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There is now still this. Don't be these people For the small number of people who cause all the trouble around here. They claim to have read the FAQ, but their posts and conduct say otherwise. Here are the moral lessons spelled out in detail.

We're putting this link back up here. It is evident it needs a permanent spot here, not that those who fail/refuse to read the FAQ will look at it. As well, those who don't understand/beleive it is talkiing about them, will undoutedly remain obvlious of why their actions are wrong.

The sordid detailes of this practice are contained above. They do not bear repeating.

Canada pooper

Shane's first sleepover

When I was about 8 I had a school friend named Shane he was probably my best friend until he moved just before high school anyway he was new to our school back then his parents moved to our town from a small aboriginal (native) community as time went on I got to see he did not like school much as he was always goofing off his favourite trick to use on our teacher. I'll call her mrs C was to fake having to pee sobs could skip out of class and sneak home anyway as more and more time went on mrs C caught on and would not let him go thinking he would not come back what happened next was so I thought at the time (hence the sleep over) he relaxed and peed in the chair with a quick forming underneath of course the teacher was mad as could be sent him to the office to call his mother this same exact series of events would happen day after day anyway one day I asked him to stay at my house overnight and he said he'd never had one before and seemed kinda nervous but he agreed.
So Friday night came and we had loads of fun playing sega watching tv and ate lots and lots of pizza soon it was time for bed it was then that I realized why Shane was a bed wetter he blushed as he put his diaper on I gave him a hug told him it was no big deal we went to sleep it was maybe 2 :30 when he groaned in pain what's the matter I whispered still half asleep " I have to poop bad" he said with a moan problem was he would wake my parents if he tried to use the the bathroom he started farting loudly and said he can't wait anymore I'm going to poop he got on his hands and knees and started push and grunting
I was amazed because remember I had seen him willfully pee himself before but never poop the diaper got bigger and bigger when he was done he actually rolled back over and went back to sleep the next morning he explained to my mom what happened and she helped him change into some spear clothes and he was picked up later that day there is more but I figured it was long enough

Sorry if I'ts boring?

I was reading posts a bit, I found some from Becc which I enjoyed, even I couldn't understand the numbers in project post. Thank you Becc, I hope you will post more.

Swartz.... I can't remember how to spell name, page 2641, asked what is most luxurious toilet we ever use. I remember long time ago, on coast of Sea of Japan, there were loos which were Japanese garden with loo in the middle, so we can do wee or motion with surrounded by rocks and pond and Japanese lantern and moss and many nature. It was nice feeling! I did wee, I didn't really need motion but I stayed on loo to hope, and after few minutes I did! It was good feeling in that scenery. Some loos were for squat, some for sit, I used squat, it is more suit to nature. When motion come out from my bottom, I breathe well, it was nice feeling. My all family used that loo, there were two for men and about six for women, I don't remember well. We all did motion! But men had loo standing up for wee, and my brother said, not so interesting. So he and my father and grandfather went into motion loo.

Few years later we want to there again. Loo was closed. It say, restaurant guest only. And restaurant was very expensive! So we give up.

Some tea room and restaurant have very beautiful loo. If I find, I tell this site. Now I can't remember so well except Sea of Japan one.

We had happy motion time on 8 July after big party on 7th for Kazuko's birthday. But it is same as before times, we always have same pattern so maybe you yawn! Maybe about 30 plop sounds is total. It is nice noise! I didn't cry for motion of my friends. But my heart very warm. When my friend is on loo and push hard, she is so beautiful!! And rear view also beautiful very much. But I made efforts, so no cry.

And Kazuko, she is next to me when I do, she says, "Mina please lean to forward, I want to see." And when I lean to forward and my motion come out, she says, "Mina, beautiful, beautiful." But I try not to cry. After I am on loo ten minutes I do huge burururururururu and Kazuko says, "beautiful!!" and I cry! Why she make me cry? I hit her little slap. But after she dry me, I come off loo and give to her long long hug.

Brandon T, thank you nice words!!

Big shout out to everybody.

Love, from MKH and very own your M.

Hi I've been a long time lurker on this site but this will be my first post.I don't really know what to write so I guess I'll describe myself.
I have black hair and brown eyes, and I guess you could say I'm pretty introverted- my friends tell me I'm really shy, especially around guys...
So two weeks ago some friends and I went together on a trip overseas. It was a lot of fun but I get really poop-shy when I'm around others >_<
Because of this, I couldn't use the toilet in our hotel room to crap and soon enough, all the waste had piled up in me. On the last night of the week, I snuck downstairs to use the toilet near the lobby for more privacy.
Pulling down my panties, I sat down and leaned forward, bearing down on my gut. I strained as hard as I could but all that came out was an airy fart. I clutched my stomach and began to massage it, hoping that I'd at least be able to pass some nuggets. However, only a few more farts came out, and eventually I gave up, flushed the toilet and went to sleep.

The next day I made the mistake of taking laxatives before the flight back, and so midway through the flight, I felt a large pressure suddenly drop into my rectum. Getting up, I stood at the restroom door, fidgeting restlessly with one hand while holding my stomach, which was now beginning to cramp, with the other. Thankfully I didn't have to wait long, and soon a young girl, maybe 9 or 10 years old, came out. I rushed in, locking the door. Pulling the toilet lid up, I hastily lowered my knickers to my knees and pulled up my skirt around my waist. Almost immediately a long log flowed out of my butt, followed by a burst of gas and thick mucuous-like liquid. I pulled my skirt down with my underwear to my ankles to keep them as far away from the explosion as I could,, and doubled over, gripping the edges of the toilet seat as another smooth log came out, followed by a wet fart and a rush of sludgy diarrhea. My stomach gurgled as I let out a longer, wetter fart, which soon turned to liquid.
After this wave, I stopped crapping uncontrollably, but my ???? still ached and I could feel more diarrhea mush at my hole. I gently pushed, and felt it rush through me and onto the already huge pile of poop below me. At this point I felt really self-conscious and decided to just get it over with in case someone was waiting for me, so I began to push with all I had.
Another stream of wet poop began to flow out of me, and I lowered myself, gripping the sides of the toilet to ride out the wave. After some time, it finally ended, fizzling off with one final burst of gas, leaving me feeling much more chipper than I had been before. After wiping, I pulled my panties and skirt back up, covering my ears as I flushed the toilet, and left the restroom with a small smile playing on my lips.


Tod's Story

Hey Tod. I don't think I saw you on this forum before. Anyway, the bathroom story from the 60's sounded awful. I have 1 BM a day (sometimes a few more), and would hate that rule of using the bathroom twice a day. If you read my last post, I forgot something. My anus would sometimes feel irritated after diarrhea as well as with semisolid poop. It doesn't happen all the time either. I'm glad to have cleared that up. Now, to get back to your story. If I were one of the children who lived back then in the 60's, I'd use a bathroom as many times as I needed to even if it meant a beating. I feel that needing a toilet is not just a right, but one of the most important things in life. If we don't use the loo, and we hold it, waste will back up in the bowel leading to constipation, and holding pee could lead to a bladder infection.

Jake P.

Introduction and my daughter's developing condition.

Hi everyone. I've read this site years ago, but never posted anything. I'm glad to see it is still active. I like to kill time reading all of the stories from a bunch of different people.

Let me introduce myself. I am a 26 years old male. Exactly 6 feet tall, short brown hair, brown eyes, slightly overweight. I am a software engineer for a medical equipment company. I am a single father a 11 year old girl. She's average height and weight for her age, maybe a bit skinnier than average. Green eyes and blonde hair. Her name is Kayla. She barely looks like me, but is a splitting image of her mother. I've been raising her by myself since she was 3 months old. I guess she didn't want the responsibility of raising a kid at 15. I don't know what happened to her, nor do i care.

Kayla has been dealing with some gastrointestinal problems over the past few months that are not getting any better. Unfortunately, she is being extremely private with her bodily functions and refuses to open up to me about her problems. I understand that it is embarrassing for her to talk about, but it's the only way for me to get the help that she needs. I have IBS. It runs in my family. I know what she is dealing with, but she is too embarrassed to talk about it.

Kayla has been having some pretty bad flatulence and explosive diarrhea. The bathroom in our house is in between my office and her bedroom. They are both non structural interior walls with no insulation, so it is very easy to hear any noises coming from the bathroom. The first few times I didn't say anything because everyone gets diarrhea from time to time, but after I noticed it was becoming a frequent occurrence, I asked her if she was sick. She said no and that everything was fine and wanted to change the subject.

Unfortunately, she doesn't make it to the bathroom every time she has to go either. A few weeks ago she got sick in my car and had an accident in her pants. I didn't think anything of it. Everyone has pooped their pants before when sick, Later during that week when I was doing laundry, I noticed that some of her pants and panties were either missing or heavily stained.

Like I said, I have IBS myself. It was at its worst from when I was Kayla's age until I was about 20 years old. Like most kids with IBS, medication and special diets didn't work. I suffered with gas, cramps, bloating, and diarrhea as well, and even frequently had accidents. My mom bought me adult diapers and encouraged me to wear them. I resisted for a while until i swallowed my pride and started using them. They made life 100 times better. I still wear them when I have bad diarrhea, its better to be safe than sorry. I have talked, or tried to talk to Kayla about my IBS and that the same is probably happening to her, but she just doesn't want to talk about it.

I know it has to be embarrassing talking about it, but it's the only way I can get her help. She wasn't always this way. I knew a time would come when she wouldn't want to talk to her dad about her body, so I raised her to be open about her bodily functions. She used to like toilet humor and think farts and poop and pee is funny. Obviously, things have changed.

If you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!


female friend helps me poop

hey I'm Jason, this happened recently while camping with 5 friends. we were at a pretty private location that only had pit toilets so we had brought an extra, smaller, tent to use for the bathroom in which we put a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet lid on it and plastic bags to go in. the girls felt way more comfortable with this than having to go in the woods or in the pit toilets. we had been there a couple of days when I got the urge to poop. I hadn't gone in a few days and it felt really hard and big. I figured it was from the junkfood and camping diet. since the guys just basically peed in the woods, it was obvious that if we used the tent is was to go #2. I normally wouldn't mind too much but I knew I was in for a really long session that would require some pretty hard work so I held it in instead of taking forever in front of everyone. so later that night after everyone was in bed I snuck out to the tent to try to get the job done. I pulled down my shorts and boxers and had a seat. I began to push and could feel this was not going to be an easy or quick dump. I sat pushing for awhile and took a quick break. I resumed pushing and was in the middle of a rather hard push when I heard the tent zipper being opened. I quickly covered myself up when my friend becky saw me and realized I was in there. she quickly said oh my god Jason I'm so so sorry and backed out of the tent. I told her she could come in and do her thing because I would be quite awhile yet. she kind of giggled and just said oh ok, thank you, I just need to pee so ill be quick. I let her do her business and when she was finished she wiped and replaced the plastic bag with a new one. I had brought a lantern with me so I wasn't in the complete dark and could see without tripping over anything. becky asked me if she could borrow the lantern to walk to the dumpster to throw her plastic bag away. I told her sure. she took the lantern, and I went back into the tent and zipped it shut. I sat back down and began to push and strain pretty hard because I wanted to try and go before becky got back, but I wasn't able to make much progress at all. the tip would start to stick out but it was just too hard and painful to come out any further. pretty soon I heard footsteps coming and realized becky must be back. she came up close to the tent and whispered, Jason are you still in there? I said yes, and she asked if I was ok. I finally just admitted to her that I was having a really hard time and couldn't go. to my surprise she asked if she could come in to give the lantern back and to keep me company. I really didn't care at that point and just wanted to poop so I told her that would be fine. she took off her hoodie and handed it to me thru the zipper so I could cover up so it would be less awkward. I thanked her and she came in and sat down on the floor next to me. I told her that this was going to take me awhile and I was going to have to really push hard and apologized in advance. she told me it was ok, everybody poops and has trouble sometimes, just relax and do your thing. she assured me she wouldn't tell anyone either. I thanked her, and took a deep breath and slowly began to push again. after several hard pushes the tip came out but still was too big for me to pass. I tried for a few more minutes when becky asked me if it was coming out. I explained to her my issue and she said I'm sorry, how long has it been since you last pooped? I told her a few days and she said, that's not good no wonder its so hard for you! she held my hand and told me to keep pushing. I pretty much let my dignity go and began to strain as hard as I could. becky saw how hard I was trying and encouraged me more, come on Jason you can do this, push, push! I finally felt the turd began to budge a little with lots of crackling and becky said it sounds like its coming out! I told her it really hurt and she told me to squeeze her hands, and that it looked like I was in a lot of discomfort from the look on my face. I told her sorry if this hurts and squeezed her hands pretty hard and began straining again. she let go of one of my hands and started to rub my back while I was in mid strain. the turd was not moving much at all and I stopped to catch my breath. becky told me to concentrate and kept rubbing my back. I squeezed her hand in pain as I pushed really hard again. the turd moved ever so slightly with more crackling and becky said keep going Jason your making progress! I took another deep breath and bore down while squeezing her. the turd moved ever so slightly again and I told becky I needed to rest. she moved from sitting and knelt down in front of me and I rested my head on her shoulder. she said I'm sorry this is so hard for you, I wish there was something I could do to make it easier and not hurt so much! I told her trust me you are doing plenty, I'm not sure if I could have even got this done without you in here! she reassured me it wasn't a big deal, and asked if I was feeling ready to try again. she gave me her hands and I sucked in my breath again hoping the break I took would help. I began pushing again and it took a few minutes to get the turd to move at all. I kept up the pushing and the turd moved some more and loudly crackling the whole time. becky asked me if it was almost out and I told her I wasn't sure but I hope so! after another few minutes of pushing I had the widest part of the turd out and stopped to rest. becky asked how I was doing and I told her the thickest part was out so I shouldn't be too much longer. I rested for another minute or so and prepared to push. I pushed and pushed and finally the turd sped up for the last 10 inches or so and dropped into the plastic bag. I stopped to catch my breath and becky told me good job and playfully held her nose. she asked if I was done and I told her almost. I pushed out another 12" log that was still kind of big but a lot less painful and only took a minute or 2. I told becky I was done and she said man that was an ordeal, I'm glad you got that out! she let me wipe and clean up in privacy. I thanked her again and pulled the plastic bag from the bucket. i couldn't believe the size of my poop, i took the bag out of the tent and becky asked hesitantly if i would be embarrassed if she saw my poop just because of how hard it was. i really didn't care at that point and showed her. she gasped in amazement and just said no wonder that hurt! we walked back to the dumpster and got rid of my load. on the way back she told me that was quite the performance and if itd make me feel better i could watch her use the toilet sometime! i guess we will see what happens! that was the most memorable camping trip ive been on i can say....


Response to Hailey + story

Hailey- Thank you for the response, I am glad you enjoyed my story! To be honest I have no idea how I became that regular as I am all over the place now a days, I never know when I will need to poop. I was so consistent I almost never went through a day without pooping during that time slot. I didn't follow a diet of any sort but I did however excercise regularly. I excercised around 4-5 times a week. My excercising ranged from playing soccer to going to the gym. I don't play soccer anymore and I just go to the gym, so my best guess is that it would've been running that got me so regular, but I honestly do not know haha! I am so glad that my school didn't follow the same schedule as yours! If I had the teacher that rarely let me go I would have been running to the washroom every lunchtime! My timetable was set up in blocks A,B,C, and D. On Monday it would be A block first, B, C, and D then on Tuesday, B would be first, then A, D, and C. Wednesday would have the Last classes on Monday and Tuesday be switched to the morning and so on. Fridays would represent a schedule during the week so it could be Monday schedule on the first Friday of the month and then the second Friday would be the Tuesday schedule. So some sometimes I would have the teacher that wouldn't let me poop twice in a week which was awful! I hope you could follow my explanation, I am sorry if it was a bit confusing it was hard to explain haha! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask, I enjoyed responding to you!

Now on to my story
In my response to Hailey I mentioned that I played soccer a few years back. These were the years when I was fairly regular and needed to poop between 10-12 so I rarely ever had to poop during soccer. There was one time though. We were participating in a tournament one year and we had a game scheduled to start at 10:15. So I knew I would have to poop if I didn't go before. So we were staying at a hotel and I made sure that I woke up early, ate a good breakfast, and I would try my best to poop before my game. So when I woke up I went straight downstairs to eat. I had eggs, ham, a waffle, fruit and some water to drink. I sat down with my friend who I will call Amy. Me and Amy have played soccer together since we were 6 years old! So we knew each other pretty well. As we were eating I told Amy that I will have to try and poop before my game because I don't want to have to go during our game. She laughed and told me that she should try too since her body surprises her all the time with unexpected poops. I laughed and said we should try to go together in the public washrooms in the lobby! She liked the idea and I told her we would meet down here at 9:20 so we could have some time before we had to leave. So I went back upstairs and laid on the bed and watched television with my mom and little brother for 30 minutes until it was time to go downstairs and meet with Amy. I got my soccer uniform on and out my cleats and water bottle in my bag and asked my mom if she could bring it down to the car with her for when we had to leave. She said she would but I just have to be in lobby waiting for her at 9:40. I quickly walked to the main lobby and I saw Amy eagerly waiting for me. So we both walked into the bathroom and took the farthest stalls to the left that were right next to each other. Amy and I both prepared our seats with toilet paper and pulled down our soccer shorts and underwear and sat our bums on the toilet. We both peed for a short period and we both began to push a little bit. Too my surprise I felt something coming! I was so excited! All of a sudden I farted really loudly and Amy burst out laughing. She was laughing so hard that she began to poop! She stopped laughing and thanked me for getting her bowels moving haha! After I farted I felt nothing else. I pushed a little one more time but it was a fail. Amy kept pooping for 5 more minutes while I sat on the toilet and talked to her while she was blowing up her toilet haha! Amy asked if I felt anything but I said sadly no, but I told her I didn't really mind and that I will probably just have to go when I get subbed off the field. Amy began to wipe and flushed. We washed our hands and I checked my phone for the time, it was 9:40 so I quickly rushed out to the lobby. I saw my mother just coming down to meet me with my little brother, I was right on time! We got in the car and drove to soccer. I felt pretty good during the first half of the game and didn't feel any urge at all to go! Amy even scored a goal, I told her must've been her wicked poop tht helped her score haha! During the second half I started to get a big urge to poop. I was farting like a maniac! One of the girls on the other team was asking her teammates what that smell was haha! During the last 20 minutes my urge got pretty bad and I had to ask to be subbed off. My coach asked me what was wrong but I didn't have time to answer and just ran to the porta potty! I hate using porta potties but I couldn't hold it and I wasn't going in my soccer uniform! Thankfully it wasn't in use and I quickly got in there and squatted over the bowl of the porta potty. I pushed once and my poop began to slowly emerge. It felt so good I even let out a small moan haha! I like to let my poop slide out slowly since it feels really really good and satisfying! The poop broke off and landed in the mess of the porta potties bowl. I was grossed out when I looked below and saw what else was in there. I pushed one more time and my second and last huge log came out of me except this time it came out super fast! I felt relieved so I quickly wiped and pulled my soccer shorts and used the hand sanitizer that was supplied in the porta potty. I ran back to the side lines and my coach asked if everything was ok. I said yes I feel better now haha! I asked her how much time was left and she said 10 minutes! I was shocked! I didn't think I took that long to poop! I got put back out and we ended up winning the game 1-0. Amy came over giggling asking how my poop was. I said I feel so much better now but I wish I could've gone at the hotel, the porta potty was disgusting. We both laughed and talked about Amy's game winning goal. The rest of the weekend was fun even though we lost in the gold medal game. None of our games were in that time slot so I got to poop at the hotel for the rest of the weekend!

Hope you enjoyed my story, bye bye for now!

31 year old male American
Abbie: Thanks for the reply. I'm glad that you do enjoy some aspects of your typical pooping sessions, even if other issues can get annoying sometimes. I have to admit I've never had the experience of a log getting sucked back in, but I can imagine how frustrating that might be. If you had to guess, how far do you think your harder logs typically poke out before getting sucked back in? I only ask because if it comes out far enough I bet you could try to grab it with some toilet paper before it gets sucked back in. Have you ever tried that? Also, I know some women like to put a finger or thumb in their vagina to try to help push it out because the wall between the vagina and the rectum is fairly thin. I just googled it and found out that it's called vaginal splinting. Have you ever tried that?


About Me and a Story

Hey everyone, how's are you all doing? I just thought I'd talk a little about myself and tell a story. I'm 18, brown hair and eyes, 5'9, average build. I'm going to college next school year. I also have a pretty horrible diet, eating whatever and whenever I want. This is what makes me have bad times on the toilet. I normally don't talk to people about stuff like this, except with some select friends, so sorry if my stories sound odd. Anyway, here's my story.

This happened about two weeks ago. It had been 3 days since I last pooped, so I thought I'd be in for the struggle, and my diet of cheesesteaks and alcohol wouldn't be of much use (or so I thought.) I talked to my friend who I always talk to about this and asked her to wish me luck as I began to head for the bathroom. I went in and sat down, preparing for the worst. I pushed once and a torrent of runny poop just came out. It was a hilarious amount of poop. I looked down after I was finished to see an avalanche of diarrhea. It actually took more time to wipe then poop lol.

That was my story, hope you all enjoyed!


Survey for Taylor--and others

A few pages back, Taylor mentioned wanting to do a survey, so here it is.

1) Age?

2) Height?

3) Weight?

4) How often do you usually need to poop?

5) What times of day usually?

6) Describe how your feces usually are (logs, chunks, pebbles, etc?)

7) When you poop, does a lot usually come out?

8) Most urgent dump you had recently (in the last year)?

9) If you were legitimately offered $10 million dollars, do you think you could hold back your poop for 2 weeks while eating normally?


could not feel my legs when going to the washroom at 5:00 AM

I tried to get up and I fell hurting my whole right side. The worst was my right ankle, which I sprained. After falling I managed to get up, with no help from my husband or my sister in law who were awake. I am diabetic on the pump and have stiff person syndrome and I have osteoporosis. I have never had this happen before.


What comes in will come out

Hey everyone, just going share a short story, yesterday I stayed in from church I have been really having bowel movement troubles sense my last post, so yesterday it was just me alone. So I took off everything and went in the bathroom and sat down on the toilet and bore down everything within my body the struggle was so real I was crying and rubbing my stomach that my legs were shaking so bad about half hour later I began to pass gas it was hard and hurtful coming out, than my whole open up I was so excited finally it was coming but it was so thick that it went back in a few times, now I been on the toilet for 45 minutes by then I was exhausted and smelled with body odor and sweat dripping so I bore down one more time and a fat long knobby log broke through and I got off the toilet and start pushing and pushing that it finally came out splashed me, and I pushed out one more and I felt so reviled it was out but I was in so much pain that I crawled into the tub to take a shower, I finally got the up to start the shower the minute it my buns it was stinging, I was glad it was done with, and finished my shower . Wrap myself in my long towel, flush the toilet and went back to sleep before they came in. That's all right now


Dear Victoria

I'm sorry, I don't know I said or not, but I angry very much to the boy who is interesting only your motion.

I hope next time, you meet nice boy who love you with many reason, not only loo things.

Love from Mina


Africa trip continued

Hey guys it's me again, when I last left off on my Africa trip I had just left the airport at Johannesburg. After one more flight we landed in a small city in Zambia where the mission would take place. From there we took a taxi to the village where we would be staying. We were fortunate enough to be staying in house with limited electricity and running water. We also ha a toilet so we considered ourselves lucky. Traveling usually makes me either really constipated or gives me diarrhea. It's strange there's no in between. This time it was constipation. For about the 4 days we were there I didn't poop. I didn't feel the urge and only peed when I did go to the bathroom. As we were departing from the mission my stomach finally got going and I could feel a big dump coming. We had a 5 hour layover in the Lusaka airport and I knew I needed to poop soon. I found the bathrooms at this one secluded corner of the airport. There were a wall of stalls on both sides behind two sink areas on each side. The bathroom wasn't that busy and I found a stall and latched the door. I'm usually not particular about this but I felt like I needed to cove the seat so I did. I pulled down my leggings and sat down. As I began to pee a person to my right went in the stall next to me. They quickly sat down and just sat there. I could feel this HUGE turd crown but I couldn't get it to drop so I kept on pushing and kinda grunting. After about 2 minutes of pushing the person next to me farted so loud and moaned with relief. I guess they were waiting on me to break the ice and couldn't hold it. I gave one huge push which made me go up on my tippy toes and I could feel the turn streak open my butt and drop with a PLOP. That unleashed the flood gates. I started pushing out semi-chunky poop rapidly with soft farts and I was really stinking it up. The person next to me kept on dropping gentle turds in succession. A couple of people came in to my left that peed but it was mostly just me and this other woman. I've been I. Bathroom at this point for about 10 minutes and my friend came to check on me. She asked if I was okay and I told her my stomach was really upset. I let out one more wave of chunky poo and I felt done (for now).
As I was wiping the person next to me also started wiping. I wiped about 7 times and pulled up my thong and flushed. As we exited the woman next to me seemed about early 20s and was clearly South African with this brunette curly hair. We smiled at each other at the sinks and left after that.
On the plane home to the states I had another wave of diarrhea which was kinda embarrassing bc I felt like everyone heard me. It's taken a couple of days for my system to get back to normal but traveling usually does this type of stuff to me. Anyways thanks for reading! Be back soon


In a carpark

I was at a large outdoor church do in a village up the country and so was driving a minibus, when we got there the car/bus park was new since my last visit, it had been a railway goods yard with one building, an old large and tall goods shed now used as the toilet block. All the buses were backed up to the hedge opposite the gate and this toilet block. We were the first bus in the row right opposite the toilets.
As the do was coming to the end, I went back to the bus to check the map for our route home and to use the gents, the gents was about one third of the building with urinals on two walls and toilet cubicles on the wall with the door and washbasins on the forth wall. After I had peed I when out and onto our bus and was sitting near the back, as people started to return to there buses ete, a queue for the lady's loo started to snake around to the left side hedge of the bus park and at some point a little queue for the gents did start to form.
I did see that some of the lady's did go behind an old porter-cabin in the corner of the bus park, and I hear a lady on my bus complaining that three females had pushed into the toilet block and peed into a drain in the middle of the floor.
As I waited for my party to come back to the bus, I saw two females about 20 years old leave the line for the toilets and walk across the bus line to the gap between the 2nd and 3rd buses and go to the back of it to the hedge, I was able to watch them through the windows of the 2nd bus as they both with there backs to the hedge facing the back of the bus dropped there jeans and knickers and get into a high squat, so I had a side view of there bums, just than the dammed 2nd bus moved forward a few feet so that people could get on, so I could no-longer see through that bus and when it drove off the females were gone, just leaving two wet patches on the gravel and some tissue paper.
Just my bad luck to miss the main show.

Sonya Sue

My Burnin' Butt

Last month the youth of three churches in our city reserved space in a city park for a Sunday afternoon and evening of activities. We planned to have three different sports going at one time. Genderwise, we were probably 65/35 with more boys so that meant that we were going to play some rougher games. What we didn't expect was the temperatures: it was 97 at noon and 107 later. Our pastors and parents emphasized lots of water so we literally had 4 kegs of water donated by a local bar. Plus we had lots of sodas and flavored energy drinks. I remember in our last planning session we were surprised and happy that the city gave us a free portable potty unit. The nearest bathroom building was about two blocks from us and when we've used those toilets before they've had multiple flaws.

Since I was on the setup committee, I had to report three hours early for work. After the kegs were delivered, our officers were starting to drink so much of the water that we were warned to leave some for the 100 or so participants. After finishing preparations, my jeans shorts and partial cut-off top were dripping from sweat. I also realized that I could no longer hold my pee and crap especially since our guests would be arriving soon. I had noticed the portable potty had been positioned away from our playing and picnic area. It was facing the east which meant more privacy for those of us who would use it. So I hurried across the fields and up and over there.

Everything looked great as I walked around it. The door was open and I thought that would be good to keep it as fresh-aired as possible. All the plumbing was bright and shiny steel and I flicked the lid up before I turned around, pulled the door chain in and latched the door. Since I had been on my feet for three hours, I was looking forward to taking my well-earned seat.

As soon as my body had contact with the seat, I yelled out in pain and it seemed that I had just sat on a burner on mom's stove. The seat was beyond hot. I jumped up immediately so fast that I hit my head on the ceiling. I looked around. No toilet paper whatever. And I was holding back a two-fronter. I don't know why but I next put my hand over the seat in different places. All were red hot. I flicked the seat up with hopes I could sit on the bowl. It too was steel and hot. I stood back to the door and took off my sandals. My idea was to put one on each side of the seat and to gingerly sit on them. That worked for about 30 seconds as I started to push out my crap. The seat was contoured inward and as I worked to push out my crap, I could feel my cushion sliding. If I hadn't stood then, I feared I would have to retrieve my sandals from the pit.

So I turned and tossed them against the door. Now I removed my top. I rolled it up and placed it over the left side of the seat. Then off came my jean shorts which I placed over the opposite side of the seat. Then I slowly positioned myself back on the seat with very careful planning not to let my middle area even come close to touching the front of the seat. I had carefully shaved myself two days earlier--something that I now regretted. It took me longer than usual to get my banana like crap out. My pee started fast, trickled off a couple of times, then continued. I remembered hoping that the pee I was losing, plus all my sweat which was running in my eyes like I was in the shower, was not going to de-hydrate me further.

When I got back to home base, my pastor had just arrived and he could see that I was really frustrated. I was too embarrassed to tell him what had happened, but in telling a couple of my friends, they came up with a solution. Tori, whose family operates a day care, had two inflated life jackets in her car. Our pastor did some adaptations to them and most everyone used them for the toilet throughout the day.

Pastor Bob later explained the mistake of placing the portable potty in the way of the sun and the additional damage of keeping the door open. We all learned something about science. I had a large red blotch on each side of my butt for two days. I got some special sunburn creme at the travel stop that I work at. It helped some.

Optional Person

Bianca Responce

Thank you for the reply Bianca. Eggy smelling ones are cool. Interesting, yeah if it burns, for me it is when it is lined up to come out. That is interesting that it happens for you afterwards. I wonder if it is because your anus is more sensitive or maybe the poops really did a number on your anal skin? Slimy stuff, it is probably clear mucous, that does indeed happen to some people. Sometimes it is good to talk to your doctor about that, but it is probably nothing. A quick google search says that "Dehydration and constipation" can cause clear mucous. If it increases a lot though it could mean "illness, especially if inflammation occurs and the mucous membrane breaks down. This leaves the body more open to infection." I am no doctor and just did a google search to attempt to be helpful, hopefully it indeed helps you. Squirty farts are the best, they sound really funny. Thank you for your reply. Happy pooping Bianca.

Monday, July 24, 2017

job seeker


Here's another story, every word true, from my childhood.

At my first boarding-school, when you were not much over 6 you were suddenly free of the jurisdiction of the infamous Miss Clarke I've been writing about, and were allowed to decide when you pooed and to do it all yourself, although you'd be asked frequently, "When did you last sit on", or poo. The transition did seem a bit sudden, I suppose with it being blind kids they had babied us with it rather, checking thoroughly what we'd done and wiping our bottoms for us, until we were older than kids would usually be for that to stop, and at home I assume our families just continued with whatever we were used to. We were away at school for the majority of the time. I remember going back to school at the end of the holidays and finding I had a new Section Head, and being worried at finding I had to wipe my own bottom from then on, and genuinely didn't know how to do it and be sure it was okay. It was soon alright though, it had only been the change and need to sort out the skill that had been the problem

Some of the causes of blindness unfortunately also have additional mental and learning difficulties, as in the case of quite a few kids at my first school, and the toilets I then had to use were often messy in the worst possible way, which, being unable to see anything myself, I might well only discover the extent of when I sat on the seat. This meant I went as infrequently as I could get away with. Usually I knew when I absolutely couldn't put it off any longer to take on the struggle with a fat, long, dry, rough and stubborn turd, usually just one, while I begged for the slightly softer texture of its upper extremity to come and indicate I'd almost got it out. Stomach aches were quite frequent, but finally resigning myself to getting on the toilet usually sorted it out. On one occasion when I was 9 or 10 though, despite delivering one of my usuals, the pain didn't go away.

There was "The Surgery" in school where you could go with any ailments, and that was also where the daily eye-related procedures some of us needed were dealt with. Surgery was presided over by "Sister", in the nursing sister sense. I told Sister I had a bad stomach ache and she asked me when I last opened my bowels. I'd heard her have such conversations with other people and knew what she meant. I told her I'd been that morning. She asked me if I'd managed to do anything and I said yes. She said it sounded as if I needed to go some more, had I tried hard? I said I had, which was true. She told me to keep at the back of the surgery queue and she'd see me in a minute.

Finally everybody else had gone and she asked me to go in. She said she could give me some medicine, but that might make me have an accident (euphemism for pooing your pants, of course). They avoided anything like that, which was going to make extra work for the staff, like the plague. She closed the Surgery door, in itself something rather scarily extreme that didn't usually happen, and said, "Sometimes something as simple as soap can get things moving, it gives you the right feeling to make you and your bowels get working. Pull down your trousers and underpants and I'll put some up your bottom," and she was now at the sink.

Gosh, I'd never heard of this before, I obviously had the gist of what she was going to do, but only that, it might hurt and was definitely going to be incredibly embarrassing if nothing else, and my nervousness and shyness was making me fumbly with my clothes.

"Quickly please, it's Assembly in 20 minutes," she ordered, and I heard her squishing around with the soap. Then she went to the chair and said, "Right, come here and I want you to get over my lap."

With a strong feeling of unreality but also, I was aware, an element of unfamiliar, somehow excited anticipation, I shakily found her starchy overall-covered legs and lay across them. She rolled my shirt a long way up my back, evidently took a look at the position of my bottom and adjusted her knees for a second or two. With what felt like a spreading movement of the finger and thumb of the unsoaped hand she opened my cheeks, moved her legs slightly again so she'd got me exactly where she wanted me, and I felt a very soapy finger feeling in my crack. She obviously knew just what she was looking for, prodded briskly through my sphincter and there was a quick sliding sensation, rapidly further up inside me than I'd think of as my bottom, and moving in the opposite direction there to which anything ever had before, immediately making me try to stop it by clenching tight, wriggle violently and hopelessly attempt to kick in the pants and trousers at my ankles, while panting and protesting.

She gave me one warning smack on the bottom and shouted, "keep still, don't do that," and then I definitely knew I had somehow to co-operate fully. She made her finger slide and twiddle for another few seconds, determinedly rubbing in the soap any way she could within the limits of my rectum, before I felt her take it all the way out, making a nasty, messy sound.

I was straight away aware of the kind of irritation you get up your bottom after doing an acidic poo. I wouldn't at that age have been able to pin it down to anything in particular like that, of course, but did know that sort of soreness inside you, only this was very strong. "Now, you'll want to get straight on the toilet after that, I'm sure, you can use this one in the Surgery, and if I don't see you do a jolly good poo I'm going to give you an enema. You won't like that either, but that will definitely solve the problem. Quickly now, you can get to the toilet without getting dressed, it's only here."

Not knowing what an enema was, very uncomfortable and embarrassed, and, she was right, at least feeling like I was now dying to poo, I shuffled in the clothes at my ankles to the toilet Sister was guiding me to, I hadn't even known there was one there. She said, "I'll come back in a moment. You need to really push hard."

I certainly did, and my bum made a bit of a promising noise when I managed to force some soapy bubbles out of it, which made Sister respond, "That sounds better." She'd made that enema sound like a threat, and I strained and pushed with all my might, doing every helping manoeuvre I knew. I wasn't used to any kind of supervision these days, and was a bit taken aback when I was in the middle of mega bearing down, tugging, pressing and writhing every way, when, back at the open door, she said, "Good boy, I can see you're doing your best." She'd have heard as well, I was desperate to try to go.

There was just no sign whatsoever of any movement inside me though, and in the end I flopped back exhausted and just groaned, "I can't do anything."

"Alright," said Sister, "I want you to come to the surgery 25 minutes before afternoon school please, it won't be very nice but it's for your own good."

I dreaded the sound of that, it was the kind of thing they said to people when they were going to smack them, and 25 minutes sounded like a long time.

(To be continued).

Job Seeker


After lunch the irritation of the soap had gone, but I still had a stomach ache, not agony exactly, but about as bad as it had been all through, and constant. I'd got on the toilet and tried as hard as I could again, but I still couldn't make anything come. I told my best friend I was going to have an enema, but he didn't know what it was either. After what Sister had said about it, and the business in the morning, I was very nervous when I went to the Surgery.

Sister asked me if I still had the ???? ache and I said yes, and when she asked I said I still hadn't been able to poo any more. "I don't know why you were able to do some at first but can't get the rest out," she said, making it sound as if it was my fault, I thought, "but you're going to have to have an enema. Do you know what that is?"

I said no.

"Well, we make a lot of water with something special in it go up your bottom inside you, you have to hold it there for a few minutes while it softens your poo, then you sit on the toilet and can let it out, and it thoroughly washes it all out of your body."

I was trying to imagine it and it sounded horrible. "Does it hurt?" I asked, and she said, "well, you won't like it when your ????'s full of the stuff, and some people find it frightening when everything is gushing out of their bottom, but you'll feel much better afterwards. Now," and she'd closed the Surgery door again, "I want you to take off all your clothes in case we have any problems." I wondered what kind of problems she might be thinking of, and apprehensively got undressed.

"Now, this is what I'm going to use," and because I can't see, of course, she handed me a tube with a tapering end and said, "It's just the first quite thin part that's going up your bottom, and it's only about the same thickness as my finger this morning, so I know you can cope with that." All the same, it didn't feel like something I wanted going there.

"This is what holds the mixture," and she showed me a warm, squashy fabric bag which felt as if it contained an awful lot of water. "Right, hop up on the couch," and she patted it with her hand so I knew where it was

I clambered up and the plastic cover felt cold against my skin.

"Right, turn away from me on your side, bring your knees right up and make your bottom open as much as you can." With my heart thumping, I gingerly complied. Although as a 9 or 10 year old I didn't of course have the actual vocabulary, the vulnerability was very clear and strong to me, I was wondering quite what my anal exposure to her was going to lead to this time.

"I've made the insertion nice and slippery," she said, bending down close to my bottom, "now ".

When I felt her begin jiggling and pushing the end in my bum, after this morning I did manage to resist the reflex to keep out the intrusion, I knew she wouldn't allow that. It didn't actually hurt anyway, it was just slidy, but I was very conscious again in that part of me of something moving in a direction I wasn't used to and it wasn't me making it.

Alright?" she asked, but didn't wait for an answer, "here comes the fluid. I've made sure it's warm so it won't shock you, but it will feel strange."

She did something, and first in my bottom, then up into the beginning of my ????, there was a sort of hissing that I could feel rather than hear. It was a completely new sensation, of course, and I didn't like it, but could cope. The fluid must have been slightly colder than my body temperature, because I did notice a coolness in my stomach.

I just lay there for a while, then began to feel a new, tight pain in the bottom of my stomach. "It's hurting my ????," I protested.

"It's because it's starting to get full up," said Sister, "not much more now.

"Oh please, oh gosh!" I said after another few seconds, and spontaneously started to wriggle.

"Keep still," she ordered, and I felt her take hold of the tube to make sure I didn't get it out.

Then I felt two strong squirts go up, I now realize as she was probably squeezing the last of the mixture out of the bag, and it stopped.

So far it had all been totally unfamiliar, of course, but manageable. Now, though, I felt as if my stomach was bursting and I was beginning to get strong diarrhoea-like contractions. "I need to go to the toilet - badly!" I urged.

"No," she answered firmly, "you've got to hold it for another minute," and I hardly noticed her sliding the tube out of my bottom.

"Oh, oh!" I panicked, I'm trying, but "

"You've got to hold it, close up your bottom tight, and I'll get the toilet ready."

I was gripping my cheeks tight with my hands, and heard her lift the lid of the surgery toilet. "You've only got to get to here," she was calling from the toilet's nearby echo, "alright, come on."

I half fell from the couch because my hands were occupied with my bottom, and without quite knowing the way I went as quickly as I could to where she was calling to me. The diarrhoea-type contractions were now phenomenal and my stomach as tight as a drum, but somehow I made it. Sister tapped the seat to guide me and said, "Get straight on."

The relief of feeling the cool toilet seat under my legs and bottom was absolutely enormous and I probably couldn't have waited another second, but the action of sitting made release really unstoppable anyway, and a new episode of utter unfamiliarity began. Suddenly I felt my bottom spraying out liquid, continuously and totally without any encouragement whatsoever from me. Often though, it felt as if handfuls of pebbles were being tossed into the top end of the stream and I'd feel them wash out of me in the cascade, interrupting the pure-sounding flow as my bottom spat them into the water. I'd heard girls weeing when I'd been listening under the ventilation grill between the boys' toilets and theirs, and also I'd heard my sister at home loads of times, and was really fascinated by it. Some of the time what I was doing now sounded just the same, but when the pebbles came it made it sound as if the girls were drumming their fingers right in the stream, wherever it was their wee came from.

I don't suppose it went on for very long, but it seemed like ages to me. When it stopped, Sister said,There's often at least another wave. Stand up and let me see how you're getting on though."

I got up and she said, "My goodness, young man, no wonder you had a stomach ache! You're going to have to go to the toilet a very great deal more often. You've pooed and pooed!"

Then I had to apologise and quickly sit down again, I had another overpowering urge to continue with the release, as she'd predicted. This one didn't last as long, but there was plenty more liquid and poo. After that I sat for a minute taking in what had just happened, it was shocking but fascinating, all at the same time. Then Sister said, "I'll give you a note for your teacher this afternoon, because you may well need to go again, but you'd better get your bottom wiped and get dressed for school. I'm going to be asking you from time to time about your bowels, and remember, I want the truth."

I agreed.

There was one more small episode during the afternoon, but my teacher, very sympathetic indeed as soon as she'd seen the note, let me go to the toilet straight away, and this one was really just a very watery poo. I didn't know at the time how to describe to my friend the way I felt after my enema, but I remember it very well. It was like when you wash your face to wake you up, your skin feels fresh and more pliable, a sort of Springlike effect, only this was inside me, and I had a temptation to skip everywhere for a while. I didn't know if I'd tell Sister if I got clogged up like that again, but I wasn't at all sure I wouldn't.

Uncle Harry

Contests in the Garage

This really is the final alley post before we moved to the high-rise apartments. I and three other boys sometimes had a contest to see who could best piss into the drain in the abandoned garage. One time, I thought I saw a face in the window just as we were taking out our dicks. When we got them all out and ready to start pissing, the face in the window came in..a girl. One boy quickly put away his dick. "Hi, guys", the girl said. "I'm going to be the judge in your pissing contest. I'd join in your contest if I could, but I don't have the right equipment". I new this girl. She lived in the neighborhood and her name was Cathy. I had seen her pee a few times when she had straddled the drain with her pants off while I was peeing into it. Bob, who had hid his dick when Cathy came in, thought a bit, and decided to take it out again. Anyway, we decided to let Cathy be our judge, provided she would pee into the drain afterward. She agreed. She pulled out a stopwatch as we got around the drain. Very official, she was. 1-2-3-go, she counted out, as we all let go our urine. Some of us were late starting. I started first and ended last, so I won. Now it was Cathy's turn. She gave me the stopwatch. Then she took off her pants and panties, straddled in front of the drain, and crouched back a little right over the drain. At my signal, she let go, with her well practiced aim, as I started the stopwatch. I stopped it at 32 seconds. Not a record for her, but pretty good. We all applauded. She and I peed in the drain under the building back stairs several times before we moved that summer. That was the last I ever saw of her.



Hi Rachel, I really liked your story! I just have some questions for you. You seem really regular in that you always needed to poop during Block 2. Did you follow some kind of a diet and exercise to make yourself that regular, or did it just happen that way? And you were really lucky that you get different teachers for Block 2 each day. At my school, we have classes similar to yours. We have two periods in the morning and afternoon, with a lunch hour in between. Except we get the SAME class and teacher for Period 2 everyday! So if you have a tendency to go during a certain period, you always end up asking the same teacher! How does the timetable at your school work? It sounds better than ours that it changes each day! And please post anymore stories you have!



To Optional Person: I had a poop today that smelled eggy just like you described in one of your posts, except I sat on the toilet normally. You also talked about a burning sensation in your butt, but unlike you, my anal area has felt irritated after some poops especially if they're the type that are semisolid. The irritation is like the urge to scratch your butt. It doesn't last long, and passes on its own. Also, I still periodically get what feels like mucous in my stool. I say feel, because when I wipe, the paper is covered in this slimy stuff. I got this before, but it tends to alternate between being more of an off and on thing now. Just a while ago, I took another shit while reading on this website. This time, it was loose, and I did some squirty sounding farts as I let go.


No Bathroom in the 1960s

I used to know this guy that was a kid in the 1960s that could only go to the bathroom twice a day for 2 years with a few exceptions. It was him age 10 an 8 year old brother and a 14 year old sister. His family was very poor and moved to Texas to find work. The dad met a guy on the CB radio that rented them a space on his property and another guy that sold them a trailer without a bathroom. The old man that rented them the property told them in order to use the toilet they would need to build a bathroom, dig their own septic system as well as their own well for water,. The family couldn't afford it and planned on getting their own property somewhere else, therefore didn't want to put a septic system and well for him to use for other tenant. The old man also for forbid them to use his bathroom or to use the bathroom in the yard. He let them use the water hose, but only for cooking and such. He was very strict about it and threatened to evict them if they were caught going in the yard. They tried using a bucket, but stopped because of the smell and being unable to dispose of the waste without the old man seeing. There were only a couple of neighbors close by and they had too much pride to ask to use their bathroom and the gas station was too far to walk. The dad worked during the day and the kids and wife stayed at the home. They were brought to the gas station to use the bathroom in the morning before work. At first he would come home for lunch to bring them again, but later that wasn't possible due to him working further away. They would go again when he got home and then would be put to bed around 8 pm. The parents at first allowed them more visits on weekends such as during shopping, but found they had more difficulty holding it during the week, so they stuck to the twice a day rule even on weekends. So while they would be allowed to go before church on Sunday, they wouldn't be allowed to go after the services and would instead go back home and would make the kids wait till after dinner around 6 PM. The same when shopping. Even though there may have been a bathroom in the stores, they couldn't use it to keep them on schedule. The kids suffered greatly and would cry during the day in agony. The mom would just try to keep their minds off of it. They had a few accidents and were severely beaten for it. They held it in no matter how bad it was. On school days they would go at school in the morning when they got there and after lunch, they wouldn't go again till 6 pm. For showers they would go to a relatives house twice a week. Eventually they got used to holding it. They moved to a property and put a well and septic and built a bathroom. This took a few month to do so they still have to use the gas station for awhile even after moving. Even after the bathroom was built the parents still restricted their bathroom use since they knew they could get by on two visits a day. I couldn't imagine holding it that long at the age of 14 much less 8!


To Carin

I see I wasn't the only person who used to do that with my mother! It used to be part of my morning routine when getting ready for school. I would get up, wash, have breakfast and then get into my school uniform. Just before leaving the house I would go to the toilet while she did my hair for me. She would sit right back on the toilet and only pee, while I was sat between her legs with my back to her, emptying both ends while she brushed my hair.

I don't remember too much about it but one thing sticks in my mind is her once asking me if that felt better after hearing a splash as I dropped a log!


comments for Stacy

Stacy, which kind of laxatives and stool softeners did you take? They seemed to work really fast in your case. Did you take three doses before you had to poop? How much did you take? Also, great story!!


Epic Buddy Dump

Hello guys,this is my first post on this site.I am a 16 year old,italian guy,with dark hair and dark eyes.Anyway,I'm here to tell a story that ocurred two days ago.
I decided to went trekking on this not very high mountain with my close friend Paul(not his real name).We had breakfast together that morning and we both drank black coffee,not thinking about what coffee usually does to our bowels.
We walked a lot and had fun.After two hours we stopped four lunch and then started walking again.
When we restarted walking I started to need a pooo quite bad and I knew that my friend was in pain too but we didn't want too poop now because was a lot of people on the path that day.
We hold tight and keep trekking,until there was less people around.The problem was:there were no trees or bushes to hide us.
We were both dying for a poop by that moment;and then we saw it.An ababdoned hut with noo door.We rushed to it as quickly as possible.There was no people inside so Paul and I proceed to drop our trousers and relieve ourselves,almost on the same point.We are usually not very open about toilet habits but we had nearly no choice this time.
Anyway,moaning in relief,we keep spraying this disgusting runny,stinky, shit on the hut floor until we were both done,wiped with some tissues and left.And this wasn't the funny part!On our way back we reached the hut again and saw this tourits group,leaded by a guide.
The guide was saying:"Now,let's enter this rare,old,hut,one of the few remaining of his time in the whole region"when we realised what do we did we had an hard time trying to not laugh.
So,the guide entered the place and,believe me,instantly left it,trying to explain why to the confused tourists.
So epic.


Water Park Bathrooms

I'm spending my time this summer as a nanny for two kids in my neighborhood. Kirsten is 5 and her brother Jakkub is 7. At least four days a week we spend the afternoons at a large waterpark our city has not to far away. Jakkub has a lot of energy and takes the 6-block walk without a fuss. Often, however, Kirsten will complain about the walk so that I will end up carrying her on my shoulders. Twice this summer Kirsten has let off gas and taken a soft crap while on her neck ride. Since she's often complaining (no doors on the toilet cubicles, wet seats, the stools are too high for her to sit on, etc.) I just tune her out until I hear the eruption and and there's poop on the back of my neck and back.

Each time I immediately put in her down and pull her swimsuit down to see the extent of damage. Its usually like a bagload of really soft poo. The first time we were about a half block from a laundramat and I hurried her down there to take her into the bathroom and dump it. The attendant, an old lady, laughed at us as we walked by. I washed Kirsten's swim suit out in the sink while Kirsten sat on the toilet and cleaned up her backside. Jakkub, of course, thought it was funny. Kirsten then throws back on her brother how he sits in other's pee to take his afternoon crap. He says wet toilet seats have to be expected at a swimming pool. However, Kirsten tries unsuccessfully to hold her crap until we get back home. And it is really hard to dry off the seats before sitting on them because each cubicle has only the 4"x4" pre-cut squares of toilet paper.

I myself have had to dump three times. I leave Jakkub and Kirsten with someone else and they stay out of the water while I go in and do my thing. They rebel about it but I can't think of any other solution. The worse thing I fear when I'm sitting on the toilet is that I might be sitting in another guy's urine because so many of the boys, Jakkub's no exception, don't pull their trunks down far enough and at the same time guide their pee with their hand into the toilet. Their out of control pee stream and splashing won't be getting any better because of that.


To Carin: sharing a toilet

Carin, I loved your story about sitting on the toilet with your Mother, I can imagine that must have been a bonding experience. You mentioned that you'd done it before when you were younger. I'm curious if you did it before you were toilet trained, I wonder if that's a good way of teaching a child to use the toilet. Seems likely that you'd learn to push to start a BM pretty quickly that way-- JW

I love your stories hope u continue to post.

Victoria B.

In da club


It was dollar shot night at a local bar last night. My friends Molly and Sierra came out with me to beat the heat and make some potentially questionable decisions. We all live within walking distance of the bar and each other and that meant that driving was not one of those bad decisions. We met up at my place for a couple beers and then headed out.

The dollar bills were flying and the well tequila was making its way down as we eyed the male clientele. Molly, a gorgeous redhead, caught the fancy of one of them and she eventually disappeared. That left Sierra and I together for more cheap booze. It wasn't too long before I got a familiar feeling in my belly, though not in the direction that one would normally associate with alcohol. I had to poop, and I had to do it soon. I grabbed Sierra's hand and said "I have to go. Want to come with?" "What? Why are we leaving so soon?" was her confused reply. "No, I reeaallly have to go," I clarified, using our private expression for pooping. "Oh, okay! I have to pee; let's go!"

We made our way to the rickety bathroom and it was quite a scene. Two of the four stalls were occupied; one of them by someone having her hair held back, the other by someone crying mascara tears. Poor things! Both were being taken care of and that made me feel better. We took the fourth stall and, as I stood guard, Sierra turned her gray dress up, slipped her undies down, and took a seat. Her tanned thighs looked pretty hot against the old-school black plastic seat and she started peeing almost as soon as she sat down. I could hear a final sob give way to a determined flush over the loud music as Sierra's bladder drained. Good. She was down, not out. At last, she was done. I got her a handful of paper from the holder and handed it to her. Sierra wiped her undercarriage and flushed before standing up and getting dressed again. It was my turn.

We switched places in the stall and I got my pink shorts and black thong to my knees before sitting down. Thirty seconds passed and I farted out a warning shot before peeing. My pee finished and my first turd began crackling out. It fell and I farted again, by this point gently snapping the wide, lacy waistband of my thong against my knees. The second log splashed into the bowl and then there was another fart. Another piece and another fart. Two more poops and my number two was done. Sierra was ready with toilet paper and that was good because things were kinda messy back there. It took six or seven wipes until I felt confident enough to get off the pot, cheekily point my behind at Sierra, and ask "How does that look?" She playfully spanked me by way of reply and said "Cute!" Shorts and thong came back up and I flushed the toilet before we washed our hands and left.

Shoutout to Mina, Taylor, Anna and all my other friends here!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rachel great story about your desperate buddy dump you having the runs while Jessica was having a normal poop.

To: Annie From Taiwan another great story.

To: Carin great story about sharing the toilet with your mom.

To: Ellie it sounds like you and your friends had an interesting time even it cause of something one of them did.

To: Lavah that sounds like a monster of a poop that was a cork holding everything back.

well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Runny/mushy poop after lunch

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet right now having a post-lunch poop since I didn't need to poop after breakfast. IDK why. I had a good hot lunch with a bottle of water and about 45 minutes later, that seems to have stimulated my bowels as here I am on the toilet with my grey shorts and white undies with pink & brown stripes having a soft, almost diarrhea-like poop. Peeing a bit more on top of the messy pile of soft crap. Stomach is still gurgling a bit. Just burped a bit, excuse me. Feels like I'm finished. Wiped my front, now reaching for more tissues behind me to wipe my butt. Had to use 4 tissues to clean my butt. Pulling up my underwear and shorts. Flushed the toilet and washed my hands. Now I'm going to take a nap.

Happy pooping!

Annie from Taiwan

Uncle Harry

Answers to Curious Cody

1 Not scared
2 No
3 No
4 No
5 Nothing
6 Don't remember
7 6 years. By law, 5 years was the latest a child could go into the bathroom of the opposite gender. By practice, it was often violated however.
8 Yes. In school, to escape anything I didn't want to do. This is called "taking a navy shit".

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C at least you were able to finish pooping after that.

To: Annie From Taiwan another great story.

To: Alice great story it sounds you really had to poop.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you all had great poops.

To: Taylor great story your poop in the porta potty

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Just got off the toilet laid down a good 12 incher my boyfriend overheard and asked if i was dropping rocks in there. I wiped and flushed and i left

Back to normal!

Hi all...

Back for a second post after my first about the porta loo experience at the airshow!

An after effect of the long weekend on the beer and junk food has been the effect it had on my digestion, let me explain normally I am a super regular once a day in the evening pooer and it's always 'normal' nice and easy but not too firm haha.

This week however I have been finding myself going 3/4 days a day and when the need has come it's been mega urgent, not diahreah but soft messy and painful, anyone else find a food and drink binge has this effect on them?

Today has been better only had one poo and it appears to be back to normal, fingers crossed anyway.

Take it easy all and keep posting

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Uncle Harry

To Carin:

I understand your need to get out of the rain storm, as well as take care of bodily needs. Something like that happened to me some years ago. I was driving some distance and pulled into a gas station. I needed to pee badly, parked the car, and ran for the one and only bathroom.It was locked and two women came running toward it, one with keys on a stick. They opened the door just as lightning and a thunderclap preceded a downpour. I thought sure I would get drenched, but one of the women grabbed my arm and pulled me in just in time. The room was spacious with a toilet, a sink, and a men's urinal on the wall. There was some argument between the women about how they were going to pee with a man in the bathroom, but they resolved it. One woman kept her legs together while she was peeing so I couldn't see her piss coming out of hr pussy. The other woman kept her legs apart so I could see everything. When I peed, that woman stood right next to me and watched. We waited a while until the rain stopped and then gassed up and hit the road.


library poop story and a comment

I was in the library today doing some work on a paper I am writing over summer. It was very quiet which was great and I got a ton of work done. I was sipping a large coffee from Starbucks all morning and after about an hour or so I needed a pee. I walked to the little bathroom in the back and when I was done I quickly went back to my paper. I was concentrating real hard but after a little more time my stomach started to act up more and more until I couldn't ignore it any longer. I needed to go back to the bathroom, but this time for another reason. I picked up my bag again and headed to the back of the floor.

As I was approaching the washroom, I noticed a cleaning cart parked in front of it. The girl who often works in the library as a custodian had just entered the bathroom. I have seen her many times, she is a short and curvy latin girl with long black hair. She is very friendly but kinda shy, so I don't know her name. Anyway, I was expecting her to work in the bathroom, but when I came in she was using one of the stalls. She had pulled her black pants and pink panties down to her sneakers and she was peeing noisily into her bowl. I entered the other stall, locked it and hung up my bag. Then I pulled down my yoga pants and black string and plopped my bum on the seat. I peed a bit, but only a trickle. What I needed much more was a big number two!
As it turned out, so did the girl in the other stall! She had finished her pee and was now making little, faint grunting noises. After a few moments I could hear her drop a log with a splash and then the sound of a longer turd crackling out of her bum came from her stall. While she was pooing, I was pushing out a big turd as well. It plopped into my toilet and then I took out my phone to check some of my messages while I was waiting for more poop to exit my behind. The girl in the other stall didn't have to wait though, she kept releasing turds one after the other, perhaps four or five totally and then she farted quite loudly. Just when my second log was coming out, she started to pull off paper in her stall. She wiped, flushed and went to wash her hands while I pushed out two more long turds. It was a bit embarrassing, but my stall was stinking quite a lot at this time. But when a girl has got to go, she's gotta go, right? Finally I felt empty as well. I got some paper to wipe my front and then cleaned up my backside. I used two sheets to do my cheeks and then a few more to work on my bumhole, which was quite messay. Then I pulled up my string and yoga pants, flushed and went out to wash my hands.

When I left the bathroom the girl and her cart were gone, but a little later I saw her when I was about to go home, and she gave me a very knowing grin. I'm pretty sure that she had recognized my pink sandals and knew that I had been her pooping neighbour! That's my story today and I hope you liked it!

to Dan h: Like me, Danielle is quite curvy and a little bigger. But she is a brunette, taller than I am and very pretty. I think she looks a bit like Ariel Winter, though she denies it, haha.

Dan h

To anna and massive clearout at work

Hello Anna lately you told a cool story about going outdoors and you said that danielle eats a lot so I wonder how does she look like?

I also had a massive shit at work this morning. I felt I was about to explode because I did not take a shit in three days. I am constipated sometimes. So I went to the gents and immediately exploded large turds into the toilet. I could not hold it back anymore. I flushed three times to get rid of everything because the toilet was clogged because of the massive load. It smelled really terrible. I feel much better now.

The Dean

Curious Cody's Public Bathroom Survey

1) When you were a young child, how scared were you to ask a parent/teacher/babysitter to use the bathroom?
I don't believe I was ever really scared to ask.

2) Did you ever get scolded, put down or bullied in a public bathroom? What was the reason?
There were a lot of bullies in the Junior high I went to. It was mostly the older 8th graders picking on 7th graders. Every now and again I was peeing at a urinal a big 8th grader named Troy would come up behind me and other 7th graders and pull our underwear up our back while we were still peeing giving me and others a bad wedgie. He did this to me at least 10 times during that year and I still wore brief tighty whiteys so my underwear would always shoot straight up my butt which really hurt. The worst part is that you had to hold your pee or else it would go everywhere and he wouldn't let go unless you said "uncle" ten times and each time I said it he would simultaneously pull on my undies harder causing the word "uncle" to come out in a high pitched voice.

3) Were you ever denied the opportunity to use a public bathroom?
Yes a few times in gas stations and dollar stores. I have IBS so every now and again I can get really desperate. One time I went into a gas station clutching my stomach with tons of gas and needing to take a dump bad. Sometimes when I get a bad IBS attack my gas becomes completely uncontrollable and just blasts out. The middle age Indian woman behind the counter heard my constant loud farting gas as I asked to use the restroom and she denied me saying she didn't want me to make a mess and that I was farting too loud. Unfortunately floodgates opened and I filled my underwear accompanied with thunderous blasts of gas right there in front of her uncontrollably and she immediately covered her nose and pointed to the door for me to leave so I had to make the penguin walk of shame. Really embarrassing.

4) Did you ever do something dumb in a public bathroom?
Not that I can think of.

5) What in a public bathroom scared you the most? (Too many people in the room, place unkempt/lacking cleanliness, urinals, using a different style or color of toilet, auto flusher, someone criticizing you, toilet paper, seat covering papers, overflowing toilets/urinals, waiting in lines, those who stare at you, underwear or other clothing items, etc.)
Probably long lines during an IBS attack or trying to avoid bullies in Junior high and high school.

6. What do you remember being your worst toilet experience to date? Explain.
The time in high school I had an IBS attack and took a huge dump in the morning before the first bell. I dumped and exploded gas in this small bathroom in the back of the school only to find out that three bullies were hiding in the janitor closet and had intentionally took all the toilet paper out of the stalls. They kicked my stall door open and after I got done I tried to leave and find another bathroom to wipe but they grabbed me and gave me a huge wedgie pulling my boxer brief underwear up to my armpits and then shoved my head into a toilet giving me a swirly. Then they carried me by my wedgie to the door and threw me out of the bathroom where two attractive upper classman girls saw me and started giggling at my huge wedgie and wet hair. That was really embarrassing.

7. At what age did your parents let you go into a bathroom on your own?
Probably around 6 or 7.

8. Have you ever used a bathroom as a crutch while at work or school?
Maybe sometimes. Not anytime I can think of off hand.


Comments and a story

Abby C- Getting walked in on in a public toilet is the worst, I don't mind it if it's one of my close friends or family.

Annie from Taiwan- sounds like you must've felt better after that. I don't mind having the runs as long as I'm not sick because I always feel so much better afterwards!

Brandon T.- Thank you so much!

Now on to my story

This story takes place about a year ago. Me and my friend who I'll call Jessica, were going out for dinner together. We went to a nice Italian restaurant since both our favourite foods are pasta, almost any kind of pasta but if I had to choose one I'd have to go with spaghetti! So I ordered spaghetti which is no surprise and Jessica ordered spaghetti also. We both went to the gym earlier that day so we were super hungry even though we ate before we came haha! We both cleared are plates and we're satisfied with our food, it was so good! So I drove us back to her place and I decided I'd stay the night with her. We got changed into our pajamas and watched some movies. My stomach started to feel bubbly. Soon enough I got the urge to poop. Before I could say anything Jessica said that she needed to poop and got up and walked fast to her only bathroom, I quickly followed behind. I saw Jessica rip down her bottoms and drop her bum on the toilet seat. I watched as her face turned red and I heard the crackling of her poop as it was slowly coming out of her. The spaghetti must've went right through both of us! At this time I was starting to really need the toilet. So I asked her to please hurry up. She was in the middle of pooping and couldn't really talk so she mouthed " one second". All of a sudden her poop finally came out with a big splash and Jessica gave a sigh of relief. I was really bursting now so I asked as soon as she could talk to hurry up. Jessica got up and turned around and moved herself to the back of the toilet and said " sit back too me since I am going to be a awhile". I thought it was weird gesture at first but quickly sat down since my I was literally about to poop my pants. So I ripped down my pants and pushed back up to Jessica so that our sore bums (from the gym) were touching and immediately my poop stared sliding out slowly. It felt sooooooo good. While my first log was sliding out Jessica was pushing many medium sized poops out of her. I looked back and saw she was grabbing the back of toilet as she was grunting. My big log finally dropped but that wasn't it. I grabbed the outside of the toilet bowl and pushed really hard. 2 seconds after pushing a ton of wet poop splattered out of me. I asked Jessica if any hit her and thankfully she was clean. I started having really wet and runny poop while Jessica was still having her medium sized turds. After about ten minutes we were both finally done. I look between my legs and saws disaster. You couldn't even see the water it was so full of our poop. I knew it would be a lot but I didn't know it would be that much! Jessica laughed and said "maybe this wasn't the best idea, I don't know how we will flush this!" I said " we will find a way haha". We both wiped our butts which just added to the mess. We tried to flush but to no surprise it got clogged. The plunger did fix it though thankfully. That wasn't the first time I shared a toilet with one of my close friends but that's a story for another time!
Bye bye for now!

Optional Person

To Rochelle, Stacy, and myself.

Your stories really seem to paint a picture, making them even more fun to read. Well if you ever do get a chance on a different kind of toilet, I would give it a try once.

I must say I really enjoy your attachment to your mother. It is pretty cool that you have that bond. Like Mother like daughter.It reminds me of the reason I like poop.

I looked up to this girl named Julia who grew up in my neighborhood, and she let me watch her poop twice. one time in my own house. I was a 9 year old kid and she was 11. she told me to stand outside my own bathroom door as fart after fart burst out of her cute butt while plop after plop went into my toilet and lots of pee in three minutes. my mom called me and I came back as she flushed and she asked me " why I had gone away." Not nearly the same as your up close and personal experience. but as yours was cool for you, mine was cool for me.

Stacy, that must of felt sooooo good, and smelled extremely strong. You'll never forget a dump like that. A dump like that, is one to be proud of.

My butt was giving me a burning feeling. I like it when I can feel the burning feeling in my butt. I could feel the poop in there. I had felt it all morning and had already gone a little bit, but nothing special. I was playing with my cat with a box and wire and it was time. I went to the bathroom and sat on the typical white American toilet, backwards. I pushed out some sloppy poop. It came out sounding like gas making a sputter sound. It had a nice sulfuric eggy/meat smell. It didn't feel hot. then after a quick pause a forceful fart burst out of my butt. I enjoyed that. I don't get those much. Then I felt the burn. and what was left that I could make come out kinda came out in a burning drip. I got up to see what was made. It all formed a cow pie and by the end that is what it smelled like. it was a almost grey brown. a muted brown color. a bit of a blue berry and a bit of corn were both visible in it. and around the pie were lots of tiny and I mean tiny tan almost green shade poop flakes. I wiped my butt a couple times and flushed. I was actually hoping for a bigger explosion, but I don't really get those. Hope you liked it.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Soft poop about 45 minutes after breakfast

Hi everyone. I just came back from the WC and let me say, my stomach feels better now. It's still bloated and more needs out, but it's a start. I finished breakfast about 45 minutes ago (fruits, sandwich, thermos of black coffee and reusable bottle of water) so my stomach was digesting and "working" so to speak. During this time I was surfing the net when I got the "urge", so I went to the WC, closed the door and pulled down my grey shorts, pink & white undies and sat on the toilet. Immediately I let go a stream of pee that lasted about 30 seconds. Once I was finished, I relaxed more and my nice soft BM came out easily and dropped into the bowl, followed by a fart. Once I was done, I reached behind me for some tissues and first wiped my front then reached behind me, stood up and wiped my bum. It took about 4-5 wipes to get clean. I tossed the paper in with the big soft poop in the bowl. It was about 6 inches long lying across the toilet bowl. After I flushed and washed my hands I refilled my water bottle, which I'm drinking now. I'm hoping for a 2nd BM today so that my stomach will be back to normal size.

Happy pooping!



Looking for Tom

In the past there has been a poster here called Tom who has told some excellent stories about women with very stinky bowel movements. For example, he posted about his mother's friend Andrea on page 1841. I always loved his posts but it's been a long time since there's been one and I wanted to see if he was still around. Tom, I'd love to hear new stories if you have any!

But in case Tom is not around, I'd like to invite everyone else to share their stories too. Has anyone ever known a girl that could stink up a bathroom beyond belief? Please share as much about them and their BMs as you can. I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!


Storm Shelter & Bodily Needs

Me and Mom drove two hours to another city for a funeral. After the service and reception, both Me and Mom tried both bathrooms at the place and there was a 4-deep line for each stall. Since Mom wanted to beat the rush hour traffic back, we made a pact to hold it and go when we stopped for gas. I decided not to take a water bottle with me so that the plan would work. Like about 10 minutes into our trip the sky darkened, the wind kicked up and it was obvious we would be going into a bad thunderstorm.

Within 5 minutes branches and yard signs were blowing in front of our car. The wind really shook us and even when Mom slowed down, I found it hard to hold my pee in. The stress was wearing on her too and she said it had been quite a few years since she crapped her pants. (I think she was in college, dating Dad, and drunk back then). There was also a light flashing on the dash board so we were almost out of gas. So we found a gas station. This was one of the really old ones with bathroom doors outside. I pointed that out to Mom and we hit a couple of huge puddles. She pulled up to the side door to the womens room. She said if the door was locked and we had to go to the front of the building we would be drenched rats. I had not heard that expression before. Just then hail stones started to come down. Luckily we had only about 5 steps into the bathroom. Thank God the door was unlocked.

This was a one toilet, one sink small room. Mom said I could go first, but as I started to pull my slacks down, she said "####--I can't wait" and she yanked her clothing down, and dropped to the seat. There were two claps of thunder and lightning caused the dim light on the ceiling to flicker. I knew she must be going a huge crap because she was rocking forward and backward, hands on thighs while sliding herself as far back on the seat as possible. Then she grabbed me and told me there was room for me in front of her. Although I was now in middle school, I had fondly remembered going to the bathroom with her years earlier. Only then she would take out a hairbrush and do my hair.

The rain, thunder and wind was so hard we couldn't hear what each other was producing. I looked in front of us and our footprints on the tile. Mom noticed the rainwater coming in from under the door. I knew we had latched it. Mom said she had been constipated and felt more coming. My pee finally stopped but I just like the safety of staying seated. Mom made a couple more splashes into the bowl and I saw more floor water coming in. Then I saw between my legs on the front of the O-shaped seat some carvings into the wood. I tried to make sense of them. Then I looked down and saw some yellowish stains in Mom's underwear. But I decided not to say things because I had a 2-inch streak in mine from when I had been with her at the mall that morning. We continued to sit and talk for about 10 minutes until the storm let up.

Then we had to pump the gas.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Urgent pee at naptime

Hi everyone. I just came back to bed from the WC after having an urgent pee. I felt the urge come on pretty strongly about 8 minutes ago, so I walked to the WC in just my underwear and t shirt (since I'm supposed to be napping and I only sleep in a t shirt and underwear, and since my husband and brother-in-law aren't home). I closed the WC door, pulled my blueish-green boy shorts underwear down and sat on the toilet where I let out an absolute torrent. Whoosh! All that pee came out in what felt like a flood. It splashed noisily into the toilet and my bladder was thanking me for the major release. I reached behind me for the tissues when I was done. I used about 2 tissues to wipe. I put them in the toilet, stood up, pulled my underwear up and flushed the toilet. I feel better now. Haven't needed to poop yet today though, despite having coffee and lots of water earlier. Oh well. Here's hoping for results after dinner.

Happy pooping and peeing!



Survey answers

1) When you were a young child, how scared were you to ask a parent/teacher/babysitter to use the bathroom?

I was terrified! And to this day I still don't know why because I never had a problem actually using the bathroom. It was just asking. Because of this I got rather good at holding! My mother used to ask if I needed the toilet and I'd say no, even though I was visibly desperate.

2) Did you ever get scolded, put down or bullied in a public bathroom? What was the reason?

Never :)

3) Were you ever denied the opportunity to use a public bathroom?

I had been told no on the rare occasions I did ask my teacher but that's it .

4) Did you ever do something dumb in a public bathroom?

I tried squatting on the seat once. My foot slipped and I nearly broke my ankle. Never again.

5) What in a public bathroom scared you the most? (Too many people in the room, place unkempt/lacking cleanliness, urinals, using a different style or color of toilet, auto flusher, someone criticizing you, toilet paper, seat covering papers, overflowing toilets/urinals, waiting in lines, those who stare at you, underwear or other clothing items, etc.)

probably the chance of the door not locking and people walking in on me, or peeking between the gap in the door. When I was young adults used to scare me too because of the height difference. But surprisingly some teenagers actually made me feel more comfortable, having a welcoming appearance and letting me go in front of them in the queue or making sure I wasn't bumped into.

6. What do you remember being your worst toilet experience to date? Explain.

Probably the really disgusting bathroom I used at a school a few years ago . None of the doors had locks, the seats were either loose, broken or missing. Graffiti everywhere. But the other option was going in my clothes.

7. At what age did your parents let you go into a bathroom on your own?
I remember it well! My ninth birthday. We had gone out shopping and before then I was kinda allowed to go on my own, my mother would stand outside the cubicle door. But I was a big girl now! She waited outside the bathroom door but other than that I went on my own, nobody stood outside the cubicle.

8. Have you ever used a bathroom as a crutch while at work or school?
Once or twice, usually if the class was boring or I had finished my work. I sat at the front all the time and worked hard so the teachers would often send me on an errand, knowing I would be able to catch up . I'd take the time to sit on the toilet and have a break even if I didn't need to go.


Story about Nicole

Hey it's Ellie and in one of my previous stories I mentioned my friend Nicole. Well after the time I had an accident in the parking lot of my high school I told her about it and she remembered the other story I told on here about doing it in my pants on purpose in school. Well she kept asking me if I did it on purpose this time too, which I tried to convince her wasn't true. She seemed very interested in me going to the bathroom in my pants but I didn't think much of it at the time. Anyway this happened when we were both juniors in high school and actually it was the winter break after I had the parking lot accident. I went over to Nicole's house to hang out and another one of our friends named Bridget was there too. Bridget had just moved to our town and we made friends with her but didn't really know her that well yet. So obviously I was mortified when Nicole said "Tell Bridget about your accident the other day!" I turned red and didn't really say anything. Bridget was sort of embarrassed too and we just let it go. Anyway we decided to go see a movie. We got to the theater and bought popcorn candy and drinks. Anyway, I don't know about Nicole and Bridget, but by the time the movie was over I had to use the bathroom rather badly. The lines were very long and Bridget still wanted to wait in them but Nicole insisted it would be faster just driving home. We got to her car and I could tell Bridget didn't feel well at all. Nicole was driving and she also looked like she was in pain. I was about to ask if she was ok when I got hit by a sudden cramp and visibly jumped forward in pain. "Are you alright?" Bridget asked. "I have a really bad stomachache" I told her and she said the same thing was happening to her.

We got close to Nicole's neighborhood when she said the road was closed and turned the other way. We couldn't see any signs saying it was closed and we were demanding she turn back. Nicole drove about 2 miles before she said "I think I'm going to have an accident." "Well if you had just gone home like you were supposed to you'd be fine." I snapped at her. She asked me to hand her one of the towels she had in the back, which seemed weird because there was no reason to have towels in the winter that I could think of. Anyway, she pulled off to the side of the road and put it under her. We wanted to get out and go on the road but there were lots of people in cars and it was too cold anyway. As soon as she put the towel under herself she told us to do the same. We reluctantly did but told her we wouldn't need them. Nicole started driving again when I heard the hissing of her peeing into her jeans and the towel. She looked relieved but also a little embarrassed. Then she sat up and I heard her grunt. I thought to myself "surely she's not pooping" and I looked over at Bridget who looked equally stunned. Nicole kept pushing and completely pooped herself, when she was done she apologized for the smell. I told her to hurry and get home so we could use the bathroom. She started driving the right way again but took the long way around. By this point I could barely hold it and was peeing little bits on every bump in the road. I started to smell something bad but it wasn't Nicole. I looked to Bridget and she was bright red. I knew what she did but didn't want to upset her so I didn't say anything. She saw me looking and whispered sorry to me. We pulled into the neighborhood when I lost it. I started peeing full force into my pants and then I started having diarrhea-like poop in my pants. Nicole saw this and smiled and Bridget just stopped trying because I had an accident and let loose too. So, we went inside and after we all cleaned up Nicole told us something. She said that she planned this whole thing and that she slipped laxatives into our drinks to make us have accidents with her. I was mad at her but I was worried about Bridget because she was really shy and I thought she would be very upset about it all. But she seemed perfectly ok with it and asked Nicole why she did it, like was it a joke or what. Nicole said " well I sort of wanted to see what it was like because I heard about Ellie's accident but I didn't want to do it alone." "Why did you want to see what it felt like?" Bridget asked. Nicole told us that she was just curious and that she sort of liked the thought of it. She even said she might do it again. Bridget looked surprised but didn't say anything. She finally spoke up and said that she sort of liked the relief of it too. Anyway that's all the time I have for now but I'll tell more stories about all three of us again soon.


Uncle Harry

Answers to Curious Cody

1 Not scared
2 No
3 No
4 No
5 Nothing
6 Don't remember
7 6 years. By law, 5 years was the latest a child could go into the bathroom of the opposite gender. By practice, it was often violated however.
8 Yes. In school, to escape anything I didn't want to do. This is called "taking a navy shit".


to allie

Allie - I sympathise with you as I used to have the same issue! The bus home from school would be torture sometimes if I was desperate for a wee. I'd leak in my knickers from time to time, but only had a couple of full on accidents.


my mom helped me poop out a boulder

Me again! I'm glad to know that people liked my first story. For my second story, I thought I'd share one of the fairly recent times I was extremely constipated and my mom had to assist me. This took place a few months ago, perhaps in April or May.

I had gone back to my childhood home for the week to spend some time with my mom. On this day, I hadn't pooped for a good 4 or 5 days. I was helping my mom run some errands early that afternoon. After going to the post office, the bank, and the dry-cleaner's, we stopped at wal-mart to pick up some groceries. We went in, grabbed a shopping cart, and began to shop. Only a few minutes into our grocery shopping, I was hit with a huge stomach cramp. It came out of nowhere. I was feeling fine all day up until that moment. I moaned quietly as I bent forward slightly and grabbed onto the cart with one hand and my stomach with the other. I told my mom we'd better hurry and get home because I was feeling like I might be able to poop. Mom suggested that I go to the wal-mart bathroom and try to poop. She said she would meet me there after she finished with the shopping. I don't have any problem peeing/pooping in public, but I figured this was going to be quite an episode and would be easier if I were at home. Besides, I didn't want to leave her and make her get all of those groceries on her own, but she insisted so I headed for the bathroom at the front of the store. I was the only one in there at first. There were 4 normal stalls and one handicap stall at the end. I took one of the middle ones. I sat down, peed a bit, and gave some soft pushes. "Nn ...... nnh ..... nnnnnnhhh." I felt a dry, hard mass sitting a few inches up my butt, but it wasn't moving. I tried again, a bit harder this time. "Unnnnnhhhh ........ uuuuuunnnnnnhhhhhhhhh ......... MMMHH!" Still no luck. I took a break from straining and started massaging my stomach, which was quite sore and swollen. Some soft groans escaped my mouth while doing so. I decided to try again. I leaned forward and reached around to spread my buttcheeks open with my hands. I kept straining, pausing between pushes to catch my breath. "Uuuuuunhh!" .... *gasp* .... "NNNNnnnnnhh!!" .... *gasp* .... "nnnuuuuhhh!" I felt my poop start to move. It hurt quite badly, causing me to groan. "Ohhhhhhhh!" Just then, I heard someone enter the bathroom and take the stall next to me. I decided to take another break from pushing and rub my stomach again. I couldn't help but moan since it was hurting quite a lot. I tried not to make too much noise. "Ohh ...... ohhhhh ...... mmmmmh ..... Ah! ..... Oooooooh." The woman next door finished peeing but didn't stand up. She hesitated a few seconds before asking, "Dear, are you alright over there?" She sounded like she was in her 60's, maybe. "I'm okay," I responded. "I'm just - *gasp* ooh - having some difficulties." "Oh, you poor thing. Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked. "I think I've got it under control, but - Ahh! - thank you for your generosity," I said. She wished me luck, washed her hands, and left. My poop was just inside my ass, touching my hole but not sticking out yet. It felt like concrete. I began to bear down. "Hhhnnnnn! Mmmmmmmmmm!! NNNnnnnggggg!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh!!!" My eyes widened as the poop begain to inch out. It was huuuge!! It got stuck after 2 inches. It was rounded, the tip being narrow and it clearly getting fatter from there. It wouldn't budge. I was in agony! I didn't want to do it, but I knew I was going to have to be a bit vocal if I wanted to get this boulder out of me. Much louder than before but not loud enough to hear from outside the bathroom, I grunted. "UUUUNNNHH!! UUUNNNNNNNNHH!! NNNNNNNNN!!! HHMMMMMMM!!! ENHH!! ENNNHH!!! MMMMMMMMM!! UUUGGGGGHHH!!!" I was crying by this point. The pain was unbearable. I could hardly push, it was so painful. I grabbed the sides of the toilet seat and groaned as my stomach muscles involuntarily pushed vigorously. "Ohhhhhhh! .... Ow! .....Muuuuuhhh! .... Ahh! ..... Owwwwwwwww!! ....... OoooOoohh! ..... Enhhhh!" At that point someone else entered the bathroom. It was my mom. "Lavah??" she called. "Mmmh, mom, we've got a problem," I groaned, unlocking the stall so she could come in. I told her about the boulder. I bent forward so she could see it. She told me to try pushing again if I could. She rubbed my hips as I strained. "Ennnhhh! Ennnnnnnnhhh!! Uuuuuuhhhhhh! Uuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhh!" Nothing. "Mom, it hurts so bad!" I cried. "Oh, Lavah... Let's get you home and see if we can get this out of you," mom suggested. I wrapped some toilet paper around the turd and stood up. My mom gave me her cardigan to tie around my waist so no one would see the bulge through my pants. She kept her arm around me as we left the store. I couldn't properly sit down in the car, so I laid across the backseat. My mom got a bucket out of the trunk and put it on the floor beside me in case the poop started to come out before we got home. (It didn't.) I closed my eyes and cried softly for the whole 15 minute car ride while my stomach continued to violently push against the concrete turd.

When we got home, I went straight to my mom's ensuite and sat on the toilet while she put the groceries away. I hunched over and sort of massaged my buttcheeks near my butthole while I waited for her. She entered a short time later and knelt down in front of me. After rubbing my stomach for a few minutes. she suggested I take off my pants and undies and sit facing the other way around to help spread my legs. I did as instructed. Mom wrapped her arms around my waist, digging her fists into my stomach as I strained. I felt comfortable being loud in the privacy of my mom's house. "NNNNNNNNNNNHHH!!! UUUUNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! MMMMMMMMMUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!! HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! RRRRRRNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" I burst into tears again. "It's not working!" I screamed. "Hold on. I'll be right back," she said. She returned shortly with a rolling pin and told me to lay across the counter on my back with my butt hanging over the sink. This is an old trick she's used on me ever since I was little. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. She placed the rolling pin at the top of my stomach and rolled downward very firmly, as if she were rolling out dough. I moaned in pain. "Ohhhhh ...... Mmmmmmmmhh ...... Owww ...... Ennnhhh." After a few minutes of this, I was hit with a MASSIVE stomach cramp. I immediately ran back over to the toilet and sat down (the normal way this time). I doubled over clutching my stomach as I felt the boulder moving. Mom rushed to my side and rubbed my back and hips. I didn't have to push. My stomach was contorting itself in all kinds of positions to try and move the turd. Waves of pain went all through my body as it involuntarily pushed. I was moaning, groaning, screaming, and crying in pure agony. "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Owwwwwww! NNNNNNN!!!!! MOM!!!" "You're okay, sweetie, you're okay. Let it come. You're doing great." It kept coming, getting even fatter. "OHHHHHHHH! ENH! AAAHHHHHHH!! HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! OH! UUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!! RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAA!!!! NNNNNNNRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OW!!!!!!!" The fattest part was now out. I reached for my mom's hand and squeezed it as the turd slowly came out and landed with a thud. I let out the biggest sigh of relief. I stood up so mom and I could have a look. It was gigantic! It was shaped like an oval, slightly knobby and very dark in color. I felt my stomach rumbling and quickly sat back down and proceeded to let out 3 or 4 waves of very mushy poop. It hurt a little since my stomach muscles and butthole were so sore, but it was nothing compared to the pain I just experienced with the boulder turd. Mom rubbed my stomach gently until I was done. Afterwards, I went into the kitchen to get some ice cubes out of the freezer. My mom has those fancy ice cube trays that make slender, cylindrical ice that can fit into a water bottle. I took 2 of the ice cylinders and put them up my butt as sort of an internal ice pack. I spent the rest of the day napping on the sofa while my mom massaged my stomach every few hours. I was exhausted.

That's it for my second story. I hope it was good! Sorry it was so long.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C at least you were able to finish pooping after that.

To: Annie From Taiwan another great story.

To: Alice great story it sounds you really had to poop.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you all had great poops.

To: Taylor great story your poop in the porta potty

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Uncle Harry

Contests in the Garage

This really is the final alley post before we moved to the high-rise apartments. I and three other boys sometimes had a contest to see who could best piss into the drain in the abandoned garage. One time, I thought I saw a face in the window just as we were taking out our dicks. When we got them all out and ready to start pissing, the face in the window came in..a girl. One boy quickly put away his dick. "Hi, guys", the girl said. "I'm going to be the judge in your pissing contest. I'd join in your contest if I could, but I don't have the right equipment". I new this girl. She lived in the neighborhood and her name was Cathy. I had seen her pee a few times when she had straddled the drain with her pants off while I was peeing into it. Bob, who had hid his dick when Cathy came in, thought a bit, and decided to take it out again. Anyway, we decided to let Cathy be our judge, provided she would pee into the drain afterward. She agreed. She pulled out a stopwatch as we got around the drain. Very official, she was. 1-2-3-go, she counted out, as we all let go our urine. Some of us were late starting. I started first and ended last, so I won. Now it was Cathy's turn. She gave me the stopwatch. Then she took off her pants and panties, straddled in front of the drain, and crouched back a little right over the drain. At my signal, she let go, with her well practiced aim, as I started the stopwatch. I stopped it at 32 seconds. Not a record for her, but pretty good. We all applauded. She and I peed in the drain under the building back stairs several times before we moved that summer. That was the last I ever saw of her.

Canada pooper

To Jimmy and midwest mom

Jimmy I'm absolutely interested in more of your stories and I'll post the sleep over story next week as promised

Midwest mom if you have any bed or couch peeing stories I'd be happy to read them I guess my first question is when did your daughter first do this on purpose and what was your initial reaction?

Abby C

Walked in on....... Again and More!

A few years ago I posted a story about an embarrassing experience where I was walked in on. Today I was walked in on and it was so much worse and I can't believe the kid that walked in on me said the things he said. I was at the mall again waiting for a friend to go to a restaurant. I was urging for my daily poop since I didn't go that morning. I walked to the bathroom and the stalls were jammed. I managed to get a good clean stall with just enough toilet paper. The lock DIDNT WORK!! So I needed to make sure I hurried up. I put my shorts at my ankles and sat down and just sat there. Then a kid started screaming and jumping in the stall next to me. His mom was on the toilet with her pants at her ankles who looked to be pooping. I wish she had just gone to the family bathroom since a boy cant be in the girls room. Then I heard a slam and it was her stall door falling against the floor then the kid ran into my stall and then yelled to his mom "mommy her vagina is hairy just like yours" and I'm not even joking. She pulled her kid back and left I closed my stall back up and started to push then about 10 workers came in because I guess the right side of the stall fell also I don't even know what happened. I pushed a foot long poop in the toilet and peed. I met up with my friend and we ate at McDonald's. We went to the movies right next to the mall. We were watching Spider Man and my friend Jane said that she really had to poop. There was really no one there since we saw the showtime at 9:30 so we just left our stuff there.We walked to the bathrooms and they weren't that good the ones with stall doors either had no seat or they had diaherrea in them me and Jane waited after the movie to go. Once the movie was over we walked back to my house and we took the long way. We walked into this marsh with long grass. I usually poop outdoors here so I have my own spot. The movie ended around 1130 and I told my mom I'd be home by 12. We walked into the long grass and found a spot. We put our pants at our ankles and straddled next to each other we both farted for a bit and peed. She said to me "Damn it I feel like I'm gonna shit all over this place". She said to step back and poop came out of her like a pee stream and it went on for about 10 seconds. I peed and then and then let out a long piece of poop. We didn't have toilet paper so we got back to my house and Jane was going to sleep over. That's my story for now Goodbye

Abby C

Uncle Harry

Advice re: Concert Toileting

To: Sarah

I'm not sure what your situation is, since I can't find earlier posts about this, but here are ideas. Don't go to concerts alone. If some need to go to the toilet, others can guard their spots. If you have chairs, put something on them to mark them. If you are sitting on the ground, put markers on your spots. Garden markers are good. Be a carrot, bean, or some other ????, or be a flower. If you don't want to leave your spot, then, for poop, wear a heavy cloth diaper, large enough to hold your poop, but not so large that the poop spills out. Pee is a much more difficult problem, as you well know. There are portable urinals for both men and women, but all require exposing your genitals. I don't thint many people want to do that. I've seen a wearable one for men, but it is bulky. I have not seen one for women. If the line at the ladies is too long, use the men's.If both are too long, find a bush or building to hide behind..or just to it wherever. Well, that is all I can think of. Good luck.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Having the runs after breakfast with black coffee

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet right now, about 40 minutes after breakfast with a big thermos/travel mug of black coffee and 2 reusable bottles of water. And boy is it working on my bowels. I'm having the runs! But I'm not sick, just getting a good clean out from the black coffee, 2 bottles of water and the healthy food. Peeing a bit and a couple pieces of soft poop spurted out. Rubbing my ???? to get things moving a bit more. Makes me happy that I have 1-2 healthy soft poops each day with no straining needed. Peed a bit more. Just did a small burp. Well, that's it. My body doesn't need to poop anymore yet. Time to wipe. Reaching behind me and standing up to wipe. It took 4 or 5 wipes to get my bum clean to avoid skidmarks in my pink and white undies. Tossing the toilet paper in the bowl with the pile of soft poop and flushed the toilet. Pulled up my shorts and underwear and used a bit of shampoo and the toilet brush to clean the skidmarks out of the bowl. Flushed again. Went to the sink to wash my hands then dried them. And now I'm back on the bed finishing writing this and will drink more water to hopefully push the rest of my post-breakfast poop out. For the time being I need to refill my water bottle and rehydrate as this is a hot country.

Happy pooping!


Curious Cody

Public Bathroom Survey

Some of you have asked for a survey. This one is on public bathrooms.

1) When you were a young child, how scared were you to ask a parent/teacher/babysitter to use the bathroom?

2) Did you ever get scolded, put down or bullied in a public bathroom? What was the reason?

3) Were you ever denied the opportunity to use a public bathroom?

4) Did you ever do something dumb in a public bathroom?

5) What in a public bathroom scared you the most? (Too many people in the room, place unkempt/lacking cleanliness, urinals, using a different style or color of toilet, auto flusher, someone criticizing you, toilet paper, seat covering papers, overflowing toilets/urinals, waiting in lines, those who stare at you, underwear or other clothing items, etc.)

6. What do you remember being your worst toilet experience to date? Explain.

7. At what age did your parents let you go into a bathroom on your own?

8. Have you ever used a bathroom as a crutch while at work or school?

My answers:

1. One of my babysitters seemed especially annoyed about taking me to the bathroom, especially if she herself had used one a few minutes before. She said I needed to think ahead.

2. The stalls in many of the guys' rooms are non-doored. If you're sitting scared, chances are you will get picked on.

3. A few times. At 24/7 convenience stores and gas stations. If you weren't with a parent or you weren't a customer, they assumed you were going to mess the place up.

4. Unfortunately. At the circus when I was about 8 I finally talked my mom into going in alone. I took my seat, dropped my shorts and seated myself for a poo. It was soft and went into my underwear because I had forgotten to drop 'em.

5. Waiting in lines and those who stare at you when you finally get into a cubicle.

6. In 1st grade with about 15 guys in the restroom, I had been so looking forward to crapping that I forgot to put down the seat. I feel into a bowl of dirty yellow pee and hurt my elbow. I was taken to the nurse and excused for the rest of the afternoon.

7. I was in 3rd grade and about to turn 9. I complained to my father who then talked to my mom about giving me a try on my own.

8. Coming back into our school from recess, an extended bathroom stop was common to stall off taking a test. At my first job (fast food) quickly asking my supervisor for a bathroom break was common when we would see a busload of people ready to turn in from the highway.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lavah first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like Rae was big help with your monster poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kayla it sounds like you had a rough day.

To: Rachel welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate.

To: Ben I bet she felt good after that big poop.

To: Keenyo great story.

To Anna as always another great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Luv's lightning MWF
Reply to Sarah Peeing at concert;

At a local 4th of July fireworks show this year, I wore black spandex bicycle shorts and flip flops and peed in them twice that night. Works for me. But do it slowly so that it is not obvious!!

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