The lady next door

When I moved into my house I soon found that the walls were very thin, and that in our semi the downstairs toilets were side by side with next door. I was in my toilet one day soon after moving in when I heard a cough very clearly, then the sound of the toilet being flushed. I realised that the houses, being built 'on the cheap' had very little soundproofing in the walls, and by putting an ear to the wall most conversation, and other sounds, could be easily heard.

A couple of days later I was again in my toilet when I heard a door close and someone had obviously gone into the toilet next door. A clunk which I took to be the raising of the toilet seat was followed by the sound of a copious pee hitting the water in the pan. There was no sound of toilet paper being pulled before the toilet was flushed and the door banged again, so I guessed this had been the man of the house.

While I was still standing by the wall the door next door banged shut again and I made out the sound of the door bolt being pushed over. This had to be either the man's wife or their daughter who must have been about eighteen.

I had my ear pressed to the wall, and I heard the seat being lowered. There was a pause, and a tinkling sound as whoever it was started to pee. After a while the tinkling stopped and I waited. Before long I thought I heard a grunt. I listened more and there was another definite grunt and what sounded like a sigh, and then a gentle thud and splash. Whoever was it?

As I continued to listen someone next door called out, I could not hear what was asked, but a voice which seemed very loud in my ear said clearly 'Im on the toilet!'. It was the daughter's voice!

Their toilet roll holder had a very noisy action, it was after all attached to the wall against which my ear was pressed. Paper was pulled several times and then the toilet flushed. I heard the door being opened and the light switch being turned off.

I later learned a great deal more about the habits of the family next door!


hilarious fart story

my drunk ass friend just farted. the first part went burrrrrrrrt and had nice tone, but it scared him I guess cause he was drunk so he looked around the room for it. he then looked at me for approval, turned back around and finished. it went phtttt, brip. good stuff! such a large fart from a relatively small ass. funny!

Abby C

Pooping at home

Hi, today at home I was watching the television when i needed to poop so i went to the bathroom that me and my sister and 2 brothers use. I locked the door pulled down my jeans and panties to my ankles and sat down. I was on the bowl for 2 minutes when my 9 year old sister walked in on me i thought i locked the door but i realized that i didn't lock it my sister said she needed to poop and i told her that i was pooping and i told her to get out but she wouldn`t leave . I started to push and a big fat poop fell in and i pushed 3 more times and flushed and pushed 4 more times i wiped and took off all my clothes to take a bath. So my sister was on the toilet grunting and farting and dropping 20 poops every second . I looked and some of the poops were past the water. Just to know my sisters name is Kate she is the same height as me even if she is two yrs younger than me and she is blonde. Abby C xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Abby C

Poop at church class

Hi, this sunday i was at church. And in the middle of the class i had the urge to take a nice long poop. So I asked my teacher if i could go. When I got there 11 out of a dozen stalls were taken so i took the last open stall everybody all 12 of us in 12 stalls were pooping. When i pushed I accidentally let out a fart that went like Flatt. It was another 5 minutes and still no poops in the toilet. I was now the only girl in the girls room. I pushed and a 2" poop fell in. I pushed again and a liquid poop squirted out for another 5 minutes straight and i didn't stop. I flushed again and pushed one last time and a 20" poop fell in the toilet when i wiped i felt a whole new wave coming on i pushed and 30" poop fell in i wiped pulled up my panties and skinny jeans and flushed . More stories on the way abby c xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Kate C

I'm Abby C's Sister

Hi everybody as some of you know already im abby c's sister. So i've got only one story to share. I was at my friend tom's house in the backyard. Tom asked me if i needed to go to the bathroom i said sure we went to the bathroom in his house he went in first. I heard him lock the door and put the toilet seat down. I put my ear against the door. I heard him pull down his pants and underwear to his ankles. I heard him grunting and dropping logs in the toilet he wiped and i went in. I plopped my cute butt on the toilet and a long turd splashed in the bowl. I pushed again and grunted ugghh. I grunted again and i knew he could i was grunting ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhggghh. He asked if i was okay i answered yes. I wiped 6+ times pulled up my pants and undies and me and tom started playing again. See ya later Kate C

Lurking Dave

About Haribo Gummy Bears

I noticed Steve A asked if anyone on here knew about Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bears. I looked into them and it isn't specifically because of it being sugar-free. It's because of a specific ingredient they used only in the Sugar-Free version called Lycasin or hydrogenated glucose syrup. It's a sugar alternative, meaning it's supposedly healthier than the classic formula. They cause excessive farting, bloating, stomach gurgling and of course diarrhoea. The bears only cause diarrhoea if you eat enough of them, but nobody really knows how much is too much. Someone even posted a while ago about pranking a friend with them - the results were exactly what you would expect.

I'll try and post some stories from school if I get the time.


Dairy Disaster

Hey guys it's been awhile. Grad school is no joke and the mid-terms? Smh Id rather volunteer as a tribute for the Hunger Games.

To Victoria B. Yes those are the same ones who lived in my suite in college. It is funny that we can laugh at the things that make us human. You should share the story that led to her getting you that plunger lol.

So a little known fact is that I'm lactose intolerant. As you can imagine that leads to many bad situations down below. There was a particular time in college I was out with my suite mates. We went to cook out and I decided to get a milkshake with my meal since I would be with just them. We get back to our suite and within an hour my milkshake is gone. Shortly after finishing it the gas started. My gas after dairy can peel paint. After the gas started my stomach began to rumble and I knew I needed to take a dump. I got up and went to the bathroom. I barely had enough time to get my panties down or situated before I EXPLODED into the toilet. The best I can describe this dump as was thick mud, that smelled like rotten eggs. After about 3 waves of this accompanied with thunderous gas, I was empty. I didn't need the plunger for this mess but I did need the febreeze. Hope you all enjoyed. Happy pooping guys!

Abby C


Hi, a few weeks me and my family went in Maine. The first day me, my mom, and my sister were swimming. So i came out of the water to tell my mom that i needed to use the bathroom and kate did also. So me and her went to the girls room the stalls had no doors or seats. So i chose the first when Kate chose the second i pulled my short-shorts to the floor. I pushed and let out a long wet fart and a log fell in and water splashed all over my bum. A few more logs splashed in the toilet. I wiped my buttcheeks and buttcrack and butthole and left with Kate. Bye Abby C xoxoxoxo


Toilet Mess with Comments to Steve A & Megan

On Thursday I had a bit of a dodgy stomach. Luckily I was at home as it would have been a little embarrassing. Around 6pm I started letting out some really smelly farts and my stomach starting to cramp a little. After a few minutes my need increased and I knew I couldn't hold it in for much longer, so off to the loo I went! I had barely enough time to pull my jeans and knickers down and sit before my bum opened and splattered poo all over the toilet and into the water. I came within a split second of pooing myself! It wasn't pure liquid, but it was pretty loose and soft! It just wouldn't stop flowing out of me and it was just 'plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop' for at least 3 minutes with the odd wet fart in between. I even got a little bit of splash back on some of the plops! which was disgusting lol. In total I reckon I was sat on the loo for 10 minutes before I felt completely empty as I was still letting out little droplets of soft poo towards the end. As I got up to wipe myself I looked in the toilet and all I saw was brown water with chunks floating around and the odd bit of sweetcorn. It was not a pretty sight! I wiped 5 or 6 times, flushed and left a very smelly bathroom. It was weird as I was expecting to need to go a few more times that night as that's generally what happens when you've got the runs but I didn't so I guess emptying my bowels removed what upset my stomach in the first place.

Steve A - Hi, I've heard of sugar free sweets but never tried them as I've heard rumours they give you the runs. Although I did once buy a packet of sugar free Polo's as I couldn't find the original ones and I had diarrhea so it must be correct about the majority if not all sugar free sweets. Suppose it would be okay if a small amount is consumed but not a whole packet lol.

Megan - Hi, another two great stories from you. We quite similar in terms of pooing in public it appears as I do it when I can as I love hearing others as well as enjoying the feeling of going. I still find it a little embarrassing though but I suppose everyone does don't they? lol. I've just started working at Tesco and I'm planning on having a few poos while there if I feel the need. Think I might try to alternate using the staff and customer toilets though as that way I'll be able to hear a different variety of people going.


To Jade

Liked your story about your experience in the Asda toilet. From your description it sounds as though like you the lady in her early thirties got a lot of relief. The fart and then the crackling sound she made suggest she had been holding her poo for some time. The two plops you heard in quick succession were probably caused by a very large soft log breaking apart during delivery while the fact that she peed after emtying her bowels also suggests her rectum was very full. Hope to hear more of your stories.


What come in will come out

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. Just going do a survey if no one minds you can answer ifJust going do a survey if no one minds you can answer if you like. Question one , What was your last place you pee or pooped at?? Last place at home. Question 2 If out in public do you wait around till everyone gone ?? Well I used to but now just go with the flow of things. Question 3 If you can chose anyplace to pee at beside home where? In laws , question 4 what about if you can chose anyplace to poop at beside home where? I would say church. Question 5 have you ever been on toilet for so long you couldn't get anything out? Yes my early teen . Last question 6 , would you be nervous if the opposite sex see you on the toilet??? No not really cause before my papi got remarried he take me in bathroom with him lots of time back home cause be all kinds of snakes through the pipes he wanted to protect me much as possible that's all for now. Hope all have a good pee and poop till next time


Cara-Lin's problem

In science class, we have been assigned to a lab partner and our teacher also has the partners take take-home tests together and also do a semester project. Like me, Cara-Lin's a freshman and her family just moved this summer from the west coast. She was in like one school there for kindergarten thru 8th grade and the school was much smaller than our high school which is like one of the largest in our state.

Cara-Lin's a straight A student, something my mom likes because science is my worst subject. So Cara-Lin stayed over with us Monday evening and we studied together later than I am normally allowed to do. So Tuesday morning right after my mom dropped us off at school, Cara-Lin started complaining that all of the food (my mom's a good cook) and how she felt a poo coming on. It was before 1st hour and the time that I usually poo so I had Cara-Lin come into the main first floor restroom with me, and I quickly took a stall, placed my butt on the seat and did my morning poo. I noticed Cara-Lin looked in the open doors for a couple of the stalls but she stayed outside of mine. As usual, my poo was soft and fast. Because she and I had been talking, I had forgotten to go to the other side of the room and pull the toilet paper off to bring into the stall. So I asked Cara-Lin to do it and within a minute or so she worked through the crowded bathroom and was knocking at my door with toilet paper in both hands. When I opened the door for her, I could see that she was surprised to see me sitting on the toilet. She said she would never sit bear-butt on a public toilet and that she greatly misses the ass-gasket paper seat covers that they had in her previous school. She said there would be a roll of them on the wall, she would pull one off, and then open it and place it over the seat before she sat down. And she said she ALWAYS used one to poo. For weeing, she stands over the toilet and with her hand she directs her stream into the toilet.

Twice later that day, I sat down to wee and when I met Cara-Lin right after school to work with in the library, I took her up to the 4th floor where the toilets are cleaner and there are less students using them. I weed again and told her she should too (which she did without sitting down) but I could both see and smell that she had been holding her poo throughout the day. Although she was having discomfort (especially a lot of muffled farting)she said he usually holds her poo until she gets home. She texted me when she got home that she had her giant poo as soon as the bus dropped her off at home.

Cara-Lin and I are becoming good friends but her belief that she can't safely sit on a school toilet in order to poo is somewhat troubling to me. She's obviously in pain and discomfort for much of the day and I don't understand why she just can't sit down and go normally at school like the rest of us do. Sitting on some ass gasket can't be that important, can it?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica (AZ) great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and had a good cleanout to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sophia W great story.

To: Tlana great pee story.

To: Victoria B I look forward to reading that story.

To: Megan great poop story it sounds like you all had great poops and felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K great story.

To: Jade first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like and that other woman both had good poops and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shelbi great story it sounds like you both had good poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Reply to Jade & my latest desperate poo story

Hi everyone,
A big hi to John B as usual & a warm welcome to Jade,
Glad you like my posts :)
No i haven't had an accident yet (thankfully my bowel muscles are very very good at keeping the loosest of diarrhea inside me until i let it out)
Though i have been very desperate like yourself.
please post more.

my latest story was my poo whilst out last night with the girls in a bar.
i needed a poo poo & i decided to hold it for a while. I held it for an hour when i decided to go because i now needed a wee desperately too.
i went to the loos & 4 women were in front of me.
soon the queue went down & i entered a cubicle which the previous lady had a big poo in as she left poo fragments & a stench.
i pulled my black pencil skirt & tights down & red knickers, & sat down. Immediately started weeing, i then got geared up to release my desperate plops... as loud as ever a long with my wee trickling...
PLOP!PLOP!PLOP!...plop-plip-plop-plop-plop-plop-plip-plop-plop!! ........PLOP!PLOP! i was done. It stank!!! I wiped 4 times & looked at my creation. Light brown thick slimy curled plops, skid marks & no water visible. I dropped the tissue in the loo with my poos & flushed leaving under the water skids too. Washed my hands sprayed my perfume & went back to the girls.
more soon,
Best wishes love J x


Post Title (optional) Constipated all week

I've been constipated all week, again! I was able to squeeze out a few rock hard poo balls on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, I pushed out one small turd, about the size of a marble. Then, I didn't do a poo at all on Thursday. I had planned to go away for the weekend but I really wanted to do a poo before I left. But I didn't have much time to try before I left so by Friday, I was well and truly constipated.

It took me 2 hours to drive to the camp site (no proper camping but cabins with bunk beds and a communal kitchen) and I wasn't getting any urges to poop. When I go to this particular camp site, I take all my own food. I met other people there, who also took their own food. Between us, we had lots of junk food, chocolate, chips, coffee, alcohol and every other type of bad food imaginable. I ate lots of food for dinner, with hardly any fibre in it and definitely no fruit and ????. Then someone else shared cheese with biscuits, chili dips, salami and olives. After that, we had chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, sweets and chocolate bars. There was also wine and coffee too - which I drank quite a bit! I ate so much food that night and I knew it would wreck havoc with my bowels. Especially because I was already constipated.

We all went to bed late that night, well after midnight. I was so full and bloated - and my bowels were overloaded with poo. I fell asleep around 2 am but woke up about an hour later, with a strong urge to poop. I was feeling so uncomfortable and I decided to try for a poo. I made my way to the toilet block and I took a magazine with me. It was after 3 am by now so I was hoping nobody would come into the toilets. I locked myself in the end toilet, took my pyjama pants off and sat down. I pushed and strained with all my might. Almost straight away, lots of farts escaped from my butt and my anus started crackling. I kept pushing and straining hard. After 15 minutes, my anus had opened up very wide and it was burning like fire. The turd felt so dry and rock hard in my anus. I was sure it had glass in it, it was hurting so bad. I flicked through my magazine as I pushed and pushed with all my force. After 30 minutes, I needed a rest. I reached down to feel my progress and I had about an inch of poo sticking out. I really hoped my anus wouldn't suck it back in but I was lucky. I pushed down on either side of my anus with my fingers and strained hard. I felt the poo stick out about another inch. I kept doing that, until I had 2 inches sticking out. My anus had been stretched beyond its limits by now and it hurt like hell.

I must have been at it for at least 45 minutes by now but I had to keep going. I stood up, clenched my fists, screwed up my face and pushed as hard as I could. I did lots of heavy breathing too. Then I grunted "Uuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhh! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!" I felt the poo move down a bit more and more farts came out. I was so constipated!! This had to come out!! I squatted and kept straining. This helped a bit and the poo slowly inched its way out. Then I squatted over the toilet bowl, with my feet up on the toilet seat and my legs bent. I grunted again "HHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I got so loud that time but I didn't care. I grunted again "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" I was also doing lots of loud, heavy breathing. I was so desperate for this load to come out!! I reached down and felt my anus again. By now, about 6 inches of poo was sticking out of me. I said to myself "Here we go" and strained like there was no tomorrow. Then I grunted like there was no tomorrow "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH, HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" I got SO loud that I was sure someone had heard me. Amazingly, nobody came into the toilets while I was in there. By now, an hour had easily passed by. Then, just when I thought the poo would never come out, it slid out in one, massive piece. It was 14 inches long, as wide as a coke can, dry and extremely rock hard. I felt so much better after that. The next day, I dropped 3 small loads in the toilet. Then today, I've done poos twice. I'm sure I will probably be constipated again soon though.


Catherine and Jemma

Catherine - liked your story about the big poop you had in church. Glad you managed to get some peace to release the softserve. It was a good idea not to try and flush the toilet otherwise it might have clogged and subsequently overflowed. No shame in leaving the toilet unflushed.

Jemma - good story about the noisy poop you had at your friends house

Hope to hear more stories from you both.

Questions for Sam and Megan

Sam - great story about your poop at the boot fair toilet - I was glad to hear you managed to get some relief without soiling your knickers. I can understand the plopping from the woman would have made you feel worse - been in that situation myself.

Out of interest what age and build was the woman who blocked the toilet with her load - e.g. was she in her 20s,30s or 40s etc? Was she slim, medium or heavily built?

I do voluntary work which involves cleaning the toilets. Often the womens toilets become clogged (the mens toilets rarely so). From experience the toilet cloggers tend to be slim women in their teens or 20s.

It seems as though she had a huge load to pass. My guess is that the huge turd you saw sticking out of the water by several inches was the first one she passed. It was probably well over a foot long and the first part of this huge turd was presumably quite wide and got wedged in the neck of the toilet bowl when she tried to flush it. This turd and the other three you saw then combined to create a "log" jam (pun intended) to block the toilet. Did you hear more than four plops from her cubicle? If so, my guess is that some of her turds flushed clear before the log jam took hold.

I'm guessing she felt very embarrassed that she blocked the toilet (though she had absolutely no reason to be - there's no shame in clogging a toilet). I was glad she came out straight away when she heard you had an emergency otherwise she was probably going to remain to attempt another flush.

Megan - liked your recent story about not having paper in the cubicle you were using. Out of interest what would you have done if the toilet facilities had only one cubicle i.e. a unisex cubicle so there was no toilet paper to wipe your bum with?

Look forward to your responses. Hope to hear more stories from you both :-)



Relief at last: Wednesday

So as you know, on Tuesday, yesterday, I had quite a large poop from being backed up. Well apparently that wasn't all of it.

Today after the last period of class, I knew I needed to poop, and I knew it was going to be semi-big. I was farting all afternoon, and I couldn't stop it, it was forcing itself out.

After the bell rung, I made a bee-line to the toilet, there were people changing in there because they had other activites, so I chose the handicapped stall. I wasted no time unbuckling my shorts and white briefs to the ground. I felt a semi strong urge, but the feeling towards my butt was very strong, so I did the usual, and bent over.

It was an odd feeling, it felt like toothpaste and not that thick, however I had to push continiously to keep it going and to push it all out. There weren't a lot of farts which was weird, but at the end of the monster I felt a slight urge and a small torrent of spolshy chunky diarrhea felt out into the toilet as well.

It smelled bad again, which is usually for me. I stood up and turned around to see my creation. I was amazed, especially since so much had came out of me the last few days I didn't think it was going to be this much, but recently I have been upping my fiber and what I eat is more healthier.

I turned around to see a thick turd in the shape of an upside-down R just laying there in the toilet bowl. It was too marvelous to flush, and it looked like it might back up the toilet. So I switched to another stall (the kids were out by then) and wiped up well and flush and by that time the janitor knocked on the door, and asked if anyone was in here, I said yes.

I then left the restroom, and went to go tell the janitor, personally, that I was finished. When I did, he said Thank You and smiled.

I cleaned up, washed my hands, and left and waited for the janitor to go in while getting water. He toured each of the stalls, and when he got to the handicapped stall he paused for a second, hit the flusher, and then there was another pause.

He hit the flusher again, and then another pause. Then another pause and another flush. It didn't go down. He sighed and dialed on his walkie-talkie.

"There's a plugged toilet in the 3rd hallway.."

I walked away briskly grinning knowing I left the man with a suprise, and that literally I had gotten a huge weight off my [shoulders].

Hey Phoebe the masseuse, thanks for your comment :). Here is another one for you..

Last year, before I met James, I went on holiday to Spain and whilst I was there managed to contract a stomach bug on the first day! I was with a group of friends, one of whom (Liam) had a bit of a dodgy stomach the day we flew.

He was much quieter than normal, he kept massaging his bloated stomach and going to the toilet. As we went to board the flight he looked really panicky, 'are you okay?' I asked gently. 'I really need the toilet' he moaned, looking longingly towards the airport bathrooms.

'Dont be a fairy mate, go on the plane, I'm not missing the flight' our friend Kieran mocked. Liam nodded but clearly felt very uncomfortable, as he kept rubbing his stomach. I walked with him, trying to look after him as he was clearly very distressed.

We sat in our seats, me beside Liam. He had gone white and was silently rubbing his guts, mumbling to himself. 'if you need the toilet just go' I murmured, gently stroking his arm with my thumb. He blushed, 'this is so embarrassing'.

'why is it? do you think I've never had an upset stomach' I laughed. 'I suppose' he gave a feeble smile 'the lads are going to humiliate me so much if I go on the plane tho'. 'Liam, we're on a three hour flight, if you've got the shits, you're going to need to go long before we get there' I reminded him.

He grimaced, realising by me saying the word 'shits' that I knew he had diarrhoea. 'So, you know I've got erm, you know?' he asked awkwardly. 'Yeah but dont be embarrassed, everyone gets them sometimes' I explained. 'Even you?' he stared incredulously. 'Even me!' I laughed, 'I've had them at your house before'.

'Really?' he looked stunned. 'Yeah after that house party, I had to use your toilet 4 times cos I had a ???? upset' I admitted. 'Omg I had no idea' he looked relieved.

'Yeah so dont panic, I dont find you gross or disgusting for having them, its totally natural, it just means youre sick' I smiled. 'Thankyou, you're so sweet' Liam smiled feebly before groaning loudly. 'Whats wrong?'. 'Just got an awful cramp.. I really need the toilet' he admitted.

'Go then!' I teased. 'Ok I - ohhh no' he groaned. 'What?' I looked at him. 'The seatbelt sign just came on, I can't go' he was starting to panic. 'It wont be long just keep calm' I said gently, rubbing his arm.

His stomach rumbled ominously and he accidently farted. 'PAAARPSHH' it squelched at the end where he'd obviously followed through. He froze as his cheeks turned bright red.

'Its okay, it happens' I soothed. He looked really upset as his stomach gurgled loudly and he accidently released more gas which sent a little squirt of runny shit into his underwear. Horrified by his little accident, he broke down, tears streaming down his face.

At this point, he lost control and started involuntarily pushing out runny liquid into his pants. He was having a full blown diarrhoea accident next to me but there was nothing I could do to help him.

He froze, horrified, as it continued to squirt and leak out of his poorly bum. He burst into tears, clutching his aching stomach and bowing his head in shame.

Ive known Liam years and that is the first time I've ever seen him cry so I felt majorly sorry for him. It absolutely stank which made him feel even worse. I wrapped my arm around him and cuddled him to try and make him feel better.

'Im so sorry' he gasped, 'I didn't mean to, it just happened'. 'Its okay sweetheart, lets get you cleaned up'. As soon as the seatbelt sign came off, I stood up behind him so noone could see his accident, although they could probably smell it.

We walked down to the toilet. He went in but didnt lock the door. I heard a huge groan as he pulled his pants down. I stuck my head through the door and saw his pants which were covered in runny poo.

Still feeling ill, he sat on the toilet but nothing else came out apart from gas. I handed him some baby wipes as he started trying to clean up. He was crying his eyes out as he slowly wiped diarrhoea off his bum and privates.

I slipped into the toilet with him, took the baby wipe and gently started to clean his bum for him. He was absolutely mortified but I continued to soothe him as I cleaned everything off for him. I even cleaned his privates which had also been covered in liquid poop.

Once he was clean, I handed him the spare trousers I was carrying in my bag which luckily were trackies so weren't really 'male' or 'female'. He pulled them on, having to go commando as his pants were ruined.

We both cleaned our hands and I shoved all of his soiled clothing into a sealable plastic bag and shoved it in my handbag despite his protests. I then sprayed a miniature perfume to clear the smell, and we went back to our seats.

His eyes were bright red from crying and he still felt pretty unwell as the flight continued. About half an hour later he started to get gurgles and cramps so he hurried to the toilet, where he spent nearly half an hour having diarrhoea.

By the time we got to Spain he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I slipped into his hotel room and gently removed his shoes and pulled the sheets over him. He was sweating and his skin was cold and clammy.

In the evening we were getting ready to go out when I felt cramps in my stomach and I needed to use the toilet. I carefully removed my tights and pulled up my mini skirt before trying for a poo. A large load of mushy poo splattered all over the toilet as I suffered with cramps.

'You okay hun?' my friend Kate shouted through the bathroom door. 'Yeah just got a bit of an iffy ????' I replied, hoping it wouldn't turn to full blown diarrhoea. I was starting to feel queasy and I was shivering despite how warm it was.

Ten minutes later, I badly needed the toilet so I ran back into the bathroom, pulled my tights down and hovered over the seat. Several waves of watery diarrhoea exploded out of my bottom, with loud wet gassy farts in between.

Just then, Kate banged on the door, 'You going to be long? I feel like I'm about to puke' she moaned. 'I've got the shits' I sighed. 'Okay well hurry up then, Im not bothered about the smell, I think Im going to be sick regardless' she worried.

I pushed out another six waves of runny poo before I jumped off the toilet. I could feel the runny liquid squished between my bum cheeks as I unlocked the bathroom door. 'Thankyou' she gasped, gagging as she raced towards the sink. 'BLEUGHHHH' she vomited into the sick, her stomach churning.

'You okay sweetie?' I rubbed her back, still half naked as I remembered I needed to wipe. When she stopped vomiting, I shuffled over to the toilet and carefully wiped my bum. Golden brown liquid coated the toilet paper as I sorted myself out.

I pulled up my tights and flushed the toilet, then washed my hands. 'Are you okay?' I asked her, gently rubbing her back. 'Yeah, just feel sick' she mumbled, wiping the chunks away from her mouth. We decided to stay in bed whilst the lads went out. I kept running to the toilet to have diarrhoea whilst Kate vomited.

About half ten she looked at me with pained eyes, 'Erm I think I need to you know go to the toilet'. 'Aw its okay babe I'll come with you', I grabbed her hand and led her to the bathroom. She was holding her stomach and moaning loudly. She sat quickly on the toilet and leaned forward, grabbing her stomach and pushing out a stream of runny diarrhoea.

'Ohhhh' she groaned, as I gently rubbed her back. She vomited at the same time, as both ends squirted at once. We were up most of the night going backwards and forwards to the toilet.

In the morning Liam came to our room, looking completely fit and well. 'You look better' I smiled, hugging him. 'I feel a million times better' he was back to his usual cheeky grin. 'Are you okay?' he asked worriedly, noticing how ill I looked. 'Me and Kate seem to have picked up your bug' I told him.

'Shit I'm so sorry, I'm guessing you've spent the night puking and having the shits'. 'Yeah, well I've just been on the toilet, Kate's had both ends' I admitted. 'I'll come and look after you' Liam smiled, putting his strong muscular arm around my shoulders, 'seeing as it's my fault you're sick'.

Liam was so sweet to us during that day, particularly me. We ended up dating for a few months after that :). The rest of the guys all caught the bug, if you want to hear about that, let me know!


Steve A

Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

Has anyone ever heard or tried these sugar-free gummy bears before? I haven't ever tried them or even heard about them until one of my friends stayed home from school because he got sick from eating them. He told me he got bad diarrhea from them. They sell these on Amazon and there are a lot of 1 star/bad reviews about them. It says on the back of the package that it has a laxative-like effect and if you ever eat them, you should only eat like one-fourth of the serving size per package.

Do all sugar-free candies/foods cause diarrhea?

Now you know about these sugar-free gummy bears and if someone ever tried to prank you to make you eat these, you now know what happens after you eat them and they think you wouldn't know about them, but you actually do know.


1.Any good Fart Stories.
2.any Babysiting stories
3.Any Accidents?

jessica (az)

fastest poop ever

Quick story
My mom made beef tacos for dinner the other day and they were delicious. When i finished i headed to my room. In no time i felt a gurgle in my stomach and ran to the bathroom. I quickly pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. Really quickly mushy poop came out and i felt immediately felt empty. I wiggled my toes in my flip flops and wiped. I looked at the bowl and it was covered everywhere in poop and it stunk.

Sophia W


Thanks for the nice comments.
I will try to post as often as I can. My school toilets are ok but get sometimes very. dirty. during. the day. They are best in the morning, but then I mostly only. need to pee like on Monday. I went to them and only three stalls were in use. The seat was clean so I just sat down and had a very powerful pee, because I drank much on the way to school. In my last break I felt a strong urge to poop and went again. to the toilet. I was lucky and one stall was free, but there was a lot of pee on the seat and a mushy poop was in the bowel, so I went out again. I waited till I got home, a bad idea I normaly don'tdo. I had luck and no poop got in my panties. I went very quick to the toilet as I got through the door of our house. My poop was now stinky and mushy. If you like I can also write a bit about my sister


Is it stress? What is this? + A story

Hello lads and beautiful lassies,

I've been having issues with my bowels lately. It hasn't been normal like I've wanted it to be. What I mean is a few weeks ago I was having a nice, large, solid log almost everyday, and it'd come out partially clean and it'd feel great. Sometimes there'd be the odd day out and when I'd finally go and cleaned myself out, there'd be a big pile of multiple large logs stacked on top of each other. I usually would go in public if I hadn't gone in a few days because I didn't want to bother with my toilet at home. It would probably go down, but the water level would go up, and I wouldn't want to deal with that hassle.

It all started to go badly, when I wanted to change my schedule from pooping in the afternoon to the morning. I held it in for 2 days and then finally pooped at school in the morning, which I'll tell you about later. Well, when I finally did I pooped out a large log, about half a foot long, but 2-3 inches thick as when I stood to look at it in the toilet it was touching the bottom/base of the bowl, and it was sticking a good two inches out of the water, obviously very thick. I knew it was that big because I crouched down to see where it touched the bowl. It also smelled very strongly of shit when I pushed it out and as I was standing it smelled much stronger than usual, and the guy next to me could smell it as well.

It wouldn't be until another 3 days until I would poop again and by this time I could barely feel the urge. I had an XC meet that day and I knew it was going to be big. The line for the portapotties was long so I found a baseball dugout bathroom that had a line for the men's but it wasn't as long. I stood in line for a few minutes until eventually the guy infront of me went into the stall. He had pretty bad diarreah, I could hear all the splashes, wet sloppy farts, and grunts he was making. Had quite a face on his body as well, tall and lanky, pasty skin, wore sandals with socks, I didn't get a good view of his eyes because he was squinting towards the sun.

When he finally finished wiping himself, which oddly enough took forever. He flushed, but the what it sounded like to me is that the toilet was weak. But I didn't have time to worry about that, I needed to poop! I went in and was immediately hit with a very pungent strong strench of poop. It was almost unbearable, but I had to go. In the toilet there was a few chunks of poop, and quite a bit of skidmarks. I did a 180 rotation, lowered my pants, and sat on the stinking seat.

I almost jumped up from the warmness and moistness from the seat. Obviously someone had warmed up already. Crunched for time, and knowning this was going to be big, I straddled my legs, bent over, and clasped my hands, I then began to push on my tippy toes to get the turd out. Suprisingly my hole began to open very wide, and some gas slid out. The turd almost instantly came out, relatively quickly with some crackling and hissing. Thirty seconds and it was over.

I was suddenly startled by another guy in the other stall next to me. The gaps in the stalls were huge, and so the people outside could get a look at me as well as the person next to me could see my butt. I looked at him and I saw a guy with light brownish hair pulling his pants down, but not sitting on the toilet. I waited to wipe, but didn't want to wait too long because the smell of my crap was starting to diffuse rapidly in the bathroom.

He hovered over the toilet bowl and proceeded to shit out gassy, chunky, diarrhea. It smelled putrid and fowl. He than begin to get the tissue and wipe himself. As he was wiping I heard a rip, and then a short stream of mumbled expletives. His TP had ripped. And to make matters worse, I could see his dispenser was out. So he then decided to wipe his hand on the stall and then lower it under my partition and reach for my toilet paper.

I raised my hand to slap his away, but I right-on-the-spot decided not to because I instantly saw a large light brown streak of poop on his finger. Yick.. I pulled more toilet paper and ripped it down, and tore safely from there.

I stood up and looked at my finished product. In the bowl there were 2 very large pieces of shit. They had the same thickness as the other day, but they both were the same size. It was like the other day, doubled. Marveled, I was going to leave it for someone else, but I decided not to since a lot of guys needed to use this restroom, and I didn't want them thinking of me as unclean and dirty, so I wiped, which took forever, because I'm hairy, and flushed the toilet, but the turds did not go down, they got trapped in the trap. So I left the stall to go wash my hands.

As I walked towards the sinks, I muttered to the guy next that it didn't flush well. He didn't care obviously, but instead of sitting he was standing, but I didn't hear any peeing. Odd. Why is that when there's a large load in the bowl, men will go in to pee, but I hear no peeing, they just stand there?

Alas, I was done, and got the heck out of there. But not for long, I had to return 15 minutes later to later have diarrhea. It was uneventful because when I got up, there was quite a bit, but I accidentally hit the flusher and it sort of dissapated. The door didn't lock at all, so a few guys walked in on me, but I said no big deal, because everyone does it.

But about my infrequent pooping all of a sudden, it may be because I screwed up the natrual rythmn of my body. But how long until I'm back to normal? This morning I pooped, but it was average size/ but small for me and it took a million wipes. The bathrooms in the morning are quite crowded and smell quite bad as they are used quite often. Every morning I will walk in and there will be at least one guy sitting there. Sometimes I find turds, (always small, I'll talk about this in my next post, how I poop more than others, but why? Is it because I eat healthier?), and unflushed toilet paper, but other than a maxi-pad in the guys room, and hair dye, I haven't found anything too interesting.

Welp, Toodles and A bientot!
Your friend, Michael.

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