To the person who requested a food poisoning story, here you go. This story begins on a Friday afternoon, around 1984. I lived on Long Island, NY, and had a bag packed because I was going to drive up to my cousin's house in CT to spend the weekend. But before making the trip, I had lunch with a friend at a Chi Chi's restaurant on LI. Now, my friend and I had all the same food, as we just ordered a bunch of food and just split everything in half. Lunch was at about 1:00 p.m. By 2:00 p.m., I hit the road for CT. BTW, this was my first experience with Mexican food. I thought it was great! At about 6:00 p.m., I was having a great time, dining on burgers from my cousin's BBQ. All was well. We all went to bed by midnight. Well, I woke up at about 3 a.m., with the most incredible wave of nausea. Normally, if I feel nauseous, I can usually ride it out by thinking of nice refreshing things like Italian ices or ice cream. This trick used to work for staving off nausea ever since I was a little kid. Not this time! This was more like...wake up and immediately....'oh God, I am GOING TO BARF MY BRAINS OUT.' And that I did. I RAN into the bathroom which thankfully was right next to my guest bedroom and without hesitation, proceeded to hurl into the bowl with everything I had. I must have heaved at least 10 times and I thought it would never stop. But by the 8th or 9th hurl, I felt my bowels spring to life and with a vengeance. I hurled again, and then quickly swung around to plant my other end onto the bowl. I let loose with about a half dozen waves of horrible diarrhea. All the while, I was praying that my cousin and her husband didn't hear the unfolding disaster taking place in their guest bathroom. After the diarrhea ended, I cleaned up and flushed the odious mixture of barf and diarrhea away. Man, did I feel good! I felt so good that I went back to bed and instantly fell asleep. However, I re-awoke about 45 minutes later to yet another round of hurling and diarrhea. Unbelievable! Thankfully, after the second attack, I was OK and slept 'til morning. The whole next day I had zero energy. My legs were shaking just to walk up or down the stairs. At first I blamed the whole thing on Chi Chi's, but my friend who shared lunch with me never got sick. SO, that leaves only the burgers that my cousin served me....but neither of them got sick. To this day, I have no idea what happened. Maybe my burger alone fell on the ground or was mishandled somehow...someone practiced poor food safety techniques.
Here's my other food poisoning story. This happened on 4th of July, 2002. On July 3, my husband and I went to his sister's house for a BBQ (see the trend here? LOL). I could see that perhaps they weren't being very careful about food handling. First of all, it was about 95 degrees out, and she had no AC. Her kitchen had to be over 100 degrees. She had made this milk-based Indian dessert (forgot the name, might have been kheer). We took some home and put it in the fridge. The next morning I had a bowl of it after breakfast. I was a little worried about the fact that it sat on her kitchen counter the previous day in 100 degree heat but I decided to go for it. We had another party to go to later that day. Well, about an hour after eating it, I started to have a slight stomach ache, very high up, like right under my ribs. Within an hour, I was lying on the floor writhing in pain. But this pain came in waves. Between waves, I was completely fine. I thought it was just gas. So by 5:00, we were ready to leave for the party, about a 15 minute drive away. I had another wave in the car but it passed. I thought I'd make it through the party. But when we pulled up in front of the house where the party was, I thought I was going to DIE! I grabbed my stomach and started yelling to my husband "Oh my God, keep going, keep going....we can't HOME!" We drove right past the party and never got out of the car, LOL. I made it home without barfing in the car, but as soon as I got home I was doubled over the "porcelain bus" heaving for about 5 minutes. Watch out for those dairy products that sit in the "danger zone" temperatures too long. No dessert is worth going through that agony, no matter how good it tastes!

Hi everybody, im Bethany. Im new to this, but i kno of the posts because my little bro always looks at this site and leaves it on the history.(sneaky sis) Well anyway I'm 18, about 5 feet and a half tall i guess? well anywayz me and my friend Danielle were going to go camping with some other people that were going to meet us there. this was last summer. well we got in her car and started driving there, it was going to be about two hours and a half maybe? the only reason we were going that far was because it was a really cool campground with lots of stuff to do. well we were hot tho, cause danielle's cars air conditioner is broken, but as soon as we got on the interstate we were fine. we were going to go camp overnight, drink some beer, you know and come back later the next day. well we were driving and got kinda hungry so we stopped at truckstop and got some chicken. we walked in there laughing, bought it and left. it was funny as hell. we ate it there and got driving again. well we drove for a while and after what seemed forever we got there. it was so cool! the only thing that sucked was my stomach, as it had been rumblin a little while i guess from the chicken cause it was really greasy. i didnt know how bad it would suck. well anyway we fished some and my stomach was feeling kinda bad but i shrugged it off. i didn't know about danielle yet. well after fishing, i decided i should use the porter poty. i started to walk towards it, but it was kinda far. danielle joined me. as we were walking i had the strongest urge to fart. it hurt actually bad. well i farted and i felt that i had to immediately cut off my butt muscle. i had to go now! well i told danielle and she said her too. we didn't make a distinction between the chicken yet. well we got there and i opened the door and was disgusted. there was crap on the toiletseat and toiletpaper stuck to it all! we said screw that and opened the other. it did not even have toiletpaper. i had to go seriously bad tho. i said screw it and i took my tennis shoe off and took off my sock. i had too. i didnt have any spares, but i wasn't going to walk around with poop in my thong you know? well i sat down and let out some diarrhea. it splashed in the nasty ass porterpoty which was pretty full too. i did it some more and stood up, and slowly proceeded to(sigh) wipe with my sock. i guess i got it all off and pulled my thong and shorts up and walked outside. danielle was sitting there very pale and got up and said "i gotta go". she sat in there and i heard her shitting a lot, lot more than me. i guess she wiped with her socks too as she went in there with socks and left without. we walked learily back to the campsite, both feeling sicker than we did before. our walk back we came to the conclusion that it was the chicken. we sat down when we got back, drank some water, tryed to chill out. suddenly danielle leaps up and has to go. she ran into the woods and dropped her shorts and started shiting nastilly all on the ground. it was pure liquid so some even bounced up on her tennys. i felt so bad for her, but i feared that that would be my fate later. danielle started crying and tryed wiping with leaves unsucessfully she just had to pull her thong and shorts up. we both said that we should go into town and get a hotel or even go home. danielle said she thought she felt fine to take us home. so we said bye to our friends and left. it was horrible. it was real hot and we both felt horrible and kinda gross, danielle prolly moreso than me. well we were driving and i needed to go. i told her to pull over at an exit but there wasn't one for a long time. we found one, got off and found a gas station. i ran in and asked if they had a bathroom. they said in the back and i ran back there and opened the door. it was locked. i didnt know what to do. i knocked and said i need to use it its an emergency. it was a guy and they said "well its an emergency for me too." there was an employees only one, so i tried to open it but it was locked! i didn't know what to do. we ran back to the car to find another, but before we did, i shortly shit my shorts. it was disgusting and horrible. i didnt have a change of shorts either since it was such a short trip. luckilly danielle did. we pulled off, i waddled out of the car mortififed. i had completely shit my pink shorts, was was down my leg into my sockless tennys. it was miserable. i walked into the bathroom, getting stares and danielle followed me in. she imediately sat down and started shitting. i said "hey i have to finish!" she said your shorts are already ruined. just take your shoes off and go. so i did. and it was soooooooo(you have no idea) nasty. it totally pushed the old poop out of my crotch and onto the floor and let new fresh warm shit in. i slid my shorts off and literally peeled my thong out from shit and left it on the trashcan. i cleaned myself off best as i could, put on my stinkly smelly shoes and we left. later on we felt just as bad as the heat was contributing to our sickness. at least the interstate air killed the smell in the car. danielle had to a little while after that. she said it was a bad one too. to make a long story short, she shit herself and started crying. it was a real nasty one too, cause i could hear it as well as see it all up in her crotch. she started crying and we opened all the windows further. i said dont cry it happened to me earlier. she said "well you have fresh shorts and i don't". still feeling sick and full of diarrhea, i thought a moment, and said what the hell. i let some go into my shorts. it was awful tho. i said "well your not the only one anymore." danielle started laughing a little, and about one minute later I so wished i could've taken back what i did. it was so hot and gross. it was so nasty feeling. my stomach hurt too and i just let more and more out periodically. so did danielle. the smell was unbearable. we drove straight home and both tossed our shorts. it was kinda funny but not really, it really sucked. they were really cute shorts too. anyone have anything similar happen? we can both talk about how horrible feeling it is. peace


1.What would you rather, be caught pooping outside or being seen pooping inside (not on the toilet)?

2. Have you ever pooped anywhere other than in the toilet? (if so where?)

3. Have you ever intentionally listened while someone was taking a poop?

4. (for the guys): have you ever pooped in your pants in front of a girl?

5. How would you ask your girlfriend/boyfriend to let you watch them on the toilet?

Thanks guys...

1) How often do you fart while pooping?
Sometimes, at first
2) Do your poops float or sink?
3) Do you your trips to the bathroom (pooping) generally smell worse when you fart while pooping?
usually about the same
4) Does your poop frequently leave skidmarks in the toilet when you finish pooping?
yes, nearly everytime
5) when you fart around other close friends (any other time than pooping) do you claim responsibility for your farts if the really stink?
No. But if it is noticeably loud i confess!!

Good morning--warm here. Sort of a long story here, with a question at the end--bear with me. Our old alarm clock finally died, so we got one from the bathroom and put it in our room, replacing the one in the bathroom with one from the guest room so I could tell what time it was when getting up in the night to pee. I have to get up from 2 to 4 times in the night because of an enlarged prostate. We get up before 6 to get ready for work. The last time I peed the clock said 5:20, so I went into the bedroom, felt around in the darkness, and took away the alarm clock by the bed; this was to prevent the alarm actually going off so I could wake my wife with a gentler sound at the proper time. I came in to the computer and noticed it said 4:20! The new clock in the bathroom was still on Daylight Savings time and was thus an hour fast, which meant that I had another hour to sleep, if I could. Well, since I was sitting up and moving around, my bowels thought it was getting up time; quite quickly I felt the urge to poop. I thought of ignoring it and going back to bed, but the urge was strong, mandatory not discretionary, so I went into the bathroom, sat on the rim, leaned far forward, and tried to project the poop outward with enough force to send it out in one long turd. It didn't work. Maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought, or perhaps the poop just wasn't the right consistency. In any event, I felt it come forth more slowly than usual. When I got up to look, it had come out in several pieces, three or four down in the hole, and a couple of C-shaped ones right under the rim. It was fairly soft (but formed), unusually thin for me (perhaps an inch), and very dark brown. It wasn't black, as in digested blood, but much darker brown than I'm used to. I thought back to what I had eaten yesterday: cereal, pancakes, and an egg for breakfast; fried tomatoes, summer squash, and shrimp for lunch; sweet potato, hominy, and fried chicken for supper, with pistachio pudding for dessert. The only think I could think of was the pistachio pudding--would that possibly color my stool dark? No idea.
My question is: What foods change the color or consistency of your bowel movements? What happens when you eat a lot of chocolate? How about beets? Spinach? Cake with lots of brightly colored frosting? (I do remember once eating cake with lots of dark blue frosting; the next day my turds were green.) Can you think of anything you eat that makes your turds an unusual color? How long does it take to return to normal (i.e., is your next movement normal)?
Happy pooping, everyone!

I have two stories to tell you about me hearing other girl's go to the bathroom (these both happened while I was at Chapters with my dad on the weekend):

1) I was taking a poo when I heard another lady come into the bathroom. She took the stall closest to the door. She peed first and then I heard nothing for about 5 minutes. Then I hear a 'plop' sound and her grabbing some toilet paper. I stand up to wipe as well and we both flush our toilets at the same time. I washed my hands and then left.

2) I was taking another poo about 10 minutes after the first one. I was sitting there, squeezing out some poo when a girl comes in and takes the stall beside me. She quickly tore down her pants and sat down. She farted and a few pieces of soft poo came out. She sighed slightly and then peed. I wiped and flushed and then washed my hands.

TO Samantha:

It's been AGES since I've done it. I think the last time I provided a stool sample is when I was 12 or 13. I was having a lot of trouble with my BM's (i.e. bad constipation & thick and painful logs) and my mother eventually noticed. Needless to say, when she found out, it was TOTALLY embarrassing for the pre-teen boy I was.
My embarrassment was then increased to new heights because:
#1. They didn't provide my mother with a proper container, so I had to go on a sheet of aluminium foil she put in the bathtub as I sat on the edge.
and #2. I had to walk with her to the Dr. while she was carrying my stool wrapped in aluminium in her hand. (It looked like she was holding a big cucumber...)

I wanted SOOOOOOO much to run away during that 10 minute walk to the Dr!

And hearing my Dr. and mom chatting about my toilet habbits was ABSOLUTELY humiliating. I would have crawled under a chair or rock if I could have.



Hello, Carmalita! Plese share me some constipation experiences.
I'm interested.

Accidental Tourist
To Camdyn:

Thanks for your post the other day -- it's my favorite kind of story.

I had the same fascination when I was a little kid. I constantly ran around with a big wet spot on the front of my pants. I usually just peed in them whenever I felt the slightest urge, so I usually didn't completely flood my pants, just kept them nice and damp. I loved the feeling of warmth. It drove my parents crazy though.

But I didn't poop in them, I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because I saw my younger cousin get in a lot of trouble for crapping his pajamas once.

I would love to hear some more stories from you, both pee and poop accidents.


Danny: About you dreaming you're peeing and waking up actually doing it.. story of my life. I wet the bed until I was in the 4th grade having that EXACT problem.. dreaming I was going and waking up peeing on myself. It's happened only once or twice as an adult.. but man as a kid it was impossible to stop!

Adam D.
To Samantha:

I read your recent story about being probed with a swab in the doctors office. Wow, talk about an embarrasing place to let go of a bm! I take it you just let go right there on the examination table? I bet your doctor was shocked to see the bm come out; she had a front row seat I guess. Was there time for you to react and maybe have the doctor give you something to go into or did it just come out too quickly? Hope it was a solid one. What did you say during and afterwards?

I hope the infection is ok; I'll have to read your earlier posts to find out what you had written before but I just had to reply to this before I forgot.

Adam D.

Hi everyone!
I'm new here. I saw this website and I got real excited to share some of my experiences with you! I've read alot of your posts and their great! I prefer pee desperation to poo.

Anyway, here goes my story!

I was on my way down for lunch when my teacher said, "Tanya, are you free now?" I needed to go to the loo, not bad, but still rather go. Of course I said, "uh, ya. Mrs. C***." She said "Ok, can you help me to carry these books to the teachers' room? And help me to sort them out. Angel got them mixed up!"

I half-groaned, but I smiled and told her, "Okay..." I gathered the pile of g????????d books and walked downstairs to a pavillion to sort the darn books out. You know what? Our class has 41 people and imagine 82 books! Activity and Note Books. Both were in the SAME color and SAME SIZE. *Shit*

By the time I was HALF-WAY through, fifteen minutes had passed. I sped up. Sped up. Sped up. I must have gone at 60km/h. So, i got them all straightened out...then I had to make the agonizing trip to the teachers' room. I forgot to tell you, by that time I was bursting.

Then my teacher said, "Uh Tanya. Sorry but do me one more favor. Can you help me to call these girls down? Angelica, Christine, Leah, Cheryl and Tara. Their corrections are undone."

I called them down and by the time i returned to class, our history teacher said, "Where have you been? You're late!" I was not only disallowed to go to the bathroom, I was also given punishment. I tried to explain, but tt mean f??? didn't listen.

In case you were wondering, i managed to reach the loo in time! :D
LEsson: NEver help teachers if you need a loo.

Mr. Clogs
Carmalita: Thank you for your lovely and warm thoughts, and in return so sweet of you. I could remember one of you post that you did like a long time ago with your friends just hanging out having a good time. This one, I don't know if you remember this, but it had something to do with passing a tea can around and each one of ya'll ladies take turns filling it up with pee. Man that was a classic post that sticks out in my mind. Those posts rock! I mean rock!!! The new ones rock too don't get me wrong, but those are classics! Thanks Carmalita again, lets keep in touch, and as always give you friends my regards take care.

EmoGirl: Ahh, you poor thing...I fell feel bad for you, but I guess things happen sometimes. Who wants to walk around with pants full of crap, not me. Was it an accident or just for kicks? Thanks for sharing.

PeeMonster: Thanks for the advice, I might take on that idea someday.

Well got to go post something later.

--Mr. Clogs

here is a memorable trip to a makeshift toilet at 21,000 feet.This happened last night.I fly an old commuter airliner that has been turned into a cargo plane.It is a Fairchild metroliner.I made the mistake of enjoying a large breakfast burrito before departure last night at about three in the morning.I knew i shouldent have done it, but they are so good.WE have two legs of the flight to do each about 1.5 hours long. At each stop we shut down only one engine and send the freight out the cargo door to the couriors, start the engine again and taxi for takeoff.This late at night the buildings ajacent to the cargo ramps are closed.Boy i started suffering almost immediatly after departure on the first leg.1.5 hours later on descent into the first stop it kinda eased up and i thought could make it all the way home ok.
Well after leveling off again and starting out on the last leg of our flight. being in a sitting position all that time became unbearable.I was not going to make it.These airplanes used to hold about 19 passengers so they are farely long.Lucky we fly with a two person crew and it was the first officers turn to fly.I couldent take it any more.we do carry garbage bags for coffee cups and papers that we use and it hangs behind one of our jumpseats.I took this bag that thankfully wasent very full and went all the back to the last cargo section.WE were carrying boxes of human blood for the red cross these boxes are all the same size in a cube shape.I put two boxes together close enough to get one cheek on each box and held the bag underneath.Luckily there was not much turbulance. And i relieved myself and used my underwear as toilet paper.Man i have never felt more relief from a good shit.You have to be extremely careful about what you eat when flying an aircraft like this.Let me tell you you do not want to be in pain like that and have to concentrate on flying the airplane safely, especially in bad weather or when you have limited visibility.I have heard of pilots flying buy themselves that got delayed cause of unforseen circumstances and had to urinate so badely that they did it all over the seat and worried about it after landing. I will never do that again, and all the others will get a good laugh out of that one ,huh.

Rex. I'm sorry to hear about the Chrohn's disease but relieved to hear that it's under control and eating the right things is helping. I suffer from mild IBS which can be irritating at times but I manage to control it on the whole by avoiding certain foods which I know aggravate the condition.

plugged pooper. Much depends on how long you've been constipated as to whether you should be concerned or not. Most people get constipated occasionally in the sense that they don't do anything for a day or two or their motions are temporarily hard to pass. If the condition lasts for more than two or three days I would probably consider taking a gentle laxative but eating something which you know from experience 'makes you go' is a better idea and something I'd try first. Prunes, dates and figs are generally good for getting things moving naturally.

Carmalita. Glad to hear you and Nu are still keeping up a good tradition and dropping big loads. Following on from what you said about your boyfriend a peeing with an erection, the received textbook wisdom is that it's not supposed to be possible but in practice some guys can and some can't. I can do it although it's not particularly easy and I can't guarantee a good aim when I do it.

Best wishes

the funky bus driver
i am a bus driver for charter busline here in florida,and i often transport local highschool sports teams and other organizations around the state.last spring i had to take a girls volleyball team from one part of the state to another.i picked up the team about 6.00pm after they ate at a popular eatery.about 2 hours into the trip one girl start to complain of chills and t????y ache 10 minutes later she begain to gag and vomit lucky i keep a trash can,5 minutes later she went to puke agian she bent over and held her abdoman and a messy number in her tight shorts it begain to run down her well toned thighs the coaching staff wraped in towel and took her to the back of the bus my bus have no bathroom imediatly the team captain stood up from her seat and told the pooor girl she was a baby and shuold be ashammed of herself .the team captain stood about 6ft with long brown hair welltoned body was very irate.but 6 other team members became violetly ill when they begain to puke they also crapped thare pants.the team captain soon took veary ill and puked and craped herself worst than anyone else the first girl who took ill jenny lauhged and pointed and said look at the big tough captain shes stinker than anybody else,she began to cry 4 other girls became ill. i eventaly drove to the nearist emergency room the diagnosis was food poisining.i spent the rest of the evining cleanig out my bus the game had to be forfieted

On the subject of doorless stalls: My family owns and operates a medium sized truck stop, complete with a decent sized diner. It's been in our family since 1955. The womans restroom has 2 toilet stalls, with locking doors, and a single shower stall with a curtain. The mens restroom has 3 stalls stalls, 2 'fountain style urinals" and a 'pole type" shower with 4 heads on it. The stalls in the mens room do not have doors on them. Gee, it's been like that my whole life, my grandfather, my uncles, my dad, my brothers, and my male cousins always showered, shit, and pissed in the mens room, never gave it a second thought, and never heard a trucker complain about the lack of privacy, probably because we keep it immaculate clean 24/7.....Think about it....would you want your wife, mother, or sister sitting on a toilet exposed to other women? Of course not . It's just one of those little unwritten rules of life. Gals need their privacy on the toilet, and they should have it, while we guys laugh and joke about our shit and farts. It's just the difference between men and women.


I want to share with you you a story that happend this weekend in one of the grocery stores that I usually buy.
At this store there is a unixsex toilet with 3 stall. While shopping I got the urge to pee so I walk to the toilets, and joined the few people that were waiting there in the line.

Suddenly, a women in her mid 30's entered the restrooms while talking in her cellphone using her headset. She was really hot. She was tall, long legs, beautifull ass. She was wearing a red mini skirt, red jacket, white shirt and high heel shoes clicking on the floor.

She was very busy with her call, so she entered the first free cubical, ignoring all of us who were waiting.

You could hear the noise when she pulled her pantyhose, and the clicks of her heels when she took her position over the bowl, and she was still talking over her cellphone... Then you could hear 3 long torrents of pee hitting the water. She was a real gusher... It sound like....sssssss sssssss "...I can't make it on friday..." ssssssss "...monday will be perfect..." sssssss ssssss "...yes our customer agrees..."
Then there was a moment of silent... and you could hear Pfffffttt pffffftttt... Then there was "...plop plop plop..." "...I have to travel this week..." "...plop, plop, plop, SPALSH!!.."..maybe we can do it next week...".."...pffft pffft pffft....splah splash splash..."
"...OK, I go to go now, we'll talk later..."...Then you could hear her pulling tons of TP and wiping and wiping wiping....

When she was done she kicked the door and rushed out like a storm without flushing.

I took the cubicle after her. It looks like it was hit by Hurican Katrina. There was pee, poop and dirty TP all over the place.. on the seat, on the wall, on the back of the seat.. I mean she was shooting and spraying all over the place. The bowl was full with soft poo and the smell was like a dead gorilla.


Cool Dumper
Well, since everybody is posting embarassing stories, I guess I'll post one. About 10 years ago I changed jobs, which of course meant a pre-employment drug test. Having never done one before, and suffering from a severe case of paruresis, I was obviously extremely apprehensive. So anyway I go to the testing clinic and the attendant hands me the container, and has me go into this special room to "produce". As I feared, I froze up and could not go. I was in there for about 10 minutes trying to relax enough to go, when I heard the attendant's voice shout "Cool, can you hurry up?", followed by the shrill laughter of the nurse/receptionist. Well, that did it! I now knew that there was no chance of my being able to go, so I came out in full shame and apologized to the attendant. He seemed a bit remorseful, and said that maybe I could come back late at night as they were open 24 hrs, and things would be quieter and I might be more relaxed. I did come back, around 2AM I think, and yes, things were much calmer, the new attendant was much more compassionate, and he even followed all the security procedures much better. So the story had a happy ending, but I still think that first attendant and the nurse/receptionist ought to go into a different line of work (perhaps forcibly) if that is all the compassion they have for people! More to the story for later if anyone is interested.

To Fustrated in Florida,
Sorry to hear you again didn't have a "very moving" weekend with your b/f.
If you are a bit nervous about having a enema, I suggest having one even when you aren't constipated or even feeling very full, just to get used to it. It will be easier take when you are not so full. Hope your next weekend is better, looking forward to hearing about it.
Aussie John.

Tuesday, November 09, 2005

I have combined answers for two recent surveys
Pooing o/side or inside. Definately outside!
Pooed anywhere other than toilet. Yes, many times. In a bucket on a boat and in the bush. I am sometimes at places where a toilet is not available and rather than wait for hours I go.
Listened to someone pooing. Yes many times. It is good if that person is getting good relief.
Never pooed pants in front of a girl and would never do that.
I have never asked a g/f to watch her on the toilet but sometimes circumstances have made that possible. I would dearly love to assist my partner when pooing but I doubt if my help would be well received.
Sometimes I fart when pooing and sometimes not. I often begin with a fart. If I fart during it is often more smelly. I often fart as I poo and it ends up all over the bowl.
My poos can float or sink. Floaters usually sink after a couple of minutes.
Trips to the batroom are not affected by farts so much but what I have been eating or how old my shit is.
Yes I often have skid marks and splatters which are removed by the toilet brush
I do not usually fart in others presence, not because it is so wrong but because others do not do it and I respect them.

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