After Christmas poops

Hi again. Today I have a story about my family's after-Christmas poops. The whole family went to my aunt and uncle's house for Christmas and my aunt made enough food to feed a small army, so no one left hungry. And then the toilet at our house saw a lot of usage on the morning after Christmas. We normally have two bathroom but, of course, one of them picked that day to break. There were six people in the house - my brother and I, my parents, and my grandparents - and all of us had to poop, so we all queued up for the only working bathroom.

I ended up at the very back of the line so I was really desperate by the time everyone else finished up. The last few minutes waiting for my mom to finish up were the worst! Finally, I heard her flush and wash her hands then she came out. I went in, closed and locked the door, and immediately noticed that five people pooping back-to-back had really stunk the place up. I sprayed a lot of air freshener before I even sat down, knowing full well that I'd soon be adding to the stink.

I was so desperate to poop that I didn't even bother getting out my phone. I was completely finished in less than two minutes. As I always do, I stood up to look at my poop after I'd finished. I saw a large pile of soft logs in the toilet. The ones on top of the pile were almost entirely out of the water. I sat back down and wiped. I had to wipe eight times before I was clean. It was a very messy one. I flushed and used the brush to scrub off the few skidmarks I'd left behind, then sprayed more air freshener and washed my hands before leaving the very stinky bathroom.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Pooping Contest

Ok, here's a little run-down of me: I'm not that new, but I've only made a few posts. Recently, I've been lurking around her doing nothing but reading. Anyways, I have a story for the public today.

I remember I was in third (or second) grade at the time when this happened. So I have some neighborhood friends... Right? I only had a few friends at that time. I'm not going to share the names of these friends, so let's call them Jean and Jeanette. So Jean and Jeanette came over to my house (we were the same age). We were doing our thing: playing video games, building Legos, and doing other time-killing stuff. I was in the middle of playing when I felt an immense pressure in my rear. "I'm going to the bathroom." I said. Just as I was about to open the door to the bathroom, I told the twins (Jean and Jeanette): "Let's have a pooping contest!". I just said that out of the blue... I had no interest for poop then, but I wasn't disgusted by it either. To my surprise Jean said "Sure.". It wasn't one of those "Ok, fine, if it makes you feel better"-sure's it was a legitimate "sure". I wouldn't say I was overjoyed, but I was mildly interested. Jeanette decided to spectate, and sat outside the bathroom right next to me as Jean entered the bathroom. I held it in for about 20 minutes while I waited for Jean to come out. She finally came out. I looked at what she did to the toilet. There was one small-ish log that was suspended, but not floating in the water. I then flushed the toilet, ushered Jean out, and shut the door. I pulled down my lower garments (I don't remember what I was wearing then) and sat myself on the bowl... It was still slightly warm. After a few seconds of pushing a little, a thick log move out slowly and fell into the toilet with a quiet plop. It looked more than seven inches long (that was long for my age and my dumps). The log was also quite thick. I got up and wiped (I used to stand and wipe). With a smug grin on my face, I walked out of the bathroom and said "I won!". Both the twins gawked at my damage. After that, we flushed the beast and continued to play.


Ice Fishing With Uncle Jim

I promised my Uncle Jim that I would go ice fishing with him over Christmas break. I'm just too busy to do that during the school year when I have my classes and school activities going. In fact, if it hadn't been for a cancellation on one of my child sitting jobs, I would not have been able to schedule getting up at 3:30 a.m. to get a seat on a river bank and do fishing in the cold of winter. Uncle Jim warned me that there is only a few days in early winter that it is best to fish. Otherwise you have to wait for spring. So I decided to get it out of the way.

He called my cell at 3:30 a.m. to say he was waiting outside but didn't want to wake up my family. I had laid out some thermo underwear my dad loaned me but in my haste and being half asleep, I forgot to pack it. So while I had jeans on and my school sweater, I was hopeful as we rode in his old, dirty pickup that my parka would keep me warm enough. I could tell in the dim light that he was dressed warmer than me. He's a real outdoors man and likes to hunt, too. After about 15 minutes in our hour-long drive to the river, I had to ask him to stop at a 24/7 quick store because I had to pee real bad. I continued to be frustrated that I had forgotten to get up before hand and prepare for the day. He gave me the money for the two large coffees that we could later pour into his thermos and share. He pumped the gas while I went into the store, found the line (there were 4 waiting for the 1 unisex toilet). This big, fat guy in front of me was farting with almost no control. I could easily smell it so I knew what he was going to do. I just hoped he wasn't going to be too long. He wasn't. I went in, latched the door, checked it again, then got myself up on the seat. My pee was my normal 50 to 60 seconds. As I sat, what grossed me out was that someone had wiped after a poo, and then thrown the soiled toilet paper into the normal trash can in the corner. Their soft-poo wiping evidence was staring right at me as I sat. I reached for the toilet paper roll, pulled off some toilet paper, and waded it up. Then I reached over and placed it on top of the trashcan.

When I bought the coffee and delivered it to Uncle Jim, he made a crude joke about me being a slow-shitter. He said he was too and when he was in school, how others F##### with him about how long he was on the toilet. You see between classes, others were waiting for his toilet and he upset them too much. And when he asked permission to leave a class for the bathroom, teachers would only allow one guy to sign out at a time. It was an all-boy school, so classmates gave him a hard time. This was like 30 years ago for him and he said there were no privacy doors on the toilets. I told him a lot of them have even been removed from the girls' room now. He said he should complain, but I told him our students are partly responsible. I told him a few irresponsibles hurt it for everyone. He agreed.

We spent about 2 hours until sunrise fishing. Sharing so much coffee with him, partially because of my need to survive the cold, caused me to need to pee again. Also, since I normally have my daily crap right after arriving at school, I could feel that need coming to. Uncle Jim gave me one of two large flashlights he had in the truck and told me there was a "Shit Shack" about a block down as part of a loading dock for boats. He was telling me it was kind of spartan, I didn't really know what that meant, but I was just hoping that it was not padlocked for the winter. I trotted down there. It had faded paint. Looked like the small closet that our neighbors have in their backyard for the lawn mower and snowblower. After I opened the door and flashed the lamp around, I saw a wooden seat sitting on the floor with a an opening that if I didn't sit too far back on, I wouldn't fall in. The place was every bit as cold as it was outside. I dropped my jeans and underwear and slid my butt onto the old and cold wood. Something was tearing at me under my left thigh, it hurt but I just wanted the relief from being on the toilet. My pee started with no problem. My butt was feeling the cold wood more than the rest of me.

I remembered I had a small pen in my right pocket. I used it as a door latch, but then got to thinking as my crap was starting to come, that it was unlikely that anyone would try to visit me. At school and other places, my morning craps are prompt and soft. Luckily that was the case here because I was already shaking all over. I flashed the light around looking for toilet paper. There was none. I remembered I had a couple of tissues in my left pocket, but knew they would have to do. They were double-ply so by taking them apart, I gained extra wiping power. They worked fine and probably got me out of there faster. When I got back to Uncle Jim, I told him I needed to warm up in the truck. He gave me the keys to get the needed heat going. I ended up staying in there for longer and Uncle Jim and I decided to call it a day. We didn't catch anything but I enjoyed the bonding and having the experience, I guess. We stopped at a truck stop for breakfast. Because my left thigh was continuing to hurt, I excused myself to the bathroom. What I discovered was that I had picked up a sliver from the wooden toilet. Using a small mirror that Uncle Jim kept under his sun visor, I was able to pull it out. I could see why it hurt and there was a little blood on my thumb.

I used the opportunity to pee a bit more. In getting up I saw I was leaving a little blood on the white seat. I wiped my wound again and I wiped the blood off the seat. Uncle Jim and I had a hearty breakfast then he drove me back home. He likes to fish 15 or 20 days a year. For me, one is enough.


Boyfriend had poo trouble

Hey everyone!! So last week my poor boyfriend had a bad case of diarrhoea and he was in so much discomfort. Poor baby was cramping like crazy and couldn't be more than a few minutes away from the toilet and his belly was constantly rumbling and squeaking. I think it was a chicken wrap he ate that was a little off :( my boyfriend is really tall and well built and he eats a LOT coz he works out all the time. So anyway I decided to help him out by giving him some Imodium and it worked great...I mean it worked TOO well. So over the next few days I began to notice his usually flat stomach getting kinda round and realised he hadn't spent a while in the bathroom in ages (usually I can tell when he poos because he takes a long time and afterwards there's... Well there's a pretty strong smell). Yesterday it got to the point that he hadn't done a poo in five whole days and he had been eating a huge amount as usual. We were sitting on the couch together watching Netflix and he was fidgeting a lot and holding the waistband of his skinny jeans away from his by now very bloated belly. Without making a big deal of it I rested my hand on his stomach and started to rub it gently in circles. I expected him to stop me but instead he kinda pushed his stomach against my hand and after a while he groaned softly and covered my hand with his encouraging me to use more pressure. He felt SO full down there like his stomach was really stuffed and solid. I continued this for a few minutes and then he moaned and said 'baby... This is really helping...' I pretended I didn't know what was up and said 'helping with what baby?' He had his eyes closed and murmured 'I'm really constipated.' I leaned in and kissed his cheek just beside his ear and whispered 'poor baby let me help you out.' He leaned his head against me and nodded. I was no longer really concentrating on the show we were watching now but more concentrating on helping him. His belly made a huge grumbling noise and he shifted on the couch and murmured 'sorry baby.' I was about to ask about what but I soon found out. My massage must have been helping things along down there because he gave a soft grunt and farted into the couch. The smell rose up to meet us and it was really strong. My boyfriend blushed and looked at me with puppy dog eyes. 'Sorry...I really needed to' he said. 'That's ok baby, you do what you need to do' I told him and kissed his forehead. I felt his belly go hard again and he let out another fart. This one was a pfffft sound and smelled even worse than the last one. 'I think I better go sit on the toilet' he said. His cheeks were red and he looked really uncomfortable. 'Will you... Come with me?' He asked with his eyes downcast. 'Of course baby' I said and smoothed his hair back. I kissed him on the cheek again to reassure him and he stood up and took my hand. We walked to the bathroom, him with his hand on his bloated stomach. When we got there he pulled down his jeans and had a hiss of gas come out as he bent down to pull down his boxers. He sat on the toilet and looked up at me. 'I really need to poo' he admitted. I got down on my hunkers in front of him and rubbed his thighs as I kept eye contact. I saw his expression change as he went more red. He was pushing. 'You haven't gone in a while have you?' I asked. He shook his head and began to hold his belly as he pushed. 'Want me to rub you again?' I said. He nodded, blushing. I reached out to touch his tense stomach and began to massage him in firm downwards movements. 'That's really good' he moaned. 'It's really...ugh...helping...' A really tight deep fart echoed into the toilet. I could tell from the sound of it that there was a lot of pressure moving down. Sure enough I looked between his legs and saw his bum dome out as if there was a grapefruit behind it. He was sweating now and he reached back to tie his hair up with an elastic on his wrist to cool himself down. The bulge retreated as he stopped pushing. 'Come on baby' I said 'you can do it' I stopped rubbing his belly and reached up to rub his shoulders instead. He gassed loudly into the toilet. 'Ugh... Sorry about this baby'. 'That's ok sweetie just let it out'. His last fart smelled exactly like poo. It wouldn't be long now before... 'Hnnnn.. Baby... It's gonna happen..' He strained. He opened his legs and ground his bum deep into the toilet as he bulged again. This time with a squeaking fart he started to open up and a dark circle appeared in the centre of the dome. He rested his forehead on my shoulder and panted. 'Come on baby, you can do it' I whispered. 'Push...' I felt his whole body tense up and he groaned deeply as a massive poo creaked out of him. He forced it out six inches then let out his breath and it stopped moving. It hung there under him for a moment before he circled his arms around me and grunted loudly into my neck and I heard a huge plop. 'Aaaaghhh' he moaned then pressed himself up off the toilet in a high squat as he pulsed out a huge amount of soft poo with his legs shaking. Finally he settled back on the toilet with his hand on his now flat belly. 'Baby...' He murmured 'thank you so much for helping me'. My boyfriend's face was still red and his forehead was glistening with sweat. I could see (and smell) the huge mound of poo that was sitting in the toilet underneath him. A weeks worth of massive meals that badly needed to come out. It was kinda hot seeing him there like that as I'm sure you can imagine ;) anyway afterwards we went back to watching Netflix but got distracted soon after and that's all I'll say about that! Anyone else have similar stories about their boyfriends or husbands? Lotsa love, Babydoll xoxx

The Listening Ear

Phantom Poo

I had a phantom poo this morning, something that I remember happening occasionally in the past, but which hasn't happened for about twenty years now. I sat down, farted a few times and then started to push. The log came out quite slowly, but didn't feel very wide, just a bit hard. After about 25 seconds pushing, it was all out and fell into the water with a gentle but satisfying FL-OOMP! But when I stood up and looked, there was nothing in the bowl. And when I tried to wipe myself, there was nothing there either!

The explanation must be that the log was so dense that it not only sank straight to the bottom of the bowl, but its momentum carried it straight round the bend and out of sight. (I should explain that this would be impossible in America, but here in Britain we only have a few inches of water at the bottom of the bowl.) But why the disappearing log should always, always, ALWAYS coincide with an entirely clean anus is a complete mystery.

Happy New Year everyone!


Pineapple Squirts

Aristotle's golden mean applies excessively to pineapple, the golden fruit. Yes, it has many benefits. Pineapple tastes good; it makes you taste good (wink wink), and it has vitamins. However, it must be enjoyed in moderation, because it has several downsides. Many people I know have an allergy to it, and it may not agree with the stomach of some folks. I am one of those folks. I came to this realization in my freshman year of college after drinking sixteen to thirty-two ounces of pineapple juice for three days straight.

It was an entirely ordinary day, or so I thought. Since I had quite a few hours before class, I decided to take one of my weekly two-hour walks. That is until my digestive system was like, "not today, bitch!"

I walked for thirty minutes, and then two, four, six, eight, I had to urinate. It'll pass, I thought. No big deal, I thought. So I kept going through the residential area. The urge to urinate neither increased nor decreased. I only had one thing on my mind: number one. A few minutes later I had three things on my mind. Those things were number one and number two. I persevered through my poop and proceeded through my pee. Bad idea.

After strolling on a full bladder and colon, I had to find a bathroom. Since I made the idiotic decision of walking through a neighborhood with no public bathrooms, I had to walk further to search for one. Within the fifteen or so minutes I journeyed through the Irvine houses, I found no restrooms that would not require trespassing to use. I was centimeters away from knocking on a stranger's door and asking to use their bathroom. Knowing what an odd request that would be, I left the residents alone.
Besides, how awkward would it be if I just knocked on their door, went in their house, stunk up their perfectly clean, rich, Irvine latrine and then left? No thanks! Just talking to random people is uncomfortable enough!

Because I hate people, I soldiered on and clenched my buttcheeks every few minutes. Whenever I felt a turd coming out, I put all my glute exercises to good use and squeezed as hard as I could in hopes of not soiling myself. Thank you, Blogilates for helping me not crap my pants! But seriously, this went on for at least twenty minutes until I finally made it to my campus entrance.

My pace instantly quickened, for I knew that my deuce could not wait to be dropped. I could not even make it to my dorm, so I sped to the nearest building. I rushed through the Chi Beta doors, hoping that the place had a bathroom. Fortunately, it was only a couple doors down to the right. I pushed open the door and occupied the closest stall and sat down, not caring that my sunglasses fell to the floor. I finally got to the toilet and transformed into a fecal Niagara Falls. It burned.

When I finished defecating, I went to the sink to wash my hands. Above the sink was a mirror. In the mirror was my reflection that showed my face covered in beads of sweat. I toweled off and then went back to my dorm. I felt tired from both my walk and holding in the worst diarrhea of my life. It gave me an anal rash; that's how bad it was.

I learned three things that day. One: be careful with your pineapple intake. For a while, I avoided pineapple. Two: if you have to poop on a walk, then do it even if it means cutting your walk short. Three: Never walk through residential areas, you will not find a crapper.

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Anonymous's Toiletstool Survey

1. How did you find Toilet Stool?
I'm quite interested in people of the female gender pooping, so there's this website I go to (nyou fiction) to read poop-oriented fiction. I happened to look in the "other people searched for" category and found this.

2. How long did you wait to type your first post on here?
Not long.

3. What have you learned so far ever since you started following and posting on this site?
Barely anything except "dang, I have a strong stomach" because I regularly see people on this site have diarrhea from things like stress and certain foods.

4. How long do you plan to stay on this site?
Until I get bored.

5. Would you share this site with anyone else? (Friends, Family, etc.)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Allison great story about your big poop at the beach it sounds like it was a pretty good one.

To: Tammira great story.

To: Abbie great story.

To: TechGuy great story it sounds like you got some good shows.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love

Well i havent been able to go for a while. But i tried hot well warm water with a few drops of lemon. Went instantly.


Toilet Stool Survey

1. How did you find Toilet Stool?

2. How long did you wait to type your first post on here?

3. What have you learned so far ever since you started following and posting on this site?

4. How long do you plan to stay on this site?

5. Would you share this site with anyone else? (Friends, Family, etc.)


Christmas at the Beach

Hi all! I have a story to share about my family Christmas vacation.
So every year my family goes to the beach for Christmas. We go with my step-family, which includes two sisters and a brother, one of the sisters being my age (college). We stay in a big house with my step-family's extended family, aunts angles grandparents, cousins, the whole shebang. So on night one, we all go out for seafood. My step-sister who is my age, Emma, ate something that didn't quite agree with her and was farting in our bed all night. She had some noisy diarrhea in our bathroom the next morning before heading down to the beach where we spread out our towels after lunch. While the younger kids played, Emma and I lay side by side reading while laying out in the sun and enjoying the sound of the waves. I cut a loud squeaky fart and we both giggled. We started going back and forth almost in a farting contest, each of us producing louder and louder poots over the next 45 minutes. Eventually I decided I needed to poop and the two of us got up and walked out behind a rock. She said she could probably get out another bit after her diarrhea this morning so we squatted down back to back leaning on each other for support. I peed into the sand and then started pushing out a thick long into the sand. Emma spewed some wet farts and a few small, misshapen turds burst out of her, one brushing my butt cheek. My log collided with the sand and broke off into two thick pieces. We didn't have and toilet paper so we put out suits back on and went into the ocean to wash out. One of the younger kids, around 6, had passed a small log into his swim trunks which we discovered when we walked home for dinner.

Two days later, Emma and I woke up early to run and my stomach was churning. I put on a pair of loose shorts and a sports bra and set out. I started passing some gas as we were jogging through the sand, both of us were sort of cropdusting but mine was loud. Eventually, I sharted into my thong and my butt cheeks started slipping against each other as I ran, wet with poo. The need for a poop was growing and I didn't want to stop, I figured one other kid already pooped himself, so why not let go? Emma and I stopped on our tracks, surrounded by a few other joggers. I slightly bent and put my hands on my knees and relaxed and quickly a super soft log audibly crackled out spreading right out of my thong and into my shorts in a small pile. I pushed a little and out came another coil of soft poop, it stayed smushed and sandwiched in my crack. I farted into my mushy poop making a bubbly sound as it tried to work its way out. We kept a running for a bit until it got too messy. We took our clothes off and waded naked into the ocean so I could rinse off and we could enjoy a nude swim away from the little kids. Emma pushed out a log in the ocean to my surprise and it floated up to greet me along with her bubbly fart. We jogged back through the sand nude until we reached the end of the nude beach and slipped back into our clothes. The rest of the trip was pretty boring with average bathroom stops so I won't share.

Happy holidays!


Post Title (optional)Small country train station

I was 17 at the time (tho look as if I where only about 12) slender good looking whearing a short skirt standing near corner wall of small train station with no restrooms . Despertly trying to hold in a large pee & poop till I could do it on the train in about 15 min. I then heard that the train was running about 1hr. late . I paniced knowing I couldn't hold on that long . A young handsome man about 17-21 asked me what was wrong ? . I replied Idespertly needed to use a toilet . He said that I could bend down by the wall & do it while he'd turn his back to shield me from vew . I told him I needed badly to poop as well as to pee & had nothing to wipe my butt off afterwards . handing me a cheep handcerchif while he turns his back . I take it & instaintly bending down I pull my panties down just in the nick of time releasing a powerful golden steam of pee & large load of semi mushy poop . Sieing such great relieve he heard me . Turns around seeing me just finishing up peeing & pooping . He replies " WOW " you where despert whern't you ? . Blushing with ambarrassment while wiping my butt , pulling my panties up & tossing the handcerchif om the large pile of poop . Standing up then I walk over to him , thanking him so very much for helping me & standing guard while I did what I so despertly had to do and then kissed him on the cheek .

Sonya Sue

Stricter Schools

Our Student Council did another exchange day with the student government representatives of a school located two counties away. It's a fun thing we do a couple of times a year, you make new friends, and you get new ideas on how your school can be made better.

Much of our questions were about graduation requirements, amount of homework, bullying, and school activities, but before we assembled with their group for our meeting and tour of the school, I had an immediate need to have my morning crap. Riding in a school van after drinking my normal amount of coffee, often will cause my bowels to activate. Problem was that I didn't have my usual school bathroom to duck into. So as soon as our adviser pulled our van into the parking lot I counted how many fellow members were seated ahead of me. Being in the back seat gave me the answer I didn't necessarily want. By the time we got into the school, met our partners for the day, and got our visitors passes, I asked my host Cammi to direct me to the nearest bathroom. She said she wanted to pee too because the meeting was likely going to be long. When we got to the bathroom, I was getting in more of a hurry and figured I had about a minute to get a toilet, get my underwear down and seat myself for the crap blast.

There must have been about 20 or 25 toilet cubicles in the bathroom. We must have walked by about 6 or 7 right up front without doors. Each was in use. Cammi directed me to the other end where I saw several stalls with doors that were not in use. I took the first one I saw and Cammi took the one next to me. We both latched doors quickly and I dropped myself onto the seat with the hope that I could yank my underwear down fast enough so that it wouldn't get destroyed. I made it but with only a second or two to spare. Then it was pretty regular splashes for a couple of minutes and of course great relief for me. Cammi, who was wearing a dress, pulled off some toilet paper to wipe the seat with, then seated herself. She said she had her first coffee ever that morning and was told it would require a pee within the hour. She said it came faster than that.

So while we were washing our hands, I asked Cammi about something that I found really strange. It was a half hour before school and the doorless toilets continued to be used when several of the toilets with privacy doors were empty. It just didn't make any sense to me. She said the school administration is cracking down on non-flushing, vandalism, students sitting in the bathrooms rather than going to class, smoking, and some other activities that can't be directly mentioned by requiring the offenders to have a special color patch attached to their student ID and security lanyard. Because of their previous offenses, they are required to abide by restrictions that include using the nearest designated bathroom, using a doorless toilet, limiting the time they are out of class or study hall to 5 minutes, and only one trip to the bathroom during class time a day. There are four security matrons who walk through the hallways, bathrooms each hour and they check extra carefully on those students with the patches on their IDs. Any additional problems with these students are referred to the administrators who have them additional detention time and parents are called.

Cammi, who is a senior, said it is working. The bathrooms are cleaner, less vandalized and there are less students just roaming the school out of boredom.

Annie (Anny)

Diarrhea after black coffee

Hi all. I'm sitting on the toilet right now having diarrhea shortly after finishing a small cup of black coffee and a bottle of water. Feels good to eliminate my bowels shortly after waking up, with no struggling or straining needed. I used to hate black coffee, but now that is my go-to laxative, along with a healthy diet and plenty of water. I'll take the runs any day over constipation.

Happy pooping, and happy new year everyone! :)


Steve A

To Shelby and Toilet Stool Compliment

Shelby: Good story. I went through a similar appitite growth as well. So far during my first year of college, I haven't had any problems with switching over to the "college food". Also, I never participated in an eating contest before, but maybe later on in the future I could get a chance.

Toilet Stool Compliment: Everyone's habits are different and Toilet Stool breaks the myth that guys poop more than girls. Some girls can outpoop guys.

It may shock a guy if their girlfriend poops more than them. But, from what I've read on here, this website shows that anyone regardless of gender can post what they want and I like it like that. I'm glad that there's people on here that are willing to share their stories and experiences and have others read it and respond of what they think of their post.

Even then, I'm happy that I found this site. Thanks for making this possible.

Steve A


Post Christmas/New Year Poo

I note Abbie and her constipation....I am takes a little longer to have a BM...they get harder and harder (stools) and then happens over a few days.
Anyway back to my subject:
I was a teenager, maybe 15 or 16 and we had our usual big Christmas...lots of different food etc and it was just after New Year and I was getting headaches and was tired and slow...just exhausted which was a bit unusual for me. Mum decided I was constipated and needed a good dose of Agarol. I thought I was not constipated because i was still going every day but my movements were small (did not tell Mum). It is very intruding for your mother to insist you take a laxative!!! Anyway I did.
Next morning I was on the toilet about three times and gushing brown water in an explosive manner.
Later that morning we went shopping and after a while Mum shoved into my hand some toilet paper and pointed to the public toilets and told me to "go". I did not feel as though I needed the toilet but I for some reason I followed instructions...although I did not like public toilets I went and took a cubicle..dropped my pants and undies and sat. I gave a small push and even though I did not have the urge a torrent of brown water poured out and kept coming . I felt so much better...whatever was wrong with me left me at that sitting...and the stink..totally foul but I did not care.

The question I have for readers is do you feel great having a big poo?
Try and describe the feeling?

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Yesterday, I was doing my laundry. I finished my drying and was sorting my cloths. In my basket I discovered a dark nylon panty for a woman. The slip was by accident left by a lady. I left the panty on the table hopefully it was picked up.

This got me thinking. If a was was very desperate and had no place to urinate, She could drop her pants or skirt and pee through her nylon panty; it would not get very wet. She would feel much better and not be in jail!


Latest update

Hi everyone, hope you have had a great Christmas and happy new year!
Imogen- sounds like you only just made it that time you were desperate for a wee at school! I know exactly what you mean, the times I ended up wetting my knickers a bit at school I was then paranoid that someone would see up my skirt and notice that it had happened! Although I've just remembered that did actually happen to my friend Lucy one time, I think it was when we were in Year 8 too. We'd both been for a wee at lunch and Lucy had been really desperate, she admitted to me that she'd wet her knickers quite a bit as she just couldn't hold on long enough. Later on we were walking to registration and a gust of wind blew our skirts up, I just suffered the embarasement of everyone seeing my pants but I just hoped that no-one had noticed that Lucys were wet. Luckily there weren't any boys around us at the time and no-one said anything to Lucy even if they had noticed that her knickers were wet, so I think she got away with it.
This morning when I woke up I was dying for a wee, so I went into my ensuite straight away. I lifted up my nightie and dropped my white knickers to my knees, as soon as I sat on the loo I allowed my aching bladder to release and a strong gushing stream splashed noisily down into the bowl. It went on for ages before gradually dying away and dribbling to a stop. I wiped my front, pulled up my pants and went back to bed for another half an hour before getting up again. By now I was starting to want a poo so I went back into my ensuite, pulled down my pants again and sat on the toilet, I did some loud farts and then started to feel the tip of a log poke out of my bum, as usual after all the excesses of Christmas my constipation was worse than ever, I was really straining but couldn't get more than the tip out, so I gave up and decided I would try again later, Lucy said she'd come round after lunch and the chances were she'd be constipated too. I had a bath, put on clean clothes and went downstairs, I drank a lot of water and ate some fruit as that sometimes helps and a couple of hours later Lucy was at the door. We went up to my room and chilled out, after a while I noticed Lucy was rubbing her belly so I guessed that she was probably suffering as well. On cue she suddenly said, "I think I want a poo, I haven't been since before Christmas, I'm really constipated at the moment!"
"Yeah, me too," I said. "I tried to go this morning but it wouldn't come out so I was planning to try again at some point this afternoon, I thought you'd probably be constipated too!"
"Do you want to try first?" Lucy asked.
"Well, I was going to leave it a while longer, you can go first if you want," I said. Lucy stood up and started to unzip her jeans.
"Its really warm in here, I'll get too hot on the loo if I wear anything more than my bra and knickers" Lucy said as she pulled her jeans down and took off her top, she was wearing pink flowery knickers and a plain white bra. She went into my ensuite, dropped her knickers and sat down, she started to have a wee but obviously wasn't too desperate as it was a weak stream that went on for a short time. I saw her taking a deep breath and starting to bear down, she released her breath with a loud grunt and then started to push again. After a while it was clear that Lucy was really struggling to push her poo out, she was going red and finding it impossible to talk as she was having to strain quite hard.
"Sorry about this Abbie" she panted, as she had a rest for a moment "I know I've eaten too much rubbish these last few days and I'm totally bunged up!"
"Don't worry" I said, "I know how you feel, I'm going to be doing the same in a minute." Lucy continued to push and started to grunt again, I was still talking but she could now only nod or shake her head and come out with a few words here and there. As I was sitting there on the bathroom floor I realised I would need to get on the loo before long, I had a heavy feeling in my belly and could feel the log I'd tried to push out earlier starting to come out. Suddenly Lucy gave a big sigh and said "This is really frustrating, for ages I could only push the tip out and then it got sucked back up my bum, but now I've pushed more of it out its got really thick and I can't get it to move at all."
"Try holding your bum cheeks apart" I suggested, "Thats what I usually do when it gets stuck like that."
Lucy reached round and pulled her bum cheeks apart, pushing her knees together and pushing as hard as she could.
"Is it working?" I asked and she nodded, by now she was bright red in the face and looking really hot and bothered. Suddenly there was a huge splash as her log dropped and a moan of relief from Lucy. She then pushed a few more logs out but they were a lot easier to pass. After she was done she took some toilet paper and wiped her bum, before pulling up her pants and flushing. She went and sat on the floor by the door, still just wearing her bra and knickers. I stood up and pulled down my leggings and orange and yellow stripey knickers, I noticed there was a skidmark in my pants as the log had been poking out a bit. I started to bear down and push out my poo, as I thought I was also finding it hard. "I've got the same problem as you just had" I panted, "I can push out the tip but it goes back in when I stop straining." I pushed for as long and hard as I could manage and finally managed to push a few inches of the first log out of my bum, not before making some really loud grunts and no doubt going red in the face. Just as Lucy had done, I then had to reach round and pull my bumcheeks apart and then eventually I got the poo to drop. I finished with a couple more pieces which came out a lot easier, then wiped my bum and took off my pants and leggings and put my dirty pants in the washing basket. I flushed the loo and washed my hands before going back into my bedroom, I went over to my underwear drawer and took out some yellow flowery pants which I put on and then put my leggings back on. Hopefully we'll both have an easier time when we next have a poo!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Tech Guy

Teenage toilette experiences in France - Le Camping

I learned French and German at school and on Page 2267 I wrote about an exchange visit to Germany when I was 14, with some interesting toilet experiences. I also had a French pen friend Pierre and the following year when I was 15, Pierre's parents invited me to go to France for three weeks in the summer. It was a great way to improve my French and I learned lots of other interesting things about life in France, especially a more relaxed attitude to toilets.

I travelled to Paris where Pierre's family met me and took me to their house. The deal was that I would speak French at all times with Pierre and his parents. Pierre had an 18 year old sister Françoise, who was planning to start a university course in the US in September. She was keen to practise speaking English with me, so Françoise and I always spoke in English. The next morning, we set off for the Cote D'Azur in the South of France with five of us packed into their large car. Camping gear and luggage were in a small luggage trailer behind. It was a long drive and the traffic was very busy on the first weekend in August.

We reached our camp site near St Tropez quite late and we all helped to pitch the large family size frame tent. It had three 'bedroom' partitions, one for Pierre's parents, one shared by Pierre and myself and one for Françoise. Then Annie and Françoise showed me the way to the shower and toilet block. There were separate shower blocks for men and women but the toilet block was unisex with two men's urinals on the right hand side of the entrance and a row of five stalls straight ahead. I stood at the urinal while Annie and Françoise took a stall each. The toilets were the traditional French 'hole in the floor' type where you squat with your feet on two foot plates and your legs wide apart. There was a step up to the row of stalls with 3-inch gaps under the doors!

It was quite late and most people on the camp site had gone to bed so there it was just the three of us in the toilet block. I 'accidentally' dropped a coin then I bent down to pick it up. I couldn't help noticing the view under the stall door, which was beyond my wildest dreams! My heart raced as I saw Françoise squatting with her panties down and her legs wide apart doing a gushing wee. She had shaved herself down there and I could see absolutely everything. Annie was also squatting with her panties down and her legs wide apart but she was really hairy. Her wee was gushing out even faster than Françoise's and I could see where Françoise and Pierre came into the world.

The next morning, Annie, Françoise Pierre and I went off the the toilet block together. Pierre took a quick wee at the urinal while Annie, Françoise and I took three stalls. I was in the centre stall and not only were there 3-inch gaps under stall doors but there were also 3-inch gaps under the side partitions! I couldn't believe my luck. If I leaned sideways and back to wipe myself, I couldn't help noticing Françoise and Annie squatting so that I had a close-up back view of their underneath parts.

Annie was holding her anus wide open while a long soft poo slipped out effortlessly. On the other side, Françoise was having difficulty. Her anus was also wide open but not wide enough for the hard dry poo that she was trying to push out. She grunted and pushed and a lumpy brown monster started to emerge but it was too big to come out so after about 5 minutes of grunting and pushing, she gave up trying. Françoise wiped, flushed and left.

Meanwhile, I made fake grunting noises as a cover for spending a long time in the toilet. After Françoise had left, I stayed there for about 20 minutes enjoying the views. I went back to the tent and at breakfast, Annie put a litre bottle of prune juice on the table and Françoise drank a large glass of it. Pierre giggled and said, "Tu vas exploder!" (You'll explode).

That day we went to the beach. Françoise and Annie were wearing bikini briefs and tee-shirts and I could see that they weren't wearing anything under their tee shirts. We walked for about 20 minutes to a secluded beach and when we got there, they took their tee-shirts off like all the other women on that part of the beach.

I had been watching Françoise and she was sunbathing all day so I figured that the prune juice hadn't worked yet. When we left the beach and walked back to the camp site, I headed straight for the toilet block and I took the centre stall. A minute later Françoise came trotting in and she took the stall next to me. She quickly stepped right out of her bikini panties, squatted and made a PLOOOOOT! noise. Her poo was almost liquid and it was gassy and noisy. She squatted for about 5 minutes until it was all out. Meanwhile, I was making fake grunting noises.

From where I was, I could see under the stall partition and I had a fine back view of Françoise squatting. She couldn't see me as long as she kept looking forwards but as she reached underneath to wipe herself, she looked behind and saw someone watching her! My heart skipped a beat and I moved away immediately. I waited in the stall for another 10 minutes, making fake grunting noises and waiting for Françoise to go back to the tent. She didn't go back and she waited for me to come out. There was no escape so eventually, I had to leave the stall and 'face the music'.

"Oh, it's YOU!" Françoise said. She knew what I had been doing so I was really scared about what would happen. Would she tell her mother? Would they send me home? I was pleasantly surprised when Françoise smiled and asked me why I spent such a long time in the toilet. I told her I was really constipated. Françoise said that if I was really constipated then I must take an extra large dose of 'laxatif' to make me go to the toilet. I was happy to do whatever Françoise told me to do, as long as she didn't tell her mother what had happened.

When we got back to the tent, Françoise told her mother that I had 'la constipation'. Annie asked me when was the last time I made 'po-po'. I said it was before I arrived in France. Annie poured a large glass of prune juice for me and I drank it. Later she offered me another glass before going to bed, so I drank it.

The next morning, Françoise, Annie and I went to the toilet block together and we took 3 stalls. I looked under the partition and I saw Françoise doing a runny poo while Annie was doing her usual soft poo. Then I did a noisy diarrhea poo and I heard Françoise and Annie giggling. When I finished, Françoise and Annie were waiting outside. Annie asked me if I had drunk enough prune juice to make me go to the toilet or whether I needed any more. I said that I had drunk too much prune juice and I had diarrhea.

That day, we went to the beach again. It was quite a secluded beach and there weren't any toilets nearby. After an hour, I whispered to Françoise that I needed to go to the toilet again. Françoise said that if we need to make pi-pi then we just go and swim in the sea and do it there. I said that I needed to make po-po again. She said that I should go and use the camp site toilets but if it was an emergency po-po, we take the toilet roll and go to the sand dunes. We dig a hole to bury our po-po and we bring the used toilet paper back in a bag.

Françoise had a quiet word with her mother who got a toilet roll out of her bag and gave it to me with a clear self-sealing plastic bag to put the used toilet paper in. She pointed towards the sand dunes, so I went and dug a deep hole in the sand, did a runny poo, buried it and brought my used toilet paper back in the sealed bag. About an hour later, I took the toilet roll again and went to the sand dunes although I didn't actually need to poo. After lunch, I did this for the third time then Annie suggested that I should go back to the camp site so that I would be near the toilet.

I spent the whole afternoon in the camp site toilet, changing stalls from time to time to avoid arousing suspicion. The views were amazing although I saw some things that were rather disgusting. A middle-aged woman came rushing into the stall next to me. She squatted down and I could see her wrinkly bum and her grey hairs down there. Then she made a wet farting noise and her anus opened slightly as she squirted out a brown jet of completely liquid shit. As she was walking out of the toilet block, I peered under the door of my stall and I recognised her as the middle-aged lady in the next tent. I nicknamed her the 'Diarrhea Woman'.

I decided that I liked having having diarrhea as it was a good cover story for making frequent visits to the camp site toilets to enjoy the views. There was a small grocery store on the camp site so I bought a 1 kilogram pack of prunes and hid them in my bag in the tent. That evening, when Pierre had gone for a shower, I had a feast of prunes in my 'bedroom' in the tent and I ate half the pack.

The prunes had a predictable effect and at 6:30 a.m the next morning. I had to get up and go to the toilet. I stayed for nearly an hour and 'diarrhea woman' from the next tent came in to the stall next to me and I watched her from behind as she was having diarrhea. When I got back to the tent, Françoise was up and was preparing breakfast. She asked me if I was okay and I whispered, "I've got diarrhea!" Then while Pierre had gone for a shower, I went into my 'bedroom' in the tent and ate the other half of the pack of prunes. That morning at breakfast, Françoise had another glass of prune juice and Pierre giggled.

We went to the beach again and before lunch time, I made several visits to the sand dunes. Each time, I brought back the used toilet paper in the clear self-sealing bag making sure that the brown stains were showing to prove it was genuine. After the third visit, Annie suggested that I should go back to the camp site, which was what I wanted to do all along. I spent the whole afternoon in the toilet again but most of the women only went for a pee at that time of the afternoon. It wasn't as good as 'morning rush hour' for pooing although I did see 'Diarrhea Woman' doing her usual runny poo. I stopped off at the camp site store for another pack of prunes and ate half a pack before anyone else came back to the tent.

I heard the middle-aged couple in the next tent speaking English then the man said that he was going off to the beach. After he had gone, I went to say "hello" to his partner and she said that her name was Louise. I asked her why she hadn't gone to the beach and she explained that she had diarrhea so she needed to stay near a toilet. I told her that I had the same problem, which was why I wasn't at the beach with the rest of the family.

Françoise and I had been getting on quite well and after supper that evening, we went for a long walk along the beach. She told me that before the holiday she said "Goodbye" to her boyfriend in Paris then after the holiday they would both go away to different universities and they wouldn't see each other until Christmas at the earliest. Françoise said that things would probably never be the same again, she was missing him already and she was really upset. I told her how much I was missing my girlfriend in England, although I didn't really have a girlfriend at that time. Françoise snuggled up close to me and started to cry on my shoulder. I hugged her and comforted her then she told me that she loved me and we kissed.

We lay down in the sand dunes and hugged each other then Françoise's stomach made a noise and I asked her if her stomach was okay. Françoise said that she had diarrhea as she had drunk too much prune juice. She said that she sometimes has some really big shits inside her but the place where they come out is rather narrow so if her shit is hard, she can't push it out. That's why she had to drink the prune juice to make her shit come out easily. I said that I also had diarrhea but I didn't tell about all the prunes I had eaten. Françoise said that she needed to have a shit now so she stood up and dug a hole in the sand. Then she turned her back on me, pulled her bikini panties down and squatted down over the hole. I saw her liquid shit coming out. Then I said that I needed to do the same thing so I squatted next to her, we put our arms around each other and we both pooped together.

We didn't have any toilet paper, so we walked down to the water's edge then sat down and washed ourselves in the sea. The we walked back to the camp site hand in hand. We had a beautiful holiday romance but then after the holiday I had to go home to England and Françoise went to university in the US and I never saw her again.


to Muted One: Bristol Stool types

On a doctor's advice, I keep a record (log log, so to speak) of my bowel movements, including Bristol stool types. I, too, find it both interesting and illuminating, since it often shows a relation between what I eat and what I poop. Typically, my movements are not just one of the types; most frequent is a poop that starts out thick and lumpy (Bristol type #2) and changes, often in mid-turd, to a smooth, snake-like texture (#4). The last couple of weeks I have had a fair number of very long turds, so the range of #2 to #4 is common. Yesterday I had one that started out smooth but quickly changed to several softer, ragged pieces, so that movement was a #4 to #5. I think the softening was due to my eating a fair-sized portion of nuts, which tend to soften my stool. My preference is for a thick, firm movement, but it doesn't always come out that way. I try to measure my turds with a piece of toilet paper, 4 inches across; but sometimes the poop falls in a jumble of pieces, so the best I can do is an estimate.

Annie (Anny)

Diarrhea after black coffee

Hi all. I'm sitting on the toilet right now after I just finished a cup of black coffee and I'm having a runny poop. It's doing a good job of cleaning me out. This is my second poop today. I had a semi-solid one first thing when I woke up and now am having a runny poop now. Happy pooping!


Mall Bathrooms for Guys

As far as I'm concerned, the mall bathrooms for guys are as bad as the ones we are forced to use at school. Sure there's the problem that half the toilets don't have doors for privacy. However, there's a another privacy issue with me and that is at the urinals when I'm peeing. I prefer the urinals that are mounted to the wall and have a 2-foot or so privacy wall which shields your activity from being seen by the guys on either side of you. I know it is my fault, but a few times I've dressed so fast in the morning that I've put my briefs on backward. I get really frustrated then that I can't get my penis out through the slot in the underwear that's behind me. Everyone makes mistakes. But once a couple of weeks ago the guy to my right was easily snickering at my problem. So I had to go to the other side of the room wait for a stall to open, and in the case of what happened that day, I dropped my sweats and peed into the toilet. The guy behind me did compliment me for raising the seat so I guess he was going to sit for shit and was happy to have a dry seat.

The second problem I have is when I have to sit on the toilet. A couple of my female friends tease me about the horrors of my using toilet paper to separate my butt from the awful, filthy seat. They say it is unneeded and just a waste of toilet paper. I'm trying to break the habit, but sometimes I regress.

The third problem is with the urinals so close together I've seen a few men, and at my school a few more boys, look over my junk as I'm peeing. A couple of years ago I was getting bullied about how small my penis is.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kamdyn great story it sounds like you are really helping your new friend out.

To: Shelby first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop I bet you felt amazing afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Holly it sounds like you had a really rough time and a major cleanout I hope you feel better soon at least you made to the toilet each time.

To: Abbie great story as always.

To: Michelle it sounds like you had a rrough day.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Well i havent been able to go for a while. But i tried hot well warm water with a few drops of lemon. Went instantly.

Luvs lightning MWF

Story of my commute

This evening, I had gone with some friends to see a hockey game. I drove them home after the game, dropped them off at their house. I needed already then to poop. Normally it is only a 20 minute drive from their house to our acreage, so I thought I would be ok.

However there were several delays I did not count on. The first one was a drunk driving checkpoint.

Then after getting on the interstate, there was a huge traffic jam because of a tractor trailer rollover. This was about a 2 hour delay and so the urge was starting to become much more urgent.

Finally I got past the crash site and thought I was home free. I turned off onto our district road. There was snow and ice on it so I had to drive slower.

However, there was one more delay. I had to stop and wait for a train. As I was waiting, some of the poop started to come out and so because I had peed and pooped my pants before as an adult (I am 39 years old), I just decided with nobody else around to lift my butt approximately an inch above the seat and just poop my pants. And that is what I did. I pooped my pants. I am sure it was a grapefruit size load that filled my panties. I retrieved a driver side mat that I sat on for the rest of the ride home.

When I got home, I told John my husband, what happened. I threw the panties away and threw my trousers in the wash. I showered. When I finished showering, I joined John and we both laughed about it.

I was heading home from work a couple weeks ago, catching the bus to the train station. After arriving at the train station, i got off the escalator, and soon afterwards, a white woman about 5ft2 with a black jacket and dark jeans, walked past me to head to the lower level of the station, to catch a train in the opposite direction. As she passed me, i noticed a STRONG shit smell. Like a diarrhea type of smell. She obviously must have shit her pants, but i couldnt tell by looking with her jacket and the low lighting in the station. Smells like she could have been sick, possibly.

About a week later, at work, as i was heading upstairs to the breakroom past a woman (coming down the stairs) who might have a slightly less mild form of down syndrome or something similar, i smelled a strong sulfuric smell in her wake. She's not so embarrassed to take a shit at work, and my sister (who's bf would always come to give me and my nephew a ride) once claimed she could hear that girl make quite the grunting sounds as she was using the toilet, so i knew in this case she must have taken a wicked shit...and/or a lot of farting was involved. I still smelled it 25-30 mins after i came back from my break.

I have very bad habits as far as taking care of myself, in part due to mental illness. One such way that I neglect myself is that I may forget or put off feeding myself. This leads to an unhealthy diet in which I eat nothing all day until the evening, when I gorge myself. A recent occurrence of this was about a week ago, in which I ate nothing until about 6:00 P.M. That day, I had gotten my favorite--chicken fried rice from a good local Thai restaurant. As soon as I got home with the food I immediately ate the entire thing in twenty minutes--no small feat for a person as small as I am. Then I fell asleep for two hours. Apparently, while I was asleep, my digestive system was hard at work processing what must have been at least a pound of food. I knew at some point in the near future, I would need to go. However, I felt I had plenty of time, and powered on my laptop. Thirty minutes later, as I was lying on my belly in my bed and watching a video, a sudden urge hit me. Once again, my inability to properly care for myself came into play. I clenched my anus and waited it out, continuing to watch the video. These feelings continued to return periodically, to the point where twenty minutes later the force of keeping this movement in my bum brought tears to my eyes--not through pain, but effort. When I finally recognized my destructive behavior and allowed myself to go to the restroom (through sheer desperation alone) horror flowed through my veins. The bathroom was taken, and if it wasn't vacated soon, I was going to sjit myself. Mercifully, she left the restroom and I rushed in. As soon as I sat down, a giant soft turd slid slowly into the bowl. It was very messy, but I had plenty of toilet paper. I soon washed my hands of the matter both figuratively and literally. I remembered this website today and thought the story was worth sharing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


almost there

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas to everybody on this site! I hope everybody is having a good time.

Abbie, our experiences at school seem to have a lot in common, although from what you've said you had more trouble with constipation. I remember vividly a day in year 8 when I was desperate for a wee and then at break had to run to the toilets. The nearest one had three cubicles and all were full. I was waiting and holding myself but then somebody else came in so I could only stand tight and fidget. One of the toilets flushed and at the same time I felt my screaming bladder let some go, I could feel my knickers getting wet and warm. I managed to regain control, but as I ran into the cubicle I could feel another leak forcing its way out, this went down the back of my thighs, I got my pants down and did a long, hissy wee. As it calmed down I looked at my pants which were pretty wet, and used loo roll to clear up as much as I could, but it was still quite unpleasent when I pulled them back up. They were pink but had very large dark splodges where I'd leaked. I was very self conscious in case anybody saw up my skirt for the rest of the day.


Bristol stool types

Do some of you routinely rate your stools on the Bristol Stool Scale? I find it interesting as my stools vary with a lot of factors. Lately they have been leaning towards the too loose side (types 6 or sometimes 7)
However, today, I had a wonderful type 5 poop! It passed very easily, wasn't too loose and made me feel like a King!


To Steve A

Hi, thank you so much for the advice and the kind words! I will most certainly try to follow that once school starts. Happy holidays!


Which is better

Which is better constipation or diarrhea?

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