Mushy poo lately

I was just pulling into the driveway after work when my stomach started hurting. As I got up to the front door the urge started to come. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my black jeans and red panties past my knees and sat on the seat. I relaxed and gave a push and some butt mud poured out. It didn't make much sound but smelled rather strong. As I was wiping I noticed I could see little bits of nuts I had recently eaten.

I woke up with a very intense pain in my stomach. I didn't have any urge to take a dump but I decided to go to the bathroom anyways. I pulled down my spiderweb print pajama bottoms and black panties to above my knees (it was cold in the house). I peed then relaxed. I noticed my belly was very bloated. I could feel what felt like something solid start to force its way out then it instantly became mud. It came out without making a single sound. It was the quietest mushy dump I had taken. I looked and there was this huge pile of mushy shit. I wiped and went to flush and I noticed little bubbles coming up through the crap. My ???? was no longer bloated and I felt much better.

to Steve A: My uni has some all gender bathrooms. I think it's great that they are there so that no more students can be told they are in the wrong bathroom!! Personally, I have only ever once used one for a pee after a party when I was kinda drunk. It was also totally empty. I'd use it again in an emergency if I had too, but I think mostly I'd rather just go in a women's bathroom.

to Natalie: I loved your story. I've run out of paper in out little bathroom many times, luckily there is always something else to wipe with! Also I know about the missing towel and the naked dash! I've done it both at home and with my roommates. But I have never been caught, haha! I'm looking forward to your stories from the summer and maybe from your friend Audrey!

to Mina: You are right, I really have to get better not being so stuck up! I'll try! And I always really like reading your stories about you and your friends.

Brandon T

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To: Suzan great story it sounds like had a really great poop and in an interesting way as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicole great story.

To: Natalie it sounds like you were pretty desperate.

To: Anna great set of stories.

To: Nicole it sounds like you a pretty rough time at least you found something to wipe with and i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Victoria B it sounds like you got a good cleanout I bet you felt amazing afterwards.

To: Mina great story as always about you and your friends it sounds like you guys had some good poops in your group and I bet you all felt good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kung Poo great story.

To: Allison great story.

To: Braidy it sounds like you all had good poops.

To: don it sounds like that girl was pretty desperate.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Monday, September 05, 2016


Another hard poo

Hi everyone, its a couple of weeks until I go back to uni so thought I would do another quick post.
Natasha- its really annoying if you think your going to get a cubicle quickly and then it turns out you have to wait alot longer than you thought, it sounded like you were pretty desperate for a wee by the time you were on the loo! There are some toilets at my faculty building which sound similar, they are popular with girls who need a poo and so it tends to take quite a while to get a cubicle even if the queue isn't that long. Also it was the same in the English block loos when I was at school, it would take ages for a cubicle to be free there as again they were mostly used by girls who wanted a poo.
Anyway, unfortunately my constipation still isn't really any better which is really frustrating. Earlier on today I was round Katie's house when I felt the urge for a poo, I waited to start with as I didn't feel that desperate, to be honest until I've got to the point where its threatening to poke out of my bum its a waste of time being on the loo. We were down in the living room but we decided to go up to Katies bedroom, when we got up there it was even messier than my room, at least I kick my dirty socks and pants under my bed but Katie had left hers in the middle of the floor! About an hour after I first felt the urge I could feel a log trying to force its way out of my bum and I knew it was time to sit on the loo, I said to Katie, "I need the toilet, its a poo so I might be a while!" with that Katie followed me into her ensuite and sat on the floor. I pulled down my jeans and pants, my pants were plain white and for a change I had no skidmarks!! I sat on the loo, my jeans at my knees and my pants round my thighs, and started to have a wee as I was also quite desperate to empty my bladder. As I was weeing I relaxed my bumhole and felt a log starting to poke out, the tip slid out quite easily but then it started to get fatter and as usual it stopped coming. By now my wee stream was dribbling to a stop so I took a deep breath and started to bear down, I was hoping that it might be a bit easier to have a poo this time but I doubted it as I realised I'd last been three days before. Katie said, "Are you still constipated, Abs?" and I said, "Yeah, I haven't had a poo for three days so I think I'm gonna have to grunt this one out! What about you, are you still struggling as well?"
"Yeah, I finally managed to go this morning, I think my last poo was three or four days ago as well so it was really hard to push it out. I must have been on the loo for like half an hour, it kept getting sucked back up my bum and then it got stuck half way out!"
"Well I think this ones gonna be pretty much the same," I panted after a hard push. I started to push again and some more wee spurted out, I kept up the pressure for as long as possible before grunting and pushing again as soon as I could, that seems to be the only way I can avoid my usual problem of the log getting sucked back up my bum when I stop pushing. For a while I couldn't talk, I kept straining and grunting, I knew I must be really red in the face but I've seen Katie having to push hard and going red too so I guess it could have been worse. "Sorry about this, its a really fat one!" I panted at one point. After what felt like ages I moaned with relief as I realised I'd pushed the fattest part through, I was able to relax a bit now as the log sped up and shortly after splashed into the bowl. "Wow, that sounded massive!" said Katie.
"Theres another one coming out now but at least its not as fat!" I said as I felt the second log starting to emerge from my bum. I still had to push but not nearly as hard, and I managed to keep chatting to Katie too, even if my voice did sound a bit funny sometimes! After the second log dropped I felt empty, I said "I've finished now," and Katie said "Good, I'm dying for a wee!" I noticed she'd been jiggling around a bit but I'd been too focused on having my poo to pay much attention. "Do you want me to wipe my bum standing up so you can get on the loo straight away?" I asked, and Katie said, "Yes please, I'm just about to wet my knickers!!" I stood up and moved over as Katie quickly dropped her black leggings and yellow flowery pants, as soon as she sat down a torrent of wee started to splash down noisily into the bowl and I heard her moaning with relief. "God, you must have been just about to burst!" I said, as her stream went on and on, by now I'd wiped my bum, pulled up my pants and jeans and was washing my hands. "Yeah, I don't know how my knickers are still dry!" said Katie, still weeing away like crazy. Eventually I heard her stream slowing and then it finally died away to a dribble before stopping altogether. She wiped her front, pulled up her pants and jeans and washed her hands.


Desperate poo at work yesterday

Yesterday i was on the go all day!
I now work part time as a cleaner as well as a
Till operator at a well known high street store.
I had done my cleaning job at 6am until 8am then i head to work in town
To start my 8hour shift at 0900.
So it was about 0940 my need for a poo arrived
But my lunch wasn't until 1pm - i had no choice but to go before lunch as the need was getting more urgent by the minute, i got to 11am holding this poo in when i could take no more, but unfortunately, i was very busy at the till and it was another 20 minutes before i could leave the tills.
Eventually i took my peachy poo filled butt off up the escalator to the loos and took a cubicle.
I pulled my trousers and knickers down and immediately my plops fell out, at which point my phone rang and it was hubby, hearing my poo he told me he had to take our guinea pig to the vet as he was not well, "you desperate baby?" he said "yes! Been needing this 1 a while, talk at lunch" i said as i put an end to the call.
Loose light brown banana shaped plops, had crackled out my butt during hubbys call, and after the initial 12 crackled out, i then sighed relief, and rubbed my aching ???? knowing there were more. I crackled out a further 9 plops on top of the first 12, i was extremely messy after this runny poo and wiped myself 7 times.
Hitched my bits back up and headed back to work. My next desperate poo was not until i arrived home at 530pm and hubby joined me to wipe my butt. This poo was an explosion type one where it splattered all over the porcelain then i plopped 11 plops in to the loo. Hubby wiped my messy butt 5 times as we admired my massive creation...I wont tell you what happened next ;-)
More soon, Jem xx

Thinking back to an awkward situation in college: my buddy had missed class because he had picked up a nasty stomach virus. He called & asked me if I'd pick up his meds at the pharmacy. Taking them to his apartment, he was on the couch wearing only his boxers, looking like death. As I left, I stopped in the restroom to take a piss. There, in the floor, were my buddy's crapped Umbro shorts. Apparently, he hadn't made it to the toilet in time & didn't feel like dealing with the mess. Wasn't sure how to react to that. I just left & acted like I didn't notice. Poor guy had it bad.


Do it standing

I was with my friends gigi and sophia in resturant I have known lately .
It was famous one but simple not wonderful decoration or seats and tables
But its meal delicous with lower prices and help your self ...ask for order pay get into tge row wait get your food search a place to seat ...
I got tires of long time and crowd but finally it worth wonderful huge grilled steak with rice plate .... I ate so much while joking with friends finally I felt by the end that my bowel moves quickly and I needed to use bathroom urgently so I wishpried to them by that to know I might take ling time than usual
It was two different bathrooms only two for all that crowd
Both of them has this stupid sign if unisex ... I do hate that using same toilet of men in public but I have no choise
I waited until one become free and a boy in his 13 14 get out so I entered and locked .... ot was a mess urine was everwhere in toilet seat and smell was horrible
I was about poop my pants so I decided to try make it will standing I get my pants and thong off completly putting them behind door on cloth stand
I was half naked as I was afraid something fall in my cloth
So I get up toilet start pissing made my best to direct water inside toilt it was ok for 90 % or more but the difficult part not befain
I leaned more to get my annous higher than toilet center and start pussing logs statred to get out of me ploping in toilet more than 7pieces .... ecxcept one fall in the seat ohhh no
I finshed so wipping well then dressed
I wanted to get out quickly before anyone see what I did but was afraid as expect someone or many people waiting for a loo
So I got many tissues and hold the log by them throughing in bin then washed my hands my times
I was so excied so I took photo of toilet before removig my trud to show my friends
I get out quickly and a yong lady went inside bathroom once I moved out
I think she was in great need to go from her face
I show frinds photo and told them story after moving to another cafe
They laghed so much and callled me super pooper
Hope you like it
Sorry for my bad english

Today I was just about to leave work when I started feeling the urge to poop. I could have just used the toilets at work but they were already starting to close up the building and I didn't want to be locked in so I decided to hold it until I got home.

The urge wasn't too bad at first and I wasn't worried about not making it but during the short walk from our building to the bus stop down the road it started to get worse and I knew I needed to poop soon. Just as I was starting to think about using the toilet at a nearby coffee shop my bus arrived so again I decided to hold it.

Sitting down on the bus seemed to help a bit but I could still feel the pressure getting worse and by the time we got to my stop I really needed to poop. Thankfully my stop is almost right in front of my apartment building so I didn't need to walk to far. I got on the lift and immediately had to clench my butt cheeks together to hold it in. There were other people in the lift so this was all I could do and I thought I was going to have an accident right there.

When the lift stopped at my floor I managed to get out and as soon as I was alone I crossed my legs and clenched as hard as I could. I could feel it staring to come out but I managed to stop it and I waddled my way to the door and managed to get inside. My bowels seemed to realise we were close to the toilet and I could feel the poop starting to come out again. I knew this was it and instead of trying to stop it again I moved to the toilet as quickly as I could, unbuckeling my pants as I walked.

When I got to the toilet there was already some poop in my underwear and it wouldn't stop coming out. I was pooping before I even sat down and I ended up pooping for almost two minutes.


Continuation of my previous post and most recent dump

Hi, its been some time since my first post! I don't get much time to get on here but I left my last post with a cliffhanger. I really needed to take a dump when I wrote the post. My stomach hurt really badly and I didn't think I would make it through the night. In the morning though I surprisingly had no urge to go. I even tried pushing a bit when going pee and nothing! I went on throughout my day without a single urge to go. This was the complete opposite of the night before. At work it was a slow night. I started feeling an urge come on and decided to try again. The bathroom was empty. I took the last stall because that toilet flushes the strongest and pulled down my pants and black panties. I started peeing, relaxed, and let out some gas. I could tell my shit would need some encouragement so I started pushing. It slowly pushed out but didn't feel like much. It plopped in the bowl. Normally I would be done, or push out some small pieces, but another full log started coming down. I pushed and this one came out easier. Before wiping I looked and there were two regular sized poos laying side by side. They were exactly the same size, the same color, and looked identical. I wonder why my bowels formed two. This was a first for me.

While writing that I started getting the urge to go. I got up and on my way to the bathroom my stomach started hurting. I pulled down my skull print pajama bottoms and dark purple panties and sat on the seat. While sitting a silent fart escaped. Before I could relax I could feel it pushing at the backdoor. It pushed out some quiet gas and began crowning. I rested my elbows on my knees and it was coming out easily. It got stuck so I pushed and it fell out. I pushed some more and nothing came out. I looked and it was shorter than my usual dumps. I started wiping and my bowels turned a bit. I pushed but they deceived me and nothing more came. Before the last wipe I did a little fart.


I had to poop SO BAD

Hey guys!

I'll post some stories later but for now here's a quick update

On Sunday night I was getting home from a party. I didn't poop at the party because the bathroom was right next to where everyone was sitting and I'm sure if I pooped in there they would hear me. It wasn't bad to hold during the party. But when I got into my car and started driving home, it began to feel unbearable. It made my stomach hurt to hold it. I considered pulling over and pooping on the side of the road, but I couldn't think of any discrete places between the party and my house. By the time I got home, the poop was prairie dogging. I locked my car and sprinted into my house and into the bathroom. By the time I started pulling down my leggings, the poop was already coming out. I plopped my butt onto the toilet and immediately let out a HUGE poop, followed by about five more. I felt immensely relieved. I looked down, and the poop was SO long that it stretched from the bottom of the bowl and stuck out of the water, almost up to my bottom. I felt more poop coming so I flushed the toilet to avoid clogging it. The first load barely went down. My second load took longer and was not quite as huge. As I was pooping, I looked to my right and noticed there was no toilet paper!!! I know this sounds like a huge cliche, but it happens! After my poop, my bottom felt messy, so I decided he best thing to do was to go ahead and hop in the shower to clean myself up. However, after the shower I was in quite a predicament. I didn't have a towel with me! I had to grab my things and make a naked dash back to my room. Luckily my parents or siblings didn't see me!!!

Krista E- your story about not wanting to poop at other schools reminds me of a crazy story about my soccer team! I'll share later.

Jenny "SkidsInSea"


Hi everyone!

Hard to top my pooping in the men's bathroom story. I have not heard and stories after the wedding of anyone who noticed me using the men's bathroom. Though my husband did notice the more than typically stained thong from the haste wiping job. Since then, it's been same old $hit , same old skids.

My husband and I did watch a comedian on Netflix named Ali Wong. We laugh every hard, especially one of her jokes that I related with ( I kind of related with half the jokes, but one pertinent to this site:

Ali Wong-

"But I still gotta work at a office every day. Which means I gotta shit in a office every day. Housewives, they don't gotta shit in a office. Housewives get to shit in their house. Skin to seat. They don't gotta use that horrible toilet paper cover, ten times a day, every day. They don't gotta do that. They don't gotta use that one ply toilet paper, that office toilet paper that they purposely make difficult to pull out. They try to ration me with their communist toilet paper that's not even effective, it basically just dehydrates your butt hole. It's basically like wiping your butt with the desert.

I literally spat on my toilet paper two days ago, to try to make a MacGyver baby wipe, to moisten it, and then it backfired cause my fingers broke through and digitally stimulated more doo doo to come out, and then I had to start all over again.

And you can never finish wiping at work because you always feel rushed, cause you're paranoid that your coworkers gonna recognise your shoes underneath the stall. And you're like "oh no, Courtney's listening. She's waiting, she's timing me!" And then you hurry hurry hurry, and then you never finish wiping and then your butt hole feels caked in doo doo all day long. And then if you dare scratch yourself [at this point she bends down and simulates scratching her ass through her dress], your underwear at the end of the day looks like it's been run over by the Goonies."

My husband teased me of course. He gets less noticeAble skids on his dark boxers, but he and I have a lot more fun picking on me as I dress and look very " feminine " so many would have cognitive disonance with a lady like me smelling like roses but a lacy thong that looks like manure. I gets dirty underwear is funnier with someone like me than a hairy 250lb football player.



Victoria B: I am so glad you are back! I won't do the survey since I have posted several toilet clogging episodes on the forum, but it can be embarrassing! I am glad that you have gotten passed that and that you feel like you can relax and go without worrying what others think!

Romantic Dump: Great story!

Random Girl: When the urge to defecate is really strong, I will shiver, especially if I am not quite ready to go the toilet.

Jane the Poop: Great story!

B: Welcome!

Love to all!



Response to British Dumper

I am so glad that you have been reading the forum! Thank you for your kind words about my posts!

I loved the way that you described your bowel movements as "blimping" or as a "blimp." Never have I heard someone use that term! It was so amusing! And it made me feel warm to be a "pea in the pod" because it is so hard to find people who share a love for good, hearty bowel movements.

I am sorry that you were constipated though. That's no fun. It seems that when my bowels are off, it is because I am out of my routine. I can be very obsessive about keeping my schedule the same everyday. When I travel, I may miss as many as three consecutive bowel movements. Mostly, I get off my normal schedule of going twice daily.

You asked what meats change my bowel movements and I would have to say beef. When I eat hamburgers, steak or roast beef it tends to make my poops more firm and gives them a stronger, less healthy, smell, if that makes sense.

I eat lots of chicken and fish, so that would contribute to what would be my "normal." I love to eat as well! And, I think your love for chicken is cool! In the southern United States, where I live, it seems that we serve many meals with fried chicken!

Lastly, I read your post on page 2513 again. You asked about doing a blog where I shared my daily doodies. I actually have thought about it, but figured I better keep those pictures to myself. But, yes, I still take pictures of my bowel movements and keep them safe on a thumb drive.

Please keep posting when you have the opportunity. Enjoy your chicken! I will think of you next time I have it!



Nick (from Canada)


I've been reading, but haven't posted in a few months, but Steve A's survey about clogging the toilet struck a chord, as it's a problem I have to deal with occasionally.
1. Have you ever clogged at a toilet before? Where did it happen? Mostly at home (as that's where I prefer to go), but also a friend's and a public washroom.

2. Why did it clog? Too much TP, size of your load, or weak flush? All three of them have happened. In just about every case, its been the size of my load (or should I say the consistency of it). As someone who is on heavy duty painkillers because of an accident a number of years back, constipation is a constant problem. It can be anywhere from a day or two to four (at that point, I use a suppository), but when I do go, it can be very long, thick and solid. I don't use much TP so that's not the problem and my home toilet has a strong flush, though in the incident at my friend's place, I would argue it was the quality of the flush although he disagreed. I thought the public toilet was a strong flush, but not strong enough for the load I deposited.

3. Did you feel embarrassed when you clogged it? The only time I felt embarrassed about it was when it happened at a friend's when I was visiting. And that's because there was no plunger in the bathroom so I had to go and ask him where the plunger was. At this point he starts on about how this is the first time either one of his toilets has been clogged and how could I have done this. His kids were right in the other room and could hear the whole thing. Their looks were what embarrassed me as it would take a lot for my friend to embarrass me as we've been through too much. It took me a number of tries with his plunger to finally get it down. In the public bathroom situation, I was lucky in that I was the only one in there when it happened so I just kept flushing and flushing until it finally cleared. A couple times at home, I had to let it sit and go back and attempt it again a few hours later. By then the water had softened things up to the point, I was able to get it down with the assist of the plunger. I never used to have a plunger, but now I wouldn't dream of not having one beside the toilet.

4. Does your house toilet have a strong, average, or weak flush? A strong flush.

5. What methods do you use to prevent toilet clogging? About the only thing I can do is to take an extra stool softener at night if I've had to take a few pain pills that day. This will usually help, but not always.

6. Do you have a story about toilet clogging with yourself or other people? The first time I plugged the toilet at home, I didn't have a plunger and had to call our building's maintenance contact to see if there was one I could borrow. Then having them explain to me three times how to use it. Not only did I not like having to reveal that I'd plugged the toilet, but then being treated like I must be a complete idiot because I had and because I didn't have a plunger. As soon as I returned the plunger, I went over to the local hardware store and bought one. I didn't want to go through that again.

I was reading the recent discussion on whether its somehow more adult to have your pants and underwear at your thighs or ankles when sitting down on the toilet. The only way I would consider it more adult to pull them down to the ankles is that when I went to high school, everyone only pulled them to the thigh. It was only when I got to college that I learned most pull them to their ankles. Its definitely much more comfortable to have them around the ankles. About the only time I may only pull them to the thigh is if I just have to pee at home, although most times I will still pull them to the ankles (it's just habit).
A related question was whether your underwear match the quality of your outerwear in cleanliness and quality. This is definitely not a problem for me as many times, my briefs or boxer briefs were costlier than the T-shirt I'm wearing that day. I'm a self-professed underwear addict who enjoys shopping for new underwear and who insists on only buying the best. Its not out of the question for me to drop $40 on a pair of briefs, although I try to stick to the outlet stores (Calvin Klein or a place in Toronto that carries various brands) or sales on company websites. With the number of briefs I own and how much I perspire in the summer months, especially, its not uncommon for me to change briefs two or three times a day (though this summer I invested in some mesh trunks, which has kept the changing to a minimum). If anything, I am not afraid for the guy in the next stall to notice my briefs (if they're looking) or to let my pants droop a bit in the back showing them off. If you have good stuff and a nice package, you wanna show it off, if you know what I mean..:)

To Brian: I hope you're feeling a lot better today. That episode you described sounded like hell. Something I hope never to experience.

Until the next time, happy peeing and pooping everyone. And keep up the posts; I may not respond a lot of the time, but am reading them.

Hi everybody, it's Anna here. I only have two super quick stories today and they both kinda have to do with me having an upset stomach.

First one, I went out biking with a large group of girls last night. While we were getting ready in the parking lot at the trailhead I went to the outhouse for a pee. I noticed that another girl was following me. She was a chubby blonde who was there with her boyfriend, I guess, to bike as well. I went in and locked the door. As I was sitting down, the other girl tried my door and finding it locked went into the other stall. I could hear her pulling down her pants and then her bum hitting the seat. She peed for a few seconds and then dropped what sounded like a huge turd into the pit below her toilet. It was funny, she only had that one but really big and quick poo. She was wiping at the same time as I was and the whole trip to the outhouse took her no time at all.
Later when we were biking I suddenly felt like I really needed to go to the bathroom. It was the kind of feeling you get when you really need to go with diarrhea. I was panicking a bit because I thought I would have to ask the whole group to wait for me while I was squatting off the trail having messy diarrhea in the woods. Omg, that would have been so embarrassing! I was clenching my bum on the bike and I was so uncomfortable. But then, all of a sudden it went away and I was saved! I have no idea what happened, it was funny. I enjoyed the rest of the ride and didn't even have to go when I got home.

Ok, so the other story happened today. I had lunch at a small Indian place with my friend Danielle. Right after that I went to the university where I had a meeting with one of my profs. Only a couple of minutes into the meeting my stomach started to cramp and then I needed to go really, really bad. Cramps kept hitting me and I was squeezing my bumcheeks to hold in my poo. I know I was shifting around on my chair and for sure the prof knew something was wrong, but I was too shy to tell him that I needed to go to the bathroom. Finally the meeting was over and I raced to the nearest bathroom. I was so relieved to see it was empty. I dashed into the first stall, locked the door, pulled down my thong and pushed up my skirt. I plopped my bum onto the seat and at the same moment my rear end exploded with this huge bubbly fart, totally spraying the bowl with my poop! Oh, it was so noisy, it would have been super awkward if somebody else had been in the room! Then the weirdest thing happened, after I first blasted the toilet with my poo, my cramps quickly went away and I didn't really need to go any more. I felt much better. I peed and then wiped and didn't even need many sheets. I quickly flushed and washed my hands. It was stinking a bit in the bathroom and I didn't want to be caught by another girl. Later when I got home, Danielle told me that she got diarrhea when she got home, so it must have been something that we had eaten at the restaurant.

That's it for today, I hope you all liked my stories.

To Natasha: I loved you story! Each floor on my library has a big bathroom and then a little one in the back with just two stalls. I like to study in the back so I can use the little bathroom which is never too busy.


urgent after lunch poop

Me and the wife had lunch together Friday at a seafood restraunt well she wanted to go to family dollar to pick up a few things . she knows I have IBS and pretty much after every meal I have to go pretty quickly. While walking around I felt the pain in my gut I told her I was going to the bathroom so I walk to the back of the store where the single unisex bathroom is and my luck locked. I knocked I heard a woman say few minutes so I stood there waiting I could hear her pooping like no tomorrow a lot of plops and wet diarrhea blast. I knocked and asked her to please her I need the toilet now I hear her pulling in toilet paper and a flush I thanked god but then I heard her say sorry some rustling and a diarrhea explosion well after 5 minutes if torture she came out she was one if the clerks she apologized and said her kids gave her a virus I was in to much need to care I rush past her hurried to the toilet and let out a explosion of lava poop Iwas in there 10 mminutes I heard a knock and same girl asked me to hurry I wipe and exit telling her all yours . I felt so much better

Steve A

All Gender Bathrooms At College (Question)

My college has "All Gender" bathrooms in each building, or that I know of. It would be interesting because a certain number of them have a toilet and urinal so a guy and girl can use it at the same time.

What's your thoughts about this?

In my opinion, it wouldn't bother me, but it may feel a little different since I only used guy bathrooms during my life. With the expection of porta potties.

Pooperlady, why don't you get one of those camp toilets? They're meant for the job, you can be sure they'll work.


Diarrhea with no toilet paper

This is an older story from when I was a teenager. I woke up with my stomach really hurting. Normally I would go to the bathroom but I had overslept and was running late for school. As the school day progressed I stared getting a severe urge to take a dump and my stomach really hurt. The school bathrooms were always so busy and as open as I am with my bowel movements I still didn't want to be known as the girl who had horrible diarrhea at school. My urge got to the point that I knew I would be shitting myself if I didn't go. There was a few more minutes of that period so I decided to come up with a plan before time between classes. My high school was very large and I knew there was a basement level. In the basement level was storage and some rooms the staff used for meetings and a few rooms where biweekly classes took place. It wasn't that week and the middle of the day so I knew the bathrooms would probably be empty. I had never used the bathrooms on that level before but I thought they would be the best option.

As soon as the class let out I walked to the basement as soon as possible. Once down below I started going much faster. I saw the bathroom and bolted in. Much to my surprise it was a single toilet bathroom. I quickly sat on the toilet and noisily erupted diarrhea out of my ass. It was some of the noisiest diarrhea I had ever had and I was happy I picked this bathroom on this level. The liquid shit loudly sputtered out with many farts in between. It burned really badly but the relief was amazing. I knew I would be late for my next class and didn't want to be caught coming out of the now very smelly bathroom so I decided to not wait to see if there was more to come. I looked over at the toilet paper and there was nothing! I looked across and there was no paper towels, just one of those things that blows air. I looked through my backpack for what I could use as toilet paper for my very messy ass.

I tore the label off of my water bottle and did a wipe with that. The slick paper on my diarrhea covered derriere did absolutely nothing. I'm a very tidy person so I couldn't find any trash or old handouts to wipe with. It was later in the school year so all my notebooks were filled or I would've torn pages out of those from the beginning. I then realized I would have to tear pages out of the book I was reading. I hated doing this but it was my only option. I started from the beginning of where I already read and hesitantly tore out a page. I tried wiping and it scratched my already sore bum and didn't do much to clean it. I kept having to take pages out to wipe with that it was no longer subtle that the book was damaged. When I was finally clean I looked and the toilet was full of shit smeared pages. I couldn't even see my diarrhea. I was ignorant back then and actually tried to flush it. The water rose to the top then started overflowing a bit. I quickly ran out without washing my hands. I went to another bathroom to wash my hands and went to my next class, very very late.

When I got home I had some more diarrhea and the next day bought a new copy of the book and threw away the old.

Working Boy

Bathroom maintenance pee

Some of the toilets at our offices are closed for maintenance so there are only toilets available on every second floor.

It's one thing to go to a different floor if you have to poop, but it seems silly to walk that far to take a leak. During the past week I've relieved myself in a potplant, a large water bottle, several McDonalds coffee cups and once, in an act of desperation, in my bin under the desk. If you got to go you got to go. The toilets on our floor will be closed for at least another week or possibly even two.

Does anybody have any other ideas about where I could pee?

Victoria B.

Plugged and unplugged

My return to school has gone well for the most part, with one big exception. I've returned to the sedimentary pattern of being in classes and sitting in lectures, having to hurry between them and making poor food decisions to try and save time and money. This has caused constipation, my old nemesis, to make an unwelcome return. I had a strained-for number two on Sunday morning and then, for the next few days, nothing. I'd try to push something out during a pee, but would only be greeted by farts and empty sighs and grunts. Last night I decided that three days was enough and I needed to do something to make me go and relieve the bloating and slight stomachache I had received from my "friend."

One of the previous tenants in my house left something of use behind when they moved out: a still-sealed container of laxative suppositories that I found in a drawer while cleaning the bathroom one day. I'd never had one before and while I was somewhat apprehensive, I was also curious and constipated. The label promised a BM within fifteen minutes to an hour of taking one and that was all I needed. I prepared for my first suppository.

This started with a trip to the bathroom for some extra wiping and extended hand washing. I wanted to make sure that things were clean back there and on my hands before inserting the needed dose of glycerin into my bottom. Once that was done, I went to my room and opened up the jar to examine my fate. I saw clear, torpedo-shaped little plugs that I hoped wouldn't be too difficult to get inside. Laughing at the irony of needing to put something inside myself to get other things out, I undressed from the waist down and lied down on my left side, pulling my right knee up to get easier access to my rear. Using my left hand to hold my cheeks open, I took the suppository in my right and gently but firmly pushed it into my behind with my middle finger to ensure that it got where it needed to go. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I honestly enjoyed the feeling of putting it in. I stayed on my side and squeezed my buns together to make sure it remained inside me until it dissolved.

Then I waited. The feeling inside me was overwhelming, so much so that a few moans made their way out. It was like the warm, tingly feeling of needing to go on steroids. I could almost feel something unclogging inside me and moving towards the exit. This went on for about twenty minutes until I knew it was time. I pulled up my undies (a pair of '80s inspired turquoise and coral striped boyshorts) and made my way to the bathroom. There, I gave my toilet a pat on the tank while thinking, "Hope you're hungry" to myself. The need to go was incredibly strong as I took my panties down to my ankles and sat down. What followed was ten solid minutes of effortless pooping, preceded by the liquid remnants of the suppository. Pieces of three-day-old poop smaller than my usual payloads kept plopping out of me, giving my bottom several splashes and me several urgent flushes to prevent full bowls from turning into clogs. I must have flushed at least two or three times to make sure my number two made its way down the drain. It was... overwhelming.

Finally, it was over. I gratefully moaned and stayed sitting for a minute or two to catch my breath. What a ride. I wiped six or seven times before getting up and flushing for the last time. I already felt so much better as I made my way to bed. Happy as I was to have dealt with the constipation, I decided to make sure to do a better job of eating and getting exercise to maintain a better pooping routine. I enjoyed my first butt bomb, but decided that evening that they'd have to be used only in emergencies.

Happy pooping to all!
Love, Victoria

To Anna: I understand your feeling well, about you want to be like Jae. I don't know I can give good advice or not, but few years ago I was in your position, I feel I want to be more open. I just thought, motion is normal and a necessary for the health, gradually that thinking become strong so when I do motion, private or public, I think, health health health, so embarrass go down.

Actually my mother always say, motion is not embarrass, but not good to say in loud voice because society angry. Society is strange very much, but can't be help. My mother say, to say in quiet voice always OK! Big difference between quiet voice and loud voice.

In Japan sometimes girls talk each other about motion and lots detail. It is usually connected with health and body feeling so we don't talk so much about quantity, shape, smell, things like that. My brother says boys too, but he thinks, less than girls. He says also, some boys talk rude things about motion of girls. He never do.

To Jane the Poop: Wow, you and your friend had huge great time!! How you manage to do so much motions one time? I translate to my friends, they all try to count, but impossible because you write like "poop after poop" and we don't know how many it is. But maybe more than 20 big ones. I and Hisae and Maho say, Wow! Kazuko say, I envy. I want to do such that motions! So we say, go to loo. But she say, tomorrow. And she eat some snacks, ice cream and fruit, she hope for big motion. Easy for her because she is huge eater all time, so her mother angry and say, don't eat like man, eat like woman. Man eat 4 bananas OK, but woman, four woman share one banana. Kazu always angry and stress, Maho say, maybe stress cause Kazuko's super huge motions.

Next day after big breakfast (we stayed together all the night in my flat which also Maho's flat now) Kazuko sat down on loo after Hisae finish. Maho sat down on floor next her, Mina and Hisae at door. Kazuko say, "why you all look me so warm eyes?" and we all say "because we love you Kazu! do motions many many many, and good luck." So Kazu close eyes and begin push and grunt. Her grunt voice not very loud, except when she feel a pain. Maho put her hand Kazu's knee. Kazu push more, and soon heavy PLOP, we all say "yiiiiii!" with pleasure feeling and Kazuko smile little one and push again. Soon Plop again. And again. And again. Maho flush. Kazu push and push and every time we hear Plop we make happy noise. Maho has beautiful smile on face and look hard into Kazu's eyes.

But after 8 big motions, Kazuko's face change. She seem to sad. "Kazu what is wrong?" "I think I finish soon, I don't want!" I say her, "stay on loo more! You think now you finish, but five minutes later you relax and push out bururururu style mushy from beautiful bottom. You are OK!" I don't know why, but 3 friends laugh. What I said that it was so funny? But I laugh too, because I love and love and love my friends!

Maho flush, she say if she flush it give Kazuko will to produce more from beautiful bottom. Kazuko say, "why you say beautiful bottom? My bottom ugly very much!" But 3 friends protest big voice at once, and Maho caress her top of bottom, not lower half because loo is in way. All bottoms of my friends very beautiful. My bottom is ugly, but if I say, they say "no Mina, it is so beautiful!!" so maybe I have to believe.

Suddenly Kazuko's face change again. "Aaah... I think something move inside intestine." 3 friends make big happy noise and say, gambatte, it means try. But Maho also say, "don't force bottom". Kazuko say, "of course I don't force, bad for health". So she wait five minutes more maybe.

After five minutes, suddenly big fart, fuuuuu, then crackle and then burururururururu! Out it come. Very huge! Kazuko give big smile. 3 friends applaud, and Kazu say, "stupid!" but then push again and more burururururururu. And about 3 minutes later, another one. And then three minutes later, another one. But little bit smaller. And Kazuko say "I feel almost I am empty." After that she don't move, so we wait, and then sometimes little sound, small one now. Smell is huge, but we don't care and we don't say. Finally she say "finish" and Maho press washlet button. Then we all wipe her, but actually her bottom clean very much because of washlet. We try very soft touch as we possible and Kazuko give whimper noise many times. We look in loo and big brown mess of mushy. Even after flush, still quite a lot there, but next flush, all gone except few tiny piece.

I take Kazuko's panties from shelf and give her, she put on them and stand up, we go out of loo and she say "thank you! I don't do so much as Jane and her friend, but it was very good time!" I and Maho look each other and send eye signal, then Maho put panties on shelf.

I don't go detail now, this post too long. Maho have same relaxing time she always have and hard motions same number as Kazuko, 8, but no burururururu after. Then my turn. I wait long time so I feel inside bottom, motion get softer and softer. I sit down and it was plops, not burururururu, but many came out quickly, very soft. Of course I stay, but everyone understand, and Hisae kiss me. I explain why kiss in next post. I stay long time but no one say, hurry up.

Finally my bottom open again, this time burururururururu and three times. When I start to do little ones, I happy because Kazuko did 4 burururururus and me only three. I happy for her. I say to her, but she say, "Mina, even you do twenty and I do only one, I love you!" Sweet sweet Kazuko.

And big loo adventure end!! About one hour and 25 minutes, and Kazuko was 40 minutes of that. Hisae was only 5 minutes but in five minutes she produce about same quantity with me, so she don't do complain. I was sit next to her so I saw her produce come out and it was very big huge and come out high speed. So all four of us happy.

Next time I tell you how did I do bad thing to Hisae, sorry I postpone always. She forgive me at once, she never angry.

Kung Poo

Constipated wife

My wife suffers from the worst constipation. It gets so bad she can not go for a week and when she finally does, it sometimes sounds like she's giving birth. My wife's ethnically Chinese, in her mid thirties, with a rather smooth nice toned legs and butt. Yesterday afternoon, she told me she's getting quite desperate. She hasn't gone for one week and it's starting to hurt. She has tried her usual constipation medication and it doesn't work this time. Prune juice doesn't help too. I asked if she she could feel a hard mass inside. If so, it could be impacted and she might need a doctor - something she's trying to avoid. Her sister had fecal impaction once and she described as more painful than giving birth when the huge mass came out of her. And she knows. She had 3 kids. So my wife decided to try an enema for the first time. I volunteered to help, with a little too much enthusiasm. First, she lifted her T-shirt and lower her panties. Then I asked her to lie in a fetal position on the bed. I opened the box of enemas and unwrapped a bulb. It contains a slightly soapy solution which I think might help. I then lubricated the tip slightly with some soap and very slowly slid the tip into her anus. Then I squeezed the bulb slowly. Immediately she winced. She said she could feel the liquid flowing into her lower intestine and is causing immediate pain. I told her to hold it in and wait for the full impact - the moment you feel you have to go right now. Then I went off to work on my laptop.

30 mins later, I heard the toilet seat slam fast. A rustling of clothes was heard. Immediately I went to watch. We have an open concept toilet. We have no kids so we decided to open up the space by breaking down toilet walls, with glass walls in place. By the time I reached there, Wife was sitting on the toilet, white panties and her knees. Her face was all scrunched up. She looked up at me and said in a straining voice, "It's wooorrking. First piece is halfway out but stuck." I immediately asked her to lean to the side to show. Immediately, I understood what the problem was the past week. The turd was HUGE. The head is huge, about 3.5cm in diamter and at the point of obstruction, it is even bigger. I told her to relax and just let it slide out. Don't push. Just breath deeply. So she did. And very slowly, partly due to the enema, the turd slid out. Wife screamed with each movememt of the turd. Her anus started to bleed slightly. Suddenly the turd started speeding up quickly and as the log exited, it changed to a lighter brown. Lighter, lighter, until it was almost yellow. The the whole log tapered off and fell into the bowl. "Urrrhhhahhhhhh" went Wife. She did it.

The turd took 5 flushes to get rid of. It was about 30cm long.

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