Victoria B.

Between a window and a turd place


I came across a story on the internet today that I felt would be appreciated here. Any person who's ever had to press "pause" on a date to go for a number two can relate!

This story takes place in the UK and begins with a Tinder date at Nando's. It went well and our two dramatis personae ended up back at his place to Netflix and chill. She, however, was given a knock on her back door about an hour into the documentary they were watching together. She went to the bathroom and sat down to do her business. Unfortunately for her, the flush was not up to the task once she'd finished and her load refused to go down the drain. There was no plunger or toilet brush available and she therefore decided to take drastic action.

Covering her hands in tissue paper, she reached into the bowl for the obstructing logs and pulled them out of the water before attempting to throw them and her makeshift glove out of the bathroom window. This is where disaster struck for a second time (as though things weren't bad enough already!) It turned out that there was another window and that her poop had gotten stuck between the two.

By this point she had no choice but to get her date involved. "I went for a poo in your toilet and it would not flush. I don't know why I did this, but I panicked. I reached into the toilet bowl, wrapped it in tissue paper, and threw it out of the window," she told him. He responded by going to look for a hammer or chisel to smash the window, but not before messaging the house group chat to let them know what had happened. She came up with another solution while that was happening: she could reach into the narrow, foot or so, gap between the two windows and pluck the poop out from above. She succeeded in grabbing the lodged log, but at the price of getting herself stuck. One call to 999 later and the fire brigade showed up to smash the window and get her out. He has since set up a GoFundMe to pay for a replacement for the window. She, hopefully, will recover from what must have been an evening of pure mortification. I feel for her.

But first I have to go and unload a used ???? burrito!



College boyfriend story

One night in college I was staying over at my boyfriend's mother's place for the weekend. It was my first time staying with them overnight. She was a single parent and he was an only child, so they shared a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. It was Sunday evening and the three of us ate a large dinner out. When we got back to the apartment, my boyfriend's mother went straight to the bathroom and shut the door. We were kind of straightening up his room when I noticed that he seemed to have an uncomfortable look on his face. He also started picking up the pace cleaning, and I could start to smell farts coming from him. We had not started farting in front of each other so I could tell he was trying to keep them quiet. I asked him if he was ok, and he admitted that he had not pooped all weekend and it was coming on strong and he had to go really badly. He said that he didn't want to ruin the weekend or make me think any less of him if he spent a long time in the bathroom or smelled up the place. I assured him that it wouldn't change my feelings for him, and I just wanted him to be comfortable. He knocked on the bathroom door and asked his mother how much longer she would be. She said she didn't feel well and would be a little while longer. I continued to clean the bedroom and my boyfriend was pacing back and forth with a pained look on his face and a hand on his stomach. He would stop every now and then, hold his breath and clench really tight, then after a few seconds start pacing again. He also started farting uncontrollably and loudly. He really apologized for that but said that he was not able to hold them in any longer. I assured him I didn't mind and it was ok for him to let them out. He banged on the bathroom door but his mother was not coming out anytime soon. He said to me, I don't think I can wait through another cramp. I told him to close and lock his door and get undressed, that I would find something for him to go in. He quickly removed his clothes as I scanned the room. I told him to get on all 4's on the bed, which he quickly did. I could see that his butt hole was already opening and that the head of a large, hard log was beginning to poke out. He begged, please hurry. He was breathing hard. I spotted a trash can. I held it up for him to see, and asked how about this? He looked at me and said in a very strained voice, yes....hurry....cramp. I noticed that the log was gaining speed and I thought quick. I dumped the contents of the trash can on the floor and ran it over and placed it under his butt, and just in time. He knew it was there and he was finally able to relax and let go. He leaned his butt into the can and the log really picked up speed. His hole opened wide and he grunted and moaned as a humongous log crackled out of him quickly. He looked at me and said still straining....I'm so sorry about this....and his face was bright red with embarrassment. I told him that it was ok, to just relax and let it all come out. He locked eyes on me and was completely still and concentrating as the 2 foot log curled around the inside of the trash can and fell in with a loud thud. I thought that he was finished and I started to pull the trash can away, but he said please don't move, there's more, I can't help it. And he leaned in to the can again. The poop was thinner and softer and smaller but still coming out. There were several that came out after the first log, with farts and groans of relief from him. They were plopping into the can one at a time with loud thuds and he was unmoving and completely helpless to stop it. As his bowels were almost empty, I noticed that he was starting to empty his bladder too. I positioned the can so that he could unload both at the same time. There was a lot of pee that came out. It really smelled a lot in there. By the time he was done, there was sweat pouring off of his face from all of the effort of holding it and then going. He said, I feel so much better. I'm so ashamed and I'm so sorry. I told him that there was no need to be ashamed, I was happy to help. We cleaned him up with a towel and dumped the contents of the can and the towel into a trash bag we were using to clean the room. He got dressed and we took the bag out to the dumpster. We came back in and his mother didn't find out. We had a really good night after that episode ;)


Bowel Movement Update

I only had one Colace tablet today, but I am still enjoying mushy piles. I have been twice today!

If anything exciting happens, like a huge log, I will let you know!

Love to all!


Sorry to everyone, Mina was in a hospital, but now I am very fine.

Catherine, I'm so happy you come back! And how lovely you have cute baby boy! I'm sure you are so happy to look after him, even change nappy, it is a very necessary to him to feel good after motion. I am happy your girls help you, it is need.

Optional person, I am so happy you write Mina's name three times in a same post. You remember me very well! But cowpat is not my origin, it is a plagiarism from Taylor, she use first. So credit is to her. I am happy you find nice girl and she is like my friends about loo.

Dear Victoria: Once I too sat on loo lid, but I noticed at once, it was lucky!

Dear Anna from Canada: Why you say your writing bad? I don't think, it is nice to read good English and your story is always lovely very much, sometimes we cry (especially Mina cry, of course) when we read, especially we do if you do your motion in the outdoors. My writing is bad bad bad. But I don't feel embarrass so much now. I always write with much mistake, but people on this site say "good story" especially Brandon T say so, and Mina is happy girl, but sometimes want to say sorry to Molly who is English teacher and do a lot of cringe I think.

Molly, I hope you are better. And Emily too. I like motion but I don't like diarrhoea (But Hisae like. When she does a diarrhoea, she makes big smile.) What is mean of "you are like legend?" I think legend is story.

To everybody: I ask Taylor what is an angel delight, because I never heard, but she forget to answer. Can somebody tell me what it is? And what connection is it with cowpat? Sorry sorry sorry that Mina is so stupid silly girl.

I don't tell my illness, it is not material of this site, Ms/Mr Moderator angry very much maybe.

This time I didn't need to use bedpan when I am in the hospital. But doctor say, for three days, don't walk big distance. So nurse bring wheelchair loo to my side of bed and draw curtain. Always she ask me, wee or motion? Second day I say "motion" so she say, I don't come so soon. She help me to get off bed, and I sit on loo. She said, do wee first, if you can, then I change pan. So I did, it was OK. Then she went away and I opened my bottom.

After ten minutes she come back. I am on loo with serious face and just when she come, she hear splash. And just when she begin to speak, again splash. She come just when my bottom very
busy! I do another splash and then breath. So she know my bottom close. She say, "finished?" in little voice. I shake head, she show surprise face and look in pan, there is huge pile, because my splash motion on top of more earlier motions I did. She say, "How much more time you want?" I say, "maybe five minutes or little more" she show surprise face again and go away, and I work to open my bottom, I success and splash splash splash. Very busy bottom of Mina.

When she come back I just finish to do little pieces, I said her "I am empty." She look and surprise face but she say, it is normal motion, big size but you are not need to worry. I am relief because her surprise face I don't feel good, do I have cancer of intestine I think. But she say, no, no problem.

Later when I am alone in room she say, often her patient do huge motion but mine is most hugest! I said her, if it is normal I am not worry! So she smile. She is nice nurse, I like her. I think she is not Japanese. Maybe Filipino? I tell her I am Korean. She smiled. Many Japanese have a prejudice to Korean, but she doesn't have. I don't have a prejudice any country. We are all same. (Our motion exactly same, except of size maybe.)

Sorry long boring story again. But maybe Brandon T like. I have other story, but I tell another day, before you go to the sleep on computer keyboard.

Love to everyone and big shoutout. from M, H, K, M.


Our bathroom trio

Me and my friends Angie and Corrine are officers in a leadership club at our school. Last week our sponsor Miss E asked us to come in at 6:45 a.m. for a planning meeting. The three of us arrived about 5 minutes before that time and she didn't show on time. So we just sat outside her classroom door until 7. We weren't really mad or anything, except Corrine said she had to crap and me and Angie needed to piss. I think my need was worse because while Raelyn and I were doing our art assignment in the park the previous night, I was hurting for a pee. So I went into the toilets there, sat for like 5 minutes, but couldn't get my stream going. Then when I got home, I laid down for a short nap and woke up a 6 a.m. I emailed Miss E that we were in the bathroom next door.

Corrine took the first stall. I heard her drop the seat pretty hard. Then she hiked up her dress. There was about 10 seconds of rumbling and then we heard a series of splashes into the bowl. In the stall next to her, my seat was already down so I dropped my jeans and underwear to knee level and seated myself. Unlike the previous night, my stream started and picked up momentum for about 10 seconds and then it was consistently strong for well more than a minute after that. Angie next to me seemed to be the last to start. I could hear her wipe off the seat and flush the toilet before she seated herself. Her stream seemed to be weaker and on and off, if you know what I mean. She had a gross scar on her right leg which I asked her about. She said it had happened in PE when she slid into base. I was surprised that Corrine stood, wiped and was the first to exit. She seemed to wash her hands thoroughly at the sink. Angie left the stall without flushing and Corrine called her on it. Playfully, she told Corrine to $uck herself and started to walk about without washing her hands. I flushed, washed my hands while listening to the conversation between Angie and Corrine. After flushing and washing my hands, I received a message from Miss E who was just pulling into her parking space.

Within two minutes Miss E was running to the door and opened her room for us. She apologized really hard but then ran down to the bathroom. She came back and apologized again saying all the chili her boyfriend had made the night before was waiting to explode out of her. We said we had used the bathroom too. She's so down-to-earth and realistic. We love her.


New Year s'Day Disaster

Hello everyone!I love this forum!
Here's my story:
This happened to me two years ago;it was New Year's Day and I was in a chalet on the alps with some of my classmates.
That morning I woke up around 9 with cramps in the stomach and the need to unload my bowels,but since that it wasn't urgent I decide to try to hold it until my parents will take me home (around midday) also because I didn't look forward to use the dirty bathroom of the house with a lot of my friends around.So I went to the kitchen,and started talking,having fun,etc but after half an hour the urge came back ten times stronger.
I realised that maybe it was the low temperature,maybe it was the alcohol from the night before or I don't know what but I really had to go NOW!
I ran to the toilet only to discover that it was OCCUPIED!
I wanted to kill the person that was inside;I waited a few minutes but nobody was coming out and I was seconds from pooping myself.
I grabbed some tissues and went outside but pooping in the wood was not an option since the snow was too high.
By this time I was sweating cold and I was almost shitting myself:I had no option but running behind the house and squatting here.
The feeling was indescribable.
A waterfall of semi-liquid poop started coming out of me,at an incredible speed,as well as super loud farts.
I was feeling so good that I didn't notice two of my male classmates that went there to take some wood to cut and saw me.
They started laughing so hard and I couldn't stop the flow either...
just imagine the scene:they laughing at me and me with stinky,disgusting poop coming out uncontrollable from my anus.
I wanted to die.


Stand to Pee

There's a woman I know at work,Sara, who often uses a stand-to-pee device at the urinals in the men's bathroom. She uses the disposable type. One day she suggested that I try it out. So we went into the men's bathroom. She took out a cardboard funnel from her purse and then pulled down her slacks and panties to mid-thigh below her pussy. The funnel had two flaps on it to surround her bush. She stepped up close to the urinal, pushed the funnel close to her pussy, and pissed into it. Her urine rolled into the urinal, but not with the pressure men get. When she finished, she wanted me to try it. She pulled out a fresh funnel and gave it to me. I did everything she did, but it didn't work as well. It leaked and some of my pee dribbled to the floor and to my clothes. We had to get everything cleaned up. For the rest of the day, I had to hide my dribbled clothes. After that I decided that stand-to-pee was not for me. I went back to sitting or hovering over a toilet seat or the ground.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Catherine-I am so happy for you and your family!!!

Abbie-Good to hear your constipation is getting better

Today I was in a uni seminar and towards the end of it I started to feel pressure in my lower stomach. My plan once the seminar had ended was to visit the uni medical center to make an appointment and then use the bathroom. However halfway through walking to it my need to poo became too strong and I nipped into the students union to use the loo there.Pushing open the door to the empty women's bathroom I selected the second cubical of the left hand side row of stall. Locking the door I hanged up my bag and cardigan before undoing my navy chinos and pulling them down along with my blue and grey striped panties. I had a quick pee before starting to have my poo. Over five minutes I dropped quite a few logs into the bowl. About halfway through someone came in and had a loud pee in the cubical to my right. Feeling done I stood up and turned around to see a mixture of different sized turds. Some were thin and in one piece whereas others were fatter and locked as if they had snapped in half. Whipping took two wads of toilet paper. Before flushing I pulled up my panties and chinos and tucked my light blue gingham shirt into the latter. Grabbing my bag and cardigan I unlocked the door and went over to the sinks to wash my hands.

Hi All,

I have been away for some time but have continued to read. But as one of my favourite posters Catherine is back I thought I would get involved again! Catherine I don't know if you remember me but I was a big fan of your stories as I felt like we were two women on the same page! My dumps have been steadily the same for some time, and you guys have missed a lot of stories. Maybe I shall post them soon! Anyway just wanna give a shout out to Becc also as she has some great stories too. Keep it up y'all!

British Dumper x

Steve A

Comments (Catherine & Optional Person)

To Catherine: Thanks for the shout out and congrats on your new baby. I hope that you can still contribute to this site whenever you have the time to do so.

To Optional Person: Great job for finding a girl. I haven't found one yet, but I will in the future.

To Sean

Have you had accidents all your life or is this something new that has been happening?



Hello! Thank you to all who have kindly "welcomed" me back to the forum! Life is good and I am thoroughly savoring every moment with my little man while on maternity leave! Even changing diapers is not that bad!

Optional Person: Yes, the forum is interesting. We all share this fascination with defecation and all the adventures surrounding this common bodily function. You're "8" poop sounds amazing. Glad everything came out so well! Thank you for your kind words!

I cannot imagine having this conversation without anonymity. I still get embarrassed if I have to talk to my doctors about my bowel habits, my family, or if a friend brings it up in passing. When "Jill," who is our mayor and now the owner of the pharmacy that I started, talked to me about her bowel trouble, I was taken aback. You would think that I would enjoy such conversation. But I clam up. Here, I feel safe. Thank you!

Victoria B: I am really interested in your reasoning for going vegetarian. It's wonderful to learn about people making lifestyle changes for their own good. Kudos to you! It's really good to hear that your bowel movements have been regular and satisfying. That's always a sign of good health. I remember that you said in one of your earliest posts that you only defecated every other day, or once in three days (I think). While I am not a strict vegetarian, I eat vegetarian recipes and have at least 3 meatless days per week. I made the life change in my preteen years after struggling with my bowels.

Needless to say, I am very interested in anything that you have to share. Shamelessly, may I ask, have you noticed any difference in the urge to go? As I've shared, when I have to go, I HAVE TO GO!!! I cannot delay getting to the toilet, especially now that I am on stool softeners.

Emily and Molly: Thank you for your kind words and I hope that you both feel better soon!

Brandon T: I appreciate your kind responses!

Steve A: I will try to write every now and then while on maternity leave. I cannot promise much more beyond that.

I've had two super big piles of poop today! I can't wait, though, until I feel comfortable enough to back of the stool softeners and do a really big, long log. I miss the feeling, but I think that would be painfully miserable right now.

Love to all!



Re Tlana 1st week problems of senior year

High school pooping was a real challenge for me also, I sympathize. If the height of the toilet is an issue you should really discuss it with your school nurse. She should be willing to allow you to bring a foot stool that you can leave/use in her office toilet (I'm sure she has one). Its called "reasonable accommodation" for height challenged people!!-- JW


Peeing and pooping while I'm 🍸 Very Drunk 🍸

I'd been out with my boyfriend last Saturday night and by 2.00 AM Sunday I was feeling the effects of too many gin and tonic's . It was a very busy night and taxis were scarce so Brendan and I had to walk home , Brendan helping me to walk without staggering TOO much . It was a half mile walk to our place . By the time we got home I needed the toilet urgently but I was so drunk Brendan had to come into the bathroom with me . He lifted my short black miniskirt and got my undies down for me and put me sitting on the toilet . First came the pee gushing out of me , then a little piece got out , then my bottom opened and a huge lump splashed into the toilet . I was on the toilet and Brendan was still in the bathroom with me when another huge piece squeezed out of me and landed in the toilet . Brendan got me to my feet held me upright and cleaned my bottom , pulled my undies up and smoothed my skirt down , washed his and my hands and helped me to our bedroom then tucked me in to sleep it off . Eileen .

Curious Cody

Unwarranted Trust

A number of years ago Mom took me and my older sister Jill, who was 13, to the circus. I was a few days away from turning 9 and went to my Dad about how embarrassing it was to be in 4th grade and having my mom take me by the hand with her into the womens' bathrooms. Since Dad worked an executive job, it was Mom who took me and Jill to a lot of entertaining things like fairs, the circus, and sometimes professional baseball games because Dad would get free passes at work. Dad talked to Mom and I guess was pretty persuasive. I remember Jill asking me about it, and when I said it was true, she just rolled her eyes and made a facial expression I didn't like.

Just before the intermission Jill said she had to pee. Both of us had downed large amounts of soda. I had eaten most of the popcorn we shared, plus a hot dog, too. I needed to crap so bad that I had a hard time sitting still. Mom said something about Jill walking me down and letting me go in alone. I'm sure she didn't like it when Dad won that argument with her. Him telling me about it even surprised Jill some.

Before Jill went into the ladies, she showed me the wall and the sign on top of it that we were going to meet up at. I remember thinking how dumb it was that she made me repeat a bunch of rules, but I went along with it. She turned and went in through a doorway and I went into the mens' room alone for the first time. It was big. I was small and awkward and remember bumping into guys a couple of times because the crowd seemed so unorganized. It was huge. I figured I would be OK if I could only get onto a toilet like during morning break and do my thing.

I saw a toilet that was open. No privacy door, but that is mostly like it is at school too. The seat was up. I dropped it. The squeak was kind of amusing. I dropped my shorts to the floor and seated myself. The toilet was a little higher than the ones at school, but it was comfortable enough. Almost immediately I felt a soft poo coming out of me as part of a fart. It was satisfying for a second. By then I was getting a warm and funny feeling between my legs. It took a couple of seconds and when I looked down I saw I was sitting on my underwear. The soft brown blob in it was one big mess.

I was confident that Jill would not be coming in if I dealt with it quickly. I stood up half way to inspect it and I quickly sat back down. I took off my tennis shoes and knew I had to get the underwear and load off me. I slowly raised my legs and was carefully sliding the load toward my feet. A guy who looked to be about two years older than Jill saw what I was doing. He snickered a couple of times, but then helped me pull the load off. I think he threw them in one of the trashcans while I sat and cleaned myself.

Then I filled the bowl twice with toilet paper just wiping my crotch. I hoped that Jill wasn't getting too worried. I imagined her going to Mom, Mom telling Dad and Dad directing his anger toward me. Like I said earlier, I was awkward. I remembered when I was younger and would spill my milk or drop a dish at the table, Dad would say things like How many times can you F### things up! There was a little soft crap over the front of the seat and some on my organ. But I was careful to take care of it.

I did a fast job of washing my hands. I could just see Jill bolting in on me. Worse yet, Mom coming in frantic. Then I hurried to our meeting place outside. No Jill. I stayed under the sign and leaned against the wall. It seemed like a long time when Jill finally came out. She complained about how long it took the younger kids to go to the bathroom. All the way back upstairs she continued to talk about how long the little girls had taken and how she almost burst her bladder.

Jill didn't ask me at all about how I had done. Mom asked, but the intermission ended and the lights went out before I could lie.

John H


Hi all
To Catherine, so glad to see you posting here again, I always enjoyed your posts. Delighted to hear that all is well with you, Alan, the girls and the new baby.
To optional Person, I agree with all you said about this forum. It really is a great place and it's nice to see the same people posting their story's here. It's like we get to know each other. Thanks to the people or person that runs this site.
Best of luck with your girlfriend. Hope you will have some posts to share on any toilet experiences you may share together. Take care all
John H


Cutting back the Colace


I had been taking three Colace tablets daily to ensure super soft doodies, while I heal from giving birth.

Today, I only took one. I am concerned that my little man may be going more than he should, since I am breast feeding. Yesterday, I pooped four times. While I like going, these aren't the large, thick logs that I am used to. I would like to get down to two bowel movements a day, that have a little more volume and girth to them. Right now, I am enjoying these cowpies, even if I do go often. Alan usually gets to see me do at least one of them. They are a little noisy, and he finds that amusing. But this bidet feels so good.

I will keep you updated!

Love to all!



Question for Everyone

Do you usually pee or poo first when you have to poop?
Personally when i am taking a dump outside or in a public bathroom I poo first but when I am at home or in a toilet which I am familiar to I always pee first

Please answer because I am very curious about this.

With love,
Italian Pooper

Pooping for Fun

To Amy b

Hi Amy,

Sorry for the late response, but my schedule's been crazy lately.
Yes, I actually do have fear accident story. This happened about 7 years ago during a dream. I remember going to bed with an upset stomach, being so tired, I didn't bother to poop before bed. I don't remember all of the details of the dream, but I do remember being chased & shot at by 2 men. The closer they got, the more scared I became. I remember one of them catching me & throwing to the ground with a gun aimed at my face. That's when I lost control & the poop just flowed out of me. That's when I woke up & realized that I just had diarrhea in my boxers & all over my bed.
I was so relieved it was just a dream, but at the same time so stressed because of the huge mess. Not to mention the fact that my girlfriend at the time was in bed with me, but luckily my butt was pointed in the other direction so poop got on her. The smell was horrible. I was so embarrassed when she woke up. She noticed the smell immediately. She was so understanding & actually helped me get cleaned up, which was quite a chore.
Sadly, we broke up about a year later due to other issues.
I hope you enjoyed my experience Amy. Do you have any accident stories of your own?

Optional Person.

Steve A responce.

Hey Steve A. This is your first response to me. To keep this short she basically gave me some full body hugs that were long. She had just met me basically. topics come up in interesting moments and bathroom stuff came up and she seemed fine with it. She said that she was fine with farting. so one can imagine that she is an open person with the rest. I haven't heard from her since then. So as with most girl experiences it could be short and sweet and not go much further. Hopefully one day I will have a girl perhaps her for many great reasons but in the case of toilet stool reasons.... my stories are boring, a girl would fix that. As most girls on here seem to prove with their insane stories.

Speaking of boring me, it was just another backwards on the toilet morning. it was just a soft splat like normal. I should probably eat vegetables, but I am picky. How am I still here?

Hopefully I will have a real story for you people soon. This was more of a response, and poking fun at how my stories stack up against the rest.

Mark A.

Caught with a dirty bottom!

I haven't been here in years so I thought I would check out recent posts. Some of the posts reminded me of a series of events during my teen years which were greatly embarrasing to me. I was maybe 15 or 16 at the time and had a great fear of pooping at school. There were no privacy stalls in the boys room just three toilets next to each other. The one and only time i used it for a bowel movement i was walked in on by a group of mean boys while i was right in the middle of big and stinky one. The boys laughed at me so hard while calling me names like stinky boy that i started to cry which made them even more mean. I wiped quickly which aparantly wasn't very good because my mother found my underwear which were poopy from my earlier bowel movement at school. Mom asked me why i was pooping my pants at my age and so i told her. She told me that if i could not have my bowel movements at school than every day after school she wanted me to have one. She set some ground rules one of which was to come and get her when i needed to go and she would make sure i was having healthy ones and that my bottom was a clean when finished so as not to leave marks in my underwear.
The next day when i came home i needed to poop and went to the kitchen a got mom. We went to the toilet where i pulled now my pants and underwear while mom sat on the edge of the bathtub. At that age i felt awkward having my bowel movement in front of mom but she put me at ease and told me that th is would help me with my fear of pooping in front of people. When i finished i wiped my bottom and mom checked to make sure it was clean. Her method seemed to have worked because over time i left the fear of pooping in front of people. In fact some of my most pleasureable bowel movements have been in very public places. If you like this story, i promise to post more of my public pooping escapades. See ya!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie From Taiwan great story about your cleanout it sounds like it was a pretty good poop.

To: Natasha great story it sounds like Emily had a really great poop.

To: Abbie great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

karen c. from cali

my tips for dealing with diarrhea, stomach flu this winter

hi Brandon, thanx for your reply, you and i are practically cyber relatives after all these years. yes, purging myself to get rid of something bad i have eaten is preferable to spending days of misery only to arrive at the same end to the misery anyway, right? a spoonful of salt chased down with water is my go to remedy when i'm sick from something i've eaten but can't throw up, sometimes nature needs a little push,,

i've been doing that since i was fourteen,
,, my mom was really old fashioned but wise and taught me lots of neat little long forgotten tricks like this that every woman should know--and useful also to single guys and gals who live alone and can't afford to stay out sick from work, i stll use enemas and douches regularly as well--after all, a mom has to get well fast so she can doctor everyone else in the house.

another old trick practically unheard of nowadays is when i would be sick with diarrhea and nausea during the winter from the stomach flu, is to put a spash of hydrogen peroxide in the enema bag not much, then fill with warm water and take it all up my wazoo and retain it for 'bout a half hour while relaxing in the tub with the bathwater as hot as i can stand it, so that i sweat profusely and eliminate germs and viruses in this through perspiration. , and yes contrary to popular belief we moms get just as sick as you big tough young men but we deal with it with remedies which you guys think aren't macho.

other remedies and prevention include having a bedtime snack of a hot soup of your choice with a few cloves of cracked garlic, or my fave of hot v8 juice with fresh garlic and a dash of habenero sauce, or beef jerky and several cloves of raw garlic to kill the viruses in your ???? before they can gain a foothold.

if i do happen to find myself suffering from symptoms of stomach flu the best remedy i've found is plenty of sofa time, bossanova jazz, ilovelucy vids, and most important, real ungrated italian parmesan cheese in block form pref from a genuine italian grocer, if you don't like it eat it anyhow, it'll make your stomach feel better and get rid of that yucky pukish feeling and stops diarrhea or at least makes it more solid and predictable. i like thinly shaved slices of parmesan on melba toast with maybe a cup of hot broth and iced tea or gingerale or sprite, then after a short walk in the fresh air then a couple hours nap i feel well enough to do a little shopping or whatever. bc powder will help with the headaches and bodyaches. if i need to go out a big purse large enough for a can of lysol for disenfecting public toilet seats and a roll of my own tp in case there isn't any and i need to poop, and your bum will thank you for a travel size lotion! bum wiping is no joke after a dozen or more wiping in a day.
i hope what i have shared will help you all stay as healthy as possible this winter season,
luvs, karen

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