I'm 16 and writing about something that happened on Thursday after Thanksgiving dinner. The whole family was gathred at my house.

A little while after dinner, I went to use the bathroom and I found my 7 year old cousin in there crying. She was crying because she had a mess in her panties and didn't know what to do. I told her no to worry or be embarrassed, I'd just go get her mother (my aunt).

With that she started crying harder, grabbed my arm and begged me not to do it. Obviously, she didn't want her mother to find out. She said the accident happened during dinner because she was too embarrased to say she had to go and she couldn't hold it in. I also got the impression that this wasn't th first time it happened and that her mother was getting angry about her accidents.

To make a long story short, I helped her clean herself up -- not exactly what I wanted to be doing on Thanksgiving day, but I never can say "no" to her.
I flused her messy underpants down the toilet an got her a pair of my little sister's to wear. By now she had stopped crying and gave me a big hug. I told her not to worry about it, accidents happen, and that she could always come to me if it happened again.

I finished cleaning her up just in time, too, as her mom was coming down the hallway to check on her. I told me aunt that she just had a stomach ache from eating too much and I was helping her with that. I didn't make any mention of her daughter's accident.

Now, though, I'm not really sure that I did the right thing. I mean, helping my little cousin clean up was probably the right thing, but I'm not sure about the rest. I don't like lying to my aunt, but I don't want my cousin to be embarrassed or get punished.

1. How many of yu ladies pull your panties to the knee to piss? I push them to my ankles all the time.
2. How many guys have seen a women piss outside of a bar or in a park? I'm a woman but I have seen many women peeing outside
3. Have you pissed outside at a campground? Yes, I do all my peeing and pooping outside when i go camping.
4. Ladies do you always use tp after pissing if you have it? Yes
5. Men do you always watch the waay your piss is going into the toilet or urinal? N/A
6. Men and Ladies have you pissed on yourself in the shower or tub? Yeah, i always pee in the shower, i figure it saves water and it all goes to the same pipes any way. One time, I was adventurous and i did a hand stand in the shower, then i started to pee, my pee pushed out of my vagina about one inch high, and then came down on me and ran down my body, most of it came down the front, a little bit ran between my buns and down my back. My pee mostly ran down my stomach, around my boobs and dripped off my one shoulder. It was sooo warm. Another few times i held my legs really close together and let my pee run down the inside of my legs.
7. Have you ever forgot to lock the stall door and somebody pushed it open and saw you pissing or pooping? Yes, I never lock it at home. My family is very open minded and we always see each other naked, in the shower or doing our business. One time in the mall i left it open a little bit on purpose, then i lifted my dress over up and hung it over my shoulders, then i pushed my panties down to my ankles, sat down,and spread my legs fairly wide. Then i peed, and to my surprise, a lady opened the door on me and looked in, she had her daughter with her who was holding her vagina. The lady just looked at my exposed body and said sorry, told her the lock was broken.

I have always been embarrassed about having a poop. I eats lots of fruit and vegetables, and i think that's why my poop always seems to smell quite bad. I also pass a lot of gas when I'm pooping, so only go at home. I don't like to pull my panties right down, but slip them to just above my knees.

i ate so much food today at thanksgiving that i really had to poop and my cousins were in the bathroom and i nocked but they wouldnt come out they thought i was playing and the poop started coming out in my underwear. i ran to my room and it all came out in my pants and i didnt know what to do. then mom yelled for me to come here and i walked real slow and she wanted my uncle to meet me. i had this big bump on my but and he put me on his nee and said your big. then he smelled the poo and whispered in my ear, did you have a accident, i said yes. he pretended he didnt know and let me down and he said go play. i ran back to my room and waitied till my cousins got out. i went in and changed. my little cousin hes 5 nocked and said he had to go potty real bad and i said wait, i was still cleaning my but, then he opened the door and ran in. he peed his pants in front of me. then he said did you hae an accident to and i said ya. i took him to my rrom and gave him a pair of my old sh! orts that dont fit, they fit him good, since im so small and he was kinda chubby. i snuck to the washer and cleaned both our clothess and mom didnt even know. my litle cousin played a while in my room and i didnt know it but he ped my shorts to, he really had to go and was sitting in my closet, he just went all over the floor. i yelled at him and he cried. his mom came in and saw him in my shorts and started asking questions. i had to tell her everything. my mom came in and yeled at me, she swatted my legs and said dont leave my room. my cousin went in a differant room for a time out. oh well thats why i am typing this, but they are leaving soon anyway so i can go to bed. well gotta go, by

Eric in Chicago
Bryian: When you're asleep your kidneys are under hormonal orders to recycle as much water as possible, so when you sleep for 8 hours you're making a lot less pee than you would in 8 hours of being awake. Thus you can't really use that as a holding time.

Qwert: I'm pretty sure the reason the taboo against a man using the women's room is greater than that against a woman using the men's room is that men are more likely than women to be rapists or voyeurs.

Bucket: last time I farted was a few minutes ago.

The Berry Blue flavor of Koolaid is back on the market, and I've been drinking a lot of it. It's real dark blue, so it turns your shit green. My last brown crap was about two weeks ago.

How long do you normally sit out there? More than 20 minutes, less?

I was at a wedding. I could tell the bride had to go the reatroom badly. We both new she wasn't going to make it. I had stoped watching the impotance of the wedding to see what she ws going to do. In the middle of the recton. She could take it no longer. After turning around to make a run for it. Her futre husband didn't want her to leave. So, he grabbed her arm and she to the ground. Her gown turned brown. She had pooped her pants. They had postponed the wedding til' the next day so she could get a differnt gown. She did. She looked much nicer. I didn't notice anything for a while, but, she started jumping around again. I was ready to laugh out loud! She didn't turn around this time. Her husband noticed and whispered to her to run to the toilet quickly. She said she would piss herself again if she moved. (I was in the front and could hear)He was shocked. I could tell by the look on his face. He whispered I'll piss myself with you! I silently laughed while my mom elbowed me ! to stop. "1,2,3!" he said and together they pissed themselfs!

shy girl
hey guys! just wanted to let everyone know that the fiber is really bringing on some major bowel action i never thought possible i.e. several logs at once w/o much having to put forth much effort (whenever i get the urge to go it's always really strong), and lots of gas. it's a good feeling (not the gas pain but afterwards) but it's weird since i didn't really think someone my size could have all of that....looks are deceiving maybe. but the shyness is keeping it a bit discreet.

still, i have a story that's sort of funny. it was the day after i ate a bunch of broccoli in my salad so my farts made that quite evident. i was helping out in the kitchen and letting some quiet but deadly ones out. the person i was with suddenly turned and looked at me and asked if i was feeling okay or if i had indigestion or a stomach ache. i said i felt fine and didn't have any such problem and she then looked at me and said that the smell of my emissions signaled incomplete digestion or something. i told her that it was just b/c of the stuff i'd eaten the previous day and she was like " the window we need some fresh air". it was kind of funny and and at least i can laugh about it.

no name nowhere

Hi I've been reading the forum but not posting and I just wanted to comment on a posting by a girl about farting around guys and being shy. Please remember (regardless of whether you're a girl or guy) that for some people it takes time to feel comfortable with that kind of stuff and that it's not that they're necessarily uptight or old fashioned. Also some people simply prefer to keep private functions private. Guys: give a girl or woman time. Really it goes for all genders. Give a person time. It's an individual thing.
Does anyone here agree with this? Does it make any sense? I hope so.

Hey has anyone ever watched "Meet My Folks" reality show? There was a funny scene where one girl was given a lie detector test (part of the show) by her prospective date's parents, and they asked her if she purposefully used to pass gas with her old boyfriend because she thought it was funny. It was pretty funny. At least she was honest and said yes.

QWERT: It's one of the double standards that exist in society today. Because everyone thinks that going to the bathroom is less private for men than for women, no authorities seem to care when a girl runs into the guy's room because she might need to use the bathroom and the girls' is farther away. But if a guy's in the middle of pissing his pants and the men's room is out of order, he'll get smacked around by the courts(well, that’s exaggerating, but you know what I mean). It sucks, and not only for men! I'd give anything for some guy to run in as I lay a thick one on the porcelain!

BIKER TRASH: Omigosh! I can't believe that you did that! I'd be so scared to do that! At least, when I go, I'm outside, without security guards and police and such! But I might just try to beat that…

JARED: You posted! Great stories about Mallory and Clarionne! I don't think I spelled it right the first time, but I think that's it. Too bad you didn't get to see the output that Clarionne produced, but getting to hear it is always a thrill! Keep them coming!

ANONYMOUS MOVIE GUY: If you're on a diet, and you're cutting out too many foods with fiber, then that could explain your constipation. Usually salad-ish foods should have fiber in them, like lettuce and such. All those big green leafy ???? would work for fiber, and they're natural (duh) so they're not harsh on the system!

Okay, time for something with substance: my post about yesterday in the morning!

I'm home for Thanksgiving (just want to point out something, my Thanksgiving dump's going to be colossal! Keep your fingers crossed...) and I felt something coming on in back, so I decided to jog around my old stomping grounds to loosen things up, wearing my fave jogging outfit, black stretch pants and my grey sweatshirt, as well as a white windbreaker over that. After a while, I felt things start moving, and I bent over a little and blew out a loud fart that broke the silence with a PHURT! Smiling, I sighed and sought out shelter to leave my own present behind. I found a bunch of bushes, and went behind them, so I was between a row of bushes and a row of trees. At the base of the tree, I pulled my pants and white panties down to my knees and squatted. Grunting softly, I unloaded a long, thick log, shaped like a cucumber, three-and-a-half inches thick, and then farted softly again, tickling my anus as it sputtered out. I felt the second log in my rectum, ready to be dump! ed. So I grunted, and with an “Unngh…” I dropped the second log, pinching it in mid-push with my anus. This second one was shaped like a yam, three inches thick in the middle and thin at the ends. Then, just as I was ready to dump out the third one, my mother’s friend and my former babysitter Anna, a busty lady with a big butt and naturally black hair (she’s Native American), came jogging up. The bushes hid me, as I ducked behind them, but Anna stayed in front of the bushes. I was kinda apprehensive at first, and my third log went back in, even though I desperately wanted to let it out. Why? I have no clue, since I usually go out in the open all the time. I was probably having trouble because I was with someone I knew. However, Anna had no such inhibitions. Letting out a loud fart, she pulled her pants to her knees and squatted, showing a smooth-skinned bronzed rump. Behind her, a surprisingly thick stream of pee hissed onto the ground. “Ahhh,” she sighed, moving her feet wi! der apart. “Now for the hard part.” I was still unable to go, for fear of making too much noise. It’s weird, you can dump in front of so many strangers, but someone you know can stop you up so well. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Bingo! The third log started to creep from my opening hole, softly curling down around the other two like a snake. It was much softer and thinner, about two inches thick, but a lot longer, curling on the whole pile twice. I heard a “Mmmmpph…” from in front of me and looked under the bush. Anna’s anus opened as a really dark movement started to appear. It was one of those that looks like a conglomerate rock, with a whole bunch of pebbles stuck together. “Here it comes,” she said as a huge log, easily four inches in diameter, started out of her anus. I could barely believe it. It gradually accelerated, getting smoother, and curled around, landing with a thump. She sighed contentedly, pulling up her pants completely in the front, but leaving them down i! n the back. Then she got some toilet paper out of her purse and wiped, as I did the same. Then, when she was gone, I surprised myself by squeezing out a fourth smaller egg-shaped ball of dung to top off my pile, much like an over-sized cherry. I re-wiped, pulled up, and left.

Actually, speaking of Anna, I had much more exposure to bathroom related things when she was my babysitter. So, if anyone wants, I’ll probably be able to post some stuff about my childhood happenings!

Thanksgiving story coming up soon!


this weekend I went to a musical with my family, and I wore my favorite leather pants. Well, it was fun and on the way home I had to pee so bad I didnt think i was gonna make it home. Luckey for me, i had taken my own car, seperate from my family on the way home...because someone pulled out in front of me and I slammed on my breaks and it scared me and I started peeing.... I had been holding it so long I couldnt stop it just kept coming and coming completly feeling my pants, but not comging out at all of course because they are leather...well...I wasnt sure what to do, and I was on a country road so I stopped and I got a towl(wash cloth) i had in the backseat and I unzipped my pants and shoved it in my panties hoping to soak everything up so it didnt go dripping everywhere when I stood up. well I finally got home and i had fixed it enough to get in and changed. WHEW!

The other day a group of teenagers was outside the local rail station, & one of the girls had her hand on her crotch, pushing hard, and half bending over. Suddenly she straightened up, took her hand away & said quite loudly, "I'm goint to piss myself". Her friends took no notice at all, and suddenly there was a hissing sound and this stream of pee splashing round her feet. After what seemed an age she finished and said, "there, that feels much better." Still her friends went on chatting as if nothing unusual had happened.

Hello fellow pooping friends
I Apologise for my long absence but my dad died a few weeks ago.
I posted a couple of times but they didn't make it so im hopeing this gets through.
Young girl great first post, you say you normally poo once every 3 days is that normally just the one lump i.5" by 9" ( i presume thats thick and long respectively)each time. So you always feel it first thing you wake up wow i find this

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