One time i was at my friends house and i needed to piss real bad. I always try new ways of pissing, it pleasures me! I decided to go in her little sisters baby potty training toilet, i stood up and pissed in it! i peed so much that it was filled to the top! my friend came in and saw what i did, so she tried it! she took a shit in it though, it was so exciting!

Leah-it felt a little werid pooping in the trash can but it was good to get rid of that poop. i did have a wonderfull time at the dells, thanks for asking.
al right i've got another story.

one time i was out in the woods and i had been dirking a lot of pop and had eaten a lot the day before. after about 15-20 min out there i got the strong urge to poop. i looked around for some place to go and found one, only problem is that it was so far away that it would take me 5-10 min to get there, but i went over there anawy, by the time i got over there theurge had gotton stronger and i also had an urge to pee now too. i knew that it was going to be a big poop and i long pee but i didn't have anything to wipe myself with. but i knew i ad to go now or i was going to go in my pants. so i pulled them down and squated. at first nothing happened, but then i gave it a little push and a huge turd started moving down it was at least 2 feet long and 4 inches in diameter. then i started a storng sterm which lasted about 5 min. then i heard some foot steps comming my way. i froze because i didn't want to be seen having this monster dump. the footsteps stoped maybe 5 feet awa! y form me thank goodness for that dense brush and i heard the russel of clothing beuing pulled down then a stearn of piss hit the ground for 7 mins. then a loud thump. i had manvered in ordear to get a closer look and saw that it was my sister. and she was taking a HUGE dump, maybe even bigger that mine i saw that she had some tissuses wwith her so i went up by her and asked her if i could use some at first she she startled to see me but she said yes. i pushed out a few more turds and then used some of the tissuses to wipe with. all in all i had droped 1 2', 3 1', and 10 mini turds. my sister drooped 2 2' 5 1' and 15 mini turds.

kept the stories comming


NorthEastern US, a question:

Just curious. For all of you whose water did not work when the power went out too.. what did yall do in for toilets? In my case cuz I live in nyc, each toilet had about 1 flush available. If you flushed it, thats all you got. Knowing this before hand, what I did was (the following is kinda gross), I um went #1 without flushing cuz i figured that didn't smell that bad. Plus there was no way i could attempt to keep that in my body. When I finally got home after 6 miles of walking, and 13 flights of stairs, I was holding my poor crotch running to the toilet for a much needed tinkle. Don't worry I made it and felt soo much better.

I had a problem with the "other thing" though.
I really tried way hard not to go #2. I started feeling that urge towards 8 pm. UH OH. I had to put it off. I tried every trick in the book. Clenched butt, pushing butt against chair. I could feel this big gross nasty load in me. You know when your butt is super heavy, and u feel the tip of a turd almost at your hole? My ???? was cramping and hurting and i needed to poop. But i didnt even know if it would flush for sure, and i didnt wanna leave a gross nasty in there. I told myself to keep it in my butt. I didnt make it. When I finally could not put off droppin the deuce (hurt too bad), I used the ONE single flush i had just for that.

<--see how clever.

The first time I ever took a shit outside was when I was nine or ten and went camping. It just didn't occur to me that there would be no toilets! But there weren't. There was no TP, either, thanks to some bad planning on my Dad's part. So, when the urge first hit me, the second morning we were there, I woke up before anyone else and crept away from the campsite. I looked for a private spot to go (I was getting desperate), and finally found a spot where there were a bunch of bushes and fallen trees. I peed first, then pulled my pants and underwear to my knees, and sat the back of my butt against one of the tipped trees. A big juicy log slipped right out, leaving behind a lot of residue, but I had nothing to wipe with. For some reason, using leaves simply didn't occur to me, so I just pulled up my pants and spent the rest of the day with a sticky, itchy, smelly butt. By that night, my butt was so raw and uncomfortable, I went down to the creek and filled a bucket with! water. I took it into the bushes. pulled down my pants, and rinsed my butt off. I felt much better after that (and after adding some babypowder, which I was surprised to find in our supply bag). On later trips, I made sure we had TP. But I actually like taking dumps outside. It makes me feel one with nature I suppose.


One day I was stuck in rush hour traffic with my friend teresa. We suddenly realised neither of us had gone to the batthroom since leaving 3 hrs ago mine wasn't too bad but by looking at her face i knew teresa had to go bad. " oh my god I'm about to shit in my pants!" she cried. I grabbed a large mixing bowl ( which i have in the event this ever happens) and gave it to her. She took off her shorts and thong and sat on the bowl. Al most immeadately i heard a crackling she seemed to have relaxed after finishing the 9" logs but then she cried "the bowls full and i hhave to piss too. You know what i said these mats are old just go ahead and piss on the floor. Then she spread her legs wide apart and a strong stream of piss shot from her furry pussy. after about 5 mins we were home . and she felt much better . i cleaned the mats and threw away the bowl. Know i had to go. I ran up to the bathroom and did a 1 footer. a pissed for 2 mins straight. KEEP THE STORIES COMING


PRG's post made me think of this, seeing as how the women in the bathroom with her have probably frequented these sayings. It's funny how people (mainly females, sorry if it offends, but it's true) will say any lame excuse just to try and cover up the fact that they have the need to defecate. Almost every girl I know has one or two euphemisms/alternatives that they use regularly. I recently read an article by a woman that encouraged women to continue hiding behind their false explanations. It covered things such as going to the bathroom in the restaurant when you were out with a SO, waiting until he's asleep to go to the bathroom if you live with him, and so on. It also said various excuses women could use. My favorite was going to the store to "buy some bagels." What euphemisms do others use?

Top Five:

5: Powdering nose/re-doing makeup
4: Getting some fresh air
3: Going to pee (it's amazing how even though taking a pee can be voiced, pooping is something taboo and horrible)
2: Baking brownies (this is for the more outgoing types, or when you're on the phone)
1: Buying bagels

As well as these five, I have to say that I like "downloading some software" in addition. What ones have you heard?

Hi ppl, I have to tell you of an experience i had the other day. I have a 15 year old daughter who is well developed and beautiful. We were at our house and our bathroom was broken so we had to go outside! Well I loved to pee in bushes, it always thrilled me. It also thrilled Abby too (my daughter) But yesterday Abby had to poop so i told her to go outside, I also had to poop so i went with her. We squatted, It was hard to poop outside because it felt strange. We both squatted down and pulled out pants and thongs off. i looked at Abby's butt and there was a turd slipping out of her butt..........thats when i began to push mine out, and there it went!lol! it was so wet and gushy! haha! I was finished and Abby was still pushin, She had 3 long turds when she finished. I told Abby I kinda have to go piss so im gonna go cuz i love the feeling of pissing outside when the pee soaks your pubic hair and wets your panties, so i did it and so did Abby...........It must have been very p! leasurable to Abby because she started to moan as she pissed!!!! Then i started to! and thats when my husband came home from work and saw us pissin and moanin!!! he loved it, it turned him on! haha!

I love to piss in my pants, it leaves a cool feeling and i love to look at the dark spot it makes in my pants..........I was sitting in class(I'm a senior) and I had to pee, so i let loose in my pants, I wasnt wearing any panties like usual so it really went through. it left a huge dark blotch on my jeans. It was really warm too! My boyfriend looked at my wet mess and smiled, it turned him on so much! I went to the bathroom and ttok a look in my wet jeans, I loved the smell of my urine as i took them off......later on that day i pissed myself again in calss and i loved it so much, i started to moan. everyone looked at me buti didnt mind. i started bouncing up and down in my chair and my dark spot got bigger and bigger!!!!! i felt it run down my leg, it was awesome, every girl should try wetting their pants, its a thrill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been severely constipated since I was 17 or so. I have gone up to 15 days without pooping. I've had every test in the book : barium enemas, sitzmarker tests, gastric emptying test, defacorgaphy, colonoscopy etc. Finally they diagnosed me with pelvic floor dyssenergia : my sphincter doesn't open. So now I have to go to what i like to call my "pooping course" where they teacfdh me how to relax those muslces so the poops can come out. I'm a 23 year old female who currently has to take up to 60 (sixty) stimulant laxatives to go to the bathroom. I need to take so many because my sphincter wont open and therefore the poop needs to turn completely into liquid for it to pass. I have been on Zelnorm and have tried enemas, mineral oil etc but nothing works. BTW I run 4 miles a day and drink tons of water and eat a high-fiber, low-fat diet. Still I can't poop.

Anyhow, you know what it feels like to have food poisoning? Where you are throwing up and pooping at the same time...nausea, killer cramps...cold sweat where you just lay on the bathroom floor and want God to take you from this cruel earth? Well, thats me every three days. IT SUCKS! Oh what I wouldn't give to have a solid BM!!! Someday....maybe....

To Traveling Guy and Middle Aged Crapper,

Thanks for your advice. I'll keep my desire to see others use the bathroom to myself until an opportunity arises where I can discreetly sit in with them.

To Sean,

I have had similar experiences. I used to try to squat down over public restroom toilet seats when I had to go pee. I did this to avoid sitting on a dirty toilet seat. However, sometimes my pee would squirt out and get my clothes wet. I now line the toilet with toilet paper before I sit down.

To Ash,

I start my freshman year at college in a week. Where did the summer go?

I, like many posters on this site, do pee in the shower occasionally. It never stains my bathtub. I figure that I am going to wash myself anyway, and I just release my pee into the spray of water.

I better sign off now because I really feel the need to visit the bathroom. Too bad my computer isn't in the bathroom. LOVE YOUR STORIES KEEP THEM COMING. Annette.

Punk Rock Girl
Innocent Guy's Questions:

1. Have any girls had any games with other girls such as seeing who can poop more or something of the like? NO.



Hope that satisfies your curiosity. I had a wonderful dump this morning at work. Nice, long, thick, with just enough texture to give my asshole a little massage. One wipe, done. Nice!



Hey, Tennesseepee, I don't suppose you could tell the story of the time you wet yourself in the car at 14? Stories like that are my favorite kind and you don't see 'em every day around here. (Though more than usual lately. Here's hoping it keeps up.)

The other day I went to McDonalds and ate 2 double cheeseburgers and
supersize fries. I walked back home and my dad picked me and my
brother up. Im 14 years old. Later in the afternoon my mom picked us up
and we went to blockbuster to rent a movie. On the way home I started to get bad cramps.They hurt I knew I was going to have to take a dump.
When we got home I ran into the house and went into the bathroom. I pulled my jeans and boxers down and when my ass hit the toilet I exploded . I lifted my legs in the air and more diarrehea came out of my ass. I held my hands on the toilet and exploded more. I put my feet back on the the the ground and felt another urge. I'm still sitting on the toilet and I stomped my feet and more diarrehea evacuated my tank.
It stunk so I grabbed a hand towel and started to wave it around so i could get the smell out. When I looked into the bowl i almost threwup . It was watery and mushy. and it almost filled up the bowl.

Lax Girl

Penny T.

I can relate to your situation entirely. The same thing happened to me once, after a long trip. I was on a set of overseas flights and within about ten days became totally constipated, but didnt' want to take anything.

Well....I just had to get this load out, no matter what. Finally decided to take a big dose of laxative and needed to buy it locally.

So in Frankfurt, went to one of the local chemists and got some Dulcolax, and took three pills. Spent the next day in a hotel just shitting myself silly, I could not stop. At night I went down to get some dinner and half way through the meal I got this consuming urge to take another dump... I was almost in tears and had to run out of the restaurant, back up to the hotel and into my room. Just in time to take off my formal dress, pull down my panties and get into the loo for another major dump.

... Never again will I wait so long to take a laxative.

I have a story for you all. This took place over the winter. We were out of school for Christmas break and it was a cold winter. At a family dinner my cousin, Steve, told me he and a few of his buddies were going ice fishing overnight on the lake. Up north, here, that is just an excuse for guys to have an all night drinking party, plus Steve was good friends with Robert, who I was kind of ga ga over. I asking him if I could join them out on the lake tonight. He said the guys frown upon it because how he put "girls can be a pain in the ass, whining "I'm cold, i"m bored, I'm hungry, I need to pee..." I begged him to let me go. Steve and I hung around together since we were little, he was the first guy I saw pee an the first guy I peed in front of. We kind of discovered our differences together. He knew I would not bitch so he said ok. They picked me up around 10:00 pm I had brought some sandwiches and chips for everyone, they were already drinking. After a while we got to the ! lake and march out for about 1/2 hour to the spot, and set up our shelter, basically it was a tent with no bottom. But kept out most of the wind. They drilled the holes in the ice and by midnight had the lines were in the water. To stay warm we all wore snowsuits a one piece suit that zipped up the front. Next took me by surprise. Robert said he had to piss, I never gave it much thought I would have to pee, it didn't cross my mind. So I asked "what do you do in this situation." Robert said mostly we will go outside pull the suit down and piss but since the wind is blowing pretty strong he will relieve himself in the tent. He pulled off his suit to his waist and unzipped, pulled out a styrofoam cup and peed away. When he finished Steve dumped the piss outside the tent. Well I said to myself this is not going to happen I can wait till morning and find a gas station on the way home. I didn't want to seem like a prude and not join the boys in their party so I had a few beers, "b! ig mistake". After a few hours all the guys had used the cup, and now I wish I hadn't drank those beers. I was fidgiting all in my chair. I finally told the boys I had to pee, bad. But, I was not going in here, much less a cup. I told them I am going outside to piss. Well I got out there, it was dark and the wind and sleet was stinging my face I unzipped and took my pants down, I tried to balance, hold the suit so I wouldn't pee on it an relieve myself, but the cold wind stung my skin and I fell flat on my bare ass. The snow and I were cold & I screamed. Steve came out and helped me back in the tent. I almost started to cry. I had to pee, but it was too hard. Then I finaly listed to reason. Steve said to relax it was just us and everybody pees, he said he had to help his big siter out in the same predicament before. I agreed, I had no choice. I had to pee. Steve told me to lower my suit, pants and undies to my knees. Now he said to turn around and bend over and use the c! hair to balance, while Robert held the suit away so I wouldn't get it wet. God, that was embarassing my bare ass up in their in front of four guys. Then Steve said relax and pee. I said what about getting pee all over? He said don't worry he was holding the cup under my bottom. At this point in time I really wish I has a penis, but I made due and relaxed and the pee started to flow, I could hear the pee filling the cup and Steve said, "uh Char, you need to slow down a bit the cup is filling and I need to spill it". I said I can't stop it, I kept peeing, I couldn't stop it. Once I start I go until I am finished. The cup started to overlow and steve hurried and dunped the cup as the pee kept going all over the place, he got the cup back under me and I kept filling it. I looked back behind me and all for guys had their eyes pasted to my ass and pussy. I finaly finishesd on the thrid cup. The guys said damn you had to go. I said "uh, a little toilet paper would be nice" THe guy! s looked at me I like I was talking in French. I said you know TP to clean myself? Much to my dismay there wasn't any so to used to cup to get most of the dibble and air dried for a minute. I had to go one more time before we left and did so. THe guys said I was cool and was welcome back any time. I think they just want to see my ass again, but I think I can arange that.

Judy P.
I'm a lurking reader of this web site, and thank everyone for their stories.

Recently, I noticed that some of you ladies have expressed a complaint I often have. You suffer from being majorly constipated as a result of travel, work and tight schedules. Sometimes it just happens and you try to eat reasonable things, but you just can't drop a load to save yourself.

Taking a laxative the night before you fly the next day is no bargain either. Last month, I took some Ex-Lax the night before and it didn't work in the early morning as usual. I got to the airport in the afternoon and then the wave hits me. Just made it to the can in time for my now awakened bowels to empty full force into the already filthy toilet.

After the last wave, I pulled up my panties, ran out to the gate but it was too late.

Missed my flight by about ten minutes and had to stay over another day. But that night I felt better and was able to enjoy a good dinner out.

Innocent Guy:

You asked three questions, and I'm going to try and address them all. Your first one was a question about whether or not any girls play games with each other in a sort of competitive atmosphere with regards to most poop. I have to say that I have done this many times, once recently. My stomach was really full, and I had just had a chocolate/peanut-butter milkshake (homemade) about half an hour before. This obviously didn't help the fullness, and I decided to pay a visit to the girls' room. There was another girl coming in, one of my better friends, named Leigh. Leigh's one of the cuter people that I know, with her "good-girl" outlook, blonde hair, glasses, modest (in public), slim but well-rounded in more ways than one. She was wearing a t-shirt and overalls. Leigh smiled and said hello, and took the stall next to mine. I noticed a small spiral notebook in her left hand, which was a loud testament to what she was planning on doing. But when we both entered our respective! stalls, we both sat there silently. I was too busy listening for Leigh to start, so I didn't rip any farts like I wanted to, and I guess she didn't want me to hear whatever she was about to do. But after about a few seconds, the most tremendous fart came from her side, sounding as if it had destroyed the toilet beneath her. I was almost surprised Leigh didn't rocket out of the stall. For a moment, we both sat there in silence, then I said, "Oh yeah? Well, this is what I say to that," and let fly with my own gaseous thunder. "Beat that."
"Them's fightin' words," I heard Leigh joke, obviously placed at ease by the wager. "You're on."
Now, making no effort to cover up our sounds, we blasted that bathroom with a cacophony of butt bombs, and as I was letting out a fart that sounded like a gargling walrus, Leigh said, "I have to unload now, hold on."
I heard what sounded like egg salad squishing through plastic wrap coming from her side. I started in with my own, letting out the results of my overeating. My dump was the consistency of thick frozen yogurt, and it oozed out so satisfyingly as I exhaled.
After we were both finished, I told Leigh not to wipe yet, as I wanted to see the size of her dump.
"Um, ok, I guess so," she said. I let down my skirt but didn't pull up my underwear (the skirt wsan't tight enough to get dirty from my muddy buns) and came across, panties at my knees. Knocking on the stall door, I waited.
"Okay, come on in," Leigh said. She had the front of her overalls up, retaining her modesty. As she moved from beside the toilet, I looked and saw an astonishing load of dung in the bowl.
"Whoa, that's really impressive!" I said, smiling at her. She blushed crimson, but I could tell she was proud of it. Then we inspected my pile, and we called it a tie.
"It may be a tie now, but just you wait. Same time this weekend, I'm gonna beat you at this." So now we have a date set for outdumping each other.

Second question: do girls stand and wipe without anyone's help? I do sometimes, though I prefer to sit and wipe. If I were standing with a messy butt, I'd like it if someone else cleaned it for me, that would feel nice, but for the most part I sit and wipe.

Third question: does anyone leave the door open? I do a lot now. I'll sometimes make it seem as if I didn't notice, i.e. rushing and my foot accidentally kicks the door back open, and before I notice it, the door is wide open and I'm sitting there in all my glory. Of course I don't mind, since it was intentional and I'm a closet exhibitionist (I'd love to be caught one day in the park behind some bushes or something). But yes, I leave the door open frequently, talking to my friends and whatnot, and now they're all starting to as well.

Hope that helped. To everyone else, see you around!


Hello, I'm just wondering if any girls have ever tried to pee while standing up?

I'm thinking that if you just stand over the bowl with one foot on either side, and then squat a bit (you might want to hold the toilet with your hands to keep your balance), you should be able to (don't know if this sounds silly, but I've sort of got the wrong anatomy;)).


To Darlene: I'm sorry about your accident. Why do y'all think teachers don't let students go?

pantyhose girl

ok here goes.....

4 weeks ago, i was getting ready to go to work and i was getting late, i pulled on my white thong and black pantyhose and then a small tight short skirt and blouse and left for work, i was a bit desperate for a poo, but i was late so i just thought that id leave it till i got back home after work. I made my way to my office and when i got there the urge to poo had subsided thankfully. During the day the urge came and went, and at some point it got really bad, i was doing some important work so i figured that to stop the urge i would put my hand under my skirt and press on my asshole with my finger through my pantyhose to give my pink hole a bit of relief. i was in an office by myself so no one noticed that i was writing and typing with one hand with my hand under my skirt with my finger pressed against my asshole with the other.. I managed to keep the hard turd in quite well like this althogh my finger did get a bit smelly. eventually it was time to go home. I sto! od up and found that during the day my pantyhose had started to gather around my ankles and the crotch had come down (we girls sometimes gett this problem) i pulled the loose pantyhose up by the thigh so they were tight around my ass so that even if i did have an accident at least the poo would be kept in the tight pantyhose cos the thong wouldnt do a good job at keeping all the poo in. i made my way to the car and released some farts on the way, when i sat down and drove off suddenly the feeling got unbearable and i could feel the turd edging out of my hole and start pushing out the thin material of my thong out of my crack and then entering my pantyhose, i rose out of my seat slightly to give it more room, it actualy felt quite good!!........i didnt even have to push more and more poop started pshing itself out of my asshole and started filling my tight pantyhose, i coud feel a big lump under my ass. i eventually got home and careflluy lifted myself out of my car and wad! dled to my front door, i oud feel my load swaying under me and im sure if anyone saw me would know that i had pooped my pantyhose from the vsible lump behind my short tight skirt. I got in the house and could smell my turd, i went to te bathroom and carfully slipped off my pantyhose and the lump was the size of a large grapefruit, it had pushed my thong out , the thong was a broenwn mess, i threw away the pantyhose and had a shower to clean up, boy what a day & what a turn on!! - any tips on how to enhance the feeling????

do you have any similar stories on pantyhose poopng??? id also love to hear from ANNE.

To: Tennesseepee here are my answers to your survey.
1 43 .2 Yes rarely. 3 yes. 4 no. 5 9. 6 9. 7 emergency. 8 yes everyday.
9 no. 10 no. 11 no. 12 no. 13 yes in the ocean and swimming pool not out of water. 14 woods. answer my survey a couple of pages back also answer jens question to number 8 of your survey

I am 40 year old woman. I just found this site today, and think its great. I have been interested in pooping my whole life, and love nothing better than taking a leasurly twenty minutes to relax my sphincter and defecate. I have had hours of pleasure throughout my life pooping and urinating. I would guess I have pooped more than 14,000 times, so I must be something of an expert. As far as urinating goes it must be about 3 times that at least, so more than 50,000 times. I really love all of my bodily functions, so keep up the pooping, farting and weeing!

Well school has started and Iím soooo busy itís unreal. They tell me Junior year is the busiest Ė busier than senior year. Anyway, on Tuesday I did have a nice uneventful poo in the newly decorated school toilets. I had that just barely perceptible dull feeling low down even while I was writing my post early Tuesday morning before school. It got stronger throughout the day and at lunchtime it started asking to come out. I was too busy with my friends and just held it in. It asked again at least twice during the first afternoon class and in fact I had to squeeze quite hard to keep it in until class finished. Since there was a study period coming up, I figured I could wait and do my poo without any rush to get to another class. It worked perfectly Ė I packed up my books, put them in my locker and headed for the toilets. I pulled my panties down, hiked up my skirt and pulled it tight around my waist at the back and held it bunched in the front. This way it doesnít t! ouch the bowl at the back Ė just one of my ďlittle thingsĒ. I sat down, rested my chin in my hands with my elbows on my knees, closed my eyes and just relaxed. I peed but not for long and at the same time I felt my poo coming down and start to push on the inside of my ring. My ring opened and I could feel the tip coming out. Without stopping my log just kept coming, ever so slowly, opening my hole nice and wide. I just sat there with my eyes closed enjoying all he feelings until it got just a little faster and then plunged without a sound into the water. My ring closed up and I just sat for a short while with my eyes still closed. I took some tp and wiped and saw there was only the slightest hint of a stain on the tp, so I wiped once more and I was clean.

Now for some replies:

To LEAH Ė Yes Iíve pooped outside and I promise I will post it as soon as I can. (So busy at school now) XXX Ash. PS Ė glad you managed to get your poo out. Also Iím jealous that you donít return to school until September. Our summer vac started in the middle of May, so we may have finished school before you.

To CHELSEA Ė Thanks a bunch, so glad you liked my story about mom. Also thanks for understanding my accident, which was one of the worst Iíve had. Iím not sure what I would have done without my girlfriend, she was fantastic. And I promise as soon as I can I will post my other Florida story.

To PUNK ROCK GIRL Ė Hey, I know just what it feels like to walk with all that goo between your cheeks. I had to throw my panties away when I had my accident and I have used restrooms only to realize after I had pooped that there was no toilet paper. AT least you didnít mess your panties up. I hate it when that happens. Love Ė Ash

To DARLENE Ė I donít know what I would do if the teacher didnít let me go to the toilet when I needed it. Luckily that has never ever happened to me, all my teachers have been real cool about letting us go in the middle of class. BTW Ė if we are in the middle of a big test or exam Ė like finals or something Ė they come with us. If a teacher didnít let me go, I think I would just walk out because if I pooped my self in class or peed on the floor I know I would just die afterwards. I would rather get the teacher real angry. Hugs and lots of sympathy from Ash.

To PAULINE Ė Same thing, where do all these teachers come from that wonít let you go to the toilet? Guess Iím lucky. Anyway, thatís disgusting. I feel so sorry for you that you ended up pooping in your pants right in front of the vice-principal. I liked the way you called him a ďJerkĒ, because thatís just what he is.

To WETGUY Ė Iíve never had a zipper get stuck but I have been so desperate to sit on the toilet that it seemed like it took an eternity to find somewhere to put my pocket book (I hate putting it on the floor in case itís wet or dirty) undo my belt, undo the top button of my jeans (which was very tight and difficult to handle on one pair of jeans I had), get my zipper down, get my jeans down (I usually try and pull my jeans and panties down together). And all this time Iím trying my best to squeeze my buns together to stop myself having an accident. But the relief afterwards when I just relax and let it come out is soooo good. Ash. PS this has happened several times and Iím 16.

To COURTNEY Ė finding no tp has happened to me too, lots of times. Thatís why when I go to the mall I always carry a small pack of moist wipes in my pocket book. On vacation or out camping I donít have my pocket book all the time and thatísí when I end up like you Ė I do a poo but I canít wipe so I just have to hope my panties donít get messed up.

To RYAN Ė Glad you like my stories. Thatís a good pun Ė ďKick AssĒ LOL.

To SEAN Ė That was an interesting story you posted about peeing on your pants because your thing was pointing up in the air (Iím sure thatís what you meant). I had never ever thought of that before, and Iíve never seen or heard it mentioned before, either here in the posts or anywhere else for that matter. I guess as you say, we girls donít have that problem. And Iím glad I donít Ė LOL. It did remind me that I saw my girlfriendís brother just like that (sticking up in the air I mean) once when I walked in on him accidentally while he was sitting on the toilet, but I never thought of the problem it might cause. Ash.

When I was younger I was at the zoo with my friend and his big sister, she was watching us. I really had to poop while we were walking around and I don't know why I didnt ask to go, I guess I didnt want to look dumb in front of my friend. I was holding my cheeks together with both hands, I was definetly showing signs of needing to poop but no one noticed I guess. I couldnt hold it anymore and it started out of my but. I walked slow and was waddling. It all came out and I cought back up with my friend, I guess when your a kid and you have an accident, after your done you act like nothing happened. We walked around the rest of the day, I had a big load in my shorts. My friend asked me if I farted and I said no I pooped. He laughed and said noway and looked at my but. He said cool you pooped your pants. I said so what. We walked around some more and I didnt notice but my friend at some point wet his pants cause we were leaving and his sister was yelling at him, I loo! ked at him and he was wet on the front of his shorts. He told on me next and she came over and felt my but and then she yelled at me too. We both got spanked when we got home. My mom was told and she was mad. I was 8 then.
Another time I was 9 and in school, we were leaving for a field trip and everyone went to the bathroom before we left but right before we were told to use the restroom I had to run back to class to get something, when I came back everyone was done and I was never asked if I had to go, I didnt even think about it either. We got on the bus and I sat next to my best friend. halfway there i really needed to pee, I asked how much farther and they said another 30 min. I was sitting with my hands holding myself. It hurt so bad and I had to let go. I looked down and watched the wet spot grow all around my crotch area, it soaked down to my but and started dripping on the floor from the back of my but. My friend just wathced the whole thing and kept asking if I was ok. When we got to the place we all got up and got off the bus. I brushed up against one of the girls I guess because she started screamming eww gross, then everyone turned and looked at me. I was soaked front a! nd back. I had to stay on the bus the whole time. I just sat in my wet shorts for an hour. Everyone came back out and we left again. The bus seat had a wet spot where i was sitting. We had gym class when we got back and I was able to change. I didnt have any undies extra so I just wore the gym shorts. Felt kinda weird like my balls were going to stick out. Anyone ever have anything like this happen to them?

Jonny the Jonny Brush
Definition of Tazmanian Trots; Severe diareah. Regarding Diane or Diana as she likes to be called, I will intorduce her to this forum tomorrow when she comes over to my place for the sight reading lesson. Both our parents are home, so our "activities" are going to be a bit censored.

I don't have any really great stories to tell today, so I will answer that survey I found instead.

1. Your age, if you care to say.

A. I am 15 years old.

2. Do you keep a jar or bottle near your bed? If so, how often do you pee in it?

A. No, but I do have an old vacume cleaner pipe that I stick out the window, and piss through that right into the roff gutter. I do that if I have to pee really bad and the bathroom is occupied.

3. Same for a bottle/jar beside your puter so you don't have to get up (presumably at home, not at school or the office, LOL).

A. No.

4. Same for your car/truck.

A. Don't have license yet, but good idea.

5. Wet bed by accident? Your age last time it happened?

A. Not since I was 5.

6. Wet pants by accident? Your age last time it happened?

A. Same as A to #5.

7. Wet pants on purpose? How often?

A. Never

8. Pee in shower at home? How often?

A. Allways. Ihave no bladder control at all in water. I am hoping Diane doesn't find out about it.

9. Pee in a public shower (gym, dorm, school)? How often? Others see?

A. Like I said before, I have no bladder control in water. The showers at the school gym are so strong that nobody could ever tell.

10. Pee in sink at home? How often?

A. Never. No need to do it.

11. Pee in sink in public restroom (for example, at a concert or game in stadium when the urinal lines are too long)? How often?

A. Never

12. Pee out of a window, off side of deck at home, or similar, even though regular facilities are available? How often? With others watching?

A. On occasion, I pee through an old vacume cleaner pipe out the window.

13. Pee while swimming in ocean? In lake/creek/swimming hole? In pool? In your bathing suit while not in the water? How often for each?

A. Haven't been to the ocean. I pee all the time in pools and lakes, but only when I'm in the water.

14. Other unusual places where you have peed? Details, whether anyone else saw, frequency, etc. are welcome.

A. I guess the most unusal place would be in a waste paper basket at school. I was on detention, and alone in the classroom. I had to take a leak, and the teacher was in the faculty loung yammering on the phone, so I let one lose in the waste paper basket.

That's all I have for now.

hey everyone,

i've posted here a few times before, but I always forget to check back, so this time i'm going to make a really determined effort to remember to come back and reply to any responses!

i've made some changes to my diet lately - its amazing what adding a little fiber and some fruits and ???? will do. I used to get a lot of "extreme" motions. Ya know, like all runny or all really really really really solid, but now their all moderate. It's really great and I feel really good after i go.

also, I heard that there's a really good poop scene in a spanish or mexican movie called "LABYRINTH OF PASSION". i don't know if its an accentident scene, or a toilet scene. but I heard that you get to see the poop, so I guess is that it is not an accident, but is a toilet scene where you see the result before the flushing.

has anyone scene this movie and can tell the rest of us about the scene? what how long the scene is, what happens, and what he/she pooper person looks like?

thanks! If i hear of any more poop scenes i'll let you all know!

Annette. I've not had an outdoor motion as such. Faced with a situation as desperate as yours though I think I'd have chanced it. If you do have an outdoor poo let us know what it's like and how you got on.

Sheila. Glad to hear your 40th birthday celebrations went well. I've celebrated that particular milestone and survived the experience so don't worry about feeling ancient. It sounds as though your mates were all ready for massive bowel movements when they got back to your place. Perhaps it's just as well you've got such good facilities! I've drunk champagne on a number of occasions but I've never thought of it as a laxative and it's not really affected me that way. Maybe it affects different people in different ways. I've heard of some brands of beer acting as laxatives though. You said something about Ruth having soiled herself and needing to change into clean undies. Did she not quite make it to the toilet on time? I'm sorry to hear you're going to lose that beautiful house due to the settlement over the split with Greg. It would be really great if you could get back together again and start afresh. Still, whatever happens you have plenty of good friends he! re. Good luck.

Best wishes


I am 18 and male.

To DARLENE - Liked your story.

To D DAWG - Liked your story.

To PUNK ROCK GIRL - Usually when I'm on the beach, I just piss my bathing suit while sitting down. It's easier and fun. You should try it sometime.

To THATHYANNA - When I'm taking a crap I just point my dick downward and piss at the same time. Pretty simple.

To JONNY THE JONNY BRUSH - Loved your story from the 7th grade!


I've been reading this site and I really enjoy it. Great work! I've got a question for the ladies, one that I'm too afraid to ask my girlfriend.

I know that it is possible to feel poop in the rectum through the vaginal wall. So, when you go to the gynecologist's office, what do you do? Do you have to empty your bowels before you go, which I assume means not eating before hand? Or can/do you poop there? Also, when you have really big poops, is it uncomfortable to use a tampon? Does your tampon come out when you strain?

I know these might sound like silly questions, but I'm curious and just too shy to ask my girlfriend. Any responses would be great.


First of all, I would like to say how much I enjoy the girls' recent posts about poos. Keep up the good work ladies!

To Nu: I liked your idea of holding up a handmirror to your butt to watch your poop come out. I like hearing about your poos as much as Carmalita's.

To Carmalita: As always, I really enjoy reading your posts. It sounds like you've produced some really big poos lately with this new diet of yours. I'm really curious to find out what these foods are that are making you constipated and produce these fascinating poos.
When I first started posting on this site, I created a survey for all girls who wished to answer rearding their poos. I have decided to post a new one similar to the first in order to get responses from any of the new girls who post on this site and wish to answer them:

1)Could you give a small physical description of yourself? (age, height, etc...)

2)How often do you take a poop?

3)About how many poos do you make on average each time you take a poop?

5)Approximately how big are your poos? (lenth, diameter)

6)What is the usual texture of your poos? (mushy, firm, solid, knobby, etc.)

7)Where do you usually take a poop at?

8)What places do you enjoy taking a poop?

9)Do you feel comfortable with a guy or girl watching you poop?

10)About how long does it take you to poop (on average)?

11)What foods make you produce the largest poos?

12)Can you recall the largest poop you've ever made?

13)What types of poos do you normally produce? - logs, chunks, snakes(coils), etc.

14)When you get the urge, when do you usually let out your poop? (first opportunity, hold it till convenitent, wait a day, etc.)

I created this survey because I'm highly interested in learning about girls and their bowel habits. For those who wish to respond, I thank you, and appreciate your input.



I am missing you a lot and am sorry, there is no other opportunity to reach you than on this site.
I stopped posting, cause I felt personally insulted by someone here and would not feel comfortable sharing very private stuff publicly, even if it is more or less anonymous. I have been, as you know, always been most interested in sharing especially experiences about females peeing standing and if I am called a "penis envy idiot" for that, being attacked for no particular reason other than someone not being in control of her temper, this is not the place where I would like to post.
I did not want to argue about it, nor was I really sulking, I just have not been feeling like posting anymore. I do however remember how worrying it can be, if people suddenly disappear without trace. So I thought it would only be fair to let you know I am alright and not disapper without saying goodbye.
I admit reading still, now and then and always LOVE to read from all of YOU, sweet CARMELITA (you are gorgeous!), RIZZO (such a great guy and super writer!), TIM AND SARAH and many others.
Maybe Iíll come back one day, sooner than one might think.
For now LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE and take good care of yourselves and each other!

Raging Urophile
After reading thousands of posts from hundreds of posters over the last five months, one thing is painfully clear; I am the only adult male on this board who has never seen a woman pee.I feel like an even greater anomaly since it is obvious that the vast majority women pee freely in front of men. Does anyone on this board know any other men who have never seen a woman pee? If so, is there a reason why they have never seen a woman pee? Do they find it offensive? Have they no interest? Have they never had an opportunity? I would like to know how strange this actually is. Since I work at a school, any voyeuristic activity is out of the question since I would lose my job immediately.
I am truly amazed at all the stories on this board from men who see women pee regularly and without effort. It just seems to happen naturally for all of you. You guys have great first hand stories. All I have are philosophies and second hand anecdotes. I am unworthy of this board.

Hi, everyone,

Adrian: Great to hear your kind thoughts. I love to read your posts, I feel like you're an old friend. Yes, Ruth had shit herself at my party, most of my friends and I were the worst for where, the good thing was we were home and she could have a pair of my panties. When I checked my panties in the morning they were streaked in the crotch, I must have dirtied them and not even realised that I had. I wonder if there are any other girls that has happened to?

ToddMN: Yes, often I go just for a piss and then shit unexpectedly. I suspect that many girls do, I think its because we are building up shit in the bowel all the time and sitting and pushing, even just to pee, forces shit from us. I believe that if the boys had to sit for a piss they would find the same thing.

Desperate to poop: Glad you like my stories. I think everything about going to the toilet is exciting. Your story of the outdoor shit you had with Jackie and the unnamed blonde was terrific. It really turned me on. I wish I had been there. Were you and Jackie facing each other? or were you squatting side by side? What did you talk about? Did Jackie really have the runs bad? I'll bet she was glad you had a packet of tissues. Oh, I'd better shut up, my imagination is playing havoc with me.

Linda D.: Great to hear from you. I've missed your posts a lot. I've been stuck like you often, when you can't get to the toilet and you're going to shit yourself. I would do what you did every time, no hesitation. If only to relieve the ache in the gut.

Aisha invited me to her home for an evening. She lives in Penarth and has a really beautiful bungalow with a really gorgeous view of the beach and the sea. During the course of the evening I needed to go. Aisha's bathroom is really beautiful, it's decorated in a soft, green colour. Very restful. It must have been because Aisha came in and asked me if I was alright, I'd been there so long. Actually I wasn't having a shit, I just went for a piss and I was sitting on the throne contemplating her lovely home. I guess I was feeling lonely. Anyway I pulled up my panties, there was no need to wipe my vagina lips, I'd been sitting so long I was quite dry. After I smoothed down my dress Aisha gave me a great big hug and a kiss and told me I could stay with her until I'd fixed up a new home. I just hugged and squeezed her back thinking what wonderful friends I do have.

That's all for now, all my love and kisses to every writer, especially those who have thought of me at this awkward time in my life.

Sheila (South Wales) x x x x


In answer to your survey:-

1)Could you give a small physical description of yourself? (age, height, etc...) I am 47, divorced, 5 feet 10 inches tall, 168 lbs,
well-built with a pear-shaped figure.

2)How often do you take a poop?
On average every 4 to 5 days, up to 10 days if constipated.

3)About how many poos do you make on average each time you take a poop?

5)Approximately how big are your poos? (lenth, diameter)
Each 6 to 8 inches long, up to 2.5 inches in diameter.

6)What is the usual texture of your poos? (mushy, firm, solid, knobby, etc.)Knobby/solid

7)Where do you usually take a poop at?
At the office

8)What places do you enjoy taking a poop?
At the office - where I can hear other performances.

9)Do you feel comfortable with a guy or girl watching you poop?
Yes - but not at the office ! and only if I know them well.

10)About how long does it take you to poop (on average)?
Up to 10 minutes, can be longer if constipated.

11)What foods make you produce the largest poos?
Never experimented.

12)Can you recall the largest poop you've ever made?
About 10 inches long, 2.5 inches fat, hard and knobbly - when constipated for 10 days. Took a long time and was painful to pass.

13)What types of poos do you normally produce? - logs, chunks, snakes(coils), etc.
Logs, that get stuck in the bowl.

14)When you get the urge, when do you usually let out your poop? (first opportunity, hold it till convenitent, wait a day, etc.)
Hold it in until convenient; might be a day or so.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

I got the urge yesterday at home , so I shot upstairs and sat on the toilet. It slid out with a cracking sound, but no plop !
I then dropped one which came "KERSPULOONK", and gave me a splash right
on the bumhole. Delicious.

1. To all who takes the longest to piss?[a]men,[b]women,[c]both
2. To all who takes the longest to poop?[a]men,[b]women,[c]both
3. To all men have you ever pissed or pooped outside?[a]yes,[b]no
4. To all women have you ever pissed or pooped outside?[a]yes,[b]no
5. Who uses the most tp to wipe after pooping?[a]men,[b]women,[c]both
6. Women do you piss in the shower?[a]yes,[b]no
7. Men do you piss in the shower?[a]yes,[b]no
Below are my answers to my survey,,3.yes,4.n/a,5men,6.n/a,7.yes

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