Hola mis amigos!

AMBER: You sound hot! I'd like to hear more about you.
ROBBY AND ANNIE: Hola sweeties!!! I have missed you so much. How are things? Robbie, how's your health? How are the girls?
JANE AND GARY: Good to see that you are still here hon! I miss my old favorites like Jamie sun devil, Simon, Jeff A, Austin, John, Ina, and all of you!

First of all, some catch up stuff: Me and Jake finally filed for divorce. It's cool with us. We're actually better friends now. Now that we're single, we get along fantastic! He still loves me as a friend and he has a new girlfriend. He's happy, so I'm happy too. I've moved into a small studio apartment with Nu. Everyone else in mi familia is fine too: Renee and Pat, Tesa, Angie and Joanne.
I went to visit my family in Mexico for two weeks, that was cool. I was actually in the bathroom talking with my mamá when she had to do her business. She's such a lady. She just held her knees together and plopped a few softies. My younger sister Luisa crapped out in the field when we were riding horses. She left an elephant turd in the dirt, just like me!

This morning's poop was a big one! 4 nice big turds in a row K-plop-K-plop-K-plop-K-plop! It felt wonderful and smelled awful. I woke up freezing this morning because Nu had pulled all the blankets over to her side. Once I was awake, I realized I had to take a giant shit. She tried to convince me to stay in bed for awhile, but the toilet was calling my name. She sat up in bed and watched me poop. It only took about four minutes. This studio apartment is a cracker box and the bathroom is right across from the bed. We have one main room which is large, then a kitchen and a bathroom and that's it. If we leave the door open, we can lay in bed and watch each other on the toilet. Last night I watched Nu take a giant shit that took about ten minutes while she read the paper. She pumped out a turd after spending most of the time grunting and squirming around on the seat. This morning, all of my turds were really long and heavy. One turd was about as big around as my forearm and ! it was big coming out!!!! I had t' grit n' grunt! I also had to pee about a gallon of liquid for about two minutes straight also.

I dropped a nice 2-pounder at school on Wednesday. It was a big shit too. A real 10-minuter with about 12 plops total. I was able to get caught up on part of a chapter before class! Too bad I reeked the bathroom though.
Thursday sucked. I had diarhea big time. I squirted about 4 times in two hours.

Qué más?...Nu had a photo session yesterday with a photographer friend who's re-doing her portfolio. I went along for the fun of it since I didn't have classes. Jessica, another friend, did her makeup. Damn Nu was gorgeous!! I love it when she puts on lots of makeup. (For those of you who don't know who Nu is, she's a hot vietnamese girl). They did some nude shots, a couple panty shots, then some regular fashion stuff with dresses and combinations. Later, she posed on the toilet and the guy took about 20 different shots of her. She was completely nude except for a pair of black alligator-type pumps and she was holding a cigarette. There were six people there altogether, me, Nu, two girls and two guys. Everybody agreed that the toilet shots would be the hottest. I saw big bulges in the jeans of the guys LOL! The photographer's name is Dan and he offered to photograph me too! Free photos!!

Oh yeah, I had an outdoor accident last Sunday. We'd been hiking in the woods and on the way back, along a narrow trail, Nu started doing impressions of this dumbass guy that lives across the hall from us. (he's always trying to hit on us). She was so funny! She put a big rock in her pants like she had a big bulge and started rubbing up against me with it. I started laughing and couldn't stop, and soon I was laughing so hard I could feel a big one starting to inch out into my panties. It was really fat and warm. Nu was laughing which made me laugh even more. I could smell my pants and they were pooootent! As we walked down the trail toward the car, I had to walk with my legs together to avoid poop dripping out of my pant legs. We came upon a park restroom, but it was closed, so I had to go in the bushes. It took an entire roll of toilet paper to get the poop out of my pants and to wipe my ass and I was still brown and sticky. My pants and undies reeked of fresh poo, so n! eedless to say it was a long drive home! I've shit my pants on purpose before, but this one was a real accident.

Oh well, take care mis amigos! Everyone sends their love.


Hey everyone guess what? Well, for spring break me and Chelsea and our families are going to the Wisconsin Dells. Hopefully I'll have some good stories for you all when I come back. I just thought I would tell you. Actually, we're getting ready to leave now, so I'm sorry this post is so short but I gotta go bye everyone......xoxo......

Concerned pooper
Can anyone offer any advice on how to make my poops longer and larger? I find it quite embarrising when my friends and I have pooping contests and I'm done in like 10 seconds when everyone else's is so long. Please help me!

1) Does you partake in cross-stall chat? Yes, sometimes. I did it a lot when I was a girl. I have done it in recent years. See my earlier posts.
2) When do you think it's ok to talk to someone else in the stall? Sometimes if one of us needs toilet paper or we are in some kind of distress.
3) Why are people moved to talk to someone else in the bathroom? who knows?
4) Are you male or female? female.

Teddy Bear:
1. do you like someone with you when pooping? m or f? both
2. do you like to be with someone when they're pooping? m or f? both,preferably female you like to read when pooping? what kind of reading material? rarely. usually a newspaper. I do not stay long enough to read.
4. on average how much do you poop? please indicatte size & # of turds. does it usually stink? to what degree? It varies from loose to hard pieces. It stinks only if I eat spicy foods and/or vegetables.
5. how long do you normally take to poop? less than 10 minutes.
please indicate your age, race, ht, wt, & measurements. thanx. 43, afro-american, 5'10.5 slim to medium

Traveling Guy
Thanks to everyone who offered an opinion, pro and con, on how I handled the backyard peeing situation. I value all your input.

I'm back from the bathroom (It took me 20 minutes to actually GET on the toilet, because i had to drag Chandiy out.) Two really good stories:
When i was seven and Kerry was five, we were swimming in a kiddie pool. I had to pee sooooooo bad, and i ran out and went to the bathroom (In the bathroom). I came back, and Kerry said he had to poo. I told him not to poo in the pool, but he said he didn't have to go really bad. We got out when my aunt called us in for lunch, and there was a HUGE brown stain on his bathing suit. Turns out he didn't have to go that bad because he had just gone. Ew.
Last year, in fifth grade, there was the bratty girl who thought she owned the world. We'll call her Jill. Jill made fun of this one little girl who wet her pants once, but Jill got what was coming to her. There was something bad in the lunch, and a lot of kids got sent home. I didn't buy lunch but she did, and boy was i glad when she pooed all over her pants, chair, and the floor. Funny as hell!
Hi~ I came upon this yesterday. I'm no stranger to peeing and pooing, i live with my aunt, uncle, two brothers, sister, and five cousins (two girls three boys). I'm the second oldest and i have to usually help out with the little kids.
James (Cousin) is 13
Krissen (me) 12
Oliver (cousin) 12
Kerry (brother) 10
Tracy (cousin) 10
Jacklyn (sister) 9
Chandiy (cousin) 8
Fredrick (cousin) 8
Rodney (brother) 7
Tracy and I are usually the ones to help out with Chandiy, Freddy and Rodney. Rodney wets himself all the time.
K, I got to go (literally). It'll be a five housr hassle to get in the bathroom.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey there!

I felt so sick all morning, but when I sat on the crapper in my apartment, nothing happened. So I rode all the way to work with my guts creaking and my stomach churning. By the time I got to work, though, I felt the pressure building in my ass. I dropped of my coat and rushed to the unisex. I entered my favorite stall, dropped my pants and underpants (I had anticipated bowel problems, so no thong) and sat on the toilet.

I was expecting diarrhea to start squirting, but instead a huge semi-solid load blew out of my ass and splashed loudly in the water. This was followed by another and another, then a loud fart. I caught my breath and relaxed. I stood to wipe my ass and glanced in the toilet. It was completely full of shit! I couldn't see past the massive load I had dropped. I've been getting into the habit lately of checking my dumps. My doctor says it's a good idea.

I wiped a few times and pulled up my pants, flushed and went to work. Needless to say, I felt a hell of a lot better after that!

Bryain: Regarding my trip home without wiping story, my panties did not get stained; I've been graced with one of those butts that sticks out, so my buns guard my panties from any leftovers around my anal area.

By the way, the scar on my ass cheek due to my fall is almost completely gone, just a few faint stitch marks are left. I can start wearing my assless pants out to clubs again!



To everyone who asked about Vanessa and Lori, they eat a lot of salad and such, and they're also big on protein products (whenever we go out, they always have, like, steak or chicken or something). I think Lori is usually constipated, though. So she takes stuff to soften it up, part of the reason why her dump fit down the hole. Vanessa has every kind of ice cream though, so that could be why hers was soft while Lori's was firm, since I know I'm always softer after having ice cream or frozen yogurt.

But obviously, lots of meat/dairy products make for another good game: the Horrible, man-what-died-in-here Fart Game! Most of the time this is followed up with the Seventeen Meter Dash, or if you're unlucky, the Lots Of Meters Dash since it gets things moving along in our stomachs.

On another note, you might think that with friends like this, we'd be passed out all the time from the smell, but I actually like some fart/poop smells, mostly vegetable-induced ones. I don't know if it's just that they're that rich that it's not bad, or if I'm just weird. And in my experience, usually harder dumps don't have much of an odor. So I like having big, softer poops, not diarrhea or anything, but soft like wet clay or something, since they have a stronger smell. And if one of my friends farts right in my face (which they do a lot) or brings me into the bathroom while they're having a serious toilet session, I won't mind. If it's a good one, I'd like it!

But obviously, I don't like the really bad ones, like those that smell like burning eggs. These are like when you have a dump after beer and tacos (not that I drink, but some other people do), or any protein/egg product. If someone had a dump like that, I'd steer clear along with everyone else.

Guess that's just me!


Movie Fan
For Poop Scene Fan and others who have mentioned "Blind Date Uncensored", the scene involving the girl farting is amazing. She is actually being interviewed about her date while she is sitting on the toilet. She starts to say "Yeah, I had a great time with Chuck", but right before she says "Chuck" she farts and says "Excuse me". This obviously embarrasses her and she starts giggling and then she says "Sorry" and she farts again. The more she giggles, the more she farts. Finally she looks into the camera with desperation as she's laughing and says something like "Sorry, I really have to go poo". Then she farts again, and then she laughs some more and says "Ewwwww" and then she says "Sorry" again and farts another long and and wet-sounding one and then she gasps and the last thing she says is "Wow", as though she can't believe she's just farted on camera like that. The entire clip only lasts about 45 seconds, but it is truly awesome.

Obviously this clip was not shown on the televised Blind Date show, but I assume the rest of her date was.. My question for anyone who has seen the clip is do you know the girl's name and what episode of the show she appeared in?

spongebob squarepants
hey people! i haven't been here a while, so i'm posting a funny story that happened to me in Febuary....
i was in typing class and i have a teacher who is 49 years old, about 5'2. anyways, she can be a b**** sometimes, so thats why i'm postin this. anyway, i was minding my own business, typing. there were only 3 others in class with me cuz most of the students were on a field trip. so i heard a squeaky fart, and i was sitting close to her desk. then she immediately got up and started running to the bathroom! so me and the others peeped out the door to watch her and while she was unlocking the bathroom door (locked so students won't use teacher's bathroom) a big hard turd fell from her skirt! she ran into the bathroom and came back about 5 minutes later, not knowing that we spied on her. we were all smirking and everything- i wonder if she knew.....

I have a little story for you. Im in Jr. High and we went on a field trip last year to the local museum. The class was excited as I was and it was a bus trip and afternoon off from classes.

We had to travel about 30 miles to the city which took about 45 minutes. We left right after lunch and board the bus, I hadnt bothered to hit the boys room first as many other classmates didnt either. About half ways there I felt a growing urge need to pee. I squeezed my legs and ignored it as we would be there soon. I noticed my classmate sitting by me also sort of holding his crotch, like I asked him," you gotta hit the bathroom?. He said ya, I hope I can hold it though.

Finally the bus pulled into the parking lot and we unloaded. I and my friend walked very slowly and carefully as we both had full up bladders about to explode. John then asked the teacher on the tour if we cold hit a bathroom, and he said yes, but wait until we get inside and organiazed as a group to start the tour with a tour guide.
I stood there with my hand In my pocket trying to pinch my penis and my buddy John was actually grabbing his crotch off and on.

We then lined up to start the tour and I needed the bathroom real bad not having a strong bladder to start with. I was probably the shortest kid in class and skinny too. I often had to be excused to the boys room to pee during classes. Once in 7th grade I had to pee when in class and though I could hold it but it just came out and Ipissed myself a big puddle under my desk soaking my jeans and socks and underwear.
I was holding my pee with all my might and grabbing my penis and the urges got stronger and stronger. I looked for the teacher and guide to ask where the bathrooms were but they were talking at a desk down the hall.

I stood there holding myself and then I felt a warm spurt escape into my underpants. I could do nothing to stop it. I stood there helpless as a few more spurts escaped and soon I had a full flow of piss running down my pantlegs onto the floor making a puddle where I stood in line. I was red as a beet and my hand went to my crotch like as to hold it in, but it only made it noticable to the class.
A minute later John bent over and held his peter thru his crotch and the flow started as he lost is pee also. We stood there side by side in pee puddles embarassed as we both started to sob quietly. We had tears run down our cheeks and we just looked at eachother.
Then the teacher came over to the group to start the tour and saw what happened. He said, go to the bathroom, and pointed way down the hall to a door that was poorly marked and said to go there and try to clean up. We went to the bathroom leaving the class behind and took off our wet jeans and underpants. We tried to dab the wet pants with paper towels. In the meantime both John and I stood there half naked sort of almost laughing now. John cut a fart and said he thought he had to crap. I also mentioned the same, I could use a shit too.
We went into stalls next to eachother and both sat down on the black seats with the front cut out. John farted again and then I cut a couple followed by a long log that started to come out of my butt. I head John gurnt once and heard a plop plop as he dropped a couple turds. I dropped this real long log that seemed to take forever to expel but finally it dropped and curled in the bowl. Then we both peed, our piss splashing into the water. We wiped and then stood up, laughing now. But our pants were still wet and underwear soaked.
We took our underpants and tossed them in the waste basket. John was wearing boxers, they were wet all down the front. Explained how when he pissed his pants the flood appeard so fast as it run down his legs.
We waited a bit and then joined up with the class with wet streaks down our pants. No one saie anything and we tired to not to notice either.
After the tour we headed home on the bus again.
On the way home though, this blonde girl wearing a skirt and blouse sitting in the back of the bus had an accident too. She left a wet seat and flood on the floor of the bus. No one really noticed though but just a few of us and no one said a word.
So thats our tour story.

My habits from yesterday:
1. when i woke up, around 10:00, it was about three minutes. (i've always had to pee for a long time)
2. Around 11:30 for two and a half minutes, about
3. At 12:45, for two minutes
4. at 1:10 for three minutes
5. At 2:00 for two minutes
6. At 3:30 for three minutes
7. At 4:45 for two minutes
8. at 5:30 for two and a half minutes
9. At 6:30 for three minutes
10. at 7:45 for three minutes
11. at 8:00 for two minutes
12. at 9:00 for two minutes
13. at 10:30 for three minutes
14. and then at 11:00 for three minutes, and then i went to bed

at 10:00, a big load, diffuctly
2. at 10:20, difficulty
3. 11:30, difficulty
4. 12:00 difficulty
5. 12:15 difficutly
6. 12:30 difficulty
and it when on and on, like that until 11:00, when i went to sleep.

I once DJed at a party at this freinds appartment. She lives in an old radio station, and for some wierd reason the bathroom at the end of the hallway has no door. It was very interesting because there were some very hot chicks at that party, and they would make trips to the bathroom in groups. I wound "accidentally' walk in on them and start talking to them while they were taking monster dumps. One Girl even wanted me to hold her beer while she took a crap. It was a huge turn on for me, and I too ended up taking a huge dump in front of a bunch of hot chicks. What a night!

to Indiana Man
1. Yes (Dirty Sex Catalogs,Sex Magazines,or Others
2. NO
3. Yes
4. No

This is my first post here. But I have a story that happend last saturday. I went to the lake with my girlfriend. I will not go into the specifics of the day but I took a dump at the lake.

I was sitting on the shore with her when I felt not like I had to shit just them but it was that feeling where you feel like you have a huge long turd in ya with some gas behind it. So I told her that I was going to change into my shorts (I was really going to take a dump and change.

So I told her, got my shorts out of the car and went to the only bathroom. This was one of those brown brick no privacy and solar lighting. So I entered the men's side, discovering 2 toilets. One right infront of me and one pointing opposite of that to the left. There was no stalls or doors. There was a little wall but it did not help with privacy.

Because of the lack of Privacy I was going to dump then change. But I could not figure out weather I should dump or not. Finally I decided to get it overwith so that I would not fart around my GF.

So I went to the toilet facing the wall, the way this was situated is so if someone walks in they can see the side view of you while on the toilet (CAN). I pulled down my shorts and dropped my boxers. Sat down and leaned forward so I could get down to business. As I Was setting there a guy walks in, sees me on the pit toilet and goes to the other.

I had not starting dumping so I was in a situation, because I did not want to dump with someone watching me. All of the sudden I heard his splash in the pit. This made me more confortable. So I starting pushing, I could tell that it was going to be hard. I pushed and stopped pushed and stopped. Finally it starting poping out, from there it just slip out with slight crackeling. I felt it drop from my ass and a slip second I hear kluuuuupluuusssh. And then I let some loose shit. A few more splashes and I was done. I felt weird because someone not only saw me on the toilet but they saw all over me AND heard my larger than normal dookie hit the pit liquid.

I was not going to get off the toilet because I did not want him to have the chance to see my full butt. On the other hand I did not want to sit there and do nothing. I took my time wiping but he was still there. I decided that I could not handle being exposed any more so I got off the toilet and hauled out of the bathroom.

I did not have a chance to change into my swimming shorts, and I had to think of an excuse why I was gone and did not change. So I told her that the bathroom was busy and I did not want to change infront of everyone. Everything was going well until the guy that had been dumping brought my swimming shorts to me and said "You left these after you got done". I said thanks, then I was asked what he meant.


I am on a cruise in the Caribbean and had a cool experience today. At a beach, I had to go to the restroom do shit and as I was entering the bathroom I was surprised by what I saw. One of the stalls which had a was almost in front of the entrance to the restroom and the partion was very high so you could almost see the legs of the guy in the toilet. The stall was occupied and I waited. One maintenance guy came out and I entered a bit exited knowing I would be on display to anyone outside of the restroom who happened to look in that direction. I enjoyed as I felt soft shit pouring out of my anus and a strong smell of shit. I stayed 5 minutes in there and came out. After I washed my hands I just wandered very discretely trying to see who would be the next guy to use that exposed toilet. No one came so I left. However I stayed near the entrance of the restroom and from the outside I could see the stall with the high partion. Finally a guy in his 30s entered the stall and dr! opped his shorts to his ankles. I was shocked when I suddenly realized that when seen from a certain distance you could actually see not only the guys feet but you could see the toilet seat due to the height of the partion. Of course you had to purposely look in that direction and nobody seemed to notice but you could have seen the guys private parts. Due to the distance I could not see anything but it was really exciting still.

TV Guide
More Simpsons stuff:

In "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes", Homer is seen sitting on the toilet, while being his internet newsman, Mr. X, at the same time. He also sings a song called, "I've Been Sitting On The Toilet", a jingle to the same tune of "I've Been Working On The Railroad"? Does anyone sing on the toilet like Homer?

In "Simpson Tide", right when the Navy is about to board the submarine, Homer asks Captain Tenille, "Is the poop deck what I think it is?" Homer, you are suck a dummy, since the "heads" are the toilet.

In "The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace", Homer invents a chair/toilet called the "Toilet Chair", which is a chair built with a hole that collects all your waste. Homer says that when watching TV, you usually have to go to the bathroom, but if you got off your butt to use the restroom, you'll miss some stuff that you wish you haven't missed.

1.Would you sing a toilet song while taking a crap?
2.Do you think for ship terms that "poop deck" and "heads" should change definitions?
3.Would you build a toilet chair used while watching TV?

Hello, I forgot to put something from "The Simpsons" that was to die for:

In "HomR", at the Totally Twisted, F***ed Up Cartoon Festival, Homer is a volunteer and puts on an Animotion Suit. After his on-stage performance, Homer has to take a leak, so he takes a leak in his Animotion Suit and, on the screen, you can see a dog taking a leak without lifting its leg, since the animation Homer was was a dog. While leaking, Homer says, "Urinal Cake eroding, eroding, eroding, gone!"

In "Marge Simpson In: Screaming Yellow Honkers", Homer is chased by rhinos, and his only shelter was a porta-potty. After reaching shelter in the porta-potty, Homer says, "Thank you Porta-John!" After Marge chases away the rhinos, she tells Homer that he's safe to go out, and Homer says, "Just a minute". He reaches for toilet paper (he's obviously taking a crap), and since the porta-potty is damaged with holes, Homer's hand is sticking out of the hole.

Short Survey:
1.Would you wish that Animotion was invented?
2.Can you imagine a pet standing up to take a leak?
3.Has a porta-potty saved you from trouble?

Q. What do you call the place where Saddam Hussein's cabinet met.

A. The Baathroom

yesterday i was staying after for sports. the guys bathroom was broken so we were given permission to go in one of the girls bathrooms. so i had to go poop. so i was running to this bathroom.(which had like 10 stalls with no doors) and as i walk in i see the whole girls varsity soccer team in there pooping peeing. IT WAS SWEET! they kind of jsut looked at me for a while. i dont think they even knew i was there. they were jsut ripping em out and grunting. i had never seen a girl with soccer gear on the pot. they are all friends of my sister who graduated this past yearso most of them were seniors and knew me. most of them had there shorts pulled down to there knees. it was so great. i gocked and gazed for about 20 seconds then said "oops" and left also cuz i had the bigest HARD ON! after they came out they told me not to worry they jsut decided to go there even tho they knew not to. it was an awesome experience.
one of my first weeks in high school i walked in the guys room to pee and i hear "dont worry about it hunny it doesnt smell bad" and i saw girls legs under the stall and her boyfriend standing infront of her there was a little gap between the stall and the wall so i looked throught to see a blond with her pants down leaning forward.i knew the guy and wish i knew the girl friend i heard her fart a few more times then wipe. as she came out she ran past me. her man told me that she had to poop but didnt want to go in the girls room cuz there always so crowded. it was another great experience.

I forget who posted the message about the party people using his backyard as their bathroom, but here are my thoughts. Since it was more than one person, I think calling the cops was a good thing to do. It was trespassing on private property. As for remedies to keep it from happening again, putting up an electric fence around the perimeter of your back yard should help deter most of them. Plus it might give you a kick watching them piss on themselves at the border of your yard and the neighbor's. Or like the other poster who suggested prickly things, cacti or some healthy sandspurs might work just fine. A vicious doberman or two might not be a bad idea either.

To Althea: Does your cousins 16 y.o son do it on purpose? for enjoyment? or accident? Enjoyed your story too

To Peeing Mark: Loved your story about your friend

To coyote: Enjoyed your story..when you were in the unisex bathroom any girls or guys come in there while you were peeing sitting(they would have thought you were a

To Traveling Guy: Thats intresting about earth day and that toilet

To Black Chaos: 1. No i don't 2. I think its ok to talk in a stall when someone else starts talking 3.i don't know 4. Male

To luv2hear: Enjoyed your story

To Twice Shy: Intresting story

To Zip: Loved your story about your roomate..thats cool

To Katrina: Thats funny about your co-worker..letting the missisippi river

To Peeing Mark: 1 Yes 2. No i don't think thats happened to me 2. No i've never made up a story

I pooped yesterday, first time in 3 days i had several logs. It was still kinda soft. I had 1 log was 7 inches and the other two logs were 5 inches. I wiped alot..And i noticed it had an unusal smell to it..It was like the smell of a little boys poop who doesn't flush. Does any 1 know what im talking about? or is that smell just in my head?

Andy from NYC
So after reading traveling guy's problem of people coming to piss on his yard, I think he's justified in his calling the cops they were trespassing. I have been at parties where they are long lines for the bathroom, I piss in the host's yard or the street outside if the yard is too crowded or if neither is an option then I go in a beer bottle.

Not my real name, just so you know.

My only really bad bathroom story happened when I was in high school, which was a few years ago. My friends and I, both male and female, were on our way to the mall to go Christmas shopping. I was having some bad cramps, and kew I had to take a shit bad. I figured I'd make it to the mall and go to the men's room there. I was wrong! I should mention that one of the girls was a girl who I liked--and liked me--but we hadn't yet gone on a date.

Anyway, I was sweating, clenching my ass, trying desperately to hold it. Finally, I knew it was either jump out of the van and go in the bushes or shit my pants. I finally yelled at my friend who was driving to pull over, I was gonna be sick. Everyone in the back seat, five of us crammed together, got out of my way. He pulled over, but as I pulled myself up to move to the door, I lost control and shit my pants. I mean a lot! Everyone heard the loud farting sound and the smell hit everyone--including me--like a bomb. Everyone jumped out of the van.

I stumbled out, walking with my knees bent and my legs apart, trying to keep the shit from oozing down my legs. I was so humiliated! Finally, my friend who was driving told everyone to wait and he would take me home to change, and he'd be back to pick them up in a little while. They all walked to an ice cream place to wait and I got in the van. I hovered over the seat so the shit wouldn't get squashed any more.

We got to my house. I told him to go on without me. I went in and got cleaned up. The next day at school, the one girl I liked came to me and asked if I was okay. I said yeah, just moritifed. She said don't be, and told me how she once shit her pants on a roller coaster! Luckily, we stayed friends.

Nasty experience though.

I had some weird pooping dreams last night...I dreamed something about watching tv and i saw a report of the police arresting someone and they were on camra, and their butt was facing the camra and they farted and pooped out a little wet fart/poop

Then i had a dream about being at the mall w/ family and something about being in the bathroom, all my family was in the same bathroom waiting on the little kids. I probably would have gone but they were all in there and it was the bathrooms from was weird..then i woke up

Before i went to bed last night I was out a little late, i came home and got online. Then i felt kinda gassy then in a few minutes i had an urge to poop. So i got off here and got ready for bed and pooped. I sat and pushed out this 9" light brown log, followed buy some soft chunky floaters. I stood up to wipe and then i felt i wasn't done so i sat back down and pushed out a few more chunks..then i wiped. I wiped alot
thats it..gotta run bye

Friday, April 18, 2003

Zip: I enjoyed your story about peeking on your roommate whil he was taking a dump. Did you look under the stall partition in a communal bathroom or walk in on him in a shared bathroom in your accommodations?
Black Chaos: In answer to your questions:

1) Does you partake in cross-stall chat?
Yeah, if a buddy and me go for a dump at the same time in a public restroom and are in adjacent stalls, we'll converse all the way during our dumps.
2) When do you think it's ok to talk to someone else in the stall?
Usually, if it's a buddy in the next stall. I've sometimes spoken to strangers when there was no TP in the stall and I had to ask for some.
3) Why are people moved to talk to someone else in the bathroom?
For me having a conversation during a good dump makes it a more enjoyable experience.
4) Are you male or female? Male

When i use a public toilet this is how i do it. I find a clean cubicle check for paper let one short fart go in my pants,lower the seat if its up,undo my belt,undo my pants,close the door drop my pants ,sit and lock the door.I fart long and loud before the logs come out.I keep my farts in till I'm on the loo so the bowl amplifies the noise .When all the guys in the other cubicles are startled by the noise i plop the solid stuff into the water. I wipe about six times pull my pants up open the cube door then flush.Sometimes i don't wipe.

Another Pee Fan
I've enjoyed all the stories posted lately by Raging Urophile and others like him, who have reported their experiences hearing women pee at the office. I am amazed, though, at some of the reports of ladies tinkling for 2 minutes (or longer). I've heard hundreds of women peeing, and my observation is that pees of longer than a minute virtually never happen unless beer is involved. A few times I've heard women pee for a minute and a half, up to about a minute and 45 seconds, but only after they had been drinking a lot of beer. To hear a lady walk into a bathroom at the office and unleash a 2-minute stream is extraordinary indeed.

Most female pees seem to be no longer than 10 or 15 seconds, but there are always a few women at each place I have worked who consistently pee for much longer. My favorite was a cheerful, attractive, divorced lady in her forties who seemed to rarely ever use the bathroom, but would occasionally stop into the toilet in the afternoon. I only got to hear her peeing a few times, but each time she peed for about 60 seconds straight. There wasn't any hissing sound, it went straight into the water and sounded like a man peeing.

Another woman I worked with was older, maybe 60, and would pee quite frequently but would still manage to go for an incredibly long time. Her shortest pees were around 40 seconds, but occasionally she would go for a minute or more. I think her longest was about 1 minute and 20 seconds. Her pees had a more hissing sound to them, but I could still plainly hear them because the wall between the men's bathroom and women's bathroom was so thin.

There were a couple of other women I worked with at this job who would always pee for about 30 seconds, which doesn't sound very impressive except that it was quite loud and often seemed like it would never end. It seemed like most of the "talented" women at this job were middle-aged or older, but at my current job the only long pee-er is an attractive lady in her 20s. She can pee for about 45 seconds, but it is quiet, and I can't hear her as well because the restroom wall is thicker.

Linda D.
Black Chaos, my answers to your questions:

1. Do you participate in cross stall chat?
(Yes, I do).

2. When do you think its OK to talk to someone else in the stall?

3. Why are people moved to talk to someone else in the bathroom?
(For myself, I find it nice and friendly. Think of my recent post
about the horrible ward sister. I found a good friend in an older
woman, she 38, when she and I were having a major poop and found
it easier by talking to each other).

4. Are you male or female?

Teddy Bear, my answers to your questions.

1. Do you like someone with you when pooping? M or F?
(Yes, I do. Boy or girl, it makes no difference, I just love to
have someone with me when I'm peeing or pooping).

2. Do you like to be with someone when they're pooping? M or F?
(Yes, I do).

3. Do you like to read when pooping?

4. On average, how much do you poop, size, smell etc?
(I average six to eight turds, about 5" in length, about 1" in
diameter. I smell quite mild except when I have an illness or
during my period, when I really smell bad).

5. How long do you normally take to poop?
(About 10 to 15 minutes. I like to relax between pushing my
poop out. I really enjoy having a good poop so I never want
to rush it).

6. I am seventeen, black hair, 5'6" and I weigh 86/88 lbs.

Must tell you about a party I went to at the weekend with some of my mates on the ward. Pam, Shirley, Clare and I are all first year students and we went to a disco. After we were walking to the nurses home and Pam said she wanted to pee. We all chimed in that we needed to also. We went to an alley off the main road and all together dropped our panties and squatted to pee. Pam finished first and then Clare and as they were pulling their panties back up I finished. Shirley was still squatting down although she had stopped peeing. I watched as she scooped her dress righ up to her waist and squatted right down and pooped with a loud splatt. Shirley's a pretty, blonde, and seeing her pooping in the road somehow turned me on whilst Pam and Clare went to the end of the alley I stayed with Shirley as she pooped again, really watery stuff. She told me the booze had gone right through her and thanked me for staying with her. It was almost ten minutes before she was fini shed and then she used her handkerchief to wipe her bum and also needed mine as well. When we got back to the nurses home she had to go again and I went and stayed with her. She was quite ill by now but again thanked me for being with her. This is what I mean when I answered Black Chaos that a girl in that state will always be thankful for help and companionship.

Turd World Nation
To Raging Urophile,

Just read your post about the time when you arranged to meet the woman who you described as unattractive, to see her peeing. How did you go about finding someone who was at least somewhat willing to allow you to see her doing her bathroom functions? (I would have been quite happy to see an adult version of Little Orphan Annie drop even a small turd. She would not have been viewed as unattractive in my eyes.) I'm not a pee enthusiast like yourself but am more of a female pooping enthusiast and would love to find a woman who would let me watch her pooping and would like to watch me pooping, but with the socially unacceptable nature of this type of behaviour, I don't know of any way to find a woman who is interested in this type of thing.


17th April. I must tell you about a poop I had on Saturday last when Chas. and I were doing some shopping in Bristol. Since my dreadful illness I had been regular as clockwork and on the Saturday morning I had had a good b/m soon after I got up. I was surprised to feel the need to go again in the afternoon but my belly told me not to try and hold on, and after what my doctor had said, I had no intention of holding myself. Chas. suggested we go to Debenham's, we were quite near the big store, it's great that Chas. has become so attentative to my toilet needs. It's a super ladies in the store, six stalls, spotlessly clean and there's an attendant always on duty. Four of the stalls were occupied and I went into a stall between two occupied ones, in the one on my left there were two schoolgirls who were talking animatedly about the latest Harry Potter film, and on the right there was a woman who was grunting hard as I bolted my stall door. As I unbelted my jeans and pushe d them down to my knees I could hear her pooping with a long series of plops. As I slid my briefs down I smiled to myself because I knew that I would soon be matching her efforts. I sighed as I stared to pee and then I pooped effortlessly my turds dropping into the pan with just the slightest plopping sound. I sat with my hands resting on my knees, completely relaxed, and waited for a few minutes, remembering what the doctor had told me about waiting until my body wanted to expel more poop. The woman started to grunt again and gave a moan as she pooped much more violently, her poop splattered into the pan, then she went silent again. I caressed the insides of my thighs as I felt my bowel moving again, I pressed my feet to the tiles as I pushed and pooped again, another three or four turds. I relaxed again and after another minute or two pooped again, this time I was finished and I wiped myself. It took only two pieces of paper and when I left the stall the woman was s! till grunting and pooping, as for the two girls I'm not sure what they were doing other than talking.

hi, again, first i'd like to ask the mod's if wednesday's postings from tuesday are ever gonna get posted, or have they been forever flushed down the cyberspace toilet? i had a quite lengthy post for PRG & don"t have it saved. it was very positive.

to beachnut: i in no ways was "telling" you what or what noy to do. consider it friendly advice or a request to you & others. it is not meant to be a political or religious speech ; i'm simply stating in the nicest way i can that dumping & pissing in rivers, lakes, people's yards & porches, golf holes, etc. is not civilized behavior. it is nothing short of vandalism, desecrating someone else's space. in my part of the country this is o gross misdimeanor, punishable with stiff fines & jail time. not to mention the embarrasment of being exposed (no pun intended) by the media & word of mouth. don't worry there will be plenty of others who will "tell you", probably with some violence thrown in and maybe even a 12 gage shotgun for good measure. so let's all try to get along with each other, you're right this is a fun forum, but stories like this are not interesting to me or many others. sorry if i offended you, i'll talk to you later in a more positive no! te. thanx.
to john q public: hey guy, you better lighten up a bit when it comes to using weapons to mete out your own justice. if he (or she) comes at you in a threatning way that's
a different situation. as i've mentioned above, law enforcement & the courts can take care of this but we need not endanger our own freedom by taking the law into our own hands. if it was me who was caught peeing or pooping in these places, i could do the time & pay the fine, but the embarressment & humiliation would be a far worse punishment. i think we all get the picture. by the way , john q., your a man after my heart. please indicate your age & race.
to travelling guy: liked your story on the composting toilet, and you're right we can give back to nature in a positive way however, human excrement should never be used in a ???? garden. so let's all put our poop to positive use.
twice shy: right on, i would have felt the same way upon seeing & smelling that filth, i'm proud to have people like you as my fellow citizens. god bless america.

the picture in today's posting; all she needs is a newspaper or magazine & a picture of her turds and it would be complete. man, that's a turn on for me & i know a lot of others. keep coming up with pic's like that!

well, time to go, hope i haven't p.o.'ed too many of you. kybo. peace & loveto all, teddy bear.

like that!

Hello to everyone here....
Beach Nut -
When I was golfing, I did have to pee and poop. Well, I think I got the urge on like the 5th hole, so the toilets weren't too far away. My dad and me just drove back and I went to the girls room and did my business. There was also another lady in the bathroom pushing real hard. Oh yeah, my friend Chelsea is 18 like me. I'll describe her, I'm sure she won't mind. She's 18, brunette with blonde highlights, about 5'4", and she's really outgoing lol.

Melodie in Lousiana -
Thanks for the comments, that sounds pretty neat what you and your friends did in school.

Times I peed yesterday, Monday
1. After I woke up for about 3 minutes (WOW!!)
2. Before school for about 4 seconds
3. At school at around 1:00 for 30 seconds
4. Around 5:00 before dinner for about 20 seconds
5. Before bed for about 17 seconds

Times I pooped yesterday, Monday
1. Before bed, and my sister Amy was in the bathroom. I really have to go now, I'm sorry, but I promise to tell the story about my poop yesterday soon. xoxo bye.....


How do you and Vanessa and Lori do so much poop like you talked about in your post? I am 37, 5'7" tall or so and a little on the round body size and I like to eat, but when I finally go to the bathroom it is usually long and thin, like 6-8 inches long and maybe an inch wide. Sometimes I poop and it is 5 inches long and 1 inch and a half wide, but I never do anything like you talked about! What are you eating to be able to do that?


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