I was browsing the Internet when I felt the urge to both pee and poop. I went to the bathroom and pulled my pants down to my ankles since I knew I needed to poo after. I peed a gentle little stream for 15 seconds or so. Then I let out a nice wet fart. I pushed a little bit and heard the crackling sound of poo. As I was pushing, another fart escaped my butt. I looked between my legs and saw the tip of my first piece coming out. I pushed a little harder, made a few soft grunting noises and looked between my legs again. My first piece was almost out. Another push and I heard it make a quiet plop sound. I still felt some more inside of me so I pushed some more. Two little marble sized pieces landed in the water with such force that it caused splashback and made my bottom quite wet! I still felt that there was more inside of me so I waited on the toilet for a few minutes. After another wet fart, a smaller sized piece slowly started to emerge. I pushed, and grunted a bit and looked between my legs. I could see that the poo was just about out of my bum. I pushed a little harder and stood up on my tip-toes. After another small grunt and push, the last piece of poo landed in the toilet. I was done at this point, and went to wipe. I wiped two times, flushed and then washed up.

Porta Story
Long time lurker first time poster. My best opposite sex bathroom experience happened many years ago. I was at a Rolling Stones Concert at an outdoor stadium. I had just come from work and really had to pee. Due to the size of the crowd unisex porta potties were added outside. I was waiting on line, really having to go. I noticed this really cute girl in line about two people behind me. When our unit was finaly vacant I started to walk in and this cute voice behind me said, "I can't wait" I am going in with you. I hope you only have to pee". I said I did and was standing at the urinal doing my business. She sat down on the potty and let out this quick fart followed by multiple plops and then this continuous stream of pee. "See, I told you" , she said. "No problem" I said. I was finishing up and decided not leave her in such a vulnerable state so we mades some small talk while she wiped, pulled up her shorts and then we left together to the sound of laughter and applause from the rest of the line. I should have asked for her number or something but never got the nerve. That was more than 15 years ago and I have never duplicated that scene again..How about any of you?

I have a story. When i was 15 i was on the lake with with the family and so family friends of ours. We had been out on the water for a couple hour and than i got this feeling like i had to take a poop. i ignorded it because i could just go to the bathroom there. A little while latter the the feeling came back. I was really had to go. I tried to hold it as i watched my brother wakeboarding. the up and down of the boat was making it really hard to hold it. Than it happened. It swished out into the bottom of my bikini. There was no hiding it. it totaly stained them. it was soft and sepped out on to the seat. then my moom saw. she yelled at me for pooping on the boat and made me jump out and wash off. when i got back up i had to put on one of my little sisters diapers and were it till i got home. it was one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me.

Me and my four closest friends will be going off to college next week. We started school together at ???? Elementary in 1994 and we will be leaving home for the first time and going to campuses in four different states. Michelle, whom we are least closest to, happened to be staying at my house, so she was invited to the party. Our talk got around to the ackward and embarrassing moments that each of us had-- from a few to several. We heard some interesting stories from grade school, middle school and, most recently, high school. Embarrassments shared often included using/abusing school bathrooms: forgetting to check that the seat was down in elementary school, flushing from a seated position in middle school only to have the toilet overflow before you could get your jeans up, urine over much of the seat in middle school and no toilet paper available to wipe it off so Sue sits on just the front tip of the seat and pees onto the front of the bowl and into her panties, Tina hated black seats and dimly lit stalls because she burned her butt badly by sitting in hot ashes during her freshman year, and Jenny never remembered to check for toilet paper until she had a complete, messy shit--and there was none. Michelle, on the other hand, had nothing to contribute because she said that in her three years of middle school and four years of high school, she never went to the bathroom at school. I take a crap every morning around homeroom time and usually get two pees in daily. Because I swim and am in clubs, I have used the school bathrooms as late as 9 p.m. and also on Saturdays. We think Michelle's attitude sucks and that she's lying. How many of you out there could legitmately make such a claim as Michelle has? "Holding it" I would think would be very hard to accomplish. Am I right?

Funny but random bathroom mention:

At a meet-and-greet, a girl asked Clay Aiken to sign a poster of hers. She said that it hung up at her work in the ladie's washroom. He took it from her, signed it then gave it back, and commented "There--I signed it 'Hope everything comes out allright."

LOL! Even celebrities somewhat have an obsession with the bathroom! ;)

Uncle Harry

about your unisex toilet thing, i'm not exactly shy, but i wouldn't go in a male restroom unless it was urgent, but i see no problem with that, so long as everyone behaves desently, guys and girls.

Anny - you brought up some good points recently about why sometimes guys have this strange fascination about girls/women using the toilet. I have a theory on this that I would like to share and maybe get some feedback from others on this forum. You didn't mention your age group, but I'm guy in his mid-fifties and things were a lot different when I was growing up. I was still part of that era when girls were "sugar and spice and all things nice" and sometimes because of that, it was hard to accept that females had to take care of body functions the same way we did. Now of course all of us guys KNEW that all the girls in the neighborhood and in our school used the toilet, but it was hard to picture that gorgeous girl in class doing something so natural as sitting on a toilet, perhaps straining to get things moving or maybe dealing with the other extreme with a bout of diarrhea - or simply letting go with a strong urine stream. Several schools I attended had doorless stalls in the boys rooms and one school had the old style trough instead of individual urinals, so it wasn't unusual to be around natural body functions taking place. Being on a lot of sports teams also, I spent a lot of time in locker rooms where the same set up was often very common. Maybe I was turned on a little the first time I actuall SAW a girl using the toilet because now it had been proven to me that girls have the same needs that guys do - even though I of course knew it all my life. Things have changed a lot since my growing up days, but for those girls who still have a problem with their body functions, all I can say is lighten up on yourselves - as they often say in this forum, everybody does it...and by the way, you may be surprised how adorable and sexy you might look to a guy while taking care of body functions - after all these years, I still find it to be something of a turn on even thought it's as natural as breathing and blinking the eyes. I'd like to hear some feedback on this. Enjoy-

Uncle Harry
As a follow-up to my Fast Food series, here is a short survey of what has become a hot topic (my answers in parentheses):

1. What is your gender? (male).
2. What is your age? (70)
3. How do you feel about the opposite sex using your bathroom(multi-stall, not one-holer)in an urgent situation? (I don't mind).

Hospital Peeing

One morning many years ago, I slipped on a wet floor in an office building. I didn't know the floor was wet, as the janitor didn't put up the "wet floor" sign. I was walking at a good pace when my legs went out from under me, came down hard on my butt, and I couldn't get up. The paramedics came and took me to the nearest hospital, where x-rays showed I had fractured my left knee. They put a full-leg cast on me, leg slightly bent, back of toes almost to my groin, and said I would need to wear the cast for 6 weeks. They kept me in the hospital for that day and two more for observation.

I had peed and pooped just before the fall, so I didn't need to pee again until late afternoon. I rang for the nurse to bring me a bed pan, which she did. My knee was hurting, but I was able to raise my butt with both hands pushing on the bed. The nurse lifted my hospital gown and got the pan under me. She didn't cover me up with the gown, apparently wanting to observe my piss session, I assumed for medical reasons. In the hospital, social conventions give way to medical necessities. Well, I tried to pee, but I couldn't, not because she was watching me, but because of the awkward position I was in. I kept trying, but I just couldn't get my pee muscle to relax. The nurse asked if I wanted her to leave while I urinated, but I told her no, that wasn't the problem. What I needed was to stand up to urinate.

After removing the bed pan, she went out and came back with a glass pitcher with markings on the side to see how much someone pisses, which she put on the over-bed table. The right side of the bed was against the wall, so I had to get on the left side, where my casted leg was. I sat up, she raised my left leg while I pivoted and gently lowered it to the floor. I held on to the over-bed table with my left hand and stood up on my right leg. With my right hand, I raised my long hospital gown, which of course opened from the back, and bunched it around my waist. I felt like a woman lifting her dress to sit down on the toilet. She took the pitcher, slipped it below my cock, and then raised it so my cock and balls were hanging inside. I really had to go and let loose a hard stream that began to fill the pitcher, while she watched me piss. Now, I was used to pissing with women around, but this did seem a little odd.

While I was pissing, another nurse came in and started conferring with mine about some unrelated matter, and kept looking down at my still pissing cock. I finally finished and my nurse lowered the pitcher just enough so my penis was now hanging over it and dripping. The next thing that happened I really didn't expect. The second nurse put her fingers around the shaft of my penis, squeezed and pulled it a few times to make sure everything was out of the plumbing, then shook it a few times to get the drops off, something I would normally do myself, but had no free hands under these conditions. Boy, I never had service like that before! In addition, she dabbed the tip with a tissue, just to be on the safe side. These nurses really new how to take care of their patients. This same ritual occurred again at night and all the next day, with different nurses as shifts changed, but without a second nurse. The one nurse just held the pitcher with one hand and did the final steps with my dick with the other. Pooping in the bed pan, and later on the toilet, was not a problem; only peeing.

On the following day, I went down to physical therapy, in a wheelchair, and was taught how to use crutches and a walker. The walker was much more convenient, so I didn't bother with the crutches. Now that I had some freedom of movement, I could get to the bathroom, put the walker over the toilet for support, and piss in the bowl. Since I still needed help getting in and out of bed, I still had to call a nurse, or nurses aid, whenever I needed to use the bathroom. Now she held up my gown for me and I could work my cock myself. The following day I went home, after thanking the nurses for being so helpful with my urinations. They laughed. "Just part of the medical routine", they said. I wondered about that. My first wife, deceased at this time, had been a nurse. She had told me about sometimes needing to help men pee. I had asked her if any of the nurses just liked to watch men pee and she said that a few did, but for most it was just part of the job.

TO Marc:

Toilet shyness programmed into our DNA? I don't know about that... Most tribal societies aren't nearly as uptight regarding their bodily functions as we are in most developed nations. Defecation, urination and menstruation are usually just facts of life for which they see no need for shame - which is not to say that they don't have an etiquette about such things.

From what I understand, it has more to do with a long running association of the body with sinfulness. A lot of it is just 19th century baggage that won't go away.

For a good post on this subject, take a look at "Traveler"'s post on page 358.

Take Care!


How safe are Colon Cleanses? I am thinking of investing in one, like Colonix. I heard these are really effective, and I think that is where my physical illness symptoms are coming from--bloating, headache, backache, bladder problems, stomach problems, nausea, etc all from severe constipation and no real way to get rid of it.

I've taken my fibre every day, and followed my doctors schedule--fibre supplement every day, stool softeners every other day, fruits and vegetables, etc. I even changed my diet and incorporated exercise and lots of water into it. I am still pretty badly constipated.

Will a colon cleanse work? I heard it will eliminate the physical symptoms, the sickness, the bloating, weight gain, back pain, etc and help lose weight while eliminating all the crap and whatever else is trapped in there. There could be parasites, etc up there too. I heard it makes you lose about 10-20 lbs too while it pushes out all the toxins.

If I do this, I will go from 146 lbs to anywhere between 126-136 lbs. If I go down to 135 lbs it will be a good 20 lbs gone. I will feel a lot healthier.

I am thinking of doing this, but the problem it is expensive. Still, anything that works. What do you think I should do? My doctor will not help much except prescribe *MORE* medication, which I do not need at this point. I need something that can get rid of all my body illnesses. So sick of being sick and sore and irritable and bloated. Nothing really is working, no matter what I've tried.

I have stayed away from harsh laxatives btw, like Ex-Lax. Only using Colace every other day, as per doctor's instructions.

Any ideas what else I could do? I've tried everything and there is nothing left to do at this point. Help, please!!!



A while back I slep over at my friends house. We had been up all night drinking soda and energy drinks and eating junk food. At about 2 in the morning I was the first one to go. I told him I had to shit and went to the upstairs bathroom to unload. I dropped my shorts and let nature take its course. It came out easy in soft medium sized pieces. I wiped myself a few times and flushed and got outta there. Soon after I got back my friend announced he had to shit and left. He came back ten minutes later and we continued our night. At about six in the morning, after 0 hours of sleep, I had to shit again. Similar to the first poop, I let out some soft logs, wiped and left. But then the good part happened. About 15 minutes after my poo, my friend told me to do what I want (as we were debating what to do next), he said he was gonna shit again. After about 20 minutes of me watching TV by myself I realized I could be doing something better. I went to see if my friend was still crapping. Well I got to the bottom of the stairs and realized I couldn't go to the top to listen to my friend crap because the stairs were too nopisy. Well I realized I didn't have to. I opened my ears and I could hear my friend moaning. Then I went back to the room to turn the TV down so I could hear him better. So I came back and heard him moan then heard some faint splashes. I could tell he was battling diarrhea. Then he flushed and I was mad at myself I didn't get to hear more. Hed came down to tell me he had a monster shit. I think I'll go back to his house.

I am shy about needing to wee when out with the opposite sex but i also suffer from urge incontinence and have to pee frequently as my bladder whether full or not feels like its bursting. How do i deal with having to pee so often whilst in male company? Do i just tell them?

I was once at home with my aunt velma when she said she really had to go to the bathroom. SO she went into the bathroom and I ran to the door so i could listen to what she was going to do. All of a sudden I heard her say damn zipper, her zipper on her tight jeans would not come down and then I heard a crackling sound in her jeans she had filled her jeans with a .load of shit. Then i came into the bathroom and asker her if she shit her pants and she said yes.

Another time is when she said she had to go to the bathroom so i listened at the door She pulled down her pants and I heard gnnhh then I heard about ten quick plops into the toilet. She wiped and the she tried to flush but it would not go down, then she called me and said Jack can you come here please I said why she said I took a massive dump and it would not flush.

1. Gender?-(Male)
2. Age?-(32)
3. Have you ever had to use the opposite genders bathroom?-(Yes)
4. If yes, please give details.-(I wanted to see the differences in the 2 restrooms)
5. When was the last time you had to use the opposite genders bathroom?- (earlier this year)
6. Was there anyone in the bathroom when you used it?-(no one was in there. in there was 3 stalls)
7. How many times have you used the opposite sexes bathroom?-(3 times but i would like to do it more)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Random Dude
Hi, I had a question for everyone at this forum. I was wondering if anyone knows (or has ever known) a girl that could stink up the bathroom really bad after taking a dump, and was proud of this ability. I'm curious because I have know guys who are like that, but it seems like most girls are embarrassed if they stink it up. So if anyone has stories about a girl who would stink up the bathroom and not care if anyone knew about it, I would like to hear those stories.

I have two children; Leigh, 6 and Nicholas 8. We've been out shopping, just walking the malls (OK, I confess: I'm a 37-year-old mall rat with excellent credentials). Because my husband has a high enough income, I've been able to "retire" from the workforce and spend lots of quality time with my children. We were at Penneys late last week when Leigh said she had to pee. Since Nicholas was along, and actually behaving pretty well (make that REALLY well!) and we were looking at school clothes, I showed Leigh where the sign was at the back end of the department, and watched her closely as she went down the single aisle and opened the womens room door. My intent was to keep one eye on the door after a couple of minutes, but within 30 seconds she was back crying that some teenager in an employee unform saw her enter the bathroom alone and stopped her before she could go into one of the four open stalls. Leigh was and didn't understand why the girl kicked her out simply because I wasn't with her. Leigh had been in there with me four hours earlier when I had my morning stool and I saw no reason why I should need to take her back in since she's been operating pretty independently on her own for almost a year. She starts first grade next month and I want her to gain additional confidence in herself. Besides, when I'm in there, I have to provide for Nicholas, who, for more than 18 months, has been going into the mens room on his own and there have been no problems. I always ask him first if it's Number 1 or Number 2 and remind him to fully latch the door. Anyway, when I calmed Leigh down I took her back over there and she pointed out the girl who was rearranging tops on the rack. The girl was polite, about 16, but seemed surprised that I would question her arbitrary "no pee for you!" decision. She said it was a store policy that all children that age should be supervised. She said her mother took her in until she was about to enter middle school. While I would do that for my children at a huge place like the civic auditorium with a hundred people and dozens of stalls on both sides of the room, I don't think it's necessary in a smaller, suburban mall store. The girl, however, agreed to watch Nicholas while I took Leigh in. Because of all the commotion, Leigh sat for about five minutes and again started crying as she gave up and got up off the stool. I hope she hasn't lost her confidence!

Fat Chick
Hello again! It has been awhile since my first post. I'm sorry for the lengthy absence - it was not my intention to go this long between posts but I got busy and could not find the time. I will try to share my experiences more frequently in the future. I would like to thank those who were so kind in providing some nice comments regarding my first post and that has given me the motivation to contribute more of my observations and experiences.


I suspect that my size does contribute adversely to the effort I have to make when I go - it can be a bit tiring when you have to push out some real "biggies" as I like to call them. I admit I am a grunter and I really have to strain when a really fat one is coming out. They are always really wide and long but there are some that can really stretch my anus - especially those hard and firm ones that are about three inches wide. I don't hold back in a public restroom as I said before - in fact I rather enjoy it when I have to grunt and strain as I drop one of my really big bombs. I really don't have a lot of experience at going to the toilet at the homes of friends or family. I come from a small family that does not live near me anymore and I only have a few close friends. I tend to shy away from using their bathrooms because I would feel very embarrassed when inevitably I would clog their toilets - which is why I generally just go at home or in public. I suspect I would be much more shy about grunting to the point that my friends would hear me because I do care what they think about me as I don't have that many friends any ways and cherish the ones I do have. As to your question about toilets being small I would agree. My fat ass pretty much overwhelms any toilet I have ever used and I overhang quite a lot on both sides and in back as well. As to what I do with my hands when I am on the toilet, I usually just rest them on my thighs although I do sometimes grab and spread my butt cheeks apart with them when extra effort is required. I also use my hands to lift up my belly flab so I can watch between my legs as a big one begins to come out. And sometimes I bounce my flabby ass up and down on the seat in an effort to dislodge a turd that doesn't want to drop.


Thank you for your kind comments. You sound like a real sweetie! I live in the Pacific Northwest - that is all I am willing to divulge right now as I am not all that comfortable with meeting people in person that I am sharing personal experiences with online. Perhaps my opinion on this will change in time, but for now those are my thoughts on the subject. Okay? I don't want to hurt any feelings here - you sound very nice and sincere and am flattered that you find the idea of a fat woman like myself sitting on the pot and dropping huge bombs appealing and exciting because I can do that very regularly. I also appreciate your concern about my health and my overeating - it is something that I do think about it quite often and it does worry me. Unfortunately my willpower does break down very easily as it did that morning at Denny's. I was just sooooo hungry! I don't imagine ever making any videos of myself going potty but I will try to be even more descriptive in my future narratives so just use your imagination a bit! I will do my best to give you enough vivid details about myself (what I was wearing, etc.) and what happened (how big it was, etc.) to satisfy your desires. Here is a teaser for you: my next story will be about an experience I had at a few days ago at Wal-Mart when I really had to go very badly - and did I go BIG... :)

I was browsing the Internet when I felt the urge to both pee and poop. I went to the bathroom and pulled my pants down to my ankles since I knew I needed to poo after. I peed a gentle little stream for 15 seconds or so. Then I let out a nice wet fart. I pushed a little bit and heard the crackling sound of poo. As I was pushing, another fart escaped my butt. I looked between my legs and saw the tip of my first piece coming out. I pushed a little harder, made a few soft grunting noises and looked between my legs again. My first piece was almost out. Another push and I heard it make a quiet plop sound. I still felt some more inside of me so I pushed some more. Two little marble sized pieces landed in the water with such force that it caused splashback and made my bottom quite wet! I still felt that there was more inside of me so I waited on the toilet for a few minutes. After another wet fart, a smaller sized piece slowly started to emerge. I pushed, and grunted a bit and looked between my legs. I could see that the poo was just about out of my bum. I pushed a little harder and stood up on my tip-toes. After another small grunt and push, the last piece of poo landed in the toilet. I was done at this point, and went to wipe. I wiped two times, flushed and then washed up.

My buddy Christopher and myself went to the Home Depot yesterday after lunch. We both had to shit really bad. We found the mens restroom, and raced to the door. When we got inside, we found 6 toilet stalls which all had the stall doors removed from the hinges, and a row of urinals facing the toilets. Three of the toilets were already in use, 2 of the guys were store employees, as they had their orange aprons hanging over the partitions, the other guy was a customer. Once Chris and myself got 'seated" seens all five of us all 'cut loose" and farted and dropped our shit. The room stunk like a cesspool, but we dealt with it like men, and laughed and joked about it. Next thing, we hear 'giggling" from outside, and immediatly , three teenage girls, I'd say 18 0r 19 walk in laughing at us, holding their armpits against their noses, pretending to be gagging for fresh air, and laughing that we were sitting on toilets without doors. Then, one of the females recognized one of the employees as her best friend Jen's dad, who works there. She got really embarrased and ran out after she realized what she had just done. The other females also left. We all felt kinda embarrased, mostly because of the smells we were emiting when they entered the restroom. My point: Gregg in Pa was completly correct. Ladies, please stay out of men's restrooms, you will get really embarassed, and we will too...

Hi.ANDY again.Just recalled another two incidents.When visiting my parents once,i was upstairs and saw two females walking past the house.I think they were a little drunk and although the windows were closed, i heard one of them say that she needed to piss.My ears pricked up and i watched as they carried on down the street.Then they stopped and one girl said "JUST DO IT THERE" Her friend then pulled down her jeans and knickers and squatted over someones garden.She peed for about 30 seconds before the two carried on.I don't know if anyone was in the house but, if they were, they would have been shocked to see someone using their garden as a toilet.I was amazed myself,but it was good to see it.
The other was last year when i was on holiday in the beautiful city of Prague.I was in a bar one night and went to use the toilet for a piss.It was very close to the female toilet and as i walked past i couldn't resist a quick glance.I Could clearly see that one stall was occupied due to the presence of a pair of feet sticking out.I Paused briefly and heard the sound of piss coming from that stall.It was quite loud and i wondered if the occupier had been desperate.As i returned to the bar after pissing ,i saw the female walking out of the ladies in front of me.MORE TO COME.BYE!!.

To those that are shy about their bodily functions with a new g/f or b/f..take note, the subject will have to be confronted so the sooner you can evacuate your bowels when they are around the better. I have done this without a problem and it does advance the relationship. If your g/f or b/f is grossed out then does his/her shit not stink? Anyway if they do get grossed out then they are probably not suitable partners and it is better to know this. One monumental issue is that your partner may have the same issue and if you take the lead then it might be better for him/her. My present and very long standing partner told me on our wedding night that she thought i was the one when she could go to the toilet in my presence.
To those that want to conquer their fear in this regard but still feel too inhibited try as they might...take a laxative or slip in a suppository so you have no choice but to sit on the toilet and poo. Of course you might need a few sittings so tell him/her that you have an upset stomach!
Once you have done the deed when they are around it will become natural for you and you will feel relieved....he/she might too.
On a similar subject I use to fish at sea quite a bit in a small boat that did not have a toilet.... I use to fish with a couple of fellas and one morning one of them announced he needed to crap so he parked his bum over the side and did his business...from that time on we all did the same whenever nature called.
AS for the condition of my bowels at the moment...I am having a pooing day...some days I do not go and other days I go a few times. The other day I had been a bit constipated and was then hit with a very worrying situation at really got my stomach rumbling and in the end I got the urge and pushed out this large log that was hard but not too felt really enjoyable pushing it out and rewarding when I looked in the toilet bowl.
Thunder From Down Under

Ever notice how much farting goes on on TV? Besides kids cartoons, celebrities, both male and female seem to fart alot when you least expect it:

-Kelly Ripa farted once on Halloween,2003 episode of Regis & Kelly. She was talking to Regis about something random, then she lifted her butt off the chair, farted and said "Ahhh. Excuse me." Must have been an SBD.

-Rad Girls had an episode where they went around the streets of LA asking people if Ramona could fart in their mouth. It was pretty interesting and gutsy of her to do that. She lifted her skirt, stuck out her butt and let rip some pretty good ones. I could never do that.

-Angie Fisher, Clay Aiken's back-up singer, let one rip before coming on stage. Clay teased her about it on stage, teasing her about the smell. LOL.

-Noah Wile once had some stomach problems and let a fart go in a restaurant, but accidentally followed through and shit himself a bit. He had to leave the restaurant to clean his pants.

-Rick Campanelli from Much Music admitted once to farting quite loudly by accident in the middle of an interview, but the person did not notice. All that gave him away was a red face. LOL.

I'm sure there are more. Can anyone else think of some?

I'm feeling pretty gassy right now and have been for the past couple of days. I just took some stool softeners and keep passing some rippers. It feels pretty good and it is getting rid of the bloating in my stomach a bit. I now have no problem letting rip by myself or sometimes in public when no one is around or can't hear it. However in front of my family and friends, no way. Husband included. Just not comfortable enough yet to do that. I hate being embarrassed and I know my family would laugh. I don't like that.

I also like to fart when I am in the bathroom and doing my hair standing in front of the mirror. :-) Hopefully the stool softeners will produce a nice soft gassy load. Hopefully I can do it in my panties tomorrow morning in public when I go for my run. I want to relax and poop my panties in the park. Obviously I will tie a sweater around my waist after. In fact I am beginning to poop my panties right now with soft wet hot poop. Phhhhrt!

Gtg clean up. Happy pooping.


Fr.P--it's good to see you back. I was wondering where you had gotten off to. I think you did the right thing with your little sister by taking her to the men's room. It would be weird to have taken her into the women's room. As long as you did not lock yourself in a stall with her, I don't think anyone would suspect anything as it would be completely in the public and open. If anyone gave you a funny look, you could just say that she is your adopted sister.

Anonnymous girl
I once was swimming at my friend's house, when i got a huge pee. I told her that im goin to the toilet, but she stopped me and said i can do it in the pool, where you plug the creepy crowly in. I had to go real bad so i agreed. I lifted my pussy to the opening, pulled my costume away from my pussy and peed. I could feel the warmth of my pee in the water.


That's an interesting theory!

Yuck. That "shart" I just had turned out to be a small but gross accident >_< About a tablespoon of diarrhea had splattered into my panties. Ewww!

I went to the bathroom, and considering I was already dirty and had to pee, I stood there and peed on the floor through my spandex sporty shorts. When I was done I got some cleaner and cleaned the floor. Then I got into the shower and stripped down. Ugh. What a mess! My then-white panties were now disgusting. I took them off. In the seat of the panties was a 2 inch thick crap stain. Grotesque. I rinsed them out and since they were officially stained and ruined, I tossed them in the trash. I rinsed out my shorts and notice they smelled, so I scrubbed the seat with some soap. Thank god they were navy blue so the wetness was not very noticeable. I rinsed them out and scrubbed them again well. Then I hung them over the shower to dry. I escaped one part of my accident. I tossed the panties. The shorts are not a big deal. They should be dry by morning.

Then I scrubbed my ass and front clean. The whole clean up took 20 minutes which is not too bad. Imagine if it was a full diarrhea explosion and not just a shart!

That's all for now.


Little story about my 23 year old female housemate I thought I'd share. Went out with her and a few other people last night, she got very drunk and was sick and had to be taken back to her friend's house. Fair enough, happens to the best of us.

At about midday today, she arrived back at our flat, looking pretty hungover. Straight away she went into the toilet. I was lying on my bed and could hear a little bit what was going on. I heard a very loud fart, followed by the faint sounds of her unloading a large dump, I could just about hear it all flopping into the bowl. I heard her wipe with the toilet paper, and then stand up and try to flush the toilet.

A few minutes before she'd arrived I'd gone for a pee and flushed the toilet, and the cistern takes a long time to refill. You can't flush it until it refills. I heard her trying to flush the toilet but it wouldn't. She took the lid off the cistern and was fiddling about it with it for ten minutes trying to flush it. She was getting quite frustrated and swearing, I guess she was worried that I'd see/smell her dump if I went into the toilet after. She gave up, washed her hands, came out and went to her room. After a few minutes she came out and tried to flush the toilet again, with no success.

I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and I needed to clean my teeth anyway, so I went into the bathroom. It absolutely stank. It was one of the most rotten stenches I've ever come across. A bit like rotten cabbages but with a stinging element to the smell as well. I actually gagged a little bit when I first got in. I cleaned my teeth while holding my breath and then lifted up the lid to see what was in the toilet. I received a further blast of stink from the bowl. In the toilet were lots and lots of quite small brown turds, with a load of sloppy slightly green stuff nestling next to the toilet paper. It was an absolutely huge dump, she must have been desperate when she got home. Perhaps she's one of those people that doesn't like to crap anywhere except her own home.

Despite the fact the window was open the smell in there was spectacularly bad. Turds always smell worse when you've been drinking the night before, but this was taking it to extremes. It was honestly the most unpleasant poo smell I've ever come across, and I've done some stinkers myself and witnessed some pretty disgusting ones by my ex-girlfriend. Pretty impressive work from a lady. I tried to flush the toilet and it worked this time, the turds swirling away (there was another big waft of stench as they were disturbed), leaving behind lots of skid marks, some remnants of the sloppy green stuff, and some stained toilet paper. Nice. I left the stinking room and went back to mine. My housemate had stayed in her room, but she must have known that I'd smelled her foul creation as she'd have heard the toilet flush.

The smell had started to seep into the rest of the flat, and as I sit on the sofa an hour later , you can still smell it slightly. Just went into the bathroom and it's still pretty close. The toilet's clean now, she must've been at it with the toilet brush.


1. When was the last time you wet your pants? 2 weeks ago
2. When was the last time you messed your pants? Yesterday
3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Explain. Yesterday late evening, around 6pm. In shopping centre. It was an accident, i couldn't hold my poo and just can't stop pushing the loads out. But it is normal for me and my friends because they mess their pants frequently too.
4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public? Yes
5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of conveinence? Yes
6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose? Yes
7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it? I mess my pants quite often because i don't really like to go to bathroom. And i really enjoy it especially messing my pants.
8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them? Yes
9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could? No.

Hey Cute & Shy, Welcome Back! I really missed you. Yea I got a pee tale to tell you lol. When I was in elementary school, I remember being in class and needing to pee bad. First time, I asked my teacher, he denied me to go. I was trying to hold it, but I leak a lil in my underwear. Then I told him my situation and he told me to go and run to the boys restroom. I ran to the first urinal, unzip, whipped out my dick and pissed into the urinal lol.

Oh to answer your question bout dudes with big dicks and what they do with them when taking a shit in the toilet. Well, I can answer to that lol. When I take a shit in the toilet, I leave my dick out of the toilet, I never leave it in.

P.S. Nice to hear from you again too! And please any stories if you can. Thanks!

The Crank
To tracygirl: Thanks for your info about high heels make easier pooping. I had no idea.

Good morning--warm here. I always like to see my bowel movement after I've done it, just to make sure it's normal. A couple of days ago I had a hard turd that hurt on its way out. Sure enough, the last two inches of it had bright red blood on it. When I wiped, there was almost no brown, just a thin light pink stain. I decided that, if blood continued to appear on my stools, I'd go to the doctor. The next day (yesterday) I pooped twice. Both times it felt normal, several medium soft turds each time, and just brown on the toilet paper; however, each time one or two of the turds had gone around the bend so I couldn't see if they had blood on them. I decided this morning to sit on the front of the toilet rim rather than on the seat, which would give the poop further to travel before hitting the bend. It worked! I felt what seemed like a fairly long movement come out; had to squeeze off the last bit. I wiped; just brown on the paper. Then I looked--and the long piece, which I measured at 11" using the 4" piece of toilet paper, was arrayed, not lengthwise down toward the hole, but across the entire width of the bowl! Amazing. I have no idea how I managed to lay it crosswise. There were 4 other small turds. It felt excellent, and I was able to verify that it looked normal--no blood.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Dave B
To Anny: I'm a male and I believe that when girls talk about their bathroom habits or they happen to have gas and let a few farts out that it's pretty sexy and attractive to me. I am completely open to talking about my own bathroom habits and I think it would better for girls to be more open about it as well, because it's really nothing to be shy about. Plus the fact that some guys enjoy that kind of thing (like myself). I mean when a girl has to go she has to go right?

Hey Guys.
I have a story to share that happened to me the other day.

On my way home from work, I got the urge to pee. Having drank a lot that day, that was no surprise. I figure that no matter what, I have no choice but to hold it. The ugre grew stronger and a bit uncomfortable, but nothing bad. Then as I neared home, another REALLY strong urge hit. I now had to poo as well! Didn't bother me too much. Actually kind of enjoyed it because it was not too bad and I like going poo.

I get home and immediatly (never could spell that right!) run for the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. Within 5 seconds, I was peeing. 5 seconds later, the pee stream was finishing, and I was starting to fart. Then came the crackling. So, it went like...long pee......short airy fart.....long, loud fart......crackle, crackle...plop, plop, plo-plo-plop........fart, fart.......long crackle....ker-plooop......small fart......plo-plop. That was it. The "ker-plooop" was about a 6 inch piece. The rest were small 1 inch pices. I wiped, flushed and left.

That's it for today.

Take care guys!

Keep pooping!

Uncle Harry
Fast Food 2

I'm going to start putting titles on my stories to make referring to past posts easier, as some stories are related or are serial events.

K-Dog: If you think that restaurant "manager", who turned out to be the owner, was wrong, read the second installment. I agree that she probably didn't really listen to the complainer, but was doing what she thought was best for everyone regardless of what he thought.

In my next to the last post, I wrote about the long line of women at the fast-food restaurant using the men's room and the manager turning the men's room into a temporary unisex bathroom. A month later, I was on the road again and stopped at that same restaurant, which was part of a small chain. There were few patrons at this time of the afternoon. The same manager was on duty, and I had a chat with her. I found that the restaurant was a franchise and that the "manager" was the owner. I told her that I admired the way she handled the situation with the impossibly long line for the women's bathroom, including the complaining guy. "I'd like to see guys try to hold it when they're desperate. I have some bladder control problems and I've had to use the men's room on occasion. Check out the new sign".

I had just come off the road and needed to piss before ordering, so I went to the men's room. There was still a "Men" sign on it, but below that was another sign that said "Women may use when urgent". The door was open and I found a young female staff person mopping the floor. I asked if she would mind if I peed and she didn't have to leave on my account. She said it was ok with her, so I stepped over to right-most of three urinals, took out my penis, aimed it, and let go. Just then, she decided that she needed to mop the floor right at the urinals. After finishing under the other two, she sprayed the urinals with disinfectant. I jokingly said, "Watch what you spray that on, Miss". "I'll be careful", she replied. Then she just stood there with her mop and spray can waiting for me to finish. She didn't exactly stare at my pissing dick, but she didn't exactly avoid looking at it either. I finished, shook off the drops, put my dong away, and stepped over to wash my hands, as she started to mop under my urinal.

I went back out and continued chatting with the owner lady after she took my order and called it out to the people in the kitchen behind the counter. She said she had considered making the men's permanently unisex, and maybe replacing the urinals with the unisex type and putting baffles between the urinals, but decided that not enough women would be using urinals to warrant the cost; or maybe putting a long baffle in front of the urinals to give the men some privacy, but the bathroom was narrow and there wasn't enough room for that. In the end, she decided that allowing emergency use of the men's by women was the best solution.... and if the franchising company didn't like it, she would quit the franchise and take the restaurant independent. The company didn't complain, very few men complained either, and she hadn't lost any business over this.

I'd like to hear from both men and women on this forum about what they think of this arrangement.

1. What is your gender?
2. What is your age?
-17, almost 18
3 How would you describe your body?
-5'6," 132LBS. Nice build.
4. How often do you pee?
-3-4 times a day
5. How long does it take you to get started?
- no more than 3 sec
6. How long does it take you to finish?
- 30 sec to 1 min
7. Do you pee steadily or in spurts?
- half and half
8. Do you pee straight down, arcing forward, or spray?
-arcing foward
9. Do you ever pee standing up?
10. Do you sit with your legs together or apart?
10. Do you make hissing sounds when you pee?
11. When you pee outdoors, what position do you take?
-Squatting, or standing, depending on the terrian(sry spelling)
10. Do you enjoy watching others pee?
Same gender?
- sort of
Opposite gender?
11. Do you let others watch you pee? Yes
Same gender?
-My family, friends
Opposite gender?
-Brother, friends, BF

1. When was the last time you wet your pants? about 3 months ago
2. When was the last time you messed your pants? about a week ago
3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Explain. No, if I come to a bathroom thats dirty, I just go on the floor
4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public? Yes, waiting in line for the bathroom
5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of conveinence? No
6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose? No
7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it? N/A
8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them? Wet them, since the clean up isn't as bad
9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could? Nope

Now for my own survey...(my answers will be in parentheis)
1. Gender?-(Female
2. Age?-(17)
3. Have you ever had to use the opposite genders bathroom?-(Yes)
4. If yes, please give details.-(I was desperate and couldn't hold it any longer, so I just ran into the mens)
5. When was the last time you had to use the opposite genders bathroom?- (about a week ago)
6. Was there anyone in the bathroom when you used it?-(No, it was a single stall with a locking door)
7. How many times have you used the opposite sexes bathroom?-(at least 10 times)

Hi everyone,

Someone posted under my name a few weeks back claiming they needed inspiration. That wasn't me but I'm flattered anyway that someone wanted to imitate me!

Anyway I just has to write after what happened this morning! I'm visiting my brother & his wife down in Arizona. I posted a story about my sister-in-law in the past. She was very thin when she married ny brother but she ballooned during her 2 pregnancies and kept on gaining after the birth of her youngest. Since I last saw her she was nearly 400 lbs and was having tremendous difficulty getting around. Her doctor has put her on a strict diet and she has gone down to about 300. She doesn't carry her weight as well as I though, and it's clearly still quite an effort for her to get through daily tasks. One of the bedrooms in my brother's house has been made into his home office and it has its own bathroom, complete with a special order toilet especially designed for the obese. It accomodates up to 1000 lbs and is is much more comfortable for wider asses. He told me they will eventually install them in the other bathrooms.

My sister-in-law said any time I needed to use the toilet I could try it, "especially when you know you may be a while," she whispered with a giggle.

Anyway, last night the kids slept over at their grandma's who pitches in so my sister-in-law can get a break every once in a while as she doesn't have the stamina to run around after 2 small kids all the time. This morning I woke up and was just getting out of bed in the guest room when I heard my sister-in-law thundering down the hall, huffing and puffing a bit as she entered the office across from my door. I heard her talking to my brother and ever so softly I opened my door a crack and peecked. My sister was wearing a tight tank top that barely covered her huge belly, and a pair of white cotton underwear. She had a few magazines under her arm.

My brother was absorbed at the computer. "You really need all those magazines, honey?"

"I think so. It's going to take me a long time. I was holding it in all day an account of your sister arriving and I don't like to go when the kids are around. They always try to come in. This is the perfect time."

My brother didn't look pleased but he had no choice as he needed to work in there and had a deadline to meet by Monday.

My sister-in-law lumbered past his desk and into the bathroom, closing the door halfway but I could see her perfectly from the side. She sat down with a grunt of effort and pulled her underwear to her ankles (or cankles to be more accurate). The specialty toilet framed her cellulite ridden ass beautifully and it overflowed only slightly over the sides. She picked up a magazine and started to read as she peed. Long moments passed in silence before she finally set the magazine down on her lap. She lifted her head and closed her eyes as her face grew red with effort. "Mmmm....." she grunted softly. She shifted her position on the toilet and her ass jiggled with the movement. Another huge strain overtook her, her growing even redder. "MMMMM!" she grunted again.

She took up her magazine and read for several more minutes, grunting quietly through her nose but it didn't make her put down the magazine. My brother totally ignored her. I found it hard to believe the he couldn't enjoy the beauty of his wife sitting there in her naked glory, grunting right in front of him! But as he tells her sometimes, "What happened to my size 4 wife?"

Suddenly my sister-in-law threw the magazine to the floor and placed her hands on her belly, the rolls of fat jiggling as she did so.

"UNGGHHH....MMMMM...." she grunted, harder than before. "AAAHHHH...UGGHHHHH...." Her labored grunting ended in a panting fit and she took some toilet paper and wiped her face.

My brother twisted his chair around and looked thru the bathroom door, momentarily blocking my view.

"Honey, you never had this much trouble when we were first married," he said.

I couldn't see my sister-in-law thru my brother but I knew she had renewed her efforts as she replied in a strained voice "I was 100 lbs when we were married.....uggghhhh..."

My brother swiveled his chair back to the desk in disgust. "You need to change your diet...more fruit or something..."

The now unobstructed view of my sister was magnificent. Hands still on her belly she strained again before answeing. "MMMMMMM....mmmmmmmm....It's not that, honey," she answered breathlessly. "It' my weight..mmmmmmm..."

I don't know why this is so hard for my brother to figure out as our mother recenly had a very mild hard attack while straining on the toilet. But my sister-in-law is younger and suprisingly free of cholesterol or heart troubles. Despite this my brother continued.

"You need to lose the weight, honey. You don't want to end up like my mom."

My sister-in-law ignored him and her straining increased in intensity. "UNNNHHH!!! UUHHH!!" she grunted. "AHHHHH!" The last one was almost a yell. With a final mighty heave worthy of sumo wrestler, her teeth gritted, she strained with all her might and a huge plop followed.

"Thank God!" whispered my sister-in-law as she panted. Unsteadily she wiped herself, flushed and stumbled into the shower. I watched my brother afterwards as he stared at the computer, shaking his head. "And she used to be a size 4," he grumbles to himself.


Does anyone have 5gpf American Standard toilet from the 70's in there homes? If so have you ever flushed any poopy underwear or panties down them please explain thanks>

Hi guys, I'm a lurker. I'm a very private person as far as bodily functions are concerned, but I figured I would share a few personal occurrences on here anonymously - it might be liberating! Anyway, I'm 22 years old and female. I've never had a full accident in my pants, but I have had a few incidents where I've had some problems, that I'll describe

The first and most embarrassing - a pee on my boyfriends couch!
I had a full bladder, and was sitting on the couch in a skirt, with only my panty-clad bottom touching the couch cushion. I had been putting off my pee for about an hour or so just talking to my boyfriend and laying on the couch. Soon I got a VERY strong urge, and knew it was time to get to the toilet. As I was sitting up I felt a very intense sudden warmth in my panties; I had let out a quick dribble of pee by accident. I wasn't sure how much had escaped, but it was enough to wet my panties all the way into the butt of themů and his couch! Thankfully he never noticed.

1 What is your gender? Female

2 What is your age? 18

3 How would you describe your body? Short, skinny

4 How often do you poop? 3 times a day

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? 5-10 minutes

6 How long takes the complete pooping session? 10-45 minutes

7 do you enjoy watching others poop? I haven't watched others poop yet

8 How much time took your longest toilet session you can remember? 4 hours. I was really constipated that afternoon

9 Does your poop comes out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? There's always a pause between my turds. Unless I have diarrhea.

10 How many pieces do you produce when pooping? 2 big ones and lots of liitle ones

11 Do you fart while pooping? Yes

12 Do you shart while pooping? Yes

13 Are these questions annoying? No

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I work at a restaurant here in town just down the road from my apartment. I am a dishwasher there and one of the responsibilities of a dishwasher is cleaning the bathrooms. My supervisor is really good at changing the way we clean them. Today he did that. There weren't that many dishes so I grabbed a bucket of bleach water and a rag and went to clean. I asked one of the female bussers to check the women's restroom so I could sanatize it properly. She said it was empty so I put the trashcan(pink, how appropriate:)) in the door and started cleaning. I just finished the handicapped stall when one of the cute servers asked if I was cleaning. I said yes. She asked if she could use it because she really had to pee. I said sure, I didn't her to have an accident in her uniform. She left the trashcan where it was so the door was open slightly. I heard the door shut, the rustle of clothing, toilet paper being ripped, and finally the fountain of piss that poured out of her. I stood outside the door waiting. When she came out she had a smile on her face and said "Thanks." as she went back to work.

About toilet shyness. One theory is that our DNA is programmed to be shy for our own protection. Think about it. When we were hunter-gatherers without indoor plumbing, man (and woman) would be most defenseless when squatting to do their business. Hence looking for a spot out of the sight when we are most vulnerable. There is an African tribe whose men are said to lie in wait at night to kidnap brides just when the girl of their dreams leaves the Kraal for a quick crap. Maybe a reason why guys seem more curious about girls bodily functions than the other way around.

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