shy girl
well i'm posting again now that i have a secure and private moment with my computer.

on one front, thanks for those who responded in regards to watching yourself go. i finally worked up the courage to watch myself go and it was a weird experience. doesn't that sound crazy? it's not like it's sexually arousing in any way, as much as it was curiosity about how my body works. i'm so embarrassed to say that i did this since people might think it's weird or sick or dirty. i farted several times this morning and eventually got a strong urge to go and although i don't as a rule produce massive logs, i figured it would be worth seeing. so i used a mirror and watched as my anus quivered as i farted out a few lady-like puffs, and then expanded and dilated to about 2 inches in diameter. note that it wasn't because of a thick log that i opened up that wide, but instead because i had to get rid of a cluster of stone like turds that broke apart as they came out.

now I had mentioned before that i'm shy and have this hangup about making my bowel functions public. i've always been insecure about this and get the sense that there are other females (men too?) who feel this way? from reading some of the posts, i get a sense that there are a lot of guys who are either turned on by women's bodily functions, or just really curious. my question to the guys is: if a woman never seems to fart around you, do you get convinced that it's something she never does? do you get convinced that she either doesn't have a digestive system or has one that's very different from a guy's? or do you know she's holding back and guess that she's shy about letting it all out in the open? from reading some of the posts from a long time ago, i get the sense that some guys get frustrated when this happens. i don't know if this is good or bad but i'm one of those women who would have you believe (if we knew one another in real life) that i could not possibly produce anything foul from my sugar sweet body, because girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. i think that it is unfortunate that society puts so much pressure on women not to let their functions become public. a lot of girls and women are raised that way. and i fall right in there in conforming to that pressure. i can tell you that with the exception of accidentally letting one out in a crowd where i can be anonymous, or a few times while exercising when i couldn't control it (i have a couple stories on this subject which i'll share at a later date), i tend to hold it in until i have complete privacy. and for your information, i tend to fart anywhere from 8-20 times a day. i eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, so i dont' know if my diet has any bearing on this gas problem. am i normal?
does anyone have any responses/comments in regards to this?

Hello folks. It's Jason the poop lover. I haven't written in a very long time. A few times, when I had diarrhea I had to og so bad, it started to come out when I was going to the toilet. I sat on the toilet quickly. It immediately came out. It pored out literally like Niagra Falls. It was completely liquid. It stank so bad. The pain in my stomach was agonizing. I felt it coming out my butt. It felt so good coming out my butt. It took 10 minutes to pour out. I moaned because I felt it in my intestines and it hurt and felt good at the same time. My stomach hurt but it felt good pouring out my butt. I wiped atleast 20 times. It was brown. It felt very good when it was done coming out because I was very relieved. My stomach no longer hurt. Piss came out when I first sat down. I get hard everytime I doodoo. Everytime I have diarrhea, my stomach hurts very badly, and it stops hurting the moment I'm done doodooing. Normally, my doodoo is brown. It rarely comes out green, and I e! ven more rarely have red doodoo. It's only red when blood is in it. I have diarrhea at least 4 times a year. I've only been constipated once. I wrote about that a long time ago. There was only one time I finished doodooing, and had to doodoo again the moment I stood up. I wrote about that a long time ago as well. Everytime I doodoo, piss comes out. When I doodoo, the same amount of piss comes out that comes out when I normally piss. I doodoo once a week and piss atleast 4 times a day. I hope everyone enjoyed my story.

I dont come this site very often but ive decided to post about an accident i had a couple years ago about ninth grade. it was right after lunch and i had to go number 2 really bad. we werent doing anything really , we had some police people in our class showing us about this csi type thing for an adopt a school program. i didnt know if i would be allowed to go to the bathroom or not and its kind of embarassing to ask.i was sitting leaning back in my chair with my legs crossed. i was squirming around waiting impatiently for the period to be over. i was starting to shiver from having to go so bad and my hands started to get sweaty. i felt strong shiver thing and i thought i felt some escape into the seat of my pants but i wasnt sure and definately wasnt going to check. i felt it again and knew it came out this time. it was like half liquidy crap. i was really embarrassed and my face blushed and i uncrossed my legs and in a half squeeky voice asked if i could go to the bathro om and the teacher said i could.i stood up and felt a pile of mushy poop in bettween my legs about the size of a potatoe i was hoping nobody would notice , as soon as i got out of the room i almost started running. about half way to the bathroom the motherload hit. i bent over and felt a giant cramp and felt a huge load come out completely solid this kept coming and my pants felt like they kept getting tighter.they were tight hip huggers too.i felt like i was going to through up , i was crying , and i wanted to be sick. the potatoe now felt the size of a basketball and was all going into the seat of my pants and some going down my leg. i now started to waddle and gave up all hope. i got to the bathroom and cleaned up what i could with like 5 rols of toilet paper and threw away my panties and went the rest of the day without underwear. the smell was definatley noticeable to me and i guess no one really wanted to say anything. thats the last time i wait till the last m! inute.

desperate to poop

Just wanted to pose a question. The other week the racer Paula Radcliffe won the Chicago Marathon but she said at about 22-23 miles she was desperate to pee and thought she might have to stop.

Now if you were here would you have stopped or just peed as you ran? I can understand not wanting to poop, but pee ...??? I could just imagine her suddenly darting off to a cucible. The commentary would have been interesting.

The pic's seem to be going rather odd or is it just luck that the 2 pics have appeared again so soon after the last time? Mind you I do like the one of her sitting on the loo reading a paper. She looks so relaxed.

Last week a weird thing happened. I was at the men's room in my dorm, taking a dump, when I heard the door open. I could tell by the voices it was a guy and his girlfrind. All that was audiable was "You can use this one," and he led her into the stall next to mine. At that time I got up, flushed, and went to wash my hands. While washing my hands I could hear the girl throwing up and realized she was drunk or sick (probably the former). Then her boyfrined left and I was shaving. She flushed and I expected her to leave, but instead I heard her jeans drop, and soon she began pooping. I could tell she was being quiet as possible, so I wouldn't know she was taking a dump, but I could her little plops the whole time. Finally she flushed again, and sh left doing her best to avoid eye contact with me. I looked at her and noticed she was from my music class!

Heather R.
I've only shit my pants once as an adult. Actually, a teenager. I had just gotten my license and was driving with my brother and one of his friends to the mall. I was having cramps and knew I had to poop, but thought I'd make it to the mall. I pulled into the parking garage and was going down an aisle, when some guy backed out really fast without looking (he ended up admitting it was his fault) and I hit his car. It was just a little fender bender, but it was enough to make me lose control of my bowels and drop a load in my underpants. I wound up getting out and talking to the guy for about twnty minutes, then mall security came and wrote down a report. We exchanged insurance papers and surveyed the damage, which wasn't that bad, really. All the time I had a load in my panties! Finally, we agreed to not do anything about it and he took off. I told my brother and his friend to go in the mall and I'd meet them later, I wanted to go home and show my Dad the fender. T hey said okay. Actually, I just wanted to get home and clean my butt and change my panties. I don't think to this day anyone knows I shit my pants. Not even my Dad, who stood outside in the driveway with me for a few minutes and complimented me on my handling of the situation. I went in the bathroom with a new pair of panties, took off my overalls, straddled the toilet and emptied my panties into the toilet. Luckily, it was a single solid log, so even though it had squished up in my panties while I was sitting, it wasn't too mushy. I wiped my butt and cleaned it with soap and water. I put on my clean panties and put my overalls back on and headed back to the mall. Overall, I guess it took me an hour. I haven't pooped my pants since.

the "HOLD IT" man
Sorry it took so long to post about last Halloween. I've been brousing through the posts and I was very interested in Bladder Girl's story because she stated that there was a certain amount of pleasure that she gets in holding for long times then letting go.

I did a little web surfing, and I found that there are some women who when they hold their bladders, the building pressure stimulates the clitoris, and then they finaly let loose their torrent, the stream also stimulates them almost to orgasm, so there is another reason why women may have bigger bladders ans stronger Kegel function. Men, according to all the sources I have read, are completely incapable of holding their bladders for pleasure, so here you have an other advantage that women have over us in bladder control.

Now for my last bladder hold which I did on Halloween. We had our little contest at my home, and the ruls were very much the same as they were when I was down in Florida. As I told you all before, I was trying for 12 hours or 1000 militres. I fell short in both areas, but here are the results. There was me, Katie my cousen, Beckie her friend from the Hospital, and Ralph, Beckie's boyfriend. Katies boyfriend could not make it. My had to work so she was not there, either.

Here are the results:

For hold time:

1st Place Katie 15 hours
2nd Place Beckie 13 and 35 minutes
3rd Place Ralph 9 hours and 40 minutes
Last Place Me 8 hours and 55 minutes

For Pee Times

1st Place Katie 2 min 15 seconds
2nd Place Beckie 2 min even
3rd Place Ralph 1 min 45 seconds
Last Place Me 1 min 12 seconds

Pee Amount:

1st Place Katie 1700 militres
2nd Place Beckie 1300 militres
3rd Place Me 850 militres
Last Place Ralph 775 militres

We did not take our pee rate, undortunately because I beat Ralph on Ammount, so I probably beat him on rate as well, BUT as you all can see, Katie and Beckie are clearly the winners, in all catagories listed. I did improve my hold time atleast by 55 minutes so it wasn't a total lost.

question for all the female members: which is the strangest place where you peed when really needed to go (desperate)? Please giveme many replays with short stories Thanks

John Q Public
Well, last Halloween was very interesting indeed. I rented the DVD I mentioned, then I completely emptied myself out. I got my pumpkins and "Trick or Treat" candy ready, put on a diaper just in case, and started my movie.

I did not drink anything while the movie was playing. I had alot of "Trick or Treat'ers" this year, more then ever infact, so I was answering the door constantly during the movie. I already saw it, so it wasn't as though I was missing anything. "Dracula" is one of my personal faves. I got pretty desperate for a pee long before the movie was over, and I was going to "toss it in" when the door bell rang again and there was a group of about 7 or 8 kids all yelling "Trick or Treat!" so I started handing out the candy, and apperantly one of the older children noticed that I had to go, and told the others "Hurry up guys, the man has to go to the bathroom." Just as I closed the door and started to walk to the bathroom, my little spastic spincter gave out, and I emitted about 15 seconds worth of warm pee into the disposable brief I had on under my jeans. I put the DVD player on "pause" and went in to take off the wet diaper, but again the door bell rand, and this time it was! a mother with an Infant, each one wearing a rabbit costume. The women was a neighvor of mine who I knew, but not very well, and she was fidgiting about as she gave me the customary "Trick or Treat" then asked if she could use my bathroom. I was floored, but I said "Yes." She ran into the bathroom with the baby in her arms and shut the door. I was going to start up the movie again when I heard another group of children at the door so I started handing out candy, and while I was handing it out I could hear my neighbor hissing and farting like there was no tomorrow. Then the baby started crying. I did not want her to know that I was listening and enjoying so I started the movie up again and pretended not to notice.

She came out and thanked me for letting her ust the toilet and I went back to my movie for about 10 minutes or so. Then I remembered the wet diaper I was wearing and decided to change it while I had the chance so I went into the bathroom, and to my astonishment, was dark yellow, foamy toilet full of pee, and right in the middle a huge log, which I could hardly believe any human being could lay. I am not realy into defication, but I never saw a turd that big, and I mean it had to be over 2 inches thick and 14 i nches long. I thought it was going to plug up my toilet so I got a bottle of Draino out just in case. It took me 5 flushes to get rid of it. The smell of fresh urine and of that turd permiated the room for over an hour.

After I finaly got that monstrosity flushed away, I put on another diaper and tried to make it through the rest of "Bram Stoker's Dracula" without having to take a break. By the time the closing credits came on, I was again realy desperate, and again more Kids came to the door for candy, and I almost but not quite made it to the bathroom. On both occasions I let loose, it felt IMENSELY good to let go.

Hmmm, the two pics of the Kirsten Dunst-lookalike and the cutie with the paper have made a comeback...

It's been a while since I last posted. And, I promised the second part of the story, the Mallory half, so here goes!

It's pretty funny, because I was talking with someone when Mallory came up to me. She said, "Hey Jared, I need your help, I've got a _really_ full hard drive right now, and I need to empty out some disk space." Simply awesome.
So Mallory and I went to our usual spot in the park near the college campus (which is beginning to get slightly chilly) quicker than usual, mostly because Mallory was nearly in a half-run. Once I saw what she was going to "output," however, I wouldn't blame her!
After everything was down, I knelt behind Mallory as she squatted. She took a deep breath and put her hands on her thighs.
"You might want to step back a little," Mallory said as she urinated a stream on the ground beneath her. "It's gonna get bad back there." As if to illustrate her point, a dull sputtering sound erupted from her bowels.
"Oh, that's even better," I said, smiling up at Mallory.
Mallory smiled, then started on her pushing. Presently, the tip of something started to come, and then retreated into her inner cavern. She tried again, with the same result.
"One of these," Mallory said, making a face. So, taking my cue from Fat Woman, I lightly caressed the rotund globules in front of me with my fingertips.
"Oh, keep doing that," Mallory said, breathing in and pushing. The firm tip started to exit her rosebud, stretching it out. As the 2.5-inch tip extruded from her anus, Mallory exhaled, letting it sit for a moment, then resumed pressing out the bowel movement. It got quite a bit softer as it continued, and by the time it got about eight inches out, it was so much softer that it was practically flowing freely from her buns.
"Wow, this is a little easier," Mallory said, farting loudly and squishing out a soft bowel movement. After her third log, she was done. She passed a bunch of Wet Wipes to me, and I happily wiped her anus and crack, which was very dirty after what had just come out from between there.
"Ahhh, that's better," Mallory said as we left the park.

And for one more recent...

Mallory and I were eating out this weekend, and there was this awesome cheesecake where we were. Unfortunately, cheesecake doesn't exactly sit well with Mallory, but she likes it so much.
"You know, getting that cheesecake for dessert probably isn't a good idea," I said.
"Oh well, I'll pay for it later," Mallory said. "Besides, I can even it out with that steak sandwich, not much fiber in there."
Unfortunately, for Mallory, low-fiber food plus diarrhea-inducing food doesn't quite equal a lot of medium bowel movements. It equals a lot of soft soft poop. We were reclining on the couch watching a movie in her sister's apartment about two hours later when she blew her first fart. And she just happened to be lying across my lap, causing it to be blown right in my direction. And this was no regular fart. This was a pre-blow-out, cheesecake, beefsteak sandwich induced fart. And the first of many. In the half hour that we remained on the couch, she turned the atmosphere brown. After that, however, she said, "Whoa, that stuff just caught up with me, and now it's dancing on my rectum. I can't make it to the bathroom."
Sorry, pants-pooping enthusiasts, though: I got a garbage can to her in time. It was just big enough for the load, but the rim was barely big enough for her butt, which was practically vacuum-sealed on to the can. I couldn't see, but I could hear the poop squishing out with wet farts galore.
Finally, she was done-for now. She told me later that she'd not gotten any sleep that night, because she was in the bathroom. Oh well, those are the breaks!


Brooklyn dude, I don't know how you could go 5 hours with shit in yoour ass. If I have shit on my ass it ictes like crazy and I rush to wipe it.h

while i was in a bathroom I heard a little boy complain to his mom that he had to poop real bad. all the stalls were full so she asked if he could hold it. He said "maybe", i huried to finish and got out just in time to see the boy, maybe age 3 or 4 have an accident in his pants. As I washed my hands the boys mother stripped him, cleaned him up and gave him one of the worst spankings I have ever seen. I apologized for taking so long but the mother said he should have held it. Later I saw the two leaving, the boy with no pants.

Infantry SPC
To The Smelly Panda: I bet Serena and Venus take their dumps before Competition. Althea would know more about that than I would. Nia Long is another good one too. The scene she did in Held Up just wasn't good enough for me.
There are many fine black girls where I go to college that I would like to see take a dump,especially two in one of my classes. The only problem is that I have found that sharing a interest such as this labels a person. This interest makes you feel different. The secret we keep (I keep) seems almost as powerful as the secret life that gay and lesbians lead before they come out of the closet.
I wish that all of social society would be more open about this than usual. I could find it easier to meet more people in my surroundings that share the same interest.

No interesting adventures to share as of lately.

Hey,PPG-good to hear from you-yes,i just took a hiatus from posting on the forum cause it seemmed to be getting a bit away from the subjects i liked to read and post about,but now it seems to be turning around and tha's good.Maybe we'll see more of folks like JANE(and Gary)PPG JEFF A and I'm going to miss CARLMELITA-she always had stories i really enjoyed! As fara as Me PPG,I had a good summer of pooping in the woods ,but again I never had the chance for a buddy poop with a female companion-I had a few sessions with some other male bikers in the woods that were fun,but i'm still waiting for a good buddy dump with a pretty lady pooing along with me!As far as the gym goes-now that the weather is turing cooler,i've been going to the gym more and around the beginning of sept,a friend turned me on to thse calcium supplements called "coral Calcium" and man did they make me shit like a horse-Every day i was going 2-3 times where i uaually go once and each time it was these monster! loads that filled up the bowl! it was like 2-3 really long poops every time i sat on the bowl,but man it felt great to get rid of that stuff( I also did a few of these big dumps out in the woods,too)and man when the urge came I had to go NOW! I had to stop taking these pills cause I was just pooping too much-Now I'm just taking another calcium pill, but man did that other stuff clean me out every morning!I'll post a few gym stories, if you guys are interested that were pretty fun-I really enjoy goig at the gym with the other guys in the morning-As a matter of fact,i'm off to there now-So I'll post soon and I'll say hi to all the regulars and BTW I enjoy stories from PUNK ROCK GIRL,ALTHEA(I'll be waiting for that big poop you'll be posting about soon!)and a few others-be posing soon and Hey PPG!! BYE

Billy & Kevin
It's kev this time. I had the messy poops, so I get to talk about it. Yesterday, after our soccer game, we went to the cabin for the weekend. After we got there, we went out to woods and played. While I was out there, I felt like I had to poop and it would be diarreha. It was pretty cold out. I climbed up a tree, pushed my pants around my legs and then grabbed onto a branch with hands and feet, so I was hanging with my butt down. I peed (I aimed my tning so i did not pee myself or my clothers). I pooped one log, then liquid poop. When I was done, I moved toward the tree and then dropped to the ground. I had one little wave to go and then wiped. Jeremy ahd to poop, so he just pooped on my turd where the diarreha was.

Today i had to poop at church again. I went to the bathroom. Billy and jeremy both had to go. I had diarrhea, so I pooped first. While I was wiping, some guy came in. I am next, then Jeremy. I got and Billy and Jeremy both said nasty. Billy flushed the toilet and then sat down. While Billy was pooping, Jeremy said he can't wait. I said you want to poop in my hand? he said, no but I can't wait. I wrapped my hand in toilet paper and kev squatted an pooped. He pooped out 3 logs and siad I am done for now. He amde lots of crackling sounds. I told billy to watch out, he it comes. He moved forward while I dropped the logs into hte toilet. I heard some mroe crackling sounds and billy said I thought you said you were done for now. Jeremy said taht wasn't me. The guy said oops and left. I guess he dropped a load in his pants. Billy was done. He dropped one huge long log and 3 smaller ones. Jeremy dropped some little turds, wiped and we left.

After church, we went home for breakfast. My mom made french toast, but I was not that hungrey, So I ate some toast and banansa. After breakfast, dad took us to target. When we go to target, dad usually gets us a toy, usually legos or something. By the time we got there, I had to go poop again. We went to the bathoom. Billy said you want us to wait out here? I said, no. Jeremy and Josh and billy went in with me. I pooped some nasty diarrhea and wiped. Then I flushed. Josh had to poop too. He hopped on the toilet and went. He dropped 3 turds. Then we peeded in the toilet (Josh's poops floated, so we aimed at these). After we caught up with dad, we stayed with him for about 10 minutes. Then he said he had to go to the bathroom. So we went to the toys while he went to the bathroom. We got some star wars legos.

No poops since then (except for normal poops for billy and jeremy while they were getting ready for bed).

BRYIAN: Liked your story about letting out a litle pee in bed. Did anybody notice your wet pot, or do you do your own laundry?

This morning in class, my friend Micah was acting somewhat uncomfortable, then got up and ran out of class. Usually, he tells me where he's going, but not today. Anyway, he was gone for a couple of minutes, then came back and didn't say a word about leaving. I'm guessing he peed. I mean, he had just gotten out of a long class before this one with little to no break in between, and it was pouring rain (which affects some ppl, including me) so I guessed that by his actions, he had to pee pretty bad. What do you all think?

QUESTION FOR THE GUYS: When you REALLY have to pee, do you ever hold/grab/pinch your penis through your pants? Just wondering b/c I've seen my guys friends grabbing themselves (including one hottie holding himself for several minutes at a soccer game) and wondered if that meant they had to pee or if it was for another reason (or none at all). Thanks to all who reply.


To Kristyna: Cool ever been around your b/f when hes had to go?

To Punk Rock Girl: Thats intresting...never knew about chocoate giving you the shits.

To KT: Intresting story.

To Potty Pooper: Intresting about the bathrooms..did you ever see any one on the toilets?

To Billy & Kevin: Enjoyed your story.

To Thomas: Enjoyed your story..what is thunderbird? is it like gatorade? or more like beer?

To stinky: Enjoyed your story..what did your buddys expect..they asked you to fart.

To Bobby: Liked your story..does your dad know about your intrests?

To sunshine boy: Intresting stories

To jr: No...just curious..thanks for liking my stories

Kristyna - What's a zipper fart?

jr -

1. How long does it take to shit? Just a few minutes usually.
2. How many times a day do you shit? 1 or 2.
3. Have you ever had to shit on a date or at your prom(guys)? On a date, yes, prom, no.
4. Did you ever have to shit when anotheer family member was there and only one bathroom? What did you do? No, we have more than 1.
5. Do you have chest hair?(youngeer guys) Disqualified by age.

Punk Rock Girl
To the "to Movie Fans" Dude: Your forgot Katt Shea (who went on to direct POISON IVY and CARRIE 2) in PSYCHO III. She has to pee, and is looking for a bathroom. She finds one and when she sits on the toilet the seat is up so she yelps when her bare ass hits the rim. She also forgets to close the door. So ol' Norman Bates, dressed up as Mother, comes in and slits her throat and stabs her in the stomach. She ends up falling in a heap on the floor with her shorts and underpants still around her ankles. It's a pretty cool scene. But now that I think of it, Katt Shea isn't much of a celebrity.

Tina Yothers (from FAMILY TIES) is shown sitting on the toilet in SHOOT THE MOON, but she's a little kid.

It seems that when a woman is shown sitting on the toilet in a movie, it is almost always implied that she's peeing. Only recently have there been scens in which a woman is clearly taking a shit while sitting on the crapper. The only ones that immediately come to mind are DETROIT ROCK CITY, in which a girl is taking a loud dump in one stall while some boys are hiding in another and trying not to laugh; NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE, which had a scene lifted right from DETROIT ROCK CITY, except the girl is having a really nasty, DUMB AND DUMBER type dump, and we actually get to see her liquidy mess when she falls through the floor into the classromm underneath. The earliest one I can think of is in ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, when a guy is sitting on the toilet and, as a joke, unlocks the door so the girl he likes will come in and see him on the toilet. She comes in, they talk for a minute, then she says she's about to poop her panties and makes him get up so she can sit do! wn.

I think the cinema needs more scenes of women taking a shit! We can crap as well or even better than any guy. Let's celebrate that in pictures!



I had a truly disgusting encounter today. I was in Sears doing some early Christmas shopping with my boyfriend. I had to pee, so I went to the ladies room, only to find it was out of order. The men's room was right next to it. I leaned in and said "Hello? Does anyone mind if I come in? THe ladies room is busted and I really have to pee." No one answered, so I went in. It was empty, so I walked for the stalls and happened to glance over at the urinals. My jaw dropped in disgust. Somebody had taken a huge dump in one of the urinals. It was diarrhea, and stunk like a ten week old dead body in July. God! I quickly rushed into a stall and yanked my pants and underwear down to pee and get out of there as quickly as possible. I totally forgot to check the seat for piss splatter, but was surprised when my bare ass touched it and it was totally dry. As I peed, I thought of two possible scenarios: 1) some poor guy was about to shit his pants, the stalls were all full an! d finally out of desperation he had shit in the urinal, or 2) some asshole thought it would be a hilarious joke to take a nasty dump in the urinal. Yeah, hilarious. I wish they could find the guy who did it and lm his face into it like a dog. I've heard a lot of people have been doing some really gross suff since the JACKASS movie came out. How totally pathetic and empty does your life have to be to feel the need to copy stupid stuff you see in some braindead movie? Anyway, I finished peeing and left without washing my hands. No one came in. I feel sorry for the guy who has to clean in there. Gross. At least shit in the trash can if you must, but not the urinal. Bleach, I'm grossed out just thinking about it now. Later!

Mark V
Saw the movie Bully. Had a great scene showing a side view of a young woman giving herself a pregnancy test. She is also seen wiping. She then stands up for a good frontal nude shot.

A lady friend of mine was inquring. Does anyone know of any recent movies showing young guys (twenty - thirty something) on the toilet? Or even any older movies,

Hey. I've only got one story to tell. Very brief, but I was totally humiliated at the time. When I was twelve I was in boy scout camp for a week. The girl scouts' camp was right next to it. So, the latrines we had to use were infested with wasps and spiders, so I usually chose to go in the woods. One day, I had found a nice secluded spot. THere wasn't really any cover other than the trees, but I could see nobody around. So I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and squatted. I pushed and a big log started coming out and hit the ground. THere was a lot more to come (I hadn't shit in a couple of days), and I kept pushing more out. The more that came out, the softer it got, until it was nearly diarrhea. I pushed once more and a suirt of diarrhea came out with a loud fart. THat's when I heard gigling coming from behind me. I stood up and looked over my shoulder, just in time to see this group of six or seven girls laugh at me and run away. I was so embar! rassed, I can't tell you. I pulled my underwear and pants up without wiping and headed back to my camp. I was quite mortified for the rest of the week.

Traveling Guy
Unnamed poster who wrote "to movie fans": in "Panic Room," Jodie Foster is seen waist up taking a pee in her bathroom, with sound effects. It's the middle of the night and she yawns in mid stream, not yet aware that her home is being invaded. The panic room, where she and her daughter later take refuge, is equipped with a stainless steel, prison-type toilet, but... Well, I won't be a spoiler.

Hollywood is learning what European filmmakers have known for a long time - lots of moviegoers like to see a glimpse of hip-on-pot, or on the squat, lots more than we here at Toiletstool would think, I'd bet.

I had a most enjoyable experience while camping this past weekend. I was camping at a state park in SC. It was a park with older facilities, but equipped with running water and bathhouses. I was hiking through the woods and needing a shit desperately. I had been eating like a horse with my friends. I was on the trail when I saw a small sign that said "Group Camp" Assuming that the camp would have a bathhouse with toilets I turned onto the path. I entered the camp and saw a gray building built of wood just ahead on the left. I went into the side marked MEN and found the building to be a three hole outhouse. There was a handsome guy in his early forties, probably. I took a seat beside him on the far right and immediately smelled what he was unloading. I pushed my shit out and it landed in the hole with a thud and then I farted koudly and the guy laughed and said, "man, you really had to let go". I said "yes, I did" and told him where I was camping. He seemed friendly as we ! chatted and we eventually wiped our asses sharing a roll of tp. I invited over to my trailer where I was staying alone and he visited later that evening. We were drinking alot and he was worried about going back to his camp drunk. He was also worried that someone from his group would come looking and find him drunk. One of his friends did come looking, found his truck and knocked on my trailer door asking for him. I lied and said, "Dave fell asleep watching, we've been friends forever and he'll probably just sleep here". Dave was grateful and after a few more drinks, I told Dave to pull his jeans off and get comfortable, he did and let's just say we had a great night together that night and I'm sure we will good friends if not more in the future. Thanks to the good old outhouse!

Potty Pooper
Bryian asked "How did you get rid of the poop? and was the toilet broken?"

I assume you're talking about the time when I used the toilet at a farmhouse and there was no water in it.
I don't know if it was broken or what, and actually we didn't get rid of the poop, just left it sitting in
the pan.

Incidentally, about my more recent post: The boy who liked to leave the bathroom door open and his pants
all the way down when he peed... his name was Brian. He was my best friend, but he moved away when I was
about 15.

Actually, over the few years we knew each other I watched his "skat streak" go up and then later saw him
sorta outgrow it. He didn't engage in any "poop play" type activities (that I know of), but he did sorta
mix into his every day talk vaguely poop-ish type references (but not something it was really obvious that
that's what it was) where, for example, he'd sit down when mildly tuckered-out and say "I'm *pooped*!"
placing almost exaggerated force on that "pooped," as if trying to call special attention to his particular
choice of word... such that you'd recognise that it also had a different meaning in a bathroom context, and
therefore that he'd used *because* of that alternate meaning! :-D

He also seemed to always be looking for, and spotting, any toilet-ish connections he could see about most
*any* matter, and it was clear his mind was just sorta geared in that direction.

This was in the late 1970s or so, and was the period when action figures were switching over from the larger
sized ones, where they had actual clothes made out of cloth, to much smaller action figures where the "clothes"
were physically part of the doll as it came out of the mold. I had a set of Star Trek action figures (the bigger
type) with appropriate playsets. Sometimes Brian (and, for that matter, maybe other kids) would have one of the
figures go "use the bathroom." We'd gotten one of those screw-on plastic tops, the kind that are sorta slender
and maybe two or three inches tall, and set it into a little alcove in one of the playsets (a "closet-sized"
little unused space in the Bridge play set) and pretended that was the ships head, and he'd have the figure
pull its pants down and sit on this "toilet" to do its business.

There are probably other things like that which I've since forgotten about. Well, as I said, eventually he
outgrew this "scat fixation" and started sorta distancing himself from it, or at least not engaging in making
any more of his subtle scat-references in his speach.

At some point, my folks had found a three-sided... I'd guess you'd call it an educational toy for younger kids.
It had a black-board on one side, a white place-the-magnetic-letters-on-it board, and (my memory is fuzzy on
this) perhaps a sort of peg-board, with little holes all through it. The ends were triangular, and had a sort
of plastic end-piece that held it all together. You'd place one board-face down on the ground, or table-top,
so that the desired rectangular board was in front of you, and another was on the oposite side from it. Well,
the plastic end-pieces had a largish round hole in the middle, and when this thing was set on end, it came to
right at seat-height, so you could sit down on it.

Well, one time when Brian was over, and we were out in my back yard, I was sitting on the thing like that, and
something suddenly struck me... I tried to sorta hint at it to Brian, indicate that I'd suddenly realised that
the thing reminded me of a toilet! Hehe! For some reason, he didn't quite catch on to what I was trying to say,
I guess his mind was no longer "programmed" to search out and latch onto such connections, so I had to practically
SAY it! "This looks like a toilet! Heh!"

His reaction was a sort of if-you-say-so kinda thing, like it no longer interested him, so I changed the subject.
Then again, maybe he'd started to reach the age where he was beginning to feel self-conscious about such matters.
Oh well...

Austin (Blake)

Thanks again for hosting over a thousand pages of posts!
Our lives would be so boring without you! You're always so
reliable and thanks for keeping us as NoRmAl as possible! I agree
that its good to keep things from getting too extreme because of
any new people coming to the site. Just an average story here is a
huge jump for most people. It's good not to stray too far from the
rest of the herd.

To All Creeps and Nuts

It's not like I can really point the finger can I? My advice
to you all is that if your diplomatic about it you can say things in a
way that most people will accept, just use your head as to how
you say it.

To Shy Girl

I'm glad to hear you're seeing some improvement. It's nice
to hear from you again. One of my favorite fiber meals is triscuits
and cheese whiz. If you eat only that for a whole meal, let me tell
you, the next day you will have a massive one. It starts building up
and there is no way to contain it. If I'm in the woods the next day,
I just do it wherever. It even makes me do two full size loads
sometimes. Anyway, looking forward to more lovely stories from


While doing inventory in a small country town in Texas, I
felt the need to wee. I went to the stockroom to the single dirty
bathroom that serves both customers and employees alike. It really
has a lousy lock on it and everyone seems used to it. I walked in
and closed the door. As I turned around I saw a darling little
hispanic girl sitting on the commode looking bored out of her
mind. She was leaning back against the tank staring off into space,
with her little pink pants down around her ankles. She looked like
she had been sitting there half an hour either trying to get
something started, or dreading making a big stink. I giggled as if
someone had tickled me with an enormous feather. Even though
there was a separate urinal I didn't think it would be appropriate
for me to stay, since I didn't know her parents or anything. I left
and after a few minutes, she came running out, ready to play 1000
games of tag. When it was my turn, I found that the toilet was
broken and she had left a couple of huge ones. How did all that
come from that little girl? Oh well, I peed for twenty or thirty
seconds and left.

- Austin

Night Owl

Well, it finally happened. I'd always wondered if my absentmindedness would get the better of me some day in a bathroom-related manner, and yesterday it did. I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, very distracted by the enormous art histroy paper my teacher had just assigned my class, and in sort of a daydream state I made my way to the bathrooms that I knew were in the Egyptian section. On the way I noticed that they had redesigned the place a bit since I'd last been there, and it took me a little bit to find the lavs. When I found 'em I just strolled in, and was surprised to find that the bathroom was a mirror image of how it used to be. I know, that should have immediately tipped me off, but hindsight's a 20/20. I just dumbly made the quick assumption that they'd overhauled the bathrooms, too. I walked into a stall and as I was unzipping I heard two voices come in and make their way toward the stalls opposite me. One was deepish, and the other was definitely! feminine. My mind dwelled for a moment on the possibility that I had walked into the wrong restroom. "Nah," I thought. "it's just a male with a high-pitched voice." Heck, my current college roomate is one. So I went ahead and let out a short stream, flushed with my sneaker, and started to walk out. The two voices were still in the stalls, and one of them was definitely, I now realized, a girl. I ran out and looked at the door, and of course it said "Women". I walked away as quickly as I could, unable to believe either the stupidity I had just demonstrated nor my incredible luck at not having been discovered. I know that if I told my parents this, they'd laugh their heads off. "You thought it was a 'high-pitched male'?!" they'd gasp between laughs.

Has anybody here ever done this?

I've noticed a lot of talk recently about bidets. I thought I'd share a bit of interesting celebrity news that relates to this. I was watching MTV cribs not too long ago, and Jamie Lynn Siegler's house was one of the ones featured on the show. She showed her bathroom, commenting that she and her husband have separate bathrooms from each other because she thinks it's good to keep those things private, and her toilet was in a completely separate room from the rest of the bathroom. She also had a bidet in there too. I bet she got one of the cleanest celebrity butts out there. Of course I'd have no objection to seeing and smelling her push out a big load. She is rather attractive.

I've got another quick story from work. The other day I saw a young (about 13 or 14), athletic looking girl wearing what looked like basketball practice clothes running to the bathroom at the back of the store. A little while later, she came out and headed back to the front to join her family. So I went by the small restroom and peeked in. I noticed a fairly strong poop smell and a skidmark in the back of the toilet. She was a fit, attractive girl. Maybe what they say about athletes having larger poops is true.


I'm the guy who had a desperate need for a piss while waiting for a tow truck on a cold wintry day. Somehow, my post got cut off so I figured I should tell you the rest of my story. After I unintentionally blurted to the the woman officer that I had to pee really bad and couldn't hold it anymore, she told me there'd be no way I'd be back on the road and on my way to a public restroom any time soon and there was no alternative but to "do it" right there. It didn't look like she was going to turn away to give me a little privay and I was terribly embarrassed when I realized I'd have to piss in front of a strange woman but at that moment, I really didn't care. All I could think of was that reief was seconds away and my bladder was bursting!!! I unzipped, took out my penis right in front of her and let fly!!! Actually, I started pissing before I had my willy completely out! It felt SOOO good to finally let go that I didn't realize until several seconds later that she wa! s staring at my penis!! She coudn't seem to take her eyes off it! The worst thing was that my bladder wasn't even half empty so I had no choice but to keep pissing even though I knew she was watching me. I must have peed for nearly 2 minutes and finally was able to put my dick away. She said to me, "I guess you really had to go, huh? You really have a nice "wee wee" or should I call it a penis like everybody else does?" I had never been so embarrassed in my life!! I felt like I was being sexually harrassed. I mean, surely she could have had the decency to turn her back on me instead of just standing there watching...and that comment she made was uncalled for! Later, when I got to my buddy's house, I related to him what happened and he urged me to report her to the department and tell them everything. I told him I was embarrassed enough as it and to just forget about it because I wasn't going to rehash the whole thing in front of the whole police department and maybe e! venin court, if it got that far. But now I'm wondering if I should have said something. What do you think? Was I sexually harrassed or not?

Yesterday afternoon i was watching tv around 5pm and i came across this movie on Oxygen called "Me My self I" something like that. I was watching a show on Pax and i was flipping to that movie on the commercial and there was a sceene of a mother wiping her 5 year old son. She said something like this when are you gonna wipe your self. Got a kick out of that. Wonder if there were any more sceenes in that movie(didn't watch the whole movie).Any one see this?\
I woke up at 1am to pee and cause i felt crampy(cramps woke me up). I sat down and pushed and farted and peed. Nothing else im like forget this im going back to bed. Now its after 7am and im kinda feeling like i might have to poop. I have a special assignment at work for 2 days which brings me in at a different time. Gotta leave soon..bye

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