Billy & Kevin L.
After school, we went out for ice cream. I felt the need for a poop, but decided to wait until we got to the ice place. When we got, needed to poop big time. As I was walking to the ice place, I coughed some from my cold, and my poop started to come out. I could feel the poop in my hole and a little outside. As I was walking into the store, Kev asked me what is the big deal? I said, follow me, and I will show you. I went strait into the bathroom and walked up to the toilet. Kev followed me. In front of hte toilet, I put my pants and underwear down. My underwear were clean, fortunately. Then I bent down and said see. I looked back at my bung hole through my legs (I pushed my balls out of the way), and I could see some poop sticking out, maybe about an inch. He said yeah. I was starting to sit on the toilet. Just then, while I was still looking through my legs, a little kid opened the door. I sat down. The boys and girls from school saw me and started laughing. I dropped like 4 ! logs. The guy with the boy said, sorry. I siad it is ok. Then I said I almost messed my pants today on the wya here and wanted a quick look. The guy and kid smiled. I was done in about 20 seconds and wiped my butt. My borther said to the kid, is it ok if i go next? The kid said, ok. Kev pushed out two turds, wiped and was up in a minute. He said, sorry it took so long. The boy said that is ok. We washed our hands. The little kid peed in the toilet while we were washing. Then his father sat on the pot. When we got out there, everyone said what were you doing? I said I nearly pooed on myself and wanted to take a quick look. THey seemed to understand.

After this, we had soccer practice. We went home to change. Then we went to practice. After practice, we had to shower. Josh and Jeremy took a bath together first. I had to make another poop. Kev peed first while Jeremy and Josh finished thier bath. I sat down on the toilet. I looked at my underwear. I usually wipe pretty good. But at hte ice cream parlor, I missed. I guess the poop got all over the insides of my butt cheecks, because there was major streak marks. Kev took a shower while I helped jeremy and josh brush their teeth and clean up. WHen it was my turn to shower, I took my underwear in with me and cleaned them in the shower. If mom saw them, she would kill me.

To all the people who responded to my post, thank you. But I am still shy when it comes to shitting, always holding it in until I am alone. How many women are the same way?

Annie (and Robby)
A great hello to all!!
I brought my laptop along on the trip. I thought I'd get some work done, too. Robby is at the wheel of the mobile home. We are sailing down I-35 in Texas. I guess that what he calls it. I have to get used to American lingo. Our kids are sitting about reading, talking, complaining! They are very interested in our stories. They can't believe we could have done such a thing. I have just called them over to watch me write this story. Ready, kids? Ok! When Robby and I were 14 and 13, I was visiting his family in the states. It was summer and we were outside most of the time. We never let our parents know about our exploits. It was forbidden in both of our homes for anyone to watch someone in the loo. There was an exception in cases of emergencies (My dad catching us in the loo together). Well, we were in the yard and Robby says he has to go to the loo. We didn't know where our parents were at the time. So he and I went inside and walked to the back toilet. It was a half-a-bath.! He unzipped and started a torrent of wee. I just watched and he zipped up and said "do you have to go, my dear?" Well, I actually did. I took down my shorts and knickers. I sat down, pushed, and let out a tremedous, loud, smelly fart! It must have lasted for a minute. Robby collapsed to the floor with laughter. I told him to be quiet and started grunting. I had sometimes had a problem with constipation. Well, this was one of those times. I grunted and moaned. Robby squatted beside me and rubbed my ????. He told me to squat on the floor. I asked if he were mad because I hadn't done this before. He told me he had seen his mum do this, unbeknownst to her of course. I squatted and heaved, grunted, and cried. I sounded like a ruddy bull moose. I felt the tip of the log come out of my sore arse. I got up on the toilet again and pushed with all of my might. It finally come out with a resounding crash into the pan. Then I let out a loud, wet fart and let out some liquid stuff. I pus! hed again and another log came out. It must have been 12 inches. It felt like it, whew!! I finally was through and I must have wiped 7 or 8 times. All of this time Robby was on parents watch and encouraging me. I was a little miffed that he didn't have to poo but that was later and yet another story. (Guffaw), Robby's daughter Meghan just went "yuck" and went to, shall I say it; THE LOO,haha!! No one followed her.

Jane: Thanks for you wonderful words! I just told Robby and we both think your stories are great. Also, we want you to know that we think that you should get another LI test. Cheers and love from Annie and Robby.

Carmalita: Hello, my sweet! What a coincidence! Robby's birthday is on the 14th. Jake must be a handsome and swell guy!! CONGRATULATIONS from both of us. Your toilet story was a hoot. Renee and Pat must have strong noses, LOL!! Robby hasn't read it, yet. Your compatriots of fun, Renee and Pat are fabulous. Keep the stories coming, my dear!! Love from Annie and Robby.

PV: I remember the Honda knickers!!!! I think patriotic underwear would be smashing!!! Hope you are tip top!! Take care, Love, Annie and Robby

Renee and Patsy: Thanks for the stories!! I have some real gassers sometimes,too. Even Robby had to flee the loo a few times! Cheers from Annie and Robby.

Rizzo: I really liked your enema story. My late husband and I loved the sea and had a boat. Robby and his wife used to come over and we would go sailing. I still love it! My husband had to give me enemas occasionally. Both Robby and I hope your wife is alright. We will have you and her in our thoughts. Yes, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. We are proud of and love our children dearly. Those Honda knickers would be a good patiotic idea! Take care. Robby sends his regards! Cheers and Love from Annie and Robby!

Kendal and Andrew: Thank you so much for the sweet welcome. I am glad to know you both are ok. The incident when my Dad caught us was an accident. I am suprised that he was so cool about it. I thought he would erupt! We kept our exploits from our parents. They certainly would not have approved. The kids and I are reading Kendal's story about your first poo with her. The girls are fascinated about you and Kendal. Kendal,they were both in tears when reading about your father's death. Sarah said; "I don't know what I would do if Daddy died." They had already lost their mum. I think they are closer to their Dad and my children are closer to me than in the past. Keep on perservering and keep each other close! Robby is driving so he can't write at the moment. Give our regards to your friends Kate and Emily. We are looking forward to more of your loo bonding! BTW, I haven't told Robby my secret, yet! It will be soon! Each of us sends our love to both to you! Take care, Annie and ! Robby!

Outhouse Scott
Hello everyone!

Can't believe I haven't shared this story yet! I keep forgetting this is anonymous!

I've never crapped my pants intentionally, not even when I was a kid, but took me a while to control myself. I guess I didn't stop dumping a load in my pants on a semi regular basis until I was five or six. After that, I learned to control it until I made it to the toilet, bush, outhouse, whatever.

Anyway, the last time I crapped my pants was when I was in college. I was very drunk, and if I've had a lot of beer to drink, I get what is referred to as the "beer shits". I have never thrown up from drinking, but I've had my share of beer induced dumps! All this semi-solid shit builds up in my guts, then empties into my rectum all at once. Usually, this happens the next morning, and I have about two minutes when the urge hits me to find a bathroom. This one time, I wasn't so lucky.

My friends and I had been drinking all afternoon at my friend Dean's apartment, and by now it was about 11:30 at night. The evening had mellowed and just a few friends, male and female, were left hanging out. We were sitting there, watching a movie, when my bowels cramped up, fiercely. I buckled forward and groaned. Everyone assumed I was going to throw up, and jumped out of the way. I lept from the couch and rushed to the bathroom. Dean had his head in the toilet, puking his brains out. I was seconds away from shitting myself, and decided to go outside in the bushes.

I ran out the door and started down the stairs (of course he had to live on the fourth floor!), but a cramp reeled through my guts and made me stop. I half yelled, half moaned in pain and two of my female friends, Courtney and Melanie (not their real names), came to see if I was okay. They came down the stairs, each took an arm and said they'd help me outside. I said I wasn't going to puke, but I was about to crap my pants. They tried to help me back upstairs, but I didn't move two feet when my sphincter couldn't hold it anymore.

My bowels exploded and a massive load of soft crap gushed into my underpants, filling them up. Melanie jumped away from me, but Courtney stayed by me, holding my arm. I was yelling "Oh God, Oh F--k!" Melanie stood by me, rubbing my back and kept saying it's okay, it's okay. I saw no point in trying to stop, so I let my rectum empty. Luckily for me, it didn't really stink and wasn't accompanied by any farting or crackling. It kind of made a squishy sound like a foot in mud. When it finally was over, and my underpants were barely able to contain the load I'd dumped out. Melanie asked me if I could make it back upstairs and I said yes. I took small steps, trying to keep it from running down my leg. Luckily, it was semi solid and really sticky, so it wasn't very runny and kind of stayed squished up against my butt cheeks.

Melanie helped me into the bathroom, pulled the barely conscious Dean away from the toilet and asked if I was okay to clean myself up, or did I need help. I told her I thought I was okay. She helped Dean out and closed the door. I kicked my shoes off, stood in the shower and pulled off my pants. They had gotten a little soiled, but n

The Crank
hi guys!
I posted here a long tiem ago and do pop back very often to read. Posts are getting more interesting definately.

Anyhow, I was at McDonalds the other day and was sitting near the toilet. Didnt think much of it until this really gorgeus girl, and I mean HOT girl when into the loo. I saw the door shut and her feet underneath the door. Only then did I realise the toilet was the one bowl kind. I stared at her feet as they remain (pointed away from the bowl) at the same position for quite some time. Boy...was I aroused as I fantasised teh way she looked. The feet started moving after awhile as they started moving infront. I guess she was pulling up her jeans then.

She emerged later and we made eye contact, but she dropped her gaze and walked away.

ot too bad. I put my hand to my butt and felt a mound of crap sitting there. I pulled my underpants off very carefully, managing not to spill any poop, and dropped them in the wastebasket, which was lined with a plastic bag. I took off my shirt and socks and took a shower. When I was cleaned off, I put Dean's robe on and took my pants and the bag with my loaded underpants down to his laundry room. I threw them in the washer and threw the underpants in the garbage.

I went back upstairs, a little embarrassed, but not too mortified. Melanie said, it's okay, it happens to the best of us. She told me she had shit her pants once in high school on a field trip. People weren't so kind to her.

Anyway, that's the only time I shit myself since I was a kid. I've come close a couple of times since then, but have always been able to at least get my pants and underwear out of the way first.

Remembering this event has made me realize something. I don't really get a thrill out of crapping in my pants in front of people or otherwise, but I do get an odd sort of pleasure from going on the toilet or outside with someone standing right there next to me, especially a girl, I suppose. I don't know why. I'm not into scat games, I think shit-eating is repulsive, I don't particularly like the way shit looks or smells. But I get a certain kick seeing a girl on a toilet and knowing she's taking a dump, or having a girl see me on the toilet.

Anyone have any ideas why that is? Anyone feel the same way?

Hi all,
Just a short post! Jason, one of Annie's twins is driving, now. I don't have another story, yet. I am letting Annie tell all for now.
JANE: Thank you for your comments. Again, I enjoy your posts!! Love from Robby

LOUISE: It is wonderful that you have an open relationship with your mum and your sister. I think that your sister will eventually come around with Steve. It is also great your mum is as open around Steve. Do you have any stories about your mum and sister. My wife used to hold my willie when I needed to wee when we were on holiday or at the beach. She was a very open person about such things. It was a hoot seeing her holding my willie with people walking by. She just yawned!! You and Steve take care! Cheers and love from Robby

CARMALITA: Hi, dear! What an honour to have a birthday on the same day that you are getting married to Jake. Congratulations! I know you will be very happy! The story was just a "gasser"! I laughed so hard. You and your friends are the limit!! Cheers and love from Robby

RIZZO: Hello, my friend!! I agreed with everything Annie said! Hope you and your family are well. Take care, Love from Robby

KENDAL AND ANDREW: Not much to add to Annie's words. It is great to hear from you again. I just got through reading the story of your first poop in front of Kendal. I got excited myself when Annie was watching me and she was fascinated with my willie getting bigger, also. Kendal,Annie just told me that she was nervous and excited at the same time when I was pooping in front of her. I guess that was the feeling we had the first time we saw each other. Thank you, Kendal, for dedicating that story just for me. I am pleased and honoured. We will be back in the forum probably Saturday. Take care, my dear young friends! Much love from Robby

Thanks for the hello Jane :)

**blushes as Steve calls her sweetheart** You and Louise are just the sweetest things and so caring about me. I hope I find someone as perfect for me as you two are for each other.

So, a few days ago I was in the student center at my school for a club meeting. Prior to the meeting, I went to the bathroom to pee and uneventful pee. When I went in, there were 3 stalls and the outside ones were in use. I pushed the door open and saw the third one was full of pee (with pee all over the seat) and a "Kim" sized was about 3 inches thick and about 2 feet long, but broken in half and folded over. There was lots of tp too. So I didn't use that one but one of the girls said "Don't go in the second stall" as I backed up. I said "Too late, I'll just wait until one of you are done." Then she said "Did you see how big it is? How can anyone do anything that big?" I just said "I dunno" while she wiped and flushed. As I was in there peeing she continued saying things like "That's so gross." so I said "That's why I'm using this nice clean one you left me." and she said "Yea, I'm responsible about my waste."

By this time the other girl had finished and both had washed their hands so they left.

There have been some really interesting stories lately. Keep them coming.

Friday, October 05, 2001

Pat: I use what is needed to clean. If I use 2 feet and bunch it up, that will serve me. But, I will use 2 or more bunches if need be. I will tell you more tomorrow. It is late.

anyone got any peeing stories?
i would like 2 see osme!

i can remember when my brother was really little and we were building our house and we had the toilets in the house but the plumbing wasn't hooked up yet. every time we came to visit we had to remind my brother not to use them yet. the first time we were there my brother didn't know and he peed into the front bathroom and then complained to my mom that it wouldn't flush. he was only 3 or so at the time, but it was funny anyway. he also started to undress when we were looking at marbel for our bathroom tub. he was young then also and seeing the tubs on teh showroom floor i guess made him think it was bathtime.

Yes, I also went in my pants on purpose when I was a child. Mostly it was like this: My parents allowed me to play outside in the evening until it got dark, but if I went in the house to go to the bathroom or anything else within about a half hour or forty-five minutes before dark they would make me stay in for the evening. So, if I had to go shortly before dark, I'd just continue playing and if I wet my pants I didn't worry about it. I did this until I was about 8.

A couple of other times that I remember. One time when in the summer between kindergarten and first grade I was playing hide and seek with some friends. I knew I had to pee and had every intention of going in the house to go as soon as I was found. I still hadn't been found when I got so desperate that I stood up to dash for my house about half a block away and realized that it was too late - I couldn't even walk without leaking in my panties. So I just sat back down and let go. My friends were impressed with my dedication if not my bladder control.

Another time that same summer I was at the park a couple of blocks from my house. The park had some playground equipment, but no restrooms. I had been playing for some time and realized that I had to pee, but I didn't want to take the time to walk home and go, so I walked over to the tube slide, straddled it, and peed in my pants. When I was done I went back to playing.

One more time came during the next school year. I was allowed to stop and play in the park after school until I saw a certain bus pass by, then I was to go home. One day I was walking home and noticed that I had to poop. I could have easily made it home, but the lure of the park was there, so I decided to stop and play and just poop my pants if it came to that. So I played on the swings and slides until a single soft little turd slipped out. The second one was bigger and I was starting to feel uncomfortable with poop in my pant, so I decided to go home and finish the job on the toilet. I started to walk out of the park and down the street, but the pressure in my abdomen was too much. My six-year-old mind decided that since I had already officially pooped my pants, the damage was done and why not just finish the job in my pants right on the spot? So I stopped walking, spread my legs apart a little, and pushed. Big mistake! I hadn't pooped my pants since I was four, and had ! forgotten what the experience was like. I must have pooped out two pounds! I was wearing stretchy stirrup pants and the weight of the poop was so great that they were sagging almost to my knees and I had to hold the waistband with my hand to keep them from coming off! Then I discovered how difficult it is to walk with a load in your pants. I finally staggered all the way home and up the stairs to the door. When my mom saw what had happened she made me go straight into the basement bathroom next to the laundry room and clean myself up, then rinse my panties and pants out in the toilet before putting them in the washer. Then she grounded my for the evening because it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't stopped too long to play. After that experience I never pooped my pants on purpose again, although it did happen at least three more times that I remember.

I will tell more of my stories later if anyone is interested.

Rizzo: That was some story about the boat ride and the girl giving a good show sitting on the toilet while you guys were singing. I didn't know going sailing could be so much fun.

Buzzy: That was some nasty dump you took at the gym the other day. I'm sure you felt much better after all that dumping.

Kim & Scott: You guys did it again! You're right, that was one super sausage.

Annie & Robby: What a wonderful story about your buddy dumping experience. You guys have such a good relationship, just like Kendal and Andrew, and I'm glad you are sharing it with all of us here. I don't think I have as close a relationship with my cousins as you guys do.

RJogger & Kathy: That was a fun run you guys had with Noreen and Larry. I wish I could have seen those four piles of poop.

About being lactose intolerant, I admit it's been quite a while since I was tested. It was during my first term in college, and the doctor said I was not considered to be LI but should have it checked every few years. No one in my immediate family is LI. I don't believe the recent recurrence of my massive pooping sessions (which, thank goodness, hadn't reached the runny diarrhetic proportions) could always be attributed to excessive consumption of milk or dairy products. My meals have been well-balanced, but I can't pinpoint a food or combination of foods that have caused the massive poops. I'm not really worried about it because it doesn't give me discomfort except the moments leading up to the urge, in which case I quickly take care of it. I'll go ahead and get checked for LI on my next visit to the doctor.

I'm in a quiet pattern of normal solid loads. There have been so many good stories lately that I'm tempted to pull a Buzzy and print out some stories for some morning dumping pleasure. Cheers, guys.

Some Guy
No, I don't believe "Real Sex" has ever mentioned women pooping. (I would have taped that epsiode!) On the show "America Undercover: Shock Video" they have made references to male pooping, but that's all.

a pee story:
Once squatted on the tv room couch while sleepwalking, while my parents were also sitting there watching tv!

Robby and Annie(cousin)
Hello friends,
We thought we would get another post in before we left for a short holiday. Annie, the kids, and I are driving to south Texas for some fun for a few days. We had another loo experience last night. It wasn't that pleasant but knowing you have a caring person there makes it not seem so bad, I think. We had all gone out for chinese food. My daughters and I love it. Well, we got home after a great meal and while the girls and their cousins watched television we went up to bed. Annie had to be up early. About 12am (isn't it always the time), Annie groaned and said she had to go to the loo, fast! She ran with her hand on her bum. She sat down and let out a torrent of liquid poo. She bent over, moaned and let out a loud, wet fart. Then another round of mess came out. She was mumbling;"You and your bloody chinese food!" I wet a washcloth and gave it to her. I felt so bad that I couldn't do anything. I talked and sang to her which made her more incensed. This went on for an hour. S! he finally settled down, wiped and went back to bed. I will let Annie finish this.
(Annie)- Well, I felt so bad and Robby was trying to help all he could. I must have gotten ahold of some bad food. I was in misery. I finally finished and went back to the bed. Robby kept telling me how sorry he was and I just mumbled back to him like a mad old cow. The last time he said he was sorry I had had enough and turned to rip into him. He had put on one of his stupid looking masks he had brought from his work. He looked so crazy with this concerned voice and this wild looking mask on that I started to get the giggles. Then I couldn't help it, I started hitting him and laughing at the same time. He was roaring and then we saw the kids standing in the doorway with looks of incredulous horror on their faces. They thought we had gone bonkers. About this time Sarah, Robby's oldest girl, suddenly grabbed her stomach and raced to the same loo I had just used. Yes, my friends, this was the start of round after round of diarrhea. All of the kids had it. Robby and I stayed ! up the rest of the night tending to our children. Robby was the only one who didn't get sick, that stinker!!! It was toilet bonding but not the kind of experience that I wanted the kids to share.

JANE:(Robby) Yes, I have written for many televisions shows. I am now free-lancing, doing acting and producing assignments. Thanks for the compliments. I enjoy your stories, also.

Dear Rizzo: (Annie)- Thank you so much for your kind comments. My goodness, it is ok to brag. My children are 27(girl), 25(girl), 22(boy), and the twin boys who are 19. The older 3 live in the UK but they love flying over to see Robby and mum. My girls and Robby's girls are very close. They email each other every week. That is how it should be. Well, Take care, Cheers and love from Annie
Oh, yes, Robby says hello, too!

ANDREW AND KENDAL: Hope you are ok and Annie and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care, lots of love from Robby and Annie.

PV: Annie is blushing now. She really loves your stories. Here she is! Annie- hope you are ok. Always love your stories and your concern for those two, dear young people; Andrew and Kendal. Love, Robby and Annie


Hola, mi amigos!

SUSANNE: Hi sweetie! I love you too!
JANE: Hola mi amiga. I'm glad you liked the closet story. If my dad would have found out, we'd both have had very warm rear ends! I'm getting excited about the 14th!
ROBBY: Hola to you too hon, and a warm welcome to you Annie! Thanks for joining us!
You are a wonderful addition here.
RJOGGER: Oh, my wonderful, sweet friend! I wish I could give you the biggest hug ever followed by a warm kiss. A friendly kiss that is, with permission from Kathy! I actually felt my heart blooming when I saw that you were all right in NYC. It wasn't like you to be missing from here for so long. Renee will post soon. Patsy has been very busy too. Jake's getting a bit nervous, but damn, he's handsome! I'm flattered that you read my stories three times. Last night I sat on Jake's lap while he pooped. I heard his splashes and we kissed right when he was dropping one. I'd reccomend it!!! It gave way to some wonderful things after! That was a most excellent poop in the woods story with Larry and Noreen. I was wondering, do you and Kathy ever have them over and share those two toilets? It was hot how you exchanged wives for the wiping detail. You two sound like fun to me! I love you Rick and Kathy!
KIM AND SCOTT: Hiya baby! Yes, Jake is a most handsome groom to be! Six feet four inches of oh, my my! He's just grown a goatee and looks like heaven.
RIZZO: Beautifully sexy story of the honey grunting behind the screen. That image is painted into my mind. I'd have volunteered to rescue her turd for her and save the lady some embarrassment. Thanks for toasting us on the 14th. I'm going to remember that and I'll be thanking you in my heart.
JAMIE: I've been waiting to hear from you. My heart is happy now. I wonder who that lucky one is going to be who snags you? Here's a kiss for you my lovely friend. You're such a sweet guy.
PV: It's funny, the other day I told Renee that I think about you peeing and pooping sometimes. Renee said "So do I!" It was cool with Lucinda, she was nursing, but just had to go. She was very sanitary though, and held her baby in such a way that he was covered up good. I think it was just a happenstance female thing, for I know she is not interested in anything like that at all. I doubt if I would ever see her again on the toilet pooping. She was just busy with motherhood is all. It makes me think of Renee and all the beauty she is going to bring us soon.
STEVE: Yes, Patsy is quite the whizzer all right! She could piss out a campfire. One time, a long while back, she actually peed lying on her back for me. She shot a serious arc out in front. I'd like to get her to do it again for me, but she'd had about 4 glasses of wine that night.
GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Wow! What a hot story about your 3 aunts! I liked the one with the 'creamy white ass'. Your spy adventures are certainly numero uno, that's for sure, as is your writing style. You certainly set a well paced sense of mood, and the feeling of night in the woods. I could just see it all. Especially the "stand by to repel!" You're awesome GB!!!.

What a healthy pooping day for us here at the house. Jake went fishing with Lucinda's husband Miguel on Sunday morning. Patsy and Renee slept late, but I'd been up making coffee, and cleaning. First, Renee got up, looking beautiful as she headed to the bathroom. She took a section of the Sunday paper with her too. I had a big dump stored inside of me hoping to save it for when they got up. Renee had been on the toilet grunting for almost fifteen minutes with no results. I poked my head in and said "Having problems this morning?" " 'Can't get my pooper to work," she mumbled, nose in the paper. I gooped up my finger with K-Y, knelt down next to her, and had her rise up a little. After the insertion I said "Take in a real deep breath Ren." She did and I slid my finger up as far as it would go, and she gasped slightly at the goosing. "Oooooh, I feel it up there, it's coming now," I said as I withdrew my finger. Renee let out a very hard grunt of painful relief "Oaaannnnhh!"! and huge chunks of turds splashed hard. I wiped her while she read her paper, thanking me for helping her out. Man, those turds were big! I'll bet they hurt her tender little butt coming out.
Then, Patsy sticks her head in, giggling and said "I'm next." I asked her as a special favor to squat in the tub and pee for me because she really pushes out an awesome stream. "Okay," she said stepping into the tub, and pulling up her T shirt to expose a beautiful black vagina topped with a mound of black, hairy curly-q's. Patsy's ass is also a treat because it's so round and perfectly shaped. She squatted, grimaced, and the flood gates opened in the tub. I watched her look down at herself, thick, black hair hanging down, brown skin like dark chocolate, clutching two healthy thighs. She grunted, let out a little fart, and I stared at the triangular paradise between her legs that had the heavy, yellow stream squirting out hard. It sounded like machine gun bullets hitting the tub. "Oh....yeah....oh yeah, ..." she said as the pee blasted out, forming pools around her feet. It lasted for a long time too. I could smell fresh urine in the air. Patsy's pee always has a strong ! scent. She then stood up quickly, stepped out of the tub and plopped her round ass down on the toilet. "I have a big double cheeseburger and some onion rings that need to come out now," she said, smiling. Patsy looked up at me, her eyes twinkling, a smile spread across her gorgeous African-American face. Her upper lip curled up, and she bit her lower lip, grunting through her nose. I heard crackling and saw heavy eyebrows scrunched downward to hard focused eyes "kkrrll--spppprrrrkkkkkkk--ssspplllllllttttttttttt," a nice, long zipper fart and then some serious plopping. She sighed heavily, then relaxed as her large tits hung down under her T shirt. "Oahhhhh, that, was a big one," she grunted softly. Then Renee began laughing, fanning the air. "Baby, that stinks awful!" "It wasn't a very good cheeseburger either," Patsy grunted and giggled as one more plop hit the water. "Ahhhhhh....," she laughed "There went the onion rings." A hard grunt came from her and she said "Here come! s more burger!" and a serious plop splatted on the pile. I giggled and sniffed the air. Patsy was pulling off toilet paper as she looked up at me. "Yeah, you like that smell don'tcha, you little wierdo." As Patsy finished, she slipped on a pair of white panties, then sat down on the sink counter. Her and Renee urged me on. "Okay princess," Renee began "do one for us. One of your big ones."
I imitated Patsy, then slipped off my sweats and pink panties and stepped into the tub. Patsy yelled "Malita! Damn girl, ya need to rinse the tub out, you're standing in my piss!" "I like it," I shrugged, "It feels warm and good." Standing, I arched my back a little, spread my lips and fired a good, thick stream in an arc out in front of me. Renee and Patsy were whistling and clapping, cheering it on. Man, I peed a good flow too! It shot out, hit the wall and ran down the tiled cracks, dripped on the tub faucet, and down the white wall. The arc then began weakening, I leaned a bit forward, splattered into the tub, then let out a nice, long victory fart. Turning and smiling, I looked at them both and said "I have to take a shit now." I quickly rinsed off my feet, wetted a washcloth, and washed down the tile, then rinsed the tub. The toilet seat was still warm from Patsy's butt. Her smell lingered strong too. A poof of air escaped from my ass as I grunted through clenche! d teeth. I squirmed a bit, pushed with my ???? and a long, real long turd came inching out slowly. "Are ya dumping?" Patsy asked. I nodded, then sighed with effort "ohhhhh..." Then--Ssssspluuuck! "Oaahhh, that was a two pounder," I whispered. Renee and Patsy clapped again. Then my smell crept out from between my thighs. It was vicious, getting stronger and stronger. Renee held her nose, laughing, then Patsy did likewise. "Pussies!" I said as I crapped out five more healthy turds. They were soft and full of corn, and extremely vile smelling. I was kind, and courtesy flushed. After the tank filled up, Renee and Patsy still watched, holding their noses. I grunted, and then-Spppplllllkkrrrllllklllrrffllpppppppp! A hard wave of very loose poop came out followed by wet farts and grunting. "Okay, that's enough for me!" Patsy said as she turned to go. Before she got to the door, I reached out, grabbed a hold of her panties, yanked them halfway down and sprayed air freshener at her b! utt crack. (We keep a can handy on the floor next to the toilet.) Renee started laughing so hard she sat down on the edge of the tub and peed her panties. She wiped her eyes from laughing as pee came rolling down the side of the tub and onto the floor. Her crotch was soaked with it. "Shower time!" she snickered. Anyway, I wiped my ass, eight full passes and flushed a huge load of shit down the hole. I took my shower after Renee, then Patsy. I later fixed us all scrambled eggs with ham and chopped tomato wrapped in oven warmed flour tortillas. It was good. As we were eating, Patsy commented "I can't believe we did what we just did in there this morning." Renee shrugged, with a mouthful of eggs and mumbled "So?" "We were just babe-bonding," I said, rolling up another tortilla.

Thus ends my poop tale for the people I love so much. Buenas noches mi amigos.


I've been so busy latly getting ready to go out of town so this will be my last post for a while. Yesterday, i ate alot....then i went to bed really late and i had to get up early and go to work. During the night i awoke several times and i felt mild cramping in my stomach. I went back to sleep and didn't do a thing about it. Then i get up and i feel ok and i had an urge to poop but it went away. I go to work and i have this mild urge haninging around. On break i had somethings to do(no time to poop) So after break i got my work caught up and my urge was bad i decided to head upstairs to take a dump! I sat down in the first stall and these stalls don't have locks on them so any one could walk in on you(not that it has ever happened) and i sat for about 5 minutes. Then i stood up and wiped and there was hardly any thing on the paper. Latly my dumps have been nice and firm and the colors are mixed(light brown and dark brown mixed in through out my logs). I couldn't really tell h! ow much i had or the size but it was alot. Then i flushed and went back to work. I wouldn't be surprised if i had to go again tonight by the way my ???? feels and the way i've been eating.
Well i guess thats it for me take care you al(unless i have time to check here tomorrow am) Bye :)

Billy & Kevin L.
When we poop, we usually fold the paper, usually 6 sheets. When we wipe once, we fold the poopy paper so that the poop is on the inside. ANd then we do it again. This gives us 3 wipes, which is usually enough, although sometimes we need to do this again and again. So when we poop we average maybe 8 sheets of paper. My little brothers usually use about 2 or 3 times as much paper. My older brothers use the same amount of paper.

Last night, we were getting ready for bed. We were playing soccer and playing with trucks in the dirt, so we need baths. Josh has a cold and was coughing a lot. Neither of us made and after noon poop. Sometimes when we have to poop, we fart a lot until the poop comes out. Josh wsa farting all afternoon and evening. He would fart sometimes when he was coughing too. Anyway, while we were getting ready for the bath, Jeremy was taking his bath. Sometimes Josh wants to take a bath with Jeremy and sometimes he likes to shower with me or my brother. There was a little pile of poops in the toilet and some paper from Jeremy. I had to poop, So I was sitting down. Josh said he was had to poop before the shower. I dropped about 4 logs maybe 5 in by 1. I was about to wipe when Josh said, hurry up, I have to go. I said I just have to wipe. Then Josh started coughing. He cough maybe five times. About the 3rd cough, he butt hole opened up and a turd started to come out. It fell on the flo! or when he stopped coughing. It was only about 3 in but it squashed when it landed. I finished wiping and Josh sat down on the toilet to finish his poop. I got a wad of toilet paper and picked up the turd and put it in the toilet. I wet some more toilet paper and cleaned up the tile. When Jeremy was done with his bath, I washed the tile with his washcloth. I figured we get poop on the wash cloth anyway when we bath or shower, so what is the big deal. Josh pushed like 3 more turds out, then wiped his own butt. He used about 3 piles of paper (6 sheets) which he folded. I looked in the toilet. The paper was almost clean. I told him to bend over, and there was still some poop on his butt. I wiped him again. Then we took a shower. While we were in the shower, Kev came in. He needed a poop too. He dropped maybe 5 logs, about 8 in x 1 1/2 in. So he made a huge poop. While Kev was taking his shower, Mike came in a for a poop too. He looked in the toilet, sat down and passed about 5 mo! re 8 x 1 1/2 in poos. Kev finished his shower while were brushing. He got all of the clothes and stuff out while Kev brushed his teeth. Then we went into the playroom for about 1/2 hour while jeremy and josh went to sleep. Mom told us to go to bed. We went into the bathroom and we were both peeing. Mom looked into the toilet and siad, well it looks like I am feeding you guys enough based on how much poop you are making. We siad, that is us, Mike and Jeremy and Josh too. She said, I know. We flushed hte toilet and went to bed.

steve- I hadn't post a story lately because I didn't have any accidents lately. However your story remindes me of something similar my friend and I once did. I was over his house and we were playing in his basement. He then stopped for around 30 sec and starting playing again. I asked him why did he stop. He said "I had to go poop but I didn't feel like going to the bathroom so I pooped myself". Then he said I should do it and I went along with him and pooped my underwear. We then continued playing and we sat down too in are mess. When I went home later that day I took of my underwear and my white briefs were completly brown. I then wrapped them up and threw them away.

Its cool to see someone else here my age who has just has many accidents as me.

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