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School Teacher Kaylee

Pooping at work

Hello everyone my name is Kaylee and im a school teacher. For my post today im going a story of me pooping at work. I was teaching my kindergarten class how to add. And I really had to go #2. I told my assistant to watch the kids for about maybe 15 mins. So i walked to the girls room. I entered and I think two 2nd graders were on the toilet. I took the middle stall and locked it. I turned around and pulled down my cackies and red hearted panties to my ankles and plopped my booty on the potty. I started to push and runny poop came farting out for 10 seconds. I pushed again and a 12" piece fell in there. I pushed a few more times and the bowl was filled I wiped about 6+ times flushed and left. Well everybody I guess that's it for today. Hugs and kisses everybody. Love Kaylee


Peed a Little too Hard

Something funny and a little weird happened this morning. I woke up at around 9 in the morning and had to pee really bad. I didn't pee before I went to bed the night before so my bladder was bursting. I hurried to the bathroom, pulling my shorts down as I sat on the toilet. Usually, when I pee, I sit with my legs together and have my forearms kind of resting on my thighs. I also lean forward just a tiny bit. This time though, I don't know what it was, but I was just so sleepy. My eyes were heavy and I just wanted to go back to bed. Sitting comfortably on the toilet certainly didn't help. As a result I was nodding on and off as the loud tinkling of my pee filled the room. I leaned back, resting against the lid and I spread my legs wide open. It was just more comfortable that way. I also started pushing my pee out. I usually just relax and let it flow, but I really wanted to lie back down in bed, so I guess I was hurrying up the process by forcing it out. The tinkling quickly turned into a gush, as my pee came out harder. I kept forcing it out, then my stream suddenly got way stronger and arced over the toilet! I guess leaning back with my legs wide open, combined with my forceful urination was enough for my pee to shoot forward over the front of the seat and onto the floor. I kept going like that for several seconds, then I finally realized I wasn't peeing into the toilet anymore. I quickly cut off the flow then assumed my regular position: legs closed and leaning forward, the resumed peeing. The only problem now was that my feet were in the puddle of pee in front of the toilet. Gross. I finished peeing and, still half asleep, I pulled my shorts back up and cleaned up the mess I made on the floor. After that I went straight to bed. It wasn't until an hour later, when I woke up again that I fully realized what happened in the bathroom. Needless to say, I got a good laugh out of it.

Chloe B

Pajama day poop

Hi Chloe back again! This happened in 4 th grade on pajama day. I was wearing a turquoise button up shirt with matching pants and slippers now every year they have pajama day and during the day students do nothing except watch movies,eat,and drink hot chocolate. Hot chocolate upsets my stomach every time I drink it!! I made the mistake of drinking 3 whole cups!! At the end of the day it all began to hit me! We were in the middle of reading and I felt the urge to poop SO BAD. I quickly asked my teacher if I could go to the girls room and she said yes! I ran out of the class around the corner to the bathroom. The bathroom had 4 stalls facing the left 2 were in use one girl looked to be pooping the other just peed so I entered pulled my pants and panties to my knees and let out a torrent of liquid diareaha!!! It just kept running and running!! I let out long gurgley farts and liquid poop just kept on coming! As I got passed my first wave it smelled so bad and I noticed that 2 other 5th graders came in one complained of the smell and the other agreed. They both took the stalls right of me and they girl next to me started to poop. She let out a short this of a log then 3 plops came. Another wave hit me and more diareaha came out and silence fell upon us broken up by the other girls flush as she only peed. She complained to her friend that she was taking a long time and the girl next to me replied that her stomach was hurting too! She let put 4 plops and then a fart then wiped and flushed and then left. As I was the only one left I felt ok and started to wipe. I wiped 6 times and then flushed. As I returned my friend haley asked me if I was ok and I said yes just had an upset stomach. For the rest of that day I didn't have any more diareaha and enjoyed the rest of the day!
More stories to come!!-Chloe B



My name is Emma. I'm 35, wife, mother of one. I work full time and am working on an MBA at night. Last weekend I was working on a midterm but really needed to use the bathroom. I didn't want to stop working so I held it. The need kept getting worse but I just sat there wiggling in my seat and typing away. I sat on my heel for a while, then the other, I typed with one hand so I could use the other to hold myself. Finally I was near bursting. I knew I needed to go to the bathroom but I was almost done with a section and wanted to finish it first. A couple of minutes later I suddenly lost a squirt of pee into my panties. I stopped the flow quickly and clamped my thighs together, but a second later I lost it again and this time it was a good two or three seconds. I felt my whole crotch turn hot and wet and onto my butt and upper thighs of my blue jeans. I clamped tight, squeezed hard, and jumped up and hobbled to the bathroom, both hands in my now wet crotch. I made it into the bathroom but before I could even shut the door the site of the toilet was too much for my aching bladder to resist and I lost control again, but there was no stopping it this time and I just stood there laughing as I totally peed down my legs until I had completely soaked myself and left a small puddle on the tile beneath me. My husband and son were out, thankfully, so they didn't see it happen. I did tell my hubby later that night and he found it amusing. I just chalk it up to dedication to my studies. :)


Visitation to Another High School

Yesterday me and my friend Miranda were part of a group of 10 from our school that went on a citywide sponsored school visitation. The high school our group visited was a school a bit smaller than ours in a suburb. The building is much newer and the bathrooms are surprisingly very different.

The three girls rooms I used were in much better shape than the ones at our school. The bathrooms were a little smaller with like five stalls in each. The toilets were much more modern with white seats instead of black and they were a couple of inches lower (important to those of us who are shorter and find it less comfortable sitting on the higher toilets), and the lighting was much better. All but one was flushed when I walked by and on the back of each toilet's wall was a holder about the size of a lot of computer screens. You pulled a lever down (it took me three times to get it to work) and you pull off a white seat gasket. Its kind of a hassle trying to open it and once I figured it out and tried to place it over my seat, I found it covered only about 80% of the seat. I used it, though, and I was successful three times using one. (Once to poo and twice to wee). My escort for the day from that school was Mistee, who is on their student council and she said the gaskets are available in the boys rooms too and that about half of her friends use them. I found it interesting that Mistee doesn't use one when she sits for a fast wee, but she does when she has a poo. She said she's seated for a lot longer then. Also, the girls rooms don't have individual sinks and mirrors in front of them. Rather there's a mirror along the wall at the end of the toilets but there's a circular fountain like sink that requires you to step on a pedal and then the water falls onto your hands. There's also several soap dispensers attached to it. Also each of the stalls has a latching door and the privacy is much greater. On the inside of the door are posters of announcements about club meetings, a battle of the bands, and a blood drive coming up. Mistee said that flushing the seat gaskets down has caused some of the toilets to back up.

I never thought much about it before. I guess its interesting to compare bathrooms among various schools. I had no problem getting my pee stream going on the smaller toilets, but the ass gasket got torn quickly when I moved my legs. My morning poo came as fast as it usually does and overall I enjoyed my day at a different school. Miranda liked the bathrooms better, too, but wasn't up to trying the ass gasket.


In the First grade.

I never had much to post on here but I can think of some small things. One time back in 87 in the 1st grade me and the boys where peeing in a urinal( one of those long ones) there was a little piece of poop in there, and me and the boys where standing over it peeing on it and it was going around like it was an air hockey table.

casey m

to annie

Which episode of shin chan is it that mitzi has a accident I couldn't find it.

Victoria B.

Birth of the pink plunger

Bria (hope you felt better after getting rid of that sludgy dump!) asked about the circumstances that led to me being given my pink toilet plunger. Alcohol was involved; alcohol, a toilet brush, and a visit to the bathroom that turned out differently from what I'd expected.

I was over at my friend Caroline's apartment for one of our pizza and wine nights (this was a little over a year ago). The ingredients are simple: we each buy a bottle of wine and then we pool money together to get a few pizzas. Once the pizza arrives, we eat, drink, and hang out. On this occasion, though, the pizzas were a bit late and we needed to find a way to pass the time. We found it all right, inside of the four brown paper bags sitting next to us in the living room. To paraphrase an old saying, the road to the pink plunger was paved with good intentions...

I honestly don't drink very often; once per week would be a pretty good estimate. I'm also somewhat of a lightweight, unusual for a girl of my size (I'm 5'9"). Lack of food only lowers my tolerance, which was obvious by the time the pizzas arrived. I'd been up all night working on a paper and grading the day before so I was ready to go hard on this particular Friday night. Fortunately, Vanessa, Caroline, and Monica were too and things quickly got wild. A comically botched game of Jenga broke out, one that was interrupted by the arrival of the pizza. By this time, I was a little more than halfway through my bottle and Vanessa wasn't far behind.

I killed the bottle by the time I finished two pieces. Halfway through the third, my stomach decided that I'd had enough. I was drunk and starting to feel it, a state betrayed by my poorly aimed attempt to sit on one of Caroline's couches. Monica helped me up and got me a glass of water. She asked, "Are you okay? Do you need to lay down for awhile?" I somehow managed to slur out, "Not well. Needthetoilet. Gonnabesick," between gulps of water. I stumbled off in the general direction of the bathroom while Monica offered to come with me but I turned her down. I finally shambled my way into the bathroom, nearly running into Caroline on her way out. "She's all yours, Vicky!" were her words of encouragement. I just wanted to throw up and pass out but I had something else in store.

Setting my glasses down on the sink, I put the seat up and mentally readied myself. I assumed the position and waited. And waited. My stomach still felt terrible but nothing was coming out. An idea suddenly occurred to me: what about the other end? If not my mouth, what about my butt? I put the toilet seat back down and went about getting undressed. My white skinny jeans were followed to my ankles by my black and white striped panties. Once that was done, I sat down, put my glasses back on, and got ready.

It was not much longer after blasting a huge fart that I unleashed a deluge of the foulest smelling muck in my entire lifetime of pooping. Thirty seconds of pure butt mud left the air foul enough to peel the paint from the walls and I was nowhere near finished. Two more torrential bursts of semisolid crap followed another fart. I caught my breath and peed, hoping that the worst was over. It was, but three solid logs of about my normal size thudded into the porcelain swamp. I slowly got up to examine the damage and my suspicions were confirmed: there was no way this load would go down on its own. Caroline's toilet was a little better than my own but I had no expectation for it to be able to handle this horse-sized load.

I searched in vain for a plunger, putting off wiping until I was sure that none could be had. Disappointed, I decided to wipe. I used half of the roll but eventually the job got done and I redressed my lower half. It was time to get my industrial runoff-grade poop out of my friend's toilet bowl. I grabbed the toilet brush and chopped the three solid turds into a more manageable size. Everything went down but it took three flushes. I cleaned the bowl
with the brush and walked out into another eye-opening scene. Apparently the walls didn't provide enough sonic insulation and my friends overheard everything. They asked what had happened and so I tried to explain. When I got to the part about not finding a plunger, they burst out laughing and Vanessa said, "Don't worry about that. You're birthday's in about a month. We've got something in mind just for you." Did they. It was the pink plunger! I'm happy to say that it has served me well ever since.


Mina and Christa Response

Greetings. Mina, your English is quite good enough to be understood. It is not perfect of course, and does show clearly that you are a native Japanese speaker, (I can tell by the way you structure your sentences and order your words) but it's easily readable. And in my eyes that's what counts. Your story was quite humorous, so please don't get discouraged and go away on us just yet. As for Christa, I'm happy you are doing better and sincerely hope that this trend continues. Being an Aspie myself, I know how much we Auties and Aspies love our routines. If you've made regular bathroom visits part of your routine, that probably makes a difference. The nocturnal enuresis is annoying to be sure, but I'd take that any day over daytime accidents. As for your uncontrolled urination shortly after waking, which if I remember has happened to you before, I'm not surprised. The body is strange when not quite awake. And it's a fact that most of us wake up with full bladders. Given your situation, I don't find your experience all that surprising. Looking on the bright side, at least you were wearing protection that didn't let you down, or perhaps I should say wet you down. :) I'm not sure what is causing the nocturnal enuresis, so I'm not going to even bother offering advice. All I can say is that I know from long experience that it can take time and much trial and error to find solutions that work. It might be liquid limiting, timed voiding during the night, an alarm or medication. For me it was a combination of medication (DDAVP) and sheer willpower. Until then, at least from my experience, the best thing to do is use something absorbent enough to keep you dry all night and keep a protective sheet over the mattress just in case. And finally, on a related side note to no one specific, have any of you ever heard of people choosing to go in bed rather than face getting out of the warm covers and walking through the cold house to the bathroom? I long ago heard a story about a friend's 17 year old sister whose room was in the cold attic of an old house. In a disgusted tone, she told me how her sister had apparently gotten sick of walking all the way from the attic to the downstairs bathroom at night. She only discovered this upon finding an open pack of adult diapers in said sister's room and confronting her about them. As you may well imagine, she told their mother, who was not at all pleased. I actually felt rather bad for the sister, as I grew up in an old, cold farm house whose floors were icy and whose windows often had frost on them on winter mornings. I've heard that pull-up type diapers are controversial because some parents say the child will just use that in bed instead of getting up to use the toilet, so I'm curious as to whether any adults have ever done something similar. I never had the nerve, as my parents were extremely strict with us. Anyway, way to go Christa! And Mina, if anyone gives you trouble about your English, you can tell them that a writer who knows a lot about English and grammar says it's just fine. You will improve with time and practice. Thanks for putting up with my long posts, and have a fantastic Halloween.


To Christa:

Hey Christa, that's great!!!!! Keep up the good work. Remember not to get discouraged when you do have accidents. I liked the way you handled the wetting when you woke up and seemed to just take it in stride. Way to go!!!!


The Mother Next Door

Some people would like to know more about my next door neighbours. Here goes:
I mentioned that our houses had adjacent downstairs toilets and paper thin walls! Living next door was a couple in their early 40s and their 18 year old daughter. By accident I had heard both the man and his daughter use the downstairs toilet in quick succession and by simply putting my ear to the wall I could hear what they were doing very easily.

At about teatime one afternoon I saw the mother walking up their drive on her way home from work. Thinking of my own habits it occurred to me that she may wish to use the toilet soon after arriving home. I quickly went into my own downstairs toilet and waited. I heard their front door open and she called something out, getting a reply from her daughter. Only seconds later I heard their toilet door open and close, with the bolt being pushed home.

Almost immediately I could hear the sound of their distinctive toilet roll holder as paper was pulled from it. Then there was a rustling which could have been clothes being disturbed and then a familiar tinkling sound. After only a few seconds this was replaced by a drumming sound which I worked out was pee hitting the water in the pan with some force. After what seemed a long while, but was really about 30 seconds, this died away to the tinkling sound again which gradually stopped.

I heard no more paper being pulled so I assumed she had pulled enough to dry herself before she started, because the toilet flushed soon after and I heard the door being unbolted and opened. I was soon to realise that the mother had this distinctive habit of pulling the paper she needed first, before sitting on the toilet.

Curious as to the morning habits of the family I made sure that I was in my downstairs toilet good and early before they rose from their beds. I was aware that they did have an upstairs toilet [inaudible to me] in their bathroom and that they may prefer to use that, but I waited in hope.

I had almost given up when I heard footsteps on their stairs and sure enough very soon after I heard their toilet door opened, closed and bolted. Immediately came the sound of paper being pulled from the roll on the wall. It was the mother!

What I heard was almost a repetition from the evening before, tinkling, drumming and tinkling again. Another lengthy pee, but her bladder would have been full after a night's sleep. After the tinkling had stopped there was silence. For quite a while - nothing, then the faintest "mmmmm". Another silence and another "mmmmm", a bit louder this time, followed by a very distinct fart. A third "mmmm" was followed by a 'kerplonk', "ahhh!" and 'splish, splish, splish'. That was evidently all that there was to come as the toilet flushed about 30 seconds later and I heard the door open and footsteps going back up the stairs.

Before many days had passed I had managed to put together a fair picture of the toilet habits of the mother next door. Most days the mother would go downstairs to have a poo while her husband and daughter got dressed and used the bathroom. She invariably pulled her paper before sitting down on the toilet. She would also use the toilet as soon as she got home from work. I particularly appreciated the force with which she peed, causing that 'trademark' drumming sound. I was ready and waiting to listen most days!


Worst possible time to have an accident?

Hi everyone, back again. This time I'm happy to say that I'm not here to talk about having an accident in my pants! I've managed to keep my panties clean since the small accident I had sitting in my office a few weeks ago. What I came to post was a question that I had been thinking about...

What do you think would be the worst possible time/place to poop your pants?

Obviously those of us who have had accidents probably feel our situations were very mortifying- I know I was practically scarred for life this past summer that time I pooped in my pants in front of clients while showing a house- but I talked to an old friend recently who had a story worse than mine about her sister that made me realize just how unlucky you can be! Her sister was doing her student teaching and was working with a high school English class. It was towards the end of the term and she was doing most of the lessons by then. One day her supervisor was going to be there to observe and she had to knock it out of the park...well, the poor girl must have been really nervous because she got an upset stomach and wound up completely messing her panties in the classroom in front of her students, the supervisor and the teacher. She was wearing a long skirt and her load was fairly loose, so whatever didn't stay in her panties wound up on the devastating! I have to say it made me realize my accident could have been WAY worse.

So, nightmare scenarios anyone? It doesn't have to be something that actually happened, just wondering what you think WOULD be the worst moment to poop your pants?


Lurker Sam

To Mina

I have been an active follower of this site for longer than I can even remember anymore. I'll break this habit now just to say this to Mina;

Please for the love of sweet Jesus do not stop writing ;w;
I absolutely love your stories. They are well structured and always interesting. Please do not worry about your English, it is perfectly understandable and you will get better at it with time as you (hopefully) write a lot more. Besides, the way you structure your stories makes it easy to read, and it's not like everyone here writes perfect English.

Not sure if the site accepts Japanese characters but here goes:

(In case the characters don't show, I just wanted to say that you should definitely keep writing with your friends. I'm sure everyone would love to hear more.)


Kazuko's story, part 3

OK so we are Sunday morning now. About 8 o'clock I opened eyes. Kazuko still sleeping, shaped like shrimp, her bottom touching my stomach. But soon she turned and faced me, and bit after that she opened eyes. And saw me and smiled at once, big warm smile. She seems so happy person! even with horrid mother who doesn't allow her to do things which very necessary.
You slept well? I asked.
So so well!! I feel so good. said Kazuko.
So we got out of bed and went for wee and brushed our teeth and started to prepare breakfast, we had Western breakfast with egg and bacon and toast and coffee. And after breakfast Kazuko said, I'm going back in loo. Because I think intestines worked while I sleeping and they are full again. I said, take your time. Your mother is far away.
Kazuko asked, how about you Mina, do you need loo? I said no. My intestines maybe didn't work in the night.
So Kazuko went into loo. And I soon noticed it was plops, not burururururu sound like waterfall. I was happy because kazuko back to normal. After about 8 minutes I went to loo door and asked, Kazu are you OK? She said, I'm fine, I feel good, no pain at all. I went back to kitchen and soon I heard washlet, but then I heard 2 more plops, and I thought, Kazu is having good time. She came out a bit later and said, I'm back to normal I think, thank you for last night Mina.

About 11 o'clock Hisae and Maho came to my flat with pork and cabbage and shrimp, and we began to cook Japanese pancake called okonomiyaki, we put in lots of cabbage because we all like, we are great vegetable eater, maybe that's why we do so big motions. And we ate and ate, because we were hungry. Kazuko was very hungry!

After lunch Hisae went into loo for motions, she often does that, she goes 2 or 3 times a day she says. So no surprise. but after she came out, Maho went in. And after about 6 minutes she was still there, so I went to the door again. "Maho are you OK?" But as I said that I heard huge plop. I surprised because Maho never did motions in my flat before. This was first time. Maho said she was OK and sorry but she wanted to stay more time. Of course OK, I went back to main room and told others Maho was doing motions and was OK. After that we heard many plops, Maho was doing very very big one. But OK. We talked about other things and didn't think of Maho as she was OK. And we watched TV.

When Maho came out of the loo she said, "I feel relief. Because I didn't go for nearly a week." I asked her, "Constipated?" and she said yes. Then she said, " I feel so relaxed when I am with you three my friends because you are so wonderful friends, so my stomach said OK to me!" with strong warm voice.

Kazuko heard that and she started to cry again. Maho said, "Why are you crying?" Kazuko cried louder and said, wait a bit, then she stopped crying and told Maho and Hisae about Saturday night. But she didn't say about my doing motions after her. When she finished telling, she still crying and Maho took her hand and Hisae went behind her and started to massage her shoulders. Hisae is very good at massage. Kazuko stopped crying at last and Hisae said, can I massage Mina a bit? And Kazuko said, "Please massage Mina a lot! Because she is so kind." (I don't think so.) So Hisae started to massage me. I began to cry and Kazuko and Maho came to me. Why I cried so much and Kazuko too? But it was so good banding experience. Finally I told truth and said, I did motions too and Kazuko stayed with me not to leave me alone. Maho had so warm face. Hisae suddenly shouted, happy end! Let's go to shopping mall and enjoy. So we went to shopping mall and did window shopping and then went to cinema and saw movie.

I am very very very lucky woman. I never forget Maho's warm face at end. Maho's face is full of love, she loves Hisae and Kazuko and me all same. She is such nice girl. We all love her. And we all love Kazuko and Hisae, and I know my three friends love me so much. We always look each other with warm face. Maybe among us, only Hisae will marry, she has a boyfriend but they often fight so not sure. But even if I don't marry, I will never feel lonely. My friends' faces all so full of love. Hisae has poker face, but we can feel her love in her voice and her massage.

Maho and Hisae and Kazuko all say, it's OK to put their stories on this site. and if I find interesting story, please translate for them. So I will and in fact I already did a few times. They like this site and they say yoroshiku to all people on this site, yoroshiku means best regards. But Kazuko said, except woman who said gross when other woman did extra motion after flushing loo. I got so angry about that, Kazuko too, and I called her female dog on this site but Ms Moderator changed it into question marks. I asked my host brother in Wales, is it bad to say word begins with b and means female dog, he said, very bad, so I never say again, but I hope that woman never say gross again because that hurt the other woman so much.

I say no more for now. It's long story, but my heart is very very full. I never forget this happening. Not only Kazuko's violent motion but also communication with her and Hisae and Maho. So Bye-bye for now, but I will be back soon with new story I hope. No, not HOPE, I WILL be back. With support of three lovely, lovely lovely friends.

Love to all of you, and take care.

Happy Mina


10 Min Dump

Hey y'all meg here. im writing this post as im sitting on the toilet taking a Dump. ican already feel the tip of a huge turd making its way out. a tiny pebble sized turd just dropped. ican tell by the size of this dump that im going to be on the toilet for awhile. im sitting her on my tiptoes waiting for this turd to drop. im pushing alittle. more little turds dropped. im still pushing more little turds dropped. im about to drop this huge turd it just landed in the bowl with a huge splash. follwed by another turd medium sized. this huge turd ijust dropped broken in half and halfmis sticking out the of the toilet and the other half is above the water. im still dropping little turds. im back on my tiptoes . im still hearing little turds drop. im pushing out the last turd. it landed with a plop. ijust looked at my dump in the bowl its full of turds very enjoyable dump. enjoy meg.


reply to Jade

Hi Jade,
I am 27 :)
No it's not weird i think a lot of ppl find it comforting.
the feeling of releasing my desperate poos are fantastic especially if i've been holding it a while.
i am getting less nervous about pooing in public, in fact i quite enjoy it.
looking forward to more of your stories!
Take care, Jemma x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C as another great story it sounds like you had a great poop while camping and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alexandra first welcome to the site and great it sounds like you just made with no time to spare at least it wasn't a flow blown accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Christa that's good your doing well.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you and Kazuko both had great poops and you were both able to help each other out and her mom shouldn't tell her that its going to cause more problems like constipation and possible accidents she should just take her time and try to get her mom to understand and also you are doing a great job writing I haven't had any trouble understanding you sure there are misspellings sometimes but you do such a good job in the way you write it that it easy to figure out what your trying to say and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster it sounds like your sister in law had a pretty rough day but everyone handled it well fro the sound of it.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like you just made it toilet just in time.

To: Anna first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like and that other girl both had good poops and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Heidi first welcome to the site and great set of stories I look forward to reading anymore you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, October 30, 2014

John H


Hi all.
Long time no post
@DonK, welcome. Enjoyed your post. Great catch, hope you share more stories.
@Jade, hi and thanks for posting. Looking forward to lots more stories from you.
I have some questions for you, if you don't want to answer any of them that's fine.
How long have you enjoyed going to the toilet and what part do you like most. I love slowly releasing a thick log that feels so good on the way out.
Do you like to hold your poo in and if you do how long do you hold it for?
Does your period affect your poo in any way?
Have you got any stories from youR work yet?
@Abbie, I enjoyed your latest post. Sounds like you got on the toilet just in time.
Shout out to @Brandon T and @MR Clogs and everyone else.
John H

Abby C


Hi, a few weeks me and my family went in Maine. The first day me, my mom, and my sister were swimming. So i came out of the water to tell my mom that i needed to use the bathroom and kate did also. So me and her went to the girls room the stalls had no doors or seats. So i chose the first when Kate chose the second i pulled my short-shorts to the floor. I pushed and let out a long wet fart and a log fell in and water splashed all over my bum. A few more logs splashed in the toilet. I wiped my buttcheeks and buttcrack and butthole and left with Kate. Bye Abby C xoxoxoxo

halloween stories

in honor of halloween does anyone have any stories of people having the crap (or pee) scared out of them??


Sort of almost kind of accident

I didn't know places like this existed but I guess you can find anything on the internet now? My name is Alexandra, I'm 27, single, working in a cubicle for a big company. Friday I was in meetings most of the afternoon and only had time to pee and when it was time to leave I didn't need to go bad at the moment so I just drove home. But traffic was a little bad and it took longer than I thought and soon I really needed to poop bad. I decided to keep driving since I wasn't far from my apartment. But sitting and driving made it hard to hold and soon I was on the verge of losing it. I tried to keep it in but I felt it start to come out anyway and I couldn't help but push and I felt the poop move down and my whole body went hot and tingly. The poop hit my panties and I had to push again but the car seat stopped it! I sat there for a second, trying both to stop it and push involuntarily but it didn't have anywhere to go and finally I regained control and pulled most of it back inside but a little broke off from the end. I could feel it kind of stuck between my butt cheeks. I made it home a few minutes later. I carefully got out of my car, made it up the stairs, got inside the apartment, barely holding on. I threw my purse down and started unzipping my skirt, waddling as fast as I could. I dropped my skirt and kicked off my heels as I got to the bathroom door. I was turtleheading at that point and barely got my panties down as I started to sit before the poop shot out into the toilet. I let out a huge sigh of relief and finished going and cleaned up. I checked the damage to my light grey panties and had a pretty bad hershey mark in back obviously. I washed them by hand and then threw them in the laundry. So I sort of had an accident, but not really. At least that's what I'm telling myself this time. haha

im still doing super good getting to the toilet in time. this is the longest ive ever gone with so few day accidents. my mom told me yesterday how proud she is of my efforts. that made me feel really good. i didnt make it to the toilet in time first thing this morning. i woke up about 2 hours later than usual. my diaper was really swollen but this new brand is so good at not leaking at night. i immediately felt how bad i had to pee. im never really at myself when i first wake up cuz i sleep so hard so it didnt click at first til i dribbled. i peed all the way down the hall. when i got to the toilet i got my pajamas down and my soaked diaper off. i tried to get anything left into the toilet but i had completely finished in my diaper. i felt kinda bad but i did real good the rest of the day which felt great. a couple close calls and a few dribbles but nothing major at all. :)


Answers to Maria's survey

1. Last place you peed or pooped at?

Pooped at the mega-theatre yesterday afternoon when I had Philippe a 7-year-old I babysit with me; peed an hour ago at a BP station when Miranda, Cara-Lin and I were out riding our bikes.

2) If out in public, do you wait until everyone's gone? No. It use to be a hassle for me about what to do in a situation like that, but now I just excuse myself or direct our bike route toward the park or convenience store where I know there's a bathroom. Miranda will usually come in with me and go/try to go too. Cara-Lin won't sit on a public seat without an ass-gasket.

3) If you can chose anyplace to pee besides at home, where is it at? Whatever is closest and has the least number of persons in the lines. Often that means I will take the cubicle without the door when it becomes available. I just don't see any need to hold something in that's going to cause me pain or discomfort.

4)If you can choose anyplace to poop at besides home, where is it at? The homes of my friends, if I'm over there visiting them. My poo comes pretty fast (so I'm not hogging the bathroom) and my mom showed me how I can flush once or twice before I start wiping so there's less chance of me clogging or overflowing the toilet.

5) Have you ever been on the toilet for so long that you couldn't get anything out? Yes, that sometimes happens when I'm trying to wee at school and other large public places and I'm seeing eyeballs through the cracks looking at me or someone says something snotty like "I think the little girl has fallen asleep" because at 3'5" my feet don't reach the floor when I'm seated. But I'm like 14 and there's some things I just can't change!

6) Would you be nervous for the opposite sex to see you on the toilet? No. It's happened several times with the young boys I babysit because they are too young to go to the mens room on their own. And my best friends (who I've written about)such as Lorenz and Noah sometimes go into public bathrooms with me so we can talk and hang out while I/they use the toilet.


Accident clean up

If you know a poop accident may happen, you can prepare for a quick clean up. Here's what you'll need. 2 large 30 gal trash bags, a 5 gal plastic bucket, latex gloves, scissors, a sink with running water and a large roll of paper towels.
Now that you have a mess in your pants, here's what you do. Put on the latex gloves. Spread one large plastic bag on the floor, line the bucket with the other one and put the bucket in the center of the bag on the floor. Standing over the bucket, cut off the pants and underwear and let them drop into the bucket. Begin wiping with a handful of paper towels to get rid of the majority of the mess, putting the towels in the bucket. (using enough toilet paper and putting it in the toilet would likely plug it up) Once the majority of the mess is cleaned up, wet paper towels to complete the process.
Now all you have to do is tie the bag in the bucket closed and dispose of it. Shower as soon as you can.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: DonK great catch please any other stories like that you may have thanks.

To: Abby C great set of stories it sounds like you and you sister both had good poops and it sounded like she was kind of desperate and I look forward to your next post thanks and it sounds like you really to go a lot at church and I bet you felt good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kate C first welcome to the site I look forward to reading your stories.

To: Bria great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and just made it to the toilet in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jade great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and just made it in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jemma great desperate poop story as always.

To: LadyLooLoo great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Never feel ashamed. Reply to Adrian

Reply for Adrian.

I agree with your posting that there is no sense getting mortified over accidents in our pants. I am convinced a great many men and women have them, genuine caught out and cannot hold it accidents. Many people seem to get really shamed by something that could happen to anyone.

I was lucky in that I gre up in a house where accidents were accepted as being part of life's rich pattern. Several times I peed or pooped myself on the way home from school because I hated the school toilets. My Dads underpants were often quite stained and looking back on those times now I suspect Mum and Dad may have got off on pee and poop.

A few days ago I wet my pants walking home from the pub. It was not really an accident and it made me feel good so I have no regrets. When I was in my twenties I had a friend who I discovered had accidents in his pants and we were able to enjoy quite a lot of such experiences together.


Kazuko's story, part 1

Hi everyone, I have new story about my friend Kazuko, she said OK to tell this story. She likes this site and my other friends too but they don't post because they not confident about their English. This story is long story so I divide into 2 or 3 parts so you don't need yawn.

Anyway Kazuko came to my house Saturday evening and brought night things with her because she planned to stay over night. We made dinner together and ate it but she didn't eat so much, I surprised because Kazuko is normally very big eater. Me too, but she eat more when she is with me because at home she can't eat so much, her mother say not ladylike to eat lot and not ladylike to do motion so do only little one every time and finish quickly so everyone think it is only wee. And her mother get very very angry, so Kazuko scared. I think, not ladylike to get so much angry.

Late in evening Kazuko made strange face and started breathe hard. I said, Kazuko are you OK? She said, Noooo….stomach hurts. I said, go to loo and take longtime, your mother not here. She said, I'm constipated since Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, don't remember exactly. I want to stay in loo until motion come out but my mother…. So motion never come out and now I am full of motion.

So she limped to loo with difficult and close door and I hear her sit down. And after wee, I hear Uuuuuh, Uuuuuh but no plop sound. I say to her, take it easy, you have lot of time. She said hai, that is Japanese for yes. And thank you she said.

But after about 5 minutes, I hear moan "Aaaah" and then louder Aaaah. So I went to loo and opened door little bit. "Are you OK Kazu?" "No….it hurts…. it hurts….aaaah….aaaah" " Shall I come in?" "Yes, come in, stay with me….aaaah…."

So I went in and on my knees next to loo and hold her hand, than I try to massage her stomach a bit and also lower back. Suddenly very loud AAAH and then another one and Kazuko breathed strongly and then BRRRAPPP SPLAT sound, very big one, Kazuko gave huge Aaaaah, then five seconds later big big explosion from her bottom, about 10 seconds, fart and splash in loo water and many sounds. "Aah" and then she said "Mina, look in the loo, is there blood? and she lifted up her bottom, very strong smell but I looked, the loo was all brown on sides except front and many chunks of motion in loo and lots of mushy but all same color so maybe no blood. So I said, no blood I think, and Kazuko sat down again on loo, and I flushed it.

I said, you're not finished I think. She said, there's lots more. I took her hand again.

Fuuuu, fuuuu, (that is farts.)


Aaaah, aaah . Not so loud now. Maybe she feel relieved.

Thank you Mina, she said to me. I said, you stay on loo . Hai, she said.

Short pause.


I flushed again.

Fuuuu. Fuuuu. Bururururu. Not chunks any more I think, just mushy.

And then Kazuko started to cry. Cry real tears! I said, Kazu are you all right? She said, I'm OK, just so relief! Oh so so relief! I caress her hair and then hold hand again.


I tell you part 2 next time.


Abby C
Hi, today after school I was waiting for my mom to pick me up and she said she wasn't going to be there until 3:30 and it was about 2:45 . So I went to the girls room I went to the first stall and 2 other girls were in the other stalls I pulled up my skirt and plopped my bum on the toilet. I started to push and one large piece fell into the toilet and then I pushed again and a piece the size of 3 small pools combined together made a big splash in the toilet . I wiped pulled down my skirt and left . Bye Abby C


Never feel ashamed. Reply to Adrian

Reply for Adrian.

I agree with your posting that there is no sense getting mortified over accidents in our pants. I am convinced a great many men and women have them, genuine caught out and cannot hold it accidents. Many people seem to get really shamed by something that could happen to anyone.

I was lucky in that I gre up in a house where accidents were accepted as being part of life's rich pattern. Several times I peed or pooped myself on the way home from school because I hated the school toilets. My Dads underpants were often quite stained and looking back on those times now I suspect Mum and Dad may have got off on pee and poop.

A few days ago I wet my pants walking home from the pub. It was not really an accident and it made me feel good so I have no regrets. When I was in my twenties I had a friend who I discovered had accidents in his pants and we were able to enjoy quite a lot of such experiences together.

sister in law pooped in the car

Over the weekend I went with my brother and my mom to meet up with his wife and her friend at the store to do some shopping then go to lunch. The friend left from there and my brother also left from there to go to work and my sister in law drove me and my mom home. We were in traffic on the way back when my sister in law started fidgeting anxiously and was breathing nervously. She leaned forward towards the steering wheel and quietly moaned "ooohhh noooo..." under her breath. My mom asked her what was wrong. She said "I think something I ate doesn't agree with me..." my mom said "are you going go be sick?" She got really anxious and said "worse, I think I'm about to crap my pants!!" I just sat there in disbelief and intrigue and said nothing. My mom kept trying to back seat drive, telling her to get over to another lane and telling her where to pull over to find a bathroom, but it was already too late. My sister in law just goes "I'm so sorry, I'm not gonna make it" then she ripped a really loud, wet fart, followed by a series of more bubbly wet farts and some squishing and crackling sounds. The car instantly reeked and she just started apologizing profusely and her face was redder than a tomato. I could see her hands trembling on the steering wheel as she just kept reiterating that something she ate upset her stomach, as if she was trying to convince us that pooping her pants isn't a normal occurrence for her, which got me wondering. After an awkward and smelly ride back to her house she got out first and waddled to the front door as fast as she could while my mom and I just went back to my car. I looked at her butt as she waddled to the house. She was wearing tight jeans and they were stained wet on her hutt, almost looked like she has peed herself. it was a big sideways oval the size of a football across her cheeks and the tops of her thighs, and then a streak going up along her crack on top of the oval stain. Around the very center of this big wet spot was a faint brown stain just barely showing through.

I texted my brother later and told him she shit her pants in the car. He said that she already told him about it and I then asked if she was alright. He said "yeah she's fine. It's not the first time it happened to her and probably won't be the last." I asked if something was wrong with her and he said that he's pretty sure she has IBS or chron's or colitis or something that irritates her bowels, but she's one of those people who is really weird about going to the doctor and so she hasn't done anything about it. He has tried multiple times to get her to. He said maybe after a few more accidents she'll finally see a doctor about it or if it starts happening more frequently. I asked how often it happens and he said maybe every couple of months or so.


Recent poops, rant and anime show poop accident

Hi all. My poops have been pretty good lately. No other accidents since the one I told about last week, fortunately. Unfortunately the underwear had to be thrown out because they were white and I didn't want to deal with the mess in them so I trashed them. Since them I've been having some pretty good poops. Everything from really big 3 footers to mushy crap like I had a while ago. Been going every day to every two days or so. After dinner tonight I had a sudden urge to go to the point I almost was having an accident. And I wouldn't have wanted that, considering my husband and I have friends over and I knew it would be noisy and messy! And noisy and messy it was! I pulled down my black pants (my husband said they make me look really good, especially my butt) and my underwear (on my period right now -_-) and messy shit poured into the toilet with a crackle and sounded like water pouring at one point. A couple of really loud farts came out too. I was done within a minute but what a mess! It looked like a pile of mud with squiggly pieces in it, like undigested beef or something. Yuck. But I felt better, considering how close that was to being in my pants! I wiped and flushed and then cleaned the bathroom.

Has anyone on here ever watched Shin Chan? It's a Japanese adult-oriented anime revolving around this boy named Shin Nohara and his family. He's 5 years old. Anyway, in season 3, second last episode of the series, his mom, Mitzi, is desperate for the toilet and is yelling at him to hurry up. Shin is sitting on the toilet shaving with his dad's razor while Mitzi is whining and bent over, holding her stomach. Her sister Bitzi comes out asking where breakfast is. Mitzi whines "Poo." Bitzi says "I'll pass." Mitzi says "It's coming out Bitzi, ohhhh." Then suddenly you hear a really gross grumbling noise and Mitzi says "I don't want you to smell me this way." Then she walks off. She is shown later wearing different pants and she says "Ahhhh, nothing like fresh underwear." Her sister and Shin keep teasing her about messing her pants for the rest of the episode. Poor Mitzi lol. Her sister teases her again and Mitzi said "It was an accident." First time ever I've seen an adult have an accident on a tv show, let alone a pooping accident.

Speaking of Shin Chan, I was telling one of my guy friends about the show, explaining to him what it was and what it is about and told him about the episode I just told you guys about. And he said "Too much info." I said to him "It's a cartoon, not real life." But this type of double standard about the toilet makes me angry. Why is it OK for guys to talk about body functions and it's not OK for women? My friend is always telling me about how certain foods/drinks make him poop more but if I say anything related to the bathroom (ie. telling him about a show that someone has an accident) then he says "Ewww TMI." WTF? Double standard much? Ugh! Not fair! Anyone else bothered by this double standard?


To: DonK

Loved your story, can't wait to hear more. I think the sound of someone pooping is even more exciting than seeing it!!


this morning at Starbucks

Hi all. My name is Anna and I am a 20 year old university student in western Canada. I'm short with blonde hair down to my shoulders and I am fairly curvy and a bit chubby. This morning I went to my local Starbucks to study. It was pretty busy and the only table I could get was a really small one next to the bathrooms. There are two single-occupancy bathrooms at this store and today one was inexplicably closed. Having worked for about an hour and after a big coffee I started to feel the need to head to the bathroom. Just as I was about to get up, a slim brunette passed my table and went into the bathroom. She was about my age, but skinnier with a tiny, really cute butt showing of in her yoga pants. She locked the door and soon after I heard two pretty loud farts echoing through the washroom she was in. Then there were some faint plops, about three or four. About a minute or so later I heard her wash her hands. She came out of the bathroom and joined her friend back at her table. I really needed to go by this time and quickly got up and entered the washroom. The brunette had left quite a noticeable poop smell in the room, but it wasn't too bad. There were also a couple of small skidmarks in the bowl. I pulled down my own yoga pants and panties, sat on the toilet and had a quick pee. I let out a small fart and my poo started to crackle out of my bum. It was pretty long, but eventually splashed into the toilet. I pushed out two more poos and a small fart and was done. By this time there was a strong poop smell in the room, as I had contributed to what the brunette had left behind. I quickly wiped, washed my hands and went back to my table, feeling really relieved. About two minutes or so later a cute guy entered the store and went straight to the bathroom. I'm sure it still smelled quite a bit in there and I was glad that he didn't know that it was the girl with the cute bum and myself that had stunk up the room badly.


pooped myself twice as a teen

Hi everyone, what a fun site! Last night me and a group of friends from college were hanging out and somehow the conversation landed on poop stories. We shared a lot of doozies including two times that I've accidentally pooped my pants. My one friend then told me about this forum and said I should share, so here I am!

The first time it happened was when I was in 8th grade and I was 14. I never pooped at school if I could help it. There were times where I had to out of necessity but I held it for as long as possible. One day i had to poop since my second class of the day and by 6th period I was really needing to go. I just kept ignoring it and trying to hold it because when I did poop at school I normally did it during lunch when I had more time, but lunch was already over. After 6th period I debated going but I didn't make the decision quickly enough and then was too nervous I'd run out of time and just went to 7th period still needing to poop really bad. I just kept concentrating on holding it and eventually i got in the zone and felt like I could make it to the end of the day because I only had 1 more class after 7th period. I was doing OK, then maybe halfway through the class it got really bad...I felt the urge grow and then I started turtle heading and having to fight it back in. I started to panic and realized I HAD to get to the bathroom right away. To my horror, I then farted beyond my control but it wasn't that loud and it didn't seem like anyone noticed, but I still turned bright red. I raised my hand and asked if I could go to the bathroom, and I was excused. But it was already too late, I had waited too long.... when I stood up the pressure in my abdomen gave a push and it turtle headed again pretty far. I tried really hard to fight it back and stay calm so no one knew what was happening, but it had gone too far and continued pushing it's way out until it broke off and nestled in my panties with a faint crackling sound. My heart started pounding and i just tried to pretend nothing was happening and no one could know, even though the girl who was sitting behind me almost definitely notice a bulge forming in the back of my beige courderoys. I regained control after the first turd went into my pants and headed for the door, still trying to remain calm and not draw attention. By the time I got into the hallway there was no holding it back anymore, and thick, soft poop just churned into my panties as I tried to make my way down the hall. I could feel the warmth spreading upward and across my butt cheeks and I felt my pants get tighter as the bulge grew. It was a distinct sensation that I will never forget... honestly it didn't feel bad, other than the part where it's humiliating to do!

When I finally reached the bathroom I just stood there in shock for a moment. I was already done pooping, I lost the whole load in my pants. And it showed...when I passed the mirror I glanced back and there was a big lumpy bulge on my butt. It looked like i had a couple rolls of socks down the back of my pants... anyone who saw me in the hall definitely could tell that I had pooped my pants. I went into a stall and dumped the bulk of it out of my panties into the toilet, but it was thick and really caked on so my panties and my body were a huge mess. That's when I got really overwhelmed and finally started to cry. I wound up just pulling my dirty panties up and my courds, then I went to the nurse. She gave me wet wipes to clean up better and let me call my dad for a ride home, and called my teacher to have a classmate bring my things to the main office for me to pick up on my way out... the whole ordeal was super embarrassing, and it was obvious to my 7th period class that I had had an accident. The word obviously got around and so I had to deal with being self conscious about everyone knowing I did was embarrassing but no one was ever mean about it to my face. I just heard whispering and got funny looks for a while.

The next time it happened was a lot more embarrassing. 1 because a lot more people saw, and 2 because it was diarrhea... I was 16 and in 10th grade... i had a slight discomfort in my belly toward the end of the day and I knew I would poop as soon as I got home. But my bowels had different the end of the day I got on the bus, and like 5 minutes into the ride my belly gurgled bad, and it felt like my guts just dropped. I instantly had to poop with an urgency I'd never felt. Worse than then day I pooped my pants in 8th grade. I felt my butt quivering under the pressure and I just knew I was about to erupt in my panties and navy blue leggings. I clenched as best I could and tried to hold on just because I had to at least TRY, but I knew it was hopeless. After a couple of seconds, a hot blob of gooey poop exploded into my pants with a loud bubbly fart that reverberated off the leather seat. I felt it spread to both sides of my cheeks and up along my butt crack toward my lower back, then more wet poop flooded into my pants with a chorus of more bubble farts. The bus filled up with the awful stench of poop. Everyone started groaning or giggling, and a lot of people opened windows. I heard things being said like "oh my god" "eww" "is she serious?" "Did Heidi just crap her pants??" "So nasty" and "that sucks." I just sat there in my hot mess and stared out the window, face burning red. I didn't say anything, I didn't look at anyone, I was even in too much shock to cry. It felt like it took 4 hours to get to my stop and I carefully waddled off the bus and could feel everyone staring me. I heard someone say "eww her seat is wet!" As I walked up the aisle, and just before I got off my bus driver gave me a look of pity and said "are you OK sweetie?" That did me in and I started bawling, and I told her "yes" between sobs. I waddled a block and a half home with diarrhea all over myself and barely able to see through the tears. That was embarrassing!

I was pretty devastated from that one and took two days off from school. It sucked for a while, but like the accident two years before I stopped worrying about it a lot sooner than I thought.

Now its been like 7 years since that happened and I'm able to have a totally different perspective on it. It's funny to look back on and frankly, poop accidents make for great stories! Everyone is always intrigued and surprised, amused, and it brings you closer to people when you show them you trust them enough to share such an embarrassing story!

Victoria B.

Comment and story

Hey! I've been terribly busy of late and I've forgotten some of the details of the story I intended to post. I probably can't do justice to it and so I'll just post a comment and an assurance that I'll do a better job of following up in future. I've been on a streak of huge dumps so I'll have plenty to write about if it continues!

To Catherine: My mother had to give me the same lesson when I was about eleven or twelve. The toilets in the house I grew up in weren't the best in terms of flushing and it became an unwritten rule that I had to use my ensuite if I "really needed to go." A clog was less of a problem when it affected a toilet that was only used by one person!


Girl pees while cycling

A story my friend told me, this happened when she was a senior in high school.

She attended a private school in New Hampshire and thoes schools have girls cycling teams, which my friend raced on. One race she was in, in her senior year she had been "pulling" (leading the pack) for most of the race and finally pulled in behind another girl. Almost as soon as she did however, the girl turned around to her and said:
"You probably don't want to be behind me right now, I'm going to pee!"
At the time my friend was pretty disusted by this thought and took off to get away from her, but telling me this story - I found it wildly hot! I know peeing one's self is common in womens biking (expected in Triathlon) But in a 15mi girls high school race it just seems silly - which leads all the more intrigue to this awesome story - and that awesome quote.
(I guess the girl did pee too, because my friend mentioned seeing her wet shorts right after the race)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Kazuko's Story, Part 2

So where I left off? I think Kazuko was still on the loo and crying and I was on the floor by her left knee and squeezing her hand, and she said don't worry about my crying, just I feel so relief!

Bururururururu again.Then Kazuko took some loo paper and blew her nose. I heard small "plop" in loo water at same time. She put loo paper in the loo.

Fuuuuu, Fuuuu.

Bururururu, Bururururururururururururu! Very long one. So I flushed, and then…. I suddenly started to cry too! Tears came out very fast and very big ones. "Kazu, boo-hoo-hoo…." Silly Mina.

Kazuko said, "Mina sorry, I make you cry!" But I said, "No sorry, I'm just relief, like you, so much relief!! woo-hoo-hoo…."

So Kazuko caressed my hair, and I heard another bururururu, but quite small one. Then there was "plep" maybe little bullet shoot out of Kazuko's bottom like from pistol. Kazuko blew her nose again, and this time there was quite big burururururu. Kazuko still crying and crying, me too.

Again "plep". Kazuko said, "I finish soon I think." I was beginning to feel urge in my own bottom, so I said, "Kazu, I want to go too." She said, OK I finish now." I said, No, no, finish properly (in Japanese chan-to). So she said OK and squeezed my hand, she was caressing my hair with other hand.

Two or three little plip sounds and one fuuuuu, then one more plip, then Kazuko said "finished" and pressed washlet button to wash her bottom, then dry with hot air. Then she wiped and I flushed for her and she stood up and pulled up panties and jeans and I pulled down jeans and panties and sat on very warm loo seat. Kazuko said, do I stay here or go out? I said, stay here, so she sat down on floor and took my hand. This was first time for us to do motions together like this.

I had wee first and then began to push, I did farts first and then it came out slowly. My motions usually come out quite slowly unless I have diarrhoea. Both Kazuko and I still crying a little bit so we dry faces with loo paper! Finally there was big plop sound, Kazuko said "oooh" but I said nothing because the next motion was coming out.

After five plops, Kazuko flushed for me. Then I began to cry hard again, so Kazuko too…. and I blew my nose and gave big fart at same time, Kazuko laughed through her tears, I hit her on shoulder and laughed too with crying. Then I caressed her hair as sixth turd came out with loud plop. Then one more, and then little pieces, I knew I soon finish. Big smell. I said, sorry for smell. Kazuko said, sorry for even more bad smell! and I hit her again on shoulder and she did same to me and we laughed but still with tears. Then I said "finished " and used washlet and hot air and wiped my bottom and kazuko flushed for me and I dressed and we ant out of the loo.

"Wow, eleven o'clock!" I think Kazuko went into loo about half past ten but not sure.

I went into my bathroom, the bath water a bit cool so I pressed "warm up again" button so we have hot water, I said to Kazuko, you have bath first, but wait about 15 minutes as the water is not so hot. She said OK. Two people can fit into my bathtub, but it's not very comfortable, so maybe separate is better, though I am happy to take bath with Kazuko as we always take bath together at hot spring, there is big public bath there only for women, actually in some parts of Japan there is mixed bath.

By the way in Japan bath and loo usually separate. we don't like loo in bathroom. Some flats have unit bath, but I don't like, so in my flat bath and loo are separate.

Kazuko undress and pour water over body to wash, then she went into bathtub and said Aaaaah. Then she called, "Mina" so I went to bathroom and she said, come in, it's OK a bit of a squash". So I became naked and went into bathroom and washed my bottom and lady part outside bathtub and then climbed into water. Yes, a bit of a squash, but not so bad.

I wonder if people on this site know, in Japan we never wash in bathtub, always beside it. Water on the bathroom floor always flows away. In Wales the bathroom was not like that and after washing in bathtub I poured water away and showered my body to rinse well. I like Japanese bath better. So after Kazuko and I soaked in hot bathwater short time, Kazuko got out of the bathtub and began to wash her body. When she finished, I poured water from bathtub over her body, and she said "aaaah" and "feels good". I said, give me towel, I scrub your back. So she gave me towel with little soap and sat down on bath stool face away from me and I scrubbed her back. She said "aaah" and "feels good" and I said, stand up, so she stood up and I scrubbed her bottom, this was first time, in hot spring we scrub back but never bottom because other ladies watching. She said bigger "aaaah" and "feels very very good!" I thought, she has beautiful bottom. But in any case she is very beautiful woman, OK she has uneven teeth, but they are beautiful in unique Kazuko way.

I said to Kazuko, doesn't your bottom hurt after violent motion?
She said, hurts a bit. So I said, after bath, I give you cream. She said, thanks. She got into bathtub and I got out and washed my body, and she scrubbed my back, and she said "get up" and we laughed. I stood up and she scrubbed my bottom, it was very good feeling so I also said "aaaaah" like oyaji which is Japanese dirty old man, and we laughed more. Then we both together in bathtub again and enjoy hot water. Then we dried bodies and she said "Mina, you are beautiful", I said "No" but she said yes again and shut up Mina. So we laughed, and I hit her on shoulder just little slap.

I found cream for sore skin and gave to Kazuko, then I took it back and said, let me do it. Because you feel better. So she said OK and bent down and pulled bottom's cheeks apart, her bottom's hole very sore and red, I applied cream as gently as I can. She said "Thanks" and we put on pyjamas and went back to main room and turned on TV. Now nearly midnight, but we decided to drink beer! Beer tastes very good after bath, but I drink only malt beer not dry beer. Kazuko likes both, so malt beer OK.

Then we decided go to bed. My bed is quite large, semi-double, so we can sleep without touching. We are not lesbian, we don't want to make love, but sleeping in same bed is no big deal.
"Good night." (In Japanese "o-yasumi")
"Good night"

Suddenly, we hugged each other. Long hug. And cry again! And then laugh, and dry eyes with tissue, not loo paper (but Kazuko said, how about use loo paper? and we laughed) and then hugged again, short one, and got into bed, and soon sleeping, maybe, I don't remember that part.

I end part 2 here. Long story! I love telling story, I learned pleasure of that in Wales when I wrote story for school homework. But I'm tired now. So part 3 next time. Writing in English not so easy for me and maybe my English is not good, if you don't like it please tell me, then maybe i don't write on this site any more. Pity because I really enjoy. Thank you all for being you.

Love from Mina


Thanks for the welcome with comments to Bria, kmd & Jemma

As the title states I just want to say thanks for the warm welcome to this site. It's amazing and I'm glad everyone is so welcoming.
I haven't got any interesting stories to tell in this post unfortunately as all of my poos have occurred at home over the last few days and they've all been 'normal' ones unlike the sloppy poo I had last Thursday. Although I did have a 'sweetcorn poo' yesterday which always fascinate me lol.

Bria - Hi, your 'Diary Disaster' poo sounds very similar to the one I had. I'm not lactose intolerant but I do have the occasional runny poo and I agree with you about the only way to describe them is "Thick mud". Take care and happy pooing.

kmd - Hi, Yeah I agree with you. The relief I got from releasing that poo in Asda was unreal so I know exactly how much relief the other women got lol. I love hearing people poo as I love the sound of it crackling out and then the plop of it hitting the water, I especially like it when I'm pooing too as I can join in with them lol. Take care and happy pooing.

Jemma - Hi, Glad you haven't had any accidents either. I'll be honest and admit I have had the odd skidmark in my knickers from not wiping properly or leaking a small amount when getting to the toilet but who hasn't and I almost lost a bit in my knickers in my recent post when I had a dodgy stomach. I'm only 17 and I'm guessing I will poo myself at some point in my life and to be honest I don't think it would bother me as it sounds like it's quite common for people to have accidents from reading stories on here. Hope you don't mind me asking how old you are? Is it weird that I actually like the feeling of being desperate? I find the relief fantastic. It sounds like you had a very desperate poo when you were out in the bar and I bet the relief you felt was immense. Take care and happy pooing.


Latest news

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in ages. I'll get on to my latest story after a couple of comments.
Megan- great story about going for a poo at the shops, you and your neighbours must have felt really relived.
Sam- good first post, glad you managed to make it onto the loo in time, hope you can post again soon.
Jade- sounded like a relieving poo you had at the supermarket, please post any other stories you have
Now on to my story, I've been at university for 4 weeks now and have come back home this weekend. I'm sharing a house with 5 other girls- Jess, Alice, Sarah, Freya and Anna. By now I've heard most of them on the loo, the upstairs toilet is next door to my room and theres just a flimsy partition wall in between so if I listen carefully I can hear pretty much everything ! The other morning I was sitting at my desk working, I'd just eaten breakfast but hadn't got round to getting dressed. I could feel I was starting to want a poo but it wasn't that desperate so I figured I'd use the toilet in a while. I thought about getting dressed but decided not to bother, I didn't plan on using the loo until my need was quite urgent and knowing my luck if I put clean pants on I'd end up getting them dirty! Suddenly I heard the toilet door closing and the bolt being pulled across to lock the door. I heard the rustle of clothes being lowered and the seat creaking as someone sat down, and then a steady wee stream starting up, it lasted about 20 seconds before stopping and then it went quiet. Whoever it was stayed sitting so I guessed they needed a poo, it was quiet for a few minutes, I strained to listen and thought I could hear some some grunting and panting as they tried to push it out. My own need was getting steadily more urgent, quite soon I knew I'd have to start clenching my bum to stop my poo from poking out into my pants, just as well I hadn't changed them! Just then I heard a loud plop, and shortly after two more. Silence for another minute or so, and then a final plop. Shortly after I heard the toilet flushing and the door being unlocked, I didn't want to embarrass my housemate by going out straight away so I waited for her to go past my bedroom door and then I peeped out and saw it was Sarah. Five minutes later my need was getting pretty urgent, I could feel a big poo coming and it was starting to force open my bumhole. I opened my bedroom door but saw Freya coming along the corridor and my heart sank as I realised I probably wasn't the only one who was bursting for the loo! Freya said, "Hi Abbie!" I blushed red as she stopped opposite me in the corridor, I was just wearing what I'd had on for bed, basically a white tee-shirt and yellow flowery pants underneath, the tee-shirt only just covered my bum and I knew my pants would be showing through. Luckily sometimes I've seen some of the others go to the loo in their night clothes too so it could have been worse. I quickly said, "Are you going to the loo, only I'm really bursting!!" Freya said "Yes, Anna's on the loo downstairs, I'll be really quick I promise!" I managed a weak smile, my poor bum muscles were quivering, and trying to hold a massive log at bay which seemed intent on escaping at any moment. I went back into my room and sat on my heel to try to relieve some of the pressure, next door I could hear Freya weeing like mad! When she was done she flushed the toilet and came out, I knew in the time it took me to walk out of my room, into the toilet and lock the door the log would escape slightly, and I could feel that my pants were stuck up my bum really badly so I knew I'd get a massive skidmark. As I predicted by the time I was on the loo with my pants down I had about an inch of poo sticking out already. I relaxed my quivering muscles and felt a hard log start to slide out slowly, it was getting fatter and fatter and was stretching my bumhole wide open. I looked down at my pants and saw a combination of the normal faint skidmarks which I pretty much always get and a bigger mark from where my poo had just been poking out. No matter which pants I wear I always seem to end up with at least a slight wedgie, but I was down to my last few pairs of clean pants which are the ones I always leave till last as they get well and truly stuck up my bum, so I decided to put a load of washing on as soon as I was finished. By now I had what felt like 3 inches of my log sticking out of my bum, I took a deep breath and bore down and could feel the log gradually sliding out, as usual I knew it would take some hard pushing to get it to drop. I did another big push and couldn't help grunting as I stopped straining, I was aware that Alice's room was on the other side of the toilet and that she could probably hear everything going on just like I could, but I was having to bear down really hard to pass this log. After a few more hard pushes and embarrassingly loud grunts I finally got the log to drop, I followed up with a few smaller pieces which needed a bit of pushing but were much easier to pass. I wiped my bottom several times and pulled up my pants before flushing, washing my hands and then going back to my room to get dressed. I took off my tee-shirt and pants and opened my underwear drawer, I only had one pair of clean pants which were white so I put them on and then got dressed. I then collected up my dirty socks and underwear ready to put them in the wash. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!

Dude in distress

To Linda

I was horribly constipated these last few days. Yesterday I managed to pass several marbles. Today I was determined to get it all out. Finally I had about an inch of ROCK hard poo sticking out. When I reached down to check my progress- I realized this poo was at least 2.5 inches wide!!!! I used my fingers to push down against the sides of my anus while I strained with all my might. After nearly an hour, I was exhausted and had to stop. I laid down in bed for about a half hour. The turd remained poking out of my anus. Once I rested, I got up and hovered over the toilet in a semi squat , and pushed until I was red faced and sweating. After about my 6th unsuccessful attempt- I was angry and frustrated. I pounded my fist against the counter and grunted angrily. And that was enough to finally push the whole thing out!!!


Drug test pee

I took a pre employment drug test today, and was surprised that it was as supervised pee. I drained it pretty good, and then the lady got mad that I shook off. What the hell am I supposed to do when I get done. Seriously?


The lady next door

When I moved into my house I soon found that the walls were very thin, and that in our semi the downstairs toilets were side by side with next door. I was in my toilet one day soon after moving in when I heard a cough very clearly, then the sound of the toilet being flushed. I realised that the houses, being built 'on the cheap' had very little soundproofing in the walls, and by putting an ear to the wall most conversation, and other sounds, could be easily heard.

A couple of days later I was again in my toilet when I heard a door close and someone had obviously gone into the toilet next door. A clunk which I took to be the raising of the toilet seat was followed by the sound of a copious pee hitting the water in the pan. There was no sound of toilet paper being pulled before the toilet was flushed and the door banged again, so I guessed this had been the man of the house.

While I was still standing by the wall the door next door banged shut again and I made out the sound of the door bolt being pushed over. This had to be either the man's wife or their daughter who must have been about eighteen.

I had my ear pressed to the wall, and I heard the seat being lowered. There was a pause, and a tinkling sound as whoever it was started to pee. After a while the tinkling stopped and I waited. Before long I thought I heard a grunt. I listened more and there was another definite grunt and what sounded like a sigh, and then a gentle thud and splash. Whoever was it?

As I continued to listen someone next door called out, I could not hear what was asked, but a voice which seemed very loud in my ear said clearly 'Im on the toilet!'. It was the daughter's voice!

Their toilet roll holder had a very noisy action, it was after all attached to the wall against which my ear was pressed. Paper was pulled several times and then the toilet flushed. I heard the door being opened and the light switch being turned off.

I later learned a great deal more about the habits of the family next door!


hilarious fart story

my drunk ass friend just farted. the first part went burrrrrrrrt and had nice tone, but it scared him I guess cause he was drunk so he looked around the room for it. he then looked at me for approval, turned back around and finished. it went phtttt, brip. good stuff! such a large fart from a relatively small ass. funny!

Abby C

Pooping at home

Hi, today at home I was watching the television when i needed to poop so i went to the bathroom that me and my sister and 2 brothers use. I locked the door pulled down my jeans and panties to my ankles and sat down. I was on the bowl for 2 minutes when my 9 year old sister walked in on me i thought i locked the door but i realized that i didn't lock it my sister said she needed to poop and i told her that i was pooping and i told her to get out but she wouldn`t leave . I started to push and a big fat poop fell in and i pushed 3 more times and flushed and pushed 4 more times i wiped and took off all my clothes to take a bath. So my sister was on the toilet grunting and farting and dropping 20 poops every second . I looked and some of the poops were past the water. Just to know my sisters name is Kate she is the same height as me even if she is two yrs younger than me and she is blonde. Abby C xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Abby C

Poop at church class

Hi, this sunday i was at church. And in the middle of the class i had the urge to take a nice long poop. So I asked my teacher if i could go. When I got there 11 out of a dozen stalls were taken so i took the last open stall everybody all 12 of us in 12 stalls were pooping. When i pushed I accidentally let out a fart that went like Flatt. It was another 5 minutes and still no poops in the toilet. I was now the only girl in the girls room. I pushed and a 2" poop fell in. I pushed again and a liquid poop squirted out for another 5 minutes straight and i didn't stop. I flushed again and pushed one last time and a 20" poop fell in the toilet when i wiped i felt a whole new wave coming on i pushed and 30" poop fell in i wiped pulled up my panties and skinny jeans and flushed . More stories on the way abby c xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Kate C

I'm Abby C's Sister

Hi everybody as some of you know already im abby c's sister. So i've got only one story to share. I was at my friend tom's house in the backyard. Tom asked me if i needed to go to the bathroom i said sure we went to the bathroom in his house he went in first. I heard him lock the door and put the toilet seat down. I put my ear against the door. I heard him pull down his pants and underwear to his ankles. I heard him grunting and dropping logs in the toilet he wiped and i went in. I plopped my cute butt on the toilet and a long turd splashed in the bowl. I pushed again and grunted ugghh. I grunted again and i knew he could i was grunting ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhggghh. He asked if i was okay i answered yes. I wiped 6+ times pulled up my pants and undies and me and tom started playing again. See ya later Kate C

Lurking Dave

About Haribo Gummy Bears

I noticed Steve A asked if anyone on here knew about Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bears. I looked into them and it isn't specifically because of it being sugar-free. It's because of a specific ingredient they used only in the Sugar-Free version called Lycasin or hydrogenated glucose syrup. It's a sugar alternative, meaning it's supposedly healthier than the classic formula. They cause excessive farting, bloating, stomach gurgling and of course diarrhoea. The bears only cause diarrhoea if you eat enough of them, but nobody really knows how much is too much. Someone even posted a while ago about pranking a friend with them - the results were exactly what you would expect.

I'll try and post some stories from school if I get the time.


Dairy Disaster

Hey guys it's been awhile. Grad school is no joke and the mid-terms? Smh Id rather volunteer as a tribute for the Hunger Games.

To Victoria B. Yes those are the same ones who lived in my suite in college. It is funny that we can laugh at the things that make us human. You should share the story that led to her getting you that plunger lol.

So a little known fact is that I'm lactose intolerant. As you can imagine that leads to many bad situations down below. There was a particular time in college I was out with my suite mates. We went to cook out and I decided to get a milkshake with my meal since I would be with just them. We get back to our suite and within an hour my milkshake is gone. Shortly after finishing it the gas started. My gas after dairy can peel paint. After the gas started my stomach began to rumble and I knew I needed to take a dump. I got up and went to the bathroom. I barely had enough time to get my panties down or situated before I EXPLODED into the toilet. The best I can describe this dump as was thick mud, that smelled like rotten eggs. After about 3 waves of this accompanied with thunderous gas, I was empty. I didn't need the plunger for this mess but I did need the febreeze. Hope you all enjoyed. Happy pooping guys!

Abby C


Hi, a few weeks me and my family went in Maine. The first day me, my mom, and my sister were swimming. So i came out of the water to tell my mom that i needed to use the bathroom and kate did also. So me and her went to the girls room the stalls had no doors or seats. So i chose the first when Kate chose the second i pulled my short-shorts to the floor. I pushed and let out a long wet fart and a log fell in and water splashed all over my bum. A few more logs splashed in the toilet. I wiped my buttcheeks and buttcrack and butthole and left with Kate. Bye Abby C xoxoxoxo


Toilet Mess with Comments to Steve A & Megan

On Thursday I had a bit of a dodgy stomach. Luckily I was at home as it would have been a little embarrassing. Around 6pm I started letting out some really smelly farts and my stomach starting to cramp a little. After a few minutes my need increased and I knew I couldn't hold it in for much longer, so off to the loo I went! I had barely enough time to pull my jeans and knickers down and sit before my bum opened and splattered poo all over the toilet and into the water. I came within a split second of pooing myself! It wasn't pure liquid, but it was pretty loose and soft! It just wouldn't stop flowing out of me and it was just 'plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop' for at least 3 minutes with the odd wet fart in between. I even got a little bit of splash back on some of the plops! which was disgusting lol. In total I reckon I was sat on the loo for 10 minutes before I felt completely empty as I was still letting out little droplets of soft poo towards the end. As I got up to wipe myself I looked in the toilet and all I saw was brown water with chunks floating around and the odd bit of sweetcorn. It was not a pretty sight! I wiped 5 or 6 times, flushed and left a very smelly bathroom. It was weird as I was expecting to need to go a few more times that night as that's generally what happens when you've got the runs but I didn't so I guess emptying my bowels removed what upset my stomach in the first place.

Steve A - Hi, I've heard of sugar free sweets but never tried them as I've heard rumours they give you the runs. Although I did once buy a packet of sugar free Polo's as I couldn't find the original ones and I had diarrhea so it must be correct about the majority if not all sugar free sweets. Suppose it would be okay if a small amount is consumed but not a whole packet lol.

Megan - Hi, another two great stories from you. We quite similar in terms of pooing in public it appears as I do it when I can as I love hearing others as well as enjoying the feeling of going. I still find it a little embarrassing though but I suppose everyone does don't they? lol. I've just started working at Tesco and I'm planning on having a few poos while there if I feel the need. Think I might try to alternate using the staff and customer toilets though as that way I'll be able to hear a different variety of people going.


To Jade

Liked your story about your experience in the Asda toilet. From your description it sounds as though like you the lady in her early thirties got a lot of relief. The fart and then the crackling sound she made suggest she had been holding her poo for some time. The two plops you heard in quick succession were probably caused by a very large soft log breaking apart during delivery while the fact that she peed after emtying her bowels also suggests her rectum was very full. Hope to hear more of your stories.


What come in will come out

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. Just going do a survey if no one minds you can answer ifJust going do a survey if no one minds you can answer if you like. Question one , What was your last place you pee or pooped at?? Last place at home. Question 2 If out in public do you wait around till everyone gone ?? Well I used to but now just go with the flow of things. Question 3 If you can chose anyplace to pee at beside home where? In laws , question 4 what about if you can chose anyplace to poop at beside home where? I would say church. Question 5 have you ever been on toilet for so long you couldn't get anything out? Yes my early teen . Last question 6 , would you be nervous if the opposite sex see you on the toilet??? No not really cause before my papi got remarried he take me in bathroom with him lots of time back home cause be all kinds of snakes through the pipes he wanted to protect me much as possible that's all for now. Hope all have a good pee and poop till next time


Cara-Lin's problem

In science class, we have been assigned to a lab partner and our teacher also has the partners take take-home tests together and also do a semester project. Like me, Cara-Lin's a freshman and her family just moved this summer from the west coast. She was in like one school there for kindergarten thru 8th grade and the school was much smaller than our high school which is like one of the largest in our state.

Cara-Lin's a straight A student, something my mom likes because science is my worst subject. So Cara-Lin stayed over with us Monday evening and we studied together later than I am normally allowed to do. So Tuesday morning right after my mom dropped us off at school, Cara-Lin started complaining that all of the food (my mom's a good cook) and how she felt a poo coming on. It was before 1st hour and the time that I usually poo so I had Cara-Lin come into the main first floor restroom with me, and I quickly took a stall, placed my butt on the seat and did my morning poo. I noticed Cara-Lin looked in the open doors for a couple of the stalls but she stayed outside of mine. As usual, my poo was soft and fast. Because she and I had been talking, I had forgotten to go to the other side of the room and pull the toilet paper off to bring into the stall. So I asked Cara-Lin to do it and within a minute or so she worked through the crowded bathroom and was knocking at my door with toilet paper in both hands. When I opened the door for her, I could see that she was surprised to see me sitting on the toilet. She said she would never sit bear-butt on a public toilet and that she greatly misses the ass-gasket paper seat covers that they had in her previous school. She said there would be a roll of them on the wall, she would pull one off, and then open it and place it over the seat before she sat down. And she said she ALWAYS used one to poo. For weeing, she stands over the toilet and with her hand she directs her stream into the toilet.

Twice later that day, I sat down to wee and when I met Cara-Lin right after school to work with in the library, I took her up to the 4th floor where the toilets are cleaner and there are less students using them. I weed again and told her she should too (which she did without sitting down) but I could both see and smell that she had been holding her poo throughout the day. Although she was having discomfort (especially a lot of muffled farting)she said he usually holds her poo until she gets home. She texted me when she got home that she had her giant poo as soon as the bus dropped her off at home.

Cara-Lin and I are becoming good friends but her belief that she can't safely sit on a school toilet in order to poo is somewhat troubling to me. She's obviously in pain and discomfort for much of the day and I don't understand why she just can't sit down and go normally at school like the rest of us do. Sitting on some ass gasket can't be that important, can it?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica (AZ) great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and had a good cleanout to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sophia W great story.

To: Tlana great pee story.

To: Victoria B I look forward to reading that story.

To: Megan great poop story it sounds like you all had great poops and felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K great story.

To: Jade first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like and that other woman both had good poops and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shelbi great story it sounds like you both had good poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Reply to Jade & my latest desperate poo story

Hi everyone,
A big hi to John B as usual & a warm welcome to Jade,
Glad you like my posts :)
No i haven't had an accident yet (thankfully my bowel muscles are very very good at keeping the loosest of diarrhea inside me until i let it out)
Though i have been very desperate like yourself.
please post more.

my latest story was my poo whilst out last night with the girls in a bar.
i needed a poo poo & i decided to hold it for a while. I held it for an hour when i decided to go because i now needed a wee desperately too.
i went to the loos & 4 women were in front of me.
soon the queue went down & i entered a cubicle which the previous lady had a big poo in as she left poo fragments & a stench.
i pulled my black pencil skirt & tights down & red knickers, & sat down. Immediately started weeing, i then got geared up to release my desperate plops... as loud as ever a long with my wee trickling...
PLOP!PLOP!PLOP!...plop-plip-plop-plop-plop-plop-plip-plop-plop!! ........PLOP!PLOP! i was done. It stank!!! I wiped 4 times & looked at my creation. Light brown thick slimy curled plops, skid marks & no water visible. I dropped the tissue in the loo with my poos & flushed leaving under the water skids too. Washed my hands sprayed my perfume & went back to the girls.
more soon,
Best wishes love J x


Post Title (optional) Constipated all week

I've been constipated all week, again! I was able to squeeze out a few rock hard poo balls on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, I pushed out one small turd, about the size of a marble. Then, I didn't do a poo at all on Thursday. I had planned to go away for the weekend but I really wanted to do a poo before I left. But I didn't have much time to try before I left so by Friday, I was well and truly constipated.

It took me 2 hours to drive to the camp site (no proper camping but cabins with bunk beds and a communal kitchen) and I wasn't getting any urges to poop. When I go to this particular camp site, I take all my own food. I met other people there, who also took their own food. Between us, we had lots of junk food, chocolate, chips, coffee, alcohol and every other type of bad food imaginable. I ate lots of food for dinner, with hardly any fibre in it and definitely no fruit and ????. Then someone else shared cheese with biscuits, chili dips, salami and olives. After that, we had chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, sweets and chocolate bars. There was also wine and coffee too - which I drank quite a bit! I ate so much food that night and I knew it would wreck havoc with my bowels. Especially because I was already constipated.

We all went to bed late that night, well after midnight. I was so full and bloated - and my bowels were overloaded with poo. I fell asleep around 2 am but woke up about an hour later, with a strong urge to poop. I was feeling so uncomfortable and I decided to try for a poo. I made my way to the toilet block and I took a magazine with me. It was after 3 am by now so I was hoping nobody would come into the toilets. I locked myself in the end toilet, took my pyjama pants off and sat down. I pushed and strained with all my might. Almost straight away, lots of farts escaped from my butt and my anus started crackling. I kept pushing and straining hard. After 15 minutes, my anus had opened up very wide and it was burning like fire. The turd felt so dry and rock hard in my anus. I was sure it had glass in it, it was hurting so bad. I flicked through my magazine as I pushed and pushed with all my force. After 30 minutes, I needed a rest. I reached down to feel my progress and I had about an inch of poo sticking out. I really hoped my anus wouldn't suck it back in but I was lucky. I pushed down on either side of my anus with my fingers and strained hard. I felt the poo stick out about another inch. I kept doing that, until I had 2 inches sticking out. My anus had been stretched beyond its limits by now and it hurt like hell.

I must have been at it for at least 45 minutes by now but I had to keep going. I stood up, clenched my fists, screwed up my face and pushed as hard as I could. I did lots of heavy breathing too. Then I grunted "Uuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhh! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!" I felt the poo move down a bit more and more farts came out. I was so constipated!! This had to come out!! I squatted and kept straining. This helped a bit and the poo slowly inched its way out. Then I squatted over the toilet bowl, with my feet up on the toilet seat and my legs bent. I grunted again "HHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I got so loud that time but I didn't care. I grunted again "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" I was also doing lots of loud, heavy breathing. I was so desperate for this load to come out!! I reached down and felt my anus again. By now, about 6 inches of poo was sticking out of me. I said to myself "Here we go" and strained like there was no tomorrow. Then I grunted like there was no tomorrow "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH, HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" I got SO loud that I was sure someone had heard me. Amazingly, nobody came into the toilets while I was in there. By now, an hour had easily passed by. Then, just when I thought the poo would never come out, it slid out in one, massive piece. It was 14 inches long, as wide as a coke can, dry and extremely rock hard. I felt so much better after that. The next day, I dropped 3 small loads in the toilet. Then today, I've done poos twice. I'm sure I will probably be constipated again soon though.


Catherine and Jemma

Catherine - liked your story about the big poop you had in church. Glad you managed to get some peace to release the softserve. It was a good idea not to try and flush the toilet otherwise it might have clogged and subsequently overflowed. No shame in leaving the toilet unflushed.

Jemma - good story about the noisy poop you had at your friends house

Hope to hear more stories from you both.

Questions for Sam and Megan

Sam - great story about your poop at the boot fair toilet - I was glad to hear you managed to get some relief without soiling your knickers. I can understand the plopping from the woman would have made you feel worse - been in that situation myself.

Out of interest what age and build was the woman who blocked the toilet with her load - e.g. was she in her 20s,30s or 40s etc? Was she slim, medium or heavily built?

I do voluntary work which involves cleaning the toilets. Often the womens toilets become clogged (the mens toilets rarely so). From experience the toilet cloggers tend to be slim women in their teens or 20s.

It seems as though she had a huge load to pass. My guess is that the huge turd you saw sticking out of the water by several inches was the first one she passed. It was probably well over a foot long and the first part of this huge turd was presumably quite wide and got wedged in the neck of the toilet bowl when she tried to flush it. This turd and the other three you saw then combined to create a "log" jam (pun intended) to block the toilet. Did you hear more than four plops from her cubicle? If so, my guess is that some of her turds flushed clear before the log jam took hold.

I'm guessing she felt very embarrassed that she blocked the toilet (though she had absolutely no reason to be - there's no shame in clogging a toilet). I was glad she came out straight away when she heard you had an emergency otherwise she was probably going to remain to attempt another flush.

Megan - liked your recent story about not having paper in the cubicle you were using. Out of interest what would you have done if the toilet facilities had only one cubicle i.e. a unisex cubicle so there was no toilet paper to wipe your bum with?

Look forward to your responses. Hope to hear more stories from you both :-)



Relief at last: Wednesday

So as you know, on Tuesday, yesterday, I had quite a large poop from being backed up. Well apparently that wasn't all of it.

Today after the last period of class, I knew I needed to poop, and I knew it was going to be semi-big. I was farting all afternoon, and I couldn't stop it, it was forcing itself out.

After the bell rung, I made a bee-line to the toilet, there were people changing in there because they had other activites, so I chose the handicapped stall. I wasted no time unbuckling my shorts and white briefs to the ground. I felt a semi strong urge, but the feeling towards my butt was very strong, so I did the usual, and bent over.

It was an odd feeling, it felt like toothpaste and not that thick, however I had to push continiously to keep it going and to push it all out. There weren't a lot of farts which was weird, but at the end of the monster I felt a slight urge and a small torrent of spolshy chunky diarrhea felt out into the toilet as well.

It smelled bad again, which is usually for me. I stood up and turned around to see my creation. I was amazed, especially since so much had came out of me the last few days I didn't think it was going to be this much, but recently I have been upping my fiber and what I eat is more healthier.

I turned around to see a thick turd in the shape of an upside-down R just laying there in the toilet bowl. It was too marvelous to flush, and it looked like it might back up the toilet. So I switched to another stall (the kids were out by then) and wiped up well and flush and by that time the janitor knocked on the door, and asked if anyone was in here, I said yes.

I then left the restroom, and went to go tell the janitor, personally, that I was finished. When I did, he said Thank You and smiled.

I cleaned up, washed my hands, and left and waited for the janitor to go in while getting water. He toured each of the stalls, and when he got to the handicapped stall he paused for a second, hit the flusher, and then there was another pause.

He hit the flusher again, and then another pause. Then another pause and another flush. It didn't go down. He sighed and dialed on his walkie-talkie.

"There's a plugged toilet in the 3rd hallway.."

I walked away briskly grinning knowing I left the man with a suprise, and that literally I had gotten a huge weight off my [shoulders].

Hey Phoebe the masseuse, thanks for your comment :). Here is another one for you..

Last year, before I met James, I went on holiday to Spain and whilst I was there managed to contract a stomach bug on the first day! I was with a group of friends, one of whom (Liam) had a bit of a dodgy stomach the day we flew.

He was much quieter than normal, he kept massaging his bloated stomach and going to the toilet. As we went to board the flight he looked really panicky, 'are you okay?' I asked gently. 'I really need the toilet' he moaned, looking longingly towards the airport bathrooms.

'Dont be a fairy mate, go on the plane, I'm not missing the flight' our friend Kieran mocked. Liam nodded but clearly felt very uncomfortable, as he kept rubbing his stomach. I walked with him, trying to look after him as he was clearly very distressed.

We sat in our seats, me beside Liam. He had gone white and was silently rubbing his guts, mumbling to himself. 'if you need the toilet just go' I murmured, gently stroking his arm with my thumb. He blushed, 'this is so embarrassing'.

'why is it? do you think I've never had an upset stomach' I laughed. 'I suppose' he gave a feeble smile 'the lads are going to humiliate me so much if I go on the plane tho'. 'Liam, we're on a three hour flight, if you've got the shits, you're going to need to go long before we get there' I reminded him.

He grimaced, realising by me saying the word 'shits' that I knew he had diarrhoea. 'So, you know I've got erm, you know?' he asked awkwardly. 'Yeah but dont be embarrassed, everyone gets them sometimes' I explained. 'Even you?' he stared incredulously. 'Even me!' I laughed, 'I've had them at your house before'.

'Really?' he looked stunned. 'Yeah after that house party, I had to use your toilet 4 times cos I had a ???? upset' I admitted. 'Omg I had no idea' he looked relieved.

'Yeah so dont panic, I dont find you gross or disgusting for having them, its totally natural, it just means youre sick' I smiled. 'Thankyou, you're so sweet' Liam smiled feebly before groaning loudly. 'Whats wrong?'. 'Just got an awful cramp.. I really need the toilet' he admitted.

'Go then!' I teased. 'Ok I - ohhh no' he groaned. 'What?' I looked at him. 'The seatbelt sign just came on, I can't go' he was starting to panic. 'It wont be long just keep calm' I said gently, rubbing his arm.

His stomach rumbled ominously and he accidently farted. 'PAAARPSHH' it squelched at the end where he'd obviously followed through. He froze as his cheeks turned bright red.

'Its okay, it happens' I soothed. He looked really upset as his stomach gurgled loudly and he accidently released more gas which sent a little squirt of runny shit into his underwear. Horrified by his little accident, he broke down, tears streaming down his face.

At this point, he lost control and started involuntarily pushing out runny liquid into his pants. He was having a full blown diarrhoea accident next to me but there was nothing I could do to help him.

He froze, horrified, as it continued to squirt and leak out of his poorly bum. He burst into tears, clutching his aching stomach and bowing his head in shame.

Ive known Liam years and that is the first time I've ever seen him cry so I felt majorly sorry for him. It absolutely stank which made him feel even worse. I wrapped my arm around him and cuddled him to try and make him feel better.

'Im so sorry' he gasped, 'I didn't mean to, it just happened'. 'Its okay sweetheart, lets get you cleaned up'. As soon as the seatbelt sign came off, I stood up behind him so noone could see his accident, although they could probably smell it.

We walked down to the toilet. He went in but didnt lock the door. I heard a huge groan as he pulled his pants down. I stuck my head through the door and saw his pants which were covered in runny poo.

Still feeling ill, he sat on the toilet but nothing else came out apart from gas. I handed him some baby wipes as he started trying to clean up. He was crying his eyes out as he slowly wiped diarrhoea off his bum and privates.

I slipped into the toilet with him, took the baby wipe and gently started to clean his bum for him. He was absolutely mortified but I continued to soothe him as I cleaned everything off for him. I even cleaned his privates which had also been covered in liquid poop.

Once he was clean, I handed him the spare trousers I was carrying in my bag which luckily were trackies so weren't really 'male' or 'female'. He pulled them on, having to go commando as his pants were ruined.

We both cleaned our hands and I shoved all of his soiled clothing into a sealable plastic bag and shoved it in my handbag despite his protests. I then sprayed a miniature perfume to clear the smell, and we went back to our seats.

His eyes were bright red from crying and he still felt pretty unwell as the flight continued. About half an hour later he started to get gurgles and cramps so he hurried to the toilet, where he spent nearly half an hour having diarrhoea.

By the time we got to Spain he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I slipped into his hotel room and gently removed his shoes and pulled the sheets over him. He was sweating and his skin was cold and clammy.

In the evening we were getting ready to go out when I felt cramps in my stomach and I needed to use the toilet. I carefully removed my tights and pulled up my mini skirt before trying for a poo. A large load of mushy poo splattered all over the toilet as I suffered with cramps.

'You okay hun?' my friend Kate shouted through the bathroom door. 'Yeah just got a bit of an iffy ????' I replied, hoping it wouldn't turn to full blown diarrhoea. I was starting to feel queasy and I was shivering despite how warm it was.

Ten minutes later, I badly needed the toilet so I ran back into the bathroom, pulled my tights down and hovered over the seat. Several waves of watery diarrhoea exploded out of my bottom, with loud wet gassy farts in between.

Just then, Kate banged on the door, 'You going to be long? I feel like I'm about to puke' she moaned. 'I've got the shits' I sighed. 'Okay well hurry up then, Im not bothered about the smell, I think Im going to be sick regardless' she worried.

I pushed out another six waves of runny poo before I jumped off the toilet. I could feel the runny liquid squished between my bum cheeks as I unlocked the bathroom door. 'Thankyou' she gasped, gagging as she raced towards the sink. 'BLEUGHHHH' she vomited into the sick, her stomach churning.

'You okay sweetie?' I rubbed her back, still half naked as I remembered I needed to wipe. When she stopped vomiting, I shuffled over to the toilet and carefully wiped my bum. Golden brown liquid coated the toilet paper as I sorted myself out.

I pulled up my tights and flushed the toilet, then washed my hands. 'Are you okay?' I asked her, gently rubbing her back. 'Yeah, just feel sick' she mumbled, wiping the chunks away from her mouth. We decided to stay in bed whilst the lads went out. I kept running to the toilet to have diarrhoea whilst Kate vomited.

About half ten she looked at me with pained eyes, 'Erm I think I need to you know go to the toilet'. 'Aw its okay babe I'll come with you', I grabbed her hand and led her to the bathroom. She was holding her stomach and moaning loudly. She sat quickly on the toilet and leaned forward, grabbing her stomach and pushing out a stream of runny diarrhoea.

'Ohhhh' she groaned, as I gently rubbed her back. She vomited at the same time, as both ends squirted at once. We were up most of the night going backwards and forwards to the toilet.

In the morning Liam came to our room, looking completely fit and well. 'You look better' I smiled, hugging him. 'I feel a million times better' he was back to his usual cheeky grin. 'Are you okay?' he asked worriedly, noticing how ill I looked. 'Me and Kate seem to have picked up your bug' I told him.

'Shit I'm so sorry, I'm guessing you've spent the night puking and having the shits'. 'Yeah, well I've just been on the toilet, Kate's had both ends' I admitted. 'I'll come and look after you' Liam smiled, putting his strong muscular arm around my shoulders, 'seeing as it's my fault you're sick'.

Liam was so sweet to us during that day, particularly me. We ended up dating for a few months after that :). The rest of the guys all caught the bug, if you want to hear about that, let me know!


Steve A

Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

Has anyone ever heard or tried these sugar-free gummy bears before? I haven't ever tried them or even heard about them until one of my friends stayed home from school because he got sick from eating them. He told me he got bad diarrhea from them. They sell these on Amazon and there are a lot of 1 star/bad reviews about them. It says on the back of the package that it has a laxative-like effect and if you ever eat them, you should only eat like one-fourth of the serving size per package.

Do all sugar-free candies/foods cause diarrhea?

Now you know about these sugar-free gummy bears and if someone ever tried to prank you to make you eat these, you now know what happens after you eat them and they think you wouldn't know about them, but you actually do know.


1.Any good Fart Stories.
2.any Babysiting stories
3.Any Accidents?

jessica (az)

fastest poop ever

Quick story
My mom made beef tacos for dinner the other day and they were delicious. When i finished i headed to my room. In no time i felt a gurgle in my stomach and ran to the bathroom. I quickly pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. Really quickly mushy poop came out and i felt immediately felt empty. I wiggled my toes in my flip flops and wiped. I looked at the bowl and it was covered everywhere in poop and it stunk.

Sophia W


Thanks for the nice comments.
I will try to post as often as I can. My school toilets are ok but get sometimes very. dirty. during. the day. They are best in the morning, but then I mostly only. need to pee like on Monday. I went to them and only three stalls were in use. The seat was clean so I just sat down and had a very powerful pee, because I drank much on the way to school. In my last break I felt a strong urge to poop and went again. to the toilet. I was lucky and one stall was free, but there was a lot of pee on the seat and a mushy poop was in the bowel, so I went out again. I waited till I got home, a bad idea I normaly don'tdo. I had luck and no poop got in my panties. I went very quick to the toilet as I got through the door of our house. My poop was now stinky and mushy. If you like I can also write a bit about my sister


Is it stress? What is this? + A story

Hello lads and beautiful lassies,

I've been having issues with my bowels lately. It hasn't been normal like I've wanted it to be. What I mean is a few weeks ago I was having a nice, large, solid log almost everyday, and it'd come out partially clean and it'd feel great. Sometimes there'd be the odd day out and when I'd finally go and cleaned myself out, there'd be a big pile of multiple large logs stacked on top of each other. I usually would go in public if I hadn't gone in a few days because I didn't want to bother with my toilet at home. It would probably go down, but the water level would go up, and I wouldn't want to deal with that hassle.

It all started to go badly, when I wanted to change my schedule from pooping in the afternoon to the morning. I held it in for 2 days and then finally pooped at school in the morning, which I'll tell you about later. Well, when I finally did I pooped out a large log, about half a foot long, but 2-3 inches thick as when I stood to look at it in the toilet it was touching the bottom/base of the bowl, and it was sticking a good two inches out of the water, obviously very thick. I knew it was that big because I crouched down to see where it touched the bowl. It also smelled very strongly of shit when I pushed it out and as I was standing it smelled much stronger than usual, and the guy next to me could smell it as well.

It wouldn't be until another 3 days until I would poop again and by this time I could barely feel the urge. I had an XC meet that day and I knew it was going to be big. The line for the portapotties was long so I found a baseball dugout bathroom that had a line for the men's but it wasn't as long. I stood in line for a few minutes until eventually the guy infront of me went into the stall. He had pretty bad diarreah, I could hear all the splashes, wet sloppy farts, and grunts he was making. Had quite a face on his body as well, tall and lanky, pasty skin, wore sandals with socks, I didn't get a good view of his eyes because he was squinting towards the sun.

When he finally finished wiping himself, which oddly enough took forever. He flushed, but the what it sounded like to me is that the toilet was weak. But I didn't have time to worry about that, I needed to poop! I went in and was immediately hit with a very pungent strong strench of poop. It was almost unbearable, but I had to go. In the toilet there was a few chunks of poop, and quite a bit of skidmarks. I did a 180 rotation, lowered my pants, and sat on the stinking seat.

I almost jumped up from the warmness and moistness from the seat. Obviously someone had warmed up already. Crunched for time, and knowning this was going to be big, I straddled my legs, bent over, and clasped my hands, I then began to push on my tippy toes to get the turd out. Suprisingly my hole began to open very wide, and some gas slid out. The turd almost instantly came out, relatively quickly with some crackling and hissing. Thirty seconds and it was over.

I was suddenly startled by another guy in the other stall next to me. The gaps in the stalls were huge, and so the people outside could get a look at me as well as the person next to me could see my butt. I looked at him and I saw a guy with light brownish hair pulling his pants down, but not sitting on the toilet. I waited to wipe, but didn't want to wait too long because the smell of my crap was starting to diffuse rapidly in the bathroom.

He hovered over the toilet bowl and proceeded to shit out gassy, chunky, diarrhea. It smelled putrid and fowl. He than begin to get the tissue and wipe himself. As he was wiping I heard a rip, and then a short stream of mumbled expletives. His TP had ripped. And to make matters worse, I could see his dispenser was out. So he then decided to wipe his hand on the stall and then lower it under my partition and reach for my toilet paper.

I raised my hand to slap his away, but I right-on-the-spot decided not to because I instantly saw a large light brown streak of poop on his finger. Yick.. I pulled more toilet paper and ripped it down, and tore safely from there.

I stood up and looked at my finished product. In the bowl there were 2 very large pieces of shit. They had the same thickness as the other day, but they both were the same size. It was like the other day, doubled. Marveled, I was going to leave it for someone else, but I decided not to since a lot of guys needed to use this restroom, and I didn't want them thinking of me as unclean and dirty, so I wiped, which took forever, because I'm hairy, and flushed the toilet, but the turds did not go down, they got trapped in the trap. So I left the stall to go wash my hands.

As I walked towards the sinks, I muttered to the guy next that it didn't flush well. He didn't care obviously, but instead of sitting he was standing, but I didn't hear any peeing. Odd. Why is that when there's a large load in the bowl, men will go in to pee, but I hear no peeing, they just stand there?

Alas, I was done, and got the heck out of there. But not for long, I had to return 15 minutes later to later have diarrhea. It was uneventful because when I got up, there was quite a bit, but I accidentally hit the flusher and it sort of dissapated. The door didn't lock at all, so a few guys walked in on me, but I said no big deal, because everyone does it.

But about my infrequent pooping all of a sudden, it may be because I screwed up the natrual rythmn of my body. But how long until I'm back to normal? This morning I pooped, but it was average size/ but small for me and it took a million wipes. The bathrooms in the morning are quite crowded and smell quite bad as they are used quite often. Every morning I will walk in and there will be at least one guy sitting there. Sometimes I find turds, (always small, I'll talk about this in my next post, how I poop more than others, but why? Is it because I eat healthier?), and unflushed toilet paper, but other than a maxi-pad in the guys room, and hair dye, I haven't found anything too interesting.

Welp, Toodles and A bientot!
Your friend, Michael.

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