One summer when I was 11, my cousin ashley came to my house for a week. We camped out in our yard twice. One night we decided to play truth or dare. We started by giving each other minor questions and dares. Then she gave me the dare to wet my pants. I thought she was kidding and then i realized she was serious. So we took a flashlight and went out into the woods so we wouldn't make a mess. I took my pants off and peed in my undies. So i didn't get my pants wet i took off my underwear and just wore the pants. The next dare i gave her was to poop in her panties. I couldn't believe she did it. I stood there with the flashlight on her butt and then i saw her pink panties start to bulge. It was a huge dump. It started squirting out the sides. I figured the dares couldn't get any worse so i chose dare again. She made me take off all my clothes and put her dirty panties on. We then went in the house to clean up. We were quiet not to wake anyone. While in the show! er with her i thought of a retaliation dare. I had to poop so after showering i went. She still had to pee from earlier. I got on the toilet first and told her the only way she was getting on it was to sit with the seat up. Needless to say she fell into the water with my poop in it. We have done stuff like that quite a few times since then.

Great Teacher:

That has happened to me tons of times when I was a kid and lived with my parents.

I remember one instance when I was home from school because I was sick, and I had diareah. I was in the 8th grade, and my older brother was in his Sophmore Year. My brother was not incontenent or anything like that, but he was no match for me when it came to bladder capacity, even when I was sick. On the average, he was normal in that regard, and used the bathroom about as much as anyone his age, size and weight used it.

To make a long story short, on this particular day, I had the runs, and was running to the bathroom about every two hours to crap. He NEVER put the seat back down after taking a piss, and that drove both me and my mother crazy. My father had the same bad habbit. He went in there, did his business, and shortly afterwards, I was about to shit all over the place and ran in there not noticing that the seat was up. I sat right on that cold, gross porcelene, and was purging my guts with out being able to stop. I screamed as soon as I fealt that gross coldness on my butt. I also peed a gallon. I was ready to kill my brother for leaving that seat up, but I heald my toung. About two hours later, my brother walked into the bathroom to pee again, and yelled "I wish to hell you girls would stop forgetting to lift the seat after you get done using the toilet!!"

Go figure.

terupt my routine and besides it's ok,
go ahead." oh my god, i can't tell how over joyous i was. so i lifted
my butt to she could see and just let go. slowly it came out filling the
seat of her spandex pants i was wearing. i tried not to show that i
was enjoying it but it was hard. and i think she new cause she was
smirking at me just watching the seat of her spandex pants that i was
wearing just filling up with poop. it was obvious that she enjoyed it
as well as she said that she still had some more to do. her buldge was
getting bigger to. then she relaxes her arms and sits on it as it
squishes and crakles. i do the same and we just smile at each other.
god i can't believe that i got to experiance a situation like that with
someone else much less one of my best freinds. and we're closer now
for it to. and yes we still do yoga together. we don't always have to
go to the bathroom but when one of us does neither of us care. which
is awsome. and to think, people make such a big deal out of one of
the most natural things on this creation. ta ta for now.

Dream Clown
In response to Kaz, I'm sure that you could find the farting episode at the Blind Date website, or just order the video if you're old enough.

In response to Mephisto, same here! I think about the same thing.

Now, my survey (mainly to the ladies, but guys can take it too):

1: Have you ever let someone watch you taking a dump?
2: How many times have you been watched on the toilet?
3: Have you ever been put down/dumped/snubbed because of watching/wanting to watch/asking if someone else would watch you on the toilet?
4: Have you ever been in a stall-less bathroom and someone else watched you take a crap?
5: Have you ever been in the same situation as 4 and watched the other person?
6: Do you think, on the whole, that people like to watch women take a dump? Why?

Hope that wasn't too lame or anything.

to Linda (Andy)
My relatives aren't shy around the toilet either. We're in the bathroom together all the time. My cousin lindsey won't pee or poop in front of anyone but everyone else will. I think that this makes my family closer than usual. She is getting better though. She took a dump at my house while i was in the shower. What can i do to ease the tension she has about it?

I did a big poop at work today (Monday). My bowels held an extra big load because Sunday went on without dumping. I felt slight urge to poop already in the morning but it was not forcing urge so I carried on working. After lunch break I started to be quite gassy and pressure in my bowels became stronger. I decided to go. I headed for ladies room in entrance hall. It was empty, all five stalls were free. I took the middle stall, lowered my trousers and panties down to my knees and sat down. I was popped in for pee just before lunch break so I did need to pee only a few drops. I let out a couple of sharp farts. I strained a bit and some more gas came out. Tune of farts become soft and smelly. The last farts were pretty silent ones, something like this: pfffft… tfftttfttttt. Then I felt my asshole expanding by a force of large log. It was exceptional thick and I needed exert hard. Finally the tip of it appeared out of my hole. It narrowed a bit but I must struggle all the time ! to make it slide. I had no idea how long it was but the tip of it probably reached the bottom of bowl because when it finally tapered and came out it fell without any sound into water. I felt a great relief and sighed. I raised my arse and looked my output. It was a straight stick, about two inches wide and at least 15 inches long. Part of it was out of sight, going already into drains. As I prepared to wipe people came in. I heard voices of three ladies. They went by mirrors to comb and fix make-up. After a minute one of them entered next stall for my left side. She took a wad of toilet paper and wiped the seat. I heard rustle of clothes. She sat down and let out a weak and short stream of pee. Right after last drops she let out a long muffled fart. She grunted softly a few times. But for my disappointment nothing else happened. Other two ladies seemed ready to leave and she unrolled toilet paper and wiped. After this lady-trio has gone I wiped too and flushed. My giant log! was stucked somehow and it didn’t move at all. Second flush was effective and it slipped away.

I have this new way of pooping tha ti just started the other day. I poop usually with my knees together and my elbows on them. But the other day i started rocking back and forth while i was starting to go, this movement made my poop come out much smoother than average with very little straining at all, also it cut the wiping factor by HALF! Try it out and tell me if it works for anyone else.

Stories of moms farting
anyone have any good stories to share of their moms toilet activities or stories of farting..etc?

the "HOLD IT" man
I was watching a show called 3rd Watch last night, and there was a segment where the cops picked up a drunken darolict. They were trying to find a place for him to stay, and while they were talking to a woman who runs a detox center, he took a dump in the back seat of the patrol car. I thought you poop people would like that one.

Did anyone else catch that show?

Here's a little clip from an interview with Larry Hagman (JR Ewing from Dallas). Thought it would be good to post it since its bathroom related:

Interviewer: Everyone says you and Patrick were very comical on the set.

Larry: Well there was one occasion I pulled this prank on Patrick. We shared this corridor which had these little cubicles which were on wheels and called dressing rooms, they were freezing in the winter and boiling in the Summer. They were maybe 8 by 8 and built in the 1920`s , we all had one of these things. Patricks one was right across from the men's toilet and we used to make jokes about how he got the shaft there. We have this thing called OSHA which is how to make living conditions better for workers and they had issued a writ which said you had to have crappers for disabled people, so they redesigned all the other crappers and they made them so short to make that one room big for the disabled toilet that you'd shut the door and it would hit on your knees. So I always used the disabled and everyone else did too. So I was in there doing my duty and there was a knock on the door and this guy said "who's in there?" and I said "well I am" and he said "well what are yo! u doing?" , I said "well I'm taking care of business in here", he said "well are you disabled?" , I said "well what's it to you?" He said "well I'm disabled and I have to go to the bathroom right away", I said "well I'm sorry your gonna have to wait, I'm you know doing my duty", so he said "listen your in real trouble here" I said "listen fella your gonna have to wait and that's all there is too it" So I finished what I was doing and I opened the door and there he was in a wheelchair. He said "you know your in real trouble you son of a bitch" and I said "well I'm real sorry about that, I had to go and I was using your facility and I'm sorry about it" , he said "what's your name anyhow?" I said " Patrick Duffy now go f**k yourself" . Well Patrick got a call from the heads of studio, he got in alot of trouble for that.

Anthony K- Do's and Don'ts of using a doorless stall.
Do act naturally. Like you're taking a dump in the privacy of your own bathroom.
Do chose the stall that gives you maximum exposure. Might give someone a cool sighting!
Don't really look at anyone. Act bored with the whole idea of dumping in public.
Don't hold back. If you have to fart or plop loudly, go for it.
Don't scrimp on the wiping. If you normally use 100 squares, then do so. Just be sure that the plumbing can take it. It can be embarrassing clogging up a public toilet.
Do stand up while flushing. You don't want any of that water splashing yer bum and sensitive areas.
Do respond if someone engages you in friendly banter. Sometimes the sight of a doorless stall encourages people to say stuff like, " kinda suck that there's no doors, huh?" or "you'd think this town could afford some doors on the shitters" It's a good idea to agree with the comment.
Don't respond to favorably to anyone who makes any sexual overture towards you. Probably just a good idea to get out of there.
Don't get your pants or shorts wet. If the floor or toilet bowl is wet, position your clothes so they don't get anything on them. Nothing worse than getting the back of your pants full of someone else's piss. Unless you like that sort of thing....
Don't be self-conscious. Just do your thing.

My latest dump at the doorless stall restroom had this older guy, probably in his 50's, dumping across from me. He barely had his pants down, so it almost looked like he was sitting and not shitting. He wiped twice while sitting and twice while standing. Then he pulled up his white briefs, black pants and washed his hands. I wonder why some people barely pull down their pants and underwear to crap. It seems somewhat uncomfortable like that. It can't be modesty, because when he stood to wipe, I could easily see his "equipment" just hanging out there. I guess you can feel more vulnerable with your whole leg and lower body exposed, though.

Happy dumping Anthony K! Let us know how it goes.

Ahhh--this morning I had a very pleasurable dump.. It was about 5:00 in the a.m. There was no one awake on my floor (that I could hear at least. At first I didn't think I'd be able to shit, but after a minute or so of trying, I had some luck. I've found it to be difficult to shit right after I get up. Perhaps the shit rises higher up into the colon or something and has to work its way down a bit.

Great Teacher Umikun--I've never used a chamber pot, but I have used a trash can on several occaisions. It isn't nearly as nice as shitting in a toilet, let me tell you. But hey, if it gets the job done, it gets the job done.

Eric in Chicago
Goober: Constipation means that your poop is so hard that it's difficult or painful to get it out. "Irregularity" is a meaningless term that means you don't poop as often as someone else thinks you should, or don't always poop at the same time of day. Most beliefs about "irregularity" are based on nothing but superstition. Some people have to poop three times a day; others have to poop three times a week. There's no such thing as an "optimal" frequency for pooping.

Many people believe that if you don't poop frequently enough "toxins" will build up in your body, but none of them can name any of those "toxins." None of them can describe their chemical properties. None of them can say how you would measure their levels in your bloodstream or anywhere else in your body. You just have to take their word for it. Those "toxins" seem to have a lot more in common with the "evil spirits" of yore than with anything a chemist or doctor would deal with.

It wasn't all that long ago that people were routinely urged to take laxatives in order to make themselves poop on schedule. People who followed this advice usually became physically dependent on the laxatives and couldn't poop without them.

John Q Public
Well, I had a very interesting visit from my sister the other day. I knew she was coming over for a visit, but I did not expect what happened to have happened. I was doing a little tidying up when this frantic knocking and door bell ringing began. I thought it was a local prankster so I ran to the door. As soon as I opened it, my sister shot in right past me and sprinted right to the bathroom.

I heard a hurried rustling of cloths, and the toilet seat slammed down into place. The next thing I eard was a hurrendous hissing and splashing as her pee stream dashed into the toilet water. Almost imediately after the hissing began, a huge fart iminated from her. Too bad I didn't check my watch, because this was not only the longest piss I ever saw her take, but it was a very spectacular shit as well. Her farts also continued for long periods on and off. The strain on her face was PAINFULY obvious, and it was easy to see that she was pushing out something big. Everytime she would try to grunt out her shit, her piss stream would swell up into a raging torrent. After about three minutes worth of grunting, I finaly heard this huge plop, and the look of relief on her face was as though the troubles of the world had been lifted from her.

After all the hissing, grunting and farting stopped, she wiped herself off, got up and pulled up her jeans and panties. In the bowl was a mountain of foam, and right in the middle of it, a huge turd, which had to measure at least 3 inches in diameter and over a foot long. It was laying, resting on the front and back of the toilet bowl, sagging in the middle as her pee foam surrounded it. The smell of fresh urine and crap was over wealming. It took three flushes to get rid of that turd.

To Anonymous Movie guy: answers to your survey
1.Yes 2.Yes 3.Yes 4.No 5.No 6.No

My husband and I went to his company's conference, we spent two nights in a hotel, his conference was during the day followed by a dinner-dance in the hotel's banquet hall that evening. I wore a full length evening dress, one of those off the shoulder jobs which are worn without a bra.
He bought me a pair of black thong panties, suspender belt and black stockings which he insisted I wore for the occasion along with my black high heeled court shoes. We went down and spent an hour socialising before sitting down to dinner.
During the main course my stomich started to make rumbling motions, during dessert I could feel my bowels starting to fill up. A short while later I was dancing with my husband when I had a massive urge to do a huge jobbie. I was not going to attempt to hitch this dress up around my waist and risk getting it messy, I told him I was going back up to our room to take this dress off and do a poop. He said that he wanted to come up and unfasten the dress for me as he had bought me the black underwear, I said that I had to have a poop first.
I got into the lift to go up to the eighth floor where our room was, then I almost doubled up in agony as a massive urge tried to force a huge jobbie out of my poopie hole.
I had to take small steps along the eighth floor corridor as I had a turtles head poking out of my bottom, I fumbled to unlock the door of our room and once inside I unfastened my evening dress, dropped it to my feet and stepped out of it. I took off my panties as I like to poop with my legs wide apart, I pushed the bathroom door open and sat on the toilet.
The next urge came and I pushed and a huge jobbie came out and made a very loud splash in the toilet, this followed with another powerful urge and a few more jobbies came out and splashed in the toilet, during this time my husband suddenly appeared in the bathroom doorway.
He was watching me sitting on the toilet wearing only black stockings, suspenders and high heels as a succession of large jobbies ejected from my poopie hole and made loud splashing noises in the toilet. I could not stop as I was in full flow.
I then did a load of sloppy poop and a loud fart, this left him really turned on. By then I was finished and I stood up and wiped my bottom,
I will leave it to the imagination as to what happened next, we went back down to the dance having been away for about an hour.

Hey everybody! I haven't posted in ages, but I've been kind of busy at school. I really don't have any new stories, except for the fact that I got diarrhea earlier this year from the stupid dining hall food. Has that ever happened to any of you college students on this site? I'll try and keep posted, but I am really not a pooper. I just do my business and get on with the day's activities. I'll talk to you all later! Bye!

TV fAnS- i remember watching an episode of C.S.I where a guy hid in the attic of a womans house and had a camera in every room. EVEN the BATHROOM. they actually showed the woman on the toilet and wiping from and above view. ANd on an episode of JAG they had a trial where a man put a camera in the womens "head". it was pretty cool. did anyone else see these?

Hey Carmalita, nice to see you posting here again... I missed all of your entertaining stories. I also agree about there having too many hardcore scat sites and not enough with just regular pooping. Thank you for saying that I sound beautiful... From your past descriptions you sound quite attractive yourself, most especially when you're sitting on the toilet pushing out your huge ones! As for pooping outdoors, it does sound like quite a liberating experience but as someone who has trouble simply pooping in a public restroom, I doubt I could do it in such open spaces... LOL!

Matthew- Loved your story of you watching your gf poop and then pooping for her in return. I guess I can understand how you can find it gross during the first time but eventually I'm sure you'll come to enjoy it...

GaryUSA- Since I'm right handed, I usually wipe myself with my right hand. I would imagine that doing so with my left hand would be kind of awkward...

Kel- In answer to your questions, most times I have to tear off sheets from the paper dispenser 3 or 4 times until I'm fully clean. If I have odor on my fingers, I'll simply use soap and water... I've never really noticed if there was still a lingering smell afterwards.

Busen- Enjoyed your story about buddy dumping with the German girl in Thailand.

Since a lot of people here are creating surveys, I thought it would be fun to make one up too... This one is not so much about one's own habits but rather for those who are fortunate enough to watch someone poop. Feel free to answer if you wish and have fun...
1)Who do you prefer watching, men or women?
2)How many opportunities have you had so far to watch someone poop?
3)What do you like the person to be wearing when he/she poops, if anything?
4)What is your own position when you watch someone? Sitting down on the floor, countertop, the edge of the bathtub or do you simply remain standing?
5)Have you ever consentually videotaped or photographed someone as they pooped?
6)Have you ever watched someone pooping anywhere else other than on the toilet and if so, where was it?
7)Do you offer verbal encouragement to the person who is pooping and if so, what do you say?
8)Do you assist the person in his/her efforts by holding their hand or rubbing their stomach and lower back?
9)Do you get aroused as you watch and if so, do you do anything about it? (sorry if this is an inappropriate question...)
10)Do you usually buddy dump with the person you are watching?
11)What do you like most about watching someone poop? The pushing/straining, the smell, the sounds, watching the turds come out, seeing the turds in the toilet, the aspect of intimacy? (This question can have multiple answers... Feel free to add your own opinions...)
12)Do you ever wipe the person's butt after he/she is done pooping?
13)Do you offer a "reward" to the person after he/she has pooped for you?

Well, that's all I can think of for now... I can't wait to read some of your answers...

One night in the summer my cousin lindsey spent the night at my house. We decided we would like to camp out. That night in the tent we had so much fun, playing cards and telling stories by the ligh of the lantern. Being 10 years old we went to bed fairly late. I woke up in the middle of the night to pee. I guess i woke her up because she came out to pee after me. She had the lantern and startled me. Since she saw me peeing i had to see her. After she finished peeing we decided that we both had to poop. Since we had seen each other peeing why not pooping. We squatted next to each other and pooped. We had no toilet paper so after we finished the question arose of what to wipe with. being only 10 we thought to wipe with our hands, and then wash them in our pond instead of just jumping in the pond. So we wiped and then her being gross. She slapped me in the face and got it all over me. So I retaliated. Then we went all out and threw out poop at each other. Then h! aving already seen each others privates we stripped and went into the pond to wash ourselves off. I don't think i have ever had that much fun in my whole life.

To the HOLD IT man:

Fleet Babylax is not sold in the UK (not even in "the Pestle & Mortar!")but I recently had a similar experience with that old-fashioned remedy the soapstick. I went into detail about this in a previous post, using the kind of toilet-language I used/heard as a child (just for effect)- and apparently this offended the moderator of this board who refused to print it!
Or perhaps it was because I admitted I'd refrained from taking a shit for several days, just to see how dramatic the result of the soapstick would be. In which case, I wonder, which is more offensive - admitting you like to watch others shitting, or be watched; or giving vent to this particular morbid obsession/psychological hang-up which a lot of people have?


I'm like you - I have a lot of trouble getting my butt clean when I wipe. I use a lot of paper, and it seems I can never get really clean.

I remember reading posts here once from people who said they use less than 10 squares of paper to wipe. Unless you make really hard poops which don't leave much mess, this seems impossible to me. When I poop, it is soft, gloppy and messy. 10 squares wouldn't even begin to get it clean.

My question is for all those people who say they can wipe themselves clean with 10 squares of paper or less. How the heck do you do it? Can you describe your wiping technique for those of us who are...uh messy?

Here is a pooping storie

I had been conspiated for all most a week and I realy had to go #2 so I went into the bathroom and sat down. I pushed as hard as I could and then... PLOP plop plop plop plop plop plop. It went on like this for 5 min then I was done.

I really liked Brooke and Emma's survey -- I don't usually like surveys but this one has elicited so many great stories that I just have to reply. My only wish that that Emma and Brooke would now post their own answers!

1. Were you ever as a child given permission by anyone to go in your pants? not that I recall

2. Have you ever as a child went in your pants on purpose as part of a game? (Truth or Dare, Hold it Contest, Playing as the baby or small child while playing house house, etc.) no, but my cousin did. We were talking baby talk, we were both in our pajamas. He was about 3 or 4. He giggled and said he was going to go "ca-ca" and the next thing I knew there was sloppy brown mud running out the cuff of his pajama pants and my aunt (his mother) was scooping him up to carry him off to the bath.

3. Have you ever as a child went in their pants on accident because you didn't want to stop doing whatever you were doing? yes, I did this all the time as a four-year old. My dad got really irritated with me because I always had a grapefruit-sized stain on my crotch.

4. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while you were sick? yes, diarrhea on a number of occasions. Once I was feverish and felt too lazy to get out of bed, so i just peed.

5. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while in the hospital? no

6. Have you ever as a child went in your pants out of fear? yes, see #18 below.

7. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were locked in a room with no bathroom or locked out of the bathroom? no

8. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling in a car? only in a school bus in first grade, a friend told a joke and I just burst my bladder through my pants all over the seat.

9. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling on an airplane? no

10. Have you ever as a child went in your pants rather than use a public toilet? yes, one time when I was 8, a bunch of us went to a picnic in a state park. The privies were dark and scary, and so I tried to hold it. I was walking with my friend along a railroad track when I slipped off and the sudden reflexive movement made me lose it, and I pooped a big log in my pants.

11. Have you ever as a child pooped in your bathing suit either by accident or on purpose? No, but my little sister did. I still remember being at the public pool; she was about five, and I saw her get this look of intense concentration on her face. My mom saw it too and started running toward her, but got there too late, there was poop running down my sister's legs and pooling in the seat of her pink terry bathing suit.

12. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were physically unable? (Broken leg, physical handicap, etc.) no

13. Have you ever as a child gone in your pants because you were unable to get undessed quickly enough? No, but as an adult one time, when I was drunk, I couldn't get my willie out through my tight fly. I thought I had it out and started peeing, and wondering why my crotch was getting warm, looked down and there was a damp patch spreading across my lap. I managed to stop it, get my willie out and finish peeing, but the wet spot on my pants was already the size of a dinner plate.

14. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you weren't allowed to go? In first grade again, in my seat in the classroom. I pooped my pants -- it made a huge flat pancake when I sat back down in it, and I was sent home to change.

15. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in defiance? (Just to be a pain in the butt.) Yes, when I was about 3 or 4, my family went to a fourth of july parade. I really needed to go to the bathroom and I told my mother so, but she wouldn't leave the parade (probably because she'd have had to take several kids with her.) Wehn we finally got home she asked me if I needed to go. I said no, and then promptly went out on the front porch and peed in my pants.

16. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because there were no toilets available or because the toilet was broken? no

17. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while at the movie theater rather than miss the movie? Well sort of. I wanted to keep watching and was getting more and more desperate. Finally I decided I'd better go, but as I was sidestepping toward the aisle I lost it and completely peed my pants. I was about 7.

18. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were too tired/lazy to get out of bed? all the time as a 5 year old. Actually I was scared of monsters under the bed, not lazy, so I'd just pee in the bed and then call my mom.

19. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while on stage performing or any other time while a large crowd was focused on you? no

20. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in front of your friends during a sleepover or party? Well, I wet my sleeping bag on a sleepover one time

21. Did anyone go in their pants while reading this list because it took them so long to get through all the questions that they couldn't hold it any longer? ;-) No, I could have held it but I decided I was having too mcuh fun writing. Better go clean up now!

Michael M.
A question I wanted to ask is something one other time I posted it long ago.
I worked in several places including a steel mill. It was a union shop but you wouldnt know it by the way the workers were driven all day. Even to stop to take a crap would shut down a "line" so the bosses on the floor would follow you into the bathrooms and be yelling, "hurry up" and all that junk.
But what was so interesting, was the toilets. No doors or locks. Stalls were open and the SEATS on the toilet were something I never saw before.
On the toilet seat right where your pelvic bones (your ass bone) would normally fit into a slight depression for comfort, they instead had raised humps on the seat. So you sit down and you notice right away this aint fun. Those humps hurt your ass cheeks and bones. Almost to the point you forgot why you sat down in the first place, you have to really concentrate to shit.
Well you did you crap and went back to work. Needless to say not many workers took a shit while working there.
I always wondered if anyone ever ran into the same thing anyhwere? And I sure wonder if it legal to have a toilet seat like that? Like what about the Disabilities Act? and what about those who had some condition that made it outright painful?
Now that company is out of business, the mills are closed and in some cases bought out. It was there though for over 80 years being a mill that made pipe for oil wells and so on.
Anyone comment on this??

Poop stop.
My wife and I were on a London Underground train heading into London very early one morning, it was a cold morning and she was wearing a long thick overcoat and knee length high heeled boots. The train was rocking from side to side like they do when she said that she wanted to do a poopie. Two stations further on she said that she can't wait any longer and would have to get off at the next station to go.
When the train stopped we got off, we saw toilets on the platform. She was huffing and puffing as she walked along the platform trying to hold her poop in. She opened the toilet door and looked in, there was nobody else in there. She said that it felt really cold in there, she went into a cubicle and shut the door.
I looked around and saw that there was nobody else around, I opened the toilet door and went in. She had just locked the cubicle door, I saw her boots in the gap under the door as she faced forward and pulled her coat and skirt up above her waist and pulled her tights and pants down.
Her feet seperated as she sat on the toilet and immeadiately began plopping several big turds into the toilet, she just sat there for about a minute as the smell in there started to turn rancid.
Then she dropped a load of sloppy poop into the toilet and did a couple of wet farts, she sat there for another couple of minutes, then she moved her feet back and rested on the toe of her boots. A couple more soft lumps plopped into the toilet followed by a noisey explosion of sloppy poop and farts.
She put her feet forward again and she did a very loud hollow sounding fart which lasted about four seconds. Then she tore off some toilet paper, stood up and started wiping her bum. She did about five wipes before pulling up her pants and tights and pulling down her skirt and coat. As she flushed the toilet I went back outside, she came out a few seconds later and said that she must weigh a stone lighter.
We waited for the next train and carried on with our trip to London.

The movie American Pie had a scene where the guy was taking a shit and really had to go bad. Someone put laxatives in his food I think and he ran into the girls bathroom by mistake holding his ass. The girls laughed at him when he came out. Anyone see this? He grunted, closed his eyes and everything. HILARIOUS!

Hi everyone,
Haven't posted here in a while, but I have another story to tell. Yesterday was Sunday and I have not pooped for 5 days. Again, I was really constipated and resorted to taking a 4 quart enema. I mixed some Ivory soap with warm tepid water say around 103 degrees F. I made it very soapy filled the bag to the brim closed the clamp on the hose and closed the adaptor on top of the hot water bottle. I hung the bag 3 feet above my ass and lubricated the enema nozzle with vaseline then I inserted a glycerine suppository into my rectum then inserted the enema nozzle I let the water flow into me and boy did I get lots and lots of cramps and a burning sensation due to the suppository doing its work together with the soap suds I took the entire 4 quarts from the bag held it with cramps for about 10 minutes I was in agony but I endured it..Then I literally ran to the toilet and a mass of explosions occured turd after turd of enema water and glycerine suppositories came gushing ou! t... Boy It took about 1 hour just sitting on the toilet. But let me tell you.. I felt so much better afterward. Did anyone ever try this method of relieving constipation with a enema bag and suppositories?? I works wonders for me! If anyone else tried it please post one here and let us know... It may be a new way to take a good shit without any struggle.. Thats it for now so take care and will post here soon again!!! Take care and stay well!


Poo Pants
Friends boxers

I was changing in the gym after work the other day when I noticed the guy who had been changing just before me had left his trousers on the bench. His boxers were inside as if he had removed them together. I could see what I thought was a good skid mark and had a discreet look inside. I lifted his boxers out and the bottom was coated all down to the left leg with a thick poo stain - like you leave when a sticky load slides out. Even the front was dried yellow - all around the flies and down his legs. I did not look down the trouser leg but I bet it was messy. When he left I went and showered next to him and when we changed I watched him struggle to get his underpants up at the same time as his trousers. He is a really good bloke and fantastic looking so I shall carry on paying him attention.

Hi all, long time no talk. Been super super busy being senior year and all. I've been having nice poops lately. The other day I felt a "small" one and it ended up being huge (for me) about 9 inches long by a little over an inch! Thankfully, I've been quite "regular" lately.

I just wanted to chime in because I think there is some confusion lately about what exactly constipation is. I noticed on the surveys people are saying that the longest they were "constipated" for was "about a day." I hate to say, that's not constipated. To be constipated, it really means the inability to go. Often you feel like you have to (bloated and crampy and can even get a headache or loss of appetite) but physically cannot despite sitting on the toilet and trying to push at frequent intervals throught the day. Sometimes little balls will come out, but nothing substantial. It's perfectly normal to skip a day or two even if you are a "regular" "9am every day" pooper. Coming from someone who is definately not regular (which can mean anything from going every day at the same time to having nice, normal (not painful, formed) movements a few times a week (at no particular time). Irregular means more that you don't have a schedule (three times a week, etc) and th! at you might go once a week then once a day then three times a day then three times a week and not being on a consistent schedule. Also, irregular can mean hard, painful (but formed) movements. You could be irregular (especially if you have an irregular diet) and not constipated.

Paul R--I liked your story. Do you have more from when you were injured? I was wondering, how come your dad didn't go in with you? Also, if your sister's boyfriend was there, wouldn't it have been more comfortable to have him help you rather than your mom? That had to have been really really uncomfortable! I'm surprised you held off so long and then were able to go "on demand." I know I'm the type who forces myself to go when the need arises as opposed to waiting or I am terribly prone to constipation. I'm also surprised your mom wanted to stay in and that you didn't ask her to leave.

I'll try to do a couple stories later.

It has happened again. I am writing about my strange experiences in the student center restroom. Today, I had to crap real bad after lunch, so I headed to the usual place. Five out of the six stalls were occupied, so I took the one that wasn't, consequently it was in the middle. Inside the stall, the right partition was riddled with holes, the left side was not. I sat down and began to let it out on its own accord. About five minutes had passed and nothing had passed yet. The stall on my right emptied out, and I leaned forward a bit and a small pebble turd dropped out. About then I heard that unmistakeable sound of someone pleasuring themselves a few stalls down. The stall on my right reoccuppied. Great, I thought, the masturbater is in here. About that time I noticed through the many holes that the new guy on my right was going at himself quietly. What is it about this restroom that causes or attracts this? Well, I decided to lean way back, and immediately my rectum filled ! up. It felt kinda like someone had plugged my hole up with a huge plug. Then the shoes to my left disappeared, no flush. About two minutes later I sat straight up and started easing this huge stubborn turd out. I then noticed that the guy on my left had left his stall and was watching me poop through the door crack. What nerve, I leaned forward and began to push hard to get this over with. At that he decided to look in over the stall door (which is only about chest high). I looked up as if to say "get the @#$% away". He then reentered the stall on my left so I wiped quickly and got out of there without even washing my hands. So, to recap, there were two fellas in there playing with themselves and one perv watching me go. The thing is, with my schedule and my bowel habits, this is about the only restroom I can shit in, so I have to endure the perversion. Its almost become an experiment to see how many times I can be freaked out while pooping. It really makes you think twice a! bout the guy in the next stall.

Jim: Nope, can;t say as if I go to school in the 4th largest city, more like the 80th. Its probably pretty common for students to call their University Centers "UC". Is your UC as perverted as mine? This place is incredible.

The Survey:

1. How often do you get constipated? About twice a month, usually following my bi-monthly diarrhea
2. What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? 7 days, I pooped a turd that was shaped exactly like a cookie, and then I was unclogged.
3. After just being constipated, and it finally comes out, how do you feel? Usually worn out, my hole usually hurts a lot.
4. Do you fart when you poop? Beforehand, mostly.
5. Do you take as long as neccessary to poop, or do you go fast and try to be done quickly? I could write a novel in the time I take!
6. Do you have to catch your breath after pooping? Most of the time, since its usually a huge stretcher
7. How often do you get diarrhea? Twice a month
8. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes, I enjoy everything about it. Its a huge release.
9. Explain how you sit when you poop? Usually, I sit pretty straight up, forward a bit, arms on my thighs, legs far apart, underwear around my ankles. Sometimes I like to lean back a bit.
10. Do you find pooping relaxing? Sometimes, sometimes its exhausting, sometimes exciting.
11. How many times a day do you poop? Once or twice on occasion.
12. What was the biggest poop? Once I had one that went from the rear of the bowl into my asshole. It was turned in such away that it wouldn't push out against itself so I actually had to stand up to finish.
13. Do you grunt and moan when you push? Sometimes, usually though I do a lot of deep breathing.
14. How do you know when you have to take a crap? My stomach will get all tense and I will feel an urgency like I am going to go in my pants, which hasn't happened since second grade.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

To Poo Pants: Liked your story

To Rachel: Liked your story about pooping in the boys room

To Patricia: Liked your story

To Matthew (m, 17): Liked your story about pooping/peeing in front of your g/

Last night i ate dinner then i had ice cream and a few minutes later i had to poop...I pushed out a few hard balls. Then softer stuff followed it was kinda loose. Then later i pooped more and it was a muddy brownish red color..i realized it was from the beets i had eatten..any one ever have that effect? I wiped alot. I had to poop like 2 times.
Any way it is really snowing here, 2-3 feet of snow is on the ground..not going any where for a while...well gotta run bye

To Deanna: Loved your you know if that guy looked at your turd? and do you know if he peed or pooped? any way to tell?

To janet: Loved your story about pooping in the car with your family..must have been embarrising.

To IndianaMAN: Liked your story..i take it you have a roomate, has he ever caught you pooping in your trash can?

To Kaz: Don't know any thing about a girl farting on blind date..sounds cool would like to see it.

To Michael M: Liked your story about peeing from the truck.

To jim: Liked your story..did you get in trouble for peeing your pants? i hope not that sounds like an accident

To Libby: Liked your pooping story.

To DNA: Liked your stories.

To Carmalita: Liked your story..sounds like a nice dump you had

To GaryUSA: I think i've heard of that method that some people use their left hand bare, like in india. Not really sure though

To joan: Liked your accident story..did you go to school the next day?

To "Ouch": Enjoyed your story.

To Martha: Liked your stories

To MICHAEL M: Liked your story about your friend peeing him self

To anonymous movie guy: 1. No 2. Yes 3. Yes, it was an accident 4. No 5. No 6. Woods

To O.D.: liked your story

To Eric in Chicago: Liked your story, thats funny about the radio station

To wetguy : Loved your story about your friend having to you wanted to see him pee his pants?

To Mike: Liked your story from the movies..what movie did you see?

To Me: liked your stories..did you and that girl get to see each others turds?

To Bill: Liked your story.

To CFS: liked your story..i sometimes stick a finger up there to check to see if im clean.

To women pooper shits for the post man: Liked your story.

To Brian K: Liked your stories

To Busen : Enjoyed your story.

TO DEANNA: I am just like you and have waited all day many times to poop. I am also not a big guy, and do some pretty big turds. I would never poop at school, work, or anywhere pretty much but my house. But its odd I kinda get excited at the thought of a female that is shy in the same way. I bet you let out a couple of those dry, airy, pre poop farts during the day?

Twice Shy
That hideous and demonic grip

Today I waited until the usual later lunch-time, 1:40 PM, and I decided on a return visit to the burrito carry-out I should not mention, for they are sure to have a libel case against me soon. I cannot in all fairness imply anything like true food-poisoning from these steam-table victuals; the problem is more likely my rapid mastication with a generous dosing of the hot salsa, based upon a need to get back to work. I got home from work at 6:45 PM, after cutting a monstrous fart in the passenger side of my truck, which my carpool-mate was driving. Amazingly, he didn't notice. I was still working on 4-item pizza from the day before, and I knew the mechanism was about to commence serious motion after I shucked my workplace attire and plopped it down on the #1 crapper, upstairs in the master suite. I blew a rope of 15 - 20 mm loglets, roughly joined into a coil that could well have reached back the majority of the way to the ileo-caecal valve. It is not pretty, to thin! k of the colon's lumen hosting only such a thin presence, for I have been warned of a propensity to diverticulosis by the GI man. Well, that fudge was well-behaved, and I retired to my sleeping bag for settling in in front of the fire. I cut forth a series of high-volume farts of no noteworthy stench, then began to feel my body cramp up, as if I were hosting a good old-fashioned belly-ache. I began watching a show on Discovery about cannibalism, at 8:00 PM, and the true course began to reveal itself. I hurried to the guest john, and assumed the position on crapper #3. This was an express delivery of the kind of diarrhea that grabs one's entire viscera and causes the very soul to cry to the powers that be for mercy. You talk about funny faces of exertion; this was instead the pleading pose of a man in the throes of existential angst. I could hardly get as worked up by the best Friedrich Nietzsche has to offer. The shits I survive only make me stronger, I guess. The r! aw burn that ravaged my anal ring was the marker of this latest burrito. It got its way down the chute in under 7 hours. I applied a huge wad of Angel Soft to my bunghole, and went back to stoke up the fire. Not five minutes passed before I had to subjugate my will to the power of the nasty entity that was steering my entire inwards in the style of a B-25 bomber under the control of a bombardier and his Norden optics. This degree of diarrhea attack feels as if someone is pummeling me bodily. The actual shit on hand was remarkably free of the kind of ???? remnant one might expect. It was a load to remind a '70's child of the way Gravy Train dog food might look, once the water has been added. We are clearly talking of something that does not care to spend long in transit aboard its host. It's nearly 9:00 PM now; that last pinching may have been the main barrage. Tex-Mex, my crap-fancying friends, will on occasion render you to your basic core, where you stare into t! he abyss and behave on a more basic level. I came face-to-face with a master I could not lick.

Great Teacher Umikun
I have a question for all of you: Has anyone ever sat right on/in the toilet bowl (with the seat up) when using it? It could be accidentally, such as with a female caught unaware after a prior male user, but I'd like to know if anyone has ever done so intentionally.

Also has anyone ever used a chamber pot? Do you prefer using it to a toilet? Where do you dump it out after using it? How do you clean it?

Twice Shy
Since it is the vogue to answer surveys and I'm a member of the sample population:

For the males on here if you wouldn't mind answering:

1. After you have you penis out and aimed how long does it take for you to start peeing?

I will go down to the john right now and run my stopwatch, since I should have some on hand...5 seconds that time, from final positioning to initiation.

2. How often do you have to "clamp it off" those last few seconds before being in place to pee?

This rarely happens. Most times, the hold is a deep one that actually takes quite some coaxing to release.

3. Do you pee with your balls in or out of your pants?

The pair remains stowed. (I wear briefs, with a fly opening.) This can cause problems, since I'm on the obese side. The flaccid stem often retreats to within the surrounding structure of flesh that surmounts the scrotum, and getting the glans into position will require a concerted search and capture mission. Sorry if I'm drifting off topic; this is a problem, is all, when I must pee in such a condition.

4. When you pee in the shower do you aim for the drain or just let it go, or something else?

If I actually did this, I think I would point it away from myself, as towards the drain, so as to minimize the splash potential. It is not a custom that I came to acquire (as if my mother or father would actually permit it; I remember once my brother blew crap in the tub when we were quite small and that was pretty much the answer for all bathtime elimination). When I used to obtain whoopings from my father (as oldest, his wrath fell heaviest on me in the early 1960's), it was my earnest wish to crap and crap heavily upon his mighty hands, while he was in the process of pugilizing my "bare hinder".

It is some months since I have read this site, and I have recently been catching up.

There has been some discussion on the terms used for toilet activities.

(a)THE TOILET. In America, 'bathroom' seems common. In the UK, 'toilet' is now probably working-class aspiring to middle-class. 'Loo' is perhaps more intellectual (maybe originating from the practice of emptying contents of chamber-pots into the street, and warning passers-by with the words 'gardez-loo'.) I first started using it at university. As a sophisticated euphemism, I sometimes use it if I need to distinguish between the 2 functions - stand for loo, sit for toilet. ('Bog' used to be more common in the UK than today.)


(I) Urinating - Wee, piss, pee, slash are sometimes considered too direct. Expressions like 'stand and deliver', 'undo my zip' or 'go for a quick wee' I sometimes use.

(ii) Defecating - Shit and crap are often regarded as impolite, and over this function, there is often more reticence to let people - fellow-males - know what you are going for, and a number of euphemistic expressions have developed:
Expressions I have heard (and don't mind using) usually begin with 'I want to...'

'go ON the toilet' (not TO)
'sit on the toilet'
'sit with a bare behind*/bottom/bum'
'sit with my trousers down'
'sit with my trousers round my ankles'
'sit on a seat with a hole in the middle'

A friend of mine sometimes says 'I could kill a toilet seat'. My younger brother asked once what a 'euphemism' was when reading something, and we explained it was a polite way of saying something, like 'going to the toilet'. This resulted in our saying to each other, 'I want to sit on the euphemism', and we still do, sometimes. As a small boy, he used to say 'I want to do my nasties'.

Each family has its own words for personal actions, and I suppose everyone knows 'doing your number twos' ('number ones' is used less frequently than 'number twos').

There are a couple of ironies, though

1)Although the organ for No 1 is referred to less than the one for No 2, the number 2 operation is normally expected to be conducted in private, whereas No 1, for males at any rate, is in front of other men in public places.

2)You can see less of a man's private area when he is sitting on the toilet than when he is standing at a urinal.

* A few years ago on a television programme about an expedition into bear country, someone said of the primitive privies (another ancient word), 'I neither want to sit with a bear behind nor a bear in front'.

Any other interesting expressions to share?

your accounts of childhood accidents reminded me of a day I will never forget when I was 10 years old. Incidentally,in England in the 1960's,nobody ever talked about 'pooping',you "did it in your pants" or more politely "had an accident".
Anyway,on this summers day I was dressed as always for school in grey flannel shorts with white Y-fronts underneath. The school toilets were really horrible,and in my 6 years at that school I managed never to visit them for anything other than a pee. I always waited till I got home and had always managed to make it.I had never had an accident since babyhood apart from a "near miss" whilst on holiday in France,and that was really just a bad skid mark. So when I felt the urge to shit after the school lunch I just ignored it.On that afternoon we had cricket practice and I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the time went by,it was beginning to feel like diarrhea and I was greatly relieved when the time came to go home.Although by now my need was becoming serious I was not yet desperate,and I had supreme confidence that I would make it home as I always had before.I had a fifteen minute walk home on my own and started off as usual.I knew I was in trouble a couple of mi! nutes after leaving the school,as a wave of desperation hit me.I was beginning to sweat and didnt feel too good.I think I realised then that I might not make it home in time,and might have an accident,however I walked faster. A minute or two later,another cramp hit me and this time I really began to panic,as I realised this time that I had a massive problem and was likely to have a huge and very messy accident unless I was very lucky.I desperately clamped my buttocks together to try and avoid the inevitable.The pressure seemed to ease slightly and I had a minutes respite.
A minute later my bowels had other ideas,and the next cramp was so severe I had to stop walking for a second to try in vain to keep my spinchter closed for a little longer.However the end had now come and exactly half way between school and the sanctuary of home,my resistance was in vain and a huge gush of wet shit filled my pants.My thighs felt warm and sticky and I gingerly touched my shorts to realise the enormity of my accident.The almost liquid shit had filled my pants to overflowing and was beginning to run down one leg.Gasping with the shock and humiliation I began to smell myself. I somehow made it home and got to the toilet where I took down my pants.Every bit of them was covered in a brown mush which had also caked my entire genital area and the tops of my legs. Realising the scale of my disaster I sort help from my mother who helped me clean up,which took a very long time and involved having two baths!

That day taught me that my bowel control wasnt as wonderful as I assumed,and after that I always took great care if I had diarrhea.

I was interested to read others accounts of school accidents.Maybe I was lucky (or unlucky!),but I don't recall anyone at my boys prep school(ages 8/13)doing it in their pants.It would have been a massive humiliation if you had,which would have taken years to live down.I was eternally grateful that my disaster happened off the school premises and my shame was kept to myself.

I never had a genuine accident again after that day.The next time I did it in my pants was when I was 17 but that wasnt an accident and thats maybe a story for another time.

To Just a FEW Questions: 1. 2-5 Seconds 2. once 4. let go any where

To dylan: I see about that..thanks for replying.

To MICHAEL M.: Loved your story about the toilet lid

To unnamed poster: re simpsons.i watch them but im not sure if i've seen that episode, sounds cool though.

To filup: That sounds cool about the district..i never have watched that.

To MaryBeth: Liked your story..hope your feeling better!

To Chris (female): Liked your story about peeing while dancing..are you still with that guy? would love to hear more stories

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story..we got like 2 feet of snow here too.

To Jeremy: Liked your story about truth and dare w/ your

To Katrina: Loved your story about having the runs on the toilet lid

To Dream Clown: I'll take your a male...i say no to all them. I think guys like to see women dump, that is some others might find it gross.

To JaLe: Liked your story.

To the "HOLD IT" man: That sounds like a cool show

To Zip: Those are intresting facts..liked your story too

To IndianaMAN: Sounds like a nice dump you had.

To John Q Public: Liked your story about your sister.

To Sally: Liked your story about having to poop

To Markus: Liked your story.

To andrew: That sounds like a cool episode of

To Bridget: 1. Men..younger guys 2. Only few..only on the net 3. nothing 4. N/A 5. No 6. Yes, on the net 7. No 8. No 9. yes 10. No 11. All 12. no 13. no

To kevin: Liked your story about your cousin

To unnamed poster: re poopie story..enjoyed it.

To Michael M.: Liked your story from work..those toilets sound interesting.

To Poop stop: Enjoyed your story.

To Luke: I've seen that isn't it.

To Joseph: liked your constipation story.

To Poo Pants: liked your story about what you saw in the

To Barefooter: Sounds like a nice dump you had, but not in the greatest condtions..sounds like you always have problems..whats wrong w/ poopin in the dorms? good luck.

I haven't pooped in like about 2 days i guess

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