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There is now still this. Don't be these people For the small number of people who cause all the trouble around here. They claim to have read the FAQ, but their posts and conduct say otherwise. Here are the moral lessons spelled out in detail.

We're putting this link back up here. It is evident it needs a permanent spot here, not that those who fail/refuse to read the FAQ will look at it. As well, those who don't understand/beleive it is talkiing about them, will undoutedly remain obvlious of why their actions are wrong.

The sordid detailes of this practice are contained above. They do not bear repeating.


accidents as a kid

I am new to this website and think its cool. When I was younger, like elementary and middle school, I used to have occasional accidents. Mostly peeing, but sometimes pooping. It was mainly because I held it too long, because I never wanted to stop what I was doing. But I have to admit that sometimes it was on purpose because I enjoyed the feeling of wetting and pooping my underwear. Once when I was ten, I was at recess. It was winter and I had snow pants on. I hadn't pooped in a while and could feel a big one pushing at my back door. Me and some other kids were playing, and the urge to poo just kept getting stronger and stronger. Then all of a sudden, a very naughty thought just popped into my head: "why not do the dirty in my draws!" I felt a rush of excitement run over me at the thought. I decided I would do it. I went off by myself to a far corner of the playground, and squatted down and began to push. Slowly, but surely, a huge poop log began to come out. It was really heavy and dropped in my underwear like a cannon ball, and weighted them down. I felt so naughty, and I knew I deserved to be punished severely, but I decided to enjoy it a while. The warm poop felt so good in my underwear, against the cold winter day. Plus, I had my snow pants on, so I couldn't smell it at first. But then all of a sudden, the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew I needed to be changed, and decided to go tell the recess monitor before any of my freinds found out. The school principle was on recess duty that day, so I went up to him and asked if I could go inside because I needed new underwear. He looked at me suspiciously, and said: "young man, why do you need new underpants? Did you do a "nasty" in your underwear. I shamefully siad yes, and he turned me around and saw the bulge in my snow pants. He sighed and said " lets get you changed." So he took me to the nurses office. On the way there, Another teacher asked where we are going, and he said Kevin has done a big poop in his snow pants and needs to be changed like a baby. Then we walked away. i was so embarrassed that he said that. I went into the nurses office and she gave me new pants and underwear. When I got home, My dad confronted me. He said the principle called and told him what I had done. My dad was pretty mad, because he sensed I had done it on purpose. He pulled me right over his knee, pulled my pants down, and gave me five good swats right on my now clean bottom. It hurt, but I felt I kind of deserved it, because pooping your pants on purpose is kind of wrong! LOL


Toilet training my sun (Update) and comments

To Mina: Thanks for the hints on the squat toilets in japan and the thing about the hood. It is a pitty that we in germany don't really have the chance to try such facility. How do handycaped people deal with those toilets?

Today my son was in mode for provocation all the time. So it ended up that my wife left for some time to calm down and I was alone with hinm. Right after taking a bath he had to do a number two - he had farted badly all the time before. So I put him on his special seat and he enjoyed taking a nice and ling crap. It crazy that even kids with a few years just feel the pleasure of releave and stinking up the place. Whe he was done I wiped his ass as good as I could - the narrow space in the seat is not very helpful with this. At the end I was sure that every thing was gone, but somehow he managed to hit his underware nad pants. Later we found a poop nugget in front of the toilet.

Things will hoepfully be alot easier if he can sit on a normal toilet seat with a handle for support.

I mysewlf had to releaving poops at work.



My Tavern Bathroom Experience

A couple of times a month Diver and I go to a local tavern on Sunday afternoons to socialize and watch games on the big screen. Lots of beer is consumed and tavern has some of the best sandwiches in the area. So we were about two hours into our stay when Diver came back from the bathroom and a couple of his friends noticed he had his fly open. After they laughed it off (I felt sorry for him!) I realized I wasn't going to make it until halftime to get on the toilet. The game was close, but I knew that my bladder bursting would be bad so I made my walk across the room and into the aisle that led to the bathrooms.

The ladies door was open and I felt good about that. This building was put up in 1948 so its really old fashioned. There were two inside latches on the inside door that I had to secure. I've heard that drunks will go into the wrong bathroom. Sometimes they get hostile with a door even if its closed and give you a surprise. I pulled the chain to turn on the light on top of the toilet. I flickered. No problem, I figured, because there's a half window at head level above the person sitting on the toilet. Someone had opened the latch about 30 percent and it was a little cold, but I reasoned that the fresh air was probably covering up something I didn't want to smell. But there was some smoke coming into the room and I figured out there were some guys having a smoke right on the other side of the wall in the parking lot. There were a lot of playful insults being thrown around, some really gross language that would get them fired if they worked for my financial institution, and I wasted no time in pulling my jeans and black thong down to seat myself.

In doing so, I noticed from the natural light, that the stains in the toilet had not been cleaned since the last time I used the bathroom. The toilet seat is badly stained and cracked and the type my mom wouldn't have allowed me to sit on directly without toilet paper under me like 20 years ago. As I took my seat which was mid-cool due to the open window, I looked on each side of me. There was a filthy red plunger on each side of me. Really gross crap was caked onto each. I looked between my legs and saw three pubic hairs that weren't mine sitting on the front of the seat. I got to thinking about the advantages of many public seats that have that cut-out thing on the front. I took some toilet paper and wiped them into the bowl just about the time my pee started. Just about that time, it seemed like there was trouble right behind me. I heard a couple of crashes, like motorcycles falling over and then it seemed like a lot of insults being thrown, followed by a fight. In the two minutes or so it took me to empty my bladder, it seemed to be out of control behind me. I wiped, stood up and flushed, and by the time I got back to our table, about half the patrons in the tavern were just coming back in after the fight.

Those at one table had been kicked out and one of Diver's friends asked him to reach back and get their pitcher so that we could finish it off. The second half of the game was a lot more calm. But I was surprised when I had to go back in and pee again about 30 minutes later. I sat there draining my bladder thinking about how quiet it now was. All I could hear was the music going in a few cars going by on the highway. I noticed that one of the plungers had been used since my list trip in there. There was a clod of black crap hanging from it and imprinting on the concrete. For a moment I wanted to put my head between my legs and puke. About an hour later I had to have my crap. Diver was surprised, but I told him I was going to walk across the highway to a C-store. That was very unadventurous with one exception. They had a PA system going into the bathroom and they were paging from additional checkout help.

Yuki Y

awkward bathroom experience

Last week, I had a urgent business meeting in the office that I needed to attend. After the meeting ended, I excused myself to go to the women's toilet just down the corridor. I walked quickly to the toilet and ran to the nearest stall I found available.

I found an empty stall right close to the door, so I closed the cubicle door but I forgot to lock the door, feeling confident that nobody would come into my big cubicle.

Before I sat down, I lifted the toilet seat cover down, took of my skirt since I did not wear any panties and hung my skirt on the hook in front of me sat down onto the toilet seat.

As I sat on the toilet with my 2 legs close apart, I started straining and few large pieces smooth slimy poop came out until someone opened my big cubicle and I was in shocked.

I had no time to react and also cover up my vagina with my pubic hair, it was exposed to my lady boss, Miyu who was the one that opened the door and she also closed the door and locked the door shortly after. And she came to me and bended on her two knees telling me in a real soft tone that she wanted to vomit soon as she was feeling queasy.

I was sitting on the toilet bowl this time, with my 2 legs wide apart I tried covering my vagina with one hand and one hand trying to find toilet paper in the dispenser when there was no toilet paper left.

I tried standing up from the toilet but Ayuda told me to stay seated on the seat as she leaned her head forward and started to vomiting.

Ayuda's vomit covered my hands which was covering my vagina and now I could not get my skirt from the hook.

At this time, there was nobody was at the toilet. It was just Ayuda and I. So I unlocked the door and walked out the cubicle without a skirt. I washed my vagina and hands in the bidet with soap and water.

After walking back to the cubicle, I took and wore my skirt back and I found Ayuda was sitting on the toilet taking a pee.

She apologised to me saying she's sorry so I gave her a hug and we left the office half an hour later.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie it sounds like you had a really great poop.

To: Abby C great story.

To: Poppy-Olivia welcome back I look forward to reading your stories.

To: Donna first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you both had some tough poops hopefully you were able to get the rest of your poop out and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Carin great story.

To: Imogen great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS I love this site

Annie (Anny)

Soft/messy poop this morning after getting up

Hi everyone. I hope everyone's having a good day and keeping nice and warm on this February day. Not to mention, hopefully pooping and peeing well! I'm doing well and my body is co-operating well too. No constipation in a long time. I had a soft and urgent poop first thing this morning literally seconds after I woke up. In fact, the urge woke me up at around 9 am this morning. Had to rush to the bathroom, pull down my pj pants, leggings and underwear and sit on the toilet to let it out, it was so urgent. It wasn't diarrhea (luckily), but just a soft poop. I'm super careful not to relax my muscles too much first thing in the morning, until after I go to the washroom and take care of business first.

Happy pooping!



Sister's Potty Troubles

So one day after school I was watching my sister Lillie and she wanted to go get ice cream, so I said yes. We walked into Town and stopped at the local ice cream shop. I told her she can do whatever she wanted and will she got a rainbow sherbet Cohen I got myself a mint chocolate chip sundae. We are our icecream and I started to feel like I had to go to the bathroom pretty soon. Since we were in a shop though the bathroom is in the back and so I told Lilly that I was just gonna go to the bathroom and that she had to come with me. So I go in and sit down, and immediately begin to pee. Once I'm done peeing I then push slightly and a nice and solid piece of poo comes out. I fart a few times and one more log comes out. I feel done, so I wipe and ask Lillie if she needs to go and she says no. So then we begin walking back home in about halfway there Lillie just stops and says that her stomach really hurts. I ask her again if she needs to go to the bathroom and she says she does but she wants to wait till we get home. I can tell she's in discomfort but she insist on waiting till we get home to go to the bathroom. As soon as we get home she runs upstairs to the bathroom and she pops her self down on the toilet without even bothering to shut the door. I I walking to see if she's OK and she sitting there on the toilet trying to go but she says that she can't. I tell her to try some more but she can't seem to get anything out so then I tell her that we'll try again later. She doesn't seem to like to go in public but then she gets herself constipated. Usually we give her a bowl oatmeal and that seems to do the trick, but we're still gonna have to work with her to try to get her to go to the bathroom in public. That's all for today but hopefully I'll push again soon, bye-bye!

I've Been Trying to Fart More

Nothing exceptional,but my stress GOES to my ???? and I guess sine it's been ongoing, it feels painful abit until i let go,which I just did. It
sounded....violent, for lack of audio. 3 poots and I know i have more inside. Have a Nice One Guys (I've lingered on here for at least 7 years, so I sortof know my way around)

Uncle Harry

Childhood Memories

Hello everyone. Old Uncle Harry is Back again. Most of you probably don't remember me. Just look on pages 1700 and earlier. I have been busy and overseas for a while. This story is about what I remember of my earliest views of women urinating. We were on vacation one summer annd we made a stop so everyone could pee. I was 3 years old. My mother and aunt took me into the ladies room and my mother took me into the stall, He pulled down her shorts and panties and exposed her pussy, which had never seen before. Then she lifted the toilet lid and squatted over it. Quickly, a stream of urine poured out of her pussy. I don't recall if I asked her about her lack of a "wee-wee" like mine. I just watched. Soon, her stream stopped. A few more squirts came ouout and then she grabbed a piece of toilt paper, wiped her opening, and pulled up her panties and shorts. My aunt came out of her stall and we went back to the car.


What a strange set-up

Beautiful day today, went for a hike at a county park. Before we left, my wife and I both decided to hit the restrooms. I swung open the MEN'S restroom door, and right in clear view for everybody outside was a bank of urinals. Odd thing, was they all had partitions between them....all except the first urinal, which was right by the front door, so whoever is using that urinal, his penis, and urine flow, is clearly visable to everybody outside, yet, there is privacy between all the other, his urinal neighbor cannot see his penis, but women waiting outside can.... very odd

Uncle Harry

Childhood Recallations 2

Back again. Its still summer and Im still 3 years old. My parents hired a Nanny for me. One time she put me inn the bathtub and then said she had to make wee-wee first. She dropped her shorts and panties and sat down on the toilet. The toilet was right across from the tub and she sat with her legs wide apart. She suddenly started urinating very heavily. Then she told me not to look. I asked why and she said boys and girls arent suppossed to watch each either make wee-wee. I asked why and she said that was the rule. I didn't argue. Then I asked why girls didn't have wee-wees like mind. Thats so you can tell boys from girls I learned a lot later.


Hi Guys

My cold is getting better, but interestingly, my poop still seems to be smelling mild when I swear it seemed stronger before the cold. Oh well, I love the sensation of pooing more than the odor anyway! I love fantasizing about the sensations people experience when a big one stretches their anal opening wide as it passes. Also, when mom made me breakfast tacos yesterday I couldn't smell the bacon like I used to either (strange). Sadly if I have lost a bit of my smell, I feel I can conccur it even if it takes a while (I continue hope things are just still mending themselves from the virus though). When I dream about pooping, I don't smell it at all in my dreams. They're all about the sensations of the urge, and the final passing of the stool.Last night, I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was incontinent, and loved the feel of needing to change my diaper. I had leakage of stool (the kind of issue were it leaks occasionally throughout the day), and I also loved the reward of a clean diaper. My bed played music, and the only songs it played was whatever I wanted it to. I was a magical monster too, because as the music played while I laid in bed, I danced involuntarily, and growled in excitement. Sometimes my excitement was so strong that I leaked poop in my diaper, and really messed it! I was a lazy monster that couldn't feel the need to poop, and that everyone enjoyed carrying me around, and swaddling me since I was really small. The dancing while laying in bed was a good spell that would make items appear out of thin air. I guess I was a monster human baby that danced in their crib lol! Anyway, bye!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kung Poo

Prune Juice

Any constipated people here tried prune juice? I've been drinking it for years to great effect. My best experience was when I was constipated for a week. I could only manage a few pellets each time I went, so on that Saturday morning, I downed a huge glass of prune juice before breakfast and waited.

Two hours later, I felt an uncontrollable need to poop.You know what's worse that straining out a large painful turd? Having one blast out of you with no preparation. The large turd shot right out like a torpedo, shooting straight for the toilet water, causing a huge backsplash. That hurt a lot. Then before I could recover, a whole lot of poop rushed out, smashing into the water, causing the whole bowl to be splattered with poop water.

But the relief!!! The relief from constipation was pure bliss.

Because of my own experience, I have recommended prune juice to anyone suffering from constipation. However, for some, it doesn't work. Based on my own experiments and me trying the methods out on friends and wife, I have come upon the most effective way to use prune juice as a laxative.

1. Always drink prune juice BEFORE a meal. Don't eat anything straight after either.

2. Drink it warm if possible.

3. Drink one full glass, or the maximum amount you can down at one. Too little and you'll just end up gassy. Then drink another glass of warm water either immediately or in about half an hour.

4. Pick a day you can stay home. If you have to be outside, make sure you have access to a toilet. Home is still most ideal as the body is most relaxed for full release.

5. When you feel a strong urge to go, go immediately. The juice has a rather short effective window. Pass the peak and the poo dried up and you may not clean out fully.

6. Don't push. Just relax. Let the juice do it's work. Pushing could actually cause an incomplete release. Just relax, and let it go. Don't pinch halfway either. Just sit, breath deeply, and relax.

7. You might go a few times. That's all right. You have not been going successfully. Your body is simply clearing out.

8. Once you're done, flush. Lift the toilet seat and check for specks of poop water. Gross I know, but the force of impact can very often cause specks to fly. Wipe down with your favourite toilet cleaner.

9. Eat your meals as per normal. Don't skip. What you want is to get your bowels moving as regularly as possible. A major clearing out may cause you to not have any poop to release the next day, and a regular intake of food will help your bowels move.

My constipated riends swear by this. Of course, a balanced diet has to be maintained. The prune juice is a cure, and should ideally not be used if your bowels are moving normally with a good diet. I know of some who drink a little each day to regulate. I'm won't recommend that as one might become reliant on it.

Another pleasant side effect many reported is arousal. It might be the happiness from the release or the stimulation of the necessary muscles, I don't know, but hey, that's something to look forward to.

And if you do follow my steps to great success, please, post your experience. Include in the details your gender, severity of constipation, size of poop and how it felt.


No Magic Pill

I am with Taylor....I enjoy a good poo and a wee.
I am an enema fan and say three enema in a row...what a relief.
As to public toilets....I enjoy using them....I can just sit and push and grunt. I select toilets where there are no queues and just ake my sweet time.


Ally H - Helping her little brother

@Ally H

The things we do for our loved ones, eh? It was very good of you to help your little brother use the toilet - especially on a day where everything was going wrong. Spreading his cheeks is going beyond the call of duty.

Take care,
Canadian Dreamer

Anna from Austria

to Mina and Anna from Cananda

@ the other Anna I really liked your lasted Story. I can understand you well.

I am also always happy when i have privicy when doing Number 2 in a public toilet.

@Mina About toilets in Japan I had only postive experience with toilets in Japan. I was amazed how modern and clean they were. Your advice was really helpful. I am in a hurry now, so I write a more detailed Report next time. Sorry for Keep you waiting.

The only unpleasant experience I had, when I had to poop on plane. I do not like this narrow toilets, and as I am quite explosive most of the time, i was embarrased that somebody in the plan could hear my pooping noise, although it was unlikly. But the worst Thing was the big smell. In the narrow bad ventilated toilet, the poop smell. I really hoped that nobody came into the toilet after me.

greetings form Austria


Annie (Anny)

Pooping after black coffee

Hi everyone. I'm on the toilet right now having a soft poop after brunch, one small cup of black coffee and a bottle and a glass of water. It's doing a good job of cleaning me out. If you need help pooping, I recommend you try this.

Happy pooping everyone


Abby C

First Night and Chorus Poop

This week my grandparents are watching us because my parents were on Vacation. So usually before I go to bed. I go to the bathroom for about 10 minutes. Tonight my grandfather was asleep and my grand mother was awake. So it was probably 11 at night I had been on my phone and never went so I walked in to my bedroom and dropped my pajama pants and undies to my ankles and let out 2 long turds and a 20 second stream of wet farts and diaheria.

This happened on Saturday when we were practicing for our chorus concert in March and we finished up our 2nd song and I asked if I could go to the bathroom and I was allowed to go so I walked to one of the farthest bathrooms in the school because I didnt want anybody in my class seeing me poop. And unfourtunately there were no stalls so I walked in and there was this young girl I think about 5 in the night classes she took off all her clothes and was sitting on the toilet and letting out a lot of farts and another girl was doing the same but she was on her toes pooping. And the girl next to me was letting out a snake like turd and it landed on the floor. So I got up on my toes and did a slight pushand let out a big turd so I wiped and left and I heard a big scream down the hall and my principal took the girl with the snake poop nude back to her office nude. So..... yeh xoxoxo


Reply to Brian

I definitely wouldn't take a magic pill. For me the best part of the day is when I go to the toilet first thing in the morning. There's little I enjoy more than climbing out of bed, sitting on the toilet and just completely relaxing, letting my body do whatever it wants in it's own time.

I love slowly waking up from my sleepy state while feeling the relief and pleasure of pooping, and then the added relief of emptying my bladder. I love being able to just relax and not worrying about how long I take, feeling my body take care of everything for me.


Back and Better Than Ever!

Hi guys! I'm finally back, a few of you might recognize me but I posted back in like late 2015. If you want to read any of those posts just search my name because it is very unusual lol. Anyway sorry I've been gone because high school has been pretty stressful for me for the past few years and I am going to graduate this spring/summer. Also my dog Snoopy has been having a bit of a battle with cancer but luckily he did end up surviving and so I'm really happy about that. I still have IBS but it seems to have gotten a little less severe so I'm happy about that. I don't have really any good stories that I can think of off the top of my head but I'll be going on a road trip this next weekend so I should have plenty of stories to tell about that. I also have acquired a little sister named Lillie (She was adopted because my parents can't have children anymore, and she's 5 years old)since I've been gone and I have some stories with her that I can share soon.I hopefully will post soon!


Feeling full

Hi everyone. I have been looking at this site for a long time now and decided i would post. I often wait when i have to poop until i am home because i am very vocal. I have a hard time pooping and have to push and grunt. So anyways i have been pretty constipated the last few days. I had to run out earlier today to walmart. As i was in walmart i started to feel like i really needed to poop bad and wasn't able to hold it so I found the bathroom and went into the far left stall. No one was in there when I went in. I pulled my pants down and farted when I bent over. What felt like a huge turd started to emerge. I was glad no one was in there because I knew I would have to start pushing. I took a deep breath and started pushing and grunting. It was almost out when I heard the door open and someone came in. She was an older lady and she took the stall right next to me. I thought to myself, oh no what do I do now. I sat quietly for a moment with this turd still just hanging. She started to pee so I thought maybe she would leave soon and I could finish. I had to get it out. But her pee ended quickly and she just sat there farting a little. I knew she had to poop to. I thought to myself, well here goes nothing. I took a deep breath and started pushing and grunting. Between grunts I apologized to her for making noise. She didn't say anything at first but then she sighed a sigh of relief and said, oh honey that's ok i have to do a little pushing myself. Nothing more was said but we both just sat there grunting and pushing. After about ten minutes I couldn't push anything else out even though I still felt like I had to go but nothing more would come out. So I wiped a few times as she was still grunting and I flushed and walked out. She said have a good day. I said you too. And I left. I am home now and still haven't been able to push it all out. Feeling miserable now. Has anyone else ever had anyone else grunting beside you in the toilet?


Question for girls

I just have a quick question. When you girls wear like a romper or one piece swimsuit, do you have to completely remove it to poop?


Steve A's survey

Just seen this and thought I'd add my answers.

1. TP or wet wipes?
Toilet paper, I don't like the feeling of wet wipes.

2. TP Roll forwards or backwards?
Forwards, I have to change it if its backwards.

3. Automatic flush or handle?
Handle or push button, I've only used an automatic flush once and hated it (maybe a story for another time if anyone is interested)

4. Soap or hand sanitizer?

5. Fan or air freshener? Window in the bathroom?
I love an open window, especially in summer! Feeling a cool gentle breeze on my back as I'm going and listening to the birds.

6. Reading on the toilet or just sitting there?
I just sit there in the morning but enjoy reading one of my magazines in the afternoon. It's not often I read on my phone because I've dropped it in the toilet before.

7. Plunger or snake if there's a clog?
A plunger is good enough for everything I've done.


What me and Heather did Saturday

This past Saturday morning both me and my friend Heather were assigned Saturday Schools. That's a 4 hour detention in a study hall where you are forced to study. Both of us are honor students and I do a lot of volunteer tutoring. Our crime was having food or drink in an "unauthorized area", which for us was the bathroom. Every morning we stop at a store across the street where they sell coffee and we drink it as we go into school and in the commons area and cafeteria. That's fully allowed. However, in the 30 to 45 minutes before the 1st hour bell rings as we sit and talk and sometimes compare homework. Usually at some point, one of us has to use the bathroom. Both of us go in to keep the other company. The previous night Heather's family had Mexican food. That's something she brags unconstipates her. So we leave our table, go into one of the main bathrooms, and after waiting to get two toilets next to one another, there was the opening.

About half the toilets have had their doors removed. I told Heather since she was going to crap to take the one with the door and I would take the undoored toilet next to her. She had a dress on so after I pulled down my sweats and white undies, I looked down and to the right and saw two things under the panel. Yellow undies that I didn't know she owned and her coffee cup. I was sipping from my cup with two hands on it when an assistant principal walked through. She seemed kind of angry. She walked all the way to the back of the large room, broke up a group that was just hanging out by the sinks, and she was carrying a fast-food sack and some wrappers to throw away. I didn't like the way she looked at me when she walked by. I heard her toss the trash and a couple of seconds later she was standing there looking at me with my legs spread, pee streaming and the coffee cup in my hands. Heather's cup was close to her undies at floor level and easy to see. Now several of the others leaving the bathroom started to slow up and stare at me and what was going on as I was forced to take my student ID off from around my neck and hand it to the principal.

She was copying information down from my ID card when Heather dropped the bomb with a sigh and splash so loud I had trouble suppressing my laughter. Then the principal knocked on Heather's door, asked for her ID and told us both she was going to throw our coffees out. Then she started to go into a softer rant about a lot of schools closing their bathrooms until the actual start of the school day because of trash, students hanging out, smoking, pranks, and a couple of other things I didn't understand were happening in the bathrooms. Then as she was writing up our Saturday School slips she started on another rant about why we don't use the bathroom before leaving home and how she just hated going to the bathroom at her high school like years back.

Heather seemed to be more upset about the Saturday School then me. Most of us got out after 3.5 hours for staying on-task. As we were at our lockers putting books away, Heather said she had been holding her crap for a couple of hours. (If you leave for the restroom you have to serve the whole four hours). She had been planning to stoop over the stool and deliberately drop her crap onto the seat. She said it would be a payback to the a****** principal. But after she stooped for a couple of minutes, but was unable to produce anything, I talked her into taking a seat. She was sure holding a lot in. It pretty much filled the toilet. After she showed me her work, she seated herself again and did her wiping. I felt good about talking her out of what she was planning. But she refused to flush and I did too.

Brandon T

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To: Abby C great story it sounds like you had a pretty desperate poop and your momm had really good big poop as well.

To: Miranda great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping adventures.

To: Karen C im good and its good your feeling better hopefully you dont get a bad stomach flu like that again anytime soon.

To: Anna great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


toilet accident

Hi Abbie,
I've sort of half had a poo accident, if that makes sense! Once, probably about 7/8 years ago, I 'sharted' (I think that's the word!) in that I thought I was going to fart, but it turned out to be a bit of poo. It made a mess of my knickers but luckily I was at home to clean up. I sat down on the toilet after that and had a
I have to admit I do have minor wee accidents every so often. I've written about some of these in my posts before.
If I'm really desperate I will normally feel a tight cramping in my bladder as a sign of 'Stop what you're doing and go for a wee now!'. If I ignore that for longer than a few minutes, the next cramp comes and normally results in a small leak. Then I'll have another couple of cramps with small leaks, then start slowly dribbling, then have full on spurts. Also, I tend to find that going to the loo is dangerous in itself because for some reason I always feel more desperate and leak as I get there, maybe it's the anticipation.
I think a lot of people leak when desperate but don't like to talk about it.
I was in a coffee shop earlier and needed a wee, so I went to the back where there was a cubicle. I waited a while as the door was on red, but then one of the staff passed and told me that it was stuck on red regardless of whether it was locked or not! Oops! I went in, locked the door, then pulled my jeans and lilac knickers down. I had to wait a little while but then a loud hissing wee came out, I wiped and left.


Victoria did survey, so I decided I do too. (I like Victoria.)

1. TP or wet wipes? TP always, but after wash with washlet.
2. TP roll forwards or backwards? Sorry, I don't understand. Is it mean, TP with paper which hang down very near to wall is backwards? If it is, I think backwards look better, but forwards is more useful.

3. Automatic flush or handle? I don't care. My loo is handle, but in office is push button.

4. Soap or hand sanitizer? Soap.

5. Fan or air freshener? Window in the loo? (I don't say bathroom because bath tub is in different room.) We have fan and window. But we use spray inside loo to go away smell of motion. We don't mind, but we don't like that it stay too long.

6. Reading on the toilet or just siting there? Just sitting. When I was girl I read but not now. I like to just relax. Also I talk little bit with friend, because when I doing motions, Maho or Kazuko or Hisae is at washbasin to make up face, and I leave door open, I don't like door between me and them. I stay long long time so when it is pause between motions, I am talk. But I don't talk so much.

7. Plunger or snake if there's a clog? Answer is, what is snake? I don't want snake in my loo, snake is poison. We don't have plunger. Most time we flush after some motions and then do more motions so we are no clog.

I talk to friends about this survey, their answers like mine. Kazuko she is joker, she sit on loo and I am at washbasin, she say, "Mina can you look in loo and see if there is snake? I scare, I don't want cobra bite my bottom." I look in loo, Many little brown snakes they are production of Kazu's beautiful bottom, but they are all dead, so don't bite. I say her, "snake is only little snake which your bottom produce. They is dead, so don't bite." Then I flush, and then Kazu produce many more smelly snake, and I feel warm feeling and think, I love Kazu so much.

To Kermit: Hisae say, if you use squat loo and you do a diarrhoea, never flush while you do. She did once when she was teen. It is fashion in Japan. Then she saw dirty water on jeans, it had pieces of her diarrhoea. She was shock very much. She never do that again. When she flush, she hold back her diarrhoea, then when flush finish she open beautiful bottom again and pour diarrhoea into loo. She say, be careful.

Love to everyone.

Mina and H.M.K.


to needs help: poop hurts

First question: Do you see blood on the toilet paper when you wipe? If you do, you need to see your doctor. If not, seeing the doctor might still be a good idea.

Next question: How often do you poop? Every day? Twice a day? Twice a week? If it's less frequent than every other day, you may be constipated. Again, the doctor can tell you what to do about that, and he can prescribe medicine or diet that should fix it.

You don't say how old you are. If you are a teenager or a pre-teen, you are in a part of your life that often includes very large bowel movements. Up to now, you are at least getting your turds out, which is good.

Does it hurt when the poop is actually coming out, or afterwards when wiping, or both? I was just reminded to ask that question because I had to interrupt writing this post in order to go and poop, and the last few days I have had a bit of pain from an anal fissure, which is a little crack on the anus itself. It doesn't hurt when the poop is coming out (and I just had a big one!), but wiping can hurt. A fissure usually heals itself within a few days to a couple weeks, but you can also put gentle salves or other medicines on it that will help. I use a single dab of Noxzema or the like on the last wipe whenever I poop at home, and it cleans the anal region and makes it feel good.

Again, I suggest you see the doctor. Don't be embarrassed to do that: he knows you poop--indeed, everyone does--and he has seen people with your trouble before. If it needs fixing in some way, he will know. Good luck!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The other day, I was in the car with my girlfriend, I had to take a poop really badly, I tried to make it home but had a massive accident in my pants, I got a cramp and started pooping and peeing. My girlfriend started laughing a little but when she saw how upset I was she stopped, when we got back to my house I went to the bathroom and she helped wipe off my ass with wet tissue. It took her a lot of tissues because there was a lot stuck in my crack. Has anyone else out there gotten changed by a significant other after an accident?

needs help

poop hurts coming out?

recently I have had a problem popping. when the first log comes out it is rlly thick and it hurts to come out. when the rest of it comes out it is thin but it still hurts. this has happened every time I poop for the last month or two. im worried I am going to hurt my butthole. pls help

Abby C

Close Miss

So this weekend, me and my mom went to go see my grandmother and grandfather. And on the highway I got a big cramp in my stomach so I told my mom that I had to poop. So we went to this 7/11 and unfourtunately it was closed so we went around back and i pulled my pants down and sat ovr the trash can and runny poop just came out of me. My mom said "Holy Cow hunny are you okay" and she gave me a wipe and I pulled up my pants and my mom lowered hers and squatted she farted and 3 3ft logs came out of her. She wiped and then we went home

canada pooper

To Kermit

Kermit thank you for reading my story i wanted to say about your son maybe in some cases diaper is better potty training to early can be harmful so i wouldn't worry to much sounds like he's learning fine don't worry what is normal or what others say in fact i think for me being potty trained to early is probably the reason i had so many accidents the other side is i have often tried to hold it long time for fear of inconvenienceing others and ended up very sick and many infections that have damage my kidney bowel and bladder
so if turn out he need diapers longer that's ok or if he have many accidents that's also ok just let him be himself or and enjoy childhood wherever he must go bathroom
sorry if my advice is unhelpful? would like to read more updates to this


Using a raised toilet

yesterday we were at a place our kids could play a bit on their own. We were the only group there. Before we left at 5 PM I whent to the toilet for a pee to be sure on our way home. Unfortunately the toilet was in use by a girl of five years and she forgot to close the door. She didn't panic just said that she was just using the toilet.

So I had to use an alternate toilet with a table for changing diapers. The toilet was some inches higher than the normal toilets. It was not very big and had a small seat that was more for kids than grownups. When I sat on the toilet it felt strange to have my feet above the floor. Peeing was no problem and when I was done I decided to do a poop too. I dropped about four normal sized logs.

It was an inte´resting experience to use this much higher toilet.



Spooky Court House Toilets

After school I had to stop at the Court House to pay a stupid parking ticket for having one wheel partially on the curb. They were really busy and I had to wait in line to go through the metal detector and another line for one of the ticket windows. I had eaten chili for lunch, but only peed before I left school. Therefore, I knew what was coming. Finally I got to the window almost at closing time, made the payment, and then quickly walked across the hall to the ladies room to take my crap. What I found so strange was there was no wait. Ten stalls. Each with a half door open. I was closest to the third one when I figured that out so I quickly slipped in. I slammed the wooden privacy door shut and latched it. I quickly saw an earlier user had left toilet paper over the right side of the seat. I hate that. I shoved it in. I slipped down my jeans and underwear and deposited my butt on the seat. About five seconds later the first portion came. At that time, I heard someone to my right come in the entry door. She walked to the closest stall, opened the door. Then she stepped away and did the same in the stall next to mine. Then she saw mine was in use and passed it, but opened the door and looked at the one of my left. Then she did the same thing like five more times until she got to the end of the row. Then she came back toward me and took the toilet two doors down. I saw her clothing go to the floor and heard her butt being placed on the seat. She did about a minute-long wee. I didn't hear any wiping and she didn't stay to wash her hands. The whole thing seemed strange to me to be in an otherwise quiet bathroom while I was topping off my crap.



I've got a cold right now, and I can barely smell. When I went to the bathroom (especially during a poo), I could barely detect the odor. I was reading that equate nasal spray has 1 report of both anosmia (lack of smell detection) and one report of hyposmia (decreased sense of smell), but I feel hopeful I'll be able to smell my poop stronger again after my cold has completely passed. I found this info on a website called ????. Since I haven't been able to smell well, I've enjoyed the feeling of my poop a little more. I was a bit sad yesterday to not be able to fully enjoy the taste of grilled burgers, but other than that, my weekend has been great.


To Kermit

You will find many stories of squat toilets in this site. I wrote too, but a long time before and I don't remember number, sorry. If I find, I tell you. I think almost of stories are woman, and I am woman too.

When I was girl (I am 26 end of this month) squat toilets quite common in Japan and in most schools, squat toilets only. Japanese squat toilet is with hood at front, you squat facing hood. So it can catch wee if your wee go forward instead of go straight down. There is just little water in back part, so if you do motion, it smell strongly. So most girls flush while motion coming out from their bottom. They want to hide smell and also noise. If you doing a diarrhoea it is a bad idea as your motion hits water very strongly and bounces, than there is dirty water all over loo floor.

In countryside, many squat toilet is just hole in ground, under ground is wide space where collect motions and wee and loo paper. Sometimes man go into underground space with camera and film women who do wee and motion. Then police take to the prison.

Also when I was girl, some loos have space between floor and wall, it seems that in U.S. and Europe this is common. So man creep into loo next to squat loo and take photo of woman under the wall. I once tested with my friend Maho, we found you can see next door woman's bottom and lady part quite well.

I have to rush now; Kazuko wants me to help her.


Porta potty piss plus one

A couple of months a ago I went to a concert with one of my female friends (just friends nothing more). And it was about the middle of show and she says something about needing to pee and I have to also. So we head over to the ports potties and I said something about hating using ports potties. And she said something about feeling like she's gonna fall in. I make a joke about going together so that doesn't happen and she laughs and doesn't say anything. So we get up to the porta potties and I walk over to a vacant one but she follows and asks to come in with me I'm confused but not against it so I close the door and turn to the urinal and start doing my thing she goes over to the actual toilet part pulls down her pants squats over the toilet and starts pissing it was still bright enough that I could see a solid flow coming out she just starts laughing at this point I'm about done but she keeps going with aloud solid stream right next to me for about 45 seconds until she wipes and walks out. We still joke about to this day


Latest story

Hi everyone, back again this weekend with an update for you!
Natasha- great stories, it must have been really embarrassing when Jade's boyfriend saw you on the loo, like you say it was lucky you'd just needed a wee! Hope you can post again soon.
Imogen- thanks, I do think skirts are more practical in some ways although I had a few embarrassing moments when it was windy!! It was really bad outside our canteen, it was a real wind trap there for some reason and girls skirts were always blowing up, I must admit that there were a few times when I suddenly realised my pants were showing! It sounded like you were pretty desperate for a wee in your last post, I'm not surprised you dribbled! You ask if I've ever had a full on accident and yes, when I was 15 I completely pooed my pants at a sleepover, one of my friends was taking for ever on the loo and I just couldn't hold it. I was wearing my nightie but luckily had kept my pants on underneath so it could have been worse! The worst that's happened since is being desperate for a wee and spurting into my pants, or my poo poking out and getting bad skidmarks. I know you've totally weed yourself as you posted about that a while ago but I wondered if you'd ever had a poo accident? Looking forward to your next story!
I'm still just about OK constipation-wise but things have definitely gone downhill this last couple of days I'm afraid to say, I've missed a couple of mid morning toilet visits for various reasons and I know when I do that I struggle more the next time I get the chance to go. Yesterday afternoon Lucy and I met up, shes back from uni too this weekend, and she decided to sleep round mine. We went out shopping and caught the bus home, as we were walking back and chatting I noticed Lucy was walking quite stiffly and kept putting her hand on her belly, I was pretty sure she was clenching her bum so I said "Do you need the loo?" and she nodded, biting her bottom lip. A few minutes later she said "Abbie, I'm really bursting, I've been wanting a poo for a while now and I'm starting to get really desperate!"
"You don't have to hold it much longer, we're nearly home" I said as we turned down my road. "I know, but its coming out in my knickers and I can't stop it," she moaned. As we got to the front door I did my best to get it open as fast as possible, by now Lucy was squirming and jiggling around and looking really uncomfortable. As soon as we got inside Lucy dashed upstairs to my ensuite, I followed her and came in to see her pulling down her black leggings and yellow flowery pants and then she sat down heavily on the loo, groaning and sighing with relief. By now I had a tight feeling in my belly and realised I was starting to need a poo as well. Just then Lucy said "I've just noticed theres no loo paper left," and I said "I'll just nip downstairs and get some." I went downstairs, my need was getting stronger and I was having to clench my bum to stop the tip of what felt like a massive log from poking out in my pants. I realised I hadn't had a poo for three days so I knew it would probably be a struggle. I got a new loo roll and gave it to Lucy, I noticed she'd gone a bit pink so I guessed she was having a hard time pushing out her poo, that was confirmed a few seconds later by hearing her make a grunt as she released her breath. "Sorry, I'm a bit constipated, I haven't had a poo for three days," she panted. I sat on the floor, getting more and more desperate by the second and kept on chatting as she strained, I saw that she had a big skidmark in her pants from where her poo had been poking out earlier. "Its my fault," she said between pushes, " I wanted a poo yesterday lunchtime but I was busy so I put it off, when I got back home I didn't have to go any more, I know I should have gone when I got the chance!"
"I know what its like trying to get time to go when your really busy," I said with sympathy, "I've been trying to have a poo every day but these last few days I haven't had time either, so I'm getting constipated again."
"Yeah I know what you mean, I'm pretty much permanently constipated at the moment," panted Lucy. "I really wish I could have a poo more often than every three or four days!"
I saw her doing another big push which luckily was successful as I heard a loud plop and then a sigh of relief. "I'm nearly done, I just need a quick wee," she said, and a stream started to trickle down into the bowl, it didn't last long which was just as well as I was starting to struggle to keep my poo in. As I did my best to suck it back up I was suddenly aware that Lucy was wiping her bottom and that I wouldn't have long to wait. When she was done she kicked her leggings and pants off, she said "I need to change these knickers, I've got some clean ones in my bag," and went over to the basin to wash her hands, I couldn't wait for her to get out of the bathroom so I quickly dropped my jeans and peach coloured pants and sat on the loo, I checked my pants and was embarrassed to find I had a skidmark but then at least Lucy did as well so it wasn't just me! "Sorry, I was desperate to have a poo as well," I said as I relaxed my bum and felt a huge log starting to come out, I knew it was going to take some straining to push it out completely, but I'd just watched Lucy struggling so I didn't feel that awkward as she hadn't exactly had an easy poo. Lucy picked up her clothes and walked back into my bedroom, her bare bum on show as her top was rather short. She unzipped her overnight bag and pulled out some pale green pants which she pulled on before replacing her leggings. She came back to keep me company just as I took a deep breath and bore down hard, I ended up grunting which was a bit embarrassing but Lucy had needed to do the same so it could have been worse! After a few more hard pushes I managed to get my first log out and then I had some smaller pieces to pass which fortunately didn't take as much effort. I finished with a wee as well and then wiped my bottom quickly and then I was done, I flushed the loo and realised I could do with changing my underwear as well, so I did the same as Lucy and took my jeans and pants off before washing my hands. I went back into my room naked from the waist down and went straight to my underwear drawer to get some clean pants, I took out a pink flowery pair which I pulled on before putting my jeans back on. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!

Victoria B.

Bumps in the road


I don't have a specific story this time, more like a series of them that are all the same. My number twos have been less frequent over the past couple of weeks and when I do need to go, the results are hard, difficult to poop out, and don't leave me feeling completely empty back there. I've been prescribed some new medication, but nothing has changed as far as my diet or exercise routine. Would anyone have some advice or explanation as to what's going on?

To Anna: You're much better at being hungover than I am. I generally don't manage to make it too far from the couch on those days. Sounds like you had a great poop!


Karen C. from Cali

Reply to Brandon and advice for diarrhea/stomach flu for all

HI Brandon! How's my favorite young man? Thanks very much for your kind reply, that really meant alot to me. Being a lonely middle aged woman (I'm still an attractive brunette who stays physically active and could pass for age 35 so don't you dare think of me as an old gray haired granny haha!) living alone and single and working all the time it's hard to make friends but thanx to the internet I'm lucky to be able to connect with those like you. I think of you as my online son!

I Felt pretty crappy recently when I was sick with a stomach virus, I was really sick for about four days, used up nearly a dozen rolls of toilet paper with my hourly diarrhea blowouts and lost 9 pounds which are staying off, yay! I can fit into my old jeans again!. I constantly felt gaggy and throwuppy and didn't dare venture out of the house without a super maxi tampon up my bum and an overnight pad in my panties (to avoid "accidents" in case there isn't a bathroom available or I couldn't get to one in time, traffic jams are a real possibility), and a gallon size zipoloc bag in my pocket in case I felt pukey when I had to venture away from my house to get soup, gingerale, etc., and a good supply of Kleenex in case there wasn't any toilet paper if I needed to have diarrhea; it was just awful. I was groggy, I had a fever, headache, stomach cramps, just YUCH!

Couldn't go to work but managed to still give drum and guitar and piano lessons to my regular students, but it was still a struggle; yecch! My students wondered why their teacher was dressed in undies and a nightgown and slippers and kept sipping gingerale and burping during the lessons and being more lenient than usual with them, and cut the lessons short so I could watch DVDs and get to bed early, haha!

Yeah, it was a pretty nasty stomach flu, prob. mostly my own fault as my whole life I've never been the best hand washer and was always the one in the family who got sick. I threw up every hour until I vomited nothing but yellowish orangeish green slime and had diarrhea until i was blowing out nothing but just clear water. I couldn't keep down even water, but I could keep down gingerale and Sprite if I sipped it slowly.

During my typical workday I just grab something from any random fastfood place; Yeah I know cash money at typical lunchtime fastfood joints carries a lot of germs and I typically grab a large milkshake or a double cheeseburger with fries and a salad or something similar for lunch which doesn't help matters much I know (Yep, I'm the type who'd feel the forehead of a sick friend and then eat a burger and fries immediately after without washing my hands, stupid I know but I was the kind of little girl that was fascinated with digging up worms from the dirt). So my advice to you all is "don't do as I do, but rather do as I SAY). GET Purell sanitizer and use it often. WASH your hands at every opportunity, especially after shaking hands with anyone. ALWAYS wash your hands before eating and if at a fastfood place please wash your hands AFTER the transaction and BEFORE eating for goodness sakes!

FINAL Bits of ADVICE learned from years of experience: This is not medical advice, but gingerale is a great way to stay hydrated when water won't stay down, usually gingerale or Sprite or 7UP will. Crackers nibbled slowly will help settle your stomach. Parmesan cheese (if you can take it, some people object to the smell, will help settle your yucky stomach and get it back to working normally again due to the enzymes it contains--I eat thin slices of extra sharp parmesan from an authentic Ialian market on unsalted crackers with gingerale, eat soups slowly, I like Cup Noodles, and take lots of naps and it works wonders, stops diarrhea like a charm and gets rid of the nausea/pukey feeling, best taken just before a nap and you wake up feelig tons better--counterfeit supermarket parmesan won't work, you need the real Italian Parmesan/Parmegiano cheese because it has the beneficial enzymes. If you can't deal with parmesan then mild cheddar has benefits too, you should try it. )

LAST words of ADVICE: Tampons and Pads. If you HAVE to venture out of your home for medicine, soup, etc., these products can save you tons of embarrassment and messy cleanup. GUYS, this goes for you too--there's no shame in using these feminine products to avoid an embarrassing public situation when you have to go out on your own when the risk of an "accident" is eminent, it's not "sissy" so don't be embarassed and nobody has to know the reason. Use KY jelly or Vaseline and please test the string before you insert them up Ur bum you want to be able to remove it!

I recommend Kotex U. Don't be embarrassed in buying these, just pretend you're buying them for your sister or wife or girlfriend.

Karen C. from Cali

Victoria B.

Would you...?


I was confronted by an interesting situation after my morning class today. An important phone call was anticipated in a window of about thirty minutes after my class. I went home and as I was walking, I was hit with that familiar knock on my back door. I needed to poop and to do it soon. This presented me with two options: 1) hold it until the call is over or 2) drop trou, take a seat, and hope for a quiet number two (and, even better, to finish before getting the call). Which would you have done?
I opted for number 2 (all puns intended). I tried holding it for as long as I could before I admitted defeat and headed to the bathroom. The seat was down and I was getting undressed and ready to go when... My phone rang. It was the expected call and here I was taking it in my undies (purple boyshorts with pink polka dots). Clenching like grim death, I held on until the call was over. Upon hanging up I tore my panties down and threw my butt on the bowl as fast as I could get it there!

Love, Victoria

Monday, February 13, 2017

Me and my cousin wanted to watch movie after we left home but then we felt hungry and I treated her for lunch. After we had finished, we started walking around the book store for a while. Embarrassingly, both of our stomach started to ache. My cousin kept clenching her stomach while walking while I sat down rubbing it and when we both can't take it,we rush to the toilet even if the toilet is long que. My ???? was gurgling and I accidentally shit my underwear without anyone noticing and i spend 15 minutes in there shitting. I pity my cousin that she didn't have the chance to poop because of me since its movie time but I enjoy watching her rubbing her ???? during the entire cinema.

I've been lurking on this site for a long time and have finally decided to write about my experiences. To give you a brief description of myself I'm British a male bodied non binary person. My first story is about the first time I used a woman's bathroom is from about seven months ago. I hope you enjoy it.

I was in the shopping center and felt the need to pee and poo. Going into a shop where I knew the loo's were in a secluded place and normally not busy I got to them and it was weird not enter the left hand side for the men's. Without thinking about twice about it I pushed open the right hand side door and went into the women's loo ready to say "oh sorry wrong one" to anybody at the sinks but luckily there was no one in there, either by the sinks or in the cubicle's. Even though I wasn't taking the time to look around the amount of cubicle's it was strange to see a lot more of them; four opposite the door, four or five on the left hand side wall and perhaps four on the right; as I said I wasn't concentrating on anything apart from getting into one which was the fourth one along opposite the door. After looking the door I hanged my bag up, undid my pink shorts and pushed them and my grey pants down to my knees and sat down on the loo. Even though my need to pee was greater than my need to poo I couldn't start my pee stream possibly because I was nervous. So what I did was start to push and two turds slid out and loudly splashed into the water, then my pee started and lasted about thirty seconds. After it finished I heard the door open and someone enter and go into the cubical two up from me. At this point I decided that this would be a good opportunity to leave before she finished so I quickly pulled off some paper and clumsily wiped my bum. As I heard the ruffle of clothes I stood up, reached behind and dropped the paper into the bowl and pulled the flush lever. While I was pulling my pants and shorts up I heard two loose poo's hit the water in quick succession and then pee hitting the toilet edge. I lifted my bag from the hook and upon unlocking the door quickly left the bathroom (yes I know I should have washed my hands but I wanted to get out as soon as possible) while thinking "I did it, I did it".

Victoria B.

Steve A's survey


Not much new, so I thought I'd just do Steve A's survey. Here are my answers!

1. TP or wet wipes?
Toilet paper in both public and private bathrooms. I'm a Cottonelle girl.

2. TP Roll forwards or backwards?
Always forwards. I will never understand the backwards rollers.

3. Automatic flush or handle?
No strong preference, as long as what I've done/wiped with gets flushed.

4. Soap or hand sanitizer?

5. Fan or air freshener? Window in the bathroom?
The fan in my bathroom automatically turns on with the light and there is also a window. I don't see the need for air freshener; the bathroom is a room for pooping and we should accept that our bodily functions don't always smell the best.

6. Reading on the toilet or just sitting there?
I prefer to just sit. My time on the toilet is for rest, replenishing, and doing what my body needs.

7. Plunger or snake if there's a clog?
I have a custom pink plunger that was a birthday gift from a close friend (long story) and it has faithfully dispatched my worst for over two years now.

Hope this helps!
Love, Victoria

Ally H

Little Brother

Today was a very stressful day. I lost my history binder forgot all of my homework. And my history teacher isnt the nicest guy. Today my brothergot released early because it was going to snow. So I picked him up and I had to go back to school to pick my homework up. And my brother doesnt like using the school bathroom because their dirty and disgusting. So we walked to the 4th floor and my brother said that he needed to poop. So we walked to some bathroom in the back of the school that most peolpe dont know about. We both walked in and we went to the big stall at the end and he took off everything execept for his shoes amd socks. I asked him what he was doing and he got up on his toes and he asked me to spread his cheeks and i was like, hell no! But I was going to help him out because hes my little bro. So I walked over squatted down and spread his squishy cheeks apart. A big windy turd started coming out of him and it plopped in. He started saying ow and then his hole spread about 4 inches apart and a big 2 foot turd came out of him. He wiped put everything back on and left and we went home. Thank You for listening!

Amy, why couldn't you just ask your boyfriend to let you in and use the toilet for your massive poop?


Sheena's problems

My new friend Sheena continues to have problems going to the bathroom when she's away from home. Her family moved to our city last semester and she has struggled to use the bathrooms at our school. She's very self-conscious and our school is bigger than where she came from. The bathrooms get crowded fast, not all the cubicles have a privacy door, some of the girls are outright mean and will cut in front of her when a toilet opens, she's shared that she's upset while shes seated and reads some of the offensive graffiti on the wall, panels and sometimes carved into the doors. Then there's the teachers who won't let students have a pass to the bathroom, and if they do, the big issue some of the teachers make of it, and how that causes some of the immature boys to act up in class with gestures about big dumps and crude remarks about us having our periods, etc. The teachers know something has been said, when there's a burst of laughter, but they don't actually hear and comprehend it.

On Monday both Sheena and I were in the bathroom like 15 minutes before the bell. The bathroom was completely jam-packed. I think the marching band kids beat us in there from their practice. A cubicle opened, and I quickly called her over to take it. She was so grateful and I saw her white underwear fall to mid-leg level. I knew she had to both pee and crap. It is the crapping that's the hardest for her to do away from home. Her craps are big and unlike me she's not usually able to do both in a single sitting. She texted me that she was almost done with her pee but was giving up on the crap even though she was well constipated. I told her to continue to sit and that I would take another toilet, but the door opened. It wasn't even 8 in the morning yet and the toilet was jammed with what looked like the craps of at least two others. I learned a few years earlier not to flush in such a situation because if the toilet overflows, I've lost my opportunity to pee. Also, when you walk out of a toilet overflowing into a crowded room, the situation is blamed on you. I quickly dropped my jeans and underwear and took the well-warm seat. Just as I was finishing the last trickles of my pee, the one-minute bell rang. I quickly hiked up my clothing and literally ran to the crowd to Geography.

As I expected, right after our reading period began, Sheena went to our substitute for a pass. The teacher said something to her that made two boys right behind her laugh. Then she turned around and with her yellow pass walked fast out of the room. About a minute later she texted me about the immature joke one of the boys had made. I knew she was probably sitting and crying about it. Our sub was also critical of her having to go so close to the beginning of class. And she said one of the boys in the back of the room tried to trip her and pinched his nose as she walked by. About 10 minutes later I texted her that the lecture was about to start. She said he had only dropped four small balls. I replied that she could probably do better later. She came back within a minute or two. In front of the class, our sub told Sheena to see her after class. Then after class she was told that she was gone to long and was getting a detention slip.

Sheena and I met up after we had some help from teachers after school. She told me she had to crap bad, had sat down twice in two different class periods, but got frustrated and just went back to class. She had just tried to get into the bathroom in the wing of the building our lockers are in, but it was already locked. Probably due to vandalism and some smokers. So we stopped at a gas station for Cokes. While we were sitting there drinking them, I told Sheena she should probably try to go again. I went in with her for moral support. The toilet was a lot smaller than the ones at school. The seat was white instead of black. On the wall in front of the toilet there was a big poster about a new type of credit card. Sheena took a couple of more swigs of her Coke, spread her legs a little wider while grabbing her knees as she pushed harder.
It came out surprisingly easier that expected. Somewhat soft, but formed. But as least as wide as her arm. I agreed with her that it wouldn't clear the drain. She used all the remaining toilet paper to wipe. I pulled the trash can over to her. Why contribute to even a bigger clog. Then we finished our drinks as we walked to her house.

Brandon T

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To: Annie great story.

To: Amy first welcome to the site and great story about your massive poop and I look forward to anymore you have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Toilet training my sun continued

Hi Canada Pooper and all,
your post remembered me, that I didn't post an update about my soen's toilet training so far. He has cerebral pareses and finding a suitable toilet seat kept us under pressure for a long time. finally he is only using a diaper during the night. Often that diaper is dry in the morning.

It is very good that you write about your permission to poop and having positive feelings about that. To be onest I think that being unable to use a toilet on my own would make me quite sad. I mean it is a very private thing and needing someone else to help with pee and poop feels voulnerable. If you and other wheel-chair-users have stories about that, I would be interested in such experiences.

Back to my soen. We found a product called Happy Pi (no typo this time really pi and not pee). It is a kind of pipe one can lock at the top end and it can be expanded or compressed to be carried in a bag. so peeing was quite easy for him - he only had to keep standing with our support or holding on a table and we put his willi in theat pipe. That convinced him that this is nicer than peeing in a diaper. For pooping we have a special toilet seat that one can mount on-the-fly on a regular toilet - lift the seat and mount it. so he can have his BM on a normal toilet and he realy enjoys stinking up the bath. Peeing on t that seat is no real solution since he sits quite leaned back and would water the floor in front of the toilet.

BTW any stories from people (especially women) on squat toilets would be very interesting too.


Intro / to Holly

Hello toiletstool. I've read this site for a while but never posted, never knew what to post since I never can think of any good stories to share. My name's Quinn, I'm a 24-year-old college graduate. I've always been fairly open about bathroom habits, for example, at home I've often gone to the bathroom with the door open (whether #1 or #2) and I've never minded talking about them with friends or family if it came up. Anyway, if I think of something good to share, I will.

Holly: My little brother Will is 8 years younger than me, so I know what you mean about going with them to the bathroom. Because of the age difference I often took care of him and when he was younger I'd go into the bathroom with him all the time when we were out somewhere. Maybe a little different since we're both guys, but even if it was a single-person bathroom I'd come in (he'd want me to, a couple times I said he could go by himself, but he didn't want to, that wasn't until he got older). And yes, sometimes that meant coming into the stall with him when he was pretty little. I think that's normal for siblings, really. Parents do it with their kids and I kinda felt like one sometimes, being so much older than him. Hope that answers your question.


Waffles with a side of chocolate milk

I was really not thinking straight Tonight. I literally had this for dinner, and I didn't go well. About 30 minutes later, I had this massive stomach cramp and I rushed to the bathroom. I made a couple of loud farts and it came out. It was a type 5 stool; it was basically liquid. Took only a couple of wipes;took a 2 bismols and got back on the computer.

Been feeling good ever since.

Today I woke up with a bit of a hangover and decided to head to the gym right away to make up for my partying last night. I ran on the treadmill until I was all sweaty and exhausted. But when I stepped off, I also needed the bathroom and I needed to do both things. I skipped the locker room and headed right towards the toilets. A black girl went in right in front of me. She took the first stall and I went into the last one.

I locked the door and quickly checked the stall. There was lots of paper and the toilet looked super clean. The whole room smelt nice and fresh, probably cause it was so early in the morning. Anyway, I pulled down my black yoga pants and black string and plopped my sweaty bum on the seat. I peed and while I did, I farted. It was pretty quiet though and also my pee was going into the toilet nosily so my neighbour didn't hear it, for sure. She had peed as well and then she let out short but pretty loud fart. I figured that maybe she needed a number two as well, but only a few moments later she started to work the toilet roll. I decided to hold my poo until she was done, for some extra privacy. Luckily she was really quick wiping and then washing her hands. After she left, I scooched forward on the seat a little and then leaned forward and put my arms on my thighs. I push a little, did a short toot and then my first turd started to crackle out. Oh my goodness, it was so big! It totally stretched my little hole and I couldn't help letting out a big moan and then a huge sigh of relief as it splashed into the toilet. It would have been so embarrassing had the black girl still been there! I followed the log up with a wet, sputtering fart and then another poop came out. It was a bit smaller but still pretty big! This one came out without much noise, cause I think it just curled up on my other big turd that had already filled up the toilet. During the next five minutes I ended up pushing out three more poops after that one and I did a few more small farts, too. All the while I was hoping nobody would come in as I was massively bombing the toilet. Finally I was done and I felt so relieved! I pulled off some paper and wiped my front. I only used one sheet for that, but I needed a ton for my behind. I didn't only have a poopy hole, but lots had gotten on my bumcheeks as well, yuck! When I felt clean I stood up, snapped my thong back into place and pulled up my yoga pants. I flushed and was so happy to see all the poo and dirty tp go down. Then I quickly washed my hands and left to have a nice shower!

I always get a little excited when I have to poo in a public toilet and then end up having tons of privacy. Especially when it is a big one like today. I felt like a really lucky girl this morning!

I hope you all liked my story. Btw, Taylor I love reading your posts!


If they came out with a "magic pill", would you take it?

Lets say they came out with a "magic pill" that made it so you NEVER again had to poop if you took it..

Lets also say, that this pill not only made it so you never again needed to poop, but that also, you would have no ill effects from not pooping if you did take it.....

If this happened, would you take this pill and enjoy never again needing to have another bowel movement, or would you just continue to enjoy pooping as you always have?

Anatomy Student

Re Holly

I'm a 23 year old male and my brother is 6 years younger than me. On occasion he will open the door while I'm pooping and talk to me, but he locks the door every time he goes. I'm the one with the weird fascination with bowel movements but he's the one that comes in and bothers me. Neither of our parents close the door and that bothers me. I'm a little OCD and hate doors left open though. I don't mind sharing a bathroom with friends or a significant other though.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


My first time going on my own

Some of the recent posts have made me want to talk about one of my youngest memories, and still one of my fondest. The time I used a public bathroom by myself. I don't know why I still remember this, it must be a big part of my childhood.

I was around six at the time and we were at some big event, a relatives wedding I think. I can remember saying I needed the bathroom and when my mother took me I wanted to use a stall all by myself, before then she was come in with me. She agreed but stood outside the stall door.

I can remember how happy and proud I was when I started peeing. Being a big girl and using a big toilet all by myself, and I didn't struggle at all. I quite enjoyed the privacy too.

My favourite part of the memory though is remembering the huge praise I got when my mother heard a splash from me, I was pooping. I remember her telling me how much of a good girl I was and how well I was doing.

I know it's not much, but I wanted to share


Accidentally farted in class today

I have an embarrassing experience today. At school I had a big lunch with colas. It was delicious but made my stomach kinda uncomfortable. The next class after lunch is History. The teacher has us to sit in a circle at the floor. While she's teaching I feel the discomfort in my stomach increasing. I try to move to a more comfortable position but while doing so I accidentally break wind. It goes for about five seconds and sounds like pffffrrrrtttttt. Worst of all, it also smells pretty bad.

I get so embarrassed. The other kids burst out laughing and begin to tease me. Then the teacher tells them to be quiet, and that it is natural and healthy to fart. I think my face is red from embarrassment. I spend the rest of my class dealing with the embarrassment and trying to comfort my stomach.

Finally the class ends. I want to get home immediately after that experience. While I'm getting my stuffs from my locker a girl from my class looked at me and snickered. I just turn away but I actually feel embarrassed again.

After I get home I immediately go to the bathroom. After I sit I let out some gas, my stomach feels kinda better but I also have to empty my bowels. Without pushing a long turd slithers slowly from my anus. After the tip comes out I let out some wind. I'm still not feeling empty so I pushed for a bit. I managed to muster up a lot of small poops with rapid farts in between. Finally I feel another long log coming out. I feel relieved and start to wipe. It only takes about four wipes to clean my anus. I look to the bowl before flushing, there are a pile of soft poops with a log coiling on top of it. I flushed it all.

I take a shower after that. While showering I remember the incident at the class and go red again. Does anybody else have an embarrassing experience like mine?

Hi all. It's been a while since I last posted, but I have a bit of time today so I thought I'd share a few stories.

Abbie - Good to hear you're going for a poo more frequently. I think it's smart you're making time to at least sit on the loo every day. I remember when I was trying to retrain myself, to try and not be as constipated, sitting on the loo every day for at least 15-20 minutes was a key to my success. Hope you're able to continue pooing regularly.

Last Tuesday, it rained heavily overnight and then it got cold out, so the rain froze and the roads were very icy in the morning. My uni cancelled all classes for people's safety. So, I slept in a little later than I normally would, and when I woke up I was absolutely bursting for a wee. I rushed to the toilet, and thankfully Emma was just coming out. I know nobody's poo ever smells good, but the stink she had left behind was incredibly foul! I had to hold my breath and do my wee as quick as I could. I waited to wash my hands in the kitchen so I could leave sooner. The smell was so bad and so long lasting that I could still smell it a little bit several hours later when I went for a poo.

At the weekend, Jade had her boyfriend round our place, and that led to an awkward encounter. I had been out and started to need a wee on my way home, so I headed straight to the toilet. I sat down and began a fierce wee, then I started to wipe. Apparently, in my hurry, I hadn't fully closed the toilet door, as it swung open and there was Jade's boyfriend. I was in the middle of wiping, so he I'm sure saw, uh, "everything."

I was so embarrassed, but I could tell he was too. He just said "Oh shit!" and quickly apologised and shut the door. I finished wiping, washed my hands, and composed myself. He apologised again, and I told him it was okay, and it was my fault for not closing the door. He went in and, unlike me, he remembered to close the door. Although it was very embarrassing to be seen mid-wipe like that, I was glad I'd only been in need of a wee that time.

Let's see, one last story... oh, I know. A few weeks ago, it was my birthday and I ate way too much. I had a bad stomach ache for most of the next day. Despite feeling like I wanted a poo several times, and going and sitting on the loo for a while each time, I wasn't able to do a poo. But then, the day after that, I pooed a tonne. I pooed four separate times over the day.

I got the urge to poo the first time shortly after waking up, which is unusual for me, although I find it happens most often when I miss a day of pooing. I pooed about the same amount I normally do. Then when I got to uni, I had to go again. Luckily for me, I always get there early before my first lecture starts, so I had plenty of time to go poo. The toilet block is are almost always empty that time of morning, so I had no trouble getting a cubicle. A big pile of soft poo came out of me very quickly. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands, and found I'd only been gone about six minutes. That was a very fast poo for me.

When I got home and had eaten some lunch, I felt the need to poo again. I couldn't believe it. Pooing twice in one day was already so far outside my norm, although I knew I had eaten a lot and I hadn't pooed the day before, so to poo three times was crazy. That time my poo took a long time coming out. It was a lot of long pieces that all came out very slowly.

Finally, the fourth and last time I had to poo was in the evening. I gave a bit of pressure to see if I just had to fart. I didn't. I definitely needed to poo yet again! I started pooing and weeing immediately after sitting down. I weed for a long time. My poo came out as two very long and thick pieces. I rarely look at my poo, but it felt like I'd done a lot when it was coming out and I was curious to see how much I'd done. I looked between my legs and saw I'd filled the bowl. I then wiped myself. It was a messy one and I had to wiped a lot. I flushed and waited to make sure everything went down okay - it did, thankfully.

So, yeah, those are my stories. Hope you enjoyed them. Bye for now!

Canada pooper

permission to poop myself

i remember when i was about 13 i wasn't feeling well at all so stayed home from school one day at about 11 am mom woke me up and lifted me into my wheelchair in case anyone wants to know i was wearing grey briefs a tshirt and some white socks I was playing the computer as I normally did when I was struck by this massive stomach cramp i got so desperate i called mom who said she would try and come back as quickly as possible but if i had to go bad to just go so i decided i just could not wait and lifted up my butt and relaxed as soft but explosive poop filled my underwear i most have had a attack every 10 minutes for about a hour surprisingly the underwear held in the poop well it didn't smell bad it was like a sickly sweet smell after the diarrhea attacked ended one hard poop waned out (i guess i was finally empty) when i pushed the last poop out i also preed hard which made a big puddle in the seat of my chair dripping down my legs soaking my socks i have to admit i liked having full and wet pants when mom did come home she helped me clean up and put me in diapers she had bought which i ended up using for the following four days
i'm still interested in other folks purposely going in their pants / diapers from childhood please share
i really don't know if anyone likes reading my experiences but nice to have a safe place to share this type of topic

good night everyone

End Stall Em

Parents as bathroom chaperons

Growing up, my mom and dad were night and day different in chaperoning me when we were away from home. In public places when Dad and I were out together, he was insistent on two things: 1) he took me into the guys' bathrooms until I was probably about 8. At pro baseball games, he'd drag me at his side into these huge and really gross bathrooms. On one side of these rooms, guy after guy standing at these huge urinals on the right hand side with their hand on their rod. Some shaking it quite a bit that one of my friends had a really gross description of can't be printed here. To the left, were toilets, many of which had guys sitting down doing Number 2s. The doors were taken off many of the stalls, but the guys sitting with their underwear the floor seemed confident in what they were doing. A couple even winked at me as Dad pushed me along. Finally, a door would open, a guy would come out, and Dad would shove me in. Once I almost tripped onto the toilet as he quickly closed and latched the door. Sometimes he would swear if the bowl was unflushed and jammed. I remember times when I was bursting to pee, sometimes crying, and Dad would make me stand still, while he reached for toilet paper, wiped the seat down, and then laid a layer of it across both sides of the seat for me to sit on. Having to do that really frustrated me then and is probably why as soon as I was allowed to go in my own, to this day I see nothing wrong with sitting butt down on a public seat. 2) And if Dad thought we were missing too much of a game or sometimes a movie, he would just pull me out. He wouldn't worry about flushing, washing hands, and stuff like that. 3) One of the things that I noticed and tried to process in my 5 or 6 year old mind was that when Dad had to crap and use the toilet stall next to me, he would just plop his butt onto the seat and start splashing away. I remember asking Mom about that once and she used a bunch of big words for it that I didn't understand.

Then when I would be out with Mom, she was much more mellow. She let me select my own toilet, go in and do my own thing. I remember a couple of times when I would take a crap, then look at the toilet paper roll with nothing on it, and then have to try and figure out how close Mom was to me. So I would look under the partition at the feet and clothing that was visible. Once at an Interstate Highway rest stop Mom knocked on my door, asked how I was doing and when I said there was no toilet paper, she started to laugh when the lady sitting to my left instantly tore some off for me and held her hand under the partition to give it to me. She was so sympathetic, started a conversation about where we were traveling to, and my Mom and her talked about some college they had both attended in Chicago. I flush most of the time unless I'm upset and I wash my hands pretty well. Using such a wide variety of faucets and sinks did fascinate me as a young child. When Mom would sit longer and I was done washing my hands, I remember loving to use the big mirrors. Mom would say something about how impossible it was for me to have become more beautiful since last time and that her Emily would be breaking a lot of hearts in a few years. I know I liked that reassurance.

Annie (Anny)

Good poop after lunch

Hi everyone. I just came back from the bathroom after having a good poop. This is about an hour after lunch, with 2 cups of black coffee and 2 glasses of water. All this stimulated my bowels and I needed a poop a few minutes ago. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my leggings, yoga pants and underwear and sat on the toilet and relaxed. I let out my pee first then immediately afterwards gave a gentle push and my poop came out no problem. I was finished within 2 minutes. I got some toilet paper and wiped well to avoid skidmarks in my underwear. Finally, I stood up, pulled up my pants and underwear and gave the toilet a flush. The poop was medium or large sized, and my stomach feels better afterwards.

Happy pooping everyone!


I saw the link to this site when I was looking for something else and followed it up out of curiosity. It was quite a surprise to find something like this on the internet. Anyway, my curiosity made me read some - quite a few - of the posts. It seems only fair to write something in return.

I have never really given much thought to these bodily functions. I seem to be pretty normal and regular. If anything, I tend a bit towards constipation rather than the opposite, but not often.

As a young girl and growing up I don't recall any particular problems.However, as an adult I have had one poo accident and several weeing ones. I guess that having found this site I will continue reading from time to time.


Amazing bowel movement

I just need to write a short note here. This morning I had an absolutely amazing bowel movement. I was feeling a bit full already yesterday evening. I had very health meals with beans and cauliflower, etc. I woke up before anyone else, and after having a quick but relaxed breakfast with some yogurt and musli I figured it was time to try to go to the bathroom. I removed my pants and briefs and sat. Nothing. I sat for a while longer and farted some after a while. Without pushing I could feel a heavy mass moving downwards. My hole slowly opened up and it felt very good. First a rock hard piece broke off, the mass kept moving, slowly but surely. After what felt like an eternity it slid down with a satisfying splash sound. Looking behind me I had produced a huge firm log. What a day to remember.


Dear Abby C

Thank you for interesting story. I thought, that girl in loo opposite from you, she had big problem! In Japan sometimes people squat on loo even they can sit down, they say motion come out more easy and it is true probably. But of course there is danger that turd land on loo seat. And it is disgusting I think too, but more I think, that girl was really in a trouble! I was so happy that teacher or aid (is that mean someone who help people in loo??) was there and ask if she OK and help her to do motion, it was difficult motion maybe. Perhaps she had a trouble for many days. Or perhaps she is mental problem. So I feel sorry for her. And I feel grateful to teacher. On this site many mean teachers, they don't allow that student with stomachache go to loo, but that teacher is nice teacher.

I also have experience of poo keep on and on coming out. Sometimes comfortable and sometimes painful. Depends on many things.

I always love story where a person help another person who is in a trouble. There are many stories like that on this site. So it is lovely site!!



Soccer Game

I play in goals for the school team. Last year we were playing an away match and in the second half I was bursting for a poop. I didn't want to come off as we didn't have a sub goalie. Once when we were attacking there was no one in our half. I went behind the goal line and squatted down. I pulled my shorts to one side and did a quick poop right there. No one saw me.



I am a 24 year old female who enjoys taking a massive dump. Just recently I had been holding in a poop for about 3-4 days because I had family in town. We ate out a lot and I was just so busy that I ignored the urge for days. On the 4th day I woke with some stomach pain but nothing major. Mostly just a full feeling so I started to massage below my belly button to get things moving. When I finally felt that increasing pressure on my anus I headed for the bathroom. Unfortunately my boyfriend was in there getting ready for work. I waited about 20 min but the urge became unbearable and I needed to let this monster out asap. So I grabbed some paper towels and headed downstairs for privacy. I laid the towels out quickly, squatted down and began to push. I pushed and pushed for about 5 min but every time I would stop to catch my breath, my poop would suck back in. I struggled for so long and got so tired I had to lay on my back and start making circles around my anus to stimulate movement. This took about 10 min but I finally felt a shift and this massive log started poking out. I grunted so loud and kept bearing down to feel this coke can size log slowly inch out of my domed anus. It eventually hit too much carpet resistance and I had to hover my butt over the floor a bit to make room. That log broke off and down came 4 more soft and huge logs I could squeeze out quite quickly. I laid there in heaven for several minutes just basking in relief and a tingly bum.


What comes in will come out

Hello everyone, just a story to share with you all. Lately my team production has been so amazing that they able work half days for 8hr day work , I never mind people working overtime but I rather people enjoy time outside of work , so I don't give it anymore. I remember when my dad was living, sometimes when we were at the old location with all that construction going on and being his vp at the time, that one of the day there. I just coming back from lunch and my stomach was really hurting, so I went out at the bathroom and went to the bathroom get there and couple of the fellas was already there dropping there poops and they like sorry boss we get back to work I said no biggie we all go right, I pulled down my stockings to my ankles and pulled my panties there too and lifted up my skirt some trying not expose my goodies , and sat on the seat, and I began to fart some and poop some while the fellas was stun I them hey don't we all go some point they said yes but shocked you here so freely with us, but that day changed a lot in me, regardless one maybe in the work field we all need to feed off one another and I got to learn that day pooping at that time of the day and the two fellas now are my elite core even when my dad passing when I wasn't ready they stuck it out with me, well that's all for now


Made A Mess of the Hotel Bathroom

Hey everybody! Long time lurker! I've been off and on the site for YEARS now, but finally I decided to start sharing some of my greatest stories. Why now, you ask? Because I just had the greatest feeling in my hotel room bathroom. I've never felt so free. Haha!

To start, I'm male, 27, athletic and I have ALWAYS had a fascination with pooping and peeing in places you shouldn't be pooping and peeing. I've often watched girlfriends and girl-friends, and sometimes I've even pooped/peed with them. It all started when I was maybe 8-10, with a girl we'll call Andrea. We had a spot near my house where the bushes parted enough for us to sneak into the middle, which we had hollowed out like a fort with a small hole in the middle we dubbed "the bathroom"...But more on that later (if you're interested, let me know.)

The story that happened tonight:
Background - I often don't stay in hotel rooms by myself. When I'm traveling, I'm trying to travel cheap so I'm either sharing with friends, parents or significant others, so I don't really get to poop with the door open, pee in the tiny trashcan (don't knock it till you've tried it), ...etc.

Tonight, I had a room to myself. And since I knew it, I held my poop all day not knowing fully yet how I'd choose to release it. After all, an empty hotel room and a tile-floored bathroom has endless possibilities. When I got back to the room. I undressed and decided, since the bathtub was in front of the toilet I would stand straddling the toilet, facing the tub.

I pulled my cheeks apart as to make less of a mess and started pushing white I stood. Slowly the turd emerged. Hard at first, lots of little pebbles and then it was followed by a steady stream of softer logs. Each of them making a loud splashing noise as they splashed into the bowl. All the while I had yet to pee, and during the last few pushes, I started peeing hoping to make a constant flow that landed in the bathtub. It all started out well-and-good. I was still slowly dropping soft logs and my pee stream was hitting the tub basin.But as I squatted lower to push the last few small lumps out I started peeing all of the side of the tub and onto the tile floor. I quickly stopped. Pinched off what had been slowly moving out of my b***hole. I thought, "oh no! I'll have to clean all this up." What was I thinking? I could throw a hotel towel on it, let it soak and wash it in the tub later before the cleaning ladies came to get it. So I did. I let it all go. Started pooping again immediately and letting the best, most freeing stream of pee out all over the bathroom floor. Once I had finished, I inspected what I had done and wiped up the pee with a towel, washed it and hung it to dry. It felt absolutely amazing! Hope you enjoyed the story! Maybe I'll do more in the future!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Hi Abbie

That's actually quite ingenious! We used to have a choice of skirts or trousers, I mainly wore skirts. I've had so many close calls over the years. Have you ever had a full on accident?

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Bathroom Chaperoning

Because my parents worked long hours, it fell upon me to provide care for my younger brother. Joshua is 8 years younger than me so when I was about 12 or 13 I had to deal with bathroom issues when he and I were out. My parents gave us money for activities, but the chaperoning gig was hard for me at first. First, Joshua would almost never have to go to the bathroom at home before we left. But once we got to the bus stop, transfer point, or a place like a carnival or fair he had an immediate need. Luckily I was old enough and big enough physically to put him on my shoulders. I could carry him faster than he could walk. I remember several outdoor events where I tossed him onto the toilet seat and yanked his shorts down just in time for him to crap his brains out. And especially when he was younger like 4 or 5, I would lift the toilet seat just in time so he didn't wet himself. Unfortunately, he didn't have the best aim and I often had to steady him because his pee could be so unsteady that I can remember a few times where I would see the legs of the person in the stall next to ours move her legs when some of the splashes came her way. And when crapping, at about age 5 or 6, Joshua would be sacred to seat himself back far enough, so if he had to push harder, he would end up jumping down to floor level. That would cause crap smudges to be left on front of the oval public seat. I don't know how many times I had to lecture him and physically show him how to take his time to more efficiently wipe himself. Things got better by 2nd and 3rd grade after he was weened off going into the ladies room with me. Even then, I think it was when he was starting 3rd grade I let him go into the boys room for the first time on his own. He was in such a hurry because of the crowded bathroom, that he forgot to check the seat. You got it! He ended up seating himself into the bowl. Joshua will turn 30 later this year and he's grown into quite a brother and successful person. But it wasn't always that way.


Steve A's survey

1. TP or wet wipes?

TP, but I usually poo right before a shower to save paper.

2. TP Roll forwards or backwards?


3. Automatic flush or handle?

Handle. I usually get it with my elbow behind me while I'm still sitting on the toilet.

4. Soap or hand sanitizer?


5. Fan or air freshener? Window in the bathroom?

There's a window in my bathroom. I feel like using air freshener or a fan just advertises to all present company that I've just pooed. I will usually just keep sitting there after I flush until the smell dissipates. I never take more than 3 minutes to poo and the smell goes away soon after.

6. Reading on the toilet or just sitting there?

I'm on my phone when on the toilet, whether peeing or pooing. If I have to really push, I'll set the phone aside for a minute.

7. Use a plunger or a toilet snake to unclog the toilet?

This happens to me a lot...I'm quite adept with the accordion plunger.


What comes in will come out

Happy weekend to all, I wish to share a quick story. Yesterday getting home from work was so good very proud of my team so everyone was sent home early paid full 8hrs of the shift. So on my way home I was feeling my stomach gripping up, I hurried put the code in the gate and drove in the driveway. I get out clenching my butt with my hands. I get inside hurry deactivate the alarm, kicks off my high heels and speed walking to the bathroom, get there take off all my bottom half clothes and hurry sits on the toilet, not soon afterwards I must drop 8 logs and few fat ones but one thing for sure I felt a lot better later on that night I had pooped a lot more then earlier. My stomach hurts now so I talk you guys later, I have to go poop poop now.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great story.

To: Kung Poo it sounds like Judys poop started off tough but ended up easier at the end.

To: Bianca great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Laughing too hard

My name is Vicky. I'm 23, short, blond. Whatever. Yesterday I met my best friend Des for lunch at a fast food place. We had a great time as usual and at the end were just talking and on our phones. Des pulled up this one video that was hilarious. We were both laughing so hard. Suddenly I felt some pee come out and squealed, "I think I peed a little!" Des squealed too and said, "Me, too!" We laughed a little more and both got up and ran to the bathroom. There were two stalls and luckily both were empty so we each took one of them. We both sat and peed the rest into the toilets like grown ups haha. I looked down and the crotch of my panties was pretty wet and there was a small wet spot on the crotch of my jeans about the size of a quarter . I wiped everything off with some toilet paper as best I could. Des asked, "So did you really pee a little?" I said, "Yep, but not too much." She laughed and said, "Me, too. Thank god im wearing black leggings today!" I said, "lucky! You can see a little on my jeans." She laughed and said, "oh no! How bad is it?" I said, "not much." We exited our stalls to wash our hands and checked each other to make sure no wetness was visible. Her black leggings hid the evidence perfectly so you couldn't tell at all. She said the small wet part on my crotch was only visible if I leaned backwards and spread my legs were bent all the way forward. Luckily I had a light sweater because of the cold weather so I wrapped it around my waist just in case. So that is how my best friend and I both Peed our pants a little at the age of 23 in a fast food restaurant because we laughed too hard. I wish I could say it was the first time ha ha



Latest update

Hi everyone, I'm back from uni this weekend so thought I'd do a quick post.
Imogen- I enjoyed your latest story but sorry to hear there was no loo roll, its always pretty gross if you can't wipe your bum after you've had a poo. When I was at school I had the same thing happen to me a few times, but because I always wore a skirt I could pull my pants up so they were just below my bum and then nip into another cubicle to find some toilet paper. I guess that's one of the other advantages of wearing a skirt, because if anyone saw me they didn't have a clue that I had my pants round my thighs!! I'm glad you managed to get the mark out of your pants, I must admit I sometimes get skidmarks too and all my pants are white or pale pastel coloured so they do show up the marks quite badly, but to be honest I think that's better than having dark coloured underwear because its harder to tell whether the marks have come out or not! The main reason I get skidmarks is because if I keep my poo in for too long sometimes the tip of a log will start to poke out of my bum and make my pants dirty even if I'm trying really hard to stop it. At school it was really difficult, as I've said before there just wasn't enough time for me have a poo at morning break, which annoyingly was when I was usually starting to want one, so quite often I'd be on the loo having a wee and could feel the urge for a poo building but knew I wouldn't be able to go back until lunchtime, which was 2 hours away! Quite often by the time I got to lunch break I'd be desperate to have a poo and when I was queuing for a cubicle a log would start to poke out into my pants. I'm rather embarrassed to admit that after I'd been for a wee at breaktime I would only pull my pants up part way, so if a log did start to come out I would be less likely to get skidmarks, if I pulled my pants up properly they would pretty much always get stuck up my bum and then the skidmarks would be even worse!!
Anyway, since making sure to go to and sit on the loo every day mid to late morning I'm not as constipated as I was before Christmas, which is a great relief. I've been managing to stick to the same routine at uni by going to the loo between lectures, a couple of times when I've gone for a poo I've been a bit late to my next lecture but theres so many people in my lectures no-one really notices if somebody comes in late. On average I've been having a poo every other day, which is a massive improvement from before where I would often go 3 or even 4 days between poos. Although I still usually start with a pretty fat log and have to push quite a lot the log isn't too hard and dry, and even better its not getting stuck half way out! I still sometimes get that really annoying thing where the poo starts getting sucked back up my bum when I stop pushing, but its not happening as much as before Christmas when practically every time I had a poo I got that problem!
I'll finish with a quick story which will hopefully show that things are going better. After my lecture on Friday morning I had a break and I was already starting to want a poo pretty urgently, so I went to the ladies. At that time in the morning the loos were really busy, I had to join a queue that moved forward really slowly, so I clearly wasn't the only one needing a poo!! As I was waiting I got some cramps in my belly and could feel a log intent on pushing its way through my clenched bum, I'd been worried about this happening as I hadn't been for a poo since Wednesday, so when I got dressed that morning I made sure I only pulled my pants part way up so they didn't get stuck up my bum and end up getting marks in them if my poo poked out. I was starting to lose the battle with my log, there was only one other girl in front of me in the queue but I could feel it starting to poke out as I'd feared, even though my pants were half way down my bum they'd end up getting dirty if I couldn't get on a loo pretty soon! After what seemed like forever I finally got a cubicle, I quickly pulled down my leggings and pants and crashed onto the seat, I couldn't help moaning as I felt the poo starting to ease out slowly, it felt so good just being able to relax and let it come! I looked down at my pink and yellow stripey pants and luckily they were still clean. I started to bear down as I could feel the log getting fatter, but it was still smooth so it kept coming slowly as I pushed. Now I'm not as constipated and I don't have to push so hard I've also stopped grunting, which is much better when I'm having a poo in a public toilet. I do still hold my breath when I push though so I sometimes pant a bit after I've done a harder push. After a couple of minutes of pushing I could feel the log moving faster, and it finally slithered out of my bum and splashed into the bowl. I could hear farts and plops coming from the girls either side of me so I was far from the only one having a poo! I could feel another log starting to come out, this one was smaller so it only needed a few gentle pushes before it too plopped into the bowl. I felt empty but stayed sitting a few seconds longer as I needed a wee as well, once I was done I wiped my front and my bottom and pulled my pants and leggings back up, now I'd had a poo I pulled my pants up properly so my bum was covered!! I flushed, went out of my cubicle and washed my hands. I hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Sunday, February 05, 2017


Work today

At work today I needed to use the facilities and as my break started I went into the mens. As I was walking down the corridor there was another lad walking down the corridor to the bathroom too who works in the veg section. He is probably about 18 blonde hair and quite a slim build. Anyway he was in front of me so got the pick of the cubicles and I went into the other one. We ended up sitting down at the same time. I waited for him to start unloading. He made a massive splash initially and then a sort of thud as crap landed on top of crap. He then stayed seated for about 10 mins before he wiped - he clearly wasn't in a hurry. It sounded like he wiped his ass in a rough manner!


pooing in public

I leaked a bit coming home earlier. I'd been out for a walk after a morning coffee and started to need a wee quite badly. I headed home and the need grew, so I was quite desperate by the time I got back to my flat. As I opened the door I felt a bit leak out. I ran to the bathroom quickly and pulled my leggings down as well as my knickers (red, lacey) which had a small spot where I'd dribbled, then let loose a ferocious stream into the loo!

I never used to mind having a poo in public, as long as the people I was with didn't know. It was a silly hang-up, I know. I didn't mind other people in the toilet hearing (they were in the toilet too after all), but if I was out with family having a meal, I'd be reluctant to go because I knew they'd figure I'd been gone a while.

One time when I was probably 12/13 we had a huge family party in this restaurant, as it as an aunt's birthday. There were about 25 of us there and we took up a whole room of the place. We have family all over the country and it was about the only time we got to see them so after the meal we spent a lot of time going around talking to relatives. I'd been wanting a poo for a while but put it off because I didn't want anybody to notice I'd been gone for a while. But then I realised that with so many people around, I probably wouldn't be missed!

I left the room we were in and walked through the main restaurant to the toilets which were at the back and upstairs. It was quiet compared to all the noise of the restaurant! I went into the ladies and there were four cubicles, I took the end one. Nobody else was around. I was wearing a dress so pulled that up and my knickers down, I remember pulling my knees as far apart as they could go and then letting go. Fairly quickly, I did 5 quite long poo's, and followed with a bit of runny poo. I sat for a while but no more came, so I did a wee, wiped and finished.


Being Chaperoned

I'm a new poster here. I'm a 14 year old girl. I got a question for people who've either been taken care of my an older sibling or have had to take care of a little sibling- what's the arrangements with bathroom matters?

I have a brother who's 9 years older than me and he's been the one to look after me on occasion. Both our parents work, so he's been the one who's watched me after school and any other time our parents aren't around. From the time I was 5 up till I just turned 7 and we weren't at home, he'd usually come with me if I needed the bathroom. I'm probably not exaggerating when I say I've used the toilet with him with me at least 100 times.

I remember this trend starting when I was in Kindergarten. The bathrooms didn't have stalls or doors, so I didn't like using them when I was first enrolled. So at the end of the day when he came to pick me up so we'd walk home, it be pretty obvious I was desperate to go. The front office had a single person bathroom, so he took me there and I felt comfortable enough to go. This became a regular thing for my first few weeks of school. Eventually he convinced me to start using the school bathrooms by promising me an extra treat after we got home.

There were a lot of other times in different places, and I never actually minded. After I turned seven though he started saying I probably wanted my privacy and would wait outside. He's at college now, but I thought about all those instances a few days ago when I overheard a girl and her little sister in a bathroom stall together at a grocery store. I'm kind of curious now about how other siblings handle these matters.

Steve A

My Preferences Survey

1. TP or wet wipes?

I use TP in public and a mix of TP or wet wipes when I'm at home.

2. TP Roll forwards or backwards?


3. Automatic flush or handle?

Both, but I prefer the handle because I want to see what I've done.

4. Soap or hand sanitizer?

I use hand sanitizer or soap for #1 and only soap for #2.

5. Fan or air freshener? Window in the bathroom?

Fan, I don't have a window in my bathroom, but my parents do have one in their bathroom that's connected to their bedroom.

6. Reading on the toilet or just sitting there?

Both, I could either read on my phone or just sit there.

7. Use a plunger or a toilet snake to unclog the toilet?

Plunger, but I will use the toilet snake if the clog cannot be fixed with just a plunger.

Abby C

3rd Grade Poop

Hi everyone, today I was remembering some memories from past years and I remembered One of my first days in my new school. I was having trouble making new friends. It was also the year I started hitting puberty which sucked I was getting bigger, growing hair on my vagina,getting more emotional. So my dad drove me to school early that morning and I had the urge to pee but the school didn't open up yet.For the next 30 minutes we sat out in the cold it was like 40° out. Finally they let us in the school and I went to my classroom and sat down. About an hour into the class the urge got even bigger. So I raised my hand and asked if I could go she told me I could go so I went to the girls room and there were a bunch of girls and most of them were pooping and farting so I went to the end stall. There wasn't a door so I just walked in and pulled my pants and undies to my ankles. It was pretty quiet in the bathroom but it was definit that everybody was pooping. What was disgusting was this girl across from me. She took off her pants and got up on her toes on the seat and was facing the wall so I could see her vagina and hole and she was obviously having a bad day because poop just kept on coming out of her and there was big log on the seat she kept on screaming for the poop to come out of her. A teacher or aid was watching over everything and she walked down to her and asked her if she was okay and helped which she was disgusting she had poop all over her hole and the aid spread her cheeks and she kept pooping. But I had finished peeing. But I had to poop so I pushed and let out a big fart and a big log slid out of me. I wiped and went back to class. Thank You for listening

Abby C


Trip with mom to remember

I am so intrigue by various post on this site..finally I have post my first experience...this was a long time back but it's very vivid in my memory..I was around 13 years was me with my mom driving back to hone from her sister's home (which was in a different state) after the dinner around after an hours or so I got urge to poop badly..I told she started looking for service area or a restaurant..but for 30 minutes nothing came up....I have to go badly so I keep asking mom to stop...finally we saw a gas station sign that was coming she drove into the area...but soon we realized that it was still under construction. I told mom I can't hold it anymore...I was like screaming...she said ok let's go behind the building and do it in open..she took a flash light and some was kind of dark and scary place..I exploded my poop like mom definitely heard was loud and smelly...she wasn't too far from me...eventually I was done..used the napkins to wipe and went to mom..I was embarrassed...

Mom said she has to pee it was now my turn to hold the flashlight...she went little more interior than where I pooped...she lowered her trouser and started peeing...I was fascinated by all these...and the sound of her pee....she was behind a small bush...

I am still mesmerized by that till this day...I have got whole incident played out in my dreams one way or other...

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