Sarah R.
Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm 21, about five feet nine inches, 140 pounds and I poo quite big for a girl that size. Every then and so, I get a monster turd that takes an eternity to poo and I absolutely hate those, but I don't know what causes giant turds. It's a major hassle for me to deal with a giant turd and this one was the one that left me frustrated and a bit embarassed and it's a long story: during the day, I had many tests to take for the last day of my college classes for 2004. Winter vacation would start right after the tests. I felt fine for the beginning of the school day, but later on, near the end of the school day, I felt a cramp in my stomach and that is a sign that I need to take a crap. Most of the bathrooms of my college are very dirty, so I never bother using them. The pain continued to intensify during my last class. I finished my test and asked to go to the bathroom. Hurriedly, I ran to the only bathroom with clean stalls, walked in, and started pooping. Pooping seemed easy to say; after I peed, I could feel my butthole stretch and stretch until I could take it anymore! I keep pushing and pushing, but my turd stayed put, staring down at the pee/water mix. Whenever I relaxed, my turd was sucked back up into my rectum. ARGH! Finally, after about 10 minutes, I gave up and pulled up my pants and panties in frustration. The urge to poo seemed to go away as the afternoon passed, and I forgot about it during the slumber party. Hours later, like at two in the morning, after hours of hard partying, I woke up with an urge to poop again. I had to be careful not to step on my friends or near them to wake them up. Quietly, I walked into the bathroom. My butthole still hurt a lot from my previous attempt; before I tried pooing again, I went over to the sink cabinet for some soap cream and wiped it around my butthole to relax the aching muscles there. Also, I put some oily jelly to lubricate my hole, and I started pooing again. The same pointly head came out again, slowly and although the soap eased some of the pain, the pain was intense, but I just keep pushing. Sweat dripped down my face, my feet became numb, my shirt became soaked, and it seemed no different from giving birth. After about an 45 min of hard pushing and grunting, my bomb made a splashdown, but the ordeal wasn't over. I had to wet the toilet paper to wipe my butt because of the pain. Turning around, I saw the 4 inch turd curling around the bowl and I was amazed that it went through my small butthole. I flushed only once walked to the kitchen for some ice. I couldn't bear the pain my butthole was giving me, so I tried to numb it up with a cube of ice in my rectum. I went to bed with less pain as the ice froze up the pain in my anus. By morning, one of my friends Allie went to pee and she saw the giant turd and backed up toilet water and complained that the bathroom smelled. My friends started laughing while I tried to keep low, but I was pointed out when none of them said that they woke up. It was one of the most embarassing events of my life and they stabled the name of Clogger Girl on me.

Desperate to poop
Donnie C

Paul actually only peed I believe. And I don't remember having t????y trouble in Athens either.

I'm mostly a male lurker, but sometimes someone poses a question interesting enough to draw me out of self-imposed exile; and Lori and querty (side by side) have both asked great questions. So here's my contribution:


The natural urge here is to protect our sensitive and vulnerable reproductive organs, and out in the open, a tree or bush might be the only means at hand; so the sexual differences dictate that men face said object and women back into it. This instinct is very primitive, and I doubt if we think too much about it--we just do it to feel secure. If you can imagine what it must have been like eons ago in wild strange places, where any kind of an unguarded respite might have been fatal, then you can understand how we got like this. I have even seen this type of behavior in pets, so it's hardly unique to the human animal.

And querty--

It's my guess that the installation of urinals--including layout, plumbing and the fixtures themselves--is a lot less costly than putting in an equivalent row of toilets only, and so in a typical men's room you might find a large number of urinals along one wall, and perhaps just a few toilets on the opposite side. Such a mix would take care of our male needs and be cost-effective. The toilet is relatively expensive, and if a urinal can be installed in its place, it probably will be.

But you're right, and lots of urinals are barbarically designed so that if I'm standing there peeing at a urinal with no partitions, and if it's along the same wall as the door, then here I am with my penis hanging out in front of someone just walking in. I'm not comfortable with that, and I think most men would agree. Anyway, I'd rather save the toilet for the major business and pee in a urinal if it's designed for a little privacy, but if I don't like it (and I often don't), I just duck into a stall and be done with it. I wonder: If all male building contractors were forced to actually use these restroom oddities, would they get the hint and stop building them?

This "fixture budget" principle has unfortunate ramifications, because in public places, men's restrooms usually have enough devices to take care of the male crowds, but as for the women? Well, a contractor, in planning a public building would typically receive a blanket budget, meaning x amount of dollars for toilets and urinals--and so it would be very easy at such a point to overlook the gender requirements and save a little on toilets.

The common result is the typical mega-concert or sporting event, where one can witness long lines of desperate angry women waiting to use restrooms that got short-changed on toilets, because someone got lazy with their accounting. Except for a few bicyling events (involving not enough porta-potties), I have rarely had to wait very long in any crowded place, if all I had to do was pee. But women I have known have had very different stories. And Lori, you speak of this too!

You might want to go back to Page 1078 and read what Deanna has to say about crowds and long lines. I'm sure her kind of adventure has happened many times.


Hello! I'm 35, a Dutch blonde, nice slim figure and about 135 pounds.

I work in a small book store with an older man, and last week had to stay over for the lunch hour without a good break in the morning.

The business was brisk and I had an urgent need to go to the ladies room, as some of you ladies may well understand.

Being constipated for days, I had taken a stimulant laxative tablet the previous night and now it was starting to work ...

I was hit by a sudden cramp, and nearly lost control right there at the counter.

So in desperation, I put the "out" sign up for a minute and head for the ladies in the back of the store.

I get in the ladies, pull up my tight blue skirt and pull down my panties.

I sit down and let out an explosive blast, followed by another a bit later, both of which must have been easily heard through the thin walls.

When I return to the counter, the next customer said: "my, you really had to go didn't you ?" I blushed a bit.

Feeling better, I wanted to say "yes, my laxative worked, when will yours?

im a first time poster but ive been reading for a couple days. i had a first time experience of peeing outdoors today. i was with 2 friends and we walked to a trail in a woodsy area. one of my friends said she had to pee really badly (i had to pee 2, but not to an extreme). i decided i would also go. so we both went. then we continued what we were doing. maybe 20 mins l8r i told my other friend i had to take a crap and she said she did to. i would hav taken it outside but she didnt want to so we to a very nasty bathroom and did it, but she ended up not even being able to so o well.

Pee Man

I am not too find of using urinals, either, but the reason why they are there is because you can put more of them in a certain amount of space then you can regular toilets.

The Pee Man

Pee Man

I really like your stories, but there is one thing you should be aware of. Excessive foam is a sign of diabetes, so if that keeps happening, you should have that checked. It can also be brought on by eating vegitables that contain a lot of alkiline.


Speaking of accidents, I had a simular experience about 3 years ago when I got home from a movie. I don't know about you, there were a couple of times when I measured my out put. The simple truth is my bladder capacity is 500 militers, and that's really stretching it (pardon the pun). That is my absoulte highest ammount. Anything more then that, and I am going to wet myself.

Anyway, the movie let out, and I had to pee a little, but I figured I could wait until I got home. I didn't count on an accident causing a huge traffic jam. I was stuck in it for two hours, and by the time I was about helf way between my house and the theatre, I really had to let one loose. There was nothing but farm filds, all baren because it was late Fall, and no place where I could pull over, so I had to try to hold it in until I got home.

As I pulled up in front of my house, my bladder was spazzing really hard, and as I got out of my truck, little squirts of pee started escaping the end of my %#@&. I had to go into the house through my back door so I wouldn't set off the motion sensors, so I ran holding myself down there, but to no avail. As I reached into fumbled around to find the keys to the door, my sphincter muscles simply relaxed involuntarily, and for about 24 or 25 seconds, a warm waterfall ran down my legs and into my shoes. Luckily my neighbors weren't out in their yards.

I also have had a lot of incidents of wetting the bed, and accidents in public, especialy when I was younger. So don't feel too bad. I can't even sit through a whole movie without having to leave to use the bathroom at least once. I allways end up missing the good parts because of that. My gf and sister tease me about it all the time.

The Pee Man

Constipated babe
hi, I am 23, tall and fairly good looking, I have a couple of accidents and stories that happened to me and to my bf. I was once having lunch with my bf and on our way back I felt that he was not feeling well, I asked him "r u okay?" being him, he always says "yes, dont worry", few minutes later I noticed a weird smell, that was probably a wet fart, I looked at him, he obviously wasnt ok, I aked him if he needed something, he said that he has to use the bathroom, but unfortunatly we were on the high way and no toilets were around, he said he will be able to hold it. In about 15minutes, we decided to go for some window shopping in the mall, since I had to buy a birthday present. In the mall, I looked at him, he seemed to be fine, but suddenly, he stopped and a huge farts came out, he froze standing straight and his legs where together, I asked him if he wanted to take a shit, he said yes,I held his hand since I felt that he needed my support and we walked to the loo, we reached one where we found that all the W.Cs in the mall are under reconstructions, I looked at him as he said I badly need to shit. I got nervous coz I felt his discomfort and thought that he should let it go anywhere. As we walked, he had a few stops were he had to hold it by freezing and stop any accicents but the last time where I felt he was going to go in his pants, he was shaking, held my hand in one and grabbing his butt in another, he was farting all the time. I told him to hold it coz we were almost there. We walked out of the covered parking to find some safe and covered place until he said that his shit is starting to come out and froze again. I then helped him to unbutton his pants as fast as possible and let him squat to do his business, he wasnt comfortable squating and his shit wasnt gettign out properly as one log came into his boxers so he removed his pants and boxers asking me for help and I held him from his arms in a way that I was at the back. he was having very bad cramps and was moaning badly,I really felt sorry for him since he was cold and shaking and obviouly was in deep pain. I started massaging his t????y while he was pushing strongly, 2 minutes later his poop started to come out but slowly. the whole process took him 15mins, he was letting out diarrea but in constipated form, dont ask me how is it possible but that's how it appealed to me since he found trouble letting it out but wen it came it was soft and liquidish. I then asked him if he's done, he noded but he looked really tired to me, I helped him wipe his butt and I added some water since I was carrying one with me and helped him dress up, in the car he told me "I think i need to shit again", he stopped the car,I told him that Im coming with him, he was sqeezing his t????y badly when he suddently stopped and looked at me as his diarrhea started. I asked if he could stop it to atleast undress his pants and boxer,he stayed still as more and more shit started to come out, I noticed it coz he was farting and moaning all along. he really felt bad and embarresed but I asked him not to worry coz'we're one since we've been together for 4 years now and I am always there for him. he had been constipated for the past week and had the urge but couldnt let it out so all his last week food was stuck in his ???? until today were he burst. we went back home, i helped him clean up the mess and I put him in bed as he slept like a baby.

Sorry if my story was too long but I thought all details would be interesting, at least for me ! :)

Childhood experiences
When i was 8 or 9, i was in the boy scouts. I didnt like to use the bathroom in public places, and that summer i had no choice. I was just finishing my breakfast when i felt a doodoo trying to get out. I just held it on until we went to change our clothes. The bathroom was a square, but it only had some sinks and showers. Where you could pee or poop was an outhouse with two seats. I had held the doodoo for two days, having already had the urge one time. Well, i was told to go change myself, but i told the instructor that i had to go to the bathroom, expecting to be the only one. He gave me the toilet paper but then i heard a kid called Trevor telling the instructor the same. We walked and got to the outhouse. We then closed the door and watched each other and the seats. I asked him what thing was he going to do. He told me he had to poop. Then he saw the toilet paper and said "i guess you too, arent you?" I said yes. I looked at him and we didnt want to but we pulled our pants just far enough to let the poop come out and sat down. However, as i sat down i couldnt go, just thinking Trevor was watching me.He grunted a couple of times as he went. Then i relaxed and let the doodoo come out. Well, it wasnt easy, as it was a big one, for a little kid. I pushed and grunted, as Trevor was also doing it, and it was slowly coming out. I heard Trevor's poop landing with a thud on some more poop there, and mine was still coming out. I stopped pushing for a minute and relaxed. I felt my hole expanded and it hurt. Then i pushed again and it finally came out. Trevor and me were still not done. I pushed two litlle but wide poops out. Then i wiped myself while Trevor still went, hearing more thuds. I then got up with my butt still uncovered and Trevor grabbed some paper. I looked at my creation as it was a 9 inch long poop and 2 and a half inches wide. Then i pulled up my pants as Trevor kept wiping, i walked out as he was pulling up his pants.

That made me feel less shy for this kin of things, but later Trevor told me that i must have had held it for long, because i pooped so much.

Donnie C

I can't remember the Chris Evert incident. What exactly happened?

Mr. Clogs
Good morning everbody, it's Mr. Clogs again, I got a post to share. I usually, well know since I've been drinking this dieter's green tea to help me loose some weight because I'm a little overweight, oh by the way, I managed to drop down a couple of pants sizes since I've been drinkling the tea. What this tea does is it cleans out your colon so excessive waste is eliminated when you make bowel movement. So far what I've been posting are about those large massive loads that I do either in the toilet or my 5-quart bucket I use sometimes if I want to. I picked the name Mr. Clogs because if I don't drink the tea or take a laxative ever so often I get clogged (maybe it's my diet or something like that).

This post that I'm going to share involves my first experience with constipation as a child maybe when I was 9 or 10 years old. Let me tell you, I was so embarassed when I had my first bout with constipation to the point that I was in tears, so here goes. Back when I was about 9 or 10 years old, my family was having a cookout in the summer time, and of course a lot of food, drinks and people to eat it. I had just finish eating and I felt the need to to poop. So I ran upstairs to use the bathroom. I dropped my shorts and underwear down and ploped my little behind on the toilet seat. I peed first followed by small pieces of poop. I felt some more was making it's way out. I kept pushing and pushing "Ennn....ennn...", and nothing yet. I kept doing this for about 20 minutes, being an impatient little boy that I was (and still to this day), got up from the toilet and ran downstairs to ask my mother for help. So I found her and we were having guests over at the house, I explained what happened to me, it seems like all eyes were on me, this is why I said this maybe embarassing. So she takes me back upstairs to help me out. So we both go into the bathroom, she sits on the edge of the tub, I went back to toilet. So she's holding my hand for some moral support (I guess) telling me to keep pushing. So I did and still nothing, I told her "I can't, I can't, no mommy I can't!" So I kept saying that and I started to cry from the embarassment and me straining to get this piece of poop out. So finally she leaves, I for some odd reason, I manage to get the last bit of poop out, man was this thing large (especially for a kid my age) and smelt bad too. It looked like a pooped out a large link of sausage out of my butt! By then I felt better, I wiped myself washed my hands and flushed the toilet and went back outside. Man my face turned red from the embarassment and stuff. I said to myself never again, but never say never! Since that first experience I gotten constipated before and learned to deal with it without getting embarassed. Well I hope you all liked my post, and just a wondering, has anyone been constipated and been embarassed by it in some way?

Brand: Very interesting question that someone asked at that presentation. It must of been a really rough for people especially women to relieve themselves with such garments.

Mister Peeper: Man, you got to be the luckiest person ever to have a step-aunt like that. Keep the posts coming.

HAIRY ANNIE: Great post, I didn't get a chance to chime in on the last one. This one by far is intersting to read. By the way I like your name too. It must be hard to wipe up, you know down under. How do it?

cheryl: Wow, amazing I could never top that time amount, I guess you girls pee longer than us boys. As always a pleasure to read your posts.

Well it's getting late, I have to take care of some business in the bathroom, take care.--Mr. Clogs

I took a good shit today my stomach started cramping and it felt like i was going to shit my pants.I race to the bathroom pulled down my pants and underware and had a seat on the toile t.As soon as my butt hit the toilet seat i started shitting farting and didnt thank i was ever going to quit.When i finally got done i wiped got up and looked in the toilet at what i had done.Before i could get the toilet flushed my wife came in to check on me.She ask me if i was ok and i told her yes i just had a case of the shits.She looked in the toilet at what i had done and then she flushed it. My stomach felt alot better after that good shit i took well thought i would just write about the good shit i took today.My wife makes me shit every day.keep posting

poop boy
Connie Crapper- The same thing also happens to me. I prefer to poop before i shower. But sometimes like you I have the urge to go afterwards. And when I get in the shower I have the urge to tinkle a little bit as you do. Do you enjoy doing this?

Hi! Haven't posted here before, although I've been coming her to read posts for a few years. Thought I should contribute something finally. I'd like to get someone else's opinion on this... plus it made me laugh and I figured why not share it with others who might appreciate it too!

I've been seeing this guy for about a year and a half (I'm 21, female by the way and my bf is a fe years older) and his parents are pretty reserved when it comes to using the bathroom - they don't like talking about it either - and my boyfriend is the same. In all the time we've been dating, he has never farted in front of me, which I find quite funny! I grew up in a house full of very liberal-minded guys so I'm used to men just letting it rip whenever and most of the guys I've dated have been the same. I have a very strict diet due to certain food allergies I have and as a result I don't get much gas - I barely manage to fart when I take a dump! - but I wouldn't have a problem farting in front of my boyfriend if I needed to and I burp in front of him whenever. But my boyfriend really has a hang-up about this and doesn't even like talking about it. I'm very open when it comes to using the bathroom and have no problem telling other people where I'm going. I've buddy-dumped several times with various people (I went camping with friends a lot when I was younger) and I guess I just assumed everyone else was as relaxed about it as me.

I think it's kind of sweet that he doesn't want to fart in front of me, but at the same time I'd like him to relax around me now that we've been dating for a while. A few months ago he was staying over at my flat and we had spent the evening with a friend of mine who loves spicy mexican food. I was fine (I grew up on chillies!), but something obviously didn't agree with him and he felt really ill and bloated. So we were in bed and he looked like he was in pain and couldn't sleep and after giving him my version of the Spanish Inquisition he finally told me he had really bad gas. So I told him to just fart - I wanted to sleep and his constant moving about was keeping me awake! But he freaked out and said he couldn't and so spent the night awake moaning about his stomach.

He also refuses to use public bathrooms if we go out - another thing I can't understand! I mean, okay if the toilet is yuck then I'd find somewhere else to go, but he refuses point blank to go anywhere except at home - now he is okay going at my flat too. It gets annoying sometimes having to leave places so he can go home and use the bathroom and I really wish he would just relax.

The funny thing is as soon as he falls asleep at night he farts loads! He has actually woken me up in the morning several times. I mentioned this too him once (I thought getting him to laugh about it would help) and again, he freaked out and wouldn't talk about it.

I seriously dont know what to do. I feel bad for him because he gets so embarrassed and I can't seem to make him believe me when I tell him I don't care. I always thought guys found farting funny! He gets really stressed when anyone else farts (like my friends) when he is in the room, even though everyone else just laughs. I thought if I was more open with him then he would get the hint, but the few times I announced to him that I was going to take a dump he got embarrassed and told me not to talk about that to him.

Does anyone have any advice? I feel terrible for him and I want him to be able to relax around me more.

Oh great site by the way! Big thankyouto whoever created it!

Punk Rock Girl

Anyone here ever have constipation and diarrhea at the same time? Not pleasant.

The other night I woke up with horrible pains in my guts. I thought they were just gas pains and tried to fart, but nothing came out. Just more pain. So I got up and went in the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

I pushed and slowly, very, very slowly, a compacted load of shit started coming out. It took a good minute or so of straining to get it out, and then finally it popped out and splashed in the water. It was followed seconds later by a powerful gush of explosive diarrhea. Like my ass was a bottle of champagne and the rock hard load was the cork. Man did it hurt coming out, but the pain in my guts subsided right away.

I leaned back against the toilet tank and caught my breath, as a few more squirts came out. I wiped my ass, flushed the toilet, pulled my underpants back up and went back to bed.

My bowels were back to normal the next day. Thank God! Either way sucks, but both at once, really sucks!



Hi again everyone...

In my last post I told you about my tennis accident, and I found out that my boyfriend at the time also used to wet himself. This was something that happened a while after that day.

One day when his parents and sister were out of town we decided to have a little "contest". I went over to his place and on the way stopped and bought several large bottles of water and soda. When I arrived at his place we went out to his yard where there was a small area that was completely covered by trees. I was wearing jeans and he had on kahki pants. We sat on the grass and we started to drink, we each drank one 2 litre bottle each hour. About three hours after we started we were both getting uncomfortable but we both tried to ignore it. My bladder is very strong so I knew i could hold it for a while longer. After drinking almost 4 bottles of water, he wet himself. I guess seeing him wet his light coloured pants made me have to go I just stood up and let go, making my jeans very dark in felt so much better to let it all go. That was a very interesting experience.

To Donnie C: I never knew people who run had accident, that so terrible. But when I get up in morning and start walking in house it sometime make turd ask to come out and I need to go sit on toilet. I think it must be same thing.

To Tom: It like you read my question before It was put here. You had turd start to come out and then it change mind like mine and it just hang. You walk around with turd sticking out and make it come out. I am so afraid if I do that it will fall on floor. And there nowhere to walk because bathroom too small.

To Lori: I die if I had to do toilet outside because somebody might see me. But when I was little, I think 8 or 9 I had to go in park because there no toilets there. I found big bush and went behind it and I try to look through it so I know nobody can see me behind it. Then I make my bum look at bush while turds coming out and I look in other direction so I see if anybody coming from front.

well the other day i was in my boss's office. he was sitting there talking to me about my work. i couldnt listen because i was too busy tring not to pee. i was wearing tight white pants and a top. suddenly my boy friend (who also works at the same place) came in and when boss turned around he pinched me in the bum. i let out a gasp and i peed myself there and then. it slowly started to trickle down me and i panicked. then my boy friend did the most embarrising thing!!
he put his hand between my legs and tryed to hold it in!!!! all that did was make it worse!!!

Brand. I've heard that up until the 18th or 19th Century it was commonplace for even quite upperclass women to part their legs and pee whilst outdoors when standing on the grass. Their extremely long skirts and the absence of knickers (they hadn't been invented) would have assured absolute discretion.

HAIRY ANNIE. I enjoyed your account of the dump you took whilst out shopping in a clothing store the other day. It sounds to me as though you leave bowel movements until nature calls and you start to feel the urge. Would that be right? I guess that if you work from home you're not under the same sorts of pressure to go at a fixed time every day regardless of need as someone who commutes to work. Anyhow I enjoyed your story and look forward to more.

Donnie C. I've heard various reports about Paula Ratcliffe being taken short whilst running and I expect it happens to lots of runners.

There was an interesting programme on TV the other night about some of the worst jobs people did in medieval times. One of the jobs mentioned was that of the 'arming squire' who had to remove a knight's armour after a battle. More often than not the knight would have been in his suit of armour for 8 or more hours without any comfort breaks and would have relieved himself whilst wearing it. Cleaning it wouldn't have been a very pleasant job for the arming squire. Another job mentioned was that off the fuller who had to tighten and clean wool cloth by trampling on it in a vat of stale urine for several hours at a time. Apparently the stale urine contained ammonia which acted on the cloth to tighten it up and make it serviceable for use. I don't think I'd have fancied either job!

the pee party
On my friend marys birthday (i was 8) we played a peeing game, here are the rules:
1. Each person must pee before playing the game
2. After peeing the person must drink as much as they can out of a 2 litre bottle
3. everyone playing must be away from a propor loo
4. scoring
Playing : +100
Drinks all the water : +50
drinks 1/2 of the water : +25
Cheating :-100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Uses a proper loo :-200
Wets self :-500
Survives the whole game with out peeing :+750
Pees in somthing other then a toilet or other commode :-10
gets caught by someone not playing while peeing :-5
First one to pee :-5
Last one to pee :+5

Heres how it went

Rowan [my gothy sister who was forced to play]
Joe [my brother]
Sarah [My cousin]

Story, l8r

Monday, August 08, 2005


hello again. on my last post i told of how my cute friend bill walked in on me while i was sitting on the toilet going excited me and i wanted to watch him take a dump too. a few days after that incident we were both having lunch just him and i. to see what his reaction would be i said casually, " i got take a dump." his eyes lit up. i then went to pee but i just wanted to see his reaction to me saying that i had to shit. i think i might have found my dumping buddy. as iwas sitting on the toilet i started to fantasise of him watching me. i even thought i'd let him wipe my butt too. then i thought of him with his pants and boxers down to his ankles pinching a loaf and me sitting there watching. there is more to come. bye for now.

Hello everyone,

I learned something enteresting the other day that I have never thought of before, have you ever wonderer how 18th century women relived themselves, while wearing those large wire frames under their dresses?, I was at a living history site recently, and we had a woman tour guide, while she was showing us her outfit, one of the women in our group asked this question, the guide explained to us that it was proper for women of that era to pee standing up, into a chamber pot. this was an esential part of a lady's education, and being able to do this proved (to other ladies at least) that you were a woman of breeding. Most middle and lower class women and girls however urinated outside.

Mister Peeper.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my post about my step-aunt Leann. I followed it up with another, but it did'nt get posted. I have another story, which really isn't a story, just a small event. I woke up one morning while I was staying with her and not really meaning to, walked past an open bathroom door and heard an echoing bathroom reverb voice say, "good morning cutie". Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm cute in any way, it was just that I was in my underwear and she kinda knew it would embarrass me. I went and put my shirt and pants on and walked back past the bathroom because I did'nt get a good look at her sitting on the toilet. She was leaned forward, hands clasped together with her morning gown hiked up over her hips and thighs sitting with her feet on their tip-toes and panties stretched across the top of her thighs. I walked on into the bathroom where whe was sitting and looked into the mirror like I was checking something in my eye and she said, "I'm just finishing up dear if you need to use it" which made me think she didn't want me in there and as I turned to leave she said, "Oh, I wasn't trying to run you off......PLOOOP.......I just didn't know if you could wait on me......flooop". The whole bathroom was filled with her hefty poop smell. She leaned forward and grabbed tht toilet paper off the vanity and continued to sit with her arms folded across the top of her knees, leaning to the side and pushing until there was a.......Ploop......floop......ploooop. and then she started rolling the toilet paper of and leaning up and wiping from behind. She wiped about three time before getting up and dropping her gown and the pulling her panties back up and flushed without looking at what she had done. She said, "Sheew, I hope you can still stay after I used it sweety". She was washing her hands and I walked over and lifted the seat to pee and noticed her largest turd stuck sideways over the hole. It was light brown at about 2" wide and 9" long. Before I started peeing she glanced back into the toilet and laughed, She said, "I'm sorry sweety, that one didn't want to leave did it?" and she flushed again lifting the turd up and swirling it down the hole leaving huge skid marks in the bowl and as I peed she started spraying air freshener and said, "maybe that will get my poopoo smell out of here" and laughed.

Poopy Chick: Do you have any stories about pooping into containers?

Donnie C.
To Anon:

There have been quite a few female marathon runners who have pooped on live TV. I think it was Catharina McKiernan (Ireland) who collapsed and messed herself after a race. Germany's Uta Pippig is also well-known for "incidents".

But the emerging queen of them all is the UK's Paula Jane Radcliffe. It seems that just about every event she has t???y trouble. Last year at the Olympics she led much of the way, but started falling back...not far from the finish she stopped, tried to get going again, and then collapsed. Turned out her bowels had betrayed her. Luckily for poor Paula Jane it was dark. Earlier this year, she ducked to the roadside, pulled the crotch of her shorts aside, and had diarrhea on the pavement. Then she stood and resumed the race - which she won. This was captued on live TV! The video clip was all over the Net; you don't see the mess, but her position and the announcers' comments made it clear what she'd done. Radcliffe later apologized to viewers for her "performance".

I'd be remiss not to mention Chrissie Evert at the 1982 US Open...

It's been a while since I have posted here (pages 1106 and 1108, I think). Anyway, I'm a 57 year old male. Last week, my wife and I were vacationing in one of the MAJOR National Parks in Calif. Everything was going well until I got the urge to take a dump. We found a "restroom", but it was so filthy, I wouldn't even think of dropping a load there. So, we just drove around for a couple of hours while the pressure built and remained strong at my backdoor. Finally, I pulled the car over and found a spot to unload. I have NEVER taken a dump outdoors, so this was ground-breaking stuff for me. I found a place about 100 feet off the road behind a large fallen tree. I had to think about how much I needed to disrobe to perform this task... For a guy to take a pee in the woods is certainly no big deal, but to drop a #2 load was a different story. So, I just took my trousers and underpants totally off and squatted. Out came a huge and long fart, but nothing else. I was in the squatted positiong feeling lots of pressure, but could not produce anything (probably first time jitters). Anyway, I stood up and was able to get the turd to start out, but it moved very slowly. I then resumed the squat position and it worked its way out after about two pleasurable minutes. But, I still felt more was in there, but could not get it going. The whole time, I was peeing in dribbles. I usually know when my bowel is empty because I will have a large pee at the conclusion of the turd droppings. Anyway, I assumed a half-squat position and was able to get the second turd to pop out slightly. It just hung there and would not move after a minute or two, so I just started to waddle around, which slowly worked it out. Then, the BIG pee hit, telling me I was unloaded. I sure felt better now with the anal pressure gone. In summary, I left two turds, each about 8 inches long and 1.5 inches across. A quick wipe and I got dressed. I covered up my evidence and returned to the car. I had invited my wife to come "help" me (watch) in this mission, but she remained in the car and missed my premiere performance. I read here often about outdoor pooping and wondered if there was an "easy" and comfortable way to do it? My knees and other joints are not as limber as they used to be!

My two girlfriends and I were out dancing at a local bar. It was getting late and we had all had a couple pints of thin light beer. We were all at various stages of bursting, so we tried to make our way to the toilets, but the line of women was too long to endure. My back teeth were floating as the expression goes. We all had skirts or dresses, so we left in search of a good place to relieve the pressure. Only two blocks away was a car parking structure. It was full of cameras on the inside but not the outside, so we raised our skirts and squatted with our backs to the wall nearly cheek to cheek in one of the shadows. The hissing and splattering was loud and we all got wet shoes as the rented beer exploded out. A couple drivers got an eyefull of streaming crotches as they drove by. I just hope none of them could recognize us. This brings up the question - Why do women maturally put their back to trees, walls, bushes, etc. while men face objects for obvious reasons. My crotch and face were on full display for anyone to see, but it seems all women naturally pee that way. Any comments?

I'd like all males who read this post to answer this question(s). Why do mens' restrooms have urinals? I mean, whats wrong with using a toilet? Besides, isn't it really akward peeing in front of everyone who comes in and having them look at you? Thanks in advance.

Pee Man
Call Boy:

My gf took a 90 second piss in a urinal one time. It happened while we were on vacation. We were on old Route 66, and I really had to take a dump. We were on a virtualy abandoned stretch of road, and we came upon an abandoned gas station that haden't been used in years. There was no way we were going to last, so we looked around for the rest room. The women's room was a total wreck. All the toilets were bashed in, the stalls were knocked down and the windows were broken. Piles of crap were everywhere. The men's room was not much better, but the toilet and the urinal where in one piece. I had to use that toilet, so I just sat down and used my business. My gf came in doing the "pee dance," and she decided not to wait until I was done, so she dropped her pants, stood before the old urinal, spread her legs a little, and let loose with a rope thick jet of piss that I thought was never going to quit.

About 90 seconds later, the smell of crap and pee was overpowering. Niether one of us knew what to do about toilet paper, so we ended up "sacroficeing" my handkerchief, underwear, and onf of her tampons.

The Pee Man

L.C.pee pants
one time when i was 8.or10 me my dad and my grandpa was out grandpa had gone to the river bank and got a hand full of water and he was putting it near his face.i told my dad and he said he was probaly smelling it.and i looked close and he was drinking it.just a minute passed and there was a boat drove by when one man had his naked butt sticking out of the edge.

Can anyone tell me if enemas just help you poo when you're constipated.. or do they "clean you out" so to speak.. making your next poo a long time in the making. I only ask because I am going to start my period within a couple of days and with that comes pooing a billion times a day.. I thought if an enema would clean ya out and space out your BMs, I'd try one. Having never used one before I figure you are the folks to ask! Can you use just plain water for an enema or is there some special combination I should be looking for?

Let me know!

when i was a little boy
i must tell this storie because it's unbelieveable. when I was about 5 or 6 years old and were at a hike and i felt i had to shit. I went to the drytoilet at the camp and waited for my turn. after a while about ten minutes the little boy(5-6year) inside were done. I stepped in to see two really really big turds for beeing produced by a 6years old kid. We're talking two 10" long and 2" wide turds. I sat down and began. The shit came out slowly, it was a big one. I sat for about 15minutes just to squeeze out one turd. I pushed a little more and pooped out two small turds. It must have been the food at the hike because I crapped alot two. I lefted one 6incher(not so long I no) but it was 3inches wide that's why it took me so long to squeeze it out. The two other turds were about 3inches long and 1.5inches wide. And all my shit rested on the other boys shit. It was a hell much of shit in that toilet:)

hi, my name is natalie and i am 18 with light collor hair and very pretty. i have been reading your story for a while and wanted to tell you guys about my accident i had. this was a week ago when this happen. i was out with my friends at a movie and i just got home. i was so tried that i went straight to bed with out go the bathroom.(i had 2 large cokes at the movies) about 2am i woke up having to pee so bady that i could not move. if i tried moving i would pee in my a minite went by and i got a my bladder under control where i could get out of bed. i got about half way to the bathroom when i got hit with a wave of pain that made me have to cross my legs and bend over. i was able to only squrt a little pee in to my panties. when i got to the bathroom door i went to open it and i was locked. my little sister was in there pooping.(she has colin problems)i knock on the door and my sister said she would be in there for alway. so i thought to myself i am going to pee my pants if i dont pee soon. i went and sat on my bed because i though i could control my pee better if i was sitting. my sister finally got out of the bathroom and i had squrted a little more pee in to my panties but not were you could tell on the outside of my pj pants. when i went to get up i squrted again. i got about halfway there when i lost control. pee started flowing full force from me i went running for the bathroom and all i could do was sit on the toilet with my pants on and pee. i left my pants on because they were wet already and i could not stop the peeing. my pants were completely wet. i went back to my room and change my panties and pants and went back to bed. i put my wet pant and panties under my bed and let them dry out before i put them in the loundry basket.
that is my accident i had and please tell more pee accient stories like i had.

Y ANNIE REPLY TO ADRIAN. Hi there adrian ,I have quite a few moments to share. As far as wiping goes I suppose it is a little more difficult than a girl who is hairless, I often end up with skid marks on my underwear, but I've learned to live with that.

The other day I was in a shopping centre buying a new bra, the assistant was helping me get fitted when my t????y started to rumble a bit. I had n't been for my morning shit as I had to early. I then began to cramp up. The assistant who was an attractive woman in her late20's asked me if I was okay, it must have been that obvious.I told her that I had to take a shit , so we'ed better hurry this fitting session along.
Marcy the assistant said would I prefer to visit the toilet ,then return . She said that she needed the toilet as well, she'd been holding onto a piss & was about to go when I arrived. By then I was in a real need for a shit. I said that sounded like a good idea.So off we trotted to the ladies toilets together. On the way Marcy said I hope the stalls are vacant cos I'm starting to dribble & I've only wearing a thong. I replied I know how she feels cos I can feel the knob of a turd trying to escape. By the time we reached the toilets Marcy was gripping her crotch so she wouldn't piss herself. I could feel the knob poking out further & further. We must have looked a funy sight ,these 2 woman running for the toilet.
There were to stalls vacant, Marcy went into the first one, I into the second. All I could hear was a violent rustle of clothing as she quickly pulled up her dress & sat on the seat. I lifted my dress up && began to pull down my bike shorts, I had not been as fortunate as Marcy. As i was pulling them down a turd had slid out & was just holding onto my ass cheeks, I sat down & let it all happen. I dropped 2 big turds into the bowl & had a huge but unexpexted piss. Yes ! I had a substantial skid mark in the gusset of my shorts. I'm thankful Marcy suggested we end the bra fitting, I would have crapped in my pants for sure.
I asked Marcy if she felt better, her reply was that she didn't even bother to take her thong down , just pissed through it. she asked how I was, I said alot better now , pity about my bike shorts. I asked her if she had any spare paper. My ass cheeks were pretty dirty & I had to clean my shorts. The walls were full lenght so son as she has finished she would bring me in a roll. Marcy tapped on the door then entered. I had my legs spread wiping the shit off my ass from the front. She said you poor thing let me help you, then she got a glimpse of my thick bush & treasure trail. My god she said how did you grow that, with that she raised her skirt 7 said look at that, hers was unshaven but hell she said I could get lost in that. I had to laugh, later on we finished the fitting then & had cup of coffee. From time to time we still see each other, I think we are gonna be good friends, what a way to make a friendship..... HA

Hey all. I am 17 years old and go to an all year round school. I am a teachers assistant for her 9th grade history class. The teacher that i am the assistant for is about 29 years old with two kids. she has long blonde hair and is real chubby but sexy around the thighs. our school is going thru renivation right now so many of our classes are in trailors. Inside the trailors we have one toilet bathrooms conected to the classroom.the other day i was staying after to help her grade papers and she suddenly jumped up. she said she would be right back and when i was done grading to go carry some old newspapers for current reviews to the dumpster outback. she quickly ran into the bathroom. I waited about 5 min and finished grading my parpers. i then stood up and began to take the newspapers out. when i walked out i noticed a light coming thru the wall which conected to the bathroom. being the nosy teen i am i decided to take a peek. i peered my eye up on the wall and looked in. there i saw mrs. jones sitting on the toilet she had a white coat on with matching white pants. she had her pants pulled down right below her knees with her black thong on her thighs. she had her toes poionted in and her arms crossed on her stomach. she was grunting and sighing really really hard as she looked at the ground. she gave a few pushes and i heard a crackel then all of the sudden her ass exploded adn the toilet bowl filled with liquid mushy poo. she let out a huge sigh and massaged her ass cheeks. she began to grab her thighs and start to pant and push again. she then filled the bowl again. i washed her relieve her sexy body and face as she sighed once again. she began to rip off some toilet paper and then rap it around her hand. she lifted up on cheek and began to wipe her big ghetto bootie. it took alot of papper to clean her ass. she stood up and pulled up her thong and then her tight pants. right when i saw her go to wash her hands i ran out of the door to throw the papers away. when i came back there was a bad stench and she jsut laughed. shes real cool. It was one of the coolest things ihave ever ever seen!!! hope you all enjoyed my story on mrs. jones..hopefully it happens again!!

well I haven't been here in a long time it seems, but holly, your little survey about peeing sounds awesome.

anyway here is the longest time, well maybe a tie for first place it looks like. BOTH WERE ABOUT 4-1/2 TO 5 MINS LONG!

this years fourth of july had to be one of them; the other time was at this store I stopped in along ???????????????????????????????????? okay holly, first this 4th of july I guess when I was at my unitarian church's annual 4th of july picnic held at anita's house. having not peed in hours since before leaving home at about 12 noon that day, finally at 4 Pm I had to really pee. so after asking, I found the bathroom and well, after locking the door and first flushing the left over urine from the woman before me[ toilet paper gave her sex away!LOL]while brushing my hair, by the time I got my lee riders shorts and red white/blue undies down; I must've sat there and TINKLED LOUDLY INTO THAT TOILET'S WATER FOR A TOTAL OF 4 MINUTES AND 30 SECS. of course not all at once, but the first yellow gusher alone had to splash into that water for easily 2 mins non stop! of course I stopped and started tinkling at least three more times going at least 30 secs to 1 minute each time before finishing with at least 7-8 final tinkles but don't we all when we really gotta go badly?!!!!! when I finished and wiped, I thought " oh my god! guess I really made good use out of this toilet tank's worth of water as I flushed all that yellow pee!

???????????? coming back from this hike up in massachusetts I took a different way and after getting good and lost driving around in circles looking for ??????????? I ended up finally on ?????????? in nearby ???????? by the ?????????; my bladder about to just burst from that canteen full of water even though I had peed in the woods along that dirt road before leaving. so here I pulled into this gas station/convienence store/closed pizza place and asked if they had a restroom; THEY HAD TWO UNISEX IN THE BACK INSIDE THE CLOSED PIZZA PLACE. well having to go so badly and squeezing my legs really tightly to hold it all in; I PUSHED THE FIRST DOOR AND ALMOST WALKED IN ON THIS WOMAN SITTING WHO PUSHED THE DOOR SHUT. so getting to the second one, soon as I walked in and locked the door; I took my pants and undies down as quick as I could and upon sitting on the seat, had to go so bad that I leaned foward so as to make it LESS PAINFUL TO PEE! that's how long I held it tightly in! anyway, for three minutes non stop I loudly, and hell I mean LOUDLY PEED INTO THAT TOILET BOWL'S WATER LIKE A FREAKING BANSHEE! TINKLING AND TINKLING AND TINKLING IN THIS WIDE 1/4 TO 1/2 INCH SPRAYING STREAM. then I stopped and started tinkling like three more times at least and finally finished up with several splashes making sure I got it all out! YEAH, AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES SPENT "GETTING INTIMATE" WITH THAT TOILET BOWL!
next place was probably the country store in vermont aug 2003 in the "powder room" 3 minutes total time[ 2:40 IN THREE " TINKLES" which in that old fashioned toilet with the water only halfway to the front rim, I was suprised that it landed mostly in the water!] and yes[ 3:45 TOTAL] the new hampshire country store/gas station where I spent 3 minutes and 45 seconds waiting for those 2 LITERS OF DIET CHERRY COKE TO FINALLY TINKLE OUT SO I COULD FLUSH ALL THAT YELLOW WATER! LOL

well back to holly's pee survey , I guess that time in new york was the longest after all at 5 minutes; but not the most interesting as I find that the most memorable pee of them all was this 2 minute and 30 secs long one I took at this gas station where the chubby woman clerk[ bigger than me! he he!]told me it was right behind her cash register when I asked " where is the restroom, please?" being that I hadn't peed in more then three hours I had to really go badly; I'm suprised that the 24 oz coffee I drank at 5:30 am and the liter of diet pepsi at 6:30 am did not come out sooner. MEMORABLE? WHY? WELL AS SOON AS I GOT MY JEANS AND UNDIES DOWN, SAT, AND BEGAN TO PEE, I LOOKED DOWN AND COULD SEE THIS INTENSELY YELLOW, NEARLY 1/4 INCH WIDE STREAM OF URINE COMING OUT OF MY TWAT AND IMMEDIATELY UPON CONTACT WITH THE CLEAR TOILET WATER ABOUT 6 INCHES BELOW ME; IT BEGAN TO MAKE LOTS OF FOAM AS IT " TINKLED"! LESS THAN 20 SECS LATER THE ENTIRE TOILET WATER WAS COMPLETELY FILLED WITH BUBBLY FOAM , SO MUCH IN FACT THAT I COULD HEAR IT " HISSING" FOR THE REST OF THAT PEE, OF COURSE SOFTENING THE LOUD "TINKLE" SOUND. after wiping my twat, I took another minute to slowly finish pulling up my undies and jeans; all the while looking at this bowl's water still filled with THICK, BUBBLY FOAM FLOATING UPON ALL MY YELLOW PEE; AND EVEN AS I FLUSHED , THE SCUZZY-LOOKING FOAM COVERED 100% OF THE ENTIRE WATER'S SURFACE FROM WHERE I HAD " TINKLED" INTO IT.


cheryl lynne

I am just going to enter seventh grade and the other day i was with my cousins at the movies when i needed to take a dump. I held it until the movie was finished and then i went to the bathroom. But when i took a stall and a little kid entered the stall next to me and the other stalls were available i thought it was wierd. Usually kids from 10 years old or less are embarrassed to use public restrooms, this kid wasnt.
Then he asked me :"are you pooping?"
I didnt answer and went on pulling down my pants to my knees and pushed out a small log.Then the kid said :"yes, you are pooping"
Then i heard him sat on the toilet and pulled down his pants and ust grunt a little. I continued with my second log as it was bigger, but not too much.Then it fell and it made a pop sound. Then i pushed the third and final log that was about 9 inches long. I grabbed some paper and wiped myself 6 times.Then i heard a grunt and a plop from the next stall. Then, before i pulled up my pants his father came in and opened the door of his stall and began grabbing some paper. I pulled up my pants and went to wash my hands.I saw a pair of feet under the stall. Then i left.

When i was little i made my own system of numbers according to the bodily function. 1 and 2 were the same, 3 was both pee and poop and 4 was diarrhea

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