AJ :o)
I was just thinking about my college days (back in prehistoric times LOL) and thought of something you might be interested in--especially, fellow chicks who love to baby the special men in their lives!!!

First, I'll give you the baby care versions.

This one was a toilet-training method I found in one of my grandma's child-care books,

When the mother feels that it's time for the baby (a few months old) to use the bathroom, she puts a baby-sized chamber pot between her thighs, takes the baby's diaper off, and places him/her on her lap in a seated position to that the baby has the security of being held by his/her mother (as well as her body-warmth) and is very comfortable.

When the time is right, the baby will begin to pee and poop, and it will fall into the chamber pot.

The other one is a common method for chasing intestinal gas out of a baby: Put him/her on your lap with ???? down and butt facing upward. Pat and massage baby's back and butt, and, pretty soon, your baby will be tooting away!!! Aaaaaah! Awl better!!!

Now! How to use these techniques on your older babies!!!

Several of the guys I dated/hung out with while in college were several years older than myself and already working fulltime--with some of them also going to college part time, as well.

The one I'm going to tell about here was in his early thirties with Scandinavian-style good looks, and he was working in a high-stress workplace while studying for two Masters degrees--which (along with his genes) I'm quite certain contributed to those times when he had a lot of excess gas on his stomach.

One time, we had been out to eat together (Chinese) and were driving to a social engagement.

R. felt gas building up and decided to try to get rid of it before we arrived. As he drove along, he would screw his face up, give a little grunt, and bear down--and, as he had a full front seat instead of bucket seats, and I was sitting right beside him, I could feel the seat give a small vibration, after which he would let his breath out. It was so sweet!

"You're really full of it, aren't you!?!" I remarked.

In a strained voice, he replied, "Yeah! (ahhh!) "Guess so! (ahhh!)"

I suggested that we pull over and park somewhere, because I thought I'd be able to help him get it out a little better--and this was when I first tried the baby-on-???? trick on him.

I put him over my lap and rubbed and patted his back and butt--as well as reaching around ever so often to caress his ????.

He bent his legs at the knee and made circular motions with them in the air.

Nothing happened for a little bit, but he finally said, "I think it's working!"--and, less than a couple seconds later, we had satisfying results, because he gave out about four or five tuba blasts, which accompanied gas so potent that we needed to roll down the windows in a hurry!

He was now ready to be comfortable at the upcoming gathering.

We used this method of getting relief a few more times in the days ahead--but then came up with something that worked even better, in our opinion.

This was based on the potty-training method in my grandma's child care book.

When R. was most likely to get a gas build-up was right before he had to go to work. As I said, he was dealing with a lot of job-related stress at the time.

This one had him feeling like a million bucks by the time that he had to leave from visiting me to get to his job.

He'd look at me and say, "I think I need you to work on me tonight!"

I sat down in this chair with arms on the side, and R. sat on my lap (fully-clothed, except for undoing his belt).

My legs were spread slightly so that his buttcrack had nothing under it, and we were ready to begin.

For leverage, he placed his feet firmly on the floor and each of his hands around the corresponding chair arm.

I would mostly kneed his stomach--and, occasionally, press on the lower part of his spinal column--while we just sat there talking about whatever was on our minds.

When he felt the urge, he would push with his hands and feet while giving a medium-sized grunt that would end with held breath until the collected gas had exited in one or two big toots, after which he'd let his breath out with a big "AAAAHHHH!"

I never timed our sessions, but my guess is that they lasted close to half-an-hour.

Once, there was some gas that must have been in there sideways or something, because he really gave a loud grunt while moving his body all over the place. It finally came out with a BOOM!, and stunk up the entire room!!!

"I bet you feel better after that!" I cooed, and he told me that he did--and then continued firing out even more in his usual pattern.

In a way, this was probably pre-pooping gas, because that's what usually took place next.

All of that pushing out of gas stimulated his intestines, so he would excuse himself to the bathroom where--even with the door shut and a couple of rooms away--I could hear lots and lots of huge plops taking place.

It's a wonder that he never once stopped up the toilet!

Now, he was totally relieved and ready to tackle the workplace!!!

Has anybody else here ever tried one or both of these methods for relieving a special friend's gassy ????? Or have you done something similar just on your own?

To thathyanna: I sit on the toilet with my pants and underwear down to my ankles and as far as what I do with my penis while on the toilet, it is usually fully erect while I'm shitting. I don't know why, but I am always aroused while sitting on the toilet. I usually read a magazine while on the pot so I have to place my penis inside the toilet in case any pee comes out. If I'm not reading a magazine I'll just stare at it or, well I probably can't say that on here.

To Annette: No, my shit never touches my testicle sack. I don't think you are wierd for wanting to watch a guy shit. I used to be like that with women, very curious about how they shit. My fiancee Renee is the only woman I've ever watched poop. I'm sure you have seen my other posts on here.

I got another good one from this past weekend. Renee and I moved into our new house last weekend. We have a bathroom that is connected to our bedroom. I was in there taking a shower and our shower stall is clear glass so you can see inside it and outside of it perfectly and the toilet is right next to it. Renee walked in while I was showering and hiked up her night shirt and pulled her thong down and sat down. Since the water in the shower was running I couldn't tell if she was going to pee or poop because I couldn't hear if she was farting. She always blasts a loud fart out when she craps. After about a minute, I could tell she was shitting because she is a quick pee-er. I got out of the shower and as soon as I opened the stall, I could smell her shit. She just kind of laughed and said, "Can you tell I'm taking a shit?" Boy could I ever. I stayed in the bathroom with her and we talked while I dried myself off and she kept shitting and farting like crazy. She left at lea! st four or five loud long farts. She then asked me to stand next to the toilet. The big one was about to come out of her ass. She stood up, took her nightshirt off because I guess she didn't want to get any shit on it. She then turned with her ass facing me, squatted down, and released this HUGE log from her butt. I swear this thing was about a foot long and stunk really bad. While this thing inched out of her butt, she grunted and moaned quite a bit. I could see why. I have never seen a shit that big. She sat back down on the toilet and said "Oh my God, I feel so much better." The shit was somewhat hard and somewhat mushy. She had to flush twice in order to get it all down. She then wiped her butt seven times. I love watching her shit. I don't care how bad it stinks and she is pretty stinky in the bathroom. Sometimes after she comes out of the bathroom she tells me not to go in there. It's wierd though, she doesn't usually let me watch her shit, only occasionally. She knows! I love to watch her but sometimes she just wants her privacy and I respect that. She isn't fascinated with me shitting. Sometimes she'll be in there while I'm on the toilet but she just does whatever it is she's doing in there and doesn't really get involved in my shitting. We do however, as I have said before, talk about shitting a lot. We went to a wedding that same night and her friend Gina was there. They both had their gall bladders taken out and they both poop a lot if they eat certain foods. Renee asks Gina at our table, "Have you been shitting a lot lately?" And Gina said that she hasn't been lately but does get those moments when she has to make a mad dash to the toilet. And then Renee goes, "Gina, I had to take the biggest shit today, I mean the biggest shit." She must have been talking about that one while I was in the shower. Also, have any of you girls had your gall bladder taken out and can that cause you to shit more?

Take care everyone, I'm out!!!

Wow, China Girl, your story was amazing.

Punk Rock Girl, you amaze me as well.

Carmelita, I have read many of your stories, and they never get old.

I was at a buffet today and after i ate i went to the bathroom. when i got there two young boys 13-15 were just finishing taking a shit. so i went in and sat down then these two brothers i had seen in the restaurant came in. they were probably 16 and 18 or so and the oldest went into the other stall. i figured they would be going to take a shit because of there actions out side at the table. i didn't hear much sound but a few plops and a couple of grunts. the youngest was a shy shitter because i got up to wash my hands and he was still just standing there evidently waiting for me to leave so ididn't get to see him wish i could have but o well next time i go. it was cool to see the others and i thought about the younger ones here and thought that would be something most of them would do.

billy and kevin: please post some more stories again,how long on average does everyone in your family take to shit and how often?

there have been so good stories lately keep them coming.

kendall and andrew: are you still here would like to hear more from you. bye for now happy toileting all.

I was spending two days in New York City on business. I had been with a client for lunch and had not peed since I got up in the morning. By early afternoon (about 3:30 p. m.) my meeting ended and I went to look for the men's room. Just then all the lights went out. We were on the 20th floor and we were told to evacuate the building. So everyone walked down. By this time I was in agony needing to pee so bad. There were thousands on the streets. And if you know NYC there are very few places to go to the bathroom under the best of circumstances. Finally I made it to the railroad station thinking I might use the men's room there. Everyone else had the same idea. With an absolutely aching bladder I stood in line for 3 hours to reach the urinal. Fortunately I don't suffer from shy bladder. I have never been so full. It took me about 3 minutes to relieve myself after holding for nearly 12 hours, a record for me. Anyone else have a story about peeing on the day of the black out. P. ! S. I spent the night in the railroad station and didn't go home to Connecticut until the next afternoon.

Here's my response to Tennesseepee's survey for guys:

1. Your age, if you care to say.

ANSWER: 18 years old, 5'8'', 150lbs, black hair (I went a bit overboard!)

2. Do you keep a jar or bottle near your bed? If so, how often do you pee in it?

ANSWER: No, can't say I've ever done this.

3. Same for a bottle/jar beside your puter so you don't have to get up (presumably at home, not at school or the office, LOL).

ANSWER: No, but when I'm at the computer and it's night and I have to pee wicked bad, I'll usually just piss my shorts or pants. I'm usually too lazy to get up so I just deal with the wet butt that results.

4. Same for your car/truck.


5. Wet bed by accident? Your age last time it happened?

ANSWER: Yeah, several times. Last happened just in May just after I turned 18. I woke up totally desperate to piss, so I instantly grabbed my dick. Couldn't prevent a few long pee squirts from leaking into my shorts. Other times were when I was 13 and younger.

6. Wet pants by accident? Your age last time it happened?

ANSWER: Who hasn't? Last time for me was at age 15 wearing baggy green cargo pants. Had to whiz incredibly bad while riding home with a neighbor from a baseball game where the only bathrooms were porto-potties. Being a macho teen, didnt want to let on that I had to piss so bad in his car. He dropped me off at my house and I just lost total control and flooded my pants while walking up the driveway. I've had smaller accidents since, but that was the last major one.

7. Wet pants on purpose? How often?

ANSWER: Yes, all the time! Sometimes I'll get desperate, put on an old pair of pants and piss them while standing in the shower. I love watching the wet spot grow in my crotch and down my legs.

8. Pee in shower at home? How often?

ANSWER: All the time, it's the easiest way!

9. Pee in a public shower (gym, dorm, school)? How often? Others see?

ANSWER: Yeah. I was a 16-year-old college junior and i had gym 1st period one morning. I had gotten up late and didnt have time to piss before leaving home or before gym so I was doing the pee-dance and shifting around throughout the thing. We had to take showers (obviously naked) afterward and I was planning to take a leak after that. I didn't want to hold my actual dick right there in the shower with the other guys so I tried to just hold the muscles. Didn't work - all of a sudden I just started pissing away against the wall. The guy next to me saw but didnt say anything. I was embarrased but luckily nothing came of it.

10. Pee in sink at home? How often?

ANSWER: Nope, never done that.

11. Pee in sink in public restroom (for example, at a concert or game in stadium when the urinal lines are too long)? How often?

ANSWER: No, but I've been tempted. Many a time I've been in line doing the pee dance looking for other options. Frankly I'd rather piss my pants though than expose myself and go in a public sink.

12. Pee out of a window, off side of deck at home, or similar, even though regular facilities are available? How often? With others watching?

ANSWER: Nope, never done this either. Maybe some day!

13. Pee while swimming in ocean? In lake/creek/swimming hole? In pool? In your bathing suit while not in the water? How often for each?

OCEAN: All the time.
LAKE/CREEK/SWIMMING HOLE: Never really had occasion to do so.
POOL: A few times, but sometimes I get scared of being caught.
BATHING SUIT: I piss my bathing suit while not in the water ALL THE TIME. I love getting away with it and it feels sooo awesome!

14. Other unusual places where you have peed? Details, whether anyone else saw, frequency, etc. are welcome.

When I was 15 I pissed in my basement while down there with a friend to avoid going upstairs - it created a bigger puddle than I had counted on!
Once when I was 17 I had to take a piss real bad while doing yard work so I went up and started whizzing against the side of my house. Naturally, my brother came around the side and saw, which was totally embarrasing.
When I was 13 I frantically peed between two parked cars in a downtown parking lot after a crowded hockey game at my dad's suggestion. It was either going to be that or a ride home in freshly pissed jeans because I had a hand in my crotch and was still leaking all the way to the car. Got away with a golf ball sized wet spot, better than all the way down one leg!


High everybody, judging by all the posts on accidents at school, Iím glad Iím no longer at school. I only saw a few accidents at school and none were caused by the teachers. Now some posts I would like to reply to:

To Innocent guy: You are like me, I donít like my privates touching the bowl either. When I was young my parents told me not to let that happen in public restrooms in case they were dirty. The reason I donít like it is the bowl feels cold and sometimes I got splashes back up if I was touching or too close to the rim inside the bowl. Sounds like you had a great dump as well.

To Toby M: I know exactly how you felt. My mom helped me when I was very little but I canít remember much detail except that I wanted her to come with me because I was scared to go on my own. But up until I was about 8 or so, my aunt thought nothing of just walking in while my cousins were on the toilet. Didnít matter whether they were peeing or pooping. So she treated me just like them whenever I was at their house. One thing she used to insist on was inspecting our butts after we had pooped and wiped to make sure we were clean. We had to stand up, turn around (face the toilet) and bend over for her inspection. Of course, anyone else who was there got to watch as well. Sometimes she would help wipe but she never touched my front parts. My cousin did once and my aunt told her nicely not to do that.

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked both your stories, you sort of tell it like it is and to h*** with what the rest of the world thinks. I like that. I also think Iím like the opposite of you because I donít mind dumping in front of a woman but Iím a little embarrassed doing it in front of men I donít know. But I also have some real close friends (men and women) that Iím quite happy to let them see me on the toilet. And from your other story, I usually am a little surprised if a woman pees in front of me. Also Ė I canít imagine anything or anyone ďputting you in your place.Ē

To Darlene: I never peed in my pants at school although I did poop in them and as far as I know, no one found out except my mom. A few girls had accidents and most were peeing accidents. I do remember them quite well and I know some of my friends remember them too. We even remember the names of the girls. But hereís the nice thing Ė we never ever teased them or made fun of them. I think we were more shocked at the time because it all seemed so serious. Now we remember those girls with affection almost. Ironically all the other girls (except those we had crushes on) are forgotten.

Loved all your stories - See you later - Sean

Hey all..i had to call out of work today, didn't feel so hot, didn't wanna chance having diahreah and the runs at work. It all started early in the morning. I was woken up buy a rumble i think early..i didn't pay attention, next thing i knew it was 4:30 and i was having bad cramps. I got up to poop, on top of it out of town family slept over last night in the next room. I went to the bathroom i was having cramps. I sat on the toilet and i pushed out this firm log, maybe 8 inches and it was tinted a little green from grape juice i drank the last few days. Then the flood gates opened with my diahreaha...i got all the liquid out, then thats when my stomach started hurting and then im like i think im gonna throw up, i threw up only a little then i felt better, my stomach still hurt, i sat back on the toilet to try and poop more.Then my stomach still hurt so i went back to bed. I was cold so i put all the covers up...i knew i'd have to poop more diahreaha later. When i got up i h! ad more diahreaha(i only went 2x so far). I just didn't wanna chance going in and being busy and running to the bathroom(i hate doing that where i work). Well gotta go bye.

since some people like kids stories, I will tell mine.

I was 5 at the time this happened. I had just finished stuffing my stomache with food (This takes place at a beach) and started walking down the main rows of the camp sites. I had a shirt on, a pair of blue shorts that are a heavy cotton, and a bulldog is on the right leg, saying califorina below it. As I started walking down this road, I felt a familiar pushing in my bowel area, but clamped my cheeks, and walked a little faster. At this point, the bathroom is about 200 feet away. These pants also fit me loosely, but kind of tight. I also had no underwear on. As I started walking faster, the feeling was getting worser and worser. I was now about 100 feet from the bathroom, and felt the poop pushing against my pants. suddenly, the poop started coming out, and dropping out the sides of my pants. It was hitting the ground as I was walking, and only coming it quicker as I ran down the road. It was also dropping onto and hitting my water walkers (wading shoes) and I finally e! xpelled the poop into these shorts, and had a decent sized bulge in the back of my pants. There was a line at the bathroom, so I had to wait to clean my pants out, and then went on my way.

Another time, I went back riding in a national park, also when I was 5, and had a pair of lyrca bike shorts on. They were black, with a multi colored pattern down each side of the shorts. Little did I know, earlier that day, I had a super mean laxtive put into my food, but didn't know it. I start bike riding on this national park road, and I feel a very light spurt into my shorts. I was not wearing underwear either. I thought it may have been sweat, and shurgged it off. As I rode more and more, I felt a heavier gushing in my pants. To my horror, I felt a sudden urgency, go to the bathroom now! The only thing around me was barren desert land, and no bathrooms. I raced up a hill, feeling the feeling getting worse, and then it hit. I felt a sudden gushing of poop right into my bike shorts. I dropped the bike, and ran crying to the side of the road, clutching my butt, feeling the warm soft poop filling my bike shorts. I just kept pooping and pooping, and filling my lyrca bik! e shorts, crying because I couldn't hold it in. To make matters worse, I started peeing myself. I just kept gushing poop and pee into my bike shorts. I was not allowed to get into the car, as I completely filled my lyrca bike shorts, and peed alot in them. I had to to walk about 2 miles to the nearest bathroom, only to found out it is locked. So, I had to keep walking about a 1/4 of a mile, and found a working bathroom. The problem was, it had no sinks, no toilet paper, nothing. Just a toilet, leading to a hole in the ground. I ended up being wrapped up in a dirty towel, and felt the diaherra molding itself to my bike shorts when I sat in the car. As I was taken home, I had another bowel movement in my lyrca shorts. This tripled the load in my pants, and I got yelled it for filling up my pants more, called a pig, etc. It was about 60 miles home. As we pulled into the driveway, I was aware of my bladder feeling about ready to explode. I jumped out of the car, and dropped the ! towel, then felt a warm feeling running down my leg. I also filled my pants more with diaherra.

I will be sharing more stories about myself, and other boys who I saw pooping or peeing themselves. I think this past I had of pooping in my clothes is what makes me feel turned on by this, and why I love pooping in Lyrca,Soccer shorts,Lyrca baseball shorts/long pants, etc. I especially love speedos.

I have a quick question for you. Have you ever went into the bathroom and peed, but then you also had to take a dump, but you weren't planning on taking a dump?

The other day one of my friends who happens to be a girl, said to me I have to pee. So I didn't make a big deal out of it and she went into the bathroom and peed. She was soon done and she opened the door and had this look on her face and I asked her if everything was alright. She then said that she had to take a dump. I stated that you were just in the bathroom and you didn't go then, she said "I had no idea that I had to then, but I have to now and I need a magazine" So she picked up a copy of Glamour magazine and headed back to the bathroom. I sat at the door and listened to her ripping farts and dropping loads in addition to flipping through pages of her magazine. I was soooo turned on by this time and she was finally done after 15 minutes and she then noticed a weird look on my face and she asked me if I was okay, I told her that I wasn't going to lie to her and that I was really turned on br her taking a dump and then she looked down and noticed and then she said "! let's go take care of that right now" So later on I noticed that she was daydreaming and I said what are you thinking about and she said "that there is nothing better than taking a huge dump and having sex afterwards, words can't express how I feel right now", I also felt the same way.


Ever since elementary school-Ive hated using urinals in public bathrooms. i still do to this day. for soem reason I just find them too emabarssing. so all during elemtary school I never used a urinal to pee. i would always go into a stall and use the toilet to pee.
So it was my first day of 6th grade in middle school-and I had to pee so badly after lunch. I really was ahving trouble holding it. so I made a mad dash to the bathroom after lunch and was horrified to discover the only 2 stalls in the bathroom were occupied, and there were only 2 urinals.
So I made a descion to actually use the urinal. Luckily no one else was in the bathroom except for the stalls so I had semi-privacy-at least no one was watching me.
So I start to pee in the urinal and all is going well. Then I hear the worst sound in my life. A group of kids walking into the bathroom. so I get nervous and stand closer to the urinal. I didn't know at the time cause I was thinking about the other kids seeing me, but my pee was splashing against my pants from the urinal. The kids made jokes about how long I was peeing and that it looked like I was having trouble. I hated it sooo much.
When I fianlly finished peeing I was horrified to see my wet pants. They of course laughed at me and made fun of me, and i felt like crap.
What a way to start off my middle school career.
Since then I never used a urinal in school again.

I'd really wanted to lose weight and went on the Atkins diet. Well, my BM's slowed down to once every few days - normally I have an easy motion daily. First couple of poos where a bit stiff, then I didn't go for 5 days. I then had a terrible urge to go, some wind, sat on the loo - and I don't think I've ever been so uncomfortable. Desperate urge to go but nothing coming out. I started to sweat, and felt quite faint. I got up, walked around, felt the peristalsis start again, but still no output. Eventually I felt I had to do something so I got some vaseline and put my finger up inside my rectum. I immedaitely felt what seemed to be a piece of rock - a massive compacted turd. I tried breaking it up with my finger but it was hopeless. Eventually I thought about using some pile suppositories (by this time I was worried about my piles too) and put three up the poop chute. An hour later I felt a strong urge to go again. This time there was some movement. First their was a squirty ! bit as the melted suppositories squirted out. The I could feel this huge mass moving forward at last. I squeezed both walls of the loo with my hands and bore down until my veins popped in my head. And then there was a sudden, painful rush and whatever was stuck in my bowel proceeded to shoot out in spasms, accompanied by considerable pain. Finally I felt it was over. Ghastly. Living in the bowl was some sort of green alien life form with an awful odour. Did I produce that?

Needless to say I stopped the Atkins immediately and got back to a normal diet. My piles came back with a vengeance and I ended up on painkillers. too.

Be warned!

Linda D.
I haven't written lately cos I've been too busy. I left my hospital job and gave up my career in nursing, my friends begged me to think about what I was doing but I've had enough, low pay and being at everyone's beck and call. Now I'm going to work in the hairdressing shop of the woman I befriended in hospital some time ago. Even learning the pay is better and when I have learnt the pay is double what I earn in the hospital with lots of nice tips as well. Anyway thats where I'm at right now. But I must tell you about a poop I had in the outdoors. I was shopping and I suddenly had to go. The pain was so bad and I knew the nearest lav was too far away. I had a choice either to try for the toilet and poop myself or find somewhere to squat down. I turned off the main street and went a few yards down towards the back of a shop. It seemed deserted and I pulled up my skirt and squatted dropping my panties at the same time, as I did so I pooped with a wet splash. It was ! horrible, I couldn't stop and I was peeing hard at the same time an the pee was splashing onto my shoes. Then as I was crouching down somebody came down the alley and passed by, but they didn't they stopped and stared at me. I looked up and saw that it was a couple of young men. I was so embarrassed but I was still pooping I asked them to go away and at last they moved on but they kept looking back so I hitched up my skirt and turned my bum to them shouting that they should make sure they got a good eyeful. They went then. I had to use my hankie to wipe myself and that wasn't big enough so I had to walk on to the toilets and by the time I got there my bum and panties were a real mess. What an horrible time it was for me. Question for the girls.

Would you have tried for the toilets and pooped yourself badly? or

Would you have did what I did?

Robby, Annie, and Meghan
Dear Friends!
We are back. This time my computer crashed and I had to get a new one. We are ok and ready to start again. Meg has a story.
Meghan- Sarah and I were down at the beach in Galveston getting some rays. We were with some friends and having a good time. When we hit the water we noticed a woman squatting in the shallows and looking a bit strained. We watched her for a time and we knew she had pooped in the ocean. Well, one of our friends decided she had to go, too. She slid down her bikini bottoms and squatted. The concentration was immense. She strained and strained. My boyfriend was scandalized. He took off to the beach. Sari and I watched in amazement fart bubbles break the surface and then a large log(which looked like a submarine) come to the surface. She then shook her bum and we rushed to the beach. She had the most relieved look on her face. We all laughed about it afterwards. Have any of our posters ever shit in a lake, the ocean, or a bay? I am going back to Houston tomorrow. I start back to school next week. Dad will have two lawyers in the family in the future. Annie- I took a teaching ! job at a university in Houston so Robby and I are moving there. He will be closer to the entertainment contacts. WE MISS ALL OF OUR FRIENDS HERE WHO HAVE LEFT. Please come back.
CARMALITA: Hey Baby! We have missed you and have read eveyone of your wonderful adventures in the toilet since we got back on line. Take care and Lots of Love from Robby, Annie, Meghan, and Sarah.
LEAH: Do you usually have big craps like that? Take care! Robby and Annie
DARLENE: Don't worry about it, dear. Your friends have had accidents before, too. Just ignore them if they tease you. Good luck in school.

HI to: Rizzo, Jane and Gary, Tim and Sarah, Bryan-love the stories, Punk Rock Girl, Amy, Ephermal, Adrian, and all of the other wonderful posters here!


desperate to poop

Sheila - I hope you'll have another double toilet when you leave. Your stories are great and it's so nice you have such wonderful friends.

Phew it's been hot lately. I was at the park at the weekend and it was very busy and hot. I hadn't been in a few days and the walking round must have loosened me up because a sudden urge hit me! I made my way to the park loo's but there was quite a line as it was next to the paddling pool too. The lady in front of me said it hadn't moved for a while and with that a nasty splattter of poop could be heard and a small groan. I said "oh dear thats not good I need to go and I haven't been in a few days".

"join the club" she whispered. After about 5 mins the queue had still hardly moved and the girl was still in there with the runs. By now I was really quite desperate and was holding my bum. I said to the lady in front i can't wait im going to find a bush. She said good idea and we wandered off. About 5 mins later we found a pretty secluded spot thankfully. Jackie that was her name must have been quite desperate as no sooner had we arrived than she quickly pulled her trousers down, pushed her panties down to her ankles and squatted. She let fly with a load "prrrrrrfffffffffffffffttt" and a soft mush of poop flew out of her ass. "ooooooooooh" she moaned as it came out.

I quickly joined her and began pushing out a big log. Jackie was still doing soft runny stuff and I asked her if she was ok. "she said her ???? hurt but she'd be allright when it all came out" and with that she did another burst of soft poop.

We had been there about ten minutes by now but neither of us were finised. I squeezed out a nice twelve incher as Jackie continued her soft stuff.

Just then a blonde 21 yr old came running into the spot where we were. Her cheeks went red with embarrsement when saw us but she also looked very desperate and was jumping up and down. "she muttered she really had to go and that she wouldn't make it to the toilets in time". I said "well don't worry about us and there'd be a big queue for the loos" anyway. With that she quickly pulled down her 3 quarter length pants, pushed her thong down and let out a load squirt of diarretic mush. "oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh" she groaned.

I had squeezed out 3 nice logs by now and felt much lighter. I dropped a few small thinnies and was done. Luckily I had some tissues and wiped. I asked the other two if they needed any. Jackie said she had some but the other girl who was still squirting said " yes please".

I stayed and chatted as Jackie finished off. She had done a moutain of steaming poop. She started to wipe but just as she did another little gob of poop shot out. Then she wiped and pulled her trousers up. All in all a good half hour poop!

The other girl was also finishing, she had done some really runny stuff and wearing the thong after that must have hurt.

The girl thanked me for the tp and said she was thankfull she had avoided an accident. I said "don't worry and when you've got to go you've got to go!"

We all wandered off together and went past the ladies which still had a big queue. I didn't recognise any of the people though so the girl with the runs must have finished.

Happy pooping all

Raging Urophile
I have a couple multiple choice questions regarding the fascinating and wonderful world of female urodynamics. I hope that the women on this board will respond. The questions are as follows; Does your pee flow most closely resemble

A)a thick gushing stream, that fans out and splatters?
B)a thick gushing stream that remains mostly intact, like a waterhose?
C)a moderately thick stream that fans out and splatters?
D)a moderately thick stream that remains mostly intact?
E) a narrow stream, resembling that of a male?
F) a weak slow dribble with little trajectory?

2. When squatting or standing, without using your hands,does your pee flow
A) head straight downward?
B) flow outward at a minor arc?
C) flow outward at a large arc away from the body, like a male.

I have viewed about about 700 video clips of women peeing, and I would estimate that about 70% of the clips coincide with D or E in question No. 1. There are, of course, many variations.

I would also like to know if anyone has a physiological or anatomical explanation for the great diversity among female pee flows. I do not believe any two are exactly alike.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

To Ash - I'm wondering, have you ever pooped outside before?? Anywhere outside? if you have, please tell me....thank you!!!!

I took a huge crap this afternoon!!!!!! It was kinda difficult, but I kept trying and trying and I finally pushed out two big pieces!! Thanx.

Chellybelly~ a.k.a Chelsea
Hello everyone, sorry I haven't posted for quite a while!!!!! I have been reading all these stories though, and I love them all, hehe.

To Ash - I really liked both of your recent stories!!!! The first one about your mom was awesome, and the second one was great too. I really feel sorry for you, but there's always a first for everything. And I noticed that you have another story from Florida, can't wait to hear that one, thanks.

To Jonny the Jonny Brush - Wow!!!!! Those stories about Diana are really good!!! Really love reading them, and I think you should tell her about this forum. She would probably really like it here.

To Punk Rock Girl, Hi Sweetie! You say that shitting in front of women is a turn-off while with men it's the reverse. I'm the other way round. I love being around other women when I shit and piss. It's mostly a girly thing I think, the closeness which goes back to childhood when one shared everything with one's best friend and it was so good. I have told about meeting Wendy, an English visitor, and spending the day with her. It's not usual (for me!) for a friendship to start over a bm in a ladies room and I didn't know what to expect. Suppose she hit on me, when all I wanted was warmth and friendship. We had a lovely day. Wendy comes from a large family where complete openness replaced the hang-ups about the toilet which most of us inherit. We did two pees in public bathrooms in department stores. When we got back to my apartment, I needed a bm as I hadn't gone since I got up.I left the door ajar. She came in quite naturally and sat on the bathtub. I pushed out thre e smooth logs without difficulty and started to wipe. "Don't flush," she said, "I'd love to look." She picked aside the tp. "That's beautiful," she said, "people don't realise that the right crap is a still-life. Don't laugh." It was that sort of day. My only boob was getting in English muffins and tea when what she really wanted was white wine and some olives!

Punk Rock Girl

I was out of town for the week, visiting relatives. Something kind of interesting happened, though.

As you know, I am far from bashful about my bowel functions. I take a dump in front of my boyfriend Colin several times a week, and have also crapped in front of other people, male and female. For some reason, though, I found myself a little embarrassed when I had to do so last week.

We were at this big pavillion market and I had to take a dump. I went in the women's room and was surprised to see the stalls had no doors. The restroom was full, as well, with a long line. Well, after fifteen or so minutes of waiting, I finally got into a stall. I pulled my jeans and underpants down to my knees and sat.

I let out a loud fart, and several chunks of wet crap plopped into the toilet. About six or seven other women could see me sitting there, and you'd have thought I had just taken a dump on the floor from the way they looked at me! I almost made a remark, but for some reason found myself a little too self-conscious to say anything.

I crapped a quite a bit more, then peed. I went to roll off some paper, but the roll was empty. Oh joy! I was too caught in the headlights to ask someone to give me some, so I just pulled up my pants and left the bathroom without wiping my ass or washing my hands.

I only walked around for a few minutes before I could no longer stand the wet sticky feeling between my cheeks, so I ran into a different bathroom, which, thank goodness, wasn't nearly as busy. I wiped my ass (which was quite gooey--luckily my panties didn't get smeared) and washed my hands.

Weird! I think I don't mind taking a shit in front of men I don't know, because I'm a closet exhibitionist it feels a little naughty. I don't mind taking a shit in front of people I know because, well, I knoe them, so who cares? But having a group of strange women watching my crap and apparently disapproving (as dumb as that is) seems to put me in my place.

Oh well, what can you do? We all have our turn ons and turn offs. Shitting in front of men is a turn on for me. I guess doing the same in front of other women isn't.



Back to school very soon, but Im not in a hurry or too happy about it.
The last day of school was a nightmare for me in the sense that here I am 15 years old and I wet my Jeans and piddled on the floor in front of the class and teacher.
It was a very hot day and our school is air conditioned so thats a good thing. We had a lunch break and we were outside fooling aroud playing frisbee with the boys until classtime. Most all of us got to the drinking fountin and drank down a lot of water, and I of course had a bottle of coke a big 20 oz one and downed it.
As the class started this last day no one wanted to pay attention to anything and it was a general cut up. The teacher Mr. Moore wasnt amused and threated to keep the whole bunch in after school. So we had to quiet down and finish some catch up old homework for our final grades and even had a little final quiz.

Then during the final quiz I felt my bladder getting full and wanting me to make the trip to the girls room. I was wearing light blue jeans and white sox, sneakers, a white short top, all decked out for hot weather. I felt a twinge in my bladder and I grabbed my crotch and squeezed hard. I knew I had to go to the bathroom now. I put up my hand and waved it, Mr. Moore saw it and half grunted, "what is it?"
"May I be excused to the girls room?" I said. Teacher said, "not at this time, we have this quiz to do and we are running late". My stomach sunk as I now really felt my pee wanting to come out. I couldnt do anything except put my hand between my legs and squeeze to keep that feeling of wanting to pee away.
I was sweating now and I could feel my heart thumping in my bladder of all things, rather fast and a little urge to pee. I tried not to show how bad I had to go, as this one boy sitting next to me I know had one eye on me watching my moves. I think he was a bit excited by the looks of his Levis in front. I sat as we got to the test and with one hand on my crotch and one holding my pen we started this test. I couldnt think or concentrate because of the full bladder and frequent urges that were getting stronger. I knew this Man teacher had no pity on us girls as he was always firm about leaving the room for anything including a pee break.
Then I just felt my whole botom get numb and I couldnt even feel my bladder or pee, I though, Ok well I guess we are going to make it alright. Wrong- I suddenly felt very warm in my butt, hot in fact. I had my hand in my crotch yet and took it away and saw a dark spot down there. Oh my I though, Im peeing im my pants and dont even feel it. I squeezed my legs tighter but I felt more of that warm wetness in my crotch. My pee was leaking out and I couldnt stop it no way.
I leaned forward to try to hold on with all my might and just then the dam burst. I felt warm pee run thru my panties soaking them and crotch and now pouring down my right leg and making a puddle on the floor. I think the boy across from me was going to have a stroke. He turned red and was holding is crotch also like he was goona pee too.
In a minute there was a puddle by my foot under my seat and it started to make a run to the desk behind me. The other classmates noticed the stream and made a few whispers that Mr. Moore heard. He wanted to know what was going on, and Marcy who sat behind me said, "I think she wet herself".
Mr. Moore came back to my desk, saw the water and said to me, "did you have an accident?" No kidding Einstein! No thats just rain I wanted to say. I was beet red and started to sniffle and cry as he said to report to the nurse in the office.
I got up leaving my pee puddle on the floor and chair and rushed out of the room to the door down the hall next to the principals.
No one was there, so I just went into the toilet there and stripped off my soaked jean, sat on the pot and finished my pee-there was a lot there!
I trashed my panties and then wrung out my blue jeans and tried to dry them somewhat. Then I went to the payphone and called my mom to come an get me. I got an early dismissal that day the wrong way.
My mom blamed my accident on my period that was due in a day or so.
She called the principal the next day and had some words for the teacher.
So now I get to look forward to all this now, I wonder if all the class mates will tease me and remember my peeing in my pants. I hope not, and I know I was never the first, and I hope its my last
Anyone out there have a similar experience? Id like to hear from you and what you did and how you felt.
Love, Darlene

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