Uncle Harry
Old Gas Station

I was on the road on another of what were then monthly business trips. I stopped at my favorite fast-food restaurant for lunch. Nothing much was happening this time: no women on a tour bus, no long lines, no girl mopping the men's room. The sign for women to use the men's if urgent was still up. The owner said the system was working fine, no complaints, and some women did use the men's when the line was long. I ate my lunch, peed uneventfully, and hit the road.

Several hours later, I had to stop for gas and needed to pee. I keep a sipper bottle of water in the car and swig at it frequently. I pulled off the interstate and into a not very modern looking gas station. There were few facilities at this exit; just a gas station and a frozen custard stand. I gassed up, pulled the car over to the mini-mart, paid, and asked where the rest room was. The clerk told me it was outside along the side of the building and I didn't need a key. I walked over and found the door with a sign that said "restroom" with no gender identification. I opened the door, which opened to the right, and to the left was a woman squatting over the toilet and wiping her pussy, apparently just finishing her pee. "Wait please, there's a woman in here", she said. "Sorry", I said, and closed the door and waited outside. I wondered why the door wasn't locked. In a few minutes, she came out. "It's all yours", she said, as she walked to her car.

I opened the door and stepped inside. The place was not very clean and had a noticeable piss odor. On the wall ahead of me was a urinal of the type that went down to the floor. Something that looked like pee splatter was around the bottom. The porcelain was cracked and rust streaks were running down the inside. On the left wall was a toilet that looked like you wouldn't want to seat on it. Both the lid and seat were raised. I turned to lock the door and found that it jammed in the frame and wouldn't close all the way. There was a bolt, but it wouldn't align with the bolt hole. No wonder the woman didn't lock the door.

I stepped over to the urinal, avoided the pee splatter as best I could, and was about to unzip, when the door opened and a woman with a young boy came in. "Would you mind if we come in?", she asked. "My son needs to go. I won't look". The boy looked to be about 3 years old. I said ok and she went over to the toilet with the kid. He was too short reach the toilet. There was a wooden box near the toilet, which she pulled over and had him stand on it. Maybe it was there for that purpose. She told him to unzip and take out his pee-pee. He unzipped, but had some problem getting his pee-pee out, so mom got it out for him, held it, aimed it for him, and told him to go pee-pee.

By now, I had my dick out and started to piss at about the same time as the boy. He didn't pee very much and I was loaded, so I was still pissing when he stopped. Mom shook the drops off his penis, tucked it back in his pants, and moved the box away after he stepped off. I don't think the woman was ever intentionally watching me, but she did turn in my direction often enough that I'm sure she saw my urine coming out at least a few times.

Now she turned to me deliberately and said that they had been on the road a long time, that she really needed to urinate desperately, and would I mind. I said that I didn't, so she backed up to the toilet, pulled her slacks and panties down to her ankles, squatted back over the bowl with her legs spread far enough that her pussy was clearly visible, and quickly let loose a gusher. She had moderately long labia and a heavy, generally straight, stream that tended to push her labia apart. A little spraying and hissing happened a few times and, with an old toilet with lots of water in it, there was a loud waterfall sound. I was just finishing my piss while she was still going strongly, shook off the drops, put away my cock, and stepped to the wash basin to wash my hands. She started to slow down and eventually stopped, after a few alternate stops and squirts. She couldn't reach the toilet paper as it had rolled away on the floor, so she asked her son to fetch it. He was none to quick about it and mom was squatting there waiting with pee drops dripping from her pussy lips. Finally the boy brought over the TP. Mom tore off a wad, patted her crack dry, pulled up her pants, and flushed the toilet. She stepped to the sink as I was finishing. She thanked me for allowing them to pee with me. I asked her if she wasn't embarrassed to pee with a strange man in the room. She said no, she didn't embarrass easily, and anyway, she couldn't hold it. Then she washed her hands and we all left the bathroom.

Hey Guys.

Two feet. That's how long my latest poo was.

It started on my way home from work. I felt a good poo coming on. By the time I got home, I was farting like crazy, but I didn't have to go yet. A couple of hours later, it hit me. The biggest urge to poo ever. It is rare that I run to the bathroom, but this time I had to run. I farted some as I ran. I ripped down my pants, and even before I sat, the crackling started. For such a strong urge, this poo came out rather slowly. First came 4 small pieces right away. Actually, the first dropped as I was in the process of sitting down. Then I farted as said two foot poo slowly came out. My ass opened wider and wider. It slowly crackled out. After about 20 seconds, it dropped in the toilet with the four other pieces. I wiped, flushed, and left.

Well that's it for today guys. I need to go sit on the toilet again. More crackling for me!

Take care guys!

Keep pooping!

desperate to poop
Hi all

I went camping a few weekends ago which was really nice. The campsite was quite basic but it had a shower and toilet block. The toilets were reasonably clean but there was cobwebs around and a few insects as it was quite out in the countryside.

The one morning I had a good cleanout in the toilet block. It was early morning and I felt a big urge to unload so I made my way out of the tent and headed for the toilet block with some loo roll just incase. I knew I'd be a while but I was in no hurry and the toilets were clean enough not to have to rush.

At first I was the only one in there and so I chose the cleanest toilet, pulled my joggers and panties down and sat down for a nice big dump. I wasn't constipated or anything and the pooh came out pretty easy. As I was finishing my first 10-12 incher another lady came in. She was walking quite quickly and muttering to herself. Not long after getting in I heard a lout fart and some rapid plops. She was obviously relieved! Together we trumped, parped and dropped our load for about twenty mintues. I finished and went off to have a shower. The other lady was still in there but was wiping so was probably nearly finished.

Happy pooping

Happy pooping all

When I shit in a toilet without stall doors, I dont wan't any women walking in on me. It's embarrasing.

Good morning--cool here. A couple of days ago I had a mild illness that made me rather weak and led to two diarrhea incidents on consecutive days. I was never really sick, but I could not get much work done. On Wednesday I got up about 5, and by 5:15 had my first b.m. of the day. It was good; I sat on the rim, leaned well forward, and pushed the turds out in one impulse. Measuring with a 4" piece of toilet paper, I found that the first turd was 14" long; there were three other short ones. That movement felt fine. Later that morning I took a shower. When I wash myself, I wash my bottom very well, including sticking my soaped finger up into my anus. In my rectum I could feel my next turd, so I knew I'd have to go again soon. At 1 p.m. I felt the urge again, sat normally on the toilet seat, and with a hand mirror watched as I pushed out 4 turds, the longest being about 7". I waited because I did not feel empty. That first impulse had been fairly normal, but the second wave was slightly crampy, and the poop was softer, several 3" pices and a couple of tiny ones. I wiped (again, as always, using a dab of Noxzema on the final wipe to cleanse the area more deeply). Then, less than an hour later, I had to go again, and that time it was almost diarrhea, lots of short soft squigglies that came out with a SPLOOT noise. I did not take any medicine for diarrhea; I seldom do unless it recurs, and that was my last movement that day. On Thursday morning my first movement was just after 6 a.m.; it was fairly normal, but very large: I measured the longest turd at 16", the next at 7", and there were still two shorter ones. It felt fine, and I could see lots of tomato seeds in the poop. Again in the early afternoon, though, maybe a quarter to two, I went again, four very soft pieces. Maybe forty minutes later I had to go a third time, and this time it was diarrhea, a quick spurt that left powder at the bottom of the bowl. By now I was convinced that I was fighting some illness. I napped a lot. Friday morning I did not poop; but in the afternoon, about 3 o'clock, I felt the urge, sat, and watched 4 firm thick pieces come out, of which the longest was about 8". I wasn't done yet; another impulse of several softer, thinner turds followed maybe a minute later, but it did not feel like diarrhea would follow. That was my only poop that day. My Saturday morning movement was quite normal: four smooth thick pieces. I worked outside for several hours and felt fine.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Chris ( aka Toast)
Hey Im back, I thought i would share a poop story that happend to me lasnt night, I was trying to sleep when i got a bad stomach ache and what i thought was meer seconds from pooping on my bed( I dont ware PJs when i sleep cause tehy getin in the way) so i run for the bathroom and sit there for what felt like hours, and only a small amount came out , thinking done i go back to bed only to get that stomache again i run back to the toilet and sit for what felt like hours again doing nothing but hunching over and pushing and straining when a little bit more came out than i farted than a lot of simi soft serve shot out followed by more gass and more soft serve and than a farted again, than i was finaly empty so i wiped like 6 times cause it burnd like you wouldnt beleave and went back to bed for the remainder of the night. Well thats my story, i hope you liked it, i will write again when something else worth saying happens. Laters!

athletic chick
ok, im making this short. me and my friend who i will refer to as Sue were running. i got really wasted the night before, but being the trooper that i am made myself run the next day despite my hangover from hell. i slept in longer than i was supposed to, cause Sue had extra errands to do before we met up and she would let me sleep in a little. well i woke up, tried to puke but couldn't, hammered some water, then she picked me up and we went running. our route is usually about 4 miles, and after the 1st i was hurtitng. we got southern heat problems down here too, but it was the hangover that really affected me. i started slowing and we took a walking break. i started to cramp up which i thought was just cause of the running. we stopped and i tried to push out a fart but suddenly sharted! for real, it just flowed out and kept coming. once it started i couldnt quit it. totally hot liquidy. i told Sue and she just started laughing. i wasnt as amused. she looked at my ass and said there was a stain on my shorts. it was in my front too. well we walked back to her car with me having a nasty load in my shorts. i had to sit on a newspaper so it wouldnt leak out. thank the lord i wasnt wearing a thong, but man it was pretty disgusting. some went down my legs into my shoes and socks. thats my only adult accident

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I found this survey on old post page 905, just wanted to fill it out.
1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes, vey much
2. what is your favorite position when passing a BM? squating over the toilet if I'm indoors, if out doors, I just stand and spread my legs
3. Do you get stomach aches before you BM? Yes. Are they severe? Yes.
4. How many times a day do you poop? 3-4 times a day
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? about 2 feet long and 3 inches acroos
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? not really
7. Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Yes Do you yell in pain when it hurts? Yes
8. How often do you get constipated? not usually
9. What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? 1 week, the result was the big log
10. After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relief? yes
11. Do you get stomach aches often when you don't have to BM? If so, are they severe and how long do they last? not really
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Yes
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? Yes
14. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? Cramps, and the feeling in my rectum
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a loooong dump because you feel week or tired? Yyes
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? yes
17. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? I take as long as necessary
18. When you are constipated or are having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself w/o taking a laxative? Sticking a wet finger up my butt, and moving it around gets things moving every time
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? Yes, the large log.
20. How often do you have diahrea? Daily
21. When on the bowl taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position (i.e. Leaning back, head between your knees, straight up with your hands on the side of the bowl, etc.) leaning foward, legs spread,
22. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Yes
23. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop? Yes
24. How do you feel about having someone poop with you, like to keep you company? I like it
25. How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, etc.? I like this also
26. After a long, hard poop, constipation, or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? Yes
27. Do your stomach aches continue even after you have pooped? Some times
28. How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more than twice in a row (for the same dump)? Almost all the time, once it happend to me at least 4 times in one dump

1. Have you pooped or peed in your pants while waiting to use the toliet? no
2. How many time have you saw your parents pooping or pissing ? a couple times peeing never pooping
3. What do you think of automatic flushing toliets ? i hate em
4. Have you ever pooped or pissed in your underwear or panties while waiting in line ? no
5. Have you women ever seen a urinal for men ? n/a
6. For you women have you ever used a mens restroom before ? n/a
7. For you men have you ever used a womens restroom before ? no
8. How many times have you pissed or pooped on the seat ? never
9. How many times have you used a airplane toliet ? a few
10.How many times have you used a train toliet ? never
11.Are you afraid of enlongated seats (open end seats)? not at all
12.What is your favorite color of enlongated saets (a) white,(b) black? mine is white. i like white
13.What is your favorite type of toliet seat (a) round,(b) enlongated,(c) none? mine is round but will use enlongated ? i like round
14.Have you women ever pissed in a urinal ? n/a
15.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a japanese toliet (hole in the ground) ? nope i wish too someday
16.Have you pissed or pooped when there was no toliet around (especially outside) ? yes
17.Have you pissed or pooped out side of you house, when you was home or locked out ? no
18.Have you ever used an outhouse ever or port-a-john ? yes
19.Are you afraid of using the toliet in the dark (especially night) ? kinda
20.For you women or men have you pooped or pissed in a toliet with a broken seat or no seat ? nope
21. For you men have you ever saw a women urinal? If so what do you think? n/a

Hey Cute & Shy, that was one great pee story! I enjoyed reading it very much :)

Hi guys!!! No new stories, sorry!! Hope everything is okay with your lives, mines being all evil. Pet rabbit is having seizures*. Anyways, Not much is new, so heres a survey.

1. Gender? (Female)
2. Have you ever used a friends bathroom and either made it stink horribly, clogged the toilet, or did something you REALLY wished you didn't? (Not really)
3. Ever had to take a dump in a car with a gas station or any place with a bathroom miles away? (yes)
4. If yes, what did you do? (Held it)
5. Ever had to pee in the same situation as above? (multiple times)
6. If yes, what did you do? (Held it and barely made it to the bathroom when we stopped)
7. Ever had someone watch/listen to you when you either took a dump or peed? If yes, who were they? (no... thank god. I'm so self-concious* about it)
8. Ever had to use the bathroom, dump or piss, when you were cuddling or laying with your sweetheart and didn't want to get up? (Well, I don't have a sweetheart, never have, so no.)
9. If yes, what did you do? (Again, I didn't)

TA-DAH!!!!! 9 questions. Pathetic survey. I know. My own answers, as you can tell, are in the ()'s.

How do you wipe when you get diarrhea?
I roll up a few sheets of paper and wipe then repeat till clean.

Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea?
not always.i usually grap the bottom of the toilet

While having diarrhea what do you do?
similar to the above question, I grab the toilet and explode

What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom?
i enjoy doing my business in a public bathroom, especially diarrhea

When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and relised you weren't done?
all the time

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink?

Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet?
sometimes, usually because i have to wipe so many times

What foods cause you to get diarrhea?
lots of milk chocolate

In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done?
ive done it before, but not all the time

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea?
depends, but usually 7-8

Do you enjoy diarrhea?

How often do you get diarrhea?
at least oncce a month

Are you sick of this survey?

Cute & Shy
To A.W.
Hey friend. Thanks for answering my question. And damn, it was strict for you in elementary. LOL We always had a single bathroom in our classroom, so we never had to worry about the teacher telling us 'no' and shit. Though, I was ashamed to use it anyway because if the class was quiet, then the bathroom wasn't. Plain and simple. LOL (I could pee in it though.)

To Anny
Hey girl. No one likes getting their panties messed up, and I'll try to help if you want me to. All you do is change your diet to stop all the 'sharting.' It doesn't have to be a dramatic change, but just try to keep certain foods to a minimum, then balance it out. If you don't mind me asking, what's your average diet? Oh yeah, BTW, Have you seen the movie Inspector Gadget? My baby siblings and I are looking at it right now, and they believe Rupert Everett as 'Dr. Claw' farted when he had the helmet from some kinda machine over his head. I believe the machine made the noise. If you can, watch it and see for yourself. Later.

To A Random Dude
Hi. I have a cousin who's a serious alcoholic, and she could destroy any bathroom after a few drinks. Although no one else likes the smell, she tends to be proud when she's drunk. Other than that, I have no idea.

To Uncle Harry
Hi. I like your idea about putting titles over your stories. Yours are so well-written, it's fits them perfectly. Is it okay if I use your idea?

Now for Katie's survey.
1. Gender-Female
2. Age?-18
3. Have you ever had to use the opposite genders bathroom?-Yes
4. If yes, please give details.
-At a gas station, the women's bathroom was locked and out of order, so everyone had to use the mens.'
5. When was the last time you had to use the opposite genders bathroom?
-Like 5 months ago
6. Was there anyone in the bathroom when you used it?
-No, it only had one toilet and sink with a locking door.
7. How many times have you used the opposite sexes bathroom?-Once

Cute & Shy
Hi everyone

Here's a pee story that I remember like yesterday:

On the way home from my grandparent's, near my house, seeing the premature fireworks flash was really common in the night sky of a hot July 3. Even on the way to the door, you could smell the residue of the firecrackers my brother popped with the neighbors. I went inside the bathroom and pulled down my clothes, seated myself on the queen's throne, and began peeing. Simultaneously, I called some of my good friends and family members to see what was going down for the 4th of July. Unfortunately, most people I called were already on vacation, or just lazy.

Well, I'm not sure what my problem was then. I had an occasional strange feeling in my mid-section where it would unpleasantly 'squeeze' itself, followed by a 'tickle-like' irritation in my urethra. After that activity, my bladder feels up soooo quickly like a water balloon, then I'm forced to rush to the bathroom, or else I'd suffer the consequences. Sometimes it would happen constantly like a 'peeing diarrhea.' I remember, in school around late May, we had sat in groups of four and the class was quietly doing a reading comprehension assignment on Greek Mythology, when the tickling happened for the first time. Out of the blue, it had made me squirm in my seat and giggle a little. My friends had taken their eyes off their books and looked at each other like, "What the heck is she laughing bout?" Lol Whoever said 'laughter is contagious' wasn't joking and the teacher had raised her eyebrow like The Rock's before she told us to shut up. Like less than two minutes later, my bladder had gotten full, so I went to the restroom, and peed the most pleasant stream, which I('ll) call 'my little angels.' Problem solved. Okay, back to July. When I ran an Ask, Google, and Yahoo search on the symptoms of this weird activity, I didn't find anything sincere, so maybe it isn't serious. Another thing about the activity is that the tickling is annoying as HELL, but it feels like HEAVEN when you pee afterwards. (Hence 'my little angels.')

The next day, around 4:30pm, I sat in my room bored, watching TV with my 16-year-old sister Shawntavia, when I got a ring from my cell phone. It was my grandpa who asked to join him at the fishing hole. First I was a little hesitant, saying something like, "Well, I don't know about that, you know. I never been fishing before, soooo" . . . "Well, you don't gotta fish!" He quickly exclaimed. "Oh yeah, and we're having a BBQ too. We know how much you love eatin' up our food. (Lol true that.) If you decide to go, you'll be in the sand too, so wear something you don't really care about." Hella hungry for BBQ as I was that day, without hesitation, I did exactly as he said. I quickly changed into a white shirt, black shorts I used to wear in school, (PE) and a pair of old black flip-flops. Before we knew it, my grandparents came and got Mom and Dad, my two youngest siblings, Shawntavia, and I in their blue Chevy Astro. (I had two other siblings that stayed home.) Through a trail that ran between the forest, we pulled up to a nice, beautiful lake bordered by brown sand that looked like a miniature beach. I helped everyone carry the chairs, fishing poles, the cooler, and bait to the lake. The not-so-cloudy sky reflected off the water, giving the lake a nice looking blueish color from farther back. Behind it all was a huge forest with some butt-nekkid trees, exposing themselves. Other families all had little children that played and fished in the water on my left-hand-side, but a few joined our's too. My sister and I, already burning hot, sat in the shade, got us a can of Mountain Dew, and watched the scenery.

Grandpa sat his rod down to man the grill and the little kids played in the water, while my dad did his 'documentary' fishing style. He fishes like he's making a home video with comedy, entertaining anyone who watched him whether they were family members or complete strangers. I don't see how people can laugh with him for hours, still, I love him though. Lol Non-jokingly, he would rush over to his fishing pole when he noticed a fish nibbling, and he'd yank it really hard like a sailor, pulling the anchor BACK from the water. He'd then reel in the fish, struggling, saying "Oh, this is a big one!" but it turns out to be a baby trout or something. Mom and Grandma couldn't stop laughing at that; you'd laugh too when you see how big and muscular he is. (Lol) But the joke was on me when the weird activity in my mid-section returned; this time with a vengeance. To be prepared, I thought about going to the bathroom early to get a head start. "Daddy?! I shouted. I gotta pee! Where are the bathrooms?" He hesitated while he took a small fish off the hook. "I thought I told you, there ain't no bathrooms out here. You gotta do what you gotta do in the woods. Just go right ahead, ain't nobody gonna see you." Shawntavia said she had to pee also, but didn't because she thought snakes could be out. Well, that didn't make me feel any better, since I'm an ophidiophobic like her. That moment, I saw my baby brother leave the water and pee behind a tree that was near a brown, rocky trail. It was that easy for him.

My watch read 5:00pm when I began my journey. The trees in those woods were jam-packed with long, nekkid, and stiff branches that barely gave any visitor enough room to move without struggling. I lurched through the area that my baby brother had earlier peed and found a potential spot behind a tree. I took a sip of my Mountain Dew before I sat it against the tree, dropped my shorts and panties to my ankles, and did something I'm not really used to . . . squatted. Inexperienced, I placed myself against the tree to maintain balance and all I could tell myself was, "Don't fall." lol Like, before I could even let loose, I heard a noise in the background. I froze and listened for a few seconds. Nothing. I thought it was probably like, a squirrel or something moving through the grass and sticks. Seconds later, I actually heard footsteps crossing the trail. What did I do, you ask? Shit, I got anxious, hoping that I wouldn't get caught with my pants down. I nearly fell raising out of my squat too fast, and the thong from my right flip-flop disconnected, which caused me to accidentally kick over my soda. I stepped on something REALLY sharp too.
He stood near me, and I flashed him a nervous smile as I simultaneously pulled up my clothes in time for him not to see anything. Also, I noticed he was a white guy, elderly, with a beard long like Santa Clauses.' He wore a tight gray shirt, and dirt covered his partially bleached blue jeans and brown boots. In his hands, he had a huge pair of garden shears that he used to snip thorn-plants. I'm not 100% accurate, but our conversation sounded something like: "Oh, excuse me ma'am.
"No, it's okay," I said with my voice cracking. My bladder filled up with more pee and I stood there with my legs crossed tightly, fidgeting as I listened.
"You probably don't wanna go here." He said. "We're making space to build the outhouse right here . . . then you wouldn't have to go on the ground next time. (Lol True that) Pretty soon, the other workers would be coming through here and you know. I recommend you go farther down the woods where no one would see you. Here, I'll cut some of those thorns so you can get through." That was nice of him too. I was able to progress through that part of the woods without murdering myself.

Okay, the date was 4th of July, a.k.a., 'Independence Day,' so that meant I had to do this on my own. My objective: find a place to pee without any more interruptions, but going deeper in the thorn-filled woods with a full bladder made that simple task difficult. Because I was wearing shorts, I moved carefully, avoiding all thorns. Whenever I found myself cornered by the prickly little pussies, I'd cautiously stepped on them, bringing them to the ground as I made certain my flip-flop wouldn't come off. It was around 5:03pm when my mid-section began to 'squeeze' again, and I swear I could feel the pee move in my bladder as I took a step, teasing me. Drips of pee leaked into my clothes, and what if ALL my angels turned into demons and escaped through my panties? You expect me to go back and say, "Hey everybody! I'm 18-years-old and I had an accident while I was ALREADY in the forest." Damn it, finding a likely spot then WAS NOT AN OPTION. At that very spot, I dropped my clothes and squatted again, pulling my clothes away to avoid getting them wet. This time, without any tree to lean on, I kept my balance and sighed in relief as I let loose a clear stream of Niagara Falls, and it hissed like an angry cat as it hit the ground. Like I said, it felt like Heaven! In the shade, the gentle breeze began blowing over my body, cooling me. My little angels formed a river and carried away all the little red ants in the anthill that I squatted over with its current. If they got in my pants, that would have made a better story.

As I was almost finished peeing, I saw something move in the taller grass and plants. It turned out to be exactly what I didn't want it to be . . . a snake. Dark green. I'm not sure, but I believe it was a little less than a foot long. (Don't laugh.) It scared the Hell out of me. My instinctive reflexes forced me to move backward, then I fell butt first on a pile of severed thorn-plants. Believe me, I nearly panicked because the pain was so excruciating. You know that feeling you get when a needle sticks in you? Imagine like ten of them stick in your butt . . . After I got away from the snake, I rubbed my booty to remove dirt, and in attempt to relieve the pain. It was bleeding a little, and my panties were partially wet from when I lost control of my angels. Although painful, mission complete! After that chaos, I staggered back to the fishing hole around 5:06pm, and thank God no one noticed my wet pants. I quickly made an ice-bag from the cooler ice and a grocery bag, and sat on it to heal. Other than that, I felt great because my bladder was relieved and the rest of the day went well. Dad and Grandpa caught like five bluegills, a huge catfish, a silver bass, and we had a delicious BBQ. Though, I only hated how my first experience of peeing outside was a painful one.

Fr. P
Hello all,

NoNameStudent: Your opinion is exactly the same as mine, I did lock the stall out of habit, but walking out I realized maybe that wasn't the best thing to do, but I did not have anyone question me, so I guess they figured out the situation on their own. I haven't asked my parents about it yet, they might be able to offer some insight, but hearing your opinion of it definitely made me feel more confident that I had made the right decision

1. What is your gender?
2. What is your age?
3 How would you describe your body?
-skinny, slightly muscular (VERY slightly)
4. How often do you pee?
- depends on how much i drink
5. How long does it take you to get started?
- once i have my thing out... a second maybe
6. How long does it take you to finish?
- depends on how much i drank. but PS: i'm weird, and i pee sitting down, so including getting my pants down and back up again, i might take longer than other guys.
7. Do you pee steadily or in spurts?
- steadily, but i can control it and make it spurt.
8. Do you pee straight down, arcing forward, or spray?
- i don't know..what that means
9. Do you ever pee standing up?
- im a guy... so yes. but only in public bathrooms...
10. Do you sit with your legs together or apart?
- close enough
10. Do you make hissing sounds when you pee?
- sorta
11. When you pee outdoors, what position do you take?
- standing
10. Do you enjoy watching others pee?
girls.. yes. but not because they're peeing. i just like seeing girls on the toilet i think its hot.
Opposite gender?
11. Do you let others watch you pee? yes
Same gender?
no one...
Opposite gender?
my girlfriend

1. When was the last time you wet your pants? a long long time ago.. it was on purpose though :)
2. When was the last time you messed your pants? a week or two ago.
3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Explain. I pooped my pants in public for two reasons: first of all, I wanted to because it feels good, and second, I wanted to gross out the woman beside me.
4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public? on purpose.. yes. by accident... yes. but a long long time ago.
5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of conveinence? sort of
6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose? YES
7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it? because i felt like it
8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them? mess... because it feels good.
9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could? no

1. Gender?- male
2. Age? -16
3. Have you ever had to use the opposite genders bathroom?- yes
4. If yes, please give details.-in a public place, but slightly deserted, the bathrooms were downstairs, i felt i needed to go but the guys bathroom stunk horribly. so i went into the girls', sat on the toilet for a bit, and once my huge poo was half out, i thought i'd have some fun, brought the garbage can over, and had the rest of my poo in there.
5. When was the last time you had to use the opposite genders bathroom?- two days ago i took toilet paper from the girls bathroom
6. Was there anyone in the bathroom when you used it?- no
7. How many times have you used the opposite sexes bathroom?- twice maybe

wat is the weirdest place u have ever peed

First time poster here.I am 12 years old and i decided to post after lurking for about a month and got the perfect oppurtunity.My mom took me and my little brother and a couple friends to an amusement park.My friends are named Katie and Jeff.My little brother,named Jake,was 9 and brought his 2 friends named Mac and Adam.Jake and his friends went with my mom and me and my friends went on our own.We were in our bathing suits,and Katie wore mens bottoms with a top,but only for the water rides.We all had on regular t shirts over it.After a few nice rides,we decided to do the big roller coaster.The wait was 65 minutes but we were willing to wait for it.We had drank a couple sodas before we got in line.i got an urge to pee after about 10 minutes.I figured i could wait until the ride was over,but we would have to go quickly.10 more minutes later,i grabbed the front of my pants by the strings.My need to go was more urgent.My urge wasnt too noticeable.I looked over at Katie.She had her hand holding the tissue area of her private.She told me in 2nd grade that this was the "boyish" way to hold it.She said it put the most pressure on and worked the best.I knew if she was doing that she really had to go.I looked at Jeff.He was squeezing himself and biting his nails with the other hand.I waited for about 5 more minutes when Jeff asked how much longer the wait would be.I said about a half hour.He nodded and kept hold of himself.Katie was doing a little dance wth her legs.I squeezed my weiner a little harder.Jeff nervously asked me like 15 minutes later how long the wait was.i said only like 15 or 20 minutes.I heard Katie groan.I saw her cross her legs and squeeze her self again.I whispered in her ear,"i need to pee really badly." She said,"me also.i dont know if i can wait."I told Jeff,and he said the same thing.When it was finally our turn for the ride,Jeff said if he didnt go right this minute he was gonna pee in the bathing suit.I told him,"i have an idea"He nodded.We all sat in the back of the coaster,it was a tunnel indoor kind.I sat in the middle,Katie on one end,with crossed legs and a tight hold,and jeff on the entrance end.When the ride started,it was just going up a small hill.I tolf Jeff to turn his body and piss onto to the track.He asked what would happen if someone saw.I said"well why do ya think we took the back??" i held myself.Jeff started to pee on the track.Katie goraned and asked if we could go to the water park after.I said"why" and then i saw she had pee on her bathing suit,in her Crocs and on the seat.She was really embarrassed and she had tears in her eyes.I said it was ok.Then the ride started.When i threw my arms in the air,i began peeing all over myself.I couldnt stop b cuz the ride was so bumpy and fast i couldnt maintain a grip.I began crying softly because i was so ashamed when i saw Katie kinda crying too.I smelled poop and i figured it was from her.At the end of the ride,i wrapped my self in the towel from my bag and Katie wobbled to the womens restroom.After that,we hit the water park.Katie told me she wiped the poop out of her suit and that no stain showed on the lining,then we rinsed up in the water park.LAter,we met up with jake,and his friend Mac and wet himself on multiple rides,so his shorts were soaked and sticky.His mom came and picked him up.

Uncle Harry
To Cute & Shy: Of course you can put titles on your stories. I didn't invent the idea; anyone can do that.

To "anonymous who wants beach pee stories": See my post on page 1598.

To Rose: You're correct. One key to sharing bathrooms is for everyone one to act like decent adults, but so far I haven't seen anyone who didn't. The other key is to get rid of body and toilet shame, as CD, and Traveler on page 358, point out.

To CD: Right on. Body and toilet shame in our "civilized culture" is the problem. It isn't a problem, or much less, in certain parts of our culture and I'll be writing about that in future posts.

To "shy about needing to wee when with the opposite sex": Of course tell them. We guys have to wee too. There have been several posts on this subject recently.

Home Recovery Peeing

When I returned home from the hospital with my fractured knee, I was able to get around some, but my knee still hurt and too much moving about was not comfortable. I was living alone, since my first wife, Sue, had died about 6 months earlier. (Yes, that Sue. The one who, with her friend Jane, had peed in the urinals in the deserted men's bathroom in the park, which I described in an earlier post. We got married a few months after I graduated from college and she graduated from nursing school). I could get out of bed by myself now, since I could use the right side of the bed, swing out my good leg, and then hold my left leg while lowering it to the floor. However, I couldn't comfortably do a lot. The house was a split level, so I kept a walker on the upper and main levels and could hop up and down the short flight of stairs with the use of the handrails on each side. The bedroom and main bathroom were upstairs and on the main level there was a small utility bathroom which I couldn't get my walker into. To avoid having to go upstairs during the day, unless I had to poop, I kept a large measuring cup by the kitchen sink to pee in, which I could dump into the sink when I was done. I wore only a bathroom all day so I wouldn't have to fiddle with zippers and flys every time I needed to pee. I was taking two weeks off from work anyway. I had only one hand to use, since I had to hold on to my walker with the other.

I had a daughter living in the area and she came by to help Dad when she could, but she had her own family to tend to. So I decided to hire a nurses aide for two weeks to help out. I called an agency, expecting to get a male, but none were available anywhere. They asked if a female was ok and of course I said yes. She came out Monday-Friday for one shift, 8:30-4:30, to help with personal care and meals.

I usually didn't get up until after she arrived, so I gave her a key. The morning routine was to help me get out of bed and walk me to the bathroom, naked, so I could stand to pee or sit to poop. She always stayed with me to make sure I didn't fall and watched while I peed and/or pooped. Then she would fill the bathtub, place the shower seat straddling the side, and help me get seated so I could put my good leg into the water with my casted leg outside the tub and wash up. She washed what I couldn't reach. I could reach my cock and balls, so she didn't wash that. When we were downstairs, she insisted on holding the measuring cup for me to pee into and then dumping it into the sink and washing it for me.

One day while I was at the tub she told me that she needed to urinate and couldn't wait until I was out of the bathroom so she was going to have to use the toilet, even though I was directly facing it. She stood in front of the toilet and asked me to please look away and not watch while she peed. I didn't think this was fair, as she had been watching me piss for several days, but I turned my head to the right and stared at the bathtub wall, but could still see her out of the corner of my eye. She pulled her shorts, and then her underpants, down to her ankles, exposing her pussy. She saw me furtively glancing at her. "Don't look! My pants are down", she said in a firm voice. "Sorry", I said, as I turned my head away again.

Now she sat down with her legs spread apart. For several seconds, nothing happened. Then she suddenly started to urinate. "Don't look, now. I'm urinating", she reminded me. This time, I made no pretense of glancing, but turned at looked straight her pissing cunt. "I know you're urinating", I said. "I can see it coming out between your labia". She had a very heavy flow with a kind of fore-and-aft fan-shaped stream and hissing sounds. She scowled at me and said, "You're not supposed to see this. I'm female". "And I'm male and you've been watching me urinate for the past 3 days", I replied. She said that was different because she was my nurse and it was part of her job, but I had no reason to be watching her go to the bathroom. I just said what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. You watch me, I watch you. She stopped protesting and grudgingly said maybe I was right. She finished pissing, wiped her slit front to back, pulled up her pants, flushed and resumed helping me wash. The next week, she again had to go while she was washing me, but this time she said she didn't care anymore if I watched.

Single Woman
Hi again, I hope you're all doing well. This past Saturday I went to the beach for a few hours. On my way home it hit me and I really had to poop. I mean really bad! My apartment is only about five minutes away from the beach so I didn't have to hold it in real long. When I got home, Max came running toward me with the leash in his mouth. He probably had to go to. I told him not now I needed to go poop really bad. He started wimpering. I hate it when he does that, I cant say no. I let him run around the grass near my building so he could go. "Hurry up Max." I said. "I have a stomach ache." Max squatted down and pooped. Then he ran inside. I locked the door and ran to the toilet. As soon as I hit the bowl goopey poop came gushing out. I squeezed again and more came out. I looked between my legs and noticed that my belly button ring fell off. "Great!" I thought. "It probably fell off at the beach."After a few more waves of painful diarrhea, I thought I was done, but instead a long turd came flowing out of my butt, and splashed so hard that some of the water splashed up onto my bikini bra. When I stood up to wipe I saw something shiny. My belly ring fell off into a pile of, gross, soupy poop. I'm not getting that I thought. I flushed, wiped three times, and flushed again. That was painful. Has anyone had a really painful poop before?

Holly I. M.
About the whole 'girls don't fart' thing
It's trash
Although alot of the girls i knew when i was in school were shy about farting
Exept one, here are two stories about two girls i knew who were polar oppisites

1. my cousin and best friend
She had NO inhibitions about gas, within reason though
It was funny when we were talking then we heard some boys debating whether or not girls farted, so she said "watch this" so she walked right infront of them and let rip a HUGE fart

2. my other best friend
Most of the boys thought of her as the most attractive girl in the school, she was really fart-shy
One time we were in a lesson and she looked uncomfortable, so i asked her
"are you okay?"
"i really need to fart" the classroom wasn't silent, there was a monotone of low chatter, so i said "well fart" she looked at me as if i'd just asked her to get undressed.
After class i had to poop so i went to the bathroom, i got into a stall, sat down and did my thing, then my friend came in and knocked on the door of my stall
(the bathroom i went into was a small 2 stall one) i said "what?"
(i didn't know i was her) she said "Oh, Holly, it's you, are you going to be long?", i said "i'm going #2, wait for the other one" she said "i think the girl in there is smoking" the girl responded "f**k you!"
The smoker got out a few seconds before me, but my friend didn't go in, i washed my hands, as i was washing the smoker left, then my friend went in, then she said "is anyone other then us here?"
she left out a HUGE fart
"ahhhhhhhhh! i really needed that"
then i heard a small amount of peeing, then she came out

she was really uncomfortable, but still waited to fart untill she was in the toilet, she was such an introvert

Hi andy here.I have a post regarding pee scenes on TV. The film is called Ratcatcher and was filmed here in my native Scotland.So apologies to American posters who may not have seen it.
Scene 1.A young boy goes exploring and finds a house in the process of being built and when he finds an unconnected toilet in the bathroom he pees in it.It is shown from the side and although a stream is visible it may not be genuine.
Scene 2.The same young boy is sharing a bath with a female friend when she says "i need a pee".She gets out the bath and sits on the toilet.The sound of peeing is heard along with much giggling from the two of them.
The film was shown late at night on the BBC and was actually a very moving story about kids growing up on a tough estate in Glasgow.


i can vouche for Michelle's story. i too held it in all day at school as did several of my friends. my now husband didnt go at school and my ex boyfriend didnt either.

To Cute and Shy: Much love back at you girl! Oh and your very welcome for me answering your question too LOL Yea, it was hell for me in elementary school. I've been good, I'm glad your back on here! :)
So whats been new with you tho?

Uncle Harry

about your unisex toilet thing, i'm not exactly shy, but i wouldn't go in a male restroom unless it was urgent, but i see no problem with that, so long as everyone behaves desently, guys and girls.

I have 2 boys that wear diapers. Well one wears them 24/7 and the other wears them only to poop in. The one that wears them 24/7 is 3 years old. Today, he took the crap in his diaper. We were sitting in the family room watching T.V. when he suddenly stood up and spread his legs a little bit. I saw the bulge form in the back of the diaper. Then I smelled it and it smelled awful. My boy that wears diapers to poop in also had a stinky one. He came home from school. Asked for a diaper. I helped put it on him. He went to the bathroom to do his deed. After he was done, he called for me and I went in there and I about passed out. We tried to potty train him, but it is another story. Does anybody with kids have any stories similar to mine?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cute & Shy
To A.W.
Hey friend. Thanks for answering my question. And damn, it was strict for you in elementary. LOL We always had a single bathroom in our classroom, so we never had to worry about the teacher telling us 'no' and shit. Though, I was ashamed to use it anyway because if the class was quiet, then the bathroom wasn't. Plain and simple. LOL (I could pee in it though.)

To Anny
Hey girl. No one likes getting their panties messed up, and I'll try to help if you want me to. All you do is change your diet to stop all the 'sharting.' It doesn't have to be a dramatic change, but just try to keep certain foods to a minimum, then balance it out. If you don't mind me asking, what's your average diet? Oh yeah, BTW, Have you seen the movie Inspector Gadget? My baby siblings and I are looking at it right now, and they believe Rupert Everett as 'Dr. Claw' farted when he had the helmet from some kinda machine over his head. I believe the machine made the noise. If you can, watch it and see for yourself. Later.

To A Random Dude
Hi. I have a cousin who's a serious alcoholic, and she could destroy any bathroom after a few drinks. Although no one else likes the smell, she tends to be proud when she's drunk. Other than that, I have no idea.

To Uncle Harry
Hi. I like your idea about putting titles over your stories. Yours are so well-written, it's fits them perfectly. Is it okay if I use your idea?

Now for Katie's survey.
1. Gender-Female
2. Age?-18
3. Have you ever had to use the opposite genders bathroom?-Yes
4. If yes, please give details.
-At a gas station, the women's bathroom was locked and out of order, so everyone had to use the mens.'
5. When was the last time you had to use the opposite genders bathroom?
-Like 5 months ago
6. Was there anyone in the bathroom when you used it?
-No, it only had one toilet and sink with a locking door.
7. How many times have you used the opposite sexes bathroom?-Once

does anyone have any stories about peeing at the beach

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