Me and my friends go the the beach most every afternoon. We swim some, but we most of the time just stay on the beach and tan. Both of my parents work, so in order to leave home, I have to take my brother Talan, who is 7. I don't always think it's fair, but since I got my drivers license four months ago, the responsibility is mine. I don't particularly like the public toilets there, but when I have to go he stays with my friends. Yesterday, I went in three times. Once was to crap; the other two were to pee. However, while I was on the stool waiting for my crap to come (it's always been a problem for me that I have to wait, push, often stand and then reposition myself on the seat)I got to thinking about what age Talan should be able to go in alone. I know he doesn't like being taken to the womens room but I've seen boys who appear to be older than him in there also. So during my "thinking time" (my mom has joked that if I was charged by the number of minutes I was in the stall I would be broke and she would have to raise my allowence)I came up with what I felt was a solution. I've never asked him (unlike my mom who always does) when he has to go if he has to do a #l or #2. However, she takes him or has me take him into the womens room for both. I think he should be able to use the mens room to pee. For the past several months when I've taken him in, I've had him lift the seat, although his aim isn't always the best and sometimes he forgets to latch the door behind him. He's somewhat okey at crapping, but he often forgets to check for toilet paper first, so when he needs to wipe, there is none. There are times when he's had to just sit and complain for five or ten minutes while I wait for another stall to open and I can slip in and get him some. Also, he drops his shorts and underwear all the way to the floor, and that exposes more of him if those in line were to sneak a peek. So I asked my parents last night about whether I could send him into the mens room to pee alone. Both said no. Dad said he may try to use the urinals and he's not quite tall enough to reach the bowl on some and mom is concerned about him making careless mistakes and the need for "supervision" and keeping him safe because of all the perverts that hang out in public bathrooms. I've seen girls as young as 5 or 6 going into the stalls and doing their thing, and mom is not always inside the bathroom with them. I don't know why boys would be different. Even when school starts up next month and I'm out with my friends on weekends and vacations, I don't know how much longer I should have to put up with taking Talan in with me. What advice do the rest of you guys have?

Animal girl
Thanx marah! I dont know bout peeing in the sink, shower and bathtub. Ive never done it before, and i dont think its very hygenic. :( i have perfected my standing-pee by now. All you do is: lift the toilet seat, pull your pants way down, stand with ur legs against the front of the toilet, shove ur pussy forward and pee.

Annonymous girl
I want to know: 1. Is it mean to pee in someone's yard? 2. If you pee in a flower pot, how long does the smell stay there? 3. Has anyone here ever peed out a window? And how did it happen?

Well, my b/f frankie clogged the toilet worse than I'd ever seen anyone do. We actually had to call someone out... and with our luck he couldn't come until monday so that's 3 days without a potty. Thanks Frank.

I've already pee'd in the tub and I'm excited/loathing the poop I'm needing to do. I'll have to figure something out. I think I'll put a plastic bag in the toilet and throw the bag away outside. I'll need to do this while he's still at work and I've only got like 30 more minutes until then. What a dilemma!

I'm quite shy about pooping... peeing is a different story for some reason. I've read some posts about privacy and what not and I don't understand why I can pee with the door open or with Frankie in the room but I can't poop if he's even in the house! I've waited entire weekends and woken up monday very eager for him to leave so I could evacuate my bowels.

I wont talk about it either, and this site sort of helps. Though this is my first post, I've been lurking for years and I've finally worked up the nerve. I hope to get replies too, maybe talking to other people will help me.

One last thing before I go, does anyone else fear farting in their sleep while the other is still awake? I do all the time! Every morning I expect him to tell me I did... most mornings he tells me I spoke or hit him etc. but never that I farted. I'm sure I have. Needless to say I don't fart around him either...

Well, that's it for me. Replies please! I'd love to make some new friends!!



I tried to answer you last week but for some reason was bumped off. I liked your eenma story. I had to have lots of them as a kid. And yea, like you said, the stuff was still hard to get out I alway had to push and struggle to get the enema to work. How long had you been constipated? Did you get anymore after that? I got my last from Mom at age 19. -JW

For Rachel:

I am shy about pooping as well. What are you really embarassed about though? There could be many things. The smell? The fact that you're pooping? How long it takes? Or maybe just that you find it embarassing that people know your on the toilet.
Here's a thought. If you never poop when people are around, they'll start to notice that you never do poop... so just go. Because better they know you pooped, than they think you didn't! That would be embarassing. Think about that. Or if you're quick about pooping just try to poo real quick when you're peeing.


Dude, that was mean. You should have been nicer about it. I'm not personally that shy although I used to be. And you have to realize that it's natural for the body to do it's thing, it's also natural for the mind to be embarassed about it. You were extremely right, but you went an extremely wrong way about it. Maybe if you were nicer about it, you guys would have still been together... maybe?

Speedy Pooper
The weirdest thing happened to me the other day. I had a normal poop in the morning, but in the afternoon I suddenly felt some bad cramps in my lower stomach. At first I didn't have an urge to poop, and I thought that maybe I had started my period, but I hadn't. After a while, though, I felt some pressure building up in my rectum and I sat on the toilet. Immediately I farted and let out a little nugget of poop, maybe about three inches long. I pushed but there was no more poop. There was a strong poop smell, but my stomach cramps were instantly gone. Has anyone else gotten a bad stomachache from needing to do just a small poop?

I'm so proud of myself! I believe that I have mastered how to pee standing up! (I'm a girl so it can be hard to learn at first) I did NOT get any pee on my hands or legs and not much on the toilet seat! Yay! Question: any girls that pee standing up, i kinda feel like I still have to pee after I'm done. Is this normal? Because I'm new at it so is it normal? Thanx!

Rachel: I don't know how to help there, but remember that everyone poops and pees and stuff. Consider, Why are you shy? Do you think that they will make fun of you? If someone's gonna make fun of you because you poop, then they are...Ugh! I don't know what they are! But just remember it IS okay to poop and everyone does! And not pooing can give you constipation! Hope I helped you and if not, Sorry! : )

One of the problems with public toilets that I have recently discovered is that when I (a male) needed to sit down at the toilet, I found that my scrotum hung down below the water level. I've never really thought about whether my scrotum is hanging down further and further as I age (is that a known symptom of aging?), but if so, do the designers of toilets not take that into consideration?
Just to clarify, my scrotum's status varies from hanging loosely or tightening up into a tiny ball, depending on circumstances.

Yesterday I had the most interesting experience. I was cooking dinner just like any other day, when I felt the urge to pee. Well, I slipped dinner in the oven to cook and headed upstairs to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, it was being used by my husband. Having no other choice, I hurried to the playroom, where the plastic potty was set up for my youngest son.

Positioning myself on the potty was a bit difficult, being a grown woman and all, but I managed to not pee on the floor everywhere. I nearly filled up the potty just by myself, but in the end I felt so much better.

I'm just glad my son didn't walk in on me - that would be an awkward conversation, explaining why mommy is using your potty.

When I was a kid we my folks had a few acres, we lived in the house but there was a small cottage about 200 hundred yards away. My dad allowed me and a few girlfriends to use it as clubhouse and it was gr8 for sleepovers. Unfortunately the water had been disconnected so the toilet didnot flush. We improvised by using a small shed that was attached to the cottage, we just went in there when we wanted a piss or shit.

We used to play alot of games and had tons of fun and kept out of the grown ups hair . One of the games we used to play was cupcake. If you felt a fart coming on you would stick your hand in the back of your knickers, cup youir hand around ya hole and fart into it. The smell would stay in ya hqand long enough to cup it around somebodie's nose.

One night we cooked some baked beans and cheese for tea, that was sure fire way of getting some pungent loud farts going.About an hour I did the first fart and cupped on Terri's nose , it was vile.Then Terri put her hand down the back of her track pants and sqeezed this most awful fart and rubbed into her sister's (Lisa) face.

This went on for awhile, but I made the comment that Lisa had not farted yet , Lisa said she wasn't feeling really gassy yet but could only produce liitle sqeaks.Terri egged her on asking her to try anyway. Finally Lisa gave in and said she she could feel a sqeak coming on.So she bent over shoved her hand into the back of knickers and slightly spread her legs. She said here goes, you could see the strain on her face even, as she pushed out this squeaky little fart. This was followed by OMG I'm shitting myself, I was standing beside her and I could here this crackling sound. I said Lisa take your hand away and just shit your knickers. I quickly pulled down her track pants as she extracated her hand from her knickers which was covered in dark brown sticky poop.After she pooped herself we somehow snuck her into the house and washed off. Although we teased her amongst ourselves only, nobody else found out about it,after all it could have happend to any of us.

Happy pooping ,Annie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Uncle Harry
The first time I encountered females using men's urinals was described in my recent post about my girlfriend and her friend trying it out in a deserted men's room in the park, with me as judge of success. That, at least, was in a private setting. The next time was in a public, but definitely not ordinary, setting. Some years ago, I went on a business trip to a large city. Since I knew I had to stay over the weekend, I decided I would check out the night life, being between wives at that time. One entry in my night life directory really interested me. It was an intimate neighborhood bar and night club known as a meeting place and for it's life-style friendly atmosphere. It catered to a mixed clientele of single men, single women, couples, straights, (that's me), gays, and lesbians, with a unisex, community bathroom. It was said that the regulars were like family. There was a small band and other entertainment on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday evening I headed to the night club, where I arrived about 9:40pm. Few people were there, but the band was arriving and setting up. I didn't need to pee, but I wanted to check out this unisex bathroom with the "Co-Ed" sign on it. There was no door, but there was a kind of baffle that you went behind and that blocked a direct view from the bar/dance floor. No one was in the bathroom. I found that there were 6 urinals and 2 stalls, not very good potty parity. The urinals were of the bowl-type construction that narrowed toward the front. I wondered if this was intentional so that women could use them.

The crowd was arriving now, so I went back out. There was lone woman at a table, so I introduced myself and asked if she would mind company. She agreed, so we had a few drinks, danced a little, and listened to the stand-up comic a little. After about an hour, she said that she needed to pee and so did I so we headed for the boys-and-girls room. Inside, there was somewhat of a line of women, and one man, for the stalls. Three urinals were free. She looked at the line and then asked if I would mind if she joined me as she really had to go. I said that I didn't mind, so we stepped over to two adjacent urinals. She was dressed in a very short skirt and no pantyhose or stockings. While I was working my penis out of my pants, she dropped her panties to her ankles, raised her skirt, such as it was, shuffled forward and easily straddled the urinal. She bunched her skirt up around her waist to keep it out of the way. We both started to piss at the same time, my stream shooting forward into the bowl and hers straight down into the lip. When finished, she took a tissue out of her shoulder bag and used it to wipe her pussy.

When we got back to our table, I asked her if many of the women use the urinals here. She said that some did. Most just didn't like to, but might if they were desperate enough. Some had told her they couldn't because they sprayed too much and it would run down their legs. She didn't mind, though and thought it was kind of fun.

Later in the evening, after I had left the lady and sat at the bar nursing a few beers, which of course kept filling my bladder, I needed to pee several times. By now, the line for the stalls was getting longer, the beer and booze had been flowing for a while, inhibitions were dropping (along with panties?), and, as the women seemed to be getting more desperate to relieve their aching bladders, more of them were using the urinals. Most peed standing up, usually thrusting the pelvis forward, sometimes using fingers to spread their labia. Some wearing long enough dresses or skirts would hold them out as a modesty shield. A few dropped their slacks and squatted back over the bowl. One of those who did, legs spread wide, probably had too, as she had a very heavy, spraying stream that kept changing shape and direction and no doubt would have run all over her legs if she had tried it standing up. I would guess that, by early morning, about 20% of the women were using the urinals. The rest just gritted their teeth, (or held their crotches?), and waited for their turn to get a stall. Many left the door open and gabbed with another woman or a guy looking in or just didn't bother to close the door.

Here with the out come of yesterdays poo. I put the bag in the toilet- making sure it didnt touch what little water was in the bowl and made sure it was secure beneath me. At first I was really nervous about it so it took me a while to get things moving but once I did it was really fun. I really enjoyed it... I loved the fact that I knew better and hat if anyone knew I would be humiliated but luckily I was alone--- but for how long? Frankie would be home in about 20 minutes, give or take 5.

So I was all done and boy did it reek in there. I mean, I dont usually stink up the bathroom but the fact that it was in a bag and not in the water enhanced the aroma. I rushed it out the back door and tossed it in the bin after tying it up and double bagging it. I went back in and sprayed the bathroom pretty heavily. I lit a candle in the bathroom, then realized that looked suspicious so I lit one in every room. I looked at the clock and it was 6! He doesn't work far from home so he could've been there any minute. I must have spent longer on the toilet than I knew I did... So I start getting paranoid about the load in the trash. What if he went out there and smelled it? What if he decided to take it to the dumpster? oh the possibilities...

He came in and nothing I'd worried about happened... yet. Today may be different. I'll have to toss another load in there within the hour. I wonder how he's been dealing with no toilet? I don't know how shy he is about public restrooms but that's probably what he'll have to do. This is all his fault anyway... I'm sure one day I'll look back on this and laugh but all I can think about is how hot it is out side and how that trash must smell... I'm gonna have to take it to the dumpster myself after this dump.

Hope to hear from some of you!

I am a male wondering how women feel when they poop? disgudted? aroused? Does it feel best when it slides out fast or slow? details

Hi Andy here again.Since my last post i have peed outside a few times.Mainly in the woods.Feels good,can't beat it.

TO DR:Enjoyed reading your post about that woman peeing on someones lawn.If i had been there,i would have watched the whole thing.You shouldn,t feel awkward about witnessing this.As you said,she must have been desperate.In answer to your question,it is not common for women to pee in public but when they do, i find it quite interesting.

Danice -
Do you naturally only feel the urge to poop every 3 to 4 days,
or are you feeling less intense urges and ignoring them prior to that?

I've been through three children, and regardless of age, have noticed that putting off the urge to poop regularly leads to either an accident, or constipation as you have mentioned.

So, my advice to you would be to always listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, go to the nearest toilet and let nature take its course. If you are anything like my daughter was as a teenager, you are most likely putting off BMs on occassion, perhaps when out with friends or at sporting events. Don't hold in your poop.

This is a question for both the sexes.

Do you know of any one who does not wipe their bum or pussy after going to the toilet????????????
I do , here is the story.
Recently while shopping I met a woman who I used to go to school with, her name Marie. After our surprise at seeing each other at seeing each other for so long we had went have a coffee and discussed what we'd been doing since school. Marie had just got over a divorce and was getting her life back in order. She invited me to her place for a long weekend. I arrived on the friday night and we went out for a meal. Had a nice steak and a desert we then came home and had a bottle of red then proceded to go to bed. Her apartment was small with only one toilet bathroom combination. Before I hopped into bed I went and had a quick piss wiped my bush then into bed . I heard Marie got to the toilet , the torrent of piss was like a firehose which lasted for about 30 seconds then she flushed and went to bed.
In the morning I awaoke about 800 am then had my morning piss then had a shower and changed. Marie then appeared walked into the toilet, once again I heard this strong torrent of piss , the toilet flush , then she showered and changed into jeans but left her bathrobe on. We then sat around having a coffee and a smoke. Ithen went into the bathroom to do my face. Marie came in and asked if she could use the toilet, would I mind, she needed to have a shit. Of course I said go right ahead , it doesn't bother me.
She then lifted the seat up, took her robe off nad lowered her jeans and panties to her knees. Now physically Marie and I are like chalk and cheeese. She is a real white blonde, my hair is black, she is slim where I am voluptous, my tits are quite big where she is flatchested , I'm very hirsute where she doesn't have a hair on her pussy or underarms, she also is very tall, about 6' I think.
Back to the toilet, she had her jeans down aimed her pussy at the toilet and let go a fire hose which bubbled up the water. Her stream was as accurate and straight as a rifle. When she finished she turned around and semihovered over the bowl, pulled her ass cheeks wide apart with both hands to a point where I could see her pink little hole. By now her thighs were just touching the bowl, then as I watched her hole domed out and I could see the head of a dark brown turd making it's way into the light. Then she said Oh! I needed this shit, steak always makes my turds very hard. She pushed a little harder and this 7" dark brown perfectly formed turd slipped out of her arse and into the water. This was followed by a 5" turd which was just as hard and well formed. Judging by the expression on her face she was glad to get rid of them. Then to my surprise she said Phew that's it for this time. Then she stodd up and pulled up her panties and jeans without wiping.
Now the same thing happened the next day, so I asked her if she ever wiped. Only on the occasions when she ahd the runs, but apart from that she never wipes her arse and never wipes wipes her pussy when she pisses
Love anniexxxxxxxxxxx

Brian at Sears
hi guys ....sorry I been away so long ......married life and work keeping me really busy. What Gregg says is true. Using doorless stalls amongst other men is fine, we all do it here at Sears, but when women 'stroll' in accidentally, or with their kids, it's really embarrasing. Just my 2cents worth. I'm working tonight, Saturday nights are surprisingly busy in the summertime. Talk soon ...

Today I went into the bathroom to take a dump, and I brought a magazine with me, as I often do. I have large turds that come out very slow, so I like to read to pass the time.

I was reading my magazine and every so often, I'd stop, grunt a little "nnnnhhh". After a few grunts, there was a splash and I pushed to get the next turd started. I'd estimate I was in the bathroom for about 15 minutes just pooping.

At last I felt empty, so I stood up to look at my dump. There were four rather big turds all jumbled together. I wiped, flushed and continued with my day.

Linda from Australia here again. Ive been having some trouble pooping lately. Last week, I went 2 days without pooping - I did a poo on the Sunday morning but didn't go again until Tuesday afternoon. It took some effort to push out the logs, which consisted of 2 big turds and lots of rock hard pebbles. I spent about 20 minutes on the toilet. I went Wednesday afternoon but then I didn't go until Friday night. This time, it took me a good 15 minutes to squeeze out my load. I had to push and strain really hard the whole time I was doing my poo. I even had to lean forward and grunt. I also pulled my butt cheeks apart to help get things moving. I found myself grunting towards the end of my poo session too. My load consisted of 3 long, skinny turds that were dark greeney/brown in colour. This morning (Sat) I have already dropped 2 big, loose loads. I'm not sure why I'm having difficulty on the toilet because Ive been eating healthy food.

To Uncle Harry: I've never tried any of the funnel things, I never felt the need to. I just spread my labia and lift a little, and the arc clears the fly of my pants just fine if I'm wearing guy pants. I don't wear underwear because it gets in the way when I do this. I do have to pull the pants down a little ways in the front to make space, but it's almost impossible to do in tight jeans, it's very frustrating.

i just peed and pooped outside.
i had been holding my pee since last night to 3 pm. i had breakfast and lunch w/ drinks, full drinks. by 1 pm i had to go bad, but i waited. then by 3 i went outside, sat on a ledge of the fence, pulled off my pants (no underwear), spread my legs really wide and peed. it felt so good. it was a hard stream that went about a foot in front of me and lasted for about a minute. then i had to poop. i went in a bush behind the garage and squatted. i took deep breaths and pushed. 3 tiny balls came out.

does anyone else have good stories of going outside, on purpose or not?

Hey K-Dog, regarding the "law" that women must have doors on the stalls. There was a big stink caused in the newspaper in Bloomington Illinois during the 4th of July holiday because at the park where they had fireworks the women had no doors on the stalls in the restroom. So I guess it's not a law everyone. Every place had different local ordinaces. There is no such federal law regarding doors on women's stalls.

I had one of those dreams that i was using the restroom early this morning, when i woke up i noticed that i was peeing the bed. i couldnt stop it. I'm 23 years old and peed the bed. *sigh*

To cade-reading your posting regarding your exs shyness has given me hope. I am one of those shy people who finds it really hard to admit to a date that i need a wee. Somehow i just cant get the words out. The only time i have to force myself to say something is when i cant hold it any longer. I wonder,after the time you described was your ex then able to say when she needed a wee?

Single Woman
Hi again with a story for you. I was constipated for most of today. Earlier this afternoon during my lunch break I tried to go but couldn't get anything to come out. I sat there pushing and squeezing for about 15 minutes. Then a little later I felt something so I rushed to the ladies room. I pulled down my panties and lifted my skirt. I squeezed, nothing. T pushed again. I felt something. After I pushed for about 20 minutes my sceratary walked in and asked if I was ok. I told her I was a little stopped up. She laughed and said that I'm too young to be constipated and that constipation is for someone about her age (she's in her early 60's). After she walked out I pushed out a medium sized, very hard ball, but that was all. I took some stool softeners when i got hope. I hope they'll work.

Still having constipation problems...I summons all my strenght and pushed out a couple of small hard turs this morning but no go stomach feels full and rumbly...might have to go for the laxative tonight.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hey Uncle Harry!

1. What is your gender? Female
2. What is your age? 11
3 How would you describe your body? mediumish
4. How often do you pee? 3 to6
5. How long does it take you to get started? not long
6. How long does it take you to finish? not long
7. Do you pee steadily or in spurts? steadily
8. FEMALES: Do you pee straight down, arcing forward, or spray? arching forward
9. FEMALES: Do you ever pee standing up? yes. I have recently mastered it! (Kinda!)
10.FEMALES: Do you sit with your legs together or apart? together
11.FEMALES: Do you make hissing sounds when you pee? sometimes when sitting and a louder when standing
12.FEMALES: When you pee outdoors, what position do you take? I don't often pee outdoors but I guess it would depend on what I would be wearing.
13.Do you enjoy watching others pee? Not perticularly
Same gender?
Opposite gender?
14.Do you let others watch you pee? Sure. I'm not that shy
Same gender? Yes
Opposite gender? I might in front of a 2 year old if I'm babysitting him and don't want to leave him alone, but probably not in front of a guy 5 or older because I doubt a 2 year old would pay much attention to stuff where someone my age would be watching me and make me feel creepy!

1- When out, if you become desperate for the toilet would you rather use a public toilet or wait until you get home? ~It depends. If we're going home right after and we're almost done shopping, I'll wait, but it depends how desperate I am. Usually I won't go in a public toilet.

2- When using a public toilet do you sit or hover? ~ I will usually sit

3- Has there ever been a public toilet you have refused to use? ~Yeah. At school, if someone forgot to flush, I would flush it, then go to another stall or if someone just came out because I don't really like the warm feeling.

4- Is there any of you that pee/poop with the stall door open? ~No. I lock the door, and if it doesn't lock, I'll hold it with my feet.

5- Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public toilet? ~Luckily, no.
6- If you have a poop that wont go down on 1st flush do you flush flush again?- It's never happened before, but I probably would

7- Have you ever peed/pooped your panties while waiting in line for the ttoilet? ~No.

8- Have you ever witnessed anyone doing the same? ~I might have but didn't notice.

9- Do you take anything with you to read in a public toilet? ~No

10- Have you ever flushed soiled underwear or used tampons down a public toilet? ~No. I only flush toilet paper or tissues down the toilet.

What is your favorite public toilet to use? Please explain about it. Pretty much just a clean one. NO pee or poo on the seat. I also like the color white because I've never used a colored toilet, but you never know!


Thanks so much for your reply! :) It's great to see more women who pee standing still on these forums. If you do end up having an experience of this kind that you could make a story out of, please post it here. I'm guessing you could turn nearly any everyday peeing experience into a story, if you chose to describe it with interesting detail. I would surely be glad to give you a detailed story in return as well!

I've heard that there at least used to be some pants manufacturers who made women's pants with long zippers that allowed easier stand-up peeing, but unfortunately they might not be in business anymore, or at least might not make those kinds of pants anymore. I've heard stories of some women making modifications to pants to make peeing standing easier, however. One or two of these are in the old posts on this site, I believe. I can't find one of them, though I think it was about a woman telling how her sister who was in the military had made modifications to her pants; I'm not sure if it was on this site or on another site, though. Also, one of the very earliest posts here (probably on the first page or something) had some advice regarding modifications to knickers which may be useful.

Do you use the "device-free" method to pee standing - the one in which a girl uses her hands to part the labia to get a clean stream? That has often seemed to me to be the most convenient way for the majority of women, though of course I don't really know that because I'm a guy. Lol.


I really like some of your stories! That one with the "noodle things" I especially enjoyed.


One good way of peeing standing is to spread your labia apart (including your inner labia) with your fingers so as to clear a path for your pee to come out in a clean stream, lift up on your labia so that the pee stream will go out in front, and then pee with reasonable force to prevent dribbling at the beginning and end. Perhaps you won't be splashed if you do not stand directly over the toilet (i.e., if you can get your stream out front), and if you try to pee somewhat less forcefully than you did that time when it splashed you, so that it would splash less and make less noise (but still do it forcefully enough for it to get out front). You should probably start by practicing in the bath, because if you make mistakes it doesn't matter there. Maybe later on, when you have gotten better at it, you can try peeing over the edge of the bath from outside it, to practice getting it further forward. (There's more room for error in a bathtub, it would seem, than in a toilet.) Some women have trouble with this technique, but with enough practice, it seems to work for the majority of them, from what I've heard! Good luck, if you would like to try it out!


Here are my answers to your survey:

1. What is your gender? MALE.
2. What is your age? NEARLY 21.
3 How would you describe your body? VERY TALL AND SKINNY.
4. How often do you pee? PROBABLY A COUPLE TO A FEW TIMES A DAY.
5. How long does it take you to get started? AT MOST A FEW SECONDS.
6. How long does it take you to finish? DEFINITELY UNDER 30 SECONDS, PROBABLY UNDER 20.
7. Do you pee steadily or in spurts? STEADILY.
9. MALES: Do you ever pee sitting down when you don't need to poop? I NEARLY ALWAYS SIT DOWN TO PEE. IT'S A HABIT I'VE HAD SINCE AROUND AGE 4.
10. MALES: Do you hold your penis with one hand or two? I USE ONE HAND TO PUSH MY PENIS DOWNWARD WHEN I SIT DOWN TO PEE.
11. MALES: At a toilet, do you pee against the bowl or into the water? AGAINST THE BOWL (THE FRONT, SINCE I SIT).
12. MALES: When you pee outdoors, do you pee on trees? I RARELY PEE OUTDOORS, AND DON'T PEE ON TREES WHEN I DO.
13. Do you enjoy watching others pee?
Same gender?
Opposite gender?
14. Do you let others watch you pee?
Same gender?
Opposite gender?

Went to the beach yesterday. The stalls in the mens bathrooms had NO doors for privacy. I wasn't embarrased, except while I was wiping my ass, a guy came into the stall and asked for toilet tissue, he stood and peeled the tissue off the core while I was wiping my ass. LOL..we both smirked about not having stall doors when we shit. I waved to him when I was leaving, and he waved back ...

I so glad i found this site i really love reading the posts. Just the other day i felt a big bm in my belly but, had no time to go, really out strait at work so i just kept going i had desided to go in my pants on my way home.Finily got out and on my way.stoped at a red light and lifted up my but a little then let it out.It was a big long fairly hard log it felt great to just do it in my pants as i drove on i kept pushing and some more came out and then a gas blast went off and a new batch of soft wet poo came flying out i was almost home when i saw a good friend of mine i thought ohh! know what will do i just he was parked at our local store if i stop he will smell it i just looked the other way and called he on the phone said don't have time to stop but will see you later i went home to see what i done in my pants went in the shower pulled down my pants and boxers it was a big mess the soft and hard poops had mixed and it was pretty stinky i just put on some vinyl gloves and cleaned up i loved every minute of it all Hope u all like my story that all for now


1. What is your gender?


2. What is your age?


3. How would you describe your body?

Medium build, kind of on the tall side.

4. How often do you pee?

Usually three times a day, sometimes four

5. How long does it take you to get started?

Maybe thirty seconds at most, it's typically right after I sit down

6. How long does it take you to finish?

Somewhere around 3 minutes. I drink a lot of water, but I'm good at holding my pee until it's convenient to go

7. Do you pee steadily or in spurts?

Pretty much a steady stream until the end, then a few final spurts.

8. Do you pee straight down, arcing forward, or spray?

Straight down into the bowl

9. Do you ever pee standing up?

On the rare occasions I pee outside, yes. Otherwise, no

10. Do you sit with your legs together or apart?

Legs apart, but still sort of close together

11. Do you make hissing sounds when you pee?

All the time

12. When you pee outdoors, what position do you take?

I'll find a secluded location, and use my fingers to aim my stream while standing so as to avoid getting my clothes wet

13. Do you enjoy watching others pee?

Yes, although I've never watched a guy pee before

14. Do you let others watch you pee?

I don't usually have people around when I pee, but I wouldn't mind. The only person I can think of who's seen me pee is my best friend.

Speaking of question 14, I have a story to share with everyone here. My best friend and I were returning to her apartment after a day of shopping and we were both bursting for a pee. We couldn't decide who would go first, so we both took off our pants and panties and peed in the bathtub at the same time.

Didn't see this earlier!

1. I'm a Female
2. I'm 14
3 My body is a little big, but decent size.
4. I don't pee very often
5. It takes me a few seconds to get started
6. It doesn't take me very long to finish.
7. My pee comes out steadily.
8. It depends how much and how fast I pee if it arches, sprays, or goes straight.
9. I've hovered over the seat before, but never upright.
10. I sit with my legs together.
10. It depends how fast and strong I'm going if I make hissing sounds.
11. When I go outdoors, I squat with panties held to the side.
10. I do enjoy watching others pee, both females and males.
11. I normally don't let others watch me pee, then again, no one has ever asked...

i`m back again with another story. i was walking home after leaving the 24 hour store and saw this women who looked to be about 30. anyway, she seemed to be walking sort of funny(like with her legs close together) i didn`t really pay too much attention and just figured i was maybe imagining things when all of a sudden she reached to pull down her jeans and pink underwear and started to pee into someone`s front lawn. she must have been real desperate to pee out in public like that as i`ve hardly ever seen women do this(how common is it?)

i wanted to stay and watch but didn`t want to seem like a perv, so after a quick glance i went on my way.

that`s it for today

I need some help. I am incredibly poop shy and will avoid pooping in public at all costs even if that means forcing shit up my ass for hours. A couple of weeks ago i went to camp . i was so nervous to poop the whole time i was there. i was there for a week and i usually poop everyday or everyother day. i held in my poop for as long as i could until it was basically jutting out of my crack. i pooped at about 2am so that no one would be awake and i sprayed a lot of perfume. i noticed that the other girls didnt really care as much about their pooping habits.i was so nervous about pooping at camp that i even considered taking my first enema! how can i get over my poop shyness?

I've been a fan of this site for quite some time, and I must say that I find women using the toilet somewhat more interesting than one would imagine. I remember having a girlfriend who, while she probably wasn't exactly comfortable having someone accompany her, would describe her "noteworthy achievements" in the bathroom. I happened to see her once, for a moment, and it was exciting.

That being said, I can fully understand why someone would NOT want to be seen in such a position, especially by members of the opposite sex. As far as I'm concerned, there's a separation for a reason. As has been said, there are often no doors on stalls in the men's room, much more often than having no doors on women's restrooms (indeed, public schools are permitted to have doorless stalls for boys but are supposed to have locking doors on the girls' restrooms as far as I know). If anyone is alright with being seen on the toilet, more power to them, but it's not my responsibility to allow women use of the men's restroom.

Furthermore, a man in a similar situation would be at a much higher risk. I remember reading somewhere that it's a felony for a man to be in the women's room because it's automatically considered voyeurism, and while I'm not sure if that's true, it is true that more women would be likely to be offended/feel threatened if a man entered their restroom space.

Out of respect for the ladies, I would rather find another place to go to the bathroom than come into their area. I would hope that they'd show the same respect to me.

- K-dog

Jessa's Accident Survey
1. When was the last time you wet your pants? About 4 weeks ago
2. When was the last time you messed your pants? 2 years ago
3. Was there a time when you wet/messed your pants instead of using a public bathroom? Nope
4. Have you ever wet/messed yourself in public? quite a few times
5. Have you ever wet/messed your pants out of conveinence? Nope
6. Have you ever wet/messed in your pants on purpose? Nope
7. If yes, why did you decide to do it and how often do you do it?
8. Do prefer to wet your pants or mess them? Nope I find them completely embarrasing
9. Have you ever wet yourself in the rain just because you could?Have wet myself in the rain but not on purpose

Greg (Mike's Friend)
Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I've posted since I've been quite busy just with stuff. About s year ago, on page 1482, I posted my first story about my buddy Mike. On that day, Mike ended up needed to take a series of major dumps to clean his system out possibly from a virus or light food poisoning. We never figured out what caused it. All I know now is that I was happy to have been lucky enough to have been there to enjoy it all!! I'm going out of chronological order since I simply want to tell this episode first. Besides, these stories are all read in reverse order of their posting with the newest posts coming up first.

During that day, Mike had already taken two very huge bowel movements at home that morning, one of which I got to take him some toilet paper while he sat there with his white briefs down stretched around his ankles. Very cool "sighting!"

After his second big dump, we eventually left the house to run our errands with Mike THINKING the worst was behind him after dropping a weeks worth of excrement in two sittings. On our way to Sears (There's just SOMETHING about that store on this forum!!) which is normally a 15 minute drive, we got slowed down by the combination of a traffic accident and construction. Mike was driving and we were about 2 miles from the mall when I smelled a really rancid fart in the car. I turned to give Mike a nasty look but saw that he was shifting and squirming uncomfortably with a bit of a concerned look on his face. I could see that Mike was trying to straighten himself out as much as possible and keep his legs tightly together. I began wondering if Mike might actually need to crap yet again.

Of course, Mike did not have to speculate on what he needed. He *FELT* the pressure starting to escalate in his butt as he became increasingly loaded with excrement. Mike's shitmakers were evidently working overtime and in overdrive that day.

"Sorry about that, Bro." Mike apologized. "I really have to go to the toilet again." His words confirmed my suspicion.

Unfortunately for Mike, because of the traffic and construction, it was a bit of a slow go to the Mall which was pretty tough on Mike who was working hard to resist the relentless growing pressure. As we wound our way through the brutally slow traffic, Mike squirmed more and more as he became increasingly loaded and the relentless pressure inside him continued to mount. He also let a few more particularly rancid farts escape against his will as his GI contractions continued to ominously gain strength. At the last traffic light before the stop, the light had just changed to yellow and Mike frantically wanted to get through but the 80-year-old lady driver in front of us stopped instantly in front of us forcing Mike to slam on the brakes.

"Dammit! Nooo!" Mike wailed in despair. Mike then blared the car horn in frustration and threw his hands up in the air but the elderly driver in front of us apparently did not notice. I then heard some more rumbling and grumbling in Mike's gut as he winced from a bad cramp and I knew that even more crap was on the way to push on the train that was already in the station and ready to depart!! A few moments later, Mike was no longer just loaded with shit, he was DESPERATELY loaded with shit. Tears were practically coming to his eyes as he moaned and crossed his legs tightly. The overwhelming pressure to shit had to have been unbearable and Mike's position was now going from desperate to untentable. Mike had a lot of shit inside him now, and holding on to it to reach a bathroom was proving to be very difficult.

Finally, the ridiculously long traffic light changed to green and Mike wanted to gun the throttle in the worst way to get into the Mall but the old lady driver in front of us pulled away like molasses in January.

"Come On!!" Mike groaned in despair. Finally, Mike was able to get in the left turn lane and he gunned the throttle as he turned into the mall on two wheels. He gave one final frustrated honk to the elderly driver who gave us a bewildered look as she drove away. She possibly thought Mike was just being an aggressive young driver not realizing that the badly-loaded boy was in such dire need of a bowel movement.

Tearing into a parking spot, Mike quickly cut the engine and hit the paring brake as we both jumped out of the car. I was out of the car first and making my way in since Mike had to park the car. Luckily for my desperately-loaded friend, the bathrooms were just down the corridor from the entrance we were going in. We had both used this bathroom many times before and many times since. Mike quickly passed me in sort of an urgent run-walk saying "I have to HURRY bro. I *NEED* to shit right NOW!"

As Mike hustled to the restroom down the hall, he held his legs tightly together clenching his badly-loaded throbbing butt, struggling desperately to hold his shit inside him. We had gone to the mall for other reasons, but right now, his impending bowel movement was Mike's first and only concern. Approaching the door, Mike unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants when he saw that nobody was watching, Mike was already strategizing on how to get on the toilet as quickly as possible as he pushed the door open with his shoulder. Mike then ran into the first stall and didn't even try to secure the door instead opting to drop the seat into place and urgently pulling down his pants as I took a place next to his stall at the urinal. The side barriers were quite low at that time giving the person inside the stall to look out and the person at the urinal a chance to look in. Giving me one last resigned desperate look, my shit-filled buddy quickly dropped his pants and collapsed to the toilet.

Almost immediately a mighty rush of shit stormed out of Mike overwhelming him quickly, easily and completely while rendering him helpless. As the huge mass of crap rushed out of the helpless young man, I was able to look over and actually able to see the top of Mike's head bobbing up and down as he helplessly sat there moaning and groaning. While I only heard Mike's shit rush out, it was obvious he FELT all that crap going right through him. Because the sound of shit hitting the water was instantaneous, I'm thinking Mike actually had let go of his crap before he was all the way down. Not surprising really considering how desperately he had needed a shit for the last 10 minutes or so. The crackling and spluttering sound seemed to go on endlessly as the huge mass of shit piled up in the BADLY-needed toilet beneath my helpless buddy.

"Holy Smokes!" I yelped in disbelief as the Mike's first huge wave eventually subsided. "I bet you have to feel better after THAT!!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…." Mike moaned in his own disbelief. "This is UNREAL. I have absolutely NO idea where all the SHIT is coming from."

"You were pretty upset with that old lady driver!" I laughed.

"Oh my God!" Mike groaned. "I really thought it was all over when she stopped in front of us. I really thought I was going to SHIT my pants. The only reason I managed to hold out was because you were in the car with me."

"Your secret would have been safe with me." I said laughing. (Except it would have been one of the first stories I ever posted here on this site!!)

"It's not that." Mike grunted " I know you haven't said anything about Josh's accident (Page 1464 on this forum). I just didn't want you to have to deal with the mess and the smell."

"Oh." I laughed. " Well you know what they say… Life is what happens when you get stuck in traffic and have to take a shit! Or SOMETHING like that!"

"Or Murphy's Law…. " Mike cracked. "The length of a red traffic signal is directly proportional to how BAD you need to take a shit!!"

A few moments later, Mike's second train was in the station and ready for departure. I suppose this was the wave that had made Mike cramp up at the traffic stop and had escalated his toilet predicament. A moment later, the shit came gushing out of Mike much softer and mushier than the first wave and mixed with lots of sputtering gas and piled up on the rest of Mike's shit sort of like the chocolate syrup going on top of the chocolate ice cream and bananas in a sundae except this was HARDLY a tasty treat unless you happen to be a fly. This second wave of shit was about as long as the first one and had Mike moaning, groaning, and gasping like I had never heard him do before. As this was going on, I got one more look at the top of Mike's head as the shit wave powered through him. All he could do was stare wide-eyed ahead, eyes rolling, a helpless young man bumming on the toilet in the throes of a serious shit.

Mike let out yet another lengthy moan as the mushy wave finally abated. I flushed the urinal and walked over to the sink to wash up. Mike had been too desperate to secure the door and it swung about halfway open leaving anyone a clear view of his right side as he sat there with his pants down. The latch was just out of his reach unless he got up to secure it, something he didn't feel like doing. The long protracted struggle to hold his shit combined with the 2 monstrous waves he unleashed and the precipitous drop in internal pressure had left Mike feeling weak and exhausted so he just sat there to finish up and try to recover somewhat.

Mike crackled,farted and sputtered intermittently for the next 10 minutes as he continued to crank out mush while I waited at the door. Many of the crackles and sputters were accompanied by soft, under-the-breath grunts and gasps. It was easily the most vocalizing I had ever heard Mike do during a shit. Mike's pants hung about halfway around his calves. If you were just walking in and saw this but didn't know Mike, you could still surmise that the dude sitting on the toilet with his pants down was a young guy based on the style of pants, underwear, shoes and socks he was wearing along with the fact that Mike's voice was young sounding. You would also know that the young man bumming on the crapper was on the tall side based on Mike's large feet (Size 15) and the distance of his feet from the toilet. You could then also conclude that the young man had needed to shit pretty badly based on the overpowering smell indicating a sizable load, the fact that he hadn't secured the door, and the fact that he had chosen the first stall he could get into rather than one further down that would have afforded him a quite a bit more privacy.

Finally, he reached behind him and flushed his fecal monster away to wherever it is that fecal monsters go. It then took him numerous wipes to clean up before he pulled his pants up and flushed the toilet again to dispose of the paper. He then walked out and went to the sink to wash up. Seeing me, he rolled his eyes and exhaled a LOOONG sigh of relief.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!" He exclaimed. "Oh My God, Bro! THAT was a NASTY shit!"

I then asked Mike what he was talking about when he referred to Josh's accident since I hadn't heard about it yet. He thought I already knew and he confided on me that Josh had shit his pants at football practice the year before. (Page 1464.) Later when I saw him, Josh was pretty upset that Mike had spilled the bean and he proceeded to tell me about a near-accident Mike had traveling to Florida. (Page 1493).

After Mike washed up, we went into the Mall to run our errands with Mike THINKING the worst was FINALLY behind him!

Be Safe,


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