Anonnymous girl
Hi all! Megan, would you please post more stories about you peeing where ur not supposed to? I really enjoy them! And i agree, people should post more pee stories! :)

I have a story to share. I was at my grandparents's house, it was dark, and i wanted to get something in the car. I felt my bladder was full and i felt a bit naughty, or rather daring. I had a skirt and panties on. I was close to the door, in front of a garden, on a patch of sand, so i squatted, put my feet far appart, lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and pissed. Then i saw a movement nearby! I quickly stopped and stood up. I looked around, but could see nothing. So i went to a more shaddowed area, under a tree, almost against the wall, on a brick path in the yard. There is a fence about two metres from the wall. So i squatted down again and emtied my bladder. I had to dry my panties afterward, since i had no tissues and just pulled my panties up. It took some guts to pee there though!

the funniest thing happened this afternoon. i was at home and it was 3 pm when my step mom arrives home which is unusual because she usually gets off work at 5. so i think i should scare her when she comes in. so as she walks in i jump from behind a wall. and she got the weirdest look and says oh my god! and it turns out in her words " eeeew oh my god ewww" i ask did you poop in your panties and she says no. so as she starts to walk down the hall, her high heel caught the long rug and boom! she falls and completely poos her panties.


It's perfectly okay if you have problems with that. But diapers should work well. And just tell your husband the truth. He should be fine because accidents happen. to EVERYONE! And if you can't say it to his face, get some paper and write down the truth where he'll see it.

HEy Animal Girl!

I am a 11 yr old girl with blue eyes brownish blondish shoulder length hair and love to pee! I've recenntly started peeing in the sink. Also, pee in the shower, and once when shaving my legs started peeing and shaving. I have tried to pee standing up numorous times but they have failed. :( The first time it worked perfectly but the others, not so well. But, I've started practicing in the bath tub. If you take a shower, then practice there. It won't matter if you get pee on your legs cuz it washes off. I haven't peed laying down yet, but thanx for the idea! I don't know if you can poo TOTOALLY standing up, but I would recomend taking off your pants and underwear, face away from the toilet head thing, not sure what it's called, bend your legs and poo. With the pee splashing back up thing, Id recomend squatting a little and pull up the toilet seat otherwise you have to wipe it off and for some, that's not fun! Remember: Practice makes perfect! Hope I helped!

Oh and Embarrassing: That's so funny!

I don't really see what the big deal is about admitting you have to use the bathroom to your date. Its not like you're the only person who poops or pees. Your date does it too. It would be stupid for him/her to be disgusted by you going to the bathroom. I have a story for you about that....
My ex-girlfriend Rachel was very shy about going around me. In fact, I can only recall one time ever that she admitted needing to go and we dated for months. Rachel was about 18 at the time--shy, petite, pale skinned beauty with long dark red curls. She'd come over to my place, have dinner, watch movies almost every week. But she'd never use the bathroom. I, on the other hand, couldn't care less. I'd piss with the door open and embarrass her to death. There were a couple of times she'd start acting like she had to go, but then she'd make up some excuse for why she had to go home immediately. If I had picked her up, she'd tell me she needed to go straight home. So, I'd take as long as I possibly could, putting up leftover food, looking for my shoes, putting up the movie, looking for my keys, checking my phone for missed calls. I know I'm mean. But I really wanted to make her use my bathroom to prove she was human! Finally, one night as she was begging to go home and I was taking my sweet time gathering my stuff, she started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing, but kept squirming. So, I took even more time. She cried harder, knowing we had a good 15 min ride to her house. I screamed "What is your problem??" And she quietly mumbled "I really need to go to the bathroom." So I told her to use mine, and she said she didn't want to. And I said, "Is THIS what this is all about!? Every night you beg me to take you home early for this!?" She nodded through her tears, her hair hanging over her face. And I said, "Then use mine. I'm not taking you home just for that." I took off my shoes, tossed my keys on the table, and sat back on the couch. I turned on the TV and ignored Rachel. I guess she finally realized she couldn't hold it any longer and there was no way I was going to take her home. I honestly think she would have stolen my keys and driven herself at that point if she had been able to drive a motorcycle.....but she couldn't, so she used my bathroom. She was furious with me, and, needless to say, the relationship didn't last much longer after that.....Yeah, I know it was mean, but at least she knows now that peeing away from home won't kill her...although she probably wants to kill me.....

TO single woman:

lol! I don't think I've seen a post like yours on this site. :)

Still, I must admit that I've drifted off now and then on the toilet while at work, but I've never fallen asleep. A few times I came 'that' close to falling off before being snapped back to wakefulness.

Take care!


Anny, I would look into more substantial protection for your accidents, until you can figure out what's up. I would see your doctor or a urologist to see if maybe you have over active bladder as this sounds like what it is. There are meds that can treat it. So far as your husband is concerned, tell him. He's bound to find out eventually, and if he really loves you this is nothing to worry about. Besides, he may get turned on by it. Who knows? If this problem is the biggest thing in your life and your marriage, you'll be extremely lucky.

Still not crapping much..this morning after breakfast did one barely average size poo..took a bit of work getting it out and I know there is plenty more up my colon. Out at a club today and went and sat on the throne but nothing would move. See what happens tomorrow.
A story of my first experience with a laxative....I was about 13 0r was just after Christmas..I was feeling tired and lethargic and Mum decided I needed a laxative..Agarol..I thiught I did not need it and after protests I took the medicine. Next day,first up I was on the pot gushing out liquid smelly shit..I was there twice and then felt OK. We went shopping and was just finishing at a shop and Mum shoved some toilet paper in my hand and pointed to public toilets just in front and told me to give it a go. I reluctantly obeyed...Mum was right, another big gusher...trouble was it took three days before I could have a solid shit.

Had the runs tonight. The first time I went I had a lot of stomach cramps and I had one small wave of mushy diarrhea. Then just a few minutes ago the cramps from hell came back, and I clamped down on my sphincter muscles because I knew the minute I relaxed I would have diarrhea in my underwear. And that was one mess I didn't want to clean up.

I went to the bathroom, pulled down my panties and shorts and sat on the toilet. Liquid/mushy diarrhea started coming out right away. It was a noisy dump, with tons of gas and lots of mushy poop. I felt solid poop up there too and strained to get it out, but only accomplished the gas. Nothing else came out. I wiped and pulled my underwear and shorts up, flushed the toilet and sprayed the bathroom with Lysol.

My stomach is still crampy and feels like crap (no pun intended). Hopefully it goes away, and hopefully I won't end up having an accident in public today.

Happy pooping hopefully.


To Gregg in Pa: I gotta agree with you buddy. I don't know why, but lately a lot of places have removed all the stall doors in mens restrooms. It would be REALLY embarrasing if a lady walked in on me while I was sitting there making a number two.

Uncle Harry

To Jenny

I enjoyed your post about peeing over the boat rail. As a former boater, I'm familiar with this. It's always refreshing to find people who are not embarrassed about bodily functions.


I enjoyed your post about your interest in standing to pee. You mention that you need to wear pants with long zippers in order to pee standing without having to pull them down. I can't quite picture how you can do that. Can you get the zipper far enough below your vagina so you can pull the pants under it? Can you get your pee stream to arc far enough forward to reach the toilet and not wet your pants? Do you hold your labia out of the way to get a straight stream? I'm wondering if you have tried, or thought about trying, one of those funnel-like devices that help women to pee standing up, sort of creating an artificial penis. My wife tried some when we went camping, but they weren't very helpful for her. She couldn't get a tight enough fit around her pussy and kept leaking and decided it would just be easier to squat. A reply would be appreciated.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I had to poop the other day, and I was at the movies with a couple friends. After the movie, I was relieved to know I could finally go to the bathroom. We all went to the bathroom, I just rushed. When we got there, there were 10 stalls, all occupied except for one, but no one seemed to want to go in it. I shrugged, and figured nothing could be worse than holding it. So I went into the stall, ripped my jeans and panties down to just below my knees and then leaned over to close and lock the stall door.. then I realized.. no lock on the door. I decided that if the door was closed fully enough people wouldn't walk in on me. I pulled it shut with force, but when I let go to sit back on the toilet, it opened. Most people didn't look at me, but my friends waved. I turned red and waved back. I felt the poo start to move, so I figured I'd give it one more shot to close. I leaned over and closed the door, holding it closed... but I felt some pee coming so I had to sit back down. And the door opened again. So then this time, I waited until the pee was finished.. but the gigantic poo was still on it's way out, stretching my hole like hell. I got up to close the door and my friends started laughing. I looked down and realized you could fully see the huge poo half sticking out my bum. I dropped down on the toilet and gave up on closing the door. I relaxed back, and pushed everything out. It felt amazing. I wiped, and left the stall without flushing. I didn't hear the end of it...

Random Girl
Every time I poo I block the toilet. It's not like I'm constipated or anything, and no one else in my house blocks the toilet it's just me. It's really embarassing! Help?

Animal girl
Hi. Im a fourteen year old girl with brown eyes and brown, shoulder length hair. I have a question: has any girl here ever sat down flat on the floor or ground, and peed? Or have you ever layed on ur back, spread ur legs wide and pissed? Or maybe peed in a sink or bath?

I have peed standing before. I had a huge pee, so i took off my pants and underwear, stood with my legs at each side of the toilet and blast off! The pee splashed up from the toilet and hit my legs. I have pooed laying half on my back on the toilet too. Any better way of peeing standing up in the toilet? And without a huge noise? And how do i poo standing up? Thanx.

single woman
Hi, I perfer not to say my name but I'm a 31-year-old single girl who lives with her dog. I came across this site by accident but I find your stories intresting. I thought I'd tell you a funny story that happened to me yesterday mourning. I usually wake up at six-thirty since I have to be at work by eight. My AM routine is I poop, then rinse in the shower, brush my teeth, and get ready. Yesterday mourning was different though. At six Max, my dog started licking my face while I was in a deep sleep and he woke me up. So since I was half asleep half awake, I figured I'd go to the bathroom now, then go back to sleep. So I stumbled to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I sleep naked so I didn't have to worry about pulling down pants or anything. After I sat down I started to pee then a moment later I felt the poop starting to come out. Since I was half asleep, I closed my eyes and put my head on the wall near the toilet. After what seemed like a few minutes later, Ifelt licking again. It was my dog of course. I looked outside my bathroom window and noticed that it was broad daylight. My bedroom clock said eight-fifteen. Oh no! I fell asleep for two hours on the toilet. Here I am, a thirty-one-year-old grown woman, sleeping naked on the toilet like a baby. I was late for work. So I quickly ran to the phone and called my boss and told him that I was going to be late. Funny story. I'll talk to you later!

Hey! I'm Melinda. I've been on this sight before, but it was a while ago. Recently I have been pooping alot, and i don't know why! The poop is really runny and disgusting. At first I thought it was because of my period, because that is when it started, but that has been over for a week and I'm still pooping about four times a day! Does anyone know why this is happening?


Recently I went out on a boat with a group of my friends. It was mixed gender, so luckily none of us were shy about our bodily functions. Anyway, at one point, a few of us had to pee. Seeing as there was just one bathroom, we decided to just pull down our pants and underwear and pee over the side of the boat. It was loads of fun and I was surprised at how much some of the guys peed - it seemed to go on forever.

Later on, I had to poop pretty bad. Considering how much fun I had peeing the way I did, I decided to try pooping the same way. I just hung my butt over the side and went. I made three big turds - the first one must have been at least a foot long and the other two maybe 5 inches. It was so much fun feeling the poop ease out of me and then hearing it splash into the water below.

Apparently I started a trend - One of the guys came over and pooped later too, although it didn't look like he pooped as much as I did.

For Crank: actually it makes it easier for you to go poop when you're wearing high heels because it raises your knees and straightens out your colon. Doctors often recommend putting your feet up on a footstool when trying to go BM when you're constipated or have hemmerhoids becuase it makes it easier to go. I always wear heels when I go to the bathroom, I have a pair of platform clogs I usually step into if I don't have shoes on when I have to go.

Hi everybody! I am glad people like my stories. Well, I have more stories, and I will post them! Oh, and I think this website had a computer glitch, because I was the one who wrote the story about me and my other friend Clair, but it came after somebody else's post, with no seperation, but that was mine!!!
1. When me and Jane were 12 years old, I went camping with her family. We were in the middle of the woods with no toilet, so her parents dug a big hole in the ground, and took a plank of wood and put it over the middle. What you would do is sit on it with your butt hanging over the end, and pee/poo into the hole. Since me and jane where both slim, we would just use it together to save time. One time we had both been canoing all day, and really had to go. So we sat down side by side, and let loose. You could hear the pitter patter of both of our streams hitting the ground, and then there was a big puddle in the hole. Yeah, I know, that was kind of a boring one, but I have a few more!
2. This one is of me, clair, and jane. We were both at Clair's house. Well, it was after school, and we hadn't used the bathroom all day. We were walking to her house, and when we were about halfway there, clair peed her pants. The wetspot got bigger and bigger, until clair was soaked all the way down her pants. I then peed my pants, and was soaked also. Jane squatted down, and only the front of her crotch got wet, and she made a big puddle on the ground. We then got to clair's house and changed clothes. We went outside to go swimming. Clair had those noodle things, that are long floatation devices made of foam with a hole in the middle. Well, we got an idea! I took off my bathing suit, and put it over my crotch. Jane held the other end up, so it was curved. I then peed as much as I could, and nothing came out the other end. Jane then tipped it, and a whole lot of pee fell out. Jane then did it, only she peed so much, that it was overflowing out of the other end. Clair then stood on a chair, and held it straight underneath her. She peed, and nothing was coming out, finally it was coming out of the other end. Clair said it felt really weird to quit peeing but still have it coming out of the noodle!
Well, I will post more later. WE NEED MORE PEE STORIES!!!!!!!!!

It's me again. I peed in the toilet the first time but my panties were quite damp. I went back and a while ago I had to pee AGAIN! I was squirting pee into my pad(I'm on my period). Soon after a long squirt went into my pad, then another, then another, I lost control and peed my panties really bad. It hissed out for about a minute, soaking my crotch with warm pee. I got control of it again for about 30 seconds and I lost it completely.

Pee soaked my cute black spandex cherry panties at an alarming rate. Quickly I felt my butt and crotch get really warm and it started hissing out, leaking off the chair onto the floor. It ran off the sides and in the middle. I gave up by that point and pushed the rest out. By the time I was done, they were soaked and dripping.

Immediately I went and grabbed 2 towels, since the chair is mesh. I put a towel overtop of the chair and soaked up what I could, and I put a towel under the chair where the pee had leaked through. Both towels are still there. I had sprayed body spray on the chair first and put the towel back on it.

I am so embarrassed. The bladder problems are back. The urgency, etc. This was a real, honest to God accident, not laziness. The chair is absolutely soaked. I had to throw my housecoat and nighty in the laundry because it had leaked through and was wet too. The two towels are going there too soon.

How am I going to explain to my husband what happened? He's going to see my soaked underwear, the 2 towels and my housecoat in the laundry and put 2 and 2 together and figure out I had an accident. :(

This is so embarrassing. I'm 21 years old, this should not happen to me!

I had another wetting accident a couple minutes ago :( I had to go to the bathroom and I wound up peeing my underwear for the 2nd time in 2 hours before I could even get up. The pee gushed off the chair on the floor again.

My underwear was saturated, and so was the chair. I took the panties off right away and put the soaked pad in the garbage and took the underwear to the bathroom and rinsed them in the sink. Then I took the same damp towels from earlier and soaked up the puddle from the chair and tried to dry it the best I could, then sprayed it with body spray and put a folded blanket over top. I cleaned up the puddle the best I could off the carpet and put some baby powder on it to soak up some of the wetness, which is kind of working. I will have to scrub the carpet later.

I am humiliated. 2 accidents in 2 hours. My bladder problems are back full blast. What happens if I have an unplanned peeing accident in public? It will be so embarrassing :( I better bring a change of underwear and extra pads with me when I go out today. Went through 2 pairs of underwear in one day. I know my husband will question the wet underwear.

Should I 'fess up to the accidents or just ignore it?


Have been on pain meds and am constipated...will keep off laxatives for a while and see what happens. This morning pushed out a couple of small hard turds and again later this afternoon stunk and my hole is a little sore. I have been grunting on the loo too. Will report back on my progress

To some kid: I do not think there is anything wrong with how much or how often you poop as long as you don't need to push a lot to get it out. But if you want to poop more often and more, eat fiber and get some exercise. I'm pretty sure some of your friends don't go as much as you think.

Since tuesday, I have had more easy shits. I think it's because we're back from the beach. Anyway, about 3 hours ago, I had come home from a restaurant and needed to shit. I went to the bathroom, sat down and was about to pee until I realized I wasn't pointing my dick down, so I did. I peed for about a minute and pushed out easily the first 3 logs, which were about 5 inches long. Then I pushed out a bigger one, about 9 inches. They were all soft. Then I wiped 5 times to get clean, which is more than usual. Then I pulled up my pants, flushed and left.

Megan is my best friend. We are both 12. I live with my mom who works alot because my dad doesn't always pay child support. Megan's parents take family trips to amusement parks, museums and even to Washington, D.C. which is four hours from where we live. I get to go on most of them because I'm her best friend. However, I have trouble going to the bathroom when we're traveling. Megan doesn't--she makes going seem to easy. I'm happy for her but it sucks for me! When I'm out with my mom, we stop at places like McDonald's and department stores like Sears when I have to use the bathroom. However, Megan's parents stop at places such as Interstate rest areas and truck stops. I go in and sit down but large bathrooms with dozens of stalls turn me off and it's hard for me to get my pee flow going in such large places. Also, I get scared with the banging of stall doors and the noisy shitting going on next to me. This past weekend we went to Six Flags and I had pretty good luck crapping in the little girls restroom whereas Megan and her mom used the adult one. I guess I prefer smaller bathrooms and also find that they are cleaner. Sometimes, her dad gets a little upset with me when I can't go and he has to stop again in a few minutes. I'm sorry for the problems I cause, but I give myself about ten minutes on the stool and if I can't go, I give up and will try again. The problem is that I don't have to go when we are at a fast food place or when we stop for gas. I just think the giant bathrooms are horrible, but I've heard from friends that the middle school bathrooms this year will be larger than I've ever seen. I guess I hate them already. Last week at the park I had no trouble peeing in a portapotty, although the stench was gross and it seemed my butt stuck to the seat. The smaller the bathroom, the better, especially when we are away from home so much this summer.

Michelle (from LA)
HI!! First time poster here... anyway, I've been reading these stories for a while now, so I thought I might post, since I love to pee and poop.

First of all, let me introduce myself: I am a 20 year old girl, 5'4", and I weigh about 120 pounds. Here is my latest story:

For about 4 days, I was feeling really constipated. My part-time job was in a diner, and I was the waitress. I felt constant cramps and had a lot of gas. Everytime I would sit on the toilet to try and relieve myself, I would only release loud farts. This morning, I tried another attempt at it, but failed. I sat there, pushing, but only a few farts. Frustrated, I pulled up my thong and slipped on my miniskirt. I headed for work. As soon as I got to the diner, I felt worse. The cramps were back and now I was more constipated than ever. As I was taking an order I felt the serious need to take a HUGE SHIT!! I doubled over, holding my stomach. I excused myself and asked another waitress to take my spot. I felt the poop coming out. It was hard and huge. It pushed my thong out of the way and slowly stretched my anus. I knew that people could see it as it felt really long and my skirt was really short. I ran into the ladies room, but all the stalls were filled. There were only two and I knew that they wouldn't be done anytime soon. The two ladies in there were grunting loudly and moaning. All I heard in there were farts and splashes and explosions. Horrified, I tried to think quickly and ran over to the trash can. I lifted my skirt and ripped down my black thong. I sat on top of it, trying to balance and just let loose. The turd slid out uncontrollably as I pushed and groaned. Every 5 seconds, a fart came out and I could hear bits of poop fall into the trash can. Luckily, the can was empty since it was early in the morning. After about 30 minutes, the two women were still on the toilet and I was still on the trash can. I had farted continuously for another 20 minutes, "Blllatttt... spllllttttt... bbbrrraaattttt..." Until one loud fart came out and diarrhea exploded out of my butt. I sat there, pushing and grunting, as the diarrhea splattered onto the bottom of the can. Finally, after another 20 minutes of diarrhea, it was over. Then I realized that I had nothing to wipe with. I didn't care, I was just glad it was over. I hopped off the can and pulled up my thong. I felt the poop squish in between my butt cheeks as poop dripped onto the ground. I pulled my skirt down and continued with my day. I was incredibly uncomfortable because whenever I walked, the poop would move around in my crack and occasionally slide to where my crotch was. As soon as I got home, I cleaned myself up good and went to bed.

Anyway, that's the end of that!! MORE TO COME SOON!!

HEY! Dwyer could you put up more stories? I loved the one you wrote!

baddude: I'm one of those females who stands to pee sometimes, but I don't much in public, because I'm always worried that I'll get nervous around people, mess up and pee on my pants, or I'll get yelled at because someone thinks I'm a guy in the wrong bathroom. I don't really have any good stories to share, other than I do take standing pees at public beach bathrooms, because it's easy to do in a bikini, and I'm always bursting for a good, long whiz after swimming. I guess I just need to get my confidence up before I stand in public bathrooms more often.

Actually I have a question for any other women who stand to pee--I have trouble finding women's pants/jeans with long enough zippers to let me stand. I buy guy's pants for myself sometimes and they fit fine, but they're so baggy and I like showing my curves and wearing tight girls' pants in the summer and the zippers just aren't long enough to let me pee outside without pulling them halfway down. Are there any particular brands or styles I should look for? I prefer flared jeans, if that helps.

Uncle Harry
To Greg in PA

I understand your desire not to have women in the men's room, but don't agree that women should just hold it and wait. Sometimes that would be disastrous. Please read my post on the same day as yours concerning the incident at the ball park. While some men are bothered by having women around when they pee or poop, others, like me, don't mind. I see no reason why both men and women should not be allowed to use the bathroom of the opposite sex if necessary. I've seen quite a few women in men's bathrooms under such circumstances and will be posting my experiences. But I have a solution which would eliminate the potty parity problem: build more unisex, multi-stall bathrooms, Ally McBeal style. This would also help the transgenderd folks who don't feel comfortable in any gender-specific bathroom. They do exist. Many college dorms have them. Some bars and night clubs also do. So do some office buildings and factories. There is one in a public park in Vancouver WA and I have seen a few in other public parks. Of course, these should all have doors on the stalls to assure privacy for anyone who wants it.

My husband asked about why the floor and chair was wet yesterday. He was looking at me kind of suspicious and he was asking me if I was hiding something, to which I said no.

I couldn't come out and say that I had had an accident the other night, TWICE. So I said I had spilled something. He let it go, but I can tell he doesn't believe me.

I am too embarrassed though to tell him I had wet myself, and that I could not control it. He will probably find out anyway, seeing the 2 wet towels, 2 soaked pairs of underwear and wet housecoat and pjs. I stuffed them in the bottom of the laundry hamper so he does not ask me about it. I may have to sneak out tomorrow to wash those so he does not ask me about it again. I don't want any questions, and I don't want to feel humiliated like a big baby for having an accident.

He will probably understand but not be too happy with me for wetting the chair, and for lying to him. I just can't admit what happened.

I think I will invest in some Poise panties tomorrow. I don't want this to happen on a regular basis. I think my bladder problems have returned.

Bye for now.


Uncle Harry
After reading Greg in PAs post concerning women using men's bathrooms, I decided to do some research on the internet to see if this "problem" has been addressed elsewhere. Aside from a lot of pro and con opinion on various blogs, I came across two newspaper articles that shed some light on this subject. One article appeared in the Dallas Morning News, May 27, 1997, by Maryln Schwartz. The other was in the Chicago Sun-Times, July 11, 2001, by Richard Roeper. In the Schwartz article, it seems to depend on what part of the country you are in. She described a trip to New York City, where she frequently ran into situations with women using the men's bathroom when the women's lines were long. At a theater, men were lined up outside the men's room because women had barged in and the guys came out because they were embarrassed. The women, apparently, were not embarrassed. At another theater the next day, it happened again. This time, the one man in the bathroom said he didn't mind. Then, at a busy restaurant, when women went into the men's room, one man complained to the manager. It wasn't clear how many other men were in the bathroom who didn't mind. In talking to New Yorkers, Schwartz was told that it happens frequently. When she got back to Dallas, where she apparently had never run into this, she started asking around and found only isolated incidents, but in Los Angeles it was happening blatantly, apparently even more so than in New York. Schwartz asked some women if they would ever use the men's room. One woman's answer was, "It would all depend on how desperate my need is. If men think that's too aggressive, just let them try waiting". Good for her! This was 10 years ago and my guess is that by now it is even more frequent. I recently learned that New York City has no law saying who can use what bathrooms, or at least didn't a few years ago, so the women weren't doing anything illegal. It don't know if that has changed. I read that arrests were occasionally made when men used the women's, but not the other way around, but the cases were dismissed because it wasn't illegal. But it shows the double standard operating here.

The Roeper article concerns the public toilets at Chicago's Navy Pier and near Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. The lines for the women's bathrooms are often long and women commonly use the men's. One guy jokingly told a woman, "If you women are going to come in here, you should be men enough to stand when you go". A reader wrote to Roeper about an incident at Buckingham Fountain, where he encountered women lined up for the stalls while wisecracking with guys at the urinals. The parks are well patrolled, but the cops rarely intervene, the incident at the Cubs ball park being an exception. Roeper checked with the Chicago Police Department and found that, like New York, it is not illegal to enter a bathroom designated for the opposite sex as long as it is not for indecent purposes. To spy on someone peeing, no; because you "gotta' go", ok. The judge in the ball park case apparently didn't know the law. Roeper's conclusion: he personally does not like the idea of women in the men's bathroom, but most of the guys he knows don't really care. They just think the women are in dire need of a pit stop and are just taking care of business. Since I live in the Chicago area, I can verify Roeper's observations from personal experience.

Hi, Mike.. Thank you! It might have helped!! This morning I was already feeling much better!

There was one runny load left though.. As soon as I sat my butt down on the seat, I ripped a long, wet shart.

Then I had to wait ten minutes for another long shart, and 2 mushy turds shot out of my open anus..

5 minutes later, a little bit of watery diarrea just left my but with a shoet, wet fart.

And then.... My first solid turs since 5 days ago appeared!! I laid four of them, medium sized, wiped and left.

I had been on the potty for 30 minutes. Bye!!!

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
I'm going back to bed for awhile.

Woke up this morning and blasted partially diarrhea-tized poop into the toilet. A little bit later, the urge to go badly hit again. I sounded as if I were peeing like a racehorse--but it was liquid poop. Would have sounded just like pee except for this giveaway pfoozzzzzz at the end.

I'm going back to bed for awhile. I think I just haven't been getting enough rest lately.

Uncle Harry, I'm with you! It was ridiculous for the police to fine that desperate woman $50. This was, obviously, an emergency situation. The woman wasn't doing a prank raid on the men's room. The man who reported her was a moron.

Anyway, it's back to bed for me!

Happy Bathroom Days!
AJ :-)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Uncle Harry
The poop survey that has recently appeared seems to be popular. I'd like to offer a pee version of it. So here is UNCLE HARRY'S UNSCIENTIFIC SURVEY OF PEE HABITS.
1. What is your gender?
2. What is your age?
3 How would you describe your body?
4. How often do you pee?
5. How long does it take you to get started?
6. How long does it take you to finish?
7. Do you pee steadily or in spurts?
8. MALES: Do you pee straight, or at angles, or spray?
FEMALES: Do you pee straight down, arcing forward, or spray?
9. MALES: Do you ever pee sitting down when you don't need to poop?
FEMALES: Do you ever pee standing up?
10. MALES: Do you hold your penis with one hand or two?
FEMALES: Do you sit with your legs together or apart?
10. MALES: At a toilet, do you pee against the bowl or into the water?
FEMALES: Do you make hissing sounds when you pee?
11. MALES: When you pee outdoors, do you pee on trees?
FEMALES: When you pee outdoors, what position do you take?
10. Do you enjoy watching others pee?
Same gender?
Opposite gender?
11. Do you let others watch you pee?
Same gender?
Opposite gender?

does anybody watch the show called "rad girls". it`s about these three girls who do many types small time stunts or a few things people might consider gross or daring. during one episode they tried to see if they could get people to let them fart in their mouth, and some guys volunteered and surprisingly a girl did too. most of the guys actually said that they basically found it a turn on. i would love for a girl to fart in my face.

i have a story for today. a few weeks ago i had gas while sitting in my room watching tv. they were silent but smelled awfull, so after a while i headed to the toilet, where i released a few mushy logs, one of which was about 12 inches long(which i was proud of) as i hadn`t done one that long in a while.
that`s it for today, see ya

Single Woman
Hi again, I found this survey and I thought I'd fill it out.

1 What is your gender? Female

2 What is your age? 31

3 How would you discribe your body? Average build, Short.

4 How often do you poop? Usually every mourning when I wake up.

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? Since I usually pee first, I'd say about 1 minute.

6 How long takes the complete pooping session? About 5 minutes.

7 do you enjoy watching others poop? It depends since I live by myself.

8 How much time took your longest toilet session you can remember? There was one time I had diarrhea and I pooped for 2 hours.

9 Does your poop comes out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? One wave always.

10 How many pieces do you produce when pooping? Most of the time one long piece

11 Do you fart while pooping? Always.

12 Do you shart while pooping? No, not usually

13 Are these questions annoying? Not really

Thanks to whoever wrote this!

Hello, Trisha! Nice from you to react!!

No, I don't like to hold my poo. But sometimes I have to, because I don't like to spend two hours pooping in public.

En when I go, I really feel the urge to go. Sometimes I even got the feeling that I have to rush to make it, but when I sit down, it still takes a long time to start though..


OMG, I am so uncomfortable. My bladder is so full and I am trying to hold it but slowly peeing myself. I have a pad on those and spandex black panties so hopefully the pad will hold. I have to go so bad but I don't want to flat out wet my chair. My butt is getting wetter and wetter. I think I should pee my panties on the toilet. I am peeing myself. G2G.



My stomach is groaning this morning. And I keep having wet farts and stomach cramps. I am not sure what is wrong with my stomach. Feels like I'm going to have diarrhea from hell and going to throw up.

Thank goodness I'm going to Walmart today to buy underwear, so I can change if I do happen to have an accident.

Plus I am looking into buying Poise panties. The panty-wetting is getting out of control. Just those 2 peeing accidents were enough. Hopefully there will be no more!

Ooops...gotta go. Feels like diarrhea's coming!! And I'm about to have another wetting accident.



i have some ideas for people to try

1. hold your pee for a long time, then pee into a measruing thing, then fill out this form

are you male or female
how old are you
how long did you hold it
did anyone know you had to go
how far did you bladder stick out
how much did you pee
how long did it take you to pee
want to tell the story

2. Hold your poo for a long time, stand on some scales, poo, stand on the scales again, then fill ouy this form

are you male or female
how old are you
how long did you hold it
did anyone know you had to go
how much lighter were you afterwards
how long did it take you to poo
how much did you fart
want to tell the story


try pooing standing straight, doing it outside might be a good idea

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