I remember a couple years ago around this time right on halloween. We were in the car on the way to a big haunted house program that my dad forced me to go. My best friend was with me named Stephanie. I wasnt her best friend but she was mine because she was popular and I wasnt. I really had to pee in the car because we had just came from the movies and I had a big soda. I dont like people to know I have to go so I held it. In the car I really wanted to grab my crotch to get rid of some of the pressure but I didnt want to show it. I was almost crying by that time. Once we finally arrived I was scared I was gonna have an accident. When we got in the haunted house it was dark so I held my crotch tightly and tried my best not to get scared. Then someone dressed in the same fabric as the wall hiding and blending in so well jumped out and I winced and grabbed tight. I managed to only let a few squirts out but I was frightened because it showed up. Then my friend was like whoa that was freaky and she said she almost had an accident but she didnt have to go too bad. I stil didnt tell her. The house was almost over when someone jumped in front of me that looked bloody and I lost it. I was soaked and I started crying. Then I was sorta relieved when I looked over and saw that stephanie Had a quite big wet stain on her pants. Shes like oh no i just had an accident and I told her I had a bigger one. Well we became closer after that.

I pooped my pants in class last week.
I usually poop regularly, so to not go for six days is a really big deal. Well yeah, last week I didn't go to
the bathroom for six days, god knows why. I wore the tightest jeans last friday, and when I got to school I
felt i needed to go, but the bathrooms at my school are gross as hell and I need to hover over the toilets
just to pee. I thought, there is NO WAY I am going to poop in one of these bathrooms. So I held it in, all
day. Aside from cramps, i did well with other people not finding out about my little dilema, which i intended
to solve right after school at home, for most of the day. So anyways, durring my last period class, math, all
i could think about was sitting on the toilet and having a nice poo. i thought about the relilef. and then i
thought about the cramps, and the pressure, and that just made me feel worse. i thought about the school
bathrooms adn how gross they were, but my mind kept telling me i could wipe off the seat with toilet paper, i
could do anything i could hold my breath just that my boweles were screaming RELEASE ME NOW. my hand shot up.
"ms, can i go to the bathroom" the mean teacher's responce: "no, jennifer, not until you've finished your
work". I glanced at my paper and realized i had been thinking about going to the bathroom all period. i hadn't
done a single problem. i looked at the clock... twenty minutes left. i couldn't hold it for twenty minutes..
but i couldnt do all this math crap in twenty minutes, i hadnt even been paying attention to her lecture. so i
just sat in my seat and tried to hold it in. suddenly, my friend vicki jabbed my side with a pencil. and then
it all came out. i sat there in my seat, not moving a muscle, just turning red, as the huge poo slowly filled
my white cotton panties. i sat in it for about five minutes, letting myself squish it down with my weight. by
the time the smell had gotten bad enough, someone just up and said, not loudly, but loud enough for the class
to hear, 'jen you stink'. i turned red. no one in the class knew i'd pooped myself, but i think the smell
coming from me was self explanitory. keep in mind, now, that i was wearing relaly tight jeans. light blue
jeans. as i pooed, it became even tigheter. the teacher beckoned me over to her desk. as i got up to carefully
walk to her desk, i completely forgot the kind of pants i was wearing. the poo bulged out from the seat of my
jeans, and the smell released itself from underneath me. the brown stain in the seat of my pants was a dead
giveway to what i had done. everyone laughed, and i cried. as i ran to the bathroom, some of the poo couldn't
handle the shaking from my running, and it fell out of my panties and ran down my legs. my legs were covered
in poo, my panties were ruined, and i was humiliated. i ran into the bathroom, into the handicapped stall,
pulled down my pants, sat on the dirty toilet seat, and cried. seconds later iheard annother girl enter the
bathroom. it was vicki: "jen, you alright?". i froze. she was my best friend. she wasnt supposed to see me on
the toilet with my pants below my knees with a load in my panties, some in my jeans, as i cried. but the
shitty locks on the doors in my school's bathrooms were unfaithful, and she kicked the stall door opened. so
there i was crying, on the toilet, with a load in my underwear, not fully in my underwear, and vicki was
standing int he stall with me. she closed the door. i took my pants and panties all the way off, and threw out
my panties. i emptied my jeans into the toilet, wiped, and then i put those back on. vicki was disgusted by it
all but she stayed in the bathroom and made sure no other girls found out what i was doing. i went back into the stall, and sat on the toilet, and pushed, to make sure nothing else would come out. and nothign else did. vicki hugged me and said the usual ' it happens to the best of us ' thing.
i still get made fun of for that though. people in my math class are so mean...

If you are male, which I think you are given the screen name, condom catheters and leg bags would be an excellent option for you. I'm not incontinent, but I work jobs where relief is far and few between so I wear a leg bag and condom cath and essentially 'pee my pants' whenever I have to go. It's an awesome feeling. you should try it.

First to Chris and his wife: to me it sounds like you both got food poisoning from something probably in the previous 24hrs before you had the first symptoms. It's been many years since I experienced it and my wife was hit with it probably 25 years ago. The symptoms are pretty much the same. You both handled it well and compassionately towards each other. You are blessed partners!

Ray: doorless restroom stalls are not particularly nice to either sex. You should have the option of privacy, in any case. When I was in the Army, years ago, I was stationed at Ft. Polk, LA for AIT. The old WWII barracks were a shock from the modern barracks at Ft. Dix, NJ. The Ft. Polk barracks had a row of toilets, probably 10 of them without any stalls AT ALL. That took some getting used to! Real comradery!

Mike: I, too, have seen uncaring mothers treat their kids the same way. Conversations and other things taking more importance than their kids need for a toilet. Unfortunately, probably more common than we think. Parents need to teach their kids to communicate their need to pee/bm and not force them to wait. Potty training is one thing but to ignore a child's plee for relief and then brow-beat them for messing their pants, that's uncalled for!

Amanda: Your story was awesome. Thank you for sharing an embarrassing moment. To have the courage to poop your pants, in front of a collegue, shows "guts" on your part. Seems you didn't take very long to decide to "let go" and poop your pants. And it was great that you had an understanding collegue, another woman, to help you through it. Thank you for sharing it! Like one of the other recent posters, I have a facination with bathroom habits, though I don't think it's as strong as he describes. I've always been facinated with people's toilet sounds and I posted that a week or so ago in another story. To read your story of you pooping your pants on purpose due to an urgent need was very, um, "enjoyable" though that's maybe not the best word. I am facinated by your story and used my imagination to picture it. Thank you for sharing a most intimate incident.

Teddy Bear
This is part 2 of the story I posted yesterday....As you may recall I was in first grade at the convent;by morning recess I needed to make a poo for the first time at school and I was determined to hold it in til I could do it at home....Anyway, after I took a pee I left the toilet even though I still needed to make number twos,but I genuinely thought I could keep it under control..... By the time I sat on the playground bench the urge had eased off a bit; all was well til I started eating my snack and almost immediately I urgently needed to go potty ....I felt an intense fulness in my bottom like I'd never known before;I began to bob up and down as I rocked my bottom back and forth
...I very quickly realised I was in serious strife and like or not I had no choice; if I had to use the toilet at school that would have to be preferable to pooing in my pants.....I reckoned if I waited until the bell rang I could make a dash for the boy's room,take a dump and deal with the consequences of not wipeing my bottom (afterall it wasn't my fault there was no toilet paper)....but the problem with this plan was that I was not too sure how much longer I could actually delay such an urgent bowel movement which was now pushing incessantly against my aching bum hole.... one of my friends approched me, concerned that I looked somewhat distressed; I told him I had a belly-ache and he should finish the rest of my snack;he gobbled down my cake and left me to my own devices.....By then my ????y was jerking in and out as I struggled against waves of urgency; despite all my efforts the tip of my jobbie began to poke out a little forcing me to frantically suck my poo back into my rectum.....The bell eventually rang but I was too desperate to stand up ....I felt tears welling in my eyes as I contemplated the inev-
itability of what was about to happen.................................
Part three to follow real soon?!!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Was constipated....medication again!
On Sunday night, after after 3 days of eating like a horse and just a couple of very small hard turds, I took my laxative. Off to bed and about 3 am I awoke needing to poo real bad. I get out of bed and fart a little...walk to the toilet and drop my track suit pants and sit on the throne...I relax and pass a bit of wind (silent variety). The pressure is great and I then go in for a bit of soft grunting and then a plop..a less than average size turd..very unimpressive! I relax and sit for a short time...I push again and it moves! I relax again and let nature do the pushing..nothing and then I give a small push and out plops this time an average turd..but then effortlessly I pass a nice big turd, solid and well formed. There is a real lot of shit in me but nothing happens right away. My stomach aches and I rub it and then my tight arse and rectum relents with a large serving of soft serve topped off with a loud fart.
That was the story for a while...a respectable dump every little while of soft serve..I was hunched over with a ???? ache and the toilet seat was cutting into my bottom, so long had I sat there. My ???? rolled and gurggled and bit by bit released more shit.
I finally felt relieved and wipped my sore tingling bottom and back to longer had I gone to sleep and up again and did a big runny poo.
When I am constipated, and need a big evacuation it is a long exhausting process and sitting on the toilet gets a bit much but the relief is worth it and I know the consequences of prolonged constipation.
Anyway did not poo Tuesday (because I had done so much on Monday), however, today I had to interrupt my training at the gym to drop a respectable load..took a bit of pushing to begin with...I hope nobody heard me grunt, but who cares!

BECKY (morning messes) - that was such a nice post, i very much enjoyed reading about your interesting morning habit and it was really well written too. i was wondering if you could post more detail about how you go about messing yourself while in bed. do you find it easier to lay on your back or stomach or your side? how long does it take you to get it all out, and how intense is the smell? afterword, do you usually clean up right away or just stay in bed for awile? anyways, great story and i hope you post again soon.

PUNK ROCK GIRL - im so sorry to hear about your "shitty misadventure" it sounded like it was just a purely miserable time for you. i hope that the medicine the doctor gave you works out well and that you feel better soon! i absolutly love reading all your posts keep em comeing.

happy pooping & peeing and love to all.

I have just had my biggest EVER poo at school. I had been a bit sluggish for a few days and told my mum about it. She is very much into natural cures and will only use laxatives as a last resort. So last night after dinner she gave me a load of peaches and apricots to eat. Nothing happened this morning before I went to school but after I had eaten my lunch I went out to play football. After a few minutes I could feel something moving in my stomach and thought I may throw up I also started farting quite a bit. Later in class I felt really full and then about half an hour before class was due to end I knew I was soon going to have to shit. The urge got stronger and stronger and by the time class ended I could hardly concentrate on what the teacher was saying because I was having to hold the shit in really bad. Although I only live about ten minutes walk from school I knew I couldn't get home without it coming out in my pants, so I went to the boys toilets which I really don't like for making a poo and went in the middle stall. I dropped my pants and sat down. Without the slightest push my hole opened and the shit started coming out. It felt really big and quite soft and crackled a lot as it came out. I dropped three huge logs that were each about 15 inches long one after the other, then I made a few farts and a lot of smaller poos came out. Some other boys came in the toilets and said to each other about the smell which was pretty rich. I decided I had finished and stood up, the pan was full and a lot of the shit was out of the water which it why it most probably smelt so bad. I wiped my bum and went home feeling really great after such a super big shit.

I am about your age and urinary incontinent. Everything will be okay. I have a B.S. an A.S. and many certificates. I am on this site because a friend told me abotu you and I want to help. I would post my e-mail on her but I am afraid a sick person will get it. I wear "protection" most of the time, especially in long classes and at night. I hope things get better for you. I will check back on you whenever possible.

Today I had the biggest poop ever, it was almost 2ft long. so as i was saying, my boyfriend jake came running in the bathroom and said quick i need to bm. and i am like can't you see i am on the bathroom. then hes like oh no it is coming out. we share a apartment. so he went into the sink. it was funny.

Punk Rock Girl I am sure you are still young unmarried etc but when I turned 50 a friend of mine said to me when you are fifty never trust a fart!!!!!

Seems like you can never ever trust s fart!!

i have an (intentional) peeing accident story for everyone- i was about 13 or 14 at the time and my mate's dad was taking me and him to essex for the day. we were about a quarter of the way there when i felt the need to pee. thinking i could hold it til we got there, i didn't ask for a toilet stop. about halfway there, my bladder was really burning and i couldn't hold it any more, so i peed in my boxers. my trousers were black so it didn't show up and they had dried by the time we got there, thank god!!!

Hi! Found this site while browsing.
My attention was caught by talk of constipation. Here's a bit of folklore from a stressed single parent who spends too much time worrying about bowel movements - her own and her little girl's...

Glycerine Suppository Testimonial
or - how I made Melly do a smelly by popping in a jelly
I first tried potty training my daughter Melly when she was 2.5 - she didn't quite grasp it, after months of reminding her what the potty was for, she was still peeing in her pullups when left to her own devices. And she never did her doos in the potty. When she turned 3 I was determined to sort it out - I didn't feel I could put her into daycare when she wasn't housebroken! Weeks of going over it again and again and she seemed to take an interest - she'd ask for the potty, and, increasingly, pee in it. She'd pee, but she still wouldn't do a dooey in the potty. First she did in her pullups, and...then they just stopped. I was alarmed. She was eating cereal and drinking juice. So this was the "witholding" I'd heard too much about. Why? Had I shouted at her without thinking and frightened her off it. A week went by. I told her as long as she did something it was alright if she didn't use the potty. But no. And then she got ??????ache. It was horrible - not just the way she was howling and saying "?????? hurts", every so often she'd start twitching as if trying to do a dooey, though nothing was coming out. First thing I did was, in desparation, give her paracetamol to try and calm the pain. Then when she was still constipated, and still having ??????ache after 24 hours, I resigned myself to the inevitable and went to the chemist to get the glycerine suppositories.
I was nervous about putting something up her bum, but it was the only thing that could relieve her quickly. How could I explain it to her without making her panic?
Sorry to say I ended it up doing it my mother's way. I just took her into the bathroom, pulled her pants down, bent her over my lap and told her I was just giving her medicine to make her better. Put vaseline on her bottom and pushed the suppository all the way in.
It was as bad as I thought - I had to push hard to get it in and she screamed and cried. It's the worst thing you can do - open someone's bottom unwillingly. I tried to soothe her, saying "don't worry, it's only medicine to help you do a dooey", but she took about five minutes to calm down. I had her sit on the potty and wait - and thank god it only took another five minutes. She hadn't said anything since she stopped crying, but her next words were "dooey dooey!" - she suddenly stood up, then sat down and...the suppository worked and, oh boy, she did a foul stink - a week's worth of excrement burting out of her. She filled the potty twice. We were both relieved it was over and I hope I don't have to do that again in a hurry.

My name is Chris and I'm 27.I have a story for you.
About 2 months ago, me and my wife (Sarah) went to a party to celebrate my best friend's birthday. He turned 30, so his family had planned a big party for him at one of the best "party places" of the city, with lots of food, music and drinks.
The whole thing started early…at lunch time. We had the most delicious food, and after a nice chat with some friends, I asked Sarah to dance with me. She loves to dance so I had promised we would do it until the party was finished. About an hour later we were having a great time when I started to feel nauseous and hot. A couple of times I felt some of the food I had eaten coming back through my throat, but I didn't want to say anything to my wife because she was having a great time, so I decided to wait for the feeling to pass. The next 30-40 mins I had on and off waved of nausea and began to feel some churning in my stomach. I knew it wouldn't take long before I needed a bathroom, but I didn't like the idea of using a public one, so I just hoped I could wait until we got home. I started to get all sweaty but I guess people just thought it was from all the dancing. I kept dancing and I began to feel somehow better (even though the churning kept going), and after a couple more songs Sarah said we should sit down for a while. I loved the idea, specially because I was starting to feel a strong urge for a toilet, and I thought sitting down would calm my stomach a little. At first it did…I sat down and the churning stopped, but just as Sarah heard a song she likes and we were getting ready to dance I got hit by a huge cramp. It happened while I was standing up so I just stayed there doubled over. She realized it and started to ask what was wrong. I just told her I needed to use the bathroom and that I would be back very soon. I made my way taking little steps and clenching my butt cheeks trying to keep everything inside but I couldn't help letting some really nasty farts out. I don't know how I was managing not to mess myself but as soon as I made it to the bathroom and the door was closed I had to press my butt cheeks together with both hands. I realized there was someone else in there but I was so desperate that I could just focus on getting to the toilet on time. I entered the first stall I found open and it was disgusting, I tried the next one, but there wasn't much change, so I rushed for the last available one, and even though it wasn't clean at all, I decided it was my best choice. I closed the door and immediately yanked down my pants and boxers, and placed my butt on the toilet just in time to explode in it with the most horrific wave of soft mushy chunks, I was holding my stomach with both hands and moaning loudly as it came out, and it ended up with a very wet fart. The pain subsided a little bit so I leaned back against the wall trying to relax and fresh up a little bit. The churning continued. Suddenly the guy on the other stall talked to me, and to my horror and embarrassment it was my friend Josh.
Josh: Are you ok in there man?
Me: Josh?
J: Oh Chris, are you all right buddy?
Me: I don't know, my stomach had been quite upset since lunch, I almost didn't make it.
J: Oh, I'm sorry for you. I wish I was in your situation though; I haven't been able to go in almost a week.
The next cramp hit me. I leaned forward again and gave a tiny push to let another wave of chunks out, it was a short one, but it ended up with a wave of very mushy diarrhea. I was sweating pretty badly now and the worst part was that the pain didn't go away this time. I kept pushing but nothing was coming out.
Me: I'm sorry; I don't know what I ate.
J: It's ok!
Me: Can you do me a favor?
J: Sure!
Me: Can you tell Sarah that I'm not feeling good and I need to go home.
J: Yeah no problem, I'll tell her.
Me: Thanx.
He got out of the bathroom and I let out a few more rounds of diarrhea before I could get up and wipe. I was still in an awful lot of pain but I just wanted to go home. Nobody had ever heard me have diarrhea before, and Josh was enough for one day.
I came out of the stall, refreshed myself with some cold water, and as I came out of the bathroom Sarah was already waiting for me.
S: Are you ok?
Me: I think I'm better now, but I had diarrhea and I might need the toilet again soon. Can we please leave now?
S: yes, of course.
We said goodbye to my friend, and got to the car. Sarah asked me if I wanted her to drive, and by now was getting the urge again (without cramps though) so I thought it was the best idea. The drive home only takes about 10 minutes, so I was pretty confident I would be there soon enough, in case I had another attack, but I was wrong. My stomach was making awful noises all the time, and about 3 minutes after we hit the road a monster cramp hit me, and my stomach broke completely loose.
Me: Oh noooo. Not again!!!
S: What is it?
Me: Can you find a bathroom? It's happening again!!!
S: Do you want me to go back? I can't see another bathroom nearby.
Me: Just take me to the closest bathroom, I won't be able to hold it much longer!!!
S: Ok!, just give me a minute, there's a gas station right there, you can use the bathroom there.
She pulled over right by the door. I ran inside holding my butt with both hands, asked for the bathroom and rushed in. Just as I was pulling down my pants I released a very nasty wet fart that released the monster inside me. Hot diarrhea started to come out and it messed my boxers a little bit right before I could pull them down. I ended up messing the back of the toilet with diarrhea as well.
I was in the bathroom for about 10 minutes, having very bad diarrhea before I felt confident enough to leave. I took my boxers of and dispose them in the trash can. Cleaned the toilet the best I could, and ran outside.
We made it home, and all I wanted to do was get a shower, so my wife helped me get to the bathroom and get undressed. She left and brought me a bottle of water which I drank.
I got into the shower and felt quite relieved as the hot water hit sore ass and my stomach, which had started to churn again.
Suddenly I felt some vomit rush through my throat so I doubled over and threw up. My stomach was aching a lot so I tried to get some relieve by releasing some gas, and ended up having some massive wave of diarrhea in the shower. The worst part was that my wife came in and saw me in the middle of my attack.
She was a real sweetheart and helped me finish my shower, get clean, get dressed and put me in bed. I was really scared of having another attack in bed, but she calmed me down and rubbed my stomach. I felt asleep.
I woke up at night soaked in sweat with a very bad cramp. I ran to the bathroom and had another attack of diarrhea. I had the runs all night so the next day I stayed home, because I was afraid of getting diarrhea at work. My wife couldn't say though so in the morning she brought me some toast and apple juice and left for work. I felt asleep again
Before she left she said she would call me from work to see how I was doing. I woke up almost at lunch time and realized she hadn't called me, so I worried. I called to her office but I got the voice mail. I decided to call her on her cel phone. She answered and just as she did I realized there was something wrong. She told me she was sick too!!!
She said that just as she had arrived to her office she had been having severe diarrhea. Her boss had already told her to go home, but she couldn't stop the flow and leave the bathroom.
I immediately got dressed and took a cab to her office. I got there and she was still in the bathroom so I went to the drug store to buy her some Imodium. I asked one of her friends to give it to her, and to come out when she was ready.
About 20 minutes later she did. I helped her gather all her stuff, we got to her car and I drover her home.
We made it just in time. As I pulled over she ran to the bathroom to have another attack of diarrhea.
I walked into the bathroom and saw her completely doubled over. I understood how bad she felt, so I kneeled down beside her and rubbed her back. She was crying because of the pain, so I told her to lie back so I could massage her ????. She did, and while I was doing it she let out a couple of rounds of mushy poop. Her diarrhea was so bad that every time a wave would hit her, her whole body would shake and her feet would raise from the floor. She was on the bathroom for almost an hour, before she could take a shower and get to bed.
I too, had a couple of rounds of diarrhea that day, but they weren't as bad as the day before. And Sarah had the runs for a whole week.
The next day I had to go to work, where I had to use the toilet 5 times. The first 3 I had really bad and painful diarrhea, and 2 of those times there was someone else in the bathroom so, by the end of the day my whole office knew I was having the runs, and I got permission to skip work until I got better, so the rest of the week I just stayed with Sarah at home, taking care of her, because she kept having to go to the bathroom at least 4 times every day.
It has been the worst experience we've ever had.
Personally I don't recall ever being so sick and not being able to control my bowels. It was the worst diarrhea i've had in my life

Sarah in Calgary

I was away for the Thanksgiving long weekend and decided to take a few days longer for my vacation after the long weekend. I went to visit my family in Guelph, Ontario.

My mom and I went to Pennsylvania on a bus trip through her work to do some shopping in some outlet malls. It was good except I was sick a few times while we were down there. On Saturday when we were done shopping we decided to go to this nice restaurant for dinner. We had a long dinner and were done at around 6:15 or so. Since the shuttle to our hotel only came on the hour, we decided to walk back which was only about a 30 minute walk. Well, on our way back I got the worst gut rot cramps ever. On top of that we had our hands full of heavy shopping bags. I told my mom that I wasn't feeling well and that we needed to hurry. She was trying to reassure me that everything was going to be okay. Well, about five minutes after the cramps started I lost control and had a messy accident in my pants. It was awful! My mom felt so bad for me. I can tell you that it sure wasn't fun having an accident like that and having to walk another 20 minutes back to our hotel, especially at 30 years of age and in front of my mother!

The second one happened on our way back to Canada. We stopped at this huge Walmart Superstore. Before we went there we had dinner at this all you can eat Chinese restaurant. It was great except it gave me the runs while we were in the Walmart. My mom and I were shopping around and I could feel my guts rumble. I asked my mom if she knew where the washrooms were and she pointed to one direction where she thought they were so I went that way. Well, it was the complete wrong direction! In my desperation I asked one of the Walmart employees where the ladies rooms were and she pointed me towards the other side of the store. So I walked that way with my butt cheeks clenched as tightly as I could, but the pressure to go became to strong and I ended up having diarrhea in my underwear again! As I was going into the ladies room my mom caught up with me and said that the bus was leaving in 10 minutes and that I had to hurry. She didn't know about my accident and I didn't let on that I was sick. I cleaned up the best I could. I was going to buy a package of clean underwear but I didn't have time and I couldn't change because my luggage was under the bus.

I had to use the toilet on the bus on our way back to Guelph a few times as well. The second time I went as I was cleaning up I noticed, to my complete horror, that there was blood on the toilet paper as I cleaned myself up. I wiped again, and sure enough my period had started, two weeks early!!! My cycle has been so messed up lately. I went back to my seat and checked my purse for a pad and I was out of luck. I asked my mom if she had one and she said that she didn't have one either. A lady in front of us turned around and said that she had something that I could have. She gave me a Poise bladder control pad. Since my options were not that great and since most of the ladies on the bus were over 50 and post menipausal, I took it and went back to the toilet and put it on. It was like wearing a diaper! They didn't have wings though and they bunched a little bit. Also, they didn't stick all that well since my underwear was still wet from my earlier accident.

When we got back to my parents house I went straight into the shower and cleaned myself up. I borrowed one of my moms Stayfree Maximum Protection pads which tend not to work for me. They leak and bunch in the wrong areas for me. Plus, the ones my mom uses don't have wings. When I woke up the next morning, my panties and pajama's had stains in the crotch and bum areas from the pad leaking. I cleaned up again and put on another of my mom's pads and went to the store to buy myself some Always Maximum Protection Maxi Pads. Those and the Ultra Thin versions are all I use for my period.

To Kayla and Debbie, in case you can't tell, I have similar issues that you both have had. This happens for me on a monthly basis. Take a look at some of my other posts on the back pages. I almost always get the diarrhea a day or two before my period starts and then also for the first two days of my period. This is how I can tell that I am getting my period. The Always Maximum Protection Maxi Pads and Ultra Thins work the best for me to cover everything that I need covered. Plus the wings they have are great for any excess messy leaking. I have ruined enough panties from having accidents without a pad in my days! I tend to keep those for my period depending on how badly they are soiled and how many times I have messed in them.

Take care,

To Megan:
Your bedwetting problem sounds embarrassing. It can be solved. First, to get used to the traning, wear diapers to bed for about one month. Every day you don't wet the bed give yourself a gold star. Right before you go to bed use the bathroom, even if you don't have to go. Put on your diaper. Then set your alarm clock for 3 in the morning. (only once or twice a month). Then see if you have wet yourself, if you haven't, then go potty and in the middle of peeing stop the flow, then after one minute start it again. Try to do this everytime you pee. Do this for 2 months and your bladder will become stronger.

Just a quick take on doorless toilet stalls: I think they are extremyy innapropriate and unnacceptable for women, but for gents, I cannot see what the big issue is. We go to the gents room to shit, not to impress anybody. I've worked for the Texas highway department for 20 years and me and my co-workers have been using doorless toilets since we were teenagers working clean-up. We all are in there to shit and stink, if you are embarrased about the color or length of your shit, bend your dick down to mask the dropping shit. If you are bashful about the size of your dick, keep your boxers hiked up around your hips. End of Issue.....

I read what was wrote.I think it is neat that so many people can talk about poop

I saw something very disturbing to me the other day at Wal-Mart. A young girl about six years old was complaining to her mother that she needed to go to the bathroom. I was hearing this from the next row over. The mother told the child NO that she was going to have to wait until they got home. The little girl complained that she had to go bad and had to go for a while. The mother after a few more words told her that if she did not shut up she would not get to go when they got home. I was in absolute horror hearing this. They left and I lost track of them in the store. I wondered if she made it or if she made her mother mad and was made to hold it even longer after getting home. I also wondered if this was the first time. Having this same thing happen to me as a child I felt for the little girl and it brought back some old memories. I was wondering if anyone else has ever seen this or had something like this done to them?

OK, I will try to acknowlege all the responses to my post.
First of all, the guy I mentioned in my post, a long time friend of mine, is a very understanding person. Though we don't go out anymore (since he is at our hometown of Philly and I am in Baltimore) I was still thinking if I should tell him. I trust him enough to give me an honest answer about how he feels.

Thank you for your support. I am going to leave him a message now.

Josh (part 1 and 2)
My live-in girlfriend needed to pee real bad when she came home yesterday but I was already on the only porcelin bowl. I realized she had a real urgent situtation by the strained expression on her face and the 2 hands tugging on her crotch while she like danced in place bending and crossing one knee over the other. Thinking I would play a little tease with her I spread my knees apart, closed them real quick, then as I opened them the second time she jumped inbetween while still holding her pussy with with both her hands. Before I could finish asking her what she thought she was doing she had spread both her legs and her pussy lips open resulting in an immediate very strong gush of hot pee. Only thing was, instead of it going down into the toilet, it first hit me just above my stomach, splashed all about, and eventually I suppose most of it ran down into the toilet. She must of peed like that for a full 90 seconds, dribbled to a stop, grabbed and wiped herself with some paper, smiled at me and left.

Oh today sucked. I was having and awesome day. Then my friend said this reeeeallly funny joke that I dont know if it was that funny to anyone else but it was to me. Then I couldnt stop laughing and i was turning red and I wet myself. I was so embarrased cuz he yelled out JAMES WET HIS PANTS!!!! and everyone looked. Has anybody else ever laughed so hard they wet their pants?

my name is amanda, im a 22 year old science teacher. it was about a month into the new school year. i woke up late, because my alarm didnt go off. i got dressed, putting on a pair of tiny white panties, tan pantyhose, jeans, ballerina flats, a white bra, and a blue and white sweater. Around this time i was getting a little bit of pooping pressure. by the time i got to the school i teach at, it was starting time and i had to go right to my classroom. i still only had a minor urge. by lunch time i had a strong urge, and i still couldn't go, because i had some students coming to work at lunch. after lunch there were only two periods and left and miraculously i made it through them. when the final bell rang, i got out and went to the english room, becuase i promised that teacher i would give her a ride home. now my urge was completely un-bearable but i still held on. she told me she needed to go to the office for something real quick, and i followed her. right from there we went out to my car. i got to school late so i had to park way in the back. now my butt was killing me and i had to go. i told linda, the woman i was driving home, she said that i should just go in my pants, that its not that bad and that shes done it before. i took her advice because i was desperate. i slightly bent my knees and gave a little push. before i knew it i could feel warm soft poop dump its way into my panties. i felt the wonderful sensation of it piling up on my butt. i didnt even have to feel, i knew i had done alot. then the worst part came, i had to sit down to drive home. well i did it real fast with out thinking about it and actually the flattening felt good. when i got to linda's house she offered me to come in and clean up, and i accepted. as i got out of the car i could feel my load swinging in my panties and hose. i got to her bathroom and she helped me clean up. when i was done my panties were destroyed so i threw them out. i thanked her for her help, only put on my pantyhose and jeans and drove the rest of the way home.

Billy and Kevin
On Wednesday, we were reading books for a contest at school. After lunch, I had to go poop. So I went to the bathroom. There was a kindergarten kid who went into the bathroom ahead of me. He sat down on one toilet and peed. I sat down and started to read my book. Another kid in my class came in and sat down next to me and started to read. I made about 5 turds. I was sitting there about 10 minutes when a couple of kids in first grade came in. One of them said something about needing to go. I said finished my chapter (I only had about 2 sentences to go). I had one more turd to come out. I pushed it , peed a little more and got up. One of the kids said, shouldn't you wipe your butt? I said, good idea. I wiped before washing my hands. My friend was still pooping. You could hear his turds hitting the water. I had to poop again at school before after school. When i pulled my pants down, there was a little streak mark. Usually, I don't have one. I was reading my book again, so I didn't even notice until I went to wipe myself.

Today was the last day of the context. I needed to finish my book and take a test. We read with some little kids, sort of like tutoring. Because they are in the contest, we were doing silent reading. I had to go #2 before class. So I went into the classroom. When i went into thebathroom (the little kids get a bathroom in thier classroom), there was boy going in ahead of me. He sat down and started to pee and then started to read. He was sitting on the toilet about five minutes. I said, are you going to be long? He said, no. He put is pants back up. I said, you forgot to wipe. THen I noticed he didn't poop. Another kid came in and asked to go first. I said hurry up. He sat down, peed and pooped out one big log and wiped in like 20 seconds. When he got up, i sat down. I was there like 10 minutes. I was pooping the whole time. I made a pile of little turds and peed. I wiped and went back to class. We had a little party to celebrate all the books we read (we reached our goal of 100 for the whole class). After that, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. One kid was wiping himself when I went in. I looked in the toilet. My poop was still there. THere were about 3 poops added there. I guess everyone forgot to flush.

After school, I had to poop again. I usually poop in the morning and the afternoon. And a lot before bed, too. Anyway, when I got into the bathroom, the toilet was backed up. I used the other toilet. A little kid came in and peed in the backuped toliet.

PS, we won the contest. We get to go on field trip.

To Bigphil-Not really other meals that make me have to go poop but if I eat a big meal like yes Chinese or a buffet that has a lot of food then I have to go poop really bad afterwards. That's about all I know. Happy peeing & pooping to everyone in here & to my friend Jenny ho ho hope your computer works soon so you can tell us some more about your poops. Have a good poop!

one time me my dad and brother and grandpa was fishing at a lake and my grandpa went to the river bank and was drinking the water from his hand after he drunk it there was a boat went by and a man had is big pale milky looking butt out of the boat.

I like how some people post movies and TV shows that have bathroom content in them. I went to the movies about.... four or five hours ago, because Jackass: Number Two was playing. I'm not for the guys and their sometimes Masochistic stunts, or their homoerotic tendancies. No, I went because I own the first one, and the 2nd would require me purchasing it in my future.

Believe it or not, There are two bowel stunts.

One shows a bathroom. As real as it may seem, it turns out it's actually A barbie Bathroom or a dollhouse Bathroom, and crap falls from above. One of the guys starts taking a dump on the tiny toilet, and of course, the theatre was full of AWE's and OHH's, but everyone did a bit of laughing too.

The 2nd is something that might have an appeal to some, considering it's (Ahem) fanbase. The stunt is titled "the Butt Chug". In it's stunt, Steve-O sticks a beer bong up his butt, and ther guys pour a beer down the funnel. It's almost magic, as you see the butt actually chugging the beer. Many were in amazement in the theatre. As this was happenening, One of my friends had actually leaned over to me and said, "Looks like your fetish has been filled in for the day, huh?" Back to the movie, Steve-O has this beer in his rectum, and he begins to shoot it at the cast. We were all laughing, because it was a taboo not yet seen in cinema (At least... I assume so.)

Onto what my friend said, What did it mean?

That leads to something I now have felt comfortable to admit. For any who have read my Previous entries, I mentioned I had a secret that I thought could never tell my girlfriend, but I did. What am I talking about, exactly? I had to admit to my Girlfriend that I was a Coprolagniac, Which is a person who has an attraction to someone on the john, or using the bathroom. I am one. I felt before anything got serious with my girlfriend, I had to tell her. I had finally worked up the courage to give her a note at least to tell her. When I did, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. What's more, I could actually mention it to my friends, and not feel so weird.

As I finally got over telling my GF that truth (Which she never questioned, In fact we are still dating) I found my attraction is not just that... I'm also developing an arousal to Enemas. I'm also becoming a Klismophiliac. It's developing slowly, but it's happening. That's what my friend meant.

I'll have more bathroom stories to post as time goes by.

I'm not sure if the moderator will allow this news story I found on one of the major news reporting sites, but it seems to be perfectly appropriate for our little discussion group. (The site I visited even had a picture of the... shall we say... 'suspect'.):
A man has been defecating in trains across south-east England, causing damage costing £60,000 to repair.
British Transport Police have released CCTV images of the man, who has struck on at least 30 trains since August.
He waits until he is alone before committing the offence, smearing excrement inside carriages.
"This is a serious public health issue as well as being exceptionally anti-social - we need to locate this man," said Det Con Donna Fox.
She said his offences had resulted in many carriages being taken out of service, causing disruption and cancellations and serious inconvenience to the travelling public.
Different times
There was also £60,000 in damage and cleaning costs.
"There is no particular pattern as to when he appears," said Ms Fox.
"He travels to various areas and at different times of the day and different days of the week.
"We have been trawling through CCTV images to try and track the man and remain hopeful that members of the public may know him and where he lives.
"On at least one occasion CCTV footage shows the man being disturbed by a passenger walking through a train.
"If anyone sees this man travelling on the railway network they should not approach him, but call the police or alert train staff immediately." "
Wow! After that last paragraph, I was half expecting them to say, "This man is constipated and considered dangerous!" LOL
Take care,

ok, I am usually a lurker, as I don't usually have anything good to post. but i did think of one good story that happened to me when I was 11. We had this really strict teacher who used to hold us in the classroom for 3 minutes everyday after the bell rang, so I'd have to run to catch the bus and wouldn't have time to go to the bathroom. I had several close calls but one time I had to go particularly bad, so when i got off the bus I ran to my house and manage to get into the garage, but when I was fumbling with keys to open the house door, I was doing the pee dance, and I put my hand on my crotch to try to get the urge to go away so I could regain my composure and try to get the door open, but I lost concentration and I peed half of the urine into my pants. I looked down as a wet spot spread across black jeans. They were a faded color, so you could definetly see the frisbee sized splotch on them. I didn't have to go so bad after that, so I held the rest until I got to the bathroom and hid the pants in my closet.

Then there was this other time, a year later, when I went to cedar point, and had to pee really bad while waiting in line. I didn't have time to get to a bathroom so I just let loose and peed into the pad I was wearing. It didn't show and didn't really smell or anything, so I just trashed the pad after I got off the ride.

come to think of it, I have more posts about family members, but I'll save those for later.

I remember a friend's accident many years ago. Probably late 50's. We were in grade school probably 10 years old or 11. We went to a small suburban school and the school bus ride home was long, out in to the rural country of the township. There were probably 2 dozen kids on the bus that fall day. My friend and I were maybe 2 seats back from the driver on the right side of the bus, I was in the seat in front of him. We were about half way home (my stop was first about a mile before his) when he was looking rather uncomfortable. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had to go bm rather badly. I encouraged him to hold on as we weren't real far from his house. He said he'd try but he didn't think he could hold it and he was worried what his mom would say if he pooped his pants. I encouraged him some more and I noticed he was leaning to one side and kind of forward on the seat. I asked if he was holding it and he said "it's in my pants already". He was sitting on his bum, you know the feeling, you don't have the muscle strength to hold your butt closed but you resist the huge urge to push it out and sit on it as it tries to ooze its way into your pants and the poop is pushing on your underpants obviously leaving a large skid mark. That was what was happening to him. His bowels were slowly winning the "war" and oozing the poop out as he sat to one side. Sadly, my stop came and I had to leave my friend there alone, slowly pooping his pants. I'm sure he had to get off the bus in front of some girls in the back that would have seen the bulge at the seat of his jeans and probably a wet spot. Maybe, it was semi-hard enough that it would have smushed to the sides and not shown too much and not showed a wet spot. I never knew what happened as the next day he refused to talk about it!

Teddy Bear
I posted a few stories a while ago about my wee/poo exploits with my friend Kathy when we were both young kids....sadly our games ceased rather abruptly when my mother caught us together in the outhouse. I was no longer able to play with my special friend because my mother was now fully aware of our "special" games... I was upset about this but we moved house soon after this incident anyway.... The following year I started school at the convent; I was excited yet somewhat fearful of the unknown. Despite the games Kathy and I played I remained very self conscious about my bodily functions; much shyer about using the toilet while at school than the average kid... I quickly understood I wouldn't be able to hold onto my wee all day and risk wetting my pants but as I was pretty regular with my bowel habits for the first few weeks at least I manged to do my poos at home; but inevitably the day came when I needed to do a big job at school... I can recall that it happened on a Monday after I'd spent the weekend staying with my auntie and I didn't take a dump at her house; in the morning before school I tried to make a poo poo but it wouldn't come out and we were running late .... I didn't think anymore about it til mid-morning when I could feel a familiar fullness in my bottom;as the urge increased I knew I had to go potty but I was too shy to ask the nun if I could leave the room so I held it in til recess... When the bell rang I didn't rush to the boys room ,so the other kids wouldn't know how urgently I needed to poop... As it was only a small school, the boy's toilet was not large ..
with two stalls and a urinal... The first available john had no toilet paper so I tried the other one but the roll was empty there as well ....
my mind raced as I tried to think what I should do; my mother would get mad if I soiled my undies because I couldn't wipe my bottom... I pulled out my willie and did a wee, but had to clench my butt cheeks as I had decided I would be able to hold onto my poo til I got home; in the mind of a naive 5 year old this was entirely possible... I took courage from the fact I had never had a real emergency prior to this; my parents had always got me to a toilet whenever I was in need.... My only close call had been the day Kathy wouldn't let me go home and if I hadn't used her sand bucket as a potty, there's a good chance I would have pooed in my pants..... When the coast was clear I finished in the boy's room, grabbed my lunch box and headed for one of the bench seats in the playground,as I walked I kept pulling in on my bum hole til eventually the urge eased off.... I didn't really understand the passage of time so I just kept hopeing I could hold on long enough to get home?!! ....
.......Part Two will posted very soon........

Son of a Preacher Man
While hanging out at a coffee house, a group of my high school friends decided to take our dates to a haunted house. We had heard it was really great. When we got to the warehouse, the lines were wrapping around the building. We decided it was worth the wait. As we moved closer to the entrance, my date, Stacey, started moving around quite a bit, while chatting with her girlfriends. I asked her if she was cold. She told me she was fine. We were almost at the entrance, and Stacey was now standing with her legs crossed. Again, I asked her if she was okay. She whispered that she had to go to the bathroom. When we got to the door, we asked the guy taking the tickets if there was a bathroom. He told us there were bathrooms at the end of the maze we had to walk through. Stacey moaned, but said she would be okay. There were a few others in our group who looked like they needed a bathroom after all the coffee we drank. The haunted house was pretty dark, but when occasional bright lights would shine, I noticed Stacey squeezing hard with her hand between her legs. I put my hand around her waist and told her we would be done soon, and that I had to go pretty bad too. She was getting pretty scared by the haunted house, so she held me tight. Suddenly a masked guy with a chain saw jumped out. It scared me enough that I felt a squirt of pee wet my pants. I quickly grabbed between by legs to stop the flow. But Stacey wasn't as fortunate. I felt something wet running down my leg, and knew it wasn't me. When I turned to her, bright lights flashed again, and I saw her crying as she peed her pants. Her crotch was soaked, with her pee running down her legs. She was trying to stop it with her hand, but it was too late. I quickly moved her through the line to the end of the haunted house, where we found the bathrooms. She told me she just wanted to go home. When we got in my car, she noticed that not only were my pants wet where she peed on me, but that I had also wet my pants a little. I think this made her more at ease. We laughed about it on the way home. I dropped her off at her house, then headed home, where I quietly went to the basement, and threw my pants and underwear in the wash to hide the evidence. Stacey and I didn't date that much longer, but we remained friends, and occasionally laughed about both of us peeing our pants.

Monday, October 23, 2006

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