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Mr. Clogs

Finaly some relief (naturally) and comment for Jane

Yesterday this past Saturday I was one of those days where I finally cleaned myself out naturally. My bowels were bubbling like I had taken a laxative, which I haven't in quite sometime, last night I ate some popcorn with cheese seasoning, maybe that's what did the trick and a tone of water which I like to drink. For almost about a month or more, I felt a bit backed up, so my relief came in time. I went used the bathroom, took off my pjs and underwear off and let it rip. My poop came out in liquid form which is rare for me, maybe it was my body telling me it's doing it's own seasonal cleaning. The relief was intense and felt better. I wiped, washed my hands, got dressed and went back to my room.

Jane the poop: Wow that was a great post. Thank you for the details of the ladies what you happened to witness, hear and smell. You must been full of poop too if you know what I mean. Keep the posts coming. Thanks.

That's all for now, if I have something to post, I'll put it up. Take care and happy peeing and pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Amber H

Part 2 2nd story

Hi its amber h here with my 2ND story of me pooping at my friends house. So i was at my friend Carmen's house playing school and i really had to poop then and i was going to stay over night. I held it in for another half an hour and she had a bathroom in her bedroom. So i asked if i could use she said sure and she asked what number i said number 2 she said OK it was almost 9:00 pm so when she was brushing her teeth i was on the toilet pooping. She asked if I've pooped yet i said no so i grunted ugh nothing happened so now i grunted ugggggggghhhhhhh then a 12" piece of poop fell in. I wiped pulled up my pj pants and flushed and went to bed. The next morning i went again this time it was diaheria and then Carmen came in asking if i was alright i said yeh its just diaheria. Amber H :)

Bill F

I'm back! (kinda)

Hey everyone,it's been almost three months since I last posted here, and since then I've been really busy with prepping for university. I'm in a dorm room right now, with 3 other people, really bad Internet, and one computer. Believe me, I'm making the effort to post as often as I can. So here goes.

This is another one about Emily. I've written about her before around pages 2300-2350. This time, we were 11, and my sister was about 4. It was winter break, and Emily had come over to my house for the day. My parents still had to work, so it was just the three of us. After we ate a bunch of Kraft Dinner (Canadian Mac & Cheese, it's our winter hibernation food... Haha), we sat on the floor in my bedroom playing video games, and Sam kinda went back an forth between doing her own thing and watching us.

After about an hour, there was a really long cutscene in the game, and that's when Emily laid down on her back and started massaging her stomach. Then she said "I think I need to let off some steam!" At first I didn't know what she meant, but then she said "Pull my finger." I waited for a few seconds, then she said "Hurry up! I can't hold it much longer!" So I pulled her finger, and she let out a gigantic fart that vibrated the floor. She laughed, then said "I'm not done. Quick, pull it again!" I did, and she let out another shorter fart, but just as loud. All of a sudden, I heard Sam yell from the other room "What was that?!" I yelled back, "That was Emily! Amazingly, she's a bigger farter than you!" Emily tapped me and said "Am not!" I said "You're the biggest farter I know." We both laughed. She massaged her stomach for another little while, then sat back up when the cutscene ended.

Emily almost immediately paused the game, the leaned forward, with one hand massaging her stomach. Realizing what was going on, I pulled her finger again without her having to ask, and she farted for a full four seconds. She leaned to the side and farted again, right in my direction. She said "Choo! Choo!" And sat down on two cheeks again. I asked her "Why are you becoming a train all of sudden!" She laughed, and then froze. Her stomach growled really loudly, then she said "I think there's some coal on the way, now!" At first, I couldn't understand what she meant, then she clarified, "I gotta poop! i haven't gone in four days, and your Kraft Dinner is doing something to speed thing up" I asked her "Can I go pee first?" She said "Sure, but hurry!"

I went into the bathroom and Emily followed right behind me, with both hands on her butt. She immediately got some toilet paper and stuffed it in her panties. She hiked up her skirt (yes, she wore a skirt under her snow pants. I don't know why) and sat with her butt flat on the floor. The whole time I was peeing, she was letting out many short farts, meaning that she's probably lost all control of her bowels and the floor was that only thing stopping it. She had this pained, but concentrated look on her that told me she was involuntarily pushing as hard as she could. She said, while panting, "Is this what labour feels like? If so, I'm never having kids!" I laughed and then finished up peeing.

While I was zipping up my fly, Emily slid one hand between her butt and floor, and then very quickly, all in one motion, stood up, pulled her panties down, and plonked onto the toilet. I could instantly hear a lot of crackling, and her face went red from pushing. After about twenty seconds of constant pushing, I heard a huge splash in the water, I could tell some of the water splashed her butt, because she jumped a little bit. She breathed a huge sigh of relief and farted for about six seconds into the toilet bowl. She said "All the passengers have disembarked at the station." I laughed, and said "All in one turd, huh?" She nodded, then farted again for another three seconds. I was amazed at how much gas was coming out of her. I asked her "Did you do the snail method thing before you got here?" She shook her no, then started peeing. Then I asked "Then how do you keep that much gas inside you?" She said "Well, I went to the doctor's a while ago, and he said I have something called 'mega-colon'." Now that would explain a lot over those three years. Emily finished her pee got up off the toilet, and we both gawked at the size of her poop. It wasn't the biggest turd she's ever made, but it definitely was up there. I also noticed that she pulled down her panties so fast that the toilet paper stayed in her panties instead of sticking to the poop. She tossed the dirty toilet paper and wiped herself with some more. She pulled her panties up and went to flush, but I said "Don't even bother, it'll never go down."

We went back to our video game, with the room still smelling a little meaty from her farting. About an hour later, Sam, who was laying down on the bed watching us, let out a high pitched fart. We all laughed, then Sam said "Uh oh." And ran into the bathroom. Seconds later, Sam yelled out "What is that?!" Emily yelled back "That would be my unflushable poop!" I went into the bathroom to make sure Sam was ok. I found her with one hand on her butt, simply staring into the toilet. I said "Sam, don't you have to poop?" She stayed frozen there, but soon for a different reason, as I heard another wet fart and some crackling. Her pyjama pants started to balloon in the back as she was pooping herself. Soon after, I heard a third and final fart, signalling she was done. Then I heard a dripping on the floor, and realized she was peeing herself too. When she was done, she started crying. I tried to comfort her while cleaning her up, and got her a new pair of pants. I emptied out the dirty pair into the toilet, further adding to the pile of poop in there.

I came back to Emily and said "You just made Sam have an accident of both kinds." She laughed and said "What did I do?" I said "Sam was too busy staring at your poop to realize that she had to poop as well. Keep in mind she's a toddler" She burst out laughing and said "Sorry, it was either she poops her self or I do." We got back to the game with no further interruptions, except for the occasional fart from Miss Mega-Colon Gassy Emily.

I did manage to clean up Sam's pee of the floor, as well as convince Emily to break up her giant turd with a brush and flush the toilet before my parents got home. I guess the moral of this story is "Never feed Emily mac & cheese or else everything will literally go to shit."

Again, I'll try to post as often as possible, but I'm usually very busy.

See ya next time!

Blind Guy

Follow-up to Christa's Posts

Greetings. It seems like you have some long term difficulty when it comes to your mother and incontinence issues. Do you know why you have difficulty confiding in or asking your mother for help, and how to resolve the situation? It seems, at least from what little we've seen from your posts, that she does her best to be understanding, but I'm sure you'd have an even easier time with her if there was a way to rectify your hesitation with her. I can only imagine how embarrassing the situation is, and I am sure the hesitation doesn't help matters. If you do not feel comfortable enough with your mother, it may be worth considering what options you could explore to be more independent in terms of your protection and bathroom useage. As for that sister of yours, I sincerely hope the instances of cruelty toward you that you've mentioned are rather the great exception than the norm. Either way, I find her attitude both sad and unnecessary, to be polite. If she looks upon you that way, I can only imagine how she views other so called "disabled" people she sees or encounters. If that is indeed the case, I pity those who may come in contact with her. It seems as though your schedule is working for the most part, and I hope this continues to be the case. And slice is right, boosters are definitely a worthy investment in times when you are likely to need more absorbency than whatever protection you have is able to offer. They also tend, from what I've seen anyway, not to make whatever you are using any more noticeable. By the way, I'd be curious to know if you talk about your issues with your doctor and what (s)he has to say about it. I'm not asking for details, just expressing curiosity and confusion as to what is causing you to experience these chronic bathroom issues. I am inclined to suspect a combination of neurological and overstimulation/sensory causes in relation to your autism, but I don't have a medical degree. Anyway, I really do hope things improve for you, both with your mother and the bathroom situation. Very best of luck, and as always I'm here if you want me.

Amber H

2 stories

Hi my name is amber h im 7 years old im 4'6 blonde. I have 2 stories of me pooping during school and at my friends house. So at school today I had a slight urge to poop . I asked my teacher if i could go so i left for the girls room . I entered the stall, locked it i went over to the toilet turned around pulled down my pants and underwear to my ankles and sat down with my feat 2" off the floor. I pushed hard and i started to feel it come and it made ploop followed by 3 more pling plomp pomp and then probably 20 more 4" poops fell in so i flushed and pushed again then about maybe 30 more 10" pieces fell into the bowl . Then i wiped pulled my undies up but not my pants and waddled over to the sinks washed up pulled up my pants and left.
I can't fit my second story on here :( next post will be about me pooping at my friends house. Amber H :)


Hey now, don't sweat it too much. Everybody poops...sometimes in their pants! This site is evidence enough of how common it is for people of all ages and there are a variety of reasons for it. I bet everyone has at least one pooping accident in their life. AT LEAST. and many will never admit it and no one will find out. Then there of course many of us who post here who have had accidents more than once. Yeah, it is crazy embarrassing depending on the circumstances, but it's rarely the type of thing that's going to impact your life in any significant way other than the embarrassment in the moment.

I myself am a couple years shy of 30. In the past 10 years I can think of 5 full blown pooping accidents I've had and a whole slew of minor accidents and barely making it in time moments. I'm such a veteran of looking myself that I can poop my panties a little bit on the way to the bathroom and not even be phased by it. Like my reaction is "oh this isn't a big deal" and I don't even care. But I guess that's just because I know all too well the feeling of a complete accident, so while some people are devastated by a short or losing a tiny bit of their load before getting to the toilet, to me is nothing. It's funny how that is. I'm currently pregnant with my first child....I hear that the likekihood of having moments of incontinence only becomes greater after giving birth. And if the whole thing about getting older making it more likely is true, then I'll probably be wearing diapers all the time before too long lol! No I don't think it will get THAT bad. But I'd say I definitely am more prone to soiling myself than your average adult.

The first full blown pooping accident happened to me at 21. I was at work and really needed to go. At the time I had never had an accident of that variety- I'm also a seasoned veteran of wetting myself but that's usually from specific circumstances like being too drunk or laughing too hard or drinking too much water before bed, etc- so I wasn't actually worried about going in my pants despite how bad I had to go. I was just trying to finish up what I was doing and wait for my boss so I could let him know I was gonna take 5. Then, all the sudden, it became unbearable to hold it in any longer, and just like that, I started shitting my pants. Once it started I couldn't stop it, and I'll never forget the sensation from that first time. The combination of total relief and total humiliation all at once...I had tight khakis on too and it squished all up my back and stained through my pants. There was no hiding it and i had to tell my boss what I did. I was pretty embarrassed and like most I felt like I could die in that moment, but I was surprised that I got over it completely in like two days.

Number 2 (no pun intended) occurred a couple years later. I was living with my then boyfriend and I was in the middle of a serious conversation with his mom. She was actually lecturing me. I didn't want to cut it short but I did really need to poop. Finally I started to feel like I couldn't hold it anymore. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and turned to head upstairs. But it was too late, by the time I got to the bathroom i had completely filled my pants.

Number 3 was just like your story, Alexandra, and it is a bit reason why I wanted to reply to you. In fact come to think of it, I feel like I've read stories on here over the years that are just like ALL of my accidents, which is another indication of just how common the occurrence is! I had been working and running around all day and at the end of the night, I needed to go. Bad. I was 10 minutes from home and I knew I couldn't make it. I pulled into a shopping center and went into the grocery store. I couldn't find the bathroom and had to ask a cashier with obvious desperation in my voice. She directed me to the ladies room and I headed there, clenching as best I could, but once the ladies room sifn became visible my body let go and it started coming out. I pooped my pants pretty bad. I had to clean up in the bathroom. And even though that was only my 3rd accident, you can tell I was already starting to not worry too much about it by the fact that after I cleaned myself up and wiped out my panties as best I could in the bathroom, I then went out and picked up some groceries while still in my dirty panties and

Accident number 4 was literally like a couple of days after that. I came home desperate to go and my boyfriend was in the bathroom. I couldn't hold it in long enough for him to come out and badly pooped my panties. He laughed about it.

The most recent big accident happened in July. My stomach felt really uneasy not too long after I got in my car leaving work. The closer I got to home the more I needed to poop. I almost pulled over at a gas station but I was a couple minutes from home at the time, so I decided to try and make it. But my fate was sealed when I hit an unusually bad amount of traffic on the road leading to my neighborhood. That couple minutes became about 10 minutes. It was enough to cause me to lose it in my panties as soon as I got out of the car in my driveway. I filled them with wet heavy poop the whole way into the house and on the way to the bathroom. I don't even know how it stayed in my panties (i had a dress on) but it did. They were really drooping though.

In addition to all that, I'd say at least a couple times a month I poop just a tiny bit in my panties on my way to the bathroom. Usually when I'm getting home from work. It's like when I get home and I know I'm about to have relief my body starts to let go. It starts turtle heading when I'm at the front door and some typically squishes between my cheeks as I make my way to the bathroom, leaving a skid mark in my panties.

Christa, I'm sorry about your father. That must be very painful. However, it's not your fault or the fault of your condition. Someone who could reject his own child for not being exactly what he'd gotten into his head he'd have - worse, reject his *whole family* rather than even *try* - is, to put it mildly, not a contender for the father of the year award. Someone with no more capacity to love and care than that... had he stayed, he would have failed you all sooner or later. Every child has a lot of needs over many years, and many of them are things that could not have been predicted before you were born. Had you been "normal," you would *still* have been a real child, and only human - which would mean he would still be forced to put his own desires second. Every parent says it's the hardest job you'll ever do and you don't get a manual. That means that it was neither easy nor predictable for a single one of them.

His not being up for that is not your fault, nor the fault of your condition.

I'm on the 'spectrum' myself, actually. I wasn't going to mention it because I didn't think it relevant; my own issues are different enough from yours that I didn't feel that I could talk to you as one who knows what it is to live in your situation. However, I can in this, to a point. I had needs my parents did not anticipate, and they were rather unkind about it, to make an understatement. What I'm telling you, as well as what I've said in the past, is what I had to learn when I was struggling with things that others seemed to do quite easily, and when being hurt for things I had no control over was a constant way of life: no matter what you're told about yourself, no matter what your difficulties make you feel about yourself, the fact is that you have much to be proud of - everything you've accomplished, most of which was harder for you than for others - and that you were NOT responsible as a child for what the adults around you decided, and you are *still* not responsible for others' decisions. There are many parents who do not walk away from children who present a great deal of difficulties that certainly seem more problematic.

As for having accidents, less putting off your need will mean less of those. Listen to your watch. Listen to your body. What you're doing is something you don't want to interrupt? Well, post-accident will certainly be an interruption, and one that's even longer and less pleasant than the delay that a bathroom break will present. Remember that, say it to yourself over and over. Every time you act on that will make it a little easier, a little more automatic.

But if by biological fact, doing that doesn't equal becoming accident-free, I'll say it again just because it's good to hear it more than once: you're amazing. You've beaten others' predictions for you, and with time and practice you'll only go even higher. Everything you've done for yourself took a lot more work and pain than it did for the next person. You have many reasons to be proud of yourself.


Michael - nice post about doorless stalls

Hey, Michael. Nice story and welcome to the "club." There are a few of us here who use doorless stalls without a problem, especially Zip. I love his stories.
I think the worst time I ever had was a man with a young son. They saw me on the toilet and the man said I should have more self-respect.Kids do tend to stare, but I agree with you. Their father should teach them manners, not tell them anything is wrong.
Sadly, most of the doorless stalls at the beach near me are gone. I was at a park across town today, but the toilets were trashed with water leaking all over the floor. I ended up using another men's room with those individual toilets-in-a-closet like they have in Europe. They're enclosed and smelly. Give me the freedom of a doorless stall any day!


What come in will come out

Hi everyone , to Brandon T thanks yes I know I'm a push over let people talk to me any kind of way. To Chole B I know all about church poops hehe, well time for part 2 . After a hour giving Marcus a hard time I began really bad so I apologized he said he know didn't mean to hurt my feelings , so during service I felt squirm he asked what's wrong I said I gotta pee really bad so he got up let me out the row, I walked out to the ladies , 3 or 4 stalls taken sound like a mixture of both so I took last stall locked it pulled down pants and panties to ankles sat on cold seat start peeing wiped got up pulled my clothing up. Washed my hands left rejoined the service and afterwards , our campus pastor wife invited us over for supper , so we followed them , nice very quiet area , so made it inside so I see no shoes inside wearing , so I took off my boots my pastors wife looked at my feet and said my my what many colors I see , I said sorry I can change my look up she chuckled and told me young one I was your age once , so come on stop tripping I start laughing , so while the guys watched the football game she put the apron around me and gave me house shoes and gave me some very good advice on being a wife. We end having meatloaf with gravy on top mashed potatoes and spanish and roll . Well around 7 we headed backed to campus with a apple crisp pie. Had a great time after settling in Marcus lifts me up and carries me inside afterwards I told him sorry be right back , run to bathroom and pulling down pants and panties sametime and hurry sit on toilets seconds later start having waves of the runs , after 25 mins of going non stop he went check on me, I said ya just the meatloaf cause rarely eat meats but when I do it does that to me. So after I was done I jumped in shower so after 9 I came out and woke him up and went to bed . That's all for now


What come in will come out

Hello everyone , hope all is well, have a story to share. Well this morning I went for breakfast with moms she treated me for it have mother in law daughter in law time together afterwards we went shopping mall did some buying , I bought me some outfits and shoes and bought her a outfit she liked , while shopping I felt the need to poop so I went to the ladies and moms said she has to go too, so we got there I took first stall she took the next one so I lock the stall pulled down my shorts and panties to my ankles and sat on toilet and her hear put seat cover over sit and pull her shorts and panties down to ankles , so she asked do I realize I'm sitting bare bottom I said yes ma'am with giggle she said oh I said seat looked clean and start farting then start passing truds one after one she said her seat looked dirty if it wasn't she'll seat barebutt . Then I hear start bearing down grunting pushing , after passing few more poos I was done took some tp and went to wipe my butt and it was clean and I sat there till she was done , after 20 mins we was done went to wash our hands more ladies came in said of smell who let that out we both looked at each other laughed afterwards went back to the in laws house talked about some deep conversations but that's all for now


Huge dump

Been ages since my last GOOD shit. Well I've been eating lots of vegetables, etc with dinner for the last week and FINALLY, after my coffee with lunch I felt the urge BAD! This was yesterday mind you, the day after I crapped myself the night before without being able to feel it. So I definitely didn't want another accident (or to have to throw out another pair of underwear).

I got to the bathroom, grabbed the Garfield comic book, pulled my pj pants and undies down and sat. Immediately a giant soft shit came out. I was done within a couple of minutes. I knew it had to have been a lot since I haven't properly gone in days. Well I was right! It WAS huge. From one end of the toilet bowl to the other was FULL! It was about the size of my forearm (including my hand). When I went to flush it wouldn't budge despite it being a soft shit! I had to scrape some of it off the toilet bowl with the toilet brush first. And between flushing the poop and the toilet paper down it took about 4 flushes. But I felt better, that's for sure! My gas for days before was HORRIBLE! Stunk like rotten eggs and remained in the room for hours unless someone sprayed air freshener. I was doing it in my sleep too (poor hubby had to sleep in a stinky bed).

Blind Guy

Follow-Up to Slice's Post for Christa

Greetings. Slice does have some very good points here that sound well worth considering, and that did not occur to me. She or he (I don't know Slice's gender) is probably right that panicking just makes the situation worse. Getting the flow stopped first, if you can, and then getting to a toilet as quickly but calmly as you can, calmly being the key word here, may well help. In all honesty, much as it might suck, I'd rather just accept a full blown accident than dealing with urine all over me, my clothes and the floor. Even if it's not the ideal solution, it would save you the embarrasement and cleanup time, and itt is what the protection you're wearing is designed for. At least if you can avoid panicking, full blown accident or not, what accident you did have is safely contained so no one else has to know. To expand on the bladder holding exercise, you might try Kegel exercises as well. These can easily be researched on line, and have been known to help many people dealing with various types of incontinence issues. This is an oversimplification, but Kegels basically involve squeezing the pelvic floor muscles much like you do when trying to stop yourself from urinating. To practice, you can try while doing so on the toilet. It strengthens the muscles around the bladder and can't hurt if nothing else. I'm not sure what direct benefit measuring your bladder capacity would have, but like the Kegels it can't hurt. It might be easier to just pee in something with measuring lines though, as opposed to using your protection unnecessarily. If you did go Slice's route though, you'd need to know the dry weight and then subtract dry from wet weight for the actual answer. Seems to me measuring the volume with a liquid measuring device like a multi-cup holding measuring bowl might be easier. Then again, I'm not a doctor either, so it might behoove you to take any of this with a grain of salt. Sorry for two posts only a day apart, but I do hope things calm down for you. Here if you want me like always.


to Amy re loud peeing

Animals tend to pee in such a way that they make no noise so as not to draw attention. My female dogs squat so low you can't tell anything is flowing. We have mistakenly designed our plumbing fixtures in a way that has nothing to do with how we would approach the issue in a natural environment.


Back When I Was A Shy Pooper

Although I've just started high school, Kate's story about being a shy pooper reminds me of some of my earliest memories of back 8 and 9 years ago when I was that way--this was especially true in public places like the civic center and municipal stadium when my dad and me often went to games with my Uncle Jim, who like once a month or so drove into our city to see a baseball game, pro football game or wrestling match. Sometimes we would go to one event on Friday or Saturday, and yet another one on Sunday. I especially remember pro wrestling as being the rowdiest and because the toilets at our civic center were so big and old, they were outright scary for me to sit on. Although I've grown a bit, and I'm 3'5" now, I was much smaller then and so shy and frightened about sitting on the large toilets in large bathrooms that had like 30 or 40 cubicles and were so noisy, with doors slamming hard and toilets running over.

Mom and my sisters rarely went to these things because they weren't interested, but I was bored and these sporting events that Uncle Jim paid for sure gave me something to do. When dad would take me into the mens room he would often shove me one direction around the lines so that I wouldn't see these old guys sitting and crapping in stalls that mostly didn't have doors. When a stall with a door suddenly opened and a guy came out, dad would shove me in and quickly close the door behind us. First he would pull my jeans or shorts down and when I was waiting for him to pick me up and place me on the seat, the first few times I was pretty surprised because he pulled off toilet paper and laid it over the seats including across the front of the toilet. Then he would deposit me onto the seat. If I started to complain or cry he would tell me to hurry up, because in many cases he would eagerly await for me to get done, jump down, and he would either lift the seat and wee away or throw himself on the seat and blast away with a really noisy poo that a few seconds later would start to smell. If I said anything, he would grab me, kiss me and then try to divert my attention from him by letting me start and then he would check my wiping. I remember several times when he would give me one more piece of toilet paper and point out what I had missed. This was all while he was seated and blasting his poo into the toilet. I was so shy then but know that's where I got my confidence for today because I'm able to poo quite fast and efficiently in most public bathrooms, although I still have to sit and wait longer for my wees to get started. Being so small that my feet are still off the floor doesn't help.

Back when I was like 4 or 5 and didn't look away from dad while he was pooing and wiping, he would lovingly turn my head and body around saying something like "You don't have to see this, honey" as he would drop 'em and then start wiping. Often he would have me finish by standing pretty much against the door, face first. One night I remember dad got called into work for overtime and Uncle Jim had tickets and took me to the game. He did things differently than dad. When he took me in to wee, he had me drop the seat myself and he didn't do anything to cover it. I had to use my hands a bit, but he encouraged me to be a "big girl" and I was successful in getting myself up on it, although I remember I quickly slipped off the front and he just laughed and he pointed onto how far back I should be sitting. I then pushed myself farther back and as I kicked my legs out of shyness about what to do until my wee started, he made some funny faces and they made all the difference. Then he had me step aside and he weed. I didn't look directly at him, but I could see that his aim wasn't all that great, but I didn't say anything about the splashes he made on the seat.

One thing, though, different about Uncle Jim. He did make me wash my hands and he washed his. This was something dad didn't want to take the time for me to do because it would just cause more attention to be paid to my being in the mens restroom.

something awesome happened last night: i woke up in the middle of the night for the first time since i can remember. even my mom says this has never happened before. i went to bed at 10 as usual and i woke up at almost 4am. i reached under my blanket and felt crotch over my pajamas. my diaper was very wet and badly swollen so its not like i woke up in time to go to the toilet but its something. if i can learn to wake up during the night, maybe i can learn to become dry at night. still doing pretty good during the day. only 3 wetting accidents since my last post. and to answer a question from slice, my bladder capacity among other physical components have been tested repeatedly. the last time was a year ago. my bladder capacity is very much that of a normal adult and there are absolutely no physical abnormalities or weakness of the bladder, urinary tract or kidneys. this actually gets checked every 2-4 years. all the doctors agree that my being accident prone is purely autism-related. theres parts of my brain that dont always click with my body. i mean it took my mom and my aba therapist working with me for many years before i even started to understand toileting and it was "barely understood" for years after that. i actually peed my pants at my own high school graduation. i graduated from high with a 3.8 gpa. yes, the child my mom was told would never even talk. a 3.8 gpa and wet pants. ironic i know. the gym was so loud and busy. i managed not to stim too much as we waited in line for our diplomas but as we got closer to the stage the noise was too much. i just started peeing without warning and i was wearing regular panties (i seldom wore pullups at that time). very luckily, i was last in line and my long graduation gown hid most of my accident. i just stood there, piss soaking my pants and running down my legs, spilling over my shoes and making a puddle around my feet. when i was done, they way i stood pretty much hid my mess. but after we had all got our diplomas and sat back down, i know people wondered.



Megan: Yes, all you can do is laugh! They are kids, after all! The funny thing is was how innocent JJ was in all of his comments and, of course, how uncomfortable it made his mom. I guess what took me off guard was how he made the comment in front of my minister! Oh well, life goes on!

Also, that was a funny story about being out of toilet paper while in a public bathroom. At least your neighbor was cooperative!

Brandon T: I think it's awesome that you take time to reply! Hope you are well!



Last week I was in church and this girl about 7 or 8 years old
(I think) squatted down and pooped in the pew in front
of me. After a few minutes the smell was so bad that I had
to go over to the other side of the church and I did not
feel like eating lunch for three or four more hours. The
girl never asked to use the bathroom and did not seem
to be upset about what she did (strangely enough) and
(apparently) neither was her mother or her sister. And
yet she seems to be intellectually normal. It's almost
as if parents are not toilet training their kids anymore...



Hi guys, thanks for all your replies. I guess your right, at least pooping in a busy public bathroom is better than going in your pants. And Catherine, maybe your right about this incident helping with my poop shyness.Mind you, that's not the first time I've gone in a public restroom (I'll post more on these later). I'm not sure why I get so shy, I actually really enjoy a good poop when I'm comfortable.
I've not pooped in a public toilet since the department store. I usually poop after work, in the evening. On Friday I got the urge on the drive home and when I got in I immediately got straight to the bathroom. I pulled down my black work pants and red panties and sat. I relaxed myself and immediately let out a short, airy fart, and felt the poop slightly push open my butthole. I like to relax and not push too much if I can, so I just sat for a while with the poop slightly poked out. After a while I felt another wave in my belly and the poop began to slowly slide out. It was wide and firm, and was one of those "slow but satisfying" kind of ones. After about 10 seconds of sliding out, I released it with a loud "plop". I wiped, pulled up my work pants and flushed, and then washed my hands before making my after work coffee.
Thanks again guys, I'll post again soon with some older public bathroom experiences.
See you soon.

Kate x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great story.

To: Chloe B it sounds like you had a rough day but at least you made it to the toilet without having an accident and it sounds like that other girl was having a good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jane The Poop great story it sounds like you had a great poop and got a really great show as well and it sounds like that one girl must've felt amazing and a bit lighter once she was finally done and I bet whoever went in her first stall was surprised and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie it sounds like you had a rough time hope it dosent last long.

To: Jemma great story.

To: JOHN yep they were

To: Megan great story.

To: OnTheToiletGal great story and the attendant was very kind and helpful to you.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


to LINDA, DUDE IN DISTRESS, other constipated people

Linda, you asked how my constipation's been, it's been bad lately!

Sorry to hear that yours has been worse than ever, your last story sounded crazy! I know all about making noises that loud.

Yesterday I pooped at home after not going for a few days. For one thing, I had to try like three separate times before I was able to get anything out. The first two times was just me straining and grunting loudly, feeling my anus open slightly but no poop moving at all. Finally the third time I decided to try a few different positions. I squatted first and pushed really hard, holding onto the bathtub and felt it move a bit. Then I hovered over the toilet a bit and pushed and strained, and finally it began to poke out, but that WAS a bit stuck. I walked around the bathroom a bit with the hard turd sticking out in my butt cheeks. Didn't want to walk around the house since some people were over, but otherwise, I might have done that lol.

I went back to pushing on the toilet with my legs resting on the bathtub and pushed for maybe like a half hour moving this monster log out of me--definitely felt like I was having a baby! Finally it was out and completly clogged the toilet. My anus felt really sore afterward lol.

Man, I hope I can poop better after that.



To Catherine: your church story sounds embarrassing. Have you ever stopped the toilet up at home or at friends house and not had a plunger?

To Victoria B.: It sounds like you had a good dump. You've mentioned that plunged as a gift from your friend? Have you clogger their toilet that often that they gifted you that lol? My friends once jokingly gifted me fabreeze and TP, the struggles of have big smelly dumps lol.

To Chloe B: Sounds like a messy Dump, are you lactose intolerant? If so I know that issue well as I suffer from it as well, but I don't let that stop me.

I've been really busy lately so as soon as things slow down, I'll post another story. Until then happy poops!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

~Lady LooLoo

Constipated then Diarrhoea!

'Babe I need a poo'. My boyfriend was slumped forward in the car groaning and massaging his bloated stomach. 'Well go for one then' I teased, indicating as I turned left. 'I can't' he mumbled. 'What do you mean?' I asked gently. 'I'm really constipated, I'm so uncomfortable, I haven't been for nearly a week' he moaned as cramps tore through his abdomen.

'I wish I had your problem' I laughed feeling my own stomach cramp lightly, warning me I needed to go to the toilet again urgently. 'Why?' he looked amazed. 'Because I've been up all night with an upset stomach, hence why I keep having to go to the toilet' I laughed. 'Ohh I didn't realise you were having diarrhoea babe, are you okay?' he looked concerned.

'Yeah I'm fine, just got a sore bum and a gassy ????' I joked, absent mindedly rubbing my crampy guts as we pulled into our street. 'Do you need to go now?' he asked gently. 'Oh definitely, I'm busting for a poo' I groaned.

'Okay sweetheart, you go first then; you'll have probably shit yourself by the time I manage to push anything out' he smiled. 'Haa thanks, I think' I responded, feeling a strong urge to pass wind. 'Oh god I need to fart' I apologised as I let out a loud wet fart which squelched a little at the end.

'Did you just follow through?' he asked, as he'd heard how wet it was. 'Umm possibly, things feel a bit warm down there' I giggled. 'If you're lucky, I might have a bug and soon, you too will be peeing out your bum' I teased, pulling into the drive.

'Ugh don't, I hate the shits, I'd rather not be able to go' he confided. 'I need to go so bad' I said worriedly, hurrying to unlock the front door. James stayed in the car, too uncomfortable to move. As soon as I got through the door I felt like I was about to crap myself. I ran up to the bathroom and ripped my tights down, throwing my skinny ass onto the toilet seat.

Instantly, runny brown liquid exploded out of my bottom, leaving me feeling relieved but still full. I spent twenty minutes emptying my bowels and cleaning away the runny mess from my sore bum, before heading back downstairs. 'How was it?' James was sat on the sofa looking miserable.

'Umm runny' I laughed. 'Aww bless, I really need to go now as well' he commented slowly rubbing his aching stomach, and belching loudly. 'I feel mega bloated, I don't know what to do'. 'Try for a poo, come on', I grabbed his hand and helped him to the toilet. I helped him fully remove his pants and trousers then sat beside him rubbing his ????.

'It hurts to push' he cried, as he felt the rock solid poo stick inside his colon. 'I feel like I'm giving birth' he joked as he tried to let it out. He released a lot of gas but never anything more.

As he struggled to get it out, I started to need another go on the toilet. 'Babe you gonna be much longer? my ???? hurts' I said. 'Oh you about to have the squits again?' he asked gently. I nodded, grimacing.

'Can I help you this time sweetheart?' he asked, forgetting about his own troubles for a moment. 'Sure' I smiled as he pulled his pants on and let me sit on the toilet. I tugged my rose lacy thong to my ankles and dropped my short shorts then squatted over the toilet.

My stomach gurgled and I released a huge torrent of runny poo into the toilet. I farted and some more diarrhoea squirted out, making me need to do some more out of my poor bum. James gently rubbed my back and reassured me as a waterfall of poo erupted out of my bum.

When I felt done, he helped me wipe my bum and flushed the loo for me. 'I think it might be a bug, its getting worse' I commented. 'Maybe' he shrugged as he pulled his trousers on. 'You not gonna try again?' I asked. 'No, nothings happening' he sighed.

We spent the evening on and off the toilet. By 9pm my diarrhoea was much less frequent but very watery when it did occur. James' constipation was still awful and he still hadnt moved his bowels at all.

We went to bed at half ten but I was woken up at 1am by James. 'Baby I dont feel good, will you come to the toilet with me?' he whimpered. I jumped out of bed and followed him into the bathroom. 'You still need to go huh?' I rubbed his back. 'I don't feel right, I feel like I urgently have to shit' he groaned.

He sat on the toilet. 'Ok sweetheart just push, youll feel better'. Instantly a loud wet fart erupted from his bum causing him to blush. 'Just let it all out' I reminded him. 'thanks babe Im sorry about this..not very attractive I know' he pushed again, this time a huge rush of sloppy poo splattered the toilet bowl.

'Well done sweetie, youre getting there' I coaxed, rubbing his belly. He moaned 'i don't feel well' before releasing a massive amount of runny diarrhoea. He was going hot and cold and shaking. It was clear he'd got my bug which had at least eased his severe constipation. 'At least you can go' I encouraged.

'Mmm' he pooed again and again before belching loudly and puking all over the bathroom floor. I helped him clean up and looked after him for the 24 hours or so that he was suffering. We are both better now although he is very embarrassed about me seeing him constipated and having diarrhoea bless him.

love him to bits!
Lady LooLoo


Public toilet poo

I'm a sixteen year old girl and I really hate having to poo when I'm away from home. If it's an emergency and I'm about to poo myself I will use a public toilet but it really does have to be a reall emergency. That was the case last sunday. I was at a boot fair with my mum and sister. The night before we went out to a mexican restaurant and I pigged out a bit. I had the full works, starter, main, desert and side dishes. At the end me the meal I was full and bloated and felt a little bit sick. When we got home my stomach had settled a bit and by morning I felt ok but I skipped breakfast as I wasn't hungry. I had a big glass of orange juice that ran out of date the day before but I thought I'd be ok untill my sister told me the carton had been left out on the side all night.
Anyway we got ready to leave for the boot fair and when we left I began to feel the need to have a poo. I was getting worried as I thought I might to have to use the toilets at the car park where the boot fair was being held. We got to the boot fair and I could feel the need to go getting more urgent but I tried to ignore it and wait untill we got home. Half an hour later I was bursting to go so I told my mum I was going to the toilet and I'd catch up later. I made my way across the car park towards the toilets and nearly lost it on the way. I prayed no one would be in the toilets as I walked up to the door and there was no one there which I was pleased about. I really didn't want to use them but I had no other choice as I was about to poo myself. When I got there I entered the toilets and found only one cubicle was usable as the other two had been vandalised. It was occupied though and I had to wait while the woman had a huge poo. She took ages and I could hear every plop which made me even more desperate. I started to get super desperate and the sound effects didn't help. By the time the toilet flushed I was turtle heading but the woman stayed in there. I was frantic, desperately trying not to poo myself and asked her to hurry up as it was an emergency. She apologised and came out. She said she was sorry but it hadn't flushed away and told me not to look at it. I was too desperate to worry about that now and rushed in holding my bum with the tip of a turd threatening to soil my knickers. I saw her poo in the toilet and it was so big it stuck out of the water by about seven inches and there were three more in the water together with skid marks around the pan. I sat down on a warm toilet seat and relaxed to release a ton of mushy poo geto the toilet, totally destroying it. The relief was mega and the smell was pretty ripe. When I finishe. I flushed the toilet and nothing went down because it was blocked by the other womans load. I just left it full of poo and exited without washing my hands as I wanted untiet out of there fast.


Comments etc.

Hi its John B.

First of all hi to the UK guys here. Adrian, Keith Van Man and. Mid 60s gent (I'm early 60s gent, 62 to be precise).

My I'm spoilt at the moment, my two favourite lady posters on the same page!

Megan great post from you as always and it seems that 2014 is fast becoming quite the eventful year for you public loo wise. Walked in on twice, no bog roll, what other fate can befall you! Me bursting in on you perhaps? Lol. Seriously that no toilet paper situation happened to me once but I was in the unfortunate position of being in a fully enclosed cubicle so I couldn't call upon the assistance of a fellow toileteer so had no option but to use my handkerchief, not perfect but better than nothing. From then on I've always taken about five sheets of kitchen roll out with me to cover that contingency. You may recall a couple of years ago my wife and me were using a public loo and she had to do a number 2, it was set in a fairly rural location, anyway she texted me to the effect there was no loo roll so I went into the gents and "requisitioned" a spare roll for her and the cubicle! Keep up the good work Megan and hear from you soon x.

Jemma what can I say, another great story! I must say keeping with the above theme that you're quite economical in the use of the loo roll considering your prolific poo poo productions (that's a good piece of alteration, lol). My wife could take a lesson from you! Talking about wiping Jemma do you sit or stand to wipe? The reason I ask is that I thought everyone sat, except for me, until I saw my wife poo for the first time and not only does she stand to wipe but she scrunches up the paper too! Which category do you come under Jemma? Anyway you look after yourself my dear and I hope that horrid IBS doesn't cause you to many problems x.

So I mentioned that we had Piri Piri chicken and rice the other night. Well the effect on me was quite subtle inasmuch as I went for a number 2 just after I got up at 5.45 instead of between 9 and 10. Fortunately the urge to poo was prior to my taking a shower and it consisted of one very long turd and it wouldn't be exaggerating to say it was about 18" long, a bit more of a wipe up than usual the first one being like peanut butter on the paper and two more wipes.

On the other hand my wife got an urge to go so she made herself comfortable on the throne, going through her little ritual of course, and started to pee during which she have a wet fart with splattered the back of the pan followed by a couple of ragged turds! Apart from our respective different from normal toileting episodes no ill effects but in my case I am rather used to hot curries but this was my first piri piri!

Sorry to have taken up so much of your time.

Best wishes my Toiletstool friends.

John B xx


Housesitting With Brandon

This week I have one of the best babysitting jobs possible. I'm staying at the house of one of my former teachers who is out of town at a meeting on the east coast. Since she's recently divorced, she had no one to babysit for her 5-year-old son Brandon, who I thought had gotten me into some trouble last spring.

It was after school at my old junior high and I had been holding my wee for an hour or so. My last hour teacher was mean and wouldn't let anyone use the bathroom. So right after school, before meeting Miranda for the bus, I stopped in the nearest bathroom. It was gross, packs of toilet paper thrown about, three of the dozen or so stalls were plugged and there was water around them, and most of the others had unflushed poo--some with it higher than the water. It was going to be a quick wee so I put my head in one of the two no-door cubicles and decided to quickly seat myself. Since no one was around and I wouldn't be on the stool long, I pulled my red panties and faded blue jeans down to the floor and seated myself. I was encouraged when my wee started right off, but it quickly trickled off and I was in some bladder pain. I put my right hand and two fingers on my labia. As I sat I was startled to find a little boy, probably about 5, come running in and stopping inside my stall and starring me down with a dumb smile on his face. He had sweats on and was starting to pull them down, but I stopped him and told him to go on the other side of the panel. He was slow to move so I yelled at him and shoved him away from me, all without leaving my seat. He eventually went next door and I started to see wee spray every which way. Instead of pulling his sweats down all the way and lowering his pullups, he had his tiny organ on top of the elastic and it was throwing the wee wildly like a garden hose that's not held tight. I moved my feet because some of it was coming pretty close to my left shoe. Just then, a woman came running in looking for him, wondering what I was yelling about, and she immediately snatched him, tore his clothing to the ground and seated him on the toilet. She reminded him that he should go sitting down. Then she looked in on me and in an accusatory voice, asked what he had done that was so bad. I was embarrassed that she was doing this while I sat on the toilet and I gave her my explanation. She apologized a couple of times, actually three times I think, and said that Brandon was her son and that he had just taken off running from her classroom while she graded her students' papers.

When Brandon got down off the toilet, she asked me for some toilet paper because there was none left in his stall and she cleaned off the seat. She also wiped wee off the floor. She remembered me from her class the previous year and as she seated herself on the seat, she asked me about possibly babysitting sometime in the future. I said sure, although I got to thinking and Miranda later reminded me, that I might not be able to handle Brandon. Actually, he's been no problem the past four days and he seems to enjoy me. And she's also coached him well, because he's apologized a couple of times about what happened last spring. I think later this week when we're at the pumpkin patch I'm going to let him use the boys room alone. I think he's up to it!

Abby C

Good poop with ashley

Hi, today i was at my 5th period and my friend ashley was with me. Period 5 was free library. So we both went to the farthest bathrooms. Nobody was in the bathroom. Ashley was toilet shy and thats why we went to those bathrooms. So i went to the 1st stall. I locked the door, put down the toilet seat, pulled down my skinny jeans and underwear, and sat down. I pushed and my bum started to turn red. I pushed again and a poop plopped in the toilet i pushed again and 4 more logs came out. I wiped 6+ times pulled up my undies and jeans and flushed. Then later on during the last period i needed to poop again. So i left and pooped again.

Byby abby c xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alice great story it sounds like you had an interesting poop experience and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alexandra it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Sophia W first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kate first welcome to the site and it sounds like your body knew what needed to be done even if you didn't want to poop at that time it sounds like it saved you from a possible accident later on from the sound of it sure it was embarrassing but it could've been worse if you had waited and gotten a sudden urge while not near a bathroom and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Brittany first welcome to the site and great story about your friend.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Victoria B great pooping story.

To: Amanda first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough night at least you avoided a full blown accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Rachell great peeing story.

To: Abby great prank story.

To: Maria great set of storied it sounds like you just made to the toilet in time and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and then that janitor was so rude he should've been more considerate he should know that emergency's can happen and it sounds like you had some desperate poops in your last story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterward despite the embarrassment and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Accident Prone Fiance great story.

To: Ashleywet it sounds like you had a rough time.

To: Stephanie great story it sounds like you and that other both were desperate to poop and I bet both felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachypoo great set of stories.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



It seems as though I'm not the only one here filling their pants.

I'm average build. Nothing too fancy. I just got home from class after soiling my pants. I had gotten up and put on some high waisted jeans (very comfortable). My stomach had been upset the night before and I was kind of having those nasty farts that certainly... leave their mark. Like, not pooping myself everytime I farted, but probably somre leakeage. To add insult to it, one time when I went pee I leaked after badly enough I was damp down there.

I guess my stomach was upset because about halfway through class I had to leave as I was leaking into mupants. Like, I knew I needed to go but it just stsrted happening. This mushy, soft fudge was in my oants. And it was crackling, too. I'm pretty sure those around me noticed, too.

So, there you go. I pooped my pants out of nowhere.


Loud peeing funny quote

I heard a woman in front of me while leaving a highway rest area telling her husband, "With the way the woman was peeing in the stall next to me, I expected to hear the clip-clop of hooves and see a jockey on a horse come out of that stall."

I thought that was hilarious, but it got me thinking. I consider myself a moderately loud pee'er. When I have to go really bad it does get a little louder, but not like some women. Sometimes, even when I had to go bad it is nearly silent. Anyone else have this experience? - What gives?

Another thought that just crossed my mind. Why when men pee, they pee facing against objects (walls, bushes, car tires), but women place their back to objects leaving their face, "hooha" and stream highly visible?

Abby C

To Tlana

To Tlana: No my school provides seat covers in the bathrooms. They are hard to use because once i accidentley pooped on one. Byby abby c


To Christa:

Yes, rejection does hurt,especially when you know that it's from a parent. Stop trying to be normal, because you are! You may be a bit different, but that doesn't mean that you're not normal. Yes there are certain behaviors you might have like "stimming", that might make others feel uncomfortable, but that's your way of coping with stress. There's nothing wrong with being different. If we were all the same, it would be a pretty boring world. It sounds as if your sister also has some issues that need to be dealt with. This isn't uncommon in families where there is a person with special needs. Just remember that what's happening with your sister is NOT your fault. So far as the accident goes, try to calm down. If you've already started going wait until you're at a point where you can stop it, and then take your pullup and pants down. Keep trying to get to where you can realize that "the call of nature" means go into the bathroom NOW, not later. Something else you might want to try is intentionally holding your bladder when you have to go. In your case, it would probably be best to be on the toilet and hold it there as long as you can before letting it go. This may or may not help your control, as well as helping stretch your bladder to increase capacity. It sounds as if you are panicking when you get to the point where you have to hold yourself and hurry to the bathroom. This is probably what is pushing you "over the edge" in terms of maintaining control. The other thing is what your bladder capacity is. (Is it in the normal range for an adult"?) You can find this out for yourself. Put on one of your ATN's and get your bladder as full as possible and then let it go in the garment. Afterwards, weight the garment. 1 ounce weight is 1 ounce volume. A little look on Google will get you the info on adult bladder capacities. Hang in there and don't be so down on yourself about who you are. Cyber hugs to you.

Chole B

Church dump

This Sunday I took a huge dump during church class! Mid way through the services my stomach started making noises and really started to hurt! I had donuts and milk which was a really bad decision as I got up I could feel the poop wanting to come out! As I made my way to the ladies room there were 5 stalls and 4 were taken two were just peeing and the other two looked to be pooping I would soon join them. As I went in to the stall the girl next to me who looked to be about 12 was dropping really thick logs and let out a long deep fart! As I sat down I lifted my skirt and pulled my pink panties to my knees. I let out a torrent of liquid poop with an awful splat of farts! It was awful. A woman next me on the other side came in and peed and just left and the two others had also left so it was just ne and the 12 year old. I looked down and saw her cute white panties. She let out 2 logs and started to wipe. I was almost done also but I had to let out one more wave of poop so I did and it can out so fast and so loud! The toilet bowel water was completely brown!! I wiped 5 times and it all went down but I left a horrible smell and a skid mark! I Talked to the 12 year old and her name is Erin. She said her stomach was upset and didn't know what caused it. As j went back tony seat I had been gone for a good 10 minutes and my friend asked me if I was ok. Anyways more stories to come! Happy poopinh!



Kate: Welcome to the forum! Thank you for sharing and I hope that your episode at least helps with the poop shyness. While I prefer the privacy of my own home, I will go to in public restrooms to prevent accidents, or to save myself the discomfort of holding it in for long periods of time! Hope you are well!

Alexandra: I am so sorry about your accident! Hope you are well!

Brianna: I am glad that your most recent episode with an inopportune bowel movement did not turn out like the first. Hope you are well!

Love to all!


Jane the Poop
Hey everyone. I have been a little constipated but my poop feels nice and ready and so I'm going to poop right now while I write about it.

Okay I'm sitting on the seat now and my butt cheeks are pulled apart slightly by the seat. I am in a department store that is somewhat quiet using my phone to type. My first piece of poop is beginning to crown, my tight butthole is expanding more and more each moment. My poop has grown to about 8 inches, I can see when I look into the bowl but it is still coming out of my butthole. It is now curling around the bowl and I am feeling some relief. That piece of poop broke off and another is now readying itself inside my butt to be pushed into the bowl. Someone just took the stall next to me. I think she is just going to pee. My second large piece of shit has now begun to exit my butthole, again inching along as I push lightly. My neighbor has finished peeing but is staying seated. She has now farted and I suspect she may poop too! I have leaned back to look at her through the crack in the stalls. She is probably in her twenties with short black hair. She is leaning forward and because she is in the handicap stall, there is a several inch gap between the toilet seat and the toilet, so I can see the poop coming out of her and I can also see a length of poop under the seat. She is pooping really quite quickly. Many big poops are easing out of her butthole so nicely and I am becoming turned on by it! Plop, plop, small cute grunt, plop. Meanwhile I am on poop number six, still feeling quite full and ready to make some more poop.

The girl now has an incredibly thick, round dark brown piece coming from her butt and it appears to be moving very slowly. My own large piece has crowned, piece number seven, and we have been joined by another neighbor on the other side of me. I lean back to watch her take her seat as I am feeling a bit bold, and she is an older Asian woman who actually pops a squat on this seat. Her first shit crackles loudly and plop plop plop plop plop plop! She is making quick poop.

I myself am now making my twelfth poopie, so I reach back and flush the toilet. I am turning back to the young girl. She is now standing and hovering over the toilet with a long thick poop moving at a healthy speed out of her butthole and I can hardly handle it. I wonder why she is standing until it drops and I can see there is so much poop that this turd sits on top of the water, high enough above the rim that I can see it. I wonder what she'll do! The Asian woman has also flushed once and continues to poop more... I can hardly believe all of us are making such massive poops. Again with the plop plop plop plop plop plop, fart, grunt, plop plop plop, flush. More poop. I have a big piece that has my butthole stretched to capacity and I'm holding it where it is because I like the feeling. It has it's own thoughts however, because it is forcing it's way out, making way for a series of shorter 6" logs to plop plop plop poop their way out of my butthole. I am now done but I'm going to stay to watch these two women have these incredible poops! I am nearly suffocating but it's okay.

I am looking back at young girl and she is now on her feet on the rim of the toilet, poop-poop-pooping more and more large turds. I am stunned by this display of poopmanship. I can see every piece land as the pile is well above the toilet rim and has stained it in parts. She makes a big fart and then relaxes her body. I think she is done. She stands back up and poops out yet another giant piece and somehow I am still surprised she has more poop to make!

The Asian woman has wiped and is sitting there probably enjoying the sounds as I am or resting. Her plops were so loud being so far from the water. I think I see the tip of another poop coming out...yep! Last one, and she wipes and leaves.

Meanwhile, I guess I wasn't done pooping as my own butthole has yet again expanded and I fill bowl number four, a big poop splashing into the bowl just as I wanted it to. I didn't want the young girl to think I was just listening to her.

The girl has finished. She is wiping and putting the paper in the trash can. I can see the mountain of poop in the pot... my god she must have held it for weeks! She simply pulls up her pants and leaves without flushing or washing her hands! Wow!

As for me, my own pooping surprisingly continues as poop after poop continues to push out my butthole. It feels so good and I wrap up the pooping, flush and wash my hands, enjoying the last of the smell the three of us made! Good pooping experience! Wow! I looked in the young girls bowl and it looks like ten people have pooped in it. While I was looking in (now I have left the bathroom), the girl came back in the bathroom and went into another stall and began to grunt again. You've gotta be kidding me! More splashing, more grunting, more pooping. It seemed to be endless!

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