Hard Wee at a Stock Car Race

Last time I wrote about when my dad and I went with Uncle Jim to a lot of sporting events when Uncle Jim came to our city for visits. Adjusting to the mens bathrooms was difficult back eight or nine years ago when I was like 5 or 6. However when I think about it, the absolute worse was when Uncle Jim treated my dad and me to a stock car race. We have this large track just outside our city which has seats for a few thousand people and they have races like twice every weekend. Uncle Jim drove his first race car back when he and my dad were in high school and he jokes about how lucky he was to graduate and do well in business because he was one of the worst students.

My dad was in line to buy beers for himself and Uncle Jim when I told him I needed to wee. It was just before the races started, but I wanted to be sure that I didn't wait until the last minute because sometimes dad would get kinda mad if I didn't say something sooner. So I did. Uncle Jim said he'd take me to the bathroom, but that he was trusting dad not to have any accidents with his beer. I don't think I found the humor in that because I was more interested in not having an accident in my shorts and I had drunk a lot of Kool-Aid, pop and lemonade at a lunch we had with Uncle Jim on our deck. Uncle Jim took me by the hand, led me around a lot of people talking in the aisle, and quickly into the mens room. This mens room was like so different than others I had been in. It was a bit smaller--but still large to my 5 or 6 year old eyes--but each stall had a door. But more so than anything else, when Uncle Jim walked me to the door of what would be my stall, I noticed something was really strange. The seat was bent upward off the front of the bowl, kinda like the hood of a car when the engines being worked on. I asked Uncle Jim why that was. He said some mens rooms had that done so that the seats would be cleaner to sit on since a lot of men and young boys forget or don't want to lift them before they take out their organ to wee. I told him that was a problem in my school and he said this would be a good practice session for me.

I was like How am I suppose to get the seat to stay down so I can seat myself? He showed me how I could do that by saying I should drop my shorts and undees first, and then with one hand hold the seat down while I threw myself up on it. I couldn't believe it but now I see that he wanted to give me my privacy and he said I could figure it out while he stood right outside the door. Even when I would be seated, I figured my feet would be several inches off the floor. But I dropped my jean shorts and undees and followed his instructions. Actually, I cheated a bit because I got on the side and then slid myself over to the front, but one of my thighs almost got stuck where the opening is on some toilet seats at the very front. I didn't weigh much and I could feel the seat trying to push me upward until I figured out I needed to sit back farther. I was so uncomfortable and I could only get a few trickles to drop. I dropped down to the floor and the seat sprung upward with some noise. From outside the door, I heard Uncle Jim saying something encouraging, but I was a little too scared to comprehend it all. I pulled my clothing up and pushed hard on the flusher to fake out Uncle Jim. Then he told me to change places with him and I could hear a tremendous noise as his wee hit the water and it went on for what seemed to be the longest time. I heard him zip up his jeans, but he made no effort to flush his wee. As we walked over to the sinks Uncle Jim made some lame comment about how he hoped my dad wasn't drinking his beer and something else I didn't catch.

A few minutes into the races, Uncle Jim made a remark about how beer goes right through his system and excused himself to the bathroom. While Uncle Jim was downstairs I explained to dad how hard it was for me to use those spring-up seats. He quickly took me downstairs to the ladies room and told me I was probably old enough to go in on my own. He waited by the entrance. These seats were the normal ones and I had no trouble doing a complete wee into the toilet. I flushed, washed my hands and then gave dad a report on how well it went. He called me "Daddy's little girl" ... something he did often when he was proud of me. I was confident that I could use the girls bathrooms on my own. For the most part, I was right.


Response to Bria - Clogging the Toilet

Yes, I have clogged the toilet several times in my life when a plunger was not available. I wrote about 2 such experiences, on pages 1817 and 1917!

When I was a teen, my mom (thankfully it was not my dad!) had to teach me how to unclog a toilet!




For Trekkie, Blind guy, and Christa

To Trekkie and Blind Guy, regarding Christa, very well said. The point of using the nighttime diaper for assessing volume was just an option she could use if she was in doubt of whether she could get her bladder maxed out and still get to a container and so forth before having an accident and wasting the effort. I guess that's a mute point now as her post indicates that everything's fine "mechanically"/neurologically. «hrista, it's god to hear that about your bladder capacity. As I've said before, I think that both you and your sister have emotional/psychological issues that need to be addressed. I can't wrap my head around a parent who can just disown a child. While my father and I had problems growing up, I can remember a time about 16 years ago when we were talking about what happened when I was born and how he and my mom were told not to name me, see me, or get attached as I was not going to live. This discussion was 40+ years later, and he was still upset about it. I had to remind him that it was a different time then and it wasn't understood how aware babies are even before they're born, nor did they understand the importance of letting parents bond with their children. Studies have shown that the survival rates of babies who are extremely sick goes up significantly when the parents are allowed to bond with them. Christa, I don't know if you and your sister have been to any counseling, but it sounds as if both of 5 need some help in coping with both the AS and your father's rejecting you. Please remember always that just because you are different, doesn't mean you're not normal. So far as the nighttime wake up goes, that's great! Now do what you can to help that. Each time it does happen, get up and go in and u the toilet as if you still needed to go. That means everything, going in the bathroom, rearranging your clothes and sitting on the toilet as if you were going to go. This will hopefully help train your brain to wake you up in during the night. Also remember that accidents are not failures, but setbacks. Keep up the good work and cyber hugs to you.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amber H first welcome to the site and great set of stories it sounds like you had a really great poop I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story I bet Emily felt great after that big poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alexandra great set of accident stories.

To: Maria as always another great story.

To: Annie as always another great pooping story it sounds like it was a pretty good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tlana great story.

To: LadyLooLoo great story.

To: Sam first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like and that woman both had really good poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterward all though the toilet got clogged if you had flushed and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

Nutty Night on the Toilet

Hey! I'll get to my story but first a few comments.
To Megan: Glad to hear that you got off that toilet with a clean front and back! Having to ask for more paper and admit that you'd done both productions must have been dreadfully awkward-good thing the lady next to you was kind enough to help with your situation!

To Bria: You're right about my plunger: it was a gift from a good friend aggrieved by my clogging of her toilet. The plastic handle is white with a pink grip and the rubber cup at the bottom is the same shade of pink. It gets a decent amount of action, something I'll soon be talking about. I see your friends were generous to you as well (you can never have too much toilet paper!)-were these the same ones from your suite? It's honestly sort of a relief to hear that I'm not the only one with friends who joke about large pooping habits.

I'm actually a bit too tired to continue this post tonight but tomorrow I'll tell the story of too many nuts, rock-hard logs, and the toilet that they clogged. Until then!


Hadn't gone since yesterday

So folks, nothing new has been going on, as usual. I'm still oddly constipated, but it's nothing new.

On Monday, I sat down and I had a reasonable poop, wasn't too big or too small. It was in the morning, and I was in a hurry. When I opened the door to the bathroom, I could immediately smell it had been heavily used already. The door unlocked and a small freshman popped out. He had neatly combed brown hair, a polo shirt, and shorts.

When I entered the stall I saw a big brown skidmark on the top of the drain of the toilet, and was hit by a strong smell of a poop. I lowered my pants at shuffled onto the toilet. I leaned over, and managed to poop out a big nugget. It was like a piece of a large poop. It felt like pooping out a piece of rough rope, and it wasn't too pleasant. However, the next day (today) would make up for it. Had to wipe a million times, then felt like myself had finished. I flushed it and it all went down, but left some skidmarks and some toilet paper floated in the bowl.

On Tuesday, it would be a different story. Since I recently tried switching my schedule to poop in the morning, it didn't work. It switched back to the afternoon. So in the afternoon, afterschool, I had no urge in my bowel whatsoever (Which usually indicates for me it's not worth it or I won't go that day), but I felt something, not big, but something on my backside.

As I've posted before (but you've probably never read), I have sport afterschool, so I stay for that. I finished changing, put on my overcoat and then headed with my loo. I checked both the handicapped and the normal stall to see their condition. I do this to check for TP, and to see how clean the seat is. Many people think it's weird that I do this, but I do it just in case. I do not want to be caught stranded.

I went to the normal stall and pulled my shorts and briefs down. I bent over and gave a little push with a vocal grunt. The other guys could hear me, and I could hear one of my friends asking my name. I thought honestly it was going to be a small, hard, and challenging poop.

I was wrong. As soon as I pushed, a very thick and semi-dry and greasy turd started to come out. It didn't feel that thick to me, but I've become desensitized to stretching in my butt reigon because when I'm at home I often squat over the toilet, or hover to make my leg muscles stronger. It felt like squeezing old toothpaste, you know when you leave it out a little too long, and you really have to squeeze and manuever it to get it out, and once it's out it's stiff and hard to control.

Bending over, I played on my phone, and the darn thing slithered out in under a minute. I levatated myself up to my original position. Boy did it stink. I didn't think I made a big one, but when I got up and turned around I was wrong again.

It didn't feel big, but it was very large. It was two to three inches wide, as it had to be as it positioned itself sideaways agains the toilet trap. It also went from one side of the toilet bowl to the other. Horizontally. I got and folded toilet paper, and wiped neatly until there was relatively nothing on the paper. I left it sitting there because I didn't want to flush it, and I know it wouldn't flush depending how hard it was.

When I came back later, the whole back section of the bathroom smelled really bad. I got my stuff and went back into the stall to look at the beast. It had grown in size, and the water was greenish-brown, I kicked the flush lever, and the toilet paper went down, but not the poop. I kicked it again and the turd just stayed put.

After that flush, I gave up and decided the janitor would have his day made by seeing my big turd. I left school today proud, excited, and very happy.


Nice story Michael

Tlana - I haven't really noticed a lot of other times when guys don't want to sit on the same toilet I just vacated. I leave it dry and warm and most guys just plop onto the seat. There was one time when I was using a toilet that had no stall or door and had a sink right in front of it. The main door didn't lock and the guy who was waiting for it was in the restroom at the same time I was. I finished up and flushed and went to wash up. The guy then went and tore a bunch of paper off and started lining the seat! WTF! Dude, I'm clean! I'm sure I had an incredulous look on my face.

Same restroom, and another guy just sat down on the seat after I got up. No paper wasting. He even asked if I could get another roll from the attendant outside. I did get him another roll and he thanked me as I handed it to him.

Michael - nice story about using the doorless toilet at the fair. I'm curious why you tried to cover your privates while seated on the toilet, but then you stood up to wipe, and everyone could see your goods. I guess I would probably do something similar, but probably just discrete instead of actually trying to cover up. Were you wearing boxers or briefs while using the toilet?

The fairs I have been to have always had doors on their stalls but I remember a restroom that had no privacy screen at the door, so anyone walking by could see the feet of someone seated in the first toilet stall. I decided to go ahead and use that stall. The partition was somewhat high off the floor, so passerby could see my bare legs and briefs. I wasn't "exposed", but you knew I was wearing tighty whities, lol.

Esteban - Good to see you on here again, bud! It is odd when you get reprimanded for using the toilet like it is supposed to be used. I once got yelled at because the guy walked in on me. I just told him I tried to lock the door but the lock was busted. Sorry to startle you folks, but we all gotta crap.

Most of the doorless stalls at the beach here now have doors on them, too. Or they have been remodeled and are all individual enclosures like you mentioned. There are a few at the park which have doorless stalls, but they don't seem to be used much. I have a buddy who actually likes to watch me take a dump, and a few times when we have been at a festival at the park, I'll go in to drop a deuce and he will stand there talking to me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hi everyone! I have a couple more stories to post about today so here goes.

At the weekend I went shopping. While I was out I needed to have a poo. I made my way to the loos. There were three cubicles, all taken, and two girls about my age were waiting. One was quite thin and blonde, and one was a brunette who was quite curvy. They weren't there together though. I joined the queue. From the way they were standing I guessed maybe they both needed to poo. I hoped I would get the middle cubicle! After a couple of minutes all three cubicles had opened up, and sure enough I got the middle one. The blonde was on my left and the brunette was on my right. Both of them had their jeans and knickers at their feet- blue and green respectively. I lowered my jeans and black knickers and sat down too. For a minute we were all just doing a wee. As we finished I heard a blast of gas from the brunette and then silence. I guessed we were all sitting there with our poos about to come out but they were both too embarrassed to start going first! I decided to hold mine and wait to see who would make the first plop. After a minute I heard poo crackling out of the bum of the brunette- I guess she figured since she had already done a big fart she might as well start going! I joined in with a turd of my own, and after a few more seconds so did the blonde girl. Over the next five minutes we all pushed out three more turds each. The brunette did another one while the blonde girl wiped and flushed, leaving us to finish. After that we both did one more, and then I was done. I left, hearing her do another fart before pulling off some paper. No doubt we all felt much better!

I was at work at the library on Monday with Lis. Not long after we opened I needed to go for a wee, so I headed to the loo. It was occupied but not by Lis, so I assumed a customer had popped in to do their business. I heard a couple of plops so I decided to go back to the desk and wait. After a few minutes a young woman who had just checked out a couple of books came out and left. I went over and into the loo. There was quite a strong smell of her poo as I sat down and did my wee.
Later, after lunch, I was needing my poo. Lis was working at the desk and I was sorting some books in the back, so I made my way to the loo and locked it, pulling down my skirt and knickers and having a seat. After a quick wee my poo started to come out. After sitting for a couple of minutes and making a few plops in the bowl someone tried the door. I heard Lis ask if it was me and I said, 'Yes! Do you need the loo too?' She said yes but that she could wait. I said, 'Ok, I'm just having a poo so I'll be a while!' She said not to worry and went back to work. I pushed out a couple more logs and then wiped, going back out. Lis went for a wee and was back within two minutes. Later in the day she said, 'Can you manage for a bit? I need the loo.' I figured she was needing to do a poo this time so I said I could manage and she went to the loo. I went to get something from the back and heard her making a couple of plops in the bowl as I walked past. She came out after a little under ten minutes, about the same time as I had spent in there for mine.


to LINDA, DUDE IN DISTRESS, other constipated people

Linda, you asked how my constipation's been, it's been bad lately!

Sorry to hear that yours has been worse than ever, your last story sounded crazy! I know all about making noises that loud.

Yesterday I pooped at home after not going for a few days. For one thing, I had to try like three separate times before I was able to get anything out. The first two times was just me straining and grunting loudly, feeling my anus open slightly but no poop moving at all. Finally the third time I decided to try a few different positions. I squatted first and pushed really hard, holding onto the bathtub and felt it move a bit. Then I hovered over the toilet a bit and pushed and strained, and finally it began to poke out, but that WAS a bit stuck. I walked around the bathroom a bit with the hard turd sticking out in my butt cheeks. Didn't want to walk around the house since some people were over, but otherwise, I might have done that lol.

I went back to pushing on the toilet with my legs resting on the bathtub and pushed for maybe like a half hour moving this monster log out of me--definitely felt like I was having a baby! Finally it was out and completly clogged the toilet. My anus felt really sore afterward lol.

Man, I hope I can poop better after that.

Jasmin K

Constipated Again

Hi all
Its been quite a while since Ive had anything to post about as Ive has quite a good run of being able to make myself do a poo each morning after sort of 10 - 15 minutes of straining.I was making an effort avoid things that add to my constipation however the weekend before last I was invited to go and stay with my friends on the Fair ground as it was their last one before winter. I told my mum I was sick and she told the school so I was able to spend 4 days away, That was when I got really badly constipated again and its still bad now.

Anyway I was reading the posts and have a couple of general comments,

I agree with Linda that unless you have been constipated alot like all your life it is difficult to undestand what constipation is to those of us who have it alot, and that the solutions of such as laxitives/ stool softeners /diet etc do not make much difference. Even on a good diet just eating a bar of chocolate can make me really constipated.
I also had to smile where someone had posted about having ''sit times'' with a parent standing over you, Yes I know all about that. We, thats my elder sister,me and younger sister all had sit times where you were made to sit on the toilet straining untill you did a poo, In our home it didnt matter if you were constipated or not you you were made to sit on the toilet every day untill you did a poo. When I was being potty/toilet trained I was often taken in the bathroom whilst my sister, who would have been about 8 then, was sitting on the toilet straining and being told to try harder, or being checked and told she hadnt done enough and being told to do more and me being told that thats what I had to do. I remember form a young age doing a poo in your nappy got you into trouble but doing it on the potty or toilet got you a reward, I soon learned to hold it untill I was put on the toilet. When I started school I had to go on the toilet every morning and sit there straining for about 1/2 and hour, if it didnt come out then wanted too at school I used to hold it all day so I could go when required to in the evening although as I got older I would weigh up if I could do some at school and still be able to go at home in the evening. When I was constipated I used to try at home in the morning like really hard and make my bum bleed,then again at school when i arrived also at break and lunch and at home in the evening.
I was made to go right up till I was 12 then after that I had my morning sit at school,my mum would ask if I had done it when I got in.

Ok so this last bout of constipation started when I went to stay with friends from the fair. I arrived with them late, went on the last couple of rides on the thursday evening, Chatted and then into bed with my 'fairground boyfriend'-all the fun of the fair!Luckilly for me he is not phazed by the fact I have piles unlike my previous one. Next morning had breakfast- crisps, coke and shared a large sise galaxy bar. I tried on the port loo thing but couldnt do anything but a rather strong pee. Throughout the day I went on rides with his sister, went for drinks with him and ate burgers, hot dogs etc. That evening I got ready for the evening and wore my tight shiney lycra leggins, ankle boots top and the lovely imitation fur jacket he had bought me. I said I needed to go to the toilets before going on the rides. His sister directed me to where the public toilets were as they were the only proper toilets about and asked if I minded taking her daughter who is about 8 years old,with me,adding that the daughter had peed herself a couple of times. I agreed and she added can you make sure she goes.
I took her into a cubicle and she undid her jeans and pulled them and a pair of very pee stained white knickers down. To save them going on the floor I took them right off her after she sat on the toilet. I noticed that the jeans had some poo marks and pee patches inside but her knickers were heavily poo and pee stained. I said to her to try to poo which she did and I asked when she had last done one to which she replied, at the last place we were. ( that was a week ago) As she was sitting there straining I pulled my leggins down and sat. I gave a reall hard push and felt that there was a solid mass in my bum. I kept straining and straining, grunting out loud but nothing would budge. I bored down really hard and a couple of plips of softer poo escaped round the hard mass. This went on for about 10 minutes. I asked Mandi if she had done anything she said no and then I heard her push and cry out. I waddled over to her cubicle and she said it hurt so I rubbed her ???? for her as she strained. Eventually a few plips plips of rabbit like pellets splashed into the water. She kept pushing and I sat back down and gave a massive hard push which resulted in more soft poo and my piles bulging out. As there was no one else in the toilet block I opened my door and could see mandi as her door was open. I closed and then pushed hard again really grunting lound and straining with all my might and felt a solid log push out of my swollen anus a little way. As soon as I stopped it went back in. I strained again and this time when it came out I got hold of it and relaxed to strain again, as I did it came out a bit more and broke off. It was a piece abnout 4 inches, and rally fat and knobbly. I strained again and again pushing the inside of my anus out through my bum hole. I felt it and it was huge. I felt something move inside and I strained again and several pebbles came out. I stopped pushing, using my fingers eased it back inside and wiped and pulled up my leggings. I went to see mandi who I told to stand up so I could check what she had done. She had produced a load of pellits and a small log. I asked her to try again which she did and did a few more pellets. I asked if she had finished and she said yes but there was another bit hurting her inside and wanted to leave it.I said try hard to get it out which she did, then she said she wanted to leave it. I said is that what your mum lets you do she didnt answer. I said Ok as you have done quite a lot of pebbles and pellits and I want to go on the fair. When we got back to their trailer I told her mum what she had done, and that I would be going back there in the morning if mandi needed to go. I said good night to mandi and went to leave to meet BF on the rides. I then said to mandis mum that mandis jeans and knickers were quite dirty to which she said when she stops peeing and pooing in them they will stay clean and she isnt getting clean on now as she will probably poo in them tonight.

Anyway I did manage more than a few pebbles the next morning, BF came with me so I wore a short mini skirt and boots so I didnt have shorts etc to take off, he stood there watching me straining, he wanted to see me push my bum inside out, we got onto that subject as he had caressed my bum saying how nice it felt throu my leggins and then ventured further and felt my piles sticking out. Seems seeing a girl on the toilet straining is good for him but not particularly to see what poo comes out( unlike my BF back where I live) anyway a log was protruding and I gave a really hard strain making a gnnnnnnnnn noise as I did, It took several of these for it to drop. Then I strained really hard to get more out and in doing so the insides came out again, I felt underneath me and it was out about 3 inches, I kept pushing and told him to look, he definatly liked what he saw as a couple more lumps of poo came out. He showed his appriciation there and then in the cubicle. Back at his we had breakfast coke chocolate and crisps.
I didnt manage to poo anymore there so arrived back home on the monday evening rather constipated with a very sore bum.
I will tell about what happend then in my next post and also about the BF I have where I live who really understands my constipation problems, helps me but also enjoys watching. One thing he did do that really helped was he bought me a basque which before going on the toilet is fastened tight it like squeezes the poo out of me and the support it provides means I can strain really hard.

Oh and a quick question - Sometimes when Ive been constipated for a few days and I finally get it out it is usually followed by a burst of pee then thats it. Recently when ive done that after Ive wiped etc when I stand up I get more pee coming out some times its as I stand and sometimes its a few drops after Ive pulled my knickers or shorts etc up. Is that due to constipation?

Jasmin Kx


Sunday replies

Annie. I was a little concerned to read about the fecal leakage accident you described. If it starts to happen on a regular basis I'd make an appointment to see your GP just to rule out any underlying conditions which require further investigation.

John B. Despite adverts for it as a special Wednesday night deal in a certain pub chain which operates locally, I've not yet been brave enough to try piri piri chicken. I hope you got on okay with it and it didn't cause too much disruption to the smooth running of your bowels.

Megan. I think your story highlights the wisdom of making sure there's toilet paper on the roll or in the dispenser. Still I guess if it's an emergency checking isn't necessarily the first thing that springs to mind!

Onthetoiletgal. Thanks for sharing your story. Antibiotics - and I'm guessing that's what the doctor prescribed - can often play havoc with the bowels and digestive system. Some shouldn't be taken with alcohol and I suspect that can sometimes contribute to bowel mishaps. I hope you're now feeling much better and fully recovered.

Serious follow through

I often read these pages but it's been a long time since I have had anything to mention, until today. I had gone on a mission to town to buy some new shoes. I needed a pee quite badly but tried a few pairs on and I suppose it took a while, longer than I realised. I decided on a pair and got up to go and pay and surprised myself by stRting to wet myself. I gripped everything and stopped things quickly whilst I paid. I got out quickly and almost ran next door to M&S to go to their toilet. I released another considerable squirt on the way and realised I had a wet front around my fly. In the toilet I ran to the urinal and pulled out my bits which were already working. Then in full flow I farted and unable to control things dumped a rather sticky load in my white Jockey briefs.

There was an older man next to me who knew full well I had messed my pants and he grinned at me as he left. I discreetly went into a toilet and cleaned out my briefs as well as I could but my underpants were filthy. My shirt had been tucked into them and that was plastered as well. I had to walk home with my underpants stuck to my bottom but at least my trousers were not stained.

When I got home my wife thought it hilarious because she has had a good few accidents and thought it was about time I had another.

Phoebe the masseuse

To lady looloo

Hey hun I so enjoyed your story! More please! Xoxox


First Post with Comments to Megan, Jemma, Annie & Kate

Hi, I'm Jade and this is my first post. Think I should give you a bit of information about myself. I'm 17, slim, average height (don't know exactly how tall I am lol) with brunette hair and live in England. Always enjoyed the feeling of having a poo and I'm glad I've found this site to share my experiences.

I currently go to college which is situated in town and during my lunch break on today I needed to grab something from Asda so I could go straight home once college had finish. As I was going there anyway I thought that I might as well get some lunch from there as well. While I was standing at the 'meal deal fridge' I started to feel the need for a poo so I quickly picked up a bacon and chicken wrap and Tropicana and headed towards self serve. While scanning my items I felt a tight sensation in my stomach so pushed and out came a silent fart which increased my need for a poo. Once I had paid I decided to go outside and sit on the bench to eat my lunch as I knew I would need to visit the ladies straight after as I was becoming desperate at this point and didn't want to risk having an accident. After eating my lunch I went back inside to find the ladies and went in. I found the 2 cubicles taken, having not been in these toilets before I would have expected there to be more loo's as it is quite a big supermarket. Anyway as it was lunch time the toilets were clearly in demand from women who needed to relieve their bowels as there was a faint whiff of poo in the air. I had been waiting for roughly 30 seconds when a woman in her early 30's entered and asked 'Are you waiting?' as she saw me standing by the sinks. I said "Yes" which was instantly followed by the sound of the occupant of the right stall flushing. At this point I was getting very desperate and I was struggling to keep the poo inside me, the lady came out of the stall and I quickly replaced her and not a moment too soon. I entered the cubicle and as I turned around to close the door I noticed the lady waiting rubbing her stomach so I gathered she was holding in a poo too. I rushed to pull my jeans and pink knickers down and sat on the warm seat as my first turd began to slide out of my bum and plop into the toilet with great relief. This was quickly followed by another large log that made a nice crackling sound as it snaked its way out. I then heard the lady in the opposite cubicle wiping followed by the flush of the toilet. She left the cubicle and was replaced by lady that had been waiting with me who soon pulled down her knickers and trousers and sat on the loo. As my third turd began to emerge the women next to me released an airy fart and I heard her poo start crackling out meaning I was right about her needing a poo. It quickly plopped into the toilet and was followed by a second plop in quick succession. There were another two quick plops from her and then she began to have a wee. I felt as if there was still a bit more inside me so I sat there for a bit while she started to wipe, and she left as I managed to push out a few little pebbles that took some effort to push out. I finally felt empty and relieved so began to wipe my dirty bum which took 6 wipes in total.

Megan - Hi, although I'm new I've read a few of your posts and I'm a fan as I can relate to them so much lol. Your recent story reminded me of a similar incident that happened to me a couple of months ago when I had diarrhea in the toilets in my town's shopping mall. As I was so desperate I didn't check if there was any paper which was a big mistake as I don't really need to tell you how messy bums get when suffering from the runs do I lol. Had to ask the lady next to me who gave me plenty enough for a normal poo but I had to ask for a bit more as I wanted to make sure I was really clean and decided to put a little in my knickers in case I leaked but that stayed clean thank god lol. Have you ever had any accidents? As of yet I haven't but I've had a few very close calls lol. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Jemma - Hi, I love you post's too and I can relate to your recent story as I've had my fair share of 'desperate ploppy poos' lol. Same question that I'm asking Megan, have you ever had any accidents? As of yet I haven't but I've had a few very close calls lol. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Annie - Hi, sounds like you had a massive dump. Nothing is more satisfying than unloading a monster load of poo. At least you didn't shit yourself that time though, I'm yet to poo myself but I'm guessing the clean up isn't pretty lol. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Kate - Hi, loved you story and I agree with your response that it's better than going in your pants. I think everyone is shy to go in public but they become more use to it the more it happens. Hope to hear more from you in the future.


Another college poo

I arrived at college and headed straight to the toilets. I hadn't had a poo for about a week and didn't need one in the morning but on the bus I was getting some strong urges. I was well and truly ready to go. The bathroom only had two stalls, no doors and surprisingly was empty. I walked into the stall furthest away from the entrance, pulled down my skinny jeans and underwear just enough to go and sat on the toilet. As usual I played with my phone while I did my business. After a few seconds I started pushing out my poo. It was soft and came out effortlessly, soon curling around the bowl. It was a long one! It eventually broke off and I had a longish wee. As I was peeing the door creaked open and a girl took the stall next to me. I heard the rustle of clothes and she started weeing. It was at that point I looked up and realised I could see her perfectly in the mirror and that she could probably see me too! Sat next to me was a young girl, about 18 with long blonde hair draping over her shoulders. She had her jeans at her knees and was playing with her phone. She had a short wee and stayed seated. Just as I started pushing out more poo I could hear a faint crackling from her stall as she did the same. Over the space of about two minutes I heard a total of seven quiet splashes from her. Then I heard her reeling off toilet paper and wiping. I stayed seated whilst she cleaned up and washed her hands, just in case I had more in me. She left shortly after and I tried to push out a little more without success. I wiped my behind three times, my front once and flushed, washed my hands and left.

Mr. Clogs

Finaly some relief (naturally) and comment for Jane

Yesterday this past Saturday I was one of those days where I finally cleaned myself out naturally. My bowels were bubbling like I had taken a laxative, which I haven't in quite sometime, last night I ate some popcorn with cheese seasoning, maybe that's what did the trick and a tone of water which I like to drink. For almost about a month or more, I felt a bit backed up, so my relief came in time. I went used the bathroom, took off my pjs and underwear off and let it rip. My poop came out in liquid form which is rare for me, maybe it was my body telling me it's doing it's own seasonal cleaning. The relief was intense and felt better. I wiped, washed my hands, got dressed and went back to my room.

Jane the poop: Wow that was a great post. Thank you for the details of the ladies what you happened to witness, hear and smell. You must been full of poop too if you know what I mean. Keep the posts coming. Thanks.

That's all for now, if I have something to post, I'll put it up. Take care and happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Amber H

Part 2 2nd story

Hi its amber h here with my 2ND story of me pooping at my friends house. So i was at my friend Carmen's house playing school and i really had to poop then and i was going to stay over night. I held it in for another half an hour and she had a bathroom in her bedroom. So i asked if i could use she said sure and she asked what number i said number 2 she said OK it was almost 9:00 pm so when she was brushing her teeth i was on the toilet pooping. She asked if I've pooped yet i said no so i grunted ugh nothing happened so now i grunted ugggggggghhhhhhh then a 12" piece of poop fell in. I wiped pulled up my pj pants and flushed and went to bed. The next morning i went again this time it was diaheria and then Carmen came in asking if i was alright i said yeh its just diaheria. Amber H :)

Bill F

I'm back! (kinda)

Hey everyone,it's been almost three months since I last posted here, and since then I've been really busy with prepping for university. I'm in a dorm room right now, with 3 other people, really bad Internet, and one computer. Believe me, I'm making the effort to post as often as I can. So here goes.

This is another one about Emily. I've written about her before around pages 2300-2350. This time, we were 11, and my sister was about 4. It was winter break, and Emily had come over to my house for the day. My parents still had to work, so it was just the three of us. After we ate a bunch of Kraft Dinner (Canadian Mac & Cheese, it's our winter hibernation food... Haha), we sat on the floor in my bedroom playing video games, and Sam kinda went back an forth between doing her own thing and watching us.

After about an hour, there was a really long cutscene in the game, and that's when Emily laid down on her back and started massaging her stomach. Then she said "I think I need to let off some steam!" At first I didn't know what she meant, but then she said "Pull my finger." I waited for a few seconds, then she said "Hurry up! I can't hold it much longer!" So I pulled her finger, and she let out a gigantic fart that vibrated the floor. She laughed, then said "I'm not done. Quick, pull it again!" I did, and she let out another shorter fart, but just as loud. All of a sudden, I heard Sam yell from the other room "What was that?!" I yelled back, "That was Emily! Amazingly, she's a bigger farter than you!" Emily tapped me and said "Am not!" I said "You're the biggest farter I know." We both laughed. She massaged her stomach for another little while, then sat back up when the cutscene ended.

Emily almost immediately paused the game, the leaned forward, with one hand massaging her stomach. Realizing what was going on, I pulled her finger again without her having to ask, and she farted for a full four seconds. She leaned to the side and farted again, right in my direction. She said "Choo! Choo!" And sat down on two cheeks again. I asked her "Why are you becoming a train all of sudden!" She laughed, and then froze. Her stomach growled really loudly, then she said "I think there's some coal on the way, now!" At first, I couldn't understand what she meant, then she clarified, "I gotta poop! i haven't gone in four days, and your Kraft Dinner is doing something to speed thing up" I asked her "Can I go pee first?" She said "Sure, but hurry!"

I went into the bathroom and Emily followed right behind me, with both hands on her butt. She immediately got some toilet paper and stuffed it in her panties. She hiked up her skirt (yes, she wore a skirt under her snow pants. I don't know why) and sat with her butt flat on the floor. The whole time I was peeing, she was letting out many short farts, meaning that she's probably lost all control of her bowels and the floor was that only thing stopping it. She had this pained, but concentrated look on her that told me she was involuntarily pushing as hard as she could. She said, while panting, "Is this what labour feels like? If so, I'm never having kids!" I laughed and then finished up peeing.

While I was zipping up my fly, Emily slid one hand between her butt and floor, and then very quickly, all in one motion, stood up, pulled her panties down, and plonked onto the toilet. I could instantly hear a lot of crackling, and her face went red from pushing. After about twenty seconds of constant pushing, I heard a huge splash in the water, I could tell some of the water splashed her butt, because she jumped a little bit. She breathed a huge sigh of relief and farted for about six seconds into the toilet bowl. She said "All the passengers have disembarked at the station." I laughed, and said "All in one turd, huh?" She nodded, then farted again for another three seconds. I was amazed at how much gas was coming out of her. I asked her "Did you do the snail method thing before you got here?" She shook her no, then started peeing. Then I asked "Then how do you keep that much gas inside you?" She said "Well, I went to the doctor's a while ago, and he said I have something called 'mega-colon'." Now that would explain a lot over those three years. Emily finished her pee got up off the toilet, and we both gawked at the size of her poop. It wasn't the biggest turd she's ever made, but it definitely was up there. I also noticed that she pulled down her panties so fast that the toilet paper stayed in her panties instead of sticking to the poop. She tossed the dirty toilet paper and wiped herself with some more. She pulled her panties up and went to flush, but I said "Don't even bother, it'll never go down."

We went back to our video game, with the room still smelling a little meaty from her farting. About an hour later, Sam, who was laying down on the bed watching us, let out a high pitched fart. We all laughed, then Sam said "Uh oh." And ran into the bathroom. Seconds later, Sam yelled out "What is that?!" Emily yelled back "That would be my unflushable poop!" I went into the bathroom to make sure Sam was ok. I found her with one hand on her butt, simply staring into the toilet. I said "Sam, don't you have to poop?" She stayed frozen there, but soon for a different reason, as I heard another wet fart and some crackling. Her pyjama pants started to balloon in the back as she was pooping herself. Soon after, I heard a third and final fart, signalling she was done. Then I heard a dripping on the floor, and realized she was peeing herself too. When she was done, she started crying. I tried to comfort her while cleaning her up, and got her a new pair of pants. I emptied out the dirty pair into the toilet, further adding to the pile of poop in there.

I came back to Emily and said "You just made Sam have an accident of both kinds." She laughed and said "What did I do?" I said "Sam was too busy staring at your poop to realize that she had to poop as well. Keep in mind she's a toddler" She burst out laughing and said "Sorry, it was either she poops her self or I do." We got back to the game with no further interruptions, except for the occasional fart from Miss Mega-Colon Gassy Emily.

I did manage to clean up Sam's pee of the floor, as well as convince Emily to break up her giant turd with a brush and flush the toilet before my parents got home. I guess the moral of this story is "Never feed Emily mac & cheese or else everything will literally go to shit."

Again, I'll try to post as often as possible, but I'm usually very busy.

See ya next time!

Blind Guy

Follow-up to Christa's Posts

Greetings. It seems like you have some long term difficulty when it comes to your mother and incontinence issues. Do you know why you have difficulty confiding in or asking your mother for help, and how to resolve the situation? It seems, at least from what little we've seen from your posts, that she does her best to be understanding, but I'm sure you'd have an even easier time with her if there was a way to rectify your hesitation with her. I can only imagine how embarrassing the situation is, and I am sure the hesitation doesn't help matters. If you do not feel comfortable enough with your mother, it may be worth considering what options you could explore to be more independent in terms of your protection and bathroom useage. As for that sister of yours, I sincerely hope the instances of cruelty toward you that you've mentioned are rather the great exception than the norm. Either way, I find her attitude both sad and unnecessary, to be polite. If she looks upon you that way, I can only imagine how she views other so called "disabled" people she sees or encounters. If that is indeed the case, I pity those who may come in contact with her. It seems as though your schedule is working for the most part, and I hope this continues to be the case. And slice is right, boosters are definitely a worthy investment in times when you are likely to need more absorbency than whatever protection you have is able to offer. They also tend, from what I've seen anyway, not to make whatever you are using any more noticeable. By the way, I'd be curious to know if you talk about your issues with your doctor and what (s)he has to say about it. I'm not asking for details, just expressing curiosity and confusion as to what is causing you to experience these chronic bathroom issues. I am inclined to suspect a combination of neurological and overstimulation/sensory causes in relation to your autism, but I don't have a medical degree. Anyway, I really do hope things improve for you, both with your mother and the bathroom situation. Very best of luck, and as always I'm here if you want me.

Amber H

2 stories

Hi my name is amber h im 7 years old im 4'6 blonde. I have 2 stories of me pooping during school and at my friends house. So at school today I had a slight urge to poop . I asked my teacher if i could go so i left for the girls room . I entered the stall, locked it i went over to the toilet turned around pulled down my pants and underwear to my ankles and sat down with my feat 2" off the floor. I pushed hard and i started to feel it come and it made ploop followed by 3 more pling plomp pomp and then probably 20 more 4" poops fell in so i flushed and pushed again then about maybe 30 more 10" pieces fell into the bowl . Then i wiped pulled my undies up but not my pants and waddled over to the sinks washed up pulled up my pants and left.
I can't fit my second story on here :( next post will be about me pooping at my friends house. Amber H :)


Hey now, don't sweat it too much. Everybody poops...sometimes in their pants! This site is evidence enough of how common it is for people of all ages and there are a variety of reasons for it. I bet everyone has at least one pooping accident in their life. AT LEAST. and many will never admit it and no one will find out. Then there of course many of us who post here who have had accidents more than once. Yeah, it is crazy embarrassing depending on the circumstances, but it's rarely the type of thing that's going to impact your life in any significant way other than the embarrassment in the moment.

I myself am a couple years shy of 30. In the past 10 years I can think of 5 full blown pooping accidents I've had and a whole slew of minor accidents and barely making it in time moments. I'm such a veteran of looking myself that I can poop my panties a little bit on the way to the bathroom and not even be phased by it. Like my reaction is "oh this isn't a big deal" and I don't even care. But I guess that's just because I know all too well the feeling of a complete accident, so while some people are devastated by a short or losing a tiny bit of their load before getting to the toilet, to me is nothing. It's funny how that is. I'm currently pregnant with my first child....I hear that the likekihood of having moments of incontinence only becomes greater after giving birth. And if the whole thing about getting older making it more likely is true, then I'll probably be wearing diapers all the time before too long lol! No I don't think it will get THAT bad. But I'd say I definitely am more prone to soiling myself than your average adult.

The first full blown pooping accident happened to me at 21. I was at work and really needed to go. At the time I had never had an accident of that variety- I'm also a seasoned veteran of wetting myself but that's usually from specific circumstances like being too drunk or laughing too hard or drinking too much water before bed, etc- so I wasn't actually worried about going in my pants despite how bad I had to go. I was just trying to finish up what I was doing and wait for my boss so I could let him know I was gonna take 5. Then, all the sudden, it became unbearable to hold it in any longer, and just like that, I started shitting my pants. Once it started I couldn't stop it, and I'll never forget the sensation from that first time. The combination of total relief and total humiliation all at once...I had tight khakis on too and it squished all up my back and stained through my pants. There was no hiding it and i had to tell my boss what I did. I was pretty embarrassed and like most I felt like I could die in that moment, but I was surprised that I got over it completely in like two days.

Number 2 (no pun intended) occurred a couple years later. I was living with my then boyfriend and I was in the middle of a serious conversation with his mom. She was actually lecturing me. I didn't want to cut it short but I did really need to poop. Finally I started to feel like I couldn't hold it anymore. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and turned to head upstairs. But it was too late, by the time I got to the bathroom i had completely filled my pants.

Number 3 was just like your story, Alexandra, and it is a bit reason why I wanted to reply to you. In fact come to think of it, I feel like I've read stories on here over the years that are just like ALL of my accidents, which is another indication of just how common the occurrence is! I had been working and running around all day and at the end of the night, I needed to go. Bad. I was 10 minutes from home and I knew I couldn't make it. I pulled into a shopping center and went into the grocery store. I couldn't find the bathroom and had to ask a cashier with obvious desperation in my voice. She directed me to the ladies room and I headed there, clenching as best I could, but once the ladies room sifn became visible my body let go and it started coming out. I pooped my pants pretty bad. I had to clean up in the bathroom. And even though that was only my 3rd accident, you can tell I was already starting to not worry too much about it by the fact that after I cleaned myself up and wiped out my panties as best I could in the bathroom, I then went out and picked up some groceries while still in my dirty panties and

Accident number 4 was literally like a couple of days after that. I came home desperate to go and my boyfriend was in the bathroom. I couldn't hold it in long enough for him to come out and badly pooped my panties. He laughed about it.

The most recent big accident happened in July. My stomach felt really uneasy not too long after I got in my car leaving work. The closer I got to home the more I needed to poop. I almost pulled over at a gas station but I was a couple minutes from home at the time, so I decided to try and make it. But my fate was sealed when I hit an unusually bad amount of traffic on the road leading to my neighborhood. That couple minutes became about 10 minutes. It was enough to cause me to lose it in my panties as soon as I got out of the car in my driveway. I filled them with wet heavy poop the whole way into the house and on the way to the bathroom. I don't even know how it stayed in my panties (i had a dress on) but it did. They were really drooping though.

In addition to all that, I'd say at least a couple times a month I poop just a tiny bit in my panties on my way to the bathroom. Usually when I'm getting home from work. It's like when I get home and I know I'm about to have relief my body starts to let go. It starts turtle heading when I'm at the front door and some typically squishes between my cheeks as I make my way to the bathroom, leaving a skid mark in my panties.

Christa, I'm sorry about your father. That must be very painful. However, it's not your fault or the fault of your condition. Someone who could reject his own child for not being exactly what he'd gotten into his head he'd have - worse, reject his *whole family* rather than even *try* - is, to put it mildly, not a contender for the father of the year award. Someone with no more capacity to love and care than that... had he stayed, he would have failed you all sooner or later. Every child has a lot of needs over many years, and many of them are things that could not have been predicted before you were born. Had you been "normal," you would *still* have been a real child, and only human - which would mean he would still be forced to put his own desires second. Every parent says it's the hardest job you'll ever do and you don't get a manual. That means that it was neither easy nor predictable for a single one of them.

His not being up for that is not your fault, nor the fault of your condition.

I'm on the 'spectrum' myself, actually. I wasn't going to mention it because I didn't think it relevant; my own issues are different enough from yours that I didn't feel that I could talk to you as one who knows what it is to live in your situation. However, I can in this, to a point. I had needs my parents did not anticipate, and they were rather unkind about it, to make an understatement. What I'm telling you, as well as what I've said in the past, is what I had to learn when I was struggling with things that others seemed to do quite easily, and when being hurt for things I had no control over was a constant way of life: no matter what you're told about yourself, no matter what your difficulties make you feel about yourself, the fact is that you have much to be proud of - everything you've accomplished, most of which was harder for you than for others - and that you were NOT responsible as a child for what the adults around you decided, and you are *still* not responsible for others' decisions. There are many parents who do not walk away from children who present a great deal of difficulties that certainly seem more problematic.

As for having accidents, less putting off your need will mean less of those. Listen to your watch. Listen to your body. What you're doing is something you don't want to interrupt? Well, post-accident will certainly be an interruption, and one that's even longer and less pleasant than the delay that a bathroom break will present. Remember that, say it to yourself over and over. Every time you act on that will make it a little easier, a little more automatic.

But if by biological fact, doing that doesn't equal becoming accident-free, I'll say it again just because it's good to hear it more than once: you're amazing. You've beaten others' predictions for you, and with time and practice you'll only go even higher. Everything you've done for yourself took a lot more work and pain than it did for the next person. You have many reasons to be proud of yourself.


Michael - nice post about doorless stalls

Hey, Michael. Nice story and welcome to the "club." There are a few of us here who use doorless stalls without a problem, especially Zip. I love his stories.
I think the worst time I ever had was a man with a young son. They saw me on the toilet and the man said I should have more self-respect.Kids do tend to stare, but I agree with you. Their father should teach them manners, not tell them anything is wrong.
Sadly, most of the doorless stalls at the beach near me are gone. I was at a park across town today, but the toilets were trashed with water leaking all over the floor. I ended up using another men's room with those individual toilets-in-a-closet like they have in Europe. They're enclosed and smelly. Give me the freedom of a doorless stall any day!


What come in will come out

Hi everyone , to Brandon T thanks yes I know I'm a push over let people talk to me any kind of way. To Chole B I know all about church poops hehe, well time for part 2 . After a hour giving Marcus a hard time I began really bad so I apologized he said he know didn't mean to hurt my feelings , so during service I felt squirm he asked what's wrong I said I gotta pee really bad so he got up let me out the row, I walked out to the ladies , 3 or 4 stalls taken sound like a mixture of both so I took last stall locked it pulled down pants and panties to ankles sat on cold seat start peeing wiped got up pulled my clothing up. Washed my hands left rejoined the service and afterwards , our campus pastor wife invited us over for supper , so we followed them , nice very quiet area , so made it inside so I see no shoes inside wearing , so I took off my boots my pastors wife looked at my feet and said my my what many colors I see , I said sorry I can change my look up she chuckled and told me young one I was your age once , so come on stop tripping I start laughing , so while the guys watched the football game she put the apron around me and gave me house shoes and gave me some very good advice on being a wife. We end having meatloaf with gravy on top mashed potatoes and spanish and roll . Well around 7 we headed backed to campus with a apple crisp pie. Had a great time after settling in Marcus lifts me up and carries me inside afterwards I told him sorry be right back , run to bathroom and pulling down pants and panties sametime and hurry sit on toilets seconds later start having waves of the runs , after 25 mins of going non stop he went check on me, I said ya just the meatloaf cause rarely eat meats but when I do it does that to me. So after I was done I jumped in shower so after 9 I came out and woke him up and went to bed . That's all for now


What come in will come out

Hello everyone , hope all is well, have a story to share. Well this morning I went for breakfast with moms she treated me for it have mother in law daughter in law time together afterwards we went shopping mall did some buying , I bought me some outfits and shoes and bought her a outfit she liked , while shopping I felt the need to poop so I went to the ladies and moms said she has to go too, so we got there I took first stall she took the next one so I lock the stall pulled down my shorts and panties to my ankles and sat on toilet and her hear put seat cover over sit and pull her shorts and panties down to ankles , so she asked do I realize I'm sitting bare bottom I said yes ma'am with giggle she said oh I said seat looked clean and start farting then start passing truds one after one she said her seat looked dirty if it wasn't she'll seat barebutt . Then I hear start bearing down grunting pushing , after passing few more poos I was done took some tp and went to wipe my butt and it was clean and I sat there till she was done , after 20 mins we was done went to wash our hands more ladies came in said of smell who let that out we both looked at each other laughed afterwards went back to the in laws house talked about some deep conversations but that's all for now


Huge dump

Been ages since my last GOOD shit. Well I've been eating lots of vegetables, etc with dinner for the last week and FINALLY, after my coffee with lunch I felt the urge BAD! This was yesterday mind you, the day after I crapped myself the night before without being able to feel it. So I definitely didn't want another accident (or to have to throw out another pair of underwear).

I got to the bathroom, grabbed the Garfield comic book, pulled my pj pants and undies down and sat. Immediately a giant soft shit came out. I was done within a couple of minutes. I knew it had to have been a lot since I haven't properly gone in days. Well I was right! It WAS huge. From one end of the toilet bowl to the other was FULL! It was about the size of my forearm (including my hand). When I went to flush it wouldn't budge despite it being a soft shit! I had to scrape some of it off the toilet bowl with the toilet brush first. And between flushing the poop and the toilet paper down it took about 4 flushes. But I felt better, that's for sure! My gas for days before was HORRIBLE! Stunk like rotten eggs and remained in the room for hours unless someone sprayed air freshener. I was doing it in my sleep too (poor hubby had to sleep in a stinky bed).

Blind Guy

Follow-Up to Slice's Post for Christa

Greetings. Slice does have some very good points here that sound well worth considering, and that did not occur to me. She or he (I don't know Slice's gender) is probably right that panicking just makes the situation worse. Getting the flow stopped first, if you can, and then getting to a toilet as quickly but calmly as you can, calmly being the key word here, may well help. In all honesty, much as it might suck, I'd rather just accept a full blown accident than dealing with urine all over me, my clothes and the floor. Even if it's not the ideal solution, it would save you the embarrasement and cleanup time, and itt is what the protection you're wearing is designed for. At least if you can avoid panicking, full blown accident or not, what accident you did have is safely contained so no one else has to know. To expand on the bladder holding exercise, you might try Kegel exercises as well. These can easily be researched on line, and have been known to help many people dealing with various types of incontinence issues. This is an oversimplification, but Kegels basically involve squeezing the pelvic floor muscles much like you do when trying to stop yourself from urinating. To practice, you can try while doing so on the toilet. It strengthens the muscles around the bladder and can't hurt if nothing else. I'm not sure what direct benefit measuring your bladder capacity would have, but like the Kegels it can't hurt. It might be easier to just pee in something with measuring lines though, as opposed to using your protection unnecessarily. If you did go Slice's route though, you'd need to know the dry weight and then subtract dry from wet weight for the actual answer. Seems to me measuring the volume with a liquid measuring device like a multi-cup holding measuring bowl might be easier. Then again, I'm not a doctor either, so it might behoove you to take any of this with a grain of salt. Sorry for two posts only a day apart, but I do hope things calm down for you. Here if you want me like always.


to Amy re loud peeing

Animals tend to pee in such a way that they make no noise so as not to draw attention. My female dogs squat so low you can't tell anything is flowing. We have mistakenly designed our plumbing fixtures in a way that has nothing to do with how we would approach the issue in a natural environment.

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