Brylie, Tessa's younger sister

Another accident at school today

Hi everyone, Brylie here again. Here is the story of an accident I had today. It was lunch, and I was eating my food right next to my best friend. Then I felt the need to go to the bathroom, but I decided to hold it until I was done eating. However, as soon as I stood up and turned towards the bathroom, I got an unstoppable urge, and I felt my face turn red as a big poop forced its way out of my butt into my underwear, soon followed by five more. By the time it stopped, my underwear was filled, with a huge bulge in my jeans. There was no hiding what I'd done. Luckily, somehow only my friend saw it, and she whispered in my ear, "You did it again, didn't you?" I replied with a yes. "Come on, let's go to the bathroom so you can clean up... and I need to poop really badly too," she said. So, we went down the hallway, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. As soon as we reached the bathroom entrance, my friend paused. I heard a few farts squeeze out of her, and then she started to poop her pants. I could tell she had been really desperate, as a lot was coming out as evidenced by the size of the bulge in her jeans. After about 30 seconds, she finally stopped and breathed a massive sigh of relief. The poo bulge looked as if it was around 4 inches in diameter in her tight blue jeans. Then the bell rang. We had no time to clean up. So, we went to our next class, and luckily, our assigned seats were right next to each other. And, we just happened to be the only people in our corner of the room, so no one else was able to smell the poop in our jeans. When we sat down, we did so in such a way as to minimize the amount of poop being flattened. My friend whispered to me, "This feels so weird sitting in poopy jeans... I hope we can both avoid accidents in the future..." Then, after that class was done, we went to the bathroom and took the first two stalls available to clean up. Then the rest of the day went pretty smoothly.

And now, a short survey for all you people:
First time you can remember pooping your pants after the age of 5?
Ever had an accident in front of your friends at school?
I hope you enjoyed my story.
Thanks for reading.

Karen C. (California)

Question--Replies and new subject, Diarrhea Related

First, replies to Branden and Robert;

Hi guys, yes Branden it was a great cleanout and I felt so good and light afterwards.

And to Robert, thank you so much for your concern about my sodium intake--rest assured that this is not a normal thing for me as I know excess salt is really bad for the kidneys and causes water retention but rest assured that this is not my normal dietary routine; I just did this for a week to fit in with the guys at work as we've hired several new guys and part of my duties as a senior member or as they call it "dual rate supervisor" is to be their friend while showing them the ropes of the job and that includes having lunch with them so I had to basically eat the stuff young men like to eat (got a pretty good pay raise too for being a semi-supervisor so it was worth it!) but alas, orientation period is over now; and I'm glad it's over, all that grease and salt was making my stomach queasy a couple hours after lunch (went diarrhea and threw up in a Porta Potty at one site after lunch) but now everything's back to normal so now I can have my usual salad and iced tea for lunch, yay!

Now to the main subject: Does anyone else feel sick to their stomach like right before a diarrhea event (like you're about to throw up}, or during or after? It happens to me after I eat a greasy meal of something for example like a grilled cheese and fries. Most times when my stomach feels queasy I feel almost like I could start vomiting but for instance if I can't find a private place to do it and I have to hold it back soon I just have to poop in a bathroom then after the diarrhea happens I feel better. It's like the stuff wants out right away or else it goes out the other end. Or sometimes after having diarrhea I start feeling nauseous and end up throwing up later when I can do it in private? It's like I'm cocked and ready but I can hold it back until the right time then I just let it all out like an explosion.

Am I the only one like this, or do others feel this way too?


My answers to butt gaskets

Why do you feel a person would use a butt gasket and not throw it away?
I think it depends on whether its a school or another public place like a mall or arena. Adults are mature enough to flush them. My school doesn't have them, but I get hassled when I line the seat with toilet paper before sitting down. Having no doors on the stalls don't help.

When you come across such a situation, do you leave the butt gasket on the seat or flush it?
I only remember this happening a couple of times when our family was traveling. I sat on the gasket and flushed it when I was done.

Do you find butt gaskets useful or more of a hassle?
I would like to have them a school but they would probably be more of a hassle.

Are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys or ladies?
They would be great for the guys bathrooms at school because so many of the guys almost deliberately pee over the seats. A mop would also come in handy at the bottom of most of the stools because there's so much urine splashed on the floor. Would the girls use them, I don't know because their bathrooms are cleaner.

If so, why are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys than the ladies?
I think I've already answered that.

Anna from Austria

To Mina

Dear Mina, thanks again for the further information about the squat loos in Japan.

You are right there are squat loos in Europe too. I have seen some in Italy and have used them a few times but only for a wee. Until this day I have never done a poo squatting. Until this day I was lucky enough to avoid going number 2 when there is no toilet available. I have only peed in the nature. That is one reason why I am a little "afraid about using such a squat loo in Japan, because I am not used to goo Number 2 squatting.

The other reason is, that I thought that there is not much privacy in such toilets.

But according to your answer to the other Anna from Canada, the privacy thing is not such a big problem. This is great because the Toilets in Austria offer ample privacy. In most cases the stalls have only small gaps if at all. Of course the oher ladies can hear and smell my bms but this ist not a big problem for me.

Sometimes it can be a little embearasing but the worst case would be if any other person can see what I am doing when I am sitting on the toilet. Squat Toilets with big gaps under the stalls would be a big problem for me. It would really be uncomfortable to use such toilet for a bm.

I will try to avoid the squat loos in Japan, but if have to use them, there because there is no other choice, I will be happy that privacy is not such a issue.

Greetings from Austria


To Becky

You have to talk with your doctor when you have got bladder issues, often something can be done, like kegel exercises on the long term and you can wear adult diapers so you can be sure you don't miss anything of your classes. Don't be ashamed about it, many have got bladder issues and use incontinence material.


To Anna - comment on gym story

Hey Anna

Good story about the blonde girl in the green top at the gym. Given that the black girl only wiped once I reckon she was only having a quick pee - but I might be wrong. I liked your detailed account of the sights,sounds and smells coming from the blonde girl's cubicle - it sounds as though she had a huge dump. The order of events you described made me think about what was happening - and what had possibly happened prior to you entering the bathroom.

So I thought I'd share my thoughts as to how events possibly unfolded. My guess is that the blonde girl was doing a major workout hence the huge sweat stains you noted on her top. She may well have got the urge to go for a number two during her workout but probably decided to keep to her exercise schedule and "hold on" until she finished. By the time her workout ended she was probably experiencing a major urge to use the bathroom toilets.

She probably badly needed to fart aswell but decided to wait until she got into the privacy of the toilet area before doing so. These pre-pooping farts would have given her some relief (but only temporarily) from the pressure in her rear end while she was entering her stall, closing the door and pulling her shorts and panties down. The gas she passed probably accounted for the faint poop smell you noted when you went in as it likely dissipated a bit by the time you came in.

Her backdoor likely started to open as she was sitting down and emit the "head" of a thick log. However, I'm thinking that just shortly before it fully "crowned" (which probably didn't take long) the black girl walked in and the blonde girl became embarrassed and got "stage fright". She was probably sitting there with her bumhole stretched around a thick hard poop desperately trying to stop it emerging any further until the toilets became quiet again. This would have been difficult as her anal sphincters would have been naturally quite stretched at this point and this would have made it difficult for them to effectively "grip" the poo effectively. Despite her best efforts some gas escaped hence the small fart you heard from her stall.

I'm guessing the loud wet fart you did and the splash caused by your first turd probably "broke the ice" i.e. helped reduce her inhibitions. This and the increasing difficulty with her "holding on" caused her to "let go" of her first turd which was probably quite short although thick. This first turd almost certainly acted as a "plug" and once passed allowed a huge load of soft poop to escape rapidly. This probably consisted of a bunch of soft logs which broke apart during delivery plus softserve or mushy poop. Her load may well have piled up above the waterline which would have added to the smell from her stall. However, she must have felt comfortable enough to just relax in her stall and release two more turds which likely consisted of waste from further up her colon i.e. allow herself to completely empty. I'd imagine her bum would have been quite messy hence a fair amount of wiping was required.

It's possible she may have tried to poop in the gym toilet before her workout but was unable to do so. If that were the case it just shows that exercise is good for your bowels. Your story also perhaps illustrates that "breaking the ice" by being the first one to fart and/or "plop" can help to reduce others inhibitions and allow them to do the same.

Anyway, I enjoyed your story Anna (as always) and hopefully you (and others) enjoyed my putative explanation for what you heard and smelt from the blonde girl's stall.

Looking forward to more of your stories



College and Diet

I've started college this week, and I haven't been feeling to good. I've been quite irregular, but not necessarily constipated. I did however, have a few decent poops these past few weeks and I think that I'm beginning to go back to the old schedule, of every other day. I've been fixing my diet, and apparently raisin bran seems to do the trick for me recently. I started eating it again, and my bowels are starting to move.

In the university bathrooms, I'm finding that everyone is constantly having diarrhea. I hope this isn't permanant. Would be nice to hear some decent loads of stool, instead of just mush. Not that I don't like hearing mush, but it gets quite concerning. I'm all for better diet in colleges.

This morning, I had been having some rancid gas, and around 10-11am I got the urge to shit. I went to the toilet, pulled my basketball shorts and briefs (white, as always, I can actually keep them clean, at least in the back.) down to my ankles, and slowly began to lean forward and push. It came out relatively quickly. I pushed out one big piece, then some soft mushy stuff, which felt like I pushed out a penny.

I stood up, started wiping, and observed my work. In the toilet was a large log, with a quarter sized piece of wet, mushy turd on top. I leaned down and gave a closer look, it was a foot long, and an inch and a half thick. The smell was very strong, so I hurried up with wiping, making sure to do a decent job. I was wearing black underwear, so it did not matter at this point.

I pulled the flush, and it went down, leaving several skidmarks, and a deep scent in the bathroom. I walked out and continued my day.


Looking at Poop

Dear Just Another Girl,

I thought that was so funny that you thought it was gross to take a peek at your poop on your 21st birthday!

We all do it! In fact, it is actually quite healthy to look at our stools, if only to make sure that they are healthy, that they are free from blood, and that they don't have any signs of illness.

Anyway, I wondered if you would not mind sharing your thoughts on why you do not like to look at your bowel movement.

Happy belated birthday! Also, I am glad you are posting on the website again!




Ideas anyone?

Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on how to add a little fun to my pooping. Maybe like a certain place to go or a squatting technique or something. Thanks everyone!


School Dump

Today around 230 I felt a poop coming so I headed to the bathroom. There were 2 stalls total and both were empty. I took the smaller one and dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor. I pushed and an 8 inch log came out. 2 boys came in 1 peed and the other sat next to me and began grunting. A couple 4 inchers piled on top of the 8 incher. I then wiped and the automatic toilet did not flush. I decided to leave it like that so I got up, washed my hands and left. Thanks for reading!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Becky great peeing story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and those other women had good poops in that gym bathroom and I bet you all felt pretty good afterward and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you Hisae both had really great poops and it sounds like you both felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just Another Girl great story.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Butt gasket answers

Why do you feel a person would not throw the butt gasket into the toilet and flush it?

If it isn't messed or ripped up they may feel they are doing the next occcupant a favor and saving paper.

When you come across the situation, do you leave the butt gasket down on the toilet or flush it?

This has happened to me a couple of times in gas stations. I've just wadded it up and thrown it in the trash can. Then I sit and do my thing.

Do you find butt gaskets useful or more of a hassle?
Definitely a hassle. That's why I don't use them.

Are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys than the ladies?
I think so, but I don't know why. I may use the bathroom four times a day at school and twice on Saturdays at the mall. My friend Lorenz often complains about having to sit and crap once a day at school and that there are no butt gaskets there. However, when he has to crap he favors a boutique at the mall because it has the butt gaskets.

If so, why are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys than the ladies?
I just don't feel girls my age are concerned about sitting down on public seats. I only know of one exception. At a arena concert last summer my friend freaked when we were in separate cubicles and she looked between her legs as she crapped and saw pubic hairs on the white toilet seat. She said she was probably going to start doing what her mom does and that's lay toilet paper over the front of the seat.

Monday, August 31, 2015

I was at a campsite last weekend which had an old type restroom that I remember mainly from childhood. Two toilet stalls on one side of the groom and two on the other, both facing each other, no doors. Very clean restroom however, plenty of TP for us healthy shitting dudes. As I felt a healthy warm long turd coming I went to a toilet, dropped my pants and sat down on the cozy seat. A young tall redneck guy came in and sat in one of the stalls across from me. Neither of us was shy or embarrassed, just feeling of friendliness as we both passed long turds out of our buttholes. Man,I just did a whopper. Same here, he said."that was a big one as he started to wipe his smooth butt cheeks. We finished and pulled up our trousers. Have a good one, good buddy, he said as he left. You too, I said. (Love that feeling of warm turd dropping and friendly male bonding)


College Wee

At college this week I started needing a wee and after a couple hours holding it I had to go empty my bladder to avoid any leaks.

I made my way to the nearest girls toilets and found them being cleaned and so had to settle for the unisex toilet opposite. (Some people call it the transgender bathroom and some unisex - opinions??)

The bathroom is the only one of it's type at the college and has 2 cubicles - pretty sure it was converted from the boys into the unisex.

I rushed in to find both stalls taken, the far one flushed and a girl my age appeared and said hi as I passed her at the sinks. I went in and closed the door and locked it.
I looked down at the toilet to see that she had obviously peed and managed to pee on the seat! While holding myself with one hand I cleaned up her mess with some TP and then squeezed my jeans and panties down past my bum and sat down.

It took me a minute to get started with there being a couple people there but once I got going my pee hissed into the bowl for a steady minute and a half.
I stood, pulled my jeans up and opened the stall door where there was a couple girls and a guy waiting for toilets. I washed my hands and then headed back to class.


Helping little children in bathrooms

First, two questions for Just Another Girl
1. Why or when do you hold a poo or pee in?
2. When you were a little kid, did your parents encourage you to do this?

Ashley's survey:

Physical description--Female, white, blond, 23, 5'11, 140#
1. How long does it take me to pee: 30-35 seconds. I tend to go at regular intervals rather than waiting until I'm ready to burst.
2. How long does it take me to poo: Ten minutes is extreme when I'm in a public toilet and there's a lot of distractions. Normally, less than 4 or 5 minutes when I'm at home.
3. What makes me poo? Coffee, especially in the morning on my way to work.
4. What makes me pee? Drinking lots of water and especially 2 or 3 beers. After an hour, watch out!
5. Do you wash your hands after peeing? Yes
6. Do you wash your hands after pooing? Yes, and sometimes even more thoroughly when I've had a soft poo because when wiping I sometimes get some on my fingers.
7. Type of underwear: thongs when I'm on dates; briefs at work and at home.

Helping little children in bathrooms

The other day I had some drinks after work with my colleagues, and the beer went right through me like always, but the ladies toilet at the lounge was horrid. No way I was going to sit down on that toilet, although I suspect others did. Also, my shoes were sticking to the floor when I decided to hold it for a half hour or so because I knew I was stopping at the mall on my way home to pick up a couple of outfits. So I got to the mall, went immediately to the bathroom, and knew instantly that school is starting and there were all 20 some cubicles in use and some mothers standing at the sink and yelling at their daughters who were in their stalls. I looked down the row and I saw a door ajar about 3/4 of the way down. I shot right down there before someone else took it and I opened the door on a very surprised boy who looked to be 4 or 5. He had his shorts and underwear down crunched up around his knees. The seat was up and he was tryng to throw himself up onto the front of the bowl. But it was a little high, the porcelain was uncomfortable on his butt, and he was afraid to sit back too far and fall in. As I looked under his tennis shoes, I found two balls of crap on the floor, and he had already stepped on one, and there was crap smeared over the front of the bowl, and, of course, on him. I asked where his mom was and he said he didn't know. I had him step aside, I grabbed toilet paper and picked up the two crap pieces immediately under him, and I told him to stand still, when I quickly went to the first paper towel dispenser I saw, grabbed a couple of towels, quickly got back to him, and I latched the door so I could help clean him up. The towel worked fine, although he resisted me at first and started calling for him mother.

From a stall about five down I heard a lady call out for him and ask if he was finished. I walked him down to where the lady was sitting and yelling for him. I knocked on her door, told her I had him and helped him, but that he seemed too young to be down there on his own. She had a nasty tone to her voice, said she wouldn't be able to help him on Monday when he was starting school and that he had to apply himself better. As she was talking I heard plops going into the toilet, so I knew she wasn't going to be done anytime soon. She opened the door, quickly grabbed him, pulled him in and and relatched it. The toilet to the left had opened and I quickly took it. I seated myself and my pee stream was stronger than normal as I listend carefully what was going to be said next door. I could hear the boy crying and standing in front of his mother pinching 'em off. Finally she told him to make himself useful for once and pull some toilet paper off for her. When he handed it to her, she belittled him about how inadequate it was. I guess she grabbed more real fast and she said that he should ask his father to "learn" him how to use a school toilet so that he wouldn't get into trouble. I was surprised by her language and attitude. I hope the boy is doing well in the school bathrooms this week, but I have some doubts.


Butt Gasket Survey

1. Why do you feel a person would not throw the butt gasket into the toilet and flush it?

I've used toilets with the crap of maybe 2 or 3 others in the bowl. None has been flushed. Additional paper on top of that might clog the toilet, back it up and in a place like my school I would get blamed for the mess. My only goal is to sit down and wee and get back to class.

2. When you come across such a situation, do you leave the butt gasket on while you use the toilet or do you flush it?

Two weeks ago my brother and a friend of mine were at the beach and for the first time I experienced it, someone had used toilet paper, like lots of it, on the seat. There was wee in the bowl. I tried to sit on the paper, and I was dripping from swimming and sweat, and it stuck to me and it felt like sometimes in winter when the snow has started to melt to near slush. It made my butt feel so uncomfortable. I couldn't get my pee stream going, although a couple of minutes earlier I was bursting. So I stood up, pieces of wet toilet paper stuck to me and it took me a couple of minutes to pull all the toilet paper off me, because it fell apart like when my dad once tried to read a waterlogged newspaper. I got frustrated and then noticed the stall next to mine was clear so I went in and placed my butt on the normal dry seat. No problem getting my wee going then.

3. Do you find butt gaskets useful or more of a hassle?

For real, they are a hassle. My mom put them down for me when I was like 5 or 6 but since I've been able to go into public bathrooms on my own, theres like no way I would use one. Its strange how a few bathrooms have them, but most don't.

4. Are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys than ladies?

Me and my friends don't use them. My brother's in high school and last year he was criticized for taking the time to put toilet paper on the seat. LOL

5. If so, why are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys than the ladies?

I've heard some guys don't want to wait their turn at the urinal. They take a toilet, wee, but forget to lift the seat first.


Jogger who peed her pants in the park

Hi all. Not much going on here with me. Been peeing a lot since I'm on my period and you retain water (hence the bloating). Anyway, my husband and I had to go out yesterday (Thursday) for one of my medical appointments at the hospital and to get from our house to the main roads, shops etc you have to walk through a huge park first. So we were walking at around 10 am this morning and we encountered a jogger. She was talking on the phone, interviewing someone while jogging. I was trying not to laugh at that because I have never seen that before, someone jogging while talking on the phone. But my husband was trying not to laugh for another reason. The woman was wearing light grey leggings...and all down her legs were soaked! My husband gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought it was sweat, but we both know she wet herself. It was very obvious, and it didn't help that the pants were skin tight and showed EVERYTHING. I told him, she must be running home to clean up and change. How embarrassing! Especially if you're out in public, and your accident is in plain view of everybody.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jenna great story about your big poop in the garbage bin it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you felt amazing afterwards and your story is very simular to several videos on youtube basicly these women go on dates with these guys then and up spending the night and then the next day the guy says something like make yourself at home but remember the door locks automaticly then he goes to work and the women do stuff until nature calls and then go into the bathroom and poop and in each of them the toilet dosent flush for some reason so they end grabbing a plastic bag and taking the poop out of the toilet then they write a note saying how much fun they have then leave only to realize they left the bag with there poop in it on the kitchen counter and since the door is locked they cant go get it but lucky for you you took the bag with you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pregnant Pooper great story it sounds like you had some great poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie great story about you giant poop I bet you felt amazing after that and once you got the rest out later im sure even better and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Jake (formerly J)


It seems someone else is now using the name J, so I'll be going as Jake from now on. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been very busy. I have a quick story.

Today I had a 5K race. After I ran I felt like I was gonna throw up and I felt this dull rumble in my stomach. I almost pooped my pants right then and there. As soon as I got home I laid down on my bed and I guess it must have been the position I was laying in, but all my clenched muscles by my butt from before immediately relaxed and I knew it was too late. A huge, slimy log came slithering out of my butthole amd into my tight running underwear. I felt awful. Another log came sliding out and piled onto the massive bulge I already made. A third, softer log crackled out after that. I could feel my huge load pressing against my cheeks. I immediately ran to the bathroom and cleaned up.


story from the gym today

This morning I was at the gym running on the treadmill. When I was done, I was all sweaty and out of breath and I needed to use the toilet to do both. I went straight through the locker room into the bathroom where two out of three cubicles were already taken. I entered the middle one, locked the door, pulled my sweaty yoga pants and black thong over my bum and quickly sat down. Immediately I started to pee a strong stream that came out hissing. I felt very relieved. While peeing, I had a quick peak under the partitions. On my right there was a black girl in pink sneakers. In the other cubicle, I could see that the woman had pulled her shorts and green thong all the way down to her feet. There was also a bit of a poop smell in the air, so I figured that at least one of them was doing a number two.

When I finished my pee, I could hear a small fart from my neighbour on the left and then the black girl was pulling off some toilet paper and quickly left after wiping only once. I leaned forward and started to push my poo out. As I felt my backdoor open, I couldn't help blasting an embarrassingly loud, wet fart into the bowl. Now the other woman definitely knew what I was on the toilet for. After about a minute or so, my first turd dropped with a splash and I started to push out another one. Then I also heard a plop from the next cubicle. It was followed by a small sigh and the sound of my neighbour letting out several sloppy poos rapidly and a strong poop smell coming from her cubicle. In the next couple of minutes, I pushed out two more turds and so did she. Now my stall really stank, too. Finally I felt all empty.

We both started to pull of paper and wiping our bums at the same time. I used five sheets to get mine clean and my neighbour needed a few more. I pulled up my thong and yoga pants, flushed the toilet and left to wash my hands. The other girl came out of her cubicle as well, a skinny blonde of about my age that I had seen when I was on the treadmill. She was wearing a green top which had huge sweat stains from running. We smiled at each other and both blushed a bit. I think we both found it a bit awkward to stand at the sinks together after just having done poos and stinking up the bathroom. When I was done washing my hands, I grabbed my towel from my locker and went straight to the showers where I saw the blonde girl again, briefly. After having worked out so much and a nice long shower, I got over my embarrassment pretty quickly and I went to the library feeling great.

to Mina: Thank you so much for your answer to my question. I now understand that there is plenty of privacy in Japanese bathrooms. Probably a lot more than we have here.
Anyway, I really hope that I can visit your country some day, it seems so very cool.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Hisae's massage

Hi everyone, I hope all are well. Jemma are you well recover now?

I maybe told you, last Friday Hisae stayed my flat. Saturday morning we had big breakfast as usual. And then it was loo time and I knew I need loo a big time because I didn't go Friday and Thursday. But of course Hisae first, she is quick. I went with her, she ????ed her bottom on loo ungraceful as she always does. Bump. And we laughed. Then she domed out her bottom and many plops very quickly. I did shiatsu to her lower back with four fingers, shiatsu means to press with fingers it is type of massage, she said "Wow Mina I feel good very much!" and bottom domed out again and more plops. She sat more longer time than usual, maybe four minutes? but finally washed her bottom and dried and stood up, "Mina you want to go I think, sorry I kept you waiting." I don't mind waiting for Hisae she is so so lovely, but it is true my bottom sometimes mind. Actually my bottom was impatient little bit, I could hear little voice inside my body. But I didn't say to Hisae, I took off pyjamas and panties and sat down on loo and looked at Hisae. She did shiatsu to me, it felt soooo good! Hisae said, "Mina you have so beautiful bottom." But I think Hisae's bottom much more beautiful, it is perfect shape, my bottom is not perfect so much. But I think my bottom happy to hear what Hisae said because, it domed out, and I felt huge motion coming slowly, but very steady, it didn't stop. It came and came and came and suddenly PLOP and still coming, and coming and Plop and still coming and more and more, but finally all out. Not painful. I didn't move, because next motion working inside my intestine. Hisae began to massage. "Aaaah feel so good!". I said aaah many times and Hisae's fingers work and work. Finally my bottom got bigger again, Hisae said "coming I think!" and of course it came, plop plop plop. I flushed, then Hisae started massage again. I felt so good ! After ten minutes maybe my bottom domed out third time and again plop, but not so big ones and only two. I said Hisae, "Only little ones now and then finish, o-tsukare-sama." That means, thank you and you must be tired. Hisae put hand on my knee and I did some little motions and then washed and dried and wiped, and came off loo.

Hisae said, "before you change cloth, I massage your top of back, I think you are tired, yesterday you worked so hard, get on bed." She pushed me to bed, so I lay on bed with face down. And she began to massage my whole body, neck and back and arms and bottom and legs. I felt I was in the heaven! But after while I said "Hisae you are not tired?" She collapsed on my body and kiss my neck. "Mina if it is you or Kazuko or Maho, I never tired!" And massage me again, but suddenly I said, "Hisae, feels good but I need loo again!" so we got off bed and I took off pyjamas and panties and sat on loo, and at once very smooth motion came out, only one. We looked in loo and it was perfect shape! Hisae said, Wow so beautiful! And she looked at it long time and then said, Mina I have message from bottom. So we swap places and Hisae sat on loo and at once loo said bururururururu. And one minute later, again burururururu. We looked at loo, lots of mushy at bottom, and my pretty sausage float on top. Hisae said, "Mina you are solo and I am orchestra." Then we cleaned our bodies and flushed and washed hands hot water and changed cloth.

Hisae is so so so sweet. I love her! I made her Japanese tea, very carefully so it would be delicious tea. She drank and said, "Mina you make wonderful tea!" I don't think so, but she enjoy.

Kazuko came my flat lunch time and we ate together and after, Kazuko went to loo and did big motion, Hisae gave massage again! Kazuko said, "I wanted to do this morning, but you know my mother, I couldn't relax so I decided wait. Now I feel good!" And burururururu noises under her. I am happy she like my loo. But I didn't tell Kazuko about Hisae's massage on bed, because maybe Hisae want to do for Kazuko, and I think Hisae tired. Another day, after Hisae rest, she can do.

After Kazuko's motion we went out and went to town centre. And in evening Maho joined with us. I am happiest when I am with all three them. How lucky woman I am!

And I am lucky that I found this toiletstool site. People on this site are so nice people. Thank you all of you, write lovely things.

Love from us four.

Your very own Mina

just another girl
Today was my 21st birthday (gee whiskers...I feel really old haha!) and this morning I woke up just after six thirty when my alarm clock rang. I could immediately tell that something was different, but for a few moments I couldn't figure out what it was. Then I remembered that I was another year older and that today was my special day! Because it was too early to open my presents (my parents were still asleep) I decided to go and have some breakfast. I had a cup of tea and two pieces of toast with peanut butter, and not too long afterwards I felt a sudden need to go to the bathroom. I went down the passage, shut the door, seated myself, and had a nice relieving wee that lasted about 25 seconds. I then felt a slight sensation of pressure in my lower stomach, which indicated that something else was wanting out. The pressure gradually increased until I was forced to let go, and out it all came. It was sort of semi-solid - not completely firm but not loose either - and there was a lot of it. When it finished, I felt a lot lighter and also really happy because of how good it felt. I cleaned up and then flushed, but before I flushed I couldn't resist having a look (I know that's nasty but I did anyway). It was a nice big brown plop of poop - obviously the result of the large dinner I had last night - but it smelled horrible and I decided to get rid of it for my own good and the good of whoever came in after me. I sprayed a few squirts of air freshener, opened a window, washed my hands and left, feeling very happy at the success of my first bathroom visit of my 21st year.

J.A.G ~


To Anna - comment and questions

Hey Anna

That was a great story about you pooping and peeing in the woods while you were on the hike. I particularly like outdoor pooping stories. It sounded as though you really had to go from both ends and I was glad you were able to find a place to squat and get some much-needed relief. From your description of the logs that came out it seems like you had your bowels well open. I was pleased that you didn't appear to feel pressured into finishing up before feeling completely empty.

The phenomenon of your pee trickling down your bumcheeks might be due to the fact that your bladder was very full and your pee was coming out with considerable force. While most of the pee shoots out and lands on the ground a small proportion of the pee can end up swirling against the folds of skin at the entrance to the vagina causing little "eddy currents" to form. This ends up running onto your perineum (perineum - the patch of skin between your vagina and anus) and then your bumcheeks. Anyway, I hope you (and other readers) find this explanation helpful.
Although this seems "yucky" freshly passed urine is in fact sterile but I appreciate it's not the most pleasant of experiences when it trickles onto your bumcheeks whilst you're peeing.

I'm glad you saw the funny side of your friends teasing about your poop in the woods; it probably helped to break the ice on what is often still (sadly) considered to be a taboo subject. It's interesting that your friend Danielle whispered to you that she really needed a poo while you were making your way back to the car park; she probably felt more comfortable talking to you about the subject after hearing that you pooped in the woods. Also, later on in the gas station toilet she said she felt like a bit silly for not pooping earlier. She mentioned that she hates outhouses so perhaps knowing that you poo outside will reduce her inhibitions and give her the confidence to do the same in future if the need arises again.

Anyway I really enjoyed your story and I had some questions for you.

-You mentioned that your rear end felt pretty full when you were sitting in the stall at the gas station on the way to the trail but you were unable to poop. Was that because you didn't have a sufficient urge? Or was it because the poop felt too big to come out easily? (I'm thinking that the hike itself and the squatting position you adopted when pooping in the woods perhaps helped - the act of squatting helps to straighten out the rectum and relax muscles e.g. the puborectalis muscle to facilitate defecation.)

-How long had it been since your last poop before your poop on the hiking trail? Had you pooped the previous day for example - or had you not pooped for 2 or 3 days?

-You mentioned that your first few logs stretched your bumhole - especially the second one (it must have been very relieving to pass them) and that the fourth one was softer but much longer and coiled up on the first three; this was followed by two smaller ones.
I'm curious - how long and thick would you say each of your six logs were?
(I'm assuming that each of the first three logs was 8-10 inches long and at least 2 inches thick and the fourth was over a foot and at least 1 or 1.5 inches thick.)

Anyway I hope you can answer my questions. If you'd rather not then no worries. I must say that I really enjoy your stories Anna - especially your outdoor pooping ones - keep posting.



Latest story

Hi everyone, Abbie here with another story, sorry its been a while since my last post. I'll get on to my story in a second.
Megan- Great story about when you needed a poo at the shops, it sounded like practically everyone else there had to do the same thing!! Its quite often like that at uni after a long lecture, it can be hard to get a cubicle sometimes as a lot of girls seem to want a poo straight after. It was the same when I was at school and I used to try to get in early and go for a poo before class, most girls using the loos then were there for the same reason as me, either than was their normal time for needing a poo, or they were trying to empty their bowels before lessons started so they didn't need to ask to be excused later on.
Anyway, back to the story! Last night Lucy and Katie stayed round my house, we'd been on a camping trip together for 3 days and had got back yesterday afternoon. I woke up with a tightness in my belly, I hadn't been for a poo since before we went away and neither had Lucy or Katie, so I decided to have some breakfast and see if I needed to go after that. I got up and went downstairs, I was just in a crop top and pants but I knew we had the house to ourselves and all the curtains would be closed! I got three plates of toast ready and carried them back upstairs on a tray, Lucy and Katie were just waking up as I came back into my bedroom and were happy to see that I was bringing food!! We sat on my bed and ate breakfast, Lucy and Katie were just in their underwear too. After we'd eaten Lucy said "I'm bursting for a poo now!" She got off the bed and walked over to my ensuite, her white pants were too small for her and so the top of her bum was on show. She dropped her pants and sat on the loo, I heard her starting to wee and when her stream had died down I saw her belly tensing as she started to push her poo out. I suddenly realised I'd have to do some washing otherwise I wouldn't have any clean underwear to put on, and I said to Lucy and Katie "I'm going to put a load of washing on, I've totally run out of pants, do you need me to wash anything for you?" By now I could see Lucy was having to strain quite hard, she said between pushes "Actually I don't think I've got any knickers left either!" and Katie said "Nor have I, and I'd really like to have a shower in a bit and have some clean pants to put on!!" Katie and I went back into my room and started to unpack the rucksacks we took on our camping trip. Lucy said "I put my dirty knickers in one of the side pockets," so I unzipped both pockets and found them all scrunched up. I then got my dirty pants out of my bag and Katie passed me hers so I took them all downstairs. As I put them in the machine I realised it was going to be really hard to work out whose were whose when they came out of the wash, we all wear cotton pants in white or pastel colours and apart from a couple of pink and yellow flowery pairs all the others were plain white! When I got back upstairs Lucy was very red in the face and still hadn't managed to have a poo, she said "Sorry about this, I'm constipated, I couldn't go for a couple of days before we went away so I haven't had a poo for 5 days!" Katie and I sat on the bathroom floor as Lucy continued to strain, by now the heavy feeling in my belly had turned into something more and I knew that a big poo was on the way, so I hoped Lucy wouldn't be too much longer! Lucy did a few really hard pushes and couldn't help grunting but luckily that seemed to help and shortly after I heard a loud plop as her poo dropped, followed by a few more plops a minute or so later. I could feel my poo threatening to poke out of my bum so I knelt up and pulled my yellow spotty pants down a bit and said "Could you hurry up Lucy, I'm just about to poo my pants!!" Lucy quickly stood up and flushed, and then stepped to the side to wipe her bottom standing up so I could get on the loo. I quickly dropped my pants to my thighs and sat down heavily, my bum slapping down onto the seat. I needed to have a wee as well so I started with that, it splashed down noisily into the bowl and I couldn't help moaning a little with relief as I relaxed my clenched bum and felt the tip of a massive log start to poke out, it felt so good just to let it come, stretching my bumhole more and more. By now Lucy had pulled her pants up and was sitting next to Katie on the floor. I knew this was going to be a really fat one and I would have to push hard to get it to come, so I took a deep breath and started to bear down, I knew I was screwing up my face a bit as I pushed to the amusement of the other two, they couldn't help giggling as I continued to strain. I kept pushing and grunting for the next 10 minutes, feeling the monster log make its way out a tiny bit each time, and eventually it dropped and splashed down into the water and I was ready to wipe my bottom. After I'd wiped I flushed and pulled my pants up. I put some shorts and a tee-shirt on to go downstairs to take the washing out of the machine, the cycle was just ending so I emptied the machine and pegged all our underwear out on the line. By the time I came back up it was Katie's turn to be on the loo, her pink flowery pants were at her knees and she was quite clearly having a poo as well as she had gone red in the face, I was glad it wasn't just me who was constipated!! After a few more hard pushes I heard Katie sighing with relief as her log dropped, she wiped her bum, flushed and pulled up her pants and we went back into my room. We just lazed around for a couple of hours waiting for our underwear to dry, after I while I went back out to the washing line and came back upstairs with a big handful of pants, I dumped them on my bed and said "I hope you can tell whose are whose, I think I'm going to struggle!" We sorted through them and eventually managed to work it out, then we had a shower and got dressed, at least we had some clean pants to put on! I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now.

Steve A

First Day Of School Poop

I started my 1st day of school today and what a better way to start off the year with a pretty good poop.

While I was on the bus, I was feeling movement through my gut which eventually led to an urge to go. I was hoping to have enough time to go, and I did. When I got to school, I put my lunch in my locker and headed to the closet bathroom. Once I was situated on the toilet, I pushed and out came a log that was at least 1 foot long and 2-3 inches wide with a tip on the end of it. I pushed out a few smaller pieces and then I was done. I wiped, washed my hands, and went to my first class without getting called out for being a minute late.

I hope this poop sends a good sign that I will be pooping well throughout the school year despite my schedule change. I also hope to have more stories since school is starting.

To Anna from Canada

About loo with squat in Japan

In some of schools in Japan, walls of little rooms are very low, so teacher can see if child is in trouble. (But not high school.) Loo with squat is still common in schools.

Otherwise, loos are in their own little rooms. But my mother told me that when she was younger, before I born, there was big gap between floor and wall, and one day one of her friend was doing huge diarrhoea long time, and next stall also occupied, and she could see light dancing in front of her, and she checked with mirror and a man was watching her bottom and her diarrhoea using another mirror! So she stop her diarrhoea and ran out of stall and went to shop staff (it was supermarket). Staff ran to loo and found man with mirror and took him away and called police. Then my mother's friend went back into loo and did more diarrhoea.

Now, there is usually not gap, but very old loo might have.

Sometimes when you go into squat loo, you squat with door at your side. So the person in the next loo is behind you, or in front of you.

I saw French squat loo. Much more wider than Japanese one. Japanese one is problem because rather narrow, so if diarrhoea, motions go all over loo sides. I often saw loo with motions all around. Many dirty women in Japan, and men too maybe. When I was little girl I also did motions all over side because huge diarrhoea. I cleaned all with loo paper and flushed many time. My mother said, Mina you were in loo half an hour! So I told her what I did with little voice and she pat my head and I could see tear in her eyes. My mother is so sweet and lovely!! Actually she came into loo, but many stalls and many smells, so she couldn't tell which one I was. And she didn't want call because of embarrass.

And thank you for kind kind words.

Love to everyone from Happy Mina


A Shitty Morning (and bin)

Well something really weird happened once. I am a 27 year old female and I had just woke up. I had gone on a fantastic date the night before with my partner. We had gone to a 4 star Mexican restraunt. There was music, dancing and lots more. I got out of bed and realised I was at my partners house. He left a note which said "Hey baby, Had to run. I have work and shit. Before you leave, leave your number and make sure you have everything, because the door auto locks. See you later"
I began to get dressed when my stomach felt like it was getting twisted. I needed to take a massive dump. I went out of the bedroom and noticed the bathroom was locked. "Why the ???? is it locked?" I didn't have anytime to answer that question as a turtle head was already poking out. I went downstairs, trying to hold the nuggets back,
looking for something, anything I could release my contents into. I thought I was hopeless but then in the corner of the living room, was a bin. It was really small, like a primary school toilet. It was empty and had a bin bag. I didn't have any other options. I waddled to the bin and took my belt off. As I pull my jeans down, a fart managed to squeezed out of my tight ass and followed was little beads of poop. I pulled my knickers down and the slime shit was at the bottom of it.
I turned around, grabbed the bin, and sat on it. I then pushed like a pregent animal would and all the shit came out in different ways.
shot out, flamed out, slowly slipped out. I sat on that bin for about 5 minutes getting all the contents out. There was a lot in my
colon. I was surprised by it. After the contents had come out of my bum, I looked in the bin and the bag was filled to the brim with shit.
I tied the bag off and took it out of the bin. I put it on the counter and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote "Dear John, last night was lovely.
I really enjoyed myself. I hope to see you again in time. From your lover, Jenna". I put my number on the paper, grabbed the bag and drove him. I was thinking what I should do with the bag, as it was sitting on the other seat right next to me. I took it home and used it as fertilizer on my flowers. I still had a lot left!

Sonya Sue

Butt Gaskets & the Problems They Cause

I've been working a double shift for several of the last days of summer vacation at the truck stop and restaurant. We have lots of travelers coming in and a large number of them are using our restrooms. As I wrote about in an earlier post, when cashiering I hear compliments from a lot of people on our tobacco prices, section of "healthy" foods and two or three guys compliment us each day on how nice our restrooms are and especially thank us for stocking butt gaskets in them. Well my manager Violet and I choose not to use the butt gaskets when we have to use the bathroom, but here is a short survey I got the idea for Sunday when I went in 3 times and each time my stall had a butt gasket or part of one left on the seat. By the way, they had flushed after they went.

1) Why do you think a person would not throw the butt gasket into the toilet and flush it?

2) When you come across such a situaiton, do you leave the butt gasket on while you use the toilet or do you flush it?

3) Do you find butt gaskets useful or more of a hassle?

4) Are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys than ladies?

5) If so, why are the butt gaskets more popular with the guys than ladies?

My answers:

1) I think they see it as being helpful to the next person, I guess.
2) I normally don't use the butt gasket, but the first one was in great shape so I sat on it. Unfortunately, I moved a little as I peed, and it tore. When I went to get up it partially stuck to my butt because I was sweating. The last two times I had to use the toilet, I took my hand and slid the paper off the seat and into the toilet before I sat down.
3) I haven't used them for 16 years so why should I start now?
4) At our place, that seems to be true.
5) Wet seats being left, maybe because of the number of guys with bad aim or the guys not wanting their junk to rest over the front of the toilet bowl.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen C (the californian one) as always another great story it sounds like you had a good cleanout and a pretty desperate one as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miranda great peeing story.

To: Anna great story about you pooping in the woods it sounds like you had a really good poop and i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Matt L great story about seeing your girlfriend Polly poop it sounds like she gave you a pretty good show and please share anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Sister In laws accident great story.

To: Brylie great story about your accident and how your friend pooped her pants as well to make it not seem as bad and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Just Another Girl great story.

To: Shay it sounds like you a rough time and it sounds like that stomach virus or whatever caused it got you pretty good and Barret treated you really well and was very helpful and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: End Stall Em great story as always.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Ashley's survey questions & Story about Carin

Physical description: Age 14, guy, 5'1, 110 lbs.
How long does it take you to pee: 45 sec. at home; twice as long in public
How long does it take you to poo: 3-5 minutes at home; same in public
What makes you poo: drinking a lot of soda, large breakfast or lunch
What makes you pee: drinking lots of water, soda
Do you wash your hands after peeing: at home, sometimes; depends in public
Do you wash hands after pooing: often at home; depends in public
Reasons for the last two: whether I'm being hassled or bullied at school
Kind of underwear prefered: whatever my parents buy for me and I've been taught to keep my jeans at stool level so I'm not showing off my underwear or my junk while I'm seated at school.

Story About Carin

In May just before school got out for the summer, I had to stay one afternoon for some special tutoring after school. My tutor was Carin, who I've known for several years since we grew up on the same block. Well it was 4 p.m. and we were still working in the library and I had been holding my crap since lunch. I was trying to avoid going at school because the guys hassle me in the bathrooms because I'm a little underdeveloped for my age, I'm not too successful at the urinals because I prefer privacy, but even when I sit to pee which is easier for me, I get hassled because I look so young and my style of underwear is not what the other guys wear, my junk isn't as developed as theres, and most of the toilet stalls give very little privacy to the users. More than half of them don't have doors. And the toilets with doors get the most use and abuse and often they are outright filthy.

I had told Carin about this earlier in the year and she knew that since we had missed our regular bus, my plan of holding it until I got home wasn't going to work because the special activities pickup bus wouldn't arrive for an hour. So she took me to the top floor, to the girls bathroom, and with no one around, encouraged me to go in and do my crap while she remainded in the entrance. It was nice to have the privacy. I went into the far end stall out of about 10. There was a door and it had a latch. It was so strange to see a seat that was dry and a toilet bowl that was clean. I took down my jeans and underwear and seated myself. Unlike in the guys' room, I was really at ease and my first of three logs dropped out of me with only a light push on my part. There was ample toilet paper on the roll and also a second roll that also hadn't been vandalized. I cleaned myself with two wipes and then flushed and went out and washed my hands. None of the five sinks was jammed and there was hot water. I used two paper towels and threw them into a trashcan that wasn't vandalized or overflowing.

I went out into the hallway to wait for Carin who went in. She took the first stall. I heard her latch the door, seat herself and sigh, and a couple of seconds later her pee started and it lasted for about 45 seconds. She opened the door, I heard her pull up her shorts and flush. She washed her hands, but probably not as long as I did, and then we wents back to our work. On the bus ride home, I told her it was good not feeling the pain in my anus. She slightly laughed and said she was happy to help me out.


To: Karen C.alifornia

Sounds like a lot of GI fun but have you ever considered the massive sodium load you're taking on?

Steve A

Interesting Thing From School Plus Answering My Own Survey

I only had 2 days of school and I already have another interesting thing that happened today. On the 1st day in the morning at school, I had a pretty good poop before my first class.

So today at lunch, I was talking to a group of students at another table and when I was done talking to them, I went back to my original table. While I was walking back, I overheard 2 girls getting up and one said, "I didn't go yesterday..." and they both went to the bathroom. They took a little while to come back and I assume the girl had to poop and she might have skipped a day without going.

1. Would you be brave enough to do a buddy dump with your best friend, depending on the situation? I'm comfortable pooping around any gender. If I absolutely had to do a poop in the woods/somewhere to avoid an accident while being with a guy/girl, I'd do it. We may split up and have our own privacy while we poop.

2. Do you always bring TP with you when you plan a hiking trip, just in case? I don't go hiking, but I'd bring some just in case.

3. Do you feel bad for the people who have accidents in public? I do since they would probably feel really embarrassed if that ever happened to them.

4. What is harder to hold in when you really have to go, Pee, Poop, or farts? I'd say it all depends on your body and how strong you can withstand the urges. For me, they are all hard to hold in if I had a strong urge to do one or all of them.

5. Why do we feel that time slows down as we're waiting to use the bathroom when we really have to go? Example: Bella Jean's Bookstore Story. It could be a mind/focus thing. I think if we focus on one thing only, like holding it and trying to avoid an accident, it makes us feel that time slows down. They should do a study on this and see if people think time is going slower when they have to go to the bathroom really bad or when they focus on one thing only.


Question for pregnant pooper

I've read enough on the internet to know that constipation IS a REAL problem for you ladies when pregnant? My question is why don't you use an enema at the first signs of difficulty??? Surely just some warm water up there after one or two days of not going would be a lot easier than struggling on the toilet and then taking laxatives which may or may not work and may or may not pass over to the baby.-- JW

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