Well, JustAnotherGuy, that is very good for a man, especialy if you were only 19. I'm sorry I didn't get to responding to you sooner, but your nurse is typical of what we go through.

I have peed many times just like that, and I almost never pee right after I get up in the morning. It usualy takes about 2 or 3 hours for my bladder to wake up and then it's not too urgent. Typicaly I will hold 12 hours or more on a normal day, and alot of my male coworkers can't believe that I and most of the other nurses can hold longer and in much greater ammounts.

I also have been into having peeing contests with boys girls and boys, since I was about 10, and have never lost to a boy. I told this story before, so I won't go into too great a detail, but one time when I was 10, I outlasted my 19 year old cousen while on a family outing. So did the girl I was with at the time. He, despite his great age and size, could not last more t hen 3 hours without having to go.

I'm sure the story is still in the old posts someplace.

John Q, instead of trying to get through a movie, why don't you try to increas your hold capacity more gradualy and in increments of time. Try for an hour, DRINKING FLUIDS, Keep doing that every day until you are confortable at waiting an hour, and then up the time to an hour and 10 minutes. Just add a more time gradualy as your spincter gets stronger and bladder enlarges. Do that in ADDITION to the Kegel exercies. Be patient with yourself. In time you will be suprised at what you can do. I doubt you will ever have the same capacity as your sister or girl friend, but I bet you can get yourself where you can see a movie in it's entirety without a bathroom break or a diaper.

Aquatic, you make yet another case for women having stronger bladders then men. Granted that there are some women who can use those urinals, most of us would never even try. We would just hold it until we got to a toilet.

So even the local governments in some British cities are inadvertantly admitting that men can not control it as well as women do. Maybe that is sexist at that.

Althea. It sounds as though you ate rather too much at that party. I don't want to be unsympathetic but perhaps the moral of the story would be to eat less on future occasions. Wasn't there a loo you could use whilst you were there? It would have eased your discomfort if you'd been able to go and meant that you weren't 'cutting the cheese' in front of other people.

Just Some Guy. I enjoyed your account, albeit a lengthy one, of weeing whilst in hospital. A few years ago I had a stay in hospital and one of my strongest memories is of being unable to wee for ages.

hello again!!!! Agnes here!!
By this post, i just want to give you advices that i've always done if i was pooping. When you want or ready to poop, bring large mirror with you then you know what to do. That right, that's for seeing your anus contract and see your own turd slowly (or fast maybe) go down through your anus. it's more clear view if you squat on your "throne", just see.
And i have more advice for you, if you want to wipe your self, just call your maid (if you have, bcoz i of course have) and like i always do, when my maid come and bring tp for me, he always offer that tp below my mouth so i can spit my saliva out of my mouth on that tp, then my poor silly maid wiping mw butt for me. it tickeling me and i of course enjoy it. and to make him more suffer, i command him to see and smell my poop and also order him to flush it!
That are very good advices, right?

Tuesesday, November 05, 2002

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting a story here but I do read often so I just wanted to give a little description of myself. I'm 18 and I have light brown hair and hazel eyes I'm 5'4 and I weigh around 125lbs. Ok now here's my story. The other day me and my boyfriend were at the mall and before we went shopping we went to the food court to have lunch and I had a very big lunch and was so full by the time we were done. Well after about a half hour I started feeling like I needed to take a dump but it wasn't really bad so I figured I could hold it till I got home but it kept getting stronger and about a half hour after that I knew I wasn't gonna be able to hold it so I told my boyfriend I needed to use the bathroom and he said alright and we went to look for the restrooms. When we found them I went in and he said he would be waiting right outside. I pulled down my tight jeans and baby blue thong sat down and started to pee..then I felt my 1st log was coming out, I did n't need to do much pushing to get it out and when it hit the water it made a loud splash and I sighed in relief cause it felt so good. Then I still felt more was coming but I had to push this time, I leaned foward a little and started gruting I did this for about 2 minutes then the 2nd log came out it was another big one but not as big as the first, they were hard and firm but then after that I pushed a little more and about 3 softer smaller logs came out with a zipper fart. Then I felt empty so I stood up and wiped it was a pretty clean dump I only needed to wipe twice and then I pulled up my jeans and thong and flushed away my load. I washed my hands and went back out to meet my boyfriend. I was in the bathroom for about 10 minutes so I think he knew I had taken a dump but he didn't mention it.

I had a nice dump last night....I had just finished eating dinner and it hadn't even been an hour since i've eatten. Had a huge urge to dump. Knew it might be a big one cause the last few days i had been passing a bunch of hard balls. I went upstairs and sat and dropped my pants a little. I pushed i felt it come out. It kept on coming and im like i knew it had to be 1 huge log. I then had to pee so i decided to stand up and i peed and saw this 10 inch log. It may have been a foot long! I peed and sat back down cause i still felt like i had to go but nothing else came out. Then i wiped about 10 times. This dump was a lot stickyer the the days before. I did see seeds in my log from hot dogs i ate on a sub roll with seeds on them. I flushed and it all went down. Then later on i fell asleep watching tv and i woke up at 12am and i really had to pee...Then Later on at 5am i had to pee so i wanted to let a few squirts out in my boxers. I was too hard to do it so i stood up as like ! i was peeing standing up. Then got back in bed and i let 2 squirts out. I then went to the bathroom to clean up and finish peeing, I couldn't tell i had a wet spot on my boxers cause they were dark color. I went back in my room turned the light on to get a clean pair of boxers and saw a wet spot on my sheets the size of 2 quarters. Then i went back to sleep. Thats it.

Robby(and Annie)
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
We are back for awhile. We are getting ready to move up to where my father lives. It is a gut-wrenching decision but it has to be done. Sarah and Megs are staying in Texas. There was a funny experience that happened to me at a concert. Annie and I were sitting in back of a couple that couldn't keep still. The woman kept squirming around and the husband kept telling her to stop. She finally said"I peed myself". Well, she got up and nearly duck-walked up the aile. I started to chuckle but Annie punched me. After the concert Annie and I were walking to the car and she suddenly ducked behind an SUV and squatted. She weed for about 2 minutes. I was beside myself. She shook herself and pulled up her knickers. She said;"I nearly piddled myself in there" I sobered up in a hurry!
****KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: Hi there! I read that the moderator wrote about online "Uncles and Aunties". Annie and I will be just like we've been without the titles. We will support you all. KENDAL, you will be soon a teenager so that is ok. That was a good poo story you told. ANDREW, your little listening in was just like Annie and I did last week. ELLEN, we hope you are doing good as well!
Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs from Robby and Annie
****INA: Hi sweetie! My, you are a naughty girl!, Teehee! Those people weren't nice to you and that is sad. Both of us will be here more often from now on! Take care! Lots of Lovexxx from Robby and Annie
****RIZZO: Hi dear friend! We have missed you and hope to stay on here for awhile. That last story was a ripper! Love to you and your wife from Robby and Annie
****LOUISE AND STEVE: LOUISE, 1850mls!!! WOW! Annie will have to be told! That is amazing! STEVE, I hope you were there with the bottles,LOL! Love from Robby and Annie
****PV: Hi gal! 680mls! Now Annie will have to have a go! That Canadian Whiskey will do it for you,LOL! Take care! Love from Robby and Annie
****ELEANOR: Hi dear! You are still being ladylike and thatis just great! Keep it up! Love from Robby and Annie
****DEAR CARMALITA: I am devastated! We both wish you and Jake a wonderful life! ADIOS! Love from Robby and Annie
A BIG HI TO: Ephermal, Adele, Jeff A, Todd and Diana, Damsel, Adrian, Gruntly Bogwell, Nathan, Heather, Jane and Gary, LindaGS, Ellie and Little Lou, and all of the great posters on here!


shy girl

as you can see here, I'm really shy and so haven't posted much aside from my correctol story a few weeks ago (around p. 1000 or so) and a couple other notes. but i've been enjoying reading people's posts.

Austin (Blake), thanks for your post to me a few weeks ago. I tried a smaller dose and it gave me less diarrhea but still made me all gassy and crampy. I'm trying fiber to see if it helps. Not sure why, but maybe b/c I'm a smaller person (5'2 and 110 lbs), I never can go a lot at one time. I'm usually regular but in small amounts (unless I'm sick or took a lax). Gas is a huge problem for me though and I'll post again later b/c I don't have much privacy with this computer I'm on right now so in a minute, I have to leave. Anyway, I promise to post again soon on that topic. I think you're right that women are under so much pressure not to let one fly and it's so awful. I have held it in to the point that I hurt and feel so uncomfortable like my belly is going to burst open. I guess that's the price I have to pay for having a shy bowel!
Anyway, everyone keep the posts coming. Don't worry, I will be back again and in the meantime will keep reading all the posts.

Heather in NY: I loved your story. I would have been absolutely mortified to be in that position b/c (as my story above and my name indicates, I've got a shy bowel).

Sarah: I was concerned about you. It's no laughing matter and definitely not fun to be super constipated and backed up. Please go see a doctor if things don't get better. Like one person pointed out here, it's true that you can get really sick if you go too long without crapping. It happened to me on a couple of occasions where I had to go to the hospital. It is very embarrassing to me and I'd rather forget those incidents. Also try other measures first before stimulant laxatives, b/c based on my own experiences with them (see my correctol story earlier), they can give you really bad cramps, gas and diarrhea and although the box may say "gentle" relief, it is anything but.

Thank you but that was not the post I was talking about. I'm looking for the one where you were using the toilet while someone was in the tub.

to movie fans:
here is a list of celebrities that have been on the toilet in movies:

jennifer lopez (enough)
teri hatcher (since you've been gone)
melanie griffith (something wild)
patricria arquette (flirting with disaster)
thandie newton (gridlocked)
nicole kidman (eyes wide shut)
amanda peet (igby goes down)
kate bosworth (blue crush)
victoria abril (jimmy hollywood)
elisabeth shue (leaving las vegas)

if anyone knows anymore, let me know.

I went to a church last night and then we had a party. I ate myself to death. It was the most uncomfortable feeling. I had to break wind throughout the evening. I thought I was going to evacuate my bowels but, it did not happen. I will wait until morning. It will be a big one. Trust me.

Gruntly Bogwell
FAT WOMAN...loved your post about Karen's convention dump. In the past you have described having to be careful when choosing a cubicle because of having to fit your well-proportioned cheecks on he commode and sometimes rubbing on each cubicle partition as you sat for a poo session. I just had this vision of several of the large female conventioneers using the facilities during the morning break sessions, after having traveled to the convention, with its associated disruption of the their bowel cleansing routines. Then after a healthy breakfast...several needing the multi-stall convention facilities near the general session rooms for a poo of some magnitude (a la Karen). The groaning and grunting and subsequent plopping must have been you have anything to report on such a happening? Best wishes and may your movements be smooth and satisfying. Love, Gruntly

Running in after a pretty lady had taken a hudge dump to ejoy her warmth? - That's a Rick thing to do.

Disconnecting the bathroom fan so you can stand by the door listening to her grunt and groan and "KERPLOOP"? That's a Rick thing to to.

Looking at her big brown log floating in the water and counting the corn cernels in it? - That's a Rick thing to do.

Purposely fixing the toilet so it will not flush after she takes that overly stinky dump? - That's a Rick thing to do.

Hiding the air freashener so she cannot cover up her smelly deed? That's a Rick thing to do. Oh yea, matches work better.

And worse, hiding the extra toilet paper so she is stranded there on the can cursing and shitting? That's a Rick thing to to.

When you have signed a contract with her for her to take a dump for you and she steels all of your money when your back is turned? That's rotten thing for her to do!

AAhh lighten up.

Punk Rock Girl
Just wanted to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I just got to work and am drinking a cup of Dunkin Donuts cinnamon coffee and eating two pumpkin donuts. That should get the ol' bowels working! We usually get a fair amount of kids, both in our building and from the neighborhood, so I'm looking forward to giving out candy. I hate having chocolate in the house, because I love it and it always gives me the shits. Maybe tonight it will be worth it.

Once again, Happy All Hollows Eve, everyone!!! I currently have a temporary jack-o-lantern tattoo on my right butt cheek, covering my scar (which is barely visible now). Ah, Halloween, pagan rituals, candy, costumes, horror movies. Now that's my kind of holiday!



Greetings everyone.I finally have a story to post. Yesterday in orientation, I finally asked this girl in orientation to go to dinner with me, since we all got tired of the same food. We dropped our friend off at the room, and preceded to dinner. While we were out driving she started talking about how she gets the shits when she nervous, and she kept on and on,which turns me on. We went inside to eat,andthen we went riding around. About a hour later, I could tell she had to shit. I asked her to be sure,she said a little bit,but she was nervous to take a shit in the room while her classmate was in the room. I offered her to shit in my room, she was too shy.but we got back to the hotel and got out of the car. She let out a long loud fart and said ahhhh! Then said i m going to my room. So i went to my room. As soon as i changed clothes. I heard a knock at my door. It was her, and she asked to use my bathroom. I said yes. She came in undoing her overalls heading to the bathroom! . She sat down with the door wide open, farted several long wet farts, and dropped her load. It stunk up the room bad. I had a hardon from hell watching her shit.Then she told me to come in and wipe.I came in wiped her big ass and looked at her load.It was a bunch of peanut butter colored turds. I wiped her and flushed leaving a turd-like race track in the commode. We were both so turned on from my wiping her ass to me watching her shit, we hoped on my bed and you know the rest fo the story from there.Enough said til later

Bryian - I was in for over a week, but within a few days they had taught me to use crutches. I don't remember exactly how many days. I had not really needed to go #2 for several days after being put in the cast.

Potty Pooper
My word, that lady in today's picture looks like Morticia from the Adams Family! :-)

Someone mentioned a bathroom with a urinal, two toilets, and no booths around any
of it, and that reminds me of a coupla bathrooms I encountered in my youth.

The first one was when I was perhaps 6 or 8 or so, and my folks had gone to
the beach. We were either on our way there, or on our way back, I don't
really remember which. Anyway, we stopped at some little place along the
way, might have been a bait-shop or such, and I went into the men's room.
It was a narrow room, very much like a hallway, except it didn't really go
anywhere. There was a sink near the door, and two toilets. One toilet was
at the end of the "hallway" and the other was at the middle, and there was
no booth. Instead, they had a makeshift curtain hanging from one wall to
the other, strung up betweeen the two toilets. I looked at that, and wondered
what would happen if one guy had to go, went to the toilet at the end, and
then a second guy came in... when the first guy then had to go PAST the second
guy on his way out. And then, what would the second guy do when another guy
had to go? He'd have to go past him on the way to the second toilet, which
means the guy on the frontmost toilet would have to be seen half-naked at least
TWICE! :-)

The second bathroom was one I saw when I was perhaps 13 or 14. It was at a public
swimming pool. You had the parking lot, with a chain-link fence between that and
the pool area, and they had the bathrooms right up there at the front, facing right
towards the parking lot. There was what amounted to a sidewalk running along front
of the bathrooms, just the fence along one side and the cinder-block walls
of the bathrooms along the other.

What's interesting about this bathroom is that there was no roof over it, presumably
because this was a swimming pool, and no one would be there unless it was sunny out.
It was just cinderblock walls the whole way around. There were no doors, either.
Just a door-sized gap at the men's room and the ladie's. Both doors faced
directly into the parking lot. Did I mention there was only a chain-link fence?

Anyway, because of the lack of doors, a girl heading to or from the ladie's room
would see directly into the men's room as she passed by. I went into the men's
room and discovered that, while the bathroom was a fairly roomy one, there was
just one urinal, and just one toilet. The toilet was off to the right, over in
the corner, facing directly towards the door. There was no booth around it,
though. Evidentaly there had been one, but for some reason it was not there any
more. The wall-mounted toilet-paper-despenser, a metal box, had been flattened
against the wall and, obviously, had no toilet paper in it.

There was no toilet paper on hand at all, in fact.

Did I mention there was no door on this bathroom? Any girl walking back from the
ladie's room would, as she passed by the men's room door, would find herself gazing
right at any boy that happened to be sitting on the toilet!

The only ones likely to use that toilet would have to be exhibitionists, or someone
who just knew he couldn't make it to any other bathrooms in time.

Did I mention there was no toilet paper?!?!????? Anyone who HAD to doodoo here would
be in a real predicament, because once done, he *wouldn't* be able to get back into
the pool, since obviously he wouldn't be able to wipe! Who knows, though,
maybe he could have stuck his behind into the toilet bowl after flushing, and
wash his backside off, or maybe he could have used paper towels. (I don't recall
if there were paper towels or not.)

Fortunately, I didn't have to doodoo. I musta gone in there to pee, either that or
I just wanted to see what the bathrooms were like. Actually, it was more likely the

It so happened that at home (we were vacationing in another state, staying with
friends) there was a boy, maybe a year or two younger, living two houses down from me.
The full bathroom at his house had the toilet directly across from the door and facing
towards it. Well, this boy liked to pee leaving the bathroom door wide open, and with
his pants and underpants down about his ankles! In short, anyone who happened to walk
past the bathroom door while he was wizzing would see his bare behind!

So, standing at this no-doors, roofless bathroom with no booth around the toilet, and
I pictured my friend seeing this bathroom and feeling like he was in heaven! :-)

Mind you, I never saw him leave the bathroom door open when he had to doodoo,
just when he had to pee. Dunno if being seen naked from the *front* made him
really self-conscious, or if didn't do this simply because he'd be more likely
to get in trouble for it. He wasn't really an exhibitionist, other than when
he peed. One other time, we were out front in his yard, and they were raking
the leaves... He was standing up on top of a sort of big plastic bin that, I
guess, they put the leaves into, when a car drove by. Suddenly he dropped his
pants (but not his underpants) to show his behind to the passing car! :-D

Just Another Guy
I discovered this web site yesterday when I was doing a search for Lazy Bladder Syndrome and it popped up on one of
your recent posts. I was diagnosed or more probably mis-
diagnosed as a child when my infrequent need to void coupled
with my very long urinations so alarmed my parents that they dragged me into our family physician. Despite the fact I had excellent muscle control, could empty my bladder completely and had never had any bacterial infections I was
thus labled; so began a decade of Class A "pee-shyness" which no doubt enlarged my bladder still further. One can
only speculate on the number of people, especially women,
who are simply endowed with unusually large bladders and carry around undo modesty because of their extraordinary
peeing performance. My case history would be much different
if it weren't for a dumb stunt at nineteen which landed me
in a small community hospital with compound fractures and
a bruised ego. It was through an idiotic teenage stunt that
I was fortunate enough to meet my version of your Katrina
(who I am a big fan of having read her posts.)

My hospital stay up until then had been miserable, having
endured some surgery and initial convalescence in recovery.
By the middle of the first night I was alone in my semi-private room with my thoughts and, oh yes, a bladder that I
had not emptied since the previous night. In strode a tall
nurse in her late twenties making late night rounds of the
mostly elderly patients on the floor and myself. Checking my chart and seeing me awake she started to chit-chat about
my condition. She then looked down and matter-of-factly inquired how many times I had voided and the amount since
nothing was on the chart. I almost turned red and sheepishly told her I hadn't peed yet. Instead of the expected concern, she shrugged and held up a plastic calibrated liter jug with a handle on it. "When you do,
do it in this." I was mortified.

Hours passed and she returned to find me still awake and
still having not peed. When I apologized at my pee-shyness
she smiled and commented that I shouldn't sweat it- that I was probably like her in the respect that I didn't pee until I had a decent load to pee. Taken aback, I blurted out
"yeah when I go it takes awhile." Scribbling on my chart she flashed another knowing smile. "Well I think I can definately relate to that. I take some..." She rolled her
eyes. "Speaking of, I'll come back and check on you on my
pee break." Roughly a half hour later she returned to my
room and with a casual wave quipped, " Hi, want some company? If you need anything, just shout. I'll be in there." And with that, she went into the bathroom just to the right of my bed.

Folks, I don't know how to write this without everyone believing that it's fiction. In the still of the night I
heard her initiate her stream, an effortless not particularly urgent flow that went and went and went on for
probably four minutes before tapering off completely. In
my hospital bed I waited for the sounds of the toilet flushing after such a performance, but after a pause of fifteeen seconds she started up again albeit with a weaker
stream no less steady for another full three minutes or so.
This was followed by another pause, this time more protracted, and a third stream, thin but relentless which
sounded like a dribbling faucet that I swear just went on
and on! I never thought she'd finish and I never dreamed that anyone could pee so long or so much (how much I haven't a clue.) The powers of physiology did battle with the powers of eros when she, after an eternity, emerged from
the bathroom.

Wide awake, held hostage by my condition, she ventured over having to know that I had listened and heard that utterly incredible peeing performance. "O.K. big guy, it's your
turn. Here, I'll help you swing around and sit up so you
can pee easier." I turned and sat on the side of the bed
while she handed the plastic jug to my one free hand not in
a cast and drew a white curtain around my bed for some limited privacy. Standing just outside the curtain she almost soothed words of encouragement to me. "Just relax.
You can do it." Slowly, dribbling at first, I started to
go into the plastic container. Two feet away and a half generation removed from me, a very attractive woman stood
watch outside a thin veil in the middle of the night as I
peed into the jug. After her unbelievable urination I was
less shy and in fact somewhat eager to show her what I could do as a male. And unlike the humiliation I suffered
as a youth, this was actually stimulating. My penis thought
so too (and I realize this is not the forum to get too deeply into that.) Slowly the liter jug filled until it reached a level right at the 1000ml mark.

"What do I do now," I said cutting the flow off and acting
every bit the naive nineteen-year-old I was? The curtain
flung open and there she was, looking down at my wide open
penis and me holding a liter of urine. Again that same smile.

" Just give it to me." She took it into the bathroom and poured it out before handing it back. "Here you go,
tiger. You can go back to work now." This time she left
the curtain open a bit and leafed through a magazine as
I initiated my pee stream once more, a partial tumescence
reducing my flow and protracting my pee time. Would she say something to broach the unspeakable subject of bladder size? I peed as she cooly pretended to read my auto magazine, glacing through the opening every ten seconds or so to moniter my progress. Slowly I pushed more urine out.

"My-my, you weren't just another bragging man." I looked up startled. She saw my expression and my halted pee stream
and held up her hand. "So sorry, didn't want to interrupt
you in the middle of work. Just making a little observation
that's all." She shot the most mischievous smile in my direction that I still remember years later. I also remember
wanting to truly impress her and I pushed my bladder for
all it was worth. It dribbled out little by little as more
time passed. She moved closer and looked directly down at me. "How are we doing,long John? About ready to call it
quits or trying for some more?" I'd never heard a female so
comfortable talking about a (to me) secret bodily function.

"I...I think I have a little bit left," I stuttered.
"Just checking. I see that "thar" thing is getting mighty
full again and just want you to give me a shout when you're getting ready for round three." Round THREE?! My mind raced as I fantasized over what her off the chart output may have been.

By the time I dripped to a conclusion I had peed a tad less than 1880ml, not anywhere near what she had done either in quantity or duration. She emptied the container once more
and returned to scribble on my chart at the foot of the bed.

"What are you going to put down?"
"Oh, nothing...Just that you're my best pisser to date."
Then sensing my shock she wiggled her nose.
"Relax, I'm putting down something they'll easily digest.
It'll be our little secret."
"Thanks. Besides I'm nothing compared to you." My mouth said what my mind had been thinking. She gave a provocative
shrug and flashed that same impish smile.
"Probably not, probably not. Get some sleep."
And with that she turn-off the lights and left my room.

The next day was her day off and I left the following morning. That was in 1989, and to this day have never seen or heard a woman who could pee like that nurse. Through it all she was the picture of professional decorum, yet I still cannot help thinking of her.

Let's hear some more stories from Katrina.

Joe B.
I've taken maximum dosage of metamucial for three days now and have enjoyed two fantastic poops. I'm looking forward to my rectum filling up so I can have another one. I love holding it until I feel like I have to go now. Yesterdays poop was by no means a record for me but it felt so good. It was about 18" long and almost 1.5" thick. Wow!

Billy & Kevin
Tongiht we went out for halloween. We dressed up as bat man and robin. Our little brothers dressed up as as witches. While we were going around and getting candy, Jeremy said he had to go back home to go to the bathroom. I said just pull up the dress thing and pee against a tree. He said he had to poop. I had some tissues in my pocket, so I told him to just squat by the side of the road and go. There was about 500 feet between houses with woods on either side and no one around, so he just peed on the side of the road (he always pees before he poops outside, so he does not pee on himself) and then took off his underwear (he wasn't wearing pants) and squatted. Then he took the tissues in his hands and then into his dress and wiped himself. While he was wiping, someone came up in a car. We waived and they went on. He picked up the dress thing and walked about 5 feet and put on his underwear. We looked at his turds. It was a big brown one with corn in it, abotu 15 in. When we ca! me back that way on the way home, we looked at his turd. I guess a car pulled of the road, because it was sqooshed. I had to poop when we got home. While I was pooping, Jeremy was getting ready for bed. When he changed into his pjs, there was a big streak mark. I said he better wipe again. He said you do it. I did. But his butt was clean.

The funniest thing happened a our soccer game on saturday. This kids was going home as we were arriving at the soccer game. I said we have the game soon. He said, I know, but i have to go to the bathroom and the toilet doesn;t flush. I said ok, I hope everything comes out ok. He smiled and looked a little embaressed. He never came back. At practice, I found out he had diarrhea. I siad to him, we missed you at the game. I know I said I hope everything comes out ok, but that is not what I meant.

This is in answer to the ~"I don't like what's being posted here recently - here's what I like can we have more of this - (or my favorite) - can someone post more of this type of story..." type of post:

This is a free topic board - within the rules, everybody is free to post what interests them.

People tend to post stories based upon what other people write. One person's story will remind someone of an similar experience.

The bottom line is: if you post something, someone else may post something similar. Which may then encourage a third siimilar post. And so on...

If you don't post, don't blame the others for their posting what doen't interest you.

Another one of my Saturday soccer stories, this time from a different angle:

As usual, my team had one our games at the usual place, but this week was different because several rugby teams were playing on some of the unused soccer fields. Anyway, some of these rugby guys finished their game and went to use the (doorless/dividerless) toilets, and get this- They were drinking a bottle of Thunderbird which they were passing back and forth between the two of them while they were having their movements. I came in to use the bathroom while they were there doing this and they asked me if I wanted a drink (from the same bottle). Now my teammates and I do some cuckoo things, but this was one time I had to pass, especially as I was trying to hold back already, not to mention I had not played my game yet and I like to play striaght. It was so strange I just thought it would be cool to write about it!


To Blair: Hope your feeling better.

To Punk Rock Girl: Saying hi back....did any guys or other girls come in that unisex bathroom with you? Hope your constipation is better.

To Todd & Madison: Cool experience....have you ever pooped for madison?

To Brooklyn Dude: Thats a bummer that you almost missed the bus and couldn't wipe and there wasn't a bathroom on the bus.

To ian: I haven't seen jackass the movie yet but i've heard theres some bathroom sceenes. Was it any good? Sounds cool might see it this weekend.

To super soaker: Nice

To John Q Public: Enjoyed your exam story.

To Unnamed poster about medication for skin...what kind is it and what is it called? I have skin problems too and use a cream? could it be the same thing?

To Luke: cool experience!

To sarah: Thats good you can crap again

To Mark: how do you know when you have to poop? have you ever not been able to tell and totaly messed your self? This intrests me.

To Unnamed poster: About peeing outside in the did you pee? and where at? did the officer watch you?

To Potty Pooper: How did you get rid of the poop? and was the toilet broken?

To Mike o MD: 1. Yes 2 N/A 3. N/A 4. Unsure 5. N/A

To ~Bladder Girl: Enjoyed your story about you peeing accident at school.

To Jeff: Must have been a cool experience.

To wetguy: I personaly thing its harder to hide when you have to poop especially if its loose and soft. I've never peed my pants by accident so i guess i wouldn't know. When i have to poop and theres not a bathroom around i get really fidigity and might hold my hands above my neck cause im nervous.

To UK guy: Enjoyed your story.

Yesterday i was working and an urge to shit hit me i was busy and couldn't go so i held. At first i thought i might not be able to hold then the urge went down and i felt better. At break i didn't poop cause the urge wasn't all that strong. And it was really cold and the bathroom at work doesn't have heat in it and its ice cold in there. And i prefer not to poop in the single person bathroom if i don't have to. Then the urge was just sitting in my hole and it was making me not being able to concentrate. Im like i'd feel better if i could poop. So right before the 2nd break i went upstairs to poop(by that time it was early afternoon and a little warmer in there...the toilet seat was still like ice. I didn't dropp my pants all the way. I pushed out a few hard balls. Then i wiped 2x went back to work after the break. I went home that night and ate dinner then i had to poop again..More hard balls. Latly i've been having hard little balls/logs come out of me. Gotta go now see! ya.

To ian: Im 21....last year when i was 20 i had a pooping accident at work.

I went to the movies today and i saw Jackass the movie, i highly recomend that every one sees it. There was alot of bathroom humor in it. There was this one sceen where this guy was in a car and had to poop and he pooped his pants and he dropped them and you could see is dirty underwear. Then it said 5 hours later(the same guy) was in a hardware store and pooped in a display toilet. Then hes like sorry and he got up and they showed his log.
Later on this one dude was outside in the snow and had to pee and he took a paper and maded a paper cone and filled it w/ snow and then he unzipped and peed on the snow in the cone...therefore he had a pee snowcone then he was seen eating it.

Later on this one character(i think his name might be Bam) he put a camera in his fathers bathroom and his father is so big maybe 300LBS and he showed him on the can reading a paper..
this movie was cool..check it out when you can.

I had pop corn and a soda at the movies...before the movie started i was at the mall(the movies is in the mall) and i walked around checking the bathrooms..nothing
I went in the movies and i peed before i got my pop corn and some guy was on the can. I got in line and i saw him come out and walk off w/ his wife or g/f. After the movie i decided to take the middle stall and wait and see if any young kids/guys came into poop, only a few older guys came in. I walked in my stall peed and i noticed there was No Toilet paper in that stall so i took some from the first stall. I didn't have to poop but i was just lurking. I was also thinking about asking a neighbor for some if one came in but didn't. I did here 2 young guys come into pee while i was in the stall and they both peed and the one guy said dude is it supposed to burn when you pee..forget what they said. I thought maybe the dudes got drunk or were druggies. I then heard the one guy saying something that he had to crap..but he didn't. Make he doesn't like to use public bathrooms to shit. Thats it..gotta go. bye

I guess I was 12 or 13 years old. I had gone to the Saturday matinee kids movies with a couple of friends. It was a cowboy movie, and we weren't all that interested in the movie, so we were playing around some. Bobby, the older of the 3 of us farted and we all laughed. Then Jimmie did it and we laughed again. They challanged me to do it too, so I pushed, and managed a nearly silent, very stinky little fart. "My baby sister farts better than that" Bonny said. At this point, I knew I had to do more than pass a little gas, but iy wasn't a very urgent feeling, so I gathered myself and tried again. This time, I farted a bit louder, and that was immediately followed by a crackling sound as I pooped a full load of mushy poop into my pants. I was horribly embarassed, and at first I pretended nothing had happened. It wasn't long before Jimmy said "whew someone stinks, did you poop in your pants?" Of course I said no, but they didn't believe me and started teasing me about messing my! pants like a baby. I got up and left, with a noticible sag in the seat of mt shorts . When I got home, my mom spanked me for doing it, and I had to change my own pants and wash my own messy clothing. After that, the other kids all called me "Stinky"

BROOKLYN DUDE--Liked your story...that would have sucked so bad! Why didn't you just step into the next stall and grab some toilet paper? I guess you didn't really have time, though. That's cool that you took a pic of your g/f on the toilet.

SUPER SOAKER--Good story about that kid in the resturant. But how could he just be eating and pee and poop his pants? I'd hate to think i had sat in a seat in a resturant near food that somebody had peed and pooped on.

WETGUY--I think holding back pee is much harder to do, but it's easier to hide the urge. If I REALLY have to pee, I can usually sit still and cross my legs, and nobody knows. But when I REALLY have to poop, I feel like I'm moving weird to keep the poop from sliding out. However, when I get to the bursting point of having to pee, sometimes I leak a few drops, but I've always made it to the bathroom to poop.


Hi guys I think someone asked me how old I was. I'm 10 years old. I just had my b-day. I got to see my dad poop again but this time it was outside. My daddy asked me if I wanted to go for a hike and I said okay so we went one day. We were walking forever and my daddy said that he would have to poop soon. I asked him where and he said somewhere in the woods. We walked somemore then daddy said he had to go. He moved some leaves away from a spot with his boot. I asked him how he was going to poop here and he said he would just squat down and go. First he took his weener out and peed. Then he took his pants off cuz he said he didn't want to get them dirty then he squatted. Then my daddy took a deep breath and started to push. I walked around to see if he was really pooping. His butthole was pushed out but the poop wasn't coming out. I asked him where the poop was and he said that it was coming. Then he made a sound like he ran out of breath and took another deep br! eath and made a sound like this uuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I looked around again and I could see the tip of his poop sticking out. It came out a little but when my daddy stopped pushing again it went back in a little. Then my dad took a huge breath closed his eyes and pushed some more. This time his poop came out even more. His poop was soo big. It was spreading my daddy's butthole out pretty far. Then his poop stopped coming out and just stayed like it was sticking out of his butt. My daddy's face was getting red and he was starting to sweat. He stopped pushing to catch his breath I think. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he was having a hard time getting his poop out. I asked him if I would have big poops like him and he said probably. He said that his daddy and his brothers did and I would too. I asked him when and he said that I would probly be starting soon the way my mom feeds me. Then he said that he had to try to ! push his poop out now. He pushed really hard but his poop still didn't come out. Then he reached around and spread his buttcheeks apart. I asked why and he said that it might help it come out. Then he breathed in and made that uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrr sound again but this time it was louder. He would make that sound then breathe in again real quick and push some more. While he was pushing he asked me if it was coming out and I told him that it was starting to come out some more. It was coming out a lot more. It was so long it was already touching the ground. It finally came out. Daddy was breathing pretty hard and his face was a little red. He looked around and said Wooh that was a big poop that daddy made wasn't it. Then he got up and put his pants back on and pushed some leaves on top of his poop and we walked somemore. While we were still walking I had to poop but I'll have to tell you about that tomorrow. Bye

sunshine boy
I was using the urinal in a restaurant the other week, when this man in his 30s came in and stood at the urinal next to me. As he was peeing he was making these really loud grunts and I remember thinking it sounds like he was doing a poo instead - which he wasn't. Anyway, I finished up before him ('cause I started first!) and went over to the sink. I was watching him in the mirror as I was so intrigued by his noises, and then he suddenly said "Shit" and I saw his buttocks clench really noticeably. He reached round and touched his bum. I couldnt see any lumps in his pants but he MUST have done a poo in his pants. The noises beforehand are still puzzling me; does anyone have any ideas?

Another story, last year I saw a boy, about 14, crouch down and do a shit in his pants. It was at the end of a platform on a train station and he had his back to me but I heard the shit come out. He was crying afterwards and he stunk to high heaven.

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