5th story

To Becca, my goodness your friend had a huge poo. My biggest is only 2/5 that.

To Anonymous Reader, I wondered that myself but maybe us girls are more open about using the toilet.

So my bedroom bathroom is a bridge between my twin brothers room. So there is two identical sides. A toilet, shower, sink, etc... The double toilet is useful at the rare time any of us need the toilet at the same time. The toilet and shower brought us to be quite comfortable with eachother. I think it's why I don't have a problem using the toilet in front of people I'm close to. My friend Emily and me were in my bedroom hanging out until she exused herself to the toilet. About 10 minutes later she was still in the bathroom. I feel the need to pee so I knock and walk in. She has her jeans just enough to go. I say I need to have pee while I pull my jeans down to my knees and sat down. While peeing Emily said it is recently getting hard to poop. I wipe and tell her to come with me knowing she hasn't pooped at all yet. It was the morning so I made us my blend of oatmeal, apple slices, bran muffin and coffee. We finished and I brought us each a yogurt to eat in my room. I tell her this will help you have a poop tommorow morning. The next morning I woke up and needed a poop. I go in and pull my red panties down and sat. About 3 minutes later Emily walks in and quickly pulls down her pajama bottoms enough to go. 5 seconds later I hear her poop crackling out fast. She says you were not kidding when you said help. It really smelled so I spraid air freshener. Then my twin brother Scott comes in embarrassing Emily. He says sorry and walks out. I start pooping while Emily wiped. and flushed. I sat there while Emily went back to my room. I wipe and see a 6" poop. I flush and washed my hands. My brother came back in to use the sink while I left. She said she hade not had a good poop in awhile. Until next post.

Just a girl...
My IBS has been great for the past couple of months. I hadn't had any attacks or anything until the last couple of days. Here's the latest attack story:

Monday night I had a slight stomachache and had to poop. Wound up passing a lot of soft but solid stools. They filled the bottom of the toilet. Felt better afterwards.

Tuesday morning I had a stomachache again. Went to the bathroom and passed 2 solid logs. Stomach still didn't feel well. About 15 minutes later I started getting stomach cramps. Went back to the bathroom and shit out a ton of soft loose pieces. Took a shower and as I was drying off I had to shit again. More soft loose pieces. Got ready and went to work. Pulling into the parking lot for work my stomach started to feel uneasy again. Went straight to the bathroom and, whoosh, let loose more of that soft shit. Stomach hurt on and off all day. Went to the bathroom once during the day thinking that I had to go, but didn't.

Tuesday evening I started getting bad stomach pains. I went to the bathroom and had several waves of diarrhea. It was that soft-serve, no chunks, kind of diarrhea. It all formed a pile on the bottom of the toilet - nothing solid but sticky and runs down the bowl. About a half an hour later I had to go again, more diarrhea. One more trip before bed.

Wednesday morning I woke up, got a cup of coffee, took one sip and BAM a stomach ache and need to shit hit me like a ton of bricks. I practically ran to the bathroom, sat, and had several waves of diarrhea. Stabbing pains were ripping through my stomach and liquid poop was pouring out of my ass. I filled the toilet with it. I was finally able to leave the bathroom and not 20 minutes later I was heading back there. I had a ton more diarrheas. By 10:00, I had made 5 trips to the toilet and passed a ton of diarrhea each time. It's now almost noon, and my stomach is making very loud noises. I've gone to the bathroom twice swearing that I had to go, but not being able to. I still don't feel well and my stomach is hard and bloated. My guts are churning around like crazy.

Brandon T

heard 2 women pooping

About an hour I was at that bookstore again when I needed to poop so I went to the bathrom but a woman got there first so I had to wait outside the door so she goes in and sits down I then hear a kinda loud fart burst and maybe some plops to then she wiped so im it was just a quick burst poop I bet if had farted anywhere else she wouldve pooped herself most likely and then it was my turn so I went in and pooped nothing spectaclor about 20 minutes later I had to go again get the left overs out and again I walked toward the bathroom and again another woman this time entered first and she sat down and started having a wet sloppy poop I could hear it splattering into the toilet it sounded like she really had to go and then she flushed the toilet a few times since she had to wipe a bit then she came out and I went in and saw some unflushed toilet paper nothing on it though I guese she just wiped the seat off afterwards there was a slight smell hardly noticeable and then I pooped out one last little peace and over all I had 2 good catches I hope to hear more like that soon.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Can't go :(

I haven't posted for a while because I've had no new stories to tell. That's because I'm constipated :( I can't go at all. I've tried fiber and as much water as possible, as well as my stool softeners and nothing wants to come out. Please help. What can I do to get this poop to finally come out?

30 minutes on the toilet, and I managed to only get out a few big pieces and a whole bunch(6-10)of little turdlets (chunks/pebbles). I sat down to go poop, and I let out two hissing sounding farts. After these farts, it took almost 3 minutes for the first two pieces to come out. They were the bigger of the poops and they made a nice plonk sound when they hit the water. The first 20 minutes on the toilet didn't go too bad. I would push and strain a few times, and a turdlet would come out. After one came out, the next one would be there waiting and I would just have to push a few times before it came out. That's pretty much what I did for 20 minutes-just push, push, push, and then plop. Some were a little tougher to get out and I would have to really push and sometimes I would get red in the face. But eventually, those stubborn poops would come out! It was the last 10 minutes on the toilet, that were the hardest. I could feel the poop right there, and everytime I pushed, I would hear it crackling, but it wouldn't budge! I had to do a lot of straining to get this piece out. I had to push for 5 or 6 minutes just to get it to come out of my butthole! The next 5 minutes was just me pushing and pushing until I finally heard that plop I was waiting for! It wasn't even a big piece! It was just one of those turdlets. It was a little bit bigger than the ones before, but it wasn't that big. I felt pretty empty after that and I wiped and flushed.

Mr. Clogs

Comments, Dan's Survey, and a short story

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: I liked your story about LaToya and her accidentally crapping in her shorts and being a good person to buy her some clothes so she wouldn't walk around in embarrassment. As always keep the posts coming and thank you for the kind words.

Karen: Sorry to hear about that. It could be food poising but you ate a lot and something didn't agree with you. I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous Guy: I'm one of those who like to comment on what the women that post here, I rarely post a comment on the men that post here. I've been posting here for quite sometime and I get positive feedback from both men and women, more so from men. We all have our personal preference, but to each is own. If you look at some of my posts from the past, I'm sure you'll find them interesting or at least I try to make them interesting.

To The Moderator: I liked your response to Anonymous Guy. That's why I try to tailor my posts so it's straight and to the point, leave out extra details of that I do after words if you know what I mean, focus on the audience that I'm posting to, and stay within the guidelines of this site. There are sites out there on the Internet that are dedicated to such stuff that people who go outside the scope of the guidelines of this site. I hope that they bring back the mash head that used to be on this site. Oh well thank you Moderator for keeping this site interesting, safe and clean.

Dan's survey and my responses:

1. Whats the biggest poop you have ever done? When the pile of poop passes the water line of the toilet forming a volcano island.

2. Does the feeling of pushing out a big one feel good? Oh yes and I like it when it does.

3. Do you fart before/during/after a poop? Yes

4. Does having a big butt make it more if an effort to poop? Ummm....never thought, I thought having a big butt makes you poop a lot of turds, LOL! I guess so.

5. What meat makes you poop the most? Protein enriched meats like chicken, turkey, fish or seafood, beef

6. Do you have to push hard to relieve yourself? Sometimes

7. Whats your favourite kind of poop to do? Soft logs are my favorites.

8. Are your dumps generally big? It depends how much food I eat and how much fiber I consume.

Okay onto the short story, I haven't really pooped into containers for a while and since the house was clear I decided to poop into my "pee" cups. I took the large White castle one and took a dump in it. I took off my boxer shorts and put the cut under my butt and made some poop into it. It wasn't much in it so I peed into the same cup and dumped the cup into the toilet, wipe up really good and rinsed the cup out so I can use it again. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands and got dressed and left the bathroom and of course took the cup out of there. Well that's all for now and take care. Peace!



I'm just a long time lurker and love all you folks and your posts. THANK YOU ALL.I can't post my wifes and our experiences as it doesn't belong here. I was just wondering if anyone knows what happened to Upstate Dave. I am also from upstate n.y. Thanks again! Festus


Survey / questions for all females

Hello every one i have a survey/ questions for all the females ...well here i go .....

1: when useing the bathroom n goin pee /poop are your pants around your ankels or where ?
2) do u spread your legs or wat when u go pee/poop?
3) do u make loud plops,ka plunks, or quiet n if u do make loud plops or ka plunks do u get splash bacs?
4) when pooping in public have u heard other females make plopping sound or wat sounds do u hear?
5) on a scale 1-10 how hard do u have to push?
6) when pooping in publc have u seen under the stalls n noticed the other females with ther pants around there ankels n spreadin ther legs?
7) when pooping. N pushing relly hard n still nuttin have u ever had your pants arond your ankels n spreadin your legs n wide n have to dig out your poop cause it was to hard or big to come out or half way stuck ..?. if u have had to dig say yes but if u have not had to explain how u got your poop out..
8) have u or any one u knew that has had to dig cause it was to hard or big or stuck to come out?
9)when poopin n pushing hard have u ever had your legs sprad n pushing hard with your face all strunched up n red in the face?

Well thats all the questions i have if u can awanser them that would be great ..
Well ill be lookin for the results ..n post nx time ....

@ anonymous guy
This is the internet, who knows if anyone really is a girl or guy... Use your imagination.
I was working one day (driving from lunch) and I had to crap really badly. I pulled over and went under a bridge. I crapped in a creek. It was really relaxing and peaceful. It was a sticky hot mess and smelled really bad. I wiped with some napkins from the food place. I guess I was up shit creek

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Guy
Hey, everyone!

Haven't posted anything here in a while -- nothing too interesting about my bathroom experiences! But I do have a story to share.

Like many other parts of the country, it's hecka hot where I live. On the 4th of July, I thought I would go to a local sporting event since I would be off work. I also knew that whenever I had to use the bathroom, I would have a chance to cool off since I could sit and relax. :)

I arrived at the stadium as the gates were opening, so I would have plenty of time to go before the game began. I got a bite to eat and walked around for a little bit before I decided to visit the facilities. The bathroom I entered wasn't too busy -- there were a couple guys at the urinals, but the stalls were vacant. I decided to go into the third stall and have a seat.

I wasn't feeling a strong urge to poop, but I was a little bit gassy, so I thought I might have to poop before too long. Since it was so hot out, it did feel good to be sitting on the toilet with my thighs exposed! From time to time, I would let out a little bit of gas. Only a couple times did a little poop come with it.

While I'm sitting there on the toilet, I could see feet go by my stall. A little boy about 5 entered the stall to my left, accompanied by his dad. His older brother said he was going to pee and then would wait for them. The little boy pulled his pants and underwear down and took a seat. I didn't hear anything coming from his stall -- no talking, no pee sounds, and no poop sounds.

Meanwhile, I'm comfortable on my toilet, letting out a few silent farts from time to time. I kept thinking that I would poop, but I wasn't having much luck. I did let out a few dribbles of pee, but that was about it. My little neighbor kept sitting on his toilet, but I still didn't hear anything from his stall. I thought it was a little weird not even to hear him talking to his dad, but I guess he had to go like I did. I could see his older brother walk by the stall and peek in from time to time.

By this time, I had let out a little bit of poop. I was glad, because I really didn't want to have to leave my seat during the game. I still had plenty of time, and since the bathroom wasn't crowded, I felt I could take my time. My little neighbor remained seated, silently going potty. His brother walked by the stall a few more times, then I saw him get down on the floor (eww!) and crawl into his brother's stall. As I'm sitting there, exposed and vulnerable, I expected the brother (who I'm guessing is about 9 or 10) to look up into my stall. I would like to think I would have been cool with it -- afterall, we both have the same plumbing and have to poop -- but I guess you really don't know how you'll react until it happens. But the brother didn't peek. I guess he wanted to find out what was taking his little brother so long.

So the little boy and I both continue pooping. I finally let out kind of a big fart that sounded a little like a tuba. I heard the little boy on the toilet giggle a little. Between that and the fart I just let, I smiled. I guess farts can be funny no matter how old you are! :) While I'm still seated, my little neighbor begins the process of wiping and getting cleaned up. I'm still feeling gassy, and since I was relatively comfortable, I remained seated. Since I was feeling a little sweaty before, I was glad to let some air get to my thighs.

Anyway, there's a little more to my story. I think I'll save it and post later. By the way...Lauren, I enjoy your posts. Keep 'em coming! Does anyone know what's happened to Car Mom? I miss her stories and always enjoy reading them.

Happy peeing and pooping! :)
Some Guy

Hi! I have a story I want to tell. First I'll tell you what my best friend Mary and I look like, so you can accurately picture us while reading the story. I'm 16, and I have medium-length curly black hair and brown eyes. I'm about 5'3" and pretty slim, but I have a big curvy butt. Mary is 15, and she has long straight strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She's around 4'11 and slim, though she's a bit chubbier than I am. She has a small butt, unlike me.

Now here's the story, that happened on Friday. I went to soccer practice. Mary was also there and she was nearly late, which almost never happens. She's usually one of the first to arrive. Two hours later when practice was over, we walked to her house, about ten minutes away. Along the way, she told me she really had to do a number two. She refused to use the porta-potties at the ball field. I can't say I blame her as they are quite filthy, and I was holding it myself, though just for a number one.

She was holding her butt often as we walked, and I was wondering if she'd make it. Finally though, we arrived at her house and headed immediately for the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and spread her legs. She moaned and then there was a crackling sound as she started to poop. Her first piece barely made a noise as it fell into the toilet. She did three other pieces which had more noticeable plops. She wiped five times.

She stood up and we looked at her poop. She had done a long one, I think maybe a foot and a half. A short one, like four inches and two each about eight inches long. I sat down and had a much needed pee, then I wiped my ladypart. I flushed the toilet and some of her poop stayed around. I flushed again and it was all gone.

Anonymous Guy

Question about this site

I have a question. I've been reading this site for a few months now and it's getting harder and harder to find stories by guys. Pretty much every post is by a female, and when it isn't, it's by a guy commenting on a girl's post.

So I'm wondering... why the lack of guys? I don't have a problem with girls, its just that I don't fancy reading about their bathroom experiences. You would think there would be more guys since we're usually so open about the subject of pooping.

Again, no offense to the girls. I just really enjoy reading about the guys. :)

Thanks to anyone who answers.

Look at this one from our perspective. After taking out all the spam, posts that are too long to do anything with, and posts that raise obvious red flags. We're left with a pool of posts that have a high probability of being legitimate. (Nothing left at this point has been screened for content.) Breaking that down by sex, and what can't be printed:

-Women, (and most often British women for some reason) tend to post a small but steady stream of creepy/highly inappropriate posts. Most seem oblivious that what they're posting is not printable and are persistent about it.
-Men worldwide are the same. There are only a few like the above posts from women and they seem to be isolated, not persistent. Probably 30-50% of the male posts are short and to the point: I just ________ with my wife/boyfriend/girlfriend. I want you women to _________ and send me a ________. I like to watch/read about ___________. etc.

The stuff that falls off the bell curve tells what Males' vs. Females' next step or desire is. For males going to the bathroom is not attached to menstruation or undressing (privacy?) as it is for women, so it gets developed unchecked in its purest form from youth straight through puberty. As a result, relieving oneself seems to be a crude, primal, male dominated activity in real life. There is no shock value left for most men. Men seem to have gotten over the practical stuff in grade school, and want to take things to extremes if possible, That seems like what a lot of them are on the internet for. Women seem to want to act out things that are practically doable but "naughty" (exact word usually used) frowned on by society. There seems to be a desire to take things out in public. Women seem to be really polite and subtle whether they know it or not, in posts that don't make it. Often the small XXX rated details are slipped in just like they are items of ordinary conversation. Truth is, there's only a small amount of leeway beyond having an accident or and "accident". When it involves a partner, when it's a planned exercise in desperation, when the post is about how it turns you on, when you're playing with yourself and that plausible, but reeeeeealy creepy and probably questionable in most southern states story we keep getting about the girl, the dog and the party. That's all beyond the scope of what we do and the FAQ covers that at length. That's the point where you have to ask yourself, what am I really longing for? Can I do this in Alabama? There are sites and places in real life that do these things uh... the ones that are legal at least. They're for grownups. We don't want to be grownups. We want to keep farts funny. We want to teach the commode a lesson. The endorphin rush, the feeling of relief, the desire to look, compare and measure, the confession, the resulting feeling of accomplishment, the idea of going somewhere new, the journey, the epic battle win or loose, the "I did THAT" are what we do here. Those items seem to be all in a day's work for most men/boys.


Sick with diarrhea, maybe food poisoning

Hi friends, I'm not doing so hot today but I've got a diarrhea story to share.

Yesterday after my weekly heavy depletion workout day at the gym I went to my brother's house for dinner which was to be my weekly cheat meal for carb load day, his wife is usually a great cook but I guess something was off. I don't know whether is was her cooking that made me sick or something else I ate earlier in the day.

My entire food intake yesterday was steel cut oatmeal with brown sugar and almonds and two strawberry poptarts for breakfast, two bunless burgers and a piece of apple pie for lunch, a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat pre workout, a big coconut chocolate protein shake with a banana and four twinkies post workout, then later that evening for dinner at my brother's house we had homemade spaghetti with meat sauce, spinach salad with creamy dressing, galic breadsticks with marinara sauce, and banana cream pie for dessert, I drank two glasses of red wine with dinner. I got a frozen yogurt on my way home. Later that night at around 11:30 I got sick. I threw up five times in the night then finally fell asleep around 4am. Woke up at 10am this morning and have been having explosive diarrhea about once an hour, had to scrub my toilet each time due to the brown dots that splashed. Been taking a lot of showers. Can't keep anything down, not even soda, it makes me retch and I get rumblings in my gut that make me go diarrhea. Thinking of taking a walk in the fresh air but I fear I might mess my pants if I get another cramp. Maybe I'll just sit outside a while. Maybe try some gingerale with crackers and hard cheese later or tomorrow if I feel like going shopping.


Hot Wings + Spicy Nachos = Toilet Mess

Last night my family went out for dinner and for appetizers we ordered some super hot wings and cheesy pizza bread. Then for my main course, I ordered tacos and they were drizzled with sweet thai sauce. Both things were oh so good, but they definitely did a number on my bowels! About an hour or so after dinner, I started letting out some really stinky farts and my stomach was starting to hurt. Dinner had finally made its way through my system and it wanted out NOW! I knew I couldn't hold in my poop for much longer, so off to the toilet I went! As soon as I sat down, my butt opened up. It wasn't liquid poop, but it was pretty loose and soft! For 5 continuous minutes it was just 'plopploplopploplopplopploppllpplopplopplopplop.' There would be a couple of really wet farts, which were accompanied by some more 'ploplopplopplops.' I even got splash back on some of the plops! That's how many and how fast they were exiting me! The whole time I was on the toilet, there was a steady stream of plops and farts coming out of me. No breaks at all until I was finished. It only took 5-8 minutes to empty myself and when I looked in the toilet, all I saw was brown water with chunks floating around. It was not a pretty sight! I wiped a few times and then was done in the bathroom. There was no more pooping the rest of the night and even today, I haven't gone yet. I must have really emptied myself out last night.


PDX Question

Hi PDX. I was wondering how you go about finding a boyfriend or someone you date who would be ok with helping you (or you helping him) with a bowel movement. It doesn't seem to be something that would usually come up in conversation or post on a dating site profile. Do you bring it up in a non-specific kind of way and see how he reacts? And have you been successful in finding someone like that? Just curious.

I have brought up pooping situations with friends, usually when I use a doorless stall. Most tend to freak out and say they couldn't use one. I did have one buddy who showed me a video someone sent him of himself sitting on the toilet and taking a crap and a leak. My buddy enjoyed it, though. A few weeks later, I remembered this and sent him a video of me taking a leak and a dump. It wasn't graphic because you couldn't actually see the pee or poop, but you could hear it. The vid just showed me unbuckling my belt, dropping my briefs and shorts, sitting down and taking a dump and pee. Then it showed me wiping between my legs and while standing up. He laughed when he got it, but said he liked it! What the heck, I gotta pee and poop and I don't care if someone wants to see it.

I was out camping with my family. When I went to the bathroom because I felt the need to relieve myself after some good eaten. Well I went to the bathroom and lucky me there was one open. I went in and took a seat. As I sat down I began to pee. Then I heard a giant fart next to me. Then I heard a huge plop. By then I was done peeing. I then heard a huge fart and a plop next to me. Then the person was done. I let out a few farts and then a medium sized turd. I let out 9 pebble sized turds. Then one more medium and I was done!

How many of you heard plops from next door?


to Jenn

I liked your story, especially the part about Mervyn's. It was a low cost department store where I used to shop. All of the stores were shut down about 4 years ago. The sinks just had cold water faucets, probably to avoid lawsuits.


Accident in my pants at work

I normally do not work on Saturday but this week I was scheduled. I do not remember if I last pooped on Wednesday or Thursday morning but as a precaution I put on protective underpants. They look like over sized rubber panties. I put them on over my string-bikini underwear because the rubber directly against my skin tends to sweat. Anyway, I run a delivery route. I report to work at 8:00, sort the items according to the route sequence, and load my vehicle. I begin the route around 10:30 thinking I should have pooped before leaving the office. As I work the deliveries, the urges come and go. About half into the route, I feel an urge and think because I am sitting, I can relax and only release the gas, the solid will not come out. I push out multiple farts before realizing they are not farts...they are liquid. Wearing pooped pants, I made deliveries to dozens of people.

Completing the deliveries I had to return to the office, finish the paperwork and put away my equipment. This could not be done sitting. As I was putting away my equipment, a strong urge arose and runny wet poop started coming out. I quickly sat on the edge of the desk to stop it.

After a few minutes, the urge eased and I finished the requirements of the job and clocked out. I knew cleaning up there was not a realistic option...I needed to wash not just wipe but a I also was not done pooping. I went to the washroom and pulled down my pants, pulled down my protective underwear, pulled down my poopy underpants and sat on the toilet to release the solid poop still in me.

When I was finished pooping, I did not waste time or tissue. I pulled the poopy underpants back up, pulled the protective underwear back up, pulled my pants back up, and drove home. In total, I was sitting in those poopy pants more than three hours.



To Jenn, Digestion takes 12-72 hours, so what you ate was not what came out.

TOILET / General

- Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? (home, work, public....)

- Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across?
Unless the toilet is downright gross I'll use it.

- How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?
I sit with my bottoms at my knees and also have my knees touching and legs somewhat close to each other. And slightly leaned over.

- does the time of the month affect going to the bathroom, pee/ poop wise?
No comment.
- do you use a lot of of toilet paper?
Only 2-4 wipes I don't have messy poops often.

PEE / #1, etc

- How often do you pee?
4-7 times a day.

- What color / shade is it?
Clear 95% of the time.

- Do you pee a lot in one go?

- does your pee make any noise?
The normal noise?

- Do you enjoy peeing?
I enjoy sitting on a toilet and relieving myself.


- How often do you fart?
Not very often.

- What type of farts do you do? (silent, loud, wet, dry, smelly,

- What's your favorite fart to let out?
Don't know.

- Are you shy about doing them?
If I'm using the toilet I don't care.

- How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?
I would not care.

- Do you fart on the toilet? If yes, do tell!
I will have 2-3 small farts at the end.

- Do you enjoy farting? If yes, what about it?
Not really there is nothing to enjoy.

- Do they smell?

POOP, #2, etc..

- How often do you poop?
Once a day.

- What foods etc make you poop more than usual, or change your dumps?
Well everyday I always eat apples, fibre, bran, and yogurt which all contribute in making me have easy and healthy poops.

- do you eat certain things knowing you'll have to poop sooner than usual, or that change your dumps?
If I eat more fibre or bran then usual it will.

- What types of poop comes out? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid, rock-hard / bumpy, mushy or loose...)
Smooth, long, and thick poop.

- What's your favorite poop to do?
Same as usual, easiest to have.

- What size are they?
Range from 4-10 inches and recently had a 12" so you never know.

- Does a lot come out?
See last answer.

- When you poop do you require effort?
No I could easily have my poop in a minute but I choose to relax and slowly let it out.

- Does your poop smell?
Not very much.

- What's a sign that you have to poop? (farting, full stomach, grumbling, pressure in your anus...)
Pressure in my bum.

- What time of you day you usually poop?
Usually during am hours and sometimes early pm.

- Is there any noise when you poop? (such as farting, your load crackling out, plops, moaning / grunting...)
Small farts at the end.

- Do you enjoy pooping?


Post Title (optional) TOXIC DUMP - Reply To Jenn in Ca

Hey Jenn i'm still LMAO over your post. You sure have a way with words ! I can feel your pain etc. Sends us another gem anytime.

Monday, July 23, 2012



Hi, love this site it's so cool!!

Have a few questions for all you poopers out there, so please take the time to have
A little look and answer if you wish :)

1. Whats the biggest poop you have ever done?
2. Does the feeling of pushing out a big one feel good?
3. Do you fart before/during/after a poop?
4. Does having a big butt make it more if an effort to poop?
5. What meat makes you poop the most?
6. Do you have to push hard to relieve yourself?
7. Whats your favourite kind of poop to do?
8. Are your dumps generally big?

Thanks for reading

Happy pooping!


Another old survey I found

Height. 5'0
weight. 105
status. Single
location. Canada

my toilet survey habits

do you poop in public ? Yes. I have problems with it.
do you sit on the toilet bare bottom or cover the sit or squat?
I sit bare bottom on the seat
Do you pee in public? Yes

When you poop in public do you grunt and strain? I do both. But I don't do it too loudly.
How far do you pull your pants or shorts and panties down? In public, just down to my knees. At home, all the way down/off

Do you like pooping? Yes
Do you like peeing? Yes

Have you seen anyone pee or poop on accident? No
Have you seen anyone pee or poop on intention? Yes, some friends
Have anyone saw you pee or poop ? Yes, friends

What places you poop at beside at home? Wal-Mart, the mall, really anywhere that isn't my work or church.
Is there a place you have poop at but you won't do that again?
Not that I know of.

My ex-boyfriend and I re-initiated contact. We ended the relationship, as many couples chose to do, as a result of the transition from high school to college. We were both born and raised in New York. I went to school in Vermont and he went all the way to California. He decided to stay over there. I'm going to grad school over there and when we found out we were near each other, a meeting between the two of us seemed like a no brainer. After chatting away like the good old days, he suggested we meet on my lunch break from work the very next day. I agreed and deferred restaurant judgement to him as he was familiar with this area. This was my first mistake. He chose Mimi's Cafe, a chain I had never heard of, but would learn to despise in the coming days.

I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Salad. This was my second mistake. This three thousand calorie bomb was placed in front of me by the waitress. Famished, not thinking straight, and distracted at the prospect of reuniting with my ex, I feverishly dunked the buffalo strips into copious amounts of ranch dressing. The waitress was making consistent trips back to the table to refill my water. I was expecting a trip to the bathroom in the near future, but for a number 1, not a number 2, if what I did could even be called that.

It was at this point that rumblings deep within my bowels began to manifest. My pupils dilated. Before the meal had even been digested, I knew Armageddon was upon me. I glibly told him that it was time to get the bill and leave.

"But I thought you had an hour of lunch?" she asked. We had only spent twenty minutes together.

"I forgot that I have some things to take care of."

Somewhat disappointed, he agreed. At this point my sphincter was already puckering. Smoldering hot gasses began to emanate from it like an angry volcano. I clenched my ass cheeks and furled my brow, locked in battle. I cursed the waitress under my breath, and stared daggers as she lazily made her way over with the bill. I cursed the existence of every human being on the planet for not operating on the assumption that my bowels need to be accommodated every second of every day. I wished I could just scream to the world "I really need to shit!" and my needs to be taken care of immediately.

In the parking lot I rushed the hug, to my ex's disappointment. I then climbed in my car, and started the engine as if I was headed back to my apartment. But this was only a ruse. I knew there was no chance in hell I could make it back to my place with this kind of doom impending. I gritted my teeth, revved the engine, and droveacross the strip mall parking lot, and parked in front of a Mervyn's, another chain I had never heard of until this day. But, it had the look of a department store and they usually have toilets, so I took the chance.

I shuffled inside like one of those death row convicts in ankle shackles, knowing the slightest parting of my cheeks would unleash chemical warfare. I scooted to the women's room at the back of the store and entered. Aha, it was empty! I worked my way into the last stall, dropped my jeans and panties to the floor, and just as my ass hit the commode, the shit of the century took place.

An absolute fury of fiery orange liquid erupted from within me with the force of a geyser. At the most, I figured I had to worry about the brown water squirts, but this was an entirely new animal. As the unholy liquid spread forth from inside me, creating considerable splash back, my skin blistered and tore with the spicy second payback that only buffalo chicken can provide. I winced and bit my lip to contain the pain. And just as fast as it started, it was over. The water in the toilet had risen two inches and now fumed like a pit of sulfur. I swear there were literal stink lines rising from below. I reached for the toilet paper and immediately reeled in pain at first contact. There was considerable damage and I would have to let things cool down before commencing a proper cleanup operation.

Just then, some poor unfortunate soul wandered into the bathroom; and for reasons unknown to everyone but God, she chose the stall next to m. That poor, poor woman would pay for her mistake, for I had not yet mustered the courage to courtesy flush. Before she could even undo her belt, I heard her inhale.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "Oh Jesus"

She ran out of the room like her name was Usain Bolt. My face turned beet red. My stench had driven away a woman from using the toilet. I had to double check the walls to make sure the paint wasn't peeling off, because I know if I was in her position, I would be gone the second I got a whiff of what was in this toilet. I knew, no matter how much it hurt, I needed to get out of this store. I rolled a huge wad of toilet paper and tried to wipe. I was pure liquid back there. A bathroom such as this was not equipped for a cleaning job of this magnitude. Not to mention, I was on the verge of tears because of the smell. I pulled my pants up and cringed as the contents of my butt became acquainted with my panties. The sound of the squish still haunts me.

Driving home, in the hot California sun, going through bumper to bumper traffic, smelling the leftovers of my Buffalo dump, is an experience I'd like to have erased from my memory, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-style. I waddled into my apartment and took a shower. I burned the panties I was wearing, fearing the garbagemen would not accept my trash with them in there. I could still detect the faint fumes of my sweating, stinking ass in my cars for weeks to come.

As for my ex, well, now he is my husband; and up to this day, he still doesn't know how close our relationship came to total annihilation.



TOILET / General

- Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? (home, work, public....)
At home or somewhere alone.

- Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across?
I usually hold it, but if i gotta go, I gotta go.

- How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?
At home, I sit usually and I live alone so I'm usually naked when I use the bathroom plus it's more comfortable that way and I feel so much better.

- does the time of the month affect going to the bathroom, pee/ poop wise?
Sometimes I pee a lot.
- do you use a lot of of toilet paper?
If my shit is messy.

PEE / #1, etc

- How often do you pee?
3-6 times a day. I drink a lot of water and my peeing also depends on how much alcohol I've had. I pee a lot when I'm tipsy or drunk.

- What color / shade is it?
Yellow, sometimes clear.

- Do you pee a lot in one go?
If I haven't peed in a while or when I'm drunk, like I said.

- does your pee make any noise?
Umm, when it's going in the toilet? hahaha

- Do you enjoy peeing?
When I've been desperate to go.


- How often do you fart?
A LOT. Let me tell you that much. :D

- What type of farts do you do? (silent, loud, wet, dry, smelly,
Usually wet and smelly.

- What's your favorite fart to let out?
Loud, wet and stinky farts.

- Are you shy about doing them?
In public, yes. At home, not at all.

- How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?
People have farted around me and if it was a friend, I laughed and so did they.

- Do you fart on the toilet? If yes, do tell!
Oh yes. I fart up a storm when I take a shit or have diarrhea.

- Do you enjoy farting? If yes, what about it?
Yes. It makes me feel good and I just like to relive myself.

- Do they smell?

POOP, #2, etc..

- How often do you poop?
4-6 times a day.

- What foods etc make you poop more than usual, or change your dumps?
Hot dogs, burgers, beans, protein shakes, basically anything with a lot of fiber.

- do you eat certain things knowing you'll have to poop sooner than usual, or that change your dumps?

- What types of poop comes out? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid, rock-hard / bumpy, mushy or loose...)
Soft solid logs.

- What's your favorite poop to do?
Solid and soft. Those slide right out of me.

- What size are they?
About 4-6 inches.

- Does a lot come out?

- When you poop do you require effort?
Not at all.

- Does your poop smell?
Yes, but when I eat the foods I listed above, you wouldn't wanna go in the bathroom for a good while.

- What's a sign that you have to poop? (farting, full stomach, grumbling, pressure in your anus...)
Farting and pressure on my stomach.

- What time of you day you usually poop?
Throughout the day but mostly at night.

- Is there any noise when you poop? (such as farting, your load crackling out, plops, moaning / grunting...)
Usually just farting, a little moan and a little crackling. During a stinky/messy shit, lots of farting and grunting.

- Do you enjoy pooping?


I have to tinkle

Hello! I would like to share an embarrasing story about me!
Recently, I was driving on the highway, and I stopped at an exit to get some coke. I was so thirsty and I chugged it down. I was wearing jeans and white panties. My, u know the thing between my legs had been bothering me lately, i was on my period and had to change tampons frequently. About 15 minutes later, I felt I had to tinkle. My bladder is very weak. I can only hold it 30 mins tops or else, I will tinkle my pants. There was no rest stop and I kept on driving. I first tried to cross my legs to hold it in. It worked for about 5 minutes and the urge to tinkle became worse. So then I tried to drive with one hand and hold my, u know, oh I'll say it! Vagina, with the other. It lasted 10 minutes. I fidgeted around while waiting in traffic. Finally, I found my exit and got off the highway. I was down to 5 minutes max! I raced home and my vagina started to sting! I ran up my driveway holding my hand around my jeans between my legs and pulled out my purse. I frantically looked for my key. I found it! I unlocked the door, and ran into my bathroom. My jeans belt wouldn't unzip! I started to moan.
" I NEED TO PEE! UNN..." I screamed. I am single so far so noone could hear bc I live alone. I felt a squirt of pee come out.
"NO!" I screamed. Then another squirt. Then my panties were soaked. I held my vagina with both hands to try and calm the pressure. It failed. Then as I tried to unzip my fly so I could sit myself down and tinkle in peace, all the pee came gushing out.
" UHHHHH..........." I sighed in relief. My vagina was feeling great. The pee came out straight down, then spread to both sides. In two straight lines the pee went down my jeans spreading around them. My Pee was still flowing out heavily. My shoes and socks were soaked. I just stood there and counted exactly 1 minute and 25 seconds in my head. I wish I were a boy I thought, all I would do is whip it out pee and be done! My pee finally stopped. I unzipped my jeans and checked them out. They were completely soaked. My panties were soaked as well. I pulled down my panties and looked at my vagina. It was dripping wet, and my tampon was soaked. I pulled it out and it tickled. It was covered in wetness of pee and blood. I got a new tampon and put it on. I then cleaned my bathroom floor and washed my panties and jeans, and then threw out my dirty tampon. My shoes I let out to dry and I threw my socks and half wet shirt in the wash. I walked back into my bathroom and took off my bra. I sat down on the toilet to see if I had to tinkle again. More came out. I wiped and flushed. I went up into my room and got into nice dry panties and a bra. I curled up in bed and relaxed. Can you believe this all happened yesterday? Cyas! Christine.


reply to Poopygirly

Poopygirly--- I would guess it depends on what way your stomach hurts. Sometimes my stomach muscles hurt either after a bunch of diarrhea or after a hard one where I had to push really hard, but I'm not sure if that's the same as what you mean.


4th Story

To Alyssa, Weird bathroom, and you can't poop without your legs spread out while I personally need my legs inside and knees touching to have a poop.
To Emily, Sounded relieving but that was very unhealthy you know.

Today I was at the gym near my neighborhood. It was nearing the end of my workout and I had not had a poo yet which I usually do by this time (6:50pm). I had one last cardio on the bike to do until stretching after. While on the bike I could feel large pressure in my bum the indication that I need a poop. I finished and got up and the urge got greater. Stretching was uncomfortable because my belly was hurting now. I go to the change room and see the toilet is occupied. I sat and the pressure got even greater. I have not needed a poo this badly in awhile so it was pretty uncomfortable. I hear a flush and a lady in her 20's comes out and leaves without washing her hands. I shut the stall door and pull my bottoms down to my knees and sit down. The toilet seat there is very comfortable so that's a plus. Usually I take 5 minutes to start but the urge was so great it took 1 minutes before a smooth and thick poo started coming out. It took longer to come out so I knew it was big. I relax a bit and farted twice. I grab some toilet paper and go for a wipe before I see the huge poop I had. At least a foot long and pretty thick. That was the biggest poop I have ever had. I still felt unrelieved for some reason. I wiped and pulled my shorts and panties back on, flushed and went to the sink. I washed my hands and face and I felt a really bad stomach ache. I thought I can't have to poop again I just had that big one. But I was wrong when I felt something churn in my bum and noticed I was about to get diarrhea. My last stories involved diarrhea and I guess it caught up to me. I walk back into the stall and pull my bottoms back down and sit. Almost immediately I started letting out massive amounts of wet poop. I kept pooping for about 5 minutes until I was done and wiped. A pretty large pile of diarrhea was in the toilet and I finally felt relieved. With all of that poo out of me I feel like I wont poop for the next 3 days. Well see you next story.


Gotta Go Right Now!

Brandon T: Thank's for your response :) You sound like a nice guy, you side to post more and I am asking the same with you, I have read your stories before and I like them a lot. being a girl I will probubly have a lot of stories, becaue when a girl's gotta go a girls gotta go. Us girls can't hold it in as long as boy's can. Anyway, I really gotta go right now but my friend is on the potty and she refuses to let me go tinkle and I have a fear of going anywear but the potty, what should I do, HELP!

Katie Pie

Short Funny Story~

So, I'm constipated, and bored, and stuck on the pot. So while I'm sitting there, I'm twisting my wrists, and saying "Kah, may, haa, may, haa!" At the last 'Ha' I break loose with a lot of poo and some wet farts. I'm sitting there, eyes wide, thinking 'I DO have super powers!!!'

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Poopygirly as always another great story it sounds like you had a great poop at that rest stop it sounds like you really had to poop to and that could be the reason your stomach hurts or you may just have gas trapped in it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alyssa as always another great story it sounds like you were having a rough time and at least your friend Sarah was there to help you out shes a true friend to you and was there for you in your time of need hopefully you will be there for her when she needs help and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like your friend Kara had an upset stomach or something I hope she felt better and it sounds like you had a good poop yourself and as always I look forward your next post thanks.

To: Tia as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough time I hope your poop gets back to normal soon and great story about your walmart poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Student it sounds like that girl was beyond desperate she shouldve whispered to the teacher that she was feeling sick it would have been embarrassing but far less then that accident was.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story it sounds like you really had to poop but not as much as your boss did it sounds like she was desperate from that laxative but it was kind of you to help her out even though others wouldnt after how she treated you by doing so I think you made a new friend in her which is good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emily first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you took a very good dump and I bet you felt great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Megan first welcome back and great story about your poop in the store it sounds like it was a pretty good one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shane (female) as always another great story and that really sucks you got in an accident at least you didnt suffer any major injuries and it sounds like you may need a stool softener or a laxative that may help and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nishita as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go poop bad and your mom shouldnt blame you when you gotta poop you gotta poop your body knows this and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

well thats all for now.

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Had a nice poop today :) It just slid right out, with no problems. It sure felt good being able to poop without having to push all the time. Once I sat down, I started peeing and as I was peeing the poop started coming out. It would have been a pretty long log, but it broke off twice as it was coming out. They were pretty big pieces too, and they made loud plops as they hit the water. After a minute or so, I was done pooping.

I am pretty sure that I will have to go again later, but I doubt it will be an easy poop like this one. Poops like this are few and far between for me.

Just a guy
Tia - wow, those last 2 poops you described really sound like they were a big ordeal. Hopefully, you'll be rewarded with an easy poop.

Megan - I'm glad to see you're still posting. I enjoyed your post - sounded like it was a good dump and that you got to hear a couple other woman having a good one too. It's too bad your friend, Leanne hasn't been able to post successfully. Her stories are great and are missed.


To: Shane (female)

Just read your "I got Hurt" post.
Pain Meds are the worst constipators and having something in that area that hurts (like your tail bone) will make it far worse. Do yourself a favor. buy an extra large size Fleet enema. Dump the contents down the drain and fill the bottle with warm water. Ask your boyfriend to give you two, one after the other. If you hold it for a while, pooping will be a LOT less difficult!
Oh, if your boyfriend won't help you, maybe you have the wrong guy.


TO Tia

>I don't like others hearing me struggling to poop. I have no problems >with them hearing me fart, or hearing my poops come out, though.

I'm exactly the same way, I hate people hearing me grunt. I wonder what it is about grunting that is so embarrassing? Did anyone ever comment on how much you grunt?

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Poop at rest stop

Hey people,
Well my family and I were on are way home from a trip. I felt the need to go #2 well in the car. We finally stoped at a rest stop. So my mom and I went to the bathroom. I took the stall next to her.
My mom and I began to let out are pee. My mom farted rather loudly a few times well peeing. Then my mom was done but I was not and I was not about to hold my number 2.
So I than farted a few times. I than began to push farted again than I heard crackling. I grunted quietly. Then plop my first poo came out followed by two more plops. I was not done yet. I pushed again and out came 3 more plops medium size. Then like 10 pebble sized ones came out one by one. I farted again I felt more in me. I then let out two more medium plops. I then farted again and was done. it felt so good :]

Have any of you heard your mother let them rip tell me a story.
I was curious sometimes after I poop my stomach hurts does tht mean I had more poop in me?


Response to Nishita

I just finished reading your story of when you were sixteen. I'm sure that it was very awful to have your mom and family react that way to you having an accident, but I don't think you should go to the extreme of seeing a therapist for this.

Your mom acted very out of line and blew it out of proportions. You didn't go into detail about the therapy sessions or why you went to them, but if it's just because you had accidents then you should stop. That doesn't mean that anything is wrong with you. It just means that either you have weak control or or that you can hold it for a long time, but then don't realize when you absolutely need to go.

Keep your chin up and know that there's many others that are experiencing what you have right now.

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