Daddy's desperation

This story happened a number of years ago when my twin druthers were 4. It was a Saturday morning and I had been constipated for several days so I took a laxative to solve the problem. Nothing happened for several hours and my wife had gone shopping. I realized this would be a good time to pickup her birthday gift. So I promised the girls if they were good on this trip to the mall that I would buy them an ice cream cone on the way home so away we went. Shortly after getting everyone in the car and driving off I got my first urge to go poop. It was not very strong so I figured I could hold it with no problem and the feeling so of went away. About a half hour later while we were in the store buying the gift the feeling returned much stronger. However the restrooms were quite aways from the store were we were at and how was I to get both girls and the rather large gift into the stall would be a big problem so I convinced my self that I would be able to make it home o.k. Again the urge sort of passed and we walked back to car and I got both girls in their car seats before the urge came back very urgently. I closed the back door of the car and stood up straight and concentrated on squeezing my bun but a little wet something I felt slip out. I squeezed harder and yet another small piece oozed out. I was in full panic mode now and did not know what to do. In the next few moments it was done for me. I felt it all coming out...2 or 3 days of crap was all coming out right now and there was nothing that I could do about it. I felt the soft poop making a good sized bulge in my jeans and I just stood there until it was all out. Now I had to get in the car and sit on this mess as it spread out on my bottom and maybe down my legs. I also had to tell me girls something because there was no way we could stop for an ice cream now. So I was honest with the girls, I said., Daddy had an accident in his pants and we were have to go directly home but we would get the ice cream later in the afternoon. The girls seem to understand that I was in abit of discomfort. When we got home my wife had returned and as soon as the girls got in the house they said "Daddy had a Pooppy accident on the way back from the mall" She looked at me and I said nothing as I went directly to the bathroom to clean up and take a shower. Later having cleaned up as I stepped out of the shower there was a tap on the bathroom door. It was my wife asking if I were ok. I asked her to come in and I told her the whole story of what happened. I could tell that the story turned her on alittle and since I was standing there with only a towel I was getting turned on by her getting turned on. The girls were taking their afternoon nap so we had sex right there in the bathroom. When the girls got up from there nap we all went out and had ice cream.


During School.

So this happened yesterday during Biology class. I sit next to this really cute girl named Allison. Maybe 5'9, probably about 120 pounds. Smoking hot figure, long brown hair and the glasses. I just have a thing for glasses.

So anyways, it was about halfway through the period when I noticed her fidgeting like there was no tomorrow. Soon, she gave in and asked to use the bathroom. The teacher (Who, BTW, is a HUGE jerk) said she had to wait. Ten minutes later, she got up and said "Please can I use the bathroom? Please!?" Since we were done with our notes, he let her go. Sadly, right in front of my buddie's desk (To my right.) She farted, and filled her panties so much the bulge hung below her skirt. It was oozing down her legs and everything. She also wet herself. She started to cry then ran out the door. I didn't see her the rest of the day.


Felicia: I'm so sorry to hear that. I think its horrible for someone to make fun of another if they have an accident.

Rachel: Sounds like you made it just in time. I love that holding feeling, then letting it all go. Hope you have more interesting stories :)

Thats it. More later.

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Pood in my hand & a few comments

In my last post I said I would write about a few stories about going for a poo at school. I have only got time to post about one tonight but I hope to post the rest soon.

This happened to when I was in year 9. I was sitting in my science class when I suddenly started to need a poo really badly. I thought about asking to go to the toilet but I decided not to as there was only 10 minutes left of the lesson. Soon enough the bell rang and I made my way to the girl's toilets; luckily there was no one in there so I went into the first stall and locked the door. As soon as I sat on the loo the door to the toilets opened and a few girls came in. I thought nothing of it at first but I soon realised that it was the group of girls that were bullying me so I knew I couldn't let them hear me poo as it would make it worse. The problem was I had a turd hanging out of my bum which was seconds away from dropping into the toilet with a loud and very noticeable PLOP. A crazy idea went through my head and I proceeded to put my hand under my bum and waited for the poo to fall into my hand. I was glad I needed a wee as it would have been suspicious if I was sitting in the doing nothing. Once my hand was full of poo I lowered it into the toilet and put my hand back under my anus so I could see if I could get anymore out. I pushed out a soft blob of poo and I knew I was done so I lowered the last of my poo into the toilet without causing any noise what so ever. Luckily it wasn't a smelly poo but I had one major problem; I had poo all over my hand so I had to use loads of toilet paper to get the majority of the poo off. I then proceeded to wipe my bum and vagina. I then flushed the toilet and as soon as I opened the door the girls were staring at me so I went straight to the sinks and washed my dirty(literally) hands and left the toilets as soon as possible as I was already a couple of minutes late for my next lesson.

Has anyone else pood in their hand and then lowered it into the toilet to avoid being heard?

To Rachel
Hi, it sounded like you and your sister were lucky to get to the toilet in time. I have been in that situation many times so I know how desperate you both were. On occasions I haven't been able to hold it in long enough and completely filled my knickers with poo and wee.

To Emma
Hi, I liked reading your post about having a poo in the woods during the firework display. By the sounds of it you were close to pooing yourself so you had no choice but to use the woods especially as there weren't any toilets available. I like the way you made it a 'secret' poo by using the darkness to cover up the fact you were having a poo. I too have used the dark to cover up the fact I was pooing when I had a 'Paula Radcliffe moment' which I posted about on page 2116. Did you ever tell Sophie that you pood or is it still a secret?

To Felicia
Hi, you shouldn't be humiliated about your accident as everybody has accidents from time to time. I am accident prone so I am used to pooing and wetting myself even if it is not by accident if you know what I mean;)

I promise to post the rest of my stories about going for a poo at school when I have got a little more time.


Hello everyone! sorry it has been a while since i have posted a story! I wanted to share a really Good experience that i had this week in the ladiesroom! This past Wednesday i was hangingout with my guy friend ( Barron). we decided to go to a park that i had not visited in a while. this partciular park was by my old work that i used to be employeed at. we arrived at the softball park at 3:45pm. joining us in the park were various groups of people ranging from parents to grandparents. I saw alot of young kids and teenagers! There was a softball game going at the sametime. The stands were completely filled! Barron and i walked all the way up to the bench to sit. we could see the game going on. Barron and i sat for a while. twenty five minutes later i felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I told Barron, " i need the toilet"! i headed for the brick building. this particular building had two separate doors one divided for each gender. i pushed opened the door to the bathroom. i found the ladiesroom completely empty! there were only three stalls. I took the third stall. i pulled down my tight jean shorts all the way. i had a Good feeling that i was going have a really huge shit! i began peeing! i peed for like ten seconds! Then i had a short pause! Then i let out a huge fart! i could feel a turd trying to make its way out! Finally it hit the water! Five minutes later the door opened to the bathroom, in walked a 15 old girl and her sister who sounded like she was 10 years old. The 15 yrs old said to her sister ," i have to shit badly". her sister started laughing! The 15 yrs took the stall next to me. Her sister waited at the sinks. The 15 yr was wearing long pants. I took a peek under the stall and noticed that the girl was wearing pink underwear. She started peeing! I was done by this point! i still remained seated to see what the girl was doing!~ Ten minutes later the 15 yr old " i need to fart". she farted loudly! Then seconds later i began hearing an huge turd that came out of the young girl! Moments later it hit the water! the 15 yr old began to moan! Meanwhile her sister was still by the sinks , she was practicing her burping skills! The 15 yr old girl said i feel another turd making its way out of my ass! The 10 yr old said " it stinks in here". the 15yr old said iam almost done! Seconds later she started wiping! She got up pulled up her jeans! She then exited the stall without flushing! I still remained seated in my stall! The 10yrold girl said to her sister you really had to go! Then the 10 yr old girl said i will go to the bathroom ! she then proceeded into the stall that her older sister had previously used! the 10 yr old said to her sister you really left a huge amount in the tiolet! she started giggling! the 10 yr old pulled down her skirt!
she had on violet underwear the 10 yrold began peeing it only lasted five seconds then she said iam about to poop! seconds later the girl let out a huge fart followed by a giggle! Then i heard a loud splash. the girl said that feels much better. she began wiping! she pulled up her skirt. she then exited the stall without flushing the girl then met her sister at sinks seconds later i wiped my ass put the dirty tiolet paper in the tampoon despencer. i exited the tiolet without flushing! i went to the sinks i saw the two girls! i told them Good Job for leaving a Really Huge Deposit in the tiolet. I also complented them for not flushing. i told both of the girls that i did the same. i also =gave the 10 yrold girl a Good complement on her burping skills. she came right behind me and burped in my right ear loud. i gave her a hug! at this particular point we all started laughing! we all left the bathroom at the same time! when i met up with Barron he asked me what took me so long i just told him that i had quite a bit that needed to come out! he thought it was funny! thats all for now!





Hi, all!! Just thought I'd throw out a little survey of my own, if anybody is interested.


What musical instrument most resembles the farts you let out on a daily basis:

A. Tuba
B. Trombone
C. Trumpet
D. Clarinet
E. Flute


Which of the following items from nature most resemble the turds you release on a regular basis:

A. Log
B. Snake
C. Sticks
D. Rocks or pebbles
E. Mud.

Thanks, all!! Enjoy your day!

Hi everyone. WIth all the talk of Halloween stories on here, I have one of my own. I took my girls trick or treating while my husband stayed home to hand out candy with my youngest. We had probably been out for about a half an hour when I noticed Jagger was holding herself. I asked if she needed to pee and she said no. We continued on and I noticed she was getting fidgety. I asked her again and she finally admitted she needed to pee but did not want to go home. I knew that even if we turned around right then, she would not be able to hold it until we got home. We were just walking up to a house and I asked the owner if my daughter could come in and use her bathroom. She said no. At this point Jagger was desperate so I led her to the side of the house and told her to squat. She had a dress on and I told her to pee through her panties. She did. My older daughter Maysa admitted she had to pee too, but did not want to squat and pee outside. Plus she had pants on so it would not be as easy for her to hide. I was more confidant she could hold it until we got home since she is older and has better bladder control so we headed back. About halfway to our house I looked back and saw Maysa squatting on the sidewalk peeing up a storm. She said she couldn't hold it anymore and had started to pee her pants. This is the first time trick or treating that either of my kids have ever peed themselves.
Karen: I read in your post your dad used to bring a towel for privacy. I think that is a great idea. Where did you pee at? People's yards? Also, how did you manage with your costumes? Did you take them off or pee through it?
That is all for now. I do have another story I will post later.


Just my luck

Well i have ibs-d (if you eat some foods it feels like your stomachs gonna explode, and it does in a way. If you get what I'm saying.)

Anyways this happened to me a long time ago.

I was at a abandoned barn house doing some demolition for money/a date(it was cooler then it sounds.) with my wife(in my books) which was only my girl Friend at the time. We were taking a half way break at the time this sequence of events happened.

Well she decides to make some curry, which upsets my stomach, for lunch, and me being so timid doesn't say a word. So we eat it she ask "Does your food smell funny?" I say no because i thought it may of been me.

Well i decide to screw around a little, and try to impress her with a sword form. So i go into the chicken coop which had rickety floors so you'd fall threw unless you were light on your feet. So i show her, and half way threw the second form my stomach starts to hurt, and i continue until the end, which by then i had to use the bathroom so bad it showed on my face so she just said "Go behind the barn." Well i ran accidental letting a bit of diarrhea out as i ran into my panties/jeans to a bush behind the barn were i pulled down my pants, and just had diarrhea so bad i couldn't stop. It just hurt so much coming in gassy stinky messy waves, and as a looked up there was a mommy and baby skunks that came out of the coop from me shaking it, and i tried to hold it squat still to not scare them. Well the tactic failed as i held it for about three minutes, though the skunks only got closer, and holding it in only made the diarrhea worse until i finally couldn't hold it anymore and started letting out small burst, and the rest is to pain full/embarrassing to describe, but i was falling in my own waste with the pain of being skunked to say the least.

Well in the end my angle got her revolver out and saved me, but that officially was the worst thing ever. Especially since my gf was so disgusted she threw up trying to help me up.


"uh-oh" moments

hi everyone, I'm Pamela, 28 year old white female with light wavy brown hair, fair skin...i found this site because i saw people talking about it on another forum where i was researching info about IBS...i got the answers i needed already, basically i was trying to find out if something that i experience fairly often is IBS, but i came to the conclusion that its probably just strong sudden urges caused by any variety of circumstances. anyway, after reading several pages i feel like this is a great place to share my story with some people who know where I'm coming from.

i don't typically have any problems controlling my bowels. I'm pretty regular so I'm rarely caught off guard with an urge, and when i do have to go i have no problem holding it until i find a convenient time to go to the toilet. sure i have some emergencies every now and then if I've had to hold it for too long, but for the most part I've never been in any real danger of having an accident under normal circumstances. however..for some reason, every once in a while, i get a really intense urge to go, and it immediately becomes an emergency. i need the toilet right away, and its always the same soft, light poop. its not really loose or liquidy like diarrhea but just...soft and fluffy kind of like mousse or something, and it comes it quickly in one big blob. these situations have resulted in a couple of incidents over the years, but nothing too devastating until last spring... basically I'll have a near-accident every now and then where i just barely get my underpants down in time, and I'm embarrassed to say that there are times where i didn't make it. i remember being 17 and getting a bad urge when i was walking home from school, and i got home and ran for the bathroom. i got my jeans and panties down but wound up losing it before i could get the toilet lid up and i pooped all over the toilet and the floor. i remember feeling really ashamed and angry, and it was humiliating even though no one knew but me. there have been two accidents besides that one that occurred in private... in college i woke up one morning, and as i was lying awake in bed too lazy to get up yet, i suddenly felt that uneasy rumbling in my bowels and headed towards the bathrooms on my dorm floor. it was early and no one was up yet, which was very fortunate because halfway down the hallway i lost control of myself and filled my panties and pajama bottoms with soft poop. i couldn't believe it! i immediately turned around and waddled bowlegged back to my dorm, totally freaked out about loading my pants on the way to the bathroom. i just thank god no one was up, so i got away with it without anyone knowing. finally, my most recent accident in private happened around Christmas 2008. i had just gotten home from shopping and suddenly had to go. i had to wait for my sister to get out of the bathroom which proved very costly...she came out and i ran in, i ripped my jeans down, and completely pooped into my undies while standing by the toilet... again- defeat, shame, humiliation... but no one ever found out.

i came to think of those sudden urges as "uh-oh" moments. as upsetting as it is for an "uh-oh" moment to turn into an "oops" moment, I do make it most of the time i have those moments and i was fortunate to only ever have those 3 "oops" moments when no one was there to see it. which brings us to last spring....

i went to a picnic with my then-boyfriend and some other friends that was being put on by a charitable organization he is a part of, and we were playing volleyball. i was having a really good time, when all of the sudden, i felt that unsettling rumble in my bowels..uh-oh! i quickly excused myself to go to the bathroom, and rushed off as quickly as i could without trying to seem too desperate to go.......i knew about halfway to the porta potties that i wasn't gonna make it. it became harder to walk as the load pressed on my sphincter wanting out, and i just tried to keep moving as i told myself over and over "please make it..oh my god, please make it!" was no use. i was a good 50 yards from the potties when my bowels erupted into my pants. i wasn't even close. i had pink flowery cotton panties on under thin black sretch was warm and soft, and i could feel that it flattened and spread out across my butt. i didn't even freak out. i just immediately went into emergency response mode or something, i didn't have time to be upset- i realized "oh my god, i just pooped in my pants, i need to go home RIGHT NOW" and i turned and waddled on back to the volleyball court much in the same way i waddled back to my dorm that morning back in college. everyone was looking at me walking funny when i came back, and i think it was pretty obvious..besides the walk, the seat of my pants had a big bulge in it and i must've had a really funny look on my face. i just sighed and said to my friends, calmly and honestly, "I'm gonna head home...i kinda had an accident on my way to the bathroom..." i remember that's when it really hit me, and i felt the dread of what I'd done and felt my cheeks burning hot with embarrassment. i don't remember what anyone said to me because i was going into shock or something, and i turned around and went the hell home. the magnitude of my accident hit me as i was going home, and that's when i started to cry. my god, how embarrassing! i still feel the same dreadful feeling thinking about it worst ever "oops" moment after an ill-timed "uh-oh" moment...


to Jas

I remember the scene in Moving Violations where the lady was sitting on the urinal. Some scenes are hard to forget!

Blake L.
This is my first post.. I am a Freshman in HS. My little sister convinced my friend and I to play a game of hide and go seek tag. Right before my friend said he had to poop. He went to the bathroom but finished really quickly. I began to search for him and my sister, I found my sister and I ran to check the bathroom for him. He pulled up his pants, with a giant log in his butt and ran all the way to the other bathroom (with a lock). I'm assuming he mostly made it, he said he made it but it took him a very long time to get out. I went to the other toilet to see three little logs that were not finished at all.

Happy Dude

Halloween's Over!

Hi! Happy Dude here again. Been too busy to post, working 2 jobs and taking care of my family. The Halloween attraction had its closing night last night with a big cast party afterwards. While we were open last night, a group of 4 women came through and one kept saying she needed to pee. After I jumped out at them I asked, "who needs to pee?" The third woman in said she needed to pee, and her friend behind her said she already peed. No wet pants, so I assume she must have used the port-o-pots before coming through.

The cast party was a lot of fun! Food, friends, and lots of alcohol! As with alcohol, inhibitions were lowered and no one wanted to take the time to walk to the port-o-pots, so people were just walking away from the group and peeing openly in the fields. I was walking with a few friends down the hayride trail when we came upon a group where two people were by the side of the trail. My friend remarked, "oh, they're peeing!" So I took a closer look. One guy was standing tall in plain view draining the lizard, and there was a woman popping a squat a foot away. I wondered who the woman was, and didn't have to wait long as she started talking loudly. It was my wife's best friend!! I laughed loud at that and the whole group continued on.

On a different topic, I'm curious what happened to CATHERINE THE FRESHMAN?? The last post I remember from her is one where her and her friend were wetting and pooping themselves at a school computer lab. Catherine, are you still out there?? And what happened to you, because it seemed you were about to get in big trouble. Hope you are ok and post again if you can!


Much needed relief outdoors

Today when I was about to leave work, I was feeling a small urge to go for a poo. I knew if I went to the bathroom then, I would miss my train ride home and have to wait half an hour for the next one. Since my need was minor, I wagered I could make it home before I had an accident. I left work and walked to the train stop with my coworker Chelcie.

We usually walk from work to the train stop and then we get off at the same location. I can walk the rest of the way from there, but then she has to catch a bus. But anyway, enough about that. Chelcie and I were talking as we walked, and at one point she told me she kinda needed to poo and was wondering if she should have gone before she left. I just laughed because I was in the exact same situation. How weird. The train arrived, we got on were on our way home, and all was well. Except that the train broke down in between two stops. A crew was dispatched to work on it, but we were stuck. With no toilet on the train, that meant Chelcie and I were out of luck.

I was starting to get desperate to go and I knew Chelcie was, but it seemed so were some other passengers. I told Chelcie I was going to have to get off at the next stop and just find the nearest toilet, or else I was going in my pants. She said that sounded like a good plan, as she was quite bursting to go also. So, finally, the train got started and then we it pulled up at the next stop, Chelcie and I got off and began to look around for anywhere that might have a toilet.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much of anything very nearby. We saw some woods a little ways off and that seemed to be our only option, so off we went. As soon as I was sure we were out of public view, I began to pull down my pants and underwear and I squatted down to poo. Chelcie came up next to me and she did the same. I peed a little bit and began to push out a firm poo. Chelcie did some nasty farts and started blasting away, dropping lots of little poos. We pooed for a few minutes squatting side by side and it was exciting. Chelcie finished first and then I finished a little bit later.

I fished around in my bag for some tissues and I found only a couple. Chelcie also had some, but not enough. Between the two of us, we had enough for one of us to wipe fully. So each of us did a "good enough" wipe and just pulled up. It was slimy and weird to not finish wiping properly. I've had, on rare occasions, to completely forego wiping, but this was the first time I'd ever done a partial wipe.

Tuessday, November 08, 2011

Ellie J
I'm new to this website and, wow, isn't it cool. At last I can talk freely about my toilet experiences without someone telling me to shut up.

I'm 14 and live in South West England. I've read Rachel's posts and saw the one about the toilets she had to use at Girl Guide camp. Like her, I'm in the Girl Guides and, back in the summer, I went to camp for a week. The troop I belong to shares camping equipment with a Scout troop, which is all boys. A lot of the equipment they use is supposed to be for use by anyone, but some of it seems to have been "modified" for use by boys only. I bet they've done that deliberately. No, only joking. Anyway, when we arrived at the campsite in Cornwall, one of the counties in South West England, everything had already been set up. Nobody went anywhere near the toilets at all until the next morning. At breakfast, the Guide Leader pointed out a canvas enclosure at the bottom of the field we were camping in, telling us that the toilets were in there.

Some of the Guides went down to the toilets immediately after breakfast, but I had to go back to my tent to check something. When I got down to the toilets, two Guides were waiting outside. One of them, Shannon, was hopping around. It was pretty obvious she needed a pee. The other Guide, Sophie, kept telling her to go behind a bush and pee, but Shannon told her she needed to poo as well. Suddenly, a wind blew up and caught the flap and, for a moment, I could see inside the toilets. The toilets were large, square and two Guides, Cheryl and Yvette, were sitting on them, shorts and pants around their ankles, chatting to each other. They didn't seem too bothered that I could see them, but, then again, they are known as a pair of chatterboxes. Then the wind dropped and so did the flap.

It was a few minutes before Cheryl came out and Shannon went in. I could hear her and Yvette talking to each other. Then, after a minute or so, I heard Yvette say out loud, "Oh my God, Shannon! Have you got a dead rat up your arse?" I burst out laughing, as did Sophie, who called out to them, "Could one of you let me have some toilet-paper, please?" Yvette replied back, "What's wrong, Sophie, you shit yourself?" Sophie called back, "No, but if I don't do it pretty soon, I am going to shit myself." There was a pause, then a hand appeared from the toilet tent brandishing a long strip of toilet-paper. Sophie took it and disappeared into some bushes nearby. It was about five minutes before Yvette emerged from the toilet tent and I went in. I saw Shannon sitting on one of the toilets and asked her what they were like. She told me the one she was sitting on was fine. I was a little nervous about using the toilet in front of her and hesitated a bit before pulling my shorts and pants down and sitting down on the other toilet. I found getting started a little difficult, but after I started chatting to Shannon, I relaxed and things started flowing freely, so to speak. I have to admit that having a conversation and a poo at the same time is difficult. I listened to what Shannon was saying as I was forcing a poo out of my bottom and she seemed to be doing the same. Once we'd finished and wiped our bottoms, we left and went about our duties.

By the end of the week, I think we had all seen each other on the toilet and it ceased to be a source of amusement as it was to begin with. I feel a lot better about going to the toilet in front of someone in an emergency or where toilet facilities are open-plan, like they can be in parts of France. I'll keep that for another time.

To Rachel: What's wrong with the teachers at your school? If you need to go to the toilet, you need to go.

Dan's Survey


1) Where are you comfortable using the bathroom? as long as it is clean. Nothing beats home, but I like school, church, theater, hotels, libraries, parks and gyms and pools.
2) Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across? If it is clean, I will use it. I like old bathrooms as long as they are clean. I will only pee in a dingy bathroom and that will be squatting or hovering. My stools are usually loose. So, I do not want to splatter. When I travel about the city, I know all the good public places to slip into.
3) How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit? It varies. I usually sit to make pee or make #2. Someimes to pee, then I will squat or hover. Depending on my clothes, most times my pants come down to my ankles, sometimes to my knees or thighs. I raise my dress or my skirt or I will bring my skirt to my knees or to my ankles, because my skirts are short. I sit with my legs slightly apart, wider if I want to see what is going on under me. When I squat or hover, I can see everything. Another position is when I squat or hover is to put my hands on my knees.


4) How often do you pee? Many times 7-8 times. I drink a lot of water and tea all day.
5) What color / shade is it? light yellow to clear, mostly clear.
6) Do you pee a lot in one go? Yes, but I am a frequent pisser. My first urine of the day is a lot. I am at school. I just finished peeing about 20 minutes ago and I have to go again. I should time myself for length of time or just for the amount, but I can I pee, now! When I have to, get out of my way. I love to hear myself or another girl pee. It turns me on.


6) How often do you fart? when needed. Some days, I may not.
7) What type of farts do you do? buzzing and silent.
8) Are you shy about farting? no. When I am with a friend or alone, I will break wind. Sometimes, I will break wind while entering a public toilet stall. While in the unisex toilet at the library, I will fart while waiting for someone to finish. I fart in the bus stop waiting for a bus or in the subway or railroad station. I will not fart in proper company. I break wind in the house all the time.
9) Do you fart on the toilet? sometimes, if I pee and have gas in me many times. Sometimes, I fart before I do #2 as soon as I sit on the bowl or just before.
10) Are your farts noisy? Yes sometimes. If not many.
11) Do they smell? Sometimes. In fact, often.


12) How often do you poop? 1-3 times a day.
13) What foods etc make you poop? fiber and spices, lots of water.
14) How long does it usually take you? less than 5-10 minutes, longer if I have an unduly longer constipated or loose movement with cramps.
15) What types of poop do you do? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid...) semi-solid, soft, watery, sometimes pebbles, chunks or logs, depending on what I eat or drink. Usually, semi-solid, soft and watery. Some fruits and nuts and seeds give me pebbles and dark chunks. Bulky fiber gives me logs.
16) Does a lot come out? most times. Last night at school some small nuggets came out. I took a colon cleanser with cayenne pepper and at 1PM at school, I felt a great urge and I had a huge soft load that stinked the female toilet and I felt better. I ate some bad highly processed food and it put me in a tail-spin. Never again.
17) What texture are your loads? (soft, liquid, mushy, firm, rock solid..) lately all of the choices, usually soft and mushy. It depends on what I eat or drink. I had some rock solid loads from eating lots of bulky food.

Amendment: POOP

Do you eat certain foods KNOWING you'll take a larger than normal dump? lots of water, green tea and fiber in huge quantities. I like to eat big, so that I can shit big. Picnic and BBQ food does it to me. I gorge myself with meats, vegetables and salads.Just let me drink lots of water and I will make huge #2.

How many turds do you usually poop? 1-4 or 5. sometimes, it comes out just soft and creamy or loose and watery or in small chunks.

Do you have a favorite type to let out? I like them medium-sized and soft. with a fart to go along with it.

Do they usually make noise? not usually, unless I am gassy. There will be noise if they evacuate forcefully and hit the water.

19) When you poop do you require effort? only, if I am bound up and have low water content in me or I have a huge bulk at mid-point or at the start or the end. My bowels release easy for the most part.

Other / Misc.
20) Do you usually need lots of toilet paper? Yes if make a huge #2 or a pee, which is often.. I use a lot of toilet paper to clean my vagina and anus dry. I was taught to be clean.
21) Do you 'line the seat' with tp? sometimes, if it is public. Or I wipe it off.
22) Ever had someone else in the bathroom with you, or vice versa? (for toilet purposes) sometimes at the library with another girl that I do not know or a real close friend at school. I go to a library that has a unisex toilet. It has a urinal and a bowl. Sometimes another girl will and I will enter and wait until the other is finished. There is a stall with no door. So, we can talk to each other and see each other. I've had my mother or father with me when I was very little.
23) Not counting when you were a kid, have you ever had an accident? (from being sick, drinking / eating too much, nothing nearby...) no, but a few close calls. During the summer, I was full of liquid and I had just made in in time. When I let down my gray sweat pants cut-offs and white FOL panty to my thighs, my pee squirted out. I was at the library. I had no time to sit. I lifted the seat. So, I hovered. I peed for a good 120 seconds. My pee went straight down into the bowl, with my legs wide apart. Some of the pee went on my inner thighs. So, I had to wipe my cat and down my legs. Another day, I had close calls all day. I was peeing all day long because I was filled with water, seltzer and green tea. I woke up one Wednesday morning and went to the bathroom at home, closed the door, pulled down my white Hanes bikini brief and sat on the bowl just as a torrent of pee rushed out of my cat like a firehose. It just kept coming. When it stopped, it came to a dribble. I wiped myself with one wad and flushed the bowl. I went back to sleep, then made ready for summer school. All day, I was peeing during classes. About 1:30PM, I was studying when suddenly, I felt pee building up in me. I raced to the female toilet quick, found a stall, undid my drawstring on my navy sweat cut-offs while I almost peed myself. The pee started to squirt in my white FOL bikini panty when I got over the bowl and let it down and out. I was in a hurry to sit. So, I hovered. I was happy to let it out. It squirted out 3x before it flowed out steady for 15 long seconds. I stood hovered with my shorts and underwear at my ankles, I braced myself with my hands on my knees. When I dripped dry, I grabbed a few sheets of toilet paper and wiped my cat and under and flushed. Another episode was at 3PM. I returned to the female restroom, I was able to take a stall and sit with my shorts and panty at my knees and I just let it pour out for a minute. I reached for a small amount of toilet paper and wiped from behind and flushed. Then, the ultimate: I was in the subway and I could not hold it. I got off at a certain station where I knew a female toilet on the mezzanine. I was happy to see it clean and smelling of bleach and hot water. I hung my books on the divider. There were three stalls with no doors. I took the last one, let down my shorts and undies to below my knees, hovered over the bowl, legs apart wide and let it out. It whizzed and streamed out straight down. I took some paper and wiped myself and got out of there. I did not even flush. Come to think of it: I am having just as much fun peeing as I do making #2.
24) Do you make sounds when you go? Sigh after a pee you've been holding for an hour, grunt / strain on a difficult poop, etc...? . I breathe heavy, if I've been holding it for a long time and I let it out.. I do grunt, if I am forcing out a pee or a difficult #2. I am usually quiet. Sometimes, I fart during a pee.
25) what was your best bathroom experience? meeting transgendered friends, especially Keisha, that boy-girl and their friends. Talking with other girls and women while we use the toilet. Sharing a hotel room with a team mate and letting us see each other on the bowl.
26) What was your worst? trying to find a clean toilet when I was desperate or being harassed by school security guards while making a pee. I went to schools that were literally prisons. The kids behaved like inmates. The security guards were frustrated rejects from the prisons. They could not keep a job. They used to walk into the girls bathrooms and bang on the doors to see who was in the stalls and that only one girl was in there. One yelled into the bathroom, "I know who are the lesbians in here. Better not let me find you. I want to see two feet in the stalls" I was on the toilet peeing and I was frightened that I sat on the bowl for awhile and cried. I was only in 4th grade.This went on in every school that went to through high school. I made up my mind when I went into high school that I was not going to stay there. I was glad to get out. I did not want a regular diploma. I just went to regular school, studied for a GED on my own and got out weeks early. I never went back. I never talked much with the girls in the bathroom at school. I only had one good experience in grade school with a girl. That was it, maybe.
I like this survey. Got anymore?

Brandon T: Thank you for your kind words.

How wet do you get when peeing?
I am just curious about how wet girls can get when peeing. My cousin told me that she always pees on her butt cheek and has to wipe 2 or 3 times. Please answer:

1. Do you sit, hover low or hover high when using toilet? I sit most times. Some public toilets, I will squat or hover. I will squat if I am making #2 in a questionable toilet. My bowels are soft and loose sometimes. Sometimes, if I am need to pee badly and it is about to come out, I will undo my clothes and hover.

2. How wet does your pubic hair (if you have any) get right after peeing sitting? always.

3. Does pee flow wet your vulva area? How wet and how often? same as above, but it is often, if I am holding my pee for along time and it builds up.

4. Does your pee wet your thighs? How often? If I pee heavy or I get a dribble.

5. What about butt cheek or anus? Does your pee flow to there? If so then how often? same as above. Usually, if it is a forceful pee that hits the water.

6. Do you enjoy the feeling of wet butt/anus/thigh by pee or no? It is exciting at my thighs. It tingles. It is like an orgasm.

7. What are some tips you use to prevent wetting your butt/anus/thigh? There is nothing that you can do. That is nature. Sometimes you can spread or close your legs. Each human body is different. It depends on your urethra, that conduit that conducts your urine and how much urine you contain. If my butt gets wet, then I wipe it clean. I do not want my underwear wet or stained.

8. How many times do you usually have to wipe after peeing? 3x or as much as I need to be dry and clean. I was taught to be clean. I use two wads of paper, if I am very wet. I spread my legs.
I LIKE THESE SURVEYS. GIVE ME MORE! I have been peeing a lot. I drink a lot of water and tea, so that my kidneys will function. I am a science major and I am learnng about the human body. The public schools taught me nothing. They just dumped me out. I've had to study on my own. I will tell you more about my pees. Girls, tell me about your peeing experiences.

I abruptly stopped my library story. I saw the girl in the green plaid school uniform through the stall door split. She was squeezing out these long pieces. I heard 5 crackles and plops and a long piece of fart. I counted them. Then, she farted with a deep buzz and let out a long and loud pee. We were in there for almost 15 minutes. I reached for toilet paper to wipe myself. I wiped my behind first, then my cat last. I did it all through the front with my legs opened. I was taking a long time to fix all my clothes and undies. I had to pull up my panty, then my tights up real tight and the skort, then adjust the belt, after I put my shirt in the skort waistband. When I finished, I flushed. It was loud. As I was washing my hands and fixing my hair at the sink. I saw her from the bottom of the stall door bending her knees, leaning forward with her legs open as she wiped herself. She reeled off four wads of paper.Then, she pulled up her skirt and panty in one motion. Her skirt was really short. She flushed the bowl and came out fixing her white shirt tails under her skirt. Her skirt was really short. She reached under her skirt to adjust her panty leg band. Then, she reached into her shirt neck and adjusted her black lace bra strap. I was shorter than her, so I could see her FOL bikini panty under her skirt. She was real tall and leggy. Anyway, as she was washing and drying her hands, she grabbed her stomach and farted hard. She said to me, "And I thought that I was finished. I held it on a subway train over here." I told her that I holding mine because my school gave me no time to go and I did not like making #2 at school. I started to giggle. She told me that she was in 10th grade and her name was Kelli. I told her that my name was Timeeka. She said, "No wonder you were in there so long. You must have had a real belly. I was dropping these long solid pieces." I told her that it felt like it. My stomach always makes loose chunks. She asked me, "Do you feel better?" I told her, "Yes." I asked her, "Do you?' She said, " Yes." We then left the bathroom.

Just Jericka: I am sorry for your troubles, little sister. I wish there was was something that I could do for you. I will pray for you. Talk to a female counselor or a nurse at school. Nurses are pretty good. When I was going through my teen girl problems, a young female and even a male nurse were my best friends. I could talk to them behind closed doors and no one was any the wiser.

Hi just a quick survey

How many times a day do u pee?

How long can u hold it in till u find a toilet?

How long do u pee for?

How often do u poop?

Is ur poop solid, mushy or liquid?

How long does it take u to poop?

Do u fart alot when u poop?

When u need a poop do u always have pre poop farts?

Would u let someone of the same sex see u on the toilet?

Would u let someone of the opposite sex see u on the toilet?


Accident on Halloween :(

For Halloween this year, I was Alice from Alice in wonderland. I had on a pale blue dress that was really short on the bottom. I didn't wear my leggings because I thought it made me look bad. Anyway, I went out trick o treating with my brother, some friends, and my little sisters. We visited 7 houses around our block. I started feeling an urge to poop. I decided not to tell anyone. We continued trick o treating. After the 3rd block, I coudnt hold it anymore. I let out a little moan of horror as I felt a giant log poke out of my butt. I gritted my teeth and turned red as I loaded my panties. The turd was so big it hung out below my Alice in wonderland skirt. The smell soon reached everyone's noses. Most people laughed at me. Some looked at me with pity. I cried so hard I accidently peed my panties too. I started crying even harder as I felt the warm piss flow down my leg and form a puddle on the ground. I was so humiliated. Im too scared to go trick o treating ever again :( Sorry I didn't post sooner, I had a lot of hw to catch up on


Babysitter's very desperate dump

When I was about four years old, my babysitter had taken me to the store one day. I don't remember what we were looking for at the store, but it took a while, and I remember my babysitter was looking worried and uncomfortable. Eventually, she took me aside and whispered, "I really really have to poo-poo, very very bad, so we're going to go to the toilets, okay?" I said okay and off we went. We went into one of the Family bathrooms, which is really a large room with a toilet, a sink, and a locking door.

She went in and I was trailing behind her. She closed and then locked the door and rushed over to the toilet and yanked down her jeans and panties. She exploded with a very loud and messy dump. She was farting a lot and unleashing tons of loose turds. I remember it smelled very bad and I remarked as such and she just blushed and looked away. After many minutes, she finally was finished and she began to wipe. She stood up to wipe and I went over to look and she reprimanded me, saying, "Eww that's gross Janie. Don't look at other people's poo-poo." or something like that.

Thirty Something Female

Always been a holder

I stumbled across this site after doing a search after reading something on a blog a follow. The blogger was talking about a time they had to pee but held it too long and wound up wetting their pants when they were young and how they had always held it when they had to pee even to this day. (I hope that made sense!) It really struck a bell with me because I have always been the same way. Ever since I was a little girl I was always too busy or having too much fun to want to go to the bathroom so I would hold it until I was on the very edge of having an accident and then hurry to a bathroom and barely make it in time - most of the time. Frequently I would wind up with damp panties or brown marks in the back of them. Less frequently I was start to actually have an accident, sometimes right as I reached the toilet. And then there were the times I would completely misjudge things and have complete accidents and totally wet and/or soil myself.

I slowly got better about going to the bathroom before I was completely desperate as I got older and into my teen years, though it didn't stop completely and even into my teens I frequently found myself waiting a little too long, much to the dismay of my panties. My mother lectured me over and over and threatened diapers but I still seemed to ignore my urges far too long far too many times.

By the time I reached college and then my twenties I was doing better, perhaps because my bladder control was stronger, though I still held it too long and would still wind up with the occasional leaks or stains and would still have a few accidents per year.

Now I'm in my thirties and I still hold it past when I should, only lately it is harder to hold it as long and I'm starting to wind up with small accidents more often than in my twenties. Just a couple of weeks ago I held it far past when I should have and instead of going at work I held it to wait until I got home, only by the time I got home I was literally bursting and had already dampened my panty liner quite badly. When I got out of the car and ran up to the front door to unlock it I reached that point of no return and stood there like an idiot and completely wet tan my pants on my front porch with the key in the door and in full view of any neighbors or passing cars. There is little more embarrassing than being a 30-something woman wetting (or worse!) her pants.

I wish I could say that was the only accident I've had in the past few years, but alas, it is not. Thanks for letting me share. I'd say from some of the pages I've read here at random I'm not the only one who holds it too long. :)


Latest Story

Yesterday morning, I went into the restroom to pee and poop. As I was pushing out some soft turds, I heard a girl come out of a stall and another girl go into the same stall. She sat down and peed for a good minute and a half. I also heard a long fart from her. As I was washing my hands, her peeing slowly stopped. I didn't hear anything for a few seconds, then I suddenly her a loud KER-PLOP! About a few seconds later, there was another KER-PLOP! She wiped herself and flushed, and when she came out, I noticed that she was wearing nothing but a towel and assumed that she wanted to relieve herself before she showered. She left without washing her hands, and I went back to my dorm to get ready for class.

The End

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen great peeing story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great set of stories the first one sounds like you had a pretty good dump and getting to your friend poop as well and your second story it sounds like your friend Clare was very desperate and lucky she made it to the bathroom without having an accident and your last one great story about you and your friend Emma taking big dumps together and I bet you both felt great after that and as always I look forward to your next post thank.

To: Rachel first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping at school and hearing other girls pooping to and that rule your school has can be bery bad for people who always go at the same time every day or if someone is sick but that would be the execption for the rules and great story about pooping outdoor in that outdoor toilet and getting to hear your friend pooping as well and I look forward to any stories you will post here thanks.

To: Cindy Shitter first welcome and great story at least you didnt have a full blown accident and from the sounds of it would have been a real mess to clean up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Goldeneye it sounds like you might have a good story to tell after you poop and please post and since I dont have a room mate my best advice is to just fart in front of them and see what there reaction is and its the derect aproach and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sportsfan as always another great story about hearing a woman go to the bathroom it sounds like she really had to go and as I said before thats would I love about portapoties tney arent sound proof and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie as always another great story it sounds like your friend really had to go and was lucky to make it to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great it sounds like you had a tough time with that soft poop and yeah I hate that because it forever to get clean and just when you think you are done wiping you squeeze a little more out and have to start the wiping process all over again and I end using alot of toilet paper and still end up sometimes with skidmarks and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


tell me what your favorite thing about going is

my favorit thing is... after i go i feel soo light and emty!

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