Peeing in the Car

I liked the suggestions of Uncle Harry about peeing in the car without making a mess. I bought two urinals.. one female and one male. One day on the way home, I got stuck in heavy traffic. I was hoping to get home quickly as I really needed to pee. I pulled over off the road and got out my female urinal. I had never tried this since I bought them. I was wearing a skirt. With some difficulty, I lifted my butt off the seat and worked down my panties. Again with some difficulty, I worked the back of my skirt up, putting my bare butt to the seat. If it hadn't been raining, I would have just got out of the car and peed on the grass. Now, I could not slide forward to the edge of the seat because the steering wheel was in the way, Why hadn't I gotten over to the passenger seat? Anyway, I pushed the urinal firmly against my pussy and thought to myself "here goes" and released my urine. I could feel it flowing into the bottle. I pushed it hard against myself and felt only a slight amount of pee getting on my skin. I finally gave the bottle a few last squirts and stopped. I wiped my vagina, looked at what was in the bottle, and dumped it out the window. Now I went through the the ritual of getting my clothes back on. Was it worth it? I think so, unless I wanted to piss in my pants. It sure would have been easier for a man and his bottle.

mike USA
To help constipation also try Apple Juice

Abbie- Pooping hard constipated chunks, followed by mushy poop is frequent for me too. I usually squat on the floor, holding my buttcheeks apart, pushing hard until a big hard chunk comes out slowly and painfully, then some softer poops come out and make my anus really sore.
Thankfully I have not suffered from leakage since I was a small kid, my mother got really mad when liquid poop leaked and stained my underwear. It was really humiliating.
I wonder, if you or your friend Lucy had a partner, would you tell them about your constipation? Would they being understanding and caring make a great difference? How would you react if they offered to stay with you and help when you have a hard pooping session?


To Zip and Ted

Zip, nice to see you post again too. So many of the old standbys are gone up and down the coast in SoCal and of course, the great men's room in Washington Sq Park in NY, the one with no stalls and no partitions has been torn down. The closest I've come to a buddy dump is in that park sitting next to another guy with nothing between us.
But at least I found a new beach men's room with no doors on the stalls.

Ted, I read your post about being so open in school. You called it bonding. Where I went it was humiliation. The guys held it in until they could find a small, quiet bathroom at the end of a hall. But once in Middle Schhol I had to go during gym class, and in high school I had to go during the busy lunch period when the hall monitor wouldn't let me leave the area. Both times they laughed at me and joked to everyone outside about me.

As to pooping in a stall leaving the door open, I think most guys would not like seeing that. Once when some guys were waiting for the two stalls with doors to become available, I took the third stall that had no door, and they complained about having to see me poop. I wonder what other folks think about just leaving the door open

Anyway, thanks to this forum I got passed my school-day fears, but the memories are still painful

Pete The Poop

train poop

I've noticed that sometimes trains can be packed but very little people need the toilet and other times there's lot of people.

Travelling back the other day train was rammed so I sat on a seat ledge in the vestibule. I was building a need for a pee and a poop but not desperate so I waited. This time the train was busy and a total of 6 people used it in succession. Firstly a lad who took ages, then a middle aged lady for a pee I think. She was replaced by another lad and an old gent who both spend a long time in their (well it seemed long). 2 ladies were waiting to go whilst the old man was in. When they finally got in first one was in for a few mintues and 2nd one took an age. I decided I was ready to go in and went in after. There was a definite poop smell in the air and a few large streaks in the bowl. I added to it and the streaks with a messy dump.

Curious Cody

Sticky seats

I have a question for everyone. Do you ever use the toilet at home or away and when we stand to wipe, for a second it seems like there is some adhesive between your butt and the seat?

It has happened to me several times. I remember once at school where I had been seated for about 10 minutes. Another time at the home of a friend where I took a very fast crap. Twice now it has happened at the events center where I work on weekends, but other times there it hasn't happened.

My co-worker and friend Angie said it hasn't happened to her, but she did receive a sliver at camp once when when she was sitting on some kind of box trap toilet. She was moving her legs too much while trying to get a big crap out, and her skin got hurt by the old wooden seat she was sitting on.

Victoria B.

Just a few responses


Nothing new today; just some replies. I do feel a "story" working its way towards the exit so stay tuned!

To Leon: Some of my guy friends have mentioned that same problem with the low-calorie protein shakes. I'm sorry your customers are so inconsiderate!

To Taylor: It's nice to see you again! I made sure everything was "good to the last drop" as well. It's sort of standard procedure with me; I always try at least one push from my rear even if I'm only sitting for a pee.


What do men do when they have to pee? How do they hold it? And when they actually pee, how do they express their relief? If any man has any examples, or stories, I'd love to hear it! Thanks

Last week I was in a local Wal Mart and I needed to use the men's room. I go in and there were only 2 stalls in this one. The regular stall had an out of order sign on it. So I go in the other stall which was a handicapped one and it was a decent size stall. I sit down on the toilet and take my poo. I dropped a couple of decent size loads and I decided to sit there for a few more minutes to make sure I didn't have to poo anymore. While I'm sitting there another man walks in the bathroom and he sounds like he's breathing heavy. He sees the out of order sign on the other stall and attempts to open the stall I was sitting in. And he starts going "oh no oh no" and he almost sounds like he was crying. I guess he thought he was going to poop his pants. I felt bad and asked from the stall if he was ok and if he needed to get in here. He said yes and I told him I would be out in a minute. I was going to wipe and then come out. And then he kept breathing heavily and was saying "oh God oh no. So I told him he can come in immediately so I got off the toilet and opened the door and let the guy come in. I felt so bad for him. I've had those situations where I've almost pooped my pants. He came in and said "thanks so much" to me and I shut the door for him and he immediately dashed to the toilet and pulled his pants down and had the biggest diarrhea explosion ever. He kept thanking me for letting him come in as I stood in the stall with my pants still down, lol. I told him no problem and that I know what it's like. He sat for about 5 minutes having major diarrhea. He flushed a couple of times because the smell was quite bad. After He was done he thanked me again and told me he was sure he was going to poop his pants and that he would've had I not allowed him to come in. After He left the stall I sat back down and pooped a little more and then wiped my butt and left.

Thursday, February 01, 2018


Using some new toilets

As you guys might know, I enjoy pooping in new or different places, somewhere away from home. Well yesterday (29th January) I actually went out of my way to do this. There is a brand new block of toilets in the park and I know they lock at 8pm. I have my evening poo at about 7 so it was the perfect opportunity. I actually skipped my morning poo so I knew I'd definitely need to go, and I made sure I had a full bladder before I left the house.

I got to the park at about 7:15 and by that point I was absolutely bursting, and had already considered finding somewhere to squat and pee on the way there. I quickly headed over to the toilets, praying I didn't completely lose it in my jeans, excited to be going somewhere new. As I was walking in a young blonde came up behind me so I held the door for her. I had some company! I recognised her from university, she had only just started this year. She smiled and we took the only two stalls, with me closest to the entrance.

I locked my stall door and pulled my skinny jeans and black thong to my calves as I sat down on the toilet. It was an all metal construction with no seat, and the buttons to flush on the wall behind me. I could hear the girl next door unbuckling her belt as I started a strong stream, it hissing against the metal pan. Her jeans bunched up at her ankles as she pulled them down and then I heard a quiet patter as she started peeing. My own pee was feeling great and just to add to the pleasure, I sighed as my backdoor opened as I was still peeing. I absolutely love it when I empty both ends at the same time, a double relief. It's the best feeling in the world. She finished peeing as I was stretched wider than ever by a huge log quickly coming out of me, my wee still hissing away.

My log soon fell into the bowl with a thud and I finished my wee shortly after, going for close to a minute in total. Then I sat in silence waiting for the rest. I hadn't heard anything else from the girl next to me, but I hadn't heard her wipe either so I guessed she needed to poop as well. We had been waiting for about a minute when I heard a quiet splash from her, and then another, and another. She was dropping a log every few seconds. I sat and listened to her, waiting to see if I needed to go any more but it was looking unlikely, my stomach wasn't even gurgling and I began to feel empty.

She was dropping pieces for the next couple of minutes and then got some toilet paper. I didn't feel the need to go so I got some myself and started wiping. I needed one piece for the front and four for the back before I was clean. She flushed and left her stall while I squeezed myself back into my jeans and I flushed before joining her at the sinks. She looked quite shy but very relieved. She smiled at me in the mirror and said "Have a good evening" before leaving and going on her way.

Last summer my family went for a holiday trip by car in Europa. At a resting area in Austria my father had to go into the forest to poop. Afterwards he was very embarrassed because when sitting there a female jogger came by! We all laughed when he told us.

To Victoria B.

Something similar happened to me with the liquid shits. I had drunk some low calorie protein shakes, and ended up with diarrhea (it seems only the low fat/calorie ones do that to me) of a very liquid consistancy. I went twice in 3 hours, which isnt so bad. It was over with later that night, which was yesterday.

Week before last, on a wednesday, i was walking to the bakery at my job to get some All American bread to make some sandwiches, which is part of my job, and i walked past a customer (an old white guy) and smelled a strong smell of shit. I held my breath and got my bread lol. Later i found out the guy must have destroyed the bathroom, as my nephew who works at my store as a curtosy clerk explained how there was shit everywhere in one of the bathrooms as i went to use one of our 2 bathrooms which are across from each other. Even had shit on some toilet paper which was in the sink. I knew it was that old guy....because i noticed that same disgusting smell. The day after....some lady (and this is not made up, honestly) shit on the floor leading into the bathroom and eben on the floor of the bathroom (there was a 5 inch turd on the floor as i went to use the bathroom, 2.75 inches thick at one end...and tapering to a point). The end of the week before....some lady shit her pants, which i didnt actually see, but noticed a horrible smell in the bathroom, and in the trash can, amidst a lot of used toilet paper, there was some pink panties which had the whole seat smeared with shit. Working in a grocery are bound to see or hear of some accidents.

I still remember the time when some customer (female, i think), while i was at the bank in the store, let out an ALMIGHTY fart. It was VERY loud....and went BRRRRRRRNTTT!

Right away....i knew someone had an accident, but it seemed so loud and forceful.

Advice for Abbie

I'm a big fan of your stories and I noticed this time you mentioned putting your feet up can help you pass a stubborn poo. Have you heard of a device called the squatty potty? It's a small plastic foot stool designed for that. You may want to try it. I assume what you're talking about is keeping just your toes on the floor and lifting your heels. Unless your toilet is particularly low to the ground that wouldn't be quite as effective as being in a more full squat posture. There is plenty of info on the web about the importance of squatting to help both prevent and relieve constipation. I hope that helps. Please keep posting when you can!

Steve A

Does college make people more open about bathroom habits?

I'll give you a few examples:

- A while ago, I've overheard some girls talking about having some "stomach issues" while in the dining hall.

- Today, some of my friends talked about having to take a crap at certain times during the day.

- I've also witnessed some random talk at times about this type of stuff over the time I"ve been at college.

But, this just shows that anyone can talk about this type of stuff without feeling embarrassed about it, which is a good thing IMO.

Maybe it's because that I've rarely heard people talking about this during my younger school days, but I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who doesn't have a problem talking about this with others.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Victoria B sounds like that burrito did not like you and wanted out at high speed and ive been there once when I was sick it was not fun.

To: Kayla first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a rough day and please post anymore stories that you may have thanks.

To: Shannon great story.

To: Jasmin K great story hope you can feel empty soon.

To: Gerontius sounds like you got a good show.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Victoria B - Butt Pee

Glad to see you back!

I've had exactly what you described before, and just like you said it felt like I was peeing, and definitely sounded like it! I quite liked it actually and pushed a little just to get out a little more. :)

Kung Poo

Reply to Jasmin K

Hi Jasmin K, regarding your question : does anyone else after doing a poo get the feeling that they need to poo again but there is nothing actually there to come out?

It's usually a sign of constipation if it happens sometimes. A good way to solve this is a few methods, and these are tried and tested.

1. A good diet. A good diet high in fibre, and hydration. LOADS AND LOADS of water.

2. A good laxative. Prune juice is great, but over the counter ones can work if prune juice isn't effective.

3. A little enema - this feeling in an incomplete poo is usually caused by a small piece of poo that is so hard and dry it can't slide smoothly out. An enema can help.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Latest update

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest story.
Jessica B- I've been really close to clogging the toilet, a few times the water has risen up and I was in a panic it was going to overflow, but luckily at the last minute it did suddenly clear and go down. Also thanks for your advice, I don't really like coffee but if it helps me to go for a poo I might actually try it, I think this is the worst spell of constipation I've had since I started at secondary school. Actually the cause is the same interestingly enough, it seems to be down to not having a poo when I feel the urge and holding it in. As I've mentioned before my normal time for wanting a poo is always mid to late morning, that worked fine when I was at primary school as I always went for a poo right at the start of lunchtime, the loos were really nice and plus a couple of other girls in my class seemed to have the same body clock as me as they would always go to the toilet at the start of lunch and most days I would hear them having a poo as well! When I started at secondary school and the girls loos were really grim I started to hold in my poo and thats when I first started having major issues with constipation, things got a bit better when I got into Year 10 as they refurbished some of the loos so I was able to start going for a poo at school again which helped alot. The problem now is the office I work in only has a single toilet, I still start to want a poo late morning as usual but have to hold it in as I'm just far too embarrassed to spend ages on the loo straining. Even when I'm not constipated I usually only have a poo every other day and it tends to be a solid load that takes me a while to push out, so I've never been able to do it quickly. When I was at school I remember feeling jealous of girls who were able to have a poo in not much more time than it takes me to go for a wee, sometimes I was on the loo at breaktime having a wee and I would hear a girl come into the next door cubicle, literally as soon as she sat down I would hear her bowels emptying and it would all be over in seconds, the only reason she would need to stay in the cubicle longer than me was because it takes longer to wipe when you've been for a poo! Equally though I was a long way from being the only girl to get constipated, a lot of my friends suffered with it as well and other times when I was on the toilet I would hear my next door neighbour panting and grunting!!
I had a poo when I got home from work yesterday which once again was my first in nearly a week, I could feel my belly was rock hard and as soon as I got home I changed into my nightie and dressing gown as my trousers were sticking in me. I had a few glasses of water and ate some fruit, while I was in the kitchen Lucy got home. She rubbed her belly and said, "I really need a poo, I tried to go after breakfast this morning but I couldn't get more than the tip out and I was going to be late for work!"
"Yeah, I need to go as well, my bellys like a rock!" I said. We both went upstairs and Lucy took off her top and trousers so she was just in her white bra and pink flowery knickers, I could see her belly looked really bloated. "Do you mind if I try first?" she asked and I told her to go ahead. She went into the ensuite, dropped her knickers and sat on the toilet, we chatted for a bit and then I could see she was starting to push. She strained hard and made some loud grunts, she even reached round behind herself to pull her bum cheeks apart, but after a while she stopped and said, "Its no use, I can only get the tip out and then it goes back in!" She wiped, stood up and pulled up her knickers. "I'll see if I can manage to go," I said, standing up and taking off my dressing gown and nightie, I knew I'd get too hot if I kept them on. I'd taken my bra off earlier so I was topless but Lucy and I have seen each other naked loads so I wasn't bothered, in fact we both like to use the loo naked or just in our underwear! I walked over to the loo, pulled down my white knickers and sat on the warm seat. I had a wee and then focused my attention on trying to relieve my constipation, I took a deep breath, went up on tip toes and bore down hard, after a couple more pushes like that I could feel I was already red in the face and was feeling hot and bothered, just as well I was only in my underwear! I could feel a huge fat, rock hard log poke out and knew I'd have to strain for as long as I could otherwise it would get sucked back up. I gritted my teeth and did a really hard push, my legs were shaking and I knew I was bright red but I just wanted to get this massive log out of me. I had to keep straining hard for the next 10 minutes and could feel the sweat running down my face, by now this huge fat poo was part way out and had got stuck, I said to Lucy "Its half way out but it won't budge, I'm gonna have to grab hold of it and try to pull it out!" I wrapped my hand in toilet paper and grabbed hold of the rod of poo sticking out of my bum, as I pushed again I pulled the log and after a bit more straining I suddenly felt it move again as the widest part passed through, and shortly after it fell into the bowl, it hardly made a sound as it must have been so long. As soon as that log was out of me I did a load of mushy poo, I moaned as my belly contracted and squeezed it out. I only ever get that problem when I'm very badly constipated, I knew it was going to happen as I'm embarrassed to admit that a few times this last couple of days I've had liquid poo leak into my knickers, the last time I got that problem I was 13 or 14.
After a few waves of soft poo I felt empty, I wiped my bum (which was very sore and took ages!) and then pulled up my knickers and put my nightie back on while Lucy went back to the toilet for another try. As she pulled her knickers down she said, "Oh God, some poos leaked out!" I said "Don't worry, I had the same thing yesterday, I had to change my knickers as soon as I got home!" Lucy took her knickers off completely and kicked them over to the washing basket, she sat down and started straining again. It must have taken her almost 20 minutes of constant hard pushing but she finally managed to pass a monster log, and then did some mushy poo just like I had. After she'd wiped she went back into the bedroom and rummaged through her underwear drawer, she took out a clean pair of yellow knickers which she put on before taking off her bra and putting on her nightie. I hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted recently, but I haven't really had much to say!

Abbie - thanks for your reply. It's lucky you've never wet your knickers fully! I've only had 2 proper full-on accidents, but I've had plenty of near misses when my pants have got wet, but not a proper accident.

This morning I woke up feeling quite desperate for a wee, when I heard the doorbell. I went downstairs and found a guy from the electricity board who had come to read the meter, he said he had to come and read it otherwise we'd be overcharged on our next bill. I let him in, though I really needed a wee, and he had to go into the airing cupboard and rummage around to take the readings. This whole time I was trying to not obviously look desperate, he eventually took his numbers and left. As soon as the door was shut I hobbled into the bathroom, slammed the door behind me, then pulled my pyjamas and knickers (white with black spots on and black lace round the edge) down, and had a torrential wee, which I felt so much better after!

Pete The Poop

Needing another poop


I've had that feeling and I often think its because my ring is still stretched from a big poo and it feels like the sensation of there's more


Buddy dump with French student

Hi! Been a lurker for a while but decided to pluck up the courage and join the discussion. I'm a 21 year old student living in Wales, UK and have had a fascination with all the various habits and traditions of using the toilet for a long time. I've always found using the bathroom (especially in a public place) a very social thing, which is probably why forums like this exist. I genuinely have no problem peeing or having a poo in the presence of others and never saw the whole taboo thing that surrounds it; if you gotta go, you gotta go.

My story happened today; I study theatre and right now, a small group of us have been working with a director to produce and perform a play. Naturally that means we'd be spending a lot of time together as a group. We'd eat in the university cafeteria every day and today they were serving chilli con carne. Spicy food like chilli always goes right through me; within half an hour of eating it, I urgently need a poo. And today was no different. Sat next to me was a guy from France and we are already friends at this point; he's pretty open about stuff and doesn't really care what people think about him. As we were finishing eating, I could feel the urge to poo starting to come. Straight away, French guy began saying that he also would be needing to go too. I'm usually quite embarrassed to discuss things like this in public, but I just chimed in and said I needed to go and how spicy food always made me need to take a dump after eating it. He laughed and agreed with me. We left the cafeteria and he went outside for a smoke; I joined him, knowing that an opportunity for a buddy dump was coming and I didn't want to miss my chance (never had a chance to do this sort of thing before). While we were standing outside, he cut a few wet, bubbly farts, exclaiming how much he needed to go. I took the chance to let some farts go myself, as the urge was starting to get worse. "That chilli con carne, man," he said in his thick French accent as he heard me fart.

I didn't outwardly tell him I'd be joining him for a poo, I think he knew we'd both be making a trip to the toilet. When he'd finished his smoke, we headed back inside and headed towards the men's room. The uni bathroom is quite small, with two urinals and two cubicles next to them. When we got inside, there was already a guy peeing in one stall while the other was vacant. French guy politely let me take the vacant stall while he waited for the guy to finish up in the other one. I latched my door, dropped my trousers and took a seat. The guy peeing finished up and flushed, with French guy taking the next stall and sitting down within seconds of me doing so. He sighed with relief and muttered "Here we go..."

He sounded off first with a long, wet fart followed my some soft serve poo. I took the opportunity to reply by letting out a crackly fart followed by some soft serve of my own. "I wasn't lying when I said spicy food makes me shit," I said. "Especially Mexican," he replied, as some more sloppy poo fell into the toilet. I farted again and a few smaller piece said came out. As we pooped, we just chatted about the show and how we thought it was going. It was a nice, relaxed moment. When we'd finished, we wiped, flushed and came out of the stalls, washing our hands before heading back to rehearsals.

Definitely a good memory of a buddy dump, and hopefully I'll get to share more moments like that with him if we ever find ourselves needing to poo at the same time again.


French student again

It's me again! Dropping by to recall another pooping experience with the French guy on my university course. This time, it wasn't as intimate or social as the last one, but it was still interesting.

It happened yesterday; we were preparing for our last show of the play we had been working on for the past 3 weeks, and we were all running around resetting props and cleaning up the stage. Just a note, I had gone for a pee about an hour earlier with French guy using the urinal next to me and we had talked then. About 45 minutes before show time, I started to need a poo and thought I'd better go before we had to be on stage for warm-ups. So I left the theatre and made my way to the men's room in the foyer. As I was approaching, I saw French guy head into the bathroom ahead of me, although he didn't see me. Since we had both peed already, I knew he had the same idea as me so I followed him inside. My guess was confirmed when I noticed he had gone into a stall by the time I got in there. I didn't make my presence known by calling out in case he got the wrong idea that I was following him into the bathroom to try and stalk him or something. He has a girlfriend and I don't have any sort of sexual interest in using the bathroom with other people; I just enjoy the social, intimate aspect of it.

He still hadn't seen me, so I took the stall next to him and sat on the toilet to have my poo. I could hear him running through his lines under his breath as a few turds plopped into the bowl. I dropped my own turds and a few farts came out. French guy plopped another turd and let go a massive fart, sighing with relief before starting to unroll some toilet paper. I had a good load to let out so I was still pooping by the time he got up, wiped and flushed. I would have waited until he had left the bathroom anyway so he wouldn't have seen me come out, for fear of looking like a stalker.

Then later that night I found out he'll be joining a group I'm in for another show we're due to perform in May, so maybe we'll get to share more buddy dumps in the future.

Victoria B.

Butt pee

I'm back from a long break and feeling good on this winter day! It's good to see some new (and old) faces here.

I don't have much this time, just a question. Yesterday, I had a burrito for lunch. Those famous last words had me on the stool within an hour of finishing it. What I produced there was so much the opposite of my normal drain-clogging fare that I felt like someone else. I pooped a liquid of a consistency so thin that it felt like I was relieving my front from behind-butt pee! My question is whether or not this has happened to anybody else. Look forward to answers!



Too Sage

Hi Sage! I like your story where you pooped in your car! Hehe could you tell stories of when you pooped so much in the toiket? Have you ever filled up the toilet bowl before? Haha

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sage first welcome to the site and it sounds like you really had to poop a lot and gave your car a good first load and hope you can get the smell out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Erin great story it sounds you and those other girls all had good poops.

To: Shannon that sucks that you had an accident.

To: Ana it sounds like Bebe had a great poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Your story wasn't boring at all! Good job


Proving what nobody will believe

My babysitting work continues. Its steady and sometimes I have as many as five children under my care. Snow days off school are especially busy. Once last month me and my boyfriend Justin had a day off due to a storm. So we took 5 children sledding at the park. We met at my house and then we got the sleds and toboggan and walked the icy street to the park. Justin said we might be in trouble when the kids needed to use the bathroom because he wasn't sure the parks dept. kept them open in winter. Fortunately, he was wrong. By 10 I needed to take my morning crap. Justin, whose also a senior at my school, kind of teases me about what he has heard from some of my friends that while I am the shortest girl in my class (my feet are 1 inch off the floor when I'm seated on the toilet), I crap fast and soft and in record time. My butt on seat time is usually 30 seconds or less. That includes wiping. So Justin was willing to bet me a nice cafeteria lunch that I couldn't prove it to him. So while the kids were sledding nearby he led me into the girls bathroom. He insisted on checking the stall first. He thought I was going to cheat by sitting on a unflushed toilet. He had the timer on his phone set. I yanked my jeans down, sat on the frigid seat, and in 19 seconds with one blast my soft poop was out. One piece of toilet paper, used 2 times over, did the job. I could tell Justin was frustrated he had lost. Just before we went to lunch and all the kids had made a bathroom visit, Justin and I went in one more time. Even now, he wouldn't accept that I could continuously pee for 2 minutes. Try 2:12! Now I've got to think of a couple of challenges for Justin.


Hi Esteban!

Glad to see you posting again, Esteban. Like you, I haven't posted much lately because there seems to be fewer opportunities to use doorless stalls. I did recently happen upon a "family" restroom at a recently remodeled mall. The room consisted of a sink with two toilets, one regular sized and the other one obviously meant for a little kid. I thought it would be a great place to have a buddy dumpsince there wasn't any sort of partitions in the room at all. Now I just need to find a buddy to dump with! I do have one friend who would probably do it, though.

Nice story about dumping with the dad and his son in the restroom.

I will still occasionally use the doorless stalls at the park near where I live, but they are kinda gross and dirty, so I don't go there often. It's the same place a buddy of mine came in a snapped a pic of me while I was dumping at that festival a few months back.

I also have a different friend who I'll txt with as I'm on the toilet and we've sent pics of ourselves to each other while taking a crap. All in good fun though. I'll let you know if I have any more doorless stalls adventures.


Crapped my pants in my car

hi everyone. my name is kayla, i'm j's sister. i'm 17, 140 pounds, i have blonde hair and a pretty big butt. i usually poop 2 or 3 times a day.

the other day i was eating lunch at school. as i was eating, i felt my stomach turn and i farted silently. i knew i was going to have to poop soon, and i told my friends. i'm scared to poop at school or with other people around, so i tried to hold it as best i could for the time being.

once sixth period history rolled around, my urge to poop was getting worse. i felt a bunch of farts building up, and i was trying as hard as i could to hold them in. i really had to poop, but i didn't want to miss class. i held on tight and gripped my desk hard, trying to hold in all of the poop until the end of the day.

finally, when the bell rang and i could leave, i was barely holding on. i had to stop and squeeze my butt cheeks together in the hallway because i was about to take a huge dump in my pants in front of everyone. i held it as hard as i could and made a mad dash for my car. as soon as i sat down my butt relaxed and i let out a huge fart that quickly stunk up the whole car. i put it in gear and farted again, this one was louder and longer than the last. i had to poop so bad, and i didn't think i could make it home. i really didn't want to crap my pants because i could tell it was gonna be a big load.

once i got out of the parking lot, my stomach gurgled and i knew i couldn't hold it. at 17, i was about to take a massive shit in my leggings. i pulled over into a small parking lot and let go. as my butt cheeks spread i pushed and farted really loud, and the head of an enormous poop made its way out. i lifted my butt off of the seat and pushed. the log forced my leggings out, and slowly crackled out with a couple farts. it soon formed quite a large bulge, and i continued to push. the smell was unbearable, but this was only the beginning. the log broke off and i felt my stomach convulsing as my butt opened up again. the second log was enormous and stretcheda me so wide. it crackled and popped as it forced its way out, and i felt the first log which was now a huge mound in my panties getting squished around. the log continued to push its way out and i could feel all the poop getting pushed into the front of my pants. the log finally broke off and i farted so loud, it probably lasted for five seconds. i tried to continue driving home but the smell of all the poop and my farts was nauseating. i put my hazards on and my stomach flipped over again and i threw up all over my car. i felt so sick, but i continued to drive home. after i got home, i cleaned up and took a long hot shower. i felt amazing after letting all that poop out, and the rest of the night was uneventful except that i had lots of gas.

thanks for reading hopefully i'll be back soon!!

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