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characters left

I was at a summer camp, sitting on a deck in my swimming suit in front of a lake. I was absolutely bursting to take a pee. In fact I was slowly wetting the deck. I was too shy to ask the counselors to take me to the bathroom though. Finally some other girls really had to pee and asked the counselor to take them. The counselor asked who else had to go and I immediately said that I had to. I was dying to go and crossing my legs even as I got up. We jogged around the camp, me and the other girls having to pee really really bad. They kept telling the counselor that if we didn't get to a bathroom soon they would wet their pants. Finally we saw one and we all sighed in relief. Unfortunately their was only one stall and I was last in line. I could hear each girl in front of me relieving themselves loudly, pee spraying and them saying aahhhhh loudly. When I finally got in, I jumped around frantically trying to get my swimsuit off. When I finally got on the toilet my stream hissed as I sighed in relief.


Porta pottie pee

In summer i was at a outside concert. I Went to pee before leaving to the concert, but at one moment i had to pee again. I doesn't like porta potties so i held my need to the point i really had to go and then took courage and went to porta pottie and peed. It was good and im happy that i took that courage.


reply to Zip

I agree. There are just too few doorless stalls.

I like the openness created by open stalls because they tend to encourage conversations and reduce the stress level that we've come to associate with peeing and pooping in public.

My girlfriend and I have just reached the point where we are comfortable peeing in one another's presence without embarrassment. I hope that we will be able to extend that to pooping as well. It is kind of turn on to know that your significant other is comfortable with his or her bodily functions in your presence.


Survey Answers

1) Where do you poop the most?
A. At home

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?
A. Sitting, leaning forward

3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to
A. To the knees

4. When your pooping do you fart?
B. A little

5. When your pooping how long does it take?
B. 5-8 minutes

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?
B. No, but I prefer to avoid it when I can

7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping
B. Yes, not always, but often

toilet car

Welcome and questions

Hello everyone, I haven't posted in awhile. To Samantha, i'm glad there is another car pisser on this forum! Please share any stories you have!

To everyone else: My car has been used as a toilet again since my last post, when Lindsey peed and pooped all over it. I decided to let my new car be used like how my old one is. As such, I have more stories if anyone wants to hear them.


Sharing The bathroom

Hi guys

I said before that I had a story involving my flatmate Jess, so I've got time to sit down and post!

Firstly a few replies,
Mina sorry you were ill I hope you are feeling better now

Lucy thanks for your story please keep posting and I hope abbie can post again soon!

Elphaba I hope the anxiety of being seen in the toilets goes away soon!

So on to my story, one day a few weeks ago I was in the bath at home late afternoon, I was the only one in the flat. I heard a key in the front door and the door being opened and slammed shut, followed by a sigh and dropping of shopping bags onthe floor. Next thing I know I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"Anyone in there? "
"Yeah, me, I'm in the bath!"
Jess whispered and paused. "Can I come in? I'm really desperate for a wee and I can't really wait much longer"
"Yeah no problem"
"Oh thankyousomuch my bladder is killing me" she said.

I'd never been in the bathroom with someone before, but had got changed etc with people in the past so I wasn't shy. I leaned over and opened the door.

Jess has a very petite body in most ways but is fairly tall, with strawberry blonde hair. She burst into the bathroom and hobbled over, already fiddling with her jeans, and swiftly threw herself on the loo. Instantly there was a high pressure hissing sound and she sighed "ohmygod that's so much better!". She had her jeans and pink knickers at her ankles, and I could clearly see a damp patch in them going right to the back, so she had obviously leaked quite badly.

Once she'd finished going she didn't bother wiping but pulled her knickers and jeans up and left, thanking me.

I haveto say, she was very calm, considering she was obviously in the first stages of having an accident when she spoke to me!!


my poo with Anabel

Today I was working in the library when I felt the need for both a number one and two. I ignored it for a while, but eventually it got too urgent and I packed up my stuff and headed to the small bathroom in the back of the flood. Right behind me was a girl I know from class, a tall, skinny readhead named Anabel who always wears her hair in braids. I held the door open for her and we both said hi. I took the stall on the left, locked the door and put my bag down. Then I pulled down my yoga pants and black string, plopped my bum on the toilet and started to pee. Anabel was also peeing loudly in her stall. I had not realized how urgently I needed to go to the bathroom, but I really had to do both things pretty badly by now.

While I was still peeing, I farted and my first turd started to come out. It was big and stretched my hole and I couldn't help letting out a little moan. Then it plopped into the bowl just as I was done with my pee. For a bit we both just sat there and that's when I realized something in the bathroom was different. It was super quiet. Usually there is a kind of fan going at all times, but today it was total silence. I could hear tiny creaks from Anabel's toilet seat as she shifted the weight of her bum around a bit. I could also hear her typing away on her phone and then she released a bunch of really quiet little farts, followed by the sound of poo crackling out of her bottom. Her log seemed to go on forever and she was making little sighs all the way as she released her big turd into the toilet. Finally it broke off, but it made no splash or anything, Anabel must have totally filled the bottom of her bowl with her long poop.

Suddenly I felt a bit self conscious, cause I realized that the silence in the bathroom also meant that Anabel was hearing every little sound from my stall as I was relieving myself on the toilet. But anyway I couldn't help it and soon enough a second turd pushed from my backdoor and splashed into my bowl with a loud plop. It was followed by an embarrassing wet fart that sounded super loud in the silence and then I began to drop a bunch of wet poos really quickly one after the other. Like most times, my poop was kinda stinky and there was also a strong, healthy poo smell coming from Anabel's stall. Anyway, she did another quick fart and then started to work the toilet roll. I counted five sheets and then I could hear her pull up her panties and snap them into place. Just as she flushed her toilet my rear end released another load of explosive poop, and luckily he flushing masked the sound a bit. Finally I felt all empty. I quickly wiped my front and then my back, which was pretty messy. I used a bunch of sheets and actually ran out of tp with my bumhole still not totally clean. Luckly I had enough napkins to finish the job and clean up my bottom. Then I flushed and pulled up my string and yoga pants. As I left my stall, two girls came in, took their stalls and immediately began to pee noisily. I quickly washed my hands and then returned to my table feeling much better. I kept working for two more hours and twice I saw Anabel head back to the bathroom. Each time when she passed my table she smiled at me, but I don't know if that's because we had justed pooped together or some other reason. Ok, that's my story for today, I hope you liked it.

James The New Guy

Aunt Peed Herself

Hello everyone. My name is James and this is my first post here. This story is about my aunt (I live with her and my uncle). This story happened about five years ago when I was thirteen and her and my uncle were in their early forties.

Me and my aunt had went to Walmart to buy a few things. As we were shopping my aunt said "I really should have peed before we left
." They were bathrooms in Walmart, but she wasn't gonna in thoses. My aunt hates public bathrooms, and so do I. The difference between us is that I will use a public bathroom if I'm really desperate. My aunt however, will not and say she will hold it into we get home. Usually she does make it home to the bathroom, but not this time.

We finish are shopping and head home. As we were driving home my aunt was crossing her legs and saying stuff like "Need to pee." None of this was new to me though. I had seen her do it like a million times, and she has always made it. The car ride was really long though. Just to give you an idea of bow long it was is Walmart was in an city, and we basically lived on the lake. That Walmart was the closet one to us.

We made it back home, and I noticed that my uncle's car was gone. My aunt didn't notice as she jumped out of the car and ran to the door to open it. Only to find out it was locked. I told her that uncle's car was gone. It didn't take long for us to put two and two together.

My uncle is a firefighter and he gets called on duty sometimes if there is a fire. He must have got an emergency call and left. So now we were both stuck outside waiting for my uncle. I noticed my aunt was looking stressed and nervously. That is when the thought came to my head "Is she going to pee her pants?".

Looking back I'm pretty sure she could have just peed in the grass or jumped into the lake and peed in there instead of holding it. Anyway, my aunt was pacing back and forth on the porch. At this the point I could tell she wasn't gonna to make it.

5 minutes go by and I hear my aunt WHIMPER, and I saw a little bit of pee spread down her khakis. She then says to me "James, I'm sorry but I can't hold it anymore."

After she said that she full on pissed herself. The pee spread through her khakis and even made a puddle on the porch. By the down she was done her pants were soaked. The puddle of pee was big and some of the pee was on her shoes. I wanted to say something comforting, but I'm socially awkward and all I said was "It will be okay." My aunt only groaned.

My uncle finally came came back. As he got out of the car he saw me holding Walmart bags and my aunt in soaked khakis with her arms crossed. As he approached us he said "What happened?" My aunt huffed and said back "What do you think happened? I pissed myself."

My uncle started grinning and said "How did it feel?" My aunt in the most calm angry voice I ever heard said "Warm." Sbw snatched the key out of my uncle's hand and unlocked the door and stomped away. My uncle burst out laughing.

And that is about the time my aunt pissed herself. My aunt also pooped herself because she didn't like public bathrooms. I will post about that next time.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Poster sounds like your teacher should've let you go to bathroom.

To: Matt it sounds like you really helped her out a lot with that big poop.

To: Catherine great story and hope to see come back here some day in the future.

To: Emma first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Lucy great story.

To: Jessica B great story it sounds like Judith had a really good poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Lilly T


First ever post and like most people on this site I've been a long time lurker and have always found this subject interesting. So just go some questions;

1) when your having a dump how long do you typically spend on the toilet
A) less than 3 minutes
B) about 3-5 minutes
C) about 5-10 minutes
D more than 10 minutes

2) do you ever feel embarrassed pooping in public
A) yes all the time
B) sometimes depends where you are
C) no never

3) have you ever had some from the opposite sex walk in on you while you were taking a dump?

4) one for the ladies, does anyone else get embarrassed having to poop or fart infront of or around your boyfriend or husband?

5) who many times does it normally take to wipe yourself clean after taking a dump?
A) 1 or 2
B) 3-5
C) 6-10
D) more than 10
E) don't wipe at all

6) and another one for the girls, how many sanitary pads or tampons do you normally go through on a heavy flow day, I use about 6 sanitary on some days

7) and how often do you change your sanitary pad or tampons when your on your period
A) every hour
B evey 2 hours
C) evey 3-4 hours
D) greater than 5 hours
E or just leave it in and use one a day


Peeing on a Road Trip

I had some vacation time last summer, so I decided to visit New York City. I had never been there. I didn't want to go alone, so I got my friend Carla to come along. She is a school teacher who does not work during the summer. A single day seemed like too much, especially for a girl like me who pees so often. We took my car because it was larger than hers. We took off from central Ohio and went as far as somewhat past Pittsburgh. We stayed at a cheap motel to save money. No problem here. This turned out to be a longer stretch than the first. We had to make pit stops more often and I had to both pee and poop more frequently. Further down the line, Carla needed to poop more frequently. We finally got to NYC and got lost somewhere in upper west side Manhatten. We parked the car and went into a theater to find a bathroom and pee. It turned out to have only a unisex bathroom. It didn't bother me, but Carla had never been in one and was kind of squemish about it, especially since there were no doors on the stalls. Well, we got through it and finally found our motel in The Bronx. The next day, we decided to tour NYC by subway. We went to Central Park and couldn't find the bathrooms when we needed them. So we had to use some bushes. While we were peeing, a lot, a man came in and peed without paying us any attention. We renewed our subway tour, saw some good sights, but ended up in Brooklyn trying to get back to The Bronx. We learned that NYC is a complex place. We should have hired a guide. We left for home a few days later, peeing all the way. We really did have some fun, though. Next time, though, we'll get maps.


Two disasters in one day

At school, me and my friend Ashlee were sitting on a bench at the end of lunch hour just studying our notes for a test. We moved around the corner into a quiet hallway for some peace and quiet. Suddenly, right on top of us the fire alarm went off Blast, Blast, Blast. It so startled me, the floodgate opened and I peed my pants. And the alarm continued for about 3 or 4 minutes until everyone was out of school. While in the parking lot sitting on a curb, my warm pee in the crotch of my black jeans was running down my legs and starting to feel cold as it reached my ankles because it was about 25 degrees out. My left white sock was even wet. Because I was feeling around in my jeans, Ashlee pretty much figured out what happened.

In what seemed like a long time (but Ashlee said it was only about 10 minutes) I was getting progressively more frustrated. The test coming up, waterlogged jeans and underwear, and I was getting a headache, etc. Ashlee said she would tell our teacher I would be late and once we were allowed back in the school, I headed to the nearest bathroom. It was interesting that at least five girls walked in when I did upset because they needed to finish off what they had earlier started. Luckily the handicapped stall was open. I took it. Sat on the toilet while I took off my socks, shoes, underwear and jeans. I remember feeling so embarrassed because there was no door and those walking by could easily figure out that there hand been an accident. And this wasn't suppose to happen because I was no longer a freshman.

My underwear was soaked. I threw them aside for the dumpster. As I sat, I used a large amount of toilet paper to dry my legs and feet. As I sat and threw it between my legs into the bowl, I got to thinking the toilet was going to plug up from that much paper, but for some reason I didn't care. While I was seated I did pee a little more into the bowl. Then I decided to get to class. My teacher said I had been gone too long to have enough time for the test so she scheduled my makeup right after school. While I took it Ashlee did her homework in the cafeteria

On our way out of the building we usually stop in the bathroom because we have at least a 9 block walk home. But the bathroom was locked for cleaning. So we started our walk and decided to stop at this gas station and use the bathroom there. Ashlee absolutely hates to crap at school, so I knew what she needed to do. It was surprising, but I hadn't had my normal morning crap just before homeroom so I told her we could bond in getting it done. While Ashlee went into the gas station office to buy some candy, I walked along the side by the service doors to the bathroom. As I had promised Ashlee, I left the door unlocked for her and I seated myself quicker than normal to unload a big one. It seemed so unusual as I sat on the cold seat without having to have pulled my underwear down.

I heard some noise just outside the door and slowly it started to open. I expected it to be Ashlee, but it was this little boy, about 4 or 5, with a ball cap on who opened the door more than halfway and then stood there asking me my name and what I was doing. So much light was being thrown into the room that I was afraid those close by in the service area would see me sitting there all exposed and stuff. As I reached for the door to latch it, my butt left the stool and as I extended myself, part of my soft log was laid out over the front of the toilet seat. Just then Ashlee came to the door, called the boy some bad names, and shove him away. Then she latched the door for me from inside.

After I was done with my crap and cleaned off the front of the toilet seat with some brown paper towels, Ashlee seated herself and outdid my crap by a long shot. Then we each bought a drink to take home with us.
When I got to my house I was more embarrassed because the vice principal had called my mom to report the tardy and assign me a 3-hour Saturday detention period. Mom was willing to argue for my case, but she wanted to hear my side first. While I was serving my time, I imagined ways to get even. I thought about getting up on a bathroom sink and crapping. Or squatting over in a little-used hallway and letting go. I even thought of borrowing the vice-principal's coffee mug and leaving my calling card in it.

Of course, I didn't. I walked right home. Then I crapped in peace.


Reply to Lavah/another zoey story

To Lavah: thank you for the advice! Im totally sure zoey will have no problem trying youre suggestions. When shes having a really hard time going she obviously wants it over as quickly as possible so if anything can help her even a little bit im sure she wont hesitate to try! Anyways i have another story about zoey that happened awhile back. It was a pretty similar situation as my last story where zoey and her family were out of town for a 4 day weekend at her grandparents house. They left on a wednesday night and came home sunday. Zoey had been able to poop wednesday before they left for the weekend and then she didnt have to go the entire time during the visit. On sunday afternoon zoey and her family drove home and she was hit with a strong urge to poop about halfway home. We had planned to hang out anyways after she got home so once they arrived home she texted me and i drove to her parents. Once i got there zoey and i headed downstairs to relax and watch a couple movies. Her parents house has a small half bathroom downstairs that zoey feels more comfortable using because its a little more private and she feels she can take her time more. So we started watching a movie and zoey told me that she needed to go poop but hadnt gone for 4 days so she knew it was going to be hard and take her awhile, so she didnt want to try to go until her parents were in bed so i could come into the bathroom with her and help. Fast forward a few hours and her parents went to bed. Zoey went upstairs to double check, came right back downstairs and said ok matty lets go, and we both went into the bathroom and she sat down on the toilet. She began to push slowly at first probably to judge how hard her poop was and see how much it was going to hurt. After a couple minutes she was wincing in pain so i knelt down in front of her and held her hands. She bit her lip and dug her toes into the floor hard as she began straining harder. She squeezed my hands in pain with each push and after about 5 more minutes she gave a big frustrated sigh, stopped to rest and said matty its hurting too much to come out, its really big! I told her that she should go get the vaseline from upstairs and try that. She agreed and pulled her sweatpants up and quickly went upstairs. She came back with the vaseline and said "matty can you put it in for me please? Its easier when you do it because you can see what youre doing and i can concentrate on trying to push". I told her absolutely and she squatted in front of me. I gently worked a bunch of vaseline into her butt and she was right her poop felt really big and hard. "Wow zo, no wonder this hurts you, it feels really big!" I told her. She just nodded in agreement. After another minute or 2 i asked if she felt ready to try again and she got back on the toilet. I asked her if she could let me see if it was coming out any when she pushed and she said sure and spread her legs. She began to strain again and pretty soon the large head of the turd could be seen trying to come out but once it got too big zoey stopped pushing and sucked the turd back inside. This went on for awhile with zoey struggling to make much progress so i told her to turn around and squat backwards on the toilet and she asked what i was going to do. I explained to her i thought it would help if i pushed around her anus while she strained to try and help get her poop moving, and that if she could get a few inches out then i could help pull her turd while she pushed. She quickly agreed and told me she just wanted this out of her and over with! She began to push again and i gently worked around her anus as the head began to come again. It took a few minutes of this before her poop came out any further but once it slipped just a bit further zoey cried omg oww oww matty and i knew she wanted to suck it back in so i quickly told her "dont stop now zo, push really hard youve almost got this!! She moaned and whimpered but kept going so now she couldnt suck the turd back up. I worked with her for a couple more minutes and she got the poop out far enough so i could wrap some toilet paper around it. I told zoey i was going to start pulling to help her out. She told me only to pull when she pushed and took a deep breath. She said ok go and began to strain as i gently pulled and wiggled her turd. This thing was solid and thick. Zoey grunted at the end of each push so i knew when to stop pulling. She would tell me ok go before each push and after about 5 minutes of her pushing and me gently pulling we had her log out a good 12 inches when zoey said ok matty i think i can finish the rest by myself, so i tossed the toilet paper in the toilet and washed my hands as zoey turned around and seated herself normally on the toilet. I got in front of her and she rested her head on my shoulder and pushed for another 5 minutes or so before a huge splash could be heard. She gasped and caught her breath as we got up to look. Her poop was at least 18" long and very thick. She said she wasnt done and sat down and finished off with a 12" poop that was thick at first but quickly tapered down at the end. Zoey panted and caught her breath for a minute as i grabbed a wash cloth and ran it under the faucet with warm water. I handed it to her and told her to wipe with it so itd hurt less. She wiped while i worked on getting her poop to flush. It took 3 flushes before it all went down. Zoey pulled up her pants and underwear and we finished the movie before she went to bed and i headed home for the night. She thanked me and told me she felt so much better! Sorry for the long post and bye for now. - matt

Thursday, December 07, 2017


Paper Girl

As I walk to church on Sunday mornings early so as to practice the hymns on the organ, I see a paper girl with her trolley delivering the papers in a road that leads to a small park, I have often thought what does she do if on a cold dark morning she needs to pee.
Well one morning as I walked down this road at the park entrance was her trolley with no sign of her and there are no houses at that point in the road to deliver papers too, only the old park keepers house now some museum thing.
As I entered the park I was looking around to see if I could see her, and there she was in the over grown garden of the park keepers house between the two bay windows, with her sweat pants and knickers down weeing with her back to the house and giving me a side view of her nice bum, she was looking down but then she looked up and saw me, she pulled her things up and stood up saying sorry but she had to go, I replied that it was ok with me as it was not my garden, she then ran to her trolley and off up the road, I walked on though the park.
Good job the clocks went back an hour on that day or it would have been to dark to see here there. I think that I should look at that spot every time that I pass it.

A few weeks later as I was walking to church I again bumped into the paper girl just as she was putting her paper trolley behind one of the old gate pillars at the entrance to the park. I said good morning and she replied you just caught me about to go for a wee.
To my surprise she walked with me towards the children's play equipment and the bushes beyond. As we walked she told me how her boyfriend drops her and half of the papers at the start of her round and that at about halfway he meets her with the other half and a hot drink in the cold weather, and so when she gets to the park she needs a wee.
She said she used to go into the old disused ladies loo and squat on the ground until the city knocked them down, so she then did the same in the old gents cast iron urinal, again until the city welded a plate of steel over the doorway, after that she as been looking for a safe place to squat and have her wee, (that is why I had caught her in that garden that time).
She said she has now been using the bushes by the play equipment but as it was now getting lighter mornings she was not so hidden. As we got past the play equipment she was surprised to see that the city had now started to cut the bushes down, but there was still a big one with an alcove in it for her to hide in today, as I walked on she stood on the path, as I left the park I looked back and could not see her so she must have been in the bushes peeing. I went on my way to church.

I have not seen she now for months and now I see that she as been replaced with a paper boy.

After the experience I described in my last post, Elizabeth and I developed the habit of using the toilet behind the Parish Hall - a wooden lean-to structure of the kind Lem Putt used to build. There was never anyone around, and we could get there without being seen from the road by going down an overgrown path behind some houses and climbing over a broken-down bit of a wooden fence. She was, of course, able to see everything as I did my wee, whilst I could only catch a glimpse of her knickers, but I always found the sound of her long forceful squirt exciting as it bubbled noisily into the toilet.
Then, one Saturday, we were on our way back from getting our weekly sweet rations at the local sweet shop. On the way home, Elizabeth suggested we divert via the Parish Hall toilet saying she badly needed to 'go'. But when we got there, to my astonishment she wouldn't let me come in with her. When I asked why, she replied that she wanted to be private. I guessed that she probably wanted to poop so I argued, hoping to be able to watch, but she said 'I'm desperate. Just wait there!', and went in, closing and bolting the door.
It was only a thin, plank door with cut-out vents at the top. I thought I might be able to hear her, so I tiptoed to the door and listened. I heard the seat creak, then a short wee, and after a pause, I began to hear grunts and sobs of effort. It was obviously a hard one. Then I heard a 'Sploosh' and a loud exhalation of breath. I heard the roll of paper turning, then, to my disappointment, the clank of the old iron cistern and a flush of water. I was sad about that - I'd hoped she'd let me see what she'd done.
She came out, looking a bit red in the face. 'I want to go now,' I said, hoping the flush hadn't removed her poop and that I'd be able to see what she'd done. But the loo was clear. She got something, though, the excitement of hearing her straining had produced its effect and her 'Ooh, it's big today' as I did my wee made it clear to me that she'd had a new experience as well.
Our 'buddy-wees' didn't last much longer. Sadly her family moved to another part of the country and I never saw her again. But she'd given me some exciting memories!

Anna from Austria
I have an embarrassing Story to tell you.

Yesterday I was at library to Research for my Canada Trip in 3 weeks. Before going to library I had a big coup of coffee and so i needed to head the ladies room soon after arriving at the library.

The restroom had 3 stalls and all were empty. I took the middle stall. I loocked the door, pulled down my jeans and thong and sat on the toilet. I started to pee quit with a very loud stream. Then i pushed and after silent pft type fart, I did some logs, and farts. Then finally my pee stream stopped. The toilet was smelling quite bad by now. Then I started to wipe .

After wiping I wanted to flush, but the flush was not working. I tried again and again but there was no water.

So I had no choice to leave the toilet unflushed. I just washed my Hands and left bathroom. Luckily I was alone the whole time.

But thanks to this embarrassing experience I decided to leave libary earlier than planned.

I did not want anybody to know that it was me who stank up the whole bathroom and did not flush.

I hope you liked my Story

greetings from Austria



Am I the only grown man who occasionally poops in his pants?

Ok. So i'm a 37 year old man. I was at my sons baseball game yesterday. I was on the side lines cheering for my star of a son, when oops! I laid a big stinky rotten egg in my underwear! I guess I shouldn't have held it in as long as I did. I played it cool, so no one noticed, and went to the bathroom to change. But wouldn't you know it, THE BATHROOM WAS OUT OF ORDER!!! So I did the only thing I could. I went behind the outdoor toilets, pulled my pants down and shook the t*** out of my briefs. It rolled onto the ground. I still had a brown stain in my underwear, but luckily, the t*** was pretty solid, so it didn't leave much of a mark. I was forced to walk around for the rest of the day, with my hoody tied over my waist covering my butt. My son asked why it was tied like that, and I jokingly said "um, this is a new fashion statement!" What was I supposed to say? Daddy made a p*** in his pants? This is not the first time this type of thing has happened to me. Thank god I wear briefs! Maybe I should even try diapers!

name (optional)Big Girl

Post Title (optional) watching movies

I am back after a few years absence when I was busy. One thing that I have discovered is that there is a Gold Mine of pooping and farting movies on Youtube that you do not even have to go through the trouble of going to a DVD store to get.
I will tell you one that I watched while taking a poop. It was called "Best Girl Fart Scenes in Movies."First they had a farting scene from "Sex in The City" when I pulled my panties down. my dress up and sat down. Then they showed a fart scene from "Someone Marry Barry. The poop started coming out of my butt hole and I could feel the girls pleasure. When they got to the girls robbing the bank and the accidental fart in Cal and Silent Paul It was coming out of me while I tried to make it go slowly. "mmmm! Such pleasure!!When they got to the girl farting in Extreme Movie the poop finally slid out of me and landed. AAAggh! What a relief! I wish I could have farted along with the girls too but I was out of gas.

Steve A

Ryan's Survey

Ryan's Survey

1) Where do you poop the most?:

At school since I live on campus

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?:


3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to?:

Ankles or around there

4. When you're pooping do you fart?:


5. When you're pooping how long does it take?:

5-10 minutes, sometimes more if there's a lot.

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?


7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping?:


Catherine. I'm sorry to see you leaving us again so soon as your posts are always a joy to read but I fully understand your reasons. Good luck and it goes without saying that I hope you'll be able to pop back again sometime.

Samantha. Getting someone to pee in your car sounds interesting but I'd have thought if it happened repeatedly it could get a little smelly. On a cautionary note, another lady on here got someone to pee in her car some time back and the person in question got rather needy so it was difficult for her to break off the relationship when it proved necessary.

Bridget. I've never had a Thanksgiving dinner due to being on the wrong side of the pond for such delights. If, however, it's anything like a British Christmas dinner I can well imagine it causing constipation initially and then making an exit in a big way. On Monday evening I wasn't in the mood for meat so I just had a portion of sprouts and packet stuffing for my evening meal, washed down with bovril. I was fine initially but just before bedtime I could hardly get to the toilet quickly enough and had the messiest, smelliest, poo imaginable. One could say the sprouts did their job in getting other stuff moving!

This morning I drank 4 mugs of coffee and then had a 500ml can of a sugar free energy drink at lunchtime. Normally taking that amount of liquid on board would have some effect on me but I was weeing all afternoon and the four wees I had were copious ones too. I don't think the cold weather helped much either.

Dear Winnie the Poo: Thank you for kind words. Yes we are happy to eat together and travel together and do motions together. Sometimes we think, many people think our habit of motions together is a bad manner. For us it is so sweet, but we can't tell about it, except on this site.

so thank you to Ms/Mr Moderator for hard work for this site!!

Love to you all

Mina and HKM


To Mina

Dear Mina,
Don't ever worry about anyone getting bored of your posts! You and your friends' love for pooping, and each other, is fun and refreshing, and makes every post enjoyable! Never change Mina x


Doorless stalls - Dave

Dave - Yes, I've used many doorless stalls over the years as well. It's just not that often when someone is standing there watching.

At the beach, when there was a line of guys using the urinals, they were basically in front of my stall because there was no place else to stand without losing your place in line. Back then I was more modest and sat while wiping. I wore boxers back then too, which seem to be more modest underwear than the briefs I wear now.

Same public park I just described, one guy just leaned against the wall and watched until he was able to use my stall. He saw everything, of course.

Department store, there was one stall with a door, one without. Attractive young blonde guy stands there and we exchange a few pleasantries before he says I'm brave to be able to use a stall with out a door. He's waiting for the other one. I laugh and tell him it's not a problem, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

A formerly favorite restroom of mine that had 2 doorless stalls facing each other. Another good looking young blonde guy sits in the stall across the way and we talk while pooping. We are both wearing white briefs and stand to wipe at the same time. I remember he wore all black except for his bright tighty whities. We wash up at the sinks together before heading our separate ways.

There are fewer and fewer doorless stalls out there these days, unfortunately.

Hello everyone, your very own Mina is sorry she doesn't post long time. Very busy and not so good health. But I am OK now.

I was OK for birthday party of Maho. We went Indian restaurant and had a good time, we ate and ate and drank lots.

Of course next morning, it was Saturday, after big breakfast we all thinking same thing. We want to sit on big green bowl in small room with bare bottom!

Actually it is same story with what I tell every time, so you yawn perhaps. We are impossible to make variety this activity, because we do a thing which we do every day, or nearly every day.

So this time, it was Hisae with Maho next her, then Maho with me, then Kazuko with Hisae, then me with Kazuko. Hisae finish soon of course, her motions always soft and they come out fast.

Maho stay long time as usual. She didn't move at all. When Kazuko or I do difficult motion, our bodies move, but Maho never never. She is on loo like statue. She is so beautiful! I try not to cry. It is difficult very much.

After I hear Plop sound five times, and it is very heavy one, I say Maho, shall I flush? She lifted up her beautiful bottom, it is so lovely shape, and I look in loo and there are five large turds, all same size. Loo water is very clear even it is yellow little bit. I flushed, then she sat down again, and didn't move. But we hear Plop again and again.

So she did five more. I thought, better to flush again. She lifted up her bottom so it doesn't become to be wet from flush. Five large turds in loo again and water was clear very much. Maho sat down and washed her beautiful bottom with washlet, then I dry with paper. It is hard very much to not cry, my heart so full. Later Kazuko said same thing.

When Kazuko sit down I was at door, I wanted to see her happy face. When she empty her bottom, she smile so beautiful smile. She seems to so happy! As usual, she did and did and did, so many motions came out, make various noise. She stopped many times, but always she started again. Hisae was busy to flush, we worry about clog because so much motion come out from Kazuko. But it is never enough, she always do more. But I am same so I can understand her feeling.

After she finish it is my turn and I am like Kazuko, I do and do and do, and always more will come soon, so I am on loo very long time. Nobody complain, they look at me warm eyes. I try not to cry. It is not so difficult because I am very busy to push out turds. Kazuko flush a few times, she warn me so I stand up, Kazuko said, "Mina you always say nice things about our bottom, but do you know how beautiful your bottom is?" I said, "it is not beautiful" but three loud voices say many things at a same time. I said to them, "don't make me cry!!"

After I do all motions, and it was a many many many, I wash with washlet and Kazuko dried me, she dries me very long time with gentle touch, I said, "why you don't finish?" And she said, "because Mina's bottom is so so beautiful!" Why she say? Her bottom is more beautiful and Maho's too and Hisae's too!

Suddenly I said, "I don't finish, more motion." Then I push. Kazuko said, "sit more forward." So I move. She can see motion come out from bottom. "So beautiful!" she said. "It is so beautiful movement, like ballet." I said, "don't make me cry!!" I did two big turds then one little one, then finish. So Kazuko dry me again after washlet.

Sorry it is a same story with every time. After I finish, we are back in kitchen and hug and hug and hug and make many whimper noise. We are like lovers!! Big smell in my flat, but we put medicine so go away soon. And we don't mind smell so much.

I do survey of Ryan. Key is Mi = Mina, Ma = Maho, K = Kazuko, H = Hisae.

Where do you poo the most?
Ans: At home (Mi, Ma, H, K)

Where is your favourite position?

Ans: Cover loo completely with bottom (Ma, Mi, K) Lean forward (H)

Where do you pull pants to?

Ans: usually knees, but sometimes we take off completely, especially we do that in summer. I pulled to ankles before, but not now.

When you are pooping do you fart?

Ans: Sometimes. Not so much. K farts more than other three.

How long it takes for you to poo?

Ans: 3 to 6 minutes (H) , 10 to 15 minutes (K, Ma, Mi).

Are you scared of pooping in public?

Ans: No (Mi, K, H) I never do, but not scared, only I don't need to do (Ma)

Do you watch the person next to you pooping?

Ans: Only if it is us four.

What you do with survey, write research paper?

Love to everyone

K.M.H. M.

Uncle Harry

Peeing in the Car

There have been many posts recently about peeing in the car. I pee in my car, but in a different way. I carry a male urinal for myself and male guests. We fill it up and then dump it outside. Easy. I also carry a female urinal for female guests. Not so easy, but possible. When filled, we dump it too outside. When used, it sometimes dribbles. If so, I clean it up eventually. Great idea for those who don't want their seats soaked. Blob also has built a device for the same purpose, but I don't have the knowledge or equipment to build one.


Butt hair problems when crapping at school

There were some things I had to learn to master during the first years of my high school. I progressed in gaining confidence in crapping in toilets without a privacy door, sitting with some piss splashed on the seat and on the floor in front of the toilet, using those dumb pre-cut squares of toilet paper that cause me to get crap on my fingers at least 1/2 the time, and to accomplish all that during one of our 5-minute passing periods when 2 other guys are ahead of me in line and use the toilet before I do. It also upsets me because some guys sit to pee and all that does is push back the needs of guys such as me who need to do a significant crap.

The biggest change this year is that I'm regularly having poop stains, sometimes so thick they smell, in my boxers. In 3 of my classes there are lots of discipline problems, and with vandalism in the bathrooms, teachers are cynical about issuing us passes for the bathroom during classes. My industrial tech teacher yelled at us the first week that there are 27 of us in there, that everybody has excuses and he's not buying them. So I concluded my best chance to crap is to be one of the 2 or 3 to use each toilet during passing period pretty much each day. However, I get only 1 or 2 quick wipes in when everybody runs for class with about 30 seconds left before the bell. That means a lack of time to fully clean my butt, flush, wash my hands. The idea is to make it to class without being assigned a tardy.

Now lets be specific. My craps tend to be large and soft. That causes my butt hairs to get pretty dirty from the crap falling from my butt. Cleanup is really difficult because there is just no time. I've found that some bathrooms in the building have lower toilets and sitting on those seats seem to reduce the residue on my hairs. But most of the time I don't have choices. Its a fast dump or wait almost an hour. The crap also smears and sticks to additional hair around my privates. Wiping just seems to move it. I've tried to spread my legs while crapping, but with no doors, I don't have any privacy. I've even tried to keep my knees together while I sit, but that doesn't help either.

My AP history study partner came over the other afternoon and before we began to work, she offered to take my room hamper downstairs to the washer. I said fine, without thinking first. Florence came up a few minutes later and asked about what she had seen. I was embarrassed at first, but she was sympathetic. She said she switched to dark colored underwear when she started high school to cover up pee stains she's not proud of. She also said she sometimes will use the faculty lounge bathroom if no teachers are around. But she said much of the time it is locked up.

Then she and I studied 2 hours for our Europe test until dinnertime.


School Poop

Hi, I'm in 6th grade brown hair 4'9 90 pounds. It was a snowy december day when I was in 4th grade. It was the day before Christmas Vacation and I held my poop for about 6 days which was a really long time for me. We were playing bingo and when we took a snack break I walked over to the teacher if I could use the bathroom. She let me go so I left. I walked in and I took the second stall and these stalls had no locks on them for some reason. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and sat. Another girl walked in and took the stall next to me and put her jeans down above her ankles. She had pink flowery underwear and I thought it was my friend Arielle and then I knew it wasn't because the girl was pooping and Arielle never poops at school. The girl got up and left. Before I started this part the stacks didn't have metal divine they were brick walls diving the toilets. I heard the bathroom door open and my piece of poop was coming out of my hole and then my stall door opened and there was a 3rd grader with her mouth opened and then my poop splashed in and then she said sorry and shut the door. I was so embarrassed especially that my poop splashed in at that moment. I pushed out a few more pieces and then rolled out some toilet paper and wiped and left.

Ryan's Survey

1) Where do you poop the most?
C. School

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?
A. Sitting

3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to?
C. To the ankles

4. When your pooping do you fart?
B. A little

5. When your pooping how long does it take?
C. 10-15 minutes

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?
B. No

7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping
A. Sometimes


reply to Matt

To Matt: Oh, poor Zoey! That sounds like it must have been awful! I've had my poop dug out of my butt before and it wasn't fun. It was very nice of you to help her out during such a difficult poop. I've got some tips that may help if she ever gets that constipated again. If you're both comfortable with it, try rubbing her stomach firmly but gently for her before she goes to the bathroom or while she's trying to push. Also, you could try having her sit backwards on the toilet and strain while you wrap your arms around her stomach and give her a bear hug. There's some of my advice. I hope it's helpful! Anyways, I really enjoyed your post and would love to hear more of your stories! Take care!

Uncle Harry


To Ian
Great camping story. I do a lot of day hiking in the woods, but I have never camped overnight intentionally. I did once when I had to. I'll post that sometime.

To Dave and Zip
Good story about doorless stalls in bathrooms. There are many for a reason: to avoid theft and illicit behavior inside.

To Sandrine
I have never heard of holding a woman by legs and back to help her pee. Great story. I'm glad to learn about it.

To Blob
Great stories as always, but as a Yankee, I don't always understand the British expressions. What is a "hoe" and a "citadel"? Those have different meanings in the USA.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Uncle Harry

Peeing in the Attic

Years ago, when I was much younger, I was at a party at someones house. I posted a report of a house party before, but that was a different party. The dining room was on the first floor and the bedrooms and single bathroom was on the second. There was a long line to get into the bathroom and I really needed to pee. Someone mentioned earlier about maybe there was a bathroom on the third floor, so I decided to take a look and went upstairs. It turned out to be an attic. There was nothing in it except two chairs. There was a wall leading to something and I thought I would take a look, especially since I thought I heard someone talking. I went along and there I was in a bathroom with three girls in it. I new the one with her pants down and just sitting onto the toilet seat. It was Molly. We had seen each other peeing a few times before. "Harry". she said. "You shouldn't be here. We girls all need to pee". "Well, I need to pee too", I said. The second girl, Kristen, I also knew, but we never saw each other pee. The third girl I didn't know and never got her name, so I'll call her Betty. Molly went ahead and peed. Kristen said she did not want to have a boy watch her pee, but had to go so bad she wanted to be next. I promised her not to look while she was peeing. Molly finished up, wiped her pussy, got off the toilet, and pulled up her pants. Kristen pulled down her pants, plunked on to the toilet seat,and started pissing so fast that I saw her urine coming out before I could not watch. She said nothing more about my not looking. Betty seemed to be in no hurry, so I went next and let the three girls watch my pee coming out of my penis. When I finished and put my dick back in my pants, I doodled around a bit to see what Betty would do. "Leave, Harry", she said. "I don't want you to see my vagina", she said. "I've never let a man see it and never will until I get married". Ok, if that's her choice, she can have it. I walked out, followed by Molly and Kirsten. They sat on the two chairs while we waited for Betty and then we went downstairs.

Jessica B.

To Anna

To Anna: I'm really glad that you found time for posting again, as I missed your stories. So thanks for telling us about what happened at the farmers market! I know how urgent a hungover poop can be, even though I haven't had one myself in quite a while now. And yes, mine do stink too, that's for sure!

I have nothing to tell at the moment. The dump I took minutes ago, after breakfast obviously, was the most average ever. Medium size, almost no smell, I was done within five minutes and I had no audience.

Love and take care,

When I was 12, I had to go to the bathroom but the teacher wouldn't let me leave the classroom, so I went to the front of the room, squatted down, lifted my dress up and dropped almost four pounds of hot, smelly shit into my panties.

Victoria B.

Survey response

Here are my answers to Ryan's survey:

1. Where do you poop the most?
A. At home

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?
A. Sitting towards the back of the seat

3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to?
C. To my ankles

4. When your pooping do you fart?
B. A little bit.

5. How long does it take for you to poop?
B. 5-8 minutes on the toilet is normal.

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?
B. No

7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping?
A. I've peeked a few times, yes.

To Catherine: I'll bet you had a good Thanksgiving with the workout your bidet got!

To Anna: I'm so happy you're back! You're one of my favorite writers here and I always enjoy your stories!


It's been a long time since I last posted on here,nothing really to post about untill now. I actually peed in an unusual or odd place earlier and thought I'd share. I went to the hospital to visit my girlfriend who is currently in the hospital,been there since Thursday night. It was around four in the afternoon and I was leaving the hospital and walking to the parking deck,got to the parking deck and felt the need to pee,so I figured it being a Saturday not many people would be around and there was not alot of people so I got the idea to pee underneath a stairwell in the parking deck. I walked to the door of the stairwell and opened the door that leads to the stairs,nobody is walking up or down the steps,I'm on the first level of the stairs so I get as close as possible to the steps,unzip my pants and pull my penis out and start peeing on the ground. I'm constantly making sure no one is coming as not to be caught and the floor is not concrete,more like a tile and I can the pee splatter against it and I made a good sized puddle,put my penis back inside my underwear,zipped up my zipper and walked away feeling very relieved. I actually got a rush from doing this and maybe tomorrow try peeing in the parking deck itself.


Peeing In A Car

Hi, my name is Samantha and I'm 22 years old. I just wanted to respond to those who post on here who are into peeing in their cars and also letting others pee in their cars too. I too think it's a wonderful idea to let someone else pee in my car. I've noticed however that some people on here seem to think that it's hard to convince others to do it with them. Well, to be honest, it really isn't as hard as you might think. I've found that it's all about the situation. I've found that if I'm out somewhere with a group of friends, and it's somewhere that there's either no restrooms or they are really nasty, it's easy to just suggest to them that we go and use my car instead. For example one time I was at a concert with two of my friends, and the line to the restroom was way too long so I suggested that we go and use my car instead. And so we did. We all took turns peeing into the backseat. There were only three of us girls altogether, so we took turns relieving ourselves into the seat, in the side where no one would be sitting on the way back. It worked perfectly. Of course we didn't use any kind of protection or anything on the seat, we just sat directly in the seat and let it go. I'm sure a lot of you here will agree that's the best way to pee in a car. I have no problem having their pee soaked into my seat. And of course they think it's cool to relieve themselves in a car instead of in a toilet. It's a win-win situation for all of us. And so it's really not that hard to sell someone on the idea of peeing in your car. Love your stories! Keep posting!


Camping story #4: Alone in the woods!

Hi, me again. It's Saturday! How is everyone doing?

Anyway, on to my story!

On a rather blustery weekend in September, back when I was twelve, I decided to go camping by myself in the woods near our house. I had received a Cabela's tent-cot for Christmas the previous year and it was very easy to set up, so I wanted to try it out on a rainy night.

I packed two days' worth of food and bottled water and, lugging the heavy huge bag along with me, set off into the woods. I also quickly grabbed an old bucket (and a roll of toilet paper) out of the garage to possibly use as a toilet. I walked for about twenty minutes and came to a spot that could have been called a small clearing were it not sheltered by a leafy canopy overhead. Perfect.

I quickly set up the tent-cot and carefully secured the rain-fly like my dad had showed me. I spread my thick, squashy sleeping bag inside and the pillow and put the cooler with food (non-perishable stuff, like peanut butter and crackers) and water at the other end, along with my backpack with my clothes. Then I hung the electric lantern I had brought from the hook on the ceiling. A few paperback Goosebump Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books went into the mesh pouch on the wall. It was a very fine set-up, I felt.

As for the bucket, I set it at the base of the nearby tree, as its base was dry despite the ground around it being still wet from the previous night's rain shower; I knew that meant it was sheltered enough to not get soaked while using the bucket. There was a small branch-like stub conveniently nearby and I hung the toilet roll on that. Good enough.

I felt the need to pee and decided to do it in the bucket sitting down. I unzipped my jeans and dropped them and my underwear to my feet. Then I sat on the rim of the bucket and let myself start to pee. My pee drummed on the side of the bucket for almost thirty seconds and I sighed in relief as it finished, and then I suddenly farted loudly. I felt a slight need to poop and pushed hard, farting loudly again before it began to happen.

I grunted as a thick log made its way out of my butt and dropped into the bucket with a curious splash. Had I peed that much?
Another poop quickly dropped after it. I farted again and pushed once more, as hard as I could, but nothing else came out but a tiny puff of a fart. Relieved, I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped my butt, got off the bucket, and looked in. Two big logs and a few wads of used toilet paper floated in a pool of pee that filled the bottom of the bucket. Picking it up, I dumped the contents on the ground about fifty feet away in the trees.

Right then it began pouring down rain, like someone had suddenly turned on the great celestial shower. I sprinted for the tent-cot and got inside without getting too wet; I zipped up the tent and made sure all the windows were sealed, and then flipped on the lantern. The small space was flooded with light. Rain drummed loudly on the top and sides of my tent, but I was safe, warm, and (relatively) dry inside.

I fixed myself a peanut butter sandwich and carefully sealed the bread back in its packaging. Eating it while reading, I felt happy; I love when it's raining or storming outside, as long as I'm not caught in it! The storm outside began picking up: I heard rolls of thunder in the distance and the wind's howling went up in pitch; the rain dashed the sides of the tent in waves.

I fell asleep at some point during the night and woke a few hours later with a huge need to poop! The storm was even worse now, with the walls of the tent shaking with the wind and rain; I began to regret my decision to camp when I knew it would be stormy outside...

Knowing my clothes would get soaked, I made a strange decision: I would go out naked, so nothing would get wet. No one would see me anyway. After I undressed, I quickly unzipped the side of the tent facing the bucket, jumped out, and zipped it back up as fast as I could. Running to the bucket, I grimaced at the rain that pelted my bare skin. Reaching it, I saw that the bucket was half-full of water. Good, cleaning would be easy. I quickly seated myself and strained hard, grunting loudly enough that I'd be embarrassed were I not totally alone, trying to get this over with as fast as possible.

Plop! A big log dropped into the water. Plop! Another followed. Splash! Another, smaller one landed in the bucket. A tinkling started as I peed into the water; a sighed of relief escaped as I felt the pressure in both my stomach and bladder ease.

I farted loudly twice and forced out another big turd. Splash! I pushed a bit more, but nothing else came except a tiny, last squirt of pee. Done, I reached for the toilet paper, noticing that it was soaked into a wet mass that was in no way suitable for wiping one's bottom. Therefore, I stood, deciding that the toilet could wait for being emptied, and walked out into the rain, bent over, and held my butt cheeks open for a minute or so, letting the rain wash my butt clean.

Once I felt clean enough, I ran back towards the tent-cot and unzipped it quickly, jumped inside, and resealed the tent. Grabbing my pack, I searched for the towel I'd packed for just this possibility; finding it, I scrubbed myself dry and then set about drying the rest of the tent, which took a while. I was thirsty now, so I drank a bottle of water. Then I quickly fell asleep again.

The next morning, I woke with a strong need to pee. However, it was still raining outside, so I grabbed one of my empty water bottles, rose to my knees to give me room to go, and pushed my penis inside the opening. My stream tinkled inside the plastic bottle and I nearly moaned in relief it felt so good.

After I finished, I capped the bottle and set it near the door. I was still naked from the night before and decided to keep it that way for the time being. Eating a breakfast of granola, I resigned myself to staying in the tent all day, as the rain wasn't letting up. A few hours after eating, though, I started to need a poop. I tried ignoring it for a few more hours, but the pressure in my stomach only grew stronger after I had lunch. I had to go soon.

I really didn't want to get out of the tent. I grabbed my backpack and rummaged through it, thinking I had seen a crumpled plastic bag at the bottom when I loaded it with clothes. I had! I pulled out the plastic Walmart bag and grabbed my pee bottle again, in case I peed more while pooping. I got into a squat and stuck my penis into the bottle opening so I wouldn't have to hold it, hopefully. I held the bag against my butt to form a tight seal and pushed hard, grunting.

A heavy mass shifted in my abdomen as I strained, slowly moving downward. With how badly I needed to go, it sure was having a tough time coming out! A massive turd began to emerge and the tent quickly smelled like poop. Oh well. The huge, painful turd slowly worked its way out and then fell with a heavy thud to the bottom of the bag. I let out my held breath, knowing my face was bright red from straining. I pushed again and farted loudly twice. Then some mushy poop slopped out and splattered in the bag. My stomach gurgled, twisting. Ugggh...

I unzipped one of the windows (it still had the bug net in place) to let some air in. I was starting to feel sick as my stomach kept twisting and gurgling. Suddenly bile rose in my throat and I scrambled to unzip the door, bolting outside. It had stopped raining for now. My bowels felt loose and shaky; I didn't know what had caused this...and then I remembered that I had forgotten to bring soap or hand sanitizer, and hadn't been cleaning my hands! Well, there's a lesson learned...

I reached the bucket, now nearly full and grabbed it. I simply hurled the bucket's contents into the nearby trees; there was no time to do it properly. I plunked the bucket down and jammed my butt onto it. Squuuuirpplthhh! I groaned and leaned forward involuntarily, as my stomach clenched tight and a large wave of loose poop splashed into the bucket. A round of wet farts followed this and I gripped my stomach as another wave of diarrhea blasted out of my bottom.

Sweat dripped down my face and my stomach convulsed again. A huge wet fart blew up in the bucket and I groaned in pain. Then a wave of nausea swept over me and I clamped my mouth shut. But... My stomach suddenly heaved and rose ominously into my throat. I managed to keep it in my mouth for a bit, but then I heaved again and lurched to the side, spewing it all over the dirt. Another painful heave and I gripped my shaky knees as I vomited again onto the ground between my feet.

Burping, coughing, and retching, I got the rest of it up. Now, my stomach still twisted and heaved, but I couldn't throw anything else up anymore, which was a nice change of pace. But my other end? If anyone had been around, my riotous farting would have alerted anybody within probably a mile. Another huge wet fart sprayed the bucket. What seemed like a gallon of loose poop slopped into the bucket after it, ending with another booming fart.

I felt a bit better. I stayed seated for another five minutes, but nothing else came out except several more farts. Finally, I felt done enough to stand. Staggering to my feet, I went back to the tent and tossed the bag away into the woods, along with the pee bottle. Then I put on a fresh change of clothes, packed everything up, and started home. I was still sick to my stomach, so I felt it prudent to leave now.

I had to stop twice along the way home. Another small bit of nausea overtook me after the first five minutes or so, and I leaned against a trees and let out a loud, wet belch. I retched, my stomach squirming, but nothing came up. I finished with a small burp. Then, ten minutes later, just a few minutes from my house, my bowels went watery again and I frantically pulled down my jeans and squatted as a rush of water poured out of me, splashing loudly on the leaves. I gripped my legs tightly until it was over, finishing with a big fart.

I was sick for the next few days, but overall, my solo "camping trip" was fun and I decided to do it again soon.


Girlfriends story

Hi, my name is matt. Ive been a lurker here for awhile. This story is about my girlfriend zoey. We both live at home with our parents. Zoey is very poop shy so she is very self conscious about taking a long time in the bathroom when her family is home. This leads to her getting constipated sometimes. Ive known her for several years and it took her forever to admit this to me. Anyways, zoey and her family had just gone on a week long trip and she was only able to poop once on the 2nd day and after that she just didnt have to go at all (her body knows when she is not home and she usually doesnt poop) even when we go away for a 2 or 3 day weekend she usually doesnt go. She texted me on the way home and told me she really needed to go but didnt want to go at home because it would take her a long time to go and she didnt want to clog the toilet. She lives near a woods and park with some abandoned bathrooms quite a ways down a old hiking trail that weve both used before when shes not comfortable with going at home. She texted when she got home, took a shower and told her parents she was going to hang out with me. I came to her house and picked her up. She had her "hiking" bag with her and put toilet paper and other toiletries in it to use since the bathrooms obviously had none in them anymore. We chatted about the trip on the way there and caught up. She couldnt even sit on her butt she was so miserable. She also told me that when she showered before i picked her up she used alot of vaseline and soap in her butt and she hoped it would help her poop come out easier. Once we got to the park zoey hopped out right away and wasted no time heading for the woods. I could tell she was uncomfortable and really needed to poop. Once we got to the bathrooms a good 15 minutes later she led me inside and i wedged the door shut for privacy. The bathrooms are pit toilet types with 2 stalls each. Zoey handed me the backpack and took off her pants and underwear so she could squat on the seat without having to sit down. She said matty (what she calls me) this one is going to take me forever so well be here awhile! I said its ok Zo, go slow and take your time. She nodded and began to pee. After she finished peeing she started pushing and scrunching up her face. After a minute or 2 she said matty this is really going to hurt and be huge! I told her again to go slow and relax we have all afternoon if you need it. Zoey's effort increased alot over the next few minutes and she grunted hard and looked up at me helplessly from the toilet as she pushed and strained. I hugged her and she whimpered in pain and discomfort. I cant do it matty its too big she said. Let me see i told her. She turned around and squatted backwards on the toilet and i spread her butt cheeks open. Ok zo, push i told her. Zoey strained and her anus opened up really wide and i saw a giant turd stuck inside her made up of what looked like balls of poop all stuck together. Zoey stopped pushing and her anus closed around the poop. She tried again and again with the same result. The poop itself wasnt even budging, her anus was just opening and as she strained her poop didnt even attempt to come out. Damn zo, this thing is really stuck i told her. I know she said and began to cry softly. I told her to take a break and she got down off the toilet. I dont know what to do matty she cried. Did you bring more vaseline? I asked. She nodded and pointed at the backpack. I told her that i would put more in for her and rub it around while she pushed and see if that would help. She nodded and squatted on the toilet again. Zoey started pushing and i began to rub vaseline on her anus and work it around the turd. I did this for about 5 minutes and told her to push as hard as she could. Zoey strained and worked really hard for about 10 more minutes with no result. Matty, i just cant poop she said and started crying again. I told her the only other option we have is for me to dig it out. Zoey was very hesistant but she agreed. I told her i would go slow and be careful. I slowly dug at the turd as zoey pushed amd gradually i started getting chunks of her poop to come off the huge turd. Zoey then was able to strain these chunks out on her own. This went on for 15 minutes or so before she said she thought she could do it herself. She pushed and pushed and finally the giant began to come out. She was moaning loudly and whimpering in pain. Once she had about 5 inches out i wrapped some toilet paper around it and began to gently pull as zoey strained. About 10 minutes later it came out and zoey sighed in relief. She pushed out a few smaller logs and told me she was done. She wiped and cleaned up and thanked me for my help. We took the walk back to my car and grabbed some dinner before i dropped her off for the night. Thats the worst shes ever had it, i do have a few more stories to share if anyone has any interest. Hope you all enjoyed my story! Bye for now - matt

Matthew From New Jersey

Two Occasions where women almost made me shit myself

Two Occasions where women almost made me shit myself

Hi it's me Matthew from New Jersey again. I thought I'd share two incidents where women who were taking forever to use the restroom almost made me lose it in my undies.

The first incident occurred just a few years ago. I was working a summer job as a local pizza delivery driver, it only paid minimum wage but the tips were nice. The takeout joint was located at a small outdoor strip mall. The building was like one long trailer which was partitioned for other business. There was this girl about my age, 17 at the time, who was kind of chubby. Anita was her name and she would go to taco bell during her brakes and order salads loaded with sour cream. This would cause her bowels to get irritated and Anita would spend forever in the toilet to unload her diarrhea. Sometimes she would spend upwards to 15 minutes on the john during the lunch or dinner rush. This would irritate my boss but when you gotta go you gotta go. Luckily there was a toilet in a back hallway which connected the other business together. So while Anita was relieving herself in our restaurant's toilet, you could go in the back hall that was open for the employees of the other stores. One day Anita's lunch really didn't agree with her and she barfed into our toilet so bad that it clogged and broke! Apparently she placed a bunch of toilet tissue into the bowl before she started puking, she didn't want any of the vomit to splash back in her face, this caused a huge clog when she flushed and that toilet remained broken for the remainder of the time I worked there. Well one day I had gotten the diarrhea myself during the lunch rush. I had finished making my deliveries around town and sped in my car back to the pizza joint for a crap. Luckily we were no longer busy when I arrived so I made to the back of the store where the entrance to the hallway was. I made my way down the back hall toured toilet. As soon as I neared the toilet, the backdoor to another business swung open and a woman in her late 40s or early 50s rushed out. Her name was Tommi, strange name for a woman. Tommi was an Ophthalmologist who managed the neighboring eye lens store. She wasn't bad looking for her age, curvy with sandy greying hair, with black business slacks, and a white blouse. Her eyes widened in clear desperation when she saw me about to enter the toilet."Hold On!" Tommi called as she closed the door behind her. "Don't you guys have a toilet at your restaurant" she asked sheepishly. "We do but it's broke. I won't be long I promise" I responded as I opened the bathroom door."Wait Wait! I really need to use that restroom" she said as she clicked her heels down the hall. I was desperate myself and wasn't sure if I could hold on for much longer "I'm sorry doc, I got the runs and I just came back from delivery" I said. "Well SO DO I" Tommi yelled. At this point she was out of her stilettos and hustling down the hall in her black socks. "And I have been holding it all morning dealing with customers by myself. I am a business owner and I can't afford to soil myself at my job. This is my livelihood and my career not a part time gig like you got!" By that time the desperate women was already at the john. Me being nearly 6 feet tall I couldn't just shove aside a 5'5" 50 something year old woman. So I let her have the toilet before me. "Thank you, sir. Now I wouldn't mind some privacy. Please excuse me and return to your restaurant, I'll let you know when I am finished." Tommi told me as she closed the bathroom door. I made like I exited the hall, opened the back door to the pizza restaurant and closed it loud so she would think I had left the hall. In reality I stayed and listened. I heard the heels of her stocking feet thud along the bathroom tile, her belt buckle was hastily loosened, followed by the swish sound of her lowered slacks and then "PLFFLPFLFLPLFT" of a soft poop evacuation followed by a wet splattering of runny shit. "Oh God, I nearly didn't make it" I heard the women say in a lowered tone. There was then a long torrent of piss hitting the water followed by a burst of shit. She stayed seated there for a few minutes letting out wet farts accompanied by low grunts.

I figured it was time to return to the store so I slowly opened the door back to the restaurant. Luckily, for me, she was overcome with another torrent of diarrhea so the shit explosion masked the noise the door made. Another rush of phone calls had hit the store and the boss wanted me to answer them. So I had to stand there at the counter and talk to stupid customers over the phone, holding diarrhea all the while. I was gripping the phone with white knuckles as I was writing down orders. After about ten minutes I just couldn't hold on. I HAD TO use the restroom. I told my boss that I wasn't feeling well and I ran back into the hall. As I go into the back hall I saw the good doctor Tomi making her way back to her store with her shoes in her hand. "I was going to come around to let you know the toilet was free. Thank you for being a gentlemen" she said as she unlocked the door to her business. I waddled to the john with my hand clenched on my butt. "Aw poor thing, hope you can make it, I nearly didn't!" she said as I closed the toilet door behind me and let loose a wave of horrid diarrhea into the toilet. I am sure the bathroom stunk but I was to desperate to notice or care. The chunky cascade of diarrhea only lasted about five seconds but holy hell was there a lot. I blasted the entire rim and it left stains on the bowl as I flushed. The next day Doctor Tomii ordered a small pizza delivered to her eye care store. "Did you end up ok?" She asked as I gave her the pie. "Yeah I just wish our boss would fix the toilet in our store but he's too cheap" She made sure I was the one who delivered her pizza to her and she gave me a five dollar tip! A year latter I found out that the boss made up a reason to fire Anita when she broke the second toilet in the hall!

This next incident happened at home this Thanksgiving. I am a student and I am staying at my parents house over Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving morning I woke up in my room with the urge to take a huge crap. I went to the only bathroom in the house but my younger sister was in there, doing her hair! "Hey Sarah" I rapped on the door. "I kinda need to use the toilet" "Well you kinda need to wait because I got to get my hair ready for church tonight!" My sister Sarah responded. Sarah is a very selfish young girl, once during Christmas 2005 the whole family was hit with a stomach bug, she let our entire family shit ourselves while she locked herself in to puke. That story for another time. I knew it would be awhile so I went back to my room to play xbox. Half an hour had elapsed and Sarah was still curling her hair! "Hey Sis let me in, I promise I'll be quick and I'll use air freshener" "No way" she shouted. "You'll stink this place up and I need to be in here to condition and dry my hair. You'll just have to wait until after I am finished."
"I can't wait" I said as I pounded on the door. "Then you'll just have to shit yourself like a baby as you did this summer!" She sneered. It was a low blow, I had already posted about an incident where my mom and I were hit with food poison on page 2674. I knew that I couldn't just stay and wait. I remembered there being a gas station down the road so I begged my dad for the keys to the SUV. He understood and I drove toured the gas station but there were too many damn red lights! Luckily a McDonald's was nearby and I went there instead. Thank God they were open on Thanksgiving, but only to 11am, it was 10:20 am when I got there! I ran into the men's room and planted my but on a clammy toilet bowl. A long thick snake of shit sank out of my ass and curled around the bowl. I winsed in agony as the thing grew out of me inch by agonizing inch.The thing was huge and what releaf! When I wiped the toilet paper was bright red with blood! The turd was so big it tore me up! I made it home and my sister was still in the bathroom doing her hair with the radio on full blast! She didn't have a care in the world and never even mentioned anything about my distress that morning.


Thanksgiving eruption

I usually get constipated after Thanksgiving so I always be sure to keep milk of magnesia stocked around this time of year. I chowed down stuffing myself with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn, biscuits, and gravy. The next morning I woke up Incredibly bloated, and full of gas. I waddled over to the toilet and let out a ton of loud farts but couldn't get anything moving. I went downstairs and had some coffee and hoped that would get things moving. Unfortunately around 2 I was still bloated, so I decided to go for a run to loosen things up. About halfway through my run I got hit with a HORRIBLE cramp and my sphincter involuntarily opened immediately. I thought for sure I was going to mess my leggings but it was just some really bad gas. I hurried home and sat on the toilet but again could only get gas to come out. It was now around 6ish and I decided to take the milk of magnesia. Around 10 as I was preparing for bed I felt a little rumbling but I was really tired so I decided to go to bed anyway. At around 1:30 I woke up in a cold sweat, needing to go NOW! It felt as if God himself was gripping my intestines. I turned to get out of bed and let out a NASTY wet fart that leaked a little onto the bed (I sleep in only a thong). I shuffled\waddled\sprinted to the bathroom in our bedroom. Opened up the toilet seat and the second my thighs hit the seat a torrent of loose shit poured out of me. Along with incredible farts. The mud continued for what seemed like forever, and when it finally died down the toilet was filled up almost halfway. (I wish I was joking, this was seriously the most shit i've ever seen in my life). Cleanup was a mess, and my husband woke up and asked me why there were skidmarks on the bed, yikes.

brent g.

Laxative suppositories given by medical personnel?

Has anyone gotten a suppository administered to them so they could poop?

This happened to me when I first joined the army. It was the combination of the food, hot weather, regimented schedule, not to mention the toilets. After not going no. 2 for three days during army basic training, I got permission to go to sick call for "stomach problems." Anyway, the medic quickly figured out what was wrong with me and wanted to give me a dulcolax suppository to make me poop.

After unbuckling my pants, he had me lay on my stomach and hug a pillow, resting my head on it. Then the briefs came down, and I was made bend one of my knees so my butt was naturally exposed. I was told to expect a cold, lubricated "bullet" to go up my keister. Before I could react, it was being pushed into me, not so gently either, I might add, and it went in as far as his finger would reach.

I grunted, and he commented, "That wasn't so bad was it?" I had to hold it in until he came back to check on me in twenty minutes, and I was told not to fart, and clench my cheeks if I had to.

The butt bullet started burning in no time, and then waves of cramps came. By the time he came back (after what must have been at least half an hour), I was on the exam table desperately holding my thighs together, legs crossed, and on the verge of shitting myself. I was directed to the mensroom down the hall, where several days of feces (I hadn't had a good bm in about a week) were forcefully moved down my colon. After a "wet" fart (when the melted suppository must have come out), and a few nuggets and cannonballs, I started pushing, and pushing, and pushing a big log. Both my butthole and my cramping abdomen hurt something awful at first, and my knees were starting to shake, but after a while, it was softer and came out faster. The smell was unbelievable. Finally, after a couple of rank farts, I was done. I checked "my work" before wiping (I often stand up to wipe). The log was coiled up well above the water line. After wiping, I cautiously flushed the monster, and even the industrial strength toilet struggled to send my waste to Hades.

The suppository laxative worked like a champ. Unfortunately, I got a "clean" bill of health, and was sent back that afternoon. After that experience, I learned the hard way to drink plenty of water, and go every morning to avoid getting blocked up. I'm now in my thirties, and as an aging dad of two, I've had to give myself dulcolax suppositories every so often, but they never worked as well as that first time, even if I given them plenty of time to take effect. I think the medic was able to get it in farther, but I don't want to burden my wife with such an unpleasant task of finding the hole in my hairy ass and then digging deep for treasure!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe great story it sounds like you had some great after Thanksgiving poops.

To: Taylor great story about your huge and slow after Thanksgiving poop.

To: Catherine great story about you big poop.

To: Anna great story it sounds like and those other women all had great poops.

To: Winnie The Poop great story it sounds like you had 2 great poops.

To: Jane The Poop great story it sounds like you really had to poop a lot.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi everyone!

I am back to bid everyone farewell. The only reason that I was able to return to the forum was because of the generous maternity leave I was granted after my baby was born. But it is just too difficult to continue to write now that I am back to work.

I love you all and this forum meant a lot to me. Eight years ago, around Thanksgiving, I had a huge poop accident walking in the door of my condo. It was that accident, along with memories of another that I had when I was a freshman in high school, that made me seek out people to talk to who could help me understand why an "accident" felt good and not gross. I thought I was alone in being fascinated by defecation. Thank you for helping me to realize that I was not alone. Thank you for the safe space and words of affirmation. Thank you for "celebrating" the large, voluminous doodies that I have shared with you. And, I celebrate who you are and this shared love for "dooing" number two!

Thank you to the moderator for making this a safe space, especially for some of the younger posters on this site.

Please forgive me for the drama. It is hard saying goodbye. It seems that some who post just disappear, and I think about them, even though we are anonymous. So, I didn't want to just disappear without sharing this heartfelt goodbye to all of you.

I love you all and wish you the best in life and I wish you the best in the bathroom!



School Poop

Hi, I'm in 6th grade brown hair 4'9 90 pounds. It was a snowy december day when I was in 4th grade. It was the day before Christmas Vacation and I held my poop for about 6 days which was a really long time for me. We were playing bingo and when we took a snack break I walked over to the teacher if I could use the bathroom. She let me go so I left. I walked in and I took the second stall and these stalls had no locks on them for some reason. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and sat. Another girl walked in and took the stall next to me and put her jeans down above her ankles. She had pink flowery underwear and I thought it was my friend Arielle and then I knew it wasn't because the girl was pooping and Arielle never poops at school. The girl got up and left. Before I started this part the stacks didn't have metal divine they were brick walls diving the toilets. I heard the bathroom door open and my piece of poop was coming out of my hole and then my stall door opened and there was a 3rd grader with her mouth opened and then my poop splashed in and then she said sorry and shut the door. I was so embarrassed especially that my poop splashed in at that moment. I pushed out a few more pieces and then rolled out some toilet paper and wiped and left.

Ryan's Survey

1) Where do you poop the most?
C. School

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?
A. Sitting

3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to?
C. To the ankles

4. When your pooping do you fart?
B. A little

5. When your pooping how long does it take?
C. 10-15 minutes

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?
B. No

7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping
A. Sometimes


Interesting story about the guy watching you use the doorless stall and clean up. As I mentioned before I have used countless doorless stalls. I am more modest because I wipe standing up at home or in a stall with a door, but I always wipe sitting down in a doorless stall. Your story reminded me of a similar experience I had a couple summers ago at a state fair. there were five doorless stalls and one handicapped stall with a door. I was seated in the doorless stall next to the handicap stall taking a major dump with my shorts and underwear just below my knees. A young guy came in and walked in front of my stall and went to use the handicapped stall but it was occupied. So he stood in front of my stall waiting for the stall with a door. Every once in a while he looked in at me. I don't know how he could stand my stink. When I started to wipe my butt he turned his head. Finally I was done pooping but the other stall was still occupied. He stood up and he took a good look at me while I was pulling up my underwear and shorts. I went to the sink, which was on the other side of the stalls with a door, and washed up and when I went to leave I had to walk past the stalls and that young guy was seated in one of the doorless stalls farting and plopping. He just couldn't wait anymore. He had his shorts pulled up really high and his arms folded around his stomach. When I went outside a hot girl asked me if her boyfriend was in there and described him. I said yes, he is sitting on one of the toilets. She said thanks and complained to her friend about her boyfriend pooping on a public toilet.


Using the doorless stall at the festival

I went to a festival with a buddy of mine yesterday at the same local park that has doorless stalls in a couple of the restrooms. We were hanging out for a bit and I told him I had to use the toilet. We walked over to the restroom that has about 7 doorless stalls lined up and he said he'd wait for me outside.

I go in and there are 2 guys at the urinal, one guy sitting on a toilet, another washing at the sink. I go to the first stall, closest the door, and make sure the seat is dry, then turn around, and unbutton my jeans, sliding them down to my ankles. I hook my thumbs into my white briefs, and slide them down, just as a guy walks in to use the urinal in front of my stall. Seated, I put my heels on the base of the toilet, up on my toes, and start pushing one out. There seems to be a rush of guys right about then, with about 10 or more coming in and out in about a minute span. Since I'm In the first stall, everyone is walking past me. It dies down pretty quickly.

I text my buddy outside telling him to come in and say hi. He texts back "are you shitting? I say of course I am. He knows these are doorless stalls and he responds with LOL, and that he just wanted to text that. He asks, "so everyone can see your undies?" And I text back, "of course! Come in and take a pic!" He thinks it's all pretty funny.

The place is empty by now so I grab some paper and fold it up and lift up my cock and balls and start wiping with my other hand, from the front, between my legs. I'm looking down as I do this and I notice a pair of feet stop in front of my stall. I look up and it's my buddy, laughing and taking a pic of me as I'm wiping. I'm a bit startled and then I start laughing too. I didn't think he was really going to come in and take a pic, although I asked him too. He takes another as I'm sitting there laughing. A guy comes in so my buddy walks back out.

I finish up and then we continue checking out the festival. After he drops me off, I tell him to let me see the pic and he says, "oh right". We seem to have forgotten about it. He pulls it up on his phone and since he has an iPhone the pic is one of those "live" pics that shows about 2 seconds of movement. We look at it and we watch me looking down, wiping, and then my look of surprise and recognition as I see him snapping a pic. The second one is just of me smiling with my hands up in a sort of wave, while sitting there half naked on the toilet, haha... We both just crack up because it looks pretty funny to watch my expression change. And because I'm taking a dump. He sends it to me and I still think it's pretty funny to watch. It's silliness, but I'm glad my buddy was willing to indulge me.

Sean K

Answer to Survey

1) Where do you poop the most?
A. At home

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?
A. Sitting

3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to
C. Pants to Ankles/Underwear to knees

4. When your pooping do you fart?
B. Pre Poop on occasion

5. When your pooping how long does it take?
B. 5-8 minutes

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?
B. No

7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping
A. Sometimes


Peeing Problems

I met this new freshman Savannah at my school two weeks ago. Her parents are splitting up and she has had to transfer from a smaller private school to our school. It's public and one of the largest in the state. Being a senior, I'm in a lot of activities and because I'm on student council, we take turns meeting with new students, helping them make friends, giving them a tour of the building, and helping them get off to a good start.

I met Savannah on her first day. It was 7 a.m. and she and I both had stopped at separate places for coffee. She had gourmet coffee, something I don't know too much about and couldn't afford if I did. In taking her around the building and helping her find her seven classrooms, the cafeteria, gym and media center, she started to complain about needing a bathroom. We were in the social studies wing so I took her down the hall and around the corner to the nearest bathroom. This happens to be one of the smallest and best bathrooms in the building. Just four toilets. Each with a separate toilet paper holder compared to the much larger ones in the main spine of the building which are five times larger and that have a communal wall on one end of the room where all the toilet paper is located. If you forget your toilet paper, then you have a real surprise coming when we need to clean yourself.

There were girls on the first three toilets. From the smell we could tell they weren't peeing. No doors on the cubicles, so they had limited privacy, but that's the case with over half the toilets in our building. I motioned for Savannah that the far toilet was available. She hurried down there, seemed to gasp about something, and then I heard her pulling off toilet paper which she positioned carefully on the seat. She dropped her black jeans and underwear and as I heard her butt contact the seat, I heard another gasp. I tried not to look directly at the girl crapping on my side, but I must have heard six plops as she sat with her head between her legs.

I could feel my usual 1st hour poop coming on earlier that day. I walked down closer to where Savannah was seated. Saw no movement. Heard nothing. I asked if she was doing OK. She said no, that this might be the day she burst her bladder. She said she had never used a non-doored toilet before. But she was at the very end stall. With me waiting in the aisle, she had pretty good privacy. I sympathized with her not being able to get her stream going. But a line was forming behind me for the other toilets. With my poop knocking, I asked Savannah if I could borrow the toilet for just a minute. She reluctantly said yes and got off, partially pulling her jeans up with toilet paper stuck to her butt. I took the toilet, dropped my thong and jeans, and placed myself up on the seat. Within 30 seconds my crap had exited, I had done my two wipes and I flushed. I didn't mean to, but as I walked out I thanked Savannah for really warming the seat up for me.

She seemed surprised and I realized immediately that I had been insensitive. I hadn't meant it that way. She repapered and reseated herself. She told me she would be OK and I could go on with my day. I wished her well and went to my 1st hour. I haven't run into Savannah since, but that's not unusual because our school is so large and I'm so busy. Still, I feel sorry for the way things ended.

Sunday, December 03, 2017


Snow pee

Two days ago, it snowed in France. This reminds me a story that happened to me last winter. My husband an I had gone for ski holidays with Frédéric and Corinne, a couple of friends.
One day, around 3 o'clock, both men stop in the middle the track. We, the two women also stop wondering why. My husband takes his skis off and says "I gotta piss". Fred answers "I'm gonna do like you". Actually, everyone did like him. The four pairs of skis were planted vertically in the snow. While both men pee on the edge of the track, Corinne and I went to the other side into the pine trees. But once there, we has soft snow up to our knees. I said to Corinne "I have an idea to pee in that snow. I'm gonna ask my husband to show you" I wait for both men to finish and ask my husband to come with me and Fred to guard the skis. Fred wondered why everyone but him and I answered "Its a surprise". Once away from the track, I say "Hubby, I'd like you to lift me and I'd like Corinne to watch so she knows how to pee in that snow" He said "OK" So I take my pants and panties down. Hubby, with his belly on my back, puts his hands inside my knees and lifts me up with my knees touching my breasts.
Immediatly, I release a pee flow landing a meter away. Thirty seconds after, my flow hasn't sorftened when Corinne tells me "You really had to go" I answer "I always pee a lot in this position" A minute into my pee, my flow softens. I relax my muscles and push again. 1min40 into my pee, I'm done. I ask Corinne to bring me a fistful of snow and wipe with it. Then I hold my pants and panties while hubby puts me back down on the ground and dress again.
My husband calls Fred to replace him. Corinne tells him "The idea is that you lift me for my pee" while taking her pants and panties down. I said to Fred "You need to go behind her" He did "Now you put your hand inside her knees" He did and Corinne put her hands around his neck "I know lift up her knees" and, like me before, Corinne found hersef above the ground with her naked buttocks and her thighs presing her belly. She said "Now I can pee" and release a meter long flow that lasted 1min30. Meanwhile she was smiling. I was wmiling too, understanding her pleasure to have a devoted admirer for her pee. Her flow then softened but grew strong again immediatly. 2min30 into her pee, I pick a fistful of snow. She releases two spurs and she's done. I hold out the snow to her, she wipes, her hubby puts her feets back on the ground, she dresses again and we go back skiing.
The day after, while we were on a chairlif, corinne told me "I only had to go again this morning. And just for a small pee"


2nd accident

i, thanks so much for the positive comments about my first post! Abbie has been really busy lately but she says she'll try to post soon.
I thought I'd post again about another accident I had a while ago, this time unfortunately I pooed in my knickers on the way home from school! Most of the time I feel the urge for a poo come on mid to late morning, in a way that worked out quite well when I was at school as I could go and have a poo at lunchtime, that way I wouldn't be uncomfy when I got back to class. Sometimes though I wouldn't feel the urge until I was back in lessons after lunch, and this story is about a day when I was 14 and I started to need a poo about 10 minutes after the start of the first lesson in the afternoon. Whenever the urge came later I would just hold in my poo until I got home, I didn't like to ask to use the toilet during lessons, a lot of teachers wouldn't let you anyway and even if they did I always have to spend a while on the loo for a number two and then it would have been embarrassing when I got back to class. I decided to hold it but by the time it got to 10 minutes before the end of school I was really struggling, my bum was being forced open by a huge hard log and I was finding it really hard to resist the pressure. Finally we were let out, I was hardly able to walk properly and by now could feel the log poking out into my knickers slightly. I was wearing a skirt but no tights as it was a warm day so I just had knickers on under my skirt, back then I was in the middle of a growing spurt and my wardrobe hadn't quite caught up so a lot of my knickers were way too small for me, but luckily that day I happened to be wearing some M&S girls full fitting pants which did still fit me, they were anything but cool but I was pretty sure they would contain the accident which by now felt like it was inevitable. I started to walk home as fast as I could without losing control, but as I turned into my street I knew I wasn't going to make it as I could feel the poo poking out more and more. By the time I'd reached my house I knew that I was on the verge of losing it, and as I stood on the doorstep desperately trying to find my door key in my bag the inevitable happened. I moaned as my bumhole opened up against my will and a massive thick log pushed out, it just kept coming and coming. I could feel my knickers sagging with the weight of it but fortunately it all stayed contained, I knew there must be some bonus to wearing massive granny pants!! I finally made it into the house and dumped my bag, kicked off my shoes and went upstairs. When I got into my room I took off my skirt and shirt and went into my ensuite, I saw my reflection in the mirror and gasped as I saw the massive load of poo in my knickers. I carefully eased them down and tipped the poo down the toilet but there was a massive stain in them which I knew I'd probably never get out as they were plain white. I had a shower and changed my clothes and then dealt with my soiled underwear, I put them in a bucket with some bleach and left them to soak and that did get most of the marks out so luckily I didn't have to throw them away. I hope you liked my story and thanks for reading.

Jessica B.
Judith's poop

Hello everyone,

As usual, as soon as I post to say I have nothing to report, some interesting events happen!

So I was working quite late two days ago and the cleaning lady started taking care of our offices. She's called Judith and is from Tanzania. She's very cheerful and I like her a lot, altough communication is challenging as her English is not al that great. I have to say I don't know her that well because she started only a few weeks ago and I usually don't stay late. She must be ten years older than me and rises a daugther and a young son.

When Judith approached my desk, we started chatting about this and that. She's a very interesting person and it's a pitty she's a cleaner just because of the language. Anyway, we were having fun but both of us had some work to get done. I offered we could have a drink after she's done cleaning, which she accepted.

About an hour later, Judith came back, changed, so I shut down my computer and we went to a bar nearby. We both ordered small beers and she told me about her life. It was super interesting, but she couldn't stay longer because her kids were waiting at home. She invited me to come with her to her place. As nobody is waiting for me at my place, I gladly accepted.

We went back to the office parking lot and we took her car. After five minutes, she farted loudly. Also, it was a smelly one. But short of excusing herself, she just went on talking. I thought "Wow, that lady is uninhibited!" As we were reaching her appartment, she farted again, although not that loud. She told me "good we are home, I have to shit." Well, at least, it was clear!

Judith lives in a tiny two room appartment in a high-rise building. We were greeted by her 10 years old daughter. Judith and her chatted Judith's native language (apparently, there are over one hundred languages spoken in Tanzania!), her son was already asleep in his bed in front of the telly. Judith handed me another beer from the fridge and told me to have a seat. It felt very special to be chatting there, in her dark room, sitting on the bed. She seemed to have forgotten about her urge, and I was not willing to mention it.
Actually, she said she was hungry and asked me whether I also wanted something. I said sure, so she heated us some leftovers in the microwave oven. On the way, she told her daugther to turn off the television and go to sleep, which she did immediately. I was some tasty and spicy I-don't-remember-what made of beans and fish, with rice. The portion was fair to say the least.

We finished at the same time and she farted again. This time, she laghed and said "Now I have to shit". She went to the tiny bathroom and closed the door without locking it. Now you have to know that the sound insulation of her flat is terrible. Nobody was talking anymore, so I could hear the neighbours watching television too and of course, Judith's farts that announced some serious action. I heard her peeing a little and the she started plopping away. Loud, majestic plops! She wasn't lying when she said she had to go. Also, she didn't mind grunting. I counted at least ten loud plops!By then, a musky poop smell started filling her room. She then quickly wiped, flushed and washed her hands and came back. She rubbed her belly and told me: "It is good but I am not finished yet." Oh my.

A few minutes later, I decided to leave because I also work in the morning. The beer wanted out so I also excused myself to the toilet. It reeked in there! Surprisingly, the bowl was, well, destroyed. Judith makes the ladies shine at work, but at home, she apparently doesn't give a shit! (pun intended) There were plenty of skidmarks on all sides and two light brown turds did not flush. I released my much needed pee, I admit, hovering above the toilet. I didn't want to get splashed back! I flushed and washed my hands. Only one of the remaining turds flushed, her toilet is very weak apparently. I washed my hands. I said goodbye to my host and left (by public transportation of course) very happy about my evening.

Love and take care,



Plymouth Hoe

One summer I remember walking along the Hoe, and as I was passing the grassy banks below the Royal Citadel there was a man and a female siting in the long grass side by side on the bank. As I got in line with them from below, I could see the white knickers of the female at her knees, but could not see anything up under her skirt as it was dark under it, but I think she was having a pee there. There are no public toilets in this area, and all the sheltered sun benches all stink of piss around this area.

I was talking to a female co-worker about being caught needing a pee while out and about, and told her about the female peeing on the grass bank below the Citadel. When she told me how she had peed on the Hoe.
There are benches along the pavement just along from the Citadel and below the old marine laboratories, these benches are set into alcoves in the wall at the bottom of that part of the grass banks but when you sit on the benches your feet are still on the pavement.
She told me how she and her boyfriend had been on the Hoe all day drinking cans of larger and as they were walking along towards the Barbican she was in need of a pee. She and her boyfriend sat down on one of these benches (they seat two or three people and are concert ends with 3 x 3 planks between them with gaps between the planks). She told me how she pulled her jeans and knickers down just enough to pee and sat so that her pee went down through one of these gaps.
No one could see she was peeing but she did splash her boyfriend's legs, when she was done she just pulled her things back up and they walked on as if they had just sat down for a quick rest.

Hi Catherine. It's good to see you back here too. I guess that like me you'd prefer to post more often but find that life has a habit of getting in the way.

Anna. Thanks for sharing your poo at the farmers market story. In the absence of a definite indication I'm assuming you're the Canadian one. If it's been anywhere no so cold in Canada recently as it has been here in the UK I can understand your friend's morning desperation to pee. Put it this way, the cold weather has certainly got my bladder a time or two recently. Anyhow it sounds as though you and Kate certainly both had good poos and provided formidable competition for each other. As regards splashback, have you ever thought of putting a couple of pieces of toilet paper in the bowl before you start? I do it sometimes and it's not 100% effective but prevents the problem most of the time.

John H. Good to see you around. Hope all's well.

Anon.poster. Your theory about the breakdown of fecal matter causing excess gas of a rather smelly variety sounds quite credible to me as a cause of rather noxious pre-poo farts. It's recalled elsewhere here in greater detail around page 297 and 2164-5 but I remember my late Aunt Anne having a very smelly (and long) pre-poo farting session during a visit around 1969. At the time I think she was probably backed up and hadn't done anything much for a few days. My theory was that gas naturally occurs in the bowels and when it has to compete for the available space with large amounts of fecal matter it will tend to escape first, the stools making it smellier than would otherwise be the case.

Today I was on a course and knowing I wouldn't get many food breaks, made sure I had a good Toby Carvery breakfast first. That was fine but by the time I got home the gas and solid matter were vying for space in my bowels so I was ready for a good poo which, in the end, was a rather pale brown.

I haven't posted for some time as I've been incredibly busy with uni. As I've got Saturday off I thought I would catch up on reading the posts and have some comments and a story of my own.

Shy Pooper: You should feel proud, well done!!! Listing to music while pooping was a great idea. It is unfortunate that some people could make comments about the sounds and smells in bathrooms; I always think if they wanted to smell a rose guarder then they're in the wrong place. But hopefully the more you do it the more comfortable you can become with it. Keep on going!

Anon Poster. I think in the main you are right. Where I would differ from your theory is that the gas comes not from the foods themselves but the metabolic processes that convert the energy in the food into energy the body can use. Also I think while you are right that farts relive the fullness in the rectum but I think this is a side effect rather than its function. Things like fluid, pH and gases are kept within really small ranges, it can be disastrous if they tip one way or another outside of that limit and therefore our bodies are constantly working to get the balance right. When we fart this is the body ensuring that the quantity of methane (the main gas in farts) doesn't exceed safe levels; I think I heard somewhere that if it kept building up without an outlet we would literally explode!

So onto my story. Today as I was walking to the library I was letting off silent farts every few minutes and knew that the first thing I needed to do once I arrived was to use the loo. After scanning my id to gain entry through the security gate I walked up the staircase up to the next floor (this being the floor for the book I was searching for) and pushed open the door to the bathroom. As I entered I saw that the nearest cubical was occupied, a brown haired girl leaving the other cubical and a girl in a red coat taking her place. So as the brunet started to washing her hand I waited by the other wall for a cubical to become vacant. I was anticipating to be called out for being in the wrong bathroom (as I'm trans) so much so that my heart was beating forcefully against my chest. I wanted a cubical door to open so I could be out of sight (and of course unload my crap which was by now pressing to be released) but at the same time I wanted to postpone the moment when an occupant would leave the cubical and see me waiting there. A minute later I heard the nearest toilet flush and then the lock being pulled back. I mentally prepared myself as the door was opened by a blond girl who stepped out of the cubical but she passed me without the slightest glance. I went into the cubical, locked the door and then took off my rucksack which I hung on the hook. Next I untied my scarf from my neck and placed it onto of the rucksack before taking off my coat and positioned it over the scarf. Undoing my jeans I lowered them as well as my blue striped panties to my knees before sitting down on the warm seat. By this time the red coat girl had finished and was now washing her hands. After a quick pee I started to relax my bum hole and immediately a turd began to emerge. To get it keep on coming out I had push and a couple of seconds later a part of it broke off with a splash. Now my stomach was pushing the log out by its own force so I stopped applying pressure to my bum muscles. Another turd snapped off and once this had happened a healthy smell of poo began to emanate from the bowl. Finally the end of the log emerged from my ass and plopped into the water as my hole retreated to its normal size. I thought there might be more in me so I stayed sitting while I looked at my Facebook notifications on my phone. During this time three girls came into the bathroom and each used the other cubical for a pee. Concluding that I had indeed finished I stood up and unrolled some loo paper. Folding the strip so it was more manageable I then passed it through my bum cheeks and dropped it into the water where it covered three turds which were wide in diameter and medium length. I was quite messy so I needed to whip another two times. After doing so I flushed the loo and pulled up my panties and jeans. I then took my dark grey coat of the hook and put it on over my bright red reindeer sweater. My scarf I draped around my neck and my bag I swung onto one shoulder. Then I unlocked the door, washed my hands and exited the bathroom in search of the book I was after.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Outsideshitter Girl it sounds like you really had to poop a lot and I bet you felt great after.

To: Shy Pooper great story about you overcoming your shyness a bit.

To: Sonya Sue great story.

To: Ellie great accident story.

To: Bridget great story and you had a really good friend there to help you.

To: Chloe first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had some great poops and I look forward to more of your stories.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Traveling constipation

This happened five years ago when I was 11. My parents took a cruise that my dad had won from where he works. My grandma took me for a week when we had Thanksgiving vacation from school. I flew down to her house which is four states and six hours a way. I had a pretty good crap at the airport before our flight boarded. The only problem was that I had to go so bad I didn't fully latch the stall door. This guy came in with some kind of emergency and almost ended up falling onto my lap before he caught himself. He smelled from drinking and that might also have been the reason. There I was sitting on the toilet, punchin' them out, and this guy falls onto me. It startled me really bad. He just swore at me and told me to use the latch next time.

Grandma fed me real well. We were out every day seeing things and, of course, I ate a lot of new and different foods. The airport accident happened on Sunday. I knew I was getting stopped up at the middle of the week. By Friday I was feeling a really huge stuffed feeling under my belt. Grandma started our drive back at 6 on Saturday morning. About two hours later we stopped for gas and I felt kinda confident that I could produce something. There were four in front of me to use the unisex toilet. I talked to this girl who was about 20 in line. She went in just before me. By the time she opened the door and came out the stench was tremendous. The wait had caused me to lose some of my feeling, but I went in and sat on the warm seat anyway. After a few minutes, the stench even caused me to cough and I gave up.
At about 10, grandma suggested a pit stop because she had downed one very large container of coffee.

There was no wait for this bathroom. This was not one of those stupid unisex toilets. I felt reasonably confident that my sit would be rewarded. I was on the single toilet for about five minutes when there was knock on the door. So I got off the toilet, flushed it to fake out what had happened, and opened the door to see a line of six or seven guys. Now I started to feel really sick below my waist. A father directing his son by the neck took over. I don't know why it was but once we were back in the car, grandma asked how my bowels had been moving. She explained a couple of options to me. One would be something like laxative fluid she would stick up my butt. The other was a couple of swigs from a bottle of milk of magnesia she kept in her handbag. The MM had worked before twice when my parents had given it to me after I ate too much of a large pizza. Neither sounded good enough for me to volunteer for, although she lectured me for several miles about the importance of regularity.

As she continued to tell me about when she was my age in 1962 and was with a group from her church at an amusement park with an all-day pass, I started to tune out and put my knees up against the dash. This posture causes me to fall to sleep. When I woke up, my anus felt like it was going to explode. She said we were about 60 miles from any toilet. I was more worried about sitting on one within 60 seconds. Grandma said it would be illegal, but she pulled the car off the road and stopped. She said I would have to be creative. I stumbled down this hill, slipped on some loose dirt, and did a very dangerous ass flop. I knew I couldn't deny it any more.

To my right was a tree stump. It was about a foot off the ground. I knew that was going to be my toilet. I tore my sweats and pin-striped boxers down to below my knees and I sat my tail bone ever so carefully over the hard wood. By placing my hand right in front of my butt hole, I assured that there was space for my crap to fall onto. The cold wind caused my weight to shift a bit and some of the slivers tore at my reproductive organ. The soft crap came out in torrents. Then this was followed by two more formed, but soft, pieces about the size of normal bananas. Then more soft crap came. Some of it was pretty runny. There was some hamburger wraps blowing by me, but they seemed too dirty to use as toilet paper. I reached down, pulled out my wallet, opened it and found a pink student school day schedule paper. I used that for a couple of wipes before I tossed it aside. Then I pulled up my underwear and hoped for the best.

Grandma stopped at the next rest stop to pee. She suggested that I try and do a better cleaning job there. While she peed on the other side of the wall, I seated myself, used about two thirds of a roll of toilet paper to finish my cleaning. Then I looked at my underwear and I took it off and threw it in a trashcan. Then grandma yelled into the entrance as to how I was doing. I flushed and washed my hands. Interestingly at he next rest stop, I almost filled the bowl with another almost banana-shaped crap. This time as I sat, I also peed. By the time we arrived at my house, my parents had returned.

I so appreciated grandma not telling my parents about what happened. I also lucked out that mom didn't count the number of boxers I had placed in the hamper. One of my aunts had given me a couple six-packs of them for Christmas the previous year. Now I was thankful for that gift.

Hi again. It was Thanksgiving this week, so the past few days I've been pooping a lot more than usual. I started off Thursday with my usual big breakfast and decided to take a double dose of the fiber powder to make my post-Thanksgiving poop even bigger. I mindlessly snacked a ton all throughout the day and then absolutely stuffed myself during the big meal. I didn't count exactly, but I probably ate at least six plates piled full of all the various dishes, and then I had a piece of each of the three types of pie. I ate so much I felt like I couldn't even move for a while after.

I woke up on Friday and had my morning pee and ate breakfast but didn't feel any urge to poop at all. The whole day passed and I didn't have to poop until late at night. I knew I was in for a really big poop both because of the huge feast but also because I'd missed two normally scheduled poops. When I was seated on the toilet, I blasted a few very loud farts that echoed in the bowl and then felt an incredibly thick and firm log start to come out. It was so thick it hurt a little coming out. It worked its way out really slowly too. When it touched the bottom of the toilet bowl and met some resistance I had to push some to get it to keep coming out. Once it finally broke off, I stood up to examine my masterpiece.

The turd was shaped like a C and it was over two feet long, but the most impressive part was how thick it was. I think it was the thickest turd I've ever passed. I could barely believe that it fit out of my hole. As I was looking at my turd, I felt my stomach growl and I knew I had to poop more. I quickly pressed the flusher and sat back down just in time to poop out several long snake like logs. There were five in total. They were softer and easier to pass, like my normal poops. When I felt done again, I again took a look in the bowl. My huge turd from before hadn't flushed, and the five snakes I'd just pooped out were floating all around the bowl. I knew I'd clogged the toilet, but I tried flushing again anyway. As predicted, it was useless. At least I have plenty of experience with a plunger, having had to use it so many times.

But the really great pooping happened on Saturday. Over the course of the day, I pooped five separate times, each time it was my usual big amount. The first two times I had a ton of small turds that plopped out almost all at once in less than thirty seconds. The third poop was a thin but unbelievably long log that snaked all the way around the toilet bowl TWICE. My fourth poop was several chocolate snakes and it smelled so bad it could've peeled the paint off the walls. Then my fifth poop was another single log, probably two feet long that ran like a stripe all down the center of the toilet. It looked like most of it had disappeared around the bend too.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Survey answers

1) Where do you poop the most?
A. At home

2. When you need to poop, what is your favorite position?
A. Sitting

3. Where do you pull your shorts/pants down to
C. To the ankles

4. When your pooping do you fart?
A. Not at all

5. When your pooping how long does it take?
B. 5-8 minutes

6. Are you scared of pooping in public?
B. No

7. Do you watch the person next to you pooping
A. Sometimes


I spent my Thanksgiving weekend on the toilet

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been posting much recently, although I hope you enjoyed my last post about the time I helped my ex boyfriend through a bout of constipation!

Speaking of constipation, I spent most of my Thanksgiving weekend on the toilet with some of the worst constipation I've had in a while! On Thanksgiving (Thursday), I went over to my Grandma's house and had a lovely Thanksgiving feast. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, the whole deal! It was delicious! Unfortunately though, with a lot of food comes a lot of POOP. I could feel my stomach bloating up a bit that night as I came home. I tried to poop before I went to sleep, but no luck. This didn't surprise me though, as that's pretty normal for me. On Friday, I woke up with quite a sore stomach ache. I was supposed to go to my Aunt's house that evening and help her prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner she was hosting the next day, but after spending all afternoon trying and failing to poop, I had to cancel. I called her and told her I wasn't feeling well. I was still planning on coming to the dinner Saturday afternoon, but when I woke up Saturday morning, my stomach was absolutely killing me. Again, I called my Aunt and told her I wouldn't be able to make it. She wished me well. I spent the rest of the morning pushing and straining away on the toilet. Nothing was coming out apart from a few tiny pebbles which took a ton of effort to produce. I wasn't sure what to do. I took a break to drink some water and put a heating pad on my belly to see if that would help. After a couple of hours, I started to feel loads of pressure in my anus so I headed back to the toilet. I pushed and pushed but noting would come out. Finally after about an hour of moaning and groaning, my butthole began to open and a massive turd began to slowly inch out. I placed my feet on the front edge of the toilet seat and hovered over the bowl in a squatting position, hugging my knees as this beast made its way out of me. It splashed into the water after a good 30 or 40 minutes. I was exhausted, but I knew there was more to come. I sat back down on the toilet and rubbed my stomach as another log started to emerge. This one was smaller than the last, but still pretty massive. I was in tears by the time it finally came out. After a quick rest, I braced myself for the next turd. The next several were huge, but they came out fairly easy. I moaned and cried to myself as they stretched my poor butthole. I stayed on the toilet for 3 more hours while I pushed out 6 or 7 pieces of poop that varied in size and difficulty until I was finally finished. I took a much needed shower and went to sleep. Maybe I'll remember to eat a little lighter next Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a much more pleasant holiday than I did!


Responses and Thanksgiving!

Hi Adrian! I missed responding to you when you posted. I'm so busy, but I try to keep up with the forum. I'm glad you're back!

Also, Victoria, that was a great story about you and Brooke!

As you all know, I'm breast-feeding an infant who can't seem to eat enough! He's always hungry. My appetite is pretty strong right now. So, I indulged in all of the Thanksgiving goodness. I had a really nice poop Thursday evening when we got settled in at home. We had Thanksgiving at our house for the first time ever. My mother helped, but it was wonderful to have Alan's family and my family together. We're both only children, so our families are not that big. After they left, my bowels were on queue and the end result was a nice, relaxing poop.

Friday morning was different. After breakfast I felt so bloated. My stomach started cramping. So, I knew this would be big. However, someone else was hungry. Yes, my little man was fussing. I went to the toilet, sat down, and began to feed our baby all while taking one of the smelliest, biggest poops I've ever done. So much came out that it came out of the water, making a huge mound of light brown soft serve. It wreaked.

When the baby finished eating, I called for Alan. He came in and nearly gagged at the smell. I lifted my hips so that he could see the pile.

It took three flushes to get every thing down. Fortunately, the warm stream of the built in bidet kept me comfortable between waves of pooping.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Response to Chloe!

Hi Chloe,

I wanted to welcome you to the forum and say that you remind me so much of me when I was your age. Today, I'm 37, 6'1 and weigh around 200 lbs, as I am trying to get some baby weight off.

While I'm not a strict vegetarian, my family began eating more vegetarian recipes when I was a preteen. I had gotten overweight and the change was tremendous. Since that time I've felt great and really have large, enjoyable bowel movements - twice daily for me is normal.

I wanted to write to encourage you to keep up the good habits!

I hope everyone is dooing well!

Love to all!



Anna's poo at the market

Hi, it's Anna. Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Today I needed a big number two while out at the farmers marked and I thought it would make a nice story.

I woke up very hungover and my friend Danielle and I decided to go to the farmers market first thing to get some coffee and breakfast. On the drive there she kept telling me that she needed to pee and by the time we parked the car she said she was about to pee her pants! I kinda think that she was beeing a bit dramatic, but she went to the bathroom right away. After that we had food and coffee and then we went to look at the stuff in the market. By now I needed the bathroom to do both things, though mostly I had an urgent poo that wanted out. I told Danielle that I was going to the bathroom and would be right back.

As I was getting close, I noticed a very tall lady and a little girl enter the ladies room. Then, right in front of me was a blue haired girl and behind me was a blond girl wearing a pink jacket with a nametag that said „Kate". She said „thanks" as I held open the door for her and all three of us went in pretty much at the same time. There were three stalls on each side. All where empty except one middle stall which was probably taken by the mum and the little girl. The blue haired girl took the last stall on the other side, I went into the middle and the girl with the pink jacket chose the cubicle to my left.

I locked the door, put down my bag and then started to undo my jeans. All three of us were now getting ready to do our business and the sounds of rustling clothes and bums hitting seats were coming from all stalls. Meanwhile someone was already peeing quite noisily in the stall on the other side. I'm pretty sure it was the mum, because it sounded like a big stream. She also did quite an audible fart in the middle of her pee and then the little girl giggled. I let go of my pee also and farted as I did, but it was a really quiet one. All three girls on my side were now peeing. Kate and I did hissing steams into our toilets, but the blue haired girl was having more of a trickle. I had a quick peek under the stalls. The trickling pee girl had not really pulled down her leggins much, but Kate's jeans and pink panties were bunched up at her feet. When I was done peeing, I also pushed my jeans and thong all the way down to get more comfortable for my poo. Both the blue haired girl and the mum were now working the toilet rolls and Kate was still peeing away in her stall. I took out my phone and started to text some of my girlfriends. After another minute or so, the mum and the blue haired girl had washed their hands and left and all of a sudden it was really quiet in the room. I could hear my neighbour shifting her weight around on the seat a bit and then she let out an airy fart and right away poo started to crackle out of her bum and it was plopping into her bowl piece by piece. I had started my number two pretty much at the same time. A big turd pushed out of my bumhole and dropped into the bowl with a loud plop. Some of the water even splashed my cheeks, which was jucky! Kate kept going just dropping smaller poops into her toilet and two more times she farted and these were now wet ones that made kind of embarrasing sounds in the bowl. I did two more logs, pretty big and long ones, but smaller than my first and I suppose my poo was now just piling up under my bum. I was a bit embarrassed, but my stall was really stinking by now and I felt kinda bad about how it was probably going into Kate's cubicle as well.

Anyway, after three logs I felt all empty. I pulled off some tp, wiped my front and then started to clean up my poopy rear end. My neighbour had already been using her toilet roll for a while and we both flushed pretty much at the same time. I pulled up my thong and jeans and went out to wash my hands. I exchanged a quick smile with Kate at the sinks, the kind that is sort of a bit awkward when both girls know that they just did a big poo, haha. Anyway, I quickly left the washroom to join Danielle again. We continued to browse the market and I felt much better being all relieved. I hope you liked my story!

Big shoutouts to Victoria B, Anna from Austria, Erin and Jessica. I love reading your stories! They are the best.

John H


Hi all
Some comments.
@Lucy, Hi and welcome. Good to see you posting after your friend Abbie told you about this site. I enjoyed your first post and looking forward to hearing more.

@KT, I really related to your post as when I was a young child I was friends with the girl next door and we used to go to the toilet together also. You never forget it and I did post about it here but don't know what page.

@Taylor, had a relaxing poo like yours byself at work. I was hit with strong pressure to go and when I sat on the toilet a large log slid out as I peed which was nice. Several more logs followed the first and I left the bathroom with a smile on my face.
@Eileen, hi I have been on the toilet and been in the bathroom with girlfriends as they used the toilet. Always an enjoyable experience.

@Blob, hi I love all your posts. You have so many exciting stories. Keep them coming.
@Trisha, hi I enjoyed your bed pan story. I have never used one so was interesting to read

That's all for now. Take care all
John H

Anon. Poster
As a young child, I asked my mother why it is that people fart a lot when they need to go to the bathroom. She was taken aback and a bit disgusted by my question and wasn't really able to give me a reason why. I can remember her saying something along the lines of "I don't know; I think it's because...ugh...don't even talk about it."

As a teenager, I looked it up on Google many times and never found out any particular causes for it, but I still remained fascinated by it. Now, as an adult (aged 23), I have a possible theory as to why it happens. I stand to be corrected, because it is only a theory/hypothetical conclusion, but because I have done research and read up on the workings of the digestive system and such body parts, I think there could be some logic in it.

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in any way!

Everything we eat produces gas as it is digested and broken down by bacteria in the intestines. Some things, for instance beans, cabbage, certain fruits, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, produce a lot of gas (more than other things).

When food reaches the end of the digestive system, it usually sits in the rectum until the brain sends a signal for it to be emptied. Sometimes it isn't emptied right away - we all know the feeling of needing to poop but having to hold it in because we are either not near a toilet or busy in some way that prevents us from going.

This means that everything will just stay there - and during that time it gets further broken down by bacteria, which produces more gas, and produces a feeling of uncomfortable fullness in the rectum and surrounding areas. In order to relieve the fullness, the only thing to do (short of actually going to the toilet) is to fart. Because it has been produced by breaking down and fermenting processes, and because it has been in contact with the poop, it will smell disgusting.

I have come to realise that the worst and stinkiest farts are always the ones that happen just before going to the toilet - the so-called "pre-poop farts". I have had the misfortune of smelling both my own and others' on many occasions and never fail to be grossed out by them.

The last time I experienced them was yesterday. I'd been needing to poop for two days (I'd been slightly backed up) and I knew it would be a big one because I'd eaten a lot of rather unhealthy food over the weekend. I was sitting in the lounge and watching a crime documentary, and I started to feel a sensation of fullness in the lower part of my stomach. To ease some of the pressure, I relaxed ever so slightly and let out a quiet "pppffftttt". Holy hell did it stink! It had the usual "farty" smell (like steamed broccoli/cabbage) but about five times worse and more rotten.

I let out a few more before deciding that it would be in my best interest to head to the bathroom. Once I was seated on the toilet, I started to push and out came a nice big poop that wasn't quite solid but definitely still well formed and came out in one piece. It was followed by some softer poop with the consistency of chocolate pudding, and after that I tinkled a bit because I'd drank coffee about an hour before.

It was a big relief and I felt much better afterwards, but the gas that I'd had before it had been disgusting. I don't mind the smell of my own farts, but the pre-poop ones are absolutely horrid.

The moral of the story: Shit stinks!


Watched while dumping

I was heading home after work yesterday and stopped by the local park to use the restroom. The restroom has two side by side stalls with no doors on them. The 2 sinks are located right in front of the stalls, and the urinals are on the wall adjacent to the stalls.

The place is empty so I put down some paper on the seat of the first toilet. I undo my belt and jeans and pull them down to my ankles, along with my underwear. I'm wearing black briefs with a red waistband, with a "Greek" pattern. I'm up on my toes, with my ankles against the bottom of the base of the toilet, pushing out a turd. I'm also texting a buddy of mine. A guy walks in and takes the stall next to me.

Another guy comes on and sees that both stalls are occupied, so he decides to wait for them. Instead of waiting off to the side, like most guys, he stands in the middle of the room there, just watching us. I looked up and he was just kind of fiddling with something in his pocket, then on his belt, but definitely just hanging out and watching us. I was pretty much done dumping, so I held my cock and peed into the bowl. I took some paper and wiped it off. Then I grabbed more paper and folded it, lifted my cock and balls with one hand and wiped with the other. I did this a few more times and he's just patiently standing there waiting.

By this time, another guy had come in and decided to wait for a stall. He's also just standing a bit off to the side, leaning against the wall, but he can still see directly into my stall. I finished wiping between my legs and stood up. I grabbed more paper and folded it, reaching behind me and pulled open my cheeks with my left hand while wiping with my right. I wiped while standing a few times and then turned to the side, looked into the bowl and flushed. I didn't want it to get clogged. I wiped another 2 times and then pulled up my socks and briefs, then flushed. Then I pulled up my jeans and buckled up.

Oddly enough, the guy who had been there the longest didn't go into my stall. The second guy who came in did, though. After I washed up I saw that the guys on the toilets were a bit more modest and had their clothes up at their thighs. I was wearing only a T-shirt and jeans at the time, so it was a bit odd being exposed, except for my upper torso and ankles, like that to a couple of strangers. It was cool though. I didn't really mind it. And apparently they didn't mind it either.

Winnie The Poo

Comments and Thanksgiving Poo Story

To Shy Pooper - Congratulations on pooping at school! I hope this will help you feel more comfortable doing that in the future!

To Chloe - First, welcome to the site! That was a worthy first effort! You are a great writer and I look forward to future stories from you!

To Mina and friends - You are some of my favorite posters and I always enjoy hearing what you are up to. I admire the close relationships all of you have with each other, having three friends to travel with, eat and drink with, and do "motions" with!

Now, to my story. It's not about a post-Thanksgiving poo, because it actually happened on Thanksgiving morning, before I ate the big meal later on that day. That morning, I woke up with an urgent need to both pee and poo. That is unusual for me, as I pee immediately, but usually it takes a couple of hours and a cup of coffee to get things moving in the poo department. I went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. After emptying my very full bladder, I put my feet up on my toilet stool and my bowels started to unload. Plop, plop, plop, pssst, plop, plop, floomp, flump….the toilet bowl filled with smelly soft serve poo. After five minutes or so, I was done (or so I thought). I wiped and flushed and went about my day.

About 10 o'clock I was sitting at my desk reading emails when I gradually became aware of a growing need to return to the throne room. I was surprised, because my earlier dump was so large. I went to the bathroom and sat down. Immediately, two soft logs plooped noisily into the bowl, followed by a long wet fart. I felt much better and soooo relieved! I examined my production, which was two golden brown soft logs, 2 inches in diameter and 12 inches long. I wiped four times to get clean back there, flushed and went back to the living room.


Thanksgiving Gift.. Sort Of

Thanksgiving at my parents house was absolutely great. They invited a man that was a family friend whom I had heard about, but had never met. His name was Henry. He was just a few years older than me and, like me, never married. I suppose, like me, he was looking for Miss Right (Mr. Right for me, of course). After dinner we took a walk in the front yard, where my parents had a small English garden. We agreed to go somewhere on Saturday. We went to a nice restaurant. He was an architect and had designed several buildings in our area. I recognized some, as I had been in them. What a coincidence! He paid the bill, went to the bathrooms, and he took me home. He came in and I got out some wine. I had a little and I found out he did not drink. The next Saturday, after going to a different restaurant in the city, we went for a walk in the park. Suddenly, we both remembered that we forgot to pee in the bathrooms before we left. Both of us needed to pee, but the park bathrooms were closed for the season. He was frantic. I wasn't, as I knew this park very well. There was an area surrounded by bushes that was usually quite private. We went there and he got concerned about our seeing each other peeing. I eased him by telling him I was not concerned and he should not be either. With some hesitation, he got out his penis and I pulled down my pants and panties and squatted down. I started peeing right away, but Henry didn't. He hesitated, looked at me briefly, and then started. After this, we dated for several times, but seemed drift away from each other. Neither of us seemed quite comfortable with each other. We dated less and finally broke up.

Matthew From New Jersey

Basket Ball Pooping

Matthew From New Jersey

Hi, I am Mathew From New Jersey. I have posted on this site before. I am almost 21 years Old, blonde, white, and love to play basketball. I have played basketball for school my entire life and I have a lot of poop stories. If you are embarrassed to poop around other people then being on a sports team will solve that problem. In High School our team had basketball class every day after school and every saturday morning. The Coaches wouldn't let us take bathroom breaks during practice. Weekdays this was a problem because all the days poop would have built up inside of you by the end of the night. At end of every practice we would have to score 10 free throws before we could run back down to the locker room. The goals was to score your goals, then haul ass down to the toilets before the other guys could take them. There were only Three toilet stalls in the locker room and all of them were doorless. Every night there would be a guy on each toilet taking a shit while the other guys would be queued up desperately in front of them. One night a team member had trouble scoring his 10 free throws and was last to make it down to the toilets. He was at the end of the line and doing a poo poo dance, begging to be let ahead. We told him he should have scored his shots and he shit his pants. We made fun of him and nick named him shit shorts for the next two years. The toilets were facing the showers, so anyone taking a shit could be seen by the naked guys taking showers and vice versa. I remember one night I had diarrhea but all the toilets were in use so I lathered up and showered as all the other guys were shitting. When a toilet became free I ran naked out of the shower and hoped my soap lathered ass onto a bare toilet seat. I let loose a torrent of runny diarrhea that stunk up the whole bathroom and showers. Everyone was like "EWWW Gross Mathew".

Saturday morning practices were different. We would train for two or three hours then go have lunch in the cafeteria. As we ate our bowels would act up. We all had our buddy dump partners on the team and waited for our friends to dump their food trays trays then we would go dump our asses together. We also took long bus trips for games. Any time you see a bus full of student athletes dock in somewhere, you better believe the kids are getting off to take a shit in the toilets. As our buses parked at truck stops and service stations we would stampede off the bus to the toilets to take our dumps. You are very desperate traveling in that bus for all that white.

I remember one night we arrived at another school to play a rival. We were all waiting desperately to get our duffel bags and suit cases that were being unloaded from a van. We ran to the girls locker room that had been arranged for us to use but there were girls in there!! We had to desperately wait for about 15 minutes for the giggling girls to exit. What's worse was that there was NO TOILET PAPER in any of the stalls. So again we had to track down a custodian before we could shit and that took forever. There were only four toilet stalls for about 15 guys and we all had to go bad, some of us had diarrhea. I remember pounding my fist on a stall that was occupied, when it was finally free I slammed my ass down in total desperation. The poop was like soft serve ice cream, I couldn't help but moan in pleasure as it was nirvana. I don't consider myself to be a gay man but I couldn't help but be aroused when three other good looking, young, athletic boys, with iron board abs were having diarrhea next to me. As soon as one lad got off the toilet another boy would rush in and have runny diarrhea all the same. During half time we ran back down to shit but the coach wouldn't let us, he wanted to go over plays and tactics. We ending up winning the game but how none of us lads shat ourselves all over the court in front of everyone is beyond me. After the game all the guys on the team were having runny diarrhea on the toilets. Pure liquid shit. Then there were game metes where several teams from around the area would gather to play a day of games. The toilets in those events were packed with ball players pooping. It wasn't uncommon for a guy to shit himself as the locker room toilets were backed up when all the teams buses had arrived. Coach assistant, trainers, water boys, and athletes, some times up to 200 guys would be in line to crap in about six or ten toilets. I remember seeing seven guys shit themselves during one meet. The guys who had to crap desperately would resign themselves to their fate when they saw the long lines, put on a pair of sweatpants and just shit themselves, all had the runs. I only shat myself once during my basketball career. Funny thing was I didn't have to poop the whole day but as my mom was taking me home I got the urge. Traffic is bad in New Jersey so I had no choice but to crap my shorts. Well that's all thanks.

Hi everyone

Sorry about the delaysince my last post, I came down with something which just left me really tired for ages, then I had catching up to do for uni!

Lucy, welcome to the site and thanks for your first post! You are definitely not alone, I've had a few wee accidents and plenty of near misses involving some leaking. Hope you can post again soon.

I had a close call last week. Going out for a drink seems to kill my bladder and the journey home usually involves crossed legs! I got home and on the loo just in time but leaked quite badly running up the stairs!

I've got another story involving my flatmate Jess which I will post soon.

Take care

Uncle Harry

Row of Bushes

I'm running out of recent stories, so I'll post some earlier ones that I haven't before. One warm early April, I was taking a walk in the main park, as I have done for ages. I was near a toilet building that I was not usually near. There was no space behind the building and the entrances did not face the main sidewalk. Instead, a small sidewalk swerved in front of the building. There was little space between the sidewalk and the bushes. Both bathrooms were still closed. I needed to pee, so I went in front of the building from the south. At about the same time, a woman and apparently her young daughter had entered from the north. We both stopped and looked at each other. I offered to wait outside until they finished their business, but the woman said no. It would be OK to share the space and just not watch each other pee or whatever. But the daughter asked Mom how they could pee. The man would see their pussies. Mom said it was Ok, given the circumstances. So the women took off their slacks and panties and squatted back as best they could without scratching their butts against the bushes. I got out my dick, aimed,and started peeing into the bushes. The women also started peeing, but things were not working to well. Both called out that their piss was running down their legs because they couldn't squat back far enough. There was nothing I could do to help. They finished urinating and got some tissues out of their purses, wiped off their legs, and put their clothes back on. We both left at about the same time since they didn't need to pee as much as I did. They thanked me for not looking, although that wasn't really possible.



Hi again everyone, so this story I'm about to tell you happened a few years ago when I was a kindergarten teacher. So these kids were around 4 or 5 years old. They were all playing and I had to watch them. Eventually a boy named Jake walked up to me and told me he had to use the bathroom. I told my assistant Teresa to watch the class and I walked Jake down the hall to the bathrooms. The boys room for Pre K to 2nd grade have 7 stalls and 5 urinals. They have more stalls than urinals because they figure kids in grades from Pre K to 2nd grade will poop more at school than at home. I walked in with Jake and let him choose where he was going. He took the end stall. I leaned up against the wall and just waited. He put the toilet seat down and then started wiping the seat. He pulled his jeans down to his knees and he hopped on. I stood outside the stall while he pooped and a boy probably in 1st grade walked in. He went to the urinal and peed. Then another kid probably in 2nd grade walked in he came down to the stall next to Jake. He locked the door and pulled his sweatpants and sponge Bob underwear down to his ankles. I was waiting about 2 minutes until I heard a huge plop in the toilet of the 2nd grader. I heard a piece of poop fall into Jakes toilet. He started wiping and then I heard another huge plop from the 2nd grader. He started wiping and left without flushing. I looked in his stall and he made 2 logs which were huge. Jake flushed and we both went back to the classroom.


My Bedpan Experience

Hello all! Just thought I'd quickly drop off this story to see if anyone would care to read it.
A few weeks ago I had major surgery and ended up having to use a bedpan. This was my first time using a bedpan.
I woke up in the recovery room and almost immediately felt the need to urinate. A nurse was in the room as well, so I let her know that I needed to pee.
"Okay. I could place a bedpan underneath you or I could help you to the bathroom," she said.
"I'll just use a bedpan," I replied. I was very tired and not in the mood to get up, so I chose the bedpan option.
She left the room for a minute and came back with a bedpan. She pulled down the covers and told me to lift up my bottom as she placed it underneath me. She covered me up again after she was done placing it.
"Does it feel like it's positioned correctly to where it'll catch it when you urinate?" She asked me.
I nodded.
I tried to get my stream started, but couldn't.
"It's okay, the bedpan is there to catch it. You can start going," she reassured me.
"Yeah, I know. I'm trying to, it's just not coming," I replied, a little panicked at first.
"Oh, sometimes it takes a little while to get it going. Are you pee shy? Do you want me to step out of the room?" She asked.
"No, it's fine," I replied.
She left the room for a minute or so to get something. During that time, I started to pee.
She came back into the room as I was mid-stream.
"How's it going?" She asked.
"I'm peeing right now actually," I said.
She stood beside me and asked if I was almost finished. I nodded. She could hear my stream hitting the bedpan of course, so she knew I was in the process of peeing.
"I'm all done," I told her. She pulled down the covers again and asked me to lift up again. She removed the bedpan and put a pad underneath me.
She handed me a wet wipe to wipe myself with.
"Are you okay with wiping yourself and everything?" She asked.
"Yeah, I think so," I said. I took the wipe from her and started to wipe my female area. When I was done wiping, she put the covers back on me so I was covered.
Maybe I remember some of this incorrectly or maybe I'm missing some details, but I vaguely remember it.
I'm usually very modest, but I guess I was so out of it that I didn't really care. My dignity was preserved and I was covered for most of it, but when I was wiping myself I think my female bits were exposed.
Is anyone else here modest? I feel like it's not a common thing.

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