Back; Sorry I've been gone.

So lately I've had lots of gas, which is obviously not a comfortable thing to have in class. By the end off the day, I truly needed to poo. I walked to the restroom (at home), pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. "Pffrrrrrrt...." a poot went for about 15 seconds, followed by another smaller one. I laughed. After about 2 minutes on the toilet, I felt the poo creeping up on me. I began to push, and -plop!-. I looked in between my legs and saw the humongous turd, about 2 inches wide and 8 inches long, a dark color and extremely stinky. "Whew!", I said. I passed a little more gas and then began to wipe. After about 5 wipes, I stood up to look at this beast one last time. I then flushed, washed my hands, and was off to other things.
Other recent stories:
"Corny Pun?"
I had eaten quite a lot of corn the day before I needed to drop this load, but I didn't expect to see what I'd see. I walked to the school bathroom, pulled down my pants, and boredly sat on the toilet reading while I waited for this constipated poop to come out. After a bit of straining, I started to feel this thing come out. As it plopped, I smelled the stink, which hit me like a slap in the face. I put the book down and began to wipe. Once done I stood up and witnessed a dark brown monster with little corn kernels poking out. I pinched my nose, flushed, and left the bathroom.
"First Clog"
I knew I needed to drop a load. I had been holding it for most of the day, but I couldn't anymore. I asked the teacher if I could go to the restroom. She said yes, & I was off to poo. I sat on the toilet and sighed. I knew I'd be here for a while. I began to strain. I felt myself becoming red. I just couldn't get this poo out! With my sweaty hands on the metal bar (I was in the handicap stall) I sighed and said "My poo is stuck!". I couldn't get anything out. I was just about to wipe and go back to class when I started to feel it... I felt it rip open my butthole and I, out of breath, strained. I looked in between my legs as I was dropping it. It stank worse than the ones I mentioned in the first two stories combined. It slowly inched its way out into the toilet. Soon I heard a "Plop!", followed by two smaller plops. I looked in between my legs and saw a HUMONGOUS turd, about 2 and a half inches wide and 9 inches long in the toilet staring at me, and two 1 inch wide 4 inch long turds sunk next to it. I wiped about 14 times, as it needed it to be fully clean. I stood up to flush. The toilet paper was completely covering the turds. It began to flush and then it stopped. The water kept filling, but flush stopped. It kept filling, and then I realized, I clogged the toilet. I flushed 3ish more times and got no results. Hoping no one would notice, I washed my hands and snuck away. As I walked by the bathroom again later, I said a "Caution- Wet floor" sign, and I smelled a horrible smell. I knew that was my smell, and the water on the floor was from me. Embarassed, I kept walking, forever forgetting that moment.


Response to Steve A., Lara & question

Steven A:

I'm not really afraid to use the bathrooms at my school because most days I will use them four or five times. I poo every morning usually right after I get there or during 1st hour study hall. I usually wee for the third or fourth time each day right after school before my bus comes. I also frequently use public bathrooms at the mall, arena and other such places with a good amount of success. That's surprising to a few of my friends since I'm only 3'4" and after I've seated myself on the toilet, my feet are off the floor.

An explanation:

Steven is right, one can't avoid using the bathrooms. Many are in need of repair and not kept up. I know its the students who do most of the damage. Between classes and with a detention hanging over my head, I may have to quickly sit and wee into a bowl of poo and wee that is totally clogged with McDonalds sacks and a horrid amount of poo left by several students. Sometimes when I'm sitting and weeing I fear the water level is rising to within a quarter inch of me. At least one toilet is plugged and overflowing each time I'm in there. When I poo during 1st hour I can usually get a stall with a door, but I still get poo on my fingers from the small squares of toilet paper that are cut for us and which regularly contribute to skid marks in our underwear. You see I have soft poo most of the time. It's not just me. My friend Lorenz sits at my table and says the boys bathrooms suck just as bad. He sometimes goes before I do in study hall. He likes not having to wait in a long line for a stall and then being forced to take a doorless one when the 1-minute warning bell rings, but by then most of the seats are dripping from being pissed on. He says junior high boys don't like having to stand at a animal trough-like urinal that takes up half the room and expose themselves. So they use the toilets. They don't even think about lifting the seat first. Lorenz says some guys just spray the seats out of spite.

Comment to Lara: those girls were so rude to you in the bathroom just because you were wearing a different school uniform. At least your schools have the normal rolled toilet paper.


Back; Sorry I've been gone.

So lately I've had lots of gas, which is obviously not a comfortable thing to have in class. By the end off the day, I truly needed to poo. I walked to the restroom (at home), pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet. "Pffrrrrrrt...." a poot went for about 15 seconds, followed by another smaller one. I laughed. After about 2 minutes on the toilet, I felt the poo creeping up on me. I began to push, and -plop!-. I looked in between my legs and saw the humongous turd, about 2 inches wide and 8 inches long, a dark color and extremely stinky. "Whew!", I said. I passed a little more gas and then began to wipe. After about 5 wipes, I stood up to look at this beast one last time. I then flushed, washed my hands, and was off to other things.

Toilet Conversation IRL

It's strange how I find it easy to talk about toilet stuff online, but IM really shy about it in real life. I'm writing from the toilet now, just having a pee. We were talking about going to the toilet in the common room not long ago. I find it interesting to listen to the others talk, but I'm really shy to say anything myself. Anyway, ill tell stories later if I remember.


Just a bit of information I stumbled on

The usual 24 hour urine production is between 800ml and 2000ml.

The lab said I produced 1400ml. (Totally incidental to what the doc was actually after--comparing blood levels of a hormone with urine levels of a metabolite of the hormone.)


Hiking in Scotland

I was hiking in the mountains with some friends. When we had a break I realised that I had to go to toilet but there was no toilet around. The list of equipment had advised us to bring some toilet paper so I took some of that and went away from the others to find a suitable place in nature to get it done. I went around a small hill and behind a quite big stone where I found sufficient privacy. I pulled down and squatted. It took some moments before I was able to relax enough to get it done. But after a minute or two I was able to relieve myself completely. I do not know how many of my friends, if any, that had to go to toilet outdoor at this hike. It was my first time to poop in nature. Another time last summer when driving in the country side I had to stop at a resting area to pee in the bushes. Then I went straight in on a man that was squatting with his pants down. He seemed to become very embarrassed when I went by.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Little Mandi
I hate pooping but I kinda wish I was more regular.
I can go up to 5 6 days without getting the slightest urge to poop.
I eat a lot and I eat fairly healthy. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables,oatmeal whole wheat bread granola bars stuff like that. I even occasionally take fiber gummies. They just make my stomach rumble and make me fart more. Any suggestions on what I can do to become more regular?


On the aqua duck

Hello, I'm Josephinia, I'm 13 brunet, developed and from Argentinia. Well for Vacation me and my Family went on the Disney Dream Cruise ship. Well I was in a 45 minute line for the Aquaduck. Well I had to make a B.M. Well I didn't want to get out of line. So I got in a tube. Well we shot off and I almost lost it. And then I came to the hill and lost it. There was poop in my purple one piece with a flower in the middle, and in the tube and traveling along side the raft. When I got of the women at the bottom ididnt want to pull the raft out because it was filled with poop, and theres poop in the water. Well the women at the bottom was very sympathetic. She said on her first day on the Job she pooped her white pants, and had to wait an hour and 45 minutes to her next brake. Well 2 boys saw the brown sag in my bathing suit. The main boy, the one who talked and showed emotion, started making fun of me, he said stuff like, oh are you a little baby, do you need a diaper, did you make a poo poo. I started walking away crying. And the boys followed me.


Some stories

Hi again,
I once had the stomach flue in which I went from both ends )if you know what I mean). I had projectile vomitting at the beginning in which I vomitted all over the bathroom trying to make it. When I had the runs, I threw up at the same time in a trash can. Another time (2 days ago), I also made a mess in the bathroom. Fortunately this time, I didn't have diarrhea. I threw up outside on the front yard lawn the rest of the time I felt ill. Another time when my stomach got upset last year, I upchucked coffee on the floor in my house near the bathroom. Our bathroom is in a short hallway. Also, can being upset make you need to poop? This one time, I needed to poop while upset about damaging my favorite electronic dog (I called him Smooches). He was cuddly, barked, begged, etc. I loved him so much, I nearly took him everywhere (someone gave him to me a year ago). My final story for today is when I was attending The School For The Blind. I got the stomach bug in the middle of the night, and ended up riding a golf cart to the health center to spend the night.

I stayed in today, under the weather. In the morn, I have to take tile for asbestos testing. I pulled up tile and found a nice parquet floor. I want the tile gone so that wood can breathe.

As for me, my bowels are getting firm. I had lentil soup, seasoned with hard Italian cheese rinds and seeded bread over the weekend. I had three good firm hard movements yesterday. Plus, was peeing all day from drinking white tea. God, I peed at one point within 5 minutes twice. About 1 PM I went into my bathroom, pulled down my navy sweatpants and white Jockey full-cut panties to my ankles. I felt good as my rectum pushed open and let out a load of brown bulk. I just slid out half-firm with a fart in the middle and end. Plus, I peed like horse for 10 seconds. I had to wipe from behind because water splashed on my behind. I pulled up my clothes and flushed. I went into town by bus and train. I stopped at a favorite store and the owner let me use the toilet in the hallway. It was decrepit room with a long toilet and seat. It used to have 2 bowls and stalls. Now it is 1 bowl and no stalls. I undid my sweats and undies to below my knees, squatted and let my water fly into the bowl. I had some tissue in my hand to wipe my wide-open legs. I flushed the bowl with my foot and cleaned my hands with rubbing alcohol. While walking downtown, I felt a pee and a #2 coming on. So, I ducked into a hotel/bar and jazz club. I had a nice clean room all too myself. I put down my things, took off my lumberjack, let down my pants and undies to my ankles. Another firm movement, was 3 hard thick logs about 6 inches each. I saw all the undigested roughage in my stools. They hot the water like bricks. I peed hard and farted at the end. I opened my legs to look. I was so happy. It beat all those loose episodes. I took paper, opened my legs and wiped my cat once and then used another bunch to wipe my rectum. I stood up to wipe one more again, pulled up my clothes and flushed. I walked to my uncle and aunt's lodge hall to see them and ride home with them. My first order of biz was to see the female toilet immediately. There were 5 stalls. I took the one closest to the door, pulled down my clothes as usual and let out a another good hard pee while pushing out 3 more hard brown logs. I sat on the bowl with my pants at my ankles and my legs splayed wide. While in the stall, a lady came in and it was my aunt. She called, "Timeeka, is that you?" I asked, "Aunt Lynn?" She said, "Yes, your uncle Edgar is here. I have to pee real bad and we still have meeting." She took the next stall, unzipped her maroon wool slacks and white cotton boxer bloomers.over her brown patten leather loafers sat on the bowl, her legs splayed and let out a long pee. Lynn said, "Girl, this pee feels good. My pussy feels good. It stopped pulsing." We sat and talked awhile about ourselves. She is 22 years older than me. So is her husband. She asked me about my 22 year old body. She reached for the toilet paper when she said, "You got to forgive, me I have to break wind." And she did. It was loud dry, hard and long. "Girl, that felt good. You've heard my bowels move. They are a killer." She opened her legs and wiped her cat like I did and wiped my behinds. I told her, "Cousin Lynn, this is my 3rd #2 and my 7th time peeing. My bowels are firm and not loose since I used fiber and probiotics." Anyway, we finished, pulled up our clothes and flushed. She flushed before me. When she came out, I was fixing my clothes, opened my stall door and she said, "Timeeka, look what you carried in your stomach. I flushed and we washed our hands and fixed ourselves.

Steven A

To TIana Plus A Question For Everyone

My bathrooms are not dirty at all, once in a while I might see a toilet stuffed with toilet paper and poop in it but that's it. Our stalls have doors on them. I wouldn't like it if they had no doors on the stalls in school bathrooms and in public bathrooms because I believe that schools need doors on every stall and a barrier in between every urinal for privacy purposes. Our bathrooms are clean compared to other schools' bathrooms. Plus, teachers need to let students use the bathrooms anytime they need to instead of being strict and not letting them go when they have to go. The teachers I had so far in high school have let me use the bathroom, except for one, but I don't have him anymore. Have you ever had teachers that were strict on students using the restroom during class?

My question for everyone:

Are you not afraid to use the bathroom in school or in a public place?

I'm not afraid at all because I believe when you gotta go, you gotta go.

To Bloated Butt. I remember you saying you used to use beans to help you poop. Can you recall the last time you used beans to so and how was that?

just a girl

survey says!

Long time lurker, first time posting (in a while). Thought I'd answer some surveys to re-assimilate myself.

A. What is your gender? Female.
B. What is your age? 18
C. Describe your body. I'm average height and weight for my age and gender.

1. How often do you go to the toilet to take a poo? Whenever I feel like I need two, which is usually every five or six days or so.
2. How do you refer to taking a poo? Gotta shit.
3. How long does it take you to get started after sitting down? Usually about five minutes. Since constipated is pretty much my default state, once I get the urge, I start pushing wherever I am. Ten about ten minutes later, I make my way to the toilet. Once I'm seated, it's usually a good five minutes to get properly started.
4. How much time do you need between sitting down and wiping? Less than ten minutes, usually. On a rough day, fifteen.
5. Do you usually have to push while you're on the toilet? God yes.
6. How much do you fart, before things start moving/during/after pooping? Very little. Typically when I poop, it comes out in three logs. Sometimes I'll have a silent, not smelly fart between each one, but that's about it. I'm not a very gassy person.
6. Are they usually wet or dry? Dry, if at all.
7. Do you ever remain seated after you're done? Yep, because I always have to pee afterwards.
8. How often are you constipated? I'm going to modify this to being exceptionally constipated because I've had my current poo schedule for years and it no longer feels like an issue. I'd say once a month of every other month, I'll go longer than a week.
9. If you are constipated, how long does it take you to get started after sitting? If I'm really backed up, I'll spent a lot of time laying on my bed pushing before I go to the actual toilet. So maybe half an hour of prep, but then the same spending five minutes actually really sitting on the toilet before I get movement.
10. If you are constipated, then how long does it take you between sitting down and wiping? Maybe... Twenty minutes?
11. Do you fart on the toilet when constipated? Not really.
12. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet while constipated? Forty-five minutes.
13. How often do you go to the toilet to try if you're constipated. Not often. If I'm in there to pee I might give a little push, but for the most part, my body will let me know when it's finally ready.
14. How often do you have diarrhea? Rarely.
15. If you have diarrhea, how long does it take you to get started after sitting down? One minute. Maybe.
16. If you have diarrhea, then how long does it take you between sitting down and wiping? Five minutes, if that. If I'm having diarrhea, it flies right out of me.
17. Do you fart on the toilet while having diarrhea? Oh yes. Really wet farts coming out with the poop. Not exactly sharts or liquid poo because I'll just have logs flying out of me with farts. But lots.
18. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet while having diarrhea? Probably fifteen minutes. Not long.
19. How often do you go to the toilet to poop or try when you've got diarrhea? I usually get it out in about three sits.
20. What is your favorite pooping position on the potty while:
a. Having a regular dump: back straight with my left ankle on my right knee. It's the only way I can get everything lined up and get anything going.
b. Being constipated: same as above although sometimes I'll throw in a few minutes squatting.
c. Having diarrhea: the only time I will lean forward and press my hands against my stomach.

a fan

to The J

Can't wait to hear more about your GF's incredible peeing. Looking forward to some stories. Now that she knows you are into it does she like to talk about how long she can pee and how much she can hold?


what comes in will come out

Hi TIana maybe both, yes Brandon T thanks ya you probably right. So here is continue Friday I had when we had lunch didn't care anymore I decided to take a dump, so after the fruit bar settle in good before lunch period began I felt the need to poop, so when the bell rang I choose the bathroom instead, so walking to the bathroom felt it would give me runs so I start speed walking, upon getting in their not a lot people, so I took the 1st stall, lower my panties to ankles and lifted up my dress and sat on seat, start farting, and heard some muchy poop plops into the bowl, I was done in 10 minutes finished wiped, and saturday I didn't get to poop are all my due to my chronic once every 2 months I can't go, so on today I was hit hard with it, was at my church with Marcus, so I went to bathroom the ladies today, took the first stall before service started, so in stall I pulled my Jean skirt down to ankles and panties also to ankles and parked my butt on the cold seat. So I begin feel no poop yet so after no poop yet I pulled up my clothing walked out to join Marcus, so fast, forward on time just before my pastor got up to give his sermon It felt like a knife cutting so I knew it was time for bathroom, so I got up out of my seat quickly walking out of the santuray to the ladies, hurried in there noticed first stall taken so took one next to it, so hurried my clothing down sat fastly down, then my hole slowly open feeling little slight involuntary push then closed my hole, so I start praying please don't let be so hole open up bit wider like oh no then slowly closed again so my toilet neighbor was finish heard hand washing but I said loudly with a groan agnoy voice please get pastor wife so after few minutes she came she said hold on baby we going get that monster out of you, so I unlatched the door let her in, so she told me get up I got up off toilet with my clothing down at my ankles still she start rubbing my stomach and praying afterwards she told me go sit back down it won't take long so my hole open for good now poop head emerged but hole start getting wider began water tears cause the pain slowly my hole open up bit wider and slowly the head came out but kept growing bigger and wider, so I being cry I can't continue so she called in the chruch nurse she came in asked me get up slowly and show her, show her she was like oh wow you need this out today going cause poison setup in body, so I try pushing start moving slowly and face feeling red so one usher came to wash her hands saw me squatting like shocked all these people trying help me poop asked pastor wife can we do something for me cause it's like nothing moving and hearing that I really crying my tears out now, she said sorry but just looked like it, so pastor wife embrace me with a hug, saying it's okay baby push all you got, so screaming by then it won't come out so must been in like 25 minutes people in and out some offering to help some just looking on, but just when I was about to give in the monster fell in with a heavy splash and another monster followed it and splash my butt and a really long one came out and splashed and I looked in the bowl some was uneven wider than others pastor wife looked at it like I see the struggle is over now, we all start laughing, so they got bags and bagged them up and threw them in big trash dumpster after I wiped and flushed, wash my hands rejoined Marcus after service he told me in the car but kissed me please don't ever scare him again like that he said I said I don't want to but it's going happen in May, so I told him everything what's wrong with my body, it has brought us together, right now he trying tickle me but not telling him, but it's at underneath the bottom of my feet hehe shhhh. take care you all


what comes in will come out

Hey just got home went shopping and pooping hehe and more shopping, so anyway, after school I went to the grocery store, did some food shopping, needed more fruit and ????, my favorite food for sure, so got me some can fruit first, than can ????, than got the fresh fruit and fresh ????, so got in line for check out felt the need to go bathroom, but I knew I had grocery to buy, so got waited on used my friend debit, bagged my own groceries, headed to my car, saw my ex sister in parking lot she seen me try pretend didn't hear her but didn't work, she was telling me how much he misses me and how much he want me back write me, so after she finished I told her after all he done to me he deserves to be alone the rest of his life and I hope he got it double for what he did to me, so you tell him I'm happy very happy without him don't need him and most definitely don't want him, she then called me out of my name like you think you better all this and that now you should be glad he did it to you so you should be happy, I said to her move out my way before I say something I regret, so she stood there like she wasn't going move, so saw a cop yelled out to him for help he came over explained the situation to him, and told her get going, I never try call the law but so I wouldn't break the law had no choice, so I get in the car driving away head to home drop these things off, I start crying thinking about my ex and things he'll do to me and what she said, forgot all about bathroom, then notice some farting going on, so I called Marcus can I come over will quick need to take a dump, he said sure do what you have to do, so started speeding abit more, just my luck cop pulls behind me telling me pull over, I start to pull over but kept farting knowing I could mess myself, so I pull over waiting for my ticket, he takes his time ask me to put my hands out the car, so he get out his car get upon me asking me you know why I pull you over, yes speeding, he said why you guess that, cause I was, so my phone ringing Marcus calling me, so I reach one hand back in the car to get my phone, now officer yelling at me get out and get on the ground I said it's my phone going off he kept yelling get out and get on the ground, so I open the car door and get on the ground and he call in for back up, so I'm siting on my knees and he say hold your hand out so he pull out his handcuffs hand cuff me tells me sit down now, I'm crying asking what I do, back up arrive and officer asking what's going on and the officer said he think I may have weapon in the car, so they radio in for car search, get permission, start looking for it, that's when I lost control some soft warm poop start coming and feeling my panties, so embarrassed right then, officer came back said no weapon found, you free to go so uncuffed me, got off ground, went into my called Marcus back half hour later told him what happened, so he wanted me come over still, so smelling like poop he was waiting for me outside, holding back tears he hugs me says come in, so waiting for me was fresh clean clothes, so he said go clean up, so I walk into the bathroom strip off everything sit on toilet naked, start wiping my stinky butt, so messed up panties I throw them away, put on the clean clothes after I shower, so I walked to family room lay on sofa confused about all just happened, so I being to cry guess he heard me went to comfort me telling me it's going be okay so end up eating dinner over there after he took me shopping, that's all right now

I've been reading about film stars going to the loo in their films. I haven't yet found anything on this site about Amelie (acted by Audrey Tautou). At one point in film she is sitting on the loo sorting out a large number of photos of the man she is trying to find. That must take her much ages and I conclude that this Amelie does motions which are as big as mine. I wonder what Audrey Tautou felt about her role taking so big dump on screen?

I don't have any exciting thing to report just now. My motions are the same every time, big and taking long time.


Gas Survey

1.)Are you usually gassy?

2.)How often do you pass gas?

3.)Do you pass gas in public?

4.)What kind of farts do you rip?(long, loud, silent, etc)

5.)What food gives you the most gas?

6.)Are you embarrassed passing gas?

7.)Do you pass gas around people?

8.)Have you ever passed gas while talking to someone?

9.) Worst gas you've ever had?

10.) Any misc stories you might have:

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: J.J. as always another great story it sounds like you got a really great show and it sounds like they all had really great poops to.

To: Terra first welcome back and great story it sounds like you had a rough time but at least you made it to the toilet each time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kylee Ann first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a rough day and im betting you wont be eating that again since now you know th effect it has on you and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Lara great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty poop and those girls hopefuly they learn to be nice and repectful cause karma may get them later and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: THE CURIOUS SKIDMARK GAL as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great pee and poop and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K great story.

To: Lynne great story about your 2 big dumps it sounds like they were both really good ones and I look forward to your next post thanks.

On sunday I was at the bookstore a woman had just gone in the bathroom so I had to wait so she sat on the toilet and began farting and having diarrhea it sounded pretty runny and was farting alot to and then she flushed and came out she was in there earlier but I didnt notice until she came out so im thinking she had 2 big runny poops one of which I heard I wish I heard the first one to.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


what comes in will come out

survey time
How often you get constipated?
once every two months

what you do when you are

sit down like normal then get up squat over the bowl start pushing and straining, when I get constipated it's like someone going missing few days without going but hitting me like that without me going one day

when was the last time you was?
this past Saturday

how long you spend in bathroom if you are?
25- 1hr

do you find it embarrassing to be constipated in public?
yes and no

what things you take to relieve yourself?

normally I let my step mother lube me down really good and give me a enmma, or go to hospital let my doctor do it, or eat alot apples but this time I was so swollen couldn't make it out of bed Saturday slept on my back, and was restless two
bye bye for now, PS had a good poop in Marcus mom bathroom toilet room, she let me use it time to time cause of certain things we women folks like to smell good after


the story of my poo in the public loo

So yesterday I went to town & halfway through shopping
I developed a ???? ache.
I made my way to the nearest public loos,
& put my shopping down on the dirty floor.
I pulled my black trousers & black knickers down & sat on the loo.
Instantly, my initial 6 plops fell out my bum 1 by 1 all with a huge plop,
I then farted a wet and stinky fart.
The next plops took a bit of effort but eventually they got out, i dropped another 5.
I wiped 3x and flushed.
Leaving I washed my hands & continued my shopping.
J x


To Bloated Butt

Wow thats crazy how bloated you get! Don't you just love when you've been holding your gas in all day and you finally get home and you can release it? Best feeling:P I dont get gassy that often but when it happens it feels so good to let it out lol

On your really gassy days how often do you pass gas? Are they ever those really long ones that you dont know when they're gonna end? and whens the last time you were really gassy?

I love that story of what you did to your bf hahaha. Guess he learned his lesson:P And wow your butt really is amazing. Wish I had one like that hehe:)

Does it jiggle with every move you make?:P



I just thought of something awhile ago. Do you feel something in life is just as important as pooping and peeing? One of those things for me, would be my electronic kitty Lulu. I value her so much, my heart would go to pieces over the loss of her! I don't know you gals, and guys on this forum, so I thought I'd just ask out of curiosity. Just like with Lulu, I'd feel heartbroken too if I couldn't poop, or pee! I think not being able to pee would be the worst! One person on TV couldn't do it because of a medical condition, and she felt really uncomfortable.


He just peed the bed!

Hey guys! I lurk this forum a bit but never really have posted before so this is my first time. I'm Nicolette, I'm 21 years old, 120 lbs, around 5'4", with dark hair and eyes. I'm in school so I live with my boyfriend, Brad. He's a waiter at a restaurant. He's 27, 6'2", around 170 lbs, and fair skined. He's got light blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. I would call him adorable. We have been dating for about 6 months so I would call it serious. We are very open about our bathroom habits and always keep the door open and sometimes sit in the bathroom together and talk while one of us is using it. We're a normal couple except for one little secret. We are both bedwetters. He has even done more than just wet it. (My bedwetting is rare, but enough that I felt he needed to know in case it happened, before it did. I would definitely consider my problem a minor issue and his to be a moderate one.) He told me that he has done it his whole life. The whole thing didn't come about until we moved in together. One night we both had a few too many drinks and I blurted out my "secret". I was surprised to find out that he shared the same secret with me! He was abused by his stepmom when he was young and ridiculed by her children over it because he was older. She would buy him pullups and allow them to tease him with them and also spank him over it. Then she wouldn't actually allow him to use the pullups because she had more fun torturing him about having wet sheets and ruining her laundry. He told me that he went on to frequently wet the bed until he was 16 years old. Then it became less frequent because he ran away from her house, got away from the abuse, quit drinking soda after a certain time at night, and mostly just grew out of it. By the time he was 20 it was a distant memory that only occurred when he was stressed out or forgot his soda rule. That's what he did tonight lol.
So we sat down after he had a stressful day at work and watched a few tv shows. He was so tired he could barely keep his pretty blue eyes open. "Do you need to go peepee?" I shook him awake as he was dozing off next to me in our bed. I always remind him because usually I have to go at that time too, and because I like to hold his youknowwhat for him when he goes (yeah we're a strange couple). He said no and I let it be, assuming that he was okay and got up and got dressed for bed. I put on a Tshirt and shorts and he kicked his jeans off. I turned the tv down so that he could sleep while I watched tv and the next thing I knew, he was snoring. Must have had a really hard day. He snuggled up to my back, spooning me, and I began to fall asleep too.
About an hour later I felt an interesting feeling. My whole lower body was nice and warm. I was confused for a minute. "I think I just wet.... no, I don't have an empty bladder, I really could stand to go now", I thought. Oh no... The warm sensation turned wet and I could feel it hot and flowing onto my legs that were under his. The wetness pooled at our butts and started to soak into the mattress. He must've really had to go because he was peeing too fast for it to completely soak in. "Should I wake him up?" No, the last time I woke him up before he got done he was in tears because he couldn't stop it. He moaned. Oh well, guess he woke up anyways. He started to panic and cry. "Baby, just keep going, it's okay. I'll help you clean up.. it was just an accident." I said. He put his head on my shouder and began to sob as he emptied the rest of his bladder. When he was finally done going, everything we had on was completely soaked. I helped him out of bed and pulled the sheets off, turned the mattress over, and got the shower running for him to wash off. The whole time I was hugging and consolinghim. Now he's out and we're going back to sleep so I hope you guys like my story!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hi everyone. I've been pretty busy lately but I'll try and get posting again!

My first story is from today. It was a nice sunny day and not too cold so I decided to go for a walk in the park near my house. It's a pretty big park and I walked around for quite a while. After walking in the park for an hour or so I had an urge to go, and I needed to find a toilet. It was for a number two and it was quite strong, although not urgent yet. I walked to the nearest toilets in the park, but I found they were closed for the season! I knew there were other loos in the park so I headed for them hoping they would be open- no luck! I headed to the final toilet building I knew about hoping they would be open because my need was getting steadily stronger, and as well as my number two I also needed to do a number one by now! At least my need to wee wasn't urgent, but by now my poo was.

I really needed to take care of my business but none of the toilets in the park were open. I didn't know where else I could go since there were no other toilets nearby that I knew of. I wouldn't make it home in time either. I wondered maybe if there were any toilets by the car park so I headed there but I was out of luck. By now I was really desperate to do my poo. I could only think of one choice- find somewhere in the woods to squat while I let it out! I looked for a spot and found one out of sight of any paths. I hurried over and pulled down my jeans and blue knickers. I squatted down and started to go right away- my first soft turd slid out easily. After a few seconds the slight smell reached me. I followed up with four more urgent pieces as I squatted. They formed a small steaming pile on the ground. I did a quick wee, managing to keep my feet dry at least! I had some tissues so I wiped myself quickly and pulled up my jeans and headed back to the path feeling much better!

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