Trucker Girl
Howdy y'all!

I just discovered this website a few days ago. This is my first post so I'll introduce myself. I'm a 26 year old cowgirl from Texas. I'm white, have long blonde hair and always wear pink cowgirl boots, my pink cowgirl hat, jeans, and a baby tee or button down shirt. My job often surprises people, I'm a truck driver. I drive the moving trucks for people who are moving long distances. I have used many different bathrooms across the country. I like showing off my poop so I never flush and try my best to only use public bathrooms.

I was driving through a town in my home state of Texas. It was the first one I'd seen for the past four hours. I didn't even spot any rest stops or buildings before the town. I hadn't taken a dump in the past few days and could feel the urge starting to build. I decided to find a bathroom in the town in case I didn't see another place with bathrooms for a long time again. I drove around for about 15 minutes trying to find somewhere interesting to go. By now the urge had gotten a lot more intense. I ended up going to the one at a McDonald's.

I went in the bathroom and a girl was just leaving the middle stall. She was a white girl with brown hair she looked like she was my age. She left without washing her hands and looked away. I went to the stall she left and it looked like she clogged it. There was a big dark brown poo in the bowl. It was knobbly on one end but mostly smooth. It was around 7" long and 2" wide. I went to the last stall and noticed the lock was broken. So I went to the first stall and pulled my jeans and white panties down past my knees. I sat on the toilet and started peeing. The urge had somehow subsided while I was parking so I decided to take my time going to see if anyone would use the clogged stall beside me.

I let out some farts that didn't smell like anything and just relaxed my bowels. Since I hadn't gone in days and I eat a lot I knew it would take more then just relaxing to come out but I try to push only when I need to. It feels much nicer coming out this way. I could feel it slowly move into place to come out. I gave it a push and it started to head a bit. Just then someone came in. The stall doors had a small space between the door and the stall and I caught a glimpse of a girl with blonde hair wearing pink. She went to the last stall and I could hear her discover the lock was broken. She went to the clogged stall and decided not to use it. I could hear her walk over to the sinks and wait for me to finish. I decided to stop going and the bit that stuck out went back. I then waited to see what would happen. Four minutes later another girl came in. I didn't catch a glimpse of her. The pink girl told her that the toilets were broken, one was didn't lock and one was clogged. The other girl responded and from her accent she sounded Mexican. She decided to use the clogged stall.

To not be suspicious I decided to push a bit while she was peeing. I got enough out where it wouldn't go back in but could slowly slide out some. The girl using the stall stopped peeing but stayed. She then let out a quiet airy fart then I could some crackling as she took her dump. There was a few light splashes coming from her stall. It only took her about 10 seconds to poo after her fart. She started wiping so I went back to my own business. It was slowly sliding out and felt pretty good but also hurt a bit. It was slowing down and I had only about 2" out. The girl left the stall and the pink girl finally decided to use the clogged stall. She sat down and let out a very loud fart followed lots of loud gurgling wet poo sounds. I started pushing my shit out more since it got stuck. The girl kept having diarrhea and the smell of that toilet was getting strong. She shit off and on for about a minute. She then quickly wiped and left without washing her hands.

I decided to finish my shit so I pushed it past the half-way mark. It hurt and took some grunting then I stopped pushing and the rest quickly slid out which felt very good. I looked and my shit was medium brown, smooth, 8" long and 2" wide. I wiped and left the stall without flushing. I looked in the second stall. The back of the bowl had pieces of reddish brown soft spongy looking poo. Then covering the front half of the initial clog was a big pile of greenish brown mud looking poo. It smelled really strong. I washed my hands and left.


being scared shitless

does anybody have any stories of someone being so scared that they soiled themselves?it's something that's always interested me and i was wondering if it really happens in real life


Poor thing

A while back I picked my best friend up from work and there was misery written all over her face. She told me that she had to go to the bathroom very badly and thought she could make it home. I whipped in and out of traffic desperately trying to save her the embarrassment and mess, not to mention my cloth seats. I pulled in front of a Dunkin donuts in break neck speed and I thought !VICTORY! she had not gone yet! I'm yelling like run run we're here we made it let's go!!! She still hadn't gone, but was sitting very still, clenching I imagine. It does take mental preparation to walk and hold watery poop at the same time so I gave her some time. The second she shifted right to exit my car she whispers, "oh no..." The smell hadn't hit me yet, but I knew the poo had exited stage left.

So I proceeded to her house. She had slid to the edge of the seat to avoid sitting directly in it. I put the windows down because not only was it a hot day, but the smell was too wretched to circulate it with the AC. It was like rotten meat mixed with rotten milk and vomit and to make matter worse it was following me on my passenger side. If I haven't mentioned before I am a horrible friend and even though I felt bad it was still hilarious.

Moving on as we are driving a car full of people drive next to her window. She closes the window. I wait until they pull ahead and I reopen the window gasping for air. All windows were needed. Something quite literally crawled inside of her died and the dead offspring sharted in her insides. She's screaming at me that the other cars can smell it so we have to put the windows up. So we are fighting over the up and down of the window until I kick her out at her house. She does that wet poop dripping walk, shuffling passed neighbors barbequeing and saying hello.

In the meantime, I still had to ride with the shart baby smell until I was able to get home and douse my seats with gasoline. Well gasoline in my mind Lysol had to do though. At least I could put all the windows down. Guess she got the last laugh.


Answer to Victoria

Dear Victoria
Thank you for your post. You always say so sweet things to me, you are lovely!!

I have to say, I was very sleepy, but I wasn't asleep on loo. Actually when soft motion came out from my bottom very fast, I woke up a bit. I don't remember volume, but next day Kazuko said "it was huge huge huge!" I said Kazuko, "always you exaggerate, Kazu." She only smile. Maho also smile, and say "it was quite big." But she didn't say VERY big. Kazuko gave Maho small spank on bottom.

I am sure I felt all three of motions, even I was very very sleepy and I couldn't sit straight. But I was lucky because motions were quite soft and I was easy to push out. If hard ones, maybe I have big problem.

I thank very much to Maho and Kazu. If I am alone, maybe also big problem! I wonder what happen.

We told Hisae about this happening of course. She laughed and laughed and laughed. Then she rushed to loo with stomach ache! After she make many big noise with bottom and fill my flat with nice smell, she said she feel better, but still laughing. Why she get stomach ache when she laugh too much? I don't know, Hisae also doesn't know....

Anyway, thank you Victoria. And you gave very nice story, I enjoy to read and translate. I agree, if you have to talk with somebody about motion problem, doctor is best. She listen such kind of problem from thousand people, I think. I am happy you felt good in loo after big efforts. But not so happy about loo paper. Why company make so bad paper??

Love,Mina and Maho



@Tlana, Thank you for your reaction. So you don't mind to take a shit in these doorless stalls as you described? Are they often used for number 2's? In Europa i've never seen a doorless stall.. Is it common in the US?

I you have more public bathoom experiences (like urgent ones) i would like to them haha.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Braidy great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T PS. I love this site

Hey everyone

It's been a while since I've posted here, I've been really busy.

The other day I woke up feeling full and left for school. I knew I was going to need to poop soon, but the bathrooms are gross at my school. Throughout the morning, I would occasionally get small urges, but I ignored them. By lunchtime I really considered just going to poop, but ended up not going. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful until track practice. Just as we were about to start running, I felt the tip of my poop trying to work its way out. I sucked it back in and made it through the run.

After I got home, I sat down to start my homework. I like being really desperate, so I ignored the urges and kept doing my work. Eventually though, I knew I was going to poop my pants if I didn't go soon. As I stood up, I pushed and farted in my skinny jeans that I had put on after practice and knew I had only seconds to get to the bathroom. I walked in, pulled my pants down and sat. I felt a huge poop open up my butt and crackle its way out. It slowly worked its way out for about ten seconds and was a foot and a half long. It felt so good, and there was more to come. My butt opened up again and another log started to come out. It crackled out and felt amazing coming out. My butt was open completely and the poop stretched it out even more as it slowly made its way out. It touched the bottom of the toilet and broke off. I relaxed for a moment and farted again. One final log forced its way out and came out rather quickly, this one only a foot long. I felt so much better. I wiped and flushed, but only about half the load went down. I flushed again and washed my hands, then left.

Hope you enjoyed,


Motorway services loud desperate poo...

So this weekend my girls Sophie Chloe and Debbie planned a weekend away at Skegness. A girly weekend away.
We live down south so quite a journey.
Sophie drove, Chlo sat next to her and Debs and I were in the back of her dark blue ford fiesta.

By now ppl on this site should know my bowels are very irregular and i poo large quantities i have IBS D and poo up to 8 tines a day on a bad day somedays i dont go at all for a max of 3 days.

So anyway it wasnt long after we were on our way i needed a poo. I managed to hold it for about an hour until i told the girls i wanted a poo.
(We tell each other all sorts so telling them i needed a poo was nothing)
"Ah i knew u needed 1 jemz u have been so fidgety!" Debs said.
'Ok hun no probs we'll stop at the next services (5 miles away).

Soon we were there and i we headed to the loos. Debs and Chlo were buyin sweets and Soph and I went to the loo.

The loos were crazily busy. There were about 20 loos in there and only 1 was free. I took it.

Hitching up my white mini skirt and pulling down my white thong i plonked my butt on the seat.
Started my plops and it was as if there was a microphone in there with me.
Perrrrrlop!-plop!plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!... (Sigh of relief)...perrrrlop!-plop-plop-plop-plop! I was done and wiped my messy butt 8 times.
Flushed sprayed my impulse and washed my hands and left.

So still here in Skeggy havin a lovely weekend.
More soon love J xx


The Pooing Survey

My answers to:-

The Pooing Survey.

1. Do you enjoy pooing
A) yes, especially when i have being
holding it for a while.

2. Fave position whilst pooing.
A) sat down, bent forward slightly.

3. Do you get Stomach Aches and if so how severe?
A) with IBS-D like i have, it is quite common for
Us to get a stomach ache before pooing, which will
Get more severe until we defecate.
So yes i do and the longer i hold it the more severe it gets.

4. How many times do you poo?
A) varies from 1 time to 8 times a day (IBS-D)
Unless i am constipated of course.

5. Longest time taken pooing?
A) 15 minutes approx.

6. Do u find pooing relaxing.
A) yes.

7. Do u make grunting noises while
Pushing?, do you yell in pain if it hurts?
A) no, i hardly ever have to push. And no,
I tend to pull a funny face and hold my mouth open,
But deal with the pain in silence. I'll also move my
Butt around on the seat to relieve the pain.

8. How often do you get constipated?
A) very rarely. Maybe once every 5 months...

9. Longest time being constipated
A) i tend not to struggle as i have
Once caused a pile by pushing too hard,
and bleeding in to the loo so if i can't
get it out i tend to suck it back in and
Leave it until i feel looser and drink more water
And eat more veg in the mean time to help.

10. After constipation do you yell in relief
It has come out.
A) no, i am just pleased i no longer have it waiting
Around in my bowels lol.

11. Do u have stomach aches when u can't poo
Severe?, how long do they last?
A) no, discomfort maybe - but manageable,
& not a ???? ache as i know them,
For me it is nice to be constipated.

12. Gassy when pooing?
A) sometimes.

13. Do u look forward to taking a dump?
A) yes, especially when i know it is going to be a big 1
And hubby can listen to it and the sheer pleasure
On his face means the world to me.

14. Signs u need to poo
A) farting, a stomach ache and a pressure on my butt.

15. Ever lie down after having a big poo.
A) no. Unless it is bedtime, coincidentally.

16. Ever have to catch your breath whilst pooing?
A) yes.

17. Do u prefer to be as long as u can whilst pooing
Or be as quick as u can?
A) i never like to be too long. A max of 5 mins is my
prefered poo duration.

18. When constipated or having a hard time pooing
What do u do to relieve yourself.
A) i rock backwards and forwards on the seat
Whilst pushing, and that seems to get things
moving nicely.

19. Ever hurt so much you cried.
A) no.

20. How often do u have diarrhoea?
A) a lot!!

21. Do u push on your stomach to get poo out?,
A) yes nearly always unless it is one of my
Very loose and desperate ones.

22. Do u ever massage your stomach to help an
ache or help you poo?
A) yes to both.

23. Do you feel comfortable having someone in
The bathroom to keep you company.
A) My hubby only, he loves to listen to me poo.
He has also watched me have a big poo in to my knickers before
And he likes to wipe my bum gently after i have done a poo and
We often discuss my creations.
I only allow him though because he loves and enjoys it so much.
Him and my butt are like best mates lol.

24. How bad do your farts smell whilst pooing.
A) don't know because the smell just blends in to
The smelly poo i am creating. But that on a scale
Of 1 to 10 (1 - not smelly & 10 - horrendously smelly)
would be about a 9!!

25. Most you have pooed?
A) in 1 sitting- a desperate poo with my hubby at a hotel
Abroad after going for dinner was about 20 loose yellow
Runny plops in quick succession, & in a day would be like my
diarrhea days when i produce lots and go frequently.

More soon love J xx

Hi to Catherine, John H, Victoria B, the Annas and all the regulars. Sorry I've not been able to contribute just lately but life's got in the way somewhat and been rather uneventful on the toilet front.

Romantic Dump. Thanks for sharing your 2 part story about only just making it to a station toilet in London last Monday. It sounds as though Sunday's dinner certainly wanted out pretty badly. I'm not a great fan of train toilets and I will only use them in extremis but I think had I been that desperate I'd have gone on the train. I know exactly what you mean by the turds not coming out when you want them to. After breakfast this morning I headed to the bathroom in hope of a good poo as I knew I'd be out all day and wouldn't be home before 6.15pm at the earliest. Despite my best efforts nothing - apart from wind - would come out, although I knew there was solid matter in there. I had to leave home without doing my #2 and, predicatably enough after a meal or two and a few cups of coffee, I began to feel that familiar fulness in the back passage. Luckily I managed to hold it in until I got home but, oh boy, it was one big poo! Although I will do it if absolutely necessary I prefer not to use public toilets for #2 and try to plan things so that they happen either when I'm at home or at least somewhere private.

Question about spicy foo

Sorry I forgot to include this in my last post, I was enjoying my gallon of unsweetened tea. Anyways, has anyone here ever had an upset stomach from eating too much spicy food? What symptoms did you have? How severe? How long did they last? What specifically did you eat? Stories much appreciated.


Zach's Survey

Although I am more interested in bowel movements, I found this interesting, and since I consume a lot of liquids (drinking a 128 oz iced tea unsweet while working on this), I thought this might be quite relevant to me and my constantly stretched bladder.

1. When you have to pee really bad, how long do you usually pee for?
45 to 90 seconds maximum. I drink a lot of fluids, typically a gallon plus daily, so I pee a lot.

2. What is the longest pee you've ever taken?
Probably somewhere around two minutes, when I consume supersized drinks and hold it, typically during long drives.

3. Have you ever had to pee so bad that you started peeing before you even sat down all the way? (If this applies)
Not in a long time, maybe when I was little. I can usually hold it.

4. Are you able to stop peeing once you are in full blast? If so, what are some times when you have had to do this?
I rarely try, but I can when I commit, but I need to resume shortly after.

Related: up until I was nine, I had a partially obstructed left kidney, which would twist when dialated from excess fluids. Once a month, or whenever I drank too much fluids, I would experience extreme pain which would ve so severe that I confused it with nausea and would vomit from the pain. Vomiting episodes would last for up to 24 hours, and Me and my family often confused this with a "24 hour flu" or food allergies. At nine I had this fixed and am now free to drink a gallon of unsweetened iced tea in one sitting if I want to.


Response to Morgan

Thank you! I'm glad that you are on the forum!




Farm barn emergency pee

On Easter my new girlfriend and I got up early and went to the sunrise church service. I was in a suit and and she in a medium length summer dress and heels. We immediately left the church to drive to her parent's farm, so I could meet here siblings and parents and celebrate Easter. We stopped by a local shop to get large coffee's for the long drive. The drive was a couple hours, through farm country without places to stop. After about a total of 4 hours had passed since I picked her up for church, I looked over to see she was rubbing her thighs with her palms and clenching her knees together. I asked if she was cold and she shyly admitted that she had to pee bad, but luckily it was only a couple more minutes. This was great, because I definitely had the same need to a lesser degree. We pulled in the driveway and went in to meet her parents. I really needed to pee, but I always thought it was rude to go to someone's house and immediately ask to use their toilet so I waited for my girlfriend to make the first move for the bathroom. After several minutes of greetings and small-talk my girlfriend pulled me down a hall to a closed door. We could her a shower running. The old farmhouse had only one bathroom and one of my girlfriend's brothers was showering for their upcoming local church service. My girlfriend's legs were shaking. She took my hand and announced to her parents that she was giving me a tour of the barn. I wanted to wait for the bathroom, but she pulled me walking deliberately and squeezing my hand tight. She nearly dragged my across the driveway and small yard into an open door into the barn. There was shop tools and a workshop on one side and tightly parked farm equipment on the other. The floor was either dirt or covered in a thick layer of dirt. She dragged me over to an area away from view of the door and along the wall in an alcove between a drill press and workbench. Facing me she said, "I have to pee wicked bad. Please don't judge me. Watch for anyone coming and then I'll watch for you." In a flash she lowered her tiny panties to between her knees and squatted with her dress covering from above. Instantly a thin stream appeared from between her ankles landing just beyond her feet. After a second or two it turned into a hissing, raging gusher. I guess she was adjusting her aim before really letting it loose. I had to jump back to keep the mud spatters of of my shoes. When she finished there was a big foamy mud puddle reaking of burnt coffee. She had to carefully hop over it to avoid it. Next she said, "your turn or don't you still have to go?" I replied, "Badly, where?" She pointed nearby under a shelf built into the wall. I quickly undid my suit pants and quickly aimed a thick pee stream onto the dirt floor where she suggested. She was supposed to be standing guard, but she spent half the time evaluating my pee. At one point she actually said, "Wow, impressive!" I just continued going. We haven't had the chance to pee outside together again, but I am looking for an opportunity.


More thoughts on Wiping Habits.

Hello, I am Odin, and I wish to chime in on what Brian has to say on page 2551. I am a man in his late 30's and what you say speaks to the core of my experience when it comes to being in the bathroom with girlfriends past and present. Most of my girlfriends have enjoyed, or at least tolerated without protest, my presence in the bathroom while they have a bowel movement. It is one of the joys of life to a toilet enthusiast to be there when she goes, and it is possible to be respectful and gentlemanly while spending time with her like this. It all revolves around respecting her habits as they are, not as they could ideally be. A poop enthusiast (like the kinds of individuals who gravitate to reading about it) might easily think of the best way to wipe oneself most efficiently and thorough, to most people who don't think about poop, they just wipe however they first learned to or figured out how to. And the message many women keep from toilet training is clear: they are taught the best way to not accidentally spread poop into their crotch is to wipe up the buttcrack with a comfortably sized wad of tissue. Standing up and placing the paper below, then raising it up and through and out the top of the crack effectively removes enough poop up and away from the vagina that many non-plussed women feel clean after a wipe or two, even if the upper crack is streaked, which they seem to not regard at all or be humorously amused by. Yes, its true, many women will make warmhearted jokes about their own stinky butt. As long as the poop is wiped away from their vagina, they aren't bothered or don't care that their crack is less than pristine. Most have the healthy attitude that they'll just get it in the shower later on.

I don't mean to generalize too much here, but I've had enough experience with the matter to realize that most women are gentle souls, that if you don't say a word about or criticize in any way their pre-existing habits, will happily share them with you congenially. But, I will warn, if you get too fixated on what they do in there, most will regard it as distasteful and get self conscious. And we don't want to inflict that on anyone male or female. So, observe, enjoy in good will when your girlfriends shares, but don't ever tell her how she could be doing it better. We are how we are and the differences between people add up to a beautiful thing.

Mike Of MD USA


1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes I have to
2. What is your favorite position while defecting?
I usually have my legs a little bit separated..
3. Do you get stomach ache before passing a BM?If so how severe?
I sometimes get them, but not so severe that I will cry.
4. How many times a day do you poop? 2 Times depends on the day
usually in the afternoon and at night during the weekdays, but in the morning and nights on weekends.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? about 12 inches.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes i do and read sometimes while doing it.
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing?Do you yell in pain when it hurts? I sometimes make grunting noises, No to yell in pain.
8. How often do you get constipated? Not very often.
9. What was y=the longest you were constipated? A day at least.
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out do you yell in pain? No
11. Do you have a stomach aches often when you can't pass a poop?
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Sometimes.
13. Do look forward to taking a dump? Yes i do.
14. What are the signs of knowing you have to poop?
Rumbling of the stomach and sometimes gas.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? No.
16. Do you ever have to catch a breath while pooping? Sometime i do.
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick? It usually takes me about five minutes or less.
18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself? I sometime used soap as a kid.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much you started to cry? Almost.
20. How often do you have diarrhea? I would a couple times a year.
21. Do you push on your stomach to get it out? Sometimes.
22. Do you ever message your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? No i have never tried it.
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the with you to keep you company while you sat there? Yes in a public restroom and at hoe i would.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet?
I would say a little bit stinky.
25. How much is the mos you ever pooped? I would say about half a toilet.
1. When you have pee really bad, how long do you usually pee pee for?
Between a minute to ten minutes.
2. What is the longest pee you've ever taken? Ten minutes.
3. Have you ever had to pee so bad that you started peeing before you even sat down all the way? Yes but i usually stand up, except to poop.
4. Are you able to stop peeing once you are in full blast?If so, what are some times when you had to do this? When i had to poop.


Recent Trip to Toilet and Question

Yesterday, I ate lunch at Noodles and Company. Since I love spicy foods and cheese I ordered a large mac and cheese which I COVERED in their dry heat pepper blend. It was spicy, and I drank several diet cokes to relieve the intense burning. This morning, I woke up feeling fine but that quickly changed to nausea. Not throw up nausea, but the kind you get before a diarrhea attack. I told mom that I couldn't go to school because I felt like crap. A few minutes later, a sudden surge in my intestines prompted a quick rush to the toilet, where I violently unloaded my fiery lunch in the form of burning diarrhea. It felt like I was projectile vomiting out my rear, but it didn't last so long, luckily. Because I still felt bad I didn't finish my coffee and went back to sleep to sleep it off. Three and a half hours later, I woke up again and made myself a smoothie. I've taken it easy all day and am now sipping on a 128 ounce unsweetened iced tea as I type this.


Brave Souls? Nasty Souls? I don't know

Michael here,

Don't confuse me with Michael W, that's another guy.

Nothing much is new besides having small movements, and annoying constipation and bloating. I have just been going in small amounts, even though I've been eating more than usual. But, I know the ratio isn't one to one, but you just poop out what your body doesn't use. Finals are soon, so of course that stress is going to affect my bowels, as well as a new job that I just landed at a cinema.

Today was just a weird day, concerning toilets. I saw five people, yes five, just walk out of their stall without flushing. And they all made eye contact with me. I was going to the bathroom so much, because I've upped my water intake, and my bladder seems to need to pee every 30 minutes, it's ridiculous. I had 3 cups of coffee in the morning ( my mug holds that much, that I bring to school), and I drank several bottles of water.

As I went to go take my normal dump at the library, I looked at the handicapped stall (I always search each one, just incase someone has forgotten something, so I can return it, also I get curious if anyone has used it yet.) It was very heavily skidded with light orange/brown marks, and the smell was quite strong. I closed the door, and sat down. Very quickly, another man sat down beside me in the adjacent stall, putting down his backpack and books, then promptly wiping off the seat and sitting.

Since I was constipated for a couple of days, but took a dose of metamucil yesterday, it didn't take much for me to get my poop out. I pushed once, and a loud crackling sound was heard as my poop entered the bowl. It was one swift motion and push. The guy next to me farted a couple of times and I heard a plop.

It wasn't long until I started wiping, the toilet paper being completely covered, thus it took em about 20 wipes. By now the only thing visible in the bowl was my turd and the toilet paper. I stood up and looked before I wiped howeever, the turd was a good foot and some inches long, it was big and smooth and then broke off into a small pile of mush. After I wiped you could only see the larger turd.

The guy next to me stood up and finished after he wiped. He left the stall and peered at me in my stall, making eye contact. He was a tall, athletic guy, tan. He had on a white baseball cap, which I imagine was hard to keep clean. After exchanging glances, I pulled my underwear and pants up and flushed the toilet. My turd left a lot of skidmarks on the toilet, but by the time the toilet had flushed I was already washing my hands. I left to see what he had left, and he had only done 2 little rabbit pellets with some dirty tissue. I smirked and just went upon my way.

It just amazes me how people here will just not flush the toilet, blatantly when you're in the bathroom with them. And it's not even a decent sized bowel movement. None of the five today were, they were either rabbit pellets or diarrhea.

Are they brave souls, nasty souls? Or just weird. I have in the past not flushed the toilet on purpose, but that was in highschool during track season, when many of the other boys' wouldn't. It was like a little competition I guess you can say, who could produce the most. It wasn't really a competition, but I'll get to that in another post.




Hey all. It's Cat. I posted a few days ago about my date but it didn't go through. Basically, I had my period while I was with him and it was awful. I'm avoiding him now. But I won't depress you with my sob story. Here's a brand new general survey!

1) Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? (home, work, public....)

2) Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across?
I can't go in a porte-potty. My body just seizes up. Aside from that, I'm fine.

3) How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?
If I'm wearing a skirt, I hitch it up. If it's pants, I pull them to my knees. I sit normally, because my legs are kind of thin and I can see through the part between them into the toilet just fine.

4) Does the time of the month affect going to the bathroom, pee/ poop wise?
I get diarrhea sometimes. Aside from that, no.

5) Do you use a lot of of toilet paper?
For pee I use about three squares. For poop I use as much as I need.

6) How often do you pee?
In the morning, after school, before ballet, before dinner, and when I poop (before bed and shower and stuff). So 5 times a day usually.

7) What color / shade is it?
Clear mostly.

8) Do you pee a lot in one go?
It depends. Usually about half a cup.

9) does your pee make any noise?
It sort of hisses as it comes out.

10) Do you enjoy peeing?
No, but I enjoy sitting down if I'm tired.

11) How often do you fart?
Not too often.

12) What type of farts do you do? (silent, loud, wet, dry, smelly,
Silent, not very smelly, dry.

13) What's your favorite fart to let out?
When I'm alone, I love the weight-loss kind of fart where I feel like I lose 100 pounds.

14) Are you shy about doing them?
In public yes.

15) How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?
I'd wonder what they ate. Outside, I'd ignore it.

16) Do you fart on the toilet? If yes, do tell!

17) Do you enjoy farting? If yes, what about it?

18) Do they smell?
Not really.

19) How often do you poop?
Once a day.

20) What foods etc make you poop more than usual, or change your dumps?
If I eat oatmeal, I get constipated.

21) do you eat certain things knowing you'll have to poop sooner than usual, or that change your dumps?
I have to poop really bad if I drink dyed juice. I don't know.

22) What types of poop comes out? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid, rock-hard / bumpy, mushy or loose...)
Usually it's dark brown and like a lot of pebbles stuck together.

23) What's your favorite poop to do?
The usual.

24) What size are they?
Usually about 9 inches.

25) Does a lot come out?

26) When you poop do you require effort?
Not usually.

27) Does your poop smell?
To me, yes. To others, no.

28) What's a sign that you have to poop? (farting, full stomach, grumbling, pressure in your anus...)
My butt-cheeks instinctively clench.

29) What time of you day you usually poop?
Right after my younger siblings poop/shower (My younger sister is 11 and my younger brother is 13), which is after dinner (about 8:00 pm)

30) Is there any noise when you poop? (such as farting, your load crackling out, plops, moaning / grunting...)
Sighs at the end of strains, plops.

31) Do you enjoy pooping?

That's the survey!

Amy told me a story the other day about something gross that happened to her.

It was at her old studio (she moved here not too long ago). She just got her pointe shoes, and she was so excited to put them on in class that she ignored that she had to poo. She put her foot in. There was a spider in there and she screamed. The shock made her poop herself. Gross! (about the spider)

Some Guy

Weekend Bathroom Experiences

Hey, everyone!

I thought I would share about my experiences in the bathroom this weekend. Since they are interesting, I thought they are worth posting!

First Experience, Saturday:

I was at Walmart (the same one where I got walked in on) and visited the bathroom at the front of the store. I needed to poop, so I decided to do it there. I went into the handicapped stall (also the same one where I got walked in on), closed AND LOCKED the door (double-checked it, too!), and got ready to go. I walked over to the toilet, pulled down my pants, then my underwear, and sat down. The pooping session itself was uneventful. While I was there, I had a few different neighbors in the other stall, which was to my left. They pooped, too. Once I was done, I wiped and pulled up my undies and pants. Just as I was going to unlock the door to leave, I heard knocking at the door. I could tell it was a kid doing the knocking. When I opened the door, there was a 5-year old boy standing there, and he was there with his 6-year old brother. The older brother told the younger brother to go ahead and go. I guess the toilet was too tall for him, and he said he didn't want to go there. His brother encouraged him again, and he said he would wait to go. They were having this discussion as I was washing my hands. From their conversation, I could tell that the younger brother only needed to pee. Meanwhile, there was someone pooping in the regular stall. The boys waited a few seconds over by the stalls, but neither of them decided they were going to go. They ended up leaving the bathroom just a few steps ahead of me.

Second Experience, Sunday:

There is a park not too far from my neighborhood. There is a port-a-potty available at this park, unlike another nearby park which has a bathroom building with separate facilities for men and women. Anyway, I enjoy walking when the weather is nice, and one time when I was out walking, my curiousity got the better of me, and I stopped to check out the port-a-potty. The springs/closing mechanism on the door don't work right, so the only way the door stays closed is when you enter (and lock!) the door. Other than that, it's actually a pretty nice port-a-potty...relatively clean, and there's hand sanitizer, too. I didn't go this time, just examined it.

So, since the weather is nice today, I decided I would go for a walk. My need to poop and pee was growing, too, so I decided I would hold it and go in the port-a-potty. Luckily, the park isn't too far away. So, I took off for the park, knowing I would be visiting the port-a-potty. There wasn't anyone nearby, so I knew I could have a nice, relaxing session. I went in, closed the door, and locked it...and it required just a little bit of effort to lock the door. Once it was locked, I was confident that it wouldn't swing open on me! Like I said, this is a relatively clean port-a-potty, and the smell wasn't bad, at all. I went to the "toilet," pulled down my pants, then my underwear, and sat down. Immediately, I started pooping and peeing. This was an extremely comfortable toilet! I was very impressed! I sat there and continued to poop and pee. I listened for footsteps/talking, but didn't hear any, so I knew I could take my time. I couldn't get over how comfortable the seat was! It really helped me to empty out. When I was done, I stood up to wipe, as I normally do. I twice tore off some toilet paper to get myself clean. I couldn't really see what I had done, but I knew it was there!

Unfortunately, the hand sanitizer dispenser was empty. Maybe I'll get a pocket-size bottle for when I decide to use this port-a-potty...and based on this experience, I definitely will again!

Happy Pooping and Peeing!
Some Guy


To Braidy


Always good to hear from you! At 6'1, I feel like I can relate, but I'm not near as tall as you. Hope you are well!



Monday, May 02, 2016


Peeing Questions

Hey every! I've posted before but I've never used my name. Here are a few questions I've been curious about and I figured this would be a good place to discuss them.

1. When you have to pee really bad, how long do you usually pee for?

2. What is the longest pee you've ever taken?

3. Have you ever had to pee so bad that you started peeing before you even sat down all the way? (If this applies)

4. Are you able to stop peeing once you are in full blast? If so, what are some times when you have had to do this?



Car Crash Accident

Hello, it's Morgan!
I am 16 right now, but I was younger in most of my other stories. This one takes place recently.

I was driving with my boyfriend Mike (more on him later). We were going to his apartment for a few days. I really needed a poo, but it would be a few minutes until we got to his apartment. Suddenly a car swerved and hit me. The shock of the acvident caused me to release diarrhea into my pants. It was a big flow, and I couldn't stop it!

After everything was resolved, we went back to Mike's apartment and cleaned up...

Hope you enjoyed!


On being 6'5" in individual toilet stalls

As an athlete, graduate student and coach I've learned to adapt to toilet stalls that are small, and when I'm hot, tired and in long lines at concerts and athletic events outdoors, the portable toilets. I have very little comfort in those facilities. I remember six years ago when I was still a senior in high school and my boyfriend and I went to a country music concert, I had to wait at least a half hour on a ramp to get into a portable to do my crap, by the time I got to the door, and the other user exited, I knew I had one last chance to avoid an accident. In the haste, I forgot to down to clear the door, and like some former American presidents I've read about, I cracked my forehead on the door because I had my eye on the stool when the door opened. I had a bruise and welt for three days. Then learning to duck, under horrid, humid conditions that seemed to feel like there was a bag over my head, I turned around, pulled down my red shorts and underwear, and using my knees to keep my head from raking across the ceiling, I failed in my first attempt to get onto the seat. I was crouching too low and my knees were against the door and for a moment I felt like a 4-year-old again because I backed up against the toilet seat and it was stabbing me in the lower back. So with the help of putting my hands behind me, I was able to guide myself up onto the seat, ever so carefully because my head continued to be held down by the ceiling. Luckily, my crap exited easily, although since I wasn't fully feeling satisfied, I realized it had probably broken off and that I had not experienced the total clean out I had waited so long for. There was no toilet paper, so I knew my underwear was gong to take a hit, but I had to get out of there. I pulled my clothing up, and crawled out to find a girl about 11 or 12 waiting at the door. I felt bad about leaving a wet seat for her, but there was no alternative. After the concert my boyfriend stopped at a Chevron station where I used the bathroom to finish my crap. My underwear was gross so I just took it off and chucked it in the trashcan. But there is a certain feeling I get when I feel totally clean. Sure it took a half roll of toilet paper, but it was worth it.

My first year of college, I started doing volunteer talks and participated in basketball and volleyball demonstrations throughout our state in an outreach program sponsored by our athletic department. A team member Annie and I were assigned to do a talk and demonstration to a group of a couple of hundred middle school volleyball players. For some reason that I don't remember, the program wasn't at a middle school, but at a grade school gym. I remember waiting for Annie who used the bathroom on campus before we left, but for some reason the need didn't click with me. Sorry Mom! So when Annie wheeled into the parking lot at the school and went into the office to sign in, I used my strong gait to find the nearest bathroom because my bladder was full. I followed a couple of girls into what I was confident would be the restroom. They took adjacent stalls, closed their doors, and seated themselves. I passed them and went two stalls down to the end of the line right against the wall. When I put my right hand on the privacy door, I stopped in great surprise. It only covered the middle part of a very small stall. Obviously there was a full wall on my right but the privacy panel of the left side of the stall only covered to my waist. I could easily see the faces and heads of the two girls on the toilets to my left. Then I had another surprise. My one-third privacy door had no latch and it wouldn't say closed. Then I turned around to find a toilet no higher than pre-K day care size. It was no surprise that I could barely fit into the stall, and as I dropped my sweats and underwear to my athletic shoes, I couldn't believe I was packed into a cubicle with very little movement space. Before I tried to lower myself onto the toilet, I lowered my shoulder against the wall to drop my handbag, and this toilet paper holder with small pre-cut squares cut an inch and a half gash in my left forearm as a scraped against its corner. When I seated my butt on the toilet, I could feel my tailbone taking much of the weight and my legs were elevated up to the toilet paper holder that now had some of my blood and flesh on its dangerous edge. I was so uncomfortable due to my injury and I was using several squares of the toilet paper to stop the bleeding. Luckily the first aid was working. But my butt seemed to be very close to the toilet's water and I found it tough to get my pee going. A couple of times I could the girls giggling and looking over at me. The small panel only covered about a foot above my toilet. Finally, my pee stream started and accelerated to the point that I looked at how my knees were holding the door shut and how my tailbone was at the very back on the seat. The sides of my thighs were almost half off the seat and I looked across to see that the girls were again looking it me. As I got to thinking about how torrential my pee stream had become, I was diverted from hearing it by a series of plops into one of the other toilets and at that point Annie came in to check up on me.

She could easily see me towering above the panels. She's 6'8" and said she hated her school bathrooms then and now remembered why. Luckily, she had a bandage in her bag, but I was so short on space in my stall, that I had her hand it to me over the panel from the adjacent stall. She joked that I should remember to keep the seat clean, something that caused the other two girls to get a laugh, but as soon as I was done, I quickly wiped and went to the sink. While I was there a group of about 5 or 6 girls came in and took the remaining toilets. They made it look so easy.

Annie and I wanted to get off display as soon as possible so we headed down to the gym. After our presentation and pictures being taken, Annie whispered to me that she had to use the bathroom. She wasn't about to consider using a school one. Rather, we both stopped at Wal-Mart on our way back to campus and enjoyed using a more 'normal' bathroom.


Is peeing in your yard okay?

Hi it's Dom again,
I just began posting here a few days ago. I have a question for anyone who wants to answer it. If you are outdoors in your own private fenced in yard, is it okay to pee in the yard instead of going inside your house to go the bathroom everytime you need to go? I am in a subdivision with neighbors close by. It seems inconvenient to go indoors everytime you need a pee. I have a relatively private spot to do it in.


Recent Poos

Hey people. Yesterday while on the loo at work, I did a fast poo that had lots of farts in it. It seemed like I passed a bit of tiny poos all in one. This pooping session wasn't as messy as others in the past have been. However, my next poo that needed to escape around 3 something this morning was definitely messy. In fact, I had to get off my loo in order to wet the TP at the sink. This morning poo was extra lubricated for some reason, so I had a lot of wetness to wipe off my bum. I hadn't had a slimy poo in awhile, but have noticed that these types sure can be sneaky! My morning poo was a little chunkie, and I farted in bed beforehand, too. I enjoy that my poos are different, and don't mind the extra gross feel when wiping lol! Bye, and I hope everyone is doing well.

Romain (from France)
Hey !
Victoria B, thanks, I like your story !
On this point, does anyone have stories about appointment with a doctor and constipation ? (with details : your feelings, what the doctor says and does).

Tarja from Finland, according to your answer 23, could you say how your boyfriend helps you or what your mom & dad doing during your difficult poop ?

Then, My answers to The Pooping Survey :
1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes.
2. What is your favorite position while defecating? I sit normal and push with my fingers around my anus to help.
3. Do you get stomach aches before pooping? If so are they severe? Yes, sometimes.
4. How many times a day do you poop? Once.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? 1 hour.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes.
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? I groan but don't yell.
8. How often do you get constipated? Rarely.
9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated? 3 days.
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out do you yell of relief? No.
11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM? If so, are they severe and how long do they last? Yes I have sometimes but not severe.
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Yes.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? Yes.
14. What are the sings of knowing you have to poop? Having stomach aches, cramping, and farting.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? No.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping? Yes, often.
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick? I prefer to be quick.
18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you do to relieve yourself? I use the shower hose to do a little rectal enema.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? No.
20. How often do you have diarrhea? Every two months.
21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Yes.
22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? Yes.
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company? Not really but I like to assist somebody who has difficulties to poop.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet? Normal.
25. How much is the most you have pooped? Enough to block up the toilet.


Physical size of students & school toilets

Kelvin asked a good question about larger people, those perhaps taller than 6 feet and how awkward it might be for them to use toilets in public places like swimming pools, etc. Even when seated on the toilet, they can tower and see over the sides of the privacy panels. I would think they would want to wipe while seated. I would think they could feel awkward and could be bullied in places like schools. But, because I am vertically- challenged (just under 5') at 17, I was a few years ago hassled, because I would be on the toilet, but my feet would be a couple inches off the floor. Then I'd have to slide off and drop myself down to flush. That probably was the main reason I learned to be ready to poo before I ever got on the toilet and to pee as fast as I could and get off fast because in grade school and middle school, as well as now at my high school, not all the stalls had/have doors. In the back pages her, I found some interesting posts from five or years ago by a Just Jerika who encountered some similar problems by being relatively small for her age and socially awkward.

"Somebody" asked about the door-less stalls in most of the girls bathrooms at my school. We have about 20 stalls in each bathroom, and the ones with doors (although often latches are broke, doors are on one hinge, etc.) are in the majority, but each bathroom has a few of the door-less stalls. Because there's less demand for them, frequently they are open for the time-conscious. Students coming in after school or with a teacher pass during a class period will get a doored stall. Most use the doorless ones for just a fast pee between classes. Sometimes a friend will stand in the doorway to help shield them from the crowd. A stall may have a door on it one day and then it is taken off because of misuse, vandalism or pranks. Then the door is put back on by the janitors after a couple of weeks but the number of total doored stalls in each bathroom stays the same.

Since I first ran for Student Council in 6th grade there has been discussion about bathroom complaints. Principals and vice-principals listen and throw it back on the students to use our "peer" influence and leadership to help better keep the bathrooms up. Smoking and students just hanging out in the bathrooms are commonly cited as reasons why doors are taken off. We understand that teacher supervision is easier that way, but what about privacy? Stalls with white seats have ugly cigarette burns and discoloring on them due to abuse. We were told gang symbols last year were being carved into some of the guys' seats. And a Jewish girl rightfully complained about an offensive symbol that was carved into the wood on the inside of the stall door she was using. And flushing remains an activity that only a minority do despite Student Council campaigns to take better care of the school.

Each year our Student Council does visitation days to other schools in nearby districts. They all have some of the same problems. Some have lost stall doors because firecrackers are being set off during prank times, seats have been greased/tampered with in several ways, and water basins have been deliberately stopped up to overflow and flood. Taking the stalls off doors seems to becoming more common as a way of managing things. One school had a container of 50 toilet seat protectors set on fire with a lighter. Of course, that would be the end of the toilet seat protectors being available. In my school, I just don't think such things would be used that much anyway.

I guess what I'm saying is that we can't expect any additional privacy in our bathrooms because of all the problems.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Nick (from Canada)
To Nicole (from Canada).
Hi neighbour. You really are close. I was just in Hamilton last week for a meeting. I am on a ???? and the meetings are held in your fair city.
I broke my left ankle and shattered my left knee in a work accident almost 20 years ago. I ended up with a neurological disorder that causes severe chronic pain. Needless to say, many of the painkillers prescribed do cause constipation. I take Senokot before bed to try and help and also take Colace (another stool softener) after any painkiller I take. But even these two don't always help so I will have sometimes a day, maybe three, before I am in for a long, painful dump.
How do you forget you're sharing a hotel room? Foggy clouding in the brain first thing in the morning, an empty room and a quiet roommate. He is the roommate every person who lives alone wants. By the time I remembered I was sharing the room, I heard him putting his card into the reader and attempting to open the door (took him two attempts) but it was too late to close the door seeing it wasn't within reach and I was in mid stream. I don't share hotel rooms very often, but I will not make that kind of mistake again. I have always shut the door when in a hotel room since that time, even if I had it to myself. I don't want to needlessly upset some guy's stomach right after breakfast again...
Hope you have never had such embarrassing mishaps when on the toilet.


Mall Trip

Yesterday afternoon I gave my Darcee and Kellen a surprise trip to the mall. I had some shopping to do and I treated them to dinner at the food court. They were at the entrance to their grade school when I got there and I sprung the surprise on them. Darcee's in kindergarten and Kellen is in 2nd grade. As I got off the highway to the largest regional mall, Kellen said he had to crap. I asked him why he didn't go at school before he left and he said he didn't know. Further questioning and in a sterner voice, helped me get out of him that the school bathroom seats are wet by afternoon. And Darcee, who regularly opposes her brother, said the toilets get full of crap and pee and don't flush well.

So I took my parking space, we joined hands and I hurried them into the mall which wasn't all that busy. We were relatively close to the largest bathroom complex and I took Kellen to the doorway of the mens room. I didn't hear any noise so I told him to hurry in get up on a toilet. There's been some skidmarks in his underwear and I reminded him to take his time and wipe better. Darcee laughed as usual, something that I wish I could break her of. I got suspicious something was wrong when I could hear nothing from the doorway. No door opening, creaking, banging, latching. After a couple of minutes, which seemed longer, I heard his feet coming toward me, and I was eager to see him. He said he tried each and none of the stall doors would open. I grabbed him and walked him immediately inside where I saw no one else in there at either at one of the 10 or so urinals or 10 stalls. I was getting upset as I walked him to the first of the toilets, pushed my hand onto the door and found it was locked. I peeked in and obviously no one was in there. I tried each of the first five stalls and each door was locked.

Finally, I had him lay on this back, head first, and I gave him a shove under the door of the first stall. It took him a while to fully understand what was going to happen, but once he got off the floor I told him that when he was done, he could get the door open and join me and his sister outside the door in the hall. There was a fart that was moderately loud, and as I turned to leave, I saw his jeans and underwear drop and I knew he was up on the toilet. As I waited with Darcee, I got to thinking about how some guys in my senior class more than 20 years ago had gotten into the school overnight, latched each of the girls' stall doors from the inside and the havoc they created the next morning. Finally, Kellen came waddling out with holding up his jeans and saying he had an accident in his pants. So I had him take my left hand and with Darcee on my right, the three of us went into the ladies room. I opened a stall for Darcee who immediately got up and situated for her pee. Kellen and I took the next stall. I seated myself clothing-up on the toilet and pulled down Kellen's clothing. Sure enough, there was about a 2-inch log, luckily well formed and dry in his underwear. I pulled off some toilet paper to pick it up with, dropped it between my legs into the stool, and took some more paper to take care of the mess in Kellen's underwear. There wasn't too much I could do right there, but I had him stand nose-to-the-door as I hiked up my dress, pulled down my underwear, and did my planned pee. Then I had both him and Darcee wash their hands before we went out tot he food court.

It seems like some of the stupid pranks of last generation are still being pulled today.



Catherine: Thanks! I loved the story :)

Mina: Thanks for taking my survey!

@Tlana: Nice story, i'm just wondering if it is normal that the stalls have no doors (in the USA?). Isn't that a weird thing with today's culture to see these other girls shitting? And the fact that they can watch you squeeze it out?

Which regions/places has doorless stalls anyway?

Nick (from Canada)

Second response

Nicole (from Canada) - I just happened to re-read your question and realized I failed to answer your question about my back. Essentially, the problem with my back started with the broken leg. Over time, the osteoarthritis in the leg has spread to the back. When they explained the results of the tests they had done on my back, the guy said he was surprised, considering how severe the arthritis is, that I hadn't felt it much sooner than I had.
When I first realized how painful the back was and how impossible it became to walk very far, I was hopeful it was something that could be healed through manipulation, etc. So I booked an appointment with an osteopath. Although I continued getting treatment from him for almost six months until he asked if the treatments were working and I had to be honest and admit they weren't. I could have a half hour treatment, leave his office and cross the street to a plaza and be doubled up in pain before reaching the main entrance to the plaza. The only thing that seemed to work was sitting down for a few minutes and then getting up and walking some more, before repeating the sequence.
Deciding to sit down when just needing to pee wasn't easy for me. It didn't help that I had always been taught or had absorbed from friends and others, that guys who sit to pee were somehow feminine, not man enough, or really weird. It took me a few weeks of suffering just to preserve my supposed manhood before finally just saying to myself, "Anyone who wants to call me a sissy is welcome to the pain in my back and let's see how long they last."
Just after being prescribed Cymbalta for the back pain and a couple months of playing with dosages, I slipped and fell in a Dollarama (they had just mopped the floor right near the front entrance but neglected to put up any semblance of notice, resulting in a broken right arm. When I finally got home after five wonderful, fun-filled five hours in emergency and went to have a leak, I was standing, using the left arm. I just could not get my aim right. After having to wash down the toilet, floor and walls, I decided that would be the last time I did that. From then on, I just took a seat, even when using a public washroom. Now that the arm has healed and the pain in my back is relatively under control (as can be expected, damp damp and rainy days can be extremely painful and the Cymbalta can't best it, even when I add Advil and Voltaren, I continue to sit at home or at a friend's place. But when using a public washroom, unless the place is really clean, which isn't too often as I learned from the six months with the broken arm, I will use a urinal. As it is, I won't have a dump in a public washroom unless I have no other choice. I have just always had this phobia about germs in public washrooms.
The reason I continue to sit at home is because it's nice to have a comfortable leak the few times I need to during the day, there's no splash back or slight misses around the rim to clean up and both hands are free for other things. I remember telling a close female friend after the broken arm that I was sitting down now to pee and her response was that she bet I wouldn't go back to standing when the arm had healed. She said she knew a couple of guys who had had to sit down after an accident and how it was so relaxing and cleaner that they never went back to standing. She proved to be correct. One thing is certain--I no longer have that old-fashioned hang up that guys who sit are sissies or something; I don't judge as there may be a very valid reason they sit.
I think this should answer your question and a whole lot more.



Hi guys! It's Cat! So, My life has been crazy these past few days and even though Amy had a cold and we couldn't do that story thing, I still have a story.

So, at school after lunch we had a free period for some reason (not complaining--that gives me more time to hang out with my friends). Since I have braces (and headgear at night--shhh!), I seized the opportunity to for once clean my braces after lunch. I ate my lunch (turkey sandwich and apple slices), then went to the bathroom. It felt so good to be able to ignore a bell for once! Once I had gotten the food out and put my stuff back into my backpack, I was about to leave. I heard a voice cursing quietly. It was a boy's almost-done-cracking-but-not-quite-yet voice. I was sure that I had gone into the right bathroom (no urinals), so I was confused.

"Um...excuse me?" I said, "I think you're in the wrong bathroom."

"Cat? Is that you?" I recognized the voice now. It was one of my friends, I'll just call him James. He is super cute and smart and all that and I kind of really like him. I said yes and he seemed relieved. He said that he had really bad diarrhea and that he pooped his pants. In desperation, he sprinted for the wrong bathroom. I felt bad for him and asked if I could do anything to help. He asked if I could grab his hoodie and give it to him. I left the bathroom and found his dark green hoodie and went back inside. I went into the stall next to him and stood on the toilet to drop it over. He was sitting, with his jeans around his ankles, producing wave after wave of diarrhea. I tried to ignore how turned on I was and gave him the hoodie. He caught it and thanked me. He wiped and pulled up his pants, then flushed and left with his hoodie tied around his waist. Once he was in front of the mirror, he took off the hoodie and examined his pants. There was a big brown spot, and it was extremely obvious. Eager to help, I told him to go into the handicapped stall and take off his pants and tie the hoodie around. He did all that, then I told him to come out to clean his pants. He ran them under the sink a few times, then used the hand dryer to dry it. Then, he put his pants back on and tied the hoodie around his waist again.

We left the bathroom and went on with our day.

I always walk home with James and Sarah on Mondays, because James has cello lessons near our houses (Sarah and I are neighbors). We drop Sarah off at her house and then we continue on. Then he stopped me and thanked me for helping him out. He said that he's liked me for a while, would I like to go to the movies with him? HE ASKED ME OUT!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I'll let you know all the details. The date's on Wednesday!!!!! I'll probably need lots of help figuring out what to wear, so I'll ask Sarah what to do. Love you all!

Victoria B.

At the doctor's office

Bit of a story from today, but I've got some responses first.

To Catherine: I just might have to start putting toilet paper from home in my purse after my experience today. Thanks for the tip and I'm glad things are going well with Alan! When's the big day?

To Mina: That's an unusual situation. I've fallen asleep on the toilet before (a rough night that taught an eighteen year-old Victoria to handle her alcohol better), but I've never gone while asleep since wetting the bed once or twice during potty training. Good thing Maho and Kazuko were there to help you onto the light green loo and wash, wipe, and get you dressed once you were done!

I had an appointment with my doctor today to discuss a new prescription I've been taking recently. It's working well, but there's one problem: it makes me constipated. Not really something you want to discuss, but if you have to, it might as well be with a trained medical professional. I told her that I had been having problems going and she nodded. "Yes, you have that sometimes with this. How long has it been since you last went?" she said in her slight Indian accent, looking up from some paperwork and adjusting her glasses. I blushed and said that it had been four days. "Have you been eating enough fiber, drinking enough fluids, exercising?" I replied that I had and that I had also been trying to go, but hadn't taken anything to try to get things moving yet.

She got up from her desk, opened the door, and pointed across the hall, where, conveniently enough, there was a women's room. "There's a loo right there. Why don't you try to go and work things out? If you can't go, tell me, and we'll think of something else." My cheeks flushed again and I took her advice, thinking about getting everything out and trying to ignore the possibility of having to drop my jeans and panties for an enema or suppository. That in mind, I headed across the hallway and walked into what turned out to be a one-stool, tiled bathroom. Lowering said pants and undies to my ankles, I sat down on what turned out to be a surprisingly comfortable, bun-hugging toilet seat. "Good," I thought. "I can work with this."

I stretched and got down to business. My fist push came after a deep breath and it didn't bring much more than a fart and the start of a pee stream. It lasted for what seemed like a minute and then died down. With my bladder taken care of, it was time to focus on things to the rear. I geared up for a second push, imagining the relief that I'd feel once I'd freed myself of four days' worth of saved up poop. Unfortunately, it didn't get me anything other than another fart that echoed off of the porcelain beneath me. I tried again, still nothing. Another swing and a miss. I took my glasses off and put my head in my hands. Was it really going to come to an enema? How bad could it be?

Bad enough to keep fighting, I decided. It was time to take matters into my own hands. I got up a little bit from the seat and rearranged my butt so both cheeks were more open. Next, I gave my stomach a rub and starting pushing on my perineum. Finally, a massive log started slowly inching its way through. It felt huge! Two pushes later, it fell with the kind of quiet plop that only a big turd makes. I reached behind and flushed; there was going to be more to come and I didn't want to have to think about clogging this toilet. The rushing water below showed how it felt about receiving such a monster by giving me a nice splash. But that could be cleaned up later. For now I had a lot more work to do. Log #2, much more manageable than the first, quickly joined its ill-starred predecessor, and then another slipped out behind it, to the accompaniment of another fart. I already felt about two pounds lighter and there was even more to come. Three round pieces dropped out of me: ka-plop, ka-plop, ka-plop, one after the other. Whew, those were potent. A second flush was in order and the water refilled just in time for what turned out to be the last log.

I spent the next three minutes or so catching my breath. I had just experienced the closest thing to childbirth I'd had in my life and my face was burning. The relief was incredible! But the job still wasn't done. No, I had to wipe with what turned out to be the thinnest, worst toilet paper I've ever used. It tore so easily and I probably ended up using a good third of the thankfully full roll just to feel even marginally clean. I pulled up my red underwear and jeans, flushed, and washed my hands. I must have been in that bathroom for at least ten minutes. Satisfied, I went back to my doctor's office and managed to work up a smile. "Everything's good now, doc!" She decided to cut my dosage a bit and then she sent me on my way to pick up the new prescription. Hope it goes better this time!

Love, Victoria

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


To Natalie - Big, long poops


I agree with you that those are the best kind of bowel movements. I don't have the perfectly formed, thick, solid log often, but I do go in substantial amounts twice daily.

Maybe this will help - please see my recipe for a good poop that I posted on page 2522. It's at the bottom of the page. In addition to everything that I wrote, add bananas to your diet every day. They are binding and can firm up the stool some. Lots of fiber, water, exercise and healthy eating will make your bowel movements awesome!



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