1st week problems of senior year

This is the first week of my senior year. It hasn't started out that well in terms of me using the bathroom. First example: mom cleaned out my clothing hamper one day early and found three pairs of underwear with new skid marks in them. All I could do was to tell her the truth and that's when between classes and there's two girls in front of me for the toilet, I'm lucky to release my crap before the one-minute warning bell. Then I need to make my run to class. Usually when I get there only a second or two remains before I throw myself into my seat and attendance is taken.

Second example: I'm drinking more pop and water. That keeps me hydrated during the late summer heat in our school where our air conditioning is not that good. That means that I'm peeing three times a day and that's like between every two classes. I don't always have the luxury of being the first to have a seat on the toilet between classes. Often I'm second or third in line. And if the girl immediately before me is crapping there's not going to be time for me to sit down and completely drain my bladder. It hurts me each time I have to stop in mid-pee and make a run for my class, but I don't want to do the 4-hour detention on Saturday for having a 3rd tardy.

Third example: there's the bad memories I got today when cleaning the house and wiping the dust off my official picture taken on the first day of school last year. You see I only rarely wear a dress, but knowing the school photographer was going to be there and shoot pictures that day, mom insisted that I wear my new pink dress. Come second hour I had about two minutes to sit and take my crap. I bypassed the first two stalls because the seat in each had water or pee splashed over the back of it. So before seating myself I quickly yanked my underwear down and seated himself. I'm small for my age and my feet were off the floor so to have a little more leverage to push the largest log out, I pushed myself back on the seat. In doing so I forgot the most important thing. I didn't pull my dress out from under me so my largest log stained about two inches on the bottom of my dress. On top of that, I really smelled. So as I wiped the dust off my picture, I remembered how mad mom got when she found I had stained my newest outfit. I was embarrassed of the stain and smell so I had to tell the vice-principal about it. I asked permission to sign out and go home to change. He let me, but he called my mom and made me make up the time after school.

After School Emily and Molly

After Adjusting to the Routine

Hi Everybody!

It's Molly writing on behalf of my sister, Emily, who is beside me as I post! We slept in today after an exhausting first week of classes. Emily teaches Math. This year, she's moved up in the Mathematics department, teaching Honors Pre-Calculus. I teach Junior English (one class) and two classes of Speech. We are having a blast! However, it's always exhausting the first week.

And, of course, like clockwork, we both bolted for the faculty toilets as soon as we were able to. Neither one of made it home to do our number two's. Fortunately, no accidents! After last Friday's squirts, I have been a little apprehensive.

EMILY: For the record, I got sick too. Basically, I was in and out of the bathroom with diarrhea all morning on Sunday. It began around 5:00 in the morning and subsided by early afternoon. I ate soup for lunch and had my last diarrhea shortly after. I have to admit that it was a lot of diarrhea, especially the second and third trips to the toilet. But I was fine Monday, though drained by the end of the day.

MOLLY: But neither of us vomited. We can always look on the bright side!

Victoria B, I laughed at the mental image that I got of you sitting with your bare cheeks on the toilet lid. Emily thought it was funny too! At least you caught yourself before "going." That would have been messy! We hope that you are well and always look forward to your stories! Best, Emily and Molly

Brandon T, Yes, I learned the hard way not to trust a fart. I could not believe it when the accident happened. I knew immediately what I did and felt horror. We salvaged my jeans! That's the good news! Best, Molly

Catherine, You are like a legend on this forum! Thank you for reading our stories! We wish you, Alan and your family well, especially the new baby! Best, Emily and Molly

Anna from Canada, Hello! We hope you are well! Best, Emily and Molly

Michelle, What a poop! Thanks for sharing! Best, Emily and Molly

One last thing, our students told us that they appreciated our bathroom policy. We had several students sign out to go to the bathroom. I imagine that it's difficult for our students to adjust their bladders and bowels on that first week.

Best to all of you,

Emily and Molly

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen C great story it sounds like you purged yourself pretty well.

To: Imogen great story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: Annie From Taiwan great story it sounds like had a really good poop and felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Catherine great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Other Blind Guy

I Love It So Much

I wonder if anyone else has this issue. I love a good poop so much that the skin around my anus is starting to split! I have used moisturiser to try and heal it, but I really want to be able to fix this myself! I normally poop two to three times a day, and I wipe from back to front. It's the back mainly where the cracking is occurring. About the only thing I can think of to help it heal is to not poop so often, and that kind of has its advantages, but I love it so much it's hard to be disciplined! I actually really want to hold off and have a lovely big poop so i can enjoy it even more! I work from home most of the time and there is not much reason to hold back because I'm not out that much, so I have no social inhibitors really to make myself be more cautious about when I let go. When I was a kid, I was a lot more self conscious about pooping, much as I enjoyed it, so my habits bordered on being unhealthy at times in an attempt not to go when I really should have. Now, it's kind of the opposite! A happy medium would be good!

Optional Person.

Responce to Catherine takes a tangent.

Catherine so good to have you back. You always were one of my favorites to read. I guess we'll only get to imagine how amazing that biggest poop of your life looked. Glad you got to have it.

The concept of a forum is interesting. All people that keep coming back and communicating with each other, no one knows who we are other than what we tell and no of us really know who started this nice place and keeps it going, but yet here it all is. Its like we are all part of a collective unique mystery. Perhaps I'm the most mysterious, as most of you seem to use your actual name. I took your name optional and turned it into who you know me as, Optional person. I often wonder if any of us see each other on the streets and don't know it.

Anyway this post is getting to where it could possibly be not posted. I had a poop that looked like it was the shape of an 8. It wasn't large like what it would suggest, it wasn't much at all. but somehow it landed to where it made the shape of an 8. Interesting.

Anyway Catherine, Glad to have you back, and glad I made some kind of an impression. Again with the concept of a forum. it is neat how us strangers could have an effect on each other like that.

Anna - Nice story. That sounds like a good poop.

anyway sorry this post is all over the place.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Having a soft poop after breakfast with 1 1/2 7-11 coffees

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet, shortly after breakfast with 1 1/2 black coffees from a Taiwanese 7-11 (my coffee as well as 1/2 of my husband's coffee). My grey shorts and navy blue underwear are around my ankles above my feet (which are in cute flip-flops). My body is getting a good clean-out right now. Just peeked underneath me into the toilet bowl and I see a bunch of chunks. Peeing a bit and rubbing my stomach a bit to see if I'm going some more. Nope, all done. Reaching behind me for some TP. Wiping well. Tossed the TP/tissues into the ce suo (toilet in Mandarin Chinese). Pulling up my shorts & undies and flushing the mushy mess down the toilet. Putting my phone in my pocket for a minute so I can wash my hands. I feel better now.

Happy pooping!

Annie from Taiwan 😊

Uncle Harry

Coments for Imogen

Your friend Robyn's story about stopping the taxi driver so she could pee really hit me. When I was using a quad cane, I was riding one day in a commercial handicap van. The female driver pulled over. She said she had to piss. She got out on the grass, pulled everything down, partly-squated facing the window I was seated at. and let it out. I could see everything from the window. She looked at me briefly and then looked back at her pee coming out. She finished, shook of her hairy pussy. pulled up her clothes, and got back into the bus and took off.

???? On August 22, 2017, I went to the ????. My bathroom was attached to my big, uncarpeted bedroom, and was echoey due to the high ceiling. Only the toilet, and tub were in the actual bathroom. Oddly I felt the need for only 2 poop sessions at the school probably from everything being brand new. I bet whenever I go to do training there, I'll have plenty of nice good medium sized poos in the bathroom just like at other places. Blind, and visually impaired people go to this school. Some of my classes during my evaluation were boring while others (like industrial arts) weren't that bad. Even the elevators were cool, because a computerized female voice warned you of the doors opening and to stand clear. I also used another small bathroom in one of the large hallways. It consisted of 1 tiny sink, and some stalls beside it. I liked how it smelled fresh. One of my poops was done in a larger bathroom. This one had 2 sinks, and both a regular as well as a handicapped stall. Hope everyone enjoys.


Great bowel movements

Hi all!
Isn't that feeling when you have a pleasant bowel movement great?
Yesterday at work I started to get a bit of a stomach ache. I had already been to the toilet in the morning. Usually I only go once a day so I didn't think much of this. After a while I started to feel a bit gassy and the ache didn't want to go away. I thought I might as well try to go again and see if it helped. I went in and sat down. I waited for a few minutes but nothing seemed to be moving so I gave up and went back to my desk to work some more. After biking home and having dinner I decided to try again. Nothing happened after sitting, but I felt something stiring so I decided to wait a while. Perhaps it was using my own toilet that did the trick, but a after a few minutes I definitely felt something. My hole upened up a little but, and I felt it was a very firm one. waited for one more minute, hoping it would start moving by itself again, but nope. I pushed gently, I had a hemorroid in the spring so I don't want that back. Anyway, that seemed to do the trick as it started to move again. It felt amazing as it passed through. Looking down it was a surprisingly wide but quite short production.

I woke up early today to go for some kayaking. It was booked at 7. I usually can't go if I wake up too early and have a scheduled time like this. But I immediately felt something, so went to the toilet. Pretty similar thing as yesterday evening. I felt a super strong urge and I also felt something back there, but nothing would come out. After waiting a few minutes I gently pushed a bit, and then my hole opened up and a rock hard one slowly slid out. It hurt a little bit as it was quite wide, but still felt amazing. It was rather large as well. I was a bit puzzled as I already had gone the evening before. Where does it all come from? Haha

When I came back from kayaking, I had some more breakfast and a bit of coffe. So good! :-) But to my surprise that made the urge come back. I waved it off as inprobable having to go yet again, so I kept watching videos on my laptop. After a while the urge could no longer be discarded. Well, no harm in trying, right? So I went to the toilet, ulled down my pants and had a seat. This time I didn't have to push at all, but after just a minute or so I had another wide and bowel movement. Afterwards I felt almost light headed. Now the stomach ache is long gone and I just feel amazing!

Take care everyone.

Steve A

Comments (Catherine & Optional Person)

To Catherine: Thanks for the shout out and congrats on your new baby. I hope that you can still contribute to this site whenever you have the time to do so.

To Optional Person: Great job for finding a girl. I haven't found one yet, but I will in the future.


Don't Piss Your Pants

I haven't posted for a while because I've been busy studying and taking tests. I have finally become a full fledged Certified Public Accountant. When the letter arrived I was so elated I suddenly felt an urge to urinate. I was afraid I thought I might piss my pants. I trotted to the men's room because it was closest. There were only a few men there peeing at the urinals. I went into a stall and closed the door, but forgot to lock it. I pulled everything down, sat done on the toilet. and started to pee. The door was apparently loose because it flung open. Most of the men paid no attention to me. One watched me for a short time.I waved and said "Hi". A man leaving the urinal still had his penis out as he was putting it away. A woman came in and went into another stall. All this time I finished peeing with various people looking. I didn't care. I managed to do a poop as well. I finally wiped my butt and my pussy, pulled everything up and left..and didn't piss my pants.


Weird Loo

I had a dream that I had a drivable bathroom. It was like a car with toilets instead of seats. Just imagine that your on a car trip, and you've gotta go. Just lift up the lid of your seat, and let it rip! Near the end of the dream, the drivable bathroom turned into a monster truc with wheels that were nearly 6 feet tall, and a huge toilet for a seat. I was scared of it, often running when I heard the engine rev. I don't like these trucks in real life due to the noise, so it didn't surprise me to be startle in my dream either. Suddonly, a wish came to mind, and an amfibious vehicle pulled up as I was standing near the curb about to cross the street. I ran to the back where the stairs were, and as soon as I plopped into my seat, the amfibious truck hurried off. It chased down the scary monster truck, and my vehicle made it disappear miles down the road. Later on, the monster truck with the toilet in it blew up. New trucks kept coming along, and I got to ride my amfibious vehicle when I needed to seek shelter from them. Once in my dream I took a nice firm poop at McDonald's just as my special vehicle arrived. I quickly washed up, and headed out to board it and be on my way. The poop was so much that it nearly filled the bowl, and was really stinky. My truck was just like the one in Austin that you ride for the Austin duck adventure. I know vehicles such as trains have toilets, but I'm certain the tour trucks don't. I bet some kids exploring Austin have had to hold it during the tour.


Awful no. 2


I recently started to post here, and I've enjoyed it so far. You all seem nice and have great stories. I posted about 2 weeks ago for the time about having pooped myself, and I almost had that happen again yesterday. I was just there at my mama's house, and my older sister came over with my little niece and nephew. No big deal. I was hanging out by myself in the backyard when she had decided to give the kids a bath yesterday evening. All of a sudden, I really needed to go poop. Obviously I can't do that when the kids are in the bathroom taking a bath. The house has 1 1/2 bathrooms, so the other small one with a toilet is free. However, I'm a shy pooper around people I know, though doing it around strangers in public restrooms is easy- what can they do? I waited for about twenty minutes and she was still bathing the kids. My stomach was having sharp shooting pains, I was passing gas and my butt was quivering. I was going to have another poopy mess if I waited so I had to hobble to the other little bathroom in mama's room, where she was laying on the bed. I yank my shorts and undies to my ankles, sit down and smelly poop starts squirting out like toothpaste. Of course, since I was very close, my tighty whities had some bad skid marks. When I was done with my painful pooping, there was a pile of mush but I felt better. Nobody said anything or cared so I feel silly for my pooping anxiety.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Hi all. Recently I stayed over at Emily's. It's still been quite hot and it was boiling that night. I ended up sleeping in just my bra and knickers and Emily slept naked. But we've known each other for ages and ages, so we're not at all embarrassed about seeing each other with little or no clothes on. Anyway, I finally got to sleep and when I woke up in the morning I urgently needed a wee.

I went to the bathroom and sat down. Just as I was about to start weeing, Emily came in. She saw me sitting on the toilet and moaned "Ohhh... I really really need to go #2." I told her I was absolutely bursting for a wee, but I'd be quick. I concentrated and made a strong stream of wee then I wiped my front once. I flushed and went to wash my hands as Emily sat down.

"I'm going to be a while. Keep me company while I go?" she asked. I said okay and sat on the floor across from her. She weed for a bit and then leaned forward. I could see her scrunching up her face and pushing hard. Then I heard the crackling as her poo started to come out and she sat more upright. We chatted whilst she pooed, and she was right that she was going to take a while. About fifteen minutes later she was still letting out an occasional fart or a splash as her poo fell in the toilet, and showing no signs of being done anytime soon.

She said that she typically only poos about every four or five days and when she does go it's always a lot and usually difficult for her to start going. It was really stinking in the bathroom too. She doesn't have a fan in her bathroom, but luckily she lives alone, so we could keep the door and window open to let in some fresh air, which helped some.

She kept on pooing and we kept chatting for maybe ten minutes more, until she blasted a really loud long fart and then let off some mushy, loose poo. Then finally she said she was done. She had to wipe herself loads of times and then flush the toilet three times. She sprayed a tonne of air freshner and closed the toilet lid then washed her hands and we left the bathroom and her stink behind, to go and get dressed and get on with our day.

Monday, September 04, 2017


Constipation improving

Hi everyone, I'll get to my latest story in a minute, after a couple of comments.
Natasha- glad you were able to take a break from cooking to go for a poo, it sounded like a very satisfying one! Yes, I do seem to be getting less constipated which is good news!
Imogen- good to hear you were finally able to have a decent poo and great story about when you had a wee outside with Robyn. I know what you mean about fashionable girls judging you based on your underwear, back when I was in Year 10 at school more girls started to wear thongs and skimpy lacey pants, when we were changing for PE I would feel a bit self conscious as I was still wearing normal cotton knickers. To be honest I've only ever had those sort of pants as I find them really comfy and I think comfort is way more important than fashion, to this day I've never worn a thong! I guess I wasn't too bothered though as luckily all my close friends wore the same sort of pants as me so it wasn't like I was the only one, and apart from a few funny looks occasionally none of the other girls ever really said anything bad, at least not to my face!
Anyway, back to my story, yesterday I went out shopping with my friend Lucy and on the way home I started to feel the urge for a poo, it was a pleasant surprise as I had only had one a couple of days before. Even when I'm not constipated its rare for me to have a poo every day, normal for me seems to be every other day, so it seems like I'm getting back to that which is great. By the time we got back to my house I was having to clench my bum to stop the log from coming out in my knickers, I must have been pulling a face as Lucy asked, "Are you OK, Abs?" to which I replied, "Yeah, I just really need to have a poo, its trying to poke out!!"
We went upstairs to my bedroom and I went into my ensuite, Lucy followed me in and sat on the floor as I lifted my dress, dropped my pink stripey knickers and quickly sat on the toilet, I couldn't help moaning a bit as I unclenched my bum and felt the log start to make its way out slowly. I could feel it stretching my bumhole but it wasn't too fat and knobbly like when I'm really constipated, thankfully. I realised I'd have to start pushing to help it to keep coming, so I took a deep breath and bore down, after a couple of minutes of fairly gentle pushing it dropped with a splash and I farted, I could feel another log starting to emerge which took hardly any pushing before it too plopped down and I fet empty. I realised I had a slight need for a wee as well so I sent a weak stream dribbling down into the bowl, it was over quite quickly. I took some toilet roll and wiped my front and my bottom and then stood up to flush, I pulled up my pants and let my dress down before washing my hands. "Wow, that was a quick poo!" Lucy said, "I'm still really constipated, no matter what I do it doesn't seem to get any better!"
"Sorry to hear that, when did you last have a poo?" I asked. Lucy thought for a moment and said, "Umm, must be at least three days ago, I guess I should try to go now, we can keep chatting and it'll hopefully take my mind off it!" I sat down on the floor as Lucy went over to the toilet, as she lifted her skirt I saw she was wearing a tight pair of yellow flowery knickers which she pulled down to her knees and then sat on the loo. She started to have a wee, a fairly strong stream fizzing down into the bowl. After a while her wee dribbled to a stop and she just sat for a while, she said, "I'm just trying to sit and relax and see if I get the urge!" After about five minutes she shook her head and said, "It doesn't seem to be working, I guess I'm just gonna have to push really hard and see what happens!" With that she took a deep breath and bore down hard, she pushed for as long as she could and then couldn't help grunting as she released her breath, she said, "Sorry, I think I'm gonna have to grunt alot to get this one out!" I said, "No worries, you've heard me grunting often enough, just go for it!" Lucy nodded and bore down again, after a few dry farts and some more hard pushes she had gone really red and paused. "I can push the tip out," she panted, "But then it gets sucked back up my bum, its just too fat!" She pushed again for so long I was worried she was going to pass out, and then shook her head. "I think I'm gonna have a break and try again in a while," she said, she wiped her front before pulling up her knickers and letting down her skirt. We went back downstairs and ate some fruit and drank some water before going back up to my room. "I'm gonna have to take this skirt off, its sticking in me!" Lucy said, she unzipped her skirt and took it off, her knickers were stuck up her bum really badly! "Sorry, I've got a wedgie!" she said as she pulled them out. After an hour or so Lucy started to rub her belly, she said "Right, I think I'm ready to try again now, wish me luck!" We went back into my ensuite, Lucy pulled down her knickers and sat on the loo once again. She started to strain and do some really hard pushes, after a while she'd gone red again but carried on bearing down for as long as she could, she was straining so much that she couldn't even talk! After a few minutes of pushing and grunting she paused and said "Well its not going back up my bum any more, thank God!" I had every sympathy as I get the same problem when I'm constipated and its a real pain. After another few hard pushes Lucy panted, "Its coming!" and shortly after a log splashed down into the bowl with a moan of relief. I saw her belly tense as she started to strain again, I was expecting her second log to be easier but it was pretty much as tough as the first one, eventually she got that one to drop too and then she said, "I think I'm done now!" as she took some toilet paper and wiped her bum. Once she'd finished wiping she stood up and flushed, then pulled up her knickers and washed her hands. We went back into my room and Lucy put on her skirt, we then chatted about stuff for a while until she had to go home. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!


In my old workshop

At my parents house I had a large wooden shed at the bottom of there large garden which I used as a workshop and a hideaway, in it I had a bench etc. and an old leather armchair and a radio. One wet afternoon I was in the shed when my girlfriend walked in, I said I did not know she was there ( I had an intercom to the house so that I could go in if asked to ) she said that there was no-one in the house so she had come down to the shed to see if I was in. I said that I had to finish some work so she sat in the armchair, while I worked we had a few cans of lager.
After a while as I had started drinking before she arrived I needed a piss. If I was in the shed and needed a pee, as the toilet was back in the house I had loosened a board in the back wall of the shed so that I could stick my thing out through to pee and as my girlfriend had seen me pee a number of times this is what I did this time, when I was done I put the board back.
I was having one more can of lager when my girlfriend said it is all right for you how about me, she would normally walk back to the house but as it was raining and did not know if the house was unlocked or not, asked how could she pee out the hole in the wall. I said that I would find something for her to pee in and pasted her a small sauce pan that I used to melt moulding rubber in.
She took the pan and placed in on the floor and dropped her jeans and knickers and squatted over it and started to pee, at first she splashed a bit on the floor until she got her eye in so to speak, as I watched I was thinking is that pan going to be big enough as it was getting near the top, she stopped and gave it to me to empty, I then replaced it back on the floor under her from the rear, I now watching her still on my knees behind her. I was thinking that I must be a bum man as I liked the shape of her bum as she squatted over the pan, when she gave a little spurt and with that stood up for me to past her a rag to wipe with and then pulled her things back into place, I took the pan and poured it out the hole in the wall, it must of been nearly two pints in all.
I said if she was going to do that more often in the shed I would make a little drain that we could both use in the back wall. I never did get around to that, but I did get a small bucket she could use.

Victoria B.

A few responses first.

To Anna: You're too critical of yourself; this place wouldn't be the same without your writing! Sounds like you had a great load (glad everything went down the first time!) too. I'll trade you my leggings for your dress!

To Catherine: I am beyond happy about the life you and Alan have built together! You definitely came to mind this morning when I worked on a cow pie of my own. Enjoy your deluxe throne!

To Taylor: Sorry to hear that you weren't able to get everything down in time! It happens to the best of us though. Your second story reminded me of my own mishap involving a high ankle sprain, painkillers, and a toilet. I managed to get undressed and my butt on the seat in time, but I was so out of it that I ended up falling asleep while sitting and going. My then-roommate found me like that after I didn't answer to my name or knocks on the bathroom door-it was so embarrassing!

I've mentioned here that I've been experimenting with low-meat diets over the past couple of months. The experiments are over and I've decided to adopt a vegetarian diet on a permanent basis. The reasons why are for the most part not relevant to this website with one notable exception: I have never pooped so much since stopping meat. I'm going twice each day and the results are huge!


karen c. from cali

diarrhea ordeal outcome

hi brandon! thanks so much for your reply and asking how i was doing! your girlfriend is certainly a very lucky lady to have such a sensitive guy like you! i did feel much better, kinda a long story but it felt like food poisoning--i get that a lot i guess because i'm not careful enough about what i eat or who made it,, well where i left off from my last post the other day, i swallowed a spoonful of salt and chased it down with a few glasses of water to help me throw up and get my stomach empty, i started throwing up a half hour afterward after the salt, then i drank lots more water and threw that up too until nothing but water came up, the bbq tasted just awful coming back up but i knew i hadda get it out,, i hope the neighbors didn't hear me throwing up! haha. i drank a glass of milk to ease the abrasive feeling in my stomach. napped on the sofa falling asleep to paranormal documentaries on youtube and bossa nova jazz on skyfm, then woke up a few hours later, had a massive bout of diarrhea, then two plain warm water enemas. woke up several hours later feeling fine and ravenously hungry. ate half a stouffer's family lasagna with lots of melted velveeta with a spinach salad , then later craved and made some fresh fries and beer battered onion rings with lots of ketchup mayo sauce and polished off half a quart of strawberry yogurt with a banana, then slept again to more paranormal vids.
luvs, karen c. from cali


both ends

Abbie - wow that sounds embarrassing, hopefully nobody knew what you'd had to do! And I agree it's embarrassing when you have a skirt fly up in the wind - and it always seems to happen when I'm not wearing nice pants either!

I've got two stories to share, firstly, I'm lucky to not often suffer from constipation, but the last couple of days I have. I think it's because I've been out and had heavy evening meals and not really taken the time to have a proper poo. If I feel a need I'm busy and then it doesn't come back.
Yesterday I felt I was desperate for a poo and went to the loo, there was an explosive fart and a bit of poo came out, but that was it.
This morning the same process repeated, I felt full but couldn't push anything out.
I popped to the newsagent and bought a can of diet coke and drank that. Within 2 hours I needed to go again and I had barely sat down before exploding and emptying myself almost completely. I felt so much better!

The second story is from when I had to do a wee outside with my friend Robyn last weekend, there were about a dozen of us who'd met up in the park for a late afternoon / early evening picnic. In the park there's a block of toilets which I had been to a couple of times. By around 8pm it was starting to get dark and a bit cold so we were thinking about packing up, so I said "I'm just going for a wee before we head off home" at which point Robyn said she needed one too, so we both headed across the field to where the toilets were. Now it's worth pointing out that I don't really know Robyn that well, certainly I'd be wary of discussing things like going to the loo too much with her! She's quite a slim and petite girl and gets lots of attention from the guys, very fashionable and with dyed brown/blonde hair. Anyway we were walking down the field chatting to each other about nothing particular, and got to the toilet block, to find they were closed and locked up for the day!

I was worried because at this point I'd want to find a bush to have a wee behind, but how to broach the subject with someone you don't know too well? Luckily Robyn said something first and said "I'm really sorry Imo, I can't wait till I get home, do you mind guarding while I do a wee in a bush or something? I'm pretty desperate".

I said that was fine because I needed one myself, so we looked around and headed towards a wooded area at the edge of the field. We followed a path into the woods and Robyn was looking around saying we needed to be sure that nobody would see! After a while she said "Oh I really need a wee, let's just go here, is that ok?" pointing to the next holly bush. We both went round the back then I stood to guard as she carried on a bit further, then chose her spot. She lifted up her skirt, which was a white flowery bodycon one that I probably would never have been brave enough to wear, and then pulled down a tiny black thong, and squatted high above the ground. She seemed to be concentrating or maybe just trying to get going, then a massive stream appeared under high pressure. I had to move out the way as the stream trickled down towards where I was standing! I was getting pretty desperate myself by this point and crossed my legs slightly. Robyn had finished her wee by this point and bounced her bum up and down a bit, pulled her thong up and shuffled her dress back into position.

We swapped places and I was a bit self conscious because I know some 'fashionable' girls can judge you based on your underwear! As it happened I had pink lacey pants on that day, so I lifted up my skirt and pulled them down, then squatted on the ground and found nothing was coming, despite trying to push! Robyn looked at me and said "Don't worry, I'm the same. It's like stage fright!" We both laughed. She said "try thinking about being on the toilet, or running water, or something". I screwed up my eyes and thought about getting on a toilet and going for a wee, conscious that I was squatting half-naked and not weeing yet. After about 30 seconds, the stream slowly started up, then sped up to a full flow which lasted quite a while! Once it had died down I pushed a little bit more out, then pulled up my knickers and let my dress down.

We walked back to the picnic area with Robyn telling me I shouldn't be embarrased (I was really red by this point!) and that it had been her first outside wee since Fresher's week last year, when she'd had to ask a taxi driver to pull over so she could do one beside the road!


To Anna from Canada

Hey Anna

I thought I would post as a courtesy to say "thanks" for responding to the questions I had about your experience when you needed to poop outdoors on the third day of your hiking trip.

You mentioned that you felt self-conscious about the size of the load that you passed. I guess that's understandable but I'd suggest to try not to feel that way next time you pass a large load outside - even if it consists of several big long logs. I've been to many outdoor events in the past and had to go outside - both pee and poop. Often I would spot other people (including young women) squatting behind bushes, trees and in undergrowth etc. As I would make my way back to my friends I would sometimes see some really huge loads where they had been - so you're by no means alone in being a big pooper (though I guess you probably kinda knew that). Who knows - maybe Lara was secretly impressed by your pile - but didn't want to say anything...

I also really enjoyed your story about the big urgent dump you had at the mall after choosing the swimsuit. I'd try not to worry about anything other people do or say when they hear you pooping. If you're desperate (or even if you're not) the best thing to do is ignore them: relax and let your poop come out regardless of the noise or smell - even if it comes out in very long pieces. It sounds as though you were able to do that which is good. Interestingly, the teenage girls behavior suggested they considered pooping to be something to be embarrassed about - a common taboo. However, two of them noisily pooped in the toilet so perhaps hearing you pooping went some way to reducing the (unfortunate) sense they had that pooping in public is taboo.

One other thing - if you're really desperate then there's no harm in relaxing your sphincters whilst settling your bottom over the toilet bowl (even if the head of a big log begins to crown) rather than waiting until you're seated. It probably won't make much difference but it will give you some much needed relief a few seconds sooner.

Look forward to hearing more of your stories Anna



reply to Thatgirl

Hi Thatgirl,
please share some of your experiences pooping in your backyard.
How old are you by the way? I'm 17

Hi everybody, it's Anna from Canada. I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I was on vacation with my family and it was way too hectic! I'm back now and I want to share a quick story that happenend yesterday.

Me and four of my girlfriends were going to go out last night and we met at my house to have some wine and watch Netflix before going downtown. One of the other girls was Bebe, a friend I have been hanging out with this summer a lot. I have also written about her here a few times. Anyway, we were just hanging out and after about an hour or so I started to have these little stomach cramps. They quickly got worse and it wasn't long until I felt like I badly needed the toilet for a number two. I quickly headed to our bathroom. When I entered, I noticed an obvious poop smell in the room. Both Bebe and one of my other friends had been using the bathroom before and I guess one of them had to poo as well!
I closed the door, pushed up my purple skater dress, pulled down my black thong and plopped my rear end on the toilet seat. Immediately I let out a long silent fart and then I began to pee. First it was a little trickle only but then it turned into a big stream that was spraying from my girly bits into the bowl! Even while I was still peeing my poo started to push out. A big turd stretched my backdoor and slowly crackled into my toilet while I couldn't help letting out a little moan. It felt very long and when it dropped off, I accidentally blasted a loud fart into the toilet. I didn't feel empty yet, though. So I just waited for a bit and then after a minute or so I pushed out another big turd. It was a bit embarrassing, but that one ended with a kinda loud and wet fart, too. After that, I did two more poops, but these were much smaller. Then I finally felt all emtpy and all the cramps were gone. I quickly pulled of some paper and wiped my front and then my little hole. It wasn't a super messy poo, but I still used tons of tp since I really didn't like the idea of going out with a dirty bottom, haha! When I was done wiping I pulled up my thong and flushed the toilet. Luckily it all went down, but only in the very end and I was worried that I was going to have to use the plunger for a moment. Having been so lucky, I washed my hands and also opened the window and sprayed some air freshener, cause the little bathroom was really stinking from my number two.

I think I had spent about five minutes or so in the bathroom when I joined my girlfriends again. All of us went to pee about an hour later when we were leaving the house and thankfully by then all the smell was gone! Nice! I hope you all liked my story!

to Victoria B: Thanks for the shoutout! Yes, this has happened to me more than once, usually when I was kinda tipsy, though. But so far I have always been able to correct the situation in time!
Btw, I have seen these space leggins several times now and I always need to think of this site when I do, haha!

to Erin: Loved your story from college! I agree it's so much better to have a pooping buddy when needing a number two in a public bathroom with an audience. It's good to not be the only girl!

to Jessica B: I very much liked your story from the library, though I did feel a bit bad both for you and the other poor girl who needed the big number two!
I'm so glad you like my writing! Most times I actually don't even want to read what I wrote because I feel it's so bad and I am so embarrassed by it! I'm trying to be better about it and reading something nice really helps me work on my confidence!

Uncle Harry

For Brooke

I'm glad that you had the courage to use the men's bathroom when needed. Technically, you were not allowed to that at Walmart.Next time you go shopping, try Target. They have a policy that anyone can use any bathroom for any reason or no reason. By the way, I love Canada. We live in the US in the north central area. My wife and I have visited many times and have friends in Toronto. We also have been to Quebec.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Pooping after breakfast with black coffee

I'm sitting on the toilet right now with my black shorts and pink and white undies around my lower legs, literally seconds after getting the "urge" while finishing my cup of black coffee. And wow, is my body getting a good clean out. I had a nice healthy breakfast along with plenty of fresh fruit, a big cup of black coffee (along with the last of my husband's coffee) and been drinking plenty of water in my reusable bottle of water. And my goodness, that gives my body a good cleanout. My body feels finished now. Time to wipe. Reaching behind me for some tissues. It took a couple of sheets to get clean. Standing now to see what I did after wiping. My stomach feels much softer. WOW! A big soft log is lying sideways in the bowl, about 2 feet long! No wonder my stomach has been do bloated (I'm slightly overweight too, but this doesn't help). There's still more in my stomach but we're getting there. Tossed the used tissues into the toilet and flushed them. Pulled up my underwear and black shorts and flushed the toilet. Washed my hands & dried them.

Now back in my bedroom finishing writing this and keeping hydrated with plenty of water. It is a very hot 29 degrees out there, so have to keep hydrated.

Happy pooping!

Annie from Taiwan


Recent Post

Hi people! I've not had diarrhea in a while, so I bett my bile concentration in my intestines is back to normal. Well of course, we'll see anyway. I had 1 BM today that felt firm coming out, and the TP felt a little gooey. The paper was like a moist gooey texture, and not like my slimy poos I've had before. At the table during breakfast,I have ripped some loud, and somewhat smelly farts today. After I pooped, I wanted some spam. Unfortunately for me the pull tab broke, and I ended up beating the can with a brick to pop the seal. Gotta do what you gotta do for some grub, lol.

Good morning!

My little man is fed, Alan and the kids are off to school and my mother is not due for another hour or so. I've missed this forum terribly!

First, I wanted to say hello to all who have been so kind to respond to me for years! Hi Mina, Brandon T, Victoria B, Anna from Canada, Rebekah, Karen from Cali, Optional Person, Adrian, Steve A, Oldpoop and Braidy. You are the ones who were so kind to reply who seem to be reading the forum. I hope you all are well! And to Emily and Molly, Becc, Michelle C, Lavah, and others new to the form, I've enjoyed your stories. I love seeing new people contribute to the forum.

I wanted to share a few things. First, my post-partum doodies have been really interesting. I take Colace to keep the stools soft. As many women know from that experience, I have some healing to do. So, firm, thick logs would not agree with me right now. While stool softeners do not force you to go to the bathroom or give you diarrhea, the result in the toilet is a really large mushy pile. I read someone describe their poop as a cowpie. Since my little man has been born, my eating habits have returned to normal. So, I producing 3-4 of these large, soft piles each day. The sensation is not that bad. The only problem is that when I feel it coming, the urge goes from zero to ten within minutes. If I don't get to a toilet, then I will have an accident. Fortunately, that has not happened (yet).

Second, as I began to feel that I was going into labor (it happened before my due date), I took the biggest poop of my life. I felt the cramping and contractions as expected. When I got to the toilet, it's like my body unloaded everything in my system. It smelled really bad and just kept coming. The bowl was filled with poop. Of course, I took a picture! Haha! (I don't do that as much as I used to, but I had to. I've never pooped so much in my life!)

Third, we moved into our new house in late July. Our families were wonderful. It's a dream come true. We splurged on the bathrooms! We even had a Japanese style toilet with a built in bidet installed. I LOVE IT!!!

Life is good. I love seeing how this community and conversation on the Toiletstool forum continues to grow. We all go to the bathroom! Let's talk about it.

Prayers, positive thoughts and well wishes for some outstanding bowel movements!

Love to all!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Michelle C great story it sounds like she must've felt amazing after a huge poop like that.

To: Lavah that's good that you finaly pooped I bet you felt amazing afterwards.

To: Brooke great story as the saying goes when you gotta go you gottag go and any bathroom will do.

To: Catherine congrats.

To: Natasha as always another great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Victoria B

I've done both!

At home we always kept the seat down and lid up, mostly because there was three females living in the house so I became used to just pulling down my clothes and sitting. Something I had done for my whole life. When I moved in with other people for university it was the opposite! There has been a couple of times where I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, and sat on the lid half asleep.

The other has only happened once. I had an injury and because of the painkillers I was taking, I really wasn't with it. I climbed off my bed and hobbled to the toilet, pulled down my leggings and sat. It was only when I felt myself getting wet I realised I hadn't pulled down my knickers!

Much love x


Fear of High School Bathrooms

I just got my drivers license and now drive to and from school. I babysit to support my car and I'm taking a freshman who lives down the street from me to and from school. That extra money is also great. But there is this problem. We've been in school for almost two weeks now and she is having trouble with her bowels. She is trying her best not to crap at school. Every afternoon we text our locations in the building right after school and yesterday I was on the toilet in the 301 bathroom. Yes, I was having my crap. She seemed upset and since she's only 13, almost 14, she told me more than a week ago that she is planning to avoid crapping at school. And I'm like why? I admit it would be much more tough for me to do that because I do a lot of tutoring and starting next month I'm going to have to pick her up about 45 minutes earlier in the morning and I'm going to have some afternoons when I tutor past 4. She knows that and plans to fill the time doing her homework. But Darcy worries me about her plans to hold her crap in until we get her home. I know she is not the only one. I wrote last year about a guy who literally ran across the football field right after the 3:05 dismissal bell to his house two blocks away. The he hurried back to our school and met me in the library for tutoring. It's not that I'm worried about Darcy having an accident in my car, but this not taking care of bathroom needs at school doesn't seem wise to me. Most days I use the toilets two or three times. I think holding bodily needs back is dumb.


I'm back

Hey guys it's Ellie. I didn't post for a while because I started my second year of college and I've been busy. Anyway my last story didn't get posted and I didn't save it so I'm just gonna forget about it for now. Anyway, I didn't mention this before but I am a college student and if you remember Bridget from my stories about high school then you should know that we were close. She's my roommate now and we live in an apartment on campus rather than a dorm. Anyway, Bridget and I sort of became closer after my friend Nicole moved away and we both stopped going to the bathroom in our pants like Nicole after she moved away. Sorry for the long intro but I have a story now about something that happened to me during my first college exam freshman year.

Ok so I had a big midterm coming up in my biology class and I was studying hard for it. The night of the exam, which started at 8:30 I fell asleep around 7 by accident and woke up at 8 to the sound of Bridget telling me we had to go. I needed to use the bathroom but there wasn't time and the prof didn't let you take the exam if you were late so I just left. We got to the exam around 825 and got seated, by this time I really needed to pee. The exam room was huge and was used as a concert hall so at least the seats were comfortable to sit in, they were like movie theater seats. About halfway through the exam I needed to pee so badly there were tears in my eyes. My legs were feeling numb and shaky from holding it for so long. Suddenly I just couldn't wait and I started peeing, I turned red and tried to stop but I just couldn't. I managed to slow it down so people couldn't hear it but I knew if I kept going it would seep through the fabric of the chair and drip loudly. Luckily I was wrong and the seat absorbed it before I regained control but I knew I was still soaked. I finished taking the exam but just stayed in my seat until time was up so my pants would dry some. I was wearing jeans so I knew it would be obvious what I did. The exam ended and I slowly walked to the front and handed in my test and then turned to Bridget who was waiting for me. She knew something was wrong and she asked me what was going on. I just sort of turned around and she saw. "Oh no I'm so sorry!" She said to me. I was devastated because I wanted to put the whole thing where I used to occasionally go in my pants behind me. I thought it was immature and I wanted to grow up. As we walked back to our apartment at least it was dark so nobody could see but I was still crying. Bridget asked why I was so upset because she had seen me do this before and not have a problem. I told her that it was because we were in college now and I needed to act like it. "People in college don't pee themselves." I said to her. Bridget turned to me and said she had something to show me. We got back to our apartment and she led me to her room and told me to wait. She pulled out a bag and inside were a package of diapers. She told me that being away from home and starting college had caused her to stress and start wetting the bed again. I told her it wasn't that bad because she couldn't help it and I was worse because I did it while I was awake. She rolled her eyes at me and said "F*ck it." Then she got a concentrated look and I saw a pee spot about the size of a plate appear on her butt. I sort of started laughing while I was crying and she started laughing too. "See, it happens to everyone" I felt a lot better about myself after that. Anyway guys hopefully I'll post here again soon. Let me know if you want more recent stories.

Optional Person

Interesting stories may be coming in the future.

Life update.

I just met a girl at my college. she really likes me. She is comfortable with her bodily functions. So hopefully I will have some interesting stories of my first time smelling a girls scent and seeing her mess in the bowl. I can't wait to share them with you. I'm very hopeful they will happen.

Also my dump this morning basically looked like mud, and it smelled like eggs.

Friday, September 01, 2017

End Stall Em

Adventures with cousin Lance

Just over ten years ago my parents had a couple of relatives stop by for a visit while their families traveled across the U.S. The adults would spend all day on the deck together and for that day they would loosen the rules on how far I could go out on my bicycle. So on this Sunday, with cousin Lance (he was 10) he and I (I was 9) could ride our bikes three blocks over to the grade school play ground. We took a 2 liter bottle out of the fridge and I carried it on the small basket on the front of my bike. Then at the school, sitting on the swings and later laying on the slides we shared swigs of the soda and hung out. I couldn't believe how fast Lance drank. Big swigs and he continued chugging it. Finally, I kind of yanked the bottle from his hands because I was thirty too. I'm glad I did because he would have finished it off fast.

About an hour later he was hiccuping. Then he let off a couple of vicious farts. He called them woodchucks, a type of strange humor I remember his dad using when we were all watching a baseball game on TV. He said he was going to need a bathroom. It didn't surprise me. Even outside I could smell some of his farts. When he didn't want to go back to my house, all I could suggest was the city park toilets two blocks over. He said his butt was too clean to sit on a public toilet. I took offense and asked him how he thinks girls go the bathroom. He didn't have much to say about that. I was laying over the bottom of the slide and kicking into a small hole created in the sand and dirt by the hundreds of users who came down it and hit the ground. Then I gave him a second alternative.

I dared Lance to do his crap right there. He would sit on the very edge of the slide. Drop his clothing. Take his crap into the hole. Then it could be buried in the sand. Since we were the only ones there, I told him he would have his privacy. I was surprised he agreed to it, even though I knew he was distressed. I got up off the slide. Lance took the seat and carefully adjusted his uncomfortable sitting after he dropped his underwear and shorts so that the crap would clear. There were a couple of farts and he complained about the temperature of the slide burning his butt. I reminded him about avoiding the dirty seat at the park. Lance didn't seem embarrassed about me seeing his organ or two balls of crap falling from between his legs. Next there was the main event. It looked semi-soft and about the size of a hot dog. I tore the label off the empty soda container and he used the non-glued side to wipe.

I was about to bury it in the sand when Lance told me to keep my feet to myself. I told him I was about the ride over to the park to pee. He said I owed him. Here's what he proposed. In about an hour or so when the sun started to go down, I would take off my jean shorts. In my underwear, I would go down the slide, avoid going into the crap, and then take the "seat" and pee into the outside toilet we were creating. Lance teased me that I would probably "lose it" gong down and make it into a water slide. Although I knew it would be hard for me to hold my pee in for another hour, I did. Lance even came up behind me when I was sitting on my bike and tickled me. I couldn't believe it. But I knew I didn't want to wrestle him in my condition. I tried to keep my mind off my need to pee and Lance continued to f*** with my mind. Finally, some clouds covered the sun so I got out of my shorts. Lance made fun of the Disney characters on my underwear as I climbed the stairs of the slide.

He pointed to the crap and reminded me to spread my legs when I landed. He joked about spreading the crap out a bit. I wanted to get it over with and threw myself onto the slide. I could feel moisture in my underwear so I knew what happened, especially when I spread my legs and jumped over Lance's crap. Lance pointed out what I already knew and showed me a stream coming down off the slide. He tried to encourage me to sit on the edge of the slide and finishing off my pee. I knew there was no way. We rode over to the park toilet where I went in and finished if off. Lance used the opportunity to go into the mens room and finish his wipe. By the time we got back to my house his family was about ready to resume their trip. That was fine with me. If I had to go to the same school with him I can just imagine the stories he would tell.

Like me he's in college now too. I haven't seen him, though, for several years.

Michelle C

Sorority sister's biggest poop ever

Hi, I posted this story some time ago. My writing skills have improved and I would like to add more detail to one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. This particular incident happened in my 4th year of college with a fellow sorority sister. We had just turned 21 and we decided to take a trip to Las Vegas. We had spent several days together in a small hotel room. I was really looking forward to hearing poop sounds or smelling poop smells from her, as I had always been in to that kind of thing. However, it was the 5th day of the trip and I noticed that she had not pooped since we arrived. All of her trips to the bathroom sounded like quick pee trips. Even when we went out places, I would accompany her to the restroom and all I heard was pee. On the day before we were due to leave (it was a 6 day trip), We decided to visit Death Valley in California by car. It was a beautiful sight. We stopped for lunch at an all you can eat buffet and really filled up. At the end of that visit, we were returning to Las Vegas when we realized that there were only two roads back to Las Vegas from California. We chose to take the road that was more of a direct route, but only one lane in each direction and pretty deserted. We had been on this road for quite some time and there were no signs of any gas stations, restaurants, etc. I noticed that every once in a while, there would be a slight smell in the car that would smell like a fart. I looked at my friend each time and she looked a little sheepish, but we kept talking. The smell came more frequently and my friend stopped talking as much as she had been, and had a look of anxiety on her face. After a while, the fart smell was coming very often, and it was then that my friend confided in me that she needed to poop, and had not done so the whole trip. She said that she was pretty poop shy and wanted to wait until she got home the next day to let it all out, but after 5 days of build up, was not going to be able to hold on any more. She wanted to wait until we got back to our hotel, and luckily we could see the larger hotels in the distance. I was driving as fast as I could but unfortunately, there was an accident up ahead and the one road back to the city was completely shut down. We were forced to turn around and go back to find the other road to take us to the city. On the way back, my friend was trying everything she could to keep her poop in, including sitting on the heel of her foot to try to stop it from coming out. I think she could have made it if we could have kept going to the hotel but she said to me that we would have to pull over so that she could relieve herself. She said that there was so much poop inside of her and knowing that there were no rest stops in the near future, she was keeping a look out for a large rock so she could at least have some privacy from other motorists. I told her that I would be her look out for other cars, and she thanked me. She was sweating and looked very desperate and had her eyes peeled for a large rock. She was not talking at all anymore, just concentrating on holding her poop in and finding somewhere to let it go. When she finally spotted a very large rock, she yelled, "stop here!" I stopped the car and she waddled out of the car. I quickly opened my car door and was walking right behind her. She was physically holding her butt closed as she waddled carefully to get behind the rock as to not poop herself. She looked at me and said in a shaky voice, trying to hold in the massive turd, "you stand guard by the road and watch for cars" but I didn't want to miss this so I followed her close behind. I told her I could see the road from the rock and I wanted to protect her. I think she was embarassed to have me there but so desperate she had no choice. As we got closer to the rock she began pulling down her pants, and I could see the turd starting to come out of her anus, which was already opening to let the huge poop out. As soon as she was hidden all the way by the rock, she quickly pulled her pants the rest of the way down. She squatted and was finally allowed to let the monstrous turd go. She made a loud grunting noise and this huge solid log effortlessly began to slide out of her anus. She squatted perfectly still and had a look of concentrated pushing as this long solid mass exited her hole. I was staring right at her, her face, her butt. She looked amazing. Her eyes were fixed ahead of her and her mouth was gaping open. I was listening to the crackling noises and watching her wide open hole accommodate the biggest poop I had ever seen. After the humongous log dropped out of her, about 2 feet worth, she moaned loudly. She stayed very still in that squat position as more and more smaller softer turds fell out of her still open hole. Now she had a mixed look of humiliation but also relief like I had never seen anyone look before. It was taking a while and she was so embarrassed, she grunted in a strained, pushing voice, "I'm so sorry, I can't stop", but I told her to just relax and let it all come out. She looked a little more relaxed and was pushing and moaning in relief after every drop. The smell was horrendous and there were so many small turds that piled up on the huge hard log. When she was finally done, she let out a long sigh of relief. Her hole was closed now. The poop pile was absolutely huge. She had released every bit of it and was completely emptied out. She asked me for some napkins to wipe with, which I got out of the car for her. I left her alone to wipe. I will never forget that time. She apologized to me when she got back to the car, and I told her it was no problem, and she told me she felt much better.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Molly & Emily at least you learned not to trust a fart if your stomach is upset.

To: Erin great story it sounds like you both had good poops.

To: Braidy great story.

To: Annie From Taiwan great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and had to poop a lot.

Well that's all for now sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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