katie lover
i poop in the pool one time because people where in both bathroom so i got back in the pool and i poop real bad

I got my kids on the school bus today and as I was waving goodbye I felt my morning scum log begin to crackle its way to my butt. I made my way to thecrapper and sat down. I stared blankly at the shower curtain and could hear my turd crackle its way out of my butt. Crackle crack crack oh uggghhh. I pushed and the last part of a knoby turd came out of my asshole. Wiped and flushed.

Anatomy student


Lately my poop has been really soft, thin, smelly, and messy. I get really gassy after eating carbs, so I suspect a microbial imbalance. Ever since I discovered my lactose intolerance, my bowels have been acting strange.
I picked up some chewable L. Acidophilus today. I am chewing 3 per day and inserting one rectally to ensure some cultures survive to my colon. I'm going to update this expiriment weekly.
My movement today before treatment took approx. 15 minutes and took 4 wipes to clean up. I filled up the hole but none came out of the water.


Steven A's Survey

Here are my answers to Steven A's "Would You Rather..." survey:

1. Would you rather have to only have to pee or poop for the rest of your life? Atonce or twice a day, pooing is the easiest for me. As I've written about, it's usually soft and I'm not on the toilet for a very long time. Several have asked me why I'm in and out of a stall so fast. Genetics, I guess. Whether at home or out in public, my butt doesn't touch the seat until I'm ready to unload.

2. Would you rather have diarrhea or constipation? It makes my gut feel so sluggish. Diarrhea is the better of the two, but when I'm away from home and feel it coming on, I need to remember to select my stall carefully, because if I sit and blast it out only to find there's no toilet paper available, I've got another problem and the messed up undees upset my mom and grandma who do the wash.

3. Would you rather go to the bathroom in the woods or knock on a random person's door to ask if you can use their bathroom? Miranda and I had this happen once last winter. Both of us had parents out-of-town and my older sister dropped us off at the park for sledding. She had a class to go to and said she would be back in like four hours. We didn't see a problem with that. But after a couple of hours the cold and wind caused us both to need to pee. I especially was really hurting. So we dragged our sleds over two hills to the bathroom building that we normally use--sometimes as much as once or twice a week. Both restrooms were locked. So we walked up the far side of the park at like 48th St. because there's a gas station there. It was for sale and boarded up. We saw an old lady spreading sand down on her driveway. Miranda suggested we go up and talked to her. We did. She was so nice. She allowed us in to use her bathroom and even apologized for the bowl being stained because she said she said that in her 80s its hard for her to get down on her knees to clean it with scrub brush. Me and Miranda told her it was a lot cleaner than the toilets we use at school. The lady said that back in the 1940s she hated using the bathrooms at school, too. Then she offered us some hot chocolate while she had another cup of coffee.

4. Would you rather use a bathroom without doors or stalls in case of an emergency? About half the stalls at my junior high are without doors. In order to prevent from being tardy (especially between classes) I regularly use them. Miranda is very reluctant to and some of my friends think I'm a little strange for not caring, but waiting for a doored stall to come available is not worth detention time.

5. In school during class when a teacher won't let anyone go to the bathroom do you sneak out without getting caught or try to hold it during class time? Actually, neither is true of what I do. Many students take advantage of the substitutes and this year I have two regular teachers who miss a lot of school because they are pregnant. So what I do is volunteer to walk a sick student downstairs to the nurse or take an envelope to the office or in one case a set of workbooks to the bookroom. That buys me time for a quick sit down pee since I'm going to be going by at least one restroom.

Steven A

To Amanda

Race has nothing to do with poop size. You can search up this on Google and get more info on this if you're interested.


To Linda

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

about 2 hours ago I saw a girl kinda hurry into the bathroom and began peeing from the sound of it but she let off a big kinda chunky sounding fart so its posible she had diarrhea but a kinda all out in one burst kind so the peeing may have been diarrhea to but im not sure but still a good catch.

and Jasmin K Your stories sound very familiar to me. It's a sad fact of life that parents will have to monitor their kids doos - that even adolescents endanger their health by witholding. So parents do need to keep a record of when their children do a doo - and how much they did, and how much they had to strain to get it out.
And be ready to "use force" to administer enemas/suppositories when necessary.
I know, because I was that child - and now I'm that mother.


To Amanda

We're all pink on the inside with no biological differences that I know of. Sounds like you have an efficient system.



Looking forward to hearing the results of your hold. I have tried this a couple of times myself and while I feel like I can hold it my gut just starts barking and howling. There is no way I can just sit there at work or be around anyone with all this noise from my bowels. I haven't figured a way to quiet things down.

well, ive been doing somewhat better lately. i even wore regular underwear for ten days straight with only 3 accidents. yesterday was our family reunion at the waldorf. i didnt really want to go because the noise and activity level with so many people is always really hard on me. even though id been doing really well for almost 2 weeks, my mom said that wearing a pullup to the event was a non-negotiable. just as i thought, the stimulation at the reunion was really hard. i wanted to spin so bad cuz it helps me calm down but its not ok in public. i mingled and talked with a few relatives. finally i sat down cuz it was so loud in the banquet room and i was trying hard not to flap my hands. when i sat down, i felt something squishy between my legs. i had peed my pullup and hadnt even noticed. not long after, my mom came over to where i sat and asked quietly if i needed to go pee. i told her no. then she asked if my pullup was dry. i lied and said yes. about an hour later, my mom found me again and whispered that i needed to try to go pee. we got to the bathroom and my mom went in with me cuz im pretty phobic about completely unfamiliar places. i pulled down my skirt. my pullup was really swollen. my mom took my backpack to get me wipes and a dry pullup. there were NONE! we both always check my backpack supply at night but we'd both forgotten last night. i know this worried my mom alot. i only had 1 pair of spare panties in my backpack. my mom told me i had to go pee if i felt it at all. no holding. she also said i would have to try every 2 hours. i didnt drink much and i kept trying to sense if i needed to go even a little. i was doing great. i went pee in the toilet awhile later. late that evening, more family showed up and the band started playing fast music for dancing. everthing was fine til the sound system glitched and made a very long screeching noise. i cried and covered my ears. then i felt it. pee was coming out of me, soaking my panties and skirt and pouring on the floor. we went home early. awful day :(


to laurie

Hey laurie nice stories. Do you have any stories about poop? When your daughter/granddaughter pee in your car do they try to get it everywhere? And what do you do about the smell? Thanks and looking forward to more stories

Emma b

Peeing in the sea

Claire took us to the beach today and when we got there I needed to pee and so did Claire. We were waist deep in the sea and I noticed she seamed to be concentrating on something. I felt the water around her warning up and she told me she was peeing in her swimsuit. I had to go quite badly so I joined her and felt my crotch warm up as I peed through my swimming costume. It was a relief and great fun to be able to wet ourselves in the water without being noticed.

Im living with my wife Annie in a 5 bedroom,4 and a half bath home that we just bought ,its a fabulous home perfect for a couple starting a family.

She iz 2 month prrgnant and my goodness do she do big jobs. Im the mazter. Bedroom. Which is our. Room we have a huge master bathroom. I. Was shavi ng when she came in to take a dump. Im standing at the zink in my hanes briefs for men and she was wareing a top with loose fit warm up pants, zhe turned around and pulled down her pants and hanes her way panties just past her knees and sat and started to go. She had to push to get moving and finally a big kaploomp into the toilet, she paused and caught her breath then she wadded up toilet paper into her hand then started to push again then ya heard loose poop with a very ripe fart that sounded like pfffffffffffffffffffttt then all she did was pfffffffffftt pffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffftttttt pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff pffffft!!!!!! Then reached behind to wipe then peed. Then she stood up and her. Pa nts and panties dropped to her ankles and grabbed a big wad of tp then whent from behind and whiped her but. She wiped about 5 times she pulled everything up and washed her hands and was done.

I can see that I have not succeeded to sendt my whole message. Something missed, but it was not very important. I just wrote that going into the bushes to find a place to go to toilet was somewhat embarrassing in the beginning. Finding a secluded spot behind some bushes, pull down and squat was not an easy thing to do in the beginning. But after a couple of times it was the normal thing to do. And as days went on I realized that we all did it, and even other people camping in the wilderness did it.

I had to pee 2x today. Once at church and then at home. Soon as I got into church, I ducked into the w/c, pulled the door, undid my maroon skirt and white Hanes Her Way soft waistband to my knees, sat on the bowl, spread my legs and let it gush. I reached for paper, opened my legs and wiped. I flushed and washed my hands. I forgot to lock the door! Later, I stopped at the thrift store and bought loose surplus Hanes, FOL and Jockey cotton panties, mostly grays and blacks. I saw a boys XL FOL orange brief for my small waist. I added that. I will wash them all and wear them with my cut-offs. Just now, I had to pee, so I raced to my toilet, pulled down my blue jean cutooffs and white FOL briefs to the floor, stood over the bowl, spread my legs and let it go. I wiped myself, fixed my clothes and flushed. My pussy was quivering to pee. It was pulsating. When I was little, I used to hold my pee to feel my cat. I was having little orgasms. I was in school in 1st gr. I raced out of the class to the toilet, undid my navy skort and white panties to my ankles, pushed the stall door shut, sat on the bowl. Pee squirted out 5 times before it flowed out for almost a minute. I made a fart,but no #2. When my pussy calmed down, I wiped myself and flushed. It felt good for a little 7 year old.

Vute linda

To Bloated Butt

Haven't posted here in years, but trust me I still hate using public bathrooms. To have someone hear me making all my "Ooooo's" and "Aaaaa's" would kill me. but I'll confess, hearing about your struggle and such kinda made me wish I could have heard it all. XD


Post Title (optional) To Bloated Butt

I LOVED your story!!!!!! It sounded like you were really constipated too. It was good that your friend Alicia, stood in the toilet with you while you pooped. I would love to have a close friend like her, who I could be comfortable with and open about my constipation. Sometimes I wish I could have a friend come into the toilet with me and let me know how much poo in sticking out of me.

The good thing about pooping in public toilets (for me) is that it doesn't matter if I clog them up. My poos are always massive and I have clogged my toilet at home before (not too much though) I must admit, sometimes I don't flush when I use public toilets - the cleaners must get a real shock!! Most of the time, my turd sticks out of the water in the toilet bowl!!

I never used to like pooping in public toilets when I was younger but over the last couple of years, I've had to use them quite often (because I'm so constipated) I figured that nobody can see me in there and they don't know what I'm doing so that makes me feel more comfortable. Plus I'm used to it now because I've been using public toilets to poop for a long time now. I've also worked out good times to use my favorite public toilets - because they are next to a cinema, around 4 pm, on weekdays, is a good time because most people come to see a movie around 6 pm and later. On the weekends, I mostly use different toilets (at a supermarket close to home) but its not even really very busy on weekends so its ideal. But I did 'encounter' the cleaner at those toilets recently so I've been using the ones at the park near my place lately (on weekends).

When I first started using public toilets for my strenuous pooping sessions, I didn't like to grunt much but after a few times, I didn't care if anyone heard me. I also didn't like taking my clothes off but now, I have no problem taking all my clothes off, apart from my bra.

On a few odd occasions (very rarely) I have driven to a place not too far away from my place, that is basically like a rural area. There is a 'rest stop' as such, where I have parked my car but there are no toilets there. There is bush all around it and lots of big tress so I've gone 'outside' there once or twice over the last few years. It feels so liberating doing a big poo outside and on the few times I have done that, nobody else has been around at all. I did find though that because it takes me so long to do a poo, its too uncomfortable, staying in a squatting position for longer than 15 or 20 minutes.

In saying that, I do prefer to do a poo at home. Its just that I can't do that all the time because my house mate is there. She does go away quite a lot on weekends though so I take that opportunity to do a poo at home.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Post Title (optional) To all people who get bad constipation

To Bloated Butt, Jasmin K, Dude in Distress, Dominic, anyone else that gets badly constipated:

Are any of you overweight?? I'm a bit overweight and recently, I have put on a bit more weight. I wouldn't say that I'm obese or anything like that though. I do have big thighs and a fairly big bottom though.

For those of you who are overweight, do you think this contributes to your constipation? I'm sure it doesn't help me.........

Also, do you love food?? I love eating and I know I eat too much, which is probably why my poos are so massive. Plus I'm also sure this contributes to my constipation too - I eat way too much junk food, chips, lollies, chocolate etc.

When I see very overweight people in public, I often wonder if they suffer with bad constipation. I know it affects skinny people too but I do feel sorry for obese people because they must have a hard time pooping.

By the way, who is constipated right now?? I'm constipated again, as usual.......


A visit and day out with Sandra

Hello folks...George back with a rare opportunity to post. Still can't post via my normal ISP, but can via our holiday caravan frustrating to be able to read the site, but not post.
Anyway, a month ago, my lovely sister in law Sandra, and one of my nephews stayed overnight, as we were going to take part in a 16 mile walk together. I've already mentioned, but will say again, as it was a while ago, that Sandra is mid 40s, pretty, petite, with shoulder length ginger hair, and is very open about her toilet habits, as well as needing the toilet more frequently for both wee and poo than a lot of folk. I always love to use a loo after her, especially if she has just been for a poo :)
Saturday morning, about 7am, I was awake and needed a wee. I was aware that Sandra was already up and in the shower. I heard her get out and waited a minute before quietly walking to the bathroom...It was very quiet, and I was just about to aske her how long she would be, when I was surprised to hear the toilet seat lid bang against the cistern..., and the sound of Sandra sitting down. She did a small wee, and then after a few seconds I heard NNNMMMMFFF!!!!!...........MMMMMFFFFFF.....PLLLLUUUUUUUMMMMPPPPPP!!!!!as she dropped a single, very heavy sounding poo.....I was surprised then to hear her pull paper off and wipe twice before must have been a very clean one...normally she will sit for a while, before producing some bubbly farts, and before releasing a sloppy bowel movement, verging on diarrhoea, then have to spend a lot of time was unusually different.
She came out a couple of minutes later wearing just a bath robe, giving me a sweet smile...she always looks happy after coming out of the toilet :) I went straight in, and was disappointed that she had left no aroma, there was just a single mid brown poo streak in the bottom of the pan where her depth charge had hit it....
2 hours later we were ready to go...I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs putting my shoes on, when Sandra came through from the living room...just need a quick wee before we go, she said, as she went in the adjacent downstairs loo. I heard her take a very loud wee, as I was very close to the door, then heard her catch her breath, and nnnmmmmfff!! as she quietly strained......followed by plop-plop-plop-plopplupluplupluplupplop-plop....mmmmffff...plop-plopplupluplup.....she started wiping and did it about 6 times. I have mentioned before that the mental image image of Sandra sitting on the toilet, and being able to hear he go makes me feel a little excited, and today was no exception. She washed her hands and came out...I have to have a last wee as well before we go, I said....and quickly nipped in. This time, there was a strong meaty/fruity aroma, and a thick, light brown poo streak just above the water...Sandra must have been leaning forwards when her bottom exploded....I can't understand why she didn't clean the toilet when she had finished, but I was sort of pleased she hadn't. Without going in to detail, I had to do something about my excited state before I could wee, but it didn't take many seconds :)
Anyway, we started our walk, and 3 miles on at the first checkpoint, Sandra predictably had a wee stop as well at the village pub toilet, open early for the occasion. walking on, after another 4 miles and in countryside, Sandra said she was desperate for a wee again. My nephew had run on ahead, and no one else was in site, so I suggested she nipped behind a big tree that we were near. I said I'd warn her if anyone was coming. She did so without hesitating. I said it's ok, no one about....turning around to look the other way, I was amazed to see Sandra's naked bottom sticking out from the tree....her body and face were hidden, but not the best bits.....needless to say I had to watch while she was going full flow. I started to wonder if she would have a quick poo as well...but she didn't, and the she wiped herself. I didn't say anything, as I didn't want to embarrass her.....I am wondering if she has picked up on the fact I enjoy sharing her toilet moments, as we do talk about it, and she must have noticed i am always quick to use a toilet after her.
She had to use a hedge row again for a wee, as well as a portaloo....We really enjoyed our walk together...Sandra and I are pretty close, and talk about things we wouldn't talk to our own partners about, and my young nephew was able to burn off some of his excess energy as well....I wonder if Sandra knew how much extra enjoyment she had given me as well:)

That's it for now, until I get away on my own for a couple of days again...Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Best Wishes

George from middle England.



my name is jessie, short for jessica. i'm 15 and stay home alone most of the summer. i have a freind at the far end of the neighborhood who has a pool so i spend time at her house a lot. today i went over to swim and hang out. we had lunch and swam and stuff. i needed to go to the bathroom but was going home soon and would rather use my own bathroom so i held it and waited. finally i left and started walking home but the urge to go to the bathroom kept getting worse. i had to stop a few times and cross my legs to keep it all inside. i had to pee and poop. i was wearing a pair of short shorts over my bikini bottoms and a loose tank top over my bikini top. anyway, i could finally see my house in the distance but had to go sooooo bad. i stopped again to hold it but couldnt stop and my body pushed and i couldnt believe it but i couldnt hold it any more and a giant solid poop filled my bikini and i peed all down my legs right there on the sidewalk. i had to waddle home with the poop squished all over my butt and crotch. it was hot and heavy and stunk. i got right in the shower at home and cleaned up with my clothes still on to wash them out. i hope nobody saw it happen but i dont know.


my lil sis.

Hi, I posted here a long time ago, but I back to post and old story about my little sister, it's not her real name but I'll call her Mia for this story.

this was like quite a few years ago when Mia was pretty young she was around 5 or 6

OK so me and Mia was in our backyard we was playing hide and sneak when I noticed her needing to go (being her sis I can just kinda tell when she has to go sometimes) , so I asked her if she needed to use the bathroom, she just told me no and wanted to keep playing, I tell her fine and then a few mins later I notice the little things she does when she has go again, so I tell her "Mia just go to the bathroom already" and she yells back at me "I told you I don't have to poo!!" I then told her "I didn't say anything about poo, Fine just come on" and I make her come with me to the backdoor, and she telling me but I don't have to go and stuff like that. then I realize the door is locked, then Mia just goes quite when she notices,and looks worried, and tries to open the door too and then she tells me as she starts holding herself "um I didn't before but need to go now" seems her realizing she can't get to the bathroom made her need to go even more, I almost start laughing but then I tell her wait here and I'll check the front door, so I go and check it but it was locked too so I go back and tell her.

I ask her if she can wait until mom or dad get home, she tells me that she don't think so. so I tell her she'll just have to squat between the shed if she can't hold it, she told me OK,
I meant the small spot between the fence and the shed in the corner of the back yard, there some junk piled up behind the shed so there's like this spot beside the shed that you can from one side, and the fence you couldn't see through unless you was like right next to it.

so we go over to that spot and she lifts up her skirt and lowers her panties and squats down facing away from me and I can see poo was already poking out as squats and then she starts peeing then a couple seconds later her poo continues coming out and falls to the ground, it was a short log, a bit thick at the end, then about 20 seconds later her pee slows and stops, and then I saw her balling up her fists and can hear her going "emmmm" and "ehhh" then about 40 secs later she turns her head behind her to me and tells me "poopoo won't come out" as I was telling her "don't worry about it, you can finish later" I hear her fart and then say "oh I feel a big poopoo coming!" and then hear her going "emmmmmm" and she start peeing again and then about 5 sec later poo slowly pushes out it got pretty think then her peeing stopped has her poo slowly came out getting longer and longer it had touched the ground before she was done it ended up probably close to a foot in length, she wiped with some wipes we had in the shed. and few hours later we as about to get in the house.

@ Amanda

How big is "huge", just for reference?

Dutch Camper inspired me. A couple of years ago I went camping in the Nordic countries with my parents and my sister. Often we camped in areas where there was no toilet. Then we had to pee and even to poop somewhere in nature.I remember that I felt it both a bit embarrassing and a bit exciting.


Watermelon diarrhea blowout

Hey. Today (Friday) I had a pretty rude awakening. At 10 am I woke up with stomach cramps which I knew I couldn't ignore because if I did I knew I might end up with a nasty surprise in my underwear. So I got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom, almost losing it on the way to the bathroom. Which would have been a disaster considering I was wearing pj shorts (pink with hearts on them) and white underwear. I managed to make it to the bathroom, just barely though. I closed the door, clenching with all my might and managed to get my shorts and undies down and my butt on the toilet just in time. And then KABOOM! Massive diarrhea explosion in the toilet! Luckily I managed to make it to the toilet because if I relaxed even the slightest bit my shorts and underwear would have been history. What caused this explosion? Watermelon! My husband and I split a small watermelon last night from the Chinese supermarket before bed. Refreshing and healthy snack especially since I'm trying to lose weight and watermelon is sooo ???? in the summer! Well, the consequences are explosive quite literally! I saw watermelon seeds in my poop after the second wave of diarrhea. I lost 10 lbs though and felt a lot better. My husband and I split another watermelon tonight too so I'm expecting another good dump tomorrow to start off my 28th birthday. Need a good cleanout? Try this! Healthy, ???? and you'll get a satisfying dump out of it.

Dude in distress
NurseyPoo- I have never asked a girlfriend for help with difficult constipation. Cool that you helped your boyfriend though.

The last 2 weeks, my bms have been easy. I still have to push and it takes about 20 minutes, but that is normal. Then 3 days ago I got all stopped up again. By today I had a strong urge and I needed to get it out. I could feel the tip of it just inside my anus. I took my shorts ff and squatted on the bathroom floor while pushing. It poked out when I pushed as hard as I could- but as soon as I stopped to catch my breath- it went back in. I repeated this about 6 more times- each time about an inch poked out, and then went back inside. I sat back and rested for a few minutes and then I got on the toilet. This time I leaned forward all the way, and pushed down against my anus with my fingers while straining with all my might. Again I tried a few more times- but it wouldn't budge. Then I tried again - by sheer determination, grunting louder than ever- I managed to get about 2 inches out, I could see my reflection in the mirror and my face was totally contorted with effort and I was bright red. Then I had to stop to catch my breath. Again it went back up into my anus- but the tip was still poking out- stretching my poor hole to it's limit. Nothing was helping. It was the size of a brick. After another half hour of this- I was exhausted and desperate. I squatted above the toilet and used petroleum jelly and my fingers to help me pass one of the hardest turds I have ever had!! It was nearly the width of a soda can.

Anatomy student

To Amanda

Poop size based on race? I doubt race is a contributing factor. Local diet, however, is. I'm a white male, 5'8" 132lbs. My diet consists of mostly meat and bread with a few green vegetables and pasta. My poop is no thicker than 1" unless there is some special occasion. The biggest around I have done was a 2" thick ball. Whenever I don't go for a while, I get really creamy, long, thin poops that fill the bowl.
I dated a white female that was 5'2" 98lbs who ate many vegetables, white meat, and considerably less sodium and fat than me. She would clog toilets on a weekly basis. Her small poops were bigger than my largest. Her large bms were 2.5-3.5 inches thick, between 5-15 inches long, and usually weighed 1.5-2lbs. She suffered from fecal impact ion and was almost always constipated. Her large movements would tear her anus (anal fissures) and she had a phobia of pooping anywhere but home.
As for the other cultures, no idea. I study this shit (pun intended) and I know women have a longer large intestine, which gives more time to pack down and dry out the turds. I also know women tend to wait till they get home to empty. America has this stigma that women don't poop or fart. I kinda enjoy a woman not fearing this stigma and just being natural about it.


first post/pee situation

I am still learning how to use the site. Anyway it thought i post a few stories of my own and start with this one based on some of the things i have read here.....First let me say Car mom: From the sounds of it you all do it even when driving.

Lori (car moms friend), do you and your daughters go anyplace outside the house besides the car? such as a mall/store? fitting/locker room? etc.

Now on with mine, First I'm 43 mom and grandma. my granddaughter is 7 and her mom is 23 almost 24 we both are blondes have fuzzy arms/legs. anyway now on with my story: The first time i let my GD pee in the car we were in traffic and she was about 4yo and she was dying to go pee and i was unable to find a place to stop, I told her to hold it and would find a place asap. Well next thing i know she was crying saying she couldn't hold it and was gonna go, so she did all over the back seat. I figured OK and from that day on let her just pee in the car when she needed to, similar to car mom ways my GD is now 7 and she likes to go anyplace she can. Just a few days ago we were in the car and she said Grandma i need to piss, so i told her OK Hun and the next thing i heard was the hissing of her peeing in the back, all over the back of the seat as she has done before. she has even let her best friend from school start doing it as did the other day, we were in the car and I heard her friend tell her I have to Pee and my Gd told her just go wherever u like. Now this is kind of another story similar to Car moms friend Lori, I recently decided to start letting my Gd and her mom (my daughter) start peeing on the couch. I find most times we are sitting there and to lazy to get up so we just let it go, I also have seen my daughter sit on the edge of the couch and let it fly as it hits the table/floor. I hope to post more soon as i find this forum to be interesting!


Reply To Jasmin K

I may have asked this before but how did you feel about being told to grunt? My mother insisted on watching me poop when I was constipated and I hated that I had to grunt with her there. She never told me to but when I'm really struggling I sort of HAVE to.


Wet To Dry

Well here is something Random. Sometimes at Work I get this wet felling in my butt where I know if I fart it will be a leaking one and if I go to the toilet it will be a liquid poo. But if I hold it then later If I fart it will be a dry fart and I will later poo solid turds. Does it dry up over a few hours or something?


Mud like poop again

Hi. I mentioned last week that I've been having mud like mushy poop/diarrhea. I think it had something to do with my period (which came on Saturday, 3 days early -_-). Sometimes my bowels like to clean themselves out during "that time of the month". Haven't really had much bowel action this week until earlier today when I again pooped out a large pile of muddy diarrhea/mushy poop. Other than that I've had some heaviness in my stomach, probably a big poop wanting out. I dunno. To Brandon T-thank you for wishing me well :) I appreciate it. Could have been a stomach upset or my impending period (which was super heavy as usual :( ). I dunno. I'm just glad that my poops have been soft lately. I'll take that any day over struggling to push out a turd on the toilet.

To Linda and anybody else struggling with constipation-LOTS of water (it helps if there's lemon in it. Warm water with lemon is best first thing when you wake up, before you eat anything). Lots of water throughout the day to keep your poop soft. Coffee can help too. That and stool softeners and occasionally my laxative (Lax A Day/Restoralax) helps keep my poop soft. Try this laxative instead of harsh ones like Ex Lax and the like. You just mix it in any liquid, preferably warm and within 2 days you should have a soft easy to pass movement. LOTS of water with it! It's a clear powder that won't alter the taste of your drink. But it helps. That and/or stool softeners can help. You could also take a fibre supplement like Metamucil. Trust me, I've struggled for years with constipation. Since babyhood! And I'm 28 this Saturday. Only this year have I finally had some regularity with my bowels. It helps also if you eat whole grains, foods with fibre, lots of fruits and vegetables.

Happy pooping and peeing!

Emma b

poo dare

When we were about 10, me and Claire were playing in my playhouse when Claire said she was busting for a poo. The only problem was what to do it in. We didn't have a bucket to hand so I suggested she did it in her knickers. Claire's eyes widened and she smiled before putting her hand to her mouth in surprise. She said couldn't do that as it was too dirty but I told her we could say it was an accident and Claire agreed. She stood with her legs apart and peed down her legs as her knickers filled with soft poo. She did a lot and the smell was bad. We went indoors and my mum was mad at her for doing it in her knickers. Claire told her it was an accident but my mum knew it wasn't an accident. She phoned Claire's mum to tell her what she'd done and she got in trouble again for it. Not the best idea I've ever had.


What come in will come out

Hello all, going share some more back in the day stories, when I was little, my papi said i was always brave and bold , but most my poops then was rock soild. cause uses hold it in,

now i remember the day i went to the market with my late mamacita, had to go so i told her she told me wait i do too, so we went back of the store, open bathroom door, my mom lined yo the seat and she pull down her shorts and i pull mine too and seat on the toilet with her, having big poopy with her, all i remember we blew it up, hehe, but there more to come just miss my mom talking about this story


my most embarrassing accident

I may have posted here before but I can't remember for sure and I couldn't find it. Anyway I have read this page a few times over the years and I wish i had time to write more because I think I fit in pretty well. I'm one you would definitely consider accident prone. It's not like a frequent occurrence as it is for some people, but I'm 27 now and in the past 10 years I've had at least 10-12 accidents, some pee and some poop. Those are just the ones I can remember, too. I was a bit of a party girl for a couple years in college and I'm sure there were a good number of drunken accidents that I didn't realize or just forgot about. Most people go their whole adult life without having more than maybe 1 or 2 so I think that qualifies me as accident prone. Anyway I hope to find time to share some of the memorable ones but I wanted in particular to share my most recent accident which also happens to be my biggest and most embarrassing accident.

When I poop my pants it's usually because I'm busy and procrastinate too much to go to the bathroom and then when it comes time to go and i start to think about it, it gets very urgent and any delays in getting to the bathroom at that point cause me to barely make it to the toilet or to have an accident, sometimes i just lose a little and other times I completely mess myself. I'm also no stranger to starting to go as I'm pulling my panties down and I'm not even on the toilet yet then as I'm going I have to thoroughly inspect my panties to see if I got any on them. Last weekend's accident went like this- I went to a bridal shower with girls from work for one of our coworkers. My friend picked me up and she drove. I knew I had to poop about halfway through the shower, but I didn't want to do it there. I legitimately thought I would be OK (I know that sounds crazy based on what I've told you but I AM OK most of the time when I wait!) so I just tried to ignore it and hold it in. After the shower I got back in my friend's car and not too long after I had to go pretty bad. The pressure was getting intense and I was starting to get really worried about not making it home. It's important to note that I was wearing a very short pink dress (too was a few inches above my knees, i didn't realize how short it was until i put it on and didn't have time to pick something different) and under it I had very lacy light gray panties on. In other words I had basically no hope of containment if I were to have an accident.... my stomach gurgled and groaned and cramped, and I had that ominous feeling that to make matters even worse, this was gonna be a messy one...not just one neat little solid log. I clenched my cheeks as best as I could and I barely breathed. My whole body was tense and I just tried my best to concentrate on holding it in as my friend drove to my house. I'm sure she was driving at a perfectly reasonable pace but in those moments everything seems super slow. At one point she slowed down to stop as a light turned yellow and I found myself barking out "omg just go!" She seemed stunned and said "I couldn't have made that. What's with you?" And I took a deep breath and admitted "I'm sorry..I just REALLY have to go to the bathroom!" She laughed at me and said "are you gonna pee in my car?" I laughed sarcastically then said "it's gonna be worse than that if you don't get me home!" She laughed harder and said "should I pull over??" I probably should have had her pull over. But I was just obsessed with keeping moving and I said "NO don't stop!". I took more deep breaths as we started nearing my house. She rounded the corner onto my road, but my load wasn't going to make it all the way there. It was pushing on the door with all it's might, and despite my strongest butt clench I knew it was coming before I got to my house. All I could do was say "I'm so sorry..can't hold it..." and with a loud wet bubbling fart off the leather car seat I started filling my panties with hot loose poop. It came out quickly and I felt it spread all over my butt in an instant and I could tell it was soaking through my dress. It felt like i was sitting in a puddle of chunky soup. The feeling alone of sitting in it was enough for me to know that it was easily the worst mess I'd ever made in my pants, I didn't even need to look. After the initial eruption I then kept farting into the mess which sounded so disgusting and I was probably adding to it but it was hard to tell at that point. I felt my face burning red and I just pressed my hand over my mouth, and my hands were shaking. My friend was speechless and I couldn't tell if she was gonna laugh or cry. She pulled into my driveway and I tried to look at her and say "I'm so sorry" but words barely came out I was so mortified. She just looked at me and said "I'm gonna go for a walk and let you get yourself taken care of sweetie.." she got out of the car and started walking up my block, I think she was trying not to get sick because the smell was pretty bad. I slowly climbed out of the car and of course streams of wet poop started oozing down my legs. I panicked and scrambled to kick my nice shoes off before they got dirty. It was so nasty it ran down over my feet and some went between my toes. I didn't even know if I should go in the house or clean myself off with the garden hose.. I didn't want to be in public anymore so I went inside and just tracked poop all the way to my bathroom. The back of my dress was stained wet brown from the edge all the way up to my tail bone. I took it off as carefully as I could and my panties were also stained in that way, and even on the front of my crotch. It didn't even appear that there was any actual poop in them, like it had all run down my legs. Once my dress and bra were off I just showered with my panties on and took them off in there. When I felt sufficiently clean I wrapped up in a towel and out my robe on and went to clean up all the collateral damage... I got a container of disinfectant wipes from under my kitchen sink and first I went out to my friends car and cleaned off the seat...and the floor...and the foot rail by the door. She was still walking around at that point, maybe waiting for me to come back and clean her car. After that I used the hose to clean off the trail on the sidewalk and driveway... then my friend came back. She seemed to be giving me a look of pity and I didn't even know what to say. I just said "I'm so sorry.." again and she said "don't worry Brit..thanks for cleaning it up..I hope you feel better sweetie." And she got in her car and left. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! Then I still had to go inside and clean up my trail to the bathroom. I put the panties in the wash since they had been pretty well rinsed in the shower anyway but I threw away the dress since it was too short anyway.

That's the story of my worst accident. I can't top it, but I have had some other pretty memorable and interesting ones nevertheless. Hopefully I will find time to share them! Bye for now.

Steven A

To Amanda

Race has nothing to do with poop size. You can search up this on Google and get more info on this if you're interested.

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore

about 2 hours ago I saw a girl kinda hurry into the bathroom and began peeing from the sound of it but she let off a big kinda chunky sounding fart so its posible she had diarrhea but a kinda all out in one burst kind so the peeing may have been diarrhea to but im not sure but still a good catch.



Hey Linda, thanks for responding to me. Yeah, if I'm home alone then I'll feel free to walk around with a turd stuck in my anus during a pooping session. I tend to have really long ones in general, but if no one's home then I'll take even more time :P

Your stories are really interesting. I guess you're constipated all the time, huh? I get some breaks, but I'm constipated the majority of the time. I haven't gone in three days so I know that my next one will be a long tough pooping session -_-

My worst pooping session had to be when I was constipated for over 5 days and I tried to go. It probably took me an hour and half as well. All I was doing was pushing out these hard wide nuggets of poop. It took me a long time to get one out and there were a ton of them. I basically just spent the whole time leaning forward on the toilet pushing hard. I was so tired after that one...

Now if I'm constipated for that long, I have to at least do an enema or something. That time was with no "aid", just regular old pushing lol.

30 something male

@ Jasmin K

I really like your pooping stories!
They're kinda exiting.. Keep them coming!

BTW: Have you already tried those stool softeners, that were suggested to you by another poster here?

Thanks, and bye!


Breaking the hold

My five days of holding it have finally concluded. I would have preferred them ending in a stall that didn't have a surprise waiting but sometimes you can't have everything :P

I changed my day-to-day activities as little as possible with the exception of putting my butt on a strict no-thong diet in order to try and cut down on potential skid marks. I worked, wrote, went out to celebrate my best friend's birthday, and of course kept up with the posts on here.

I particularly enjoyed Ella's story about her friend Hannah's accident. As a recent victim of a drinking related poop accident I could really feel for her. My friends and I aren't shy about teasing each other for toilet-related mishaps but like you, we make sure that help getting back, a place to crash, and an extra pair of panties are always available. I'd be interested to hear about some of your accidents if you're down with writing about them here.

I didn't feel a clear need to go until the third day. I was over at my friend Sierra's apartment when I suddenly and not too stealthily began farting up a storm. Responding to the question "Should I go get the plunger, Vicky?" with a playful shove, I soon got my bum back under control with a minimum of clenching. That a huge load was beginning to knock on my back door was nevertheless strongly apparent.

The fourth day saw me having to make strong, conscious attempts at holding. Peeing without letting anything slip out from the other side posed an interesting and worthwhile challenge: why spoil the fun a day early? I saw that I needed a few things around the house and decided to pick them up at the local Target (they're everywhere here in the upper Midwest). I also decided that I would grab a stall and take care of the number two that was now closer to a number three or four while there.

Keeping everything in was really difficult that morning and I thought that I was going to lose some off the top during my morning pee. I managed not to and had breakfast, showered, and got dressed before heading to the store. Turtleheading, I drove there like a woman possessed and made a beeline for the ladies' bathroom. Greeted by reassuring tiled walls, I saw a group of four stalls (three normal-sized, one handicapped) on either wall. I opted, to my eventual regret, to make my deposit in the second stall on the left bank. For the moment, though, I was excited when I saw that I would be riding the porcelain pony on a black saddle-just like when I was a kid! Lost in nostalgia and about to burst from the rear, I quickly locked the stall and yanked my yellow capris and green undies down to my ankles. Yawning, I stretched and took a seat, ready to attend to some urgent business!

The seat itself was of a curve-hugging variety that seemed to position my posterior in a slightly more open way-very comfy! I leaned back and felt a few tinkles turn into a stream, relaxing my front to relieve some of the mounting pressure behind. My pee ended after what seemed like a couple minutes and I was onto the main course! Reaching under to give my perineum a rub, I let out a brief sigh as the door to the women's room abruptly flung open.

The rapid footsteps it introduced clattered their way in my direction as the new arrival had already picked a stall-mine! Having tried to open the door only to be rebuffed by the stall's lock, the girl I guessed to be in her early 20s (judging by shoes) knocked politely but clearly on the door. Though my reply of "occupied, sweetie!" was punctuated by a fart, she seemed unfazed and asked if she could take the next stall. I told her to go for it, laughing as she added that she "really had to go." I had acquired a pooping partner! Unfortunately, I then noticed that the dispenser in my stall was completely and utterly bereft of toilet paper-I had been too hurried to do my normal pre-pants down check. I decided to postpone the moment of truth in order to stage a jailbreak into another stall once my neighbor had safely left the room.

My stallmate gingerly placed a toilet seat cover down, locked her stall, and began getting undressed, pulling cute pair of red shorts down to her ankles, followed by a pair of pink and white striped panties. I was by this point too distracted to concentrate on pooping and so I decided to sit back and enjoy the show! She peed for thirty seconds and then I heard a light splash as she graced her bowl with its first turd of the offering. I imagined that it was a big one that had been well submerged before breaking off. At any rate, another, louder, plop marked the second log's following of its compatriot down the toilet's mouth and it was followed by smaller third and fourth plops. She tore up three large handfuls of paper, wiped, and flushed while still sitting down. The jet engine-loud flush brought me back into reality and, as if on cue, I began attempting to crap. An unsatisfactory grunt escaped and I heard the same footsteps returning to the stalls from the sinks at the entrance. "The voice said, "You don't need to hold back. Everyone goes."

I hesitated a bit before telling her the truth. "I don't have any toilet paper and would prefer to avoid a sticky situation," were the words used to explain my predicament. "Hmm. It sucks to get stuck on the pot. Happens to all of us at times... Here, I'll tell you what. I'll go and fix my makeup. Take care of your business and then knock on your stall. I'll hurry back over and get you some paper! Sound like a deal?" "I'm sold and thank you already!" I said. The knot that had been developing in my belly loosened and I got ready to poop. One good push was all it took to get the monster log under the water as it practically slid out of me. It was smooth and felt great coming out, finishing with a ka-plop. "I heard that," my rescuer called out over a chuckle. "Must have been a big one, huh?" Giggling, I came back with "Yours didn't sound so small either," a rather risky thing to say to my paper source. She just laughed and I knew I was in the clear.

A second piece came out mid-fart and then I began working on the third log. Asked playfully if I was almost done I answered with "Just a minute!" mid-push. This one dropped with a loud splash that slapped my right buttcheek. I waited to make sure everything was finished and then I gave the clear signal. The shoes took their third and final trip to the stalls as she entered her old haunt to grab some paper. Handing a ton of it to me, she said, "Here you go. You're a sweetheart and I'm glad this happened today." Before I could reply she was gone, out the door before I could even ask what her name was. Starstruck, I wiped, stood up, and put myself back together. What a cool girl!

As expected, I had completely destroyed this toilet. My bomb dropping had turned it into a foreboding cauldron worthy of any medieval alchemist. There must have been a foot and a half worth of poop in that toilet bowl. Crossing my fingers, I kicked the flush and hoped that my former mount would be as capable of breaking the sound barrier as my neighbor's. And it was! Everything went down the drain, leaving only a few skid marks behind. I washed my hands and went about my shopping, imagination running wild about my companion in the bathroom. I'll have to do this more often!

See ya!



Amanda. I'd venture to suggest that race in terms of colour probably had little if anything to do with the size of bowel movements. If a connection exists I'm more inclined to think it's related to the dietary habits of different ethnic groups. I'm a white English caucasian and I can drop some pretty big poos.

Susie, I read your narrative account of Sunday night's poo with interest. No wonder you were dropping big firm turds if you'd not done anything since the previous Wedbesday! Going to the toilet with that sort of frequency is fine if that's what's normal for you. However I'd advise against holding it in excessively on a regular basis if you're not used to that sort of thing.

On a separate note I've noticed my own need for a bowel movement seems to have moved from teatime to late morning or lunchtime since switching from porridge to museli at breakfast time. Has anyone else noticed a change in bowel habit following an alteration in what they have either for breakfast or another meal?

The posting from Amsterdam inspired me to write. I must admit that I have done that myself. I had been at the beach and when arriving at the railway station to take the train back I really felt the need to relieve myself. I was not aware of the construction of the toilets on the Dutch trains so I went into the toilet and did what I had to do. As it was still some time till the train should leave I went out on the platform again to smoke. When standing there I realized that what I saw down on the track was my waste. I felt very embarrassed but luckily I think that none of my friends or others had noticed. Another time when I felt really embarrassed was when hiking in South America. I had been constipated for a couple of days but one day at lunch time I really felt the need. There was no toilet around so I had to go behind some bushes and just pull down my shorts, squat and do what I had to do. Just as I was about to finish and go away one of the men of our group came around. For sure he understood what had happened and I had no chance to do anything about it. Yet another time when hiking with one of my friends and her family I stumbled into her father when he was squatting in the bushes. I guess that both of us became equally embarrassed....

Bloated Butt

I finally did it: HUGE poop at the mall

Hey everyone. Sorry its been a little while since I last posted, but i've been busy with stuff. But I do have something worth posting: for the first time in years, I actually pooped in a public restroom. It happened yesterday, on Wednesday June 18th, and my friend Alicia and I had gone to the mall. I haven't been to the mall in a little while and that's why we went.

Since it was a weekday afternoon, it wasn't that busy. We basically just walked around in different stores looking at clothes, but we never tried anything on. I always have trouble shopping for clothes because of my body type: I've got huge wide hips and big butt, but my waist and shoulders are slender, so nothing fits right and its a huge pain. Anyway, I was feeling a powerful urge to poop. The last time I had pooped was on Sunday, the 15th, so I figured I was due for another BM. As we walked around, I could feel the tip of a massive log just poking at the inside of my butt, and I kept clenching my huge soft round buttcheeks. Fortunately there weren't a lot of people around but Alicia noticed when she was standing behind me, and I confessed that I had to poop really bad, but I didn't want to go to the public toilet so I kept holding it.

We kept walking around but the urge kept building. My stomach rumbled and I started passing gas as we walked. Once we were standing on the upper level and I was leaning against the railing looking down, just people watching, and suddenly I felt a huge bubble of gas making its way to my butt. There was no one near us so I stuck my huge butt out and "FFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRT!" It was LOUD.

"Holy crap" said Alicia.

I blushed, "Sorry." But then the urge to poop got even stronger and it seriously started pushing against my anus. It felt like a massive firm torpedo was about to shoot out of my butt. The urge was so strong that I couldn't stop fidgeting. I clenched my butt and thighs together and bounced up and down slightly.

"Are you okay?"

"I have to poop so bad" I said in a loud whisper, moving one hand over my big round butt.

"The restrooms are right over there", she pointed and I could see them. There was no one around and there probably wasn't anyone in there, but the last time I had used the public restroom was maybe four or five years ago.

"No, I hate public restrooms", I whimpered.

"Come on, I'll go with you. There's no one around."

I kept resisting for a couple more minutes but finally relented. I'd feel guilty if I made Alicia take me home, after all. Clenching my big soft voluptuous butt, I walked over the restroom, trying not to waddle too obviously, with Alicia behind me. We went in and there was a row of stalls, all thankfully empty. There was a big stall at the far end, and we quickly went into that one. It was big enough for ALicia to comfortably stand in there with me, and she could move far enough back so that people wouldn't see her feet from beneath the door.

My heart was beating as I quickly lowered my long skirt to mid-thigh and plonked my huge squishy butt onto the toilet seat, and sighed. My wide curvy hips and sides of my huge butt stuck out over the sides.

"Try to be quick" said Alicia, standing next to me.

I immediately started pushing, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMkay...." The huge log started coming out slowly with every push. I'd catch my breath and push again, and it just kept inching out, stretching me wide. I felt like I was laying a gigantic brown egg, it was so big and thick and firm! I wrapped my slender arms around my stomach and leaned forward until my boobs almost touched my knees, and grunted. I was trying so hard to push this massive poop out as fast as possible so we could get out of there, but even with all this effort it just took its time. It was just too big.

"Oh WOW, sweetie." whispered Alicia. She could see how much effort I was putting into this, grunting and gasping and pushing, as the minutes went by.

"Sssshut uppppppnnnnnnngggggg!" I managed to say. "I wish I was at home..."

Alicia was about to say something when suddenly the door opened and someone came in! We both were DEAD SILENT as this mystery lady took a stall and sat down. I had a HUGE log stuck halfway out and I wanted nothing more than to just bear down and plop it all out, but didn't dare! I just sat there with Alicia, not daring to breath, while this lady started peeing! Thankfully she just had to pee, though, because soon we heard her wiping herself. Then she stood up, pulled her pants or whatever up, flushed, went to the sinks and quickly washed her hands and left.

Alicia started giggling and I said, "See? This is why I hate public restrooms"

"Hurry up then! We've been in here for like 15 minutes!"

I was about to start pushing again when suddenly the door opened again and another lady came in and quickly took a stall. I looked at Alicia and she just shrugged.

We waited while this second lady pee'd but before she was done another lady came in and took yet another stall. The first lady finished peeing and flushed, but over the noise we heard yet ANOTHER person come into the restroom! I listened with dread as I heard this third person walk closer and closer to our stall, and my heart sank as I saw her go into the stall right next to mine!

I looked at Alicia and mouthed "Oh my GOD" silently, and she whispered back "Just go! Nobody cares!" I shook my head. I just couldn't bear down with a complete stranger right next to me! I cradled my bloated stomach.

One of the other ladies left and then I heard the lady next to me start pooping. Alicia was trying not to laugh and I started frantically trying to shut her up. We both sat there while this lady had a BM, and I wondered how anyone can just do it that easily in public. She was done after only a couple of minutes and we heard her wipe, flush, leave the stall, wash her hands, and leave.

When we were alone again, I immediately started pushing as hard as I could. The log came out only a little bit more, widening. I had to stop and catch my breath.

"It's been almost a half an hour" said Alicia, looking at her phone.

"I'm trying to hurry."

"Is it almost out?"

"Its like halfway, I think"

"Well then get up and let me use the toilet, I have to pee really quick."

I stood up and stepped away from the toilet, holding my skirt and underwear around my thighs, my big jiggling butt exposed, while Alicia quickly sat down and started peeing.

"Bend over and let me see it" said Alicia. I turned away from her and bent over, pointing my big butt at her. I felt her grab my buttcheeks and spread them wide, exposing my log as it plugged up my anus. My heart was beating.

"Oh my God, its like as thick as a Coke can!" she said loudly. She let my buttcheeks go and they slapped together heavily, jiggling.

"Shush!" I whispered, because I could hear someone coming. My heart sank as the the doors to the restroom opened and a woman and two girls came in. One of them was maybe 5 or 6 and the older one was probably 9 or 10. I guess they were sisters and the lady was their mom, but I didn't really listen to them because I was freaking out at this point. I moved away from the stall door and got as far away from it as I can, while Alicia stayed seated on the toilet.

I felt ALicia push me away and whisper "Dont stick your butt in my face!" The two girls were talking loudly so they didn't hear her, but I was praying that they would leave quickly. But before they could leave, another lady came in and took a stall.

I leaned down and whispered to Alicia "This is a freaking nightmare. Why is it so damn busy?!"

"If you pooped faster we'd be out of here by now."

I stood there awkwardly, holding my long skirt and underwear around my soft curvy thighs, a huge brown egg plugging my anus and stretching it wide. My huge soft butt brushed against the cold walls and I felt so exposed and helpless. All I wanted to do was poop! And everyone was taking forever! Minutes passed and everyone was still in the restroom!

After an eternity, we were alone again, and Alicia quickly got up, flushed her pee down, and I plonked down, my marshmellowy butt, hips, and thighs spreading out over the porcelain.

"Now hurry the **** up" said Alicia loudly. Fortunatley standing up and being terrified had helped move the poop along, and after a couple more pushes it started coming out faster. Nobody came in as I finally managed to lay this tremendous stinky egg, which splashed loudly into the toilet.

"Are you done?" asked Alicia.

"Hold on--" I quickly grunted as I started pushing more poop out. This was much softer and came more easily, and I didn't have to push nearly as hard, but I bore down because I wanted to get it all out ASAP. I farted a few times and pushed the last turds out. I quickly started wiping.

"Ugh, i hate this toilet paper" I said. "Its so rough."

I stood up and flushed, then we left the stall and I wash my hands at the sink. "I don't think I'm quite done, but I feel better." I said as I washed my hands.

"We've been in here almost 45 minutes."

"Only because people kept coming in" I said.

We left the restrooms and walked around the mall for about hour and a half, then left and Alicia took me home. I still felt like I had some more poop in me so as soon as I got home I went to my nice comfortable private bathroom and pooped some more. It felt wonderful to just sit there and be as loud and stinky as I wanted, without worrying about strangers hearing me. I moaned loudly as I layed another huge brown egg and stunk up the bathroom with my farts. By the time I was done I felt 20 pounds lighter, LOL.

ANyway, that's what happened at the mall yesterday. That was the first time I've used a public restroom in YEARS. I only did it because i thought it be deserted. Thank goodness it wasn't the weekend, or else there'd probably be an endless stream of people coming and going. I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experience. I dont know when I'll try doing that again!

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