shy girl
Lots to post about lately. First I wanted to reply to a few people here.
CORY: I completely understand your situation re: shyness. I read your most recent post and have been like that before. I'm still pretty shy and almost always discreet (except when I'm at home or with family). Although at least on this forum I'm a bit more comfortable posting and sloooowwwwwwlllyy overcoming some of my shyness.

SAKU: To answer your earlier question, YES, I have definitely seen it in our restrooms too on a few occasions. I can't think of why there'd
be any gender difference when it comes to this. Unfortunately I have to admit that I've made that type of mess on a few occasions when I was really sick with diarrhea. Being a considerate person, I have felt so terrible afterwards about doing so in public, knowing that other people have to use the same facilities. But what can you do when you're really sick like that and you're not in your own home? I have also seen some pretty nasty stuff before like what you referred to in your reply, PUNK ROCK GIRL. It was really terrible b/c a similar thing happened to me where I really had to pee. I didn't want to sit directly on the filthy seat, but it only made matters worse because not completely sitting down on the toilet but being in a semi-standing position made my pee splatter on the seat, worsening the condition of the place for anyone who came after me. If that wasn't bad enough though, I was so repulsed by the condition of that restroom that I threw up there. I felt so h! orrible (for having to go where it was so filthy,literally being sickened, and then worsening the mess).Thank goodness no one else was in there!

BUCKET: I farted only once today this morning :-(
(But alas, if anyone reading this is disappointed, read on below)!
Yesterday was a bit interesting. I posted earlier about how I've been even more gassy lately with fiber. Yesterday I probably farted about 50 times and I am not kidding! I was with my parents for the holiday weekend and they wondered what was going on since they'd never known me to be quite THAT gassy! It was kind of funny how disgusted they were getting by the end of the day, I think I probably gassed them out quite a bit and feel bad about that. I couldn't help it and wasn't trying to be rude. They were also genuinely concerned and asked me if I was okay. Except for the pain and the fact that my belly was a bit distended and I felt like I might just float away like an inflated balloon I felt okay. It happened all day long, starting even before I got out of bed. Some of it was quiet, but then during breakfast with my parents, without warning a huge blast came from me. It was like that all day. It was also really gassy when I had to poo and made three huge impressiv! e logs last night! I felt a lot better afterwards though. But if this extreme gas continues I just might have to take GasX or Beano!

Actually I only farted once today and it's probably because after all the excitement and fast pace of this holiday weekend, I regret to let y'all know that another arthritis flare up is coming on so I couldn't eat much today. During flares, I get joint and muscle pain and get headaches, fevers and my appetite goes. The appetite is worsened if I take aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen that irritate my stomach. I'm starting to think that as with the laxatives, a smaller dose of painkillers might be appropriate since my doctor tends to be a bit generous with medication dosages, and I can safely say most of the patients at the office are bigger than I am. Anyways, today I've been sleeping a lot and haven't really eaten much to send down the pipes, so to speak. Well, tomorrow's another day and hopefully a better one..
hoping I'm well enough to put on my spandex running tights, and fleece and go running. I have taken 3 doses of fiber though, and managed to eat a few Triscuits so maybe that will help me out tomorrow so I don't start to feel all constipated. well it's I'm still not feeling too great and so it's time to call it a day.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Kansas Dude
I have a few questions if ya'll don't mind. I mentioned I'm a journalist doing studies on restroom habits for a personal, freelance project and I want to dip in on private habits for a minute. I nedd ya'lls help.
1) What is your favorite, folded or wadded paper? (54% of the united states prefers folded.)
2) Where is your favorite place to go, inside or out? If outside, then where at?
3) Do you make special preparations for ther experience, i.e., how many people make specific plans to relieve themselves in a new and strange location?
4) Do you prefer to be watched over being alone, and vice versa?
5) Finally, do you even care where you are at, as long as you get emptied?

That's all, folks. There's a couple of you for sure that I'd like to hear from, though I don't know enuogh of ya'll yet to ask personally for you. I just remember your stories.


To Joey: 1. Yes 2. sometimes 3. No 4. 5-15 minutes 5. 20 min 6. 10 7. no 8. yes 9.grunt sometimes... 10/11 N/A...Liked your story...did that mom say any thing about you being in there?

To Traveling Guy: Sounds like an intresting movie.

To Kerri: Enjoyed your story about your little cousin...hope the panties didn't get stopped up in the toilet and someone finds out.

To jim: Loved your story

To Eric in Chicago: oh i see...but what if you drank alot the day/night before? know what i mean. Sometimes i wake up and have to pee badly. That sounds cool about berry blue kool aid!

To Dana: liked your you think the bride was nevous?

To shy girl: Sounds cool what happened in the kitchen.

To no name nowhere: That show sounds cool..never heard of it before.

To Alexa: Liked your story...i get shy like that too when it comes to people i know.

To oops: Enjoyed your peeing story.

To Albert: Liked your story about those teens.

To Tom: Liked your story

To tibkid boy: Loved your story..would like to hear more sometime.Liked your story about pooping outside

To shy girl: Thanks for liking my posts...Do you think you might have diahreaha with the pain killers cause your not eating or drinking milk with that? give that a try.

To Kansas dude: That sounds cool about the lake.

To david: liked your story

To Shit Lovin' Chick: Loved your story

To Darius: Im doing ok..thanks for asking

I had my "After thanksgiving dump" It all started yesterday. I had a slight urge in the morning at work. Then i came home and went to this party. While i was there the urge was getting a bit stronger. I didn't wanna poop in a strange house. Then i left and headed home i got home and got online for a bit. Then i got ready for bed and then i pooped. I pooped some hard balls. I did have a little log with some balls all stuck together. Then i sat more and really strained and pushed and my face turned beet red! Then im like im done, gotta get to bed....i wake up feeling gassy and im like it will pass. Then i leave for work and on the way an urge hits. I got to work and worked a bit then the urge came back and i had to poop. I had a big log maybe 9" followed by some softer floaters. I wiped like 10 times. Then later i was at another building and i had to poop again(ate way too much over the last few days). I made a mad dash to the bathroom there(its a locking unisex bathroom w! / 2 stalls). I pooped fast cause i had to get back to work. It was all soft and it splashed around the bowl. I wiped and flushed and went back to work. Then later kinda felt like i had to poop(stomach was feeling funny). Im like i'll try and fart. Been doing that....I concluded im gassy and bloated. I think it must have been something i ate at the party..gotta run bye

I just farted as I got in the house but then I am really bustin' for a shit and will have one as soon as my sister gets out of the bathroom. What's she doing in there? I can't hold it much longer

This happened last week, in hindsight it was very funny.

I went diving with a large group of divers from a local shop. We were going on an easy dive and there were several families with us. I started talking to a man and ended up getting a lift in his car with his two kids. The kids were two boys, one aged about five and the other was ten.
We left the shop and went to the dive site which was about a two hour drive, we all talking, eating and drinking the whole way. When we finally got there we had to jon a queue of cars that was waiting to get in. I was starting to feel a bit sick and was starting to need to go to the toilet. I was sitting in the middle of the back seat, with the boys on each side of me (to stop them fighting on the journey) and I could see they were starting to get uncomfortable, they were both squirming in their seats and the younger one kept grabbing the front of his jeans. We had been queueing for about fifteen minutes when the younger kid, Mark said he needed to go badly. His dad, Mike said he'd take him as soon as we parked. After about another ten minutes we were still waiting and by now Mark was getting really desperate he was squirming around in his seat and squeezing the front of his jeans with both hands. Greg, the older boy was also getting desperate. He was holding himself whe! never he thought no-one was looking. Another few minutes passed, we hadn't moved and my stomach was starting to hurt more. I finally spoke up, I said I needed to go as well, and I offered to take the boys to the toilets with me. Mike thought about it for a second and then agreed. I lent over Mark and opened the back door, Mark and I got out and stood by the car, Mike asked Greg if he was going, Greg said he could wait. Mike asked him if he was sure, he said he didn't need to go that badly.
My stomach was starting to cramp more and by now Mark was boucing around on the spot holding himself with both hands. I asked Greg if he was sure and he said he was. I held Marks hand and we walked along the path passing the long line of cars. Down at the bottom of the hill there was a small car park which was full. In the corner the toilets were in a small concerte building. It was divided up into two sections with the mens on oneside and the womens on the other, each section was just one large stall. Just as we got there the door of the mens section opened and a middle aged man came out, we went past him. Mark ran ahead of me and ran to the toilet. I closed the door and waited outside. A few seconds later Mark came out and said his jeans were stuck and he couldn't get them off.
I wasn't sure about going into the toilet with someone elses kid but he was about to pee all over himself so I didn't know what else to do so I took himside. He was jumping up and down, I went over to him. I moved his hands off the front of his jeans and tried to pull them down. I could see a small wet patch about the size of a tennis ball. Then I got the buttons undone, and pulled his jeans down. He took a step forward, pulled his underwear down and quickly sat on the toilet. As he started to pee he breathed a huge sigh of relief. The look on his face was a picture, I don't think i've ever seen anyone look so happy, he was peeing for what seemed like ages. I walked towards him and asked him if he was done but he said he was pooping, then I heard about three of four splashes.
By now my stomach was starting to cramp really badly, I asked Mark if he was nearly done, he said he was finished. Then I suddently got a really bad cramp. I asked Mark to stand up and go outside but he protested that he needed to wipe. By now I was about to loose it in my underwear, I told Mark I needed to go really badly and asked if he could move. He giggled and stood up, I told him to turn around which he did. I pulled down my clothes and sat on the toilet, instantly I started to push out a large poop which hit the water with a loud splash. I closed my eyes and pushed out three of four more pieces. I opened my eyes and Mark was starring at me. I felt a bit embarrased to have a strange six year old staring at me on the toilet, but as he was standing infront of me half naked anyway I didn't worry too much about it. I told Mark that i'd been done in a minute and then he could finish. Then he looked down and said he couldn't. I asked what he meant. Then he said that some! one always helped him wipe. I smiled and told him not to worry, I told him to turn round then grabbed a wad of toilet paper and started to wipe he butt. When I was done I pulled up his pants. A few seconds later there was a knock on the door. I shouted out we'd be done in a minute when I heard Greggs voice saying he needed to go really, really, bad. Mark ran forwards and opened the door before I could say anything. Greg ran in holding the front of his shorts with both hands, I was still sitting on the toilet he ran in and stopped right infront of me. "Oh, no- it's coming!" he said. I couldn't get up as I was still pooping. I moved back on the toilet seat as far as I could and told him to go. He ran fowards, pulled down the front of his shorts and instantly started a long pee. He peed for about 2 minutes before finally finishing. When he was done he pulled up his shorts and said thankyou. I laughed and finished up my poop. It was strange wiping with two kids watching me, but ! by now I was like- What the hell. I just saw both of them go and they've seen me.
We all washed our hands and left. Later on that day I told Mike what happened, he thought it was hysterical.

That was a funny day.

Infantry SPC
David- Lately I haven't been around my lovely ebony sistas to have a great story. I'm looking for some new adventures but because of my schedule (college, track, and the military). In the dorm I live in, every so often one of the girls from downstairs comes up to use the toilet in my room because their toilet won't flush. She always announces her bodily function (always peeing) for leverage on permission.

I do remember one time in High School, when I was at a track meet and when I was walking by the girls bathroom, smelling the sweet funk that cute female runners leave behind.

I still have yet to truly witness a woman (especially a fine black woman)take a shit with all the details and aspects, like loud farts, massive size, incredibly strong smell, and skid marks to finish it all off. To me that would be a dream come true.(besides winning an olympic gold medal in the 100m dash) Maybe I should add that to my christmas list...

Hey everyone I am new here! I don't really have a story to post at the moment that I can think of but there are sure some to come. Anyway I do have a survey if someone would like to answer.

1) Does it stink bad enough when you go you use the fan or spray air freshner?
2) When you are in public do you cover the seat?
3) Do you read while you are dropping your load?
4) About how long does it take you to go?
5) What's the longest it has ever taken you?
6) Approxamently how many times do you wipe?
7) Do you leave ski d marks or floaties after being done?
8) Have you ever clogged the toliet up real bad?
9) Do you have to grunt or is it easy to drop your load?
10) In public do you not flush for others to see your load?
11) Chicks when your on your period do you have diareah or get constipated? explain...
12) Chicks when you sit down to pee do you ever just like fart or something and end up taking a shit even though that ain't why you sat on the toilet?

Anyway I will have a story to come shortly by the way that chick in the picture today 11/30 most have ate my grandma's pie cuz that looks about like the load my gf had after eating it. I hate pie so I stayed away from it. well I guess I got a story... we were driving home from my grandma's house on thanksgiving and my gf was like I need a bathroom and I need it fast. Oh by the way she is 16 pretty cute nice ass etc... So the only thing around being a restarea I pulled off. Well there weren't many people around just us and one other car. So I walked into the womens bathroom with her. Well the first stall she walked into was totaly marked up with skid marks and there was a stong odor of poop. So we walked into the disabled perosons stall thing and she hurried and coverd the seat with tp, there was none of those cheap paper things. She said I got to cover it, I have to sit no squating this is going to be massive. Well as her ass hit the seat I watched her face ten! se up and boom!!! man it was one of the loudest farts I had heard and it lasted for a good 10 sec. The fart was followed by tons and tons of diareah. She aint to fond of letting me watch it come out but she likes me to be in there with her and wipe her. I often get to see the load when she is done though. Well after the inital prob 30 sec of just realsing diareah, she sat there for about 10min just grunting her brains out while I rubbed her back. Then she pushed out a long turd which required so much grunting I though she was going to cry. That was followd by a period of rest and her saying hunny I am sorry for the smell. I was like its okay but I was thinking holly shit it reaks in here. Then about a min later she ripped another loud fart and some more diareah. Then another chick and her little girl came in and the little girl was like mommy I have to poop. While the one toilet was curved with skid marks and the mom was like that toilet is dirty, and the other had! no tp so she said wait for this other lady to get done. Well she sat there for about 5 min to make sure she was done and then I wiped her. It took me 8 wipes to get her clean... I flushed after three of them. Man then she sat up and the toilet was so streaked up and there was like no water with out floaties. It was massive while I flushed once again to get the tp to go down. It wasn't very successful but anyway we walked out and the lady and her kid walked in and she was like holly shit! anyway we walked out to go back to the car and I herd a loud fart and the mom say hunny I am going to go poop in this one over her wait for me if you get done. DAMN I wish I could have stayed in there. anway take care

Traveling Guy
With all the toilet scenes in movies lately, I'm probably not the only one who watched "Shipping News" hoping to get a glance of lanky, leggy Julianne Moore, in all her primal Celtic beauty, sitting on the pot. Instead, viewers are treated to mega-talented Judi Dench unfastening her jeans and starting to seat herself on the round hole of her outhouse. Just as she unzips, the shot cuts to her from the waist up from a couple of angles. You can hear her tinkle hitting the bottom of the pit, though, thanks to some good Foley magic. (What she's pissing on is part of the storyline, so I won't be a spoiler.) It's fine with me that we don't see Dench's hip on pot. Spare me that of the classy actress who played the Queen in "Shakespeare in Love." But I surely would liked to have seen Julianne in that same situation, head to knee.

Nothing more to report after the Thanksgiving meal than some of my usual generous dumps. How about the rest of you?

interesting can you go at that time if you dont hold it til later or is it just a feeling then.

PRG great Stories coming from you especially the one in the store with a swing door you said this did not bother you all i can say is it would me sometimes at least ( in sri-lanka you have to be less bashful or Africa for that matter) I hope you and your ex-self glassed ass of yours is well seems to me like your dumps can be noisy especially when you had friends round your BF,s.
I posted a story last time (that went astray) but i cant remember it now and nothing intresting has happened recently so i'll be back when the fog clears of something new of note happens.
For the girls in Ali G's film Ali G inda house he makes a reference to touching cloth but hes lying to get away from the press also in a public opening he,s asked to lay a brick so drops he's pants and shits a log you see him strain but not the log. I just saw this film because i is a fan (not because i is black) Ali G Joke but just for those who might want to know. Theres loads of lovelly woman but no toilet stuff from them DAMN
take care London Calling

Saku: I'm not a woman, but in my office at work, some of the ladies aren't too happy. They've made it known that a phantom-pooper is leaving her occasionally messy diarrhoea mark in their washroom.
Mostly, she just leaves logs or "marbles". But other times the mystery woman apparently doesn't think twice about messing up a toilet seat & floor. (How the ladies are so certain it's just 1 person, I couldn't tell you...)

It never happens after the part-time evening shift comes in, so she (or they) must be in the full-time daytime staff.


To Bucket: I just farted.

To younggirl: Sounds like a nice dump..what did you eat?

To Jared: Intresting story.

To Punk Rock Girl: Sounds like a nice dump.

To Alexa: Liked your story..i think sometimes eggs does that..last time i ate eggs i think i had the runs,...haven't eaten much since.

To Cory: That seems like a long time to hold your never once pooped in public?

To jim: Liked your should have said you fell in the bathroom and the floor was wet with pee...eew

To wetguy: I never flush like that when im peeing...unless im in a hurry or something...people might think your pooping and need to flush 2x or even sick or something.

To Kansas Dude: 1 Folded 2. Inside..prefering in public. 3. No not usally 4. Watched as long as its no one old and its no family members. 5. Don't really care where i poop at.

To Traveling Guy: Thats cool what that girl said

To chris: Intresting about the girl you met who pooped on the balcony.

I had a nice dump last night right before bed. Around 10:15 i started farting and by about 10:30 i felt it moving on down. I then went up to bed and i came back down for something 15 minutes later then the urge was really strong! So i went to my bathrom and i sat and pushed it out. I saw a big curved log about 10 inches and it was hard at the beginging and soft at the end and it was also a light brownish color..usally mine is dark brown but i suspect that stewed tomatoes and or carrots did it(been eating that stuff). Then i sat down and i pushed more soft light brown stuff out. Then i wiped about 10times and flushed..really felt goood to get rid of. I hadn't pooped in probably 2 days or something like that..To me it was like a pre thanksgiving dump!
Any way....i went to bed..i awoke at 6am
i realized i had a toilet was really goes.
I dreamed that i was going to florida and i was in some building with my family they all took a bathroom break while i was behind. Then i had to go in and there were a bunch of toilets in the mens room on like 3 floors and they all had short swinging doors with tvs in them. I walked all around saw alot of guys but they were watching tv. I didn't see any one pee or poop. I then remember female memebers of the family there walking around..maybe it was unisex? Then i woke up
That was really weird. I wonder if something like that really exists somewhere? I probably had that dream from that show about top 10 bathrooms that was on travel channel a few months back.
well gotta run..going to work before the holiday.

Really enjoy hearing womens' poop and pee stories.

Especially hearing someone 'crackling' in the next booth.

Personal descriptions of their toilet exploits are

nice too.

A couple of years ago at a family reunion in the summer, my oldest brother and I wound up sleeping in a tent pitched in the woods because there was no room for us in my cousin's house. You gotta understand that my bro is in no way proud, is pretty big and can eat like nothing I've ever seen. For 4 days virtually all he did is eat, I know he had to shit a couple of times because I saw him head for the woods with our roll of t.p. Finally on the 4 th. day he just layed down in his sleeping bag and groaned, he'd eaten so much. He slept from about 3 in the afternoon until about daybreak the next morning. His first words when he woke up were "oh man do I gotta shit", he crawled out of his sleeping bag and started to walk out the door of the tent, every time he took a step he farted, he made it as far as the edge of the small clearing where we were camped, a small tree had fallen and was resting across a fence, he stepped over the tree and backed up to it and dropped his pants,! leaned forward and let a super loud fart,then sat his ass on the fallen tree, like I said he is not proud, when he has to shit, he has to shit, I was watching from the tent, he then hollered to me "bring the ass wipe", I got out of my sleeping bag, picked up the half roll of t.p. and took it to him. When I was about 10 feet from him he started to groan, a huge turd started to emerge, this thing was about the diameter of a soda can, chunk after chunk dropped from his ass with no end in sight, they were each about 6-8 inches long, I watched in awe as this continued, had to have been about 8 big turds, he then took a deep breath and crapped out another huge mushy pile. This was the biggest load of shit I ever saw, he proceded to wipe his ass, using the rest of the roll of t.p. pulled up his pants, stared at his creation and said "I've done better" and walked back to the tent.

tibkid boy
hey all. i post infrequently but visit often. these past few days i've been taking some really big dumps. it started when this past friday, the 22nd, i had diarrhea. i was leaving for home that afternoon for thanksgiving (first year in college) and i woke up and had a few bouts of watery diarrhea (the kind where it's like peeing out your butt). i pushed out as much as i could so i didnt have to do any on the bus. after that i didnt poop for two days. then i started taking these 12 inch or longer dumps at home, an inch or two in diameter. they're sooo nice to push out. my sister who's 13 does poops like that alot too. she's good looking i must say. but she does some really big poops sometimes. when we were young we used to watch each other go and it would be normal if she did a bigger poop than me. i have a lot of stories about me and friends watching each other poop which i may tell at some point.

shy girl

well i'm back to let everyone who has read about some of my previous trouble with constipation (despite eating a diet pretty high in fiber and drinking tons of water) that i'm getting some degree of relief from taking fiber supplements. it's so much better than harsher stimulant laxes out there that made me sick and weak. i think maybe *sometimes* shyness about going has contributed to the problem of getting backed up. also sometimes i avoid going when it hurts and tears and i bleed. i feel very stupid about telling a doctor that i sometimes have that problem (the tearing and bleeding) even when i'm absolutely not constipated. so i've never said anything. besides i don't know what causes it except that iron supplements worsen that problem. anyone else get small bleeding and tearing when they're *NOT* constipated and if so what helps?

anyway i also wanted to say that yes, in addition to fiber, eating triscuits works wonders in giving me great gentle relief!
the downside of even more fiber is that it's turned me into even more of a gassy girl! i guess it's pretty funny.

on another note, i have another question some of you all here might be able to answer. i don't think i mentioned before here that i have a form of arthritis. no one would know it from just looking at me since i'm pretty athletic and look as healthy as anyone else. anyway when it flares up and i'm not feeling that great with the pain and all, i take NSAID painkillers. however my stomach became less able to tolerate them (especially aspirin and ibuprofen) after college. consequently i was prescribed acid reducing medication to take whenever i have painkillers...stuff like prilosec or nexium. they never caused any trouble until this summer. now sometimes when i take them i get diarrhea. not completely watery but pretty soft and unpleasant. does anyone else have this problem? is this supposed to be a side effect of stomach acid reducing medications? if anyone knows, please post to me. the other day i took prilosec and i had to go in a major, soft and mushy way 3 time! s.

To Briyan: i enjoy your posts. the red-eye automatic motion sensing toilets are incredibly ANNOYING! (alas, so are the automatic sinks, where the water doesn't turn on when you want to wash your hands). anyway, i like the seat covers esp. if the place is a mess, but unfortunately often the places that need them the most don't have them while the nice ones do.

Also, someone mentioned a while back that there are some interesting scenes from uncut live stream videos of reality shows like Big Brother, Real World, and Survivor? Is that true? I had read that the producers said that under no circumstances would footage from the bathrooms be shown, unless it was the site of some important game strategy conversations related to winning the show. I do know however, that there are gas scenes, as one would expect, that take place elsewhere in the house. How do the reality t.v. shows really work when it comes to this issue?

Kansas Dude
Biker Trash: Another Kansas man-holy dern, we're all sick, ain't we!

Bryian: Nope and don't have a clue.

Good hello! I,m bored, and I have no class until neext week, so I came to the campus anyway. What the hell is that all about.
It's amazing how the weather affects us. There's a little lake by my house that has a trail around the perimiter and during the summer it has little wads of toilet paper and the like all the way around it. Now that it's cold they've all disappeared. The only people I've come up on, though were all dudes peeing. That almost annoys me. I'd rather watch the cute girls. We as a nation need to get the balls to go outside more often and all year round! (Especially you women.)

Biker Trash
Here's a thought-did anyone take into consideration that the Avril girl was only seventeen when the video was shot and it's slightly illegal to show a young pooter on th TV thing?

POOBARE I just happen to see the latest pic of the blonde lady seated nicely on the toilet. She looks familiar,like some actress i've seen,which brings to mind a question i've had: do women sometimes pull down dresses or always pull them up when they go? What about when they wear high heels,is it easy to squat with them on or do they take them off? TO JANINE: That was an interesting post you made. I noticed you used the word DOOKEY several times. I do'nt normally read on the toilet, i usually just sit and think .

Todd & Diana
Welcome to the forum. We just wanted to tell you, we read on the toilet all the time. As a matter of fact, we can't take a dump without reading a magazine, it is too hard. Yeah we love hearing stories that envolve females who read on the toilet. As we have told all the other posters here, when a female reads on the toilet, it is such a turn on. So if you could please post some stories about you reading on the toilet. By the way do you mind if we ask how old you are, and if you are single? Just let us know, you are such a cool person. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

Just want to wish all of you poopers a very happy turkey day and i'm sure we'll all be doin' some serious dumping on fri morning(i know I will!)Some responses
TO ALEXA-Hey,I would love to poop along with you out in the woods anytime!Check out some of my old posts about my outdoors poops-they were so much fun!!Like your stories a bunch!
Still dumping as soon as I get out of bed-Did a good dump this I got out of bed and headed right for the bowl as I got undressed(I always like to dump nude-it seems to highten the whole experience)sat on the bowl with a long pre-poop fart that felt great as my asshole domed out and the ropes of poop came out pretty fast with some gas in between and I peed up a storm at the same time-man,did it feel good!Then I sat back and took a break and in about 2-3 mins I had to dump again as another fart announced Pt 2 of my BM as bunch of really soft stuff ooxed out my anus Plop,plop,plop ,ploping into the bowl and ending with 2 wet farts and I felt done as I looked in the bowl and saw a3 long soft turds witha pile of really soft stuff in the middle-a good dump! I peed some more and relieved myself( had to do that after a dump like that!) and took a shower.Hope you all.have some good stuff to share on fri! Have a great thanksgiving! BYE

tibkid boy
hey, me again. just to let people know, i'm a male, recently turned 19, reddish brownish hair, 145 lbs.. tonight i was on my way home from a party and it was late. i really had to piss, and slowly an urge to poop was building too. i could tell it would be another hard one. it was like one o'clock and there were no signs of life anywhere (i live in a quiet rural area). so i stopped at the town hall parking lot and went behind a tree and pulled my jeans and boxers down. immediately i started spraying a forceful stream of piss from my dick. then i farted. it was a loud, long one, the kind i like best. i knew i was ready for a poop. i pushed. more gas came out. i pushed harder and i could feel my poop coming down my intestine. i pushed harder. i was a little constipated. then my hard dry poop started to come out. i was pushing pretty hard so i could get it out fast, in case any cars came by. my anus stretched open wide and i pushed out about a 7" poop. not that big but it took s! ome effort. any teens, guy or girl, got stories like this? pooping outside/public place? share them...

Punk Rock Girl
Biker Trash: I've seen LEAVING LAS VEGAS and EYS WIDE SHUT (both fantastic movies, by the way), but those were both peeing scenes. The issue I was addressing was the lack of female shitting scenes in movies. There's a few, but not nearly as many as there are men shitting, or women peeing. Us women have intestines, rectums and anuses just like men, and we have to pass shit through them just like men. Why is that never reflected in mainstream cinema? I saw TRAINSPOTTING, and thought it was a very good film, but I didn't think it was funny. I can't believe so many people refer to it as a comedy. I agree that the shitting in the bed scene was grotesque. Bleach!

Saku: I've been in a women's room where a woman had sprayed diarrhea all over the toilet seat, the stall, the floor. It looked like she must have bent over and spun around while she was shitting. Of course there was only one toilet and I wound up having to squat over it to pee, with my feet on either side of a pile of mushy shit on the floor. A truly repulsive experience.

Bucket: I farted on the way to work this morning, actually. I was getting off the subway and walking upstairs when a fairly loud and powerful fart blew out of my behind. I don't think anyone noticed at all. It was too loud and the subway already smelled like shit. When I'm by myself, I fart whenever I have to. And not those little "poot" farts it's rumored that are the only type women are capable of. Loud, long and smelly, just like a guy's. Occasionally, I'll fart around my guy friends as well, but usually as a joke. Never in mixed company though. It's rude.

I saw a pic of Avril Lavigne singing at the music awards. Her pants were loose and you could see the top half of her ass. Looks like she's got a cute little set of cheeks, I'll give her that. Supposedly, her pants were falling down because the microphone receiver she had clipped to them was too heavy, but I thought maybe some of the shit she's so full of came out and THAT was what was weighing down her pants. I guess we'll never know! She certainly has spunk, and a fair amount of talent. It's a shame she blows it on such trite and irritating crap.

Sorry, Avril fans. :(

Peace, though, okay? Just my opinion.


Hey dude,love your posts about the sistas doing their thing.I know some who could put some of us guys to shame!I hope more can find the courage to post more of the same and share the love around.My girlfriend took a massive smelly dump about an hour ago aand it totally stunk up the house which i always seem to tell her it's cool and she's not the only one!This makes her feel more comfortable about the whole matter which was the desired result.Her friends also come round at times when i've gone to work and when i arrive i'm at times left with the bathroom reeking (she'd reluctantly take the blame)but i study her movements at times and it's impossible for it to be her all the time she's "owned "up and i know she's covering for her friends.Some of them have some really nice propotioned asses too and voluptous to say the least.Boy can they produce some!!
Happy dumping-
To jeanine-i love to use Andrex-soft tissue wipe but being a guy i'm not particularly fussed as long as there's enough to wipe myself thoroughly with,as most of my dumps are really sticky anyway-maybe the rich foods i eat .Oh yeah what do you look like?Me i'm around 180lbs 6ft and if it's not evidently apparent,afro american .
More stories infantry!!keep it up
Happy dumping all!!

To Scarlet, reference my Halloween accident. Yes, They were Mary's panties I pooped in and my mom was pretty mad at me for doing it too. Sorry O took so long to respond, I do not come to this site frequently, and my posts tend to be about accidents I;ve had over the years.

This is about a big mess in my pants at a 3 day blie grass music festival. It was early the morning of the second day, and My wife and I had had a pretty long night, and were both quite drunk when we finally returned to our van in the campground and went to sleep. I awoke a few hours later and really had to take a dump. It was pouring down rain, but the walk to the portajons wasn't far, so I kind of staggered over to the nearest line of them. The campground was overloaded, and they weren't keeping up with cleaning out the portapotties, so as a result, they were all overflowing, and extremely discusting. I just stood there and in my drunken state, came to the conclusion, that if I was going to get shit all over me, I'd rather it was my own. So, I just stood there and shit in my pants, then went back to yhe van, crawled back inside and went to sleep on the floor. The next thing I knew, my wife was kicking me, telling me to go clean out my pants, because I really stunk. I went ! into the woods and cleaned up at a small stream which ran behind the campground.

I just farted and it inspired me to come here and post. Does the tension of the holidays make any of you poop more? I had a little holiday related disagreement yesterday. I soon felt the urge to poop. I took a seat in the Men's, then deposited a 12" log. A couple of hours later I did the same thing, another skinny 12" log. I had a third poop last night, all were very clean with little wiping needed.

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