I was at Chapters with my dad last night and while I was looking at magazines with him, my stomach started telling me that I was going to have diarrhea. I tell my dad I'm going to the bathroom and that I would be right back. I enter the bathroom. There's 3 stalls and one of them was being used by another lady. I don't feel comfortable with others hearing me crap my brains out so I waited for her to finish up. I leave the bathroom and tell my dad that I'm going to read upstairs. I grab a couple magazines to read and head upstairs. 5 minutes later or so,the stomach cramps return so I head back to the bathroom. The same lady was still in there 10 minutes later! I leave the bathroom and finish my magazines. After I finish reading them, I head back to the bathroom. As I'm walking in, that same lady was walking out. I enter the bathroom, and there's a faint smell of poo in the air.I take the stall farthest from the entrance and sit down. I have to squeeze a bit to get it started. After a couple of long farts, everything starts moving. I have 3 or 4 waves of diarrhea, each lasting about 2 minutes. Then I sat on the toilet for a couple minutes more just to make sure I was done. As I'm sitting there, another lady walks in and takes the stall beside me. She pees and then sits there for a few minutes just farting. I could tell by her shoes that she was the same lady that was in here before I came in. I sit there for a few more minutes to see if I could hear anything. Nothing. So I rip off some TP and wipe. I flush and then wash up. About 10 minutes later, as I'm walking through the Kid's Section to look at books, I see that lady leave the bathroom.

To JoelJack:

My intentions with the public restrooms are pretty strict. First off, I'm not a person who really loves to use the public stuff, I like to use my own private throne. Should I have to use a public bathroom, I make sure no one is in there. I'm pretty shy, so I don't like people going "The hell?" when they hear me. But when I am alone, I only take my pants off. This makes sense to other people should they come in; it's a notice saying "Hey, I'm a wide-spreader. Just letting that one out."

To get into my personal life, I'm doing Track for school. This isn't the smartest move I've made, since I haven't exercised for 2 years, but oh well. Since Track is supposed to burn up calories in a snap, I've had to eat a thousand more calories than what I usually eat. Knowing me, my calories don't burn off very fast, so they just stay there. This affects my bowels and bladder, making me use the bathroom more than what I used to. For example, I had to take a mad whiz at school today and went for a minute or so. Someone heard me going and said "Damn, whoever's in there's pissing like a racehorse!"

I have more stories later about my Track affects, but I've got to get some sleep. Keep the posts posted and the BMs smooth.


Ref: Stomach flu- food poisoning stories.
I have a stomach flu story for you.Its been awhile since I have posted here,but I read the stories quite often.About me, Iam 29 years old, 5'9", 120 lbs. brown eyes, brown hair that goes to the middle of my back. I have been told that I look like Maria Menounos who was on "Entertainment Tonight" It happened about two months ago when I went back east with my husband to his high school reunion. Our flight arrived in New York on time early Saturday morning the day of the reunion. We went to our hotel where the event was to take place and checked in and freshed up a bit. My husband was going to hook up with some of his classmates for a round of golf, while I was going shopping with there wifes. I was feeling Ok at the present time. After shopping we stopped for a sandwich, and then I returned to the hotel. I decided to lay down and take a nap before the evening activities- dinner and dancing.While I was resting, wearing only my thong I started to experience cramps in my stomach. I massaged my stomach trying to relieve the cramps, thinking that it must of been the sandwich not agreeing with me. A sharp cramp hit and I hurried to the bathroom, quickly lowering my thong and sat on the toilet, immediatly letting out three waves of diarreha. As I sat there a wave of nausea came over me. I reached for a waste can and attempted to heave into it. I continued to dry heave about five times without producing anything. As I did I had two more waves of diarrhea. I started to feel somewhat better and decided to start to get ready since my husband would be returning in about thirty minutes. After my husband and I were dressed we joined the others in the ball room. I didn't tell my husband of my illness since I felt somewhat better and didn't want to spoil his evening. I saw a few of the other ladies that I had spent the afternoon with and asked them if they were feeling Ok, since each of us had the same type of sandwich. Each claimed to feel Ok. As my husband and I were dining, Caesar salad, steak, baked potato ect. I started to feel sick again. My husband noticed that I was picking at my food and asked if everything was Ok.I admited to him thet I wasn't feeling to well. He asked me if I wanted to leave. I told him that I would be Ok. My stomach was churning and the sight of the food wasn't helping. I told my husband that I was going to the restroom and would be right back. In the restroom I hiked up my mini skirt and lowered my thong and sat on the toilet and let out a wave of mushy diarreha, my stomach continued to churn and burn. After another wave of diarreha I wiped several times and dressed and joined my husband. He asked me if I was Ok. I told him that I felt better. He asked me if I would like to dance to a slow song that the band was playing. I told him that I would. About half way through the song I told him that I was going to be sick and ran for the restroom.I entered a stall and knelted in front of the toilet and proceeded to vomit. I vomited what I had just eaten. I heaved again and brought up some bile and liquid. My bowels kicked in and I hurried and placed my butt onto the toilet and proceeded to expell three waves of diarreha, mainly brown water. One of the ladies that I had been with earlier came in at my husband's request to check on me. She said that he was waiting just outside the door. I wiped my anus several times and pulled my thong and skirt up and went to the sink and took a wet paper towel and wiped my mouth, and then applied another wet paper towel to my forehead. I felt really weak. My husband helped me to the elevator and we went up to our room. As soon as we got to our room I ran to the bathroom and vomited again. My husband held my hair back as I vomited another two times. He stayed with me as I continued to dry heave, as I did my rectum erupted with a wave of watery diarrhea, which went through my thong, onto my skirt and onto the bathroom floor. I was so sick! My sweety undressed me and cleaned me up and put me to bed. He placed the trash can near the bed, in which I vomited another two times into during the night.I got up and went to the toilet another two times during the night with diarreha also. We stayed an extra day because I still didn't feel like flying home. No vomiting, just a few trips to the toilet with diarrhea and I had that washed out feeling - weak. I will post a food poisoning story that happened with our family this summer for you at a later date.


hi. im female aged 22, long brown hair and 115 lbs. well, i just had a real nice dump. was constipated for about 4-5 days. well anyways, this morning i sat down on the toilet and out came this huge turd probably about 1 foot long and about 3.5 inches diameter. then followed by another one same measurements. no straining or pushing needed, they just plopped out. it hurt a bit but it felt sooo good afterwards.

I am an 18 year old female. I am in my first year of college and I am in a relationship with a guy that has so far lasted for about two and a half months. My school is mostely male. Getting to the point now. Whenever I know that I am going to be cuddling with my boyfriend I make sure that I kind of need to pee and while we are cuddling I cross my legs and screw up my face as if I am desperate even if I am not. He always asks me what the problem is but I just say that I am fine and continue this untill he actually comes out and asks if I have to use the bathroom. Then I say that I do and I go. I have had dreams and fantasies about us watching each other pee and about us peeing together but I would never tell him about it. I have read a bunch of stuff on this site but I never wanted to post untill now. I am not really into poop stories. In case you are wondering my boyfriend is only a month older then me.

Larry G
Hi, Guys, Yah, it's been a while since I've written. But what can you write about except mundane stuff which would just take up space. Well, Just in case some of you don't know about it, there is a Jackass Dvd box set coming out soon, so I'm sure you will see lots of toilet related stuff. Will probably be a while before I post again, but just thought I'd contribute. One more thing.
To Canada Man, It must be great beeing able to be in with women while they are taking a dump. Fortuatous. II hope I'm that lucky someday.

Took a dump in a doorless stall yesterday at a County building. No paper in the stall with the door. There were alot of surprised guys who came around the corner and walked in on me sitting on the can with my briefs and shorts down around my ankles.

Brian-Do you wear boxers? I think boxers don't really look like "underwear", so I didn't think guys would really care much if girls saw them while the guy is on the can. I was in a restroom a few days ago and I took a dump in the stall closest to the door. The restroom door was propped open and everyone walking by in the hall could see my shoes, shorts and green briefs around my ankles. I guess I would be more self-conscious if I was in my place of work, though.

Dr. Poop
Hi every one
I haven't posted here in a couple of years but I have lerked here on and off.

I have heard that sitting to urinate is better for allowing you to fully empty your bladder. I have tryed this for a few days at home but in public I stand, and have found this to be somewhat true. I would like to know if there are any men at this forum who do this and if it makes any diferince to them as far as fully emptying their bladders.

I also have a somewhat lenkthey story about my sisterenlaw. It was Christmas Eve two years ago and my parents and my brother had to go out for some last minute shopping. my sisterenlaw Amber was about 5-7 and 280 lbs. at the time of this story. After they left we were in the family room talking and a few minutes after we began she said I have to go potty for a wile. As she started out of the room she said you can come and keep me company if you want. Taken aback by the invitation and not beeing particularly atracted to heveset women I pondered it for a few seconds and thaught she's going to be my sister. So I said sure what the heck. So I followed her up to the upstairs bathroom and in doing so I got a look at her big bottom. When we got in the bathroom she litt some incense and I closed the door and locked it. After that I sat on the edge of the tub and she walked over to the pot. She could tell I was nervous, I said I've never watched a woman go to the bathroom except for my mom. you know when I was little and did what all little kids did. She said just relax, we all do this but girls just have to sit down to pee. I said I know. Because in real life I have seen other women on the potty. It was just out of nervousness that I said I never saw this before. Then she lifted the seat cover and pulled down her black genes and panties to her ankles and sat on the toilet. She spred her legs wide to acomadate her big bottom which bulged outward engulfing the toilet as she settled in. After a few seconds she started to tinkle and then she pushed a little harder and her streme made a hissing sound which was kind of sexey. As she was peeing she did a lowd booming fart in the toilet and we both laughed . She said us girls do it too. After she finished peeing she said in her uncooth way I think I need to go poopy. I asked do you want me to go while you take the browns to the super bowl? Laughing she said you can stay if you can bear the smell. So I did and then she blasted another lowd boomer into the toilet. She grunted a little and I asked are you constipated? She said no it just takes me several pushes to get started. After another lowd blast I said sounds like a big one. She said you got that right that's why I litt the incense. She then started to crackle and then I heard plop plope ploop plup plap followed by mor lowd farts and i thaught thank god for incense because it was a really stinky one. She had one last big explosion and peed a little more and said i'm done. So she wiped her pussy and then her poopy bottom. She wiped her ass five times sitting and then once behind her back. She then got up and flushed when she bent over to pull up her genes and panties I saw her big rownd bottom and her nether hole. By this time I had a very full bladder and said I need to go too. So we traded places and since she was sitting on the tub and I wanted to talk to her I sat on the toilet to urinate. And I wenht like a race horse. She said ride'em cowboy. She then said I'm trying to get your brother to sit down to urinate because I don't want to keep having to cleen up his stinkey urin. I then tryed to poop for her and I could only manage a few lowd farts and a few ploops. So I wiped and got up and flushed. We went back downstairs and wen we got down there she said playfully did you like that? I said you bet and she said we should do that more often. she then said I havent gone to the bathroom in front of your brother yet . I then said your not ready to merrie him untill you can do that. And hse said oh stop it and gave me a swat on the tush. We then each got a beer and sat back in the family room and talked some mor and then My brother and parents got back for dinner. If they only Knew what we were doing all that time.

Buy for now

Dr. Poop

I think that both women and men's bathrooms should have full stalls, except for one or two instances that's all I can remember public bathrooms having. I never seen any guy use the stalls with the door left open whether they were crapping, pissing or just changing clothes.Then again those stall doors don't exactly stay wide open so maybe it's easier just to close them, but this is just my opinion.

when I was about 10yrs old me and my dad went to a picnic, I hadnt took a dump in like 2 days and i really had to go. but I was afraid to go to the bathroom because i had watched some child abduction stories on the news and my dad had went to talk with his friends. anyway, I was desperatly trying to hold it in when i felt it touching cloth..I mean I new I couldnt hold it much longer, so I finally said screw it and decided to run to the bathroom but...the movements from my running, caused massive anal leakage, i mean it just came out... i was so embarrassed. I tried hide it at first but I had on tight blue jeans and it was peanut butter chunky. has anyone else experienced such childhood embarrassment.

I had a terrible day today, it took me until lunch to realize that my white cotton panties were sticking up past my sweat pants. I kept pulling then up but they would keep sagging down. Then I pooped my panties, I had to go all day at school I asked to be excused last period but the teacher said no! I had to hurry after class because my dad was waiting outside. I hurried to the car and asked if we were making any stops, hopefully we weren't. He want to go to Home Depot. While we were my little brother Louis said he had to pee, I was glad because with him needing to go I wouldn't have to call attention to myself. I could tell guys in the store were looking at me, not only were my panties sticking out, but I was walking funny. I asked Daddy if I could look around, not wanting to tell him I had to poop, he said "stay close princess we need to get out of here quick for Louis." I panicked because I didn't think I could hold it until we got home, my the itme we were checking out I was holding my butt cheeks and dancing around, then it just happened. My butt got numb and a giant poop just came out. My dad freaked out at me, he started to yell at me so loud that I started to pee. He was so made at me he didn't notice that Louis was holding himself and doing the peepee dance. Louis peed himself right there. Louis and I both cried the whole way home. When we got home daddy made me strip to my panties and Louis to his tightie whites. He gave us both spankings for the first time since we were little.

I don't usually post many accounts of my pee habits (because, quite frankly, there usually very boring...), but tonight was a real exception.

For some reason, my bladder felt like it was full and every hour or two, I had to get up to take a pee. Why? I have absoutley no idea. As soon as I was done, the urge seemed to get me again. Between 11 PM last night and 6 AM this morning, I must have gone at least 7 or 8 times.

I was so embarassed that I might wake up the others in my house that I grabbed a few spare glasses in my room and just peed into them rather than walk down the hall to the bathroom.
It's not like I haven't woken up at night and taken a leak into a glass before, but tonight I filled 5 glasses and almost overflowed one. (It took a bit of effort to stop myself and not overflow it.)

I'm usually a very sound sleeper, but all that getting up to urinate ruined all that. I don't think I slept a wink tonight...



THINDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO DEB, formerly Frustrated (now satisfied) in Florida.
You are my hero! Well done. A poo is not shameful or dirty. You have learned not to be ashamed, to accept it as natural and to enjoy it. I think your b/f is great for encouraging you. Hope you do the occasional enema, it is so liberating. The constipation club is problematical but it really makes you appreciate a good shit! Also going outdoors..I have done it many times and yes,it is liberating. The big poos you were doing was probably the additional fibre pushing out long accumulated waste. I really wished my partner was a little more liberated in that area which suprises me because she is right into anything anal. When we first met she was very avoiding of the anus but now it is her focus point. I have made suggestions she join me in the bathroom on occasions....sometimes she has mentioned that I might have taken a long time and wondered what I was up to. I have said I was a bit bunged up and it took some time to evacuate and if she thought I was there a while she should come in and check on me. On the other hand if there is something in the bathroom she wants or she needs to tell me something she has no problem in comming in whilst I am sitting there.
Hopefully she will become more open. Well done Deb, I look forward to further posts

I've been to the toilet about 7 times today and my butt is on fire! I don't know what the hell I've eaten to upset me like this. I also now know what it's like to do a 'Takes 3000 wipes' crap. It's horrible!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Outdoor Jenny
Hey Everyone!

Ok, I had an outrageous pooping experience on Saturday, it wasn't outside but are you ready for this? In a dressing room at the outlet mall my friends and I go to. My friend Jamie and I (who poo in front of each other all the time) had just ate taco bell for lunch and headed over to do some shopping. We thought we'd be in and out because we didn't want to have to make an emergency run across the mall to the loo because taco bell does wonders to my bowels. But like our usual selves we got caught up in trying on all of these amazingly cute clothes that were on sale. We had been to 2 other stores already and had some big bags because we both bought new pea coats for winter. I was trying on this skirt when all of the sudden I felt a lil cramp in my stomach, I thought nothing of it and kept trying stuff on.

Just then Jamie lets out this juicy fart, (keep in mind there weren't a lot of pople in the area and the music was pretty loud so I don't think anyone heard it) She flips her hand over her ass and turns to me and says, " Jen I gotta have a poo right now!. What should I do? I asked if she could make it to the loo and she said absolutely not, I had to think fast, but before I could do anything she tossed me her pea coat and spread her bag open, she was trying on a skirt at the time so she just ripped off her panties, put the bag on the sitting area, bent slightly, and let loose with this loaf of really mushy poo. She moaned and said" Oh my god jen this feels so good" as a wet fart and another plethora of mushy poo shot out of her butt. Watching this made me have to go for some reason and my urge began to grow, as she was finishing I got down to just the tank top I had on ready to drop my load. (Jamie and I have seen each other naked a bunch of times so I was comfortable). She finished with a really gassy fart and a little pee …she divided the tissue paper so she could wipe and I could have some because I told her it was my turn. I bent over the bag, passed a really huge fart, we are talking like 8 to 10 seconds and then two waves of chunky poo just fell out of my butt.

Jamie roughly timed it and poop came out of me for 8 minutes with out stopping with a mixture of some wet farts. It was a mixture of T-Bell and me not pooping for two days. It felt so good and was kind of a rush at the same time. Well We bagged up our droppings and I headed for the door while Jamie paid for her stuff….Afterwards we went into the bathroom, made sure we wiped good enough, I still had a little runny poo to get out of me as it turned out and we left the bag in there. Ladies any stories like that?

hey it's me again
the other week I was with my family at a fair and I ordered a big cheesburger. It tasted wierid but I was really hungry so I didn't care. About an hour later I was on a ride when my stomach started to rumble. I really needed to go but I didn't want to. About 45 minutes later, my belly started to ache again. Again i fought back and held it in.By the time we got in the car to leave, I was in pretyy bad pain. My stomach was rumbling and obviosly there was something wrong with that burger. When we got home I ran inside and to the bathroom, i pulled down my shorts and panties and as soon as my butt cheeks hit the seat, it came. I dumped for at least 20 minutes and when i was done i went to go eat, you can imagine that since I was empty no i felt pretty hungry!

Answers to a survey I find in older posts

1. Do i massage my stomach when i poop? No
2. Do i make grunting noises? Yes. If somebody is home,I won't grunt as loud,but if I'm by myself, I'll grunt really loudly.
3. Do i sit on tip toe? When I'm pushing out poo,yes
4. Did anyone teach me this? Not that I know of
5. What are period cramps like? They usually feel like I'm gonna have diarrhea,but when I sit down on the toilet, nothing comes out.

I so have to pee now!

It's a great feeling. Oh how I'm trying to hold it! Heres a story that happened to my friend...

It was a concert, stirct concert, no leaving, no entering, my friend suddenly whispered halfway "Tanya, I gotta pee real bad." "What? Go, then." "I...I'm afriad of the teachers."
"What the hell is wrong with u?"
"i don't care...i must hold it!" she was kindda squirming.
When it was almost the end, she told me, "I've been tolerating for like -so long? When will this godamned thing end?"
When it finally DID END, she hopped back to the classroom and dashed to the girls' room. Phew!

Well, so long! Will be back with more.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO TRACYGIRL, how are you evacuating. If the problem is still present consider a colonoscopy. Some medical advice suggests colonoscopies for those over 40. I have had one and it is no big deal...the worst part is going without food for a day...that sucks! The clean out is no problem. In your case you will probably be fine and your chances of the big C should be low. You might have bowel polyps which can turn into cancer so they are always removed. Often after the procedure and the clean out constipation is much better. An alternative is to try a properly supervised fast. in my previous posts (over the last several weeks) I have written about constipation remedies. Yes, I love the occasional enema, I use only soapy water and raise my butt and lower half up high to allow the flow to go further up my colon. I introduce a bit at a time and it helps me liberate myself of all that is within.
TO CUTE GIRL POO. Maybe try drinking more water. To reduce the smell the following... go regularly...take notice of what foods cause odour and try charcoal tablets as they absorb gas.. it will make your poo pitch black though. Also try natural youghut and also plenty of water. If your diet is very heavy in fruit and veg`s and low on animal products that should also reduce the smell. Fibre supplements really help because they make food pass through faster and clean your colon.

Theres just NO WAY women would use a 'latrine-type' row of toilets witout partitions. Women need (and deserve) privacy on the bowls, whereas with us guys, well, me and my buddies shit in doorless and sometimes partitionless stalls during a softball game. We laugh, chat, and try to 'out-do' eachother with grunts, farts, and stinks. Like everybodys been saying, it's just one of those differences between men and women.

To Marshall: You said you like to be nude when you take a crap. What do you do when you have to crap in a public place? (school, department store, etc.)

Swim Girl
1. What have you eaten that has turned your poop a different color than normal--maybe red, green, very dark, very pale, etc.? Red meat
2. What foods besides corn survive their journey through you and are visible in your poop? Many vegitables give me food particles. >
3. Have you ever given a stool sample, and if so, what did you have to do? I accually did have to when I was young. I forgot why though
1. Could you give a brief description of yourself? I am a girl 18 years old, 5'10" 140lbs, Half White and Native American
2.How often do you take a poop? 2 times a day and that is allmost every day
3.About how large are your poops on average? 1 foot by 1 inch
4.About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop? 5-7 but that's because I eat A LOT of fiber
5.What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general? Very smoothe but it is firm.
6.What form do your poops usually come out as? Logs
7.About how long does it take for you to poop? 10 Minutes usually
8.Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop? It can happen at any time
9.Is there a particular time or place you like to poop? Anywhere is fine by me. Even if it smells
10.Overall, do you like pooping? Hell yea. It feels so good and tickelish.
11.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa? I don't care is every person in the world looked at me having a BM. I don't even care if they are sexually attracted to it
14.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops? Don't know
15.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out? Nonstopping logs

The Nature Boy
Carmaltia - great contributions of late (as usual!) Yeah, maybe someday I'll find someone with the same bathroom mentality. I think I almost had one, but let's say there were more important differences right offhand...!

Gary, Dave -
Hmmm...maybe chivalry is dead, but I don't see it in just gender terms. I know women who would have no qualms about 'going' in a doorless stall, just as I know guys that would be very uncomfortable doing so. I just think that being able to dump behind closed doors should be the right of EVERYone, should they so desire it...

With many women, I can imagine the main problem of a doorless stall would be the, well, 'monthly visitor.' Through here, I have heard of several women's rooms with doorless stalls (for one, Carmaltia and her place of employment, at least back in the day). Now that I think of it, if anyone has any info/stories on that situation, I'd be interested.

And while I'm at it, I've been wondering about women's bathrooms in the army. As I understand it, with guys it's just a row of toilets out in the open, not even stalls?

Hi- I found this site after googling "pooped in the tuba" (stewie from Family Guy quote). Last summer I went camping with a large group of people at a mountain lake in the Pacific Northwest. About 40-50 singles ages 20-40. When nightfall arrived it was "party time", so of course I did my share of imbibing. After I got tired of beer I decided to break out my bottle of Rum and mix it with the energy drinks I had. Whoopass and Socko (like red bull/rock star) Well, I'm pretty much the worlds' worst bartender and I ended up using way too much rum so by midnight I could barely walk let alone carry on a conversation. Realizing the party was over for me I staggered in the dark back to my small tent. I'd found a good spot to pitch it- close to the others but with decent privacy which turned out to be a good thing! All that day off and on I could feel a load of shit in my ass but never had the strong urge to poop. That was until it was bedtime and I was drunker than I'd been in years, stumbling around trying to get into my small backpacking tent. I had to go bad and I didn't care where so bending over and leaning against the nearest tree for support I let `er rip. A few wipes then another squat for round II but at a different tree. My head was spinning and I was on the verge of puking too but managed to avoid that. Once inside my tent I cracked a glowstick to use as a nightlight. It helps me keep from puking when I get bedspins. Anyway, fast foward to sunday morning about 10:30. My head hurt like hell, my eyes were all gunky from not taking my contact lenses out, and my mouth was so yucky I actually took a paper towel and wiped out the stringy slime. By then the sun was blazing and my tent was very warm. So was were the two piles of shit I'd deposited just a few feet away the night before and man did they stink. I could even hear the freaking flys. By the time I got up around noon EVERYONE except for two guys had already left. I hope it wasn't because of my shit stench- lol. Anyway, I did end up puking after trying to consume some Powerade and a piece of pineapple/mango bread. Bleah. Since that event I've sworn off rum AND energy drinks!

Selena the server
Ok, So tonight I had a huge accident in my pants. Let me first start off by saying that I work in a resturant and we are short staffed so on the nights that it gets really busy it's a pain because we really don't have time to go to the bathroom at all or if we do the stalls are occupied. And another problem is that we get free pop so I'm always drinking pop when i shouldnt.

Anyways.. Tonight I had to go to the bathroom very bad, the break that I could get away for a minute I went into the bathroom but the stalls were all occupied so I left. I was getting nervous because I had to go soo bad. I had no choice but to go serve my customers. This wouldn't have been a problem if i had to pee because sometimes i let a little out but it's ok cuz we wear black pants and a black apron over it so nobody sees the front of you anyways, but in this case i had to take a major dump. well so I'm serving my customers when i stoped at this one table to take thier order and as i'm standing there squeezing my but cheeks together as hard as i can a customer dropped her napkin and i went to pick it up as soon as i did the log started pushing out, i quickly stood back up but it was really too late, as I stood up i just pushed the log into my pants, I'm sure the people behind me got surprised by that. So when i left the table i went straight to the bathroom luckly then no one was in there, I looked into the mirror and there was a softabll size in the back of my pants. I cleaned up as best as I could, and took a long break after that. It was the most embarrsing night. Has this happend to anyone at work before?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'd like to answer T.J.'s survey:
1. Could you give a brief description of yourself?(age,height,hair color,etc) 14 year old male
2.How often do you take a poop?
3-5 times a day
3.About how large are your poops on average? (length,width)
A few inches long
4.About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop?
It varies
5.What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?(mushy,firm,rock-solid,etc)
6.What form do your poops usually come out as? (logs,coils or snakes, chunks,etc)
7.About how long does it take for you to poop?
45 minutes
8.Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop?
Before school, after school, before bed
9.Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?(home,public restroom, etc)
10.Overall, do you like pooping?
11.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa?
I'm not comfortable with it
12.How long do you usually hold your poop in?
I can't
13.What foods do you usually eat?
14.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops?
None that I can think of
15.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out?
I dunno


As a sufferer of IBS I can sympathise with those with poop accidents. When you get the stomach cramps you know you have 15 mins max. If the cramps occur in the rectum then you are lucky if you get your panties down in time.
Usually it is obvious that you are going to have a bad bowel day and you make allowances ( like stay at home!) Sometimes it just hits you. I have been very fortunate I that the times that it has hit me has been out of town. One incident happened after a longish journey to the Lake District in the UK. I had stopped for a break when the stomach cramps started. I was near a cemetery which had a chapel which had been converted to a convenience store. Beside this store were toilets. I made my way to them only to discover that they were locked due to vandalism. By now BM was imminent. As there were quite a few people around exercising their dogs I needed to find a suitable spot. The cramps were now in the lower bowel and I was desperate. I now had two options either to let go and poop in my pants or to defecate in public. Fortunately I noticed a grave diggers hut at the side of the cemetery with a considerable mound of grass cuttings. I made my way to this and found that behind the grass I was 'private' As I undid the belt to my jeans I noticed that there was a public footpath at the side of this hut but by this time it was too late. I pulled my jeans down and squatted down pulling my panties to my knees and felt intense pressure my anus. I was aware of the vulnerable position I was in but had to let nature take its course. My anus relaxed and I produced a large pool of mushy shit which I wiped off with a paper handkerchief. experience has taught me that it is better to stick the paper into the anus. It may be uncomfortable(but no more than a thong) but saves messy washing later. LOL

cute girl poo. Eating plenty of fruit and drining plenty of fluids should help to soften things up and make life easier. Everyone's bowels are different though so be patient. You'll find out what works for you sooner or later.

Mr. Lactose Intolerant Incarnate. Although I don't suffer personally from lactose intolerance I know of people who do and know it's not a pleasant condition. Although it wasn't motivated by need I switched from dairy milk to soya milk a few years ago and I've found that it makes stronger tea if anything - and I like a nice strong cuppa! I'm also sure that it's helped on the bowel front and I've been fairly regular with only occasional bouts of constipation since switching to it.

Deb, Formerly Frustrated in Florida
First of all, to TRACYGIRL: I guess we're part of the same constipation club. I never got constipated until recently, and I'm going to turn 39 next month. I think it's something about being this age, because when I was at the drug store buying my enema products, I saw two other women our age buying the same thing, and I was only there for 5 minutes.

Hey Thunder, Aussie John, and everybody, here's this weekend's poop report!

I don't remember if I told everybody but a couple weekends ago I noticed that I was eating practically no fiber in my diet and started eating a bowl of bran cereal every night before bed. It helped a lot and I had been having a bowel movement every day for the most part.

So about this wonderful weekend. Actually it was a long weekend. My boyfriend took Thursday and Friday off, and he flew in Wednesday night and stayed with me on Thursday. I had to work Thursday morning, and we left Friday to go stay at a condo on the beach for Friday and Saturday night.

I was in meetings all day at work Wednesday and got the urge to poo halfway through one of the meetings, and after the meeting I had a normal bowel movement. I picked my boyfriend up at the airport that evening, and the next morning he stayed in bed while I went to work. I had a small, unspectacular bowel movement at work at my normal time around 11am. I enjoyed that afternoon and evening with my boyfriend but there was nothing further to report poo-wise for that day.

Friday I woke up and we had planned to get on the road to the condo early, but I had a bloated feeling in my bowels as if I were really full, and since I hadn't had a satisfying poo the day before, I was afraid that constipation might set in if we left my house before I had a poo. I got up and drank my morning coffee which is what I think is usually responsible for my mid morning poo. I woke up my boyfriend and had him come sit on the floor in the bathroom next to me while I sat on the toilet and read a magazine for about a half hour. I let a few small farts out but nothing was moving yet. We went back to bed and slept for about an hour, and then I was awakened by the sound of my cellphone ringing. I jumped out of bed to get the phone. It was a coworker calling me to ask about something for work. As soon as I jumped out of bed, I could feel the the poo starting to push against my anus, so I tried to get my coworker off the phone as quickly as possible. As soon as she hung up, I told my boyfriend that I really had to go now. I started to go toward the toilet but then I realized it was going to be a very big spectacular poo so I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to really watch up close. He jumped at the idea, so I laid a trash bag on the floor and put two chairs next to each other over top of it, so that I could place one butt cheek on each chair and have my anus in the middle between the chairs to form sort of a makeshift toilet but with full view. I sat on it and relaxed my muscles, and had my boyfriend retrieve my magazine to keep my mind off the fact that I was going to take a huge dump in the middle of my kitchen floor. Soon the first turd began to ease its way out very slowly. I told my boyfriend that it was going to be a good one as I felt it stretch me. The turd fell off and landed with a thump noise on the plastic bag. I looked down between my legs. It was very smooth and dark brown and was in the shape of a Hershey's Kiss, and about an inch and a half around on the bottom. Nothing happened for about 3 minutes, then I pushed a little and the next turd started to come out. It was thinner than the first, and very sticky, but it ended up being about 10 inches long when it fell from my butt to the floor. My apartment was getting very stinky at this point, and I commented on that, but my boyfriend said he didn't mind any smell that I made. It felt so much better to get all that out, and I told my boyfriend how much better I felt now, but I still wasn't finished. I pushed out a tiny, thin piece about a quarter inch thick by 3 inches long, then 5 minutes later a turd similar to the second one but about 6 inches long worked its way out. I felt done now, and pushed a couple more times and produced one small clump that fell off and stuck on top of the other turds. I felt so liberated by the experience and excited. My boyfriend wiped my butt with a wet wipe and threw the bag of poo in the trash dumpster.

We got on the road by about lunch time, and settled into the condo. The weather wasn't very good on the beach, pretty chilly for Florida, so we went out to eat then stayed in for the rest of the night. Around midnight I felt the urge to poo some more, so I sat on the toilet for a while. I could feel rock hard marble-like turds up inside my butt but they would not come out even after I sat there for 20 minutes and pushed until it hurt. I had told my boyfriend that I had the enema products and he asked if I wanted him to give me the mineral oil one to make everything slide out better. I said yes and laid down on the bed and had him squeeze that whole bottle of oil up inside me. I had never taken an enema before and it felt really weird as it gurgled up inside my intestines. After about 5 minutes I was feeling pressure in my anus. My boyfriend had brought a trash can over next to the bed and put down a towel under me in case I had an accident, but I made it to the toilet. As he sat next to me I pushed and the oil made a funny sound as it squirted out of my butt into the toilet. Then with a plop-plop-plopping sound, several small, hard turds plopped out. I pushed out some more oil and that was that for the night.

Saturday morning, I got up felt some pressure and sat down. Just a little bit more oil came out but no poo. I was totally cleaned out. We enjoyed a very nice day together and ended up at an all you can eat crab place for dinner. I was totally stuffed. I also continued to eat my bran cereal every night. I didn't poo any more that day.

Sunday we got up and drove back to my town, and then I had to take my boyfriend to the airport. He had a poo before we left the condo, but I did not. I didn't have my morning coffee since I was afraid we'd be late getting him to the airport. We drove for a while, and actually ended up getting there earlier than I expected. My boyfriend was hungry and since we had time we decided to stop at a KFC before I took him to the airport. Just as I was about to get out of the car, the urge to poo came on with a vengeance. I told my boyfriend I had to take a huge poo again, and he asked if I knew of anywhere close by that had a unisex bathroom that we could both go into together. I didn't and I was really frustrated that I was going to have this poo in a KFC restroom where he couldn't come in with me, but then he suggested I drive a couple miles down the road where there was some uninhabited land with a lot of trees. I almost resisted because I was in pain and had to go right now, but I decided to give it a try because we'd talked about my doing it in the woods and I was looking forward to trying. He saw a spot where I could safely pull off the road and held my hand as we walked into the bushes. I was wearing clogs and was having a little trouble walking through the uneven ground but I was very excited. He saw a spot that was very secluded and led me there and said, "here you go babe!" I pulled down my shorts and pink panties and squatted. First I peed, and then the poo started to come out without any pushing required. It was one big huge turd, probably the biggest I ever did in my life. After a few seconds the turd got harder to push out. My boyfriend later told me that it was because the tip of it had touched the ground and I was pushing it into a coil shape. I only did the one turd but it was about 14 inches long and and inch and a half thick. It felt so wonderful, my ass tingled for a couple hours afterward and I was totally happy that I finally did it in the woods. Having been shamed into a life of thinking it was gross and all, I feel totally free whenever I do it somewhere other than the toilet now. I put my boyfriend on the plane with a big smile on his face, and I hope everybody out there in internet land will smile too when they read this. So now I'm no longer Frustrated in Florida! Thanks everybody. If you want, I'll keep posting more poop reports. Let me know!

Talk to you soon!
Love, Deb

Short Stalls ..... I'm a custodian at a high school. While the faculty male, faculty female, and student female restrooms all have normal toilet stalls with doors, the student male restrooms have 'short stalls" All they cover is te mid-section of the user, as they are only about 4 feet high, by 3 feet deep.... When the boys restroom door swings open, passer byers can see the heads of all the guys on the toilets, as well as their legs, ankles, socks, undershorts, and shoes. Since the toilet tissue is mounted on the stall endcaps, you can see the hands of the guys pulling the rolls of toilet tissue from outside. And of course you can see their facial expressions as they grunt,plop, fart, and wipe their asses. I always said it was an unfair layout for the boys, since everyone else has privacy, but the guys do use them, and I've seen them face the doorway and 'SMILE" for passer-byers.... I think i'd keep my head between my knees.. LOL

cute girl poo
Hi. I am a 17 year old girl Indian, 5'8", 122 lbs. I have a problem with having BMs. Usually when I poo, it feels Really good to me but I usually have Hard poo when I have a BM and it hurts. So my question is this. What kinds of foods will make my poo soft? I also want to know how to make it less potient. Usually When I have a soft BM, it reaks like Hell

Mr. Lactose Intolerance Incarnate
Recently in the hospital with a drug interaction problem. (Cheap diuretics for blood pressure should have cheap potassium taken with it, or you get SICK.)

After a couple of days of potassium pills, I started feeling like eating everything they put in front of me.... including the cereal at breakfast. Didn't like dry cereal, didn't like it with OJ. So, I decided to put enough milk on it to wet the stuff.

The net effect was that I was gassy.... in fact, I started my infamous "machine gun sneeze" and I started "sneezing" from both ends. Highly embarrassing but I did feel better afterwards!

No more milk for me, I decided to try some soymilk instead to see if I can get another beverage to drink. Dieticians generally want people to consume dairy because of the protein/carb/calcium mix but not if you're lactose intolerant! (My father developed it late in his life, I got it about the time I got out of college, and Mom and my other two brothers drink milk with no problem.)

The other night I had the most embarassing accident at my friends house.
I went there for a sleep over, I got there about 8pm, Right off the bat sheila (shes 15, were both sophmores) offers me a coke, now I know I shouldnt have one because they always make me hafta pee but it didnt stop me, 3 cokes later I knew it was a mistake, we were playing her N64 ( we love Mario Cart) we were playing, and talking about girl things, I was feeling the coke, I had to pee bad, by this time it was about 10 pm, I was having too much fun to quit, I told Sheila, she said go. I was having to much fun and didnt wanna get up. I was bursting so bad, finaly I felt a spirt, but since we just started a new game I didnt wanna get up, I was wearing blue plaid pajama pants, and I had pink panties on, I also had a whit T-shirt that went down to the very top of my pants, but anyway I felt a second spirt and instantly sqeezed my legs together, I said "sheila,I gotta Pee, im already squirting" by now it was constant little squirts, I have wittnessed many of sheilas accidents (she has a very small bladder, and attention span which is a bad mix) so I knew she would be able to help, or I thought, but she basically told me at that point I was scwered. I knew if I moved I would start peeing eventhough I already was. I was sitting on a bean bag chair with my legs tightly sqeezed but it didnt help, it finally started comming out with force, just as I started crying, I knew I had know other cloths to wear (I changed before I went over...) Sheila was really nice about it though, she helped me change, I changed in her room so her parents wouldnt find out, I changed into some tight jeans that she owned, I nicely turned down her under wear cause the pair she gave me definatly looked like they held poop at one point... I was never so embarrased, the wet spot went down to my but all I could smell was pee for the rest of the night... The next day I had to put back on the wet pj's they still felt damp, and I had to walk home in them, when my Mom did the laundry less than an hour after I got home she said she could smell pee on my PJ bottoms, I told her I just couldnt hold it, she told me to be more careful, and like she always tells me DONT DRINK COKE...

Hello everyone. To get the stats I am a 16 year old male with brown hair and tealish-blue eyes. And now onto my story.

Last night, I've had the worst stomachache I've ever had. I shook it off because I was talking to my friend who recently moved away from our school. For 5 hours, my stomach keeps rumbling and growling, asking to use the bathroom, and I unfortunately have to put it aside. When you have a chat about destructive robots eating all of New York, you don't want to just leave for the toilet. After I tell him that I have to go, I clutch my stomach and silently go to bed. "I'll deal with it in the morning." I tell myself and fall asleep on the couch.

Around noon today, I finally woke up and am forced to walk our dogs. So a quick 20 minute walk around the block, my lower intestine is screaming out at me to drop whatever was the hell inside of me. It didn't help to see both my dogs taking large BMs while going home.

I rush home and run into the bathroom, striping down all of my clothes (I like to be totally nude while on the toilet) and sitting still on the toilet. At first only some pee came out and a lot of gas. "Damn, guess I have to use force." I push down with everything my body could handle and had no success. Another push, another grunt, and still no luck. "Guess it's time to wait it out." I walk to my room and get my Game Boy, man's electronic friend, and sit back down on the toilet. About halfway through the game (2 hours!), I finally start to feel something from below. I save the game and throw it on the counter, psyching myself for the newborn child I was about to give birth to. I put my hands on the wall and the counter and push for my life. Thirty seconds into the pushing something starts to emerge from my anus. The lack of breathe caused me to stop pushing and bring back the beast into his cave. "Nuh-uh! I ain't letting you get away that easily!" I reply to myself, and give another push. Something thick comes slowly out of my anus and into the toilet bowl. Looking downwards, I looked open-wided at this one piece of poop: it was around 12 to 15 inches and was about as thick as an apple. I had to check myself twice just to make sure my anus wasn't ruptured or anything. I chuckled at this monstrocity and said "HAHA! Marshall: 1. Toilet: 0." I wiped thoroughly and flushed, leaving the memories of my unnecessary food to the professionals.

I just wanted to say that I give props to everyone here who aren't ashamed of their toilet business. You all have a lot of guts to post such embarrassing--yet interesting--stories about yourselves. Until the next time I post, hope you enjoy a good BM!

Slash. Although they're not as common as they used to be, street urinals - or at least portable toilets - have made a comeback in some parts of the UK in recent years, most notably in places like central London. I think part of the reason is that local councils have woken up to the corrosive effect of uric acid on buildings and realised something's got to be done about it. I know two or three years ago concerns were expressed about corrosion due to uric acid on the National Gallery and I think a portable urinal was installed in Trafalgar Square to help counter the problem. Whilst we have had public toilets in England for 150 years, local authorities and coucils are under no statutory obligation to provide them with the result that some towns ans cities are better provided for than others. Until a few years ago public toilets were quite plentiful in most towns, pandering to the great British tradition of not bothering to use the loo before leaving home. Due to vandalism and the rising costs of maintenance however, they've tended to disappear somewhat in recent years. I don't know whether any American posters would like to comment on this or not, but I'm given to understand than in the USA genuine public toilets are extremely few and far between, to the point of being practically non existent. Anyone got any thoughts?

Hi everyone, I have a story.

Ok so I was in the bathroom on the toilet but nothing was coming out. So i said ok i'll take a shower now. So i got in the shower and then it hit me. I have to take a serious crap so i tried to get out of the shower but when I did a little diarrhea sqiurted out of me on to the floor so i stopped moving and stayed in the shower and then i said that I would have to crap in the shower. So i got back in the shower and started to crap my brains out. Then it got a little better and i went to the toilet and finished of there. I was ok for the rest of the night.

The Nature Boy
Carmaltia - great contributions of late (as usual!) Yeah, maybe someday I'll find someone with the same bathroom mentality. I think I almost had one, but let's say there were more important differences right offhand...!

Gary, Dave -
Hmmm...maybe chivalry is dead, but I don't see it in just gender terms. I know women who would have no qualms about 'going' in a doorless stall, just as I know guys that would be very uncomfortable doing so. I just think that being able to dump behind closed doors should be the right of EVERYone, should they so desire it...

With many women, I can imagine the main problem of a doorless stall would be the, well, 'monthly visitor.' Through here, I have heard of several women's rooms with doorless stalls (for one, Carmaltia and her place of employment, at least back in the day). Now that I think of it, if anyone has any info/stories on that situation, I'd be interested.

And while I'm at it, I've been wondering about women's bathrooms in the army. As I understand it, with guys it's just a row of toilets out in the open, not even stalls?

"Full Transition"
Every morning about 10 minutes before I get to work I feel like I'm going to crap my pants in the car. I always run into work and straight to the bathroom.Every time I rush in and I sit down and squeeze and it feels like I'm shitting a boulder followed by a mega-log followed by semisoft poop and then the last thing that comes out must be the coffee I drank on the way to work(all in one shot). The whole ordeal lasts only about 2 seconds(once I pass the boulder) and wiping only is only seconds long. Also, the sound is like a large pop. It's great. I call this a "Full Transition" dump and it is an absolutely phenominal way to start the day.

I'd like to answer T.J.'s survey:

1. Could you give a brief description of yourself?(age,height,hair color,etc) 16 years old; female; hazel colored eyes; dark brown hair; I'm about 4'10 tall.

2.How often do you take a poop?
About 4-5 times a day

3.About how large are your poops on average? (length,width)
2 inches long

4.About how many turds do you let out when you take a poop?
10-15 turds about 2 inches long

5.What type of texture do your poops turn out to be in general?(mushy,firm,rock-solid,etc)
They're usually smooth

6.What form do your poops usually come out as? (logs,coils or snakes, chunks,etc)

7.About how long does it take for you to poop?
20-60 minutes. It takes an awfully long time for the first poo to come out. That usually takes about 10 minutes.

8.Is there a particular time of day when you normally poop?
Whenever I get the urge

9.Is there a particular time or place you like to poop?(home,public restroom, etc)
At home

10.Overall, do you like pooping?
Yes. It excites meb

11.How do you feel about others listening to or watching you poop or vice versa?
If I have diarrhea, I'm not to keen on people listening to me. If it's any other type of poo,I'm fine with people listening. As far as people watching me go...I'm not to comfortable with that. I like listening to other's poo though.

12.How long do you usually hold your poop in?
30 minutes or so

13.What foods do you usually eat?

14.Are there any foods you eat that make you produce large poops?
None that I can think of

15.What is your favorite (if any) type of poop to let out?
Anything but really bad diarrhea


It's interesting you mention the West Midlands in 1960s - I only know of one such street urinal that you mentioned, and that is here in Harborne (suburb of Birmingham), towards the end of the High Street. It is still open, though I have never been in there and it is painted green. There is no sign stating men only, but I have never seen a woman going in. It is right next to one of the main bus stops and is well used. I agree it is a shame there aren't more of them around any more.

Hola amigos!

Nicole: I'd have loved to have rubbed your t????y while your monstrous turd came out.

Some Dude: I can't say for sure what the biggest dump I ever took was. Mine are usually really big. I guess one of the biggest ones I ever had was when I'd been constipated for four days. The turds just kept coming and coming. I ended up clogging the toilet so bad that I couldn't plunge it. As far as anybody else, I have girlfriends who can shit a ton, so I couldn't even guess.

This is a story from my past. When I was growing up, there were two bathrooms in our house, one upstairs and one down. One time a friend of my brohter's adjusted the bathroom door so it wouldn't close properly. He did it by stuffing toilet paper into the latch hole on the door jam. He did it so he could get a look at me, or one of my sisters when we went to the bathroom.

I discovered the toilet paper in the latch and figured out why it was there. I remember that it excited me that he wanted to see one of us on the pot, so I pretended not to notice it. I was wearing yellow pants and that's about all I can remember. (I really loved those yellow pants!) My brother was listening to records, but his friend was lurking in the hallway waiting. We had an old hall linen closet that we often used when we played hide and seek. I knew he was hiding in there, waiting for my bedroom door to open. Me and my two sisters were playing Monopoly and I deliberately announced my business to attract him. "Luisa I have to go to the bathroom, go ahead and roll for me." When I figured he was there, I went into the bathroom and swung the door shut. It creaked back open about 4 inches because of his tampering.

Looking just a bit to my right, I saw shadows of feet under the door. I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet seat. Once on the toilet I sat for a few seconds, then peed a big puddle into the toilet. After a few seconds, I let out a tiny 'sssppplllttt' of a fart. Did I ever grunt! I was so excited having an audience that I exaggerated everything. I grunted like I was giving birth.
"Rrrrrrnnnnnnnnn…..oaahhhhhhh-Rrrrnnnnnnnnnn!" biting my lower lip, scrunching my eyebrows, holding my t????y. Another fart happened, and I went "Oh, pewwwww", fanning my hand like it smelled horrible. It really didn't have a smell at all. Fortunately, I really did have to poo, and it was a good time to do it.

I sat there on the toilet knowing I was being watched. I continued the grunting and making faces like I was pushing out a freight train. This went on for a long time, maybe ten minutes. I kept thinking that I was going to get caught, but I never did. I sat up a little off the seat because I wanted that boy to see my butt. I had a nice round butt and I was proud of it. I kept grunting.
Finally, my real poop needed to come out. All that fake straining got me all gassed up and I crapped out a nice little turd. I leaned really far forward so that my butt was about 6 inches off the seat. I wanted him to see it coming out. It was a nice one too. It splashed loudly into the toilet.

Again I grunted "Rrrrnnnnnnnnnn….oooaaaahhhhhh!" and pinched off two more turds. By then, I knew I was finished. It was time to wipe. I wiped 6 times, more than what I normally would do. I wanted to show off my butt, so I dug in deep and slow, studying the stained paper afterwards. When it came time to pull up my pants, I turned to face the door so he could see my vagina. The whole poop show lasted about 10 minutes because I kept faking my grunting. All I knew is that I wanted that boy to watch and get excited. After that time, I dreamed of doing it again. I love those old memories.

To this day, it's still fun.


Hola amigos,

Hi have a great poop story! My friend Dan came over last night and surprised us. To make a long story short, he had to poo really bad and let me watch!! Yippeeee! It was a guy poo, and it was a HUGE one!

To start, he was a little bit drunk and had to start with a pee. I coaxed him into letting me watch, and his thing is cute so it was really cool! He peed pretty good for about a minute or more. Out of the blue, he asked me to leave the room and give him privacy, so I did. But standing outside the door, I asked to come in. He said 'no', but I really wanted to watch him take a good man crap. Eventually he gave in. Wow! He did 6 nice turds that smelled pretty bad. It's so much fun to see a guy sitting on the toilet because he has a cock that has to be tucked down underneath the seat. Dan's a big guy and his legs are long yet he has his undies up around his knees.

He really didn't want to push when I was there, but I started scratching his head and rubbing his shoulders until the first crackling started. I was breathing in his ear saying "C'mon hon, do it for Carmalita…push hon, push…" After a few seconds, I heard a reallly gross crackling sound followed by a whole bunch of turds! Man, he dumped big time. It was so sweet. When he finished he really looked embarrassed and said "would you please go outside so I can finish?"
I knew he meant that he wanted to wipe his butt in private. I offered to do it for him. I'm a good wiper, and did him so gently. His butt isn't like Nu's or even Chrissy's. He's got a tough ass, really muscular. Aside from the really nasty smell, it was fun. When he stood up to pull his jeans up, he almost stumbled over and fell into the tub. That's how drunk he was! His turds were huge, I could see them in the toilet. One was so fat I could hardly believe it. I just love men when they take a shit. I just love men!!!!!!!! He really took a big shit in front of me and I was sooooo happy he did!

Okay, he did stay over night, and I left our bed to be with him on the couch. Of course, he was so drunk that he won't know if I was there or not. When he wakes up tomorrow, he'll be really embarrassed knowing what he did in front of me. I ate mac and cheese which makes me shit like a factory. I'll have lots of turds and will squeeze 'em out for him so he won't be freakin so damn bad. I just hope that with a hangover he can handle some serious Latina stink!

He's such a sweetie!


to Slash:
Street urinals do appear again all over Europe. In the Netherlans you see them all over the towns and in other European cities also in London they start to bring them back. It's because, as you say, guys just use the next corner, if there aren't any.
I think it's an absolute injustice. Because woman don't pee in every corner in public and don't destroy buildings by pissing on them they get punished by having to wait, while guys get the reward of being able to relieve themselves. We have one in our town at a central place and it realy annoys me there aren't facilities for women. I could even use the urinal technically, but I obviously I do want to go in there with the guys. I think it's a good idea to have urinals generally, but the you should provide for woman as well. It's bad enough they always have more toilets for men than for women, so the woman have to queue more, but to not think about hte ladies at all...if that's not discrimination than what is? I guess we also have to start to pollute corners and pee on buildings, maybe then they will realize that women also have to pee.

One day when I was with my friend at a grocery store she dared me to buy a pack of diapers. So I went through with the dare and took them to the checkout counter. When we got back to my appartment I got very curious and wondered what it would be like to wear one. So I put one on and slid a skirt over top of it.

We were just sitting around and watching a movie when I told her to pause it so I could go to the bathroom. She asked me what for because I was wearing a diaper. I gave her a wierd look, but because I was very curious and daring I decided to do it.

I got up from the couch and proceeded to pee in it. I told her I was a little uncomfortable pooping in it but she urged me to do it. So I held onto her arm as I squatted in the middle of the floor and started pooping. Once the diaper was filled I pulled it off, took a shower and put my clothes back on.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I am a 18 year old female student. I had a large meal the night before I had a doctor's appointment for an infection. Driving over to the doctor's office I felt the urge to take one. I held it back and went to my appointment. While in the waiting room I really needed to use the bathroom, but I thought the doctor would call me any minute. I kept holding it and holding it. I soon had to pee as well. A half-hour passed then an hour before they finally called me. I had to really go bad from both ends. The doctor asked me a bunch of questions while I kept fighting off the urge to use the bathroom. The doctor must have suspected something was wrong because she asked me if there was anything wrong. I tried to act as if nothing was wrong and said, "No I am fine." Then came the part where the doctor examined me. She said, "Your breathing is kind of heavy and your sweating, are you sure your all right?" I was struggling but I didn't let on that I had to use the bathroom strongly. When the doctor started pushing on my stomach I had to go to the bathroom even more. I felt like I was going to have an accident and finally admitted I had to use the bathroom. "We are almost done, the doctor said, "do you think you can make it?" I said yes, but I had to go urgently by this time. Finally, the doctor concluded my visit. I went straight to the bathroom. I unleased a torrent of pee then a monsterous turd slid out of my backside. I never felt so relieved.

I was reading some posts on here earlier today when I felt something moving towards my butt. I went into the bathroom, took my panties and pants off and sat down. I squeezed slightly and heard a crackling sound. I spread my legs apart and squeezed again. Pfft,pftt,pfft,pfft,pftt.....plop,plop,plop,plop. I look into the toilet and there's 4 light brown pieces of poo floating in the water. I feel more coming out and I squeeze. This is followed by some more crackling sounds and a huge fart. This fart really got things going. Next thing I know,about 20 soft pieces of diarrhea are plopping into the toilet. I squeeze and a few more pieces fall out into the toliet. I fart a couple more times, followed by some more diarrhea. Once I felt empty, I wiped a few times and then flushed.

I crapped my pants in bed last night. I was feeling a bit gassy and playful, so when my wife got in bed, I jerked the covers over her head and farted, or at least that was what I was expecting. Instead I felt my pants fill with warm mush. She was cursing at me, but when she realuzed I'd crapped in my pants she started laughing at me and said I needed diapers as I waddled off into the bathroom for a shower and some clean underpants and pjs. Sometimes jokes just don't go the way we expect.

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