I am a petite twenty year old brunette southern girl who is fairly new to this sight. I went skiing this weekend with a bus load of students from the University of Georgia. On the bus ride up to the ski slope I had to go both ways, but by the time we reached the ski lodge I just had to pee. I peed, ate some breakfast, and left for the ski slopes with two of my girl friends, Trish and Anna. As we waited in line to take the ski lift to the top of the mountain, the urge to poop came back. I had to go pretty bad, but I didn't want to get out of line or get separated from my friends. I leaned against one of my ski poles so the top of the pole slid between my butte cheeks and put pressure on my anus. (I learned as a little girl that if I blocked my anus my poo-poo wouldn't come out.) When we reached the top of the ski slope, I still had to go. I could tell I had a large load; I also hadn't gone the day before. As I skied my poop would start to poke out of my anus and I had! to keep sucking it in. I was all right when I was moving but whenever I stopped, I had to go bad. Therefore, I kept leaning my ski pole against my butt if I had to stop for any length of time.

All day long I had to go. At lunch I had to go really bad and I was squirming in my chair. I covertly sat on one of my hands to help hold back my poop. I have a phobia about pooping in public restrooms unless I am by myself. The rest of the afternoon I kind of got used to having to go poop and just had fun with my friends.
On the bus ride home, however, I had to go really bad. I sat on my hand again. The bus was dark so no one noticed. Nevertheless, some guys kept commenting that someone farted. I didn't want to tell them that it was the real thing! My girlfriend Trish who was sitting beside me kept asking me if anything was wrong. I kept telling her no, but I think she knew I had to go to the bathroom.
When our bus finally stopped for a break at a Wendy's, I had to go so bad that I decided to use restroom there. However, I was toward the back of the bus and by the time Trish and I were off the bus a long line had formed already at the restrooms. Of course I ended up in the back of the line with my two girl friends. As we waited I crouched down, placing one of my ski boots between my butte cheeks. I could feel my poop pushing against my blocked anus. Anna wispered, It smells in here I think someone had an accident. I wanted to say, "not yet, but I am about to." But I remained quiete. Finally, the line started dwindling with just females waiting to use the ladies restroom. Anna said, "the men's restroom is vacant, let's just use it." Trish and I said, "you first." So Anna went into the men's room. When she came out I headed for the empty restroom. However, Trish said, "Ill come with you." We went in together and I told her you can go first because I have go! both ways. To my astonishment she said she did too and that she would try to hurry. I had to really go bad at this point so I leaned against the sink in the bathroom. Trish had no problem going in front of me and told me she had been holding it in all day. I told her I had to go all day as well. We both giggled a little. Then Trish got up and said, "Your Turn." I said, "You better leave now because I am about to stink the place up." Trish said, "I don't mind; I will wait on you." At this point I had to go too bad to be shy. I pulled my ski pants down and dove onto the toilet. A huge turd proceded to come out of my ass. It was pretty wide because it stretched my butte cheeks apart. It was also long and solid. Trish kept talking to me and making me feel at ease. I had never gone in front of anyone like this before. In a few minutes I was finished I wiped and flushed the toilet. However, my turd had got stuck in the toilet and wouldn't flush down. Trish seemed! very interested and looked at my poop and said, "Girl, you must have really had to go bad. Your's is over twice the size mine was." I said, "Let's just get out of here!" As we opened the door to leave a handsome man was outside waiting to use the restroom. "He said flirtatiously, you girls don't have to leave on my account." Without thinking I said, "We left you a present," as we hurried past him. Trish laughed, but I immediately felt embarrassed. "Why did I say that?" I thought to myself. Anyway I was glad to get back on the bus and away from the man at Wendy's. I am fairly petite and can't belief I gave birth to such a big poop especially in the men's room!

One day when I was about 15 yrs. I was in the car with my grand parents and my parents. We were on the highway and the traffic was in gridlock. Of course I really had to take a crap. I had to pee too. When I gave up the idea of holding it in I whispered to my mother that I couldn't hold it any more. She hugged me a little and told me not to worry she gave me a towl and said go in the back seat. i went in the back seat, sat on the towl and did my buisiness. It was so humiliating taking a crap and having my dad and grandfather hear me do it. I also farted alot wich just added to it all. Sitting in it all the way home was pretty bad too. But all in all we forgot about it and it just became another memorie.

Ok, this is a short post for all y'all. Ok this may sound rather, sick, but I was wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience and can explain it to me cuz I am baffled. Ok I'll have some gas, and i'll be at home usually. So I let it out. And this gross mucus snot like substance comes out of my poop chute. What is that stuff? Where did it come from? Answer ASAP lol.

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. School's been really busy, and with the looming war, all of us in the Army have been on alert. Pooping lately has been hard and no fun. I have become increasingly bowel shy and I have to make aure then no one is in the hall or the bathroom before I can go. I am still shiting in my trashcan here and there. I've made it a once a week thing. I've really imporved upon my shitting art. Now, I put some padding orund the rim to make my ass more comfortable. I've also improved the smell by opening the window BEFORE and after I shit. This way the room has some positive air flow. I also usually try to shit right before I am going to leave, this way no one will be able to smell my room. Disposal has also been a lot easier. I usually put my jobbie in its own trash bad, tie it up and mix it with the other trash. Tomorrow, if I use the can, I am going to try to use a big, black trashbag.

A bit of good news. I do have an apartment for next year--no more dorm toilets!

To Fil: No my boyfriend is not pee-shy, he is just really good at holding his pee. He has told me that he has to go and has gone when with me and in front of me. He does not care to go on airplanes however. On the 12-hour flight, he told me that he had to go but was choosing to hold it. As soon as we got to the airport, the first thing he wanted to do was find a bathroom. He finds plane bathrooms too small and does not like peeing in toilets because he finds urinals easier. He is tall and to avoid spraying himself he says he has to kneel down or sit if using a toilet rather than stand, which he doesn't like to do in public bathrooms but will do in his own bathroom. He says he wants to install a urinal at home to avoid this problem. However, there have been times when he had to go badly at went to a McDonald's or some other public bathroom, so if he really has to, he will.
My ex-boyfriend who didn't pee all day had some kind of issue I think. He told me that he'd rather walk around bursting with his hands in his pockets squeezing his penis so as not to piss himself than use any toilet other than the one at home, and he never really gave a reason.

Childhood pee accidents:

These are the ones I remember (I can expand on any of them if you wish)

1) Peed myself in the car when I was 7. I had had to go all through a concert but was too shy to ask where the bathrooms were. On the way home I kept losing little squirts and gradually became soaked and didn't have to go anymore. It was probably the longest time of peeing my pants because it lasted over half an hour in all. I got in the house without anyone noticing.

2) Plane stories: once I had to go really bad when I was 9 and hadn't wanted to admit it, but I was about to pee myself and was about to admit it when the seatbelt sign came on for turbulence. I had to hold my already bursting bladder for about an hour more and though I made it, I did lose a few squirts.
Another time when I was maybe 12 I wasn't so lucky. I woke up absolutely dying to go and the aisles were blocked because they were serving dinner, so I felt bound to hold it. I had a blanket on my lap holding myself, but while eating, I began to lose it and couldn't stop. I could feel a lake of pee soaking into the seat. I pretended to spill my juice and tea all over myself and the seat to cover up and no-one said anything to me.

3) Doing something and not wanting to stop: usually my childhood pee stories centered around being too shy/stubborn/proud to admit I had to go, not being absorbed in something.

Gotta run to rehearsal, more later....

If anyone can tell me the name of that one episode of BLind Date where they have the farting woman, please tell me, I would be eternally Grateful.

Michael M.
I dont know if I posted this before, but anyhow its funny enough to write it again.
I was in the army stationd in Germany not far from Wurzburg. As part of the 68th armor division we would often go out to the field in the boondocks as you say, for erxercises. They would practice firing on the ranges and other army training.
I happened to be a part of Headquarters company and did mostly paper work and writng. So finally at the end of a month out there we started to return to home base. A bunch of us, about 12, loaded up in the back of an army truck (called duce-an ahalf) canvas covered that had bench seats in back. The ride back to the base was about 6hours. We all had breakfast and coffee and left about 9AM. It was a long bumpy trip on those back country roads and about noon most of us hadda go pee, and it was building up. Its not the thing to jump up and pull out your pecker and just piss on the truck floor, so we all grit and bear it.
It musta been about one oclock now and it was really getting to everyone with lots of croth grabbin and bitchin. We pounded on the back of the truck cab for a break but the driver ignored everyone.
After a bit I feel a few spruts escaping with each bump and so I just say, "f??? it" and get up off the seat. The truck had a tailgate, so I just went and stood at the tailgate and unzipped my pants and took out willy and just pissed away over the tailgate aw we moved along. While Im pissing, 4 other guys jump up and unzip and start a stream of piss over the tailgate of the moving truck along side me.
It seemed that as we were pissing away, we just happened to come upon a small village where the road passed thru. So here are 5 guys standing at the tailgate of this truck pissing a storm, watering the dust on the road as we rode thru the middle of town. Yep, there were people on the streets, sidewalks, in the stores, cars as we passed by. What a sight this must have been?! We were getting some stares and some laughs.
All of us had a good laugh and as we went along, others got up and pissed out the back end too. One fellow though waited a bit too long and had a few wet streaks down his pantlegs.
Whew, it was so great to get rid of that load. We never did hear about it or did we mention it afterwards.
It would be safe to say we settled some dust in town that day.

we got lots of snow today, mom made we wear my snow suit when i went out to play. my cousin had his on too. i played for hours building snowman and making a castle when i had to pee. i just held it for a while longer cause i was almost done building my castle. i was putting the blocks of snow on and crossing my legs trying to hold it. when a little squit gor out. thats when i decided it was time to go. i told my cousin to come on that i had to pee real bad. he said wait a minute and i couldnt wait. i grabbed him and pulled him up and said hurry im about to pee my pants. he said so i already did mine. i said but im too old to go in my pants. i ran to the door, another suirt went in my pants. i ran upstairs and in the bathroom. i unzipped my suit and unbuttned my pants then let out my pee, i looked down and nothing was going in the toilet. i forgot i was wearing too pairs of pants, it was to late i couldt stop peeing. i soaked my pants. so i just pulled up my other pair of pa! nts and zipped up my snow suit while i was still peing. didnt matter now. the snow suit looked shiny on my legs like it was wet. i ran down and outside. my cousin was waiting. i told him i peed my pants and he laughed and said i thought you were to old. i said shut up poopy pants. he looked at me a second and said how did you know. i said know what, he said i pooped my pants to. i grabbed his arm and we wnet in. i pulled off his clothes and mine, and we got cleaned up and just played in my room. the snow is cool though, cant wait to play in my castle tomorrow, no school yeh. by

I've been lurking for about a week and thought maybe I should share one of my accident stories,

Ok we have a jacuzzi in my backyard and when I was 10 My brother my cousins and me were playing around in it and I had this urge to poop I went to get out and go inside to go potty it turned out I had already gone in my suite and I was standing there crying while they were all laughing at me.

Hey all,
I haven't posted in a while but decided to respond to some of Emma and Brooke's questions. So I have two stories
Well the first oen really isn't much of a story but I remember when I was almost done being toliet trained ( I'm 21 now but I can remember it pretty clear) I would often go into my bedroom when i had to poop. Then I would stand in the corner next to my dresser and poop my pants. One time I remember my uncle was over and I came downsatairs with this huge log in my PJ pants (which were hanging like to my knees witht he weight) and I acted like nothing happened, as if my parents wouldn't notice this huge shit i took in my pants. My uncle said "wow, you hiding a lobster in there or something?" for some reason this memory sticks out.

The second happened when I was like 10 or 11. I was at my best friends house and we were watching tv in her basement. her older sister and older brother (both were in thier 20s) were having a huge massive screaming fight about I don't know what. We both had to pee but the bathroom was upstairs and we were scared to go up. We were going to pee in a bucket but then her brother and sister left. The we went upsatirs and she dared me to pee into a cup and i did. Another time with this same friend we made her brother mad so he threw us both into the shower and turned water on. We just sat in there with our cloths on for a while then we both decided we had to pee and just pissed through our clothes which were already soaked. Ok i have more stories, I'll try to post at least once or twice a week but college is kicking my ass this semester. Bye everyone


Hola mis amigos, qué tal todos?

Long time no talky!!! I've been very busy these days, what with school and all. Finally, I've had a chance to read some of the notes here. Some good things to read as always, especially when I print them out and go into the bathroom to do you-know-what! And what a big one I did this morning!!! Oooooh, it felt so good to squeeze that giant one out.
TAWNY D: I'm another one hon! I love watching men poop as much as I love watching women, and I really Loooove watching women. It's cool about listening outside the door, I've done that so many times. I used to do it a lot when I was younger. I was very heavily into watching guys poop, but none of them would let me, so I always had to listen. The first people to ever let me honestly watch have been girls.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: Good to see you're still here! I've always loved your posts a lot!!! If it had been me, I'd have gone to bring more TP for you and roll it under the stall. It's terrible to get stranded!
BRIDGET: Hey hon, what's up? From your description you sound beautiful! Yeah, you're right, there's tons of pics of girls pooping on the net, but I really hate the scat stuff that's super gross. There's not much regular potty shots. Hey hon, it's too bad you've never pooped in the woods, it's fantastic! It's one of my favorite things in the world to do. I especially love getting caught at it. I have to admit, I'd enjoy watching you give it a try!

Hey, I'm gonna take a shot at this survey!

1. How often do you get constipated? More often lately, due to school stress I think.
2. What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? I think it was 3 long, miserable days. I do such big poops that I felt like I had 20 lbs of it inside of me.
3. After just being constipated, and it finally comes out, how do you feel? Excellent, except sometimes I get a sore butthole from stretching and pushing out big ones.
4. Do you fart when you poop? Sometimes.
5. Do you take as long as neccessary to poop, or do you go fast and try to be done quickly? I take my time and welcome visitors!
6. Do you have to catch your breath after pooping? Yeah, sometimes, especially when it's a big one.
7. How often do you get diarrhea? Very rarely.
8. Do you enjoy pooping? Sí, mucho, mucho!
9. Explain how you sit when you poop? where your underwear is, pants, how you sit, etc.?
Ok. Usually, I sit leaning forward with my legs spread fairly wide. I'm pretty short and my feet just barely touch the floor. Usually, my underwear is at my ankles, unless I'm wearing a thong, then it's usually twisted up at my thighs or below my knees. If I'm wearing a dress or skirt, I just bunch it up around my waist and hold with my elbows. There are some people who like to watch me, and when they do, they love my panties up around my thighs. When they watch, that's how I do it.
10. Do you find pooping relaxing? I don't know. I never thought about that.
11. How many times a day do you poop? Usually twice, morning and evening.
12. What was the biggest poop? Well, let's see....I can't really say. I generally do some nice big ones. Most of mine are pretty damn big. One time, I knew it would clog, so I went outside after dark and pooped next to some bushes. That one was a huuuuugggge one!
13. Do you grunt and moan when you push? Sometimes, especially if it's a hard one, or I have lots of gas.
14. How do you know when you have to take a crap? I don't know. I guess we all know when, I can't explain it.

This morning's poop was a real big one, bigger than normal. I think it's because I ate so much last night. I was wearing only a green bathrobe, gathered it around my waist, then sat down for a big one. I could feel it pushing out slowly, fat and thick and smelly! Joanne knocked on the door asking if she could come in and grab her sweats that were on the floor, so I said sure. She came in right when my first one broke and plopped hard. She giggled and said "Pewwwy!" Another one began crackling, and my head lowered as long tresses of shiny black hair draped my face. I pushed and grunted, and man it was huge!!! I felt like I was giving birth. I felt my face contort as I pushed the rest of it out of my ass! Such relief!!! It fell on top with a mushy splat sound, and about 3 more turds came out making a big, dark brown pile beneath my ass. Some of the poop was out of the water and the smell was pretty bad. Have I ever mentioned Joanne before? She's a new friend we met through! Nu. Anyway, she stood there staring and smiling, and after one monster sigh, she said "finished now?" and I nodded. She just kept staring at me until I finally said "What?!" and she just shrugged. I knew she really wanted to see it, so I lifted my ass, then wiped standing up. There was a super long and thick turd coiled around the bottom of the bowl with a dark brown swirl of softer stuff on top. She said "There's no way in hell that thing could've come out of you!" I 've heard that one before! Oh well, it was definitely a lysol moment as it was a battle of the plumbing to get those nasty turds of mine to go down! Jo enjoyed watching me wipe my ass very carefully. So, what else is new, right?
All my love and special hugs and kisses to everybody, especially Anne and Robby, PV, Ina, Punk Rock Girl, Jared, Austin and all! Hope I haven't forgotten anyone! Gotta run again!


I just have a thought. I have read that most Europeans (or maybe it is in the Middle East)use their Left hand to wipe themselves. I guess that if you are right handed and had to shake hands or whatever, keeping your right hand clean is better and more sanitary.
I've always liked this idea and have put it in practice in my daily life. Even though you may thoroughly wash your hands, they someitmes still retain some odor. Although I have done the doctor bit scrubbing as though I were going into an operating room I still smell a faint odor.
Do other people do this? Only use one hand for wiping? I'm curious. Is this only done in Europe and the middle east? Do people do this in the USA? Or is it just done in certain countries? This curious mind would like to know.

Wow, there are sure are alot of surveys on this site! I just have 2 questions I want to ask everyone.

1) How much toilet paper does everyone use to wipe your ass after taking a dump? I'm one of those people who uses a ton of paper to wipe -- at least 40 or 50 squares. I've tried various techniques including moistening the paper, putting soap on the paper, spitting on the paper, etc., and it still seems I can never get my ass totally clean. Unfortunately, we don't have bidets in this country (US). How many squares of paper does everyone else use?

2) How do you get rid of poop smell on your fingers when you accidentally touch your own poop while wiping? When I get poop on my fingers or under my nails, I can't do anything to get rid of the smell. I wash and wash with soap, and the smell is still there. If I put cologne or perfume on my fingers, that just masks the smell and now my fingers smell like colonge and poop mixed. Does anyone have a surefire method for getting rid of the poop smell from fingers?


I have a few teen accident stories but I'm only going to post one for now. My first one was a massive accident, I was in 7th grade. It was my first year in high school for me because the school system where I go to has 7-12 grades all in one building. It was like week after the Christmas break and I was just getting used to going back to school and i guess my bowel system had changed times without telling me. I had math 7th period and I hadn't gone number 2 all day. I had to go earlier the in the period but the teacher said I couldn't go. I had to go so bad by the near of the end of the period I was shivering. The urge was coming in waves about every so many minutes. Then, the urge hit and I coudln't stop it, I picked my butt up a little off the seat and I remember gripping the desk as hard as I could and my mouth was open with astonisment , not blinking, as I emptied everything in my bowels into my pants. I was wearing sweatpants, I just couldn't stop going it felt so good ! and bad at the same time it was all warm and squishy. It didn't seem to all amass in one giant spot, but seemed to spread out all over my butt and down my legs a little. It had all come out in one giant wave as one massive turd. I was so embarrassed , my face turned all red and I ran up t the teacher's desk and told her what happened and I went to the nurse's office to call home, I told the nurse that I wasn't feeling well and she could see what happened, and my mom came and took me home.It smelled so incredibly bad and I had to take a bath when i got hom. The poop had stained on the outside of my pants and somehow I got shit all over my seat in math. Talk about pooping the shit out of yourself. By the next day it seemed everyone in school knew about it and I just told them I had had a stomach flu. The worst part was that wasn't the only time it was going to happen. The end i guess,i have more for later

Hi all,

ok, something really painful happened to me about a week ago, it was about 4:00 in the afternoon, all day i had a bad case of diarreha. I mean it would come out in force if i didn't get to the toilet. Well about 4:10 i got this rumbeling in my stomach. I knew i had to go. I went into the bathroom, closed the door. we have a toilet in our bathroom that is about a foot tall, it's really low, and right across from that we have a shower with glass sliding doors, about 3 feet away. Well i walked into the bathroom, pulled down my shorts and panties. I sorta rushed over in front of the toilet cause it was getting bad. I bent down to raise the toilet seat cover and i must of let go of a muscle because i blew diarreha all over the glass sliding doors, it was like Niagra falls. Well i thought to myself ohh no. I wiped half of it up with tp, flushed, wiped the other half up and flushed again. after the last flush i checked the glass doors and they were clean i was like "yah"! .. My stomach started rumbleing again. i pulled my panties back down. Quickly turned around to sit down, and remember how i said my toilet was low? We have a toilet scrubber next to the toilet standing up in a holder. Well i sat down really fast straight onto the scrubber handle. It must of went 8 inches into my A$$. As soon as it went in i blew my load again. I tried to pull it out but it hurt really bad, so i just slowly easied it out. I haden't noticed that as i was easing it out i was also peeing. I got it out and cleaned up the mess. It hurt to bend over. It was the worst day of my life.

If you have

I have two stories to share to the folks:

Story A

There was once when I was riding in a car driven by a male friend in the countryside when I realized that I really needed to crap. Since there was no toilet nearby, I explained my situation to him and told him to pull over. So we got off, turned on the emergency lights, and proceded into the woods. I took some tissue paper so I could wipe. While we were walking, we encountered a 6" hole in which the bottom was almost invisible. So I pulled down my pants, squatted over the hole, and started to urinate. After 5 seconds, I started to crap. The first log disappeared almost immediately after it seperated from my anus, and my friend replied, "Oh my!" but I reassured him that everything was going to be alright. After about 10 minutes of crapping, I wiped, pulled up my pants, and put an X near the hole before leaving. We then headed back toward our car and continued to our destination.

Story B

There was one day when I was at school when I suddenly had to crap really bad. I excused myself and headed straight towards the bathroom. I got into a stall, locked myself up, cleaned the seat, pulled down my pants, and sat down. I urinated for 5 secs and then started to crap. In fact, the first log took 10 secs to come out and a lot of smaller logs followed. Then, someone else came in and said, "It appears that someone is pooping here..." and then saw me in the stall. She asked if I was alright. I explained to her that I got a very big urge because I ate a lot of ???? the previous night, which was actually true. During this time, logs kept coming out and the bathroom was getting polluted. The other girl simply took another stall, did her urinating business, and left. After 10 mins, I wiped, flushed, pulled up my pants, and felt very comfortable. I simply returned to the classroom after that, but the bathroom remained smelly.

I noticed the post asking if anyone has ever peed their pants in several places. Well, it brings to mind this little story but not about me.
I had to get on a bus like a 6AM in the mornging one day to report toa pre-army draft physical exam and other exams for qualification to be assigned to a specality in the service.
At the same time this other fellow who I had met a few times was on the bus for the same reason. So then we are on our way to Pittsburgh to the induction station and the ole bus just rolls along, making a stop here and there where work people were gettin on also.
About half ways there I noticed "Lee" was very nervous. He was shifting around in his seat a lot and hand both hands stuffed in his thighs. I caught a little glimpse of him pulling and pinchin his dik a few times. No big deal, the bus ride alone gives a lot of guys a boner anyhow.
But as we got closer to downtown, Leee says he wonders how long it will be before we get off, it seemed that bus stopped every few minutes to let people off or on. I asked if he was ok, and he said, ah well, I got to piss real bad since I left home and its getting bad now.
I noticed a real small wet spot on his crotch about the size of a quarter. Lee was actually doing a pee pee dance in his seat.

Finally the bus got to the downtown part of Pittsburgh were we got off. The bus stopped and people got up to get off. As we worked our way to the front to the door and steps I noticed Lee grabbing his dik. He took one step down off the bus, stopped and piss just burst out of his pants down both pantlegs to his knees and his crotch was dripping!
I was really embarrassed for him as we stepped off onto the sidewalk.
Damm he says, what am I gonna do? I said, hey lets just stop right here in this little drycleaner shop and maybe they can fix you up.
So we really didnt have t report to the army center till 8AM, we went in. The shop clerk goes, "geez what the hell happened to you"|!!
So Lee explained his problem and the clerk took him to the back and dry cleaned his pants and pressed them like new.
Thanks we said and went on our way to make that army date.
Never will forget when my one friend pissed his pants on the bus. Anyone else have a similar story??

Yay, another survey to answer! I love these things...

How often do you get constipated? Every couple of weeks.

What was the longest time you were constipated for? For almost a week.

After just being constipated and it finally comes out, how do you feel? I feel pretty good because after a while it kind of makes you feel bloated and heavy but sometimes it's also a bit painful coming out...

Do you fart when you poop? Usually I'll fart a few times at the beginning when I start pushing.

Do you take as long as necessary to poop or do you go fast and try to be done quickly? If I'm in a hurry I'll try to poop as fast as I can but if I don't have to be anywhere, I'll take my time.

Do you have to catch your breath after pooping? Sometimes, if I've had to push especially hard...

How often do you get diarrhea? Once every few weeks...

Do you enjoy pooping? It doesn't really turn me on but sometimes I enjoy the sensation of relief as it comes out.

Explain how you sit when you poop? where your underwear and pants are...? I usually sit on the edge of the seat with my legs together, my elbows on my knees and my hands cupping my face or down on my lap... I only lower my pants and underwear down to my knees...

Do you find pooping relaxing? It depends... If it's an easy motion, I'll sometimes sit on the toilet and sift through a magazine...

How many times a day do you poop? Usually it's just once, sometimes twice. I will either poop in the early afternoon after lunch or in the evening before bedtime...

What was the biggest poop? I rarely produce especially huge turds but I sometimes passed some that were close to 12 inches long.

Do you grunt and moan when you push? I usually push silently with the exception of a few inhalations and exhalations of breath.

How do you know when you have to take a crap? I usually just feel a pressure in my rectum.

Beth- You're lucky to have the opportunity to share a bathroom with 3 women. Good luck seeing nude butts and perhaps even someting coming out of them...

Elena- I saw the preview for the "Willard" movie, as well as the scene where the woman is about to sit down on the toilet and you see rats coming out of the bowl... EEK!!!!

Tawny D- I still think it's great that your boyfriend lets you watch him shit eventhough he doesn't seem all too interested in these matters himself. I kind of understand his reluctance to have you accompany him while he had the runs though. I, myself, don't think I'd want to be in the presence of someone who had diarrhea... I much prefer the more solid poops. As for the offensive smell, I guess it comes with the territory and it's probably easy to get accustomed to if you're around it often enough... Would you ever consider shitting for him as well, if he liked watching too?

Jay- I'm also glad I discovered this site... Like you, I always believed I was the only one who was fascinated by people going to the bathroom...

anonymous movie guy
Hey everybody how's it going? I see a lot of surveys and I thought I would make one being the nosy person I am. So here goes...

1.Have you ever spied on the opposite sex on the toilet?

2.Have you ever listened outside the door while somebody was in the bathroom?

3.Have you ever been in the opposite sex's bathroom in a public place?

4.Have you ever set up a hidden camera in a locker room or bathroom?

5.Have you ever turned off the water to a toilet so that a person you were with couldn't flush and so you could see later?

6.What's the weirdest place you've ever went to the bathroom?

Thanks everybody I anticipate your responses. I thought about renting blue crush for the toilet scene but its two weak to waste $3.49 on. Later everybody!

Uncle Allen
Wow! I got a lot of responses. Thank You all for making me feel better about that crazy situatin I had. I was really uncomfortable and freaked out when it happened, but I was afraid Iwas over reacting. Now I realize - thanks to all of the responses on this forum- that I was not wrong to feel violated or freaked out. Thanks again to all responders. I hope that I can still be comfortable using a stall in a public restroom again some time.

It could be that if you're grimacing alot your stool could be too hard. It really shouldn't be that much of a struggle to push poop out of your butt. If it is, your stool can be made softer and smoother-flowing by making sure you eat lots of fiber, which is found in fruits, vegatables, and whole grains such as whole wheat bread and brown rice, and drinking lots of liquid throughout the day. Also, you can take Metamucil daily, a fiber supplement which will also help soften your stool. I take Metamucil three times a day and my poop comes out smooth and flowing. The only problem then might be that your poops could become loud and gassier.
Also, increase fiber intake over time, gradually. If you increase fiber intake suddenly, you will find yourself getting bloated and uncomfortable.

Hello fellow crappers,

mall pooper:I want to go shopping with you

This computer is extremely slow and I seriously need to take a dump right about now. Unfortunately, I'm on the third floor of the library with slowass computer. They're cleaning the only restroom on this floor right now, too. I may end up sneaking into one of the study rooms in a minute. Would it be rude if I shit in the corner?

I really don't have any good stories at this moment. I will as soon as I send this and shut down, though. I think I'll go out and shit in the parking lot. I'm at a university here in good ole' Wichita; I can get away with it, right? Let's go see. If I actually do it, I'll post about it.

Au revoir!

To Emma & Brooke: I'd say no to all those questions..i don't remember going in my pants as a child.

To *Aleesh*: 1. maybe a few times a year. 2. 6 days 3. Feel relived 4. Yes 5. Take long as nessary. 6. No 7. 2-3 times a year 8. yes 9.i sit straight up with pants/boxers pulled down to knees. 10.Yes 11. 1 or less 12. 14 iches 13. sometimes 14. i start feeling bloated and gassy

To dylan: Loved your story...did the girl know you watched?

To Elena: That sounds intresting about that movie.

To Alexa: That sounds like a nice dump you had

To Tawny D: Liked your story about your b/f

To Mark BB: Liked your story about camp

To Jay: Enjoyed your story.

To Coprologist: sounds like a nice dump you had

Last night i ate dinner and i got back on and i started feeling gassy and bloated like i needed to poop. So i finish up what im doing and go upstairs to my bathroom. I pull my pants/boxers down and sit on the toilet and immeditly begin pushing. It really hurt i could feel the huge turd in my it hurt so bad i felt my turd making it's way out. I sat and finally it came out. I sat more cause i didn't feel done(my stomach felt funny..kinda crampy i guess). So im still sitting, and then some softer poop comes out, i must have sat about 15 minutes at least pooping. Turns out i had 2 hard balls, then a 8 inch log, then softer stuff on top of that. I stood up to wipe, wiped 10 times and my poop was a blueish/green mustard brown color. I rememeber what caused that! 12 hours earlier for breakfast i ate pancakes with alot of blueberry sauce on top.
Any one had a dump like that?

So then an hour later, i go to bed and towards morning i had a poop dream that i went the the movies, i think i flew in an airplane there and we walk to the theater w/ no tickets i go into the bathroom and find that there was several urinals and maybe 2 stalls which were both occupied. There was also 4 or 5 toilets out in the open, no stalls or partions..nothing. So there im sitting on an open toilet pooping, some guys did come in while i was on there. This young grungy guy came in and made a comment to me or something and i threw a paper towel at him for some reason and he was gonna start doing something to me right there but then i woke up. I think i had this dream cause of the dump i had last night, had a buzz out of it and cause of the posts here with the peeping toms.
well gotta run bye

Eric in Chicago
I just remembered a funny story from my days as a staff member at my high school radio station. Several of us would use the studio to make "for internal consumption only" tapes that were pretty funny. One time our sports director did one that was supposed to be a "promo tape" for radio station KRAP, an all-talk station where all the talk was about shit. It was supposed to be a condensed version of one day's programming, the sort of thing a station would send out to prospective advertisers. As I remember it included interviews with Diane Diarrhea and Miss Kay O. Pectate, the latter of whom talked about how to identify undigested food in turds. It ended with the station's general manager "live, in a simulated toilet experience."

To nikki - I liked your story.

To the "Hold It" man - That's cool...thanks for responding.

To Adrian - Thanks for responding.

Yesterday I was driving my brother's friend home from school. I am 17 and a senior while he is 14 and a freshman. We left right after school, and neither of us went to the bathroom before leaving. I had to stop for gas, so I pulled up and stoped the car. As I was preparing to get out, he asked me if this gas station had a bathroom because he said he needed to pee. I honestly told him no, so he said he would be able to hold it until home. I also had to pee fairly badly, which became much worse when i stepped out into the cold, but I knew i was nowhere near desperate. As I filled the tank though, I had to do a little dance due to the cold and my need to pee, and then I wished there was a bathroom too. I looked through the window and noticed Phil lightly moving his legs back and forth, confirming that he had to pee, clealry much more urgently than I did. When we pulled out of the gas station, I got an idea. I said that I had to pick something up at the convenience store acr! oss the street if it's OK. He said it wouldnt be a problem, that he didnt have to pee real bad yet.

I didn't really "have" to pick something up, I just decided to in order to prolong the incident, despite the fact that i also still needed to pee (but as long as i didnt have to stand still in the cold, i'd be fine). I took about 10 minutes inside and when i returned to the car, Phil was now doing a constant scissoring of his legs, though not too hard. This continued for the entire ride home, noticable shifting. Just to be a bit more cruel, I pretended to be fiddling with the radio and drove right past his street! He was surprised and a little distressed. I asked him what the rush was (he hadn't mentioned his need to pee since the original mention of it), and he replied that he really had to pee now and needed to get home.

Well, I couldnt delay any longer, so I brought him to his house, where he found that the door was locked. So i got to watch Phil do a mini-pee dance as he waited for the garage door to open. That's the last i saw of him, as he disappeared into the house still pee dancing. I talked to him later and he did make it, but admitted he really had to go bad towards the end. I hope this happens agian, as I drive him home most days!


I went to the movies the other day and was in line at the box office to get tickets, there were three boys in front of me, i noticed right off that they were alone and one of the boys was constantly grabbing himself. There are two windows for tickets. the boys went to one and i was at the other. They asked for tickets to an R movie and the clerk said no, all three of them said "oh man" then I said they are with me, the boys looked over at me and smiled then said "yeah hes with us". they gave them the tickets and i got mine, turns out we were seeing the same movie. we walked in and the kids thanked me and asked if they could sit by me and i said sure. The one that was holding himself was sitting right next to me. The ages of the boys looked to be about 8-10.
The kid next to me had his hand on his crotch the whole time he was seated and was talking to the other kids. Then the lights dimmed and the previews started. The kid was bouncing in his seat. I leaned over and asked if he was ok. He said "I gotta pee" I said you still have time to go before the movie starts. He said "ok" and got up and ran down the isle. He came back not even 30 seconds later, I know he couldnt have gone that fast. As he made his way down the isle and crossed in front of me to his seat, i saw the wet stain down his leg. I whispered in his ear "you didnt make it?" and he said "no". He sat down and we watched the movie. halfway through the other two kids were getting bouncy and couldnt sit still in there seats. I looked at them from the corner of my eye through the movie, I saw one put both hands on the front of his jeans and look down at it. I knew right there he was peeing. He got real still then got a strange look on his face with watery eyes. Th! e other one made it through the movie, the lights went up and the kids started talking, they didnt even notice each others accidents. the last kid was holding himselft pretty tight. They got up and were walking out. the kid kept getting real close to the back of the other kid, kinda like pushing through the line. I was right beghind him. I saw his leg getting dark from behind, he was peeing his pants. All three of them wet themselves. I grabbed all of them by the arm and pulled them aside and said "guys arent you too old to be wetting yourselves" they looked at each other and put there heads down, one started crying a little, sniffing alot. I said dont worry its ok. I told them to just remember to go potty before the movie next time. They said "we will" and walked outside. They had bikes parked in the bike rack, they jumped on and rode away.

I'm a guy.

I was at this party and I really had to go pee. There was someone in the bathroom, so I wait a bit, but the person doesn't come out. So I slip outside and into the backyard and I pee in a bush. Just then, for reasons unknown, the girl that I secretly like comes around the corner to the backyard! I don't know what to do! She comes a bit closer. She calls my name and asks me what I'm doing.
"I have to pee!" I say, just as I'm about to let it all ride out.
"You have to pee? Well... so do I..."
So she literally comes over and starts peeing! Right next to me! She peed standing up, too. She gets done pretty quickly, but I get done a little later because I had to go for a long time.
After she finishes peeing, she walks over to another bush and sits down. This time I ask what she's doing.
"I'm pooping," She says, plain and simple.
Just then I fart. I run over near her and take a crap. We later get some dirt and bury the crap. And only THEN did disaster strike. I guess I hadn't let it all out in that pee. A wet spot appears on my pants.
"Oh crap..." I say. She sees the wet spot and starts laughing. I feel so imbarrased!

Another story...

I was playing Dare (a game where you pay a player to do the dare) with my friends and some girls in the woods. I was dared to pee while they watch. I make a different deal; we all pee in a circle and the pay is seeing each other pee! Well, we drop our pants and get in a circle in the woods, and soon one of the girls starts peeing. Then we all start peeing. We were eager to finish, so we all pull our pants up after 20 seconds and then we end up peeing in our pants! And we were all wearing light colored pants too...

I might post more stories later...

hot pantyhose girl
1. Were you ever as a child given permission by anyone to go in your pants?


2. Have you ever as a child went in your pants on purpose as part of a game? (Truth or Dare, Hold it Contest, Playing as the baby or small child while playing house house, etc.)
3. Have you ever as a child went in their pants on accident because you didn't want to stop doing whatever you were doing?
4. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while you were sick?
5. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while in the hospital?
6. Have you ever as a child went in your pants out of fear?
7. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were locked in a room with no bathroom or locked out of the bathroom?
8. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling in a car?
9. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling on an airplane?
10. Have you ever as a child went in your pants rather than use a public toilet?
11. Have you ever as a child pooped in your bathing suit either by accident or on purpose?
yes mostly in pantyhose
12. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were physically unable? (Broken leg, physical handicap, etc.)
13. Have you ever as a child gone in your pants because you were unable to get undessed quickly enough?
14. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you weren't allowed to go?
15. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in defiance? (Just to be a pain in the butt.)
16. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because there were no toilets available or because the toilet was broken?
17. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while at the movie theater rather than miss the movie?

18. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were too tired/lazy to get out of bed?
19. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while on stage performing or any other time while a large crowd was focused on you?
20. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in front of your friends during a sleepover or party?
21. Did anyone go in their pants while reading this list because it took them so long to get through all the questions that they couldn't hold it any longer? ;-)
i pooped into my panthose, and i stink, i have to clean myself up now.


i must admit that i did get turned on doing your survey and i dont know ehy but when i do get hot i tend to poop my panties, i especially love wearing pantyhose (tights inthe UK) so whilst doing your survey i just pushed a whole load into my pantyhose, and it felt so warm , oooh lovely and i did stink afterwards, which is why i left so quickly and came back to post this, now you can answer my question...have you ever poopede into your pantyhose by accident or purpose?? id love to know the details and you can always ask me for tips if u are planning to


By the way all my answeres were poop!

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