Glad to see that everyone seems reasonably well at the moment. I hope that MEGHAN continues to recover from her accident. Lots of hugs and kisses better from Andrew and I

Poor Eleanor is not well at all. We were at choir practice yesterday, and she asked to be excused. Because of the way she ran out of the classroom, our choir mistress suggested I went after her to see if she was ok.

I walked out of the class, but as soon as the door was shut, I ran as quickly as possible to the girls toilets. Eleanor was in there, and the room was already filled with a terrible stink. I asked her if she was ok, and she said not really and then she gasped as a huge trump sounded and a good few seconds of splattering noises were heard as a torrent of mushy and runny poo came out of her bottom. I asked her if she'd let me in, and she said she daren't get off the toilet, so we just talked. After a while I heard some toilet roll being pulled, and then some more, and then some shuffling of feet, and Eleanor undid the lock. I went in. She hadn't bothered to pull up her panties, as she hadn't finished. But before she sat down again, she flushed the toilet. I should think we had been in the toilet together for 10 minutes, during which time there had been making endless trumps and splattery poos, and I had held her hand the whole time.

Then all of a sudden we heard the door to the toilets open. We both went silent immediately. Then we heard another girl from the choir speak-up.

"Hello, is that you in there Eleanor" ? Eleanor looked at me and I nodded at her to reply. Eleanor replied "Yes, I'm not feeling too good". The girl then went on " Mrs xxxxx ( the Choir mistress ) sent me to check on you and Kendal because you've been gone so long.... where is Kendal"? Eleanor and I both looked at each other wondering what to say. In the end I thought honesty is the best policy, so I spoke up. "I'm in here with Eleanor". There was a long silence. I knew the girl concerned would be wondering what we were doing in the toilet together so I carried on "I'm holding her hand and trying to make her feel better". Just then Eleanor was forced to let go another torrent of trumps and poos. We both of us wondered just what this girl would tell the others and the teacher when she went back to report on us. But she went on to say "o.k, I'll go back....... I think Mrs xxx wants you to come too Kendal". I said, "I can't leave Eleanor just yet. Tell her Eleanor is too ! ill, and that I'll come back once I've taken her to the school nurse ( secretary really, but she has first aid )." The girl said "o.k ....... I think you're really brave. I couldn't go in a toilet with someone. I'd be sick.", and then there was click click of footsteps, and the girl left the toilets. I turned back to Eleanor, who was now green. "I'm going to be sick" she said ! I said "quick, turn round". She said she couldn't, she'd poo on the floor. I then grabbed her panties and pulled them right down to her ankles and said "Can you be sick between your legs ?". She had no time to reply. She couldn't lean right forward, or she would miss the toilet. She opened her legs wide, and sort of leaned a bit and bowed her head down to try and aim her sick down between her legs and in the toilet. At first there was only a bit of sick. There was then a few seconds, during which time all there was for me to see was a terribly splattered toilet bowl from all Eleanor's trumping, and! horrible brown muddy water. Then I saw her bum suddenly squirt a very light brown gush of watery poo. Then it happened. Eleanor was really sick, four big loads of it. It took all my concentration not to have to join her out of sympathy !!

After around 10 minutes, Eleanor began to feel better. I made an attempt to try and help her clean up. She'd got sick on one of her legs which I helped to wipe off for her, and then she attended to her bottom. After all was done, I helped her downstairs, whereupon the "nurse" took over, and I was sent back to class. Everyone in the choir looked up when I came back in. I whispered in Kirsty's ear "What did Kylie say to Mrs xxx when she came back from checking on me and Eleanor?". Kirsty whispered back "Just that Eleanor was poorly, and that you were helping to look after her. Did she catch you in the toilet together ?". "Yep". Then Kirsty said "Well, I don't think she's the sort of girl to say anything". Then Mrs xxx told me and Kirsty off for not paying attention, especially me seeing as I had already missed half an hour of the practice ! At the end, I rushed downstairs to find Eleanor who was waiting to be taken home by Andrew and me, feeling very weak. Andrew was drivi! ng us home fortunately. We didn't need to go on the bumpy bus. And that was just as well, because Andrew was forced to pull over for Eleanor to be sick again. And then a bit further on, he had to stop so she could poo behind the hedge. She was now feeling so weak, she was having trouble squatting. I had to shout for Andrew to help, and she was feeling too ill to be bothered by that. So between us, Andrew held her so she wouldn't fall over, and I held her skirt up so she wouldn't poo on it. Thankfully we got her home in one piece !

Must shoot. I'm going to see how she is.

Love to everyone, from Kendal xxxxxx

PS: LINDA GS: You'll be pleased you missed all of that. There is a world of difference between being with someone for fun in the toilet, and being there because they are really ill. Anyway, Eleanor and I hope to join you once again in our secret hide out very soon. I expect after all of this, Eleanor will go the opposite and really struggle to poo at all when she is better. That is what happens to me anyway ! Now won't that be something to look forward to !!! Lots of love from Kendal ( and XOSXOS from Drew ! ).

Hello everybody!

Well after I got caught with my bikini down weeing in the metal bucket at the pool I do not think I will go there again for a bit. I gave that poor guy a shock. giggle
This morning when Steve was having his bath I went into the bathroom and I stood in front of the bath. I lifted and splayed my pussy a bit, and I let rip a good yellow gusher into the water. It made a lot of splooshing noises and it got Steve going, so I stopped weeing before I was empty and then I got in the bath with him. I hovered over the bathwater and let him watch me finish pissing into the water. It got a bit steamy after that and I can not tell any more.

KATRINA - Hi! I have a little question for you. Do any other women in your family have large bladders like you? I think my sister is like my mum and has a smaller bladder than me. I bet I can do nearly twice as much as they can.




Hi sorry ive not been around for a while my dad (for whom i was a carer for passed away a couple of weeks ago at the ripe old age of 87) so ive been busy i did post that i wont be around for awhile but i dont think it made it on.
Anyway back on topic i had a big shit last night at about 8pm i was playing my new computer game ( yea i know childish for a almost 32 yr old) but i love'em just cant sit around i have to do something anyway
i new i had to shit but figured i aint needed to go for long so i'll hold it abit.well as soon as the game ended i new it was a big log (understatement of the century)so i gave up and wet to the toilet.
as soon as i sat down i felt a iunnerving amount od downward pressure i thought shit this is gonna hurt and started to worry, but to my surprise it shot out quick and didn't hurt as much as i thought, it made quite a floomp as it slid in, after dropping a couple of little shitlets i got up and had a look "f??? me" i said to my self (yes i do talk to myself but i passed the first sign of madness years ago -about 31.5 to be presice lol) this log was a foot long about 8 inches thick i could not belweive it. To my absolute amazement and relief it went down first flush.
Welcome to all new posters and sorry to hear that Carmaletta sorry if i spelt it wrong is leaving us good luck.
PRG im glad your dumps are ok and back to normal if you search for the clash on google there's a website for fans where you can download music buy stuff and the like sorry cant give the address here & hows your band doing by the way loved your dump story at your bf place with your friends there what sort of loud noises were they collumptons kerplunks or what if you dont mind me asking it sounds like you really dump big.
Shy girl hi i like your stories i hope you get over your dumping shyness im not to keen on people hearing me dump either.
Well good luck top you all i'll be back when something of note happens
Regards London Calling
P.S speaking of collumptons Kendal how ya doing please post

Mike of MD
1. Ladies and Gentlemen have you ever pooped on a doctors examination table prior to getting a physical exam?
2. Ladies and Gentlemen have you ever pissed in a urine sample dish and started pooping at the same time?
3. Who takes the lngest to piss or poop at a shopping mall?(a)ladies,(b) men

i have to poop rite now but im standing heren reading ur site oh man i gotta go i am now pulling down my pants panties around the knees and squatin on the floor i jus let out a big fart and here it comes oh man here comes my dad ahhhhhhhhhlater

American Eagle
Hey everybody! I've lurked on this site from time to time, and since posting here looks like fun, I decided I should give a shot at it myself. A little about me: I'm 17, female, and live in Virginia. I have long, soft, silky blonde hair, blue green eyes, full, sensual lips, pearly white teeth, 5'6", 130 lbs, 36C-26-36, and...bah, enough physical description! I'm going to make myself sound really conceited...

Anyway, I have a question for everybody: what should I eat that is really high in fiber and will produce the finest results? What do ya'll do to produce such wonderful craps that I read about on here? I take great pleasure in giving a shit(well, it's *giving* a shit, because you are ejecting it. Who would really want to TAKE a shit? Gross...), and I am always interested in ways to make the act of crapping more pleasurable. And, I hate being constipated.

I have another question as well: For those of you who know other people who enjoy watching you use the bathroom, how did you find out they enjoy it? Tell me your stories. As for myself, I don't have too many pee or poop stories that are really that interesting, but I will in the future, or once somebody here reminds me of something that has happened. Here's something I can think of right off the bat, though:

In 9th grade, I was on a marching band field trip to New Orleans. We were riding a charter bus, which had a toilet in the back, but in order for me to go use that toilet, I'd have to step over loads of people's luggage, and sometimes people's feet, too. Plus, I sat more towards the front of the bus, with a good friend of mine.
The bus ride was very long, with no stops whatsoever, except for one in Georgia, to switch bus drivers. After a few hours, since I did bring drinks with me, I needed to pee. To avoid the inconvenience of stepping over everybody, and to avoid interrupting my friends, all which I was constantly chatting with, I just didn't go. I let my bladder fill for over 12 hours, till it became pretty annoying(but not to the point of complete discomfort) not to go. Then I decided, if I wanted to sleep at all on the bus, which was hard for me anyway since I'm a light sleeper, I should just go to the back restroom and pee. But, when I looked up, I saw the "Occupied" light on. GRRR! I semi crossed my legs, to make things more comfortable. Whoever was "occupying" the stall was taking forever! Finally, after I guess about ten minutes(though it felt longer because I was eager to piss), the restroom was free. So, I got up, walked towards the back, moved peoples suitcases out of the way, saw a! ll these people say hi to me, and finally walked into the bathroom, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, pulled down my panties, sat down on the toilet, and released a consistant, strong stream of pee for about 15-20 seconds, wiped my pussy, pulled up my undies and jeans, and walked out. That's when I thought of something: I was too concentrated on peeing to even remember to turn on the light. It feels really good to hold back your pee for awhile, then go. The release feels great, and slightly arouses me sometimes.

That's it for now. More on my next post! =)

Hey wetguy, I typed in my experience last year as a college freshman, but I guess I was too explicit, and it never showed up. So I'll try again, leaving out some of the details. It's all true, however, just toned down a bit.

I had been to a nighttime football game with my roomie. Our stadium is off campus so we rode a shuttle bus. It was a warm night, and I was wearing khacki shorts, t-shirt, and workboots. We had a couple of beers before we left, and a couple at halftime. You can go out of the stadium and come back if you get your ticket stub stamped, and some buds who's driven had a cooler in their car. All that takes time, of course, so we were late getting back for the second half and I didn't stop at the men's room. Great game, we came from behind and won. The line at the men's room was a mile long after the game, so we went straight to the bus. Big mistake.

We got the last two seats on the last row of the bus. It took forever for the bus to get out of the lot, and I had to pee bad. By the time we got moving, I was rocking in my seat and squeezing myself, and I know my roomie had to go bad too, cause he was flapping his legs and kept bumping me.

Anyway, we finally got back to campus, and I got off the bus and ran to the nearest classroom building, but it was locked! Next building was locked too, so the only thing we could do was to try to make it back to our dorm, about 3 blocks away. Way too many people around to step into the bushes or go behind a dumpster. So we were walking as fast as we could, and I had my hand in my pocket, squeezing myself though my pocket and though my boxerbriefs. But I could tell I wasn't going to be able to make it, and sure enough I started squirting when I got close to the dorm. I could feel my pocket getting wet, and I looked down as I walked, and saw I had a wet spot on my khaki shorts the size of an egg.

We decided to run up the stairs (we lived on the 4th floor of a 10 story dorm) so no one on an elevator would see what happened. I ran up the stairs grabbing the front of my shorts, but as I got to the 3rd floor, I lost it. I just stopped, and the whole front of my shorts got wet, and pee was running down my legs onto my socks, my boots, and the floor. My roomie stared, but he didn't say anything, and he was squeezing the front of his jeans. He went ahead to the 4th floor and unlocked our suite, and by the time I got there, I was soaked. Fortunately, we were the first ones back to the suite (there were 4 double rooms in the suite), so only my roomie saw what happened. It felt so good to let it go, I wasn't even very embarrased.

Cool Picture!!! This lady looks like someone out of the 1920s which happens to be my favorite decade. My Grandma used to tell me tales about the outhouse they had in the back yarrd during that time period.....she and her friends in the neighborhood would often use it since it was the only house on the block to have an outhouse with three holes in it.....three people could go in at a time and talk while doing their business. She and her girlfriends would often buddy dump and talk about the cute boys in their high school class.

This picture just inspired me to share this Grandma passed away 3 years ago but I remember many of her stories............I sure miss her :o(

Hugs Livvie

i am a tall attractive blonde female. My friend (also female) are very
open about going to the bathroom. we take craps right in front of eachother. in fact when we both have to dump we try to go at the same time in the same toilet, its fun but sometimes messy. does anybody else do this?

Just Another Guy
Hi Bubba, Traveling Guy, Katerina, Louise, et al.-

It seems there is a new little cadre of pee fans forming at this particular site. Though I am a fairly new web surfer with regards to
attempting to ferret out such a sensitive secret as female urinating
capability, I've long suspected that it is one of those "girl topics"
women disclose to one another to the exclusion of we males. Most of my
information has been gleaned second hand from ex-girlfriends and now my
fiance who has a pretty large bladder in her own right. So it is a more
than educated guess that while peeing contests remain a male adolescent
stereotype, the real superstars are on the other side of the restroom
wall. The few firsthand experieces I've had the pleasure of witnessing
over the years has made me stop and say "geez, and I was diagnosed with
Lazy Bladder Syndrome?" These female pissers put any man to shame.

Bubba, I wish I could tell you more about Jennifer, however Sara did not
fill me in on any additional info or details. The rest of the trip I was
sworn to secrecy, darn it. In my effort to be a class act I may have let
potential fun experiences "piss" away. Fortunately that did not extend
to my present relationship. But that's for another post.

Good mornin'fellow poopers-I see some more of the old regulars are posting again!
TO EMILY(NYC)Good to see you posting again with some good stuff-I enjoyed your Dump in the club with the little girl and her mom sounded like you really had to poop pretty good-Good to see you back!
TO SHIT-LOVING CHICK-Nice dump in the ladies room-isn't it fun to poop along with the ohter girls!enjoyed your story
Now for a story of my own-had a good dump early this a.m.ay home,in fact it woke me up at about 5am with a lot of cramps and I stumbled to the bowl half asleep and sat and just pushed,but nothing came out and the cramps were getting a bit intense and I kept on pushing until finally a turd started to poke out my distended anus and it was a bit hard it first and i kept pushing and pushing as it inched it's wat out and I decided to take a break with about 4-6 inches of this turd out my assshole and believe it or not I then fell back asleep!!Then I was awakened again with a bunch of cramps and as I awokw I realised I was asleep and laughed out loud and then i also realised I still had this turd hanging out my butt! I must have been asleep for about 20 mins and I felt a big cramp and pushed and this turd started moving and picked up speed and feel into the bowl and then I let out 2 long farts and pushed and all this soft stuff came out in 2 long turds and then I farted again ! and a lot of loose stuff exploded out my anus as I moaned in relief and boy did that feel great-like someone had a cork stuck in my ass and I finally got it out! Then I just sat there letting out some squgglies and some more farts and finally i was done as I looked i the bowl and saw 1 hard poop about 10 inches long and 2 soft turds about a foot long each and a pile of mush rising above the bowl-I really had to go bad,but boy did it feel good!Then I wiped my messsy butt and went back to sleep for about an hour and got up.It was funny falling asleep with this poop hanging out my butt-never happened to me quite like that before! hey EMILY,we should have done both our poops together!! Good stories all and it's, goood to see some of the regulars making their way back ! BYE

To shy girl: I really enjoyed your story.....I know what you mean about those automatic toilets. What do you think about the ones that have the automatic seat cover at the push of a button?

To Uncle Allen: Intresting old do you think the boy was?

To Emily of NYC: Enjoyed your story...LOL about what that little girl said. Have you ever seen your brothers dumping before?

To Punk Rock Girl: I saw that episode of the simpsons, forgot about posting it here. That reminds me i woke up about 5:30 this morning and i turned the tv on and i guess about 5:50 there was some show on bravo and 2 guys were sitting at a camp fire and the guy said excuse me theres noting like an outdoor pee he walks away from the fire and begins peeing. Then he sees a bright light and that other guy was gone...gone out of thin air. I assume he was abducted by aliens or something. I think it was scifi.

To FED POOP: Thats cool you watched your self poop..i like doing that..haven't done it in a while.

I've gotta admit I think this site is a bit weird, but I like it. I'ts amusing. Even though I think the midwest sucks a big one, I'm glad I live here. It's good for us biker trash-all flat,albeit a bit windy and good riding for most of the year. Harley-Davidson motorcycles, if built right, are the best laxative onthe face of this planet. (In my opinion.) The other day, I was test riding one I was working on, one that rode particularly hard, and felt a stomach grungy. At first, I didn,t know if I had to shit or was hungry, or both, then when I hit a straight section of road and opened the scooter up, it became obvious that I had to shit. I pulled over into the first parking lot I passed, which I figured out was a car wash. Obviously, there were no bathrooms, so I ducked behind the dumpster, which, appropriately enuogh, had three brick partial walls around the back of it. Also, appropriately enuogh, being in the midwest, I've always got something for allergies, i.e., something! to blow my nose into. Or, in this case, something to wipe my ass with. I stood behind the dumpster and leaked, then kinda smiled at the one or two people staring at me and wondering what the hell I was doing and squatted for my shit. They must've freaked out and I started laughing. I can imagine what they must've benn thinking.
When I got back to work from the test ride, I cracked a joke about the bike running shitty.

Tim and Sarah
Dear Rizzo: Nice to hear from you again. I wrote to you a few times, but I take it I failed to reach you, as my posts are often at the back pages if they make it at all. Itís ok, I just gave up after a while. I hope your family is fine. I am well considering the old problem. I just find it difficult to fully get back into shape at the moment, fighting the flu and other infections since a while now. Itís nakering, but by all means bareable. I hope you are ok. I could very much sympathize with your diarrhoea incident while having a standing pee. I am glad you seem to be better. I think itís cool you ordered a travelmate for your wife. I hope she will find it as practical as my wife. My sister is also very happy about it. She can pee in the car into a bottle now, probably better than you and me ;-). We also are sure to get Josie one when she is a bit older. We havenít made a decision on the age, yet, but will see when it seems appropriate. I asked at the site where they sell it! and was told that one woman taught her eight year old daughter, which worked fine. I am sure Josie will handle it well and will know, where to use it. She has been great dealing with her other little "secret". I will give over to Sarah now and send you a big hug, Tim!
Hi dear, itís SARAH. I hope you are well! I heard about you ordering the travelmate for your wife and I think it is very sweet of you! Please, do not let it take your courage away, if she is a bit enstranged in the beginning. It is a "shock" you have to digest...Women are usually educated peeing standing is a male thing, as we know, and I felt very much like a "men", when I first tried this tool. Still, itís very practical and I often use it when I donít want to squat or sit down. I canít say, I would without problems pee into a bush like a guy in public, but it takes some time to rethink. Still, when Tim brought the idea to me, I found it sweet that he cared about me finding the most comfortable way of relieve rather than seeing it as his "natural advantage". I hope your wife sees it the same way and I wish I could encourage her personally to just give it a try. Itís good to have the possibility! I wish you good luck with it and hope we can hear about some positive resu! lts. Take good care and love and hugs from Sarah
Love to LOUISE AND STEVE (hi dears, I know I owe you a reply and promise to get to it soon! Sorry for that...Please take a hug from us both! I love your stories), ANNIE, ROBBIE, SARAH AND MEGHAN (Good to see you back! Your injuries sound so worrying, Meghan. We wish you all the best. Hopefully things will get better with your dad, Robbie. It would be great to hear from you again), PV, INA, EPHERMAL and all the others.Take good care , Sarah and Tim

Jacob G in FL
Two Short Posts:

Recently, I walked into the restroom at work to pee at the urinal. Someone was in the middle stall. I heard a deep breath, like the guy was getting ready to grunt. However, the deep breathing suddenly turned into a loud snore Ė then more snoring!! I was so shocked I couldnít pee. I stepped back and looked under the stall to see if I recognized the shoes, but I didnít. The guy continued to snore. I wondered if I should knock on the stall door to try and wake him. Instead, I ran the water loud, ďbumpedĒ into the garbage can, and cleared my throat. He stopped snoring, but was breathing deeply. I walked out, then got curious wondering about the sitting position he must have been in while sitting on the toilet asleep Ė such as leaning all the way over with his head on his knees, propped against the side of the stall, or leaning back against the flush mechanism. He should be glad he didnít fall on the floor and that I was not a supervisor. I kind of got concerned f! or him and went back to check on him a few minutes later but he was gone.

While driving to work this morning, I heard a parody of the song Underneath it All, by No Doubt, but instead, it was Underneath the Stall and was about asking the person in the next stall to pass toilet paper underneath the stall. I thought it was kind of funny and along the lines of the humor some of us enjoy here. It actually sounded like Gwen Stefani singing. Listen for it.

a guy. If you're passing blood when you go for a poo I think the best thing would be to go and get checked out with your doctor. He or she will want to know whether the blood has been bright red or dark and whether or not you've had any pain etc. I wouldn't expect the underlying cause to be anything particularly serious as a rule but it's still worth getting checked out and even if it's not a major medical issue there are still things that could be done to improve your quality of life.

Brown Study. Thanks for your reply. What you say bears out my theory that some women may enexpectedly get a sensation of wanting to do #2 having originally set out to do #1.

MUSK. We all have uncomfortable bowel movements occasionally and often it's either due to some kind of infection or something we've eaten - such as curry. Obviously if the symptoms persist it's worth getting checked out.

Meghan and Sarah S. Enjoyed your post and hope Meghan's soon better.

Thanks to everyone who has expressed sympathy during my recent water infection. I'm pleased to report that matters are much improved but I'm still drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice and peeing regularly!

I liked the masthead today showing the lady in roller skates sat on the loo and brandishing a roll of tp. It so happens that I have actually got in my possession a postcard depicting that particular image. One gets the impression that she's enjoying a serious poo before getting ready to roll so to speak!

Best wishes to all,


Louise, Damsel & Donna
Hello everybody!
My mum and my sister are here with me today and we have just come back from having a lot of fun at the swimming pool again and we are still having a giggle about it! I did not have a wee after having one this morning, and I felt a bit full when I was getting my bikini on in the changing rooms. Mum and my sister put their bikinis on too and we went to the men's toilets. Hehe well we were going to go in the men's toilets but my sister saw a big metal bucket in the corridor. We all got the same idea. giggle Well my mum went first and she pulled down her bikini bottom and she hovered over the bucket.
Hello, it's Donna, Louise's mum. Yes, the empty bucket was too good to pass up. Down came my briefs, and I squatted down low above the bucket, not sitting down on it though. I unleashed a yellow waterfall, and let go of what I had saved up in my bladder since the morning. It hadn't occured to us how noisy the bucket would be - I stepped forward to do it down the side, but then I stepped back again so I was pissing into my liquid gold that was collecting there. My flow ended suddenly with a few drips. I got a huge 'buzz' out of having a piss in an open place, I must say that. Much more of a concentrated thrill than having a casual piss on a beach. Somehow, here it seemed just so much more naughty. I am going to have to be careful, it could become compulsive. I pulled the briefs up again, feeling damp at the crotch. A few stray drops sneaked out down there, but no problem as we were going to swim.
Hi, everyone. Louise is almost never home these days in the evenings, and it makes it very hard for me to come and post. Hi especially to Rizzo. You have been very kind and helpful to me. Smile. Hi too to Robby and Annie and the girls. My boyfriend and I are very happy together, thank you for asking. And PV, we all hope you are well!
When it was my turn to go for a wee-wee in the bucket, I was feeling unsure about it. It was not that I couldn't wee, it was that I would blush something terrible if someone saw me. Slipping down my red bikini bottom, I crouched down over the bucket. Mum's wee was yellow and had some froth and little bubbles on the surface. I relaxed, and I had a very long trickle with a short gushing jet that lasted a few seconds. I dripped constantly even when I was gushing. I realised how exposed I was with my knickers around my knees. Anyone could have seen my female bits if they walked around the corner and I was blushing just from thinking about it. My weeing was not as noisy as mum's, but it was like I was weeing into the water in a toilet except that I was weeing into mum's wee. I finished with a big squirt and then I pulled up my bikini very fast. Smile.
Louise here!
Well it was my turn and my sister got her ass away from the bucket. I pulled down my bikini pants (red with white piping) and I hovered over the bucket. I do not know how much wee my mum and sister had both done but I hoped I could fill the bucket a bit more. I looked down at by pussy while I hovered, and I just let rip. I let a few little drips out and then whooshhh!!! I started squirting a big gusher down the side of the metal bucket. giggle The noise!!! Hehe. It was a lot noisier than doing it in the plastic bucket we have at home! I pushed down on my pussy and I did a big heavy sploosh in all that wee my mum and my sister had done, and then I just let my gusher up again. I really washed the side of that bucket. It was a really good thing it was me and not my sister having a wee then because I got caught doing it! Again!!! This guy put his head out from a door because I think he heard my weeing in the bucket and the echo! giggle I bet he was a cleaner or some maintena! nce man or something. Well he saw me hovering with my pants down and he saw my puss. giggle. I shocked him, but we thought he was nice. I did blush a bit but it gave me a big thrill getting caught. He looked goggle-eyed at my gusher squirting out of me. "The ladies is down there" he said. He pointed down the corridor, and he was having a bit of a giggle with us and he was a bit embarrassed! Mum said, "oh thanks, we didn't see it". Well I had my last trickle and drip drip drip and then I got up. He had heard my weeing and mum got eye contact with me and glanced at the bulge in his pants. giggle. Mum said "we just had a wee so there's no number 2's". She was liking teasing the poor man about what we all did. My sister was blushing a bit now. Well he looked at all the wee in the bucket. I bet I did over a litre, and the bucket was about a quarter full. It was about 10 litres size but we could not do that much!

BUBBA - Hi guy! Well I hope you like my latest story! I know what you mean about driving over bumps. I have nearly pissed myself sometimes just because I have been shaken up like that.
I hope I can have some more adventures for you to read about!
Love Louise xxxxx


Louise, Damsel and Mum!

Traveling Guy
Punk Rock Girl- Maybe you've mentioned it already, but it wasn't until your post of a few days ago that I read about your unisex john at work. Have you discussed it here before? If so, how far back? If not, how do your fellow employees feel about using a unisex? Is it pretty matter-of-fact, or is there some grumbling? Any good humor or interesting incidents surounding the uni? No, I'm not expecting it to be anything like the Ally McBeal unisex. Reality is always different.

The NY Times recently carried a story about how the president of an eastern US college put a halt to "chalking" on campus, saying it had gotten out of control. (Chalking is scribbling messages in open places, mostly on sidewalks, as a form of free expression.) In the photo that accompanied the story, the biggest chalked message was, "We want unisex bathrooms." I don't think that's what put the prez over the top, it was just funny that the NYT would choose that message.

Just Another Guy - From one of the "Guys" here to another, your story of Jennifer reminded me of this girl I once came upon in So. America, squatted and peeing from the curb out into the street. From the time I caught sight of her, after I rounded the corner about 100 ft. away, she was shooting out an amazingly high arc, at its center maybe a good two feet above the pavement, with lots of force. She didn't seem at all shy about doing her business in public and I figured there was no need for me to stop, as long as I minded my own business and kept on walking, which I did. But even as I passed her, there was no let up in the force or distance of that stream. But this Jennifer, she's something else! Maybe she has a reserve bladder??

Hi all, :)

It's been a while since I last posted, been sick and got a jew job so things have been hectic. as you may or may not know I wear diapers do to a condition that i have developed. I have gotten a lot better now and usually don't have accidents (just a constant dribble, and i squirt when i sneeze,cough,laugh....) well, the other day I was at the mall in a certain women's store. I was at a rack talking to a sales girl, she was about 20 and very pretty. I was in the middle of a sentence asking her about brand differences when i sneezed......i sneezed so hard that my bowels actually let go and i filled my pants (i did have a diaper on) it was like warm peanut butter and it was some what audible when it came out. I froze....the sales girl looked at me and asked if i was all right. I shook my head no and was about to run out of the store when she grabbed my hand. she looked me right in the eye and said come with me. she led me to the back of the store (avoiding as many people as! she could) back to the employee's room. when we got in there she made sure no one was there and said that i could use the bathroom back here to clean up. I asked her how she new and she said that she noticed that i was wearing a diaper when i came in because it was sticking out a little in the back (I'm usually more careful) i thanked her so much and went in. on my way she said that there were wet toweletts under the sink and asked if i needed anything, I said no but thank you and went in to get cleaned up. I pulled down my black pinstripe pants and lifted my white blouse. I peeled open the diaper and it was as bad as i thought. about the consistency of peanut butter and everywhere. it took me about 20 minutes to get fully cleaned and re diapered. when i walked out of the bathroom the girl was sitting there and she asked if i was okay. I said yes and thanked her for her help and discretion. she said that she knew how i felt because she was in an accident a while back and lo! st all control of her bladder and bowels for some time and had the same problem i just had many times. We chatted for a minute and i found out that she was the manager; she said that she had to get back out on the floor but said to feel free to use the bathroom any time i needed to if i was in the mall. i thanked her and went back out to continue shopping.

The pic on the masthead today (the girl on roller-skates) reminds me of another story that i will share at another time.

bye for now all


Tuesday, November 19, 2002

shy girl
i'm back again...still shy about posting really often but i love reading your posts. i wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my earlier post re: problems with a shy bowel. i really appreciate your honesty and think i'm slowly getting over it some.
the honesty and humor of everyone's posts on this forum is really great and refreshing.

PUNK ROCK GIRL & ALTHEA: thanks for your posts from a female perspective, too. i appreciate it. it gave me a total complex to have had a boyfriend *in the past* who made fun of my gas (which i never did in front of him for mere show or amusement), and kept saying it was unfeminine and that women shouldn't, etc. etc. you can only imageine what comments like that can do if you're shy to begin with and then hear that coming from someone important to you.

i have a couple of posts to share, but might do them separately instead of make one extremely long post. here i have another story that some of you might enjoy hearing about from this summer. in my experience it always seems like a lot of women (maybe men too) hesitate to use airplane toilets. i guess there are a lot of reasons including the hassle of having to get up out of your seat and ask others to move so you can get out, etc. this summer was no different. i live in the U. S. on the east coast, but took a trip to the west coast this summer. the flight is about 5 hours long and it's probably hard for most people to hold it for the entire flight. (this wasn't my first transcontinental plane ride and in the past i used the airplane lavatory). anyway, on this flight i went once early on. we were served drinks about three times (twice with snacks), and once with a meal. naturally, it meant that as we were getting closer to our destination i had to pee. unfortun! ately the cabin was darkened and after the meal most people were either asleep or wearing headphones and intently watching the movie being shown on the plane. anyway, i began to feel my bladder get fuller and fuller but decided to wait for a little while. i tried watching some of the movie and listening to music on the headphones to take my mind off of my urge to go. a little while later, the crew announced that we would be landing in a little while. so i figured it would be a good time to go to the bathroom. but wouldn't you know that i was in a window seat, trapped in by a couple who was sitting in the two seats beside me? just when i wanted to get up to use the toilet, i looked over and noticed that not one but both of them had fallen fast asleep. i tried tapping them gently saying "Excuse me" but they were both out cold (and the man was snoring). a little while later, they were both awake and i figured it would be a good time try getting up to go, but just then, wit! h perfect timing, we hit a bit of turbulence and the fasten seatbelt light came on, meaning we couldn't move about the cabin until landing as we were fast approaching the airport. i was so uncomfortable by this time that i was crossing my legs and grabbing on to both armrests, and hoping i wouldn't pee a little bit as the plane touched down and jolted me. by this time too, i also had to take a huge dump as i had been rushed packing and in a hurry and not had enough time to relax and let myself poop before leaving for the airport that morning. i kept telling myself it would only be a few more took what seemed like an eternity for us to taxi down the runway to the gate after landing. it also seemed like forever while i waited to get off of the aircraft, since i was seated toward the back and had to wait and wait. as soon as i got off and entered the airport, i made a mad dash for the women's restroom. low and behold, i got there only to find a long line of! women (mostly ones i recognized from my flight) waiting....probably for the same reasons i had waited. i thought "oh s***"! by this time i was crossing my legs and also involuntarily passing gas because my bowels were so full at that point too. but little did i care. finally though, one woman in front of me (bless her heart) saw it was pretty obvious how badly i had to go and when it came down to just the two of us at the front of the line she graciously let me go ahead of her. i must have sat there peeing for five minutes straight, and then kept farting and emptying my bowels for a few minutes after that. let me tell you it felt so much better and good afterwards!!! well, i will look forward to reading more posts and responses and will also post my other stories later when i have more time and privacy.

shy girl

hi i'm back again with my other post as promised.

HERMIONE: to answer your survey posted last week re the constipation and passing it, yes i have been constipated in the past and had to be hospitalized once when i was little, and had to see a doctor a couple of othe times. more recently i (see post around p. 1003 or so on correctol) had problems going and hadn't gone in several days--it hadn't been quite a week but was nearing that amount of time. i ended up resorting to a stimulant laxative, but found them a bit strong and unpleasant b/c they gave me bad diarrhea, cramping, farting, and made me weak after the whole ordeal. i was on the toilet numerous times for several hours when i did it. so to answer your questions in short, it was all brown liquid and mush when it came out, especially at first it was all liquid, and then cleared up such that it was liquid with sediments of undigested food, and then after that, just some brown gunk that kept coming out. i'm sure that is more graphic than you asked for. i gues! s though that it felt much better long afterwards to be empty than to be backed up. so essentially, no i didn't need a lubricant, and no it wasn't thick or large b/c it was so watery.

Now for my post: does anyone out there get annoyed at those public restroom toilets that have red-eye motion sensor automatic flushers? i absolutely hate them and when i see them i try to avoid making a big mess i.e. pooing into those toilets b/c they don't always flush when you want them to. they had them at school (in grad. school), they have them in some of the local stores, at work, and also at the gym.
recently i was at the gym when i had to take a dump as i was finishing up on the stair machine. this was when i was new to that gym and hadn't yet found out they were automatic toilets. i went in and (more unusual for me) i pushed out a massive log, even though i'm a smaller woman. i certainly didn't want to leave that for anyone to see as i think it's rude and disgusting when people don't flush in public toilets. instead, what happened was that as soon as i sat down, the toilet flushed, spraying my bare bottom with water. then before i had finished, i guess it sensed me moving and shifting my weight as i leaned over to get some toilet paper. it flushed again, spraying me with another fine mist. the suction in those toilets when they flush is strong, i swore for a moment i thought was going to get sucked down the drain! anyway, i finally finished, and wiped again. then i stood up hoping that it would flush when i stood up and moved. instead, nothing happened. i l! ooked around for any buttons so that i could manually flush it, but i pressed the button and nothing happened. i couldn't believe it. what was i going to do? unfortunately, luck would have it that there would be a line forming outside for the stalls just as i was finishing. as i tried to slink out of the stall and bathroom as discreetly (albeit red faced and embarrased) as possible, one woman went in immediately saw the toilet, and then glanced back with a nasty look on her face. i felt terrible but ack! what was i supposed to do? i guess i would have done the same if i were her. oh well. it was mortifying but maybe sooner or later most people who use those toilets learn that they flush automatically, but often when they don't need to flush, and also not necessarily when you most want them to....

Uncle Allen
Hello everyone. I hope all is well with everybody here. I wanted to share a story with you all that happened to me on Sunday. I was at the local bookstore- it was a Barnes and Noble. I went to the men's room because I had to take a somewhat gassy loose poop. Well, I sat down in the first stall nearest to the door(there are only 2 stalls in this bathroom) and got on the toilet. A minute later a young boy came in to the bathroom and took the stall next to me. I saw him beause he was standing outside of my stall for a minute looking in which made me uncomfortable- but I guess that is typical for some kids to do. Anyway, he sat down and began to take what sounded like a fast big mushy poop. After 2 minutes, a woman opened the men's room door and stepped in the front of the bathroom. She called out "dan?" he said yeah. she said what's wrong he said nothing. She said where are you he said here. Finally she said hurry up let's go snd she closed the door. I thi! nk she might have heard me let go some poop. I tried to hold it in once I knew she ewas in there, but there is only so much you can hols back when you are already in the middle of going. It was kind of embaressing, but I thought that it was okay for her to enter the men's room since she was checking on her son. When the boy finished a few seconds later. He stood outside of my stall again and watched mr through the cracks of the door again. That was again very uncimfortable, but as I said I guess it is normal for kids to do such things at times. Finall, he ran out of the bathroom and I was able to finish in peace. Hope all posters have a great day

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, toilet People!

The last few days for me have been very enjoyable as regards good healthy firm plops with excellent splashes! Funnily enough, on Monday I was in town and went to my favourite public toilet, and having a lot to do that day, and not feeling as interested as I usually am in my shitting, I just sat on the toilet with no-one else about and started to have my shit. This began with one of my loud farting fanfares that don't occur nearly as often as I'd like! This was followed by me grunting my firm turds out, each one with a loud plop, and my buttocks were really well-splashed by the time I'd finished! A great satisfying, healthy shit with no-one to hear me, and me not being in my usual mood of anticipation of a good shit! another example of the ironies of nature, the more you look forward to something, the more it eludes you, and yet when you're not so interested in something, it happens really well!

That same day I went to a department store with about 3 floors and a restaurant. Out of curiosity I thought I'd check out the toilets. As I expected; having found this in other local departments stores; there was just ONE cubicle in the men's toilets! I don't know how many men there were in the store at the time, but to have one toilet cubicle for so many potential users seems utterly silly, when it would hardly cost much more to install at least one other toilet. They might as well have signs showing where the "Toilet" is rather than the "Toilets". I don't understand why shops, buildings open to the public, and local authorities consider the provision of toilets to be a luxury rather than a necessity!

MUSK, I hope you've not had any more painful shits since the one you described. Do you know why it might have been like that? You mentioned at the end of your post about people having curries, so could it have been the hot spices that made it so painful?
When I was having frequent painful bog-sessions some time ago, it was apparently due to too much fibre making the turds too moist and so the skin was often in contact with acidic noxious waste.

BRYIAN, In answer to your question how did I see that guy on the toilet, I actually looked over the partition. There was no-one else about, and so I took the risk to look over. To do that is, I realise, quite risky, and it was one of the very few times I've done that.
I'd like to think that if he'd known he was seen, it was by someone who respected and admired him on the toilet, and who was going to sit on exactly the same toilet after him and feel a oneness with him. (Hope that doesn't sound too corny!)

SHY BOY, regarding being a bit embarrassed on knowing family members knew I was on the toilet, that's years ago when I was growing up in the family home. One house we lived in had a bathroom over the living room, but fortunately it never occurred to me at the time that I might be heard, but it was just the fact that people knew what I was doing that I didn't like, so most of my shits were when I had the house to myself, and I really used to enjoy having a long leisurely shit thinking about, and looking at pictures of young footballers in newspapers imagining them having one!

COPROLOGIST, I remember you saying about your wife having a haemorrhoidectomy and how much pain she was in after. I asked how she was getting on, but I had no idea she was in pain for a YEAR after.
No wonder my doctor once told me it was the last thing he'd recommend a patient to have for the reasons you describe, although I've heard of the "banding" method being sucessful, and at least one person never had problems again after that was done. I can only assume that your wife had a particularly bad case of 'roids and so the operation was more severe. I hope your wife is fine now, anyway.

LAWN DOGS KID, Good to see you're back! Not heard from you for a long time, so hope you're all enjoying the bathroom, and life in general!

JACOB G. I too have heard snoring from the next cubicle like you reported! I've tried slamming my door, flushing the toilet, but the person has gone back to sleep again on each occasion it's happened. Most likely they've been drinking and are sleeping it off.
Another occasion that I looked over a partition was out of curiosity when the snoring was quite loud. The guy was almost tipping over onto the floor, he was so far forward. If I was going to sleep on a toilet, I think I'd lean back and relax, and wear some earplugs due to so many loud whistlers, coughers, door-slammers, flushers etc!

Happy toileting to everyone, P. Plop Guy

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