Taking a dump with my new roommate

A week ago I got a new roommate. I decided to not introduce her until a new story happened involving her. She's a white girl, around my age, with long hair dyed bright red, and has a lot of piercings. We were eating out at lunch as a ways to get to know each other better. Before I ordered I could feel an urge to shit build in my gut. But I decided I would go after the meal as it wasn't urgent. By the time we paid I was much more urgent and could feel gas rumbling. I told her I needed to use the bathroom and she said she needed to go too. I began hoping she would need to take a dump too. In the bathroom there was four stalls and there was a girl washing her hands. My roommate took the last stall and I took the 2nd. We both peed then I noticed she didn't get up, maybe she needed to poo too. My crap wasn't coming out easily so I relaxed a bit. I then let out a few quiet but long farts. Then she said "so you needed to pinch a loaf too?" I was surprised to hear another woman talk about shitting the same way I do. I told her yeah but it wasn't coming easily. She said she hadn't pushed yet, then let out a huge fart and laughed. I began pushing more and a good sized shit came out and landed quietly in the toilet. I felt like there was more so I stayed seated. She had gone quiet then I heard a plop, a sigh, two more plops, another sigh, she breathed in, did a long grunt, then there was what sounded like a big plug of shit popping out her ass followed by a torrent of diarrhea. She laughed and said that it felt great before doing a wet fart. I pushed again and I did another shit that was softer this time and smelled like rotting eggs. We both started wiping. My dump left loads of skids in the toilet. As we washed our hands a girl came in and took my stall and started peeing. I think my roommate might be very open about pooping so I hope there will be more stories like this to share.

Optional Person

turds away!

I took a dump today. Instead of sitting backwards I stood over the toilet and pushed. A sputtering fart came out and then a little loose diarrhea. I pushed harder and a tan turd plopped into the toilet, then another. The second turd caused the first one to break up slightly into loose strands and particles. They all sunk into the toilet bowl hole. The water became murky. Earlier I had made a dump sitting backwards consisting of three medium tan turds. Both dumps smelled eggy. The turds on this dump gave me a nice sensation coming out of my butthole. I could tell a turd was forcing its way out of me. Today I ate scrambled eggs, sausage, blueberrys and a banana and a strawberry. For lynch sonic chicken strips and fries. Not sure what's for dinner, but I bet you I will have a great pooping session tomorrow morning. Enjoy.

Hi all. I've seen several people recently discussing all-gender bathrooms. I don't know how common they are elsewhere, but I don't think I've ever seen a bathroom like what people on the forum are describing. Every uni building here has toilets that are open to anyone, regardless of gender, but they're for just one person at a time, with a sink and a locking door. I think it's a good job they're not here, because that sounds like something I'd not like. I already sometimes have trouble pooing in a crowded public toilet, and that's just with other girls, forget about a guy potentially being in the next cubicle over.

Anyway, on with today's story. Things have been fairly boring lately, which is probably just as well. Uni starts up again here in two weeks, so maybe that will make for some good stories. All I've got today is a quick story about weeing that happened this morning. As I've mentioned, both Emma and Jade are morning pooers, so I try to get up early to get in my wee before they want the toilet. Well, today I didn't get up in time. I was quite bursting and hurried to the bathroom only to find it occupied. I knew I'd never be able to hold it, so I went back to my room and quickly got dressed and hurried off to the nearest uni building to have my wee there.

I got to the toilets and took the first free cubicle and was already starting to wee in my pants. I pulled them down and finished my wee. I dried my pants with loo roll and cleaned up the few drops that spilled on the floor, then flushed, washed my hands, and headed back home.

Victoria B.

Over or under?

I met my friend Sierra for lunch in a nearby café this afternoon. The food and conversation were great and it provided for a welcome break from homework. I realized that it was time to send a few logs down the river about halfway through our meal. I told Sierra that I needed to visit the women's room and she gave me a playful I-know-you-need-to-poop look.

I pushed out three turds in the tastefully decorated, single-stool bathroom. I realized something was off while I was mid-number two though: the toilet paper was wrong. It was backwards! This was not something I was going to take sitting down, at least not sitting down on that toilet. I took the roll off the holder and "corrected" it out of sheer force of habit. It wasn't something premeditated or thought about; I just sort of did it by reflex.

I told Sierra about it after finishing up and returning to our table and she humored me with a slight roll of her eyes. But am I crazy? I was taught to put the roll over and that's what I've always done. Has anyone else ever switched an "upside-down" roll? While we're on the topic, over or under?


Rocky Roads

"Urgggg" PLOP was the first thing I heard from the toilet as I awoke in the hotel. I crept to the bathroom and looked. The hotel had one of those tropical style designs and the toilet was not covered by a door but by a screen with a Balinese carving. If you put your eye real close to the screen, you could see the toilet bowl. Assuming Wife was in the toilet, I peeked only to find out it wasn't Wife but my sister in law. I wondered why she was in there. Then I heard Wife's voice in the toilet, "Is it out? You need more soap?" That's when I knew Wife's helping her sister ease out a large turd.

Constipation runs in the family of Wife. However, when we travel, it gets really really bad. Wife suffers from it, her sister does, and the niece, who is 17. This particular morning, as I later find out, my sister in law feels a slight urge to poop but doesn't want to wait for her daughter to be out of the toilet, so she is using the toilet in my room, with Wife helping.

I overheard Sis in Law saying, "Yep, I can feel it. Wait for it, wait for it, uurrrgrggggg PLOP. Wow, quite small. I think I need some prune juice or something."

Wife tells her, "If you want, we could get some later. I won't drink it though - I hate it."

Sis in Law: Then what do you use?

Wife: Mainly medication. Not too often though. I don't suffer from it as much now. Maybe once a month"

Sis in Law: Riiiiigght...(she's straining out another hard one)



Sis in Law: Ahhhhh... WOW THAT FELT GOOOD!!!

Wife: All out?

Sis in Law: Think so. At least, I feel quite empty now.

Wife: Great!

I snuck back to the bed and pretended to sleep, and pretended to seem surprised by their presence in my room.

Monday, September 12, 2016

blondiemaja. Thanks for recounting your experience with suppositories and I'm glad they worked as well and as quickly as they did. As a general rule though I would counsel against using suppositories - or any other kind of laxative - if all that's happened is you've not done anything much for a couple of days. Our bowels vary and can be wilful sometimes so that's a perfectly normal occurrence and nothing that requires intervention. Constipation - or rather what people sometimes refer to as constipation - is usually a self limiting condition which resolves itself eventually. The best way to get things moving is plenty of fresh fruit and veg (I admit to eating less than I should) and plenty to drink. Hot drinks are particularly helpful for loosening things up.

Lorenz. I'm sorry to hear about your experience and it sounds as though you were very unfairly treated. Sadly within the education system there are a small number of people who enjoy the power they have over other people's lives and I'm afraid it was ever thus. They're idiots and invariably all the trouble they cause could be effortlessly avoided if they simply behaved with reasonableness and good sense.

mama of one. Anna number three! Thanks for sharing your experience with Mya. It sounds very much as though what you did was a form of "buddy dumping" which has been discussed elsewhere here, in which more than one person's load goes into the pan.

Jennifer G. Glad you enjoyed your second car pee. Somehow I think managing the smell long term might be a challenge though!

To Tristan

Great story, good to hear you are living off campus, look forward to your stories. Any close calls with holding it too long lately?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Victoria B great story.

To: Mama of One great story it sounds like you both had good poops together and became closer as well.

To: Abbie great story as always.

To: Jeemma great desperate poop story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincere;y Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Long Bathroom Lines at College Concert

So this happened back in spring of 1998 when I was 20 and in my second year of college. The college had a concert that was located about an hour away from the school and you had to be over 18 and enrolled in the college to go, this kept out any unwanted guests.

I went to the concert with a few friends and when we got there we met up with another girl named Ashley. Ashley was 22 years old and it was her last year at college. For about the first hour everything went fine and then me and my friends went off to the bathroom except for Ashley. There was about a 20 minute wait which was pretty bad since the band was still playing and the wait would only get longer when the band took their break. We all peed and then left the bathroom.

About 40 minutes later the band took their break and we went back over to the bathroom line and sure enough it was massive. We saw Ashley waiting towards the back of the line and didn't think much of it, fast forward about 20 minutes and I saw her shifting around quite a bit. Even from a distance we could tell it was her because she was wearing her denim jacket and high rise jeans, most girls were switching over to bootcuts, flares, and other styles so Ashley really stuck out. We started walking towards her and when we reached her she asked us how long it took to reach the bathroom when we went, we explained to her that it only took 20 minutes but the line was much shorter then.

10 minutes had passed and Ashley was now squirming around while occasionally holding herself. We heard her ask some people in front of her if she could cut the line but they said she couldn't. Ashley called over to us and asked what we thought she should do, "there's probably another 30 minute wait for the bathroom and it'll take at least an hour to get back to campus" she said, "if you don't make it we'll leave" said one of my friends. Ashley looked at her and said "I'd hope so" and then we walked away from the line a little bit.

Around 20 minutes later we saw Ashley dancing around, crossing her legs, and shaking even more. Even though we could tell she had to pee really bad we all thought she'd make it. Only about a minute later though we looked over and saw Ashley wetting her jeans, once she was done she ran over to us and we went to our car. It took us about 15 minutes just to pull out of the place and then a little over an hour to get back to the college. We talked a bit on the ride back but Ashley just wanted to get back to the college so she could clean up and wash her clothes.

The next day we found out from a someone else who had stayed for the whole concert that the long bathroom line made quite a few girls pee themselves. She even asked Ashley "remember the blonde standing behind you, pink top, flared jeans?", Ashley said "yeah what about her", "she said she couldn't believe you wet yourself, only to pee her jeans when they temporarily closed the bathroom for cleaning". Ashley said to her "the bathroom situation was a mess, let's hope it's better organized next time".


Post Title (optional)poopin

I pooped a good one before. Thought I was done a couple times but kept going. Really had to push good. It smelled like walnuts on a forest floor, I had to go back and pee pee a short time later.


Backed up

I've been pretty backed up since Monday (it's Wednesday) I had a small movement on Monday, but nothing substantial. I knew I had plenty to get rid of since I had eaten so badly over the weekend (fair food so lots of fried and greasy food). I have used the fleet glycerin suppositories in the past, but I feel like they take so long to disolve once you insert them and I was too uncomfortable for that, I debated on just going an enema because I feel like I might just need a good "clean out" for lack of a better way of putting it but I am home alone with my kids for the week and was worried about being stuck in the bathroom/on the toilet all night. I saw the liquid glycerin suppositories while I was at my local drug store printing a picture that my daughter needed for a school project and decided they were a good option between the solid glycerin and an enema. I got the kids settled eating dinner and locked myself in the bathroom to insert the liquid suppository, it was super easy, it comes pre lubricated, I followed the "sitting on the toilet" instructions as it said it made insertion easier and it definitely did go right in. It said it can work as soon as 5 minutes but usually between 15 and 60 minutes you will get results. I came out and laid down on the couch and within 3 minutes I was shuffling to the bathroom because the liquid and my stool wanted out. I knew it was going to be big and require some heavy duty pushing to I squatted over an old towel that I placed on the floor so I could be in a "natural" position. I beared down and a bunch of brown liquid came out followed by a huge chunk of poop and ALOT of small pieces. It smelled so awful!! I dumped it into the toilet and aired out the bathroom. I feel so much better now!

My question for the followers of this any of you so any sort of colon cleansing routinely? Or do you just use a suppository as you feel it necessary? I don't want to mess myself up, but I just feel so irregular and need some suggestions how to regain regularity. I eat a pretty well balanced diet, only drink water the only change I have made is I have a job now that I sit a majority of the time.

Thanks for reading and for the help!!


Trouble for using handicapped toilet

I try to avoid it as much as possible. But sometimes once or twice a week I have to crap at school. Knowing that I don't like to sit right down on the often wet or dirty seats and since most of the stalls don't have privacy doors, my friend Halli said she has started using the handicapped stall. It sounded good to me. But last week it got me into trouble. Because of vandalism, truancy from class, and stuff like that, this year we are required to use the bathroom in the wing of the building and on the floor of our class that hour. So I signed out of science, went down the hall to the bathroom. Two out of the eight stalls were occupied so I decided to use Halli's suggestion. I went into the one handicapped toilet at the end of the row. I dropped my jeans and briefs and sat myself down on the much higher stool. The space around it was much larger which I understand because many of the users will have wheelchairs or crutches, etc. I dropped my first log and was working on my second, and with my organ pointed into the bowl I was also pissing, when there was a knock on the door and an assistant principal identified himself and he told me he was waiting to talk to me. I took the hall pass out and figured he would be satisfied. I opened the door and from my seat, I gave him the green piece of paper. He didn't even look at it.
He gave me his business card and told me to see him after school. I also heard him checking the passes of the two other guys. One of them was getting into the trouble for having sneaked out of class to crap. The boy stood up and showed him the evidence in the toilet, but the administrator told him he had a Saturday morning detention coming. That's what I got, too. He said I was violating the spirit of some long and complicated law he quoted. All I wanted was a cleaner toilet and more private place to crap.

End Stall Em

New Student Buddy Dump

Back four years ago when I was in high school I was in this group sponsored by the counselors to buddy up and mentor new students. I enjoyed doing it and it actually helped me make more friends. So I got an email at home on the weekend to meet this new student who I called California Melba because her parents divorced, moved her across the country, and I felt she would have trouble making friends in our school. I met her at the counseling office the next morning an hour before classes began. After she got into her locker and we printed off her class schedule, I walked her to each of her classrooms before the 1st hour bell so she could find her way around better. She and I hit it off really well and when we found her 3rd hour room. After about 10 minutes I told her I needed a pit stop and we went into one of the 2nd floor bathrooms. We were the only ones in there. I walked her past the long line of stalls and I took the end one. Big news right! She took the one right next to mine. Melba had a loose-fitting skirt on and I saw her underwear drop to the floor and heard her butt hit the seat. I dropped my jeans and underwear to mid-thigh and seated myself.

Sitting there I wasn't sure if I should continue the conversation. How much privacy would she want? I got my answer in a few seconds when I heard her pulling off toilet paper already. Surprisingly, I hadn't heard anything go into her toilet. I complimented her. She said he had learned to be a fast shitter because of her large family, the 4 minute passing period in her old school, how filthy the toilets were, and because many of the stalls didn't have privacy doors. I told her mine was coming and I was starting to push harder because I didn't want to hold up her tour. I told her I had a partial crap on Sunday at the bowling alley. She bowled too and her dad at one time had been almost a pro and was in five or six leagues each season. She started telling me about her now-former boyfriend and how he bragged about never giving in and taking a crap at school. I made a joke out of about the five turds that came out of me and the loud splashes into the toilet. She asked me how I keep my crotch from being splashed. I explained that I just pull off a couple of sheets of toilet paper and drop them into the bowl right after I seat myself. She thanked me for the idea, but she said her craps are usually long and soft. As I was wiping we were talking about crapping and peeing between classes. Melba said she couldn't pee or crap in the four minutes allowed in her old school. Each set of three tardys to class got her detention time. I told her a way to avoid that is volunteer to help teachers by running something to the office, getting their supplies from their offices, and things like that that would give me time to pee while out of the room. I cleaned myself as we continued talking.

I noticed that she flushed with her foot; I use my hand. We talked about that when we were at the sinks. Melba was surprised how well our faucets worked and that there was actually hot water. She said the overall bathroom was far better than her old school. I thought about telling her how much things deteriorate by the end of the day, sometimes as early as lunch hour. And I didn't tell Melba about some of my more negative experiences in the bathrooms that I have written about. The counselor who runs the new student program taught us to keep things positive. Melba and I continued as friends to the end of that year when her mom moved her again. I haven't heard from her since then.

toilet car

The Co worker

Jennifer G: Love your posts about peeing in the car! Keep it up, ready to hear some more from you!

So today i'll share about the latest person that uses my car: a girl I work with named Annamae. Annamae is 18, with long brown hair. She has a full butt and large breasts, and is ever so slightly chubby around the belly. I have known her for a few months, and a little while ago I gave her a ride home from work. She doesn't drive and usually has someone pick her up, but that night needed a ride. So we get in my car and she sees the stains from the pee and poop in my car, though they are somewhat faint because I try to clean them as best I can. There is also usually a faint pee and poop smell in my car. As I started the car up and started to leave the parking lot Annamae asks what the stains and smells are from. I tell her not to freak out, and that they are from my girlfriend. So she sits there in silence from what I just told her. Then she says that its weird, but she thinks it cool I let my girlfriend do that. I explained how much Amanda likes doing it, how it turns her on, and how i let Amanda's sister and friends do it too because they like it and it turns them on. So as we drove to her house we talked about it some more. I could tell she was intrigued by it. So i boldly told her she was welcome to go in my car if she ever wanted to. She told me thanks, but she thought it would be too weird and awkward. With that she got out and said goodnight.

So for the next couple of weeks after this happened, I worked with Annamae a few times. She never mentioned the car, and I didn't either as i felt it would make things awkward for us. As more and more times passed I forgot about her even knowing about my car, until one night that we worked together. We had about 2 hours left on our shift, and Annamae called me into our supply closet at work. I walked in, thinking she need help lifting something. She grabbed my hand, held it up to her butt, and farted. It was just a small fart, but I was shocked by what she just did. She let go of my hand and started giggling. I was pretty confused and asked her what that was about. The smell of her fart filled up the little closet we were in. She leaned over to me and whispered into my ear "I have to poop". I was so shocked she told me this. But then it hit me. She asked if she could go in my car after work. I told her of course she could. So for the last two hours of work Annamae was busy clenching and holding her load in. I was super excited, I couldn't believe she was going to use my car! Over the last two hours, whenever it was just me and her around, she let out little farts. After what seemed like forever, our shift ended, we clocked out, and ran to my car. Annamae had to pee pretty badly as well at this point. Once in my car, I quickly drove to a dark secluded spot. Annamae unbuttoned and unzipped her khaki pants. As she pulled down her pants and black panties, I told her about sitting on the console and peeing, like how Lindsey does it. So Annamae climbed onto the console and immediatly started to pee. A thick spray of urine exploded out of her vagina all over her legs, and the front of my car. It was like a geyser of pee erupted out of her. After a little while of mega peeing like this, her stream ended just as quick as it started. Annamae farted a few times, filling the car with her gas. Annamae now started to poop. She leaned forward and raised her butt up. A dark brown turd started to crown out of butthole. She heaved and grunted loudly as she pushed. "Augghhh...i...kinda like….being watched like this….ughhh" she said as she pooped. I told her I certainly didn't mind watching! A thick sausage emerged from her butt. It was pretty firm and solid looking, and had a strong smell to it. It stuck out of her butt by about 6 inches before it started coiling down. Then it turned to a softer poop that oozed out of her. The poop made a nice and neat, but big, pile on the console. Annamae pinched the turd off, then let out a long airy fart. She pushed another small turd out, and then was done. She had layed about 9 inches of warm poop in my car, in addition to the great deluge or urine that was all over the front. We sat for a moment in the stinky car, surveying the mess. Annamae told me how hot it was doing this in car, with someone watching and being so close to her as she went. I told her I was glad she enjoyed it. I grabbed a towel out of the back so we could clean the pee up that got on the front of the car. She used the towel to wipe her butt, then used it to pick the poop up and toss it outside. Then she put her pants back on. I drove her home and then went home.

If anyone wants to here more stories about Annamae I have a few more. I'll try to post more often, I've been busy lately. Thanks!

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Optional Person

Great September Dump.

I took a great dump this morning. It was after my walk with my dad in the morning. We walk a mile around our neighborhood. I felt bursting for a poop. As soon as my dad gets in the shower and when my mom is down stairs making breakfast is the ideal time for me to empty my bowels in the hall way bathroom which is mine. It is only a few feet from my room and across from the laundry room and not much further from my parents room. I hate going poop when one of them is in their bedroom. I quickly rushed into the bathroom, I moved the trashcan out of the way and lifted the toilet lid so I could sit on the toilet backwards and get that awesome relief that comes from the explosions you get sitting backwards on the toilet. I didn't have to push at all, I could feel a couple tiny loose poos tickling me slightly as they came out of my anus, and then I felt a fully formed turd press my butthole open and fall out, as soon as it did, my butt made a crackly explosion as soft serve poop gushed out of my butt for a few seconds. The smell of fresh poop is beautiful. It smelled like rotten eggs. The fully formed turd was short, but had a fat mound so I could see why I felt it so good coming out of me. The soft serve formed a mound right next to the turd. If you don't mind me saying I think soft serve poop is very beautiful looking. It took 7 or 8 wipes to clean my butt. I then flushed. The toilet paper and the turd flushed away, my soft serve mound only sliding slowly down closer to the water leaving a very wide and thick skid mark. How embarrassing! I was going to have to flush again, and my mom was in the bedroom on the computer. I was afraid she was going to ask me "if I was alright." That only happened a couple times as a kid, and may be why I am poop shy. I rolled off some toilet paper pushing the stinky soft serve into the water and cleaning up the skid mark. It flushed without fail this time. The toilet bowl was still a little messy with some skid marks closer to the water. I got one more piece of toilet paper and rubbed it across the marks and tossed it in the bowl and looked at the embarrassing murky water and piece of toilet paper. It looked as though I had just gone clear thin light diarrhea and didn't flush. Risking embarrassment either way, I didn't flush it down. Coming home after an art class at community college drawing a beautiful nude woman with very large everything, I needed to pee. After petting my most beautiful grey and black tabby cat named kitty who was bathing in the sun by the window on the couch I headed up for the bathroom with my things. Her name may be simple, but many of the most simply named things are elegant, of which kitty most certainly is. In the bathroom I noticed the paper was still mostly formed in the toilet, but that the water had cleared up. I added a clear pee to the mix. It felt good to get the pee out of me. You could tell I had held it a while as it was clear and not the typical yellow color. After a several seconds the pee was done, and I flushed the toilet, leaving it empty and clear again, as it had been this morning before I pooped in it. I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Catherine, hope you enjoy this return to posting. I love reading your stories.

Victoria B - awesome detail on that story. from your description it must have felt very fantastic!


To Steve A: all-gender bathrooms

In one's own house, usually all bathrooms are all-gender, but are meant for only one person at a time. Having a toilet and a stand-up urinal in the same public bathroom so that a man and a woman can use them at the same time is, I guess, convenient, as long as both parties agree to use them that way. However, most people would be uneasy (to put it mildly) if they thought a person of the opposite sex would be there while they were pooping. The idea of forcing men to use the bathroom with women either already there or coming in (or vice versa, of course) is outrageous. Our sense of privacy and propriety is instinctively strong, and for very good reasons. A woman alone and seated in the bathroom could easily be overpowered by a man coming in after her. People who know that someone of the opposite sex might come in while they are trying to poop might leave without pooping, thus starting a cycle of constipation. Single-occupancy either-sex bathrooms are fine; forced joint occupancy is tyranny.

Victoria B.

Coffee Shop

My internal plumbing has been doing a much better job of behaving itself since the suppository. I've tried to eat better and exercise to make up for the all the not-good-for-my-butt-or-bowels sitting I have to do in my classes and it seems to be doing the trick so far. I'm back to at least one poop per day and it feels great!

Today I went to the coffee shop that I've visited and wrote about before to do a little homework. On the drive there, though, I received a sharp knock on the back door from out of the blue. I went from zero to number two in the space of about thirty seconds and for a moment felt afraid that I wasn't going to be able to make it and for the cleanliness of the black thong I had tucked between my cheeks. It seemed like I had so many blocks to go before I could release my clench and what it was holding back. Twenty... eighteen... twelve... six... I finally arrived and of course almost lost it as soon as I got out of my car.

I did a kind of awkward clench-run into the coffee shop, setting my things down at a vacant table and going right to the front of the mercifully empty line. I ordered, paid, and set my coffee and raspberry scone down at the same table before heading in the direction of the bathrooms. I opted for the one with the potty-dancing woman and man on its sign instead of the one with the his and hers chamber pots this time because it was closer and I was already near-photo finish. I burst into the bathroom, tore down my jeans and thong to my ankles, and sat on the already-down seat before even bothering to check. I made it!

I announced my just in time number two to the toilet beneath me with a nice fart. My behind needed a couple of gentle pushes to get out of clench mode and I took the opportunity to do a pee while things were getting ready back there. It hissed its way out as what turned out to be a huge log worked its way towards the exit. I let go of it as slowly as possible, savoring the warm, smooth feeling it gave me as it slid out. It was a huge piece that, as I would find out after finishing up, broke into four or five separate turds upon impact. Intense feelings of relief circulated throughout my body and I spent some time hanging out on the pot to catch my breath after I was done pooping.

I wiped my front and then my backside four or five times before I realized that sink was close enough to the stool for me to wash my hands without needing to get up from it. Equally proud and embarrassed to have reached peak laziness, I washed my hands and then stood up to get dressed again. I then guided my thong back to its proper position and put my jeans back on before I turned around to survey the damage. I almost instantly regretted what I saw. The pieces of my number two were right at the drain and were definitely big enough to need flushing in a separate load from the used paper. Fearing a clog but thankful for having a plunger in plain sight, I flushed and held my breath while everything miraculously completed its journey down the drain. I've been so lucky today! A nice collection of skidmarks was the only thing left behind and it was easily cleaned up with the toilet brush that stood next to the plunger. Two things that should be readily accessible in any bathroom! With that, I left and got to work, enjoying both my coffee and the scone!

Shout-out to everyone here!
Love, Victoria


Clog survey

Thought I would answer the clog survey since it's something I'm quite familiar with!

1. Have you ever clogged at a toilet before? Where did it happen? - I've clogged the toilet before a lot. At home is where it's happened most (thankfully never at a friend's place).

2. Why did it clog? Too much TP, size of your load, or weak flush? - It clogged because the size of my load. My poop is often pretty big and sometimes if I'm constipated at all I get out really big turds that can clog the toilet when they try to go down.

3. Did you feel embarrassed when you clogged it? - Kind of, but not much at home anymore. My family is used to it. My dad has had to help unclog the toilet before so he's seen everything.

4. Does your house toilet have a stong, average, or weak flush? - Average I guess. Even with average I still clog the toilet sometimes.

5. What methods do you use to prevent toilet clogging? - I try to flush before I wipe, but sometimes I just forget. Sometimes I'll even flush after the first turd comes out if it's a really big one lol.

6. Do you have a story about toilet clogging with yourself or other people? - Well, one time I clogged the toilet at my vacation home. I was there with several friends. One friend noticed that I had been in the bathroom for a while and knocked on the door asking if I was coming with them (since they were about to leave). I kinda uneasily told him I was, but to just wait a sec. After a while he heard the toilet flush multiple times and he was like "did you clog it or something?" and I had to admit to it. So my friend offered to help (since I was having no luck with the plunger)--he came in and grabbed the plunger and unclogged it for me. He seemed to be much better at doing it than I was (maybe he has experience himself? I didn't ask). But I could've been pretty embarrassed at him trying to unclog the toilet of my giant poop, but he didn't seem to mind, though he did comment on the stink in there lol. I later kind of bragged about how that poop had been a record-breaking big one lol

Anyway, thanks for reading. I'm starting college again in a couple weeks (third year) so it will be fun to see what happens. This is my first time living off campus with a few guy friends. I'm sure there will be some interesting toilet stories this year :)


Earlier today, and stories.

Earlier I was in my room just browsing the web and stuff. When my urge got rather strong, I continued just watching random YouTube videos till I was little too close haha. I started getting a bit of pain when the cramps hit, so I headed off to the restroom struggling to hold it as it was getting about at the end of "it's" road. It was coming out before I got to the throne. I plopped down as fast as I could and a big one slides out with relative ease but still stretched a bit. I still felt a little full but it wasnt moving along so I sat for a bit more changing positions, my knees together, apart, on my toes, and pressing my elbows on my knees. I gae a final push and felt things finally move along as two smaller plops hit the bowl. I patted my stomach and saw the long straight log that was the first one that came out. I washed my hands and patted my stomach with a nice feeling of relief.

I have this problem where when I get nervous I get severe diarrhea. It was really inconvent in school, I'm rather shy so the first day of school I'd be pretty nervous which caused for some close calls. I would end up having to clench for really long periods of times, only a couple of times did I ever lose enough control to have a bit come out in my pants. I usually would try and go to the clinic and use the single person restroom till I could call for someone to pick me up. I would blast that toilet about 20 times a year with painful diarrhea.. The only accident I've had was at home, we had one working restroom in our house and it was in my parents
room. You can imagine where this goes. I waited till it was urgent and I hadn't gone in about 4 days. I thought "hey I can just run in and relieve all this real quick. " I was right with how quick it would be. I get to my parents door already loosening my grip on things down there just thinking of the toilet, when I grab the handle it's locked... I immediately start panicking and sweating trying to regain what I had lost with relaxing a bit.. I knocked furiously but I lost control as logs slide their way into my pants with lightning speed, bulging out the size of a softball. I felt relieved but so embarrassed when my parents opened the door I just waddled in without saying anything and cleaned up.

One time I had a severe case of diarrhea, out of school for a week and stuck on the toilet for most of it. Constant staining my underwear with leaks, it was 100% liquid and could not hold it as hard as I tried. After spraying gallons of brown liquid into the toilet over the few days, I started spraying out clear mucous stuff. I went to the doctor and they said I might have ibs, but they said it could just be because I didn't eat much and my diarrhea was so bad. Until recently I haven't had that since. Until recently I had went to the restroom after being constipated for a week filled the bowl and felt better haha. However later while cleaning the kitchen I squated down and felt this urge hit and I thought it was gas but it sprayed a tiny puddle of that mucous into my underwear. Really weird.

Anyways this is my first post *waves*

mama of one

shy daughter breakthrough?

Hi my name is Anna and I'm new to this site. I'm 33 and I'm 5' 4" and 115 lbs. I am a single mom and I live with my 12 year old daughter Mya in our 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Mya is very very shy when it comes to bathroom habits. Since we share a bathroom she often tried to hide the fact that she has to do a number 2. I have not seen her actually poop since she was potty trained. Until that other day that is. But normally I just leave her to do her business and don't bother asking her any questions because I respect her privacy.

It wasn't until three days ago that we had a bonding experience over pooping that I never saw coming. I got home from work a little early on Friday at 4 instead of 5 and Mya was home from school since 3:00. I said, "I'm home baby" thinking she's either be watching TV or in her room. When I didn't hear a response I went to the kitchen to look for her. I started to get that low rumbly feeling in my belly and realized that a rather large poo would need to come out of me soon. As I walked to the back of the apartment (where our bathroom is), I saw the door shut and the light on. "There she is" I thought to myself. I quietly knocked on the door and told her that "mommys home just so you know love". She let out a strained "okayyy" which made me wonder if she was having a hard poo. But I decided not to pry and left to sort through the mail. After about 15 minutes, Mya still hasn't come out of the bathroom and I was getting more and more desperate. I went over to the door and knocked asking if she was almost finished. At first I didn't hear anything. And then I heard a small sniffle and Mya quietly said, "mama I can't go poo". My heart broke hearing her little voice like that and I was also surprised because she never has mentioned her poos to me. I asked if she would like me to come in and to my surprise, she said yes. I opened the door and saw my little girl hunched over on the toilet, with her tiny bum extended up, and her little face all red and sweaty. "Hi baby I said. How long have you been in here?" "Since I got home from school" she said. "Oh honey that's a long time you could have called me if you needed me". She looked up and had the saddest look on her face. I sat on the edge of the tub and held out my hand for her to take. I told her to give a big push. Nothing. This went on for about 20 minutes and my poor little Mya still couldn't go and her little bum hole was all red and swollen. Soon thought As I was sitting on the tub I began to realize that I would not be able to hold my poo in anymore. I asked Mya if maybe she could get off and let me go. She replied yes and so I removed my pants and panties and sat down. I told Mya she could leave if she didn't feel confortable watching mama poop. But to my surprise again she stayed on the side of the tub. My poop didn't want to come out fast. I was by no means constipated but it required some pushing on my part. I felt the largest part emerge but stay stuck in my bum for a while. After about 10 minutes, Mya began to fidget on the tub. I was in the middle of pushing it out when Mya started to tear up. "I really need to go mama." Mya said. As much as I wanted to get up and let little Mya go, I couldn't physically cut off my poo because it was too thick. So I took a risk and calmly asked Mya "Honey would you like to sit on the toilet with mommy? I'm in the middle of a big poo but maybe we can go together." I was thinking she's say no but surprisingly she said yes. The poor thing must have been so desperate. She slowly removed her purple flowery panties to the floor and I scooted back and widened my legs to invite her into the seat. Her tiny bum fit so perfectly between my legs and I carefully pulled her back onto the seat not wanting her to feel too embarrassed of shy. I asked her if she was able to push part of her poo out again and she said she'd try. I pulled my arms around her small belly to remind her that I was there for her. After about 5 minutes of silence, a large fart emerged from her bum. She jumped and blushed probably embarased. "it's okay baby that's good. keep pushing" I said trying to reassure her. A moment later I felt it. Her belly tensed up in my hands and I heard crackling coming from her bum. Her hands reached up to mine on her belly and she used her hands and mine to push her belly. I massaged her and told her to give another big push. Seconds later I heard more crackling and the biggest moan came from Mya. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm uhhhhh". Because I knew she was getting her poop out I began to let mine out again not sure what Mya would think. I instinctively grabbed her closer because my hands were still on her belly. As my large poop fell Mya leaned into me and I heard a giant plop. "There you go baby. Did that feel good?" Apparently she had no time to respond as a torrent of soft, mushy poop released out of her little tense belly. There were a lot of squirting sounds (she didn't have diarreah just really soft poop probably behind her constipated poop that plugged her up) but I didn't bring any attention to it. She kept moaning so I just held her while she went. I finished off my last plop and Mya continues to go. "Do you feel okay Mya" I asked quietly. She told me that she had felt really bloated and cramps at school today. So that must have been why she was having to go so much. Finally after what felt like 45 minutes, Mya let out one more soft plop and a large fart. She told me she was done and that she felt better. Her belly was no longer temse and hard and I asked if she wanted me to wipe her. Once again to my surpise she said yes. I carefully wiped her bum hole and noticed that it was splotchy red and bleeding a little. When she pulled up her pants, I wiped and looked into the toilet. There were 2 HUGE poops, one mine and one hers both about 2 1/2 inches wide and 8-9 inches long. And on top of those was a TON of super soft poos coiled around from Mya. I flushed twice and it all went down. I told Mya that if she ever needed help at school or needed me that she could always tell me and that she doesn't need to be am amassed about her poos. She shyly smiled and washed her hands and walked out. And that was it. We haven't discussed it since.

Thank you for reading! I'm so sorry it was so long. Please let me know if anyone else has had experiences with poop shy children. I'm so glad I had this chance to bond with her.

Oooooops (optional)

This just happened to me this evening.

I had been doing some work on my computer. I was trying to hold in a #2. I was in the process of filing away some paperwork I in my filing cabinet when something in my filing cabinet malfunctioned. I fixed the malfunction but in the process ended up shitting my pants. I immediately went to the washroom, changed my underwear, put it in a garbage bag, and tossed it in the garbage. Thankfully my trousers were spared.

Thankfully my wife is working tonight and was not around when it happened. I did not want to confirm didn't her belief that I could be "full of shit". LOL.

Rotten filing cabinets!!! LOL

Abbie: Yeah, I definitely remember my time in secondary school. It seems like it's been ages since then, even though it's really not that long ago at all. I remember the school's awful loos and never feeling like I had enough time to do a poo, and like you said, that cycle of it only getting worse. Although, judging from some of the posts earlier on like yours and Imogen's, I get the feeling that my school had better loos than most, but that's not saying much.

As far as constipation goes, I actually think moving away from home (Uni is about an hour and half away by train) really helped. I was able to break out of my routine and start fresh. All new places, all new people, no bad memories to ground me in my old routine.

Anyway, now that that comment's out of the way, hello everyone else. I've got a short story from today to share. I was just having a lazy day and didn't go anywhere or do anything. For most of the day I was alone in the house as Emma and Jade went out together. When I first felt the urge to go for a poo, I didn't want to get up and go to the toilet. But it soon became clear there was more than just gas wanting out.

I pulled everything down and sat on the toilet and just relaxed, letting my poo come out on its own time. It started out slow but then the rest came out very quickly. My poo all came out as one long piece too, which is rare for me. I wiped and flushed, then washed my hands, and went back to, well, doing nothing.


Me and Shannon

Me and my friend Shannon are the same age, 15, and we're friends who do a lot of things together. Since she lives in a small apartment with her mother who works long hours to make ends meet, I know she likes to get away from there as much as possible so we've spent a lot of time this summer on our bikes, at a church day camp, at the mall, swimming, at a theme park, and we've gone to some movies. What I wrote about her on Page 2562 remains true. I've never been Shannon go into a bathroom at school, at a place like McDonald's, the mall, theater, park, etc. Sometimes she'll accompany me if I directly ask her to, but she'll just stand by the doorway and wait for me. I've never seen her use the facilities! Thinking back even at grade school when our class was given a specific time in the morning and in the afternoon to take a bathroom break, she'd walk down to the end of the hall where us others used the toilets, but she never did. She says she has her daily crap at home each morning before breakfast but how she can hold her pee for as long as 12 to 15 hours when she's out doing things with me is surprising. My bladder needs relief every 2 hours or so. My craps come at various times of the day so when I'm away from home I might use the toilet 4 or 5 times a day. Also, when we're at a place like the theme park that involved an hour-long drive, my mom has always encouraged me to get on the toilet before the trip back home, and stuff like that.

I just don't understand how Shannon can be that different. Do any of you of other people like this? How can they do it?

Jennifer G

Saturday Again!

Hi everybody!
Today is Saturday and I did have another pee in my car. I did it in the back seat as usual. The only difference is I sat behind the passenger seat instead of the driver seat so that more of the seat would get pee in it. I'm really liking doing this, and I'm afraid I may have started a routine. I know I need to be careful of the smell, but so far there isn't more of a smell than I want there to be. Defintely a nice peed-in smell, but nothing overwhelming like an outhouse or anything. So for now it's all good and my plan is to keep on doing it a few more times.
I'm also considering asking a couple people if they would like to pee in my car too. I haven't decided if I should yet. I do like the idea of someone else peeing in my car, but it's just that it's kind of awkward. I'm still considering it though. One person is actually my sister, who would defintely be a lot less awkward to ask, but almost every time I see her she has her kids with her, and I'm not really crazy about the idea of them doing it too. The other person I would consider is my co-worker, but she's only like 20, so that's also a little awkward. I'm defintely open to it though. Anyway, I'll keep you posted!
Bye for now!

Mr. Clogs

Comment to Pooperlady

Pooperlady: I enjoyed your post about your new "chamber pot". Looking forward to more posts this time pooping in it. Well enjoy your new "chamber pot" and good luck.

Retired Dad


Hi there, folks. I think it's time I talk about my middle child, Emily. This was when she was 14, it was October of '95. She was pretty new to high school. A little nervous about going to a new school and still nervous when this happened to her.

The school nurse called me and told me that Emily had messed herself and I needed to get down there and pick her up. I was surprised that it was Emily this time instead of Lucy. I went into the school and after struggling to find the nurse's office, I saw Emily sitting in one of the chairs with tears in her eyes. I could tell she was trying not to cry and me being there was making it harder for her to do that. I could also tell from the smell that she really had to go. Me and her walked out of the office and she was walking funny. (I'm shocked how I remember all this.) We were silent until we got to the car. It made it seem like I was mad at her, I wasn't. I asked her how her day was to generate some conversation. She said "Well, not great now." I felt like an idiot and then asked her what she was doing when "it" happened.

She said they had an assembly and her vision got all blurry. She felt like she had to use the bathroom. She made it into the bathroom when she found out she was already "going". She apparently didn't know what to do and just went to Health class. People smelled her and the teacher sent her to the nurse.
We came home and Emily cleaned herself up.

Wow, I remembered all that? OK, well until next time.

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