Bloated Butt

To Michelle

"Wow thats crazy how bloated you get! Don't you just love when you've been holding your gas in all day and you finally get home and you can release it? Best feeling:P I dont get gassy that often but when it happens it feels so good to let it out lol "

LOL yes! Its wonderful to finally feel relief. Same thing with pooping. When it builds up and the urge keeps getting stronger and stronger, and finally I plonk my big round butt on the toilet, and "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH". LOL! I like to feel my stomach before and after to see if its flatter. My BF has joked that I feel lighter after I've pooped hahahah

"On your really gassy days how often do you pass gas? Are they ever those really long ones that you dont know when they're gonna end? and whens the last time you were really gassy?"

When I'm super-gassy I'm passing gas just about every minute. Thats what it feels like anyway. I'll feel a rumble in my bowels, a huge pressure builds up in my butt, I let it all out, and then a minute later it starts over again. I'm just constantly bloating with gas. A few of them are really long, too, but usually they're short but really loud. But if I try to hold my farts in, eventually I have to let out one big long one. I bet your friend has those really long ones when she first wakes up,because its been building all night. My longest farts can be almost five seconds long. That might not sound like a long time, but seriously count to five and imagine a loud fart lasting that long! I've done those in bed when I first wake up :P

"I love that story of what you did to your bf hahaha. Guess he learned his lesson:P And wow your butt really is amazing. Wish I had one like that hehe:)

Does it jiggle with every move you make?:P "

Thank you! Yes it jiggles a lot, heehehe. I've bumped it into things by accident and it'll shake for a few seconds. My boyfriend has put his head on it while I'm laying on my stomach, and he says it feels like a pillow. And no I haven't farted while he's done this, I'm nice enough to warn him ;).

Dont sell yourself short, though. I sometimes get jealous of women with smaller butts. I have a hard time finding clothes because my butt and hips are so big but my waist is so small. How's your friends butt and figure?

To the anonymous person who asked: "To Bloated Butt. I remember you saying you used to use beans to help you poop. Can you recall the last time you used beans to so and how was that?"

Yes, when I was a small child I would get constipated a lot, and my parents had a remedy where they basically fed me things that made me poop. Once when I was maybe 7 or 8 I couldn't go, so my mother actually fixed me a bowl of beans and made me eat it, then gave me another and I ate that one too. Then she made me eat a third bowl but I couldn't finish it because I was so full and bloated. I remember sitting on the toilet and telling my mother that I felt like I was about to pop, and she said "Pop or poop, honey. What's it going to be?" That made me go, LOL!

My parents only did that a few times and it was probably kinda dangerous, now that I think about it. It certainly worked, though. I actually did it not too long ago, sometime last summer. That was the last time I did it. I couldn't poop, made myself a pot of beans, ate a few bowls, felt like I was going to burst. My BF actually came home and found me laying on the bed, with my stomach looking pregnant. He gave me a nice stomach massage and after a few minutes I was speed-waddling to the toilet, plonked down, and "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG" PLOP PLOP FART SPLASH FART FART PLOP FART SPLASH PLOP PLOP PLOP FART SPLASH SPLASH FART. Felt loads better, LOL! I wouldn't recommend it, though. Especially not for a little kid.

Fast food. I've sworn it off.

I used to be sick like that when I was a girl. I hope, never again. I'd rather die first and quick. I was briefly sick for overeating and drinking while celebrating a new job and promotion. Never again.

Are you not afraid to use the bathroom in school or in a public place?
No. When I was little, I hated to make #2 in school. I was very frightened of the major bus terminal toilet and Girl Scout camp latrines.
I was a teacher. I never turned away a child from the toilet. Urban public school children have toilet problems. Private school kids are different. They are not a pain wanting to go one after another. I taught public schools. Hated the places and everyone in them. I did not last long. Days. I told off the Principal and walked out. Still, you must have order.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie great story about your big curly poop it sounds like it was a really good one to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great story it sounds like you were having a really rough day luckily the runs didnt last for to long and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Turner great about you helping your girlfriend it sounds like she was really feeling sick but luckily you were there to help her through it shes lucky to have you.

To: ??? as awlays another great set of stories it sounds like you had 4 really great poops and I bet you flt pretty great afterwards especialy after getting that monster out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Linda great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Hey guys I'm new to this site. I just wanted to ask you guys a question. What fun things do you like to do when you have diarrhea?

Michael S
Yes, this is the Michael that posted way earlier (Not this recent guy)and about a month ago I started adding oatmeal to my diet. Well I decided to change my name to Michael S to distinguish me from him, even though I don't post much.
Steven A - A lot of extra fiber I've added to my diet, since my last post. I'm pooping everyday, and it's a lot. It's like what I used to poop every 3 days, but it's close to the same amount every day. I'm also eating a bunch more calories.
I have a story but I don't have time to write it today, so I'll put it on a later post. I just wanted to check in.

How would you react if someone farted around you? Ehh, it depends on the person. Mostly I'd probably just say "Good Job" and walk away. :D

I'm new here

Hello. New to the site but wanted to share a couple of stories.

Story 1- Yesterday morning, I woke up late for work, and didn't have time to take a poop which I normally do every morning before work. I ignored the feeling in my gut and rushed to get to work on time. I kept busy throughout the day and eventually the feeling went away. By the end of the work day, I could feel the need returning and finished up as quickly as I could. I decided I would relieve myself in the office bathrooms so I wouldn't have an uncomfortable ride home but they were being cleaned, so I headed to my car, knowing that this poop was ready to come out. I probably drove a little faster than what I should but I also needed to pee very badly. As soon as I got home, there was a little trickle of pee that escaped into my underwear as I got out of my car. My husband was making dinner and tried greeting me as I walked in the door, but I said I'm sorry babe, but I have got to poop. I threw my things down and rushed into the bathroom, leaving the door open (we never close the bathroom door). I yanked down my skirt and tights and underwear and plopped myself down on the toilet. As soon as I sat down the pee gushed out of me. I let out a sigh of relief as the feeling of my bladder being empty felt wonderful, but now I needed to relieve my poor aching rectum. I folded my arms against my stomach and began to push feeling my hole opening wide. I grunted as the turd started poking out of my hole. I gripped the toilet as I hunched over a little more straining as the turd kept growing larger. By now my hole was spread wide open and it was trying to open wider. My eyes began to water as I groaned and strained and the turd finally pushed my hole open as wide as it could possibly go. It kept growing in length as I continued to strain and push. I could feel it getting a little thinner and so it started coming out with only light pushes. I stopped pushing but the turd kept growing in length and finally it fell with just a tiny plip. I let out a groan of relief. I sat for a minute letting my hole open and close and there was nothing left in me. I look in the toilet and there is a large turd from one side of the toilet to the other. I only needed to wipe the back twice and the front once. This huge turd blocked the toilet and took some plunging to go down all the way. I felt so much better after that although my butt was a bit sore.

I will post my second story later.


Pooped twice today

I have been sick since Sunday with a nasty cold so I haven't had much of an appetite but fortunately it came back today so my husband and I went to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet. We both ate quite a lot-about 4 plates each. And I normally can only eat about half of that. We had 2 glasses of Pepsi too and afterwards I had a steeped tea from Tim Horton's. We did lots of walking (the restaurant is about a 25 min walk from our house). After Pizza Hut we went grocery shopping in 2 places, went to the print shop, Shoppers, the dollar store and later back to Shoppers for cold medication. Soon after we got home I had to poop. I pulled down my clothes and sat on the toilet and gave a gentle push. This big smooth poop came out. It kind of looked like a long, fat U shaped sausage lol. It left a lot of skidmarks in the toilet. I had to get in the shower to get clean. Poop flew everywhere. Ewww.

Then later before my shower I had to go again. I again pulled down my clothes and sat on the toilet and reached behind me for the Garfield comic book and read as I pushed out a long poop. It only took about a minute. It was like a long soft skinny snake, about 2 feet long. It left skidmarks as I flushed it lol. My stomach is still bothering me so I may have to go a third time. Tempted to go in my panties for some "fun" ;)



When i walk in to the bathroom and work it smelt really bad . Awkward i walk into the stall and now realized it is the stall the person washing there hands just came out of and there the one who made it smell . I walk out of it giving eye contact and walk into another stall ..

Anatomy student

To Little Mandie

Regularity is a luxury that can elude us all at some point. I dated a girl with a similar situation. Here are some tips to help:
Try to drink more water.
Schedule a time to try to poop every day even if there is no urge.
Coffee helps give me an urge.
If your poop is really big and dry, talk to your doctor. There are stool softeners and medicines to help keep water in your poo.
My ex used Nutella. That stuff went straight through her.
Maybe adding more meat to your diet would help.
Pasta is digested quickly and causes the bowels to move.
Don't wait about pinching a loaf in public or at you mate's house. My ex would be er poo around my family. She had a fear of clogging our toilet.
Holding in a poo can desensitize the stretch receptors in your rectum. That only makes the problem worse. My ex was so desensitized, she had to wait till she was prairie dogging before she felt an urge.
Hope this helps -Jake


what comes in will come out

Hey everyone, here is my poop yoga story, well I slid down my carpi's and panties to my ankles, sat myself on the toilet, knew I was going sit awhile, so pulled out my phone start playing a game, farting in the midst of it, then plops start coming, felt very good so after 10 mintues flush, so grab TP start wiping my butt in between my legs, after 3 wipes I was clean so got out wash my hands, join my future mother in law afterwards cause next door was a pet store and o how I love bunnies, so end up going there, so around 2 she had to make it back home


POOPING AT CHURCH & suvey, has anybody did it before or hear

ok, it sometimes does happen but folks have to take a dump at church. I am wondering if this rare or not. I did take a sump at church recently and left the stall door unlocked. someone else came in and also took a dump next me. lots of farts and gassy. I had to step out and missed the singing. on many occasions, i have heard plops and turds droppin at church and seen unflushed pee many times. we have plenty of food and coffee and is a church of about 500 people. skidmarks too have been pleasant and couple of times unflushed turds. I guess members ate so much before coming. netherless, i have taken numerous dumps at the location and the toilets flush is not all the powerful. thus, skidmarks left. its not embarrassing but a little different feel taking a dump at church. At church, members wear jeans especially tight ones, high heels, make, and strong perfume, and most in 30s to 45 years of age. the women resttoom have 8 stalls and can get gassy. but most are nice and perfume the area


1. have you ever take a dump at church and describe some experiences

2. have you ever heard someone else taking a dump at church and share as many experiences as you like

3. ever seen a unflushed toilet at church

4. ever passed gas or heard someone else passing gas in the toilet stall at church

5. have you ever had see toilet skid-marks or had to flush multiple times at church

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hi there , I have been a reader of this site for some time now . I thought now is the time to relay some of my experiences. Firstly I am a 35 yo brunette , average figure and about 5' 10" . My problem if you want to call it that is I am a holder. As a child I really disliked having a poo which stemmed from the fact I always got poo on my hands when I wiped. Eventually as I grew up and got somewhat older it really affected me in my social life .
I can remember countless times holding my poo back and by the time I did use the toilet it would be coming out as I entered the toilet.Consequently I often had skid marks on my panties, sometimes I still do. There was a period a few years ago where I went without wiping at all. Upon sitting on the toilet I would spread my cheeks with my hands and hope for the best. I guess for the most part it worked okay .but not 100% . My poos are always very hard ,guess that is a plus?
Too add to my dilemma I am exceptionally hairy and have only shaved once in my life,the itch factor cured me of shaving.

So to bring you up to current events I have secured a position with a firm that by its very nature has to have a very high security system both inside and out. Last Saturday I had to do some extra work for a few hours, as I have not been there long enough to have a key I had to work with someone who does. We started at about 9 am and finished around 11 am . Well about 10 am I had this fairly strong urge to have a poo.Well given my record as a holder I thought I would be okay, so I just put up with the urges . Come 11 am we finished work and prepared to leave the building. I grabbed my coat and handbag and prepared to walk out . I have a certain amount of embarressment when it comes to telling others I need the toilet. So I just walked out with the other woman and into the company car park to my car and she to hers.

Now at this stage as I unlocked my car I was getting desperate ,but we could not go back into the office due some security reason ,so I just held on. The other woman,Tess and I chatted for a minute , I pretended to be getting something out of the trunk,but I was really just trying to hold on . Tess got into her car and drove away as I was shutting my trunk lid and walking to the door . I was figuring as I only live 20 minutes from work I could make it home . I opened the car door and as I went to put my right leg into the car to sit I completely lost it . I fully shit myself in the company car park, I had not been for 2 days so the bulge was enormous . Luckily I had a long skirt on and full panties .

I sat gingerly in the car ,felt like I was sitting on a football ,I started to wet myself as well which only added to the problem. I drove home hoping not to meet anyone I knew, I didn't . Luckily I have a garage where the door opens automatically so I was covered from outside eyes . I got out of the car and removed my dress in the garage . I slowly pulled down my panties. I was surprised at the lack of actual mess, the quantity was huge . As I mentioned earlier my poo is always hard so it didn't spread at all much.At the time of the accident I remember feeling so relieved that I had actually had a poo,the fact that it was in my panties really did not matter,the relief was more important.

My car required a good clean mainly because I wet myself a bit after I shit my panties. But all in all the experience was relieving and I was not upset by it at all.

Just a quick survey okay ?

1. Have any of u been in the situation where u get poo on your hands when u wipe?? Where u concerned ??

2. How many here hold their poo till almost accident time ?

3. Or do u hold because you are pee/poo shy ,by that I mean too shy to tell somebody you need the toilet ?

Have a good day Debbie



its so good to see you back posting Megan and I really enjoyed the story of your "al fresco" poo! If i'm not mistaken its the first story of yours i've read of the deed taking place other than in a loo! Keep up the good work.

Jemma so sorry to hear about your recent experiences, take care hun!

Regards to all fellow posters whereever you are.

John b

I was on a holiday with friends a few years back. We'd rented a cottage in the countryside for a week. It was big, with a large lounge, kitchen, 5 bedrooms and a huge garden.

I remember I hadn't pooped for the first few days I was there, but one morning I began to feel the urge to go. We were sitting around chatting in the kitchen at the time.

I like the feeling of being almost ready to go, I'm not sure why, so I'll often hold off and prolong the sensation for a while. So that morning I spent a good few hours feeling full, as we pottered around the house and went to the local shop. Around midday it began to rain and I felt the urge to go more than ever. I didn't want to stink out the toilet as I'm the kind of person who doesn't want anyone to know I've gone. (Unless they're the sort of person who reads this kind of blog and is into it of course.) So while everyone was getting engrossed in a board game I slipped out the back door into the large garden.

It was in an L shape and so the end of it was hidden from the house. I walked down the garden and round the corner. I was desperate to pee at this point, so now our of view I unbuttoned my jeans and began to pee a long arc over the grass. It was a lovely feeling of relief, and I walked slowly down towards the end of the garden watering the lawn, watching my golden stream splatter on the wet grass.

At the end of the garden were large bushes edged by a line of rocks. Empty of pee I pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees and squatted. I didn't have to wait more than a few seconds before the first poo was already pushing out... It seemed to go on for ever, and I deliberately didn't force it, instead enjoying the feeling of slowly emptying.

After the first poo I relaxed a bit and peed a little more, the pee felt hotter, and lazily drained out of me. Then I began to pushed out another poo. It was big and I heard thudding onto the first one. Finally I pushed out a third smaller one.

Standing up and looking back there was quite a pile, so I picked up one of the rocks and used it to moved them under the bushes so no one would see. Then I pulled up my jeans and went inside to wipe in the normal toilet before rejoining my friends.


Curly poop

The other day (Tuesday) I did a big poop before my shower. It didn't take much pushing at all to get it out. The end result was a big long curly poop. It looked like cartoon poop lol. Even my husband said that when I showed him. It required getting clean in the shower since the job was too messy for toilet paper.

Has anyone ever heard other people poop in the bathroom?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Josephina first welcome to the site and great story those boys shouldnt have made fun of you like that and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Bianca great set of stories it sounds like you had pretty rough times stomach flu is no fun at all and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story it sounds like you had some really good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To Crystal as always another great story it sounds like you were having a really rough time pushing that monster poop out and I bet you felt alot better once the pain from it went away and great story about your accident at least it had a good ending in a way and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great pooping story.

To: Megan great story about your desperate poop outside and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


the problem with being female

Hi guys and girls,
So us women as everyone knows
Get monthlys/periods whatever you wanna call them.
This affects all women's bowels in strange ways.
Some get constipation, others get diarrhoea, some poo more times a day but normally. I get the runs- the lots of plops version - not quite diarrhoea thankfully.
Well unfortunately I am not pregnant anymore :-(
I lost our baby recently....
Well anyway, I am ovulating at the moment, at work earlier today, tons of meetings & absolutely dying for a poo having discovered I had the runs!
After an hour long meeting with our managers to start the day followed by 3 clients one after the other, I couldn't get away until 12 when lunch was just round the corner.
Up to the loo I went & locked the cubicle.
Pulling my dark red pencil skirt black tights & red knickers down
I sat down & immediately plopped a load of loose slimy plops.
Firstly - I dropped 4 followed by a wet fart, then another 6, followed by a wet fart, then another 6... I relaxed as I then bent forward and clutched my aching ????, knowing I had more plops on the way & didn't want to keep coming back to the loo.
(All this whilst sorting myself out with a maxi pad)
I then had my next wave - again a wet fart which then exploded my plops in to the loo all at once. 10 just fell out of my arse in a second! !
Then suddenly "Jemma, is that you honey?" A voice through the door
"Yeah who's this?" I asked
"It's Stacey, your next client is waiting, I told him you'd be 5 minutes"
"Oh right thanks" I replied
Better hurry up and finish my poo then I thought.
I felt another wave coming on, again, a wet fart, then 12 loose runny plops all were falling on top of each other within 3 seconds.
I had such a ???? ache but I had to go back to work.
Even though I had the runs I felt well so didn't bother asking to go home, plus it's because I was ovulating.
I wiped 7 x, pulled up my clothing, flushed 3 times as 1st it only flushed away a bit, 2nd time it left a few logs, so third time it took most of the skidmarks away. Now only leaving 1 long skidmark at the bottom of the bowl.
I washed my hands thoroughly & made my way back to my desk.
During my time with this client I did need another poo but I clenched until she left about an hour later & went again.
I told my hubby about having the runs at work, I had 1 more huge poo when I got home I was desperate in the car on the way home plus my pad was full too, so I walked in, told my hubby I was desperate for a massive poo, he followed me whilst i threw my skirt tights and knickers down to my ankles, sat on our loo seat & immediately let loose 11 plops. I sighed relief & changed my pad whilst hubby was talking to me about his day, then continued with another 6 loose slimy plops, then he told me to bend over and he wiped my bum. After this he told me to relax as he was cooking me dinner, then ran me a bath... (aah!) :-)
Thankfully that was the last of my 'having the runs'.
More soon, J x

Steven A

Gas Survey Plus A Question For Everyone

Gas Survey:

1.)Are you usually gassy?

No, but I might sometimes I may be gassy for awhile if I eat something that causes it.

2.)How often do you pass gas?

It varies everyday, but usually 1-5 times a day or sometimes more.

3.)Do you pass gas in public?

Only if there are girls near me, no guys around when I fart around the girls, I fart around girls in school or in public, but maybe sometimes around guys depending on the situation. I usually fart around girls because I like to see their reactions. It's not to be mean or rude when I do fart around them but I just like to do it for some reason and I don't know why but that's just what I do.

4.)What kind of farts do you rip?(long, loud, silent, etc)?

Any kind of farts except for sharts.

5.)What food gives you the most gas?

Beans, Fiber One Bars/Cereal, other food/food combinations that may cause gas for me.

6.)Are you embarrassed passing gas?

In situations like: silent classrooms, in a public place where alot of people are around me, on a bus where people are sitting in the seats next to me, etc. I don't like to fart in those situations. I don't like to fart around my family, only alone in my room. But, I don't mind farting around girls.

7.)Do you pass gas around people? Only girls, but sometimes I will fart around guys if I'm at a sleepover and it's dark (we're sleeping) and I fart and no one knows who did it and everyone laughs.

8.)Have you ever passed gas while talking to someone? Yes

9.)Worst gas you've ever had? Slient But Deadly Farts

10.)Any misc stories you might have: I have some stories that I will share:

My Story: At school, I was walking up the stairs and it was only me and a girl on the stairs. I was walking up the stairs and I was on one side and she was on the other. I had to fart so I did. It was so big and loud that I left her speechless and she said nothing and I got no reaction at all. I did that again another time and I had the same result.

Usually when I fart around girls, I sometimes get a reaction and sometimes no reaction. I know they sometimes hear me fart, but they just don't say anything.

My Question is: How would you react if someone farted around you?

Mystery Poster

To Little Mandi Plus Anyone Struggling With Constipation

Little Mandi plus others with constipation problems, I'd try eating Fiber One Bars AND Fiber One Cereal everyday in the morning because if you eat them everyday, then you will go everyday and you will rarley skip a day. They will help you get regular in no time just like it did for me.

Tinfoil Hat

To Little Mandi

I am the exact opposite. I don't know if it's because i'm a man (i don't read many male posters here), but i think that i poop a lot, getting the urge every single day. Yet i feel that my "downloads" are too small compared to a lot of experiences that i've read here. I'd love to have massive BM's the way that some posters here, mostly girls or women, seem to get. Even if i succeed in holding it in without having a family member question me about a sudden change in my bathroom habits (last time i tried i held it in for three days long) i found that my bowels parcel the resulting BM out by forcing me to go two times a day or more with many relatively short and small BM's. I'd like to have a single yet seemingly endless BM instead. Also, i'm never forced to grunt or make similar noises, even with hard loads. Perhaps it's due to my abs tone and complete diet. I just find myself a little too regular.

As for you, i think that eating more in terms of quantity while keeping the same diet and going to a gym to work out and run could increase the number of your BM's and reduce their spacing in time.


Baby girl is sick:(

So my girlfriend and I went to a concert last night and she came back to my house and spent the night. This morning she woke up and I could tell she wasn't feeling good. She said her stomach was hurting really really bad. We both enjoy pooping so were very open with each other and stuff so she said she tried to poop but couldn't. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her belly and kissed her. She retired the kiss although she wasn't into it so I know she really doesn't feel good. I got her some tums and we went back to lay down. She layed on her stomach and I rubbed her back. She fell asleep and a few hours later she woke up and ran to the bathroom and started vomiting. I held her hair back and rubbed her ???? as she threw up. When she was done she fell back against me and told me she has never felt this sick before. I helped her up and started to walk back to the bed but she said she needed to use the bathroom so I left and called my friends that were supposed to come over and rescheduled. I came back to my room and she was still in the bathroom I could hear her trying to push out whatever was hurting her stomach. She came out with her armas wrapped around her stomach and tears in her eyes. She came back to bed and cuddled against me while I rubbed her stomach. After a few minutes I felt her stomach gurgle and she ran to the bathroom and pulled down her panties and started having diarrhea. She was in such a hurry that she didn't even shut the door. After a few minutes of nonstop diarrhea I heard her half scream half groan. Whether it was from pain or frustration I don't know. I went in to check on her and kneeled beside the toilet rubbing her back while she cried into my shoulder. I enjoy watching her poop but I hate seeing her in this much pain. When she was done she wiped and came back to bed. I felt her head and I could tell she has a fever. She asked for one of my sweatshirts so I have her one and we snuggled some more with her occasional moan from pain. Every so often she would wake up and throw up. It's now about 1 pm and she's still saying her ???? hurts really bad. I'm thinking its the stomach flu. She's half asleep and I'm rubbing her back. Whatever it is it must be contagious because my stomach is starting to hurt too. Maybe I can convince her to write about my belly ache.

1.)Are you usually gassy?
No, but my parents and my cousins are. My grandfather is the worst.

2.)How often do you pass gas?
When needed.

3.)Do you pass gas in public?
Sometimes. Well, if I am in a public bathroom.

4.)What kind of farts do you rip?(long, loud, silent, etc)
long and loud, when I am sitting on the toilet.

5.)What food gives you the most gas?
I do not know.

6.)Are you embarrassed passing gas?

7.)Do you pass gas around people?
With my friends.

8.)Have you ever passed gas while talking to someone?

9.) Worst gas you've ever had?
Cannot tell.

10.) Any misc stories you might have:

Are you not afraid to use the bathroom in school or in a public place?
No. I was scared in a park in London. I was 7 and went by myself. My parents stayed outside. The place seemed like a long dark tunnel. I was scared and started screaming and ran out. My father took me inside and I was better. We are very uninhibited in using public toilets. I have used them with and without doors, stalls, squats, pits, latrines.

Feel better, Bianca.

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