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Second Reply to Lavah

Thanks for your interesting reply. Being a frustrated writer (never published) I find the use of phrases most interesting. The phrase "bear down" always conjures up memories of constipated struggles as a young kid, whereas "pushing" does not. It also makes sense that if you ALWAYS had to struggle to go that your would be more used to grunting and therefore less uncomfortable with it. The only times I remember really grunting with a bowel movement was when expelling one of my mother's enemas. It was at those times that my Mother would insist on sitting with me while I was on the toilet. I had a small potty chair that I used normally, but when given an enema I was always made to sit on the toilet. I can remember the soap from the enema making me want to bear down so much harder than I normally would, that I would NEED to grunt. That need to grunt embarrassed me no end and I distinctly remember wishing my mother would leave me alone so I could grunt and not try to hold it back.
I'd be very interested in hearing your enema stories. Did they really make it any easier for you to go? While they always made me go, I can't honestly say it was EVER easy. It seems like that's the part no one talks about in describing the enema experience. For me the enema always caused me to bear down harder and more intently than I normally would. What the enema brought out were hardly ever soft; they were LARGE, HARD, lumbs, that often took an intense struggle to get out. More likely than not, THEY HURT to pass-- JW


Peeing in front of a boy

Hi guys, My name's Autumn (obviously) and this is my first time writing on this website. However, I have been a very avid reader.

I'm only eleven years old (don't judge, I'm very mature for my age) and I didn't start having any very bad pee/poo stories until I got into middle school. Here's a sort of major one for you guys:

Me and my neighbor (her name is Alex) have a treehouse thats a little ways from our houses. So one day she, her brother (Kellen) and I go to the treehouse and bring with us some hot chocolate. Now, there must be something wrong with hot chocolate because ten minutes after we finished it we all had a VERY strong signal from our bladders that said we had maybe five minutes or so until we all peed our pants. "We're so far from home, I don't think we would make it." Alex said. Kellen (being a boy) just said "Whatever" and hopped out of the treehouse into the tall yellow grass maybe ten feet away from the tree and proceeded to relieve himself. We made extra careful not to look. "I'll go first" Alex said, and climbed down the tree. Kellen leaned over to look at her. "Don't watch me, you idiot!" Alex shouted up at him. He looked anyway. I pulled him back as best I could. Afterwards she climbed back up and told me "Your turn." but I refused. I held it pretty well for a while. but three minutes later I knew it was now or I have an accident. I hadn't had an accident in seven years, so I wasn't gonna let that happen. So I said "Guys, I gotta go." and Alex was like "Finally!" So I clambered my way down the tree and scouted out the best place to go, which was hard because I was bursting at this point and everything seemed to out in the open. eventually I found a spot just behind the tree and I was like "Are you sure? I don't feel comfortable taking off my undies in public." Alex replied "Just go!" Kellen leaned over from the treehouse to look. "What is wrong with you?" Alex demanded as she pulled him back. I eventually squatted and took a nice long pee. I had lots of dribbles after that, but the biggest scare was that this was the first time peeing in front of a boy that is not related to me. EVER.

Sorry if this is boring! But plz comment if it isn't.


Replies and story about my worst constipation ever

Hello! It's Sage again.

To Optional Person: Wow, thank you so much! I have many many more stories to tell so stay tuned.

To the person who replied without a name: Thank you so much for your reply! I actually tried your method of ammonia and baking soda to clean the poo out of my car and it made a great difference and smells much better! I am pleased to meet you! It seems like we have a lot in common and I would love to hear some stories of your past poos too if you're willing to share.

Now I'm going to tell about the time that I experienced the most horrendous constipation of my entire life. And I do not exaggerate. Also, before I begin, I'm aorry that my posts are long. I enjoy discussing poo and going into great detail makes me happy to share with you all. And if any of you have long stories I will be sure to read all the way through!

So onto my story... So my boyfriend Jarod and I have been together for 4 years now. I make huge poos so it can be quite an big event when I go to the bathroom so it took me about a year to get fully comfortable with pooing in front of Jarod. But after a year together both he and I were completely comfortable pooing and peeing in front of each other. We never close the bathroom door and we comfortably fart if need be in front of each other. While we do do these things, I had never actually had to have Jarod help me poo until 2 years ago when I experienced extremely terrible constipation. It all started one night after we had finished a large meal of fettuccini with chicken and broccoli and carrot cake for dessert. I had not had a poo for 5 days (you'll discover this happens to me quite a bit) and after the meal I could feel the giant load of poo begin to work it's way down my intestines. I didn't have a great urge yet so Jarod and I snuggled on the couch after dinner and watched a show. Around 8:00 I felt my intestines shift and gurgle. I started to make little farts that smelled like stale beef and eggs. Jarod immediately smelled them and asked me if I needed to have a poo. Reluctantly I admitted that I did and got off the couch and trudged to the bathroom holding my hard bloated belly with my hands. I told Jarod it might be a while because I had not had a poo in a while. When I got to the bathroom I left the door open and pulled off my leggings and undies and sat on the toilet. Instantly my intestines twisted and I had an intense urge to PUSH. Eughhhhhh I groaned as my rectum contracted. Nothing moved. I then used both of my hands to spread my bum to try to make way for my huge poo. Still nothing moved. I began to sweat and shake as I pushed with all my might while moving to a squatting position on the toilet. After 30 minutes of intense pain with no result, I heard the TV go off in the living room. Jarod appeared at the bathroom entrance. "Awe, baby. Are you okay?" Jarod asked me sweetly. I'm response I began to cry as I admitted that 5 whole days of poo was piled inside of my belly and that I couldn't get it out. Jarod (he's so sweet and selfless) came over and told me not to worry that he would help me get this thing out. I wiped my tears and got ready to work again as Jarod got on his knees next to the toilet. He guided me to a squatting position and began to massage my back and belly with his firm hands as I spread my bum and strained. I moaned loudly as his massaging made my poo shift in my intestines. 20 minutes passed but nothing happened so Jarod calmly spread my bum and look underneath and told me that there was a 4 inch wide poo crammed near the exit of my bum. He said it looked dry and hard. Minutes passed and nothing happened so Jarod told me we were going to try another method. I could tell he felt bad for me as he kindly took my hand and guided my to our bedroom. He layed our a few of our old bathroom towels on our bed and told me to lay down on top of them. It felt good to lay down. Jarod left the room and came back with a roll of toilet paper, some vasaline, and a bowl. Jarod fist took his strong hands and began to deeply massage my belly. Normally this probably would have turned me on lol but I was in so much pain that I didn't care. I moaned loudly as he kneaded my hard belly to try to loosen the poos. Mmmmmmm eghhhhhhh. After massaging for a while Jarod had me pull my knees to my chest and hold my legs back (similar to how you would pull up a baby's legs to change it's diaper). Immediately I felt my poo scrape inside my colon and move to the exit. Jarod said he could not see the poo in full view. I stained HARD but I still couldn't move my bowel. Tears formed in my eyes again but Jarod held my hand and told me it was going to be over soon. He grabbed the vasaline and with his bare finger (bless this man of mine) rubbed a good amount of it in and around my burning throbbing bum hole. Push after push and moan after moan nothing moved so finally Jarod used his right hand to spread my bum and inserted a finger on his left hand into my anus. He told me that he could feel the poo and that he was going to guide it out but that I would have to push really hard. He circled the poo to loosten it and I PUSHED. EGHHHHHHHHHH. And finally the humongous poo began to inch it's way out. When it was about 3 or so inches out, Jarod grabbed it with his hand (bless him again my gosh. We are engaged now and I don't even know how he wanted to see my face after this day lol) and pulled the monster out of my throbbing colon. I'm one swift movement Jarod moved the (probably about 13 inch poo) to the bowl sitting on our bed to avoid my embarrassment. The plug had been removed. Within seconds my body took over and I completely involuntarily pushed. I had zero time to even think about running to the bathroom as creamy poo after creamy poo left my bottom and fell on the towels below my bum. Jarod didn't laught, didn't make fun, didn't gross out, but simply placed one hand on my belly and gently rubbed and held my hand with the other. I arched my back as 5 days worth of backed up poo exited my poor bum hole in heaps. It was horrendous and blissful all at the same time. And it was smelly. Finally I finished and Jarod kindly wiped my bum with TP many times because I was so weak (talk about messy) and sat me up to get dressed. I quickly caught sight of all my poos before Jarod wrapped them up to dump in the toilet and omg it was a PILE. I've made bigger before but not my much. Picture soft serve ice cream filling a medium size bowl that you cook with in the kitchen. That's how much I pooed plus the huge constipated poo. I was exausted so after dressing I got in bed and Jarod came in and kissed me goodnight. I thanked him for his help and blushed but he said he is my forever and forever means we get through the hard things in life. I don't know what I'd do without him. Honestly.

Anyway, so sorry that was so long! But it had to be told. As you can see I am constipated a lot. I've tried many things and even have been to the dr. and gotten no diagnosis except for possible IBS. So I take it as a thing of life. It's hard but the one good thing is the pure bliss that comes with the relief afterwards. I really love poo. I have so many more stories so let me know if you want to here more! You guys are great.


Jasmin K

Constipated again

Hi everyone especially fellow constipated posters.

Hi Abbie sounds like you and your friend Lucy are having poo problems - now that your not as busy you may find time to resolve that.
I agree with your suggestion of giving up chocolate as it makes me really constipated but it's my favourite and I think I would rather be constipated than not have chocolate. it sounds silly but when I'm really badly constipated and having a long hard straining session I end up eating chocolate to comfort myself whilst spending ages on the toilet, my favourite for this is Galaxy. I know I shouldn't eat it but I can't do without it. That said I'm not as bad now with chocolate as I was at school - I ate chocolate instead of breakfast, would eat it at school , would often have a bar at lunch !
I think my attitude to it stemmed from a saying my mum used when I was little to get me to eat stuff I didn't like because I thought it would make me more constipated. She would say " if it doesn't stick in your throat it won't stick in your arse."

Hi Lavah I liked your methods for helping someone to poo, just wondered when you give a bear hug is the person your helping sat on the toilet or is the bear hug given is some other position ? Same question for when you spread their anus with your fingers..
I just wanted to compare methods as I get help sometimes and also help my friends and sister.

Anyway hopefully it a case of 3rd time lucky today - I am sat on the toilet for the 3 rd time today trying to get empty before consuming a Roast Dinner later.

Didn't poo Thursday or Friday, Saturday Morning before work really strained hard at home and did a few pebbles that dropped plip plip plip into the water. After work went out with my best friend who also works with me. We changed at hers and both tried to have a pre going out poo, taking turns on her toilet encouraging each other to push hard, on her 2nd sit she managed several pebbles then on her 3rd turn on the toilet after straining herself red in the face she did a log about 8 inches long. In my first sit nothing, second sit 1 pebble and 3rd sit several pebbles. Each sit was for 10 minutes. We met up with a couple of guys, had a meal and then went bowling. 2 guys took me home to mine and came in for a sleep ( if you know what I mean) After they went I went to the toilet as I had belly ache and tried to poo for 1/2 hour, ( being with a guy often makes me able to poo if you know what I mean girls) No luck. I woke at 10 this morning and found I had a poo sticking out of my bum. ( lucky I had put some knickers on after my pre bed toilet visit.) I went straight on the toilet and bore down with all my might so much so I went dizzy and did this several times, I felt like a really fat knobbly log which came out a bit more but was now stuck fast and making my arse bleed. I felt under me and broke the sticking out piece off which was about 3 inches long, knobbly and quite fat. What was left just remained stuck in my bum. I pulled my knickers up, washed my hands and flushed. Went back to my room and pulled a second pair of knickers on as I knew i would end up soiling my knickers. I had breakfast, tidied up and then went shopping with mum and sis.
I've just had another hour and a half on the toilet and got this monster out, a arse splitting fat log about 10 inches long followed by drip drip drip of my arse bleeding, I kept straining and forced out another 8 inch piece, not as fat but my arse kept bleeding drip drip drip. I still had belly ache so I strained down really hard and after another 10 minutes did several small logs about 2 - 3 inches long. I tried hard again for about 5 minutes but nothing so wiped,there was no poo just blood on the paper. So I pulled my knickers up, flushed, washed my hands then put a skirt and stripy socks on instead of my leggings.
Now I'm empty I'm looking forward to my Dinner..


Open Toilets

In response to Ronette's survey:

Your Name: Ted

Gender: Male

1. Have you ever seen an open toilet?

That's all we had in grade school when I was growing up. As I recall, that extended into high school as well.

2. What type of public place were they at?

That was generally the norm at all the public places that I visited: parks, fairgrounds, libraries. In rural areas, as late as the 1970s. I remember a six holer outhouse at a rodeo in Montana for guys and, from the reaction of my date, one for the gals as well.

3. Was anyone using them?

Of course. You either used them or held it. Not everyone liked it that way, but some of us grew up in homes with only one bathroom, and the door had to be open at high traffic times.

4. Did you use them? Why or why not?

Absolutely. It was that or nothing, and I actually enjoyed it. In school, it was a place where you could talk or joke and
feel uninhibited. If you were holding something until you sat down and then crapped a real load, somehow it felt better doing that with others who were doing the same thing. Still does. And, I admit it, the grunts, farts, and smells were a turn on.

5. What was the experience like?

I'd say "bonding," as many others on this site have noted or implied. I swim at a local pool, where the bathrooms have stalls with doors. Most of us there at that time of the morning are of an age when open stall (or even stall-less) toilets were the norm. Its not unusual to see someone in a stall pooping away with the door open. I think that I have my best dumps there. Its a close second to pooping at my girlfriend's place while were sharing the bathroom.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sage first welcome to the site and it sounds like you really had to poop a lot and gave your car a good first load and hope you can get the smell out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Erin great story it sounds you and those other girls all had good poops.

To: Shannon that sucks that you had an accident.

To: Ana it sounds like Bebe had a great poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


my boyfriend is letting me watch him shit!

Hi! I've been a long term lurker on this site. For the last three years, I've been reading stories on here but never posted anything. I'm 17 years old, 105 pounds and about 5'4 ish. I've been dating my boyfriend who is the same age as me for around 5 months now. I've always kept my interest for watching guys poop a secret. The only person who knows about it is my best friend. However, last week I finally got the courage to tell him about it. I NEVER ever thought he'd allow me to watch him in the bathroom for a number two because he SO SHY. Anytime I brought up anything toilet related, he didn't mention much about it. But to my great surprise, when I told him how badly I wanted to watch him shit, he happily agreed and said he would definitely let me watch him. He is a little shy about it still and maybe slightly embarrassed but he knows how much I want it and he said he would love to let me watch. I wanna kiss him while he's sitting on the pot shitting. I told him this and again he agreed. Since telling him, we have hung out but he hasn't needed to. We have become more open as well and he now tells me over text whenever he needs a poo. It's such a turn on. He is coming over in a few days and I think he's gonna let me watch really soon. What kind of foods can I give him that'll make him shit big? No diarrhea or anything but just shit. I'm thinking maybe a fruit smoothie? That has fiber? Anyway I'll update you all when I get to watch him!


Too Sage

Hi Sage! I like your story where you pooped in your car! Hehe could you tell stories of when you pooped so much in the toiket? Have you ever filled up the toilet bowl before? Haha


Late Post

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and I love the Thanksgiving poop stories! I didn't do any amazing Thanksgiving/Christmas poops, because I didn't eat a ton. Plus, I go more than once a day anyway. To Imogen: I read the comment about your desperate pee story, and man that girl had to pee bad. To do it in the sink is new to me, I've peed in the bathtub though. One part of my Thanksgiving holiday was sad. About 3 days after Thanksgiving, one of my parakeets died sometime after midnight. Late that Saturday morning it went a bit nuts, and sat at the bottom of the cage weak, barely moving, and peeping softly for hours. All my bathroom duties went well that day, but I did cry in the bathroom once.

Shy Pooper
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I just turned 19 and I am getting more comfortable pooping in public and around my boyfriend. I have more stories to post soon, but I wanted to ask a question I've heard people throughout my life say that "girls don't poop" I know that its a joke but where did that come from? What's the point of saying something like that, I feel like it only makes girls more embarrassed to do something as natural as pooping. Thanks

Monday, January 22, 2018


Surprise in new neighborhood men's room

I haven't written in quite a while because I like to write about doorless stalls, and as Zip and Ted said a little while back, there are fewer and fewer around. I used to be ashamed to poop in public, but with encouragement from this forum, I got over my fears by using the open stalls at the beach near where I lived. But they've been converted to those individual toilet-in-a-closet arrangements that I find claustrophobic and smelly.

But recently I moved and went for a morning walk on the new beach. It stirred things up, so I went into the men's room and was surprised to find three doorless stalls. I took the middle stall cause it was the cleanest. I unbuttoned just the top two buttons on the fly of my cargo shorts and pulled them and my black boxer briefs just to my thighs. I'm not modest but the floor wasn't too clean. While I was pooping away a guy came in and I could hear a young boy's voice. They went to the first stall and the kid complained about no doors. "I guess they forgot them," said his Dad who agreed to stand guard.

Then the dad noticed me and joked that he would stand guard for me too. I assured him I was OK and we had a little laugh. I wiped up and left and as I walked out, the guy blocked any view of his son to keep him happy. I called out, "your Dad is a great door,"and I left to finish my walk.

Jessica B

To Abbie

Hello everyone!

Abbie: I am sorry to hear that you and your friend Lucy are still struggling with your bowels. There are two questions I wanted to ask you.
Firstly, have you tried it with coffee? Coffee really helps me go, if you see what I mean. Minutes after drinking my first cup of the day. I become quite gassy and my belly signals me that it is time for business. We might have different metabolisms however.
Second question is just about me being curious. You mentioned that you produced a large load and that you were happy that it all went down, for you as well as for Lucy. Has it ever happened to you that the toilet clogged? It never happened to me directly, but a previous flatmate of mine did indeed clog the toilet (more than once actually).

Love and take care,


Open Toilets

Each of the bathrooms at my school has about 10 or 12 toilets. At least 2 or 3 in each bathroom have no door. There are partitions, but no door. Since I wear a loose fitting dress most days, using one of them isn't that bad. I can go around those waiting for one of the more private toilets, pull my underwear down, and pull up my dress, and take my seat.
And a wee takes me less than a minute. This is a big advantage because when there is a line for a stall with a door, knocks on the door, and eyes peaking in on me as I sit, I sometimes find I'm frustrated and it takes me longer to get my wee stream going. These open toilets are also cleaner since there are less girls using them.

A survey about them

Your Name:

1. Have you ever seen an open toilet?
2. What type of public place was it at?
3. Was anyone using it?
4. Did you use it? Why or why not?
5. What was the experience like?

Optional Person

To Sage and others.

Sage, I hope you will grace us with more stories, large dumps or not. Your detailed writing style is appreciated. I didn't mind how long the post was.

shout out to the now gone Catherine. She won't see it, but I miss her.

I for three days in a row had large turds. I was proud because they didn't feel large coming out. So it was a complete surprise. I told someone once, or rather asked them " Do you ever go into the bathroom thinking you hardly have to go, and come out feeling like a proud mother?" I feel as though many on this forum, and myself on occasion experience that feeling.

happy pooping.

Friday, January 19, 2018


To Sage: I am 23 years old, around the same height as you and also slim, and I also make big poops. I completely understand where you are coming from, because like you, I have done so since a young age. One difference, though, is that chicken makes my poops solid. If I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, my poops are on the creamier side.

I have never done a poo in my car, because my car is relatively new, but I do have a fascination with going in unusual places. This has been an ongoing thing since I was young, and I love the feeling of letting everything out of my body and the resultant relief. I do sometimes like to hold my poop as long as I can, just to see how big it will eventually end up being. I'm holding in a poop right now as I'm typing this; I've been holding it for about three days. It isn't really uncomfortable, but I am aware that I have something big inside of me. When I need to poop, I, like you, also get a feeling of fullness inside my rectum. Usually I get a lot of wind as well, so I fart a lot before having a poop. My pre-poop farts stink!

You must have felt so relieved after letting it all out in your car, but I honestly can sympathise with your feeling of embarrassment when you saw what you'd done. I've had that same feeling before, especially when going somewhere that isn't the toilet. Once I decided to go in the bathtub (without water in it) and the pee and poop that I made were much bigger than I had intended. The poop was much looser than I'd hoped, so the cleanup was tedious and a bit gross. Not to mention the smell!

I've never had to clean poop out of a car, but I have had to clean it out of a mattress. Two years ago, I had gastroenteritis that gave me really bad diarrhoea. I had an accident during the night where I lost control and let out a big squirt of liquid poop into my underwear. It soaked through into the mattress and made a big smelly mess. I was at a loss as to how to clean it, but I asked around about how to get rid of stains on a mattress. I was told to rub it with household ammonia (which must not be diluted or have any scent in it) and then, after wiping the ammonia off with a clean rag, to put baking soda on the area. Baking soda helps to neutralise and remove smells and draw out any moisture that might be present. Leave it for a few hours and then vacuum it up. Repeat it if necessary; also, place an open container of baking soda in your car to absorb any traces of smell that might still remain.

My little cousin had a "whoopsie" and vomited in the car on the way to preschool one day, and her mother used this technique to clean the car up afterwards. She says that it worked perfectly and within a few days there was no more smell. So I hope it works for you!

I also have lots of stories, if you'd like to hear them! Let me know :)

Uncle Harry

The Polite Toilet User

Some time ago, I was in a good restaurant with some friends. I had been there before and new that the bathrooms were one floor down, by stairs. there were only two individual bathrooms. I needed to pee and excused myself and went down. I tried one and it was locked. A man called out, "wait please. I'll be out soon". I tried the other and, guess what, it wasn't locked and there sat a woman with her legs spread, peeing heavily. "Oh, sir", she said. "I have just started urinating and I haven't had a bowel movement yet. Would you please mind waiting until I'm finished"? Of course I agreed. What else could I do? Pull her off the toilet? She said nothing about not watching her pee. I closed the door and waited. The man in the other bathroom groaned a lot, seemingly having a difficult time pooping. Now the woman called "Oh, sir. There's no toilet paper in here. Would you please get me some from the cabinet in here". I opened the door, came in, and got her a roll. "Thank you", she said. Now she spread her legs even wider and wiped her vagina and butt. Finally, she pulled up her slacks and panties, flushed, and washed her hands. After drying her hands, she thanked me again and left. I will never know why she didn't care that I saw her peeing.


small update, thank you's, and replies

So sorry, I haven't posted in a while. Been busy with the start of the year and what not. Thank you to everyone who's answered my constipation survey! It's so interesting to see the different ways people handle constipation!

I've been very constipated myself lately. Go figure! I haven't been able to poop for about 6 days. I'm hoping I'll be able to go soon. I'll try to post about it after it happens when I can!

Now, for some replies.

To Gio - I'm very glad you like my stories! Thank you for taking the survey! Happy pooping!

To Erwin - Usually when I help my sister, friends, etc poop, I rub their stomach, back, thighs, or butt to help them along. I've used my fingers to spread their butthole open before a few times as well. I like to let them squeeze my hand or massage the area just above their anus too. I'll do whatever I have to do to help. Sometimes, I'll give them a big bear hug while they're on the toilet, or sometimes I'll rub some vaseline up their butthole for them. I have had to manually remove poop from them with my fingers on occasion, but not often.

To JW - I've always personally described my efforts as "pushing" or "straining" growing up. It wasn't until I found this site perhaps a couple of years ago that I was introduced to phrases like "bearing down." I guess I've kind of adapted them into my own vocabulary, which is quite interesting! As for grunting in front of people, I've dealt with constipation since before I was even potty-trained, so I've been grunting and groaning on the toilet in front of my mom ever since I can remember. For boyfriends, I kind of just have to tell them early on in the relationship (sometimes even on the first date) that I struggle with pooping on a daily basis and hope they understand - which they usually do, even if it weirds them out a bit. By the time they actually hear/see me pooping, they know to expect it. I know most people don't talk about pooping so publicly, but it's not a big deal for me since I've been having to explain myself from a young age.

To The reader - I'm glad you like my stories! I've been to the doctor countless times for constipation issues, but I only received an enema 5 or 6 times if I remember correctly. The first time being when I was 6 years old and the most recent time being when I was 20. Hopefully I'll have time to post about them in more detail soon!

Last summer when hiking in the mountains I saw an adult man squatting with throusers down behind a rock. Amusing. I have never seen that before. I don't think he was aware of me.

I have pooped and peed outdoor many times because I am often hiking. But never before spotted an adult man pooping. Amusing because he seemed so childish sitting there!


Sons Pooping

Hello everyone, recently where I lived we were hit hard with snow. Me and my sons Caleb who is 9 and Aaron who is 6. Unfortunately my husband wasn't cancelled and had to go to work. It was a complete blizzard out and I had to shovel the roof off. Caleb stayed in his room and played on his Xbox and Aaron layed on the couch and watched TV. It was about an hour later and I got to the back of the house and started shoveling the back. I noticed the window in the bathroom had it blinds down which I don't remember closing them I got on my knees and looked through to see Caleb pooping on the toilet with his sweat pants and underwear at his ankles. The window was a bit open and I decided to listen and looked through. He was farting and grunting a lot and I heard a huge plop of water. He stood up and rolled out some toilet paper and his butt was pointed right at me and wiped. He rushed back to his Xbox and didn't even flush. I eventually went back in and snow just kept on coming. I went upstairs to see Caleb's poop. It was a huge piece about 11 inches long and 2 inches wide. I managed to get it down and I took everything off except my green bra and panties and just sat on the toilet. I left out a nice long pee.

About 2 hours later I went downstairs to the finished basement to put some towels in the bathroom I noticed the door was closed and the light was on. I knocked and Aaron was in the bathroom "Yeah who is it" "Its Mommy can I come in for a second to put some towels away" "Okay". I walked in and there he was on the toilet with his shorts and underwear at his ankles. By the way I taught my kids that putting your pants and underwear at your ankles gets a bit more out and they usually always have there pants or shorts at their ankles. Anyways I started putting towels in the bathroom closet and I hear a couple plops in the toilet and then he starts rolling out toilet paper and flushed.


Car Pee and Poo

Hey guys my name is Sage and I actually just stumbled upon this site after googling whether anyone had ever purposefully gone to the bathroom in a car before. Sure enough a couple of you on this forum had. So I have my own story to tell if anyone is interested that just happened a couple days ago.

So I am 22 and a slim 5' 6" female but I surprisingly make huge poos. I have since I was super little and my mom used to comment about how much poop I used to make in my diaper haha. Since I was potty trained, I've always been fascinated with going to the bathroom especially poo. I just find it very relaxing and it also feels really good to go which I'm sure many of you know! Anyway onto my story...

So I have had my car since I was 16. It's pretty old nothing fancy. Just the other day I had just got back from the store. I felt a familiar feeling that I needed to have a pee and defnintly a poo. I had had a big dinner the night before of chicken, rice, and green beans and I could feel the pressure of it all wanting to come out. I always know I need to poo because my belly starts to grumble and I can literally feel it piling up in my rectum (Also quick hint, chicken makes me have huge super soft creamy poos if you catch my drift so I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to go in my car lol). I also sometimes get constipated so I had not had a poo in 6-7 days in this particular instance. So anyway, I got out of my car and started to walk to my apartment. I only got about 3 feet after realizing I would not make it without wetting my pants. So it was either pee my pants, squat on the road, or pee in my car. So without better judgement, I got in my car and drove to the vacant lot adjacent to the lot I was in. This lot was super hidden and in the 2 years I've lived at my apartment I've never seen anyone park in it. So I knew I'd be hidden to do my business. Anyway, I locked my car doors and crawled to the back seat. I pulled my pants and undies all the way off because first of all I always do this when I'm at home for comfort and I also had a feeling this would be messy. (Btw, I didn't go into this intending to poo in my car. I was intending to go back to my apartment to finish that business. And little did I know this would be probably the biggest poo I've ever done). So I put my pants and undies in the front seat and squatted in the middle back seat facing forward. Almost immediately, a foreceful stream of pee shot out of my pee pee and onto the seat cushion. As I released it, I moaned because of the pure bliss of lifting it go. As it continued my stream began to kind of change course and spray foreword onto the middle console. Needless to say everything was soaked. Finally it ended and I breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, I wasn't relieved. I had to poo too. A lot. I felt my belly. It felt hard and bloated. With my pants and panties already off it was going to be difficult for me to place them back on and drive to the next lot and still walk to my apartment. I honestly didn't think I would make it that far and having a giant poo in my pants didn't seem desirable. I stared at the pee dripping from my console and thought why not have a poo? It's already a mess in here lol. So I made the decision to have my poo in the back of my car. So side note, normally I get bad constipation followed by sloppy, creamy poos with slight diarrhea depending on what I've eaten. The wetter poos get stuck behind my constipation. So you can see where this is going. Anyway, I decided to get going on this poo. I start out my grabbing the two seat head rests of the chairs in front of me. I'm still in a squatting posistion because this helps me poo. I start grunting and groaning and I can feel the huge load shift in my intestines. I'm sweating at this point because I cannot seem to get anything moving. I try shifting my position by facing the same way but sitting down with my bum off the back seat and my feet on the seat backs. I push and push and push and nothing happens. I've had this before and it makes me want to cry. At this point I have tears in my eyes because it hurts so much. I move back to squatting and pull my bum cheeks apart and push. Nothing. I know this next part is really gross but I had to do what I had to do. I used a clean finger and touched my bum hole. I could feel the insanely huge poo crowning. It had to be about 4 inches in diameter if I had to guess. I used my finger to stretch my bum hole a bit to make room and I felt the poo shift. Slowly it started to move and I moaned in pain as it inched out. Finally after 30 minutes of agony a huge 10 inch log came out and landed on the back seat of my car. At least it's not messy I panted. I felt done and went to reach for my undies. But boy was I wrong. I look back and laugh on this moment because of how Ignorant I was to what was about to happen. Keep in mind this was my first poo in 6-7 days. As I went to reach for my undies and pants, I felt a sharp pain in my belly. It was the kind of pain you feel when your body says "you're going to poo and you're going to poo NOW". I instinctively regained my squatting position and groaned as my intestines twisted and cramped. Within seconds HUGE, creamy, smelly poos began to plop one by one onto my back car seat. Picture thick brown soft serve. I grabbed the front headrests for support and arched my back as I fully lost control of my bowels. In this type of situation, I fully believe the body takes over. I had no control to stop it. One after one I felt as creamy squishy poos piled up behind my bum. It was like all this poo was waiting to come out but my constipation had blocked it for so many days. I kept pooing for what felt like ages (probably only 20 minutes. I pressed my hand on my belly to try and relieve the pain I was feeling as my bum released each poo. After a while, I looked down at the seat and my back middle seat was COMPLETELY ruined. It was covered in huge logs that had kind of all merged together by now so it was hard to count but I'd say I did about 13 wanting from 8 inches to 1 1/2 feet. The pile itself was almost touching my bum so I desided to sit down face forward on the middle console. The smell was horrendous and vaguely resembled the smell of hard boiled eggs and old chicken. At this point I was so tired and embarrassed with what I had done to my car that I sat on the console with my head in my hand, still bare bottomed. Not one of my finest moments. After a few seconds, I felt another shift in my intestines and I began to cry because I felt more poo coming on. Still on the console, I braved myself by putting my hands on the dash board and leaning forward as warm (softer than soft serve but not liquid) poo squirt out of my already exhausted bum hole. My hole pulsed as wave after wave of super soft poo involuntarily pushed its way out forcefully. All I could do was cross my arms over my belly, moan and cry as the rest of the soft soft poo came out in the back seat of my car and my body did it's thjng. By the time my body finally decided it was empty ( and this time it really was thankfully) all I could do was sit and shake. I felt about 10 pounds lighter. The car smelled even more now so I cracked the driver side window. I looked back afraid of what I would see and saw the back of the car seats COVERED in poo. My initial hard log was literally nowhere to be seen because it was covered in the previous soft serve poos. The soft serve poo was in a big pile in the center seat which I probably would have been okay with cleaning. But now because I had leaned forward in the console, there was soft poo squirted all over the back of the middle seat. I cried because I had no idea how I would clean this. This is the biggest poo i have ever done. Ever. I am still trying to figure out how to clean it. I have gotten the biggest amount of it off but it is stained really bad and my car smells really bad. So this is how I stumbled upon this site because I was looking to sss if anyone had a similar experience. If anyone does please help me. I'd love to hear your stories or how you clean poo from a car.

Thanks for reading. I know it was long. Also, I've made huge poos in the last if anyone if interested in more stories I'm willing to share. Just let me know.


At a popular site for van dwellers I quite often see people going to toilet in the bushes when I am jogging in the forest. Many of them appear to have toilets in their vans but still they seem to squat in the bushes perhaps to avoid filling the tank? Not merely young people because I have even seen seniors taking care of business in the open. Once I saw three different persons squatting at the same time (at different spots) when out there. When I run I am no longer surprised when I spot a white bum shining among the trees. It appears that wild campers are quite relaxed about going the primitive way?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shannon it sounds like you had a rough day.

To: Anna great story it sounds like Bebe really had to poop a lot and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Sandrine great story it sounds like Nadia had a lot of poop that had to come out.

To: Elphaba another great story.

To: Bride Goes To The Bathroom great story it sounds like she had a good poop.

To: Eileen great story about your huge poop.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Taylor great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Washlet experience

In November, I was sent for an interview in Berlin, the employer to be was kind enough to provide railway tickets and provide me with an accomodation in a hotel. Despite the first look I soon discovered that the hotel was equipped much better than I thought in the first place. Soon after I got in, I felt the need to pee, I got off the bed and headed into the bathroom. I flicked on the light and almost jumped. The lid of the toilet had lifted itself as I approached, which prompted me to look around a little more focussed.
My eyes went from the paper holder to the left side of the toilet, where seemingly some sort of control was mounted. As I sat down there was a whirr beneath me and a few moments after my thighs started warming up, wow, I never used one of them before. I almost had forgotten that I needed to pee whilst I carefully examined the controls. Finally I released my full bladder and thought it was a pity that I only had to pee, leaving me no realistic comparison of the effectiveness of the washlet vs the old fashioned way.
But wait....was there that ever so slight urge? "I could try at least" I thought as I pushed a little. My bum responded with a fart and immediately after a slightly more powerful push I felt the satisfying sensation of a turd moving towards the exit. Given that I did not have any genuine urge, it took more effort to poop than it normally would have taken, but eventually I dropped it.

Being finished I selected the bidet function. After another whirr the jet of water kicked in. Playing around with temperature, direction and intensity I corrected its aim and enjoyed its effect. The wash cycle took about half a minute, after the jet was stored the dryer kicked in. Also the drier was controllable in temperature, so I played around with the settings.

Now, I noticed the only drawback, the drier was rather undersized, as it took the best part of 4 cycles of the drier to get myself dry I was in a hurry, I lost patience at this point and dabbed myself dry using the old fashioned paper.

Someday, I might be able to afford one for my own home...I'd love to have one.


Poo smells

My wife's poop smells like a faint skunk smell. Mine is more like cooking meatloaf. Often times, my wife says her's doesn't smell at all, but I can smell it out in the hallway. Sometimes I can't really my own, then she walks in and comments on the stink. I'm curious, does your poop have a certain smell? Can you even smell your own?

To Dominic

Any recent accidents from your bro?

Sophia W.

Nasty toilet

Hey, it's me again. I totally forgot about this forum and now I have a lot of reading ahead of me. For the ones who recognise me, I'm still at university.
On Friday I was in my public library, I just love books. I was looking for some crime novels and read some magazines. I drank a coffee there and I think it started things, because half an hour later I felt the need for a poop. I went to the nearest bathroom. There are three cubicles and only one was empty. I quickly pulled my jeans and black panties down. I had a short pee and pushed for my first log. It went out easily and with a soft poop it went into the water. The woman in the middle stall grap for paper. Out of curiosity I looked between my legs and I saw my 10 cm log, but also the poop of a women who used the toilet before me. She did not flush. This something I'm not liking a lot.
I rearranged my position and went as far as possible to the front of my seat. I heard a flush and an opening door. I think I was alone now. I let out a loud fart and my second log was pushed out with same ease. I took five wipes and flushed the toilet. The flush was strong enough for booth poops.
Does anyone don't flush the toilet on purpose in public?
I remember when I was in school some toilets always weren't flushed. To my guilt and shame I must say that I had a rebellious phase in school around year 7 and 8 where I had not a nice behaviour around school toilets. Especially when I had a lesson off I would not flush a toilet after use. I feel bad about it now and did after time in school. I don't know why I did this.
FYI; I sit in moment on the toilet.



Today I had some popcorn, and wondered if some of it may reappear in the poop. I'm amazed that regular cooked corn can do that to you. Unlike when I popped corn in the microwave before, I was lucky not to char the bag. A probable cause could be that the corn kernels had a slow reaction to the heat causing the temperature in the bag to get too high. I ate that popcorn outside so I could rip off the charred paper to avoid eating it. Not only would I have not wanted to eat burned paper, I wouldn't want it in my poop either. I've eaten paper from candy wrappers before mistakingly and was fine btw. To Shannon: Sorry you pooped your pants. If I were you and had to go that bad with someone in the bathroom, I would've just used a bag, and thrown it in the trash. You were fortunate enough to at least be outside when you passed that poop ball, but hopefully whoever discovers your accident will be understanding.


Guinness Book of records

If there was a Guinness Book of records competition for the person who pooed their pants at school the most number of time I would have been the winner or at least come close. I pooped my pants more than anyone else at my school and it wasn't unit a very embarrassing experience that I finally got determined to stop.

Just after my 11 birthday a very cute girl started at school and the best part was she liked me right from the first day and soon asked me to be her boyfriend. All the lectures from teachers or the principle hadn't worked at getting me to stop pooping my pants but having a girlfriend for the first time made want to change. I knew the other students were probably going to tell her, and they did but by that time I hadn't had an accident for several weeks so she just thought they were rumours like all the others that went around school. That made me feel fantastic and much more confident about myself until a school excursion.

The day of the excursion didn't get off to good start when I woke up late and had to go straight to school without going to the toilet. I had only just managed to not poop my pants on my way to school but the moment I rode in the gates one of the teachers told me to hurry and get to the bus. I had been looking forward to the excursion for weeks so I put my bike away and ran to the line waiting to get on the bus. For some reason I completely forgot about how badly I need to go until the first of what seemed like an endless supply of massive firm logs forced its way into my underwear. As my underwear slowly filled with the firm logs my girlfriend talked to completely oblivious to what was going on.
No matter how had I tried the logs kept forcing their way out so all I could do was sit there and act like nothing was wrong and pretend I was interested in what she was saying. After a while I began to realise there wasn't any smell even though the load in my underwear was huge so I stupidly decided to do what I always had in the past and ignore my situation. That actually worked for quite a while until one of guys in my grade pulled my pants down in full view of my girlfriend.

The next day she told me she didn't want to go out with someone who still pooped their pants

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shannon it sounds like you had a rough day.

To: Anna great story it sounds like Bebe really had to poop a lot and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards.

To: Sandrine great story it sounds like Nadia had a lot of poop that had to come out.

To: Elphaba another great story.

To: Bride Goes To The Bathroom great story it sounds like she had a good poop.

To: Eileen great story about your huge poop.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Taylor great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

To Jessica B;

I would think that your temporary co-worker does that out of embarrassment if others knowing she has taken a shit, so she waits til everyone leaves. I would assume she normally washes her hands, but seeing as you had 'returned' (lol) to the bathroom, she became super embarrassed and just decided to leave without washing her hands. I have read similar stories before, and it seems to be the case as she waited till she thought you was gone.

Anyways, i never knew why some people do that. For me....if i have to go, im gonna go in whatever is available. After all....its something everyone has to occasionally do. If it smells? what? Its not like we shit flowers haha.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Uncle Harry

To Sandrine

I really enjoyed your story about the woman who got lifted to pee and poop in the forest, as well as others. In my work as a psychologist, many of my clients were disabled, but I never saw any women get lifted. Where I live, the official forest preserves have a toilet at the entrence and trails inside, but no toilets. The unofficial forests have nothing. You are on your own. Good luck to to all.


Latest update

Hi, sorry I haven't managed to post for ages, I should hopefully have a bit more time now Christmas is out of the way! I
Imogen- I agree, that sounded like a very dramatic toilet visit!! I guess to go and wee in the sink in front of everyone she must have really been about to flood her knickers! Personally if I'd been that desperate for a wee and seen the queue I would have run out of the pub and tried to find an alleyway or something outside, at least it might have been a bit more private. Also reading through some old posts you asked me a while back if I've ever had a full blown wee accident- no, at least not since I was about 6 or 7 and so I can't really remember the details! The closest I've come since was a couple of times at school when I let a big spurt go into my knickers and I was just seconds from weeing them completely, in fact on both occasions if I'd been wearing trousers instead of a skirt I think I would have totally wet myself!! I always used to wear a skirt to school mainly for that very reason, as when your bursting for the loo all you have to do is flip your skirt up, drop your knickers and sit on the loo, with trousers you have to get belts etc undone or there really tight and hard to get down and so it takes longer, and if your desperate that could be a disaster!!
Happy New Year and look forward to your next post.
Natasha- sounds like you pooed a lot over Christmas, glad to hear your keeping regular though, thats more than we're managing! Hope 2018 goes well for you and that you can post again soon!
Jas K- Good to hear from you again and sorry that your still suffering so badly with constipation, I hope giving up chocolate makes a difference. I know I suffer worse when my diet is bad.
Anyway, Lucy and I are both still really struggling with constipation at the moment, Christmas never helps with all the rich food and lack of exercise and although we're trying to eat better now it isn't really making it any easier for us to go for a poo, I still only get a proper urge every 3 or 4 days and my poos are really fat and hard so when I do go I have to spend ages on the toilet pushing, and its pretty much the same for Lucy. We've both decided we're going to try to sit on the loo four times a day (after breakfast, after lunch, when we get home from work and after dinner) even when we don't feel like we want a poo, when I was at school and was constipated that did help eventually to break the cycle, although typically it was the after lunch slot when I would usually feel the urge come on and then I would be on the loo at school trying to pass a really massive log which was embarrassing as I couldn't help grunting, luckily I did sometimes hear other girls having a poo who sounded like they were constipated as well so that made it a bit less awkward!
Yesterday I managed to go after three days which I guess isn't too bad, as I was on the way home from work my belly felt heavy, I wouldn't say I felt like I needed a poo as such, but it was a good sign and I hoped I'd be able to go once I got back.
About 5 minutes after I'd got home Lucy arrived, I said "I'm gonna go and use the toilet, I think I might need to have a poo." She said, "Yeah, I think I might need one as well, I've got a bellyache so I might feel better if I can have a poo!"
I went upstairs to my ensuite, pulled down my blue jeans and white knickers and sat on the loo, I started to have a wee and once my stream had died away I started to push, I felt something moving down inside me and after a couple of minutes the tip of a log started to poke out of my bum, typically it felt really dry and hard so I knew I wasn't in for a particularly easy time of it. "It's coming," I panted as I strained, "But its a really hard dry one so I might struggle a bit, I'm really constipated at the moment!"
"Don't worry, I'll have the same trouble when its my turn," Lucy replied. "Just go for it and grunt it out, you'll feel better once its out of you!" I nodded and did a hard push, ending with a loud grunt. My poo was coming out when I pushed but as soon as I relaxed it started to go back up my bum, which is the problem I always get when I'm constipated, the only solution is to push for as long and as hard as I can and then take a really quick breath before pushing again, also I push my thighs together and pull my bum cheeks apart and sometimes when its really bad it helps if I lift my feet up a bit. "It comes out a bit but then gets sucked back up my bum," I said.
"Yeah, my last few poos have been exactly the same, I've been having really hard fat ones!" said Lucy. "Either they go back up my bum, or get stuck half way out, or sometimes both when my constipations really bad like it has been these last few weeks!"
I took a deep breath and pushed for ages, then took the quickest breath in I could manage and pushed really hard again. I could feel I was going bright red but I just wanted this log out of me! I could feel the log coming so I kept pushing like that, it was sliding out really slowly but was starting to get fatter so I just hoped it wouldn't get stuck. For a terrible moment I thought it was, but then it suddenly started to move faster and I moaned with relief. "Thank God for that, the fattest parts through," I said, and a few more gentle pushes later I felt the monster log fall from my bum and slide into the water with a sploosh. I could feel there was more to come so I stayed sitting, my second log wasn't quite as hard so I didn't have to strain as much, but it was still really fat so I still had to bear down with some force, that log made a loud plop as it dropped. I finished with a few ball like pieces which were easier to push out but also made loud plops, Lucy said "My God Abs, you're doing a huge load, I hope you can flush it all away!!" I realised I was finished so I started to wipe my bottom, when I was done wiping I pulled the flush, luckily it did all go away. I pulled up my knickers and jeans and went to wash my hands.
"Right, my turn now!" said Lucy, pulling down her black trousers and pink spotty knickers, she also started with a wee and as it dribbled to a stop I saw her starting to push, as she had predicted she was quite clearly finding it hard work as well, which made me feel a bit better. She was making some loud grunts as she strained, she said "Sorry, I'm having another fat one, I think this ones about as big as the one I had on Boxing Day, it was really embarassing, I had to spend most of the afternoon on the loo!" After a few more really long and hard pushes Lucy said, "Right, its coming finally!!" and not longer after I heard a splash and she moaned with relief. I could see she had started pushing again, she said, "I'm not done yet!" and over the next 10 minutes she passed another 3 logs!! When she was done she wiped her bottom, pulled up her knickers and trousers and flushed, luckily somehow it all went down! Hopefully we'll both get less constipated if we watch our diet and keep going for regular sits on the loo, I'll try to keep you updated.


Poop after class

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a long time! I've just been really busy with school starting up again and with the holidays! So speaking of school, I'm just starting my second semester of college and this week has been really busy!
Today I woke up kinda late and didn't get to poop before my first class as I usually do. I hadn't gone since yesterday morning so I knew I had a pretty big load waiting to come. I had my business calculus class at 9 and I didn't want to miss anything so I had to hold it all the way through. Towards the end of class I felt it make its way down and turtlehead. I knew I would need to find a bathroom right after class ended. Luckily class ended early and I made my way to the girls room.
There were 5 stalls and 4 were taken. A couple of girls were doing makeup at the sinks and I took the third stall. I locked the door and pulled down my leggings and thong to my knees and began to pee. The person on my right was wearing these nice leather boots an I could tell they were pooping. The person on my left just wiped and left. As I finished peeing the girl on my right farted loudly and her boots went up on her tippy toes. I pushed out a giant log with a quiet but airy fart and it snaked up in the bowl. I pushed again and I crackled out two more pieces. The girl on my right kept dropping short turds one after another and then I heard someone hurry into the stall on my left. They slammed the door and immediately farted really loud with some loose diarrhea splattering the bowl. Their feet went up on their tippy toes and I heard the girl sigh. I could tell it was a girl that was in my last class. I recognized the leggings and tennis shoes and I could tell it was her. I meanwhile was struggling to get my load out and just listened to the two girls continue to poop. There was a line starting to form as other classes had just let out and other girls had the same idea we had. I could tell that most of the people in the bathroom were pooping as farts and plops were heard. A couple of girls waiting commenting how we needed to hurry up but I couldn't get my poop to go. I pushed harder and harder until I felt a huge log begin to crown. I pushed so hard and embarrassingly kinda moaned when it came out. It was even longer and thicker than my first log! My stall stunk so bad but I finally felt relived. I started to wipe and the two girls I started with were still pooping! I got a wad of tp and wiped really good. I noticed a spot on my thong were the turd had touched lol. I wiped about 7 times and felt clean. I flushed and I noticed I left a lot of skid marks in the bowl. It was kinda embarrassing coming out of the stall to see people kinda stare at you for pooping but when ya gotta go ya gotta go!
Anyways hope y'all enjoyed my story! Until next time!


Poopy accident

Hiya readers!

I've been lurking around here for a really long time, and posting one of my stories is something I really wanted but I just had an accident that I needed to share. :( sooooo im 23, pale white and have dirty blondish hair, and I'm an elementary school teacher. I'm spending the long weekend at home but the work week had tired me out a bit, so I fell asleep this afternoon to catch up on some sleepy bye.

I've been suffering constipation bouts lately and I hadn't pooped in days. It had been awful! I woke up late this evening and my ???? was hurting soooo badly! I couldn't get up due to the pain so I just crawled around in bed. I knew I just really needed to take a bad poop. I forced myself up out of bed to try and go potty, but a roommate, who likes babysitting her friend's young kids, has them over and was giving them a bath. No matter cause I felt it was a really hard poop. I decided to walk outside.

I came out wearing my usual sleep clothes: a t shirt, sweatpants and my panties. I felt the poop moving down. I thought it was just some indigestion and tried to fight it, but a big and thick ball of poop forced its way out into my panties, fell out and down my leg. It was a big poopy lump that I just let slide out of my legholes onto the grass.

All my panties are regular modest white, full cut briefs, Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. I'm very slim but I like the large sized ones because they're comfy and roomy. This would be why the poop slid out so easy instead of smushing against my butt, though there was still a lot of poop wedged in my butt. I knew there was still lots of poop in me and I was still hurting too much to stand. I crouched down, and what felt like a pint of watery poop shot of me and flooded the rest of my panties. I felt better but I was very poopy and stinky.

It's dark so I looked in my sweats. I have poop running down my leg, a little bit on my feet, and my white panties are completely pooped up. It's going to take tons of bleach and soap! I'm still outdoors, really poopy and all, and I've been typing this on my phone as it's all happened in the span of the last few minutes. I'm really scared to go in and be found covered in days' worth of poop!

I hope it was a good read :(
All my love


Bebe's big poo at the library

Yesterday after class my friend Bebe and I were having lunch at the food court. After we were done we stopped for some coffee and then headed to the library to work on one of our projects. When we got there, I needed to pee quite a bit so I told her that I was going to the bathroom real quick. She said „me too" and we both headed to the small washroom at the back of the floor.

There are only two stalls, but it was all empty and we each took one of them. I was on the right and Bebe was on the left. As I was pulling down my jeans and string, I could hear Bebe do the same, and then our bums hit the seats pretty much at the same time. We both immediately started to pee. I couldn't help farting. It was short but kinda lound and a bit embarrasing, so I was like „oops, sorry". After maybe half a minute, we were both done and I started pulling off paper to clean up. I couldn't hear anything from Bebe's stall except the shuffling of her feet and the creaking of the seat as she was shifting her rear end around on the toilet. Then, all of a sudden came a loud fart, followed by a big splash and a quiet moan. Bebe asked me if I was done and I told her „yes". She said „sorry I'll be a little longer" and I told her that it was no problem. I quickly finished up wiping and then flushed, pulled up my pants and left the stall to wash my hands. As I did so, Bebe did another fart, followed by the splash of her turd hitting the water and another quiet moan. Then she started to ask me about our project and we continued our chat for about a minute while I was washing my hands and fixing my hair a bit in the mirror. While we did, Bebe released what sounded like two more big poops. Each one was accompanied by a pretty loud fart and a moan, exactly like the first two. In the end she was like „sorry Ann, I don't know what's up, my stomach is kinda upset...". I told her that it was alright and that I would set up some of our stuff outside and that she should take her time. She was like „thanks, that's sweet" just as she pooped some more. This time it sounded like much softer poo that kinda exploded into the bowl from her rear end. By now she had stunk up the little bathroom real good, too so I was happy to get back out into the library.

While I was at our table outside I couldn't help but wondering if Bebe was still pooping on the toilet. Her turds sounded really big and I bet that she had already filled a good part of her toilet while I was still in the bathroom. I felt kinda bad for her. Finally, she came out looking relieved but also a bit embarrased.

We worked for maybe three hours in the library and went back to the bathroom together one more time to pee. Bebe did another pretty big fart, but otherwise seemed to have taken care of her number two during our first visit to the toilet. That's my story for today and I hope you liked it!


To Haylee

Why don't you ask any of your friends? If they drive, that is. Or you could just ask your mom. It might be awkward to ask but it might be your only way. Either your parents or your friends' car. Either way, good luck! Hope to hear some stories from you in the future!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Lifted up VII

Hi ! For those who haven't red the previous pages, I'm the Frenchwoman who likes to be lifted up by her husband for a pee. If there are some other women who enjoy that kind of couple pee, please come forward.
Today, I wanna talk about my friend Nadia. She suffers multiple sclerosis.
She uses a wheelchair because she gets tired after walking three steps.
Nadia, her boyfriend and I, were on a well laid out forest path when Nadia said "Have you guys noticed if there are disabled toilets in the area ?"
Her boyfriend, who's not as strong as my husband, answered "There are no toilets of any kind in this area. I can't see any solution other than peeing your pants
- Actually... she said
- Is it for number 2 ? I asked
- Yes, she said
- I propose this : I have some biodegradable toilet paper in my handbag. We push you and your wheelchair out of sight from the bath and we lift you up.
Both Nadia and her boyfriend agreed. All three of us went away from the path, Nadia turning the wheels while her boyfriend and I were pushing the wheelchair. Then Nadia stood up and walked three steps with both of us holding her standing, her boyfriend on her left and me on her right. Then Nadia dropped her pants and panties while I took the toilet paper out of my bag.Then we lifted her knees up to her breast. So there she was with her legs vertical, her back horizontal and her naked buttocks.
I told her "Expect to poop a lot in this position" She started pushing. I saw a turd coming along with a weak pee flow. The turd moved slowly. A 20cm part broke away from the rest, then her turd progressed even more and another 20cm part broke away. Her turd carries on progressing and the final 20cm fell on the ground. Then her pee, so far weak but constant, grew stronger, landed a meter away for 45 seconds, came weak again then ended. Her boyfriend asked her "Is that all ?" She answered no with a straining voice and pushed out slowly another turd that reached the ground after having splited into three 20cm parts.
Back to their home and after having drunk infusion, I went to the toilets. Nadia comes with me. Their home toilets are French toilets (a tiny room distinct from the bathroom) but it's wide enought for wheelchairs. I pee with Nadia beside me. She said :
- You're right : I pooped a lot being lifted up. How did you know that ?
- I took the habit to be lifted up by my husband to do my business in a forest
- Why ? You don't need that since you can walk
- No, but I like that
- I understand, she said laughing
Then we swaped places and I told her more about this.

To Haylee

If you want to pee in a car, do it when your parents arent gonna be around for a while, and then clean it up. Or you could simply do it and say you dont know where it came from, if you have access to the keys on occasion, anyways. Or you could stage an accident, or something. Embarrassing, i know, but that way you wont be found out.

Anyways, i dont have much of a story today, but i do notice that a lpt of the customers in my store where i work seem to have to use the bathroom sometimes and just continue on shopping after some leg crossing and fidgeting or what not. Some are likely afraid of using a public toilet. For me....if i have to go and im in a public gonna go. Everyone does it, after all. Its still a little embarrassimg, but far less so than having an accident.


Jessica B

This and that

Hi everyone!

I am sorry there seem to be less posts on this website, it must be because people share on FB or other social media, but I could not find any interesting group. And I really enjoy the anonymity of this site.

As I live alone, my "toilet life" is mostly uneventful. For those who remember my story about Tanya: I had another couch surfing guest at my place (Fernando from Mexico), but unfortunately, there is nothing to tell. I also had my new friend Judith and her family at my place for lunch after Christmas and we all had to go number one quite a few times, but once again, nothing noteworthy.

At work, we have this young internee who is staying for two weeks. She has somewhat of an odd working pattern: I noticed on her second day that she would stay after she's done with work, slack off at her desk, wait until the office is mostly empty and then proceed to the ladies for a number two. And she does this every day. I do not know what is up with her.

I can see her desk from mine, as we are in the same open space. I was working late, as usual and I was surprised that she was still there. So I approached her and jokingly asked her whether she was forced to work extra hours on her second day already, how she was doing, whether she liked the office etc. However, she was not very chatty, and to be honest, not even very friendly. So I went back to finish what I was doing.

A few minutes later, as we were the only ones left, she went to the ladies with her cell phone and stayed there for quite a while. When she came out, she packed her stuff and went home. Shortly afterwards, I decided it was time to leave for me too. I went to the ladies to pee before riding home and was greeted by an unpleasant smell. No doubts, she just had a large BM! Also, there was a wad of soiled TP in the bowl. I peed, washed my hands and left.
The next day, the same happened: as we were almost alone, I passed by her desk on my way to the printer and she definitely just had farted. She probably also pre-poop farts. And when I went back, she wasn't at her desk, and exited the ladies ten minutes later.

Yesterday, I was being even curious about her habits, so I followed her to the bathroom. She had taken the handicapped stall. I stayed by the mirror, listening. She seemed to be waiting in the cubicle, so I went to the door and opened it to pretend leaving, then let it close. Sure enough, seconds later, the internee let lose a loud prepoop fart. Then, a piece dropped into the water with a 'plop' sound. She was silent for a little while, then grunted super faintly, before some pooped crackled and splashed into the bowl. It seemed to help, as she passed many more light sounding turds. She has very smelly bowels. Finally, she started wiping, using a lot of paper. I decided I could not hide anymore, so I opened the door again and pretend to walk in. I took the regular stall and peed. She then flushed and exited without washing her hands! Gross. Anyway, I flushed, washed mine and had a peek at the toilet she had used: of course, it was quite stained. Hygiene is not her thing apparently!
When I exited the bathroom, she had already left.

Can anyone explain why she does this?

Love and take care,


Which Bathroom To Use

The holidays are over and back to work. In my Christmas post family, I forgot to include my cousin Robby's 5 year old son Charlie. Sorry about that. I just got back from a seminar. It was designed for women, but some men attended to. I had peed at home before leaving, but half-way to the mid-break I started to get bladder ache. When the break came, I was ready to dash for the ladies. Trouble was, no one knew where it was. The leader finally showed us where. The ladies was on the right side of the hallway and the men's on the left. With no surprise, the line for the ladies was huge and only a few for the men's. Neither I nor others at the end of the line thought we would make it with clean pants. I was used to using the men's room, so I started the parade. I got a sheet og paper out of purse and wrote on it "gender free" and stuck it up with some tape someone had. In we walked. A few men outside gazed at us and got in line. Two men were discussing, but I couldn't hear them. Inside, there a few men were peeing at the two urinals. They did not see us and we ignored them. The line outside started to grow. We went to the four stalls, with doors. I took one and, as I started to sit down, I noticed a man in the left stall. I wondered what he thought to see women's shoes next to him. However, I just peed and listend to his poop drops. We both came out at the same time. He stared at me and the women in line, but said nothing. On our way out he mumbled something about "women". I went back to the seminar.

Answering nature's call in nature

Last week I happened to be driving in a fairly rural area with a casual acquaintance of mine when we came across some roadworks where only one lane remained open and a stop/go system was being employed.

About half a dozen men were using the 'stop' portion of this maneuver as an opportunity to relieve their bladders by the side of the road. My traveling companion was pretty upset by this, but the thing is, if I had been alone I would probably have joined them. I had even considered it before he spoke up.

I can't say I completely approve of just doing it in plain view of everybody, but as a boy I grew up in a farming community where we had massive fields and mountains and lakes as our playground and if we needed to relieve ourselves there wasn't always a toilet nearby and it was simply more convenient to find a tree or a bush to go behind, I can even recall a few occasions when I did a fair bit more than just a quick pee. Even now as an adult I frequently pee outside if I'm working out in the yard, it's simply more convenient than going to the toilet.

Hi it's John B. The recent post "Bride hoes to the bathroom" certainly brought back some fond memories.

The context was slightly different but broadly similar to my experience. The nuptials and formalities had been completed and had arrived at the venue for the reception when after ten minutes or so my wife and by now sister-in-law disappeared for about fifteen minutes. I later found out that my new wife had urgentlly needed a poo after about five days of constipation brought about by as she said "pre wedding nerves". The rest of the reception went without a hitch.

The wedding night was "eventful" too as we were about to "settle down for the night" my beloved needed another poo. She didn't let me down for she produced two marvelous mid brown logs, one starting knobbly then smooth the other totally smooth but firm and both about eight inches long a part two of the earlier action. That put us both in the mood if you get my drift and we had a most enjoyable start to our married life and I am pleased to day a similar ecperience still exists to this day some thirtysix years later.

Thanks to you all for your interesting and informative recollections and stories.

John B x


Comment to Mina + a story

Mina-I had a big smile on my face when reading about Kazuko pooing at her mother's house. I'm so happy for her that she was able to flout her mother's silly rule in such a daring way. But I do agree that it is sad she had to do that at all.

Yesterday I was at the library returning some books. Just before I left I needed to have a pee so I went into the bathroom by the entrance. As I pushed open the door and walked in I saw that all three cubicles were occupied and there was two girls queuing up. I joined the queue and the girl in front of me caught my reflection in the mirror and sniggered; at the time I thought this was of derision but now in hindsight it might have been due to how embarrassed she was for me. Turing around she said "this is the girl's room" to which I replied "I know; I'm trans". She turned back to face the cubicles which didn't seem to have any movement going on inside. A minute later the girl in front of me left; again I don't know if this was down to me being there or if she really needed to go and didn't want to wait. I didn't mind as this meant I moved up a place in the queue which I was quite glad of as I was starting to really need to go myself. A minute passed and girl in the left cubical flushed and unlocked the cubical door. As she walked to the sinks the girl in front of me took her cubical. Just after a girl in a white hoodie entered the bathroom and stood behind me. She then tapped me on the shoulder and I readied myself for a comment about how I didn't belong there but instead she asked if she could nip in before me and grab some loo roll to blow her nose with to which I said yes to. At the time I was too keyed up to realise this but looking back it was a great feeling to have her accept me as a girl. The noise of a flushing toilet a minute later was music to my ears. The door then opened and a girl wearing shiny black brogues stepped out of the cubical. I stood aside so the white hoodie-d girl could go in and after she had come out again I went in and locked the door. I shrugged off my rucksack and placed it on the floor, next off was my scarf which I placed on the door hook and was joined shortly by my coat. Then I undid my dark navy skinny jeans and pulled them down with my blue stripped panties before sitting on the warm seat. My pee stream took a while to start, I think because of how pent up I was, but before long it was tinkering into the water. It did this for about thirty seconds it tapered off and then as I stood up I also pulled up my clothes and redid the button on my jeans. After putting on my coat, scarf and bag I unlocked the door and walked to the sinks. As I was washing my hands the middle cubical flushed and as I moved over to the hand-dryers an Asian girl stepped out and went over to the sinks. She was still washing her hands as I passed her to open the door to leave.

Once Elizabeth had moved away I had no more experiences with girls using the toilet until, one Sunday after church, my parents and I had lunch at the house of some friends of theirs. I suppose by then I was nine or ten and they had a daughter called Pamela who was probably eleven or twelve. She seemed a lot older than I was, and though I thought she was beautiful in her summer dress, we didn't seem to have much in common.
Until! After lunch my parents and their friends obviously wanted to talk, and they suggested that Pamela take me to the tennis court at the far end of their very large garden and teach me how to play. So out we went. On the way, Pamela said to me, 'Do you need to use the toilet?' I was beginning to need a wee, but I felt she was trying to play at mothering a small boy. So, standing on my nine year-old's dignity, I firmly said, 'No, I don't.'
Then came 'Are you sure you don't?', and I again said that I didn't want to. She came back with 'You don't have to go back to the house you know, there's a toilet down here by the conservatory.' I just walked on, and she followed up with 'I need to use the toilet before we start playing.' At this point I decided I'd be more comfortable if I did empty my bladder, so I said, 'I think perhaps I do need to.'
She led me to a brick-built structure at one end of the huge greenhouse - a toilet obviously built for the gardeners to use, opened the door and said 'Let's go together. You go first, then I will. There's no need to shut the door, it'll be too dark if we do.' I pushed the seat up and got ready to fire, and she said, 'Stand to the side so that I can see you go.' I moved round, let a good strong wee arc gracefully into the toilet bowl, and sensed that she was excited by the experience. As I said in an earlier post, if girls can persuade a boy to wee, they have a way of getting to see a penis whilst in supposed return, when they wee, they show nothing that matters.
But in this case the biter was bit. Once I'd finished, I said 'Your turn now!' and I watched a flurry of dress and petticoat coming up and a pair of pale sky-blue silky-looking knickers - the sort with elastic-ended legs - being got ready to allow a wee, but positioned to reveal nothing. She sat on the seat, arranged the skirt of her dress, and I heard a slow trickle dropping into the water. I felt she looked tense, and I soon discovered the reason why. She suddenly said, 'Oh no!' and I heard a loud 'Splosh'. Then the wee resumed, this time at much more like full throttle. There wasn't any toilet-paper so she stood up, sorting her knickers out, and giving me a chance to see the huge light-brown 'sausage' that had embarrassed her by demanding exit. Blushing, she said, 'Sorry, I couldn't help it!', and we picked up our racquets and went to the tennis court.
But neither of us was really interested, and the weather was kind to us. On came the rain and that was the end the story. I don't know how Pamela felt about the experience, but I'd seen my first girl do a poop and I'd no idea that a slim, pretty girl could do a poop that size. I had a lot to think about!
I hope some of you are enjoying my recounting of my ancient history - I'd enjoy reading any comments.


accidents at grandma's :(

I'm a mixed boy mom black-dad white, I was about 7. It was the weekend & that meant i got to go to grandma's house. I got there & joined w/ my older cousin to play snes for the night & eat snacks. I eventually went to sleep in my bed. I woke up, smelled breakfast. But i was shocked to find out i a 7 year old wet the bed.

I went to the bathroom to change my cloths. I found out i also had a faint skid mark because i didn't wipe well. I took a shower & bagged the dirty laundry. Got dressed. My 3 cousins were at the table w/ grandma eating. The smallest 4 year old girl we'll nickname her Jessica, the older cousin i played games w/ lastnight, Tron. And the slightly younger but still older cousin Tamie.

Was not a fat kid at all. But I ate my portion then after a visitor. I got scolded by Tron not to eat after him. I asked grandma for some new linen, my face turned red, and i told her what happened. She told me not to worry everyone has had an accident.

While my cousins were outside playing. She gave me the linen, I made my bed. Went outside to play, had a lot of fun. Eventually we got in the car to go to the mountains, that was epic. When we were going back home that night, i needed to poo badly. I just kept talking & playing with Tron in the back. Everyone started putting their shirt above their nose, talking about the smell. Grandma asked wondering who had an accident? I knew i didn't poo myself or anything so i was clear. My older cousin Tamie had a few tears & said i thought i was going to fart but i pooped a little, it didn't get on my skirt or the seat. She cleaned up when we got home. Tamie was 15 years old & acted very mature for her age. More games then bed.

Sonya Sue

My boyfriend's midnight piss

Over holiday break at my high school about 12 of us thespians and our drama teacher had a day-long marathon work session up at school to finish constructing the set needed for our upcoming play. Most of us are seniors, we've been a really tight group for four years, and as I've written about before, when we're working after school we've made a single-gender bathroom right across from our theater a toilet room that we all use. Often we'll be together in there during breaks because we're really good friends and well, we've been doing it this way for years. The problem was at our noon to midnight work session that a new janitor forgot we were there and locked the door to the bathroom and left campus. Neither our drama coach or her college assistant had the necessary key with them. So by mid-afternoon both me and BJ knew that if we drank too many sodas, we'd have to improvise in keeping our bladders from bursting. BJ and I both took our craps that morning when we stopped at the convenience store I work at so I could pick up my check.

At about 10 p.m. I had to pee badly. So behind the curtain while our castmates were working, BJ used both of his hands to steady a metal wash bucket while I sat on it. My weight against the metal was too painful. It seemed like I was cutting into my skin and thigh fat as I sat. That's when BJ suggested that I get on my knees and he placed the bucket under me. It worked. I was surprised. But the noise, at least at first, was loud like rain on the roof, but luckily a radio was playing and that saved me from drawing attention from the others. I could tell that BJ had been filling up too and I offered to hold the bucket up for him. But he said he could make it until he got home.

Because our group worked so well together, we got done about an hour later. BJ was giving me a ride home so we didn't waste any time in getting into his car and on our way. Once we started our planned 15-minute drive to my house which is close to his also, we found the main highway was closed. High winds had blown some lines down and the traffic was really jammed up as cars had to go through totally dark neighborhoods for about a mile to get around it. BJ hated the slow-moving traffic, let off a bunch of expletives, and said he wasn't going to make it. So while he drove at about 5 MPH boxed in by this line of cars and trucks he took one hand off the wheel and was attempting to get his zipper open on his jeans. After a couple of swerves and near misses of parked cars, I told him to keep his eyes on the road and I would finish the job. Once I got to it, BJ told me to clamp his organ tight with one hand. By using my left hand for that he directed me to use my right to pull a empty single-serve plastic orange juice bottle from the floor under me.

I was getting equally scared and turned on as I put the bottle under his organ. But luckily BJ was helpful in helping steady it with his right hand as he steered with his left. Problem was that after no more than 10 seconds the now-warm bottle was almost full. BJ said 'F***, what are we going to do?' I told him to stop his pee for a minute. I could tell it was causing him pain to do so and there was still a little trickle going on. I panicked. I told him to push the button to roll my window down. He did. But with the bottle in my hand, my intention of just tossing the piss out and reusing the bottle ended when I chucked it into the dark. Dumb I know. BJ told me that and more as he continued to follow the cars in line while he and I held his organ. Then BJ remembered that earlier I had given him a few swigs out of my water bottle. Since I didn't want to finish it off for obvious reasons, I had placed it in my handbag. It was a challenge and a miracle, but I was able to reach in and pull out the bottle. Half the water was in it, which I quickly dumped out of the window. Then I put it up to BJ's organ for him to finish the job. Space in the 16 ounce bottle was tight, but it worked. There was a bit of a spill that caused both of us to gasp when BJ hit a speed bump, but I was holding onto the bottle so hard I was hoping my nails wouldn't puncture it.

Once we got to the other side of our city and back onto the main highway, I asked BJ to stop at a 24/7 gas station because I had to both pee and crap. He said our experience must have scared it out of me. It did. I agree. We were lucky.

Hi to everyone i m writing from Europe.
I would to speak about to squat on toilet seat. I started to use this position after i read that it's healtier than the common way peopele seat.
I adopted it especially in pubblic place, i simply raise my skirt peel down to middle tight underware and pantyhose and the i hike on the thrine and i take care of my business.
It sligtly less comfortable if you are wearing trouses especially slacks.
Do you use this habit?

One time I went to the movies with my friend. As we were leaving we passed by the girl's restroom. The smell was terrible in there. It was like a real stinky healthy poop mixed with dead fish. Unfortunately I didn't get to stay long or find the culprit.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Comment to Mina + a story

Mina-I had a big smile on my face when reading about Kazuko pooing at her mother's house. I'm so happy for her that she was able to flout her mother's silly rule in such a daring way. But I do agree that it is sad she had to do that at all.

Yesterday I was at the library returning some books. Just before I left I needed to have a pee so I went into the bathroom by the entrance. As I pushed open the door and walked in I saw that all three cubicles were occupied and there was two girls queuing up. I joined the queue and the girl in front of me caught my reflection in the mirror and sniggered; at the time I thought this was of derision but now in hindsight it might have been due to how embarrassed she was for me. Turing around she said "this is the girl's room" to which I replied "I know; I'm trans". She turned back to face the cubicles which didn't seem to have any movement going on inside. A minute later the girl in front of me left; again I don't know if this was down to me being there or if she really needed to go and didn't want to wait. I didn't mind as this meant I moved up a place in the queue which I was quite glad of as I was starting to really need to go myself. A minute passed and girl in the left cubical flushed and unlocked the cubical door. As she walked to the sinks the girl in front of me took her cubical. Just after a girl in a white hoodie entered the bathroom and stood behind me. She then tapped me on the shoulder and I readied myself for a comment about how I didn't belong there but instead she asked if she could nip in before me and grab some loo roll to blow her nose with to which I said yes to. At the time I was too keyed up to realise this but looking back it was a great feeling to have her accept me as a girl. The noise of a flushing toilet a minute later was music to my ears. The door then opened and a girl wearing shiny black brogues stepped out of the cubical. I stood aside so the white hoodie-d girl could go in and after she had come out again I went in and locked the door. I shrugged off my rucksack and placed it on the floor, next off was my scarf which I placed on the door hook and was joined shortly by my coat. Then I undid my dark navy skinny jeans and pulled them down with my blue stripped panties before sitting on the warm seat. My pee stream took a while to start, I think because of how pent up I was, but before long it was tinkering into the water. It did this for about thirty seconds it tapered off and then as I stood up I also pulled up my clothes and redid the button on my jeans. After putting on my coat, scarf and bag I unlocked the door and walked to the sinks. As I was washing my hands the middle cubical flushed and as I moved over to the hand-dryers an Asian girl stepped out and went over to the sinks. She was still washing her hands as I passed her to open the door to leave.

Hi it's John B. The recent post "Bride hoes to the bathroom" certainly brought back some fond memories.

The context was slightly different but broadly similar to my experience. The nuptials and formalities had been completed and had arrived at the venue for the reception when after ten minutes or so my wife and by now sister-in-law disappeared for about fifteen minutes. I later found out that my new wife had urgentlly needed a poo after about five days of constipation brought about by as she said "pre wedding nerves". The rest of the reception went without a hitch.

The wedding night was "eventful" too as we were about to "settle down for the night" my beloved needed another poo. She didn't let me down for she produced two marvelous mid brown logs, one starting knobbly then smooth the other totally smooth but firm and both about eight inches long a part two of the earlier action. That put us both in the mood if you get my drift and we had a most enjoyable start to our married life and I am pleased to day a similar ecperience still exists to this day some thirtysix years later.

Thanks to you all for your interesting and informative recollections and stories.

John B x

Uncle Harry

Peeing with the Comic Books

When I was in high school, there was a used comics store near the street car stop that I often took to get home. I often stopped in to add more to my collection. I knew the owner lady pretty well. There was a front display and two tables full in a back room. I had never been back there. One day, we were talking a lot when she stopped and said she had to close the store for about 15 minutes so she could go in the back to go to the bathroom. "When a woman"s gotta go, she's gotta go", she said. She didn't say go what. I told her that I needed to pee. "Well", I have to piss first, so you will have to wait". She went in the back and I decided to look at the comics in the back. I had thought that the bathroom was an actual room with a door. I was wrong. She was sitting on a toilet in a three-sided cubical with no cover on the front, peeing. I startled her, but I don't think too much. "Harry", she said, "Don't look at my pussy. My wee-wee is coming out of it". I apologized and said I would leave, but she said not to bother as I already saw everything. It took her about another 45 seconds before she stopped peeing and then she spread her legs even farther and wiped her pussy clean. We changed places and she now wanted to watch me pee. I guess I needed to let her watch, so I did. Well, at least we were both relieved of our bladders.


My Poops

Hi everyone. For awhile now, my poops have been semi-loose, but not too bad. Today was no exception. I went a lot at first, but the amount lessened near the end of the day. Today was one of those really fun days because not only did I eat liver and onions ????, I went to Toysrus to get one of the new Fur Real pets from Hasbro. Btw, its Chatty Charlie the beagle, and one of the things he likes to do is fart just like my Furby Connect pals! Boy did my poop come out in a bit of a hurry the other day. Speaking of farting again, I did a bit of that with my morning rush dump the other day. I bet my dinner will get things moving in my bowels tomorrow as well.


to Gio & Constipation Survey

Hi Gio! Glad you remembered me. I didn't see you had just posted. Glad to see more constipated people sharing stories. Also cool to see you take your clothes off when you poop. I don't do that every time, but I do it sometimes. Not sure why, but it feels easier to go when I do. I'll answer Lavah's survey:

Age: 23
Gender: Male

1. How many times do you usually poop each week? I usually poop 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I am even more regular, but that doesn't seem to stop the poop from being hard and compacted.
2. How often do you get constipated? I am constipated most of the time too. It seems to just be the default for me. To have soft normal poop is rare for me.
3. What is your definition of being constipated? I guess I would think not pooping for a while, but the time is not always a factor for me. Sometimes my poop becomes hard and difficult to push out really easily, even after not that much time. So to me it's probably more about the hardness of the poop and hard it is to push out.
4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation? I usually just push a ton, or try multiple times. Sometimes I will squat and try different positions. Sometimes I try fiber supplements and stomach massages. Other times I will try suppositories or enemas as a last resort if nothing else works. I had those a lot as a kid.
5. What usually makes you constipated? Certain things like being on vacation or eating junk food make it worse, but it seems sometimes like anything makes me constipated.
6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated? I've never been constipated longer than a week and it is rare thankfully.
7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated? It can take around 20 minutes to an hour. It depends on if something actually wants to come out.
8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated? Probably around 10 minutes. I'm a slow pooper in general, but I'm also almost always at least somewhat constipated.
9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated? I lean forward on the toilet or I squat. Sometimes I do stand with my hands on my knees. I do that sometimes just to get it started.
10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated? I usually just lean forward on the toilet. I don't bother trying anything else if it's a normal poop.
11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated? As a kid, my parents would. Sometimes my brother has helped me too. My girlfriend has been in the bathroom when I've been constipated, but hasn't overtly helped me yet. I wouldn't mind it, though!
12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated? Just my brother. He doesn't get constipated as often as I do, but he always has on and off.


Dumping with my brother

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while. Wanted to share a buddy dumping story that happened with my brother after New Year's:

My brother Chris and I are both in our early 20s (he's three years younger than me). I'm prone to worse constipation than he is (and he's prone to accidents sometimes, which I never seem to have), but we both often strain and grunt a lot when we poop.

We both hung out on New Year's eve with some friends, we both got a bit drunk (so a couple times we went off to pee together. At one point we went in adjacent urinals and when we were at my friend's house, Chris and I both peed outside in the backyard of the house). To us, peeing and pooping in front of each other doesn't seem weird. We've been doing it since we were little and it's no big deal.

But anyway, at the end of the night, I was getting a bad intestinal cramp. Although I had just pooped the day before, I had eaten a ton since and I knew I would have to go soon. Chris had too and while he didn't say he had a cramp, I noticed he was farting a lot so I figured he had to go. When we got home I was intending to use the bathroom, but my bro said he had to go too, so he came in with me. I said he could go first because my urge was starting to die down.

He sat down on the toilet and immediately started straining and grunting. He was leaning forward and gritting his teeth. I was standing at first, but then sat on the tub in front of him. Finally he said "it's coming out" and I could hear a turd coming out of his hole, he pushed one hard push and it landed in the toilet with a thud. (He stood up and I saw it was about a foot long). He sat back down and continued pushing more and some soft poop came out after that. It smelled pretty bad, but I'm used to smelling his poop and it doesn't bother me. He then wiped and was done.

After that, it was my turn. By then the urge wasn't really there anymore, but I knew I had to go, so I sat and started straining and grunting. Chris was like "come on, Dom, you said you had to go!" but I was trying and nothing was happening. Eventually though I could feel something moving down, so I started pushing harder. After several minutes of grunting and straining, finally I could feel my anus open up and felt a firm turd starting to come out. I pushed hard until it was sticking out, but it felt stuck. I stood up a bit over the toilet with my hands on my knees and pushed harder. Chris was watching and was like "dude, it's huge! Keep pushing!" I continued pushing and straining audibly until something managed to drop. I sat back down and pushed the rest of it out. It was all dark brown and firm like clay. All in all, I was probably on the toilet for 15 or 20 minutes.

I finally wiped my asshole (and there was almost nothing on the toilet paper) and was done. My poops are often like that, but Chris doesn't always see it. I didn't mind that he did, I thought it was cool. We both encourage each other sometimes when we're more constipated.

There are not that many people writing about outdoor toilet situations here. That is why I shall make a contribuition even though it is not that spectacular. Last summer I was wild camping in the woods at a site where several others also were staying, mostly van campers, but even some bikers. No toilet around and before I went to bed in the evening I found it convenient to take a walk into the woods to find a place to squat and get away with the waste. When sitting there, trousers at my knees, a young woman with a back pack suddenly showed up, passing close by. She just smiled and said sorry and continued towards the site where everyone camped. She was walking together with another woman an they raised their tent quite close to mine. Still smiling when we met the next morning, luckily she did not comment upon the incident. But then, when I had packed my things and went away I accidentally went in on her friend sitting there with the bottom bare. I think I said nothing but we both smiled, somewhat embarrassed both of us I guess.

Bride Goes to the Bathroom

A while back one of my college roommates got married and I was in the wedding as one of the bridesmaids. We were in the basement of the church getting ready, basically just putting the final touches on our make-up, when the bride announced that she was going to need to use the bathroom before the ceremony. She was wearing a giant ball gown, so we knew it wasn't going to be an easy task. We decided that her mother, the maid of honor, and myself were going to assist.

There were separate mens and womens bathrooms that consisted of a room about 10 x 10 with a just one toilet and sink. She backed up in front of the toilet while we pulled the dress to her front and sides and lifted it about two feet off the floor. She was able to reach around and pull down her underwear and lower herself onto the toilet. After a few seconds a stream of pee started but only lasted a little while. After it stopped she just sat there motionless and didn't say anything. After a little while, her mom said, "You all set sweetie?" To which she replied, "I'm goin' poop!" Kind of loud yet kind of whispering. "Oh" the three of us replied, almost in unison.

It was about then I heard a splash into the water and then a few seconds later another. She sat there for a bit and then reached for toilet paper and wiped a couple times. She was able to pull her underwear back up and then stood up and we were able to let her dress down. After she stood up I looked into the toilet. There was one HUGE turd, plus two more smaller pieces of poop. She turned around and flushed, then began walking to the door. While her back was turned, the other bridesmaid looked at me and mouthed, "Stinky" while waiving her hand in front of her face. It was true, it did smell pretty bad.

I could tell she was pretty embarrassed to have taken a huge crap in front of three people, but she didn't really have a choice - I don't see how she could have made it through the day while holding that.


Response to Traveler

Traveler - Thanks for sharing your pee accident on the boat ride. Can't imagine what might have been worse, peeing your pants among all those people or having to stay in wet pants for another hour. I would kind of expected a tour boat to have had a bathroom on board, but expected and reality are two different things sometimes...but that's another story.


Middle School Decision

In middle school I found there was an advantage to using a toilet without a stall door. More often it was available, while others waited for more privacy. And when your turn finally came to stand over the toilet and piss or sit and crap, your eyes could have already checked for toilet paper, condition of the seat, bowl clogging and things like that. There wouldn't be any surprises. However, during the first month of school I made a terrible mistake on a day when we had shortened classes for an assembly. During the passing period, there was a 3 or 4 deep line for each of the urinals and the usual guys standing between them seeking cuts whenever available. So for time's sake and to protect my meager equipment to be ridiculed while I peed, I took a stall with a door. I latched the door. Dropped the zipper. Looking in front of me, the black seat was dripping from the piss of others and the bowl was jammed with what one of my grade school friends referred to as a community crap. I figured the damage was done and there was no way I was going to get my fingers wet to lift the already wet seat. So I did about a 45 second piss. Then there was pounding on the door for me to vacate. My plan exactly. When I exited the door and hoped to beat the bell to my next responsibility, I bumped into this huge football player who called me a bunch of names we can't print here. It singled me out to everyone else in the room when he blamed me for the condition of the toilet. As I quickly looked for a available sink, I heard a thud and this guy was on the toilet popping them out. I couldn't believe he would sit on such a seat. Now several years later we're in the same high school and he still gives me the evil eye or slightly bumps into me. What's changed though is that a couple of times a month I, too, have to take one of those messed up toilets or I would be incredibly constipated. Sometimes those tissue seat-covers or just toilet paper would work good between my butt and the seat. But I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Hi all. I only have time for a quick story today. Two days ago, I was round a friend's house and I needed to wee before leaving. When I got to the bathroom, I saw the door was closed and I was about to knock but I heard a flush. A bit later another flush and then the sink coming on. After that, my friend's 11-year old daughter came out and as soon as she saw me, she went red in the face and scurried away, trying not to make eye contact.

I guessed she'd just done a poo and was embarrassed about it. Upon entering the bathroom, the overwhelming poo smell confirmed it. She had closed the lid so I lifted it and saw some poo and bits of loo roll floating about. I did my best to wee as quick as possible, as the stink really was something awful. I had to flush another two times to get everything to go down, so I think their toilet just has a lousy flush.

Okay, that's all for now. Bye!

The reader

Lavah's survey

Age: 32
Gender (optional): Male

1. How many times do you usually poop each week? 7
2. How often do you get constipated? almost never
3. What is your definition of being constipated? (not pooping for a certain period of time, having difficulty pooping, etc): having difficulty pooping
4. What do you usually do to relieve your constipation? I didn't have to do anything special until now
5. What usually makes you constipated? (certain foods or drinks, stress, etc) travelling abroad
6. What is the longest you've ever been constipated? 4 days
7. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're constipated? 20min
8. How long does it usually take you to poop if you're not constipated? 1-3min
9. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're constipated? normal
10. What position do you prefer to sit in while pooping when you're not constipated? normal
11. Have you ever had someone else help you poop while you were constipated? no
12. Have you ever helped someone else poop while they were constipated? yes (an ex-girlfriend)

Lavah please tell us more stories about when you were constipated and had to go to the doctor for an enema.


Squeezing it all out .

Happy New Year to all on this site . I've been constipated for the last 4 days . I'm sitting on the toilet now and after 30 minutes I've finally managed to squeeze out one of the biggest poops of my life , if not the biggest . It's going to take several flushes of the toilet to get that load on it's way . Eileen .

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: End Stall Em great story.

To: Elphaba great story.

To:Harriet first welcome to the site and great story about your huge desperate poop it sounds like you really had to go and just made it in time to the toilet and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: In Heaven great catch.

Well that's all for now

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Monday, January 08, 2018

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year!

I've got a story to tell from the other week. I was out on the last Friday before Christmas and everywhere was really busy! I was back home and had met up with a few friends at a pub, it was so busy it took ages to wait at the bar to be served. I felt really sorry for the barmen/women as I know what it's like through my work at the student union at uni!

Anyway after a while I needed a wee but I put it off for ages, when I went to the loo there was a slow queue and only 3 cubicles, by the time I got to the front I was pretty desperate, and had a very relieving wee, there was a tiny wet spot on my knickers. anyway I decided that next time I'd go a bit earlier, because I knew the queues would only get worse. A while later I needed to go again and sure enough the queue was longer.

I'd been there for about 5 minutes, and was about 6th in the queue with another few people behind me, when two girls burst into the toilets, they must have been just 18 and were both dressed in tight black dresses.

One girl caught everyone's attention by shouting "????" very loudly, and everyone looked around at her, she carried on to her friend "Em, there's a ????ing queue". She went towards the front, bent double, and said to the girl at the front "Please will you let me jump the queue, please, please, I'm about to piss my pants, I need to go now, I need the toilet, I need the toilettt!". The girl at the front was not very pleasant and told her to queue like everyone else, then somebody else joined in "Yeah girl everyone else has been queueing, you just wait your turn!". This girl was walking up and down the queue with her hand in her crotch. As I said she looked like she was 18, petite, with slightly tanned skin and quite a posh accent, blonde shoulder length hair.
"Em what do I do, I'm literally about to piss myself" she said to her friend.
"Izzy you just have to wait, cross your legs" said Em.
At this point one of the cubicles opened and Izzy tried to jump the queue, but the girl in the front told her very directly to wait like everyone else.
Izzy was by this point bent over next to her friend saying "I'm going to piss myself, I'm about to piss myself, I can't wait, I can't hold it". Then she let out a squeal and shouted "????". She jumped up onto the top of the sink, tugged her knickers down and then started peeing forcefully into the sink.
"Oh my god are you joking?" shouted one of the girls in the queue. Another started taking photos to which the girl stuck her finger up.
When she had finished Izzy hung around waiting for her friend Em to go to the loo which didn't take that long in the end, then left looking very red faced.
Quite a dramatic trip to the loo and I had some sympathy for the girl but also it was true, everybody else had been waiting a long time too.

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