Bryian: Yeah. My cousin's 16 y/o son messes himself.
anthea: Today, I was visiting someone in the hospital after work. A young black girl in her early 20's followed me into the public womens room. We took our own stalls. There were 6 of them. I had to urinate. I loosened my belt and dropped my jeans and white panties to my ankles and proceeded to urinate. The girl lowered her black slacks and turquoise blue panties to her ankles. I heard an "uh" and then one hard ploop, then another "uh" and another two hard ploops. Her bowel movement smelled the place quickly. She called form the next stall saying that she was sorry for the smell. Then she said that she was holding it for the better part of the afternoon and this was the first toilet that she found. I told her that it was natural. I wiped and pulled up my clothes. I heard her pull off paper and wiped. Then, she pulled up her clothes and flushed. She came out of the stall and smiled at me.

Tom: Some of us kids were of different shapes and sizes. If you were skinny, you worried about falling into the bowl. If you were ????, like I was at one point, you would fit tight on the bowl. I used to watch my boy cousins and I baby sat for boys. It was the same for them. My older cousin, Jeffrey was thin. He would sit close to the front of the seat, with his trousers and briefs covering his upper thighs and his legs together. I used to play with my neighbor's son, Michael. He was two years older than me. He would sit the same way, only his trousers and briefs would be at his ankles. Both of them used to drop single 12 inch pieces.

Regarding the backyard urinators:
I don't think you did anything wrong in calling the police. I would have also gotten out the videocamera and taped them, then called the police again.

My inclination would be to plant something prickly around your property if you have neighbors like that. Growing up we had to do that--pyracantha just about all the way around the back yard. The fence wasn't enough to keep the neighbor kids out.

Poop Scene Fan
Someone mentioned that there is a scene in "Blind Date Uncensored" where a female is shown taking a dump. I have seen this video but don't remember that scene. Can someone tell me where it is in the video -- near the beginning, near the end, etc.

Also, someone asked a question about a poop scene in "See the Sea". I have never heard of this film. Can someone give some information on the film and that scene?


1. Do you read. If so, what do you read? Not anymore. I go and get out.

2. Do you ever talk on the phone? I used to in grammar school and high school.

3. Do you look at your shit in the toilet? Yes. I want to see the color, size and amount and that there is no blood, God forbid.

4. Do you listen to music or watch TV? If I have the radio on so I could get the time and weather or if there is a good program on and I get caught, like every Sat. or Sun. morning.

Peeing Mark

This is a story about some kids I know(the names have been changed).

Zac(9)and Larry(11) where playing laser tag in an ally near there homes, all of a sudden Zac yelled "I think I have to take a crap" and went running to the AM/PM at the end of the ally.

After about 20 min Larry got tired of waiting and went to AM/PM to find Zac, he opened the door and Zac was comeing out. Larry looked in the restroom and crap was everywhere on the floor in the sink spread on the wall. Zac diched his boxers and left them on the toilet seat.

curious male
Any women out here that are intrested in telling me page numbers about times they shitted there panites or have no stoires please tell

hi all no new stories just wanted to say hi and i've been enjoying the stories lately.
luke cool story of you and your buddies

matt that was a cool story of your poop with your dad. how old are you? anymore stories like that?

billy and kevin if you are still around sure would like to hear more stories of you and your brothers.

take care all and happy toiletting. jr


How on earth did loris poop that was 3.5 inches wide get down the drain? To beat that it was 8 inches long. Do you have a super toilet or something. Those girls ought to watch it or they will be clogging everyones toilet with their monster shits.

To Laura: Good luck with your boyfriend this summer hiking and camping! Make sure it's a secluded area with nothing around, no huts, no houses, no toilets, just wilderness, maybe a tent, and the two of you. Keep us posted.

To Teddy Bear: Don't tell me where I or others can and can not go. If we find pleasure or satisfaction or whatever we find in going outside, who are you to say should we stop? I may be wrong but last I checked, this board is meant for interesting stories, not for Mother Teresa or Al Gore speeches.

Happy goings everybody! Keep the good stories coming! Anyone wanna have a special group hiking trip to Washington State???

To Kat: Loved your story about your friends and thanks for replying

To Melodie in Louisiana: Liked your story about you and your friend shitting together.

To Punk Rock Girl: Oh ok about that picture, i wasn't really sure but i think i belive you. I might know which website it is cause i know some that have really gross pictures. Liked your story...did your panties get stained since you didn't wipe till you got home?

To Traveling Guy: Liked your story about those party goers using the bathroom on your property...i thought it was kinda funny but oh well if you didn't like it, i think you did the right thing by calling the police.

To Another Movie Guy: That sounds like a cool movie..never seen it

To anthea: Loved your story about pooping and seeing that other girls load

To IndianaMAN: 1. No i don't read but i have in the past. 2.No..too embarressed to talk on the phone while pooping. 3. Yes all the time 4.No..but once when i was little i was alone i moved the tv around in my moms room had it facing the bathroom so i could watch tv and shit at the same time

To BeachNut: I see, thanks for replying

To Jason: Liked your story...did you guys eat any thing bad to get diahreaha?

Who ever posted about the 7up commercial..i forgot i've seen that before..Actully i saw it this morning.

yeah, I too have a fascination with how women piss but have only seen one woman pee in a toilet in my life and that was my ex girlfriend. I just met a new woman online about a week ago and well we seem to be clicking real well and since she lives close by [ 30 miles ] I wonder what will happen if we work out and finally meet ? will she be open about allowing me to see her piss ? or seeing me piss ?
anyway, tonight , in a single unisex restroom I sat down to piss like a woman would and well , I had to piss bad. I must've peed for about say 1 minute and it hit the water right about in the middle of the bowl. when finished, after the last few spirts , I looked into the bowl and it was like a clear somewhat yellowish pee with foam bubbles covering about half the waters surface toward the back . earlier that night I drank some tea [ about a 20 oz cup] and then this 32 oz cup of diet coke. and it seems like tea will make your piss come out yellowish white but quite foamy .

Eric in Chicago
Traveling Guy: I think you were justified in calling the police. Your neighbors' partygoers were trespassing on your property. Given how drunk they seemed to be, there's a good chance that one of them might have injured himself on your property, leading to a legal mess. By taking proper action, you probably reduced or eliminated any liability you might have had.

Traveling Guy
I went to our local Earth Day festivities last Sunday, and what a beautiful day it was! One of the many displays was about a sustainable house in a nearby rural area. An enthusiastic college student explained all the photos to me - solar heating, solar dryer, wood stove, vegetable garden, and so on. "There's even a composting toilet," she said, a little self-consciously, pointing out a photo of it in the bathroom and, just below that, another photo of the composting unit in the basement.

I'm not one to miss a chance to talk potty with a stranger when it's appropriate, so I said, "Oh, that's the best. You can enjoy the satisfaction of taking a good dump and of giving back to nature at the same time."

She looked up with some surprise, then cracked up and just said, smiling and nodding, "Oh, wow! Yeah." That added a nice touch to the day.

I'm getting some extra job responsibilities piled on soon until mid-summer, so you probably won't see me here as much. But I do want to read your replies to my post about the back yard pissers, please. Thanks. You guys are the greatest!

Black Chaos that woman in the picture even using the bathroom? I mean, I'm sure she probably is, it's just that there's no evidence to suggest this, save the toilet paper roll.

Anyway, I have a question, actually, it'll turn into more of a survey, about cross-stall chatting:

1) Does you partake in cross-stall chat?
2) When do you think it's ok to talk to someone else in the stall?
3) Why are people moved to talk to someone else in the bathroom?
4) Are you male or female?

If you hadn't guessed, I'm not exactly into the whole "hey, that sounded bad, what'd you eat" kind of thing.

Anyway, I have a reply, to Kat: that post was amazing. About the fact that it was long, if it has that much content, I'll read it for years if I have to. Especially if it contains dumps like Lori's.

That's all!


Travelling Guy: Since you asked for opinions, I'll give mine. I think you went way to far in calling the police about those dudes pissing in your yard. I've often been at parties where everyone was drunk. The alcohol has a diuretic effect and some folks just can't wait to piss when there are long lines for the bathroom particularly when chicks are taking their time in there. So I've pissed in the yard and all my buddies have too. A bit of piss can't do any harm. I guess if someone took a shit in your yard that would be a different thing, but even then calling the police is going too far. Doing that can invite retaliation like having your house trashed or Toliet papered.

To Jason:

Regarding my grade school restroom experiences sitting across from Bill:

Bill was a very tall and thin guy, even in the 5th grade. He was so thin, he HAD to sit toward the back of the toilet with his legs spread to keep from almost falling in! These toilet seats had opened fronts and were the larger size seats. In the lower grades, K-3, the restrooms at this school had much smaller and lower seats. For Grades 4-6 the toilets were adult sized toilets. As for his shitting technique, Bill sat straight up, legs wide apart. His male plumbing did block the view a bit, but not much. Remember, this is elementary school and most kids are not very developed in that department yet. After my first shit sitting opposite him, I had several other similar experiences watching him SLOWLY drop the skinniest, longest turds imaginable. He farted very little during the process and would always finish (after 20 minutes or so) with a nice long pee while still seated. Then he would get half-way standing up to wipe. His finised product looked like an 18-24! inch snake coiled in the john. I hope you can get the picture now.

All these stories about huge bladder capacity....I'm a 6'3" 210 lb. guy, and my capacity is only about 12 ozs. (can of beer). Sometimes at work I have to pee in a 20oz popbottle. I am dancing as I unzip, and I barely fill it past half. Wow.

hi i have been shitting in my panties since i was 13/14 i used to do it after school and wash them so my mum would not find them i still do it now not all the time im 32 now and i get skid markes all the time i have been caught with skid markes in my panties a few times

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

John Q Public
Traveling Guy, I would have been out there with my 12 Gauge if that had happened to me. There is no excuse for that, and you were definately NOT out of line to call the police.

Pissing in someone's yard is the height of ignorance, and being drunk does not excuse it. Even with my spastic little bladder, I don't go around and piss on somebody's back steps or tree in their back yard, and you had every right to be angry, especialy since they took such an indifferent attitude about it. And the guy who gave you the 'menacing look' would have found himself looking down the barel of my Winchester 12 Gauge slug barel.

Reading Raging Urophile's last post reminded me of pleasures of my own at a previous workplace. I used to work in a building which had been all studio apartments and all of the apartments were now offices. This meant that each office had its own bathroom VERY close by. My desk was in the office closest to the front entrance and closest to the bathroom door of that office. Visitors often came in and asked for a restroom, and instead of showing them an often unoccupied office in the rear, I instead pointed to the bathroom door right next to my desk. I don't recall hearing any farting or pooping sounds, but I often got to hear the visitors peeing. One day two yound women came in and asked for a restroom. As usual I pointed them to my bathroom, and both of them immediately went in and closed the door. I didn't think about it until they were both in, but these bathroom were VERY small, so the woman who peed would have had to have had her friend standing inches from her wh! ile she went. I expected one to pop back out once she saw how small the bathroom was, but she didn't and I was treated to the sound of the one peeing while I knew the other was right there as well. Fun.

On a more recent note, I've recently two things about the woman who lives in the apartment above mine: 1) she often goes to pee 2-3 times per hour during the day and 2) if there's not much ambient noise, I can hear her pee. It's cool standing in my bathroom knowing that she's peeing directly over my head. I've started reciprocating - I'm a guy who grew up peeing sitting down and as quiely as possible, but lately I've been peeing while standing and aiming to make as much moise as possible. I'm not sure if my neighbor can hear me, but it's fun to know it's a possibility.

Thanks everyone for your great posts.

Twice Shy
More than just beer cans

This story was prompted by Traveling Guy's post about the peeing neighbor in his yard. I'd sure call the cops if I saw that going on in my yard. A similar situation, but on a much larger scale, happened about 12 years ago in a large wooded park, here in Metro Washington, DC.
It was in an area along northern VA's Four Mile Run (the border between Arlington and Alexandria) that I had walked through with a friend. We were amazed at the piles of litter, to include beverage containers, burned-out fire-pits and porno magazines. It was obvious that some major party activity was going on in these woods. I later read in The Washington Post that the police had chased these revellers out, at long last, but that the ground was so contaminated with human waste that they had to sprinkle quicklime over the affected areas, as one might with a mass grave. It is ironic, that this site was near the local sewage treatment plant, which I pass every day on my way to work. The stench will be evident, when the wind is right, from so much flushed-away doo.
This makes me glad I'm not living as a caveman must, being constantly reminded of my own human guano, further down from the entrance. I guess your average Neanderthal still knew that carnivorous beasts would stalk him more closely if he shitted in the out of doors.

I used to have a roomate that I had peeked at a couple of times while he was taking a dump. I feel kinda guilty about it, but it was cool to watch him crap. He was about 26 years old, tall and thin, with blond hair and green eyes. He was a vegetarian and liked to play sports, including river rafting and rock climbing. He would take a crap about the same time every day. He would usually take a magazine into the bathroom and I noticed that he would first pull his pants down to just above his knee then would pull his underwear down. He wore both colored briefs and boxers. I never saw him make a face while crapping, though. He would read his magazine, and silently drop loads into the bowl. He would only wipe about 2 or 3 times before he pulled up his pants and underwear. His crap never smelled bad either. I wonder if it had to do with his vegetarian diet. He was in great shape and I could see the muscles of his legs flex as he pinched one off. One time I caught him doing somethi! ng else in there, but thats for another forum.

Hi Raging Uriphile:

It's been a long time since I was at this site, but I was reading through your messages and I thought I would post something.

My boyfriend is just like you. He loves to hear girls pee, and he loves to watch and listen to me pee, which I am quite good at. I have a few friends who are like me. We like to hold for as long as we can. We have contests to see who could hold the longest, and who can piss the longest, hardest, and biggest ammount.

I have NEVER lost any of those competitions as of yet. I am bi, so I also have a girlfriend. When my girlfriend, boyfriend and I have holding and peeing contests, the boyfriend ALLWAYS loses. That makes him love us all the more.

Just for your information, my longes hold time was 48 hours. I peed for 3 minutes and 15 seconds non stop. This was a long time ago, before I met my present boyfriend and girlfriend.

I would like to know a bit more about you, uriphile. You see, I also like to watch and listen to men peeing, though they could never pee anything like me, some of them have done pretty good. My boyfriend can almost but not quite hold 950 militres. My girlfriends best so far has been 1500, and my personal best to date has been 2600.

What is your personal best? Do you ever measure your wait time, pee time and ammounts?

By the way, I, too usualy only pee twice a day. I also work out alot, so I do drink alot of liquids. Water is my first choice. Orange juice and on rare ocassion Gateraid. Once in a blue moon I do drink diet pop. When I am trying to hold my pee, I drink alot more.


Raging Uriphile:

That was an interesting story about your female coworkers. I also love to hear women pee, and have encountered similar frustrations that you have.

I work in a very small office, but we do have two rest rooms. My desk is about 10 feet or so from the door way to the women's room. The water cooler is right next to it. The office is a very quiet place so it's easy to hear. We have two guys and 3 women in our work place. By the way, I also notice, like John Q, that women do seem to have stronger bladders, because in my work place, I have kept track, and I notice that I usualy use the washroom 3 times through out the day. My male coworker, (also my boss) also uses the rest room 3 times, and some times 4 times a day. He drinks cofee, which I never don't. I usualy drink soda, but not as great a volume as he drinks.

The women in the office, all three of them love their cofee, drink pleney of soda and water, and on rare ocassions, one or two of them may use the rest room at the end of the day, and WOW.

One day, it was the middle of winter. One of my female coworkers, a bery beautiful, 6 feet tall bruenett could not get her car started. It was winter time and below zero outside. I offered to give her a ride, but I had a tone of work that I had to finish before I leaft, so she had to wait around. It was very quiet. Finaly, at about 6 that evening, she anounces that she "has to let the Mississipi River out of her body, walks into the washroom, and closes the door. As soon as the door was closed, I walked right over to it to listen. Just as I got there, I heard this exteam hissing eminating from the women's room, that imediately, as raging uriphile would say, set my heart racing. I checked the big clock which hung right over the boses desk. It was hard to keep track, but it was a longer then a two minute pee in all.

When she was finished, I went back to my desk. When she came out, she announced "WOW! That feels ALOT better. My mom use to holler at me all the time for holding so long." She then told me that she hadn't peed since she got up that morning at 5:00 am.


To Jason:

Regarding my grade school restroom experiences sitting across from Bill:

Bill was a very tall and thin guy, even in the 5th grade. He was so thin, he HAD to sit toward the back of the toilet with his legs spread to keep from almost falling in! These toilet seats had opened fronts and were the larger size seats. In the lower grades, K-3, the restrooms at this school had much smaller and lower seats. For Grades 4-6 the toilets were adult sized toilets. As for his shitting technique, Bill sat straight up, legs wide apart. His male plumbing did block the view a bit, but not much. Remember, this is elementary school and most kids are not very developed in that department yet. After my first shit sitting opposite him, I had several other similar experiences watching him SLOWLY drop the skinniest, longest turds imaginable. He farted very little during the process and would always finish (after 20 minutes or so) with a nice long pee while still seated. Then he would get half-way standing up to wipe. His finised product looked like an 18-24! inch snake coiled in the john. I hope you can get the picture now.

John Q Public
PRG, that was a revolting thing to hear to say the least. I heard a similar story about a guy who flew a dive-bomber during WW2. What happened was he came out of a dive, and he thought he crapped his pants, and it was about 5 inches of his bowl. YOUCH!!!!

Ragine Uriphile, I also love to hear and see girls peeing, especialy when they perform as good as my sister, cousen or gf do. I guess I became so fascinated by women peeing because of my condition. I also think, as I mentioned so many times before, that women in general are better endowed then men when it comes to bladder control. This has been confirmed through real life experiences, and by ALL the 'water sports" adult sites that I have visited. On one particular site, where contests are held and stats are posted, the women ON AVERAGE are twice as strong as the men when it comes to holding. I also visit a number of diaper related web sites, and medical sites because of my condition, and it is a proven fact that boys take longer to toileet train, and in several major cities where bed-wetters were surveyed, the boys outnumbered the girls 2 to 1. It was also found out that stasticly, boys are more prone to bathroom accidents then girls are.

Finaly, in my own family, it's the women who seem to never have to go to the bathroom.

On the adult sites, where they show pics of both men and women peeing, the women have allways had stronger, wider and longer lasting pee streams then the men. In one pic, they had a guy and an 18-year0old girl standing right next to each other peeing. The guys stream was like a string, or about normal, while the girls was thick, and projected out further then his.

Teddy Bear
ok let's let's start out with a little one liner:
q. how do you make a turtle dissappear? ans. at the end of my post.
now a little survey for you ladies.
1. do you like someone with you when pooping? m or f?
2. do you like to be with someone when they're pooping? m or f? you like to read when pooping? what kind of reading material?
4. on average how much do you poop? please indicatte size & # of turds. does it usually stink? to what degree?
5. how long do you normally take to poop?
please indicate your age, race, ht, wt, & measurements. thanx.
i would specially like to hear from PRG, ash, danielle, sexy girl, melodie in LA, shiela, sara & any others i haven't mentioned. i will tell you more about me in my nexy post.
now the answer. push the flush lever and a turtle (turd'll) disappear!
bye for now goota go & get better educated. kybo. peace & love, teddy bear.

Raging Urophile
To Traveling Guy- you were certainly within your rights to call the police. No one's yard should be used as a toilet. On the other hand, since I am a urophile, It would have been worth it to wait and see if there would be any peeing females. If I knew it was only men around, I would call the police once my first warning had been ignored.
To John Q. Public- thanks for your input. Although I have not seen any scientific documentation that discusses female bladder superiority. It is rather obvious that they are superior in every urinary category such as: time it takes to pee,total volume, width of stream, distance, and holding power. I am glad I wasn't aware of this 20 years ago , or I would have really gone nuts. In addition to the possible reasons I gave for this on Pg.1100, another reason might be that since women have wider pelvises, there is more room for bladder expansion. I did not mention this previously because I thought the womb took up the extra abdominal space, and would therefore act as a neutralizing factor. But since female dominance in this capacity is so substantial, It could still be a factor.

Peeing Mark
1 Have you sat on the toilet so long your foot fell asleep?
2 Has someone cut the lights off when you were in A public restroom?
3 have you ever madeup a bathroom story?

Raging Urophile
Greetings to Katrina, John Q. Public, Luv2hear, Jessica, "Another pee fan, and all others who have been following my philosophies and adventures.
Katrina- I am truly amazed at your 2600ml pee. You must easily be in the top 1% of the population with regards to bladder capacity. I certainly would have loved to be keeping you company during that flood.
You inquired about my own pee related measurements. If you read my 2nd to the last post which is on pg. 1108, you will learn that I have a boring bladder. I thought this post would appear on the newest page, but it is actually on the "recent old posts" page directly below an earlier post. (Pg.1108) Throughout my life, I have only had 4 long pees that I remember. My average pee lasts 15-18 seconds, and I pee about every 2-21/2 hours. My bladder is so sensitive that I can perceive even very small amounts in my bladder. Sometimes, I will go to bed about 30-45 minutes after peeing. As I am laying still, however, I can then still sense the slightest bit of fullness. I will get up and pee about 8 seconds and release only about 50ml. I am the opposite extreme from yourself. I will tell you about a couple of desperate moments which are commensurate with two of my longest pees.
Back in 1973 when I was in high school, my friend, his twin sister, and her friend visited the "Queen Mary" oceanliner. I peed before we left, but nevertheless, within 10-15 minutes, I started to feel very uncomfortable. My friend's mom was driving, and she was not a kind hearted lady. I was therefore too embarassed to ask her to stop for me. It was about an hour drive back home. After about 20 minutes , I started to feel desperate. I knew that my friends sister was a big mouth, so if I had an accident, I was sure to hear about it from half the student body. Fortunately, I got lucky because we pulled over for ice cream sundaes. I immediately ran into the restroom and peed for about 3-4 times than longer usual. I would therefore guess that I peed from between 1 minute 15 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds. I usually pee out about 100-125 ml, so I'm guessing I peed out about 375-450 ml. This is an icredible amount for my lightweight bladder.
Another desperate experience occurred just last year. I went with my folks on a trip to Ireland with a local travel company. As great as this trip was, there was one big downfall. The tour buses that take us on all day excursions do not have bathrooms. We would usually stop after 2-3 hours on average. On our trip to Dublin, however, it was about 4-4.5 hours until we stopped. My poor bladder was maxed out. I kept thinking that our destination was right around the corner because the bus driver kept indicating we were almost there. But instead, he just continued on discribing the sites. I kept thinking how embarrasing it would be to pee my pants 7,000 miles from home and no change of clothes. The bus driver eventually asked if we would like him to stop so we could get out and take pictures. In unison, the entire bus yelled out "no". Apparently, I was not the only one desperate. When we stopped, I peed for about 1 minute and probably released 350ml.
As an aside, I went with this travel group on two tours, and there is something that surprised me. Each morning, we would wake up to a full breakfast at 7:30, and get on the restroom-less tour bus at about 8:45. I could never understand how a tour group with 50 tourists never came close to having a BM accident on the bus so soon after a full breakfast. Often, when I need to have a BM, the urge is sudden and desperate. The possibility of having a BM in my pants on the bus made me nervous. This is because I usually wake up to a BM at 6:30, and will usually have another BM of the same size an hour later, even without breakfast. I therefore made sure I was the first one finished with breakfast so I could go back to the room and sit on the toilet for 45 minutes if I had to. I was usually done with my daily BM's by the time we boarded. This is an otherwise great travel company. But no restrooms on the bus is too stressful. It took some of the pleasure away from the trip! s. I will not travel with them again for this reason.
This was an unscheduled post for me. Therefore, I will next time describe how the on air tiolet antics of two Los angeles DJ's once again drove me over the edge.

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