just finished a large paper. As we communicated, he said he was on the toilet and still trying to get his crap to drop. It had been two days. My dog Rosie was jumping against the door of my room and I knew I now had time to take her over to the park for a run. This is something I normally do with Kennard right after school. So I told him to get Axle leashed and meet me at the park. I grabbed the flashlight my parents require to have with me when I'm out after dark and got down to the park trail and dog run area pretty fast because both me and Kennard have curfews. Luckily there was some moonlight so Kennard and I could see a few patches of ice and some almost puddles on the trail.

Both me and Kennard finished about a 30 minute run and decided to rest on a wooden bench. At that point I knew that my bladder was about to burst. We walked our dogs up to the top of the hill where there's a restroom building. The women's side was locked and since Kennard and I have shared the bathroom there before, I led the way into the men's room while he tied our dogs up to a picnic bench. This was one very small bathroom. Two very old open toilets facing one another with about four feet between us. I was already freezing my butt seated and pissing an gusher when Kennard came in. I pointed to the open toilet and told him to get his ass on it. He protested at first, but I told him his body heat would start working for him once he was seated. Once he did I again saw tattered underwear. I thought about giving him some for his 16th birthday, but figured his parents may consider such a gift too personal. I decided to continue to sit and keep him company and within five minutes I could see from the smile on his face and his leg movement that his crap was happening. There were three smaller splashes and the larger piece that I could see was painful for him. He used all the toilet paper on his side. I tried to build him up and asked him to think about how much better it would have been if he had done that 2nd or 3rd hour. I hope I got through to him this time.


Freaked Out

I was sick one year with diarrhea, and there was a huge Moth in the downstairs bathroom in my home. When I saw this thing I freaked out and got the hell outta there. My mom killed it the next day.



So I've been a lurker on the site for a bit now and I finally have a few free moments to post here so yay for that.

I have IBS, which means my stomach is super sensitive and I'm already a pick eater. It also means I'm constipated a lot but when I need to go I need to go NOW! With that being said I was raised that women shouldn't fart mor should they let others know they have bowel movements. This can, at times, present me with quite the dilemma. Tonight was one of those times. I've been at my boyfriends house for 4 days now, haven't had to poop at all. No stomach issues or gas either. Last night he slept on the couch and he is again tonight because I'm been in a lot of pain. Tonight he's sitting in the bedroom talking to me around 830 and I suddenly get the urge to poo. Oh no. While my body is telling me I have to go now, I know I can hold it awhile. So for the next 2 hours he's sitting there and we're playing cards and goofing off. My stomach was at war with me by the time he went to go to the couch. Now he usually falls asleep pretty quickly so I figured if I waited another 15ish minutes I'd be clear to go to the bathroom. Naturally a half hour has passed and he's still awake. An hour after he laid down I hear him starting to snore. Now I can finally go! I stood up amd my stomach cramped. There was 10 steps between me and the bathroom. My back is jacked up so walking is difficult right now, which means its going to take about double the time to get to the bathroom as it usually does. Great. I made it 3 steps and my stomach cramped again, doubling me over. Another 2 steps and my bowels gave out. All I could do was stand there and let my body do what it wanted to do. I hadn't been to poop in 6 days. The first log slid out with little effort and made the back of my black amd white checkerboard leggings sag. I rarely ever wear panties ams I was regretting it at that moment. I was scared to move with so much in my pants so I finished my business standing in the middle of the bedroom holding on to the bed, facing the wall mirror no less. My face was bright red from embarrassment even though no one else was around. I pushed a bit, knowing I still had to go quite a bit. Another log slid out into my pants followed by a long fart amd more poo. My stomach cramped more and when I pushed again I wet my pants while pooping. The relief was amazing. By the time I finished my legs were soaked with pee, my pants were so full of poop they were sagging really far and my stomach felt a lot better. Oddly enough it was far easier for me to go while standing at the edge of the bed like that than it is when I'm sitting on the pot. While I frequently have accidents they've never been while standing that way and I think this is something I'm going to have to try again when the opportunity arises, just maybe not with my pants on. Anyway, I ended up just hopping in the shower to clean up because there was way too much mess to even think about tp. My stomach feels loads better now and the bf stayed asleep the whole time thank god!


Reply to"Curious"

Hi, Curious, It's a little hard to describe how I hold it when I really need to pee--- I guess I'm clenching some pelvic muscles. It feels almost like trying to pull my penis in toward myself. Sometimes I start fidgeting. I think I'm usually fairly quiet about expressing relief, but sometimes I will sigh a bit. I don't very often get to the point of extreme desperation. Unusually for men, often I like to sit down to pee, especially if I am at home.

I am curious to hear a couple of things from women: I have heard that women can stop the stream just by pushing their thighs together, which doesn't really work that well for me. Is that your experience? Another thing is about being pee-shy: i.e., not being able to go if someone is watching or nearby. I used to have this problem really badly, but much less so now. This is related to your question about holding it--- I can remember one time in particular when I was a teenager and I needed to go really desperately and went into a public men's room with my dad, and I couldn't get started in spite of being in really serious discomfort. I ended up waiting until he was done and left. That sort of thing used to happen fairly often if I was in a public place. It is much less of an issue for me now, but even so I much prefer to go into a stall if it is crowded and have a much easier time that way. My impression is that that is generally more common for men, but I'd be interested to hear stories either confirming or contradicting that.


Having too much fun

Once when I was in my single digits, I was playing with my Nintendo. Having so much fun that I didn't want to get up and use the bathroom so I finally let a big poop push into my underwear. Needless to say my mom was really mad at me.


Girlfriends pee/poop habbits

My girlfriend for 3 years, has some interesting bathroom habits. She's 5.3 and slim but has thick thighs, little round butt..She has no problem going to the bathroom with me, infront of me or having others see or hear her..The first day she came to my house she would had to pee pretty bad, she peed for about 2 min and when she asked me where's my bathroom she danced a little..She drinks a ton of water so always has to pee..She has squatted in the woods on hikes, kinda in the open , She pees in the pool, the beach she either goes in the ocean or sand and we're always stopping at gas station on road trips and she's even gone on side of the road a few times and has peed in a cup a few times..she'll have to pee and 10 min later she'll be grabbing her crotch dancing a bit and when she really has to pee, she dances her legs back and fourth and grabs her crotch, she has been desperate at work where she'll get up from her desk, speed walk to the bathroom and either grab her crotch or walk face..She has peed her pants one time and sometimes she lets little spurts out if she has to go bad..She poops twice a day, she takes huge poops that smell and stands to wipe her butt..She always sits at home, stands to wipe but in public restrooms She always squats and the poops are loud, she'll fart and have about 20 min to usually finish...She farts a lot and has embarrassed herself at school and work, she pooped outside once cuz she was on a hike..She has interesting habbits..she doesn't care if people hear her pee or poop since she says "everyone does", she once peed in a changing room since the store had no bathroom...she says she has no fetish but always loves peeing and pooping..her pees are loud, strong and hissy, usually takes 1 or 2 min..her poop is thick and hard, but has occasional loose poop, wipes usually 4 times but with loose poop about 8... I'll post more soon about stories

Uncle Harry

Peeing with Maimie 2. In the Park

After Maimie finished with peeing in the toilet and re-dressing, she changed her walker from folding to roller and we left the house. The park was only about two blocks away, so we walked. I carried the picnic basket, but some stuff was in the walker basket. We picked out a nice spot and laid out the blanket. Maimie sat on the seat of her roller walker. After several hours of talk and watching the scenery and other people, Maimie asked where the nearest bathroom was as she needed to pee again badly. My answer where. It was April and the bathrooms weren't open until May 1. I checked to see if one of them might be open early, but not so. She was quite upset as she did not think she could make it back home without wetting her pants. Some people were walking on the sidewalk, but no one was on the grassy area where we were sitting. I suggested that we go into a bushy corner and she could sit on the edge of the seat and urinate on the ground. She wasn't sure about that as someone might come by and see her peeing, but she didn't really have a choice. So we went to a bushy area where she faced the bushes close. She could stand up long enough with my help to get her shorts and panties off. Then she sat on her seat and scooted forward until her vagina hung over the edge of the seat. She didn't pee right away. She looked around to see if anyone was there. No one was. Slowly she started to let out a stream and soon it all came out. Eventually, she took about 45 seconds to finish. She wiped her vagina with some tissues and again I helped her get her panties and shorts on. We finally went back to our picnic. Before we went home, Maimie peed one more time with no one watching.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018



Hi guys! Today's poop felt great, and the afternoon's batch was a bit gassy, and broken up. Oddly, I felt pressure when I had to pee that I don't remember feeling before, but since it only happened once, I figured it was because I had to go a little urgently. I've pooped twice today thus far, and this morning's poop was more chunky, and smellier. Yesterday I didn't have poop that smell that much. My day was great anyway, because I added another furry friend to my collection (royal majesty king Furby). To Willow: I love to hear about peeing in your car. That sure is great for being on the road. For example, you could have a roll of TP beside a bucket to keep in the car.

I'm a truck driver. I think truckers must be some of the most irregular people on this planet. We're always on the move, eating food that usually doesn't have good nutrition, and going long periods of time without a toilet. Really puts our bowels through the ringer. I've only been working a few years, but some of the stuff I've seen/heard in rest stop bathrooms... oh boy!
Sometimes though it's not us causing the scenes, but the people we met along the way.
Take last summer, for example. I had been driving overnight and it was now a little after sunrise. I'd been really backed up earlier in the week (a story for another time) and my stomach sort of hadn't fully recovered. I'd taken a poo the day before before I went to work, but I didn't really feel like I'd been able to finish. So I knew a stop would be needed. A little after sunrise, that need became more apparent, so I went to a rest stop, parked, and made my way to my throne.
Even though the fact that my stomach clearly wanted to get the remains of yesterday's greasy fast food breakfast and much-too-heavy homecooked mashed potatoes, nothing came out when I first sat down. I pushed a little though I'm not (usually) too vocal when I poo. I started to rub my stomach which I guess helped get things moving because I started farting. They were very bubbly farts which sorta surprised me but like I said I've not really been right all week. I finally popped out two little balls the size of strawberries. They felt really slimey coming out and as soon as they fell my stomach started to cramp up. I was really expecting diarrhea. Instead I got a few more balls falling out but no relief from my cramps.
I released a wet fart just as the door opened. My new friend walked to the stall farthest from me that wasn't the handicapped one and sat down. I then passed two more less ball-like but still slick turds and a few more wet farts. Nothing from his end. Silence fell. My stomach was still twisting and turning. If anything, every release I got just made it feel worse. Still nothing from my neighbor. Several minutes passed filled with only my very wet farts.
I'm not sure exactly how long it had been when the door opened and a voice said "Dad?" Sounded like a teenager. After a few beats of silence, the man in the other stall responded with a "yeah?" I was shocked to hear how strained his voice was. He must have been silently pushing all this time. "Mom wants to go" Said the teenager. The father says "yeah so do I."
I had to hold in a chuckle to myself at the double meaning from the father. It went right over the kid's head I guess because he just says "what?" The father said something about needing a few more minutes, still in that strained voice, and the kid left. I don't know if having a time limit or if now that I've heard his voice he knew he couldn't hide, whatever inspired him, but the man was a lot louder now. He was giving really deep, pained moans and I wasn't hearing anything. Just nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg. NNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG. It had maybe been five minutes since the son left when my bowels opened up again. Like I was saying I expected straight up diarrhea but I ended up getting thick, thick soft serve instead. That usually only happens when I eat a lot of cheese (again that's a story I could tell) so I was really not expecting it. But I guess it makes sense for how bad my cramps were without anything coming. I squirted out a round of soft serve and I just hear the man down the way almost whimpering. He must have been super constipated. Mine just kept coming, pretty easy now as long as I pushed a little. He kept moaning and moaning, now like UGH. UUUUUUUUUUUUgHHHHHHHHHH. NNNNNG. Nothing.
Eventually, I felt totally empty. I looked behind me and saw a good amount of really lightly colored soft serve covering up my little balls. I felt the lightest I had all week. I tore off toilet paper to start to wipe and I heard the guy groan. To be honest I think he was a little jealous of all the relief I was getting while he got none. It took a long time to wipe but I did and flushed.
Just as I opened my stall door to leave the main door opened to reveal a teenager. "Dad, Mom's tired of waiting." The dad was in a middle of a grunt. He then just moaned in reply and I heard him stand and pull up his pants. I was washing my hands while he exited the stall without flushing. I glanced in the mirror and saw a man probably in his 40s but balding wearing jeans and a t shirt. He was red in the face and holding his stomach and he walked out without washing his hands. I felt really bad for the guy and I hope he got to stop again later with more success.

Emily H.

Anyone have any Personal Stories?

Hello! I have been having some stomach problems as of late. I am 30 years old with short brown hair and blue eyes. I'm about 6'ft tall. Recently my stomach has been upset and i have been having sudden attacks of diarrhea at work and at home. I don't know what to do ! It is really embarrassing in my office to be running back and forth from the restrooms. Does anyone else have a story about having diarrhea at work or home that i can relate too. Also does anyone have some suggestions on what to do with my stomach?

Anyone have any Personal Stories?

Hello! I have been having some stomach problems as of late. I am 30 years old with short brown hair and blue eyes. I'm about 6'ft tall. Recently my stomach has been upset and i have been having sudden attacks of diarrhea at work and at home. I don't know what to do ! It is really embarrassing in my office to be running back and forth from the restrooms. Does anyone else have a story about having diarrhea at work or home that i can relate too. Also does anyone have some suggestions on what to do with my stomach?


Guys' peeing questions answered

1. What do men do when they have to pee?

When away from home, I try for the closest bathroom and unless I'm with my best friends, I'm not going to draw attention to my need. Too many times in grade school there was some snickering when I raised my hand, asked permission to use the bathroom, and just walking up to the teacher's desk to sign the clipboard that I was going sometimes brought a wise-crack remark. 'Isn't this your third trip today?' Today when I'm with friends at a game we tend to go in as a group, but I have trouble using a trough urinal with no privacy partition between the users.

2. How do they hold it?

At school, it was easier if we had our morning or afternoon recess break coming. Then I would quickly slip into the bathroom when we were running out onto the playground. I liked the privacy of that situation, especially if I also needed a fast crap too. I found my mom was right when I was younger and she would remind me to use the bathroom before leaving home. But being outside in the cold weather does make me pee more. There are times when I just go a short distance away and open up behind a big hedge or bush. But at the park recently just as I opened up a rabbit bolted out of the shrubs. I almost shit my pants and this girl who is in two of my classes laughed so hard.

3. When they actually pee how do they express relief?

When I'm with my dad away from home, he leans over the urinal, places his right hand against the wall, and directs it with his left hand. He makes this pretty loud sigh of relief as the splash starts. When he's done he shakes it in about three directions as he tells me some old drinking story from when he was in the military and finished off the last beer in the tavern.

4. Any other stories?

Back when I was about 11 and my parents allowed me to see some things on my own at the mall, I stopped in for a fast piss because they had bought me the largest possible drink at the food court. All the cubicle doors were closed with legs and clothing on the floor. My first plan was to use a cubicle to pee into the toilet, but that was not going to work. So I went up to the only urinal that was vacant, pulled the front of my tan shorts down (mom sometimes bought me shorts without the front opening) and with my right hand on my penis I had to wait to get my stream going. A really mean looking guy walked up behind me. He smelled of both beer and smoke. After only a few seconds, he started coughing. Then he gave me nudge on my right shoulder. I was getting scared and then he told me I had like 15 seconds to get done or he was going to give me a 'God@@@@ golden shower.' That worked. Although I was in pain, I hurried downstairs to another bathroom that me and my dad had used before.


Alone in the woods in late September!

I was about 12 years old when I decided to go on a "camping trip" by myself into the woods near our home. These were proper, thick, woodsy woods and I loved them (and then they later got cut down to make room for an apartment complex, grrrr...) I decided that I'd use an upcoming long weekend for the venture and planned what I'd need: my tent-cot (literally a cot with a tent built over it, with an optional rain-fly) I'd received for Christmas last year), a backpack full of beef jerky, a cooler with ice and sandwiches, and bottled water)and a few books.

The tent-cot was quite heavy, so I loaded it up on a trolley-cart to pull behind me--this proved to be a bit of a bad idea later. I set out at six pm on Friday night; I'd be on my trip for two days, coming home on Sunday night. It was already getting dark as I set out, so I had a head-mounted flashlight turned on to light my way. It proved to be slow going, dragging the rickety cart over knarled roots sticking out of the ground, small rock, and a bit of mud, as had rained today and more was promised tonight and maybe through the weekend. Great. Oh well, I wanted to camp, dammit, and a bit of rain wasn't going to stop me!

After about two hours (I marked my path carefully with bright orange plastic strips to find my way back), I needed to pee and stopped in a small clearing (just a space between four trees about fifteen feet wide and ten long...roughly, I'm not great with numbers.) It was a decent place to set up shop so I dropped my stuff to the ground and stepped over to the nearest tree and unzipped my fly. I pulled my penis out and sighed in relief as a day's worth of pee splashed against the oak tree. A fart slipped out as I was going and I started to feel a growing need to poop, as well.

I finally finished with my pee and tucked everything back in. I considered squatting to poop. Deciding that I wanted to at least try to go, I walked over to a very large fallen log just beyond the tiny clearing I was in; it was more than big enough to sit on, and must have been a huge tree when still alive. I had brought a small trowel with me for this purpose; being in the Boy Scouts, I knew how to dig a "cat hole" and thus did so, making sure the hole was several inches deep--about six inches deep and ten inches wide is sufficient. This took a while, but eventually, I had a nice, big hole on the other side of the log. Perfect to poop into.

I hastened to drop my jeans to my feet, followed by my underwear, and sat bare-bottomed on the log, my butt dangling about two feet above the hole. I leaned forward and grunted as I started to push; a bit of pee squirted out with each push. Slowly, a rather large log began to emerge and I strained to push it out, gripping the log for support. Finally, the huge turd dropped into the hole with a dull thud and I let out a huge sigh of relief in addition to several loud farts.

After I caught my breath, I pushed again, hard, once more, but nothing more came out except a few remaining farts. I reached for the roll of toilet paper I'd brought with me...and realized it was still in my bag! Oops. I got up and waddled with my pants down to my backpack and rummaged through it until I found the toilet paper. Waddling back to my makeshift toilet, I sat back down and wiped my butt, dropping the tissues into the hole.

I stood up again and buttoned up. I rubbed some hand sanitizer onto my hands and set about setting up camp. My tent-cot was very easy to set up; being designed for one person, this made sense, and it only took a few minutes. I spread out my thick, squashy sleeping bag inside and shoved my backpack to the foot of the sleeping bag. I hung a small electric lantern from the hook on the ceiling. Finally, I put the paperback books into the mesh pockets on the wall. A home away from home!

As night drew in, it started to rain. Fortunately, I had put up the rain fly over my tent-cot, so I was dry inside. I ate a dinner of a sandwich and a snack pack of Oreos, and then I read until I fell asleep.

A crack of thunder woke me sometime in the early morning. I could feel an urgent need to pee; however, as it was now raining very hard (the drumming on the roof was so loud I was surprised it hadn't woken me up), going outside was a deeply uninviting prospect. But I had my rain poncho, so I suited up and opened the door, hopped out quickly, and zipped it back up. Head bent against the wind, I fumbled with the fly on my pajamas and finally let out a sigh as my pee began falling into the grass. I farted again while peeing, but felt no urge to poop, which was fortunate. I finished and went back inside, falling asleep again quickly with an empty bladder.

The next morning, it was still raining, but now I needed to poop badly. Once again, I donned my poncho, which I'd hung at the far end of the cot to dry, and stepped out of the tent. I headed toward the log, but stopped when I considered that I didn't want a wet bottom. Therefore, I walked into the tall grass a few feet from the tent and shoved my pajamas (I didn't have underwear on under them) to my knees and squatted.

A large log started to slide out almost immediately. I grunted a few times as I pushed it out, and it fell into the wet grass with a thud. I peed while I pushed it out; why I was able to pee again after peeing the night before was a mystery to me. My stream tapered off and I concentrated on pooping again. Another log slowly slid out and dropped into the grass, followed by a big fart. Another slid out and I farted again. I pushed again, but nothing else came. I used the toilet paper I'd carefully hidden under my poncho and wiped. I straightened up and went back to the tent.

I spent the rest of the day in my tent, reading. I needed to pee once more around six pm and simply opened the flap and turned on my side to stick my penis out enough to pee.

The morning of my final day was chilly. It had stopped raining sometime the night before and every surface was soaked. It was an uneventful, boring sort of day, but that's nice every now and then. My stomach was hurting and I knew it was going to be gross. I walked over to the log and put my poncho on it before sitting down. I grunted, pushing hard as my stomach felt a bit crampy. I moaned as my stomach suddenly "decompressed" with a very loud, several-second long fart. Sweet relief. I pushed again, and felt a huge log slowly move out of my butt...and stop.

I grunted, balling my fists as I pushed harder. Slowly, agonizingly, it inched out. Finally, just when I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my skull, the massive turd dropped into the pit with a big splash, as the hole was half full of water. I moaned in relief and gently wiped my bottom, noting that there was a bit of blood on the paper. Yuck.

I packed up around noon and started to head back, which was very slow going given how muddy it was. I even considered stopping and putting up the tent-cot again for the night and heading back on Monday morning, which we had off in addition to the weekend. I decided against it and kept plodding along. During my hike, I ate the last of my sandwiches and snacks, in addition to a lot of water.

I peed into the grass around the hour mark and decided to squat and try to poop while I was at it. Finishing my pee, I undid my pants and underwear and dropped them to my ankles. Squatting, I grunted as I pushed as hard as I could, trying to force anything out. After straining for several seconds, a long hard turd slowly slid out and dropped with a thud into the grass. A loud fart echoed around the woods, followed by several more. I sighed and stood up again, wiping my butt in a half-squat and dropping the paper onto the poop when I was done. I reached home without further incident.

Hope you enjoyed!


Maho's birthday

Hi everyone, your very own lazy bad Mina come again. I'm sorry I am so lazy girl. Actually I am busy girl, and in cold weather I don't have energy so much. Japan is very harsh winter. I and my friends heat flat well, and in loo there is very narrow tall electric heater. But we turn off sometimes because we worry electric bill very expensive.

I have backlog of story, but I tell only one, because very hard to write English, and if I tired I make mistake a lot.

So Maho's birthday was November and we had party in Indian restaurant. Of course we ate and ate, and drank too. It was delicious very much!

Next day Saturday after breakfast we went to same place as we always do. We always laugh, because after birthday party, it is almost rule that we stay in loo one hour!! But it is very important hour.

I tell same story every time I think so you yawn, but people say, not boring story, so I am very happy!!

It is little bit long time ago, but I make note in diary so I can tell little bit.

Of course Hisae first. She is most quickest! She sat down and very soon, plop and plop and faster and faster. Maybe about eight! (Nobody thought to count.) But very fast! Maho look in loo and turds everywhere, Maho said Wow, so Hisae got up to look and said Wow. But then quickly sat down again because...plop plop many more. Maho flushed. Hisae said, "little bit more time." Then her bottom opened again and burururu, burururu, burururururu. 3 friends said, "you are a diarrhoea!"
But Hisae said, "it sound like that but I feel good, my bottom nearly empty now." She did a bit more burururu but smaller ones. After she use washlet Maho dry her and she is crying little bit, actually Maho cried many times on her birthday, because we show love to her so much. Of course we do! She is so lovely!!

We say, "Maho is next." I and Kazuko think we can wait. We know Maho will sit there forever but it's OK. Her motions come slowly and there are many many, so of course she is long time. She lean forward so I can see her turds come out but I don't say, it is not need I think. After five I flush. But then there is long break. We say, "Maho are you OK?" She said, "it's coming, sorry I am slow." But of course we don't mind! We look at Maho warm face and she start cry again but only tears, no voice. And at same time, I see her beautiful bottom domes out. Very very huge turd comes. I don't need to say, because in tears, Maho said, "very huge one is coming."

It made very very loud PLOP noise, so we all gasp. Sound like metal!! Hisae she is joker, she said, "if it is solid gold please don't flush, we can sell!" Maho said, pity, it is not solid gold. At same time another turd come, also big but smaller than solid gold one. It made big noise too. Maho said, "finish", so after washlet I dry her, and off course I cry, with Maho. Mina is stupid crying baby. I dry her slowly, because it is so pleasure to dry her.

Kazuko sit down on loo. She is not so fast as Hisae, but many plop sounds quite soon. And more and more, so Hisae is busy to flush. Kazuko is most biggest eater of us so her motions are biggest. Sometimes I think she never stop!

After flush she made strong burururururu noise! She is a diarrhoea just like Hisae! Why two people are a diarrhea! The food at Indian restaurant was so good!

Burururururu, burururururu, bururururu. When she will stop?? But like Hisae, she said, "it isn't need worry! I feel fine!" She has happy smile on face. Kazuko has special loo smile, it is different with usual smile. Kazuko said, "Mina are you OK? You have to wait long time." I said, "I'm OK." Actually I can feel message from bottom, but it is not urgent so much. Kazuko said, "I finish soon" and made large bururururu noise. Then one more and then little pieces. I said Hisae, "yukkuri site" it means don't hurry, site is pronounce like "she" and then "te" in" ten", I know Hisae and Kazuko like to dry bottom slowly, I don't want spoil their pleasure.

But when I sit on loo I can feel my bottom change from frown to smile. Kazuko said, "lean forward". She like to see motions drop from my bottom. I can understand her feeling because I also like.

Wow, I can't believe what come out of me. It is huge! It made about seven heavy plops! But it was a bit soft! Why so heavy when it is soft?? Kazuko flushed, but of course I didn't move because I know I am not finish!

And... suddenly I do a diarrhoea too!! Lot and lot come out and very fast! And again! Even bigger one than Kazuko I think. But strange thing, I also feel good!! I wonder why all three of us who do diarrhoea feel good? And why three people do so huge diarrhoea on same day but not fourth person? Maho suddenly said, "Mina it is so pleasure to see you sit there! Please don't hurry!" Actually I do little pieces for long time, so I was on loo more than 20 minutes. But I begin to feel stiff my legs, so I stand little time, then sit down again for washlet. And for drying, I stand, I lean forward and rest hands on wall which is opposite to loo bowl. Kazuko dry me very warm style, I want to cry again, but this time I don't cry. Mina is making a progress.

How nice time we had. Little bit more than one hour is total time. After that we did as same thing with usual, hug and drink tea. Then go out and window shopping.

Next birthday is my one, end of this month. But maybe we don't have motion ceremony, because we might invite Maho's friend Shinri. She came our house about three weeks before and stayed night. She seems that she likes me very very much, I don't know reason. She is very nice girl. And she also likes loo! She stayed long time and many plops, but I tell you story another day. This story is too long. But if you boring, you stop to read, I think. Thank you to person who said, my story never boring. I was moved very much.

I hope everyone have happy time on loo and everywhere, and I hope nobody have a flu. We four are lucky but we have to be careful.

Love to everyone.

Mina + 3


Change in Schools, Change in Poos (And survey)

Hello everyone!

So I've been a lurker for a while. I won't be giving out my real name so I hope everyone is okay with using my initials. All you need to know is, I'm a female in my 20's, I'm 5'5, japanese with short-ish black hair and green eyes. I think I'm like... 110? I dunno that doesn't sound right, but I'm pretty light. Anyways, I went to college on the East Coast, somewhere in the Tristate area, and our food was legendarily terrible. Cases of rampant food poisoning, gaseous dumps and projectile ass-vomiting were rampant. It was a warzone for the weak-willed stomachs of the world.

In my 3 years at the school, my tolerance for intaking garbage has increased dramatically. Due to our school's mealplan, you are heavily incentivized to eat their food, and eat it I did. I wasn't exactly blasting niagara falls out of my ass each time, but I wasn't exactly dropping solid lincoln logs either. Typically, I could expect stubborn, mushy poo or soft mud that left me on the toilet for a good 10-15 minutes of straining and pushing, and I also had way, way, way more gas while I was pooping. I would fart up a storm in the bathroom. Obviously, sharing a room with 4 other boys typically, it could get pretty embarrassing to go that loud. And, since I'm poop shy, I tended to avoid going anywhere else, especially knowing I'd be loud and thunderous on whatever toilet I sat on as long as I'd gorged at my dining hall.

As the years wore on I started to settle into better pooping habits at school but nothing great. I was lucky to have just one or two, solid log and a dump that wasn't mostly gas. But in my senior year, I decided to do an abroad program. So, I moved out west to finish off my last two semesters of school, and instantly, I noticed a difference in the quality of food... and my poops to go with it.

First and foremost, the food here? AMAZING! There's lots of options, and though they cost a lot (our school provides us some food money) it's worth it. I can get a lot of really great food at some places for just under 10 dollars, and others don't go anywhere above, maybe 20? So it's pretty good either way. But, the first time I had to drop the kids off at the pool, I was expecting the worst. The telltale signs of my previous school were there: a heaviness in my gut, some gas, and not going for the first day or so, which tended to happen.

So, I sat on the pot and... It just... came out? On its own?! What kind of sorcery is this! I said aloud (I didn't actually but cut me some slack, I'm trying to spice things up here) Minimal pushing involved. It was just two solid logs, barely any wiping to do, with no streaks on the bowl. So far, the worst poop I've had were some smaller poops that separated into rabbit pellets but even those felt great on the way out of my derriere.

Last night was the only real anomoly: I had mexican food at one of the places in my commissary and it left me with some pretty heinous gas after the chicken and beef fajitas made their way downtown. I was ripping some seriously cancerous toots that I naturally trapped under my blankets, so it was like my own personal dutch oven. I expected a case of the runs when I woke up the next morning with some pressure in my gut that turned into a hefty lump in my rump. After last night's farting fiesta I really expected my bowels to go to war with the toilet, but my poop was still pretty solid. Stubborn on the way out, and messier than usual, but ultimately it was just a rather average dump at my new campus. That said, I am not the biggest pooper, but even by my standards it was extremely small, so frankly I dunno what was going on there.

Anyways, that's my experience at school so far. It's funny how such a drastic shift in scenery and in the food available has had such drastic changes to my cowpies. So, I'd like to present a survey with some questions to you good folks, especially those who have gone to college, go on vacation frequently, or move around a lot, about your experience with different poops in different locales. I'll fill mine out as well. Enjoy!


1. What places have you lived or visited that caused notable changes in your pooping?
Lived - Massachusetts, New York, California
Visited - The Bahamas (for a cruise), Japan

2. What did you eat during your stay?
in Mass, I ate my school's food, which was mostly fried foods, burgers, pastas, and whatever our dining hall was serving (typically an abomination that'd leave your bowels screaming for help). I'm lucky enough to eat my mom's homecooking in New York, which tends to be really really delicious, but very meat heavy. California it's been a mix of different kinds of food. I was on a cruise for the bahamas and, in Japan, I mostly ate more traditional japanese food, like ramen/udon soups, sushi, rice dishes, katsu and tempura, and seafood dishes. Though I did have Japanese KFC, which is a delicacy that we can never understand in the US.

3. Did you notice any changes to your bowel movements from what you ate there?
In Mass I was typically pouring some really nasty stuff into the can. If my body wasn't slowly slinking out a sticky log, my bowels were screaming for help while pounding liquid into the can. My mom's cooking tends to be very meat-based, so I have a lot of slower poops that take a lot of time, so I spend a good 10 minutes on the can every day. I also eat a lot of fast food at home, which has the exact reaction you'd expect. In Cali I've had glorious poops so far. As for my vacation spots, I had all the cruise food in the Bahamas which was good, but the local food messed up my stomach, and in Japan I had good experiences all around.

3. Where do you think you had the worst poops?
Well when I was on a jungle cruise thingy to see monkeys in Belize, I got a really bad stomach ache while I was on the boat. The thing had no bathrooms so I had to hold it for a good hour. Of course, we took a bus to get there, so when we got off the boat and were returning to our cruise ship, I had to use the bus bathroom. I not only unloaded one of the most noxious diarrhea dumps I've ever pummeled into the porcelain, but I was on a shaky bus so every time we hit a bump my ass would fly off the seat. At one point, I sprayed the back of the toilet seat and had to clean it off with TP, and... of course, it was single ply.

4. Where do you think you had the best poops?
Well when I went to japan I remember birthing this huuuuuuge log after just pigging out on this ramen place that served Tako Balls and Curry. I had a bowl of Spicy Ramen, an order of Tako Balls with my mom and dad, and a plate of curry. So, when I went to the toilet in our hotel room, I just sorta effortlessly dropped a huge bomb that was probably one of the only truly big poops I ever produced in my life. I'd wager it was maybe under a foot, and about 3 or 4 cm thick. I know, not exactly impressive.

5. How was your gas during these visits?
Well in japan I had no gas, and I ripped a few toxic farts in the bahamas, but my worst gas was easily at school.

6. Did you make any changes to your diet based on your pooping experiences?
Well at school, I couldn't. And in the bahamas, I just avoided eating at local restaurants, and only ate on the ship afterwards. I probably missed out on good food, but eh, c'est la vie.

7. Bonus Round - What interesting places did you poop in during your visits?
I used a squat toilet and I pooped in a bus station bathroom and a shack on the beach (it was a proper bathroom but dingy and kinda poorly constructed, thought it'd collapse on me at any moment. "Here lies PK, died on the pot in Jamaica)

That's all for now. I hope you guys enjoyed my experiences and my survey! Looking forward to your answers and I hope to have a good story to post soon!

- PK

My name is CJ and I'm a long time reader, but this is my first post. I've always loved stories about peeing in weird places and really enjoyed posts from people like Car Mom who wrote about peeing in her car and in her sofa. I've always wanted to try it but didn't want to ruin my stuff. I have peed in a movie theater seat and my pants while watering the lawn plenty of times, but always wanted to feel what it would be like to pee in to a cushion like the sofa. Well the other day I bought a new sofa. My old one is out back waiting for my boyfriend to drag it to the dumpster. He's been out of town for the month. I got the idea to pee in it while I'm alone and while it's still out there. It's a cream colored cloth sofa. The first time I tried, j couldn't get my stream going. I think it's because my brain was fighting it. I still didn't want to ruin anything t even though it was old and getting thrown out. Plus, even though the yard is fenced in, I was worried someone would see me. I tried a second time and was only able to go a little bit before my bladder locked up and I had to finish in the toilet. I had almost given up, but today I came home from
Running errands desperate to pee. I was dribbling in my pants. I apst ran to the bathroom then thought, why not try the sofa. I took of my pants and panties, went outside and sat in the sofa like I would if I was just sitting there watching RC. It took a minute but I started peeing and couldn't stop. My butt and legs were getting wet and it felt so warm and wonderful. I peed a huge puddle the dropped off the edge of the cushion because I peed faster than the fabric could absorb. I went inside and cleaned up. Later I went out to look at the stain I made. It had dried and you could hardly see it. I was a little disappointed because I thought it would stain more. My pee is always neon from all the vitamins I take. Regardless, it felt amazing and I plan on doing it again before my boyfriend gets home and grows it away. Does anyone else have stories of peeing into weird places? I'll need somewhere else once my sofa toilet is gone.

Hello everyone. I hope things are well for you all. I've been busy lately, but it's a kind of nice busy, not a stressful busy. Anyway, I've got a few stories to share, so I'll get to those. Yesterday I had diarrhoea for the first time in ages. No idea what brought it on either. I woke up with a bad stomach but I felt a bit better after farting a lot whilst doing my usual morning wee. I ate breakfast and then was hit with a major urge to do a poo. I rushed back to the bathroom and barely got my clothes out of the way in time to explode on the loo. It was mostly liquid with some mushy, loose chunks throughout. The smell was absolutely toxic too. I flushed twice during my poo because of the stench. Then I flushed a third time when I had finished, before wiping. I used a lot of loo roll and my bum was sore but I still didn't feel clean. I just decided to call it good and I'd clean up proper when I showered. I ended up having another small, but solid, poo later on, and today's poo was back to normal.

I've still been pooing pretty much every day at work. About half one seems to be a busy time for the ladies' toilets at my work. We have three cubicles, and it's been a long time since I've seen less than two of the cubicles taken when I go for a poo. Usually they're all busy and there's often a queue too. As I mentioned in a previous post, Isobel and I seem to have the same pooing schedule. It seems like at least once or twice a week, we're entering the toilet block at the same time, and we typically end up finishing around the same time too, and we meet up at the sinks.

Speaking of Isobel, lately I've been getting to know her better. Last week I went out for drinks with some friends and I invited Isobel to come along. She had to work the next day, so she didn't stay for too long, but it was fun nonetheless. One by one, the rest of my friends left, and eventually it was just Eleanor and I. I was feeling a need for a poo so I told her I needed to pop to the loo. She said she had to go as well, so we set off together. There was quite a queue and I was very bursting by the time we got to the front of the queue. The bathroom was just the one-person kind and Eleanor and I went in together. I was in front and she locked the door behind us

I asked "I have to do a poo. Do you want to go first?" She replied "No, of course not. Take your time. I don't have to go that badly." She stood at the mirror and fiddled with her makeup and hair whilst I went. I did a short wee and then started my poo. Embarrassingly, it ended up being a noisy poo with big farts that echoed loudly in the toilet pan. Thankfully though it barely smelled. I pushed out four good sized pieces. I was surprised I had to go that much, as I'd been for my usual afternoon poo earlier that day, and it was about that same amount. I felt finished and wiped my bum. Then I flushed and went to wash my hands whilst she sat on the toilet and weed. Even though she'd said she "didn't have to go that badly," she definitely weed a lot. It was a strong stream and I think it probably lasted around a minute and a half before trickling off. She wiped her front once and flushed, then we left the bathroom together.

By the time we were ready to leave, it was getting late. Eleanor said I should just come round hers and stay the night, as I had a ways to travel if I went back to mine. A ten-minute or so train ride and a short walk later we were at her flat. I slept on the couch. I woke up the next morning bursting for a wee. I went to the bathroom and found the door wide open but Eleanor was sitting on the loo with her pyjama bottoms around her ankles. Just then I heard a sharp plop, so it was obvious she was having a poo. She looked up and saw me and said "Oh, sorry! I kinda forgot you were here. I never close the door when it's just me and Mike [her boyfriend]. I'm almost done though." One more plop and then she was finished. She saw how desperate I was and she told me she'd wipe standing so I could go. As she stood up and then flushed the toilet, I saw a glimpse of her poo in the pan before it went down. It looked like she'd done quite a big poo, with a large pile and several turds floating about. I sat down and had a very relieving wee, as Eleanor wiped and tossed the loo roll between my legs. I made a comment that it looked like she'd done a good poo and she must feel better. She replied "Yah, that's for sure. I normally poo twice a day but I actually didn't go at all yesterday, so I really had to go."

Alright, well, that's me. Hope you enjoyed. Bye for now!

Monday, February 05, 2018


Latest update

Hi everyone, thought I'd post while I have a moment.
Gio- thanks for your comments- I think I would feel able to eventually tell a partner about my constipation troubles and have them help me, but not straight away.
No name poster- Glad your enjoying my stories and thanks for the advice, I will see what I can find to raise my feet up higher so I'm in more of a squat position. This is the worst bout of constipation I've had for ages so any advice is gratefully received!
Imogen- Glad you made it on the loo in time after the meter guy had gone, its typical that something like that ends up happening when your bursting for a wee!! I was meaning to ask you, how often do you have a near miss where you just wet your pants a bit? It doesn't happen to me so much now, but when I was at school I would be bursting for a wee a couple of times a week on average by the time I got back home, I would always dash straight upstairs to the loo and would often need to change my knickers as I would usually end up weeing in them a bit, I would sometimes get skidmarks too as I would quite often have a poo poking out as well! It was worse though when it happened during the school day, sometimes I would be desperate for a wee or a poo by the start of lunch break and then if my knickers got wet or dirty I would need to spend the rest of the day wearing them which wasn't that pleasant. Luckily when I used the loo with my friends they would often say that they were just about to wee their knickers or when we were getting changed (like at a sleepover or in PE lessons at school) I would often notice damp patches or skidmarks in their pants too, so at least it made me feel less awkward about getting my knickers dirty! Your story reminded me of something similar which happened last summer, I meant to post it but never got round to it, so I will tell it now! One morning I was in the kitchen just about to start making my breakfast, no-one else was home so I was just wearing my bra and knickers. I really needed to have a wee, so I was planning to put some bread in the toaster and nip to the loo while it was toasting. Suddenly I saw one of my neighbours coming up the garden path, so I quickly dashed upstairs and put a dressing gown on before coming down and opening the door, if she'd seen me in my underwear she never said anything. She had a parcel for us which she gave me and then stood there chatting for ages, I was getting more and more desperate to have a wee, my bladder was throbbing and I was worried I wouldn't be able to hold it, I couldn't imagine how embarrasing it would be to wee my knickers right in front of her. Eventually she left and I hobbled upstairs, as I got into my room I let a spurt go into my knickers but luckily I made it without completely weeing them, thank God!
Anyway, I have a story from this weekend, on Sunday Lucy and I woke up late and were lazing around in bed chatting when I suddenly had a few twinges in my belly, I felt it and realised I was pretty bloated. Yet again despite going to sit on the toilet 3 or 4 times a day and staying there for at least 20 minutes I hadn't managed to have a poo for 4 days. Lucy must have seen my face, she said, "Are you OK, Abs?" and I said, "Yeah, its just ages since I last had a poo, I really wish I could go more often !"
"Oh God, I haven't been for a few days either" Lucy said, "I guess I should really try to go in a bit, I don't even feel like I need one though!"
"Well, I've got a bit of bellyache so thats normally a sign that I need to go!" I said.
"Yeah me too actually!" said Lucy. She put her hands down the bedclothes and said, "God, my bellys really bloated, no wonder I was struggling to fit in my jeans yesterday!! Now I come to think of it I think I last had a poo five days ago so that probably explains it!"
"I just know its gonna be a massive fat one, you know the ones where they come out of your bum a tiny bit but when you try to push them out they keep getting sucked back up!" I replied.
"Yeah, I know what you mean, every time I have a poo at the moment I have the same problem!" Lucy said. She was still feeling her belly, she said, "God, I'm so bloated I think I'll look like I'm pregnant!" We both started laughing and then suddenly a look of panic came across Lucys face and she said "Oh God, I've just wet my knickers a bit, I'm bursting for a wee too!" She quickly got up and hurried into the ensuite just wearing her knickers, they were pale green and stuck up her bum quite badly, the night before when we were getting undressed neither of us had been able to find a clean nightie so we'd had to go to bed in just our knickers. I followed her in more slowly, I had yellow stripey knickers on and could feel they were stuck up my bum really badly too, all my decent pants were in the wash meaning I was down to ones that I hadn't worn for ages. When I got into my ensuite Lucy was on the loo with her knickers round her thighs and a look of relief on her face, a strong jet of wee whooshing down into the bowl. As I sat on the floor I could see there was a wet spot on her knickers, she must have caught me looking as she blushed, I said "Don't be embarrassed, it happens to me too!" Lucy smiled and as her stream dribbled to a stop she said "Just as well I needed clean knickers anyway!" and she took them off completely, kicking them over to our dirty washing hamper which was in the corner of the bathroom. After she'd finished weeing she stayed on the loo and I could see she was starting to strain, but after a couple of hard pushes she shook her head and said "I don't think its ready to come yet, I'll try again in a bit." She wiped her front, stood up and flushed. "Actually I think I might need a poo now," I said, getting up and walking over to the toilet. I eased my knickers down to my knees before sitting down on the warm seat. Lucy said "I'll be back in a sec, I just need to put some clean knickers on" and she went back into the bedroom completely naked, I saw her opening her underwear drawer and then heard her saying "Oh great, I haven't got any left!" She came back into the bathroom, by now I was having a wee and was in mid flow. "I'm just gonna have to put some washing on, would you believe I've totally run out of clean knickers!"
"I think I have too!" I said as my stream trickled to a stop. I started to bear down and felt the tip of a hard log poking out of my bum.
"Well, I guess I'd better put a load on then!" Lucy said, going over to the washing hamper. She tipped the contents of the hamper over the floor and started to make a pile of our dirty knickers. "Sorry to be gross but I'm gonna have to put a pair of these knickers on until I've got some clean ones," Lucy said, pulling on some yellow flowery pants from the pile. She went back into the bedroom and came out wearing a dressing gown. "Right, I won't be long," she said, walking out with the washing, I was doing a hard push so I just nodded. She came back a few minutes later and sat cross legged on the floor. "How are you getting on, Abbie?" I just finished another massive push with a loud grunt and said "As usual its really fat and I'm struggling to get it out," with that I bore down again, I could feel that I was going red in the face and a huge poo was stretching my poor bum. I reached round behind myself and pulled my bum cheeks apart, that usually helps if I'm struggling to have a poo, and did another massive push. I was grunting a bit but knew I'd never manage to pass this monster poo without really grunting it out so I said "I really need to grunt to help it out, sorry I'm gonna make a massive noise!"Even in front of Lucy I was feeling a bit embarrassed but she told me not to worry, she quite often needs to grunt when she's having a poo so that made it a bit less awkward. I bore down hard and did a really loud grunt, luckily that did help and I felt the log slide out a bit more. After a few more grunty pushes like that the log started to move faster and eventually it dropped into the bowl with a splash. I sighed with relief and said "God, I'm glad that one's out, it was huge!" I noticed Lucy shifting around again and she said "Are you nearly done only I'm starting to get desperate, theres a log trying to poke out of my bum and I don't know how much longer I can keep it in." I'd already started to bear down again, I could feel another log starting to come out so I said after I'd pushed "I'll be as quick as I can, I just need to do a bit more!" Luckily this log wasn't nearly as fat so after a few pushes it fell into the loo with a loud plop. I said "Right, I'm done, do you want me to wipe standing up so you can get on the loo?" Lucy said "Yes, if you don't mind, I'm going to get these knickers dirty any second!!" She had taken off her dressing gown so she quickly tugged down her pants and sat on the seat, luckily she didn't have any skidmarks. I heard her moaning as she relaxed her bum, she said "Oh God, that was just in time!" I finished wiping my bottom and Lucy moved forward so I could throw the paper away. I pulled up my pants and sat down on the floor. Lucy said "Right, its slid out a tiny bit, I'm gonna need to start pushing now though!" She took a deep breath and I could see her bearing down hard, she grunted too after she'd finished pushing so as I predicted at least it wasn't just me! She did a few more hard pushes and then said "It keeps getting sucked back up every time I stop pushing, its really annoying!!" I said "Try to push for as long as you can and don't have too much of a break in between pushes, just do your best to keep up the pressure."
"OK, I'll see if that does the trick," panted Lucy. She pushed for ages until she went really red in the face, and then quickly took another deep breath and kept on straining. "Is it working?" I asked and she nodded. After a few more pushes like that she heaved a big sigh of relief and said "Well its not going back up my bum any more, but I still need to push it out, at least I should be able to take a break every so often!" She bore down again and did a loud grunt, she said "I told you not to worry, I knew I'd need to make a lot of noise as well!" After a few more hard pushes she said, "Its speeding up now!" and shortly afterwards she moaned with relief as it dropped from her bum and splashed into the bowl. She farted and finished with some smaller pieces which were alot easier to pass, and then she wiped her bottom and pulled up her knickers, before flushing and washing her hands. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!

Uncle Harry


To Curious:
I can hold peeing pretty well. When I need to pee, I find a men's bathroom. If I can't, I use a urinal in my car. I don't make any sighs of relief.

To M:
I can understand an extreme need of relief. If really necessary, a man could try using a women's bathroom. You might get away with it. I had to once after some urinary surgery when I couldn't hold my pee and couldn't find the men's bathroom. There was one woman there who didn't mind as she had several times used a men's bathroom.

Pete The Poop

Double Curry poop and someone in trouble

I had a lovely curry the other night and a few beers but it always gives me the poops. The next day before work I had a big smelly dump at home. It came out pretty quickly a mixture of sauasage and associated soft serve. I finished and got ready and headed off to work. Half way there I felt I definitely needed round two. As I arrived in the car park I could feel the need growing. I hurriedly walked to the office and went to the nearerst toilets which were two gender neutral toilets in the main cafe area. As I was hurrying in a lady was coming in behind me. I held the door as she came. There are two fully enclosed units and only was free. I might have normaly offered but I couldn't wait this time. I rushed in closed and locked the front door and went in the cucbicle I was in such a rush I didn't bother closing that door. I got my jeans and boxers down sat down a let a hot second sludge out whith a spluttering fart. OH THE RELIEF. it didn't take long for me to finish about 2-3 minutes. I flushed to leave a stinky and streaky toilet (but no toilet brush to clean up). When I left the same lady was waiting. I smiled as left leaving her a pungent toilet to use.

On a second story I went to use the hotel toilet after I had checked out my hotel and had breakfast. There was someone already in the other cubicle and as I entered the toilet he let rip with a massive rush of diarreoh it seemed and a heavy breath. He was having a serious clearout. I had a very quick but relieving pooh that was a softish 8-`0 inch sausage and some accompanying side bits. Didn't take me long and I wiped and left. The chap was breathing heavily and seemed in some discomfort but I didn't hear any more poop.

Uncle Harry

Peeing With Maimie 1

When I lived in the high-rise across the street from the city park, there was a family friend who lived in another high-rise two blocks away along the park. Her name was Maimie. She was an elderly woman whose husband had died and she now lived alone. She used a folding walker in the house and a roller walker outdoors. I visited her frequently when I could and she appreciated it. She liked talking with me almost continuesly. She didn't mind if I saw her naked while she dressed or sitting on the toilet. She had one quirk. She wanted me to be in the bathroom when she was on the toilet so we could talk more. She didn't mind if I saw her pussy between her spread legs, but she didn't want me to see her pee coming out of them. When she was peeing, she would hold a cloth between her spread legs so I could see her urine coming out under the cloth, but not coming out of her pussy. One day, she didn't have a cloth, so she took a strip of toilet paper and held it in front of her pussy. She started to talk and pee. The toilet paper go wet from her pee and all but the top fell apart. She didn't notice it, but I did. That was the first time I ever saw her pee. I told her about it and she looked down. "Oh my, Harry", she said. "Don't look. You're not supposed to see this". Of course, it was too late. I already saw it. She agreed that she had been silly and decided that she might as well get rid of the cloths.

(to be continued: The Pee in the Park)

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