PANTYHOSE GIRL: My self conscsiousness about only wearing tights is I suppose just a thing about being modest. I guess its ok when I'm at home when I tend not to wear anything under my skirts, but at work especially in a short skirt I wouldnt dare go without my knickers in case someone saw up my skirt. In answer to your other questions, my tights are usually black or tan aything between 10 and 70 denier depending on how cold! I have never pooped in my knickers or tights, although I have wee'd a few times, although never intentionally.

I agree with the moderator about the staging of accidents and going in your underwear. If I ever wet my knickers its only becuase I couldnt quite get to the toilet in time.

KATRINA: I did like your comments about how it is not as easy for us girls. I would agree with the occupation thing. I guess I have it easier than some as I can go to the ladies whenever I want, but I also have to deal with customers who come in. Sods law says that as soon as I need a wee, a thousand customers will turn up at once and all demand my attention, so I have the occupation hazard too as I cant just ignore them. Trust me though its not easy to be all smiles and friendly to these people who are dawdling over signing in whilst I'm sitting there in agony. Because my desk offers no privacy I cant even hold myself and just have to sit with my legs tightly crossed and hope I dont burst! Hence the reason I am usually running to the ladies and have sometimes wet my knickers!

At least it is the weekend and I can go whenever I need to. In fact I had a good poo before logging into this site. Better to be comfortable. So whilst my PC was booting up I went into the bathroom lifted up my denim skirt and pulled down my black tights and white cotton knickers to my knees and sat down. First I had a short wee wee then settled in for the poo. It came soon after and I dropped two quite large logs - was I relieved after that. I wiped a couple of times although there was little mess. As I'm not going out again today I took my tights and knickers off and simply lowered my skirt and came in here to say hi!


Bladder Girl
I am so glad to have found this site. I never knew a site like this one existed. It is so great to read others' stories about embarrassing moments, or just enjoying the relief of urinating or defecating. I have been fascinated with it since I was a little girl. I always wanted to read about how the kidneys and bladder worked. Just never knew why those functions got my attention but they did. I never really got into reading about the bowels though, that just never seemed appealing to me much. I never understood why something so common and done everyday by people, could be so shameful and embarrassing. Yes, if an accident happens, well, so be it, we are only human! I do like my privacy, I must admit, and used to be a bit embarrassed to urinate in a public bathroom, for other women in there to hear, but have since gotten out of that embarrassment. I just let it go, and don't care who hears me tinkling! LOL As for the defecation part, well, I do get a bit more self co! nscious about that, and reach behind me to flush after each 'splash', since I don't want to smell up the place! LOL It is rare that I do the #2 in a public restroom, that only happens when I really have an emergency and can't wait til I get home.

One time in elementary school, I remember having to urinate so badly during class. I kept trying to hold it, but was getting pains from my bladder being so full. I did raise my hand and asked if I could go to the restroom, but the teacher denied me it, saying that I should have gone at recess. I was so upset, and by now, my eyes were almost watering from having to hold it. I should have just left and ran to the bathroom, but no, I was just so shy back then, that I simply sat there. I went to a catholic school, so we had to wear uniforms. Well, time passed in the class and I just couldn't hold it any longer. My bladder just simply let loose, and I urinated all over the desk chair, my skirt uniform, and onto the floor. I was mortified, and soooooooo embarrassed. All the kids laughed at me, and the teacher had to call my grandmother to come pick me up from school. I told my gran what happened and she had a few nasty words for the teacher, not allowing me to go whe! n I needed to. The teacher did apologize to me and to my grandmother. I was teased about that for weeks afterwards.

Another story happened when I was older, and only a couple years back or so. I remember driving with my grandmother, out to a local mall. All of a sudden I felt my stomach just do a flip flop, and felt my bowels growling as well. I began to really freak out, since I knew I was going to have to find a bathroom, and soon. We parked the car, and I told my gran that I had to find a bathroom right away. We got to the doors, and I was keeping good control. We did manage to find a bathroom, and I no more sat down, and everything just let loose. I was thankful the restroom wasn't crowded with women at the time. I felt so much better afterwards, and didn't have an incident the rest of the day. I was lucky.

On another occasion I got food poisoning from a local fast food restaurant. Oh my stars, that was aweful, since for two straight weeks, I had diarreah. It would happen 5 and 6 times per day. Like water flowing out of me! I couldn't leave the house, for fear I'd have a nasty accident in the car or somewhere else. I was also throwing up, but not as much as having the diarreah. I was so miserable those two weeks, that I thought I was dying. I never seen a doctor though, since I hate hospitals, and doctors all the more. I did get over it, and never wanted to eat at that place again.

One time when I was about 9 years old, my gran and gramps and I went to Indiana to visit the parks down there and just enjoy the day. Well, I was fine for most of the day, and we all decided to have a picnic out on the grass near the lake. I ate just fine, and felt all right, but soon this feeling of a loose bowel movement came over me, and I didn't know what to do. There were no restrooms around or a porta-potty, and I was just plain freaking out, in my mind. I didn't tell gran or gramps, since back then I was still embarrassed about saying I had to go to the bathroom. Especially the #2 type of bathroom need. Well, I never made it to a bathroom, and lost total control, and yep, you guessed it, defecated all over my underwear. I was so embarrassed, and thankfully it wasn't a whole lot, but enough to make me feel so yucky. Gran and gramps didn't know, til we got to the car to drive home, when of course they smelled the odor. I had to confess about it, and gran an! d gramps were so sympathetic, and got me home as soon as possible to change clothes and underwear and also clean up. I will never forget that day, and how yucky having such an accident felt. Then having to keep the clothes and underwear on, all the way home, was plain sickening. Now that I think of it, I should have just ran for the woods near the lake and pulled my pants down and let loose there, but I knew gran or gramps would follow me, wondering what was wrong, and I didn't want to be exposed to them like that. I was so shy. If that would happen to me now, I'd not care who seen me, I'd find a spot in the woods and drop my pants and go! If someone seen me, so be it, since I'd rather have someone see me doing that, than have a stinking load in my underpants!

So I have had only 2 accidents in my lifetime, and they were when I was a young girl. I've been lucky that nothing has happened to me as an older woman that I am now. But boy have I had some VERY close calls.

I remember once going to a party at a friend's apartment after work, and having a few sodas and water, and not getting to use the restroom once while there the whole time. I was there about 4 hours or more. My bladder was screaming at me, but each time I went to use the bathroom, it was occupied, so I just gave up and decided to hold it. Finally I left the party and drove home, hoping that nothing would happen with my car along the way, or there would be a road hold up due to a wreck or something. I was lucky. When I got home, I made a dash for the bathroom, and hardly had time to get my underwear down, and suddenly it was niagra falls! I kid you not, that I think I urinated for about 2 or 3 minutes straight! I felt like I'd never stop! But WOW did it feel good to go like that, and get that kind of relief, after waiting so long. I was actually getting some nice sensations while urinating for that long length of time, and that is when I finally discovered that it! did give me pleasure to wait that long and then let loose all at once. It was such a release, and I enjoyed it a lot.

So after that, when I would be out swimming in my small pool in the summer, I'd get out of the pool when I felt my bladder becoming quite full and go lie on the deck chair. It was made of plastic, and had gaps in it, just so you know. I would literally just let my bladder loose as I laid there in the deck chair. Since it was sitting on the grass, the urine would just flow there, so no harm was done, and not one person knew what I was doing. NO, I NEVER WENT WHILE IN THE POOL, that is not nice at all, and I would never do such a thing. But it felt so good to just go like that, while outside, in the grass, and also made me feel a bit naughty, to be honest. Hell, I figured I had my bathing suit on, and it was wet anyway, so what harm would be done? I of course washed my bathing suit each day, just so you know. It again made me feel nice sensations all around my lower region while urinating, and feeling that warmth all around me as I went. I would stop the flow and ! start again several times, and that only increased the 'nice sensations'. So I just began to associate nice feelings and sensations, while urinating, from then on.

One thing I love to do is try to 'hold out' for as long as I can. The more I hold out, the more pleasurable the experience when I finally urinate and feel that warmth flowing from me, and for so long, sometimes a minute and a half or more. It is such a release, much like an orgasm is. Speaking of which, I also love to have a semi-full bladder during my times of 'play' in the bedroom, since it makes the mini-orgasms, and the final big O, that much more powerful. Just thinking of letting myself urinate outside in a forest actually 'brings me over' most times, and I orgasm over and over! I like the feeling of holding back my urine and also pushing for the orgasm, during my 'playtime', it is an awesome feeling to say the least. I have the strongest Kegel muscles known to women, at this point in my life. LOL I am 30 years old. Maybe I am kind of odd in this subject of orgasms and a full bladder. Any others that have this special kind of experience? Write me and let m! e know!

I always felt like I was weird because of this fascination about urinating and the nice feelings it brings to me, and also 'holding it' for as long as possible, and glad there is a site like this to be able to share my stories, and read others' stories of their bathroom happenings. I don't feel odd or weird anymore about it, so thankyou so much!

Any replies to my stories here are welcome! Just e-mail me! Of course serious e-mails only, and from women only. Thanks.

Well, I must go now, since my bladder is about bursting again, and I can't wait any longer! LOL Time to go enjoy the flow! LOL

P.S. - Just a little pointer for those who badly need to wait to urinate, due to a crowded bathroom or such. Just wiggle your toes vigorously, and for me it seems to stop the intense urge to urinate. At least for a short time. Just something I found out from experience, since dancing around never helped me any when I 'really have to go!' LOL

I will write other stories here as I think of them!

~Bladder Girl~

Scarlet and Jared - Thanks for your replies.

Krista - Thanks to you, also. I am new here and did not know your background, but when you said you had CP, I didn't know exactly what it was, so I went and read up on it a little.

Sarah - see page 1013, several people put suggestions up there for you. It probably wouldn't hurt to see a Dr. The longer your problem is unsolved, the worse it will become.

Which reminds me - general comment to everyone: Holding contests are fun and all that once in a while, but holding it (#2) all the time is a habit that can bring on colon cancer. Even holding #1 isn't good if you're traveling - if you happen to be in an accident, a full bladder raises the chances of an internal infection. Not bugging anybody, to each their own, but at least wanted everyone to be aware of the risks. We don't want to lose anyone from here prematurely!

Love to all!

Jane (& Gary)
For the past week I've had some dumps that have been a bit harder than usual. I've had to strain to push out some pieces. On Friday I decided to take a dose of Metamucil to loosen it up a little. I took it in the morning at breakfast time. I went out to lunch at a Thai restaurant, then I left work early for the day (an achievement considering my heavy workload in recent weeks). I went home, changed my clothes and went to a dental appointment. As I was getting my teeth cleaned, I suddenly had an urge to fart. I tried to hold it in, but to no avail as I passed some gas. It was a silent fart, but quite a bit of gas was emitted and soon made its presence felt. The poop smell was horrible. I became a little tense, but the dental assistant said for me to relax. As soon as she was finished and I finished rinsing, I said, "I'm so sorry for what happened." The dental assistant said not to worry, since it could happen to anyone at anytime. After my appointment was done, I! went straight to the ladies room.

I went quickly into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I started to push out a very hard piece of poop that felt like rocky road. It was a large piece that splashed loudly into the toilet. After that, I pushed out about six more large pieces that fell quickly. These were much softer but still solid. I peed for a bit, then pushed out a few more large globs of soft but solid poop. A strong poop smell began to emerge. I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push out piece after piece of long thick pieces of soft but solid poop. After about a dozen pieces, I flushed the toilet again. The pieces continued to drop at a slightly faster rate. I filled up the toilet and flushed while seated twice more before I was done. I had to wipe several times - it was a gooey mess. I flushed a final time and left behind a strong poop smell. I felt much better after that.

Quick hello to everyone.

I used an interesting bathroom yesterday. It was in a bar and I needed a poop. I opened the door of the mens room surprised to find one urinal and 2 toilets with no doors or stalls. There was a man sitting on one toilet so I sat on the other. It was VERY odd doing a poop right next to someone. Several men came in to use the urinal. Even weirder, the bathroom door opened out onto the corridor where the ladies room is so every time it opened, the line of women waiting for their bathroom could watch us men pooping!

I haven't posted here for quite some time,but have been reading them just about daily-I have to say 1 thing-KUDOS to the moderators-it's about time and I felt the same way about some of the subject matter lately here-I think maybe that's why a lot of us old poster are not posting anymore-maybe that's why CARMELITA left-I enjoy good stories about doing a good poop or pee inside or outside and the great feeling of relief-the pooing in the pants thing belongs somewhere else
I hope to see some of the old time posters return with some great stories and then maybe i'll post a few of my own and oce again to the moderators---hip hip hooray!! BYE


I think the nurse was being unreasonable with you. I think that medical staff can be just awful sometimes, especially with pregnant people, for some reason (I know that you are not pregnant).

I am just wondering why your sister had to change you instead of the nurse. It seems to me that would be the nurse's job.

RIZZO: Interesting story about a part of history. You know, I read somewhere that the guards in East Germany had no toilets when on duty, so they just fullfilled their needs in the cellars and corners of the houses. Some took a shit in plastic bags in their watch towers and threw the product to the other side of the wall. It was even in the papers. I just got reminded by your story. Hope you are well and doing fine. I always smile, when there is one of your stories. Take good care, Ina

Sara, How about a picture of that monster when you are finally able to work it out. Also, please give a good description of how long it took you to work it out, how big it was, how hard it was, how your stomach feels after getting ride of that old turd, where you did it, and if you had to have any help.

on the run
I take a bm at least 4 usually 5 times a day. They are liquidy, smelly and pale mustardy colour. Sometimes they are sticky and mushy. They've been like this most of my life!! When they come they are extremely urgent, so I usually let rip in my dax about once a fortnight. The other day I rushed to the toilet, but when I got there it was all wind, so I pulled up my pants, and just as I buttoned the fly, SQUELCH! ppffftttttt. A nice runny lot for my g-string, so it went all over my arse and down my leg. At this time I was washing my hands, so I had to dash back into the cubicle. The other people must have thought I had a bad case of the squirts, little did they know it was just another day at the office!


I had another run at the hold-it game, managed 3 1/2 hours, properly hydrated, and when I released (standing, the meausring jug between my thighs) this time I blasted nearly 650mls in the first torrent. I knew my bladder would have to contract for me to regain the urge, so I sat down and tried to poop, dropping only a small nugget this time. After a while I stood up and put the heavy container into place, relaxed and pished a bit more. I felt there was still more to come so I sat down again, waited a little bit, then tried one last time, producing a final trickle.

When I set the jug on the floor to check the amount I was only the tinest fraction under 700mls! 690 or 695, the fluid level actually passed through the base of the "700" lettering!

If my bladder will stretch, all well and good, but I'll be careful not to overdo things. Actually I don't think I could -- when it's time to go, no power can hold back the tide!

NU -- hi grrl! Great story, and it's so nice to hear from the Carmalita Gang! Please do check in from time to time, you and all the others mean a lot to us!

KENDAL -- Hi grrl! No more neice and aunty, then, that's okay! -- you and I can be just good friends and fellow sorority sisters in the WSPC! Your writing has improved enormously, too, you're obviously a very good student!



Lewis, I've read your survey questions and my answers are very simple...

When you have a bowel movement, do you
(1) wet or moisten your toilet paper before wiping?
Never. It could fall apart and bits could stick in some very odd places.
(2) use a pre-moistened pad or cloth in addition to toilet
(3) use powder on your behind?
Nope. I don't see why I would want to.
(4) wash your behind immediately?
Not usually. I wipe properly and that is good enough.
(5) use nothing but dry toilet paper on your bottom?
That's the way to do it.
(6) usually wipe only once?
Nope. It depends.

Hello, PV, Ina and Cara.
A memory from 1972 a few months before Louise was conceived. A day in the country with my husband. All the talk of holding a bladderful for hours gave me a flashback to this long forgotten afternoon. I had been holding a full bladder since mid morning, and by mid afternoon I just had to go. I told my husband, who I was out walking with, and when we climbed over a gate into an empty field. I held my long dress clear, slipped down my knickers, squatting. I had my wee, with my husband looking on. My pubic hair was long then even if it was a neat shape, and my urine had soaked it. It was like a blonde, rain soaked hedge. I wanted to wipe, but I had nothing, and all I could do was pull my underwear back up. Between the legs I had a damp feeling for a long time. It would have been a better idea to take off my knickers and drip dry, but it was my own fault I had taken no tissues. I didn't think about it before we left home, and it spoiled my afternoon having to sit down later i! n all that damp. Ever since then I keep two tissues in my bag when I go somewhere.

Donna xx

STAN--Will you post some stories about yourself pooping your pants?

Bobbie mentioned Winnie the Pooh, and it reminded me of a story my mom told me about when she was little. She grew up around her father, who cussed like a sailor. She said her grandmother never cursed, but when something bad happened, she'd say, "Oh, poo."
So, naturally, my mom assumed "poo" meant "shit". Then, when she got into first grade, the teacher read a story about Winnie the Pooh, and mom spent a lot of time wondering why anybody would write a book about shit and name it Winnie. I thought it was really funny.

Another story I wanted to post was about the weekend I stayed in a dorm at another college. I was only there for a weekend, and no girls were pooping. All the girls on the entire floor used a community bathroom with about 8 toilets, showers and sinks. Everybody was really shy about it and nobody wanted to go first. Finally, this girl named Danielle had to go. She was about 5'7", thin, yet curvy, blue eyes and long straight blonde hair. She was very beautiful, and very loud and outgoing. She ran down our hall screaming, "I have to go shit! I'm going to go now! And if it stinks, well, I did it! And I don't care if you like it or not!" So, she certainly broke the ice about using the bathroom!


This is just a general question for anyone out there, whether you post regularly or are a lurker thinking of posting. I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on which is harder to hide: when your desperate to piss or desperate to crap. This could also be interpreted to be asking which is harder to hold.

My opinion is that it is much harder to hide desperation to pee and therefore harder to hold pee. For instance, when i have to take a crap real bad, I usually can relax for a couple seconds and let it almost slide out, then tighten up again. Only a couple times in many years has this resulted in me accidently crapping my pants, but only in my room at home. Also, I move around the room and bend over until the urge passes. However, when i have to piss wicked bad, I definitely cant just relax for a couple minutes because I will start to piss my pants. And no matter how much i move around, if I have to go bad enough, I just can't shake the urge and end up springing odd leaks in my pants anyway. For this reason, I think it is much easier to hold crap than pee when you are real desperate for either, at any given time.

What do you think? A reason is helpful.


Its 3am....I woke up and i really had to pee(don;t know what i drake last night..just coke). And i found my computer on so i thought i'd get on and check for updates but none yet....Since when i was sleeping i was dreaming i was working and the foreman wanted all the windows and doors closed so i did that then i decided to go to the single person bathroom and some one had a camera set off in there taking pictures. If you got near it it would take your picture. But it didn't get me cause it wasn't in range of the toilet. Well back to bed now..only 2 more hours before i get up for work.

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