Slow learner

Holding on and letting go

I'm a guy, and a bit of a slow person in some ways. I was a slow learner at school, and as a young child it took me longer than average to be fully toilet trained. My mom was still wiping my backside when I was 5 years old. I remember one occasion when I was standing next to the toilet, and my mom was standing next to me. I was wetting my pants. It was running down my leg onto the floor. Then I held my cock, and the wee stopped. then I let go and it started running again. I don't remember my mom getting angry with me. I think she was patiently observing me, seeing me learn for myself how to control my urine when I desperately needed to go.

Hi again. I wanted to respond to some questions i received.
Mrs. Toilet Trooper: you asked about people looking in my car and how they react when they find out I let my kids use my car as a toilet. I do have tinted windows but they are not very dark. when my kids pee, they just pull their pants down and pee into the seat while sitting. If one was to glance in the window, it would not look any different than a normal passenger. I know car mom has a little more fun with it, so she probably has to park in a secluded spot but I do not worry about it. Most of the time my kids do it while I am driving without even unbuckling their seat belts. Very few people know that I allow this and that is because I do not always get positive reactions. I have had other moms tell me it is dirty or unhealthy. However I think it is more unhealthy to make your kids hold their pee and it is more dirty to use a public restroom.
Joshua: you wanted a play by play. I will tell you a story that happened last week. I drive a three row SUV. I was driving and my friend was in the passneger seat. She did not know that I let my kids pee in the car. In the second row I had my three little ones, all in car seats. The last row had my daughter Jagger and my friend's daughter Ava who is the same age as Jagger. We had just dropped my oldest off at her friends house, which was about forty five minutes away from my house. We were on the freeway when Jagger announced she had to pee and asked if she could go in the car. In my old car my girls never asked and I would often glance back to see them with their pants down, peeing away. However they do ask now because the car is new and I like to reserve it for emergencies. I told her okay because we were still pretty far from home. My friend turned to me and asked what Jagger meant by asking if she could pee in the car. She thought maybe we had a container back there or something. I told her to look back and watch Jagger. Jagger, without unbuckling her seat belt pulled down her pants and underwear so she was sitting bare bottomed on the seat. She squeezed her legs together and bent forward a bit to ensure her pee stayed on the seat. "Is she peeing?" my friend asked. I told her to listen and sure enough she could hear Jagger's pee faintly hissing into the fabric seat. When Jagger finished she still sat there with her pants down so they did not get wet. Sometimes if there is no one in the seat next to her she will slide over to sit where it is dry. "Hey I have to pee too" Ava said "Can i pee in the seat?" I waited for her mom to answer. I thought she might be mad. She turned to me and asked if this was a common occurrence in my car. I said yes it was. She turned to Ava and said okay. Ava's face lit up. She had a skirt on a pulled it up, then pulled her underwear down. She immediately began to pee. She kept her legs spread and pee sprayed a bit onto the floor. When she was done she told her mom how fun it was. Story, my two year old then said she had to pee. Since she is buckled into a car seat and can't pull her pants down, I gave her permission to pee her pants. When we got back to my house, my friend told me she finds it interesting and she may have to try it one day.


Funny accident

Hello everyone! I would like to share a really embarrassing story with you. I am a grown woman now and have two kids ages 2 and 6. Both are girls. Anyway, here's my story.
I was in 6th grade, and I was at a fair. My friend Sarah was there too with me, and we had just drank a liter of coke when I had the urge to go swell up in my bladder. I told Sarah " I have to go!" Sarah said " Where?" I said " Pee!" She nodded ok. But then said " um, Christine, I have not seen any toilets around here, how bad is it?"
by then, I was crossing my legs and holding my " Special part" Then she said " Christine, there are no toilets here!" I think she may have seen the look on my face because she came over and patted me on the back. " It's okay Christie, well find somewhere."
Sarah then said " Christie, I have to go too!" And then she got the white look on her face! So she said " Woods Christie. Woods. We can pee there." She pointed over to the woods behind the fair. It was a long way away, the fair was towards the front and the woods was across a field of grass. " Ok." I said. She took my hand and we walked away from the fair. We had reached the field when I said " Oh no! Sarah, I can't hold it!" She rubbed my back. " Shhh, Christie, it only makes it worse. You don't want to pee yourself in front of your crush would you?" I realized my crush was at the fair. I would not want to live if he saw me. So we slowly walked across the field. Every few steps I'd stop and cross my legs. Sarah would tell me it's ok, and I guessed that she did not have to use the toilet as bad as I did yet. So we finally reached the woods. I was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt, it was October. So I picked a spot to go. But I realized, I'd never went outside before. I started to panic. Sarah saw the problem and said, " Christine, shhh, Christie c mere, this is how you do it. She unzipped her jeans, removed her white panties from her "special part" and brought them down to her knees. She then squatted, leaned against the tree behind her, made sure her "special part" would not spray on her pants or panties and went. "Uhhhhhhhh...." she sighed a sigh of relief. When she finished, she said " I know we can't wipe because we do not have and paper, so do this." she moved her hips back and forth and pulled up her jeans and panties. Droplets of pee got in her panties. " it doesn't matter." she said. I said " Sarah! It stings!" and I pointed at my special part. " Hurry Christie, go!" I hobbled over to where she went and I tried to undo my zipper. It was stuck. " Sarah! My zippers stuck!" But as she walked over to help me, I felt a huge spray of pee go down my jeans. Sarah gasped.
" ohhhhh no!" I started to cry. I was still peeing and my jeans were becoming soaked.
Sarah said " It's okay Christie, it's okay, accidents happen. She stroked my hair. Now c'mon let's go buy you some new jeans! We had had to walk in front of my crush out and Sarah was trying to cover me as best she could. We bought a new pair at the store and went home. Thank god my parents didn't drive us, thank god we rode our bikes there that day. I'll never forget that day. - Christine


Reply to JW

You asked "Did it make me uncomfortable" - sure it did! The "shit sitting" routine didn't happen every time, admittedly, but whenever mum was suspicious about my bowel output, or my behavior, or both, she'd accompany me to the bathroom, probably already threatening me with a "jelly bomber". And the fear, the knowledge that she was poised ready to force something up my butt, probably froze up my rectum ensuring that I wouldn't be able to do any dooey.
There was of course the slight danger that even if I "did", mum would calculate I hadn't done enough and I'd get the suppository anyway. (Because of this toilet language I grew up with a rather peculiar attitude towards the commonest verb in the English language!)
I grew up thinking - other kids aren't suffering a toilet-centric life like this, are they? Well, if they are, why isn't it talked about, why is it "rude" and "disgusting"?
If you want to chat privately:

Hi I'm new here I just had a big dump yesterday
Well here is how it started
I felt the urge to poop during class but it was not that strong of a urge so I decided to hold it for later plus I don't like pooping in public
later that day after Dinner I had two chicken burgers it tasted really good then I felt a really strong urge to poop after dinner, but I wanted to hold it until I'm bursting do go so I went on the computer I held it in for about 2 and a half hours then I could really feel the turtle head poking out my ass
so I ran to the bathroom and took off my shorts and underwear
then I sat on the toilet I made a really loud fart then it I pooped two turds in about 2 minutes I looked at my work and one was about 12 inch's long and the 2nd turd was about 9 inch's long it felt soo good I was very relieved I got a good smell of my work and flushed it down.

I want to try to hold in my poop for about 3 days and see how big I can shit.

Observant Guy

My Neighbor on the weekend

Hello again everyone,

This morning I noticed that my next door neighbor didnt leave home early in the morning. I woke up around 6 am to check.

So around 9am I was cleaning my bathroom when I heard some of those familiar sounds. She came in and sat on the toilet. I took position to listen but I was unable to determine if she pooped or only pee'd because either she or My wife had the washing machine running in the other bathroom. based on the time, I would think she was pooping. but only she knows for sure. It wasn't very long before she flushed, but most of us know that some people can poop really quickly.

To Locket

great story about your friend kelly.

wow...she already struggled before ten thirty and nonetheless she was able to hold out until 2 a.m.,particulary her turd was huge and not too solid...

she tried to hold on until the next morning? with her jam-packed guts?
she must had planned to stay awake all night,because if she would have fallen asleep,then...

poor kelly,i bet she have spent a few really uncomfortable hours,propably she was tossing and turning on her mattress all the time,sweating all over while clenching her cheeks.

lol...the air in your tent must have been a little bit consideration of how badly kelly had to go,she must have let out a lot of pre-poop farts.

Shane (female)

My 1st Survey (Constipation)


1. What is the longest you've been constipated and what did you to to relieve it?:
2. When was the last time you were constipated?:
3. Have you ever cried while trying to poop while constipated?:
4. Have you ever helped someone else out while they were constipated?:
5. Has anyone ever had to help you get your poop out?:
6. Have you ever gone to the doctor for constipation? If so, what did he/she do?:
7. What kind of noises do you make while trying to poop when you're constipated?:
8. What is the longest it's ecer taken you to poop while constipated?:
9. Has your poop ever gotten stuck half way out of your butt?:
10. Do you like to have anyone coach you while you're trying to poop?:

I hope you like my first survey! Sorry it's kinda short.

Luv's lightning MWF

Lightning photography

Tonight where me and my husband John live, there was a thunderstorm. John is an avid lightning photographer and so am I. So we got into our car and drove for a few miles south where we could get a good view. After approximately 20 minutes, I heard this spattering sound. I did not think it was rain because I was not getting wet. "What's that spattering sound" I asked John. "Sorry hon, it's me" "Did you spill something" I asked. "No I just peed". I put my little flashlight on him and sure enough he peed - IN HIS SHORTS!! He was embarrassed and said the excitement got a bit too much for him. I laughed. I put my arms around him and told him I still loved him. It was funny actually. These things happen.

Brandon T

girl pooping

about 10 minutes I heard a giri pooping in a park bathroom I think she farted a couple times and how I knew she was pooping was her friend came to check what was taking her so long and aparently she really had to go not diarrhea but just really had to go.

Mr. Clogs

Todays's post and comments

Today which is Sunday . I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and felt the need to pee. So I while brushing my teeth I pulled out the woody and peed into the toilet while brushing my teeth. Made the nice semi clear water a nice rich golden color of my morning pee. I finished brushing my teeth and had some coffee which I can feel having a nice bowel movement soon.


Valerie: Really liked your story about you and your friend using the trash can in your room as a toilet. I liked the details, and please post some more. Thanks.

Katrina (Free Pooper): Nice post about pooping and peeing on the kitchen floor.

Petitepooper: Nice description of your co-worker having a massive bowel movement in the office bathroom.

Panty girdles: Nice story about your panty girdles, I'm curious do you wipe after you use the bathroom whether you pee or poop? That could be why you're getting skid marks on them. Also what style of knickers (panties) you wear under the girdle?

Well got to go now catch you later.

Mr. Clogs

Yesterday evening, my friend Pamela and I were going to a dinner party. We were at her house getting ready. I was finishing my makeup and she was trying to decide which shoes to wear. She came into the bathroom and said "I need to do a poo very badly." I asked if she wanted me to leave but she said no.

In the mirror, I saw her hike up her skirt, roll down her pantyhose and sit on the toilet. She peed and farted three times. I heard a big splash and then she sighed. A little later another big splash. Over the next few minutes there was four smaller plops. She sighed again and said "Ohh that feels much better!"

Watching Pamela poo made me feel like I kind of had to go. It wasn't too bad, but I wanted to do it then rather than at the party. I'll poo in public if I absolutely have to, though I try to avoid it if I can. She wiped and flushed. Then she washed her hands and left the bathroom.

I hiked up my skirt and lowered my panties and sat down. The seat was still warm from her having used it. I gave a quick push and a small piece came out. Another slightly bigger piece followed. I heard the doorbell ring and she went to answer it. It was our boyfriends ready to pick us up. They were a bit early. I let out another piece.

I heard her say that I was still getting ready but I'd be done very soon. I passed a piece that was big around. I felt a little more in me but I knew they were all waiting for me, so I wiped and flushed. I washed my hands and came out to join them.


Stories, comment to Suzi

This is sort of obvious, but I keep noticing how this site isn't really only about going to the bathroom, it is really stories of people's lives, just told from one very particular point of view.

Hi, Suzi, I'm really sorry, it sounds like a lot about your childhood was not great, to put it mildly, and that can be really hard to recover from. I wish you all success in being the best mom you can be. My parents were not as drastic as it sounds like your mother was, but I do remember them making me take suppositories, and making sure they didn't pop out. One time I remember they gave me one right _after_ I had had an accident on the floor, to try to get me to go in the toilet, even though I had just pretty much emptied myself out. They had promised me ice cream that evening, but instead I had to sit there straining while they watched until the ice cream place was closed. Just remembering that creeps me out a bit now since there was so clearly no medical reason on that particular occasion (and probably counterproductive from a medical point of view) and it was really just a rather invasive form of punishment. Oh, well, just one minor sample of the things that sent me into therapy years later...

Just a Guy
I haven't had a chance to post recently - but had a chance today and decided to make a few comments on recent stories.

Valerie - welcome to the site. That was a great first post. It sounds that you and your friend Sandra really had to go.

Observant guy - interesting post on overhearing your neighbor go.

Joel - enjoyed both of your latest posts. Seems like you have some interesting experiences to share.

Millie - enjoyed your post. It sounds like you and those other girls really had to go.

Leanne - I hope you haven't stopped posting. I miss the stories about yourself, your house mates and your friend, Meg. Hope all is well and hope you have more stories to post.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Valerie first welcome to the site and great buddy dumping story it sounds like you and Sandra had really had to go and alot and it sounds like you both had fun and felt pretty good afterwards to and probaly lighter to and it sounds like you may have some good stories please share them with us thanks.

To: Katrina first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping and peeing on the kitchen floor it sounds like you had alot of fun doiig it to and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Miss A great story about you seeing Mr. C pooping I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Observant Guy as always another great story about you overhearing your neighbor pooping it sounds like she was in a rush but had to poop and was probaly trying to be fast about going and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tori first welcome to the site and great desperation story it sounds like you really had to go pretty bad and just made it sounds like that other girl was beyond desperate to bad she didnt make it and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Michelle (formaly MS) as always another great story it sounds like you got lucky and it was a clean accident so to speak and it sounds like it was a pretty good dump to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Joel great story about you hearing and seeing that girl pooping.

To: Petitepooper firts welcome to the site and great story it sounds like your gonna have some great stories I look forward to them thanks.

Daily Dump I took a dump about 2 hours ago in the same bookstore as before it was 1 logs light brown and kinda stinky oh well it felt great.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

Final Exams

Hello. It's Ebony here again with another tale. Outside ToiletStool, I am a busy girl. To make ends meet, I primarily work as a cosmetologist and I am currently a student, majoring in botany. I also have two children while I am currently working on having another child. Of course, because I had my son as a high school junior, I have been busy since then. Due to my busy life, I took online classes after high school to finish schoolwork on my own time and spend more time at home to raise the children with my husband Brandon, the father of our churrens, apparently. On June 20th, I returned from a track meet because I am a member of a women's track team in my location. After much running to get our bodies in shape for real competition, resembling a tortoise on the track when running with the ridiculously well-built, muscular track stars, I finished thirsty and hungry as ever, so I stopped at McDonald's and bought a double hamburger without cheese, a large fry, and a medium tea. Additionally, when I returned home, I indulged in nearly every cold water bottle stored in our fridge. In the process, I mingled with my mum and siblings that were already at our house eating and playing with the kids. After getting the children to sleep, I received a notice from my teachers that students must take final exams. The teachers, expecting their students to be Albert Einstein in each class, only provided students with a 40-minute completion of their exams online, much to my fear. My other classes were pieces of cake, but botany, my major of all classes, was the only problem for me.

While I had no problem remembering and relaying information regarding most of botany, I struggle with pinpointing scientific names of such life and spelling such names correctly when I actually do recall them. Thus, I assumed that the exam would be difficult for me. Without much study time for me, I took the test nervously that evening. The test began fine, mostly containing multiple-choice questions about plant and fungi basics, certain plants and fungi in particular, where they grow, how they reproduce, and so on. During this time, I had to piss. Yet, because I did not want to waste time on this exam, as timing out the exam would be an incomplete exam, I kept my booty glued on my computer chair to take that test. As the test proceeded, I encountered my greatest fear, non-multiple-choice questions that required labelling different plants and fungi with their scientific names. Around this time, I already used most of my time taking the exam. While looking up scientific names for the plants, the piss urge grew more powerful, creating a pressured and tingly feeling in my bladder that begged for fulfilment. Yet, I assumed I could hold it, finish the exam, and piss peacefully on the toilet later on.

As I answered more questions, I fidgeted as I consulted more information on scientific names, signifying that my assumption was wrong. I looked on the top right corner and noticed that I only had four minutes, yet, about a little over ten questions for me. Desperate to piss and verging on being the first person documented with a waterfall in her track shorts, I yanked down my shorts and panties, grabbed the empty McDonald's cup off my computer desk, slid my booty to the computer chair's edge, placed the cup under my privates, and let loose a stream of piss into the cup that was clear as the water I previously drank as I took my test, sighing in relief. Piss splashed onto the carpet and overflowed from the cup, creating a wet, hot mess under me. I assumed that if I went to the latrine, I would have run out of time. With only a few minutes for the test, I sat the urine-filled cup on the computer desk near me and rushed the test quickly as possible, barely finishing in time. After congratulating myself for a job well done, I wiped my privates with some Kleenex that I kept on my computer desk near me and tossed the tissue into my wastebasket. The plan was to dump the piss in the toilet and dispose of the cup when all the company left, as the house was crowded. However, that plan never came into motion so soon. As I chatted with the rest of the family afterwards, I forgot about the cup.

It was until later until my 16-year-old brother Alonzo came to play NBA 2K12 with me. When we sat on the bed playing the game, he got thirsty, and went for my McDonald's cup, complete with the lid and straw and all. I then remembered I forgot to dispose of it. "Hey, don't drink that!" I shouted, warning him. I was too late. Alonzo already took a small sip. He instantly gagged. "Ew! What the ???? is this?!" He said, disgusted. "Boy, I pissed in that. I couldn't make it to the latrine." "Ew! What the hell? You're telling me I drunk pee?! You pee in cups now?!?" "Shut up, boy," I said. "And yes, you did just drink piss." I then took the cup, poured the piss in the toilet, and disposed of the cup. He went to the latrine where he vomited and washed out his mouth. "I'm telling everybody!" he said when he came out. When we resumed playing, he couldn't get over the whole thing. Non-surprisingly, he later told the rest of the family and they ridiculed me a little while for being a healthy 20-year-old that kept a piss cup in my room. However, they got an even bigger laugh at Alonzo when I told them that he drank some of it.

Where does the penis go?

My boyfriend and me both attend summer school. He's making up Algebra which he has failed twice and I'm working ahead by taking my history requirement early. When we get out of school each day at noon, we walk two blocks over to the park where they have several food trucks parked that sell all kinds of lunch items. We eat in the park and then I help him with his homework because he has trouble listening and watching his teacher do the problems on the smart board. Yesterday while Carlo and I were doing our homework together, he said it was time for his bathroom break. Normally he walks to the other side of the baseball field and goes into a small bathroom building. I've gone there too sometimes and the place is about as clean as our school bathrooms, which Carlo and I think are OK but not great. I was seated on the picnic bench and had read only two or three paragraphs when Carlo returned. He was holding his butt and I could see from his face he was at least a little in pain. He had to poo but both stalls in the guys bathroom had been vandalized, the stools had run over and I guess there was quite a mess. Some moron had dropped a bowling ball into each of the toilets.
I left our materials on the table and walked Carlo back over there. I told him he could use the ladies room and I would stand guard at the entrance to give him his privacy. Carlo is two years older than me, but he's very private about that type of thing and as we walked over there, I learned that he had never seen a girls bathroom before. Because of vandalism, neither cubicle had doors. Carlo complained a little at first, but he was in pain so he went into the first cubicle, dropped his blue boxers and jeans to the floor. Once he took his seat, I know he was embarrassed by the large amount of gas he was letting off and as I looked over at him, I could see another matter that was frustrating to him. His penis was laying over the front of the gray toilet seat. Carlo seemed awkward about what to do with it. I told him not to worry about it, but as he started dropping his logs he explained that the guys' seats have a big cut-out in front, and that the guys have to push their penis between their legs and point it into the bowl because otherwise, it will rest on the front of the bowl which is filthy with the pubic hairs and urine of others. Luckily, he half filled the bowl in about two minutes and he wiped himself from his seat. When we got back to our table, I asked Carlo what he thought about his experience. He said he wished the boys rooms didn't have the cut-out seats and that they would have doors on the cubicles. He also thought our stools were a little higher to sit on. But I don't know about that.

My second story today is being done live. Ive decided to be adventurous and poop on some paper with a mirror in front of me. Doing it now as i'll be showing soon and my bump wont enable to see. So im undoing my buttons and pulling down my underwear. Now im ready. The mirror is in place and im in the squatting position. And:uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Its stuck. Pokes out and then goes back in when im releasing my push. Going to hold my bum cheeks apart. 1 hand typing, the other holding my bum. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. YES. ITS COMING. I think its about pretty big. Havent pooped since Monday morning. Friday now. Wow about 5.5 inches long and its......out. Uhhhhhhhhhh. Its coming, about to drop.........and drop it does. Right on top of the first bit. This bit is around 3inches long. Think im done. 3 bits of tp later and im putting it all down the loo. Never pooped like that before. Might do it again before my bump gets too big. Show earlier with twins. Anyway until next time, bye.

Update-8 weeks and 1 day. This morning i tried to poop whilst at the mall but as has become the norm, no luck bar 1 very small log. I sat and strained for around 20 mins. However i did hear a woman pooping in the cubicle next to mine. I was in around 5 mins or so when i was joined by someone. Her shoes clip clopped on the floor and her bags rustled as she entered the cubicle. At first i was trying to push my own poop out that i was unaware she was pooping also. She made a tinkle noise that lasted around 30-40 seconds. I assumed she was done but i realised she wasnt leaving. I dont know if she was aware she wasnt alone as the noises she made were very loud. She grunted and groaned 3 times and then stopped. Then PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, followed by a massive sigh of relief. She wiped and flushed. As she was using the drier for her hands, i felt my own poop emerging. Finally as she left and the aroma of her poop remained a miniscule log dropped out. No more came and i gave up. Feel i could go today again. Bye for now.

Random Post- a friends accident at a track practice

This story happened just a few days ago. I'm on the girls track team at my high school and we have practices over the summer. We were practicing distance running, and atthe beginning I could tell my friend(let's call her "Sarah") was uncomfortable. A short description, Sarah is a thin, brunette 17 year old. so I asked Sarah what was wrong, and she told me she had just woken up and hadn't had a chance to go to the bathroom. I suggested she go quickly, because there was still time to pee, but she told me she had to do more than pee. Now we've been friends a long time, and trust each other a lot, and if there's one thing I know about her it's that she can't hold her bladder or bowels long. However, she was too shy to ask to go now, because they likely would've made everyone wait for her, so she decided to hold it. We got started on the run, and it was clear she was uncomfortable. She was going a lot slower than usual and every once in a while I saw her discretely hold her bum and sometimes her crotch as well. When we finished, she looked in pain and was holding her stomach. She grabbed my wrist and started to pull me towards the lockerroom. We often go to the bathroom together. However, we only made it as far as the stands before she grabbed her stomach again and bent down low. I thought she was jus pausing to regaincontrol until I heard a faint hiss, then I looked down and noticed a small puddle forming under her tight running shorts. The gray had a slowly growing black patch. Then she stood up a little more and held her ass in plain view of me. I saw a little brown patch and her shorts began to tent a little. The bulge grew to huge proportions and I almost though it would rip her pants. Luckily I don't think anybody but me saw it happen and I then helped her sneak ou of school and washed her up at my house so her mom wouldn't find out


Icky Tomatoey Stewy Poop

So for dinner day before last, I picked up my evening meal from a burger place. I asked for extra-extra-extra tomatoes. I'm back on the keto diet to drop a few pounds to stay ahead of the game because I'll be pigging out on plenty of those Disney corndogs from the red wagon two weeks from now when the grandkids come.

So anyway, here I have these two quarter pound burgers with a pile of tomatoes which I ate without the buns. I guess the combination of beef, onions, mustard, ketchup, and all the tomatoes forming a sort of "base" churning around inside my stomach turned it into like a sort of stew; I'm not kidding when I tell you the morning after it smelled exactly like tomato based beef stew, even had the same consistency or close to it. Saw tomato seeds in the toilet, even.

Next week is my final week of my temporary job and looking forward to blowing the money I've made at Disneyland!

Shane (female)

(I'M BACK) Constipation Experiment Results

What up, it's Shane. I'm incredibly sorr I haven't posted in a few months, I've been reading mostly everyone's posts, I just haven't really had time to post lately. I've been mega busy this summer so far. Anyways, I have quite a few constipation stories to share. I'll definitely get to posting them as soon as I can.

I don't know if anyone remembers, but In my last post, I talked about my little "constipation experiment." I ended up having to go to the emergency room to have my ppoop pulled out because it was too big and too hard to get out on my own. Let me tell you, it was PAINFUL!!!!!! Me and my mom tried everything. Squatting, pulling, soap, and even butter and tons more, but nothing worked so it was off to the hospital. :'(

Suzi: I'm sorry to hear about you and your daughter's constipation problems. My mom never uses enemas, soap sticks, or suppositories, she's into more modern techniques. Thanks so much for the message, I kind of thought that everyone on here forgot about me. How old is your daughter?

That's all for now.
Happy Summer, everyone!!!
--Shane (:


hello! I would like to share a really embarrassing story to all the other girls out there. So it starts like this. It was 6th grade and I was at a track meet. The girls coach was really mean and would never let a girl use the bathroom. Once a girl had peed her pants because she could not hold it. I always made sure I peed before I left. But one time, I forgot. I was running and suddenly had the urge to tinkle. My friend Sarah looked at me and said " Christine? What's wrong?"
" I have to go!" I said
" Go where?"
" The toilet!"
Sarah then got a white look on her face. Oh, oh no, Christine, you won't make it! He won't let you! I knew she was right. So when we all met up again after the run, I said "coach, I have to use the bathroom!"
"NO!" He screamed. " No potty breaks!" You run!
By then I had to go so much that I couldn't run and I was walking on the side holding the spot. Between my legs where my "Special Part" is. Sarah stopped beside me and said " Come on Christine, you have to hold it, you have to. I wish my mother had been there or my father. No one was. Sarahs mom had drove us that night. I could see she felt bad for me I said " I can't. It stings! It's numb! I have to pee! I have to!"
By that time I was close to tears. It hurt a lot down there. I walked with Sarah the whole way back to where we met up. Suddenly I felt a wet spot in my panties.
" Sarah! I can't hold it! It's starting!"
" Run Christine! To my mom! Hurry!" I sprinted off the field and heard the coaches screams, but I didn't care. I tried holding it in but it was dribbling down my jeans.
" I have to go to the toilet!" I screamed at Sarahs mom. She must've saw the wet spot on my jeans so she said " Come on Christine let's go to the porta potty" But as I started running, I felt a spray go down my front jeans in two lines.
" Uhhh... I let out a sigh of relief." By that time my jeans were soaked and I was squatting letting it come out. Sarah ran up to me.
" Oh my god! Christine! Are you alright?"
" I just peed my pants...." Then I started crying. By then, the coach and Sarahs mom were yelling at each other while sarah patted me on the back in comfort. Sarah luckily had a newly boughten pair of jeans in the car, so I changed and we went home. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life


First Post!

Hey all,

My name's Ryan, I'm a 26 y/o guy from Toronto, ON, 5'9" and GETTING in shape - currently between 'skinny' and 'toned' haha.

Anyway, for as long as I can recall I've always been curious about girls going to the bathroom, especially poop. I really like the noisy ones - farts, plops, crackles, grunts and sighs. I've seen one of my ex g/fs on the toilet (and her loads too), listened in on a few women, and talked about it a few times...I have some stories about ladies as well as myself of course, but for wanted to introduce myself. i have a few favorite posters on here: David & Anne, timee, Desperate to poop, Leanne, Abbie, Michelle (formerly MS), Valerie, Barbara (really liked the description of your farts and poop...I bet you could fill a toilet quite well!), Katrina and Donna Emma (your stories were steamy!)

That's it for now, thanks for the stories, look forward to more!

- Ryan

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Two Girls, One Can

Hello, everyone. My name is Valerie. I'm a long-time reader, but a first-time poster. I'm an eighteen year-old brunette and my friend finally got me to write on this site about my first "out of bathroom" experience.
A few weeks ago, me and my best friend Sandra were sitting in the living room watching TV when I all of a sudden felt a huge wave of pressure hit me out of nowhere. It had been about five days since I last pooped, so I guess I was due for a big one by now. I told Sandra that I really had to go number two and she told me that she did, too. We were in a spot of trouble because our only toilet was broken and the person who was coming to fix it wouldn't be here until the next day. We both really had to go and I could already feel the tip of a turd poking out of my butt.
I thought of an idea, grabbed a roll of toilet paper and told Sandra to come with me into my room. We walked in and I shut the door because the rest of my family was in the house. I grabbed the small trash can I kept in my room and said we could go to the bathroom in this. Sandra thought about it for a few seconds like she didn't want to, but she had to go too badly to care. She immediately pulled off her jeans and panties, hovered over the trash can and began to pee. I looked away to give her a little privacy, but she told me that it was okay, so I looked. She kept up her stream for about twenty seconds with a look of utmost relief. When she finally stopped peeing, she repositioned herself a little bit and started grunting. Almost immediately, a long brown turd, almost a foot long and three inches around, slid out of her butt and splashed into the pee in the can. About five more turds, each about six inches long and two inches thick, quickly followed the first one and fell one by one into the trash can. Sandra sighed in relief, grabbed the toilet paper from me and wiped. I asked if I could see what she had done and she told me sure. I looked inside the trash can and marveled at Sandra's work. There was about three inches of pee in the can and five inches of poo piled in it. I was impressed. Sandra put her panties and jeans back on and said "That felt great. I haven't been to the toilet in about a week." That made two of us. The smell was overwhelming my room, but we had to do what we had to do.
I told her to move because I really had to go. I ripped off my pants and undies and did the same hover position over the trash can that Sandra did. I began to piss in the can, adding to the puddle that Sandra had left in there before me and softening her poop pile. I peed for about half a minute before I felt the rush in my stomach. I leaned forward, hovering my butt above the can and pushed hard. The tip of the turn began to slide out my butthole, but it sure took its time. I pushed for almost a minute before I slid the poop all the way out and it fell with a thud into the can. I looked behind me into the trash and saw a monster turd over a foot long inside and completely covering Sandra's pile. I grunted and forced out another extremely long turd out my ass and the pressure inside me was gone. I wiped my butt and threw the toilet paper in the trash. The aroma was almost too much by now.
We waited for about an hour when my parents left for work to take the trash can outside and dump it in the wooded area past my backyard. Me and Sandra dug a hole really deep, dumped the contents of the trash inside and covered it. Then we washed out the can really, really good and went back inside. Ever since then, me and Sandra have done a fair number of "buddy dumps" together, in and out of the bathroom.
Whew. That's all for my first story. Hope you all liked it! There will definitely be more to come, possibly another buddy dump story!

Katrina (Free Pooper)

Lazy Girl

Greetings! My name is Katrina! I just turned twenty and I found this site about a few months ago, so I decided I would share my story.
I live alone in a small house, so I'm not shy about where I do my business. One day I was just laying on my couch when I felt a cramp in my ???? and I knew I had to poop. I decided to hold it in for as long as I could so I would have an even bigger relief when I decided to go. I did a couple chores around the house, cleaned and made lunch mostly, before the cramps finally just overpowered me in the kitchen. I had tiled floors, so I decided that the cleanup would be easier than going on my carpet. I pulled off my white underwear, spread my legs wide and just let go.
I felt my butt hole open wide and I heard a crackle as a smelly, thick turd rushed its way out of my body. It slid out to over twelve inches before it broke off and another turd was sliding out. I must have pushed out three twelve inchers before I started pushing out a couple nuggets. I began to pee on the floor right after I pooped and I had never felt such relief. I looked down at my masterpiece to see four or five bigger turds curled up on the kitchen floor and topped off with several smaller pieces with a huge yellow puddle spread out around it.
I wrapped up my turds in a whole load of toilet paper, wiped the rest off of my ass and flushed it all down the toilet. Then I mopped all the pee off the floor. I've peed and pooped in my kitchen before, so this was nothing new to me. I felt so much better and it actually felt really good to just let it all out wherever I felt like.
Thanks for reading everyone! I'll have more stories for you the next time I get a chance! Bye!

Miss A
Heyy.. I have been a long time lurker and posted a couple of years ago. However nothing much happened.... and could not post in a long time... I am female and this incident occured about 7 years ago...
My school was going on a trip... it was a 3 day journey....and we were traveling by train..... One of our teachers let us say Ms.C seemed a little uncomfortable but insisted that she was alright... but was in reality severely constipated....
On the train we had squat toilets.... the user steps into the toilet and squats over a hole with his/her back to the door.... On the second night of our journey i needed to use the toilet. So i go to the closest toilet... the door was shut but not latched and the display outside it read toilet vacant... so i open the door and see Ms.C squatting over the hole, grunting trying to pass out a turd, a turtle head poking out of her bottom...only her rear was visible to me....
I immediatly tried to turn away... Ms.C realised something was wrong and got up and bolted the door from inside.... Later the next say she was really embarrassed.... Few months later she said that she was glad it was me and not some other guy as she would have died in embarrassment if that had happened!!!

Observant Guy

Late For Work

Hello everyone,

I have another story about my next door neighbor. Lately I have been very busy and apparently she has been too. There are few things I have noticed since the last time I thought she may have been pooping. If you recall from earlier posts. I thought she was an evening pooper because of the one time she had a dump that I heard her say "eww, that stinks" during. after a few attempts to determine if there would be repeat sessions I could not be conclusive. then one morning while I was getting out of the shower I heard her flush the toilet. I missed most of it but I suspected pooping based on the time of day.

Lately she seems to disappear on weekends... dont know if she has a boyfriend or what (doesnt matter anyway until I start seeing him around her apartment) I do know that she leaves for work early or comes home late because she works out.

But Back to the most current story... Yesterday I got up a little eariler than ususal and while I was getting ready for work, and decided that I was going to take my extra time trim my hair before the hot weather set in.

Knowing that she leaves early, when I wake up early I look out my bedroom window to see if her car is still in the front lot. Yesterday her car was there, and my wife was leaving before her...Initially I thought that my neighbor might be taking the day off...

So I trimmed my hair, took a shower and while I was drying off... I heard a familiar sound. The sound of a bathroom door creaking, shutting and women's shoes approaching the wall each of our bathroom's share.

I stopped drying off put my towel down, and put my ear to the wall... I must have missed her getting settled, but I immediately was greeted by the tinkling of pee. As the pee started to taper off... there was a loud brrraattt! followed by a faint splop! shortly there after the wall rumbled as she pulled off her toilet paper and the toilet flushed. I heard the sound of her heels determine her exit. I left my bathroom and headed for the window to confirm that she was still here. Just as I looked out I saw her in a scramble to get in her car and leave. I guess she was late for work...

From John on the John to Will:

1 Going too much is better than having difficulty in going, even if it's embarrassing sometimes, especially if it wakes others up in the middle of the night.

2 I had the problem when a teenager of going sometimes in the middle of the night, and waking people up when I flushed it away. And I didn't like to leave without flushing.

I have a suggestion for the moderators. (this may be similar to the index idea) In the advanced search on this site, would it be possible to add a: 'search for phrase' option? right now the search tries to search every separate word in a phrase intead of a string of words in a specific order. I hope you take this into consideration

It does that. Look at the search help for the complete list of options. Placing an item in quotation marks makes it a phrase.


Discription and story

Hi i am Tori a 21 year old female with blond
Hair. I am also new to this site.
Ok so here's my story
One day about a year ago i was really consipated
So i took some ex lax at 2:30 about 2 minutes later i decided
I would go to the state fair so at about 3:04
Was when i got there after 1 hour and 23 minutes
Later the ex lax started to take affect and i needed to shit right then
luckily there were 2 porta potties they were both occupied and there was a line
of 2 on the one on the left and a line of 4 on the right
So i got in line for the left one there was another
lady who must have had to shit way more than me
Because a started to see a large bulge form in her pants
And her face turned red then i saw her run to the parking lot
By now i was next in line i was holding my ass afraid that i might not make
it finally the lady in front of me came out and i went in
i yanked down me shorts and panties that had a wet brown stain
in them a sat down and it felt so good but there was no toilet paper
So i reached in my purse and pulled out a roll of toilet paper and wiped 12 times

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Just A Girl as always another great story and great live coverage of your poop to and it sounds like it was a pretty good poop to and as always I look forward to your nrext post thanks.

To: Joel great story it sounds like that girl really had to go and you got to see some of it to in the toilet.

To: UKNGuy as always another great story about you hearing a girl and/or woman pooping it seems like your always in the right place at the right time or least most of the time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Big Bathroom Hater thatat girl was just rude she should learn to be patient and ask poliely for people to hurry up if shes that desperate.

To: Millie as always another great story it sounds like you werent the only one desperate to poop and I would to be the person who has unclog it and as always I look forward toy our next post thanks.

To: New Girl first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you really had to go and alot to but at least you felt better but your poop shyness may cause problems in the future like accicdents, constipation and other stuff my advice is to just use the bathroom but dont think about it just poop and put everything else out of your mind just an idea and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Barbara first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate at least only a couple people witnessed your accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Heather first welcome to the site and great story about your desperate poop outside it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt prety good aftewards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Marianne great story those boys shouldnt have done that but they got what was coming to them and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandi as always another great set of stories it sounds like you were pretty depsrate to pee in both and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Donna Emma first welcome to the site and great accident story it sounds like an ambush poop and it also sounds like you discovered something about yourself which will hopefully meansa lots of stories to share on here thanks.

To: Mrs Toilet Trooper as alwsya another great story it sounds that training camp will hold some memorys for you now and those girls were very means first spying on that one girl then giving you laxatives but in the end they got what was coming to them and must not be that smart accepting food from the person they gave laxatives to they had to know you would get your revenge and I bet they wont ever do that again and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jonybiii great about your girlfriend Jeanette emergency it sounds like you were there for her when she really needed you which turned out to be a good thing since she became your girlfirend and please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great live reporting and poop by poop coverage as usual and as always I look forwrd to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Michelle (Formally M.S)

I'm back with a story and advise to Donna Emma

WOW! I really can't believe I haven't posted in a long time. I have been viewing the website regularly but just haven't had the time to post. I did try to post a story about a month ago but it didn't get onto the site so I must have said something wrong; sorry moderators. I will try to post about the 4 experiences that I have encountered since my last post (about 2 months ago) in my next post.

This is my most recent experience. On Friday 15th June I went out with a load of friends and had a meal followed by a few drinks before going to a club. While I was dancing the meal had obviously caught up with me because I started to really need a poo but strangely I didn't want to stop dancing as I thought I could hold it in. The urge subsided for 10 minutes but came back worse than ever and I couldn't hold it back so I just relaxed and slowly started to let a massive log out into my knickers. It was so relieving as I hadn't been for 4 days and when it met the resistance of my knickers I had to push really hard as it was tough to push out but it felt incredible when it finally slide out and coiled in the seat of my knickers. When I was done I had a massive load in my knickers and I was cautious that it might fall from the leg holes as the large amount of poo was pulling my knickers down. I knew I had to get to the toilets ASAP before some fell onto the dance floor. I walked through a number of people and wondered if they could see my soiled knickers as I was wearing a fairly short dress. When I got to the toilets all 3 cubicles were occupied, and I had to wait about 5 minutes for one to become free. I went in pulled my knickers down and sat on the toilet and started to wee; while doing this I emptied out my knickers which was easy as it was a hard load meaning I was able to just pick it up out of my knickers and drop it down the toilet. My knickers weren't as dirty as I thought they would be so I was able to put them back on after wiping my vagina and bum several times; I then went back to the dance floor and partied hard.

To Donna Emma
Hi, I loved your posts as I know how you feel concerning pooing yourself. At first I felt embarrassed and ashamed but after a few accidents I started to enjoy the experience. I am known for having genuine accidents but occasionally I will poo myself on purpose as the feeling of warm poo flowing into my knickers is something I find strangely satisfying. Some people may think were weird but don't worry as everyone has their 'hobbies' and as the saying goes "Whatever floats your boat". As for your boyfriend I'm sure he would understand as he loves you for who you are. There's a few ways of bring it up, you could do what 'Mrs. Toilet Trooper' suggested and ask him what he thinks of girls pooing their pants without mentioning yourself. The other possible way would be to poo yourself in front of him, make out as if it was an accident and then see his response. You never know he might be into pooing himself too.



TO: Suzi

Your household sounds so much like mine! The rule in my house was I HAD to poop every THREE days. Unlike you, however I got an enema after 3 days. On the third morning the enema bag would be brought out and placed in the sink. Then my mother would sit with me, just as yours did, and exalt me to "bear down" and "grunt" to get my "doodoo" "started".

Did it make you uncomfortable to have your mother watch you strain? I hated it and can remember never wanting to strain as hard as I could have, just because she was there watching...the result was that I got a lot more enemas than I probably ever needed.-- JW


reply to just a girl

thats weird i sometimes do exactly the same thing, we seem to have more in common then most of the people i know
i would love to know what other things you do and compare them with me


Survey Answers

Just a bit of info before I answer: I am 23, female, 5 feet and 105 pounds.

1. How often do you have to shit?
2-3 times a day

2. Are you a folder (you carefully and neatly fold the toilet paper) or a crumpler (you just grab a wad of toilet paper)?
I'm more of a crumpler, but there are times when I'll fold the TP nice.

3. Are you an inspector? (An inspector checks the toilet paper after each wipe to examine the faecal content on the sheet to see if further wiping is required).
Yes, I do this after each wipe

4. Are you a stander or sitter? (A stander stands up after defecating so he/she can wipe his/her bottom, a sitter keeps seated for this).
A sitter. It's not very often that I stand to wipe.

5. Are you a double-dipper? (A double-dipper will wipe more than once with the same piece of toilet paper)
Yes. But I will fold the TP so that I am using a clean part of it.

6. Do you use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper?

7. Do you read in the latrine?

8. If so, how often do you read?
Only when I know that I am going to be a while in the bathroom. Sometimes I don't know how long I will take, though and I won't grab my book. Luckily, I have some reading material stored in the bathroom in case that happens.

9. How do you sit when using the toilet?
I sit with my legs spread apart and my elbows/arms resting on my legs. Sometimes I will sit with my hands on my stomach.

10. Do you inspect what you've left in the bowl before flushing?

11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear?
Usually just to my knees, but when I am having troubles going, I either take them off or have them at my ankles.

12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush again until it's all gone?
Yes .

13. To wipe, do you reach your hand between your legs, or do you reach your hand around your backside?

14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back to front, or some other way?
Front to back

15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until most of it is gone?
Totally clean, if I can

16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other people are there?
Only at church or at work. I have no problems pooping in other public places, though.

17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when somebody else is around?
No. The door is always closed.

18. Do you drop a few squares of toilet paper in the bowl before you start, to stop water/pee from bouncing up into your ass?

19. Do you use air freshener (or light a match) after you go to the latrine?
Yes, but only if it's a smelly poop.


My experiences with a Dutch girl

For about two years, I lived in Holland. Living there was a shock at first, but then I fell into a routine and was surprised at how similar it was to home. While there, I met a wonderful girl and we began to date.

On several evenings, we had dinner at her apartment. When we were finished eating, she would always say she had to shit. It surprised me that she was so open about that. Her apartment was very small and she only shut the door half way, so I could hear all the sounds. Plus, her toilet was a typical Dutch design, meaning it had a dry shelf that your poop falls on to before it gets washed away by the flush. This makes inspecting your poop after much easier, but it also enhances the smell. (Not really a problem if you enjoy that smell though)

She was often a noisy pooper, with blasting farts that echoed around the toilet bowl. A strong meaty smell, mixed with the smell of her cigarette smoke would waft through the whole apartment. She probably had the window open in the bathroom because the smoky smell went away quickly once she extinguished her cigarette. The smell of her poop, however, lingered a long time - some days as long as forty-five minutes after she had finished, much to my delight.


Out for a walk...

I posted some pages back about a rather sticky experience with some friends where I, well, frankly, pooped my shorts. That one was fairly embarassing, nothing like having to walk back home in messy shorts with friends teasing you. It was all in fun though. Unfortunately, I can't say its the only time I've ever had an experience like that.

I live in a city and like to go for walks in the afternoon, just to get out and stretch my legs. Its nothing really exercise related, its more to just be outside, I dont like being inside for long periods of time. So, I got some jeans and a t-shirt on and my tennis shoes and walked out of my apartment complex. I rarely have a set and determined path that I plan on walking. Sometimes I get outside and find some obnoxious event letting out and go back inside after a block, sometimes I meander for an hour or two at a time, it all depends. It was a warm, sunny evening so it seemed perfect for a longer walk. Like I said, no set path, so, I'd walk a few blocks in one direction, then in another. In all truth, I've just about gotten myself lost this way before. After reaching one of the parks north of where I live I got a call from a friend. Her and I will go on for ages sometime, so I found a comfortable spot under a tree and we started talking... and talking... and talking...

I have no idea how long we had talked for but I suddenly felt a slight cramp and a heavy feeling in my gut, the unmistakable sign for needing a poo. I also noticed it was getting a little later and wanted to head back home, as I hadn't even had dinner yet and don't like eating tremendously late, either. I got up, still talking to my friend, and started pointing myself in a general direction towards home. After a block or two her and I wrapped up, said our good-byes, and hung-up. My attention no-longer distracted by the phone I realized two things, I had walked in a path that didn't really get me closer to home from the park, and my need to poo was getting worse. Quickly reorienting myself towards my apartment I picked up the pace, but, just slightly. I wasn't desperate, but, I was quite aware of my needs at the moment.

By now I was maybe 20 minutes from home walking time. I kept making progress when another cramp hit me, a little worse than last time. It was enough to get me to slow for a moment, but, I kept making progress, not thinking I was anywhere near to badly needing a restroom yet, besides, plenty of toilets in the cities are nasty, and the only good ones tend to be in skyscrapers which often lock in the afternoon. Another cramp hit, no more painful than last time, but, suddenly the urge to find a restroom went from bad to worse. I looked at my clock, hoping I had made some good progress, only to realize that I was still fifteen minutes or so away. I quickened my pace slightly, starting to try to think of places I'd be comfortable doing my business at if I really felt I couldn't make it home. There weren't many I wanted to as I'm fairly shy and stubborn about public bathrooms unless its a place I trust. I'd just have to make it home I told myself, and enjoy the comfort of my own toilet.

I'm not really sure if my pace communicated a need to poop, I wasn't running, maybe power-walking would be a good word for it.

I was power-walking along when suddenly I heard a loud "HONK!" right next to me. I had nearly gotten myself run-over! I was so focused on keeping myself moving forward that I hadn't even watched the walk-sign at an intersection. Luckily, they weren't speeding (as so many do) and there was plenty of space between me and them. I quickly jogged across the rest of the intersection out of their way. On the jog across, however, something didn't feel right... something felt, slick. I reached back, and sure enough, the car horn honking at me had startled me enough that I had pooped my pants. It wasn't bad so-far, I could feel it wasn't a huge mess back there yet, but, I had pooped my pants nonetheless. By now I was 7 or 8 minutes from home and wished I had brought a sweater with me. I looked back as inconsipicuously as possible to see if I had stained my jeans, so far, it didn't look like it.

So, I did my best to "act natural" and not do the "I pooped my pants walk" but, the mess certainly slowed my pace down. Unfortunately, rather than relieving pressure, the slight messing of my pants made me feel like I needed to go even more now. I was starting to get in a tight spot. I was still a little while from home, I needed to poo pretty badly, and I certainly wasn't going to walk into a restaurant or something having already pooped my pants slightly to use one of their restrooms.

All I could do was keep walking and hope I made it. Keep walking, another cramp, stop, hold for a moment, and keep walking. This was the process for me for about 3 blocks. Suddenly, a seriously strong cramp hit me. I felt a small squirt of more poo go in my jeans, another cramp, and then it came out. I started filling my underwear with mushy, poo the consistency of pudding. I stood there, somewhat hunched over, with this tremendous (or so I thought) squelching noise as other's walked around me, filling my jeans for what seemed like ages. At the end of it all, I could feel my jeans (which were snug, but not tight at the beginning of the night) utterly full and bulging out from the mess I had made. To make matters worse, I had peed myself slightly, as well. Not soaked, but, enough that you didn't have to ask what had happened. By now, the jeans, if you couldn't tell from the bulge, certainly showed what had happened, as they were a lighter wash and I now had a large, dark area on the back. I was still a few minutes from home and had no real way of hiding that I had badly messed my pants. All I could do was suck it up and get home. The last couple minutes home I had a few more squirts of poo make their way into my jeans. I was a mess when I got to my apartment complex. I peered inside, no one was there in the hallway. I darted in and made my way up three flights of stairs (pure agony with badly messed pants!) and got to my apartment. I fumbled out my keys and dropped them. Ugh, bending over was terrible with that mess, but, I eventually got myself inside.

I looked at myself in a full-length mirror to survey the damage. My jeans were ruined, the bottom of my shirt had poo on it (I had tucked my shirt in), my underwear weren't even worth considering. I would come to find out the only thing I wore that didn't have a mess on it was my shoes.

That was a long, long, shower.

To this day I don't know what, if anything, made me poo like that, other than waiting. It wasn't purely liquid diarrhea like I was sick, just that semi-soft, pudding-like poop you sometimes have. I know plenty of people saw me in poop filled jeans that night, but, luckily, I don't know any of them. That doesn't mean it wasn't mortifying to walk home in that state, but, its consolation that they were strangers.

Maybe I'll share more stories.

Was in Wal-Mart this morning using the men's room, and was busy washing my hands after a nice, relaxing piss, when this young manager-type of guy in a Wal-Mart blue dress shirt and tie with gray dress pants an d a walkie-talkie on his belt came walking in VERY swiftly, heading directly for the stalls. He headed straight for the handicapped one, locked the door, and with no delay whatsoever, there was a rustling of clothing as his pants came down followed by about 10 seconds of silence,Suddenly the plop-plop sound of several large turds exiting his body broke the air, followed by a large WHEW!!! from this guy. This was only the beginning, another 5 secoonds, and another delivery of poop came out with several more large plops and another sigh of relief from this guy. He REALLY had to shit!!! I could almost feel his relief with him, he was shitting so deep and hard. Another round of the same, and then he finally started un ravelling massive amounts of toilet paper to wipe what I must imagine have been a very greasy shit from between his buttocks. Another unravelling, then I decided it was time to leave so as not to look too obvious.

I imagined this guy being out on the sales floor having to shit as bad as he did, and getting delayed for whatever reason and having a massive accident, with shit sliding out the leg of the gray dress pants as he would hurry to the bathroom, leaving a messy trail through the store. And then getting into the men's room and pulling those dress pants down to see the interior of them as well as his once-white underwear covered in messy shit, and it smeared all over himself and down his legs all the way into his socks and shoes. Wouldn't create a very good impression for the store, I'm afraid.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am a petite 28 year old brunette and whenever I have a bowel movement it is like armageddon. Not a problem at home but when I poop in public toilets I get people's attention. I work in an office and I usually need to poop around mid-morning. A colleague told me last week that she could not believe that she followed a slim girl wearing a black flowery dress, black stockings and stilettos along the corridor and into the toilet and having gone into the next cubicle heard massive anal explosions and wet farts and gushing poo going into the toilet accompanied by a horrible smell.
I usually flush the toilet at work about four times to get rid of all my droppings and on this day I walked back along the corridor in my stilettos and when I went back into the office several people were looking at me as if they knew about the disturbance I had caused emptying my bowels.


Panty girdles

Hi I'm Jenny I'm 35 I live in se England I work as a sales rep so
I have to try and look smart I try and look sexy so I wear tight skirts
And some times stockings I always wear panty girdles to hold me in
Its been happening more and more when I stop just to have a
Pee I pull my panty girdle down and I'm getting more and more
Skid marks some are hard to wash out my panty girdles I have
Started wearing knickers under my panty girdle so if I have
Skid marks it ok can put them in the bin if too bad
Anyone else suffer with skid marks or wear panty girdles



I know you said you only pee in your car out of convenience but I find it really interesting and fun to read about could you elaborate on the times when you peed in the car like give us a play by play of a few of the times?

Just a girl

Brushing teeth constipated poop live poop

I just finished brushing my teeth after eating some berries, I had not have a poop for about 5 days now. So I just brushed my teeth an was walking to my bedroom when I thought I could take a good poop, it started to turtle head so I pushed my but checks together and made sure it didn't stain my panties, I walked back to the bathroom. And let go of my but when the poop made more of a apperance soo pulled down my pants and my pale pink g string, got some toilet paper laid it on the floor wide enough to cover my buttom and got a mirror. I squatted over the toilet paper nd got the mirror and placed it between my legs to see my butt hole, I started to push and I could seethe poop scoring coming out, I stood up a little when half was out and let it dangle in the air, i pushed a little and the rest fell onto the toilet paper, I pushed and a another poop was coming, it was about the same sized I pushed twice and it was out.. I was done

Mrs. Toilet Trooper
Hi. It's Ebony the Toilet Trooper here leaving some comments. I enjoyed all the stories on the page, but my responses mostly go to the posters that can use a little advice, and some that I want to ask questions to.

To AJ: That was an interesting story about pissing outside and not being able to piss in the ocean. That is strange. I never had that problem before, nor heard of it. Pissing definitely feels much better when desperate, that's for sure. Post more stories if you can.

To Donna Emma: I liked your posts, especially the first one how you dodged your boyfriend so he wouldn't see you shitty. I recommend that you become a shameless shitter. Shitting with others present in the latrine might be shameful at first, especially if the others make negative comments about what you're doing in there, but you get used to it, especially when you realise that you could have shit yourself in front of them and embarrassed yourself even further if you didn't do it, that's for sure. In addition, I recommend you just use the latrine whenever the urge strikes because, based on your stories, you don't seem to be good at holding it in, that's for sure. As for whether or not your boyfriend would think you're disgusting if you tell him that you enjoy shitting your pants, a smart thing to do would be to ask him what he thinks of girls shitting their pants beforehand without mentioning yourself. If he says that it's disgusting, don't tell him anything. If not, if you're sure that shitting your pants is your thing, maybe sharing it with him wouldn't be so bad.

To Heather: That was a good post about you shitting outside when your car gave out. In response to your last sentence, shitting outside is always fun. It can be a real thrill when wondering if someone could see you as you go. If you can, post more stories.

To Lauren, to Car Mom, and/or anyone that allows others to piss in their car: Have people looked inside your car to get a sneak peak at those pissing in your car? If so, how do you deal with it? Do you not mind if people look? Do you have tinted windows? Do you park in secluded locations? Do you have any stories about how people tried to or actually sneak a peak? I'm sorry if it seems like I'm asking too many questions. I am just very curious and interested in the whole thing and how others react to it.

To Little Mandi: Next time you have to use the latrine in public or around someone you are not very close to, give it a shot and fight through your embarrassment. If you constantly do that, you should cure your shameful shitter nature. It's not worth it to risk an accident. I like your stories. Please keep posting.

To Marianne: I liked your posts. Apparently, those boys that spied on you while on the toilet were idiots. It's good that they got expelled. Post more stories if you have some.

To Natalie X: Perhaps you make a lot of noise when shitting because you have a gassy diet. What do you normally eat?

To New girl: Welcome to the site. Based on what you posted, as I replied to Donna Emma, I highly recommend that you become a shameless shitter as well. No matter what anyone would say should they sense your business in the latrine, in the end, you're really just relieving yourself. Only an idiot would ridicule someone for something that lifeforms are required to do. Sometimes, you never know when you have to go, so it's better just to go whenever you have to go rather than risk an accident.

To recruit: The only story I have close to being a military story is "Pooper Trooper" about my JROTC field trip. Answering your question, I'm actually the exact opposite of you. I shit about four times per day, once in the morning, afternoon, evening, and late night before 12:00AM. The frequency doubles whenever I have pears or dairy products, which I avoid like the plague.

To Shortie: I know what you mean. I've been pregnant twice, but I never struggled to go during my pregnancies. Instead, I always went more often than normally during my pregnancies and constantly had diarrhoea though, not constipation. I guess different females shit differently when pregnant. That's interesting.

To Valerie: That was a good post. Thelma must be a really good friend to help you get cleaned up after your accident. I don't think many people would have assisted their friend like that. I think most people, friend or not, would just ridicule a situation like that, but obviously not Thelma. A true BFF, that's for sure.

In addition to this, thanks to everyone that still continued to take my survey. I appreciate it. Keep up the entertaining posts and survey answers.




Desperate girl on a bus

When I was in the eighth grade, my class took a trip to Washington, D.C. over Spring Break. Our flight landed at an airport in Virginia and then we got on a charter bus to drive the rest of the way. I had to poop quite badly, and so I went to find the bathroom. The line for the men's room were crazy long at the airport, and I assume the line for the girls' room was just as bad, probably worse in fact.

When I finished, I joined the rest of our class. The bus we were going to get on was running late and wouldn't be there for at least an hour. As it turns out, the operative word there was "at least". From the moment we landed, it was about two and a half hours before our bus even pulled up, plus it would be an hour or so just to drive to D.C.

Once everyone was on the bus, we left. About ten minutes into the ride, I began to notice a girl sitting a few rows ahead of me fidgeting around a lot, like she had to go to the bathroom. I wondered why she didn't just go at the airport, but I suppose she had a thing about public bathrooms. She was holding her stomach and that excited me more, thinking about her having to poop.

As the drive continued and we hit a patch of traffic, I was beginning to wonder if there was any conceivable delay that wouldn't happen on our trip. But, there was one good thing about taking longer than expected - the desperate girl was getting more desperate by the minute. By the half hour mark, she looked about ready to burst. The toilet in the back of the bus had been used by a few people, but none of them appeared to be gone long enough to have pooped.

A few more minutes went by, and finally the girl stood up, still holding her stomach and walked quickly to the toilet. I heard the door close forcefully but unfortunately, the toilet room did contain sound quite well, and I couldn't hear her farting or pooping. She was in there for at least ten minutes before I heard a muffled sound like a flush and then she came out shortly after. A slight poop smell wafted out when she opened the door but very quickly dissipated once she closed the door behind her.

I observed her sitting back in her seat looking very much relieved. A few minutes later, I got up and walked back to the toilet. I opened the door and closed and locked it. Inside the room there was an earthy, rich smell, and when I lifted up the toilet lid, I saw some toilet paper and two dark brown thick logs still in the toilet. I lingered a while longer before flushing the toilet and watching the remainder of the girl's poop swirl down the drain. I washed my hands and returned to my seat.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


a few little snippets

I've been with my gf nearly 3 years now. She has 4 children from previous plus we have an 18 month old baby of our own. So naturally there is a lot of toilet activity within the household.

I have posted about a couple of things in the past, the most recent being a dare for the second oldest girl to poo in a toilet which had been left outside a caravan.

We had been thinking about the need for a larger caravan so went to a neighbouring holiday park to look at a 4 bedroom one. However before we went to the office we had a look round some others in the main sales area.
Someone had obviously had a pee in one of them because the water in the trap was green (they put antifreeze in to prevent frost damage).
But as we were about to leave that one my gf went into the bathroom. I said she couldn't but she said she was bursting for a pee. I quickly rounded up the kids and we stood a few metres away. Glody what was going to happen but she obviously didn't...
We stood there giggling as a big puddle started to form under the caravan as her pee was displacing the contents of the trap and it was coming out of the un-connected waste pipe under the caravan.
When she came out she asked why we were all stood so far away and what was so funny? So I told her to turn round and look at her pee puddle! She burst out laughing and said she never realised that would happen :)

The second thing happened the following weekend. We had been on a little shopping trip to an outlet village and on the way back somehow we got onto the subject of peeing and the second oldest said she would love to pee off a bridge, such as one over a motorway. I told her she would have to practice standing to pee as many bridges have a solid section at the bottom of the railings so that debris can't just fall over the side. I think she'd need me to get her to a suitable place to do that without getting caught, but I'm not going to mention it till she does.

We'll see what the future brings, but these things are best when they just happen spontaneously!

Happy toileting folks!

Mr. Clogs

My pee cup almost ran over and comments

Hi everyone, last night I awoke and needed to pee really bad. I didn't feel like staggering to the bathroom to pee, I grabbed one of my cups I keep by my bedside that I use to pee and used it for some needed relief for my full bladder. I started peeing hard and strong making a loud hissing sound into the cup. While trying to stay awake, the pee stream started to slow down and slowly filling up the cup. I could feel the cup getting close to the brim and no sign of slowing down. I was trying to stop the flow, but it wouldn't stop so I was preparing for it to start overflow. All the sudden the stream finally stopped and made under the brim! I took the warm piss filled cup and poured it into the toilet and went back to sleep. It must of been the beer and water that filled up my bladder.

New girl: Nice story about pooping at work at the unisex bathroom.

Barbara: Wow, that lunch must of been good to get you to take a nice healthy dump later on.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper: Thanks for the shout out and for the clarification. I see why your sister Coco called that toilet retarded. It flushes when it wants to, and yes I do like your stories, keep the posts coming.

Take care,

Mr. Clogs


Peeing in ocean

AJ, for some reason I've never been able to pee in the ocean, either.

Jubilee bank holiday portaloos

Hello all

When the Jubilee weekend was on in early June a funfair visited my town and set up in the park. I visited over the weekend and saw several sightings.
Towards one end of the funfair there was a row of 3 portaloos. I headed over soon after I arrived and found all 3 in use, with a parent and small child waiting. The kid was holding his bottom and squirming around whilst his mother assured him it wouldn't be too long. The queue grew and behind me was an asian girl maybe about 8 or 9 who looked uncomfortable.
After a while the right hand side (a disabled unit) and middle cubicles became free, the mother and boy took the disabled one and I went in the normal one. I could hear the boy screaming "It's coming out!" as his mum frantically tried to get him on the loo. I could then hear a shout and the boy started crying. His mother started reassuring him that "It wasn't your fault, it was an accident".
Just then the cubicle on the other side person left and was replaced by I assumed the asian girl. I heard her pull her jeans and knickers down and then what can only be called a gassy explosion. She had three waves of violent mushy crap, must have eaten something bad beforehand.

Another time later in the day I went back and there was no queue. I opened the door of the disabled cubicle and was shocked to see a girl about 15/16, tanned, hovering over the toilet and in full flow. I let the door slam shut and went in the next cubicle. I heard her carry on for a while so I presume she was quite desperate.


Why I Absolutely Hate Huge Public Bathrooms

I absolutely hate huge public bathrooms; it's been that way for the 16 years I've been alive. I can go into bathrooms at places like gas stations, the mall, Wal-Mart, one of our parks, at school (unless someone has peed on the seat and there's no TP to wipe if off with) and I can sit right down, get my pee stream started immediately and its constant until my bladder is fully emptied. It usually takes just over a minute to complete the task. However, the huge bathrooms--some with more than 30 stalls on both sides of the room and large crowds waiting for a stall to open--frustrate me. I'll sometimes have to wait my turn, go in, seat myself on the toilet, but then I have a hard time getting my stream going. I'll change the position of my legs, slide a little on the seat for more comfort, but it's still hard for me to get my stream started. Seeing eyes in the doorway or being asked if I've fallen asleep doesn't help. Neither do the knocks on the door. The rudest thing was a couple of months ago at a concert where this girl, standing right outside my door, had her phone out and she was cussing about me to her BF who apparently called her to ask what was taking her so long. It caused me to start crying and just stand and give up. I did, however, pull of some TP and like fake wiped myself, before flushing. She bumped me aside when I opened the door and said I had caused her to shit her pants. I walked to the other wing of the Indie center, which was less crowded, and found a bathroom with less people using it, seated myself, and took a really satisfying full pee. I try to avoid huge bathrooms as much as possible but it scares me that this summer I know they will be the only alternative in many cases.

Hi, I have a weird question I hope can be answered. My bowel habits are very regular; I have diahrrea a few times a year and have never been constipated enough to warrant taking a laxative or drink prune juice. That being said, the following question may seem trivial, but it's something I've wondered about for several years.
I wake up in the middle of the night, between 1-4am, two or three times a month with the strong urge to poop. I usually don't eat a lot in the evening and it isn't unusual for me to go to the bathroom before going to bed. Well, my intestines acted as an *alarm clock* at around 2:30 this morning. I walked down to the bathroom (in a college residence hall, aka dorm), sat down, and began going. I spent about 10 minutes on the toilet and let out 3 medium (size and texture) logs; I then wiped 4 times (this is *regular* for me, irrespective of the time of day I have to go). -------
Does anyone else have to get up in the middle of the night to have a BM? I've never asked anyone about this before, not even my best friends. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.will
i was thinking this is why i like to watch girls going to the toilet

2 of my last posts have not been posted >:-( i typed my last post on my phone when i was having a poo in school, but that one and a previous one have not been posted! Anyway, now to this post! I didn't have a poo yesterday, and today in second lesson i thought that i might loose it! I held it all through assembly and first lesson and by second lesson i really needed to go! I made it through second lesson and did a straight dash to the girls' room! All 3 stalls were occupied and it sounded like 2 were having a poo, and there was another girl in front of me grrrrrr!! The girl in the middle stall came out and the girl in front of me went in and it sounded like she was as desperate as me to poo too! Then the girl in the left stall came out and i dashed in. She didn't wipe and there was a HUGE! light brown mushy looking log in the toilet! I had no time to spare and sat down and let my 2 dark brown mushy logs out on top of her light brown one! I wiped 3 times and stuck a bit of toilet paper up my bum as i sometimes so in school to prevent skidmarks! I pulled the chain (they are quite old toilets with a white bowl, black seat and the water box thing is up high) but it clogged straight! I tried to flush again but my mush floated up over the paper! I left the stall like that and opened the door, I told the next girl waiting that it was clogged and she replied 'I don't care, my stomach's too bad' I left the bathroom with the sound of her unleashing her mushiness over mine and the other girl's!!
Bye for now:) Millie :) x


To: New Girl

Well it's good that you were able to swallow your pride, and also able to realize what's the lesser of two evils. The only thing I will comment on is that you need to work on that so that you can go when and where you need to. The idea of holding on and getting constipated, and then having to use laxatives is not a good idea as your body can become dependent on the laxatives to allow you to move your bowels. This can be dangerous as it can lead to potential issues with blockages and the other complications associated with that.


I decided that I would go to a free public event tonight that was in a field, this was organised by outsider that i did not know, I though I would give it a go, their had a band, dj, bbq e.t.c however their was no loos. After 3 pints of liquard later you could imagine i was getting a little deprate, it was an empty field with nothing to go behind, well their where a lot of people their. I though to myself i got to go so decided to walk to the car park (although i did walk) and found a car to go between.

Carried of and drank anyother 6pints of luqid and decided to go home. I was walking home and really needed to go for a wee, but decided to go a new way home, which was a bouns as it has a lot of trees e.t.c it was no good i was going to have to go and pop a squat it was getting a dark at this point, so I said to my friend i need a pee and going to have to and find a bush to go behind, their are so anit public peeing it is unreal.So i said to them i got to have a wee and i cant them up. He can with me in the end.

I walking though the wooded bit, and was looking for a bush to squat behind, bear in mind i had a belt, Jeans tights and underway on and was about to wet my self, I started to undo my belt as i was walking, and the didthe top button on my jean, and found a spot and let in go i was so deprate it was unreal. Once I finding i redid my self up, and carried on walking my friend said to me that he had to go so could we hurry up back to my house, but to be honest i was in no mood to go any faster and said this is the fastest i can do and to be honest it was. He said he could not wait i said go in the bushes he said how, i did say come on which man has very have a pee in the bush NONE. but hey how it who not he keep saying no and no.... But then he said i going to have to go and he asked me if i could show him how, bear in mind he was male and i am a women but hey ho. so we walking in the wooded bit as their is also a path their too, and i said go hear he said how i was like undo you zip pull him out point and go, but it took him 10min to bring up the corrage to go but he did.

I was starting to need to go myself again, but though i would wait till i was hope but about 10mins later I had to go, so i said to him can we walk though the wood bit as i going to have to go again, so we did i came arross a mother and daughter how where my next door neightborough and though nothing of it as their where a little bit ahead, so i carry on walking and when pass them, the mum was on the ground squating and having a pee. she appoliged and was so red, I re assure her that i was their to do the excat same thing but she was so worried although i did go again.

But we both agree that nothing would be said to anyone else



Is's forum now getting to such a size that it should be indexed ? Some clearly like asking questions and getting answers. Others like writing and reading stories about toilet trips whilst out shopping, or al fresco in the countryside, or having 'accidents'. Whatever you like writing or reading, with well over 2,000 pages now, surely it's time to enable us all to find what we want to read, quickly and easily. How do others feel ?

It's a nice thought, but the reality is, 1.) somebody has to make it, and the bigger task, is 2.) somebody has to maintain it. Take note, that the longest lived active posters usually read and respond to nearly everything with mutiple replies to the community in on post. Single subject posters typically burn out within 10-20 pages regardless of reception. The end result will be a diffusion into single subject, islands with a handfull of infrequent posts in each. Yes. it would be nice to make subjects "float" or "stick", that's been on our wish list for years, but the final system needs to be usable.


To Shane (female)

I haven't posted on this page for years. But I saw your old posts and thought I should print this.

I've been fighting a losing battle with constipation - or too-slow bowel function - all my life. And it made my childhood a misery because I was continually having to worry about not doing enough "dooey" - and what my parents would do when they found out.

Between the ages of 1 and 11, the house rule was that if I didn't "do a dooey" for three days, mum would forcibly insert a glycerine suppository or a soap-stick. And it was forcible - it hurt. I always resisted, tried to stop it, and for most of those years it made me cry when she forced it in. For all those years she didn't trust me to do the insertion myself.

And the rule didn't always apply - sometimes she'd decide I needed a needed a suppository because regardless of the timespan, I hadn't been pushing out enough smelly stuff recently. And in later years if I was being punished for something (getting short-tempered, bad homework, whatever) she'd administer a suppository after giving me a spanking, because she was convinced that my bad behavior was ultimately down to auto-intoxication from the bowels (a sign that I needed to do a smelly ASAP). Which was probably true, but no fun to live through.

Throughout those years, if she had the slightest suspicion that I was constipated, she would accompany me to the bathroom and watch me sitting, straining - and after a certain amount of time, reach for the dreaded suppository box in the medicine cabinet (if she hadn't hidden it about her person that is!)
And after she inserted the suppository she'd watch over me to ensure I didn't "do" it out prematurely.
And on a few occasions she'd try a more exotic method of inducing a bowel movement - an enema, or two-finger stimulation, or (most painful of all, and only tried once) inserting the handle of a hairbrush.

My sister had it worse - she received even more suppositories than me. It only stopped when we were about to start having periods.

I swore that if I ever had any kids I'd never do the same. But alas, here I am, a struggling 30-something single mum. With a lovely daughter who's far more studious and has far more of an intellect than I did at her age, but who has inherited the family curse of bowel problems. So I've had to do almost all the things my mum did - and I know she's going to grow up as much of a fk-up as me.

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