For toilet movies

For Lynn:I remember seeing the movie where the cop wets his pants the Movie Was Called Moving Violations 1985,And one of the Actors who played in it was also in Police academy 4.And in Moving Violations Remember the scene where the blind old lady was useing the urinal as a toilet.Not to mention scary movie 4.

For Everyone:I remember seeing a movie where a man walks in a bathroom,and some man was in a toilet stall sitting there with his pants still on sitting in the toilet water.And I saw another movie where a bunch of Yahoos stole a bunch of stuff and was making a getaway,and one of them had a toilet and he droped it in the road and shattered.


I thought I'd post again about my toilet experiences at school this week. I had to go on Thursday and Friday. Thursday found me desperate by breaktime, so I went to the loos as soon as the teacher let us out. I managed to get there ahead of the rush and found a couple of free cubicles so I took one and quickly sat. I could hear that my neighbours were only tinkling, but there were some plops from elsewhere and I joined in with two poos that came out fast because I was desperate! I had another two poos that came out slower and then I had a wee that I'd also been pretty urgent for. I wiped my bum and pussy and left. Another girl went straight into my cubicle; she seemed pretty desperate!
Then on Friday I made the mistake of having an extra glass of orange juice with my breakfast. By break I was absolutely bursting for a wee and I quickly went to the english department toilets. There was already a queue so I joined it. One of the sixth-form girls was pretty openly holding herself and laughing with her two friends about how she was dying for a wee. Although the sixth formers have their own toilet block, there are only two cubicles in it so they are presumably always really busy. Behind them was a younger girl, in year 7 probably, who seemed desperate but without displaying it. The queue slowly moved and soon enough the sixth-formers had relieved themselves and it was me waiting behind the young girl and a few others behind me. She got a cubicle and then another opened and I went in. I sat quickly and had a long and relieving wee that I really needed! While I was there I thought I might as well try to poo but nothing happened.
After I had my lunch (once or twice a week my mum gives me some money to buy a school lunch instead of sandwiches- it hardly ever agrees with me and I usually have to poo after I eat it!), spaghetti and a slice of garlic bread, I started to need my number two. It was late coming so I knew it would be quite big. I was talking to my friends and there wasn't long until the end of lunch so I said I had to go to the loo before form time and went off. The nearest loos were the humanities block. There are only four cubicles there, though, and when I arrived they were full and two girls were waiting to go. Having lunch must have affected them like it affected me because there were lots of plops coming from the girls in the cubicles! The other girls got a seat but then the bell went and one of the teachers came in and told me to leave and get to form. I had a fairly strong urge but I thought I could hold it until our 15 minute afternoon break. I made it ok but I was pretty desperate when I finally got to sit down. Three big poos came out and then another smaller piece. After a fart I pushed out another poo and then I was done with time to spare!

I was walking home on my way back from doing some errands and had to take a dump. I had eaten a big lunch and by now was ready to unload since I had not gone since yesterday morning. It was starting to rain lightly but as the minutes pressed on it started to pick up. I clenched my ass together to try and hold the turds back but it was becoming harder to do. I had taken a short cut that followed a four lane roadway that left the downtown area of town so there weren't any businesses or stores I could go to. Luckily I saw a park in the distance that I hoped had bathrooms. I made my way over and entered though the empty parking where there were two porta potties right near the parking lot.

A few of the porta potties were vandalized most likely from Halloween a few nights earlier. One had its seat completely melted so I went to the next unit hoping it would be better. It was also unusable as someone had peed all over the seat and floor and stuffed a bunch of trash into the tank. I exited out and spotted another porta potty at the very far end of the field where there was a small baseball diamond. I made my way over and luckily it was quite pristine and looked like it had been spared from any vandalism. There was one or two turds in the tank but otherwise it was nearly empty. I locked the flimsy door and unzipped my jeans and lowered by briefs. As I sat down I dropped a few pellet turds before I let out a very loud round of farts as a thick but short turd dropped out of me hitting the tank bottom with a very pronounced thud and backsplash. I got up and threw a bunch of toilet paper down to try and dampen the turds and prevent the chemical from splashing everywhere as the turds fell in. I sat back down and forced two more thick turds that came out easily but were quite painful and noisy as they slammed into the tank with quite a thud. I pissed for about half a minute as I unrolled a massive wad of toilet paper. Before I could get up to wipe I heard some voices approaching in the distance. I got up and looked through the grated vent at the top to see a group of 3 or 4 teenagers approaching my way. I didn't think much of it as I started to wipe. Suddenly I heard a loud thud as something hit the side of the porta potty. I looked through the vent to see they were throwing large stones and rocks. I wasn't done wiping and I knew I wasn't completely done shitting because I felt some more pressure building. I remained seated hoping they would leave but when I let out one very final and loud fart before the last turd dropped I think they then realized someone was inside and they took off. It was raining quite hard so I waited about 10 minutes for it to subside before leaving. I dropped many turds that had stacked up on my toilet paper island that I had created. It certainly felt a lot better unloading everything. I exited out and continued on my walk back home.


Very embarrassing Amsterdam incident

Hi everyone, I hope you get some sense of interest or amusement from my recent disaster otherwise it will have been all bad. I posted here ages ago with a similar story and thought that was that. Nope.

I wouldn't be able to tell you this face to face. I think the internet is really good for anonymously getting something off your chest although I've started writing this and given up twice now. I'll see how it goes this time.

Complete and utter shame is an interestingly traumatic thing, and I empathise with all of you that have had to jump on a shame grenade as I just have AGAIN. I'm 25, short, brunette and am in okay shape blah blah. I've mostly been the master of my bowels but I'm not that regular and when it strikes it strikes. If its been more than three days I'll eat lots of fibres like breakfast cereal or occasionally take a laxative to speed things up.

I've just got back from a long weekend in Amsterdam with my friends and it was still fantastic, only because they don't know what happened! I got there a day before them and checked in at a fairly basic hotel but it was close to the town. I decided to do some recon on the town and find some good places to go for drinks and fun. I hadn't been to the loo for about five days I and hoped to get it out the way before I went out but nothing happened even though I'd taken some sennacot to speed things up the night before my journey. I thought nothing more of it and got ready to go out. This wasn't my best decision ever but I really didn't need to go. The people there are so nice and most of them speak English so it was easy to get chatting and I had a few drinks in local bars by little canals and bridges. Its a very beautiful town. Slightly tipsy and nearly knocked over by a cyclist I headed into a cafe where they sell crazy cigarettes, I know, tut tut.. But I thought its been a while, its legal here, so why not and sneaked outside by a table with my wine and joint. After a while I finally started to feel things moving. It didn't bother me as I knew where the toilets in the bar were so I let the cramps begin and make sure everything was moving. Then the nasty pre poop flatulence began which I think I successfully timed not to offend anyone.

The feeling of being quite drunk and now spaced out was so relaxing that I didn't head to the toilet when I should have and instead I started controlling the cramps of this horrible monster that was stirring in me. I don't know if anyone enjoys the feeling of needing a poo but I really do; ever since I can remember and I can kind of let the cramp take hold, cross my legs, go with it (without pooping!) and enjoy the pain? of its rise and fall. I've become very good at this and have always done it before going to the loo as it usually forms it into one whole, entire, good movement when you do go. Maybe weird, i'm sorry if so but I never let anyone know I'm doing it as its usually private! You're all the first to know.

Sorry this is turning into a novel. I was just finishing the 'interesting' cigarette and wine and feeling enjoyably spaced out when an entirely different cramp hit me that made me aware all of a sudden that it wasn't a nice controllably solidish poo. There was much less movement in the rise and fall and I had to struggle to keep both composure to passers by and control of myself. Luckily I was behind a standing height table and there wasn't a window directly behind me so I just about squirmed through these ominous cramps. As soon as it subsided I went to the loo thinking that was close!

I uncomfortably headed to the loo with the next cramp rising and grinned meekly at the friendly barman when he joking asked if I was having a good time - he must have somehow known I was quite out of quilter with smoking or maybe he just noticed how I was walking strangely. My fate was sealed in the next ten seconds as when I got into the loo both toilets were occupied. Panic rose as quickly as the next cramp and I stood there with my legs crossed now realising that I was in very bad trouble. Before I knew it the main event cramp hit and I suddenly and uncontrollably let out alot of poo into my pants. It was mushy and it made a nastily familiar crackly noise I remember from my last most unforgivably sober disaster. I only just managed to regain control and stop the horrible flow by squeezing my legs together but that smushed things around badly and the smell really hit hard. I looked in the mirror in horror and saw that it looked like I had something about the size of a distorted grapefruit bulging into my shorts. It was obvious, smelly and I felt really desperate still. I gritted my teeth praying that I'd at least be able to finish in the loo but by the sounds of things both stalls were occupied by quite ill people who were talking and comforting each and certainly wouldn't be bothered by my desperate problem.

Someone then walked in behind me. I panicked and there was little I could do to try and hide the shame and randomly without conscious decision I tried to act normally by immediately going to wash my hands as if I was innocent! Then for some reason valuing this one persons oblivion more than the many more people I'd encounter outside, I walked out of the loo and made a hasty exit. I bolted past the bar to avoid any more conversation and straight out the door. I made it about ten metres before the next cramp hit and the rest is an even more humiliatingly, nasty, smelly, messy history. I was so embarrassed - to the extent that writing this takes me straight back to the moment. Maybe you were there and maybe you were one of the people that saw me. I hope not! I certainly wouldn't have been explaining this to you or writing you an essay about my shame at the time. When the pain got too much I stopped and leant with my back against the wall pretending to text and gave up noisily doing at least twice as much more mush in my shorts which bulged to the spilling point and leaked a bit into my tights. It rose very high up the back of my pants and I pushed against the wall to make sure it went back down away from the belt line. The amazing relief was stained as much as my clothes. Thoroughly gross and thoroughly offensive, I was a smelly protagonist and star of this unexpected horror sequel.

Walking back to my hotel was the shame bomb I referred to. I don't remember anyone pointing or laughing at me but I was completely shocked, tipsy and the rest. The smell stayed with me even though I was wearing and walking it behind me and it felt very horrible. I didn't look anyone in the face and just walked as normally as I could tapping on my phone trying to look normal. By the time I reached the hotel it had leaked visibly down into my tights (self horror checks in mirror of hotel room just after) and I just stopped caring about walking conservatively and dashed straight up the stairs.

The cleanup is something we'll definitely avoid but it took over an hour and I stealthily threw away my clothes later that night. This was infuriating as they were very comfortable high fitted expensive shorts I'd just bought and would have no chance of trying to wash. Even wearing well fitting pants and thick tights, my shorts were stained badly around the leg holes and up at the top near the belt line. Too much detail! But I think I made it through the hotel without being noticed as nobody looked at me strangely afterwards and I'm pretty sure no one saw me.

Sorry if this was a long boring account of a girls personal hell, but it feels better to third time lucky, finally get it off my chest. I only have myself to blame.

I feel terrible for those that have had school incidents in front of their friends as I've read recently here and other equally as traumatic times but when it strikes it strikes and it will happen to alot of adults at sometime. I'm very ashamed but I'm not going to let it destroy me again like last time. Shit happens! That was a really bad pun.

I'll be more careful from now and fingers crossed won't be offending anyone ever again.

Happy pooping


Michelle (Formally M.S)

On the toilet & comments to Dan, Goldeneye and Rachel

I am sitting on the sofa typing this right now with the need to poo. I know it's going to be a runny one as I have been having a lot of wet farts in the past hour so I feel it is time to go to the toilet before I poo myself... I am now in the bathroom and sat on the toilet with my laptop on my thighs about to unleash this beast inside me... I am currently letting out a long wet fart in which a blob of runny poo has splattered into the toilet... runny poo is now flowing out of my anus like water from a tap... after 30 explosive seconds the watery poo has now started to die down and I am releasing a few wet farts... OMG this poo smells so bad; but to be honest I admire the smell of poo... I feel empty and relieved now so I am about to wipe my dirty bum... I have just wiped my very messy bum using 7 pieces of toilet paper; while I was doing that I looked at my creation. There is 2 logs about 3 inches long floating in a pool of runny/mushy poo... I am now flushing the toilet and once I have washed my hands I will write my comments to the lovely people that help make Toiletstool a wonderful website along with the moderators... I am now back in my living room after my relieving poo and I will post comments underneath.

To Dan
Hi, I loved reading your post entitled "Live" as it sounded like you released a really big load. You recently asked if I had done a 'live' toilet post before and the answer is yes. It is on page 2000 and I hope you enjoy reading it. I look forward to your future posts.

To Goldeneye
Hi, in a recent post you asked the question of How do you bring up farting around a roommate? The simple answer to that question is to release a few around them and gradually build up a conversation about farts. I hope my suggestion helped and I look forward to your future posts.

To Rachel
Hi, welcome to this wonderful site. After reading your first post it would appear we are quite similar when it comes to going to the toilet as we are both interested in pooing and stories related to that subject, especially from other girls. If you have read a few of my previous posts you will have noticed I'm not embarrassed either about doing a poo and I too often use the phrase "if you've got to go, you've got to go". I think your school is a disgrace for being strict about toilet matters. If you need the toilet you should be allowed to go to the toilet no matter how desperate you are especially as you and a few other girls have had accidents in the past and I am looking forward to reading them when you post about them. I have a few stories about going for a poo at school (I'm 26, so it was 10+ years ago) that I will post about soon. I look forward to your future posts.


Hi everyone!

Rachel- Welcome to the site! So glad you like my stories- I really enjoyed your first post too, reminds me of my own school days! Hope you can post again soon!

Well, tonight me and a few of my friends went to a fireworks display. I didn't need the loo while I was there but it reminds me of a display I went to a few years ago with some of my schoolfriends. I think I was 16. Anyway we went on some of the fairground rides and stuff and ate some candy floss and I started to need a poo. I thought I would look for the toilets but there weren't any, which was surprising because it was a relatively big venue. Then the display started and by the end I was really desperate to do a poo. It was quite a long walk back home, but luckily one of my friends, Sophie, said she really needed the toilet before we left. I told her there weren't any and that I had to go too. She said she'd never make it home and I agreed, so while the others waited for us we nipped into the woods at the side of the venue. We both pulled down our jeans and underwear and squatted. I needed a wee too so we both started to go. Because it was dark there was no way for Sophie to see the two big turds emerging from my bum! We both immediately said how cold it was and our laughter helped cover up any of the noises my poo might have made as it came out! Sophie gave me some tissues to wipe with and I waited until she was pulling up her trousers before I quickly wiped my bum. It didn't smell, thank goodness, and so I got away with it! Does anyone else have any stories of having to go in the woods at a fireworks display?


Bonfire Night

Tonight I went out with my parents and my younger sister Gemma (she's 8) to a fireworks display. We got some fish and chips for tea and then we got some doughtnuts when we got there. We looked around the place and my sister & I went on some of the rides in the fair. After we ate the doughnuts I started to really need a number two. We watched the fireworks and then went back to the fair for a bit. I was really desperate to poo now. My sister then announced to me that she had to go to the toilet while we were on the spinning teacups (haha!) and I said I did too and that I wuold take her. I'd kept an eye open for the loos earlier but hadn't seen any. I told my parents I was going to take her to the loo and we headed off to find them. Eventually we did, luckily for me! There was a strange trailer that was basically six cubicles arranged in a rectangle all on one trailer, with three on each side


like that if each vertical line was a cubicle. Like six portaloos stuck together only it was all one module and painted white. Anyway there was one of those for men and another for women. I was bursting for my number two now and I knew it would be quite a soft one so we joined the queue. It really wanted to come out badly! My sister said she had to go number two as well and that she'd needed to go since we arrived at the park and now she was desperate! So we were in the queue, both desperate to go for a number two, and there were quite a few people in front of us. After a few minutes my sister said quietly that she didn't think she could wait much longer. I told her I was in the same situation and to just hold on, ir wouldn't be long! I held her hand until we were at the front of the queue. Two of the cubicles on the right opened and we hurried in. There were lights around the toilets outside but it was still a bit dim in the cubicle. I locked the door and quickly pulled down my jeans and knickers and I heard my sister doing the same in a hurry. She often puts off her poos until she is quite desperate, but this time it wasn't by choice! She sat down. The sound carried well and I heard a rapid crackling and then three soft thuds as she had her poo. I had to join in right away and as soon as I sat three poos came straight out along with a trump. My poo was big but it came out fast. Gemma was producing some more poo of her own. She finished before me and was waiting outside when I was done. After that we went home!
I'm going to bed now. Goodnight everyone!

Saturday, November 05, 2011


For Whitewater, Halloween story request

Never had a bathroom accident in costume, but my brother and I've both peed while out trick or treating when we were little back in Connecticut. Halloween was safe for kids back then, I think in those days even the "bad people" would sooner protect children than harm them; how times have changed. Mom would stay home and hand out treats while we went out. Our dad was great, he would walk with us when we were very small and he'd bring along this huge beach towel and when one of us had to pee he'd hold out the towel and make like this shroud or a kind of curtain of privacy for us, worked pretty good combined with the darkness, that way we could stay out longer and go farther. A candy hangover is bad ju ju, it's guaranteed diarrhea sometime in the night or next morning.

Mr. Clogs

Responses and a short story

Ashley: Thanks for the shout out and yes I do enjoy going in those containers. I'll keep posting if anything comes up. Thanks again Ashley and God Bless.

Jas: Wow a lot of peeing there after drinking Iced Tea. Iced Tea makes some people pee a lot. Must be the caffeine in the tea. I have dreams of peeing too but never we the bed.

Nicola: Nice post about holding your bowels for 4 days! Amazing! Nice to hear you made poop in the trash bag.

On with my short story. Yesterday I had a bowel movement in a enamel style pot that has one handle and use it as a chamber pot. I haven't pooped in the chamber pot in years. So I was home and wanted to poop in the pot. I filled the bottom of the pot with water so I can dump out in the toilet. So took the pot to the room closed the door, removed my pj bottoms and squatted over the pot and moved my bowels. The turds were plop, plop, plopping in the pot. I felt empty and my room smelled a bit funky from the fresh turds in the pot. I made my last turd into the pot and needed to pee. So I moved the pot from under me and moved the pot and peed into it. The experience was nice, kind like how people relieved themselves in chamber pots before toilets were put in houses. I dumped the poop and peed chamber pot into the toilet and washed the pot out and dried it.

Take care everybody and have a nice weekend.

Mr. Clogs


Admiring the birth of a dump

Hello everyone!

I had a stomach full of chili and Wendy's hamburgers in me this morning, and as I was out at Wal-Mart this morning, I really started to feel the need to go. After prairie dogging it back home, I went into the bathroom and decided that since it was going to be such a big one, I was going to stand up to poop, that way I could admire the turds falling out of my butt and splashing into the bowl beneath me. I dropped my pants, squeezed my cheeks together and pushed the first turd out of me. It was a little tiny one (the size of a pebble), which was immediately followed by a nice 6 inch turd that was big around and hit the bowl sideways. This turd caused water to splash up and hit me in the back of the leg. Then the third one was a nice long one. It was so long, that I could see the turd hitting the water while the other end of it was still hanging out of my butt. This turd had a perfect cylinder shape to it, except for being bent at the end where I pinched it off. It was thick! Then I felt the fourth one, which came out from way up in me immediately after the third one hit, and it kind of hurt as I pushed it out of my backside. I wiped my bottom, using two pieces of toilet paper then stuck my nose down towards the toilet to take a whiff of my fresh pile. The pile completely covered up the toilet hole, being so thick. The turds sat in the bowl in an east-west fashion. I then took a moment to admire my fresh pile laying in the bowl, before flushing it down. I then put my sweat pants back on and got warm on this really cold day. I was relieved at how much better I felt, having cleaned that big monster out of me. I have had some really nice poots come out since that turd. They have been warm and long and have slapped me in the balls as they have come out. They have been making a nice crisp sound, not really much in the way of tone, but just nice splattery sounds that have come out nice and clean and then splattered at the end. I LOVE feeling a warm poot hit me in the undercarriage. The smell has been relatively mild, but lingering. I will let you know if I am able to push another one out today. Please comment me!


Hi once again to everyone! I've got a few more stories to tell so here we go.

Abbie- Glad you enjoyed my stories once again, and I enjoyed your latest one!

Dan- Yes, that type of poo is my favourite too, as long as you are near a bathroom and know you can make it in time after holding it for a while!

Erik- Yes, once or twice I have seen girls in clubs or at parties having to wee in the sink or the shower because they couldn't wait for the loo. I will admit also to having done it once or twice myself- my room in my house at uni has a sink in it and if I find myself desperate to wee during a party or just day-to-day if all the toilets are in use I will lock my door and drop my knickers and go!

Well,I'll go chronologically, so my first story is from Halloween. Our entire house went out to the student union all dressed up. I was a witch. Before we went out we all ordered Chinese takeaway because nobody could be bothered to cook. When we went out I managed to lose everyone after about half an hour when I was standing at the bar. I was there by myself and increasingly conscious that, suddenly, I had to go for a poo, and soon! The takeaway plus the alcohol had delayed my normal evening poo and I hadn't been before coming out, and now I was paying the price! I really don't like going for a poo in a club, but at least it was the student's union so there would at least be paper! As I dithered about what to do I bumped into someone from my course. I didn't know her name (I still don't, actually) but I recognised her. She is an overweight but still very attractive blonde girl who I often see in lectures. She recognised me too and we started talking. After a couple of minutes she said, 'I'm going to the toilet now,' and I said I had to as well. So off we went. Naturally the queue was horrendous. In these toilets there are 8 cubicles, arranged in two sections. There is a central dividing wall with two cubicles backing onto it on each side and then two more on each outer side wall. They were all in use, of course, and there were lots of girls waiting. By now I had a very urgent poo knocking on my back door. After waiting for a few minutes, my new friend turned to me and whispered, 'I can't believe I need a poo on a night out....that's so bad!' I reassured her that she wasn't the only one! After lots of queuing the two cubicles on the left of the central wall opened and we nipped in. She was dressed like a witch too, and we both spent ages trying to get our skirts out of the way so we could sit down! The toilets are strange; metal with a black plastic seat, and shaped like an ice cream cone- wide at the top but then they taper almost to a point at the bottom. They're only just wide enough for me to sit on properly, so I imagine it must be difficult for larger girls like my friend to sit comfortably! I sat down eventually and then so did she. There was a lot of noise with people laughing and hand dryers going off all the time so I don't think anyone heard us pooing. They might have smelled it, though! I pushed out two creamy logs very quickly. Then another three turds followed at a more sedate pace! Between the dryers going off I heard a couple of plops from my friend. After only a few minutes I was finished and so was my friend. We left and went to wash our hands. I expect the girls who went in after us got a surprise when they smelled our poo!

My next story is from Tuesday. I had a two-hour lecture and I was sitting next to my friend Clare. In the second hour I started to need a dump as usual in the early afternoon. I noticed Clare seemed agitated and was fidgeting around a lot. I asked her if she was ok. She said, 'I'm dying for a poo and I really can't wait.' I told her there were only 15 minutes left and that I was desperate for a poo as well, which by now I was. She said she would try. She made it, and we both dashed out of the lecture theatre and straight to the toilets. We took adjacent cubicles and Clare raced to get her jeans and knickers down. She sat before me and immediately there was an explosion of wet poo into her toilet. 'Oh!' she exclaimed. We were the only ones in there, so I said, 'that sounded close!' 'Oh it was,' she replied. 'Very close.' I joined in with a coil of soft poo that made a big splash in my toilet. Clare pushed out another load and I kept going with mine, producing a few more logs and pieces while Clare had some more mushy stuff. Finally we were both done. Clare said she felt a lot better, and I must admit I did, too!

And my final story for now is from Wednesday, and it's the first time for a while that Emma & I have pooed together! In the afternoon neither of us had lectures, so we met up and went down into town to get some lunch and do some shopping. We wondered where to go but we ended up at McDonalds! After our large big mac meals and a mcflurry each we looked in a few shops and started heading back. By now I had a strong urge for my afternoon poo. As we walked, Emma said, 'oh, I really should have gone to the toilet in McDonalds, 'cause I'm dying for my poo now!' I laughed and told her I was too. We kept walking but I was really desperate now. 'I don't think I'll make it home, we'll have to stop,' I said. 'Me neither,' she replied. We decided on the engineering building since we would pass it. We went in and to the toilets that I used the other day, but they were occupied with two girls who, from the smell of it, were doing the same thing we urgently needed to do! I groaned, but Emma said, 'let's try the other ones.' I had no idea where they were but Emma led me up a flight of stairs and along a corridor. Sure enough, there were more toilets. We went in and were the only girls in there. There were 3 cubicles. Emma took the middle one and I took the one on her left. 'I'm glad you knew where these were,' I told her as we lowered our jeans and knickers and started to sit. 'I was close to pooing myself!' 'So was I!' Emma laughed. 'I didn't go last night so I'm full!' 'Haha, I bet,' I replied as I began my wee. In doing so I gave the slight push that my poo needed and my first turd slid out easily with a quiet plop. I heard Emma's poo crackling out of her bum and then there were two big plops and a sigh. 'Oh, there we go,' she said. I laughed. 'I really needed this,' I replied as I pushed out another log. Emma farted as another turd came out of her. I produced two more turds and then farted myself. Emma fired out some soft-sounding poo and a couple more farts. We kept talking until someone else came in and took the empty cubicle and dropped a few rapid turds of her own. We kept going and Emma produced lots more poo than me! I finished but she was still going so I looked under the cubicle and got a good look at her jeans and pink knickers around her ankles, and of her legs! I met her at the sinks after a fun dump together!

I'm visiting my friend Megan over this weekend, so I'm sure I will have more stories to post afterwards! Bye for now!

Hi everbody- I've been reading this site for a while now but now I've decided to start posting, too! My name is Rachel, I'm 14 and I have just started year 9 at a girls school in the UK. I suppose I should describe myself- I'm average height, chubby (not really fat, just a bit!) and I have black hair and green eyes. I have lots of interesting stories to tell so I'll start with one or two now. I'm most interested in pooing stories, especially from other girls, and that's what most of my stories will be about! I call it pooing or number two usually!
My favourite posters are Emma, Leanne, Abbie and Aimee- I love your stories! Abbie especially, I can really sympathise with you and your struggles to hold your poo in until you can get on a toilet and the struggle to go before the bell!

I usually poo two or three times a day, which means I almost always need to go at school. Sometimes I hold it, sometimes I decide to go, and sometimes I have no choice! Sometimes I will have to go twice at school. I normally have to go a few hours after I wake up, so some time during my second lesson which means I can go at break or lunch. Sometimes I have to go again in the afternoon but sometimes I don't need to until I get home. Yesterday was one of those 'have no choice' days! Halfway through second lesson I started cramping up really bad and soon I had to go really badly. I thought I could hold it until break but if I couldn't get on a toilet then I would be in real trouble! Our break is 20 minutes long and queues for the toilets are always huge because lots of girls take the opportunity to empty their bowels too! Anyway yesterday I was dying for a poo so I went to the nearest toilets, in the science block. There are 6 cubicles there and they were sll in use with a long queue. I decided to go and try the ones in the english department. I had better luck there- there are 8 cubicles but they never seem to get as busy as most of the others so I only had to wait a few minutes for a toilet, which was good because I was really desperate! A girl came out looking embarrassed and I went in and she had left a big brown mark in the bowl! I locked the door and hitched up my uniform skirt and lowered my white knickers and sat. The girl to my left was pooing too so I joined in with a big poo that came out surprisingly slowly considering how urgent I was! It landed with a plop on top of the other girls' skidmark. It felt so good! Another two poos followed it and then I had to fart. I waited until there was a flush, because although I'm not really embarrassed about doing a poo in the school toilets (lots of girls do it, and if you've got to go you've got to go!) I don't like people hearing me fart! Under cover of a flush I let it out along with another poo that followed. I knew the bell would ring soon and I felt sorry for the girls who were still queuing because when the bell goes a teacher always checks the loos and makes anyone waiting leave and then bangs on the cubicle doors and tells anyone in them to hurry up! If we don't leave the cubicle within a minute or so of this happening we get a detention because they assume we must be trying ti skip class or touching ourselves instead of trying to finish a poo or a long desperate wee! Anyway I pushed out another poo and then I was done and wiping just as the bell went. As I was leaving the teacher came in and told the two girls still waiting to leave. One of them argued, 'but I need the toilet!' and was told, 'well you should have got here earlier.' Our school is quite strict about toilet matters. You are allowed to go during lessons once a week only, which is bad for me because I'm often desperate halfway through a lesson every day! If you seem like you are going to have an accident the teacher usually lets you go, though. It's worst when you don't get time to go at break, like the girl I saw yesterday, because then you have to hold it through another lesson until lunch if you have used up your week's break! Naturally enough I have had a few accidents and seen other girls do so which I will post about at some point!

My other story happened in the summer. My girl guide troop went on a camping weekend. I pooed before I left on Friday and I suppose the excitement made me not need to go again that day, but I did wee once. The toilets were basically a big hole in the ground that was divided by screens into separate 'cubicles' that had the hole covered by a piece of wood with a hole in that you squatted over. On Saturday I woke up and went for a wee in them. After breakfast I had to go number two in them but we were doing activities until lunch. I finally got to go number two in them then. I waited in line with my friend Kate who also had to do a poo. We got two 'cubicles' next to each other. The screens were only made of canvas and it was quite windy so they kept blowing about and sometimes you could see the girls squatting over the toilets from outside, and when you were in them you could sometimes see into the next toilet. We were in uniform so I lifted my skirt and lowered my undies and squatted down for my poo. I did a wee then pushed my first poo out and it flopped into the hole. Then the door flap blew up a bit and I could see the girls who were waiting and I knew they could see me, which was embarrassing! I pushed out another poo and I heard Kate fart and then the side flap blew around a bit and I could see her squatting with a poo hanging out of her bum! It fell into the hole as I watched and she shifted around a bit and then the flap blew back and I couldn't see any more! I had a couple more bits to come and then I wiped myself and left. I pooed again that evening but the wind had died down so nobody saw! On Sunday morning I had to go number two again and I went with my friend Kate again because she had to poo again too. I could hear her poo making dull thuds as it fell into the hole. After that I didn't have to go again until we got home that evening. It was a really fun weekend and I enjoyed using the strange toilets too!

I'll try to post again really soon. Byeee!

Cindy Shitter

Im back!!!!! and quick story

I came home todday from walmart and i was desperate for the loo. i came in and ran upstairs but as i was running squirts of diarrhea poured into my panties. I rushed into the bathroom and plopped on the toilet releasing one of my quickest diarrhea torrents ever!


Story Comment and Question

To Annie O and Michelle- Definitely glad that I am not the only one! It gives you the sensation of pooped pants without doing it.

I had some serious gas over the weekend. I was cleaning all day Sunday and it seemed like I was farting very frequently. They were really loud farts too. I had only pooped three times that whole weekend so I'm guessing that all the gas is from changing my diet. I'm trying to eat more healthy now.
As for right now, I'm holding in a poop. Trying to make it as solid and big as possible so I can release the poop into the toilet paper. I have been letting out farts in preparation for the poop I will have soon. It should go well!
Also, a question for you all. How do you bring up farting around a roommate?

I lost earlier part of this post; it may have gone to you before I had finished. I'll try to reconstruct.

When I was a child my grandparents had rather primitive toilets, compared to the standard in my parents' home. My granny lived a mile away, and on two occasions when I was aged 9, I had to stay with her when my mum was ill, and it was near enough to go to school easily.

The outside toilet was half way up the yard, and I felt a bit self-conscious trotting out their in my short trousers, when the women in nearby houses would see me, gossiping when they were hanging their washing out. I imagined them knowing what I had gone for, by the time I was in there - I imagined them imagining me pulling my trousers and underpants down, sitting my miniature bottom on the wooden seat, plopping away, and listening to the toilet roll being pulled. I was flushed with embarrassment, but glad the seat was wooden, particularly on cold mornings - and better than waiting until I got to school, where often there wasn't even any paper.

I learned that it was a fact of life, and at scout camps and on school field trips, I learnt that there was often 'banter' between the boys when we went to perform this essential daily action.

My grandfather on my dad's side lived with his second wife 60 miles away, and we used to visit them for the day once or twice a year. The toilet there was a wooden plank stretching from wall to wall, right at the top of the yard, and the seat didn't lift up, but when using that, I managed with difficulty not to wet the seat.

When I was aged 13 and 14, I was allowed to go on my own, and found that old fashioned wooden seat - higher than the ones I had used elsewhere - very comfortable to sit on. By then, my feet touched the floor, and it was easier to 'push'. The paper was old newspapers ripped up with a hole through the pieces, and tied up with string and hanging up on a hook. My dad had advised me to take a toilet roll from home, which I did, but to put it in my pocket so that they wouldn't see me taking it outside. I did try the newspaper, but it didn't clean me properly, and I finished off with my own tissue.

This was all in Midland England.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Stephen J great story about you seeing 2 girls having diarrhea your friend Morgan from caffteria food and Aurora who was probaly lactose intoloerant and it sounds like both of them really had to and it sounds like you kind of enjoyed it and I bet that bathroom stunk bad but it seems like Morgan wants to be your girlfriend and hopefuly you will get you see her poop more and if so please share the stories thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story about you pooping and hearing other women pooping as well it seems like you get pretty lucky to here so many and it sounds like that one lady must have been desperate and that other girl that was knocking or the stall doors it sounds like she really had to go and was close to having an accident and as always I look forward to your next posts thanks.

To: Nicola WOW is all I have to say I bet you felt really really good after getting rid of that monster and it sounds like you nade the right decision because there is no way a beast like that would go down the toilet and again WOW and always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mung as always another great story about Sarah and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Noah first welcome to the site and great story about seeing your friend Shannon have an accident and it sounds like you will fit right in here and I look forward to more stories from you about women going to the bathroom thanks.

To: Ciara as another great story it sounds like you just made it without peeing yourself and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alice first welcome to the site and great story and I hope you post more stories thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together and it sounds like you got to hear quite a few other going as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lauren firts welcome back and great story about peeing in your car and as always I look froward to your next post thanks.

To: kelly as always another great story whoah it sounds like you were very very very close to having an accident like milaseconds away lucky your roomate got out the way and it sounds like you had a really nasty time and I bet that bathroom was avoided for awhile after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site make that really really love this site


to Jas

I've seen some Police Academy movies, but I didn't see the one that you mentioned. The scene you wrote about sounds funny!

I saw a traffic school movie where a police officer got scared and wet his pants.


Portable Toilet Sounds

My wife and I went to an annual fall festival in a neighboring town. They have displays, music, crafts, etc. It's held in the downtown area of the town. We went early, before my morning ritual of having my dump. Around 9 o'clock, I got the urge and told my wife I needed to find a restroom. All the store restrooms were "off limits" for the festival, and they directed us to the portable toilets down one of the side streets. There was a row of about 7 or 8 of them, all butted against one another. My wife went to look at some crafts while I visited the porta-johns. They were all vacant, and I took the one on the far end and being away from the activity, it was very quiet. As I was undoing my belt, I heard a female voice say, I've got to go to the bathroom, I'll be back in a few minutes. Someone else said OK. Then I heard the door on the unit next to me open and close and lock. She'd come in right beside me. I sat down and I could plainly hear her pulling down her pants. She sat and immediately let out a loud fart and then PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, 4 or 5 very heavy sounding turds hitting the water loudly. I pushed a bit and mine made some of the same noise. She then farted a second time and another 3 or 4 loud plops came, followed by a loud sigh like she was straining to poop. I finished up and began to pull toilet paper and I heard her pee profusely then pull TP off the roll. I stood up and buckled my pants. I heard her do the same. I went out and went to the hand washing station. I saw the door open and she stepped out. She was a very pretty blonde woman maybe late 20's. She had on tight fitting jeans. Very attractive woman. She came to the washing station, glanced up at me and smiled, then washed her hands. This ended up being the most enjoyable part of the fall festival for me!


Two seaters

Hi everyone, must start with some thanks to recent writers.

Brandon: I appreciate your comments so much. Please keep reading and
having fun. I love your words.
Ashley : Loved your latest comments and your story. Its so nice to hear
from another girl who likes to have a shit with somebody and
likes to chat with them. It is almost like a laxative but lots
enjoyable. Please honey lets have more of your stories.
Leanne : Really enjoyed your story of having a desperate shit at the
engineering building. Wonderful, made me want to go to the
toilet, so i did and downloaded your story to read whilst I was
having a lovely [home] shit. Although my son, Stephen, knocked
on the bathroom door before I had finished.

Did my Saturday shopping with a few of my neighbours. Brenda and Glenys I suppose that they are my closest friends outside of work, with Helen being my closest friend in work. As usual we did the, what I call, basic shopping, groceries, vegetables, fruit etc. Then we went for lunch in MacDonalds. We all wanted to go to the toilet after our meal so we lugged our shopping upstairs, has anybody ever been to a MacDonalds where the toilets are on the ground floor, I never have. Anyway we should have known better, the ladies was full, all five cubicles engaged and a queue of four waiting. Brenda said to me she couldn't wait without messing her panties, I told her I was close to. Glenys who was going to queue said she come with us. There is a large block of offices in the High Street, I have used the toilets there before, so we headed there. As usual, being a Saturday, no offices open, the ladies on the ground floor was empty. Four cubicle waiting to greet three fairly desperate ladies lol. Brenda had dumped her shopping bags outside the first cubicle and was already trying to lift her skirt with one hand as she pushed the cubicle door open with the other. I went into the next cubicle, taking my two bags of shopping with me. As I turned to bole the cubicle door I saw Glenys struggling to the next cubicle with her own and Brenda's shopping, so I guessed she didn't want to go as badly as Brenda and me did.

I was just unbuckling the belt on my jeans as Brenda shit with a loud, wet splash and a sort of muffled gasp, 'Ohhhh god, just made it.' The kind of splatter made me wonder if Brenda had been in time, it sounded to me as though her aim might not have been very accurate. As I sat on the toilet bending forward I could see Brenda's panties with a tell tale brown streak all down the crotch of her apple green panties. Then she gave a second gasp and shit again, another watery sounding splatter into the pan. I was glad I didn't have the constipation that I had a few days before, I was shitting as I love to, not gut wrenching diarrhea, just lovely plops of shit then slipped from my anus no pain at all. I was peeing at the same time but it was only after the second splatter of shit that Brenda started to pee. I heard Glenys pulling her panties up so she only wanted a pee.

With Glenys washing her hands, I started to wipe my bum, but Brenda was still on the toilet although she had gone very quiet. I only needed three sheets of toilet tissue my bum was so clean, then I pulled up my panties and slacks buckling them. Flushing the toilet I joined Glenys who was checking her make up then. She whispered to me that Brenda seemed ill. I dried my hands and went over and tapped on her cubicle door. "Bren, love, are you alright?" I asked. "Ohhhh, Steph," she said with a low voice, "I've got a terrible stomach ache." When I heard that I whispered to Glenys to get the car so that Brenda wouldn't have to walk back to the car park.

I asked Brenda to let me in telling her that Glenys had gone to fetch my car. I held Brenda's hand and then coopied down and told her I wouldn't leave her. She squeezed my hand and kissed me on the cheek. She told me she was sorry for the trouble she was causing. I couldn't resist kissing her on the lips and telling her that that was what friends were for, to help and care for when somebody wasn't feeling good. I carefully took her panties off, they weren't really dirty so I suggested we wrap them in toilet tissue so she could launder them at home. Then I took the spare pair of panties I always carry out of my bag and slid them over her shoes ready for when she had finished on the toilet. We talked, I've forgotten what about, as she had three more stomach wrenching bursts of shit. Glenys was back then and she offered her help. Brenda was feeling really ill so I helped her up and watched as Glenys wiped her bum, it took most of the toilet roll before she was clean and I could slip the clean panties up over her bum. Then we both helped her to my car. Brenda had told me that her period was about to start, I think it was due Sunday or Monday, I realised then how bad she must have felt, I get horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea when my period is due.

I realised after that I had forgotten to flush the toilet after Brenda, but then I thought of what Ashley had said about not flushing sometimes, so Ashley that was accidental, but I will be doing that more on purpose in the future.

Thanks again to every writer here. I wish I had the time to say thanks to everybody, because I mean it. This is the most caring and kind blog I have ever found. xxxxx


Buddy Dump Help?

Hey gang, I was wondering if I could get a little advice from some of the wonderful people of toilet stool. My current dilemma is I think I'd really like to take a buddy dump with a guy friend of mine but there are a few things I'm not sure of.

1) Is buddy dumping fun? (I absolutely love pooping but does adding a person change it?)

2) How should I propose this idea to him ( will he think its weird? we're both guys)

3) Anyone wanna tell me some of their past experiences with buddy dumping to maybe give me an Idea what will happen?

thanks in advance!!!!!!

Desperate to poop

Desperate unload a Volleyball

Oh I had a messy dump today

I went to volleyball but had been feeling a bit queasy all day. It wasn't a game just some practice and social games. Just as well as 2/3rds of the way through my ???? did a complete somersault and told me sweetie I think you should find a toilet soon!

I was not playing at the time so I just hurried off. I went past the disabled taken so I went round to the ladies (single cubicle) also taken and the gents too! No choice but to wait, I didn't want to try and go to the others as it was all the way over the other side of the sports arena and my guts were really churning now!

It was quiet where I was and I could sort of make out what I thought was some groaning coming from the ladies. A lady came to clean them and saw the queue and decided no point but handed me a roll incase they were empty. Good idea I thought I might need a few sheets after this

a few more minutes passed and still no one had left. The gents flushed but alas another gent was waiting so he took that one. My guts were now cramping very badly and I could feel some soft poop banging at my back door saying let me out let me out. I clenched my cheeks as best I could and squeezed together doing a poo dance slightly. Still a few more minutes passed and still waiting and another chap had used the gents. I quickly checked the disabled but locked.

I was now getting pretty nervous as my but was bursting to have a dump and I needed a wee too now. I bit my lip. Another lady came saw the queue and walked off I expect to the other toilets. No chance for me Id loose it I knew it

Finally a few minutes I heard a flush and thought thank god, but not still no movement not even the sounds of them washing their hands. I heard another groan and realised she was going again.

I was no really really desperate and had been waiting 7 minutes or so. Finally and this it was the door unlocked and one of the sports attendant came out. she apologised saying she had a bad ???? and that the toilet was clogged and she'd have to plunge it. I said I had to go bad so to do it afterwards please and apologised that I was going to clog it more as I rushed in. She said no worries I know the feeling.

I was pulling my shorts down as I arrived at the toilet seat and a very brown toilet bowl with lots of paper. I didn't care I sat on the warm toilet seat and let rip with some very soft serve. Oh the relief was immense it almost felt like an O******m and I soon did actually anyway.

I stayed in another 5 minutes clearing myself out and then finally finished and left very relieved. As I came out the lady was waiting with the plunger and I said it's well and trully blocked now.

Happy Pooping



Hey all Dan here.

Do I gotta take a big huge shit as I didn't go yet today. Just had pasta and ice cream for dessert. I feel full and a turd wanting out. I slide my jeans. And underwear to the knees, sit & pee. I have to do a little push and can feel my ass expanding....and it landed with no sound (looks). Half of it as hidden by the bowl but it looks about 7" long and not too thick, carrot shaped.
Oh a bit more....silent hiss ass is making wet crackle sounds....PLOOP! That was about 3" and a tad wide. Time to wipe - 3 times. First was smeary, then faint, then nothing! No smell either.

Leanne - wow what a poop story! Did it smell bad I
In there? Your first que partner sounded cute, as did the lady whose stall you took. Always look forward to your posts :)

Noah - more please! Lol

Alice, Abbie greats posts. You sounded like you were both relieved.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


Question (for women)

Girls / women here:

have you ever going to a restrrom only to find all stalls / toilets being used and used the sink to do your business ??

or seen girls do that ?

Stephen J

Two girls have diarrhea in bathroom

Well today was an interesting day at school. it was science, 6th period I sat next to the new girl, Morgan in this class. She motioned for me to go it the hall. Surprisingly the teacher said yes and we both exited we went up to the top floor were there is a balcony. She took me there. "well why am i here?" "I don't know i guess i like you." I heard some sort of gurgling. But we just ignored it. we looked outside and then i heard a fart. "I poo ted!" She laughed. She then leaned over and hugged me.i heard a gurgling noise again. I grabbed her by the shoulders and asked what was wrong. she clutched her stomach and said "cafeteria food" She grabbed my hand and led me to the girls bathroom. "well are you coming in?" "Um.....OK" she jostled into the stall and ripped down her short shorts and panties, she had left the stall door open. i saw her pussy trying to hold the bulge in my pants. She released a torrent of noisy diarrhea and i gave her a disgusted face. "Haven't you seen a woman have diarrhea before?" she had to scream over the farts "No" She stopped suddenly then released another wave of diarrhea. It all ended with a wet fart and laughed. She got up and laughed at the poop stained seat. She reached for the toilet paper but suddenly another girl came in. Morgan grabbed my hand and pulled the stall door shut and we both stood on the toilet bowl. I found it was Aurora a very hot chick at our school. She came into the stall next t to us and I could see everything. Aurora was apparently a squatter as she took off her shorts She bent over holding the stall walls and attempted to piss but shot out a bunch of diarrhea. Morgan started to laugh but I had to keep her quiet. She then sat down on the toilet. Aurora's beautiful butt stained in poop. She had waves of diarrhea worse than Morgan's. It smelled terrible. She clutched her belly saying "stupid milkshakes!" I heard Morgan's stomach rumble and I thought we were doomed i saw Diarrhea squirt into her pants. "I have to go!' she whispered. Aurora sat up and bent over to wipe revealing her beautiful asshole smeared in her diarrhea. She wiped and left. Morgan immediately ripped her shorts down and had her final and worst wave of diarrhea it was loud and sounded like a helicopter was in her anus. Morgan just laughed and said she had worse. She got up and turned around and BENT OVER to get the toilet Paper on the floor. It revealed her pretty tan ass smeared and absolutely covered in poop. She got all cleaned up and left the stall. I was going to follow her but she barricaded the door. She came back and pushed me into the stall. Zipping down my pants.....I cant tell the rest on here.


Just Random 7

For Lynn:Have you ever saw in Police Academy 4 Where Officer Proctor was in that outhouse.When I was 8 years old I was at school and my younger Brother was sick and stayed home and told me he saw an movie where a Policeman was in an outhouse and got lifted to an ballgame.And a Few months later in the summertime we taped the movie off of TV.Me and my Brother always called that scene THAT POOPIE.When it was almost to that part and if one of us isn't in that room.One of us would yell,IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR THAT POOPIE!

For Mr.Clogs:One night before I got off from work I drunk 22oz of Tea,And I got home around 11:30pm and I peed 5 times afterward,I was dreaming I was in an place and I started peeing off the stairs,and I woke up peeing in the bed,around 8:30am.And when I was 6 I had a dream I was in my back yard,and for some reason a bunch of teenagers was over at my house,(cause I watched too many 80's teen movies)I had to pee in that dream too so I went somewhere to pee,and a teen girl was laying in an lawn chair and a teen boy was laying on top of her stairing at me in shock.

I would put more but my darn cat is crawling on this computer.STUPID CAT!

I am an 18 year old male. I was with my friend anthony at a park restroom and I had to shit really bad. Me and anthony shit with each other eveeryday at school so we r used to it. These stalls in the park have no doors or walls, just toilets so I sat down. I wasn't wearing my shirt, so I was naked on the toilet. Anthony decided to crap too so he sat next to me. We were talking and shitting and a guy about 25 sits next to anthony and is talking to us. Then one of his friends toook the toilet next to me. They were talking while me and anthony are just sitting there naked and 2 guys talking over us. Then we wiped and left. It was kind of awkard for us to be naked with our briefs around our kneed with 2 fully clothed guys also shitting.



does anyone have any like hollween trick or greeting stories where they have pee or pooped there pants or costume or there friends have


To Ashelyn (and for others)

There's another really good reason why that idea is no good. It is actually possible to drink too much water and get very sick. That is to say that if you drink too much, too fast, it can mess up your electrolytes (body chemistry) to the point where it could cause heart problems and in extreme cases, can cause cardiac arrest.

Hi again everyone. I thought I'd post a couple more stories today.

On Friday I had a two-hour lecture in the engineering building. I had just come from another lecture and needed to wee before I went in so I went to the nearest loos. They only have two cubicles and they were both in use when I arrived. Both girls were peeing strong streams. I'd been waiting for only a few seconds when another girl came in. She was really pretty with shoulder-length ginger hair, glasses and a cute little beret perched on top of her head! 'Ah,' she said, seeing the cubicles in use, and smiled at me. I smiled back and nodded. She didn't seem desperate for the loo but now that I think about it she was leaning subtly on the edge of one of the sinks. One of the toilets became free and I went in and sat down. I'd been weeing for only a few seconds when the other girl left and was replaced by my queue companion. I heard her hitch up her skirt and lower her underwear and sit. After a few seconds of silence from her there was a sudden burst of what sounded like quite wet or runny poo from her and then she moaned quite loudly. She made a couple more squirts of runny poo and then some more solid-sounding plops. I guess she was actually pretty desperate! I finished my wee and left and she was still in the loo producing the occasional plop.
During the same 2-hour lecture I started to get my usual urge for a number two of my own. By the end it was pretty strong so when the lecture ended I made my way quickly to the same toilets since they were the nearest. Once again both toilets were occupied, although when I arrived it sounded like one of the girls had only just gone in because I could hear her unbuckling her belt and lowering her jeans to the floor before she sat. The other girl was having what sounded like a very healthy dump, with regular loud plops coming from her cubicle. The new arrival joined in quickly with two quick and big plops coming from her cubicle. With both girls in the middle of their own large movements I knew I was in for a few minutes' wait. I considered going to some other toilets but to be honest I didn't know where they were because I'd only ever used this block in the engineering building before and I didn't know if I would make it in time- I had visions of getting lost in the cavernous interior of the huge building and wandering around until I crapped my pants! So I stayed put, listening to a chorus of plops and farts from the two girls. Another girl came in, saw me waiting, and left again. Presumably she knew where the other toilets were! After a few minutes I heard some paper being torn off in the cubicle of the girl who was halfway through her poo when I arrived and soon enough she flushed and came out. She was as tall as me and a few pounds overweight but very attractive and she must have been embarrassed because she avoided looking at me as she came out. I went into her vacated cubicle and locked the door. There was quite a strong smell of her poo and a couple of brown marks in the bowl. I lowered my jeans and panties and sat on the warm seat. Before I started there was a plop from the other girl and then there were two of my own in quick succession. Then someone else came in and immediately exclaimed, 'aah!!' She came over to the cubicles and knocked on the other girls' door and tried to open it. Then after a few seconds she tried the same with mine. She said something in her native language (I think she was Indian or Pakistani) and then said to the girl who had vacated my cubicle, who was washing her hands, 'how you open them? I must use the toilet.' 'You can't, there's already someone in them,' she replied. The other girl then dried her hands and left, leaving the new desperate arrival who it sounded like was shuffling around nervously outside waiting for one of us to finish. It certainly wouldn't be me, because I'd only just started my poo. I pushed out three more easy logs and then the rest of my poo started to require some pushing. My neighbour was silent for a while and then the waiting girl knocked again and said something that wasn't English. Then she knocked on my neighbour's door. 'Just a minute!' she replied with a strained voice. 'Ah...quickly please!' said the other girl. 'Hold on, I'm not done yet!' came the reply. I guess she had a stubborn log she was trying to pass and so it proved a minute later when there was a loud plop from her. Someone else came in, saw the queue and left again. The girl knocked on my door again and sounded even more desperate when she said, 'Please hurry!' I didn't really know what to say as I had a log halfway out my bum and would clearly not be finished for a while yet. 'I'm going to be a while! Sorry!' was all I could really think of, and I underlined that when my log dropped with a splash. My neighbour was obviously having another difficult turd because I could see her spread her feet apart under the cubicle and I think I heard her grunt quietly too. Eventually she passed it with a quiet plop and I managed to produce two more of my own. 'Quickly please!' said the other girl again. 'Ok just a minute, I'm done,' said my neighbour, and she started to wipe. I got rid of another turd as my neighbour wiped and left and was replaced immediately. I saw the desperate girl's jeans and panties appear around her ankles and she sat with a thud. A couple of seconds passed and then three of the loudest plops I've ever heard in a toilet in very quick succession! A desperate dump indeed! She produced a few more logs and then had a long wee while I finished my poo with a couple more pieces. I left her to finish her poo in peace!

That's all for now. Bye!

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