when I taught a little girl how to pee like the big girls

Hi everyone,

today I'm going to tell you the story of [insert Title] ;).

This happened about 4 years ago, when I was still living at home. My friend Eve's parents were in this christian community thing, where they did something with other families once or twice per month. And since Eve's parents made her go to those activities frequently, even though she was the only person around 17 there, she always asked me to come along. I always felt it was fun with Eve, but I could imagine how dreadful boring it might've been with only little kids or people the age of your parents around.

So this time we went hiking. It's not really my thing, I like cycling and mountain biking more, but what the heck. Another thing with Eve's parents is that they also always take along some of Eve's cousins or whomever in the family wants to get rid of their kids for the day.

Eve and I were walking a bit in the back, sticking to ourselves and talking about girly stuff and having fun. So after about 2 hours I felt the need to pee. We were walking through a forest right now and I just wanted to head into the bushes for a second. Either it was a weird coincidence or Eve's mum has the 6th sense. So the moment I leave the path to go between the trees, she shouts:
"Tina, do you mind taking Helen with you? She has to go potty!"
Well actually I do mind, because Helen is a 5 year old smart mouth and suuuper annoying. But I didn't want to bitch, so I put up my most cheerful voice: "Yes of course!"
So I went into the bushes with Eve's little cousin and I thought she'd be old enough to go on her own. She looks at me, I look at her and ... nothing happens.
"Go ahead Helen, we can't wait around all day", I said.
She looks at me with round eyes. "You gotta help me!" 0_0
*Sigh* so I open her pants and pull them down just a little, so she doesn't pee on herself and suddenly she puts her arms around my neck and hangs onto me. "Stop that Helen." I'm getting annoyed.
"You gotta hold me!" she shouts, her innocent voice almost splitting my eardrum.
"Hold you for what?" I ask, freeing myself from her stranglehold.
"Hold me so I can go potty!" She still looks at me, no impish grin, pure innocence, she was serious. I remembered when I was waiting in line at the ski lift, a couple of yards away on the other side of the fence I saw a mom pick up a little girl by the knees, resting the girls back against her legs, so that her butt was in the air and she went wee-wee. Maybe that was what she wanted. I was about to pick her up, when I wondered why. When I was 5, I could already go pee in the bushes on my own, plus she was probably 30 lbs.
"Ah, Helen," I started, "wouldn't you like to go potty like the big girls?"
"Oh yes! Show me!"
"You just spread your legs, squat down and go."
She does it, and everything looks perfectly in order,but of course she's a smart mouth: "It won't work, I'll pee on my pants." - "No, you won't, your pants are up here and your vag-anny is down there." - "Is so! You have to show me!"
I didn't want to argue, the others had probably already stopped and waited for us, which I felt a little embarrassed about.
"Okay, pay attention!" I unbuttoned my pants, while I asked myself, if I was able to pee, while that brat was staring at my crotch, but it was to late now anyways. It felt so weird... It had been ages since I had just undressed like this in front of someone else. "Look I just pull my pants down a little, so when I squat they're not in the way."
Helen cocked her head and stared at my crotch. I felt myself clench, but before I couldn't pee and clench even more, Helen asked: "Why do you have so many hairs down there?"
Actually I didn't think I have a lot of hairs, I also always trim them with the hair clippers. Suddenly I realized her family might be very prudish and she had never seen somebody older naked.
Suddenly it wasn't awkward at all. She was just a child and was curious and that was all. I immediately relaxed and started peeing :D It actually was kinda exciting having her look at my crotch, which I find weird to this day...
So when Helen had seen enough, she squatted next to me and started peeing. I felt proud of that fact that she didn't pee on her pants or shoes :)

"Let's go catch up with the others Helen, but before you go talk to them, stick with me and Eve for a second, we have to tell you something!"
So we went back to the path and I was surprised to only find Eve there waiting for us. We took Helen in the middle and told her that she should keep this secret from the mum and aunt until next time they want to hold her to go potty. And then she can tell them that she can already go like the big girls and they'll be so surprised.
Funny how things like this change the way you feel about somebody. Now Helen isn't just an annoying brat anymore, it feels more like she's my little cousin or something.

Brandon T

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To: Some Dude great story it sounds like you got lucky seeing that.

To: Tia as always another great story and im glad you feel better I bet that dump felt like heaven and I bet you feel alot better and lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nishita first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had the day from hell but it happens to us all at some point is the way the universe works lol and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you had a rough time at the hospital costipation sucks at least you got relief and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jacob as always another great story about your cousin it sounds like she really had to poop bad and alot to but at least you were there to help her and I bet she felt great after that and as always I look forward to your next post about her thanks.

Yesterday I pooped at that book store again it was kinda painfull but no blood it was about 4 inches long couldnt tell it was down the hole mostly and about 2 1/2 inches across I handnt pooped for 2 days and when I flushed I think I clogged the toilet I didnt stick around to find out I still feel more in me maybe another story later tonight.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs

Night-time and first pee of the morning into a cup

This is going to be a quick post. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I had to pee. I was too sleepy and walk to the bathroom to pee into the toilet and grabbed one of those large size White Castle plastic cups and peed into it figuring I would pee a lot not so the case. I put the cup up to my manhood and filled it up with my rich dark yellow urine into the cup filling it about 1/4 full. I put the cup on top of the lid of my trash can and went back to sleep. In the morning I had to pee again. So I got up to take a piss into that same cup from last night filling the cup now half way with my morning pee. The color of the pee into the cup got much darker now. So I went to the bathroom to pour the piss filled cup into the toilet and rinsed out the cup and went back to my room.

I hope you like my post, please feel free to comment.


Desperate to poop

Desp poop on hols

Hi all

Been on holiday and went to Devon. Main town I was at had unisex toilets with urinals for men only in a seperate section. One day I was out in the town and the need for a pooh had been brewing and I decided it needed out. I hadn't been for 2 days unusual for me and it def felt like it wanted out now!

It was a busy weekend and not to my surprise there was a queue for the toilets, there were 5, but one was out of order. There was a queue of mainly women as men could wee in the urinals. at the front was a gent, who prob needed a pooh, two ladies in their 40's, a mom and daughter it seemed, another 2 gents and a young girl in her 20's and 2 ladys in ther 50's

One toilet must have had a serious dumper in as she was in for ages. the gent also had to pooh, he was in for five mins, this left two and after a few mins both opened up and the two 40 yrs old went in for a pee, the first one came out allowing the Mom to go in, she had been rubbing her ???? slightly and also pooed as she was in for a while also. The gent came out about the same time as the other lady which allowed the daughter and the gent to go in.

Not surpisingly the gent was pooping, and there was now the lady in cubicle 1 that had been in all the time, the new gent, the mom and the daughter.

I was getting more desperate now and the 50 yr old looked anxious too. The mom continued to poop as her daughter waited outside, the gent continued to poop, but the daughter only needed a pee which allowed the young girl to rush in. She had been jiggling and needed a pee. I was now very desperate and was relieved when the young girl came out to allow the 50 yr old in.

This left the mom still pooping, the 1st 50 yr old, the lady who had been in all the time and the gent. The gent finally came out and the other 50yr old went in.

I was now desperate, desp desp and it seemed everyone was pooping. Finally the mom came out and I went into a stinky brown streaked toilet pan, with a queue of 5 behind me. But they'd have to wait. I needed a good clear out and was very horny (lol). I erupted with soft serve and could just make out the sound of diarreoh in the 1st cubicle.

I was in for ten mins having a good clear out and some other fun

I left very relieved and happy

Happy Pooping

hello everyone! it Ash!~ sorry it has been a while! i have been extremely busy with life! i have some many cool experiences that i have been dying to post about but i havent had the time! so i have a really cool experience from a week ago that i want to share with everyone!

On July 5th i had a day to myself! so i decided to go up to the softball park and spend the day there! my meal plan for that day included: breakfest 7:30am an extra large bowel of raisin bran with bananas! i also had four scrambled eggs and three sausages: to drink i had a regular glass of orange juice and a regular glass of apple juice! i also had can of soda as well! for lunch i decided to go out! i stopped by mcdonalds and ordeded a crispy chicken and a large fries! i orded a large dr. pepper! then at 2:20pm i arrived at the softball park! i planned on staying there cause i new that there was gonna be several softball games! at 4pm: i developed a slight urge to pee! so i started walking up the path towards the big buildings! shortly i found the ladiesroom i noticed a girl who looked to be about 12 years old with red hair she was in front of me she went in ahead of me she took the first stall which was the handicap stall! she slammed the door shut and said" i have to go so bad!" i took a regular stall next to the handicap stall! i quickly latched the door shut and sat on the tiolet! i pulled my tan shorts down to my knees along with my lavender panties! i immedately started peeing! meanwhile the girl on my left was grunting and moaning at the same time! i was done by this time! i grabbed a small piece of tiolet paper and wiped my vigina area! i put the small piece of tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer! i pulled my lavender panties up and got up and saw that the water was golden! i left the tiolet unflushed! and went to the sink to wash my hands! meanwhile i couldnt help noitce a foul smell it was coming from the handicap stall i knew that at this point the red headed must be taking a very bad dump! i felt bad for her! i left the bathroom and went back to the bench where the fountain was! at 6pm the softball games were going on there were so many people there! at 6:25pm i developed another urge to do a combination of a pee and a poo as well! so i made another trip to the ladiesroom! i started walking up to the bathroom when i noticed from the back a teenage girl who was wearing a light blue jersey with the number 13! the girl had black hair she was going in the back way towards the bathroom ! when i finally arrived in the bathroom it didnot smell too Good at all! most of the stalls were taken with kids and adults i had to go towards the other end of the bathroom ! i finally found a stall it was the fifth stall it so happens that the girl who was wearing the light blue softball jersey that had the #13 was next to me! i felt so honored to be next to a softball girl! i quickly latched the door and sat on the tiolet and pulled down my shorts and lavender panties to my knees! i started peeing! next door to my right the softball girl let out a Good sounding fart! then i could hear a crackling sound it sounded like a good size turd shout out from her butt! by this point my pee stream had stopped! my first turd was making its way out! meanwhile i heard sounds of tiolets flushing from the other end! next door the softball chick moaned and was pooing up a storm! it sounded like she was gonna be in her stall for quite a while! i was still pooping up a storm! a foul smell was coming from the sixth stall! i knew that the softball chick was taking a huge shit! she had so much to let out! i was still pooping up a storm! i felt like a rhino had come out of my ass! i looked at my phone it was 6:55pm! i had been in the ladiesroom for 30 minutes ! so had the softball chick! by now the ladiesroom was xtremely stinky! i realised that both of us had made quite an appearance while using the bathroom! the softball girl sounded like she was having dirreah! 3 mintues later a couple of teenage girls came in from the front side of the bathroom they both said it smells like a huge stink bomb went off! then they both started giggling! they went to the sinks they were talking and adjusting their hair! 5 minutes later i was done with pooping! i grabbed a huge amount of tiolet paper and began wiping my ass! i wiped by my vigina area also! 5 minutes later i was done! next door the softball girl was started process of wiping ! i stood up and looked at my jobbie! i saw a really huge log that was firm and like 14 inches long! then i saw several chunkey pieces that were scattered around the bowel! then finally i saw a gigantic fat turd that on top of the 14 inch turd! i left the tiolet unflushed and headed to the sink to wash my hands! 3 mintues later i heard a tiolet flush and the softball girl came to sink to wash her hands! she said that she took the longest shit of her life! i told her that i felt like i had let out 5 years worth of shit from me!~ she went back to the game! i went out back to sit by the bench! and watch the softball players play softball!


hello everyone! its Ash! iam back with another cool experience that involves me using the ladiesroom! On July8th i worked from 9am till 7:45pm! after i got done work i decided to stop at Burgerking on the way home and eat dinner! 5 mintues later i was sitting down eating my dinner when a couple walked in an ordered food also! then a girl with dark brown hair in pig tails came up to me! she said " hi iam Aubrey! she also said while iam here i will be using the bathroom at some point i would like you to come with when i use the bathroom! i said" sure no problem! at this point i thought so priviliged to be part of a girls experience in the ladiesroom! 5 mintues later the girl with dark brown hair with pig tails let out a huge loud burp then she started giggling! 10 minutes after that she came to me and said Ash lets go to the ladiesroom! there was one regular stall and the second one was a handicap stall with a sink ! Aubrey said to me to come into the second stall with her so i did! Aubrey had on a white tank top with dark blue basket ball boy shorts and mens basketball shoes! she dressed like a tomb boy! i told her that she did a Good job burping earlier! she then told me that she had to take a really Good shit and that she wanted company here for moral support! Aubrey then sat on the tiolet and pulled down her dark blue boy basket ball shorts she had on red mens briefs! she then told me that she had to pee! i began watching Aubrey pee ! a dark golden color starting shooting out of Aubrey's vagina! it didnt last that long! then she let out a nice sounding fart! we both giggled! then a nice light turd started coming out of Aubrey's ass! it then Aubrey started moaning! she said iam almost done i noticed a dark brown long gigantic turd form and make its way out of Aubrey butt! it was beautiful! then Aubrey told me to go face the wall! 1 mintue later she came up to me and burped really loud in my left ear she put her hand around my neck! i said to her thankyou that felt really Good! we turned and gave each other a kiss! then we both decided to leave the tiolet unflushed! we left the bathroom and went back to see Aubrey's boyfriend!



John on the John

Replying to 'Old Fart' (page 2199)

Yes, I have a toilet brush handy, though my new shower is at the opposite end of the bathroom.

My comment was of course 'tongue in cheek' (the cheek on my face, that is), and I don't try to lick the pan clean.

I think I more or less have now have positioned my bottom correctly, but I manage not to use the loo for the Number 2 operation in other people's houses, unless staying overnight. I always try to ensure, even in public toilets, that I leave everything as I would wish to find it.

Nicola, are you the same Nicola who's been from nearly day one? I noticed the name first appears waaaay back in the double-digits, around a time when I'd have been barely fifteen years old. If it is the same one, I'm honored to be in your presence. (If not, we still like ya!)

I wonder, how is it that you're able to hold it for six days or more, anyway? Is it particularly painful by day five or four? I think if I tried it, I wouldn't be able to sleep by day three because it would not be very comfortable even if I was in no danger of losing control.

I'm thinking of trying it because I've never had a real solid accident (Only time I've ever soiled myself was as a teenager, thanks to stomach issues whose gory details I'll leave out, even if it'd be tame by this site's standards.) and I might like to see what it's like. I've always loved the accident stories and thought it would be interesting to feel those sensations, preferably going someplace where people would see me but no one would know me in order to have the full experience but not have Mom find out (yes, I was last a kid in the 1990s, but we all know the folks won't hesitate to let you have it even when you're older!)

I'm wondering if it just takes that long to have the need become that intense under normal circumstances (not ill, haven't eaten more at once than usual or anything that upsets your stomach, and so on.) I probably won't do it if the price is nearly a week of total misery!

So I guess my question for Nicola is "what's day 4 of a 6-day hold feel like?" and my question for everyone else is "is being able to go that long normal?"


Accident, first month at work

Nishita again. My last post was about how I first got caught with an accident. I remembered another story that I'd like to tell you folks about. This time it was very apparent what I did, to everyone, so no question of "getting caught" as such.
This happened when I was 21. It was my first job after college, at an automobile showroom. I was at a counter, to give out car-insurances on behalf of an insurance company, and explain everything to the customers who purchase their cars from this showroom. Folks at home were quite happy that I'd now be independent financially and all.
There were 2 other girls at adjacent counters to handle insurances. It was a Saturday evening. So there was a rush of new customers to our showroom (skoda showroom). The same afternoon, there was this team lunch and I'd eaten heartily then!! After the lunch, my stomach got so heavy , I soon started passing lot of silent gas. But when I returned, a co-worker informed me that 4 customers left without the insurance forms, because the counters were empty. So I directly went to my position. From 3 pm to 430 there was a steady volume of customers, so I got pretty busy . I was still gassy, but not very smelly. But close to 5 pm, it got serious. I let out a slightly noisy fart, but thankfully my coworkers adjacent to me were too busy to hear it,nor did any of the other customers. But the pressure to go was sure there. I was wearing a pink shirt and grey-striped business pants, which were very fitting. I handled 2 more customers by 530. There were 2 more in the queue, so I could not leave for another 40 minutes or so. Halfway through handling the next customer, I got this strong pain in the stomach. I was sitting on a plastic chair, and knew that if I farted it would be high-pitched. So , just to release the gas silently, I stood up from my seat, and bent down behind the desk, pretending to pick up something i dropped (I do this a lot when I've to pass gas) So I was hidden from the customer's view. I passed it off silently, but as I was getting up to go back to my seat, it happened. Just the quickness of it stunned me. I was standing up, was halfway up, when another wave of pain hit and it just started slowly pushing thick , mushy poop into my work pants. I started shivering, I was shitting my pants at work in front of the client. This made me stop talking to the customer. I remained silent for the next 30 seconds, as I tried to gather my thoughts and pant grew very tight because of the bulge. I looked behind me, no one was there to notice what I'd done. Then I suddenly remembered that I had a customer and I got confused, so he filled me up on what we were talking about. The air started filling with poop odor. I started to resume my talk with the client. Just then,another coworker happened to pass from behind me, and I think he noticed my rear or smelled it or whatever. He was behind me , I could not see him. But I heard him go "Oh dear" or something. I turned around, saw him and was totally embarrassed. He immediately called attention to my adjacent coworker (Anne) saying Nishita has shit her pants, take her to the washroom. It was quite loud, so a lot of people close by heard it probably.
Anne and also the other insurance girl came over , they saw my pant from behind and quickly Anne helped me to the washroom. I did not have any spare pants to change into. Soon the HR executive came to the washroom, she looked at me and was very appalled. She granted me leave to go home. I had not brought any vehicle. I thought the HR lady would arrange for a company car, but I guess she thought I would ruin the seats, because she suggested that she'd call up someone from my home. I said ok (was not in a position to make demands), so I gave her my mom's number because she'd be home. The HR lady called my mom from her cell right there. She introduced herself and asked mom if she could come over immediately to the office and take me home. But she did not tell my mom the reason, she just asked her to get here asap. The HR officer then left, leaving me alone with Anne. During the 20 minutes I waited there for my mom, Anne tried to make awkward conversation, and later tried to console me that these things happen. I could only remain silent.
20 minutes later my mom came and was brought to the washroom. She was confused, so Anne quickly explained "she pooped herself while working". My mom was obviously shocked, but she did not say anything in front of Anne. But she apologized on my behalf...she got very embarrassed naturally.. I was soon guided to the car through the showroom. Everybody was staring at me. There were some rag clothes in the car, mom laid layers of them on the seat, for me to sit. The ride home was silent, though I knew my mom was very angry.
Reaching home, there was another surprise. Some friends of mom had come over, and my brother had asked them to wait, saying mom would be home soon. Entering the house, we were silent, but as my mom was walking me across the hall, the others soon spotted the trouble and out of courtesy rushed forward to help. My mom asked them to remain seated though. Then I got cleaned up, went to my room and came out only for dinner.
I went to office the next day. People gave me weird stares. Anne and some other female workers were helpful. But I quit the job 3 months later when I had another accident. But that's another story, so later.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

2 Girls, 1 Mirror

Yo. It's Ebony with a reflective shituation. I talk to my BFF Amy about anything. Amy is not easily disgusted, so we discuss excretion easily as discussing politics, although excretion is less disgusting. My aunt and uncle invited us for Independence Day, so my hubby Brandon and I packed our bags, prepared the kids, and left for Raleigh around 10:00AM. Amy joined us because her family planned nothing interesting. During the ride, I devoured two bags of grapes and drank natural berry juice to cure my constipation. Ah, fruit, one of the few food types that my tastebuds love, but ass hates. Because of my fruity diet, much to everyone's annoyance, we rushed to rest stops, with me the sole person having to empty my bladder and ass, or at least I tried. Each time, I sat on the toilet and provided a childbirth calibre push, but only pissed and farted loudly, much to the others' humour, and for not dropping stanky logs for them, much to my embarrassment. At 1:15PM, we arrived at my aunt and uncle's house. The children played outside while the men manned the grill and the women womaned the stove, with Reggae blasting in the backyard. We spent most of the early evening outdoors and the ganja that we adults puffed made the chicken, steak, ribs, grilled fish, cobbed corn, hot dogs, Italian sausage, collard greens, shrimp, rice, and mashed potatoes taste even better due to the munchies it gave us. When the sun dropped, we shamed everyone with our fireworks because they stopped popping theirs and visited our place to view ours.

During the late night, everyone slept except for Amy and me, who took a bubble bath. I occupied the livingroom watching anime, when a sharp lower abdominal pain attacked me, so I darted to the latrine. When I knocked, Amy opened the door wearing only suds and returned to the bathtub. Due to her eye droopiness, she was still high from the pre-dinner ganja. When I mentioned I had to shit, she did not complain. A large mirror embedded on the latrine's door showed Amy in the tub and anyone good view of themselves when on the toilet. I yanked down my panties and pissed. "Hey Amy?" "Yeah?" she responded. "Have you ever wondered what shitting looks like up close and personal?" She giggled, ganja courtesy. "Yeah, but I never had the chance to see it." "Me too." I said. She hesitated. "Why don't you use the mirror and let us both see?" I was high too, so I too giggled. "You're okay with that?" She giggled again. "Of course, and I know you're trying to be more shameless too. It can help." "Alright." I said chucking. "Here goes nothing!" I removed my panties, stood near the right side of the toilet, lifted the toilet seat, and bent over with my ass above the toilet, exposing a clear reflection of my bootyhole and private area, perfectly shaven. I pushed, and my bootyhole stretched extremely wide as a thick dark brown bumpy turd poked out and froze, measuring two inches. The stretching made me somewhat nervous. "Wow, so this is what it looks like? That's kind of scary!" I said. Amy kept her eyes pasted.

"Is it supposed to stretch that far?" Amy asked. "I suppose so." "Does it hurt?" "No." I pushed harder, grunting loudly as my bootyhole opened wider. The turd grew thicker while it eased out my hole and froze, measuring about four inches. "It's coming out!" Amy said. "I can tell, but be quieter though. I don't want to be caught with this shit hanging out." She laughed. "Okay." I pushed hard again, but the turd remained. "I honestly don't think I can get it out." "Just keep pushing." Albeit the turd didn't hit the toilet, the turd filled the latrine with a pungent odour that one would likely smell when finally paroled after a weeklong intestinal confinement. "Come on!" she said. "Push! Push!" I laughed. "It's like I'm giving birth all over again!" I said, making her giggle. I pushed again, grunting loudly while the log grew longer, dark brown and bumpy like it suffered the worst puberty effects, and measured about six and half inches as it poked out my butt. "Why isn't it bloodclaat dropping‽" I complained, with the odour growing worse. "Hey, at least it's coming out now! You're doing good! Keep pushing!" While I pushed again, whimpering and grunting, my bootyhole, stretched enough, stretched even more when it pushed out the same turd that grew slightly lighter, softer, and smoother, and hurt like hell until I quietly screamed. "Don't worry. You'll be alright." She assured. "At least it's getting softer!" I took a short break. "Yeah, but my ass still hurts." I said. "So give it a kiss for me." "Hell no!" She exclaimed. We both laughed.

The log, at that point, poked out about eight inches. Thanks to its softer composition, when I pushed again, the log escaped effortlessly while it grew twice its size before hitting the toilet with a loud splash. "Finally!" I shouted. "That's what's up!" Amy grinned and clapped for me. "Now, I literally feel 20 pounds lighter!" Afterwards, we both witnessed what I produced. The toilet's interior contained a brown snake created by a genetic anal experiment gone awry that measured, without exaggeration, maybe 16 inches, with the bottom hard, bumpy and dark brown, with the upper part lighter brown, smoother, and stringy. "Wow! That thing is big, nasty, and scary looking!" Amy said, with her faced scrunched up. "But at least I got it out me!" I replied. I took the risk to flush that monster, but to my surprise, the toilet had other plans. Amy towelled off and exited the latrine. I wiped, bathed, and left my production in the toilet. Before Amy and I slept, I thanked her for encouraging me. Without her, I probably wouldn't have cured my constipation. The next morning, my uncle complained about the giant turd, but I took responsibility, saying the toilet didn't flush. He explained that I could flush a toilet from the back, handing me an old curtain hanger, which I used it to chop the turd to pieces. I lifted the back toilet lid and lifted some part to flush it. It went down perfectly. My uncle then said, "Wow. You're so feminine and ladylike, but you shit like a bull!" I laughed and agreed.


First story

Hi I'm new to this site. I'm 16 years old, weigh 134 pounds, 5'5" tall, have brown hair and brown eyes. So I was on a bike ride on a nice hot day with my two friends one a girl and the other a guy. We biked for quite awhile through a national park. I could feel pressure building up in my belly from eating alot of yogurt and fibre. I decided to hold it and not slow down the group. Quite awhile later the pressure had moved to my butt and it was getting uncomfortable. I could tell it was going to be a big one. I ask Emily (my friend) where the next outhouse is and she said at the end of that particular trail. It was getting uncomfortable to sit on the seat so I stood for most of the riding. We made it to the end of the trail where the outhouse was. I walk in and close the door and it closed really funny as if it were broken. I pulled my yoga pants and panties down to my knees and sat down. The outhouses in the park are actually not bad with clean toilets and they flush. My friends outside say they are going to go ride to the creek and I can meet them there. I sit there for about 5 minutes until I can feel it is almost coming out. I push harder and a really thick 9 inch poop comes out along with some farts. Then a large gush of wind and the door that seemed broken was not fully closed and flew open. Sitting there I couldn't reach to shut it. But even worse I looked and saw there was no toilet paper. And then even worse some guys walk by and see me on the toilet and laugh. I grab my phone and text Emily to come back. My friends come back which I don't mind them seeing me on the toilet. I tell them there is no toilet paper. They grab some big leaves and tell me to use them. They actually were not as bad as I thought they would be. I pull my pants up and flush and we kept riding.

John H

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Hey all. It's been a very long time since I posted. I have been busy with one thing and another but I have been dropping in regularly and reading all the posts and there sure has been some good ones over the last few weeks. It's nice to see all the new posters that are getting involved also. If any of the new posters or even old posters who may have forgotten me want to read more of my posts then my first one is located on page 2148 under the title (Newby) and my first named post can be found on page 2150. I have had a few interesting poo and pee related experiences since I wrote here last and I hope to share them soon. First though something that I am in the middle of at the moment. I am normally very regular when it comes to using the bathroom. Most days I will retire to the bathroom and lay a healthy sized log in the toilet and some days I may even go back for seconds. For some unknown reason though I took my last dump Monday and it is now Thursday and there has been nothing in between. I don't feel sick and I have been eating normally so when it does come it should be a large one as I can't remember the last time I went this long without needing a dump. I don't think I will have much longer to wait though because I am farting a lot as I type this so I am expecting some movement soon. I will let you all know how I get on. In the mean time take care all and looking forward to reading and sharing storys in the future, John H

Hey All,

PDX here, It's been a long time since i've posted. Im the gay male that lives in Portland... I really enjoy this site.. I think it's great that people are so open about their bathroom habits.. I really enjoy the guy dumping stories..
It's kinda funny, when i'm lookin for a boyfriend or a lover or someone i date, I sometimes look for a guy whom I can help him take his dump or someone who can help me in my time of need.. I know it's kinda weird but i think it's hot and a great bonding experience between 2 people... Does anyone else do this when looking for a lover?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Hello. It's ya girl Ebony again posting some comments, replies, and taking another fun LORRAINE survey.

To Nishita: Welcome to The Toilet. I loved reading your story. It was very entertaining. That was kind of messed up what your mum did in that story. If I were her, instead of constantly checking your pants, hitting you, and telling the entire family that you had an accident, I would have kept it a secret, maybe tied a jacket or something around your waist to block the bulge, and drove you to a clothing store where you could wash up and buy you some new clothes. Nevertheless, great debut post and I hope to hear more from you.

To Mr. Clogs: Thank you for enjoying my post, Mr. Clogs. You are sweet. The idea of using courtesy cups in overcrowded public latrines sounds good, but probably crazy to those too shameful to use them. To answer your question, normally, my home is not really that crowded to the point where I would piss in a cup when someone is in the latrine. I have a two-year-old son, Brandon Jr., and a one-year-old daughter, Brandy. They're young, so I just use the latrine with them while they're in there, and my hubby Brandon doesn't spend too much time in there anyway. However, when the house is crowded, such as when I have my huge family over, I sometimes would piss in a cup and pour it in the toilet later on without detection, but often forget the cup. My story "Final Exams" on page 2196 provides an example of this.

To Postman: I vaguely remember posting this same reply to you, but it didn't show up, but then again, I was slightly intoxicated, so maybe I hit the "clear" button or something instead of "submit." Who knows? Nevertheless, here it goes again. Thank you for enjoying my posts, Postman. I will be sure to do the job of a postman and always deliver for you. Long as I keep shittin,' I keep submittin.'


LORRAINE's survey:

1. Do you usually fart when you pee and do a number number. Is it rare, average, or frequent
-I rarely fart when doing a number one or two.

2. Do you have an explosive fart at least once a week or month? Is the soft, medium, or loud
-I don't really have a set time for when explosive farts occur. However, my farts are usually silent and, when sitting on the toilet, airy, so soft.

3. Have anybody ever head you fart while in the restroom or have you heard anyone else. any reaction
-Yes. People heard me fart in the latrine many times, especially in public latrines. The typical reaction to an Ebony fart is a laugh or an "oh my god," followed by giggles, or an "oh lord have mercy" by the older folks. I enjoy the different reactions. I have also heard many others fart too, but I don't react to it. However, sometimes, a loud, unexpected fart can scare me, and then I just laugh to myself when I come to my senses a second later.

4. Have you ever been in crowded stall and heard more than one person farting loud at one time? what did they sound like
-Yes. They sounded pretty loud, some airy, and some that echoed loudly in the latrine.

5. Have you ever responded after hearing someone fart in the restroom or someone responded to you
-If you mean "responded" as in make a comment, I never respond to anyone else farting in the latrine unless it's someone close to me like one of my sisters or best friends because we're cool. However, strangers could be shameful shitters and/or want to fight when they come out, so I don't want to make anyone feel ashamed of using the toilets, or make them do the rest of their shitting in a hospital. Yet, people have responded to my farts though. If you mean "respond" as in challenge them to an ass blaster battle by responding with my own fart, I do that sometimes for the humour. I'm not sure if anyone ever responded to me in that regard.

6. Have you ever been on the phone or heard someone else on the phone when when in the restroom and a fart occurred and the person heard it. what did they say.
-I have not known this to happen with anyone else, but this happened with me many times. The person on the phone with me would usually laugh and say, "Ew! You farted!"

7. Have you ever had a continuous streak of farts while using the restroom
-Yes. Sometimes I sound like an AK-47 on the toilet, with "AK" standing for "anal kamikaze," and 47 probably denoting the number of farts I unleash.

8. Have there been a situation where you were in a stall and a person was in the very next stall and you heard fart or they heard you. what did it sounded like
-Yes. I hear people fart in stalls next to me quite frequently and people hear me as well. My farts usually sound airy while other people's farts vary from airy to those loud ones that make train horns jealous.

9. Have there ever been a salutation where you fart in the restroom you did was so stink you had to spray
-No. My farts alone don't stank that bad, unless it's one of those diarrhoetic farts; now those things smell terrible. Even so, I wouldn't use spray because it only makes the latrine smell like someone took a big shit in a spring garden, which is worse than plain old shit in my opinion.

10. Has there been a situation where someone laughed after hearing farting in the stall?
-Yes. People, 99.9% of the time, laugh whenever I fart in the latrine. I honestly don't care though. I find people's reactions amusing.

11. Has there been a situation where you walked in or was in there when someone else walked in and as soon as they hit the stall, a super loud fart occurred.

12.Has there ever been a situation where farted or heard someone else while washing their hands
-I don't recall farting while washing my hands. If I did, it was likely silent like a majority of my farts, but I have heard other people do it on occasion.

13. Has there ever been a situation where you were wiping your butt or heard some else wiping theirs and farted during the process
-Not that I know of.

14. Has there ever been a situation where you had a sudden and unexpected fart
-Yes. I sneezed on the toilet once. You can guess what happened when I did.

15.Have you ever had an explosive fart that left a scum in the toilet or did not flush all the way down with just 1 flush


Squat poopster

Hello, I'm Shana, and I'm 16 years old, blonde, 5,6 feet tall, and slender. My weight is 112,2 lbs..

This site is awesome, and I've been a lurker for months!

Well, on with the story!

When I woke up at about 7.00. I felt the urge to take a crap pretty badly.
So i went to the bathroom, took of my clothes, and squatted, with my feet on the toilet seat.
I first peed for about 35 seconds, and after that I farted two times.

My anus started to protrude from between my butt cheeks, since pressure was building up.
About a minute later, I farted tree more times, the first one dry, but the other two increasingly wet.
And after that, a nice sized log slid out of my butthole, and "kerplunked" into the bowl.

My anus clenched, but I still felt some pressure, so I remained in a squat position.

About two minutes later, my anus started to protrude again, and after two wet farts, two pebbles fell into the bowl.
For another two minutes, I remained squatted, and pushed a little bit, to be sure I was empty.
After that, I wiped three times and flushed.

It took me about six minutes from squatting to wiping..

Now, I would like to post a poop survey.
I've seen quite some surveys, so I hope it doesn't get boring.. :-S

(This one's for copy & paste. I'll give my answers below this one.)

A: What is your gender?
B: What is your age?
C: Describe your body. (And looks, if you like..)
1. How often do you go to the toilet to take a poo?

2. How do you refer to taking a poo, if you gotta go?

3. After you sit down on the seat, then how much time does it usually take you to get started?

4. How much time do you usually need between sitting down, and wiping?

5. Do you usually (have to) push, while you're on the toilet?

6. a. Do you fart during your pooping session? If yes: In which phase do you fart the most?
b. Are your farts usually dry or wet, on the toilet?

7. Do you ever remain seated, after you're done?

8. How often are you constipated?
(If ever. Skip the next questions if "no")

9. If you are constipated, how long does it take you to get started, after sitting down?

10. If you are constipated, then how long does it take you between sitting down, and wiping?

11. Do you fart on the toilet, when constipated? If yes: In which phase do you fart the most?

12. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet, while constipated?

13. How often do you go to the toilet to try, if you're constipated?

14. How often do you have diarrhea?
(If ever. Skip the next questions if "no")

15. If you have diarrhea, how long does it take you to get started, after sitting down?

16. If you have diarrhea, then how long does it take you, between sitting down, and wiping?

17. Do you fart on the toilet, while having diarrhea? If yes: in which phase do you fart the most?

18. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet, while having diarrhea?

19. How often do you go to the toilet to poop or try, when you've got diarrhea?

20. What is your favourite pooping position on the potty, while:
a. Having a regular dump.
b. Be´ng constipated.
c. Having diarrhea.


Okay, so here's my survey, and my answers. :-)

A: What is your gender? Female
B: What is your age? 16
C: Describe your body. (And looks, if you like..) I Already did so. :-)
1. How often do you go to the toilet to take a poo?
Normally, I go about 2 to 3 times a day.

2. How do you refer to taking a poo, if you gotta go?
"I have to go to the loo./number 2."

3. After you sit down on the seat, then how much time does it usually take you to get started?
Anywhere between 1 and 10 minutes.

4. How much time do you usually need between sitting down, and wiping?
Anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes.

5. Do you usually (have to) push, while you're on the toilet?
I don't always have to, and if I'm not busy, I will take my time, and let nature take it's course.

6. a. Do you fart during your pooping session? If yes: In which phase do you fart the most?
b. Are your farts usually dry or wet, on the toilet?
a. I do often fart a few times during my sessions, mostly during the pre-poop phase.
b. Usually dry, but they often get a little wet as my poop is approaching the exit. Sometimes a little slime comes out even before I pooped!

7. Do you ever remain seated, after you're done?
Yes, just to be sure that I'm empty.
And it's relaxing.

8. How often are you constipated?
(If ever. Skip the next questions if "no")
Maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

9. If you are constipated, how long does it take you to get started, after sitting down?
About 10 to 20 minutes.

10. If you are constipated, then how long does it take you between sitting down, and wiping?
Up to 45 minutes.

11. Do you fart on the toilet, when constipated? If yes: In which phase do you fart the most?
Yes, I'm quite gassy when I'm constipated.
Mostly during pre-poop, and in between passing turds and pebbles.

12. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet, while constipated?
About 60 minutes, when I was 13, after holding it in all day at school.
I was very shy back then, and refused to poop at the stalls at school.

13. How often do you go to the toilet to try, if you're constipated?
I just try to go whenever I have to pee as well.
4 to 6 times a day, I think.

14. How often do you have diarrhea?
(If ever. Skip the next questions if "no")
About 4 times a month.

15. If you have diarrhea, how long does it take you to get started, after sitting down?
Sometimes my butt doesn't even make it to the seat before I explode.
Other times I'm feeling the cramps minutes in advance, and go for a "preventive try".
Then it can take up to 10 minutes before I start pooping.

16. If you have diarrhea, then how long does it take you, between sitting down, and wiping?
10 to 30 minutes, depending on when the cramping is starting to subside.

17. Do you fart on the toilet, while having diarrhea? If yes: in which phase do you fart the most?
Yes, when having diarrhea, I'm farting throughout the time I'm spending on the toilet.

18. What was the longest time you ever spent on the toilet, while having diarrhea?
About 90 minutes, after last year's Christmas dinner.
I went to the toilet a few times, and got sick from running between the toilet and the living room, so I grabbed a book, and decided to just do some reading while I leaked, farted and sprayed away.

19. How often do you go to the toilet to poop or try, when you've got diarrhea?
Whenever I feel the urge, or when I have to pee.
Can be up to 15 times a day.
However: That doesn't mean I can produce something at every attempt.

20. What is your favourite pooping position on the potty, while:
a. Having a regular dump.
b. Be´ng constipated.
c. Having diarrhea.
a: Squatted, with my feet on the seat.
b: Squatted, with my feet on the seat, however: If it takes too long, I just sit my butt on the seat, and bend forward.
c: Sitting, with my butt on the toilet seat, bent forward, and legs wide open.

I hope you all enjoyed, and fill in the survey as well!

XXX Shana.



Just thought I'd answer some people's curiosity. Lorraine's first.

1. How many times do you pee each day on average and on average, is the color light, medium, or dark yellow? That really depends on what I've been drinking. Maybe 4 times a day medium yellow, or if I'm having a bunch of beers with friends, more and clear.
2. Do you wipe your bum after each and every toilet pee? No.
3. Do you pass gas every-time you pee and is it usually soft, medium, or loud? Maybe occasionally, but that's just coincidence.
4. Is your pee ever glittery or foamy or have a white like fluid in it? It tends to foam if I'm peeing in a toilet as opposed to a urinal.
5. Is the smell light, medium, or strong on average? Light.
6. Have you ever had a small piece of poop fall while taking a pee in toilet? No.
8. Do you toilet at home have any pee scum or stains that have built up? No.
9. Do you pee often In Public restrooms and do you do it when nowhere is there or do you go and pee regardless how packed it is? I pee regardless of how crowded it is.
10. Does the toilet tissue does the job or is there an odor still there? I don't need tissue for a pee.

And for Dora:

Do you read or smoke while pooping?
- I don't smoke, but I'll read the newspaper on occasion.

Do you talk on the phone while pooping?
- No.

Do you sing on the toilet?
- No.

Do you wash your bottom right after pooping?
- No.

Do you use moistened toilet tissue or wet wipes after pooping?
- No.

How many times do you typically wipe your bottom after pooping?
- 5 to 8 times.

Do you wipe your bottom from front to back or vice versa?
- Both. More back to front, though.

Do you sit or stand to wipe?
- Sit.

Are your poops very stinky?
- On occasion.


Hi Nishita

Interesting story, Nishita. Loved it. By the way, are you of Indian descent?

Some Dude

Surprise Sight After the Game

Hello all.

I've been a long time reader on this site, but I rarely every post, and I usually post under different names. However, I saw something recently that I wanted to share.

A couple of weeks ago I went out with a number of friends to go see a baseball game. We had a great time - great seats, great game, several beers - what more could you ask for? After the game ended we made our way back to the car to head back home (about 30 miles away - one friend didn't drink btw). At this particular stadium there is a long, paved pathway that runs between a number of parking lots to a set of parking lots further from the stadium. The pathway is lined with smaller trees - very thin trunks. Thousands of fans use this pathway to get to their cars after the game. As we were walking down the path, my friends and I noticed a girl and her friend wander off to the left side off the pathway, and then one of the girls suddenly goes to the other side of the tree, drops her shorts and squats down. My friends and I couldn't believe it, but here was this girl who was clearly ready to poop in clear sight as thousands of people walked by. I didn't really get a good look at her - it was dark and I didn't want to look weird by staring to long, but she seemed to be in her 20s, a brunette and slender. I have to imagine she was drunk, but could she not go before she left the stadium five minutes before? It was quite a surprise, although she must have inspired others, because we then saw another girl a few hundred feet away move to the same side and drop her shorts as well, though it was evident she was only peeing. Anyway, I'm curious to see what you all think - particularly the women who read. Have any of you ever been so desperate that you didn't care if thousands of people watched you go? There was pretty much no privacy. Does anyone have a similar story, maybe they've seen something similar?

Also, shout out to AmyLee (if you're still here). I've always enjoyed your stories the most, and would love to read more if you are still around. I was wondering if you had any stories from your office following the 4th of July (or just in general).

Thanks for reading!

Hello to every one, I'm new here. I'm a male 40 years old. I will send a story in the future.
Hello DORA this my answers to your survey

Do you read or smoke while pooping? - I don't smoke, but I usually read news on my smarth phone.
Do you talk on the phone while pooping? - Sometimes happened, but only to my parents.
Do you sing on the toilet? - No, I'm not a good singer, so I avoid.
Do you wash your bottom right after pooping? - If there is the chance yes, it makes me feel better .
Do you use moistened toilet tissue or wet wipes after pooping? - No.
How many times do you typically wipe your bottom after pooping? - Big guess, it depends from the mess.
Do you wipe your bottom from front to back or vice versa? - Front to back.
Do you sit or stand to wipe? Stand position, instead on a squat toilet crouched.
Are your poops very stinky? - sometimes yes, it depends from what I ate

After 3 days of constipation, I finally broke down and took a laxative today. Friday I went once and it was rock solid. Saturday, I spent 30 minutes on the toilet pushing and pushing and only managed to get out a little ball. I was bloated and gassy all day after that. I went later in the evening on Saturday and pushed out a decent sized log. Sunday (yesterday), I spent close to 35-40 minutes on the toilet. After much pushing and straining, I produced a few rock hard pieces. Again, I was gassy all day and didn't feel empty at all. I tried going twice more last night, but all I had was gas. I could feel the poop there, but it just wasn't coming out. I was still hurting from the poop I had earlier and I wasn't in the mood for more pain. Today (Monday), I had a slight urge to go and when I went, a nice log slid out. I felt that there was more ready to come out, but when I pushed, all that came out was farts. I didn't feel emptied out at all after that poop. I got another urge to go a few hours later and I thought for sure that this was going to be more productive poop. I sat down and there was lots of gas at the start, but no poop. I knew then that this was going to be another difficult poop. After close to 20 minutes on the toilet, I was as done as I was ever going to get. There was lots of poop in the toilet, but it was all tiny pieces and rock hard. I took a laxative after that poop, and I am now waiting for it to do its job :)


Lorriane's survey

1. How many times do you pee each day on average and on average, is the color light, medium, or dark yellow? pee about 6 times a day and it is medium yellow
2. Do you wipe your bum after each and every toilet pee? No i wipe my butt after poop & drip dry after pee excpt while pooping i wipe my penis then.
3. Do you pass gas every-time you pee and is it usually soft, medium, or loud? I almost never pass gas while peeing but sometimes while pooping or wait to use the toilet.
4. Is your pee ever glittery or foamy or have a white like fluid in it?
Mine some times is foamy
5. Is the smell light, medium, or strong on average? I barely have it from my pee, but have medium to heavy from my poop.
6. Have you ever had a small piece of poop fall while taking a pee in toilet? No.
7. When you have to take a dump. DO YOU PEE FIRST AND FLUSH OR DO YOU PEE AND POOP AT THE SAME TIME AND IN THE SAME WATER? I usually POOP and PEE in the same water.
8. Do you toilet at home have any pee scum or stains that have built up? Yes my toilet does.
9. Do you pee often In Public restrooms and do you do it when nowhere is there or do you go and pee regardless how packed it is? I do pee in public restrooms when i get a chance.
10. Does the toilet tissue does the job or is there an odor still there? The toilet tissue does the job.

hey guys havnt posted in a while and thts becuase i havnt had anything to post about. anyways just here to answer a survey:
just in case u guys for forgot i am a 15 yr old guy, skinny but muscular, brown curly hair, athletic, 5'8" maybe 150 pounds i guess.
Dora's survey:
Do you read or smoke while pooping? yes to reading, no to smoking
Do you talk on the phone while pooping? I text.
Do you sing on the toilet? no haha
Do you wash your bottom right after pooping? if i am going to take a shower, yes, but if not then i just wipe well.
Do you use moistened toilet tissue or wet wipes after pooping? Nope
How many times do you typically wipe your bottom after pooping? 2-4, unless it is very messy, then it is up to 8 or 9
Do you sit or stand to wipe? sit
Are your poops stinky? yes haha
Anyways that's all i got right now. im sure there are others but i cant remember any right now. if anyone wants a certain type of story im sure that i can think of one so just let me know.

That laxative I took last night did its job :) I woke up at 7 or so, and I could feel a nice load inside me, just waiting to come out. I even had a bit of stomach cramps. So I headed to the toilet and gave one gentle push and all that poop that was stuck inside me for 3 days just came out at once :) I looked in the toilet before I wiped and there was 5 big logs in it. I felt so much better after that. I didn't feel bloated or anything.

I am hoping that there is another load of poop inside me, because I do feel that there is still a bit more poop in me.


Wow!! And a story!

First of all, awesome site! I ran into this site, when I was browsing around for disease-symptoms related to bowel movement. I can't believe there are so many people, sharing their bowel routines freely! But great, it's endearing, kinda like a family.

Now the story. It's about an accident I had when I was 16. I'm 34 now. I've had way too many accidents in my 34 years of existence. When this particular accident happened, I tried to hide it a lot, but at the last minute, got betrayed sheerly by the smell :( Has that ever happened with any of you?
I live in a joint family, 8 of us. We were moving to this new place, which is like a 3 hour ride from our current place. The ride to the new place was good. I had a little stomach pain, but that's it. As soon as we reached the new place, I got a serious cramp. It passed though, but I started looking around for a toilet. The apartment was on the 6th floor, and this agent was there to show us the apartment. On the lift ride up, I realized that I really had to poo. When we entered the apartment, I asked the guy about the toilet. He said, the apartment has 2 toilets (I thought, cool), but then he added that the water supply to this apartment has been disabled, as no one lives here currently. Damn! But I thought I could hold it. Looking around the apartment took like 20 mins, but by now, my urge and cramps had multiplied rapidly. I'd had a heavy Italian lunch. We left the apartment, and then it happened on the lift ride downwards. I was standing at the back end of the lift. 2 floors down, there was a minor power fluctuation, the lift shuddered and stalled for a few seconds. This made me panic, and I immediately lost control. The lift resumed immediately, but the damage was done. My knees buckled a little, and my panties very slowly started filling with poop. It was a normal mushy soft movement, but it was big. I touched my rear, and I could feel a warm, round bulge. I was wearing black tight jeans, so I knew there would be no stain (this was not my first experience). So I quickly flattened the bulge against the lift wall. I stayed back while walking with my family, so no one could see my back. Now there was this 3 hour ride back to our original home. I sat down in the car (an SUV), and flattened the bulge further. My uncle, who was driving, rolled up the windows, so he could start the AC. Soon, it started reeking of poop inside. Everyone just assumed that someone had farted bad. But then, the smell never went away. But no one bothered, people were sleepy and dozed off. 1 hour later, my cousin brother got very hungry and he spotted a road side McDonalds. Others also now felt the hunger and everyone started getting out of the SUV to grab a bite and so. I didn't want to get caught with my accident, so I said I'm not hungry and I would like to stay and sleep in the car. They agreed. They were all gone for like 30 mins. As soon as they returned and my mom opened the door, they were greeted back by the poop smell, and this is when my mom suddenly got the realization, that I might have done it in my pants. And also, the smell was surely missing inside McD where I was not there. So everyone got in, and my mom asked if I've shit my pants. My face went red, and I denied. I suggested that someone must have stepped on some dog-poo and that is what the smell is. To this, everyone said that their shoes were clean. My mom got real suspicious. Everyone was staring at us. I've had a few accidents before this, but this is the first one where I couldn't hide it, and got caught, so my mom is unaware that I've had accidents before. We were inside the car, it was congested with 8 people. My mom now tried a new trick. She said she wanted the window seat, and asked me to move to the middle seat, where she was sitting. Now I knew this would get me caught, as it involved getting up and showing my back to everyone. I knew she somehow wanted to make sure I've not shit my jeans at 16! I said no, I like the window seat. I suggested if the smell is bothering everyone, why not switch off the AC and bring down the windows. Everyone opposed that saying it would be too hot. Frustrated by my attitude , my mom now asked me right away to get up and move. My dad gave me a "please don't argue" look. So I lifted my butt up, to slide to the adjacent seat. While I was moving, my mom did what she planned to do. She touched my rear. And gasped loudly. She went all like "OMG, OMG, what have you done Nishita?!". Then she announced to the rest of the family, "she has soiled herself..omg she shit in her pants!!". Everyone was shocked, my cousins went "Eww, how could that be?!". My uncle pulled over the car to the side, so everyone could "decide" what to do now. My mom and aunt were telling me how shameful it is to do it in your pants at such a mature age. Now, I went totally numb, this was the first time I got caught. I got very scared and embarrassed. My fear, then led me to the next step - I started pissing in my pants, right there at the seat. It was a very warm feeling. Initially, no one noticed this, but then came the sound of the pee hitting the rubber car floor. My mom saw that I was peeing in my pants, she started hitting me on the arm. She opened the car door and dragged me outside, with my cousin's help. But I was still not done. Once outside, I continued with my pee, I couldn't stop it. And further, the rest of the poop all slowly came rushing out, forming a big bulge. I was midway between standing and squatting. My mom was not totally berserk. She was asking me what was wrong with me. I was still numb with everything around. Later they laid papers in the car for me to sit on. The remaining ride was awful. My mom kept asking me when and how did it happen? Should we show you to a doctor? etc etc. I asked her to chill down a little. This further freaked her and everybody out. Returning to our old house, my mom was holding me by the arm. She was still often touching my rear to check. In the lift ride up, unfortunately we met 2-3 other neighbors. They didn't understand why mom was holding my arm, and why I was walking weird, then the smell hit them. My mom gave an embarrassed smile and said "my daughter had a little accident in her pants". Once inside the house, she spanked me a little. She was embarrassed and frustrated. Throughout that day and the next, just to make me feel bad , she kept coming to my room, to "check" my pants. She kept asking "Nishita, you've not soiled your pants again, have you?"
Throughout that night, I just kept thinking "why did the poop have to smell so bad? why does it have to form a big round bulge for everyone to see?" Have you ever tried to hide an accident, but the smell or the bulge gave you away? I got so embarrassed by the entire episode. In the coming years, my mom caught me with some more accidents, but more on that later. By the way, after having caught me like 4 times, she finally found a therapist to help me. I used to have regular sessions with her, for 2 years and left. Now my husband and in-laws think I should take the therapy again. More on that , later though.



Pooping in the hospital

I was in the hospital for 10 days from June 26 to July 6 in an Epilepsy clinic at Toronto Western Hospital. It was a study where they stick an EEG on your head and monitor you 24/7 for seizure activity. They eventually took me off all my seizure medication to induce seizures to find out what part of the brain the seizures were coming from. Each day that I was in the hospital the nurse always asked if I had a bowel movement this morning. Since they only give you water 3 times a day I was pretty dehydrated therefore couldn't poop. My stomach was pretty swollen up until July 3 when the nurse offered me a suppository and a laxative called Senokot.

She could see the daily stool softeners weren't doing anything so she gave me the suppository before dinner. Fortunately she closed the curtain so no one could see. She asked me to lie down on my left side with my pants & underwear down. She lubricated the suppository and put it way up into my rectum. Man was that uncomfortable. She told me to hold it as long as I could and if I needed to go then just go to the bathroom. I managed to hold it for 10-15 minutes before I got an urge. When I went to the bathroom, mostly gas and some soft poop came out. I had to go a couple of times but it wasn't enough to feel satisfying. At bedtime the nurse gave me the Senokot. The next day I had to go pretty bad. The bathroom in the hospital room was occupied so my husband had to take me to the bathroom down the hall. A lot of gas came out and it seemed like poop exploded out of me. When I stood up though it wasn't diarrhea. There was a pretty big poop snaked around the toilet and some mushy stuff. I had diarrhea a few more times that night and a couple of times the next day. I didn't finally stop having diarrhea until Thursday. Let's just say I'm not going to take that laxative again. I'm good with the stool softeners. Less chance of crapping your pants. In my case I was scared I was going to crap my (white) pajama pants while having a seizure. Lucky for me I didn't.

On Friday or Saturday I had diarrhea again. Now it's Tuesday and I have no urge to go, just a lot of gas.


feel good at work

today as i was cleaning out the cow pen at my farm it was really sweaty work for about an hour, after a while my parents left and i was alone with the urge too poop, so i made a hole in the already poopy straw and had a 30sec pee into it then dropped a soft long log right on top of my piss, ive dont this and pooped outside before and i love it and the rush i get. this is my first post but i read here all the time. do any of you poop on farms outside or where the animals go?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Catelyn great story about your mom pooping it sounds like she really had to poop alot to and I bet she felt alot better afterward to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PN that sucks hopefuly you feel better soon.

To: Lauren as always another great story it sounds like you had some bad luck but remember accidents can happen to anyone at anytime and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper as always another great story and as always I look forward to your next pos thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


to Jared


Have any of your guy friends ever had to help you get your poop out? Have you ever used an enema to get your poop out? Have you ever had to dig it out?

Mr. Clogs


Not sure what happened to my last post, but I'll make some comments.

Karen: Great post and thanks for the tips. I've tried enemas before usually the store brand, don't particularly like them.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Interesting story about you using the empty cup in the McDonald's restroom. May sound like a crazy idea but should be an interesting one, when they see a line forming for the restroom, they should hand out "courtesy" cups out to people so they don't have to wait. Also do you pee in cups at home or whenever someone is using the bathroom? Anyways great stories and keep the posts coming.

Well that's all for now, take care.

Mr. Clogs

Post Title (optional) pooing in the woods

when out walking i had to go for a poo. i went in the woods and droped my jeans and pulled my pants down to my ankles. then i squatted over and began to do a large poo. it felt good and i enjoyed doing an outdoor poo. try it !

Dora's Survey

Do you read or smoke while pooping?
- I read only if I know I will be a while. Usually I can tell how long I will be once I sit down.

Do you talk on the phone while pooping?
- No. I don't like others knowing that I am pooping.

Do you sing on the toilet?
- No

Do you wash your bottom right after pooping?
- No

Do you use moistened toilet tissue or wet wipes after pooping?
- Not very often. I have used baby wipes a couple times though after having a real messy poop.

How many times do you typically wipe your bottom after pooping?
- Depends on the poop. On average, anywhere between 6 and 10 wipes.

Do you wipe your bottom from front to back or vice versa?
- Front to back

Do you sit or stand to wipe?
- I sit for most of the wiping. For my last wipe, I will usually stand up just to make sure I get everything clean back there.

Are your poops very stinky?
- They can be

Post Title (optional) John on the John

My answers to Dora's survey

1 Do you read or smoke while pooping? I don't smoke at all - I am an anti-smoker - and I don't usually read. I like to enjoy the operation for its own sake.

2 Do you talk on the phone while pooping? Hardly ever.

3 Do you sing on the toilet? No

4 Do you wash your bottom right after pooping? If possible, I like to step into the shower afterwards. I do use toilet paper of course first. If I need to leave the house very early, I sit for a few minutes before the shower, but often it is TOO early. I don't push too hard, because I don't want piles. I know that my bottom will let me know when it's ready.

5 Do you use moistened toilet tissue or wet wipes after pooping? I have some for the ready if it's after shower time. I keep some in the car.

6 How many times do you typically wipe your bottom after pooping? It varies. But I use quite a lot, as my offerings are fairly soft, on account of my high fibre diet.

7 Do you wipe your bottom from front to back or vice versa? Usually from the back, and I go in at different angles. Sometimes I've gone in from the front, but only if I can have a shower immediately afterwards, because of dirtying my balls.

8 Do you sit or stand to wipe? I always remain seated. I was only thinking of this recently, when I spent 3 nights in a hotel, and each morning as I wiped my bottom, I noticed that the toilet roll was level with the seat. I can't wipe standing up, because my buttocks close up.

9 Are your poops very stinky? No, because I am regular, with a high fibre diet. (At least I don't think they are. There are people who know me well enough who would tell me if they were.

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