When I was nine my uncle took me camping for the first time. I figured there would be bathrooms and stuff, but we were deep in the woods and there was no toilet facilities at all. I the only girl with my uncle and three cousins, all boys. I was too embarrassed to poop with them around, and was afraid they'd see me if I went off by myself, or someone would see me anyway. It even took some neve for me to pee. So, we were camping for a long weekend, and on the second day, I desperately had to poop. I was trying to hold it until we got home, or at least stopped to get gas so I could use a bathroom, but we weren't leaving until the following morning. So that night before dinner, I said, I'll be right back. My uncle told my oldest cousin to go with me. I said, no I'm okay. He said, no I don't want you in the woods alone in the dark. I said okay. He grabbed a flashlight and we walked into the bushes. I told him I really really had to go, but was trying to hold it till ! we got home. He said, hey going outside is no big deal. He said make sure you only pull your pants down to your knees, because if you pull them all the way down you'll pee and poop on them. I said okay, but I was embarrassed to poop outside when someone might see me. He said, we all poop, it's no big deal. So, we got to a clump of bushes. He said go behind those bushes and I'll wait here. So, I went into the bushes and very nervously unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees, and squatted down. I peed, which I'd already done outside a few times, then tried to relax my butt. My stomach was in knots like I was walking a tight rope or something. I felt so stupid being so nervous. Finally, I pushed as hard as I could, and a whole bunch of poop started coming out and hitting the ground. I farted a couple of times too. I was really embarrassed, because I knew he could hear me, and it smelled bad, but it was a big relief. After I was done pooping (it felt lik! e A LOT!) I realized I hadn't thought to grab the roll of toilet paper that we had brought, and I could feel poop sticking to my butt. I was way too a=embarrassed to ask my cousin for any. I pulled my panties and pants up, and made sure I didn't give myself a wedgie. I walked out and my cousin and I walked back to camp. He said, now don't you feel better, and I said yeah. We ate dinner, talked, has some smores, and then everyone went to bed. A couple of hours later, when I was sure everyone was asleep (judging by the snoring all around me!) I snuck out of the tent (everyone else was sleeping outside), grabbed the TP and went into the bushes. I pulled my pants and panties down and rolled off some paper and wiped my butt. It was really really gooey. It took about five wipes. I had forgotten the flashlight, and I didin't want them to know I was outside, much less outside wiping my ass! So, I had to guess that my butt was clean enough and that my underpants weren't mes! sed. I went back in the tent and went to sleep. The next morning when I got up, I was allowed to go off by myself to pee. I grabbed a handful of paper just in case. I went to the same bushes from before and saw my pile of poop sitting there--it was a lot! I pulled my pants and panties down and examined my panties. Amazingly, they were clean! My butt cheeks had managed to protect my panties from the leftover poop. I squatted and peed, then wiped my ass a little more. It was a little itchy and raw, but okay. We had breakfast and went home later that day. I was so proud of myself for working up the nerve to poop outside. I'm thirteen now and I've pooped outside several times since then! My fear is pretty much gone, but I still don't know if I could ever poop in front of someone like a lot of people here do. Maybe if I was on the toilet. I'll write again if I have more stories! Bye-bye!

Emily of NYC
HI guys-Bryian, you wondered if I'd ever seen my brothers dumping. Once I actually did. My brother Nick, who's 17 now, but when this incident occurred he was 15 and I was 11, was once in the bathroom taking a really huge dump, and I had to go take a shower. So I walked in, and he screams at me at kicks me out the door. The room really smelled and I turned around to see his turds-I couldn't see very well because I was being pushed out the door, but I think I saw a really long turd like over a foot long with some smaller ones. BY the way, what does LOL mean?

Let's cut to the chase. I was in my math class and I suddenly had to take a really big dump. So I raised my hand and asked Mrs. Garrison if I could go. But she said not until you solve this algebra problem. So she had me come up to the board and luckily it was pretty easy, so I solved it quickly and ran to the bathroom, with all my classmates cackling. So I ran to the girls bathroom, put my backpack inside, and sit on the toilet, lowering my skirt. I hadn't taken a really big satisfying dump since the one at the club on Saturday, they've been like 9 inches long, which is a bit short for me. I was so ready to release a huge load. So I start farting really loudly at first, before any turds start coming out. But while I'm in the bathroom, guess who comes in but the only other Emily in the SCHOOL besides me. I'm in eighth grade, she's in tenth. I don't know her last name, though. IN case you're curious, my full name is Emily . She was just in ther! e because her hands were filthy from a science experiment with mud-she was just washing them. So finally a turd starts coming out. I can tell it's gonna be a really long one. I push on it for a really long time, and after a while, it's still coming out, but I look into the toilet, and see that it's almost 2 feet probably already. It finally falls into the toilet, followed immediately by a long rush of explosive diarrhea that almost burns my backside. It also smells a lot. So I look into the toilet to see what I've done so far-A really long log probably over two feet, and a load of really smelly diarrhea. ONe would think I'd probably be finished by now, but I start making these really smelly farts, which usually means something's left. I was right. Then I sprayed more really smelly diarrhea all over the sides of the toilet bowl. Finally I'm done. I look down at my bottom and see that the whole area around my anus is totally filthy. IT takes about 12 wipes, and a f! ew flushes to get all the skid marks away. I came back to my math class and Mrs. Garrison said, "That was a pretty long bathroom trip." I really wish she hadn't said that.

To American Eagle - I liked your story about peeing on the bus.

To EricNCSU - Loved your story about peeing your pants coming back from that game. Briefly, a somewhat similar thing happened to me about a year ago when i was 16 and at a pro basketball game with my dad. I had a couple cokes during the game and the bathroom line was wicked long at the end so I figured I'd just wait the 45 minutes 'til i got home (dont know what i was thinking!). However, I hadn't counted on the fact that it would take about half an hour to get out of the parking garage. To make a long story short, i was already starting to pee in my baggy jeans when we finally made it out despite squeezing my crotch and crossing my legs. By the time we made it to a rest stop, my crotch had about a softball sized wet spot, and i was still squirting every few seconds. I'm just glad no one my age saw that I had started to piss my pants when i walked into the bathroom to finish.


Kate in PA

My first post. Not about me, though, exactly. I guess I've had my fair share of peeing and shitting trials and tribulations, but the funniest and weirdest was this one!

In college, we were having a dorm party in the rec room. I was in the womens room sitting on the toilet and peeing, when I heard the door swing open. I heard a guy's voice, sounding desperate, say:

"Can I please come in?! The men's room is full and I'm about to shit my pants!"

I guess the girls at the sink took pity and asked the girls in the stalls, do any of you girls mind? I said okay and I heard another girl say okay. From the stall, I heard the guy say, "Thank you! Thank you!", heard him run in, open the free stall, slam it shut, fumble with his belt and zipper, pull down his pants and sit. Then I heard the loudest and longest series of farts, plops and splashes I've ever heard in my life. It was like that scene from DUMB AND DUMBER. I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. At the same time, I felt really bad for him. He must have been mortified.

I finished peeing and wiped myself and exited the stall. I saw the guy's feet under the stall, and heard some more farts and splashes. He moaned, "I'm really, really sorry about this." I said, "Hey, dude, we all shit!"

I finished washing up and exited the stall. A bunch of people were obviously watching the door, waiting for the guy to come out so they could tease him and make him even more miserable than he already was. I said, "Hey, give the guy a break. I think he's embarrassed enough." A few minutes later, the guy came out. Everyone laughed and clapped, and said stuff like, Everything come out all right? I was glad to see that he played it off and laughed with them. I don't know if I could have survived such humiliation!

True story. I saw the guy around, but don't know if he knew I was the girl he spoke to. Cute guy.

Shit Lovin' Chick
Heyyy Guyz,
I'm glad u enjoyed my first post.I have another story from a little while ago, that i think u mite enjoy.About 6 months ago my friend and i were watching a movie together.We were about 20 mins in, and i had an urge to poop,i could tell it was going to be really big!I really didnt want to interrupt the movie and leave my friend sitting by herself while i took a shit so i tried to hold on.I managed to hold for about another 20 mins, until it was unbearable.I said i'm sorry i dont want to leave u sitting here by yourself but i really have to take a shit.Surprisingly she said to me i'll come with u.I was happy, but she didnt really cross me as the type who enjoys shitting, maybe she just wanted to talk.As we were walking down my long hallway she said to me, this mite sound weird, but could i watch u poop.Now i was really surprised and almost instantly said, Yeh sure! she was really excited.I got out a towel and layed it on the bathroom floor(kinda in a hurry) I got on all fo! urs and relaxed my tight anus.Straight away a small but thick log sqeezed its way out of my bulging anus, it was only about 2 inches long but made a loud thud.Then i had to force a little bit and huge, wat felt like 3.5 inch turd started ripping my asshole.My friend said OOO, this is a big one.I pushed really hard and this firm beast slowly came out.It was really smooth, just how i like em.It took a while for it to come out, but when it did it hit the ground with a large thud, then just as in my other sory 3 or 4 logs quickly slid out of my gaping asshole without any force, they piled on top of my beast.i let out 2 huge flappy farts and 2 small balls. I got up and stared at my mountain of faeces.My friend was very impressed and i felt much better.We emptied my load in to toilet, and it all broke up and flushed down.

We went back and watched the movie for about another half an hour, when my friend said she needed to shit,I said u owe me, she said alright then.We walked into the kitchen,I got out a big glass bowl, while she undressed.she stood up over the bowl with her ass poking out abit.First she had a little pee in to the bowl, while she was peeing she put her hand over her pussy so it didnt spray everywhere.She pushed her butt out a bit more and spread her cheeks.She had anice asshole not too tight, not too loose.she let out a booming fart and made a little groan.I could see her dark brown turd appearing at her hole.She pushed some more and a 8 inch log came out with ease.I was sooo aroused, this was a highlight of my life, something i would never forget.Without her control 3 logs exploded out of her perfect asshole, all missing the bowl.Then some really mushy shit, almost diarreha splattered all over the tiles, she was moaning in pleasure.finally she pushed out a thick, smooth, l! ong, perfect log and it hit the side of the bowl and flipped it.So none of her shit ended up in the bowl.She said she was sorry about the mess, but i diddnt mind, i had just experienced the most arousing moment in my life. well thats all i have to say, i hope u enjoyed my long post.
I will be back, feedback would be appreciated.
Love Shit Lovin' Chick xoxox

Traveling Guy
After my last post, I remembered an incident from when I was about 6 or 7 and my cousin Emma was about 9 or 10. It was summer and my family, along with an aunt and uncle and a few cousins, was visiting the our great aunt's vacation cottage. Emma and I were playing with a neighbor friend named Kathy, I think, a girl of about Emma's age. Suddenly, Kathy announced that she'd better go back to her family's cottage because she had to go to the bathroom. Emma asked, "For #1 or #2?" Kids always ask each other that. Kathy answered that she had to pee and Emma said she did, too, and told her friend not to leave just yet.

With that, Emma ran back into the cottage and came out with three glass soda bottles (or "pop," or "soft drink," or whatever else you call it where you live), and a pulled handful of TP from her pocket. I could only imagine what was coming next. Emma said this was a pee game that we could all play. I told them I didn't have to go, so Emma explained it to Kathy. Emma said they were going to see who can get more pee in her bottle. She explained that you can put the bottle any way you want, standing up, leaning over, whatever. And you can stand or squat however you want. There's only one rule, Emma said: you can't touch the bottle with any part of your body. And there's another rule for boys, she said to me: they can't hold their thingie with their hands while they pee, but you're not playing anyway. Then Emma took Kathy behind a tall wooden fence with a field on the other side, facing the lake. She told me it was too bad I wasn't playing, too, and they both tol! d me not to peek. (Darn!) I was too good a boy and didn't.

The next thing I knew, I heard girlish giggles coming from behind the fence. I guess each one was being the other's referee because I heard them say things like, "Yeah, it's okay do that, but no touching," etc. After some silence, the giggles turned into laughter, accomnapined by comments like, "Yuk! I'm getting pee on myself!" and "Wait, I have to aim better." This went on for about a minute or so, accompanied by lots of laughter and finally a comment like, "Looks like I won!"

Cousin and friend came back around my side of the fence, each one holding her bottle as if the pee dripping down the outside were poison. Emma had won, but not by much. As I recall, she had about 1 1/2 inches of pee in the bottom of her bottle, vs. about half that for Kathy. Both girls went back around the fence to dump their bottles, and then headed to the cottage to wash their hands.

Later on, I asked Emma how she had won, but all she would say is that it wasn't the first time she'd played the game. I begged her to tell me her technique, but she wouldn't. I haven't seen Emma for years now (we live far apart), but I'm sure she still wouldn't reveal to me how she won that day. I only wish I'd seen for myself. Has anyone else ever heard of or played this game as a kid?

The Smelly Panda
PUNK ROCK GIRL: Yeah I saw WICKED WARDEN. It came out in 1977. A lot of good ‘70’s movies have good female poop scenes.

There are a lot of SUNDANCE FILM festival movies that have female dump scenes. There’s one inpendent black film called AMERICAN GYRATION about a black girl who drops out of college to become a “booty shaker” in her rapper boyfriend’s videos. At the beginning of the film (which is good) the girl’s brother has dope in her apartment; the dope is hidden in the toilet tank. The Feds break down the door and chase after him. His girlfriend is on the toilet and you can hear shit plopping in the water while she reads her magazine. When the Feds break open the door, his girlfriend screams, “I’m taking a shit!” Then the Feds handcuff her and she continues saying stuff like, “Can I finish taking a shit?” When the Feds are questioning them on the couch, the girlfriend gets mad and says something like, “I got shit mashed between my ass cheeks and you in here selling dope. . .” It’s funny when she says, “At least let me wipe my f??kin’ ass!” AMERICAN GYRATION is VERY hard to f! ind. I downloaded it from IFILM, but it isn’t there anymore. My copy is pretty crappy, but the sound is great.

I have also been a lurker here for quite some time, but never posted. I have recently had the misfortune of having to undergo a root canal procedure on one of my teeth. My root canals were infected bad enough for my dentist to prescribe an antibiotic for me, Erythromycin. I'm sure it's helping to kill the bacteria/infection in my mouth, but it is reaping havoc with my stomach! I have diharrea several times a day, and I have a constant upset stomach! Any suggestions on what I should be eating/avoid eating? I have to take the medicine for another week yet, so I'd like to adjust my diet accordingly to remain diharrea free.

Punk Rock Girl
Lewis's Survey: Attempt III (I'll keep it simple this time)

When you have a bowel movement, do you
(1) wet or moisten your toilet tissue before wiping? NO
(2) use a pre-moistened pad or cloth (e.g., wet wipe)in addition to toilet tissue? SOMETIMES
(3) use powder or any other cosmetic on your behind? SOMETIMES
(4) use nothing but dry toilet tissue on your bottom? SEE ABOVE
(5) ever wipe only once? OFTEN
(6) wash your bottom immediately? WHEN I CAN

MUSK: I love curry, but I must say it has never given me iritable bowels. One time, however, I do recall making the HUGE mistake of playing truth or dare in college, and agreeing to drink a cupful of super-hot habanero pepper sauce (the label showed a girl shooting fire our her ass and burning a hole through the seat of her pants). Drinking it was bad (my mouth was numb for several hours), but later when I took a shit, it was torture! I didn't get diarrhea, but it was one of those soft mushy dumps, and it felt like I was shitting napalm! God did it burn! Shitting was bad, but wiping my ass was even worse. I wound up putting cold cream (it was the only "ointment" I had) all over my asshole. My dumps continued to burn for a couple of days, and it slowly got less painful, but was never as bad as that first dump. OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!



American Eagle
Hey everybody!
This new picture is pretty funny, where there is this girl sitting on the sofa, looking like she is ready to dump, and then there is this bucket beneath. Ha. I have a question though: Why don't they ever have pictures of MEN on the toilet? =)

Well, today I finally took a shit while watching myself in a mirror. I personally did not find anything great about watching the shit drop from my ass, I found it kind of grotesque actually. It's not so great to watch poop fall from anybody's ass, really, in my opinion. What IS great is watching their facial expressions, and hearing the noises they make while pooping! And, seeing their load, after it is all done, is nice too.

I ate alot of fiber yesterday(baked beans, kidney beans, and ???? lasagna), and this morning I took a nice, relaxing shit. It was a big stream of small, thin turds, lasting for, I guess, about a minute off and on. It felt great to have all that poop gracefully fall from my ass, as I farted and pushed a little here and, it all came out nice and easily. I only needed to wipe once. Fiber rocks!

Jacob G in FL - I just downloaded "Underneath the Stall" on KaZaA, it is awesome! Pretty funny, and I am not the biggest No Doubt fan, anyway. Another awesome song parody, if someone would ever do it, would be Avril Lavigne - ConSTIPated. It sounds like Complicated anyway, doesn't it?

Travelling Guy - Do unisex bathrooms even exist in the states? Because I know the only time I ever saw a unisex bathroom was when I was in England. I think people in the states know better...too many perverts for Unisex bathrooms, for sure.

As to everybody else...just because I didnt have a (halfway) intelligent comment for you doesn't mean I didn't read and enjoy your story. =) The stories on here are great.

Why do some nasty people think it's the worst thing to have an accident?Gosh,one time,my grandmother took me to georgia.After having 2 glasses of tea,by accident.well,eventually,I had to go very badly,but kids like me just can't gather up the courage to ask to stop and go.By then I thought I could hold it,but boy,was I wrong! I was just sitting there, then all of the sudden, SPSsssssssssssss.........I had lost it.So, I spent the rest of the car trip, to abig, honking lecture.(it felt soooooooo good, though.........)Am I right?Ohhhhhhhhh,yeah!

Hi, StarSh*t Troopers!

JARED: I've been meaning to answer your survey for a while, but haven't, for some reason. Here are the answers.

Q1: How many times on average, per month, do you have a bowel movement that's so good that it makes you feel a significant amount more of pleasure than relief?

A1: Probably around five times a month, actually. Most of the time, it's just a really nice relieved feeling, but on those special times, it's like the logs are giving me a massage back there!

Q2: How many times per month do you finish a much-needed, huge, sticky dump, and find that there's no toilet paper?

A2: A lot more than the pleasureable ones! ^^ One such instance was about a month ago, when I was recovering from an angry meal of mashed potatoes and gravy with cheesecake for dessert (the worst idea), which wanted to take revenge on my digestive system in the worst possible time. I had to run across campus to get to the single-stall bathroom (which was the closest), and by the time I got there, I was sweating. I hiked up my skirt, yanked down my panties, and let go of about a gallon of peanut-butter-like crap. It was amazing how my stomachache almost instantly disappeared. Well, for about a minute, and after I had wiped, using the last bit of paper, I realized I wasn't quite done. So, getting everything out of the way, again, I groaned as my stomach heaved and clenched and spewed out another gallon, but this was much runnier. Luckily, there was only one wave. However, I still had a problem, and I could feel the warm, messy, sticky crap smushed between my cheeks. It was! quite disgusting, as was the smell. I flushed, and the mess went down, leaving a few skids, but I still had to find a way to clean up. Luckily, I was in there alone, so I could just go and grab a roll from another stall...or I could have, if there were any other stalls and this wasn't just a single!

Q3: In the aforementioned situation, what do you do, what _do_ you do?

A3: So now, I had to (this is not for the faint of heart) get some paper towels, the nice, coarse, tough paper-bag kind, and wet them to get most of the edge off, then slide the towels in my crack. Luckily, I had a nice mirror to make sure that I got it all out.

Q4: What's your preference: softer or firmer? Long, thick, short, or pebbly?

A4: Firmer, definitely. Thick, long and firm, babe. ^_^

Q5: Describe an incident when you have been seen accidentally taking a restroom break(preferrably plopping out logs, 'cause that's not a sitch where you could pull up immediately) inside or outside.

A5: Well, I was taking a much-needed dump in the latchless stall (sorta asking for it, I guess) when my Chem TA opened the door and froze with shock, just in time to hear a loud fart and FLOOSH as a huge log that I'd been holding for an opportune time dropped like a brick into my toilet. Involuntarily, I sighed, and she jumped back, shutting the door and apologizing, saying, "Sorry, I didn't know you were in there, and I'm sorry for interrupting such a necessary moment. And wow, that sounded necessary." But as most of you may know, I love being seen laying cable! In fact, I'll write out my fave to least fave people to be seen by.

1: People who spy on me (non-pervs). It's so flattering to know that someone wants to see you dumping.
2: People who want to see it, who I invite
3: People who accidentally stumble upon me, and go from shock to some form of happiness at seeing it, or joke about it.
4: People who accidentally stumble upon me, and are reeeeeeally embarrased by it. I love pulling others out of their shell!
5: People who accidentally stumble upon me, and immediately try to strike up a conversation. You can watch, but I'm trying to dump, not talk. Talk later!
6: People who accidentally stumble upon me, and leave curtly. That takes all the fun out of it.
7: People who don't want to see it, and lecture me about it. This is more during the outside times. Actually, it's only happened once.
8: People who don't want to see it, and think it's sinful. These are mostly the holier-than-thous. Notice I didn't say "right-wing fundamentalists" or "Christians", because there are Christians (such as me) who think that it's fine to poop, and to watch. Also, the Bible never says that defecation is sinful. What sense would it make for something necessary to be sinful? This used to make me mad a little when I saw people sometimes on this site bashing the Christian religion because of a little misunderstanding. Yes, the Bible says that feces are unclean. However, don't we, too? That's why we have toilet paper (a luxury that the people in the desert didn't have. Think about that, hot desert plus protein-packed food plus lots of wandering/exercise. You'd steer clear of a freshly laid dump too.)

Q6: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while using the bathroom?

A6: Funniest thing that happened to me while using the bathroom must have been when I was emptying on the pot in the latchless stall after a classical concert, during which I got pictures of the performers, and the girl who'd harrassed me for a while (see my very first post, if you don't know who she is, which most of you probably don't) came tearing into the bathroom, and ran for the stalls. Seeing all but one were locked (the one being mine) she dashed for my stall, only to see me sitting there with a nice magazine (looooong dump, with lots of grunting. I knew it was going to be long, so I brought reading material). I immediately knew her predicament, and heaved out a soft but firm log that landed with a thump in the bowl. I sighed, smiling wickedly at the girl, who, due to the shock from both being stopped from her relief and my obvious glee, farted involuntarily, a slushy fart, which seemed to have a hitchhiker with it. A massive hitchhiker, it seemed, because it qui! ckly filled the back of her pants. "No," she moaned, clutching her stomach, and then farted again, emptying again into her pants. And guess who just happened to have a camera with them? That's right, yours truly! Snapping the shot, I smiled again. "Hmmm, comeuppance? Getting close, I think." She ran off, farting as she left. It was mean, yes, but so was half the stuff she did to me. And afterward, I gave her the negatives, since I didn't have the heart to do anything malicious with them. But yes, it was funny then, and most satisfying. ^_^

That's all, Jared! Post once in a while! I'm waiting for the next Mallory thing! And have you done anything with that other girl Clarione in a while?

Later, delightful, delectable dumpers!


To Punk Rock Girl: Intresting experience with all the!

To American Eagle: Enjoyed your story...i've only met people from here into pooping and chatrooms too if i ask them..then they think im weird..LOL

To EricNCSU: Nice your roomie was cool about it?

To Jacob G in FL: Thats funny! LOL Liked it...maybe the guy was sitting waiting for others to come into shit.

To Traveling Guy: Thats funny what you saw in the paper.

I woke up this morning i had a dream about work(haven't worked in a while..been out sick) and i dreamed i was there and i kinda had to go pee and i did see this guy go back there(a short guy who i went to school with). I wanted to go pee before i go back to work, So I walked back there and i got a drink at the water fountain....Im like i know someone is in there im gonna walk in any way so i did. This is the single bathroom and i had truble getting the door open. I think the guy was holding it. I open it and i see this guy who i went to school with on the toilet. He was good looking. I was gonna pee while he was on the toilet. I looked at his poop, he had l big log maybe 9 inches and it had onions and stuff in it and it was light brown. Then he had a smaller log a bit darker and it was kinda attached to the big log by a string(think he ate a string or something). Then i woke up.

When i woke up i had to pee so i decided to put on an old pair of biknis and i got a towel and peed my self a little. Then i hung every thing to dry. When i woke back up i had to pee more, didn't pee fully cause i went back to sleep. Well i gotta run now got a busy day today!

HELLO EVERYONE! One day last week, I was at my job working. I felt I had to take a big dump. I let out a long loud fart as I sat at my desk. As usual, the fart felt like a turd had snuck pass me. I wiggled my behind a little, to see if I could feel anything in my panties; but I wasn't sure. So, I got up and quickly walked down the hall to the women's restroom. No one was inside, so I went into a stall, and papered the toilet seat, then pushed down my pants and panties; no turd was visible. whew! I sat down and relaxed. I let out the biggest fart. As I pushed, I could feel the turd inching down and poking through my anus. I pushed, and pushed, then felt my anus close up. I didn't hear any plopping, so I figured it must have been a monster turd that slid down on the side of the bowl. I got up and looked into the toilet and saw the smallest turd. This was an half inch brown ball. :0( I was puzzled. When I wiped, the toilet paper was clean; no mess. I stared at my little masterp! iece and threw the paper on top of it and flushed. I washed my hands and return to work. Happy pooping!

I've been so busy and will continue to be so, but I wanted to drop in and say hi.
Adrian--a lot of the times that happens to me that I go in for a pee and feel a poop coming on after I pee. I had Indian food the other night and 2 days later the most painful burning poop...that stuff is as hot going out as it was going in!! At least going in had the mango milkshake with it.
Tim and Sarah--I'm really really glad to hear that you're okay. Last time I checked it had been quite some time since I'd heard from you.
Annie, Robby, Sarah and Meghan--hi :o) Glad to hear you are well too.
So, I've been running like crazy and it's really hard to get a break to pee. Especially at daycare. We make the kids go all the time, but us, nope, hard to take 2 minutes to go to the adult bathroom (separate men and womens) and pee. Most of the time the teachers don't go but if I need to I try to find a way to slip out. This of course requires telling another teacher that I'm going which is oh so much fun and makes me feel like one of the four year olds "I need to pee" *rolls eyes* In normal social situations I just slip away without a word.
In other news, for the past week or so I've been having the most amazing BMs. They've been huge, easy to pass and daily (except for Monday a week ago and today-Wed-since about Friday a week and a half ago. I hope it continues because after I have a nice big one I feel really good. I haven't had one today (I've had 2 very very small ones that were forced) and I feel really full. I'm going into finals and very stressed out.

That's all for now. I'll try to post again soon.

What's up everyone, I've posted a couple of times here but they were a long time ago.

COUSIN: If I were you I wouldn't buy underground comedy movie, yeah the scene does show supermodels taking a dump and it has some great sound effects and everything, but the scenes are very short the longest scence was only 15 seconds. Also that movie is the nastiest movie I have ever seen, some parts are funny but other than that the movie is just plain sick, I would describe some scenes but I don't think they would be allowed here.

TRAVELING GUY: I like your story about you and that lady going together in the mens room, that took some guts to ask her that, I would be afraid to thinking that she would think I was a pervert, you're pretty lucky there.

I go to college and a university campus can be a great place for listening, so many restroom facilities. There is this one place where the mens and womens room are together and there is a vent. And if you listen from the vent you can hear everything, Just wondering how wrong is this of me to do, its not like I go in the ladies room or I try to peep or anything. And no one knows about it either. There have been some times when a guy comes in while I'm listening, but the person has to walk around a corner and I can hear the door open so I never get caught.

Biker Trash (formerly Shadetree)
Gotta do a different name. This is my fourth post, (my third didn't show-all it was about was talking trash on auto flushers) so maybe no one will miss it. Shadetree was my nickname in the motorcycle industry and I just got laid off, so I'm done with that name.
Anyway I went to the trails up the street from the university this morning to burn one before class when I felt the prep for my morning dump beginning to kick in. I thought it was just me being out there that early, so I didn't think anything of it and dropped my leather, jeans, and two pair of long johns so I could lay stink right where I was at. (Bikers have to deal with a lot of clothes in the way in the morning when it's cold.) I sat there puffing away and doing my thing and right about the time I let go this older black gentleman comes trotting around the bend of the trail and nearly falls over me. At first, I was worried that he'd caught me burning a bowl, then it registered what I was doing. I was embarrassed somehow, (I normally don't get embarrassed when I relieve myself) then I realized the gentleman was more so than me. It was the first time in my entire 26 years that I have seen a black person actually turn a shade of red. I opologized and explained I couldn'! t wait, then hurried up and unloaded the rest of my dump. The whole situation was awkward and funny and gave me a good grin to start my day with. The gentleman didn,t say a word to me, just shook his head, grinned and went on through.

Speaking of leaking in buckets, I worked at a 7-11 about 4 years ago and my coworker was spending half the shift locked in the restroom arguing with her dude about some stupid shit. I didn't mind, I didn't have to deal with her, but I had to piss somethin' severe. I couldn't wait anymore, so I went into the back and peed into the mop bucket, knowing I would dump it before I mopped at the end of my shift. My coworker came out right as I was done and I never got back to it. Eventually she was the one to mop the floor (I busy doing the shit she didn't do earlier) and I know for a fact that she lacked the initiative to change the bucket. After sha had started, I couldn't bring myself to tell her she was handling my pee. I almost felt bad for a day or two.

Had another good dump this i was awakened by my dog,teddy a 75 lb golden retreaver and he was dying to go out cause he had to go-well as i got up to go to walk him, I could feel the feeling of my morning BM coimng on,but i had to go walk Teddy,so i got dressed and headed out on a cold mornig here in the N.E.So i'm walking him and he pees a bit here and there as i lead him down towards a wooded area near my house to do his poop otherwise i have to clean it up and i hate to do that.So we get to the woods and Teddy's sniffing around and Im startin' to feel like i really gotta take a serious dump as i'm getting cramps now and mt rectum is filling up.Finally ol'teddy finds a spot and squats down to do his doggy dump and I watching him with envious eyes as he does a good doggy poop and I have to go soooo bad and he is poopin'away!Then he is done and Him and I hi-tail back to the house(If it were warmer,i would have went right in the woods to dump,but too cold!)I get back t! o the house and get undressed and hi-tail to the bowl and as I'm starting to sit a "pffffffft" fart started to come out and as soon as I sat on the bowl,ropes of excrement exited my bulging anus with lots of crackling and farting and it came out pretty fast.I moaned in relief as I look up and see Teddy standing at the bathroom door looking at me with this curious look on his face-it was kinda funny and I just laughed at him.Everytime I let out more poop Teddy would turn his head like he heard everything-Funny!Then I sat there taking a break and looked in the bowl and saw 1 real long turd wrapped around the bowl-it must have benn 18 in long and really smooth,like a polish sausage with some more soft stuff in the middle of the bowl.It was a good poop and man did it feel good letting that load out!then I farted again and pushed out another load of mush ending witn a loud fart that startled Teddy and he took off.Now i felt done and relieved myself in another way and then I had ! a messy wipe ahead of me,so i wiped a bit and jumped into the shower.Man that was a great feelin' dump.I barely got home in time.I thought as I watched teddy dump I was going to lose it,but I made it!BTW,i'm taking those coral calcium pills again and they are once again starting to make me poop big time-this was one of those dumps!
Great stories all!BYE

The Potty Lama
The Potty Lama

Hi, all of you:
Let me introduce myself: I am one who has lurked on this site for a long time. years, as a matter of fact. I would like to call myself the Potty Lama, if the moderator(s) don't mind me doing so. No offense to Buddhists, or anything. My wife and I are Christians, who originally came to this country from the region of the world where the Dalai Lama is from and where squat toilets are as common in some parts as flush-toilets are in the U.S. My wife and I do not crap like most people do. We squat over the toilet as if it were a squat one. It greatly helps in the elimination process, believe me. It is a lot easier for the feces to slide out that way. If any of you have not tried it, yet, give it a try. You will see what I mean. If you get off on seeing your significant-other relieve themselves, you can see a lot more of the action of they adopt this position. You will be able to show them more, as well. Today, I unloaded about a 7 incher w/ a bunch of a! ssorted littler-chunks. I used the aformentioned-position. It was very-relieving, indeed. I will post more stories of my antics on the toilet, as well as my wife's, in days to come. Until then, have a good time on the potty all of you.

The Potty Lama

ERICNCSU---Liked your story. Did your roomate make it to the bathroom? I guess he probably did. Did he ever say anything to you about the accident?

BRYIAN--You may not be able to use blood as an excuse to have wet boxers, but you could always pee in them, wash them and if anybody says anything, blame it on a wet dream. :P And Micah is not my boyfriend--just a good friend. No, I've never been lucky enough to see him poop, or even pee...maybe someday I'll get that lucky!

Everyday in my science class (2 hours and 15 minutes long), this hot guy, Ty gets up to go to the bathroom. Ty is average height and weight, blonde spikey hair, blue eyes, kind of preppy, but turning a little punk (weird, I know.) Anyway, we get a break after the first hour, usually, but almost everyday after 45 minutes, Ty gets up and leaves. Someday, I'd like to follow him and watch, without him knowing...but I know I never will, as I'd get in so much trouble for following him into the men's


Ellie gurl
I've been up studying and pulling all-nighters. As a result, I've been drinking a lot of coffee. I keep having to shit like every three hours, though, and my asshole is getting very sore and irritated. Eventually, I'll just sit there on the toilet and push liquid out in farty spurts.
If I'm gonna poop that much, I'd rather do it all at once, like with an enema, than having to clench my hose closed during an exam. BUZZY - whatever I'm doing, I wish you could see it. I know you'd appreciate an uninhibited, fit woman with a poop thing.

cindy girl
HI my name is cindy and i want to tell you all about an incident a while back.

Iam 17 and my best friend brenda is the same age, now brenda has a crush on my older brother like big time sooooo being the friend i am i set her up with him.

after school brenda came home with me and my brother would meet her there, however chris got delayed at school due to doofus getting detention (AGAIN). so anyway we watched a video then brenda said i wanna see his bedroom whats it like? i laughed and said scary girl follow me. we got to my brothers room and we walked in brenda went right to his dirty clothes hamper and pulled out a pair of his white briefs held them up and actually sniffed them (like yuckk grossss)brenda looked in them and screamed UGHHHHHHHH!!!! HE SHIT HIMSELF i looked and his undies were covered in poop she quickly threw them back in the hamper and rushed in to the bathroom to wash her hands. needless to say she never went out with him.

Brenda and i are very close we even poop and pee together so i will tell you more about us in another post, yes we both have pooped and wet our pants and yes we love watching other girls going (and some guys IF THERE CUTE).

hey guys, i'm new hear but it seems like u'd enjoy the most embarissing story of my life!

i think 2 yrs ago (sophmore year) i was walking from 3rd period to 5th and thought i needed to go but decided to hold it. i made it all the was through 5th and decided i'd better take a break b4 going to 7th, but the bell rang sooner than i would hav expected and i had to rush to class. halfway through the last period of the day i was desperet. i quickly got up and got a pass from my teacher to go to the little girls room. while in route there i felt it sqizing out and the more i try'd to push it in the more it came out. by the time i had got to therestroom i had completly pooped in my panties. :( i was so scared, i had no idea wat to do so i jus sat and waited and try'd to clean a lil up. while i was waiting a girl who HATES me came in (she's a beast, i'm so frightened of her even 2day) sees me and smells me and starts laughing. i start crying cuz by now i know its obviously seeking through my gym shorts and showing on my butt. this girl decides she wants to fully humil! iate me and so she picks me up and twists my arm backwards (she really is a beast, and i'm 5'4") and drags me out in the hallway. she holds me there for like 2 min. untill the final bell rings and all my classmates come out and see the huge mess i made in my pants. i hate that girl so much. so she lets me go and i go running off. i was only wearing cotton panties and my gym shorts that day so it started to run dawn my leg. i road the bus home like that and everyone was looking at me. i got home and b4 i could clean up n e more started crapping more into the already messed shorts.

i wanna c someone top that embarissing story.

i'd like to hear more public restroom expiriences.

Oh James we need more acc!dents!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to stay with friends in a one-room cabin that had no indoor plumbing, so at night when it was cold, we used measuring bowl as a makeshift chamber pot behind a screen to pee in. Over the years I heard many different women emptying their bladders. Some desperate, trying, but
failing to make it until daybreak to use the outdoor privy. One thing that is safe to say is that you cannot judge the amount a woman pees based on sound. I've gone in to empty the bowl after some women who had minutes long, spattering, hissing pee thinking it must be overflowing and found ~450 ml. Other times I went to use the pot after a woman had a 15 sec., quiet pee and found 600 ml. There seems to be a lot of variation among women in "style", but in amount there is much less variability. Most of the women in our cabin produced 350-450 ml with a normal pee, and 500-700
ml when they claimed to be really desperate. I know this is contrary to a lot of the women with tanker capacities on this site. The guys were more predictable 400-550 ml normal and 650-750 when desperate. Your mileage may vary.

to paulie, about that thing about open relationships and open bathroom habits. well, it just ended last week, but I had this girlfriend who know that I had this curiousity about how women piss in the toilet bowl. so she allowed me to watch her urinate a few times at her house after like four months of seeing each other. this was a suprise, being that she was a very conservative type of catholic girl , or at least was raised that way ! it all started when I was comfortable enough around her to piss along this hiking trail in a connecticut state park and she saw me whizz . I was always curious about how women peed in the toilet since I was 19 and used to listen to these hot looking women urinate into the toilet bowl through the door at these 12 step meetings that I would go to. I would hear this " tinkling" sound, much more quiet than a guy but still audible. I fantisized about being a woman and tried to imagine what it would look like. one thing I wondered was this. when wome! n " tinkle" do they make foam when they urinate into the water filled toilet bowl? or not? finally I got to see this girl who I was last with pee into the toilet bowl and she did not make any foam at all. so I guess that I still do not know if women foam or not when pissing , but when I tried to see what it would be like to be a woman urinating and sit down to pee, I myself do make urine foam , but just not as much as when you stand up.

Went to work today and talked with my co-worker how did he make out on using the enema, he told me he never used the bag and took a laxative instead. I offered to help him with giving him a enema the next time he gets severely constipated and he agreed upon my offer.

Well thats it for now.. Will post again next time.

Stay well,


Thurday, November 21, 2002

Punk Rock Girl
Last night we had some friends over to watch TV at my boyfriend's place. I really had to take a dump, but didn't want to miss our show (Queer as Folk). The show was finally over (depressing as hell) and I said, "okay, well, I've been holding in a load that's gonna make me explode if I don't take a crap." They all laughed and I went in the bathroom.

I pulled my pants and thong down and sat on the toilet. The moment I relaxed my ass muscles, a massive load blew out of my ass like a cannon. It was accompanied by an extremely loud fart and made an extremely loud splash. I don't know if I've mentioned this, but my boyfriend's bathroom door does not close all the way. There's no latch and unless you put the supplied doorstop against it, it stays open about an inch or so.

Well, with that in mind, I was quite sure they'd heard all my noises. I just rolled my eyes and thought, well, I did announce that I would be taking a shit. So I wiped my ass, washed my hands and headed back out to the living room. Just as I suspected. They all looked at me with an expression of amazement and amusement. My one friend said, "Boy, you weren't kidding! That sounded impressive!" I said, "Yeah, and I feel ten pounds lighter!"

We hung out a little while longer, then they took off and my boyfriend and I went to bed. He said he wished we'd been alone so he could have watched me take such a monster dump. I said, maybe next time.

Hello to all! Shy Girl, I'm glad you found my advice to be helpful. Remember, saying that farting and shitting isn't "Feminine" is like saying eating and sleeping and breathing isn't feminine. Is it more feminine to never fart or shit and eventually explode? Icky-poo!



American Eagle. In answer to your question it helps to have a good fibre intake in order to maintain regularity, pass good healthy motions and avoid constipation. If I'm honest about it I probably don't eat as much fibre as I should although constipation isn't a frequent problem by any means. Junk food should be either avoided altogether or only had on rare occasions as an exceptional treat if you like that sort of thing. So far as the pleasure aspect of a good poo is concerned I think it can be very pleasurable if you need to go and can do something substantial. It's not my custom but I know some people take a newspaper or a magazine to read when they go for a 'number two' and look upon the experience as being as much a relaxation as enjoying a good soak in the bath.

Donna, Damsel and Louise. Hi ladies! I enjoyed your post about weeing in the bucket. Donna, it sounds to me as though Louise inherited her capacity for weeing from you. Louise, I'm sorry the cleaner discovered you making your contribution but at least he took it in good heart and saw the funny side of the situation. Damsel, I think you're keeping up a great family tradition.

Jill DL. I'm sorry to hear about your mishap in the store but glad that the store manager was sympathetic and helpful. Accidents happen though and I think the best advice is to put it down to experience.

Interesting masthead today. I wonder how many people keep a bucket ready for emergencies when they're busy working on laptops?

Best wishes to all,


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