Yesterday I ate so many cranberries that I developped diarrhea. I had loose stools nearly 4 times! Also, my hospital stories I told were from what I remember, so if I had unknowingly made a mistake that's ok. I stood in the bathroom today, and was thinking back on one of those posts. I was sure I was given the inhaled anesthetic, because my throat felt weird before I went to sleep. If I was truly injected with the medication, I was only loosing the sensation of feeling the oxygen. I'm just trying to say that the post I might have said the wrong thing in was based off of as much of what I remember as possible. Surely just about everyone has unknowingly made a mistake on toiletstool. Anyway, I learned from the Internet that one of the side effects of eating too many crannberries is diarrhea. My poop didn't smell like crannberries, but I was gassy. This morning, I did some loud farting in bed. What do you call a fart smell that lingers in your room? An old fart lol! Bye.


Faith's question

Why men's stall don't have doors?

In schools, its because the administration wants to make supervision of the bathrooms easier and with all the vandalism, misuse of the toilets, and students who seek to just get out of a boring class, loss of privacy is the price we pay. I also know that smoking also has a lot to do with it. In my high school, when a toilet is vandalized, if it had a door, the door is taken off for a period of days, and if its bad such as firecrackers under the seat, the doors stay off for the rest of the year. Our downstairs guys bathroom has been completely locked up for the rest of the year because a fire was set, did about $2,000 damage and required the trucks to come. I've had friends from other school districts telling me that beginning in kindergarten and up until they got to college, none of the toilets available had doors.

In stores, malls, arenas and parks, reasons are sexual activity, vandalism, sometimes the homeless hanging out, and in one case an old man losing his jewelry and wallet while he was standing at the urinal, face to a wall, taking a leak. In the park in our subdivision, police gave a ticket to a man and woman in a stall together having sex. I guess the lack of a stall door is meant to stop that from happening.

Faith, how often do you use public bathrooms? What have they been like? What have you experienced? Thanks.

Trucker Girl

Pooping in a cafe, pooping in a forest, two Asian girls

Going to talk about a few different stories

This one is the most recent pooping experience I've had. I noticed that I had not taken a dump in a few days. I didn't believe I was constipated but I never got the urge to go. One morning I was getting coffee and something to snack on in a small little cafe. While waiting in line I finally started getting the feeling. So after I got and ate my food I headed for the ladies room. The bathroom was down a hallway hidden from plain site. There was two women waiting in line before me. One was a blonde girl with her hair in a tight ponytail. She was the one right before me and from the time she spent in the bathroom I think she took a shit. When it was my turn there was now someone waiting behind me. I went into the bathroom and it was very small and cramped. It smelled greatly of poo and there was some skids in the bowl. I sat on the still warm seat and had a long pee. I then pushed hard thinking it would be hard to get out. But my shit quickly came right out. I looked and it was nine inches long, an inch thick, and looked soft but firm. I wiped and left without flushing so the next in line could admire what I did. I quickly left before I could get in trouble.

There have been quite a few times when I needed to pullover and relieve myself on the side of the road. One time I was driving through a heavily forested area. I really needed to shit, I hadn't gone for some time. I knew if I didn't go ASAP I would soil myself. So I pulled over, grabbed my emergency tp, and headed into the woods. I found a good spot in some bushes, about only 10 feet from the road. I had only seen a few vehicles so I figured it would be fine. I peed then started pushing out my shit. I could feel it stretch my ass. If it wasn't for my desperation and pooping position it would've been hard to pass. It felt amazing coming out and I only needed to push at the start. The rest steadily slid out. I looked at it and it was pretty thick and about six inches long. The whole thing was very dark brown, knobbly, and smelled horrible. I let out some equally smelly gas, wiped, and left.

I was eating in a restaurant one evening and I just happened to be seated near the bathrooms. I had fun watching people go in and out and being able to tell who probably took a dump by how long they were in there. After I finished eating I decided it was my time to use the bathroom. Two Asian women that looked mid-twenties had just recently gone in and there was a blonde woman who looked a bit younger who went in a few minutes prior. I went in and saw that all three stalls were taken. It sounded like one girl was peeing. I heard a flush and the blonde woman left the middle stall. I took the middle and sat on the still warm seat. I could hear the Asian women on both my sides start shitting. I started pushing mine out and it felt soft and very thin. The two girls were letting out lots of plopping sounds, especially the one on my right. We all started wiping at around the same time. I looked before I wiped and I had done many very thin light colored poops, shortest was two inches and longest was five. They were really thin, probably a centimeter. Most floated in the bowl too. My butt was extra messy so I took longer than the others to finish wiping. I could hear the girl on the right try flushing but the toilet wouldn't flush. She cursed under her breath and tried a few more times. She gave up and joined her friend washing hands. I waited til they left and checked her stall, without flushing my own of course. It looked like there was a big poo but it broke into pieces coming out. The biggest was about four inches and the rest were smaller. They were all almost two inches thick. The color was a mix of light and dark brown and it looked fibrous where it broke. It looked like there was small pieces of undigested carrots too. I noticed the water in this toilet was really low. So most of her poo was above water and it really smelled. I washed my hands and left.


My Bad!

Last year I had a relatively embarrassing bathroom experience. I was downstairs watching a movie with my dad and brother, and due to the junk food I was eating and having gone nearly two days without a BM, I needed to go badly. I asked dad to pause the movie, and told him I was taking a shower. I got my clothes and a towel together, and went into the upstairs bathroom. As I sat on the toilet, a large log immediately hurled itself out of me, and more came to follow. As I sat there for several minutes dropping logs and sharts, I began to feel done. Naturally, as I always do, I waited for a couple of minutes before wiping then getting a shower. I thought I flushed, but I must not have, as I was in a hurry to shower, and I take LONG showers. After finishing up, I dried off and went back downstairs to finish the movie (don't think dad knew, or if he did, he didn't say anything). Later that night, when I went to that same bathroom again to pee, I noticed that the toilet had not been flushed. I flushed it, making sure that I actually flushed it this time. Luckily, I was the only one who saw it (dad would've said something, and I don't think Nathan saw it). This got me thinking: Has anyone else here ever not flushed the toilet after a BM? Why? Did anyone notice? Have you ever seen someone who didn't flush for any reason?


To Charlotte:

There are some things you can do to start with. Know tat there are some things that are likely to hasten the need to pee. High sugar or salt intake from food or drink. Caffeine can as well. Sometime when you are at home, get your bladder as full as possible, and then pee into a container. The volume should be between 400 and 600 MLs. If it's way below that, it might be somethig to look into wit your doctor or a urologist. In the mean time, consider some type of bladder protection. You might also want to consider that what you may feel is a mild need to go is actually your bladder maxing out. It is what it is. No shame, no foul. Ask your doc. I doubt tht you can tellthem anything that they haven't heard.


High School Road Games

My high school was a pretty decent facility in terms of toilets, showers and dressing rooms for our teams as well as the opponents. It was a big school and they put money into updating the facilities. However, when our girls basketball and volleyball squads traveled to other schools to compete as the visiting team, that wasn't always the case. Especially, the smaller schools in rural communities often just didn't have the space or money to make things better.

This happened my first year when I was a reserve player. We left our school right after lunch on the Friday before Christmas. It was a 45-minute drive to the school we were playing. There was only the boys locker room available and it was assigned to us. I don't know what they did with the gym classes that afternoon, but we didn't see any guys around. Coach took us into the locker room and my friend Mardi saw the urinals against one wall and asked if I was interested in peeing in one. Mardi said she was but Coach told us she didn't recommended it. Opposite the urinals, there were six toilets attached to the wall--no panels, no nothing for privacy. She and I took a seat next to one another. Because of my height, I spread my legs wide to push out the big one and our knees collided because Mardi was crapping too. Our teammates were based on one large bench that separated the toilets from the urinals. Mardi told me she was secretly hoping a member of our team or two would stand against a urinal and pee. Coach ripped down her sweats to her knees and took a seat on the end toilet. Immediately we could hear a gush of pee coming out of her and she yelled out for us to watch our time and we were five minutes away from our warmups on the court.

Both Mardi and I looked at one another for the toilet paper which we couldn't find. I asked coach about it and she said it was on the wall immediately behind us. I was off the stool and turned behind me to pull it off when there was a huge blast of hot water over the half-high wall that separated us from the shower room. Our team manager was trying to take a shower, but the shower head had been screwed with and pointed backwards at us. As she tried to switch it around, it came off in her hand, and she shouted several obscenities as she fought with it. Finally, after we and half the room got continually sprayed for close to a minute, Coach, with her clothing down and evil mad, ran back there and finally got the water shut off. She cussed out our manager worse than we had ever heard before, and she continued to yell and rant as Mardi and I were dripping wet and with waterlogged toilet paper, were cleaning our butts. Coach called the office and towels were delivered to us by the athletic director's secretary, who seemed to be withholding a smirk has she handed them out.

The next week at practice we saw our manager doing her required 30 laps of the gym before practice began.


Please Read This

Hi everyone! It's Cat!

I just want to tell everyone that I will no longer be posting on this website. With my junior year coming up and various dance things, I will just be too busy. If something awesome happens, I may talk about it. Aside from that. I'm done.

Goodbye my fellow poopers! Love to you all!


Old Pooper

Hi guys. Sometimes when I'm bored, I like to imagine what being old will be like for me concerning toilet matters. Did you know that old people may become incontinent. If I do poop myself as an old person, I hope to have supportive people around. When I imagine being old, I suppose the involuntary release of stool would be like diarrhea that just slips out. I think this may mostly occur really close to the end of life, but I'm sure it could happen sooner. One surprise which occurred when I had my first surgery to remove gallstones was that I thought my right ear was ringing slightly for a bit before my awareness disappeared, but I don't recall that happening the 2 other times I went to sleep. The moments after going to sleep were like a switch had been turned off, and I suddenly stopped existing for a period of time. Anyway, if I have an unexpected surprise moments before my demise (such as a bathroom-related one), I'm ok with that like I said before. I just hope nobody is grossed out especially since old people can't help but have these potty accidents. Lol, I can now just imagine joking with old people at a nursing home, and excusing myself to go change my disposable underwear. However it goes when I reach that point, I hope my bathroom experiences won't be too embarrassing.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Reply to Adrian and latest loo visit


Adrian:- yes it was a case of urgency, i suffer
With IBS-D so i often need a loo urgently and have had a few accidents recently too. I am often at the doctors for stronger medication to control my IBS, it is not pleasant lol, but thankfully when i get the right medication and i de-stress it is easier to control and less life controlling.

Latest loo visit.

Was at my mate Kylie's.
Went and saw her and her son Matthew today.
It was around 1pm when i got my urge and i soon became more desperate.
I went to her loo around 40 mins later after i could hold it for no longer

Locked her door pulled my grey tracksuit bottoms down and white knickers
To discover i had also started my period, & relaxed.
Immediately my plops loosely fell out my butt. Meanwhile i popped a maxi pad in my knicks.
8 loose light brown plops initially followed by a wet fart then a further 8 plops on top of that. I wiped 6 times and flushed leaving a putrid smell and skids in her toilet.
I sprayed her oust and washed my hands, then headed back to Kylie.

Got home 5 mins ago and got a feeling i need another poo, not desperate just yet though.
Hubby gets home in 10 mins so i might just let him join me for my next poo... He'll enjoy that.
Jem xx


Might lose my job over an accident

I'm in my mid 30s and recently became an assistant store manager at a large chain retail store. I'm one of 3 assistants who, like the store manager, have keys to the building and are responsible for opening and closing the store. On Tuesday morning it was my morning to open. Usually one of us opens at 6 with a hand ful of employees and another assistant gets there at 7 or 8 with another slew of employees. I didn't get a good night's sleep and tried to compensate with an extra cup of coffee... not only did it barely help pep me up, but i realized very shortly into my drive that it was causing chaos in my body. I had to pee urgently, but the more alarming issue was an intense and unsettling feeling of needing to poop, like diarrhea. I was uncomfortable but not concerned, just anxious to get to the store so i could get in and use the bathroom. I was already on the highway at that point and there was really no where to stop, and my store was just off the exit anyway. By the time i took my exit and approached the parking lot i felt a pressure in my ass unlike anything else i ever experienced. My whole body was tense and i felt shivers go down my spine from needing to poop so urgently. My heart was racing as i felt my stomach gurgle, and i mumbled "please no" as i parked my car. I felt like i had no chance in hell of making it across the lot and inside and to the back of the store, but obviously i had to try... i sat there in my car all rigid and clenching my ass while squeezing my steering wheel, just taking deep breaths as i tried to wait out the overwhelming urge to release and find an opportunity to head to the bathroom, but it was no use... a few seconds later i just couldn't endure the pressure any longer and soft, mushy poop started quickly bursting out into my pants with bubbly wet farts. It felt very hot and i leaned all the way forward in my seat to prevent it from going towards my front, and instead i felt it creep up towards my back as it spread out in my panties and khakis. The worst part was it didn't even feel relieving... my stomach still hurt and i was still struggling not to go more in my pants even after I had totally messed myself. And obviously it stunk too... badly. I just sat in disbelief knowing full well i couldn't open the store in that condition... i grabbed my phone and, with trembling hands, texted the other asm who was due in later that morning and just said i had gotten sick on my way in to work and asked if he would be able to get there early to open... then before waiting for a reply i started my car back up and got the hell out of there before one of my employees pulled up and saw me just sitting in my car.

It wasn't that much longer before my bladder failed too and i started to pee my pants. I tried hard not to, which might seem pointless but the mess was already bad and i knew the wetness would make it worse, but i couldn't help it. I'm surprised i made it that long before peeing myself actually, because losing control of my bladder is a little more familiar to me... man what a mess. Such a smelly and uncomfortable ride home, with the enormous stress of knowing i was going to get in trouble for not opening the store. And just to top it off i didn't get home before having two more small bouts of diarrhea in my pants. What a mess.

When i got home my other asm had replied saying he couldn't be in before 7 and asked if i had texted the 6 am people to wait...which i did he gave me a hard time saying they probably showed up, waited then left so he'd be even more short handed. At that point though i was more concerned about cleaning myself up and just told him I'd be in as soon as i could... he just kind of said "if you're sick you're sick don't bother".

i made my waddle of shame into my house...the most uncomfortable part being the woosh of cold air against my butt when i got out of the car. I laid old towels down on the bathroom floor, literally had to peel my khakis and underwear off then took the longest shower of my life before just balling everything up in the towels and throwing it away. Then spent the remainder of my morning trying to clean my car seat and air the car out.

I went to work today and my store manager didn't ask any details about my "illness" thankfully, but expressed her displeasure about the short notice and not showing up to open. I had a moment where i was debating explaining to her the truth of what happened, and maybe she'd understand or take pity on me and let it go, but i was way too embarassed to admit that i blew off work because i pooped my pants in the car. So i just rolled with the punches and went about the day, thinking it was all over...but then near the end of the day she told me the district manager will be in tomorrow (thursday) and wants a meeting.

So, here's to hoping that I'm not going to get fired because i shit my pants.


Today's poops

Hi again. I pooped a lot today, and it came in four separate loads. The first one was early this morning just before my first class. I had felt an urge shortly after waking up, but I decided I could hold it because I was running a bit later than usual. However, the urge built as I was walking to class, and I had to stop at the bathroom. Probably because everyone was already at class or on their way there, the bathroom was empty. I took the closest stall and sat on the toilet. My poop came out fairly quickly in about 7 or 8 fat but short pieces. I wiped a bunch and flushed, then washed my hands and just barely made it to class exactly on time.

My second poop of the day came in the early afternoon. Shortly after eating lunch, I was feeling a familiar pressure, so I headed off to the closest bathroom. This time, all four of the stalls were taken and there were two other girls waiting in line. I could see the first girl messing around with her phone and fidgeting a lot. I figured she needed to pee. The second girl in line seemed like she needed to poop. Every so often, when she thought nobody was looking, she'd grab her stomach but then quickly return her hands to her sides. While we were waiting, another girl came in. She wasn't fidgeting or showing any signs of needing the bathroom for either function though.

After what seemed like forever, one stall opened up and the first girl in line rushed in. I could hear her pee stream start almost immediately. It was loud. She peed for maybe fifteen seconds tops, but it was a very intense stream. Then she wiped, flushed, and went to wash her hands. Then the next girl took the stall. I continued to wait, and my need to poop was building. One more girl came in and got in line. After just a little bit, she said, "Oh, I hope this line moves fast. I have to go #2." I responded that I did too. And the last girl said she did as well. After that, a stall opened up and I went in.

Despite my need to poop feeling strong when I was in line, it took a bit to coax it into actually coming out. My first turd was thick, though not quite as thick as the pieces from this morning were. And it was quite long too. I followed it up with another very similar one. Then I felt empty. I wiped, but it was a fairly clean poop and I hardly had to wipe. I saw my two turds in the bowl, one a straight line down the middle, probably eight inches or so long. Then the other was curved and laid on top of it. Then I flushed them down. As I was washing my hands, the girl who had been in line in front of me came out of her stall, looking very relieved.

My third poop was later in the afternoon. I had gone for a workout after all my classes, and was getting ready to shower when I felt an urge to poop again. One of the two stalls was taken and I went in the other. Immediately after sitting down, I pooped out three short pieces of poop. I wiped, flushed, and went to shower. My last poop was just a little bit ago, and it was uneventful. I was studying and I farted a few times, but I could tell there was more than a fart that needed out. I walked down the hall to the bathroom and let out one very small piece and that was all.

Tarja from Finland

Mother and Daughter Pooping Time

Hi all, Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy trying to finish up with school and I've been spending some free time on drawing. I'm an artist and I'm very good at drawing. Lol. To those of you who are questioning of the answers I said on Michael W's survey, here it is. When I say that my boyfriend, mom, or dad help me through a difficult poop, what they do is that they massage my belly and they instruct me to push, or they will instruct me to take a breather from pushing too hard.

Ok on Sunday we were celebrating my mom's birthday and me and my mom had to do a big lunch and dinner. We definitely ate way too much food which caused me and my mom to spend the rest of the evening on the toilet pooping our guts out. First we had lunch with my Grandmother. Me and my mom ate a Greek Salad, a Caesar salad, a Garden salad, Smoked boar, Lots of deviled eggs, pasteries, mashed potatoes, scallop potatoes, German chocolate cake, chocolate candy, blueberries, strawberries, and a lot of Grape juice. After me and mom finished our big dinner, we stayed at the restaurant and talked about school and my boyfriend. While waiting for my mom to pay the tab my stomach started to gurgle. After the bill was paid my mom said "I have to go to the bathroom." I said "I'm joining you." So I put my clogs back on my feet and followed my mom into the Women's restroom. Omg my stomach was cramping so bad it felt like my stomach was gonna explode from the inside. In the Women's bathroom there were only two stalls. Me and mom have the bathroom to ourselves. There is another Woman's bathroom in this restaurant but its upstairs. Lol. I took the stall closest to the sink and my mum took the stall right next to me. I pulled down my black dress pants and underwear to my ankles and slid my clogs off bcz I hate wearing shoes. My mom then did the same. Me and mom sat there in silence and then Ppffffrrrttt! I farted and sighed in relief. My mom did a mid-range fart. And then PPPPPPPPFFFFRRRRRRTTTTTTT! "Mum, my stomach hurts" I said. "Mine does too" My mom said. So then I rubbed my ???? while my mum farted loud again. It was like BBBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAPPPP! I massage my left side of my abdomen and then I let out a mid range fart with molten poop pouring out of my skinny little butt. Then ma and my mom both farted with explosive diarrhea at the same time it was almost like we were having our own contest. My mom: PPPPFFFFFRRRRRRTTTT! And then Me: PPPPFFFFRRRRTTTT! My mom: BBBRRRRAAAAPPPP! And Me: PPPPFFFFFRRRRRTTTT!
Omg the bathroom smelled like rotten eggs. My butt hurt a little bit bcz diarrhea makes my butthole sting. Me and my mom both exploded with diarrhea at the same time. And then for like 45 long minutes we continued pooping liquid poopy diarrhea in the Woman's restroom. A few ppl came into the bathroom hoping to use it but they couldn't bcz me and my mum took both of the stalls. Every five or so minutes I could hear ppl coming in and then coming out the bathroom knowing they could not use it. Me and my mom's farts faded to mid range farts like ppppffffrrrtt or bbrrrraaaappp! along with squirting and spraying the toilet bowl. I heard a woman outside the bathroom talk to a hostess or waitress. I could barely but almost hear them talking. I think they said "Is there another bathroom around here bcz there are only two stalls in this bathroom and they are taken and it seems like they've been in there for ages." The lady said to them "Right this way." Me and my mum had just finished pooping and we both wiped our butts and flushed the toilet. Before I flushed the toilet I looked at my pile and it was nearly close to the rim. Holy Crap! That's as much as I pooped in school the other day but I was having diarrhea that morning. Anyways I slid my black socked feet into my clogs, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Me and mum both left the restaurant and Helsinki to go home for the night. It was a hard ride home bcz me and my mum were having stomach cramps on the way home. Our home isn't far from Helsinki. But when we came home I was happy bcz I was ready to run to the bathroom again. So we came inside and took off our shoes. "I have a toilet upstairs calling my name" My mum said. "Me too" I said. When I say the toilet is calling my name it means that I have to take a dmup. So my mom ran upstairs to use her bathroom and I went to use the downstairs bathroom in the kitchen. First I took off my white blouse bcz my ???? was warm from the cramps. I go into the bathroom and I closed the door and locked it. I pulled down my black dress pants again and took out my book and started reading it. I exploded with diarrhea again. It was like PPPPFFFFRRRRTTT! or BBBBRRRRAAAAPPP! I had a book in one hand and my other hand was holding my stomach to sooth the cramping. I spent a good 30 minutes in the bathroom. When I was done I took a nap on the couch for a couple of hours and then when I woke up I had to poop again. So I went straight back to the bathroom and parked my butt back on the toilet. I had diarrhea again and when I was done I tried to flush it but the toilet was clogged. Yesterday my mum unclogged the toilet with the snake thingy. Today after school was out I had diarrhea in the Girl's bathroom again and I spent a good 40 minutes on the toilet. I pooped so much that it was almost up to the water line and it looked like soft serve chocolate ice cream. Me and my mum have the same pooping problems where we get constipated for so long and then we get attacked my explosive diarrhea. That's why me and her do enemas. I hate enemas but they do help me and my mum says that I am due for another one. Mum just finished giving herself three enemas and she is now calling my name to go into the bathroom so its time for my enema right now. I will let you know how it went.


Braidy Survey - Guys perspective!

Hi Braidy I thought you might like the opinions of a guy in the UK

1) What do you do in a crowded public restroom and all the stalls are full and1) What do you do in a crowded public restroom and all the stalls are full and there's nothing encouraging going on such as flushers being used or feet moving under the doors?

There is nothing you can do except hold it and wait!

2) Do you prefer to follow a shitter or pee-er?

A shitter - seat should be clean and dry. At college the toilets are quite cold especially in winter and it's nice to follow a guy with a warm butt who has done a good job of warming the seat!

3) Considering Number 2 above, what have you done to get their attention back on track or get them off the toilet?

There is not much you can do. I enjoy my time on the throne and take my time. When I am on the throne I am the reigning king and anyone waiting outside has to wait their turn to take their seat on the throne. Being in the toilet is one of your few opportunities for peace with no interruptions. Guy code dictates you respect the rights of others to quiet time. I was in the toilet in a supermarket once and there was only one cubicle. Some guy knocked on the door. For disturbing my time, I kept him waiting! You just have to hold it and be patient!

4) How long should a person sit before giving up and relinquishing their seat?

As long as they want!

5) Are there enough women's toilet available in large arenas, rest stops, airports and other public facilities.

No idea. There are often not enough toilets in the guys toilets, and too many urinals. My college campus has 7 cubicles across 2 bathrooms and probably enough urinal space for about 50 of us to piss simultaneously. Likewise there are about 10 sinks and one hand dryer when hand drying takes longer than washing!

Bella Jean

Worried about my Poop

For the last several months I've been having a lot of stomachaches, cramping, and sudden, intense needs to get to a toilet. I'm usually just going about my day when I get hit with the stomach cramping and urge to poop and the only thing I can do is hurry to a toilet and go diarrhea.

I've tried to be very careful with what I am eating but I don't think it is helping. In fact, this past weekend I actually embarrassingly had an accident. I was enjoying a quiet evening in my pajamas (long t-shirt and underwear) when I felt the worst cramping I have ever had. I knew what was about to happen and hurried to the bathroom. I raised the toilet lid, turned around and picked up my shirt but before I could pull down my underwear my muscles gave out and diarrhea exploded into my underwear. I couldn't stop the explosion so I quickly sat down on the toilet seat with my underwear still on and blasted out the gassy, sloppy mess while clutching my stomach in pain.

When my diarrhea stopped, my stomach was still hurting pretty badly so I knew I was going to have to go more but I wanted to use the opportunity to take off my underwear. They were absolutely destroyed but I managed to get them off and into the trash without making too much of a mess. As I was sitting there again thinking about how I had pooped myself, I got another bad stomach cramp but this time I was able to just let go and I had several waves of gassy diarrhea before my stomach felt better.

I can't believe I had a poop accident as a grown woman. I'm also worried that I'm going to be hit with another uncontrollable urge and have an accident when I'm not at my home. Today, I just barely made it to a toilet at work and was pretty embarrassed to have to go loud, smelly diarrhea around my coworkers.

Mr P (in the wheelchair)

To Amber.

To Amber.

Firstly welcome to the site. I loved your story about pooping with your new buddy in your student accommodation. It sounds like the bathroom smelled very badly after you both pooped in there. Hope to hear more stories from you.

Mr P (in the wheelchair)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amber great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

To: Simmee great st story it sounds like those girls really had to poop.

To: Vincene great story it sounds like your teacher had a great poop.

To: Victoria B great story about your big poop at the coffee shop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Hi guys!

Hi everyone, I'm new to this, I have a story from a few months ago that I'd like to share, about meeting my university roommate Chloe
I'm 5'6", brunette, 20 years old, I go to the gym regularly, my friends say I have a nice figure, I've got quite a big bum, I'm from the UK, Chloe is 21, blonde, slightly taller than me but has a smaller bum.
In September I started university and moved into student accommodation, a house with 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a kitchen and a sitting area. In total there are 6 girls in the house.
So I moved into the house, I was the last one to arrive, so ended up with the smallest bedroom, on the ground floor, Chloe in the room next to me, and everyone else upstairs, due to this, the ground floor bathroom has essentially become me and Chloe's bathroom, on the first night in the house we ordered in pizza and had a couple of drinks each, as we were all chatting, I found that Chloe and I had a lot in common.
Later on, everyone went to bed, but before I did, I knew that the pizza had taken its toll, I had a good poo brewing inside of me, so I took a magazine and went to the loo, however in my slightly inebriated state I forgot to lock the door.
I sat down, opened up my magazine, started peeing, just as my pee stopped, I felt a log knocking at the back door, I continued to read as it made its way out, I made a relived sigh as it splashed down into the water, 10 minutes or so had passed and I had dropped a few good logs and still felt that there was more coming, I was sitting, reading my magazine when the door opened, and there was my new friend, holding a paperback book in the doorway, we both giggled and I said "well that's something else we've got in common", we giggled again, I invited her to sit on the edge of the bath until I was finished, we chatted for another 6 or 7 minutes while I dropped more poos, then I was finished, I wiped my bum 6 times, and my front once, after wiping I looked in the toilet, there were 6 reasonably sized logs, with some smaller poos aswell, and then it was her turn.
I offered to leave but she said that I could stay, so I did, she pee'd as soon as she sat down and let out a loud fart when she finished, followed by some soft poo, we chatted as she unleashed more sloppy poo into the toilet, I'd created a pungent aroma, but Chloe's fumes were toxic, after about 15 minutes she grabbed the loo roll, and wiped her backside about 10 times, the toilet wasn't a pretty sight, lots of brown spots dotted all round the bowl, she flushed her creation away, "bet you feel better now", I said, "yeah, so must you amber" she replied, we exchanged a hug, said goodnight and went to our beds.


Elementary School Accident`

Hi, Emily again. I'm the girl that posted about a week ago about how I messed my pants in math class. I have a gym class story.

This happened 6 years ago, when I was in 4th grade. I was in gym class and we had to run around the perimeter of the gym a number of times. I had diarrhea and my stomach was gurgling all day. As I was running, I got a cramp in my abdomen. I was afraid to ask to go, because I thought the gym teacher was mean. I was trying to keep up with everyone while holding it in. It suddenly gushed out into my underwear. I started to smell it, but apparently no one else could. I was trying my best to manage the mess, so it wouldn't fall out of my underwear. After the class was over, I told my normal teacher that I had an accident. She took me to the nurse, who called my dad. He came to pick me up. We got home and he cleaned me up. I got away with it with neither my sisters or the people in my class knowing about it.



Hi all!

Just a quick one, Tarja from Finland: if you are still around, please post more!


Questions and Comments and Stuff

Hey there! It's Cat!

So, I have a question for y'all:

Let's say you eat dinner at 6 PM. And at like 4:30 or 5 you have to go poop. Do you go to a bathroom right then (assuming the situation is right), or do you wait until after dinner?

When I was younger, I thought you pooped out food only an hour or so after you ate it. After watching videos of the digestive system, I realized that it takes a while, at least 24 hours. So when I was little, I would wait so that I wouldn't have to go in the morning. Now, it has become habit (I also poop right before I shower because I don't like having a dirty butt). What do you think?

Mina: I completely understand. In some aspects, I feel closer to my friends then my family. I will occasionally ask my mom about something, but it will be accompanied with a blush and a stutter.

I know this post is kinda short and different from what I normally do, but I've been insanely busy with ballet exams to move on to level 11. I also signed up to help my ballet instructor hem and adjust ALL THE NEW LEOTARDS for ALL LEVELS so I have been going over to her house almost every day after school to sew (at least Amy signed up as well). But summer is just around the corner so I'll have more time then, and Sarah and Amy and I will probably get together.



Cross-Stall Conversation

This past Sunday our church had a congregation-wide picnic at an amusement park and the turnout was great. They had a part of the program devoted to the graduating high school seniors and there were about 50 of them. Each was given a gift and was asked to tell where they were going to college. I was on the committee to do the setup so I had to be there right after Sunday school. After setting tables and helping organize the stage, I had to take my morning crap so I looked for the nearest bathroom building. It was not even 11 a.m. but I was getting sweaty and realized the sweat was coming through my thighs and onto my yellow shorts. Bad color choice, I know! So I found the really old looking block bathroom building with the gender signs above the door almost totally faded. There were three toilets, half-size doors at the entrance to each, and no latches. I took the middle. The seat was up and I dropped it. Once I pulled down my shorts, it seemed liked the temperature and humidity went up my at least 10 degrees. I was hoping my sit wouldn't be a long one.

Then I heard voices coming toward me and two girls came hurrying in. They were obviously friends because the made some remark about not getting to crap together. They both complained about how gross the bathroom was and as I heard them talk after they took their seats and one of the girls opened up with a really heavy-duty pee. Her friend was impressed and asked her if that was the beer from the previous night's party. Then there was the series of loud splashes from the one girl and her friend told her "I don't think I've ever heard you shit before." Then she snapped back that at least she's normal and she goes to the bathroom when she needs to. She said even if the bathrooms are crowded, inconvenient and dirty, it is wrong to hold your needs in. One was almost taunting the other and as I listened to the conversation, making fun of her friend for never, ever having use a school bathroom during her four years in high school.

As I wiped, they continued their conversation and I got to thinking about how incredible I think that is. Four years in high school without ever using a school toilet! Counting both pee and poop, I go two or three times a day at school. Am I wrong in thinking avoiding using a school toilet is not an accomplishment?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Littlepoopgirl great story about and Ashleys toilet adventure.

To: Lydia first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like the 3 of you all had great poops and I bet you all pretty good afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ellie first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day at school and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Amber first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and Chloe both had great poops and I bet you both felt great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

Coffee shop

A few responses first.

To Catherine: Sounds like he's gotten his just desserts. Hopefully he's grown up a bit in the days since high school.

To Mina: The bigger, the better! Sounds like you had a nice load. Good thing your toilet's flush is up to the challenge you four give it!

On Saturday, I went to a local coffee shop to do some reading. I ordered an iced coffee and an apple cinnamon scone to eat while I read. The coffee was nice and strong and my book was good; the scone, on the other hand, was a little lacking. It could've used more cinnamon, something to give it a bit more of a bite. It, along with the coffee, did however set the stage for a number two. I got to a good stopping point in my book and headed in the direction of the bathrooms.

The first one had a sign on its door with the word RESTROOM beneath an image of a potty dancing man and woman. It was taken and so I moved on to the second one. This bathroom had a sign of its own; beneath the word RESTROOM on this one was a pair of his and hers chamber pots. What a cute idea! This one was vacant, so I walked in and shut the door.

I immediately took to the seafoam green paint job and the paintings of birds hanging on the walls. This was a place where I could comfortably relieve myself. I looked at the toilet (chamber pots probably aren't up to code anymore) and noticed a sign on its tank. It said, "Lift the handle after you flush. Thanks!" This made me slightly apprehensive. I tend to be 'productive' on the pot and weak flushing toilets will forever have a place of dishonor in my personal rogues' gallery. I quickly planned it out: first load, second load, then paper. Finally, I was ready. Down came my shorts and undies to my ankles and onto the waiting seat went my butt.

I started with a fart. It was quiet but loud enough to make it clear that I meant business. The threat was followed up with a nice pee, courtesy of the iced coffee. As it dribbled its way toward the end, a small piece dropped from the rear. It kinda felt like a chunk that broke off from a much bigger log, and boy was I right. This thing slithered out and it seemed like it took thirty seconds before I had finally finished pooping it. I stood up and checked the bowl. It was huge, must've been around a foot (30 or so cm) long. I said my goodbyes and then risked the flush. It clearly didn't see the value in my gift and pushed it down the drain with an almost palpable reluctance. Better than nothing, at least it made it!

I sat down for round 2. Almost immediately, two medium sized turds that had been impatiently waiting in line made their splash landings. Some softer stuff meandered out and then I was done. Still sitting down, I flushed and pulled the handle up again. Time for the paperwork. It was pretty easy, both front and back. A final pass between the cheeks turned up clean and I was done. I flushed for the last time and pulled up my purple panties and pink shorts. After a wash of my hands, I vacated the premises and got back to my table and book!

Stay awesome,
XOXO Victoria


Two Stage Dump

After 2 days somewhat off my feed, I finally had a bowel movement this morning. It started out normally, with three long, soft serve logs and a sigh, but I knew there was more to come. I leaned forward a little more than usual, pushed, farted, and felt my anus expand to accommodate something fat and hard. I pushed slightly harder and grunted, but could only get a head, which stayed in place while I leaned back and tried to relax. After a while, I was able to release small pieces of the emerging log, which gave some relief and the chance to lean back a bit. With another push and grunt, the turd slowly dropped into the toilet, thick, hard as rock, and about 18 inches long. With a sigh, I farted, wiped my mushy anus about six times, and finished off with a wet wipe -- which felt wonderful. The bowl was filled above the water line.

This will be the last time I go without my daily quota of fruit.


A couple of responses

Catherine - congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and also for your 18 inch long turd. Sounds like that was a beast! Hope it flushed okay! Always love your stories!

Steve A's mini poop survey -

Most interesting poop shape - mine are usually either a straight log shape or snake like. If it's a really long one it has kind of a loop the loop shape.

Longest turd - I hate to brag, but mine are almost always pretty long. A foot long is short for me. Around 16 inches is average, but I've had several 2 footers, and I'm pretty sure my longest was around 2 and a half feet.

Most poop in one session - see above.

Walking in a stall and seeing an unflushed toilet - pretty disgusting. I don't know why people poop and don't flush. I guess they're either afraid it will overflow or they're just proud of it and want to leave it for the next person to see.

Hope everybody is well and pooping normally.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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