the other day i was in my shower when i felt the urge to shit so being in the middle of the shower i decided to take a shit their. it felt so good and u dont realy have to wipe. i have done this twice and learned that if u do it dont do it if it is a major crap just a small one. Another thing is that if you are ever in woods hikeing and u have to shit than dont worrie about getting to a toilet do it in the woods. it feels great.

Outdorr jenny i love your stories so keep posting them.

Pee Girl
I just tried something that has been mentioned several times in posts on this site. I went into the bathroom and nobody was there. I went into the handicaped stall at the very end of the row. I closed the door and removed my panties. I pulled up my nightgown and put my back up against the wall. I spred my legs and proceeded to pee on the floor. It felt quite good because I really had to go and quite a lot came out quite fast. I just watched it keep on comming. I must have been peeing for at least 15-30 seconds.

It was a horrid day for me, this man i liked was coming to the Imperal center where parents who had nothing to do went to hang out. In my case it was odd im not married and was looking. This man worked there and he was strummingly hot and single. I had to look hot so i wore the tightest of tights and my Ugg boots and a white button up collered shirt with pink buttons. I LOOKED GREAT

When I got there there was some delightful what I thought was lemon square. When I bit into it I noticed it was not lemmon! it was something els. I did not suspect it was milk me having an issue with stright milk. Milk gives me let me call them poop attacks. I was sitting at the table flurting with this man when I had to poop, i ignored it until it became too harsh!

i blurted out can i use he toilet and then i could not stand up! for some reason i knew i would shit i asked one of the mothers if she could please help me to the toilet she stood me up and pushed me so i would not poop myself when she got me there she brought me over to the toilet and then i started to relize that my tight leatard was impossible to get off im my condition so this lady had to help me and then i pooped out a storm.

IT SMELLED BAD but the lady did not say anything. when i was finished the worker knocked on the door and imformed who ever was in there the toilet was broked. So i had to tell this man what had happened and he was sent to come try to fix this he pulled up the seat cover and saw the poop i put in there and was about ready to throug up then he put on gloves and stuck his hand in.

Formerly AJ :o) and, now, AJ :-)
Decided to reduce the size of my nose, because the way I did my emoticon before is cute when it's just shown as text, but it doesn't come out as a smiley when it gets converted. Anyway, I have a few interesting things to share. I ate a lot of carrots (raw, baby carrots), and, when I wiped after taking my next crap, the residue was a carrot shade of orange. A few days ago, I thought the crap felt especially interesting when it emerged, so I decided to check it out. Glad that I did. It was a basic-brown color, but what awed me was the SIZE of it! It looked to be not quite two inches in diameter, and what was showing was almost a foot in length--and the rest of it had already snaked down the hole, so I have no idea what was down there. It would have been nice to have been staying at one of my favorite motels that had the long bowl, because the entire thing would have, likely, been exposed, and I'm guessing that we're talking about at least eighteen inches--and finding out that it was at least two feet long wouldn't have surprised me. As with most of my craps, it exited with ease--only, this time, it felt as if a snake were slithering out of me. And the reason why was because it was very snakelike. Near the end of my senior year in high school, I met the sweetest old lady. She was 85 and had kids ranging in age from their early sixties down to their mid-thirties. The thirtysomething one was a change-of-life baby born to her when she was close to fifty. He was a studmuffin! I only got to meet him once, and that was at her funeral a couple of years later. I can't remember if he were married or not, and I didn't care, as I was interested in someone else at the time. Besides, I was only 20 at the time (21st birthday in three more months), and he was in his late thirties, which was a little out of my age-range at the time, even though I've since dated men even older than that. In a little bit, I'll tell you about this older, married man with whom I was totally-obsessed--and this one little bathroom fantasy about him. But--back to Nelle... When she was younger, she'd had to have her anus removed for some reason. I can't remember now just why. I think it got torn during the delivery of one of her kids. For whatever reason, she had to have it replaced with a deerskin one, and, initially, it didn't have a very good "pucker string" on it, and the surgery gave her a problem with excess gas. This was an embarrassment when she went out socially, so her doctor gave her some kind of thing to insert that he called a "blurper." Why he called it that was that it regulated your "blurps." In short--to the best of my understanding--it was a kind of synthetic "pucker string" that closed the anus unless you wanted it to open. It gave you time to get to somewhere private where you could simply lean forward and to the side to make it open and allow gas to escape. After that, it closed again and nothing slipped out. Of course, eventually, her anus developed its own muscle. I've never noticed that in my own case, but I've heard that, when people undergo surgery, they often have an abnormal gas build-up. One time, I was visiting one of my aunts in the hospital. Besides her, the room had my mom, dad, uncle, and myself. Anyway, we were talking, and she got this strained expression on her face and looked as if she were trying to get out of bed, so I asked her if she needed me to get the nurse to help her. She told me that she was just trying to pass some gas because she was supposed to after the surgery and now felt as if she needed to. So, she did this pushing and screwing up her face a few times, but nothing happened. She finally decided that the pressure she was feeling down there was a bowel movement needing to happen, so she called for the nurse, and, then, everybody left except for her husband when she was seated on a bedside commode. I heard her cut a very long one just once. That's all I heard. Eventually, she called in the nurse who helped her back into bed. Bet she felt much better after that. Another one of my uncles (brother of the one with the wife in the hospital) had a severe stroke, so a couple of my cousins and I were visiting him in this room that had at least one other patient in it. While we were there, this nurse came in and started talking loudly and brightly to this other guy who was covered almost up to his neck with a sheet and blanket with his hands on the outside. Up until that time, we had no idea that this guy was on a bedpan under that sheet. From where I was sitting, he had a kind of far-off look on his face as if he were in some kind of daydream. But the nurse came in and asked him (not at all quietly) if his bowels had moved yet. He told her that they hadn't, and she told him to start taking some deep, regular breaths to "get those bowels moving along." One of my cousins shook her head in amazement and said something on the order of, "They certainly believe in giving you a lot of privacy and dignity around here!" Back to Nelle... She lived in a mobile home that, on one side of her living room, overlooked a river-sized creek. This was in a small town/large village, and the locals had been having trouble with their sewage going into the creek in raw form because some pipe had broken or something. Anyway, her second-oldest son (who was in his fifties at the time) had come there with his wife to visit. He looked out the window and said, "Mother! There's a big too-ARE--dee floating down the river!" She thought that he was kidding but looked, anyway--and, sure enough, this nice, solid, brown monster-log was slowly floating along in plain sight! It could have flushed out of someone's toilet--or, it might have been done directly into the creek by some adolescent boy who was wanting to add drama to the situation. But I see no reason why it would be impossible for a solid monster like that to hold together and float along. One of my friends was at a church camp several years ago, both as a camper with young adults (ages 19-40) and, also, as a chaperone for the teens. One of the last things he did before leaving was to check the restrooms to make sure of things such as toilets being flushed, showers and taps being turned off, and lights being turned out. In one of the toilets, he found the strangest poop. It was shaped like a baseball and about that size. He went to flush it, and the toilet began to back up--so he hurried out to get someone to fix it, and they said, "Just leave it for maintenance when they come in during the week." He remarked that the person passing THAT sucker must surely have a very sore butthole. I told him that I suspected that it had, originally, been a log of normal shape (possibly, several logs done by more than one person) that had been pooped out onto a paper towel and, then, rolled into a ball and deposited into the toilet as a practical joke. I know that I was visiting another friend at her college dorm (in a Christian college, no less!), and her roomie came in with the news that someone had done a BM in the shower, and she screeched, "Again!?!" Come to find out, this was being done on a regular basis. It was around Halloween, so, probably, some girls were doing this as a prank--because she had also gone to use the restroom at the dorm, and there were about three or four stalls. In each toilet was a large log and no toilet paper. I told her that I suspected that the logs had been imported--that the girls who did this were producing them elsewhere and, then, choosing the best ones with which to "decorate." At my college (also, a Christian college), there was a milder form of this joke. One of the co-eds had gone through her things and had come across some tiny chocolate eggs left over from Easter. She ate one and found out that it tasted stale, so she decided to have some fun with the rest of them. She took them out of their foil wrappers and placed them in a Hansel and Gretel trail down the hallway, making a path towards one of the toilets. Then, she put the final one in the toilet. The idea was that someone would wake up the next morning, find the trail, and follow it to its destination--and believe that someone couldn't quite hold everything in on her way to the toilet. Somehow, I think that someone would have to still be half-asleep to believe this...but it was a neat thing to do, anyway. Now, for the story about that older, married man. When I was six years old, I thought that the custodian at my school was "all that." I mean, the guy took my breath away for some reason--possibly, because (to me, anyway) he looked like a cross between Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley (the way they looked back in the 1950s). He was 21 and had a wife and baby, but that didn't stop me from almost fainting whenever I saw him. And I wore my heart on my sleeve even with his wife right there. My folks and I were at the school's fall festival and were involved in a cake walk. This is where we'd walk around in a circle on some cards until the music stopped. Then, we'd look at our cards and see if we'd won a cake. Everything went normally until I noticed the custodian and his wife in the circle with us, and I just stopped and went into a trance--until my folks prodded me to keep moving along because the music was still playing. At the time, he usually wore blue jeans. It almost seemed as if he might have dressed up a little for the festival, though I can't remember. But he must have, because I remember thinking that he was cuter than ever--even though I liked those blue jeans just fine (LoooooVED 'em!). The least amount of clothing I saw him in was when he was coaching a girls' basketball game (probably, seventh and eighth grade girls) that happened during school time, and everybody went to the game to watch it being played. He was wearing the style of basketball uniform that boys and men wore back in 1959/1960/and beyond. This was short gymshorts and a tank-top. His happened to be white, and it looked as if he were out there in his underwear to me, and I remember being embarrassed during the entire game, almost to the point of tears. Yet, what happened in the bathroom one day didn't embarrass me at all. Are you ready for this?....... The first and second grade classes shared cloakrooms attached to restrooms. One was for the girls and one was for the boys. This was what the girls' cloakroom/restroom looked like. There was a door on each side (from the first grade room and from the second grade room), and this was where we hung our coats/hats/scarves/mittens and parked our boots when we were indoors. There was an inner room that contained a sink and two doored stalls. It was girls' only--not unisex. But, one day, I came in there and noticed a pair of blue-jean-clad legs at the bottom of one of the stalls, and I was elated! Obviously, the custodian had been in there cleaning the restroom and couldn't make it to the boys' room and had to go right there. Nobody else was in the restroom at the time. What a lucky little girl I was--all alone in this cozy space with my heart-throb! I didn't try to look through a crack to see what he looked like sitting there doing his business--even though I imagined that he would look absolutely wonderful. It was enough to be that close to him with just the two of us in there--and, eventually, he would have to come out, and I could just go into a trance and drool the entire time that he was washing his hands. Maybe, I could even get him to talk to me and let me hug him. So, I bided my time. No, I didn't smell any odor or hear any toots or plops. It was pretty quiet. Eventually, my heart-throb pulled up his jeans and flushed the toilet--and I could hardly wait for him to open the door so I could look at him. The door opened--and it was a girl from my class who happened to be wearing jeans that day! As much as I liked her, I couldn't help feeling disappointed, but I didn't let on, because I didn't want to hurt her feelings and give her the idea that I wasn't glad to see her. She and I made some small-talk--then, I went on into the stall and peed. These days, I couldn't have stood around for that long with a full-bladder and would have had to have gone on into the other stall and would have taken the chance of missing my custodian as well as having my bathroom experience all over with so that I'd have no excuse to hang around. Of course, these days, I would have made small-talk with the guy while he was in there instead of just standing there quietly--and I would have found out that "he" was a "she." This guy also drove one of the school buses, and--sometime in late September or early October (well before Halloween)--I wanted to "honor" him by "soaping" his bus windows. So, at recess, I spit on his windows and drew pictures in the spit with my fingers. My teacher made me spend the NEXT recess out there with a cloth to wash it off and told me she'd better not catch me pulling something like that again. A good friend drives his bus now (Bus #1). This was the bus that he took to and from school each day, and he thought the world of the object of my obsession (though not in the same way) and is thrilled to be driving his old bus (actually, a newer bus, but it's of the same lineage and with the same number). This guy is--obviously--very sensitive and sentimental. I can relate to that, because I am, too. He told me that he'd heard that our special guy had passed away some time ago, and I told him that I hadn't seen anything about it in the paper and thought that I would, even though he'd moved to a city about 20 miles away from me (about 30 miles away from his hometown). Another good friend has been living in the same city for almost 30 years, and she told me that she'd run into him at the laundromat, and he'd asked about me. I know that he's been divorced and remarried two or three times, but I don't think that he was asking about me in hopes of becoming a couple or anything, because I believe that the last marriage he got into was a happy one. He was just curious about what I was up to--just as my bus-driving friend and I are about him. If I ever find out that he's still on this side, I'm going to get him on a three-way call with my friend, and I know that hearing from him would make his day!!! One final bunch of questions: Have you ever had it bad for a teacher/principal/bus-driver/custodian/cook/school nurse? Have you ever ended up in the restroom the same time that he/she is in there? Have you ever run into one of these people after you graduated and ended up in a restroom together (Yes! Ending up dating/getting married to one of these people definitely counts!)? Even though I've only been sweet on one custodian/bus-driver and I was six and he was married, I've had my share of crushes on young, single teachers (which made a lot of sense, as I'd planned on going into teaching at one time). One of these was a sixth-grade teacher who was single and not quite ten years older. I took a shine to him when I was a sophomore in high school. I'm telling you something here for the first time that I've never shared anywhere before (at least, don't remember sharing this, anyway). At the time, I helped out in this little cottage to one side of the school that was for the special education students. Most of the time, I rode the bus home, but there were times (a couple of times per week) when I'd ride home with the special ed. teacher so that we could further gab about the kids and their cute antics. During one of those times, she had to run over to the principal's office and asked me to finish straightening up the room and lock up--then, meet her at her car. Anyway, I happened to pass by what I knew was the boys' restroom (in the basement of the elementary side of the school, which went from grades one through six with grades seven through twelve on the other side). It was after-hours, so no kids would be there, and the window was open. And I heard the sound of someone pulling toilet paper off of a roll--nothing else...just that. To this day, I've assumed that the one I heard was this sixth grade teacher whom I was so crazy about, because he'd be the only man on that side of the building at that particular time. Naturally, I didn't say anything and just walked on--but I had this feeling that I'd shared a part of his life that wasn't exactly open-to-the-public. It made me feel even closer to him. Until Later... AJ :-)

Hey all! Just a quick story about the event that provoked my love of messing my pants!

I go to a high school where there is this small parking lot with a lot of people exiting at once. This leads to heavy traffic jams. I always build up a need to use the bathroom while waiting in the line, and I usually make it. However, today was different! I was wearing a short denim skirt and some pink boyshort-type panties. Normally, I wear thongs with my skirts, but some other girl got made fun of for being "too slutty". I had a greasy lunch, as usual, and when I get home, I end up having lots of diahreah! Today was no different, as I felt my t????y gurgle. However, some stupid idiot rear-ended a Corvette! The kid, who was rich, got out and started kicking the crap out of this kid's car. I felt bad, but he kind of deserved it. Anyways, everybody was staring so traffic literally stopped. I was rather gassy and I started to question whether or not I could make it. I debated with myself, "What am I going to do?" I ran through many situations and I interviewed myself. "What if I have an accident?" "How will I hide it?"

At this point, an hour had passed. People literally got out of their cars (they had to climb through the windows!) and just went in the school to a hockey fundraiser. I, however, waited outside in my car. There was no way you could get out, as I had trucks on either side, so opening my window would have been useless. I just said, "There's nothing I can do here." and I pushed everything I had into my panties. There was no point in holding it in if nothing was going to happen. Basically, I didn't feel like delaying the inevitable. It was really wet and most of it stayed in my panties, but a lot also escaped. The seats were a little stained, but I didn't worry. I felt it coming out a little by little in the minutes that passed, so to keep from further leakage, I grabbed a pair of pink normal panties out of my gym bag and slipped those over my skimpy panties so that what was left didn't sneak out. My skirt had a definite stain on the inside, and on the outside it had turned a shade of brown. It was definitely noticeable.

I sat a little in my mess and I said to myself, "This is kinda nice!" and I can say that this event sparked my interest in pants pooping. I now mess myself every chance I can get, and I just say it was an accident. My mom is very sympathetic to me. She just tells me to clean myself up. Does anybody else have stories of their parents letting them go in their pants? I would love, and appreciate it, if people shared their stories!

Thanks for listening!

Johnny Ass
My toilet has been clogged for quite some time was never that bad until my sister went to shit and it overflowed...So i played plunger duty and used this weird 'snake' like thing and found something...ya'll know what it was?
a pair of yellow Victoria Secert panties....
I was just surprised...They had shit stains in them and my younger sister confessed to flushing them down in there when she crapped her panties and didn't want no one to know so she flushed em.
So no one was mad except my older sister who got shit all over her butt when it overflowed as she herslef was doing her business. but I have no idea why she was in my room to begin with........

ASIDE FROM THE POINT: I had been playing "Prince of Persia:Warrior Within" when this happened and thought it funny to immitate the Princes pose on the cover of the game box but with a plumber attire.I decided to take a pic of this pose...
-I was wearing some old white sweat pants and smeared some brown paint on them to look like I had 'shit' all over me
-I wrapped my older sisters red jacket around me to make it look like the Prince's sash
-I then smeared brown paint all over my body and face then got two plungers and got in the princes stance.
-My dad gladly photographed me and I have it in my room...if you want...I can show it to yall but I'll have to find some way to put it on here! oh well till next time I'm Johny Ass

Hello, I have question for everybody. My English not very good yet and friend tell me turd is not nice word and I should say poop. In my last posts I always called it turd because I thought that was correct English word. So I use poop now. Is turd really bad word I should not use here? Please help me with my English.

Also I like questions so I fill out questions below.

1. What have you eaten that has turned your poop a different color than normal - maybe red, green, very dark, very pale, etc.?
I don't know but poopies are darker when they stay inside me long time.

2. What foods besides corn survive their journey through you and are visible in your poop?
I think little red things like peppers sometimes.

3. Have you ever given a stool sample, and if so, what did you have to do?
My sister and me got sick once and we had to give poppies to someone. Our mum had little piece of plastic and she stayed with me while poop came out of my bum. And she took little bit from toilet and put it in small jar and put my name on it.

4. Could you give a brief description of yourself?
I am from India but live in England and I go to school. I am a girl. I not very tall and I am slim and 100 lbs.

5. How often do you take a poop?
It not always the same but once in 2 days or sometimes once in 3 days. Unless I get sick. Then sometimes I poo a lot in 1 day.

6. About how large are your poops on average?
I think they about 12 or 14 inches long and a bit bigger than 1 inch thick. Sometimes they are longer.

7. About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop?
Mostly 1 long one. Sometimes it break and I do 2 poops and sometimes I do another little one at the end.

8. What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?
They usually smooth but sometimes have little hard bits that hurt my bum hole when come out. Sometimes they little bit lumpy and very hard.

9.What form do your poops usually come out as?
Mostly like big long sausage. Sometime sausage break in middle.

10.About how long does it take for you to poop?
Sometimes it come out very very fast if it very angry because I hold it in long time. It come out in 5 seconds then. If I sit on toilet when poo first ask to come out it I might sit on toilet for 20 minutes for it coming out.

11. Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop?
My poop asks to come out any time. But I always try holding it in so I get home from school and let it come out. Sometimes I go at school if poop gets very angry and try coming out in my knickers. I don't want stain in knickers so I sit on toilet at school and let poop come out.

12. Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?
I like to be home and I like to do poop after getting home from school because I have more time then.

13.Overall, do you like pooping?
Yes. Sometimes it feel very very nice and I like feelings a lot.

14.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa?
I am little bit shy and don't want people looking in crack in toilet door and see me sitting on toilet. I don't make much noise unless bum hole hurt bad because of large poopies. Then I make noise if I am alone or if somebody else going poo and making big noise too.

15.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops?
Think rice sometimes make poopies stay inside longer so they get bigger.

16.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out?
I like big long poopies come out very very slowly and make very nice feelings.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO TRACYGIRL I have suffered the same problem but my accumulation is in the ascending colon which is well away from the rectum etc. Fibre supplements, although very good may the situation worse if it is a severe attack of IBS.. Two thing that you should try are prune juice or massage. The object of massage is to push the poo along and stimulate things. You could try colonic irrigation. Are you on any medications?
Are you drinking a heap of water? There are osmotic laxatives that drawer water from the colon to make the poo softer etc. These laxatives are not habit forming and do not irritate the colon like others. Another thing, do you go whenever you get the urge? I have heard Pear juice is supposed to be very good. I have also had success with soap up the rectum and it is effective if the poo is not too far up.
Could you have become intolerant to any foods, i.e. wheat?
If you want to know more about massage give me a post.
Best of luck

To Tammy, I loved your accident piss story. Did u have other accidents in the past before that?

Hello, long time lurker since 2001. I have been reading the stories for a long time and now i have decided to post here. I though i was the only one turned on by when females went to the bathroom but its nice to see i am not alone. I saw someone say something about people from New orleans using the bathroom. Well i am from there and it was not fun. I had tried to go behind a trailer in the street since i couldn't find a bathroom or anything. Nad while i was pulling my pants up, someone saw me. They had just kept going and didn't say anything. I guess they understood the situation and didn' bother me at all. Oh well tahts its for my first post. I'm glad your back carmalita. I always enjoyed you stories. Its grest to see that there is a female that diggs teh same stuff i do. No i just have to find someone like that and i'll be happy.

I was playing video games in my room last night, when I see my mom come upstairs and use the washroom by my room. I can hear her pull down her jeans and start to pee. She pees for about 30 seconds. Usually when she pees,she grabs some toilet paper right away. Not this time. I turn the volumeon my game down and listen. I can hear muffled groans that eventually turn into grunts. For about 10 minutes all I can hear is my mom grunting. Then there was silence for a couple seconds followed by a 'Sploosh' sound. My mom sighs and then continues grunting again. Another 10 minutes or so goes by without any poo falling into the toilet. All I can hear is my mom grunting. Then she lets out a huge fart followed by 5-8 splashes. She sighs again and grunts again for 15 more minutes. Then I hear a 'SPLOOSH!!!' My mom lets out a huge sigh and grabs some toilet paper. She wipes about 3 times then flushes. After she washed her hands, I hear her open the cupboard and spray some air freshener in the washroom. She leaves and tells me not to go in there for at least an hour!

I am a thirty-something male and was at the library this morning when I really had to pee. I entered the men's room and there was a gentleman about my age standing outside one of the stalls. There was a little boy in the stall (I couldn't see his feet under the partition) and the first thing I heard when I entered the men's room was "I gotta poop, but it's not coming out." The father (I assume the gentleman was the father) replied "just take your time, you will go."

I was peeing madly away when I heard the boy grunting and then eventually a strained "oooooooh" sound accompanied by the dropping of two poopies. "It came out, it FINALLY came out!" "Sssh," said the father. The bathroom began to really stink about 15 seconds later. I heard the boy begin to wipe himself several times as I was washing my hands. Whew, did the bathroom STINK by then!

I remember in 7th grade when me and my friend were 13 we went on a father/son ski trip together to Copper Mountain, Colorado. A few days into the trip my friend Scott and I were coming back early from skiing on the mountain. Before we left the chalet, Scott drank a lot of orange Minute Maid. We were right outside the door of the condo we were staying at in the complex when we leaned our skis and poles against the railing (we were on the second floor). I was having trouble getting the key to unlock the door, and Scott came over to help me. What I didn't know was that he had to pee really bad. In the confusion, we managed to knock Scott's poles off of the balcony. But we got the key to work and as soon as we opened the door Scott ran into the bathroom. I ran in behind him, confused about what was going on, and just managed to catch a glimpse of him sliding the bathroom door shut. I stood around and after about five minutes Scott came out of the bathroom, finishing pulling up his snowpants. I walked past him into the bathroom to see what was going on and just to make sure everything was all right. I looked into the toilet, which hadn't finished flushing, and saw a turd that was about six inches long swirl around in the toilet bowl before going into the hole. It turned out that my friend Scotty had had to take a crap.

One time I was on the phone with my friend Dylan and I could hear him peeing over the phone.

I have lots more stories. Any guys have any childhood pee stories?

Iremember when I was 12, my friends and I were having a sleepover, and we were downstairs, and the bathrooms were upstairs. Well they dared me to loc the door from the iside with the key(it was my house) and so nobody could go to the bathroom until morning. Well I took the dare and my friend Sal(ly) was going up to the door to use the bathroom, and then she rememberred ad begged me to unlock it. then my other friend Sam(NOT MY KID!!!) whipered to me, wouldn't it be fun if we tied her tothe chair? Well, at age 12 I was pretty aughty so I accepted, and the whole gang got together with it and ted her to the chair and tied her legsand arms apart so she couldn't cross her legs or hold her self. It took a couple minutes, we're real good tiers ;) well after 5 minutes when Sal was trying to break out we go tired and I decided to unlock the door and get a pitcher of water and a glass, while the rest were cautiously pressing her bladder. Went I came down and brought the water and gave it to all my friends to take a big gulp out of, and he rest we forced down Sal. Finally shewet herself...FOR 3 MINUTES STRAIGHT! Then she got in trouble and now shes not our friend anymore, but why? We play trick on ach other now and then...

Dr. Poop
Hi again First I want to let the person in the medical field who used the name Dr poop know that I am the origenal Dr. Poop, and to avoid confusion you might want to chang your nick name I have been posting since way back on page 335 on April 16 2000. Thank you

I have a story about my grandma. Several years ago my parents were going out for dinner and I went upstairs for some reasor I can't remember why. When I was up there I noticed that the bathroom light was on and the door was open. So I walked in and behing the wall that divides the cink from toilet, I saw her sitting on the toilet peeing. I don't know if she saw me, so I left right away and then about two minutes latr she flushed the toilet . To this day she has never let on that she saw me.

Hey everybody i've got to tell you guys about this story.When we were on our way home from the Georgia game and i had to take a whiz and then i used a half drunken coke and pulles out mr.lizerd and pissed for at least a minute.

Another Mike
Hello Everyone,

I've been reading this site for a few years now. I love the frank discussion and stories. Recently I have found myself reading the posts here on my Treo while sitting on the toilet myself.

I would like to share story about myself and my wife. This is not a sexual story. On occasion my wife and I will shower together for the sake of expedience in the mornings. Usually, I will start the shower, get in and before I turn the water off, she gets in and I exit.

One morning she got in and the urge to pee hit her. Normally she would empty her bladder first. This day, she was in too much of a hurry. She told me she really needed to go and needed to get out. Rather than get out, I told her she could just pee in the shower and that I wouldn't mind. After all, I had done the same with her in the shower quite a few times (with her permission of course). We were facing eachother when she started. She looked up at me while she did. The look on her face was one of relief and incredible innocence and a touch of vulnerability. It took her a while to empty her bladder. In a strange way it was a touching moment for us and when she was finished she hugged me close and kissed me. Then, as if on cue, we both looked down at the yellow puddle in the bottom of the shower that was quickly working it's way down the drain. When the water was clear, I rinsed off and got out after that.

Anyone have stories about drinking prune juice an getting really bad diarrhea if so please shear thanks

I took my family on a road trip last weekend, to visit my great aunt who is too old to join us for Thanksgiving. On the way home we all had to stop to use the 'facilities' The building looked rather old, but my wife needed to stop, as did I. My wife and my daughter went to the womens room, and me and my sons hit the 'little boys room' We were surprised to find three toilets with all the doors and partitions totally removed. I jumped on the center bowl, and started dropping some big stinkers, my sons both decided they better go now, cuz it might be a long way till the next facility. So here we are three of us farting, tooting, dropping stink-bombs, and laughing, my 18 y/o says....'I sure hope "The Gilmore Girls" (our nickname for my wife and daughter) have stalls, and doors , or they will surely freak out...We all laughed while we continued to fire ass-missles into the toilet bowls...Then other guys came in , so we figgred we better finish up. We tossed the one roll of fresh toilet paper back and forth, as we all stood up and wiped, our dicks naturally flopped around...We hiked our pants up, flushed, washed our hands, and left. The "Gilmore Girls' were still in the womans room. Seems there was only one stall(with a door, of course) and a line of woman waiting. My 17 y.o son said 'good thing you didn't crash the mens room" I explained the 'set-up' of no partitions or doors, and they BOTH freaked out, just hearing about it LOL..We knew they would....Happy Thanksgiving everybody :-))

I haven't posted on here for such a long time but I have been lingering every so often and reading some posts.

I've been having some great dumps over the last week. I just did a huge poo in the toilet about half an hour ago. I had the urge to go all day but as I never drop loads at work, I had to wait until I got home. I had to go shopping before I went home and I could feel a big turd sitting in my anus, ready to come out. I had to get my shopping done quick because the urge was really strong. When I got home (about 20 minutes later) I ran to the toilet and closed the door. I took off all my clothes except my underwear, then pulled down my knickers. I sat on the toilet and my anus opened up straight away. Lots of thick, short logs came shooting out of my arse. Then I did a huge pee and more poo came out at the same time. After I finished my pee, I pushed a bit and more thick logs came out, although these ones were a bit longer than the first ones. Finally, some softer poo came out and then I did another wee and I was finished. I felt very satisfying and there was no more poo stuck up my arse. I often feel as if I haven't finished after doing a poo, as if there are more turds stuck up my butt that won't come out.

To Tracygirl:
Do you always have trouble with poos?? I have heard that fibre supplements can make poos bigger but not easier to push out. I have sluggish bowels sometimes but I find that if I eat some fruit each day, it makes my poops easier to squeeze out. I read somewhere that green, leafy vegetables help some people with constipation problems. How long does it take for you to do a poo?? How many days have you gone without taking a dump?? I love reading about people pushing out big, rock hard logs.

Deb in Florida
To TRACYGIRL - With what you said about more fiber making you do bigger poos but they still don't come out any easier, I'd suggest trying an oral saline laxative like Epsom salts. I tried that once, because my poo was always so hard it helped to have something to soften it and carry more water through.

To THUNDER - It's a shame that you don't think your partner would want to poo in front of you or let you help her if she was constipated.

Take it from me - the first time my boyfriend told me that he wanted to watch while I went, I totally was mortified about the idea. I had been taught early in life to be uptight about it. My grandmom had said that it was disgusting when I was like 4 years old when she didn't want to stay in the bathroom and help me when I went, saying I should be "doing it in private by myself." Then when I was like 7, I had a messy poo at my aunt and uncle's house and ended up getting some on the wall of the bathroom, and they totally punished me for it. After that I was so embarrassed about it that one time when I was a teenager I was out with my parents and had a messy poo in a public restroom, then realized there was no toilet paper. I felt ashamed that I'd even had to go. It was terrible. So until my current wonderful boyfriend (now fiance!!!) I never ever even left the door open or had anybody in the bathroom when I pooped. But because he and I have such a good relationship, he was not afraid to tell me about his desire to watch and be with me and help me when I was having trouble. Also even though I was very nervous about it I was willing to try, and open myself up to doing it in front of him, and facing my fears that had been planted in me when I was a kid. So Thunder, if you don't mind me giving you a little bit of advice, I think you should tell your partner how much it would turn you on to watch her go. I think you should be totally honest with her about it, because I'm very glad my boyfriend was. It helped me so much to learn about myself and make me feel sexy and so much less self conscious and I know that he would be so frustrated going through life without it.

Anyway, I'll give everybody the next poop report soon. With any luck, I'll be telling you how Thanksgiving dinner came out.

Love, Deb

hey everybody i ate a huge dinner last nite and now i'm starting to get stomach cramps. i can feel this massive dump being squeezed down into my rectum, i can already tell this is gonna be a huge dump! I'll come back when my intestines are empty and give you all details about what's left of my dinner. I just let out a huge fart, and i can feel the first turd starting to poke out i better go! my belly hurts really bad now and i hope i can make it to the bathroom, so bye guys, I'll tell u abut it later!!!

Tim (and Sarah)
oldpoop: Your request reminded me of something I saw on telly over ten years ago. It was a programm named "Eurotrash" in which J.P. Gautier and another Frenchmen presented weird stuff from all over Europe. There was one "artist" who made pictures out of his own shit. His art, so to say, was to eat different foods (like red peppers, beetroots, green stuff and so on...) to influence the color of his feces. Then he laid them out on canvas with a scraper, sealed it with something to stop the smell and sold it for a few thousand a piece. I thought it was so funny. He was literally turning shit into money...
The British comedian Ben Elton also commented on the topic: We all are sometimes feeling particulary proud of the poop we just made. You sometimes look into the bowl and think: "Wow, I am an anal sculpturer...". I often have to think of that one...

I read your post about using the toilet with a catheter. I felt for you. Luckily I had not have that pleasure, yet, but I had a few bladder infections and I knew exactly what you meant, what a pleasure it is if the peeing and pooping goes without hassle...At the moment I am also dreaming of a pain free poop, cause my haemoroids turn every poop into a painful experience rather than the relaxing pleasure it should be. But I don't moan, it's pretty harmless. ..
Yes, I often have given stool samples and while in hospital I sometimes had to present the whole creation to the critics. I never won the Turner prize though and did not sell a piece...

Dr. Poop: Actually, as far as I have heard it, the common belive is the other way round. That men can only fully empty their bladder if they are standing rather then sitting. It's often used as a fact to justify men peeing standing. The point behind is that the urethra is bend down when you sit on the toilet, therefore the urine won't drain completely. I personally sit down at home and stand when using or public toilet or peeing outside. I find it quite comfortable and I don't have to worry about aiming and cleaning up afterwards. Standing always causes a spray no matter how good you aim and especially with young kids I find it unhygienical. I also can't understand how some guys always stand. If you get up at night, half asleep, you turn the lights on and concentre on the aim? I rather sit and let go. Interesting though you fell like emptying better when you sit. I can't say. I obviously feel more done, when I pee at home sitting down in peace, letting the last dribbles go before getting up again, then doing a quick one in a busy situation on a public toilet.


To answer T.J.'s survey:
1. Could you give a brief description of yourself?(age,height,hair color,etc) 44 yr. old female, 5'5", auburn hair, dark brown eyes).

2.How often do you take a poop?
Once a day.

3.About how large are your poops on average? (length,width)
6"long, maybe 2" wide.

4.About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop?
Usually 2: One "main" one and a smaller one, in that order.

5.What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?(mushy,firm,rock-solid,etc)
Softish but formed.

6.What form do your poops usually come out as? (logs,coils or snakes, chunks,etc)
One log with a smaller chunk that usually follows.

7.About how long does it take for you to poop?
This is no joke: about 1 second. It flies out with rocket-like propulsion. It takes me longer to pee than poop.

8.Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop?
In the morning, after coffee.

9.Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?(home,public restroom, etc)

10.Overall, do you like pooping?
No, I find it to be a royal pain in the ass (no pun intended) and I hate the clean up process.

11.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa?
Don't like it. I used to turn the sink on to drown out the crapping noises so my husband wouldn't hear it. I don't bother with that anymore though.

12.How long do you usually hold your poop in?
I don't...I am usually home now so I just get it over with. But when I worked full time, I could hold it all day.

13.What foods do you usually eat?
Almost anything.

14.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops?
None that I can think of.

15.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out?
The "clean dump," which requires just the one "token" mess, no muss, no fuss!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

well, i were skirts alot and have to pee alot so if im alone i just pee my skirt if im wearing sandles. its no bigy, i like doing it. i can do 3-5 times on a long walk if no one around. one time i shit my self and had to walk 3 miles home in thos HUGE messy load.

I'm not sure if this is considered as a pee/poo post but when I have my period, i feel like i'm peeing like -non-stop, kindda phobia-tic.

And i have to pee more tha ususal when ever i have my period...apart from teh blood, that is.

hey people wht's up?
today i was sitting in math class during a test when I started to feel my stomach bubble. I was about half way done and i really had to go but i wanted to finish the test first. i could already feel the massive load making it's self comfortable in my rectum, and it wanted out! I finished the test and asked to use the bathroom, i ran down the hall but suddenly i collapsed. The pain in me belly was unberable, i didn't understand why but later i relized it was probably from the cold pizza i had eaten for breakfast. I got up and continued to the bathroom, holding my stomach the whole way! when i finally got to the bathroom i sat down, but nothing came out... i looked down at my stomach and then i felt a massive turd being squeezed through the last little portion of my large intestine and then it came it found daylight and man was it long!!! i dumped for a good 15 minutes then i got up and went back to class. I sat back down but about two or three hors later i started to feel another load trying to find my crack!

Hi guys and girls let me tell all about when i was on the computer and had to pee while playing a game and that was it i had to go badand went into the room with the the kitty litter box in the basment and then pulled out Mr. Willie and pissed on the floor for at least a minute and then cleaned it up.

Good evening--cool here. For the last few weeks I have been having poops that are not quite as hard and firm as I'm used to--fully formed, but not much over 1.25" thick, and smooth rather than lumpy. I think it's the new medicine I'm on since my surgery. I somewhat prefer the thicker, harder turds. Tonight, maybe an hour after supper, I felt the urge. I was at the church office, just before choir practice, so I went to the bathroom there, pulled down my pants, pulled out my small hand mirror, and semi-squatted with my bottom over the bowl. I watched myself as I pushed, and I really had to push hard. Finally I could see my anus opening up and a medium-brown, lumpy turd beginning its final journey. It felt very good; slowly it came out, about 1.5" thick, lumpy and textured, hard and firm--just what I had hoped for. It came out that way about 6"or 7", then broke off and fell in with a loud splash. The continuation was not as hard, but still fairly thick, another 4" or 5", and it fell in. One final smaller piece, and I was done. Unfortunately, it had gotten softer toward the end, so I still got quite a bit of brown on the toilet paper (though not as much as usual these past weeks). Nonetheless, a definite improvement.
I saw one reply to my question about what makes your poop turn color, what foods come through and are visible in your poop, and whether you ever had to give a stool sample. Let's see some more replies . . .
Happy pooping, everyone!

Im a 12 yr. old korean girl. i have an extremely embarrasing story.

In science class, i really needed to poo and pee since i didnt in the morning. I told my boyfriend and he said just go to the bathroom since its like 10 steps away from the room. I said i couldnt make it and when i said that i started to piss and poo my pants. Unfortunately, it was diarrhea and it stunk REALLY bad. Also we were disecting grasshppers so i also puked ALL over it and our work. The teacher and some other people noticed and i got sent to the nurses office. And for the rest of the day, i got called names and stuff but my bf said he still likes me. (even though we got like a D on our lab work).

hi all,just found this site its good to see so many others who are not ashamed of their bodily functions!anyway i must tell about an accident i had several weeks ago.normally i poop like clockwork but as the fourth day came and went i began to get a bit worried.sometimes im required to work weekends[only 2 of us]i was out in the yard in a large industrial area when i was struck with VERY strong cramps. i had maybe 500 meters to cover to get to the loo so i started walking quickly.several farts were escaping and my butthole had started to open.i stopped dead in my tracks to regain some control,this worked a little so i got moving again.however,walking seemed to make it worse and i could feel a thick turd force its way out.oh god i muttered to no one in particular as the inevitable began to happen.loud crackling noises could be clearly heard as this monster forced its way into my undies,tenting my jeans out.oh well i thought,the damage is done now so i gave a good push and finished the job.when i finally waddled into the loo and pulled my pants down,the sheer size and length made me gasp,coiled up in my jocks was a2 inch by [i estimate]16-18 inch giant!an interesting day to say the least!

To Deb: Great to hear that you're now Formerly Frustrated! Glad it went well with your b/f. Keep the stories coming!
I can't say I've noticed gals our age buying enemas, but I have seen a lot of twenty-somethings buying Correctol. I wonder if my problem is impending menopause. I hope not!
Thunder Down Under: I actually had a colonoscopy two years ago, since colon cancer does run in my family, but it was totally negative, no polyps or anything, which I was exceedingly thankful for.
I've been taking a fiber supplement daily with lots of water but it's not helping. It makes my poop bigger, but not any easier. It seems like Correctol is the only thing that will move me, short of an enema. I put Vaseline up my butt with my finger when my stool is down there and ready to come out, but it seems like days go by without it getting that far. It's like it gets stuck farther up, and I feel really gassy and bloated when it does. I hate that feeling!

Mr. Clogs
Outdoor Jenny: Hey that was a great post about needing to use the shopping bag as a toilet. Wow, I don't know how ya'll pulled it off without anyone noticing. Great post thanks.

Carmalita: Hey what's going on, great post as usual thanks for keeping us entertained. Do you have posts about peeing, or posts of using things other than the toilet to use when you can't get to the bathroom in time? Were these situations desperate or for fun? If you have any could you post. Thanks and take care.

Selena the server: Ah you poor thing, hey things happen, hope no one noticed, the unfortunate part is that some jobs won't give you a break when you need to.

Well take for now.
--Mr. Clogs

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