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Pooping at abandoned house

Hi everyone,
My name is Dom and I posted last summer about pooping in my yard. Yesterday, I had a very interesting experience pooping in the yard of a different house. A few houses down the street in my neighborhood, there is a house that no one has lived in for a few years due to foreclosure. The backyard is mostly fenced in except at the front so it's fairly private. Last night after dark, I went for a short walk around my neighborhood. Towards the end of the walk, I felt the need to poop. Instead of heading home to poop, I thought it would be fun to poop in the backyard of the abandoned house. Since no one else was outside in the neighborhood, I walked into the overgrown backyard of the house and squatted on the concrete back patio. I peed first and then let out a long windy fart. I felt my anus open and a long poop slid out onto the patio. There was a slight poop smell where I was squatting. I stayed squatting for a bit to ensure that I was finished and then stood up and pulled up my underwear and shorts since I didn't have anything to wipe with. I quickly left the backyard so that no one would see me and walked home to wipe my butt. Has anyone else pooped in their backyard or someone else's?



Hi guys! At some point in school, I met a deaf girl named Katy. I never had many bathroom experiences with her as a child, but was in the bathroom with Katy sometimes. Katy was also visually impaired, too,and also had a tracheostomy. I think she was born with a medical condition called CHARGE Syndrome. The letters stand for symptoms of the condition for people who don't know. Sadly due to Katy's hearing loss, she couldn't hear her bathroom noises, but I have no doubt she enjoyed sleeping in complete silence every night. I also met someone by the name of Patsy who is hearing/visually impaired, but unlike Katy, she is impaired enough to need Braille, and wears hearing aids. I don't know if Patsy can hear her potty noises much without her aids, but I bet they amplify her toilet noises greatly. Hope you enjoy this, great day to all the poopers/peeers out there.


haven't pooped in 6 days...

Good evening, all. Someone (sorry, I can't remember who) asked me if I've tried enemas and suppositories to help relieve my constipation. My doctor gave me the same advice with those as with laxatives and said I should only use them if absolutely necessary or else my body will develope a dependency on them. I've used them both a few times, mostly when I was in my early teenage years and desperately wanted to get my poop out before a school dance or something. I've been given enemas during doctors appointments a few times in the last few years, but other than that, I can't remember the last one I had.

Anyways, sorry I haven't posted a story in awhile, I haven't had much time. My constipation has been acting up lately. As I'm writing this, it has been 6 days since I've pooped. I've tried several times, but have had no luck. My stomach has hurt all day from being so full. I have a free schedule tomorrow, so I plan to sit on the toilet until I'm able to go. I'll post the story on here afterwards.

That's all the news I have for now. Apologies for such a short post.


Just for a Piss

At my company, there is a man in another department than mine. He has the common name of John, along with many other Johns. I was surprised when he asked me out to dinner. I didn't know him very well. Anyway, we went to a spruced up coffee shop. I made sure I peed before he picked me up. We talked some while eating. I found him rather dull. I went to the ladies room and peed. He took me home. Thank you, goodby, and left. No kisses, no nothing. The next day, I saw him in my department. He seemed to be lurking around me. I could not think of any business he could have that long there. Eventually, I went to the ladies room. As I went into a stall, I saw him come in the bathroom. I was in the habit of not locking the door, but this time I should have, but didn't. As I pulled down my slacks and panties, I saw his feet in front of my stall. Oh, oh. Here comes trouble. I sat down and started to urinate with my legs half opened. Right away, he opened the door and asked "Can I watch your piss coming out of your pussy"? I yelled "No. Get out of here", but he just stood there and watched. "Is that the only reason you took me out, so you can watch me urinate"? His answer was a weak yes. I never had anything further with him after this.

After School Emily and Molly

After the Eclipse Emily and Molly

Hi, friends of the Toiletstool forum! This is Molly writing on behalf of us both!

We hope that everyone had an enjoyable day watching the Eclipse. We live in a zone that was over 90% covered. We had a great time watching but are a little envious of those who saw it in the total coverage area!

Today was the first day back for teachers in our school. Classes do not start until next Monday where we live. After hours of getting our classrooms ready, we joined other teachers outside in the school parking lot to watch the event.

Of course, by the time the event was nearing it's climax, we both realized that we needed to do our daily number two's! I could tell that Emily was getting uncomfortable, and I was too. We both made it to the girls restrooms near the school office. We took stalls next to each other. My number two was long and soft. It came out pretty quickly and snaked around the bowl.

Emily's crackled. She said that it was a thick, cucumber shaped log with a lot of cracks on the surface. Her number two made a loud ker-plunck sound. We both cleaned up and rejoined other teachers, talking about their experience with the eclipse.

Not an exciting story, but I imagine we were not the only human beings holding back a load during the eclipse!


Emily and Molly


Question for all

Anyone ever pooped and farted loudly in a public bathroom and felt embarrassed? If yes, share your story. It can even happen in the opposite gender's bathroom.


Public Library Bathroom

My name is Jonathan. I am 18, skinny and 5'9 and live in British Columbia,Canada. This experience happened three months ago, while I was studying for a Chemistry final. It was the weekend and I decided to study in the library to prepare myself for the exam. So there I was studying for my finals on a weekend. Across the table from me were two boys, probably around twelve or thirteen years old, doing their homework. I assumed from the athletic wear and provincial champions shirt that they played hockey and had practice in the afternoon (the hockey rink and the library are in the same complex). After sometime of studying. I decided to call it a day and go home. However, my body was calling me to the bathroom. I needed to take a number two. After packing my stuff, I left the library and walked to the bathroom, which was just adjacent to the ice rink. The two boys who were at the library came ran in as I was casually strolling into the bathroom."Come on Brian! Game starts in thirty minutes!", one of the boys shouted. "Luke,it's going to be quick," the other boy said. Luke ran the the urinal. I saw him pull the front of his shorts down (I think that athletic shorts do not have flies). Since there was only one urinal and one stall, I just stared at myself in the mirror waiting for Brian to get out of the cubicle. I heard a stream start from Luke. He wrapped up quickly and ran out of the bathroom without washing his hands. From the cubicle, I could hear grunts and pushes. Just by the looks from under the stall, his running shoes were angled towards each other, and it looked like Brian was pushing with all his might. Then a heard a wet fart, some toilet roll ripping, and a flush. The stall opened and he walked out and washed his hands. It was my turn to relieve myself. I locked the cubicle door and hung up my backpack. The smell of Brian's fart was so bad I could smell it just as I entered. I felt that I was just going to make it worse. Undoing my khaki short and pulling down my blue and white American Eagle boxers, I sat on the toilet. I peed a bit just as I sat down. After waiting for some time,I had the feeling that a ball of poo was just about to exit my bottom. I do not grunt and let gravity take it's course. I sat there thinking of what I have do to when I get home. Just to say, I plan my day while I am on the toilet (whether it is peeing or pooping). When my poo finally came out, I took lots of toilet paper and wiped myself REALLY well. After pulling my boxers and shorts up, I flushed and left the bathroom.

Thanks for reading!

1)List you age and gender
2)How often do you pee?
3)How often do you poop?
4)When sitting on the toilet, how far do you pull your pants and underwear down?
5)After you poop, does the bathroom smell bad?
6)When sitting on the toilet, are your legs close together for far apart?
7)Do you stare into the bowl when you are finished?
8)Have you (or a friend) ever called a person on cell phone while on the toilet?
9)Do you stand to wipe or sit to wipe
10)Are you afraid to defacate in a public bathroom when people are around?

Just a Mother

Very constipated daughter

Yesterday, my seven-year old daughter was complaining that her stomach really hurt. I ran through the checklist of things that might cause it, and finally I realized, maybe she just had to poop. I asked her "When was the last time you went #2?" She stopped and thought for a moment and said "Um... last Friday, I think." Yesterday was Sunday, so that meant nine days since she last went.

I told her I would give her an enema. She asked "What's that?" I told her "It's a medicine I'll put up your bum, and it will make you go #2." I administered the enema and had her sit on the toilet. I told her she might have to go very badly, but to make the medicine work right she had to hold it for fifteen minutes. As expected, it started to kick in before the fifteen minutes were up, although not much. "How much longer do I have to hold it?" I looked at the clock, "About a minute and a half"

Finally, the time was up and I told her she could go. She released a big deluge of farts and wet, loose poop and some diarrhea. She kept on pooping and pooping. I had no idea anyone, let alone a small seven-year-old girl could poop so much, but I suppose that's what nine days worth is like. When she finished, she wiped some, but it was mostly useless. I had her wait and even stay on the toilet because she'd probably have to poop more very soon. She did try to flush though, and the toilet choked a little and didn't fully flush. "Mom, I did too much #2 and the toilet didn't flush." she explained. I assured her "It's fine. I'll take care of it when you're all done."

Sure enough, she had to poop again just a few minutes later, and twice more after that, the waves about three minutes apart. After five minutes had passed and she hadn't had another wave, I had her get in the shower and get cleaned off that way, as wiping would never do anything. Meanwhile, I set to unclogging the toilet. Between what was left over from her first and biggest wave of poop, plus the two other smaller, but still substantial, waves, there was a lot of poop in the toilet. Probably more poop than I've ever seen in any one place in my entire life. Unclogging the toilet was certainly a chore.

My daughter pooped again later in the night, but it was probably a more normal poop, as she took care of everything, wiping and flushing included, herself with no complaints or requests for help. Today she seems to be back to normal and feeling much much better.


16,000 at a concert

A few weeks ago when I made a visit to my grandparents, I did several things with Faith. She lives next door to them and years ago grandma was Faith's babysitter back when she was really young. They live in a larger city and grandma treated me and Faith to a concert at the Muny. That's what they call their big auditorium that has about 16,000 seats. We had to take a city bus downtown because her dad had been drinking heavily and my grandparents don't like driving at night. So when we got into the arena, which was already filling up, Faith said she had been holding her crap. So we went into the hugest bathroom I have ever seen. There were toilets after toilets in two long lines. Then the sinks in the other room. There must have been 30 or 40 of them. We found two available toilets that were next to one another. The door creaked badly on mine, but I hurried and seated myself and got my pee going right away.

Listening and watching below the panel next door I could tell Faith was having trouble. She said the latch on her door was broken. She couldn't keep the door closed. More people were arriving and like us visiting the toilets first. I told her she could take her sweater off and hang it over the door. She swore and said while that would show that the toilet was in use, the door was easily swinging inward. I don't think she had ever used a toilet without a privacy door before. My pee ended and I told Faith she could come over and take my toilet. She was at the door within seconds. I let her in as I was still pulling my sweats up and tying them. She slithered around me, there was a blasting fart and with her jeans and underwear at floor level, she dropped herself fast onto the seat. The first splashes came immediately. As I moved closer to the door to give her more space, I noticed a 2-inch turd just to the left of her foot. She swore pretty loudly when I showed it to her. I grabbed for the toilet paper to pick it up. There was none.

There was more noise as more users came in. I saw Faith grab her thighs, and she rocked forward and backward a few times. She said the big one was coming out. Then with a sigh I could tell she was done. I told her I would go out and get her toilet paper. It was way down and on the other side of the room where I found an open toilet and I wound a good amount of toilet paper on my hand. I took it back to Faith and she was happy to get it. We enjoyed the concert and made a quick stop to the bathrooms afterwards to pee. That meant waiting in a line for about 10 minutes. Then we had to hurry to the bus stop. If we missed the last bus of the night, there was no other way for us to get home. We made it.



Germane to my post on page 2645, another instance of a crowded men's room at the airport. I was up way earlier than normal to catch my flight this AM, so no need at the house to go, to early! By the time inarrived at the airport, it was about that time! Lots of people all around, including the restrooms. Lots of folks using the restrooms. Toilets flushing and men and women waiting outside for there traveling companion. I followed a fellow in the men's room that had just left his girl and baby outside the door to the men's room. At TIA, there are restrooms off the curbside heading into the airport. No time to wait for the gate with this load! I rolled my carry on baggage past the family sitting waiting for the fellow I followed in the men's room. The chairs for waiting are right next to the men's and women's room, strange set up as there is no privacy. Approaching the open hall way into the rest room you could clearly hear the stall door shut from the fellow that just entered. His girl was sitting on the chair with the baby, and glanced up as I walked by. I glanced back and went in. There was three stalls I think, a handicap one and two others. Even though I prefer to take the handicap one,( love the sink there if you need some help with some moist towels to clean up) none the less, I took the stall on the end, next to the fellow that I followed in. He looked to be in his mid twenties maybe, and he took the middle stall. He was already sitting when I undid my belt and sat down. I usually put a toilet cover down or paper some times, but these bathrooms are spotless, so I just sat down. He was farting and dropping loose shit, as I just sat there for a minute to catch my breath. Than as he stopped dropping shit, I started with a nice long crackling log that slipped into the bowl with not much sound. It's been about 2 minutes so far, and I just let a big fart escape with a few more pieces falling out. My neighbor is farting and squirting again. It's been about 3 or 4 minutes now. A couple of men came in to pee, but just us two in the stalls. We both are quite now, I am starting to wipe. No sound from the other stall right now. Leaning forward, sliding my feet back a bit and leaning on my toes a bit; my first wipe, (TIA has nice soft TP btw!) my first wipe was as usual, dirty. No folding of the TP on the first wipe, dumped right in the bowl. Second wipe, streaky, but ok to fold, third wipe was better, another pull of paper, 4 wipe looked good. Right as I am flushing, my neighbor is pulling paper. I left the stall, washed my hands. It sounded like my neighbor wiped a couple of times with a couple of pulls of paper. I left as he was washing his hands and walked out. I am sure we both entertained his family. I could hear her with the baby, she could absolutely hear the toilets and god knows the farts and things. When I walked out of the entrance, she was looking right at the entrance, maybe thinking her boy was the first one out, but she had a surprised look that it wasn't me she was expecting, and glanced away.The other fellow was right behind me by a few seconds and I heard her say that he took to long because she had to use the restroom and for him to watch the baby. Until next time...Best to all! Steve

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Stacey great desperate poop story.

To: Annie From Taiwan another great story.

To: Not Saying it sounds like you both were desperate.

To: Abbie that's good hopefully you get back to normal soon.

To: Lauren it sounds like you were very desperate and had to poop a lot.

To: Sarah it sound like your teacher really had to poop pretty bad and bet she felt better after.

To: Jessica B another great story.

Well that's al for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


angel delight in the midnight

I told you I would tell about urgent motion, in last post. So here is story.

Not so happy in beginning. because I had very bad dream in night. In the dream, a man hit Maho when she was with me and said "you dirty girl, why you wear short pants, it is offence!" and hit and hit her. Then behind him I saw my old colleague Kiwa! I wrote about her earlier post. She was laughing, Maho fell to ground and she laughed more. I jumped to her with rage.

Then I woke up. My body was sweat all over.

And I didn't feel good my stomach. I tried to relax, but pain got more and more worse. Finally I decide, get out of bed, go to loo and do cowpats, maybe heavy diarrhoea.

Because it took long time before I decide, go to loo become urgent very much. I wonder, do I poop my pyjamas? I waddle to beige loo. (I learn "waddle" on this site.)

Lucky, pyjama trouser still clean. I pull down panties, also clean. and sit on loo and bururururururu big speed and long time. I quickly and quietly close door, because smell and noise wake up Kazuko, maybe. Then burururururururu again and then wee.

Then I flush. Lucky thing is, flush in our loo not noisy so much.

Then bururururururu again. I thought, how many times I do this? I still feel funny my stomach. My bottom say to me, stay on loo!!




Buu. Buu. Buu. Buu. many times. This one is not puree but pieces.


Nothing happen for 5 minutes. But I don't feel finish. So I sit and sit. Then suddenly, Burururururururururururu. Very big one! What is happen to Mina? Do I faint when get up from loo? (New people in this site don't know, I am professional fainter, and sometimes I faint after do a diarrhoea.) But I don't want to wake up Kazuko.

Relax about 5 minutes.

Bururururururu. I start to feel better little bit.

Suddenly door open and Kazuko's head appear to me. "Mina what is happen? Are you OK?"

My bottom answer, bururururururururu.

I said Kazuko, I have bad dream, and when I wake up it is stomachache. Also I say, I worry because I do so much poo, I feel weak! and after I say, my bottom open again. But this one feel like last one, maybe I do little pieces and then finish. My stomach not so bad now.

Kazuko's pretty head disappear, then appear again with glass of tea. She say me, "drink this on loo. Then you stronger!" Kazuko is so sweet woman. I love her!! Sorry I say same thing many time.

After I drink, Kazu take away glass and I do topping of angel delight, few small pieces. Kazu come back and I say, "I finish". So I wash my bottom long time because maybe very dirty, then Kazu kneel next me and wipe, so soft touch! And she flush for me, only once is OK!! and help me up and hold my arm, I waddle back to the bed. I don't faint!!

Kazuko lie down next me and sing song in little voice so I go to sleep. I don't wake up until morning come. And in morning I am fine and have big breakfast as usual and I can go to work, so I make up face while Kazuko is busy on loo, she do and do and do! I think beige loo is not so hungry that day. How many cowpats she eat??! But when I say to Maho, she say, "green loo also not hungry, because Hisae give huge breakfast, I worry loo crash through floor!" and Hisae hit her.

Sorry this is not interesting story, but I hope it can answer to question of Alex.

Shoutout to everyone. Emily Molly, 2 x Anna, Becc, Optional person, Victoria, Stacey (I think my motion also come like garden hose) and every one and every body. Love from your very own Mina and MKH.

Lavah. Jess and Becc: Thanks for your kind words, it really means a lot.


Country bicycle ride.

About 40 years ago before I had a car of my own, my girlfriend and I would go out at weekends on a pair of bicycles, she had to use her brothers bicycle that had 6 gears. The country roads were empty of cars and we could go for miles without seeing anyone.
On this day we were riding along a road with a number of bends in it and tall hedges on both sides with out any breaks in them, not even farm gates. As she was faster then me she would often be ahead of me. As I came around a bend I saw her bicycle on the ground in the middle of the road, I thought she had come off it, but as I got near I saw that she was squatting with her jeans and knickers down having a pee in the middle of the road, she looked over to me and said that as she had to wait for me to catch up she had made use of that time to have a wee wee. I said did you know that your piss stream is running down the road and under your bicycle. When she was done and had pulled up her things she picked up her bicycle and wheeled it to the side.
I said now you have peed I with have one also so that we do not have to stop again. I peed into her puddle so that anyone coming up the road would see only one stream. So I got my thing out and knelt so as to stop any splatter and peed into the middle of her pee spot, causing the combined stream to run farther down the road. When I was done I put it away and we continued on our bicycle ride.
How I miss the long hot summers of my youth.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Today I was in my flat nearing the end of writing my essay. As I checking that the all the references in the body of the essay were also in the bibliography I was really starting to need a pee. By the time I got two thirds through the list I was so desperate that my right foot was bouncing up and down. I really wanted to finish my essay before going to the bathroom and in the back of my mind I was counting down the references that I had to go however my body had other ideas as with only three more to do I knew that I had to go NOW! So I bolted to my bedroom door and raced across to the bathroom. Shutting and locking the door I then undid my jeans, grabbed the waistband along with my red panties and in one swift movement tore them both down to my knees. Sitting down on the loo my pee then gushed out of me and loudly hit the water. As I was reaching the end of it I involuntarily farted and as I did so I felt what I thought was a small turd fly out of my bumhole. But actually when I stood to wipe I saw it was several blobs of dark brown unformed poo that were floating on top of the pale yellow water and a huge skid mark on the back of the bowl. I finished wiping and threw the paper into the toilet before flushing. I had pulled up my panties and jeans to my waist when the flush cycle finished and I noticed it hadn't removed the skid mark so before buttoning up my jeans I got the toilet brush and scrubbed it away.


a few recent trips to the loo

Hi guys,

I've been away for the weekend at a friend's wedding. They were a friend from home who's a couple of years older than me, and the wedding was in a city about an hour away on the train.

I went over to the city on Saturday afternoon catching the train just after lunch. I felt a need for a wee at the station but as my train was on the board I figured that I'd go once I got on. I found my seat and put my bag away, then went to the loo, but there was a sign on it saying the toilet did not work if the train was in a station. I guess it needs to be powered by the train moving or something. Anyway I sat down and the train set off a few minutes later. I got up and went to the cubicle and locked the door, I looked at the seat which was absolutely drenched with wee. I didn't fancy searching the rest of the train for a loo so I pulled my jeans and knickers down and 'hovered' over the toilet, trying to aim my wee into the bowl without adding to the mess! It was certainly a challenge with the train swaying around the whole time!

After the wedding itself there was a sit down meal etc and I felt the need for a wee coming on, but I didn't want to leave halfway through as it would have been a bit rude. I held on through the rest of the meal and the dessert and people finally started to move around as the plates were cleared away. I waited a few minutes so I didn't look desperate then excused myself. I walked out into the hallway of the venue and wandered down the corridor a bit, before I saw a sign towards toilets. I followed it along a bit more, and then up a flight of stairs, at the top of which was the toilets! As soon as I saw the toilets my bladder contracted and I felt I was on the edge of leaking, so I burst into the toilets, into the cubicle, yanked my knickers down and threw myself down on the toilet, letting loose a strong and hissy wee. I shuffled forwards on the loo to lock the cubicle door which I hadn't managed to do given how desperate I was! The stream kept on going on and on and on, I pushed and it became even more ferocious! Eventually it died down and I sighed deeply at the relief. I then sat for a minute and pushed again, at which point another stream came out for a few seconds. I reached for the loo roll... and there wasn't any! I hatched a plan and pulled my knickers (light blue, lacey) to just below my crotch and let my skirt down, with this done I flushed and shuffled to the next cubicle, which I locked, lifted my skirt up and knickers down again. I could feel a few drops had run down from my un-wiped bits to the tops of my thighs, which was annoying, and there were a couple on my knickers. But I wiped up properly and then managed to pull my knickers up, and returned to the reception.

This story happened about 2 years ago when I went on vacation with my girlfriend and her friend Sidney. Now my girlfriend is only about 5ft 2 but she is a curvey girl with big thighs and bum she is also very pretty brunette, while her friend was of a similar build and also very pretty. Were all about 27 and we were visiting china but not a major city in China we were more in a rural area. It was my girlfriends idea as she wanted to learn about the locals way of life etc.. and get away from busy cities. So we were staying over in a small village and our house (if you can call it a house) had no bathroom at all instead there was a number of small communial ones located around the village. Some of them were no more than small sheds with two holes in the floor while others had a more building like structure made out of concrete. Now I had never seen heard or discussed going the toilet with my girlfriend or anything private like that so to me I seen this trip as an opportunity to perhaps even see her on the toilet. I had to wait a day to make my move but at some point during the day I heard my girlfriend say to her friend that she needed to use the bathroom. I waited a couple of minutes and then followed her over without her noticing. There were four stalls in this toilets as it was the most developed and conventional bathroom in the village but the toilets were merely holes in the floor which you squated over. Furthermore there was huge gaps about a foot high between the stall walls. I came in tight behind her and seen her go into the second stall along. So I walked past to the third stall making sure she couldn't see my shoes from under the door. I could hear her undoing her jeans so I crouched down on the floor ready for my first ever glimpse of her axe wound. I was starring under the wall waiting when suddenly I saw her bum a come down to my eye level and I must admit I gasped at what I saw. I couldn't even see her fanny as sprouted in front of it was a massive hairy bush of pubic hair! I could believe my eyes. There I was expecting a bare fanny or at least a well trimmed one but it was clear by how untidy her bush was she has neglected to shave for probably a year! On top of that now that I was only a foot away from her lady parts I noticed that the immense amount of hair continued underneath into her bum crack. She was hairier than me. I could also see some dark black stubble on her legs as well. I stayed there transfixed on this sight when suddenly she left out a wet fart and I could get the distinct sound of crackling. She was pooing! This was defiantly more than I was asking for as I'd expected only a polite little wee but with that I could now see a long soft column of poo dangling out her back door. As it dropped I expected to see it disappear into the hole but it instead landed on the floor a few inches from the hole. She'd missed! She quickly adjusted her positioning just as more was coming out. This time it landed in the hole. As she squated there I could hear her grunting obviously straining for the next load I looked at her hands. One was rested on her big chunky thighs whilst the I could she twisting her pubic hair around her finger! As if they weren't curly enough! More soft poo dropped from her now stretched bum hole which then broke off. Now I could see a small piece no more than an inch long right in her bum crack as she moved up and down trying to get it out. I couldn't believe it it was stuck. She squated there her bum hovering for about 20 seconds with nothing happening as I could hear her grunts. But it wouldn't budge. To my surprise she reached for it with her hand before then quickly retracting her hand and then rummaging in her handbag which was on the floor next to her. She then seemed to try and stand up with it appearing her thighs couldn't quite take the strain of supporting her for this long duration of time and as she did so I saw the poo get squished between her bum cheeks. Now I could see the inside of her right buttock was covered in poo with some infused in her bum crack hair as well! This was one disgusting girl. But then I seen her with toilet paper in her hand feel around her bum hole and then pull the little bit of bum out in her bum hole. I then seen her start to wipe up but couldn't help but notice the real mess back there which I could see on the toilet paper. Despite this she only took 2 wipes whilst half standing up. Obviously not enough to clean her back door as I could still from a foot away see poo smeared on her bum cheek and in her mass of curly black hair. She then squated down again and bursting out from her overgrown bush I could see a stream of urine. It was only a short stream and afterwards she took one wipe of her fanny but I could still see some wee dripping down from her pubes as she pulled up get knickers and jeans. I then wondered what she was going to do with the poo on the floor but to my amazement she unlocked the door and left leaving the piece of poo the floor. I looked under the stall door and seen her leave without even washing her hands. I went over to her stall to inspect and she'd left s real mess behind as she hadn't even flushed. I waited about 5 minutes before leaving as a Chinese man entered. When I got back she asked me were I'd been and I said I'd just went for a stroll around the village but had just been the toilets just now and someone had left a piece of poo on the floor I said with a level of disgust."that's foul" said my girlfriend horrified. She was quite a good liar to be honest. Anyway I'm still with her till this day as I couldn't let a little matter such as hygiene get in the way of us. However at one time though my will was tested as later on the vacation I accidentally walked in on her friend having a pete with her legs wipe open. Now she didn't forget to bring a razor!


Road trip with family

My husband and I are driving to his friends house for a few days with our daughters in tow. Emily is 7 and Candace is 3. The weather conditions were amazing so we took our time and stopped at restaurants along the way. After lunch we drove for about an hour when Candace says "mommy I have to go to the bathroom". Then the feeling started going
around to everyone in the car. Sadly there were no rest areas for about 30 miles or more. Dale pulled off to the side of the road. Myself and the two girls walked a little ways until we were out of sight. Emily pulled her shorts down and peed not a problem. It wasn't her first time peeing outside we take quite a few road trips. Suddenly I got a sharp pain in my stomach I had to do more than pee and fast. I got Candace situated and I told Emily to watch her sister I'm just going to be over here. I was around the corner from the girls but was still able to see and hear them. I pulled my jeans and underwear down put them up on the tree branch and took my sandals off. I didn't have time to squat so I leaned against the tree and covered my pussy the best I could. Mushy poop started coming out of me faster than water coming from a garden hose.
I called out to the girls and they said they were walking back to the car with daddy. I moved further down the tree and got into a more comfortable squatting position. My bum was starting to stretch I knew there was a large turd on its way. I let out a couple of really loud farts and then started to push. A fat knobbly turd was inching out slowly. I started to sweat and had to stop for a minute. I peed and then started pushing again. The sweat was just pouring off me. My bum stretched a little more but the turd was stuck. I reached behind me and pulled my butt cheeks apart and pushed some more. The hard part was finally over, the turd is just sliding out now. The poop was sliding out for a good 2-3 minutes before I heard a thump. I looked down and this thing was massive. I'm only a small woman so I don't know how that came out of me. The rest of the turds were easier to pass. Finally I was finished, I cleaned myself up got dressed and headed back to the car. Dale asked me if I was okay and I said yes but that was harder than giving birth to our children.


School Bathroom Log

When I was in middle school I had multiple teachers each day. Some were really cool that if you had done your work and doing well in their class, you could sign out for the bathroom. Others were more strict and my male science teacher who had been at the school for about 40 years, would ask you so many questions (some sarcastically)that some of the students would just turn and give up. One of his famous lines: "So if this is becoming a daily need, maybe we should just ask the office to add it to your schedule." "Do you think you deserve 1/2 or a full credit for it? "Perhaps we should give you an award at Awards Night for what you've accomplished in the bathroom." The really immature boys were seated in the front and when we would ask permission for a bathroom pass our teacher who had a loud voice could be heard by those in front and they would routinely hand-bump one another as we were questioned.

So my mom urged me to record in my notebook a log of when I asked and was allowed to go to the bathroom during each of my classes. I tried to make sure that I only went once a week from each of my classes. Once or twice a week when I had to crap I would hold it until lunch or 7th hour PE because that didn't require permission. I found I needed to pee at least once each day and the log helped me keep from getting into trouble from any one teacher. But the downside was that the cafeteria and PE toilets were deplorable. Often they were out of toilet paper and a couple of times there was urine on the seat but I had no choice to avoid it. I just sat down and made the best of it. At the end of the year I had a pretty extensive bathroom log that my mom asked to see. She went to the same school, too, although about 25 years earlier. She has always said somethings aren't going to change. Because now my son and daughter are going there and nothing has changed about the bathroom situation.


My Game

I forgot to share what I think of when I hear the phrase "take a dump."

Basically, this is my favorite phrase. It's a little crude, yes. But this phrase should not be used when you are going to drop a "dainty deuce." Rather, this is when you MUST get to the bathroom, because the urge to go is rather strong. And, once you get there, it's going to be a lot. It could be any consistency, from 2-6 on the Bristol Scale. But whatever it is, it's going to be big!

- Becc

(Please play along!)


To W

Yes, there are times, when I fart before I go, especially if the urge is strong. But it does not happen always.

- Becc

Steve A

First Outdoor Camping Experience

Well, the day finally came: I went camping for the first time with my brothers boy troop.

It was a fun experience, but for me personally, I needed an air mattress to sleep on since I had trouble sleeping on the ground with my sleeping bag only.

After we set up our tents and the fire, we sat around it and talked until midnight when we went to bed. We made s'mores and hotdogs, but then our scout master took a group of us to use the bathroom at a church on top of the hill. Even though that I could've just peed in the woods, I went along anyway. Our outhouse was old and run down, so we'll rebuild it later on during the year.

Before we it was midnight, I only peed outside once before bed. I didn't get an urge to poop at all during the one night stay, but I may in the future if I go camping again.


Peeing in The Men's Bathroom

I work in a mid-size company as a senior accountant. When I first arrived, I was told of the policy of choosing any bathroom you wanted. I always used the lady's. A few men were there using the urinaks, but that didn't bother me. One man came in, went into a stall, didn't close it, pulled down his pants, sat down, pushed his penis into the bowl, and peed like a woman. I had never been in a men's bathroom before, but I thought I should. So I went in and found several men peeing into the urinals. One glanced at me and the others ignored me. I went into a stall, left it open, pulled down my pants, sat down with my legs apart, and peed heavily. A few glances was all I got, except for one man, who stayed and watched for a while and then left. Some other men came and went. I finished pissing and redressed. That was my introduction to the men's bathroom. I used it latter.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Having runny poop after 1 1/2 black coffees

Hi all. I just finished washing & hanging the laundry, shortly after having 1 1/2 black coffees that my husband bought from a Taiwanese 7-11. So right now I'm sitting on the toilet having a runny poop, with my grey capris and dark blue underwear just below my knees. The floor is wet, since my brother-in-law just took a shower so I don't want to get my pants wet. Stomach is cramping. Just rubbed it. Just peeked into the bowl just now, my goodness what a mess. Don't need to go anymore. Took a few tissues from behind me and wiped well. Put it into the messy bowl below. Pulled up my capris & undies and flushed and washed my hands. I know there's more in my stomach that needs out, but I'll continue drinking lots of water and will probably poop after lunch.

Happy pooping!

Annie from Taiwan

Not saying
I was out shopping with friends and all of a sudden I need to poop I went to the toilet and only had one cubicle I quickly ran and slammed the door shut and quickly locked the door I started letting out 7 soft but very very big pops followed by a very long fart, another women came in while I was letting out a further 4 more smaller poo's I had to wipe myself a multiple of times and had to flush the toilet 5 times to get rid of it all. I started walking out of the toilet and the other women stepped in she didn't batter an eyelid so I started washing my hands and all I could hear was continues farts letting loose and poops just splattering out !

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Constipation getting better

Hi everyone, a quick post from me, but first a few comments/ replies.
Evan- I don't worry that much about my friends seeing my skidmarks, they get them too so that makes it a lot less embarrassing! I guess if you have such good friends that your happy to go to the toilet in front of them it wouldn't really be a problem. However I did get really embarrassed when I was at school and I was changing for gym or Games and I knew I had really bad skidmarks which would show right through to the back of my knickers, normally that would happen when I was desperate to have a poo but waited until lunchtime to use the toilet, and quite often by the time I got on the loo a log would have been poking out of my bum and so my knickers would have got dirty. When that happened I was just very careful when I was getting changed so that none of the other girls would notice.
Natasha- yes, I remember plenty of times when I was sat on the loo at school after having a wee but also needing a poo, like you said I wanted to grunt to help my poo come out but felt really embarrassed if there were other girls around. My favourite trick was to wait until a toilet flushed or a hand drier went off and do my hardest pushes then! Sometimes I got lucky though and someone on the loo in a neighbouring cubicle would quite obviously be having a poo as I would hear straining and grunting sounds, so I then felt a lot less awkward about doing the same! Your right, if you give up and try again later it only makes your constipation worse. Sorry to hear you've had an upset stomach, I hope you feel better soon.
The good news is I think I'm gradually turning the corner with my constipation, as usual when I'm really struggling to have a poo I have to make myself go and sit on the toilet for 20 minutes or so after every meal and hope that that stirs something. This morning I had breakfast and then told myself I'd better go on the loo, I thought I might be developing a slight urge for a poo but wasn't really sure. I went into my ensuite, lifted my nightie and dropped my white knickers to my knees. I had a wee and then tried to relax and take some deep breaths, hoping that the urge would come on naturally. After about ten minutes I was starting to feel a slight need, I started to bear down and hoped that I'd be rewarded with a log poking out, and sure enough I felt my bumhole opening and the tip of a log starting to poke out. I was delighted as it had only been 2 days since my last poo, and so I was hoping that the log might slide out relatively easily without me having to strain really hard. I could feel the log getting a bit fatter but it was still quite smooth and didn't feel too dry, and joy of joys it didn't go back up my bum when I stopped pushing, meaning I could take my time a bit more. Although I wasn't having to strain really hard I was getting quite hot, so I took my nightie off meaning I was naked apart from a pair of knickers round my knees! As it got to its widest point I did grunt a bit as I had to give a couple of harder pushes but for a change I wasn't bright red and sweaty like I am when I'm really constipated! I could feel the log speed up as it got narrower again and then it dropped down into the bowl with a splash. Straight away my hole opened up again as another log started to make its way out, I just had to give a few small pushes to keep it moving before it too dropped with a plop. I finishes with a couple more smaller pieces and felt empty, so I wiped my bottom, pulled up my knickers and flushed. I then washed my hands and went back into my room to get dressed, I put on a clean white bra and then swapped my white knickers for some yellow stripey ones before putting on a white tee-shirt and some grey leggings. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!

Okay so this happened to me two years ago when I was hiking with my two friends Megan and Steven. Megan's about 5ft5 and quite a curvey girl with big thighs and bum similar to me. While Steven is tall maybe 6ft2 and quite fit. From the start of the hike I knew I wasn't feeling right but had chosen to ignore it and not allow my upset stomach to get the better of me. We'd be over some hills and were now walking along a long flat road with open fields either side of it and not a hint of trees or bushes anywhere. After walking for what seemed for ever I started to feel really desperate and was in quite a lot of pain. "Are you alright" asked Megan who seemed quite concerned. "I need the toilet" "can't you hold it" "not a chance" I said in reply. "Your going to have to go here by the road" stated steven as I doubled over in pain. "Just stand on that bit of grass there and it'll just soak in" he said. "I don't think this ones going to soak in anywhere" I said. "Ohh" he said a little shocked. Seeing no other option I squated down alongside the road and with cars going past every 30 seconds, I pulled down my trousers and knickers and started to push. Megan and Steven faced away but with the loud crackly sounds and wet farts indicating dihoera, they turned to look." Look away!" I shouted but the poo was already dribbling out of me. It was very sticky runny dihoera. It was so embarrassing especially that Steven a man was seeing me poo and also that he got a good site of my fanny which had a rather untidy thick black bush over it which I'd neglected to shave for a few months. When I finished I remained still. "What will I wipe with!" I wxclaimed. We each searched our pockets for tissues as I remained squated, my bum hanging over the tramack but none of us had any as I tried to rummage in my pockets I lost my balance and in horror fell into my own poo! They burst out laughing as now I was sitting butt naked with my fanny out on the side of a round as cars passed sitting in my own poo. I stood up and turned round for them to have a look. "Oh my god" Megan exclaimed. "It's all down your thigh and over you bum cheeks". But as I turned to face them that's when they really gasped. I had poo all in my bush. "That's disgusting" said Steven looking down at the poo infused in my jungle of pubic hair. With nothing to wipe with at all, I simply had no choice but to pull up my knickers and trousers and continue the walk back to where we were staying. I smelt really bad as Steven frequently told me. " you could probably get an infection" said Megan thinking about my predicament. "Why" I said really concerned "well you shouldn't have poo right next to your fanny" she said. Fortunately Steven had some nail sissors which I took off him. I turned away from them determined to give Steven no more glimpses of my pussy as I trimmed my bush still on the side of the road. Upon returning to the house me and Megan both went to the bathroom and I hopped in the shower to wash my thighs and bum. It was horrible as the poo had all dried and had became stuck in my bum crack hair. I couldn't get it out and so I started to panic. Meanwhile Megan had stripped off and was now sitting on the toilet having her poo which she had held in, much to my jealousy. As she was wiping I turned off the shower and told her my problem. Still naked she went out the bathroom and came back with Stevens sissors and a razor. Prehaps the most unique and embarrassing experience of my life happened next as I bent over and spread my but cheeks with my hands as Megan started to cut of the hair in and around my bum hole! "Never speak of this to anyone" I said as she began shaving my bum. When she was done she sat down on the edge of the bath and started to attend to her own overgrown bush, as I shaved off mine. Once done I admired my hairless body in the mirror, as it was quite a rare sight to see my fanny flaps and bum crack perfectly bald. After noticing a slight 5 o'clock shaddow over my upper lip I waxed that and then got dressed into a nice dress. It was a lovely feeling to feel clean again and I told Steven and Megan to never speak of this incident again(they didn't though).

Hip Hop Dancer

Lots of Stories

Hi everyone, its been awhile since I've posted and I thought it would be good to post again. This happened last Wednesday. I had woken up and watched TV for about an hour. I got dressed and took my dog for a walk. I noticed I was getting the urge to poop. I decided I would do it outside, I walked around looking for a spot but there was nothing. My dog was only peeing so I thought I'd poop in my dogs poop bag. I found this old truck trailer that was parked so I decided to go behind that. I pulled my sweat pants and underwear down to my knees and placed the bag under me. I only had to push a little bit before my poop dropped in the bag.

This story happened a few months ago when I was swimming at the YMCA. It was Tuesday in January and it was snowing out and the pool was heated. It was about 20 minutes into my swim when I had to poop. Personally I hate pooping when I swim. I feel like its harder to get it out and if its mushy or liquid poop then its going to leave marks on my bathing suit. I went in and there was a kid about 7 or 8 years old walking in with me, he went into the first stall and sat down with his bathing suit at his ankles. I got into the stall next to him and took off my bathing suit and sat down. We were both waiting for one another to poop. I decided I'd go first. While I was pushing a woman opened the door and said "Jacob are you getting dressed." "Yeah I'm almost done", "Okay, if you're gonna go to the bathroom don't go poop, wait until we get home". "Okay I'll wait". I pushed a bit more and my poop which was about 7 inches dropped in with a "ploop" sound. While I was wiping the kid next to me grunted a bit and then there were a bunch of splats and splashes. I put my bathing suit back on and left. Well, that's all can fit in but I will make a part 2 to this so I will see you all soon, goodbye.



Does anyone else fart while walking when they really have to go?

Sonya Sue

Kid sister starts middle school

My kid sister Shannon Rae started middle school last week. She's really smart but socially scared about how big the school is, finding her way around and stuff like that. She also heard from others that using the bathrooms is hard during passing periods and that some teachers are against allowing students to go. She also heard there were no privacy doors on the toilets. That's not totally true. About half the toilets don't have doors. Mom and I suggested that Shannon Rae wear a loose fitting dress as much as possible because that will give her privacy if she is forced to use an open stall. She did for the first two days, but on the next day she had to use the toilet for the first time. This was before school and she didn't have time to urinate at home before the bus arrived. I guess the bus was really rough on a few of the county roads. Shannon Rae feared she would start leaking during the 30-minute ride. It didn't help that the driver didn't slow enough for some of the speed bumps in the parking lot. So upon arrival at school Shannon Rae got more desperate. I know she wished she had worn another dress. She hurried to the bathroom and ran into the end stall because it had a door. Unfortunately that was reserved for disabled students and the toilet and seat was too high for her. So she took the toilet nearest to it. Luckily her urine stream started before others started to come in and use the toilets. Then she had to hurry to 1st hour. Mom that evening took her to the mall and bought her additional dresses.

Hello all,

I've been a lurker here for quite a bit but never had the nerve to posht. Something happened tonight that I just had to share for the first time. Anyways, I'm a 23 year old male, and I'm a student teacher at a nearby elementary school. My folks are letting me live at home until I graduate before long. Anyway I often like to hang out in the backyard at night- this wasn't any different as I was listening to some music out back, getting ready for the next day. I've had an on and off stomach ache through the day but nothing serious. All of a sudden, I just instantly had to go use the potty so very badly. I'm kind of nervous pooping around people I'm close to (but not at all around strangers, ironically) so I was trying very hard to be as quiet and calm as possible. There are tons of branches in my backyard that fell during a rainstorm, so I had to walk slowly and carefully. It was really no use and I just quickly pooped all over myself- and it was pretty bad. And to make matters worse, all of my underwear are plain white Fruit of the Loom or Hanes briefs so I knew they couldn't be salvaged from the poopy disaster. Not wanting to walk to the shower with my mama seeing (or smelling) that my lower half was covered in poop, I had to quietly remove my undies in the backyard and wash myself off with the hose, knowing it would be enough to hide everything until I got to the shower so lucky that it was (and is) dark out. Needless to say, my tighty whities were irreparably ruined so I just had to throw them out. I guess it's good I let the kids in class use the restroom when they ask or it could be construed as sort of karmic justice. Concluding, I hope the event was fun to read about and that I'll be accepted here.



To Abbie: In a lot of your posts you've talked about going to the bathroom with your friends in the bathroom while you go. Is it still embarrassing for you when you have a skid mark to have your friends see? I'm just curious because when I'm in a situation that my friends could see my stained underwear, like for changing to swim or for gym, I'm usually pretty nervous that they might see.


On a train

In the early 70's my girlfriend and I there on a day trip to London from the South West of England. (About 6hrs on the train up to London). We had to catch the last train of the day around 11:45pm. In those days the carriages were still split into 8 seat compartments, so we got one by ourselves and settled down for our long journey and once we pasted through Reading tried to get some shuteye.
Around 2am in the morning my girlfriend woke me to said that she needed a pee, I said you are a big girl you can go on your own now. She said she did not want to walk along the train to the loo on her own in the dim light, and could I go with her, we walked to the first loo, opened the door and were hit by the stink, so we went to the next and then the next, but they were all dirty or blocked. So we started back to our compartment, and went into the cleanest, the floor was covered in paper and the pan was nearly full to the top.
I said if you do not want to us the pan you could pee on the floor or into the hand basin, she said if she peed on the floor it would run out into the passage way, so she would us the basin, with that she dropped her jeans and knickers and backed up onto the edge of the basin, I was standing in front of her almost touching her in this very small space. She got into a position so that her pee went into the basin and started a strong pee jet, dark in colour as we had not been for a pee in over ten hours, suddenly the train jerked and she slipped of the basin sending her pee jet across the toilet space and up the door, I laughed and said well your pee on the floor now so she just finished pissing on the floor, when she was done she had to use my hanky to wipe with, (which I put back, damp into my pocket).
It was now my turn to pee so with her still in front of the basin I turned a little so that I was facing the toilet but still with my back to the wall, I got my now very hard thing out of my zipper and sent a jet arcing up over the toilet onto the wall behind it, She laughed and grabbed it and waved it sideways across the wall. She let go as the pressure dropped and when I was done pushed it away.
When we left the toilet compartment we both left wet foot marks on the floor of the passageway. When we got back to our compartment we got under our coats but did not get back to sleep until later and had to us my damp hanky again.


Toilet words

Elphaba - So sorry about the ordeal in the restroom. Warm thoughts and prayers your way! Thank you, btw, for answering my survey!

Here are the type of BM's I associate with each word:

Feces - Dark, sticky poop that takes forever to wipe!!!
Poop - A small bowel movement
Poo - A "soft serve" type BM that's not real thick
Doo Doo - A BM that is firm, maybe makes a "plunk plunk" sound
Doodie - A large BM that begins firm, but softens as it continues to pass
Diarrhea - That first trip or two to the bathroom of diarrhea when lot's of loose, chunk and watery poop evacuates
Take a dump
Drop the kids off at the pool - A BM that's firm but comes out in several plops
Drop a deuce - A BM that may be no bigger than a candy bar that's solid and comes out in one piece with a plop!
Defecate - An elegant, long, but not too thick BM that comes out in one piece and slides into the toilet. Low smell and little wiping necessary
Stool - Much like feces, sticky and dark
Bowel Movement - a solid BM that's average in size, smell, girth and length
The Runs - Watery diarrhea
The Trots - watery diarrhea accompanied by gas
The Poops - having to go frequently, but it is small, soft stools instead of true diarrhea
Explosive Diarrhea - Lot's of liquid poop accompanied by loud, powerful gas
Constipation - Balls of poop
Pinch a loaf - A long semi-firm log that pinches before everything comes out, followed by the need to push to get two or three plops out
Cut a rope - long soft stool that miraculously stays together
Lay a brick - that first BM that begins to relieve constipation and can be about three inches thick

We've all had these, right?

Hope everyone else plays

- Becc
Download a brown load - a lot of soft poop that comes out all at once

amy b

fear response

hi, I've been a lurker on here for a while and while I've never had any accidents myself one thing thats always fascinated me is fear accidents. has anyone here ever experienced one(pee/poop/both)? if so is it something you realize is going on or do you only figure out what you've done a while afterwards. i'd love to hear any stories people may have


Alex's Survey

Hi all, it's Anna and I am a bit bored so I thought I'd do one of the surveys. Here it goes.

1) Age? 22

2) Height? 5'4

3) Weight? 160 lbs.

4) How often do you usually need to poop?
One or two times a day. Every once in a while I miss a day.

5) What times of day usually?
At all hours of the day really. Maybe a bit more often in the morning after my workout and in the afternoon when I come home from school.

6) Describe how your feces usually are (logs, chunks, pebbles, etc?)
They are usually a bunch of soft, big logs.

7) When you poop, does a lot usually come out?
Yes, most times I poop big. My first turd is usually the largest. When I haven't gone the day before it might be a foot long or so. That's the biggest though and mostly my poops are smaller, especially the second turd and so on.

8) Most urgent dump you had recently (in the last year)?
I don't know, but funny enough my most urgent poos tend to be at home, when I have been holding them in so I can go relieve myself in the comfort of my own bathroom.

9) If you were legitimately offered $10 million dollars, do you think you could hold back your poop for 2 weeks while eating normally?
No way, this sounds super dangerous!

Imogen: Your school uniform sounds quite similar to what mine was. I, too, preferred to wear a skirt and leggings instead of trousers, unless it was freezing out. I actually had a couple different skirts I wore as my uniform, and one of them had a zipper. Like you, I had a close call when it was being stubborn. I had come home and was bursting for both a wee and a poo. I got to the bathroom and was struggling to get my skirt unzipped. Finally I got it and quickly sat on the loo. I let me wee go... only to realize I'd forgotten to lower my leggings. At least I was at home where no one was around to see. Plus, I realized and properly lowered them before I did my poo. I can only imagine the mess that would have made!

Abbie: Yes, I definitely pooed a lot that time on my camping trip. Like I said, I don't know where I was keeping it all. I'm enjoying reading your stories, although it's a bit sad to hear you're still struggling with constipation. I guess it's a minor consolation to know your friends are struggling too. I also remember the days back in secondary school when I would try to do a poo at school but there would be girls in other cubicles. I wanted to grunt and help my poo out, but I also didn't want to draw attention to myself too much. Often I ended up just waiting for them to leave, or if that wasn't an option, I'd give up and hold my poo 'til later. Of course that only made my constipation that much worse and I'd need to struggle and grunt even harder when I did finally go.

Anyway, on with my story now. I've been having a bit of a bad stomach for the past few days. I've been pooing twice a day for the past three days, once shortly after I wake up, and then again in the late evening, usually after supper. But they've been loose, smelly poos that come out in a tonne of small pieces and with lots of wet farts. The urges come on quite strongly too, with very little warning. Otherwise, I feel okay though, it's only these loose, urgent poos.

Well, that's really all I have for now. Sorry for the short post, but nothing much else is happening right now. I'll post again in a while. Bye for now!


Exeter Cathedral

I was looking at some old photographs and found one of myself at Exeter Cathedral, this reminded me of this.
Many years ago I was asked with a few lads to go to the cathedral on a Friday evening for a rehearsal for a ceremony on the Saturday. To get there someone from one of the Plymouth churches was going to drive a small mini-bus.
On the Friday at about 5pm I drove to this church yard to meet someone with the bus, when I got there, there has a mother and her teenage daughter with the bus. We drove around to a number of other churches picking up the other lads, and onto the A38 to Exeter. We arrived at the cathedral around 7pm., and entered across the quadrangle to the side door of the chapter house. Inside we had a cup of coffee as we were told who was to do what, our rehearsal was going to be the second of the two and so three of us sat to the chapter house side of the cathedral and the mother and daughter sat with a few others in the nave.
Around 8.45pm. one of the other two lads asked me if I know where the toilets were, I said yes and we all went together. We left the cathedral by the chapter house door and walked diagonally to the left across the grass in the quadrangle to the old gents, (now replaced with disabled, gents and ladys on two levels) the only light was from the moon through a foggy sky. We returned to the cathedral the same way, as I was going in the door the mother and daughter appeared behind me from my right, and with that we were called for our rehearsal. When our rehearsal was over, (around 9:30pm) only the mother was there and when we got to the bus the daughter was already in the front passenger seat, we drove home dropping the lads off on the way, dropping the daughter home before taking the mini-bus back to the church yard and to my car. As I drove the mother home she told me what had happened at the cathedral.
When us tree had come out of the chapter house to go to the gents she and her daughter had been in the corner of the quadrangle both having a wee wee, her daughter panicked and tried to stop peeing and pull up her knickers and jeans but could not stop and wet herself, the mother was ok and had just dropped her skirt back into place, when they saw we were walking diagonally on the grass they continued with there pees. when we returned to the door they also had finished and returned with use, but in the light from the door way the daughter was embarrassed with her very wet jeans and so they both went back to the bus. At the bus the daughter took off her jeans and the mother tried to blot them dry with a news paper, then the daughter had removed her knickers and thrown them under the bus before putting her damp jeans back on and sat on a glossy magazine all the way home.
Why if only I had done as the sign said, 'Keep off the grass' and so walked around the quadrangle I would have caught both females with there knickers down.


Teacher Poop

One day in grade 8, I had to pee so badly during break, so I ran into the girls washroom, where all the stalls were empty, and took the stall in the middle. I pulled my leggings and pink undies to my knees and my bladder burst into relief.

Suddenley, I heard someone walk in and through the crack, I noticed that it was my history teacher Ms. Dorothy, who was in her late 30s/early 40s. She took the stall next to me and I saw her pull her jeans and cotton white undies to her ankles. Then, I heard a loud fart and I can hear poop coming out and splash into the toilet. I tried not to laugh, but she farted and released some poop again. I managed to hold my laugh in, but moments later, she did it again and made a sigh of relief.

I finished up my business and headed over to the sinks. As I was washing my hands, my friends came in and we started to discuss a history assignment which was due next class. As we were talking, I can hear Ms. Dorothy struggling to hold her poop in, but she lost it, let out a fart, and dropped a deuce.

My friends put their hands over their noses in disgust as one of them moaned 'EW! That's so gross!' I told them that Ms. Dorothy was taking a dump in the end stall and they laughed. I then told them to shut up and escorted them out of the restroom. I was starting to worry that Ms. Dorothy knew that it was us in the washroom and she was going to report us, but next class, it was all forgotten and we handed in our assignments.

PS: I got an A on the assignment :)

Jessica B.

Having to go at the public library


To all: thank you for your kind messages.

I wrote I had a toilet-related bad time at work so I'll start by telling you about this, and then about an unexpected urge which caused me to used public bathrooms.

So a month or so ago, I was having a conversation with three fellow co-workers in the hallway of the office, as we always do. I don't even remember what it was about. At some point, we were talking about cleaning and then Graciela (I modified her name too, just like "Nora's" from my previous story) dropped a sentence like: "cleaning the bathroom would be so much easier if nobody would leave behind some big pieces of doo-doo like Jessica." The two other co-workers (one of them being a young man) thought this was hilarious and giggled while I turned crimson and tried explaining that I don't even do "this" at the office and that I would obviously use the brush. However, I got the feeling they wouldn't listen to me and that I could only sink deeper. Eventually they managed to change the topic and I quickly went back to my desk.

I don't know why Graciela said this, maybe she even believes it but I wouldn't know why, because I only very rarely poop at work. Probably just to say something funny, while she didn't know I'd be truly embarrassed by it. Anyway, this episode made me feel kinda bad, but it's over now.

More recently, I was hit by very bad stomach cramps while shopping. Later it would turn out I had a flue but I didn't know by then. So while I was looking for a new smaller handbag walking between two stores, my guts churned up. I'm not used to this as I never get sick and I'm blessed to have light periods. I first stopped, then resumed walking when he pain calmed down. In the minutes following this cramp, I started passing gas uncontrollably and was hit by further, even stronger cramps. It was becoming clear that I had to find a bathroom very soon. Unfortunately, I'm not that good at holding it (number one as well as number two) and this situation definitely did not improve anything. However, by chance, I was near the public library which I knew quite well before I could afford buying my favorite books. So I entered it and dashed to the bathroom.

The bathroom setting is a rather modern one, with two stalls that offer enough privacy without being great, lots of light and and a sink. Both stalls were empty so I took the closest one, locked myself in and threw my butt onto the seat. I was expecting diarrhea to explode from my but immediately, however nothing happened at first. My belly was hurting quite badly so I tried pushing a little to release the pressure. Indeed, this provoked caused some loud and very foul smelling gas to escape my butt. I gave another push, and this time, I felt my anus open slightly. Then, a lot of soft poop rapidly flew into the bowl, with this distinctive crackling noise. It was liquid but not that well-formed neither, I think some readers here (or should I say authors) described this as "soft serve". Needless to say the smell was awful. Every time I'd push, some more would come, along with more nasty farts. The pace of my evacuations calmed down, but my belly ache remained, along with a slight nausea.

Then, the bathroom door opened and someone entered the only stall next to mine. She used a wipe to clean the toilet seat and sat down. I was quite silent by then, because I was just waiting for possible cramps. So the lady in the neighboring stall sat down. I could see she was barefoot and had rather large feet, of which she visibly took care. As soon as she was seated, she released a long, air fart and started peeing. She did not pee for long though, but she remained seated. We both sat in silence for maybe two minutes, I was browsing my social networks on my phone to pass time. Then, my neighbor farted very loudly. Those were booming farts, as you'd see them in comics. She really passed a lot of gas. Honestly, I was a little shocked, and I expected the poor lady to be sick just like me. But then, she wiped once, flushed and left after washing her hands. I thought "well, if my farts would sound like this, I'd probably also prefer releasing them in the bathroom than in the library". I wasn't feeling done, so I stayed on the toilet and ten minutes went by, during which I'd occasionally pass small nuggets of soft poo.

Then the door opened again another person took the other stall. I heard her pull down her panties and seat down. Then, a huge fart echoed. For the first time of my life, I was convinced I could recognize someone by their farts: it must have been the same lady as before. Sure enough, peeking under the partition, I saw the pretty bare feet. I pooped a little more and then again, we stayed silent for a while. Then, she grunted quietly, passed an airy fart and started pooping. I heard what sounded like five large and solid hit the water, very noisily. It reminded me of someone who used to post here (Amylee and her boss Leigh). The woman next to me obviously had to go big time!
Soon afterwards, she wiped, flushed and then cleaned the bowl with the provided brush. She then washed her hands and left again.

I was feeling slightly better (for now), so I wiped too (it was messy) and left the bathroom.

As I was walking out of the library, I couldn't help but scan for bare feet. I recognized my neighbor in no time: she was a very tall blond woman in her early twenties, wearing a pony tail. She was snacking strawberries and obviously preparing for an exam. I smiled at her but she was too focused to see me. I left the place and headed home immediately.

At home, I made myself tea and took and immodium pill, which greatly helped. I also had to throw up later on, so I suspect a stomach flue, but it could also have been a mild case of poisoning maybe?

To Elpheba: my thought are with you, keep strong and stand for your rights!
To Anna: thank you for your wishes! You're a great writer, I always enjoy your narration.

love & take care,

Okay so one day me and my friend Lucy (were both 26 about 5ft 4 and quite chuncjy with big thighs and bum but not fat) were going on a date together with our boyfriends. Now we've both been friends for years and both enjoy going the toilet and playing it risky. Now it was spring and so during winter neither of us had shaved at all but both of us enjoyed being hairy so before we went changed into our dresses which I must admit were very high, we both had a quick shave up to the bottom of our dresses but leaved the rest. We both played it risky by neglecting to shave our armpits which had developed a thick patch of fluff however we did wax our upper lips, of which mine had developed a very noticeable growth of dark black hair. "What if we played it really risky"joked Lucy with a glance over at me. "Lets go commando"! Slightly nervous and excited I agreed so we both left the house wearing only our dresses bras and shoes. We ventured out on our date in the park, the park was very busy and we sat on the grass. I sat down quickly so not to give the boys a view of my vag as I sat down I caught a glimpse of Lucy's pussy which was completely overgrown and the hair I could see extended into her arse crack. I soon developed the urge for the toilet but looking round I could see no toilet in sight. The park was away from any towns or cities and was actually quite remote but it still attracted a lot of families. "Do you know where the toilets are" I asked rather desperately. "Toilets? There isn't any" replied my boyfriend. "Just go here, no one will notice it'll soak into the grass" he said. "I don't think this will soak into the grass" I said releasing a rather loud wet fart. "Just go now" he joked. Seeing little option I asked them to turn around which of course they didn't so with that I squated down with my bum hovering over the grass and stared to poo. But just then a little kid came running past. " that ladies pooping mummy" he said pointing at me. Just then the mother came with a pram looking horrified at me. " your disgusting that's terrible" she said only a meter away from me. She was right but I don't know why but I got quite angry. And with that stood up continuing my poo with the excrement falling down to the floor and lifted my dress up at her. Giving her and her son a full frontal view of my big hairy bush before turning round so they could see my hairy arse crack!" That's vile" she exclaimed "don't you know women should shave that". With that Lucy raised her dress to reveal an even more overgrown hairy Pussy "well I'm sort of the same" she laughter "mum why the got hair" asked the boy as his mum dragged him away giving us horrible glares. Our boyfriends were in shock and so was I to be honest that I could have done such a thing. I scooted my arse on the grass to wipe it before we left. "Your hairier than me!" Exclaimed my boyfriend as I sat next to him in the back seat of the car with my dress pulled up to give him a good close up view of my hairy genitals. Upon getting home I continued my poo with my boyfriend observing before he convinced me to shave , so I had to hold open my arse cheeks as he went in with the razor as there was no way I was reaching back there . I also got him to wipe me both my bum and my fanny. When he left Lucy came in as she was staying over at my house for the night. Both of us got completely naked and sat up on the couch watching films with her releasing farts at intervals. I was just imaging if a boy had walked in to see her with her legs spread wide a luscious bush in between and her arms behind her head with the pit hair exposed.

Friday, August 18, 2017


Bathroom Choices

The rooms in my apartment, including the bathroom, do not have locks. I talked to the landlord about this and she said it is so someone can get in in case of emergency. I don't just want to, and can't, lock everyone out when I go to the bathroom, so I developed a system. If all my guests are women, I don't close the door. We talk a lot, and we all have the same eqipment, so there's no reason we can't see each other pee and poop. If there are many men there, I close the door. If there is one man there, it depends one who he is. If it's the plumber or mail man, I close the door. If it's a man I know, especially a date, its complicated. I may close the door. I may open the door far enough to talk, but covering my pussy. I may let him see my pussy. but not my pee coming out of it. This is where trust comes in. I may tell him to look away and he may not do it. Oh well. There are chances everywhere.


Story and Response to Rachel

I have this story about an accident that I had back in grade 2. Hope you enjoy it! I had started to need to pee during class, but it wasn't bad so I just ignored it. Then the bell rang for recess and because me and my friends had fun during recess I didn't want to miss it by having to go to the bathroom. So I held it in and joined them on the field. By then, I was starting to really have to go, but still I did not want to miss the fun. We were telling jokes when I laughed and I started dribbling into my panties. Quickly and with great effort I managed to stop the flow, but only for a little while. My friend then said something really funny and I could not help but laugh, by then I was laughing hard and knew the pee was going to come and that I could not stop it this time! Pee started pouring into my panties and ran down my legs. I was wearing jeans at the time, and the pee was soaking my jeans. After what felt like forever the pee stopped and the pants of my jeans are completely soaked. All my friends were staring at me and many people on the field also noticed what happened. My face turned red and I was so embarrassed! Thankfully my friends were nice and helped me cover up my accident.

I had to phone home to get mom to bring me a change of clothes afterward. My mom was shocked and furious about the accident. She came right to school with a change of clothes and took me home for the day. For the rest of the day, I was yelled at for having an accident and how in grade 2, I should have known when to go to the bathroom instead of peeing my pants. Even today this memory is still vivid, and I feel ashamed when I think about it. Moreover, I can almost hear mom's voice yelling at me that afternoon and how sad she was because I remember the words she used and they were harsh.

Rachel - I have tried to respond to you at least 5 times, but none of them was ever posted. I am sorry if you are hurt- I really did reply to you right away! I really enjoy talking to you and I also enjoy reading your thoughtful responses. I know what it's like to have to wait for a response from someone you love to talk to! I couldn't wait to see your responses too everytime! I find that this site is very unsupportive of newcomers! When you first started posting, not many people even noticed your posts! I am a new one too and I have been through this, so I know this feeling too well! That's why I started talking to you so you wouldn't get frustrated and would have the encouragement to go on. This seemed to work really well and I'm glad you are enjoying yourself on here! I think it's time for me to go since my goal has been reached and I don't want to get hurt even more by going on here! Further, I don't want to hurt you because when my responses are delayed or deleted altogether, you would feel ignored and hurt! This will be my last post. Please take care and I wish you all the best!

Before my story: Tlana I enjoyed reading your post about your grandma talking to you about skid marks. I'm the same age as you were in that story I totally relate to having way too little time to wipe at school and having some embarrassing pairs of underwear in the laundry as a result. I can sometimes get away with very little wiping if I have a hard poop but other times there's not much more you can do but wipe as much as you can and just accept there may be a stain later on. If anyone else has had to deal with not having enough time to poo and wipe at school it would be interesting to hear about.

So last weekend I went to the beach with my family for a quick trip. It was going great but about 20 minutes after getting to the beach my stomach started to rumble like I had to poop. Well recently I've been having the soft poops that are pretty hard to hold in so I went to the bathroom right away. The bathroom was like a five minute walk away so I was glad I left early and as I walked in I was hit by the worst smell imaginable. I debated wether or not I could hold it to find a different bathroom but I knew that it was ready to start poking out any second so I went in and tried to go as fast as possible. It was, as I expected, a really wet poo so it only took about a minute to go. At this point I was gagging from the smell and decided to just leave without wiping or washing my hands as I figured the water would clean my butt when I swam. I began to regret not wiping on the way back as my butt felt wet in between the cheeks and I worried about the smell. I got in the water as soon as possible and swam for about 15 and I thought my plan had worked but when I got home I was really embarrassed to see a big stain in the seat of my swim suit but luckily nothing from the back. They just got out of the laundry today and there's still a faint skid mark in the white mesh in the back.


Dad coaches son who's starting school

Me and some friends were at the movies Saturday afternoon. I had taken a crap at home when I got up but after drinking a lot of soda I had to finish it off at the theater. There was a row of about ten toilets. The first couple had the seats down, buy with pee over them. So I took the third. I dropped the seat, confident it was dry. It was. So I lowered my briefs and seated myself. I don't particularly like the no-doors policy there and at the main restrooms at the attached mall, but I know that is a trend today since users are abusing the bathrooms. A guy comes in with a little boy about kindergarten age on the side of him and when the guy sees me he immediately pulls the boy to the other side to give me privacy. They go over to the urinals. The boys goes up to one that is way to high for him so the dad nudges him down to the end where there's one coming out the floor. He corrects the boy about dropping his shorts all the way to the floor and lectures the boy about 'wee-weeing' fast and without drawing much attention to himself. Then he takes the boy across the room to a toilet. He has the boy drop the seat, sit down, shows him the paper roll. Then he gave him a short lecture about wiping slowly and carefully. He also said the other boys would probably get on his case if he took too long or was messy on the toilet. Then the guy demonstrated to the boy how to wash his hands. He had the boy do it a couple of times because I guess the kid got mixed up with the water faucets. Then he showed him how to pull down and tear off the paper towels. Then while the kid waited in front of him, the guy got on a toilet and continued to lecture the boy about becoming more independent at school next week.

Did any of you guys remember having a parent do that for you just before you started school? I don't.


Question about ncontinence (peeing your pants)


I am a man in his 30's and sometimes when I am really stressed or nervous, I pee in my underwear a little. Most of the time, it is only a little pee, but I have heavily wet myself before. I also have a little light bed wetting from time to time. my wife has noticed the wet spots and doesn't make a big deal out of it, and it only happens occasionally. I feel a bit embarrassed about it because I think my young son knows about it. He saw a pair of my underwear in the wash with a big yellow stain in front, and went to me and said "daddy do you pee your pants, I didn't know grownups did that." I was mortified!How could I say yes? My question is " do many other adults experience this? and how do you handle it?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Delina it sounds like you were pretty desperate to poop lucky you made it to the toilet in time and avoided an accident.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like all had good poops.

To: Sandrine another great story it sounds like she had a good poop.

To: Anna great story about your poop in the porta potty and overhearing another woman pooping as well it sounds like you both had great poops.

To: Anna From Austria great story.

To: Becc it sounds like you all had a rough day thanks to food poisoning.

To: Willow I look forward to reading anything you post.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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