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is it more common for girls to have accidents?

Not sure if this question was ever discussed. I have little binge reading sessions of this board every few months...many times over the years. Between both what I've seen here and in my life, I feel like girls/women tend to have accidents more than boys/men and also tend to be the ones with chronic accident problems. Does anyone disagree with that? It kind of bums me out as a female lol. But from my own experience it is definitely untrue. There are 7 kids in my family, 5 boys and 2 girls. All 5 of my brothers have virtually no accident history to speak of besides being really really young and shortly after potty training. But then me and my sister were both chronic bed wetters into our teens and we've each had more than one day time accident too. My sister peed her pants in 7th grade during the winter concert at school. She played cello in the orchestra and needed to go before and during the performance and wound up wetting herself. She continued the concert in wet pants for a little bit before exiting the show between songs. She cried really hard. My first day time pee accident at an unreasonable age happened when I was 10, i was with my parents and 3 of my brothers doing errands. My oldest brother was at home watching my other brother and my sister who were the two youngest. We were in a hardware store and I really needed to pee, but my parents were really deep in discussion about something they were trying to get and whenever they did pay attention to us it was to yell at my brothers for being rambunctious. I timidly mentioned to my mom once or twice that I needed to go but she just said "OK sweetie" without paying much attention and kept discussing stuff with my dad. I remember being so desperate I wanted to cry, and I kept imagining just pulling my pants down and peeing on the floor, just for the sake of relief. After a fee more minutes though I stopped being able to hold it in, and I soaked my jeans all down my legs and even my shoes and socks got wet. The floor was that dark concrete and I made a big pee puddle on it. I obviously just cried and stood there. My dad seemed mad and my brothers seemed surprised but didn't give me a hard time, but my mom felt bad. She took me to go change while my dad and brothers finished up shopping.

Anyway, I'll be back to share other moments my sister and i have had. In the meantime, any thoughts on gender being a factor in the propensity for having accidents would be cool


To Janice: Big Gassy Dump


Before you try Metamucil, which would be good if you are chronically constipated, try adding dry fruit to your diet. If you can tolerate them, prunes are the best. However, a bag of raisins, dried apples, cherries, dates, peaches, apricots or mixed dried fruit might do the trick!

Metamucil may not give you the gas that you are looking for. It will make your stool bulky. It might give you a big, thick, long poop.

Personally, I will eat some dried fruit every now and then, especially in the winter when my favorite fruits are not fresh or readily available. I never eat a lot, as it makes me gassy! Certainly, if I ate a whole bag in one sitting it could be disastrous!

One other thing that you could try - Activia Yogurt. I wrote about my experience on the forum (page 1824). It will blow you away if you eat too much!

Please let us know how it goes! I hope that you get your bowels moving to your satisfaction!



I want to say sorry to people on this site who write about bad times in loo, embarrassment and so on. I always enjoy time in the loo and feel sorry for those who are humiliation, accidents which make them cry and so on. But I didn't say so before, except once maybe.

I haven't had an accident for very many years (touch the wood) so I don't know the feeling well but I hope that people who don't want accidents will never have them any more. My friends think same as me.

Good luck to all the people who want to enjoy the loo. I hope you will never be mortified. And Christa, my sympathy to you. Good luck.



To Blind Guy:

Hey, I read part of your post. Awesome! There's an insight that I had an insight a while back that I'll share with you both. I think that the reason people treat those with physical/medical challenges the way they do is because they immediately try to put themselves in that person's shoes as it were. Of course, doing that gets them in trouble because they don't have the hands on experience in dealing with it. Most times it is usually the people who are not challenged or already spending a lot of time around someone who is challenged like a spouse, parent, or sibling.

Sara R

New life style - new bowel habits

It's Sara R. I've posted here a few times. I'm a Swedish student that have been facinated by pooping a few years now. It started when I saw the production of my friend Stina. It was a long time since I last posted, but I'm glad to tell you I've finally managed to become a better pooper! :)

It was not so easy as I thought, I tried to go to the gym and eat more healthy. But you know how it is, you catch a cold, get stressed over an exam and drop right back to old eating habits. So eventually like some time this winter my work started to pay of in the toilet department. Much earlier I started to loose some weight which was also pretty nice. :-)

So ever since I was smal I've always had very small poops consisting of lots of very small turdlets that comes out easily. I never understood when people told me they dropped a log or something and you never talk about these things so I believed everyone pooped like me.

This spring I've had some great bowel movements. The ones that takes a while to get started and then stretches me real good without hurting. The make my head tingle a bit and it's a great start on the day!

I have some more stories from this summer and spring that I will post if I get some time over.


To Humiliated

I am so sorry you had this accident! I'm glad you were able to clean up without anyone knowing. Still, it must have been unnerving. Hope you are well!




first week back at school

yesterday was my first day back in class after a two-week end of summer break. I'm a senior this year, only one year left of torture, then I enter the real world. Who would have thought that about 10 minutes into my first econ lecture, I would need to poop very badly. It was a big class, so nobody noticed when I left for the ladies room on that floor. Out of five stalls, the third (middle) was occupied and there was already quite a smell. I took one directly to the left of her, locked the door, pulled my skirt up and panties down, and got ready to end my small constipation bout. (it was a thursday, I took a big dump the previous Monday, but only an unsatisfactory load the previous night.) I was pretty sure this was going to be a big one. The chick next door had been deathly quiet since I came in, but when I began by farting loudly (it was a smelly one, too, as all my pre-big dump farts are), she felt reassured that she wasn't the only one pooping, and let out a loud poot of her own, followed by what sounded like a barrage of loose poop. I responded by pushing out a long log, probably about 10 inches, swiftly (and involuntarily) followed by two more big turds. I still didn't feel "finished," if you know what I mean, and continued to sit for about a minute, farting sometimes. THat generally means there's more poop back there for me. The chick next door, after her loose poop barrage, continued to sit quietly, before a loud, long, gassy fart broke the silence, and she started to have what i think was diarrhea. That went on for about 3 seconds, before she tailed it off with another series of farts. At that point, a new girl entered. I could see her holding her nose because of the combined smell of the two of us, but it didn't deter her from coming in. After checking the stall to the left of my neighbor, and turning it down for some reason, she came to the end stall next to me. After what sounded like a quick piss to begin for her, she let out a long fart, making it clear to the rest of us what her intentions were. So there were three girls in a row, all pooping at the same time in this ladies room. After being quiet for a while, I felt the urge to push again, and I let out what some posters here call "soft serve" for about 10 seconds straight, which tailed off with two short, but loud farts. After that, I knew I was finished pooping, but had a massive clean-up operation on me. The girl who was there when I came in to my left also started to wipe. After I had wiped three times and came clean the third time, as I was about to flush my mammoth load down, the chick next door asked me for extra toilet paper. I took a chance and said, "Messy dump over there?" She turned out to be very friendly and open, saying, "Yeah, I have a bit of an upset stomach, I think it was something I ate last night. This is the second time I've gone to the bathroom already today, and it's only 10 o'clock." I said, "Don't worry, it happens to all of us," and handed her a copious load of paper. She said "Thank you so much," wiped two more times, and flushed her toilet. Thank goodness both of our toilets flushed properly, although hers required two flushes to get it all down. As we left the stalls together, I recognized the girl as someone from a calculus class two years ago. We had never exchanged names though, she said she was Chloe, and in fact dated my cousin in high school! She didn't like him very much, said he was a bit of a douche, I said he could be that way sometimes. While we were washing our hands, the girl in the end stall sounded like she was waging her own war with the toilet, plopping and farting away like there was no tomorrow. I said to Chloe, "Sounds like she ate at the same place you did last night." Chloe said, "That's not nice!" to me. I apologized to the girl in the stall, she said "It's okay, we all crap loudly sometimes." Chloe said to the girl, "I hope you feel better!" The girl said "I sure do too. Thanks," as Chloe and I left the ladies room and went to our respective classes. Looks like I made a new friend by pooping! life is strange sometimes.

Karen C.

Diarrhea from undercooked cheeseburger

So last saturday which is my anything-goes-carbup day after my depletion workout, my friends Janice and Penny wanted to go out to the casino for a night out, so I agreed. After my big end of week (the day I work legs and lower body to exhaustion several times)workout I had a big protein shake and spent the rest of the afternoon carbing up. I ate strawberries, ice cream, bananas, creamed spinach, half a coconut creme pie, pasta salad, and basically everything in the way of carbs which I've been craving all week but couldn't have until saturday. So my friends picked me up at around 7 and we went to eat first. I had a double cheeseburger and fries with a side order of beef gravy with melted cheese and a caesar salad, along with a large chocolate milkshake and finally a piece of apple pie for dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

We arrived at the casino at around 9:30 and we all had strawberry daquaris. At around 10 I asked for a beer and after that I didn't feel so good. I tried to hang but at about a quarter to 11 all that stuff in my stomach wasn't sitting so well. Penny got me a soda and took me outside to sit on the benches and get some fresh air, I kept spitting out mouthfuls of spit onto the grass and after a while I thought I felt better so we went back inside to play the machines some more.

I started getting a slight headache but ignored it. Then the nausea came back but I just slowly sipped my soda and kept playing. My mouth kept filling up fast with saliva. I got up and stood by a garbage can and kept spitting it out and sipped the soda. Then soon I knew I was about to be sick so I began to make my way to the washroom, and then it hit me full force. I held onto a chair and suddenly just started throwing up, YEP, right on the floor and I couldn't stop, vomit just kept pouring out, it was like I saw it on the floor in front of me before I knew it was coming out of me Big mess. Once it started I was like immobilized, I couldn't walk until that bout was over, I think I threw up five times. Big embarassment. Smelled awful and looked awful and tasted even worse. EMT's soon showed up but I refused their assistance and just went to the restroom where I threw up some more into the toilet, then I had diarrhea. I must have been sitting on the toilet for a half hour, thank goodness I had both my friends there for moral support, they cleaned the barf off my shoes for me while I crapped my brains out sitting on the pot. I threw up on the floor beside the toilet a couple of times.

As soon as I was able, we left and my friends dropped me off at home. I had diarrhea all night about every half hour and still felt queasy too, but I didn't throw up anymore, I just felt like I was about to,,all night. I had runny diarrhea every hour as well, it looked like melted chocolate ice cream with english peas in it. My ass was raw from wiping so much. I had to scrub my toilet several times that night.

I slept until about 11 the next morning. I went shopping for the best stomach remedy, ginger ale, fresh garlic, saltines, and hard parmesan cheese. I snacked on all this stuff and felt much better by 6 that night. I called my brother and he came over in the evening for a while and we hung out in the yard, munched on cheese and crackers and drank gingerale, took me for a long walk, listened to Cal Tjader and Buddy Rich with me and played with my doggies; and surprised me with a new stuffed Mickey Mouse for my collection and even remembered my favorite girlhood treat, raspberry zingers, to make me feel better. After he left I took a shower, washed my hair, did laundry, played my drums a while, then went to bed, and was fine next morning aside from the rash on my ass from wiping it so much.

I think it was the dodgy cheeseburger that made me sick to my stomach because there was a bit of pink juice even tho I asked for it well done. I know, I should have sent it back. It tasted okay.

Everyone, remember my old family stomach remedy, IT WORKS for food poisoning or stomach viruses:

-Crackers --soaks up the bile and stomach acid to get rid of the feeling of needing to puke your guts out every 15 minutes

-Garlic --kills bacteria and viruses

-Parmesan cheese --not the grated kind, it has to be the solid kind you cut with a knife, it puts back the enzymes in your stomach lost through vomiting so you can digest your food; makes you feel alot better really fast so try it. I like it on crackers or with apple slices. Cheese also is the best for stopping diarrhea. If you don't like parmesan then mild cheddar works too, but cheddar won't put back the enzymes in your stomach like parmesan will.

-Gingerale or fresh ginger --calms the stomach down and stops the retching feeling, in a pinch Sprite or 7UP helps, too.

Vaseline--won't burn like lotion will for T.P. butt rashes.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Korean Girl as always abother great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterward to and it sounds like your friend really had to go to and alot from the sound of it I bet she felt great after to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Humiliated first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a really rough day but it can happen to anyone at anytime no matter age.

To: SandraSue great peeing story.

To: Blondiemaj great outdoor poop story it sounds like you had a good one and I bet you felt pretty refreshed afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jill great story.

To: Accident On The PCH great story you handled the situation really well.

To: Abby great story it sucks you got fired but at least you left him a going away gift.

To: Tlana great story.

To: Victoria F great story it sounds like you and that waitress both had really good dumps.

To: JOHN great story.

To: Annie I hope you feel better soon.

To: Shelbi great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

To Jill

Your daughter's situation is actually very familiar to me. I'm in my early-mid 20s (23) and it sounds like your daughter and I have similar bowels and sizes. I'm 5'9" and about 135 lbs. and I can eat a ton without gaining much weight. Regular exercise might have something to do with that, but one thing it doesn't affect (and it's supposed to) is how often I need to go poop. It takes about two-three days for me to "really have to go" again after I've pooped and it never happens according to a predictable schedule.

Like your daughter, when I do go it's generally huge. The log that went from the mouth of the toilet bowl to above the water line that your daughter pushed out while you were in the stall with her sounds like something that came from my own butt. You mentioned that she started pooping it shortly after a fart and that it didn't take her too long to get it all the way out. Is it always this smooth or has she ever mentioned pain or soreness after going? If not, provided she makes sure to poop whenever she feels a need to go, your daughter is fine and has nothing wrong with her at all. She sounds healthy and her gut should be left as it is as long as she feels okay.

The downside of having this kind of gut is that emptying it can often result in a clogged toilet. My main trick to avoid this embarrassing situation is to keep track of how much each flush needs to bring down. For example, if she's in the middle of going and she's already unloaded a large poop and she feels like she needs to do more, she can flush that first log and then get back to pooping. She can get up from the toilet to check how big the turd was and judge as to whether or not the toilet can handle more from her own prior experience. I often use two flushes for a #2: the first for pee and poop, the second for paper. Skid marks can be taken care of with a brush and if worse comes to worse and she does clog the toilet, make sure to teach her how to do her own plunging. It's never fun to have to plunge a toilet, but it's something that she can control if she knows how to work a plunger. Hope this is helpful!


Massive mushy dump

Hi all. I mentioned on Wednesday that I was bloated with a sore stomach and trapped gas. I guess a lack of vegetables caused my constipation or whatever it was. So after my gas attack on Wednesday night I picked up a cabbage the next day at the grocery store and we cooked it with dinner. Well it did the trick today! I took a MASSIVE mushy shit this afternoon/evening! Helped a lot after that log-like poop on Tuesday I think it was. Dunno. Been drinking lots of water as well and trying to exercise as much as I can.

Question: I posted about peeing and accidentally pooping my panties in the shower the other night but it never got posted. None of my posts like that get posted. Why? I try to keep them as PG as I can. It's quite confusing and frustrating. I see a lot worse/non PG stories on earlier pages. Thanks

Here is a story from last month, one Monday evening I got call from my friend Hisae she was crying a lot. She had had big fight with her boyfriend. I said to her, come to my flat, you can sleep over. So she came with clothes change and night things. She was still crying so I hug her and sit her down and made tea.

She drank tea and told me about the quarrel with crying voice. He said very bad things to her, but it's private so I won't tell details, this forum is not about such kind of things. Hisae and my other friends are very very open people, but there is limit I think.

Gradually Hisae calmed down, began to cry less hard, but still tears appear a bit. Then she said, can I go to loo? So of course I said yes and she went in and sat down. Soon noises and smell came through door and I knew she was doing motions. It sounded like very soft ones, but her motions always soft, so I didn't worry. She didn't stay so long, but she made bururururu noise so many times, so diarrhea, I thought, and I was right because when she came out she said so. I said, do you want medicine, she said no it's OK, she didn't have pain.

I ran a bath. In summer I usually have shower but I thought she would relax more in hot tub, she likes hot springs and me too! So she took a bath and then I did too. And then we went to bed because I get up very early in morning on work days. My bed is semi-double so space for both of us.

I got up about 6 AM and made quick breakfast, Hisae had heartbreak but she still had appetite! I washed my hair and then Hisae washed hers. Then we ate breakfast and then Hisae said, I need motion again. I thought, after all that last night, you do again?? but I didn't say. Hisae went into the loo and I started make-up. She came out soon and I went in because I knew it would be big motion and take long time. Hisae was making up outside. I didn't lock the door, I usually don't lock when I am in my flat. After first flush I was doing another motion when the door opened slowly and Hisae looked in. She said nothing, but her eyes said everything, and the message was, Mina I love you. I was trying hard to get my motion out of my bottom, so I don't know what my face said, but suddenly it came out and I looked at Hisae, and I hope my face said, Hisae I love you. Maybe it did because she gave small smile then closed the door quietly, it's a sliding door, and I did another motion.

That was last one and I washed and wiped and flushed and came out to finish make-up, Hisae already finished and dressed. We had short time left before go to work. I said, Hisae you are OK, you can go to work? She said, of course,and thanked me. I hugged her and she cried little. But also smiled.

We are not lesbian so I hug her but I don't kiss her. In Japan only lovers kiss, usually. Kazuko and Maho are also not lesbian. Lesbian is OK of course but it's not our feeling.

By the way, this story has happy end, maybe. Hisae and her boyfriend didn't speak each other for 3 days but on the Friday her boyfriend sent her mail in which he say sorry, and they had reconciliation. So now they are together again. Kazuko and Maho and I don't have boyfriend. Maho had very bad experience with Japanese man so she doesn't like men especially she hates Japanese and Korean men (she is Korean). I'm Korean too, actually Japanese-Korean. So I like to read from korean girl. korean girl, you asked about someone go back to toilet many times with solid poo. That happened to me sometimes when I was early teens. Now I don't need to go back because I stay on toilet until there is no solid poo left inside my bottom. But sometimes it still happen when I do motion in very crowded public loo, I don't like to keep people waiting. But very rare because I like to go at home.

I hope and pray that people on this forum with painful constipation and painful diarrhea will have no more pain.


Victoria B.

To Jill

Your daughter's situation is actually very familiar to me. I'm in my early-mid 20s (23) and it sounds like your daughter and I have similar bowels and sizes. I'm 5'9" and about 135 lbs. and I can eat a ton without gaining much weight. Regular exercise might have something to do with that, but one thing it doesn't affect (and it's supposed to) is how often I need to go poop. It takes about two-three days for me to "really have to go" again after I've pooped and it never happens according to a predictable schedule.

Like your daughter, when I do go it's generally huge. The log that went from the mouth of the toilet bowl to above the water line that your daughter pushed out while you were in the stall with her sounds like something that came from my own butt. You mentioned that she started pooping it shortly after a fart and that it didn't take her too long to get it all the way out. Is it always this smooth or has she ever mentioned pain or soreness after going? If not, provided she makes sure to poop whenever she feels a need to go, your daughter is fine and has nothing wrong with her at all. She sounds healthy and her gut should be left as it is as long as she feels okay.

The downside of having this kind of gut is that emptying it can often result in a clogged toilet. My main trick to avoid this embarrassing situation is to keep track of how much each flush needs to bring down. For example, if she's in the middle of going and she's already unloaded a large poop and she feels like she needs to do more, she can flush that first log and then get back to pooping. She can get up from the toilet to check how big the turd was and judge as to whether or not the toilet can handle more from her own prior experience. I often use two flushes for a #2: the first for pee and poop, the second for paper. Skid marks can be taken care of with a brush and if worse comes to worse and she does clog the toilet, make sure to teach her how to do her own plunging. It's never fun to have to plunge a toilet, but it's something that she can control if she knows how to work a plunger. Hope this is helpful!

Need to go

No Water

I went to the gym this morning and needed to take a dump before my spinning class. I changed into my workout cloths and headed over to the stalls to take drop my load. the locker-room unusually quiet. I took a stall and dropped my shorts and dropped a long solid snake that curled around the bowl a couple of times followed that up with a quick piss. I wiped and pulled my shorts up and flushed... nothing happened... I left the stall and noticed that the other stall had a load of watery shit. I noticed ,after it was too late, that there was a sign on the wall as you entered the locker room saying that the water was temporally turned off for a repair could be done. I proceeded to my class and returned to the locker room an hour later and saw that the sign removerd and a clean toilets. I was pleased to see the water back on so i could strip and take a well deserved shower after an intense class. i'm not sure if anybody else found the need to add to the deposit in my stall prior to the water being turned back on...

Had I seen the sign I would have waited to take my dump but the class would not have been as good had I needed to hold that monster in for the duration of class!


To Janice

You asked what foods to eat for a big gassy dump

Here are some foods that cause gas:

Brussel sprouts, cabbage, onions, baked beans, peas.

Here are some high fibre foods that will help to make your feces (poop) bulky:

Oatmeal e.g. porridge, prunes, brown (not white) rice, baked beans (also caues gas), pears and dried fruit e.g. dried apricots

It's probably best to introduce them gradually and build up the quantity to allow your guts to get used to the increased fibre load and gas production. Also, be sure to drink enough fluid when you increase your fibre intake.

Would be interesting to hear how you get on..


To Jill: Children's Pooping Habits


That is a massive poop! I think that, what you want to ask your daughter if she is holding her poop. Does she try to avoid going at school, in front of her friends, or something like that? If that's not the case, then it may be normal unless she is experiencing uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, gas and cramps due to her infrequency in defecating.

Then, you could encourage her to add more vegetables, fruit, and whole grains to her diet to increase fiber. Maybe that would have her going daily. Too, a stool softener could help. They are gentle, non-habit forming and do not cause diarrhea like a laxative. Colace is the best!

I hope all is well. As one who had digestive problems in preteen years, it's best to get those under control - if it is a problem. However, it could be that her bowel habits just happen to be her 'normal.'

I hope that is helpful!




Embarrasment over Bowel Movements

To Sammy and others:

Sammy, it was interesting that you said that I would have been embarrassed over clogging a toilet at a friend's condo vs. when I was a teenager. My initial reaction was embarrassment, but not to the extent that I was ready to leave, run and hide or whatever.

We all poop. We may do it differently - sizes, consistencies, frequencies, noises and smells. But we all do it. I imagine every one of us has some bathroom related adventure, from the Queen, to the President, to celebrities, to those we admire and look up to, whoever. I guess what I am saying is since we are all human, and all in this thing called life together, we could be a little more understanding of one another when we have to do our 'doodie'!


Catherine :)

And, yes, Tinfoil Hat, we could use a better-designed toilet. Thank you for your reply!


to Janice: Metamucil

Be careful while taking Metamucil; follow the instructions as to how much water to drink. You must have sufficient water, or the Metamucil will make a solid mass in your colon that will be very hard or impossible to pass. For the big soft smooth bowel movements to occur, you must have a fair amount of liquid, though too much liquid is also not advisable. Be careful, and good luck!

To Korean girl: two or three waves of poop

Your friend hadn't gone for a while and then, when she did, she had three separate waves or impulses of poop. Many times in my life, I would sit down to poop, drop enough turds for a bowel movement, but not be completely empty, so after a minute or so I would have to drop some more. Rarely, that would happen again, for three separate waves or impulses of poop. All it means is that I didn't get it all out on the first push because there was a lot. I'm sure that is what your friend did; it's not the usual way a bowel movement goes, but it is not all that rare. It all depends on how big a backup there is; think of it as a long line of traffic waiting at a signal: Some of the cars can go at each green light, but if the line is too long, the next red light comes before every car is through, so the remaining cars must wait until the next green light. So if you have a lot of poop backed up, it may take more than one push to get it all out. Not a problem unless you have constipation.



I am back with the rest of the stories about me and my sister. First though just to clear up any possible confusion, in my original post I wrote that I find it to be "untrue" based on what I've read and experienced, but I meant to write "true".

Anyway, more on me and my sister. We've also both been victims of long car rides. She wet her pants on long rides enough times growing up that she had a designated seat in the back of our van. One particularly time I remember her doing it we were driving down the east coast and got stuck in traffic somewhere in Virginia. She was whining and fidgeting a lot and my dad told her to use a jar. That just made her whine more because she didn't wanna do that with all our brothers in the van. She of course eventually completely wet her shorts. They were these short navy blue shorts with thin fabric and they looked almost black all over her butt when she got out of the car. She was 15 when that happened.

I didn't pee myself on rides as much as her but I did a couple times, and both times it was because I fell asleep and wound up peeing my pants while sleeping. The most embarrassing one though happened on the bus on a school trip...we went somewhere 3 hours away and I made the bad mistake of sleeping on our way home. Even though I was 14 at the time and had stopped setting the bed every night by then, it was still risky because the chance of bed wetting is still possible (it still randomly happens very rarely now and I'm 27). Well I remember dreaming about swimming in one of those big water fountains that people throw coins in and the distinct sensation of the water getting really really warm around my crotch and my butt happened in the dream. It acted as an alarm for me to wake up, but it was too late. I woke up in my bus seat in wet pants. I had khaki colored pants on so it showed and I was really embarrassed. There was nothing to do but sit on the bus like that for the rest of the ride in shame as word of what I did slowly made its way around my classmates. That was actually my only ever school wetting accident.

My sister, other than the 7th grade concert accident, had a couple other school wettings. She did it in class when she was in 4th grade, and another time in high school she went to the bathroom after lunch when it was crowded and couldn't hold it long enough for a stall to open and peed her jeans in the middle off the bathroom with a bunch of other girls around.

Overall, while we've both had a history of wetting ourselves, I'd say my sister had more embarrassing moments than I have. I haven't lived with her for a few years now so I'm not sure how often she still has accidents but I know I'm still prone to them. The last one I'll share was the most embarrassing one I've ever had...not just because I was 25 at the time but also because it was a number 2. My only ever accident of that variety. There really isn't much to it...I had to go pretty bad one afternoon while in was commuting from school back to my apartment. I lived with one other girl, it was while I was in grad school, and I took 2 subway trains to get there. It was during the first ride when I first started to think that I better try and find a bathroom between trains or I might not make it home. I just remember getting these moments or extreme pressure where I felt like I was gonna lose control,but I would clench as hard as possible and concentrate on holding it and after a few seconds it would ease up. When the train stopped I ran across the platform and up the stairs as fast as I could while maintaining control. Figured people would just think I was trying to make another train. When I got to the top of the stairs one of those intense, on the verge of losing control feelings hit me. I had to just stop there frozen and try and regain control, but that time I couldn't... I pushed a big, mostly solid load into my panties and jeans. I felt like i was gonna faint I was so embarassed! I was in the middle of a busy subway station pooping my pants. When I was done I subtly inspected the damage with the back of my hand, hoping to find that the tightness of my jeans just flattened it and it wasn't showing... instead it felt like a bulge the size and shape of a cucumber in the back of my jeans. I obviously smelled bad too and I had to ride home like that on the same train I take every day. I waited until it was later than I normally get on if so that it was less likely that I'd see people who are on the same train as me, but I got a lot of looks. Some of pity, some of disgust, some of amusement... some just creepy. I never felt more vulnerable and embarrassed.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


To Jill

Thanks for your post regarding your oldest daughter's poop at the mall. From your description it really doesn't sound as though there is any cause for concern. In fact it sounds as though your daughter had a very healthy bowel movement. For your benefit and other people who visit the site I thought I'd go throgh a few things.

Frequency of defecation - this varies considerably between people. Some poop 2 or 3 times a day whilst others poop every 2 to 3 days. Either is completely normal. So the fact that your oldest daughter poops every 2 or 3 days should not be of concern in itself.

Length/volume of poop passed with each visit to the toilet - again this can vary considerably between people. There are no "rules" as to what is correct. Some people pass large amounts of poop while others pass very little. 18 inches of poop is fine but then it honestly wouldn't matter if your daughter's poop was 12 inches in length or 24 inches or more.

Consistency of poop - The Bristol stool scale illustrates 7 types of stool (poop) form. Type 1 is associated with constipation while type 7 is typical of diarrhoea. Type 4 which is like a smooth sausage is considered ideal but types 3 and 5 are also considered acceptable. However, in practice when a person poops the first piece or segment of poop be type 3 and as it emerges it may become more like type 4 then type 5 at the end: though this is just an example. An individual log may be a mixture of 2 or 3 "types".

It sounds as though your daughter passed one big log which slid out easily. However, it could easily have been two 9 inch pieces, three 6 inch pieces or any combination. It doesn't matter whether she passes one big log or several. As long as she doesn't experience pain or bleeding when she poops then that's fine. Also, she shouldn't have to strain when she poops though she may occasionally have to push a little when she begins to open her bowels.

The big fart that she did before pooping was caused by gas in her rectum being rapidly expelled just before the "head" of her poop emerged. The gas can be very smelly especially when certain foods are consumed but there is no shame in the smell or noise created when passing gas or poop - especially in a toilet. The crackling noise was caused by gas trapped in her poop escaping as the poo emerged from her anus. This suggests that her poop was laden with gas which is a good sign in itself and suggests that she has a very healthy diet.

It's good that your daughter allowed you in with her when she pooped at the mall. It suggests she is quite comfortable with pooping which is a good sign. Perhaps you will have the chance to observe other poops that she does. I hope you (and others) found my reply helpful and reassuring. Feel free to post any other poop related questions here.

(Just one question - how thick i.e. wide was your oldest daughter's poop?)


korean girl

almost had a situation and in bathroom while friend pooped

I was at a friends house when I got the feeling to go poo. I asked if I could use her bathroom and she said yes. I went to her bathroom and pulled my tights and panties down and lifted my skirt. I let out a long quiet fart and began on my poo. I started pushing and it was hard coming out. I pushed a bit more and it was out but hurt. It was about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. I actually clogged the toilet so I started getting embarrassed but I saw a plunger and it went down in one plunge.


Later that evening she said she had to go drop some logs as she said. She then went on to say that she wanted to talk to me while she pooped. I said sure and she led me into the bathroom with her. She sat down and started peeing. After her stream died down she started pushing. Her face looked the same but I could see her body tighten up. She made about 8 plops. She wiped once and stood up. From where I was I saw that she had done eight small ones all about 2 inches long and an inch thick. After she pulled her pants up she suddenly pulled them back down. She sat on the toilet and farted. She then did a big push. She took a breath and said she had not gone in about a week. She pushed again and there was a loud plop sound. She wiped and I saw she did a log that was about 6 inches long and two inches wide. It didn't go down at first so she helped it with the plunger. She washed her hands and said "wait there is more." She sat down and made two more plops like the first batch and was done.

I have never heard of someone needing to go back to the toilet so many times with solid poo. I thought that was odd!! If anyone has had that happen to them before please tell.


Second day of college

I don't want to give my name but im a nomral 18 year old girl who just started college. Its in a new town away from home for the first time. Today I had a full class load and didn't get many breaks between class and finding the next rooms and stuff so i didn't get to go to the bathroom all afternoon and had to go really bad by the time i finished my last class this afternoon. It was around 5:00 and I just wanted to go back to my dorm, use the bathroom, change, and go get dinner. But I was a little lost and i guess took a wrong turn and finally figured it out and was back on my way when the urge to go got so bad I had to stop and squeeze to hold it in but not before losing a little pee into my panties. i was wearing a loose sundress so nobody could see anything. i kept walking but the urge got worse and i knew i didnt have long and was about to look for a bathroom but i was crossing the green (a big grassy area) so there was nothing nearby but tons of other students walking back and forth or sitting in the grass and stuff. i almost made it to the end and could see my dorm building when my body gave up and i felt my butt open and start to push. I stepped into the grass and squatted down and pretended to look in my backpack and just filled my panties with a huge load of crap and then peed through my panties into the grass. I felt like everyone was watching and knew what i was doing. i couldnt believe it. but nobody seemed to notice. after i finished i carefully felt around my dress and didnt feel any wetness so i carefully stood and slowly walked back to my room. the load felt huge and i was sure it would fall out but it stayed inside my panties. i got in my room and luckily my roommate was not there so i was able to clean up and shower without her knowing. i threw away the panties. i can't believe this happened at my age. thanks for letting me share.


I Tried

I had frequent wetting episodes when I was in early grade school. I do remember coming home from school with wet pants many times in 1st and 2nd grade. Sometimes I would wet in class and, usually, was scolded by the nun (I went to parochial school). This was in the 1960's and we weren't allowed to go home to change if we did have an accident. The prevailing philosophy was: If you want to wet your pants then you can wear them that way the rest of the day. The bigger issue, for me, was on the way home from school. I would frequently find myself needing a bathroom on the way home from school and would either decide to just wet myself (it was easier and nobody would notice since I always wore a dress to school) or I would have a genuine 'accident' where I just couldn't hold it until I got home. In this case I would casually continue walking home feeling my underpants getting more and more wet with each step no matter how much I tried to stop it.

When I began 3rd grade I had just turned 8 and I decided that I wanted to quit wetting my pants. Part of the reason for this is that my mother was getting more exasperated with my frequent wettings. Another part was that I thought 8 years old was a little old to be still wetting my pants. This went rather well for the first few weeks of school. I was kind of pleased that I was getting home and my panties were still dry. It also helped that my Mom wasn't nagging me about being too old to be wetting my pants all the time.

I do, however, recall a very stressful wetting I did have in the 3rd grade. I had left school and I didn't need a bathroom break very badly. I knew that I could get home in time to use the bathroom without an 'accident'. I did stop to play with a couple of friends on the school playground but everything still seemed to be OK. After playtime I began walking home with one of my friends and my need seemed to get more and more urgent but I still thought I could make it without embarrassing myself - especially in front of a friend. When I got to my house I went up on the porch while my friend continued to visit with me. Our porch was a large porch with sides that hid most of the porch. I remember standing on the porch and kind of leaning over the edge while visiting with my friend who was on the sidewalk. I began to feel a stronger urge and I began feeling like I might have an accident. Since she couldn't see anything below my waist I began to cross my legs and fidget to keep myself under control until I could go inside and use the bathroom. Pretty soon my friend asked me why I was being so jumpy. I didn't want to admit my growing need and I now realized that I couldn't uncross my legs without at least a little accident. I simply replied "I don't know" and I quit jumping about. I did, however, keep my legs crossed since she couldn't see me below the waist. I was now hoping that the urge would pass soon.

As we continued visiting I began to feel that I was going to lose the battle. I began to get that familiar feeling of damp underpants but decided to continue visiting since I now knew that I had lost it. I still hoped that my mom wouldn't find out. My friend then said that she had to get home and she left. By this time I no longer needed the bathroom but I was standing in a small puddle that I had made. At about this time my mom came out to tell me to come in and do my chores. As soon as she saw the puddle under me she remarked "I see that you've wet your pants again. When are you going to stop???" I knew that she was very angry with me. Her next comment really surprised me when she said "I'm not going to deal with this anymore. If you want to be wetting your pants then go ahead but you will find yourself very embarrassed someday."

I still tried to keep myself dry but it wasn't until 5th/6th grade that I did, finally, stay consistently dry. Some weeks were very good and other days and/or weeks were not so successful. If there is interest I will share more both before and after this event.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jemma as always another great poop story it sounds like it was a pretty good one to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


A good outside poop

I have posted before about taking a poop outside at home, we have an ideal set up (lots of land and a secluded area). A few minutes ago I could feel a poop knocking so I walked up to my spot, pulled my shorts down and popped a squat. A little peddle came right out, then nothing, I repositioned my stance and found a stick I could hold onto and press into the ground to add leverage. I started pushing again and out came a couple of more pebbles, then a groan and a big push later out came a good sized poop. I enjoy the freedom of pooping outside because it allows me to be as loud as I want without the worry of bothering anyone.

That's all for now


What to take for a massive gassy dump?

Hey guys, long time lurker here. Does anyone know of any good supplements to take for a big gassy dump? I am eager to have one for fun but I'm not much of a pooper. My poops tend to be fairly small and gasless. So boring!!! And it's weird because I eat a lot. Guess I'm just not much of a pooper lol.

I have heard that metamucil is pretty good for bulk? I'm wondering does it give you lots of gas and farting as well? I have heard lots of stories of people having explosive dumps haha and am eager to have one myself!!


Kids Pooping Habits

Hey everyone this is my first post and it seems like a good website to get some positive feedback from other mothers or females. I am a 45 year old woman with a healthy active lifestyle. I have three daughters. The oldest is 16 and the other two are 13 and 8. We feed them very healthy food and they always tend to eat a lot. My older two can eat A LOT of food, even junk food, and not gain a pound. I guess they have a fast metabolism. They all poop pretty big and it is the oldest one that shocks me. The other day we went to the mall for school shopping and she said, "Mom I really have to take a dump, will you come with me?" Apparently she had not been in three days so I took my 13 year old along and we went to the bathroom. The older one and I waited for a stall for a few minutes until one opened up. Out came a very pretty, tall and skinny blonde girl. We replaced her in the stall and were hit by a pretty big stink. It was clear she had taken quite a large poop judging off the skid mark in the bowl and the healthy poop aroma in the air. Anyways, my daughter dropped her pants to her ankles then took a seat. I asked her why she wanted me here and said to keep her company. I told her to hurry as we had to get back to my other daughter who ended up coming in to the stall. After a big fart, I heard some crackling for a while and a floomp sound. Then she was done. I thought to myself that she must have done a healthy poop if it was that quick. I could tell her poop was starting to stink up the stall. She finished wiping and we all looked into the toilet. There was a single log that must have been 18 inches long but we could only see part of it. It stretched from down the hole all the way up past the water line. I was surprised at how big her poop was. I guess I shouldn't be though. She is about 5'7 and 125 lbs. Considering how much she eats this might seem appropriate. So, we flushed her monster poop that made yet another large skid mark. And by the time we exited the stall we noticed how much of a stink she created. Next in line to use our stall was a girl of about 14. So, is it fine for my daughter to be pooping every 2 or 3 days even if it is that big. She says that those are her normal size but she is not very regular. Any feedback appreciated!

Jill :)

accident on the PCH

I recently visited the west coast to see my brother and a lady friend of mine who have both no end out that way in recent years. One of the Saturdays I was there my lady friend and I took a drive along the PCH so I could see the Pacific Ocean and other scenery. We were out most of the day and never stopped anywhere established, just stopped at the side of the road and got out a few times to go on the beach. After a while we were both hungry and she asked if I wanted to hear toward Malibu and find a place to eat. I said "yeah I guess its a good time to do that" and she said "yeah I need to go to the bathroom kind of bad too." I nodded and we continued on. She was driving and I noticed her squirming a lot in her seat so it was obvious she was getting desperate. We reached Malibu and found a little Mexican place to eat. We had to park kind of far up the road and walk back to it because it was crowded in town, being a Saturday in August. She mentioned again as we started the walk to the restaurant that she couldn't wait to get to the bathroom. We must have made it like 25 feet before she was like "this isn't gonna work." I asked what she meant and she's like "walking is making if harder to hold it I don't think I can make the walk you mind if we get back in the car and find some place I can park close to?" I obliged her and we got back in the car- it would wind up being a big big mistake for her. As soon as we pulled back onto the highway and continued further not only did the town pretty much turn into nothing but residences and beach but traffic picked up getting closer to LA. so soon we were just sitting with nothing public nearby. She started to get anxious and was breathing heavy but also kind of laughing at the situation she found herself in. She said to me "what would you do if I peed my pants right now? Like in front of you? Would you still be my friend?" She was joking around. I said "I would definitely still be your friend but I would of course tease you about it." She said nothing and just sat perfectly still staring forward, then she sighed heavily. I looked at her lap to see a big wet stain growing between her thighs. She started laughing and blushing and said "I'm sorry it's the worst I've ever had to pee that I can remember.... I couldn't help it." She just kept laughing awkwardly but was clearly humiliated, and i just chuckled at her and put my hand on her shoulder and told her not to worry. We wound up just sitting through the traffic with her in her wet pants and underwear and hit up a drive thru on the way back to her place. To make it even funnier as soon as we got in she still dashed for the bathroom and was in there for a bit. I thought she was just cleaning up and changing but when she came it she said "I almost made it without the other accident...just glad I didn't do THAT in the car..." upon making her explain more she revealed that she had also badly needed to poop the whole time but held it up until that point, but she was already pooping her pants as we entered her apartment and that's why she ran to the bathroom.


My job and my boss

Well I back sorry I have posted in a while I been very busy well here my story I just got fired for something I had nothing to do with so anyway he let me work the rest of the shift cause the we're short on workers so I figured I would leave him something to remember me by so I went to his office with my look out and I told to un hook the cameras for 15 mins thin I in his office open up bottom side desk drogue and squat over it and drop 3 14" smelly log then I got a text saying he coming I pull my jeans leave a note it said f you scum bag then the cameras was hook up and we all left that morning but before we got the door he ask us all some is we was in his office. We said no

So This i was about 6 years old,And i was in the house by myself for like few minutes.Cause my parents went to the store.Afterwards they called saying there going out and a babysitter will come in 45 mins.I hang up around 15 later.I was Just laying on the bed just in my panties,Just Laughing to myself and Ripping farts.Until my stomach started to hurt.I didnt feel like going to the bathroom and sit on that cold toilet seat.So i walked into the bathroom.Squated and Just relax,I let out a few more farts,Then few secs later my crotch area was Soaked.Then i stood there for awhile.And i Poop in my panties.I didnt care.Then i sat down and felt a The poop mash in my buttcrack.Then i heard a knock and jangle of keys then a open i instatly freak out take off the panties hide them,Before i could do anything i had to go again so i sat on the toilet.The babysitter arrived and she saw me naked taking a poop.Awkward silence,then a very huge fart...


2 Bursting Bladders, 1 Toilet

This past weekend I babysat for Tanner Rae, a 5-year-old I've only had one other time. She behaves well, especially since her parents are divorcing, but when we're out and away from home, she waits until she's about to burst her bladder before telling me she needs to go to the bathroom. I realize being at the state fair with several thousand people is a new experience for her, but there were lines, actually some long lines stretching out of each of the toilet buildings. I'd remembered using a portable potty down by the race track last year, so I walked Tanner Rae over there. It was quite a walk and she held her hand between her legs most of the time, while I pulled her through the crowd as fast as she could walk. We were literally walking through sand and dust for the last block or so to get to the set of a dozen or so toilet booths. There was a large group of about 70 or 80 people at the top of about five stairs on a wooden porch waiting for the next of the green doors to swing open. The lady in front of us said she had been in line for 20 minutes. She was getting even hotter with the strong sunlight and humidity.

Tanner Rae continued to complain and move around in pain. When a door would open, the next person would hurry in. I couldn't tell exactly what happened, but a mother and very young boy went in together, but there wasn't enough space to close the door, so she had to come back outside. You could hear she was mad and she was yelling at him through the door. Finally, about five minutes later, we were next in line and watching for a door to open. I could feel that I too needed to wee and the wait and worry about Tanner Rae having an accident didn't help. Finally, an old lady with a cane came out of the second toilet and I yanked the door open before it closed, and shoved Tanner Rae in. It was obvious that the two of us couldn't fit, so just as Tanner Rae seated herself on the toilet, I quickly slipped out, slammed the door behind me, and waited. It seemed like a long time ... then a longer time and I heard a noise against the door (probably her swinging legs because she gets restless) so I asked her what was wrong. I could tell she was crying, but what I could make out was that she wasn't able to get her wee to start.

After about 10 minutes, I too was in more pain. I knew there wouldn't be enough space for both of us in there, but I asked her to open the door. I didn't want her to expose herself to everyone that might have been watching in the line, so once she opened the door I bumped into her and latched the door as fast as I could. I dropped my shorts and pushed her off the stool, then placed her on my lap, just as my wee stream blasted out. How we created the extra space I don't know, but by moving all the way back, opening my legs as wide as I could (even though it hurt me because of my small size) there was a tiny space to place her between my legs. Immediately her stream started and between the two of ours, there was a good amount of noise. Since there was no water in the bowl, it was like faucet water falling into an empty metal pail. Within a couple of minutes both of our bladders were drained. I calmed her down as she pulled her shorts up and opened the door enough for her to go out as I fastly as got off the toilet and pulled my shorts up.

The crowd of those waiting in line had gotten even longer while we were in there. The second time we had to wee a couple of hours later we waited in the line at one of the main restroom buildings. They were hot and dirty but Tanner Rae had no problem weeing right after she was seated. It was also a privilege to be able to wash our hands and use a paper towel to wipe off our sweat.


Question - If your spouse/SO had an accident...

Hey guys,

I've been a "lurker" around here for quite a while. I've had my share of bathroom related experiences, and an old friend was just sharing one of her own with me. The topic came up after a few drinks, we were discussing her ex-fiance (a total jerk), and she told me about one time she had an accident - ok, she pooped her pants. In front of him. How humiliating, right? But he actually YELLED at her! Really? I couldn't believe that. Sure, it's embarassing. But we're all only human, right? Here she is, sitting in her own mess, in public, and he's got the nerve to yell at her? How do you treat someone you love that way?

So it got me to thinking, and now I'm curious. How many of you have witnessed your significant other have an accident? What did you do? Or have you had an accident in front of your SO?

If you haven't actually witnessed that, if your SO did have an accident, how would you react?

Victoria F.
Hi everyone. Yesterday I went out to eat at a restaurant. After finishing my meal, I was feeling an urge to poop. So I paid my bill and visited the bathroom on the way out. There were two stalls, but one was marked "Out of Order" and the other was taken. Whoever was in the stall was obviously pooping as well, because there was a definitely smell of a healthy dump in the air.

I didn't hear anything for a little while, and then there was a loud, fairly long fart. That was followed by a big splash and another smaller splash. I listened closely and heard a faint grunt and then the crackling sound of a turd coming out.

I was starting to have to go pretty bad by then, and I let off several silent farts. From the person in the stall meanwhile, there was a plop, then she began to roll off toilet paper. She wiped quite a lot and flushed the toilet, and shortly flushed a second time before exiting the stall.

It was on of the waitresses who worked at the restaurant (I could tell because of her uniform). She was a small blonde girl, probably no more than 18 years old. She seemed very embarrassed, and practically ran to the sinks as I entered the stall.

I sat down on the toilet, as the girl very quickly washed her hands and left the bathroom. I let out three good-sized turds of my own, adding to the already quite substantial smell the waitress had left behind. I didn't mind though. As I was wiping, I heard the bathroom door open and whoever it was said something like "Yuck!" and immediately left the bathroom. She obviously couldn't handle the stink. I finished wiping, flushed, then washed my hands and headed home.


Random replies

Hi its John B.

First of all hello and thankyou to Keith - Van man. Its good to hear from a fellow Brit and a fellow professional driver to boot.

Over the course of the years I've been in similar situations to the one you described on many occasions and like you have enjoyed the moment immensely!

This brings me to a situation I found myself in in Llangollen last Thursday.

I was driving back from Holyhead along the A5 with my wife and mother when we decided to take both a meal and comfort break as all three of us were busting for a pee and something to eat.

We parked the car and found a lovely restaurant. We asked for a table for three and were no problem about 5 minutes which was fine as it enabled us to us the lavatory prior to being seated. My mother went first and my wife said that she 'd left her handbag in the car so I said I'd get it. On returning my with wife had now gone into the loo but I'd lost my space to a well groomed brunette about 5'7" in high heels and not unlike Susanna Reid in appearance. My wife came out and said sorry you've lost your place I'll see your at the table.

Anyway I suddenly heard the pulling of toilet paper and came to realise I'd been there for about ten minutes. More toilet paper was unrolled and a minute or so later I heard the clicking of heels on the stone floor and the noise of flushing followed by the noise of a hand drier whereupon the door opened and said brunette exited looked at me and mouthed sorry and I gave her a half smile.

Upon entering the small but brightly lit cubicle I was met with the aroma of poo and perfume which to me wasn't unpleasant. In the bowl were several skidmarks and a Malteser sized piece of poo floating in the water!

When I went to pee I kept aiming at this little poo forcing it under the water but it kept bobbing up again. I wiped the end of my penis (an advantage of unisex toilets) flushed and this time everything disappeared, skiddies and all so blushes spared all round.

On returning upstairs to our table I made eye contact with the woman and winked and she gave a knowing smile back. Got to our table and my wife whispered that she realized that the woman had needed a number 2 and that's what kept me. I said I'd tell her the full story later and she gave me a poke in the ribs and giggled.

Hope you enjoyed!

Jemma haven't forgotten you and will post my story to you sometime next week.

Take care everyone here its you that makes this forum so special. We're all from different backgrounds, ethnicities and generations but with a common interest and long may it last!

John B x

Blind Guy

Moral Support for Christa: Slightly Off Topic

Greetings. I sincerely hope the mods and readers will forgive this mostly off topic post, and understand that I write this in support of Christa. Seems to me she could use some. I am mildly autistic, so I don't have as many problems in that arena as you probably do. But I am totally blind, and because of that I am treated much the same. Blind for most people equals helpless, useless, incompetent ETC, especially when it comes to ignorant public and certain family members. I think most if not all of us "disabled" folks have at least one family member or more who simply refuses to treat us like people rather than a misconception, stereotype or worthless helpless nothing. The problem is, there's not a bloody (I would normally use a stronger word) thing you can do about it if they are not willing to make a tiny little adjustment in whatever passes for brains in their obviously mostly empty heads. I know I can't help, but I would at least like to say that I know all to well how it feels to be in your shoes in this instance. It's harder to do than to give this advice, but I wouldn't let your anxiety cause you to avoid using the bathroom whenever you need it. For one thing, you are having more than enough trouble as it is without making things worse by not getting to the bathroom in time, which naturally increases the frequency of accidents. That is causing you even more unnecessary problems than you already have, which in turn increases anxiety and stress, which in turn increases the bathroom issues. It's a vicious cycle of negative effect that is difficult to reverse I'm sure, but I certainly think not letting your anxiety keep you from geting to a bathroom whenever needed would help to mitigate it. I'm embarrassed if I have to ask for a bathroom while in someone's car, but I do what I need to do. If your thinner pull-ons are not able to keep you dry and comfortable during such mong trips, you might try some thicker pull-ons, belted or beltless undergarments or briefs. Abri-Wing is a thicker and highly absorbent beltless undergarment that offers similar protection to a full fledged brief/diaper but without the taping and all that plastic that can show or cause problems. You'd need to get them on line, as stores do not carry them, but they are well worth the price if that's what you need. It might not be the most ideal solution, but it's better than being wet anyway. I hope this experience is not going to make things worse for you, and that you are able to find other arrangements next year. It doesn't seem right that your younger sister should get the "normal" treatment while you are relegated to this crazy relative who obviously hasn't the brains or the heart or the courage (sorry, huge Wizard of Oz fan here) to accept you as you are and work with that. Is there any way you can explain to your mother how you feel and what it's like? I can't talk to my parents very easily, but I find writing them letters much easier. . As for your aunt's potty training comments... let's just say that any chance at all this post has of actually making it on the site would be shot into a billion tiny pieces if I voiced my opinion of her and her attitude. Besides, mixed company and all. I wish I could offer you more in terms of support, but posting personal info on a public forum is extremely dangerous and would probably be excised by mods anyway. But if you aren't already aware, there are plenty of on line and social media forums that you can use, both anonymously and otherwise, with people in similar situations. I belong to a number of Autie and Aspie forums on Facebook and on line, and the people there are mostly great and extremely supportive. I apologize for the bloody long essay, but I feel for you and wanted to at least offer some support and suggestions and sympathy. How's the bedwetting coming by the way? I'm sure being at Miss Gulch's didn't help, as I always found high stress to make mine much more severe, but I hope things have calmed down for you. Bloody best of luck, and please keep us posted.

First of all, sorry sorry sorry, I forgot to put my name at top of the hot spring story. It's Mina's story!!

To Stan: Maybe you wrote about my friend Kazuko. I described her before, but I don't remember when. She's medium height, a bit slim, not very slim, but I'm fatter. Long straight hair, she dyed it brown. Very uneven teeth because she eat too many sweet things from time she was a little girl, and now too. But beautiful smile, even with uneven teeth. She has warmest smile in the world. She has high cheekbones and very cute round cheeks. She's in her 20s like me. Her bottom is average size, a bit smaller than mine, and very cute.

To Victoria B: Sorry make you jealous. Me too I like to think about things on loo, so I don't take laptop. I do a motion and then sit there and think about many things and then do another motion and then think and then…. until I am empty.
Public loos in Japan have got much better in last few years. But there are still many dark dirty loos especially in office blocks and in hospitals they are so inhospitable. And often even new light public loos, they don't have hand dryer, and if they do it's only one so if many people we have to be quick. In Wales and London I found loos with many hand dryers and also hot water. In Japan never! except in some hotels.
We don't have high doors. I surprised in Wales and England. I don't like. I put trousers and panties at my knees when I do motion. I've never been to USA. Thank you for information about loo in USA.

About hot spring story, when i tap my friend on bottom, not at all hard! Only little one.




old poop in your ideal poop story were you farting in the car on the way home?


Swollen sore stomach and trapped gas

The other day (Tuesday) I did a long soft poop that looked like a log (literally). I did nothing on Wednesday unfortunately and for most of the day my stomach was really sore and my pants felt tight and uncomfortable on me. I think it was trapped gas though because when I went to bed last night and laid on my left side (the side I sleep on) I was farting up a storm and felt a little better. My husband and I were out for most of the day yesterday so I had no chance to try to sit on the toilet or do the things I normally do to try and poop. I'm hoping increasing the water today (since I had only 3 bottles of water yesterday as opposed to about 6 large (reusable) ones that I normally drink). We did tons of exercising too yesterday. Lots of walking around downtown since we were there for a doctor's appointment (mine-neurologist). So I don't understand why that didn't trigger my bowels. But my husband said my farting at bedtime traveled downstairs and stunk up the living room. Oops. Poor hubby.

To Victoria B. Thanks for responding to my survey. You had some pretty interesting stories about crapping. The one about taking a crap at the dinner party and your dad taking 20 minutes to fix the clog sounds very embarrassing I hope that never happens to me. See ya Sammmy.

To Christa: sorry, that sounds awful! i hope you are enjoying time back home!


To Christa:

Hey, sorry to hear of you're lousy week. Have you tried talking to your mom about why you can't stay with your sister? It might be hard for you to do that, but if you can sit down with her and ask her without complaining or whining, you might be able to get some insight into it. It's possible that she doesn't think that your sister is ready to stay with you alone for that much time. If your sister is working, it's not going to be that easy for her to leave her job to be with you when needed. Another thing you might want to try (but talk to your mom about it first)is next time you're with your aunt, politely, but firmly say no when she goes to hug you. That goes for others as well. One more thing to consider is when your aunt is treating you like a little child, try just a firm reminder of your age, "I'm 23, not 3". This needs to be done in a very firm and matter of fact way without tears or anger. Maybe your mom has some ideas on how you can deal with this directly with your aunt that won't be too stressing on you and also keep the peace in the family. BTW, you may have psychological/emotional issues, but it's clear from your writing that you are in fact a very bright and articulate young woman. Hang in there and stay strong.

Tinfoil Hat

Clogging toilets

To Catherine and anyone else who has experienced with clogging toilets, the problem is the way toilets are made in your country.
American made toilets have very narrow waterways and if you see them sideways you'll notice a coiled relief on the pedestal porcelain. That's because they're siphoning toilets- that is, the water flow bypasses the waste thereby dragging it down the waterway, and it won't happen without a big pool of water in the pan and the narrow passage. So the water may flow freely, but bigger than nornal waste just stays in the pan or may clog the waterway if not breaken up with something like a plunger. Another consequence of the whole setup is the familiar splashback when your turds are short and won't coil. On the other hand, the amount of water in the pan reduces the likelyhood of skidmarks, and that's why plungers are often if not always missing in American private bathrooms. One of my relatives went on honeymoon in the USA this summer and gave me all the details.

Italian and, generally speaking, European toilets (maybe Australian ones too) instead rely on the washdown method, that is, the waste goes down the drain along with the water flow, so waterways are wide and the water pool is therefore smaller and placed inside a sort of splash guard, so no splashback (well, it still happens sometimes, but you can't manage to soak your whole cheeks). On the other hand you'd always find a plunger placed between the toilet and the wall because skidmarks are nearly always made.

It seems that siphoning American-style toilets are nowhere to be found here in Italy and they aren't made or sold. I just don't understand the reason and i'd like my toilet to be American-style. I'm yet to clog it even after eating like a beast and it would be fun to clog a toilet and then un-clog it, in my opinion. The splashback may also help with your own cleaning if you get what i mean (even if you could be heard by the whole neighbourhood while you're going).

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Christa it sounds like you had a pretty rough time.

To: Korean Girl great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina great story it sounds like you and your friends all had pretty good poops and I bet you felt good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Victoria F great story it sounds like you got a really good show in that bathroom.

To: Keith Van-Man great story it sounds like she had a good poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


reply to John B :)

Hi everyone & especially John B...
thank you for your questions i'd be happy to answer them no problem.
it's nice u liked my live post,
1/ yes i do carry tissues in my handbag but i've been ok really i always check (except 1 time at a cinema when i didnt & had to change cubicles.. was so embarrassing) quickly beforehand that loo roll is indeed plenty.
2/ there was a time when i ran out of loo roll after a messy big desperate poo in town & i used my handbag tissues too & felt like i had a messy bum still so i went to superdrug & bought some tissues went back to the public loo & wiped thoroughly. Thankfully i had black knickers on so skidmarks couldn't be seen.
3/ at school teachers were horrible about it thought i was skiving lessons etc but in hindsight that made me cope well today with how i am because at the end of the day i couldn't help it. I just cope because i have to no good letting it get me down, thats who i am, my mum had written my school letters explaining about my stomach & everything but i assume they got sniggered at & chucked in the bin - sympathetic lot they were!

Well thanks for taking an interest in what i share John, as always more from me soon.
take care everyone, J xx

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Loving my new toilet set up

I had to replace my toilet recently and I also ended up buying a squatty potty and hand held sprayer. Although the toilet is higher than the previous one, I love the squatting stool and sprayer! I've had some loose stools lately, and the sprayer helps wash down the bowl so I don't have to use the toilet brush. And of course, my bum is much cleaner than ever before. I've had a couple of friends see my set up and I just tell them that it is great. So much cleaner. The stool makes crapping into the higher bowl easier, too. I even installed a hook on the wall so I can hang up my underwear and jeans since I usually take them off now when I dump. Definitely recommend this set up for everyone!


College Poo

I was in my third class of the day at college, about 11am and I really needed to poo. I had needed to go before I even left the house but didn't have time because I was running late, so at this point it was becoming pretty urgent. I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until my break nearly an hour away so I shyly and quietly asked to be excused. My lecturer said it was okay and I headed to the girls bathrooms a couple of floors down. I'm so glad they're close! I opened the door and went around the corner to be greeted with 5 toilets without any stalls. The toilet roll was on the tank. It truly was an open bathroom. Opposite the toilets were the sinks so anybody washing their hands would be able to see anything. Next to me on the wall was a sign that read "Due to repeated vandalism we have been left with no choice but to remove the stalls. Sorry for any inconvenience" I really didn't want to use these toilets but I needed to go so bad that I had no option. I walked over to the toilet furthest away and pulled down my skinny jeans and white thong just far enough to go, sitting on the seat. After a couple of seconds I farted and a soft poop started coming out of me. The relief felt incredible. It only took a few moments for it to begin curling around the bowl. As my poo was coming out I took care of another need and peed for 15 seconds. My poo broke off with a quiet flump shortly after. I knew I wasn't done so I stayed seated and managed to push out another three, smaller pieces. I reached behind and reeled off some toilet roll, wiping my behind 5 times and my front once. I flushed, stood up and redressed before washing my hands. I then returned to class with a huge smile on my face. I was so proud of myself for going in a bathroom like that.

N.I girl


Hi all. Im new here and dont really have an interesting story at the minute although i am a bit constipated. Havent been since Sun. Feel the need to go but nothing happening bar a few gassy, airy farts. Hope to today. Dont usually get constipation. I go either everyday or every other day.

I have a question. Do people on here ever do a live poop session? Im thinking of maybe doing one. Either for this dump or another. Just wondering. If not i'll just post up my story once i finally go.

Anyway i enjoy the posts on here and maybe i'll contribute some more. Im off to try and see if this poop is for coming.

Bye all.


reply to John B :)

Hi everyone & especially John B...
thank you for your questions i'd be happy to answer them no problem.
it's nice u liked my live post,
1/ yes i do carry tissues in my handbag but i've been ok really i always check (except 1 time at a cinema when i didnt & had to change cubicles.. was so embarrassing) quickly beforehand that loo roll is indeed plenty.
2/ there was a time when i ran out of loo roll after a messy big desperate poo in town & i used my handbag tissues too & felt like i had a messy bum still so i went to superdrug & bought some tissues went back to the public loo & wiped thoroughly. Thankfully i had black knickers on so skidmarks couldn't be seen.
3/ at school teachers were horrible about it thought i was skiving lessons etc but in hindsight that made me cope well today with how i am because at the end of the day i couldn't help it. I just cope because i have to no good letting it get me down, thats who i am, my mum had written my school letters explaining about my stomach & everything but i assume they got sniggered at & chucked in the bin - sympathetic lot they were!

Well thanks for taking an interest in what i share John, as always more from me soon.
take care everyone, J xx

im having a real hard time lately. my mom has to go out of town twice a year for her job and whenever she does, i have to go stay with my aunt jena even though my younger sister gets to stay home alone (im 23, shes 18.). i hate it! my aunt treats me like a toddler! she's always thought autistic means helpless and retarded. i had to stay with her all last week, and as usual, it was awful! the drive to her house is nearly 8 hours. i was so stressed that i forgot to ask for the bathroom when i had to go. i wet my pullup twice. when we got there, my mom asked me if i needed to go pee. i said no but it had been nearly four hours since id last peed and i did need to go again. she asked me if i was wet and i said no. i thought i could wait til we got to my aunt's but i was too stressed. we pulled into her driveway and i dribbled a little. my pullup was already soaked and squishy between my legs. i was trying not to cry. i dribbled some more walking up the driveway with my mom. when my aunt opened the door, she screamed hi so loud (as usual) i almost cried. she hugged my mom and then grabbed me in a huge hug (which my mother has asked her for years not to do cuz being touched is so hard for me). i cried out, started to stim and i peed in my already swollen pullup. i soaked right thru it and made a puddle on the floor of my aunt's foyer. my aunt told my mom. "its ok. ill potty train her for u this week." and thus started the beginning of a totally shitty week with my insane aunt. ill write more about it in my next post. im just so glad to b home.

korean girl

old story

I have no new story so I will talk about an old one. I was I think 16 when this happened. My family and I went to a popular mexican restaurant. This place was very lively and the bathrooms were located near the bar away from the people eating. I had not gone in a few days and suddenly got desperate. We had just finished ordering and I told my family I had to go to the ladies room and excused myself. When I got there I saw a woman waiting in front of the door. She did not look desperate. The person in the bathroom was taking a long time and I was getting more desperate. A girl that looked in her twenties finally exited and the girl in front went in. She was out fast she must have just peed. When I went in I was very very desperate!!! I felt like I was going to crap myself and I was fiddling with the lock. The lock was in two parts and they did not fit up right. I tried my best with it but the urge was starting to get too strong. I rushed to the toilet and sat down. I started letting out a long soft shit when suddenly the door opened. A woman saw me and quickly shut the door without saying anything. I felt embarrassed but my shit was still coming out. It felt really good but I was not able to fully enjoy it from the embarrassment. When I was done I looked and it was about 7 inches long and 1 inch wide. I quickly wiped, flushed, and went back to the table.


Response to my survey

To Catherine:

Thank you for responding to my survey. And so fast, too. I didn't get around to reading your other posts. I've been coming here for a long time, but not that long. I enjoyed reading about your experience taking a dump at your prom. That could've turned out to be really embarrassing.
As for the story about clogging the toilet on a previous post #1817 I'll have read it and get back to you.

Love Sammy.

Victoria B.

Survey and Responses

To Mina:
It sounds like considerably more thought is put into public toilets in Japan than in the US and I have to say I'm jealous. Everyone needs to go so why not make it better experience for all? Here, we have stall partitions that are a bit too far off the ground for privacy (though that would be less of a problem for me if I got out of the habit of taking my pants/skirt and underwear down to my ankles when I sit down on the toilet), bad locks on stall doors, and paper that leaves your bottom raw and sore. Like you, my plops tend to be big and I sometimes need to get up and flush while I'm going to try to avoid clogging the toilet, a problem I've had since I was a little girl. My time on the toilet is as much about thinking and reflecting as it is pushing and plopping, so I prefer to take as long as my body needs. I often feel like going again after I've finished!

Sammy's survey:
I: My most awkward experience was actually at home. I was eleven years old and my parents had company over for dinner. I needed to poop while we were eating and I made the mistake of not using the bathroom I shared with my older sister. A bowl full of logs and paper resulted in a clog that took my dad twenty minutes to fix. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

II: Yes, to the extent that my best friend Michaela, in one of her cheekier moments, got me a new plunger for my birthday last fall. It's pink and it sits next to my toilet to this day.

III: All of my loads are pretty big on average. My biggest was probably five or six 8" logs of about an inch and a half in diameter.

IV: I'm currently single but I suppose it would depend on the man!


My Answers to Questions/Surveys

Sammy's survey questions:

1. What was the most awkward moment/place you had to take a dump?

Last fall when I was with my mom at my 8th grade required parent/teacher conference. Five minutes before our time to begin going around to like six teachers, I knew I had to poo. I immediately excused myself and went down the hall to the bathroom. It was unusual, but like I was 3 days constipated, so after five minutes on the stool in a doorless stall, my mom walks in and can readily identify me pinching them off. She was concerned that we would be criticized for being late, which we were and mom wasn't too happy about that.

2. Have you ever clogged the toilet at a friends/relatives house? What were the circumstances and the consequences?

My aunt yelled at me and my cousin (who like me was 8 at the time) told his parents and I got a lesson in using the plunger. It scared me and took me 3 or 4 tries to get it to work properly.

3. What is the size of the biggest load you've made at one time.

My piece of poo at a church picnic was the size of the largest banana I had ever seen. It stood straight up from the bottom of the bowl to about three inches above the water line. Sonya Sue was with me that day and said it was something she could never beat me on. And that's saying a lot for her!

4) Do you feel comfortable crapping/peeing/farting is front of your GF/BF wife/husband? Why or why not?

Yes. A couple of my male friends have gone in with me, especially when we've been biking and when we take a break at a relatively remote restroom. Most of the time it is the first or one of the first times they've seen a girl go to the bathroom. Once this summer, both me and Lorenz used the ladies room in the park. There were just two toilets located across from one another without stalls or doors. I weed; he pooed.

Steve A's question:

Does it really matter if one uses an unlocked single stall bathroom of the opposite sex if their gender's bathroom is locked?

No it doesn't matter. When you gotta go you gotta go!

Anonymous's questions:

1. When you pee does come out is it in a trickle, spray or stream? At home or at a friend's house, I'm more at ease so its a stream. In really large public bathrooms, it may start as a trickle and progress into a spray. This is especially true if I'm nervous because the stall is doorless or there's little kids looking in on me.

2. If so, how long of a spray or stream? Minimum of at least a minute; if I'm really loaded it may take me two minutes or more to empty my bladder.

3. Have you ever peed squatting or straddling? Yes, once when my grandma was traveling with me. She didn't want me to sit butt-down on the seat and there was no toilet paper to put over it. It hurt me and my pee ran down my inner leg.

4. If so, how far did your pee travel? Down may leg, as I said above, and my butt was still touching the seat because I'm only 3'4" high.

5. Do you push your pee or let gravity do the work? Gravity.

6. Does your pee make a hissing or whistling noise as it comes out? Kind of a hissing splash.

7. If so, was it the loudest as a child, preteen or adult? I'm 14 now and it seems to be getting louder.

8. Was your pee stream or spray strongest as a child, preteen, teen or adult? I'm 14 now and it seems to be getting stronger.

OK, so here is hot spring story. We decided to go to hot spring resort for 3 days, this time Hisae came too so we were four. Very nice place, weather was not so bad, though this year in Japan very wet summer. So we walked around and took bath many times . And we ate and ate and ate. Hotel meals are very big but we ate everything!

On second day, I think no one did motion. We agreed, if someone want to go, she go, not hold in. But even Hisae didn't go. She goes often, her motions come out easily. She doesn't stay so long time.

On third day after breakfast, about AM 9, Maho said "motion time?" and we all laughed. And Maho said "I wanna go, how about you girls?" And all 3 said yes, and we laughed again, and then stopped laughing suddenly so neighbor wouldn't hear.

We decided Hisae go first. She is maybe quickest! She went in and closed door, but not locked. She flushed after about 4 minutes, but didn't come out, and we heard funny noise, so we went to door. She had her head in loo! "Hisae do you feel sick?" "No I left dirty loo so I am cleaning." Hisae stood up, but suddenly very quickly she pulled down shorts and panties and did u-turn and sat back down on loo and Whooosh! looked at us, and suddenly very long burururururu sound under her bottom. "Are you OK?" "Yes… feel good, but can I stay here bit?" Kazuko said with wicked grin, "No" and Maho hit her on bottom. "Kazuko is stupid" Maho said to Hisae. Kazuko said "joke" and hit Maho on bottom and we went back to main room and drank tea and talked while Hisae did more bururururu. After few minutes Hisae came to us and said "finished" and Kazuko poured tea for her.

Maho went next. Maho is often constipate and if she goes at once time she wants to go, it is good, she says, so we said to Maho, do you think you can go, and Maho said yes. But for long time we heard no noise so i went to loo and opened door a bit. Maho had very red face. "Maho are you OK?" "Yes" said Maho with painful sound and at same time I heard very loud PLOP from under her bottom. "It came out!" said Maho but her face got red again at once and very soon again very loud heavy PLOP. I said to Maho, I go back, take your time. Maho said, Thanks. After that we heard many many big plop sounds. Maybe 10. Maho's motions are very hard and heavy. After about 20 minutes Maho came to us. "Thank you! It ALL came out. I feel so good now!" WE all smiled. We love Maho very very much.

Kazuko, said, "Mina you go next." But I said, "you know how long I stay on loo. Is it really OK?" But Kazuko said, "I too want to stay long time." I could understand because Kazuko sometimes come to my flat to do motion because at home she can't relax, her parents get angry if she does big motion,because they say she should be Yamato Nadeshiko which is Japanese fairy princess. So I said "OK" and went into loo and pulled down shorts and panties and sat down. After Hisae and Maho, my motion was fairly normal, about once in a minute one plop, sometimes two plops together, after about five of them I flush, then do more, same as every time for me. After about 8 minutes I opened the door little and said, "Kazuko are you OK?" Kazuko got up and came to the loo and gave me very beautiful smile, a motion came out of my bottom just that moment! Kazuko gave me even more beautiful smile and went back to main room and I shut the loo door and did next motion.

They said I was 15 minutes, usual for me. Kazuko went to loo. We heard usual sounds, plop quite often same as me, then flush, then suddenly bururururu like hisae, then very very big gas noises! We ran to loo. "Kazuko are you OK?" "Yes….I have diarrhea a little, but feel OK. I want to stay more, OK?" We couldn't hit her on bottom because her bottom was on the loo and very busy and…well I won't say.

Kazuko finally came out to us, she was 17 minutes. "Wow I feel good!" We all feel sorry for Kazuko because of fairy princess thing.Of course we all felt good. That day was last in hotel so we packed bags and checked out, but we stayed in area until evening and did sightseeing. During sightseeing Kazuko did motion again. But she said she was better, only ate too much.

Maybe nearly one hour we spent going to loo. But not waste of time. because we felt so good! China girl often says on this site, poor toilet. I think our hotel room toilet was even more poor. because FOUR times from four different full bottoms! Maybe 6 kilos…or 7??

Sorry, very long story. But if you bored you don't read, I think. I want to say thank you to Brandon, because you often say, nice story and please give next story. If I make you happy, I am happy too.


Hey, I thought I'd answer a survey. Just to let you know, my last pee was two minutes before I wrote this and I did a little poo this morning. I last farted on the way home from school haha.

1. When you pee, does it come out in a trickle, spray, or stream? My pee trickles out usually.

2. If so, how strong of a stream or spray? it's pretty weak.

3. Have you ever peed squatting or standing? yes I've squatted to pee quite a few time and I have stood once.

4. If so, how far did your pee travel? It just sort of rolls down the front of my legs if I stand. If I'm squatting then it usually just falls directly out of my peeing-part straight on to the ground.

5. Do you push your pee out or let gravity do the work? Yeah I usually push it so I don't spend ages on the toilet, especially if people are with me so they don't think I am doing a poo.

6. Does you pee make a hissing or whistling sound as it comes out? yeah it hisses as it comes out

7. If so, was it loudest as a child, preteen, teen, or adult? ehm, I've not really noticed but I suppose maybe as an adult just because I'm bigger now

8. Was your pee stream or spray strongest as a child, preteen, teen, or adult? as my pee tends to treacle out, it's mostly stayed the same throughout my life.


Catherine's answer to my survey


I read both of your stories on your previous posts about clogging up the toilet. They sounded really disgusting. The one about pooping at a guy's condo was the more disgusting of the two. You must have been really embarrassed when that happened. I would definitely be embarrassed if I made a load like that at a girl's place and it clogged the toilet. Keep those great stories coming.

See ya, Sammy,

Victoria F.
Hi again. I like Victoria B's idea of putting a last initial on our names, so people don't get confused. I'm the Victoria who posted about listening at my office, by the way.

Anyway, I have another story today. It's from Friday at work. I was returning from lunch and stopped in the bathroom to piss. As usual, all four stalls were taken, and from the sounds and smells, it seemed like all four women were pooping. I listened and enjoyed the 'music' of farts and splashes and plops until there was a flush and one of the stalls opened up.

I went in and sat down on the warm seat and began to have my much needed piss. After, I had a few more minutes until I was due back at work, so I stayed and listened to the woman in the next stall. She was having what seemed like a big dump, letting out a lot of loud plops. She finished up and wiped and her stall was immediately taken by another woman who just needed to pee. I wiped, flushed, and went to wash my hands then.

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