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Peeing Questions

Hey every! I've posted before but I've never used my name. Here are a few questions I've been curious about and I figured this would be a good place to discuss them.

1. When you have to pee really bad, how long do you usually pee for?

2. What is the longest pee you've ever taken?

3. Have you ever had to pee so bad that you started peeing before you even sat down all the way? (If this applies)

4. Are you able to stop peeing once you are in full blast? If so, what are some times when you have had to do this?



Car Crash Accident

Hello, it's Morgan!
I am 16 right now, but I was younger in most of my other stories. This one takes place recently.

I was driving with my boyfriend Mike (more on him later). We were going to his apartment for a few days. I really needed a poo, but it would be a few minutes until we got to his apartment. Suddenly a car swerved and hit me. The shock of the acvident caused me to release diarrhea into my pants. It was a big flow, and I couldn't stop it!

After everything was resolved, we went back to Mike's apartment and cleaned up...

Hope you enjoyed!


On being 6'5" in individual toilet stalls

As an athlete, graduate student and coach I've learned to adapt to toilet stalls that are small, and when I'm hot, tired and in long lines at concerts and athletic events outdoors, the portable toilets. I have very little comfort in those facilities. I remember six years ago when I was still a senior in high school and my boyfriend and I went to a country music concert, I had to wait at least a half hour on a ramp to get into a portable to do my crap, by the time I got to the door, and the other user exited, I knew I had one last chance to avoid an accident. In the haste, I forgot to down to clear the door, and like some former American presidents I've read about, I cracked my forehead on the door because I had my eye on the stool when the door opened. I had a bruise and welt for three days. Then learning to duck, under horrid, humid conditions that seemed to feel like there was a bag over my head, I turned around, pulled down my red shorts and underwear, and using my knees to keep my head from raking across the ceiling, I failed in my first attempt to get onto the seat. I was crouching too low and my knees were against the door and for a moment I felt like a 4-year-old again because I backed up against the toilet seat and it was stabbing me in the lower back. So with the help of putting my hands behind me, I was able to guide myself up onto the seat, ever so carefully because my head continued to be held down by the ceiling. Luckily, my crap exited easily, although since I wasn't fully feeling satisfied, I realized it had probably broken off and that I had not experienced the total clean out I had waited so long for. There was no toilet paper, so I knew my underwear was gong to take a hit, but I had to get out of there. I pulled my clothing up, and crawled out to find a girl about 11 or 12 waiting at the door. I felt bad about leaving a wet seat for her, but there was no alternative. After the concert my boyfriend stopped at a Chevron station where I used the bathroom to finish my crap. My underwear was gross so I just took it off and chucked it in the trashcan. But there is a certain feeling I get when I feel totally clean. Sure it took a half roll of toilet paper, but it was worth it.

My first year of college, I started doing volunteer talks and participated in basketball and volleyball demonstrations throughout our state in an outreach program sponsored by our athletic department. A team member Annie and I were assigned to do a talk and demonstration to a group of a couple of hundred middle school volleyball players. For some reason that I don't remember, the program wasn't at a middle school, but at a grade school gym. I remember waiting for Annie who used the bathroom on campus before we left, but for some reason the need didn't click with me. Sorry Mom! So when Annie wheeled into the parking lot at the school and went into the office to sign in, I used my strong gait to find the nearest bathroom because my bladder was full. I followed a couple of girls into what I was confident would be the restroom. They took adjacent stalls, closed their doors, and seated themselves. I passed them and went two stalls down to the end of the line right against the wall. When I put my right hand on the privacy door, I stopped in great surprise. It only covered the middle part of a very small stall. Obviously there was a full wall on my right but the privacy panel of the left side of the stall only covered to my waist. I could easily see the faces and heads of the two girls on the toilets to my left. Then I had another surprise. My one-third privacy door had no latch and it wouldn't say closed. Then I turned around to find a toilet no higher than pre-K day care size. It was no surprise that I could barely fit into the stall, and as I dropped my sweats and underwear to my athletic shoes, I couldn't believe I was packed into a cubicle with very little movement space. Before I tried to lower myself onto the toilet, I lowered my shoulder against the wall to drop my handbag, and this toilet paper holder with small pre-cut squares cut an inch and a half gash in my left forearm as a scraped against its corner. When I seated my butt on the toilet, I could feel my tailbone taking much of the weight and my legs were elevated up to the toilet paper holder that now had some of my blood and flesh on its dangerous edge. I was so uncomfortable due to my injury and I was using several squares of the toilet paper to stop the bleeding. Luckily the first aid was working. But my butt seemed to be very close to the toilet's water and I found it tough to get my pee going. A couple of times I could the girls giggling and looking over at me. The small panel only covered about a foot above my toilet. Finally, my pee stream started and accelerated to the point that I looked at how my knees were holding the door shut and how my tailbone was at the very back on the seat. The sides of my thighs were almost half off the seat and I looked across to see that the girls were again looking it me. As I got to thinking about how torrential my pee stream had become, I was diverted from hearing it by a series of plops into one of the other toilets and at that point Annie came in to check up on me.

She could easily see me towering above the panels. She's 6'8" and said she hated her school bathrooms then and now remembered why. Luckily, she had a bandage in her bag, but I was so short on space in my stall, that I had her hand it to me over the panel from the adjacent stall. She joked that I should remember to keep the seat clean, something that caused the other two girls to get a laugh, but as soon as I was done, I quickly wiped and went to the sink. While I was there a group of about 5 or 6 girls came in and took the remaining toilets. They made it look so easy.

Annie and I wanted to get off display as soon as possible so we headed down to the gym. After our presentation and pictures being taken, Annie whispered to me that she had to use the bathroom. She wasn't about to consider using a school one. Rather, we both stopped at Wal-Mart on our way back to campus and enjoyed using a more 'normal' bathroom.


Is peeing in your yard okay?

Hi it's Dom again,
I just began posting here a few days ago. I have a question for anyone who wants to answer it. If you are outdoors in your own private fenced in yard, is it okay to pee in the yard instead of going inside your house to go the bathroom everytime you need to go? I am in a subdivision with neighbors close by. It seems inconvenient to go indoors everytime you need a pee. I have a relatively private spot to do it in.


Recent Poos

Hey people. Yesterday while on the loo at work, I did a fast poo that had lots of farts in it. It seemed like I passed a bit of tiny poos all in one. This pooping session wasn't as messy as others in the past have been. However, my next poo that needed to escape around 3 something this morning was definitely messy. In fact, I had to get off my loo in order to wet the TP at the sink. This morning poo was extra lubricated for some reason, so I had a lot of wetness to wipe off my bum. I hadn't had a slimy poo in awhile, but have noticed that these types sure can be sneaky! My morning poo was a little chunkie, and I farted in bed beforehand, too. I enjoy that my poos are different, and don't mind the extra gross feel when wiping lol! Bye, and I hope everyone is doing well.

Romain (from France)
Hey !
Victoria B, thanks, I like your story !
On this point, does anyone have stories about appointment with a doctor and constipation ? (with details : your feelings, what the doctor says and does).

Tarja from Finland, according to your answer 23, could you say how your boyfriend helps you or what your mom & dad doing during your difficult poop ?

Then, My answers to The Pooping Survey :
1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes.
2. What is your favorite position while defecating? I sit normal and push with my fingers around my anus to help.
3. Do you get stomach aches before pooping? If so are they severe? Yes, sometimes.
4. How many times a day do you poop? Once.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? 1 hour.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes.
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? I groan but don't yell.
8. How often do you get constipated? Rarely.
9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated? 3 days.
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out do you yell of relief? No.
11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM? If so, are they severe and how long do they last? Yes I have sometimes but not severe.
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Yes.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? Yes.
14. What are the sings of knowing you have to poop? Having stomach aches, cramping, and farting.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? No.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping? Yes, often.
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick? I prefer to be quick.
18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you do to relieve yourself? I use the shower hose to do a little rectal enema.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? No.
20. How often do you have diarrhea? Every two months.
21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Yes.
22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? Yes.
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company? Not really but I like to assist somebody who has difficulties to poop.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet? Normal.
25. How much is the most you have pooped? Enough to block up the toilet.


Physical size of students & school toilets

Kelvin asked a good question about larger people, those perhaps taller than 6 feet and how awkward it might be for them to use toilets in public places like swimming pools, etc. Even when seated on the toilet, they can tower and see over the sides of the privacy panels. I would think they would want to wipe while seated. I would think they could feel awkward and could be bullied in places like schools. But, because I am vertically- challenged (just under 5') at 17, I was a few years ago hassled, because I would be on the toilet, but my feet would be a couple inches off the floor. Then I'd have to slide off and drop myself down to flush. That probably was the main reason I learned to be ready to poo before I ever got on the toilet and to pee as fast as I could and get off fast because in grade school and middle school, as well as now at my high school, not all the stalls had/have doors. In the back pages her, I found some interesting posts from five or years ago by a Just Jerika who encountered some similar problems by being relatively small for her age and socially awkward.

"Somebody" asked about the door-less stalls in most of the girls bathrooms at my school. We have about 20 stalls in each bathroom, and the ones with doors (although often latches are broke, doors are on one hinge, etc.) are in the majority, but each bathroom has a few of the door-less stalls. Because there's less demand for them, frequently they are open for the time-conscious. Students coming in after school or with a teacher pass during a class period will get a doored stall. Most use the doorless ones for just a fast pee between classes. Sometimes a friend will stand in the doorway to help shield them from the crowd. A stall may have a door on it one day and then it is taken off because of misuse, vandalism or pranks. Then the door is put back on by the janitors after a couple of weeks but the number of total doored stalls in each bathroom stays the same.

Since I first ran for Student Council in 6th grade there has been discussion about bathroom complaints. Principals and vice-principals listen and throw it back on the students to use our "peer" influence and leadership to help better keep the bathrooms up. Smoking and students just hanging out in the bathrooms are commonly cited as reasons why doors are taken off. We understand that teacher supervision is easier that way, but what about privacy? Stalls with white seats have ugly cigarette burns and discoloring on them due to abuse. We were told gang symbols last year were being carved into some of the guys' seats. And a Jewish girl rightfully complained about an offensive symbol that was carved into the wood on the inside of the stall door she was using. And flushing remains an activity that only a minority do despite Student Council campaigns to take better care of the school.

Each year our Student Council does visitation days to other schools in nearby districts. They all have some of the same problems. Some have lost stall doors because firecrackers are being set off during prank times, seats have been greased/tampered with in several ways, and water basins have been deliberately stopped up to overflow and flood. Taking the stalls off doors seems to becoming more common as a way of managing things. One school had a container of 50 toilet seat protectors set on fire with a lighter. Of course, that would be the end of the toilet seat protectors being available. In my school, I just don't think such things would be used that much anyway.

I guess what I'm saying is that we can't expect any additional privacy in our bathrooms because of all the problems.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Nick (from Canada)
To Nicole (from Canada).
Hi neighbour. You really are close. I was just in Hamilton last week for a meeting. I am on a ???? and the meetings are held in your fair city.
I broke my left ankle and shattered my left knee in a work accident almost 20 years ago. I ended up with a neurological disorder that causes severe chronic pain. Needless to say, many of the painkillers prescribed do cause constipation. I take Senokot before bed to try and help and also take Colace (another stool softener) after any painkiller I take. But even these two don't always help so I will have sometimes a day, maybe three, before I am in for a long, painful dump.
How do you forget you're sharing a hotel room? Foggy clouding in the brain first thing in the morning, an empty room and a quiet roommate. He is the roommate every person who lives alone wants. By the time I remembered I was sharing the room, I heard him putting his card into the reader and attempting to open the door (took him two attempts) but it was too late to close the door seeing it wasn't within reach and I was in mid stream. I don't share hotel rooms very often, but I will not make that kind of mistake again. I have always shut the door when in a hotel room since that time, even if I had it to myself. I don't want to needlessly upset some guy's stomach right after breakfast again...
Hope you have never had such embarrassing mishaps when on the toilet.


Mall Trip

Yesterday afternoon I gave my Darcee and Kellen a surprise trip to the mall. I had some shopping to do and I treated them to dinner at the food court. They were at the entrance to their grade school when I got there and I sprung the surprise on them. Darcee's in kindergarten and Kellen is in 2nd grade. As I got off the highway to the largest regional mall, Kellen said he had to crap. I asked him why he didn't go at school before he left and he said he didn't know. Further questioning and in a sterner voice, helped me get out of him that the school bathroom seats are wet by afternoon. And Darcee, who regularly opposes her brother, said the toilets get full of crap and pee and don't flush well.

So I took my parking space, we joined hands and I hurried them into the mall which wasn't all that busy. We were relatively close to the largest bathroom complex and I took Kellen to the doorway of the mens room. I didn't hear any noise so I told him to hurry in get up on a toilet. There's been some skidmarks in his underwear and I reminded him to take his time and wipe better. Darcee laughed as usual, something that I wish I could break her of. I got suspicious something was wrong when I could hear nothing from the doorway. No door opening, creaking, banging, latching. After a couple of minutes, which seemed longer, I heard his feet coming toward me, and I was eager to see him. He said he tried each and none of the stall doors would open. I grabbed him and walked him immediately inside where I saw no one else in there at either at one of the 10 or so urinals or 10 stalls. I was getting upset as I walked him to the first of the toilets, pushed my hand onto the door and found it was locked. I peeked in and obviously no one was in there. I tried each of the first five stalls and each door was locked.

Finally, I had him lay on this back, head first, and I gave him a shove under the door of the first stall. It took him a while to fully understand what was going to happen, but once he got off the floor I told him that when he was done, he could get the door open and join me and his sister outside the door in the hall. There was a fart that was moderately loud, and as I turned to leave, I saw his jeans and underwear drop and I knew he was up on the toilet. As I waited with Darcee, I got to thinking about how some guys in my senior class more than 20 years ago had gotten into the school overnight, latched each of the girls' stall doors from the inside and the havoc they created the next morning. Finally, Kellen came waddling out with holding up his jeans and saying he had an accident in his pants. So I had him take my left hand and with Darcee on my right, the three of us went into the ladies room. I opened a stall for Darcee who immediately got up and situated for her pee. Kellen and I took the next stall. I seated myself clothing-up on the toilet and pulled down Kellen's clothing. Sure enough, there was about a 2-inch log, luckily well formed and dry in his underwear. I pulled off some toilet paper to pick it up with, dropped it between my legs into the stool, and took some more paper to take care of the mess in Kellen's underwear. There wasn't too much I could do right there, but I had him stand nose-to-the-door as I hiked up my dress, pulled down my underwear, and did my planned pee. Then I had both him and Darcee wash their hands before we went out tot he food court.

It seems like some of the stupid pranks of last generation are still being pulled today.



Catherine: Thanks! I loved the story :)

Mina: Thanks for taking my survey!

@Tlana: Nice story, i'm just wondering if it is normal that the stalls have no doors (in the USA?). Isn't that a weird thing with today's culture to see these other girls shitting? And the fact that they can watch you squeeze it out?

Which regions/places has doorless stalls anyway?

Nick (from Canada)

Second response

Nicole (from Canada) - I just happened to re-read your question and realized I failed to answer your question about my back. Essentially, the problem with my back started with the broken leg. Over time, the osteoarthritis in the leg has spread to the back. When they explained the results of the tests they had done on my back, the guy said he was surprised, considering how severe the arthritis is, that I hadn't felt it much sooner than I had.
When I first realized how painful the back was and how impossible it became to walk very far, I was hopeful it was something that could be healed through manipulation, etc. So I booked an appointment with an osteopath. Although I continued getting treatment from him for almost six months until he asked if the treatments were working and I had to be honest and admit they weren't. I could have a half hour treatment, leave his office and cross the street to a plaza and be doubled up in pain before reaching the main entrance to the plaza. The only thing that seemed to work was sitting down for a few minutes and then getting up and walking some more, before repeating the sequence.
Deciding to sit down when just needing to pee wasn't easy for me. It didn't help that I had always been taught or had absorbed from friends and others, that guys who sit to pee were somehow feminine, not man enough, or really weird. It took me a few weeks of suffering just to preserve my supposed manhood before finally just saying to myself, "Anyone who wants to call me a sissy is welcome to the pain in my back and let's see how long they last."
Just after being prescribed Cymbalta for the back pain and a couple months of playing with dosages, I slipped and fell in a Dollarama (they had just mopped the floor right near the front entrance but neglected to put up any semblance of notice, resulting in a broken right arm. When I finally got home after five wonderful, fun-filled five hours in emergency and went to have a leak, I was standing, using the left arm. I just could not get my aim right. After having to wash down the toilet, floor and walls, I decided that would be the last time I did that. From then on, I just took a seat, even when using a public washroom. Now that the arm has healed and the pain in my back is relatively under control (as can be expected, damp damp and rainy days can be extremely painful and the Cymbalta can't best it, even when I add Advil and Voltaren, I continue to sit at home or at a friend's place. But when using a public washroom, unless the place is really clean, which isn't too often as I learned from the six months with the broken arm, I will use a urinal. As it is, I won't have a dump in a public washroom unless I have no other choice. I have just always had this phobia about germs in public washrooms.
The reason I continue to sit at home is because it's nice to have a comfortable leak the few times I need to during the day, there's no splash back or slight misses around the rim to clean up and both hands are free for other things. I remember telling a close female friend after the broken arm that I was sitting down now to pee and her response was that she bet I wouldn't go back to standing when the arm had healed. She said she knew a couple of guys who had had to sit down after an accident and how it was so relaxing and cleaner that they never went back to standing. She proved to be correct. One thing is certain--I no longer have that old-fashioned hang up that guys who sit are sissies or something; I don't judge as there may be a very valid reason they sit.
I think this should answer your question and a whole lot more.



Hi guys! It's Cat! So, My life has been crazy these past few days and even though Amy had a cold and we couldn't do that story thing, I still have a story.

So, at school after lunch we had a free period for some reason (not complaining--that gives me more time to hang out with my friends). Since I have braces (and headgear at night--shhh!), I seized the opportunity to for once clean my braces after lunch. I ate my lunch (turkey sandwich and apple slices), then went to the bathroom. It felt so good to be able to ignore a bell for once! Once I had gotten the food out and put my stuff back into my backpack, I was about to leave. I heard a voice cursing quietly. It was a boy's almost-done-cracking-but-not-quite-yet voice. I was sure that I had gone into the right bathroom (no urinals), so I was confused.

"Um...excuse me?" I said, "I think you're in the wrong bathroom."

"Cat? Is that you?" I recognized the voice now. It was one of my friends, I'll just call him James. He is super cute and smart and all that and I kind of really like him. I said yes and he seemed relieved. He said that he had really bad diarrhea and that he pooped his pants. In desperation, he sprinted for the wrong bathroom. I felt bad for him and asked if I could do anything to help. He asked if I could grab his hoodie and give it to him. I left the bathroom and found his dark green hoodie and went back inside. I went into the stall next to him and stood on the toilet to drop it over. He was sitting, with his jeans around his ankles, producing wave after wave of diarrhea. I tried to ignore how turned on I was and gave him the hoodie. He caught it and thanked me. He wiped and pulled up his pants, then flushed and left with his hoodie tied around his waist. Once he was in front of the mirror, he took off the hoodie and examined his pants. There was a big brown spot, and it was extremely obvious. Eager to help, I told him to go into the handicapped stall and take off his pants and tie the hoodie around. He did all that, then I told him to come out to clean his pants. He ran them under the sink a few times, then used the hand dryer to dry it. Then, he put his pants back on and tied the hoodie around his waist again.

We left the bathroom and went on with our day.

I always walk home with James and Sarah on Mondays, because James has cello lessons near our houses (Sarah and I are neighbors). We drop Sarah off at her house and then we continue on. Then he stopped me and thanked me for helping him out. He said that he's liked me for a while, would I like to go to the movies with him? HE ASKED ME OUT!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I'll let you know all the details. The date's on Wednesday!!!!! I'll probably need lots of help figuring out what to wear, so I'll ask Sarah what to do. Love you all!

Victoria B.

At the doctor's office

Bit of a story from today, but I've got some responses first.

To Catherine: I just might have to start putting toilet paper from home in my purse after my experience today. Thanks for the tip and I'm glad things are going well with Alan! When's the big day?

To Mina: That's an unusual situation. I've fallen asleep on the toilet before (a rough night that taught an eighteen year-old Victoria to handle her alcohol better), but I've never gone while asleep since wetting the bed once or twice during potty training. Good thing Maho and Kazuko were there to help you onto the light green loo and wash, wipe, and get you dressed once you were done!

I had an appointment with my doctor today to discuss a new prescription I've been taking recently. It's working well, but there's one problem: it makes me constipated. Not really something you want to discuss, but if you have to, it might as well be with a trained medical professional. I told her that I had been having problems going and she nodded. "Yes, you have that sometimes with this. How long has it been since you last went?" she said in her slight Indian accent, looking up from some paperwork and adjusting her glasses. I blushed and said that it had been four days. "Have you been eating enough fiber, drinking enough fluids, exercising?" I replied that I had and that I had also been trying to go, but hadn't taken anything to try to get things moving yet.

She got up from her desk, opened the door, and pointed across the hall, where, conveniently enough, there was a women's room. "There's a loo right there. Why don't you try to go and work things out? If you can't go, tell me, and we'll think of something else." My cheeks flushed again and I took her advice, thinking about getting everything out and trying to ignore the possibility of having to drop my jeans and panties for an enema or suppository. That in mind, I headed across the hallway and walked into what turned out to be a one-stool, tiled bathroom. Lowering said pants and undies to my ankles, I sat down on what turned out to be a surprisingly comfortable, bun-hugging toilet seat. "Good," I thought. "I can work with this."

I stretched and got down to business. My fist push came after a deep breath and it didn't bring much more than a fart and the start of a pee stream. It lasted for what seemed like a minute and then died down. With my bladder taken care of, it was time to focus on things to the rear. I geared up for a second push, imagining the relief that I'd feel once I'd freed myself of four days' worth of saved up poop. Unfortunately, it didn't get me anything other than another fart that echoed off of the porcelain beneath me. I tried again, still nothing. Another swing and a miss. I took my glasses off and put my head in my hands. Was it really going to come to an enema? How bad could it be?

Bad enough to keep fighting, I decided. It was time to take matters into my own hands. I got up a little bit from the seat and rearranged my butt so both cheeks were more open. Next, I gave my stomach a rub and starting pushing on my perineum. Finally, a massive log started slowly inching its way through. It felt huge! Two pushes later, it fell with the kind of quiet plop that only a big turd makes. I reached behind and flushed; there was going to be more to come and I didn't want to have to think about clogging this toilet. The rushing water below showed how it felt about receiving such a monster by giving me a nice splash. But that could be cleaned up later. For now I had a lot more work to do. Log #2, much more manageable than the first, quickly joined its ill-starred predecessor, and then another slipped out behind it, to the accompaniment of another fart. I already felt about two pounds lighter and there was even more to come. Three round pieces dropped out of me: ka-plop, ka-plop, ka-plop, one after the other. Whew, those were potent. A second flush was in order and the water refilled just in time for what turned out to be the last log.

I spent the next three minutes or so catching my breath. I had just experienced the closest thing to childbirth I'd had in my life and my face was burning. The relief was incredible! But the job still wasn't done. No, I had to wipe with what turned out to be the thinnest, worst toilet paper I've ever used. It tore so easily and I probably ended up using a good third of the thankfully full roll just to feel even marginally clean. I pulled up my red underwear and jeans, flushed, and washed my hands. I must have been in that bathroom for at least ten minutes. Satisfied, I went back to my doctor's office and managed to work up a smile. "Everything's good now, doc!" She decided to cut my dosage a bit and then she sent me on my way to pick up the new prescription. Hope it goes better this time!

Love, Victoria

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


To Natalie - Big, long poops


I agree with you that those are the best kind of bowel movements. I don't have the perfectly formed, thick, solid log often, but I do go in substantial amounts twice daily.

Maybe this will help - please see my recipe for a good poop that I posted on page 2522. It's at the bottom of the page. In addition to everything that I wrote, add bananas to your diet every day. They are binding and can firm up the stool some. Lots of fiber, water, exercise and healthy eating will make your bowel movements awesome!




Fast & Faster Crapping plus a survey

As I've written about before, my high school has two entries to our main girls bathroom on the middle floor. All toilet paper last year was removed from the stalls and the rolls are placed together next to one another on the outside of the panel of the first toilet in the long row of toilets. So we get our toilet paper first and then go into the room and take our stall. Mostly commonly, however, there's a waiting line for each of the stalls, although the several door-less ones tend to give us our best chance of relieving ourselves before school and during passing periods. But there are no guarantees because our school is like way overcrowded.

So last week, I grabbed off some toilet paper, went about midway down the row where there was the least amount of girls waiting for the door-less stalls. Both me and this other girl coming from the other direction both settled on the same stall. door-less, of course, and the girl sitting on the toilet just pulled the back of her skirt up to wipe. Then she started to wee for about 30 seconds and said something about coffee going right through her. I've heard that line before and it also pertains to me. While we waited for the girl to get up and out of the stall, the freshman on the side of me seemed to be getting more aggressive and desperate. She said that if she didn't get on that toilet before the class bell rang in like 4 minutes, she was going to be sick. She looked at me, saw the toilet paper in my hand and I could see she was tormented. She said: you're going to shit, right? I told her yes and she got more frustrated. Then I told her I wouldn't need more than a minute on the seat and I was confident enough to invite her to time me on her phone, which she had been looking at. I knew she wouldn't believe me, otherwise.

So I took the stall just as the other user vacated it. The flush cycle was still going when I yanked down my jeans and white underwear and placed my butt on the seat. I don't think I sat for 5 seconds before my log splashed into the bowl. I immediately took the paper wrapped around my left hand and did a wipe which when I checked it, I was confident I would be fine. I quickly asked the girl my time--she said 32 seconds in a surprised voice. I reached down and flushed, and handed her my extra toilet paper. While I was quickly washing my hands, I glanced in the mirror and was surprised to see her not seated. Her jeans and underwear were at floor level, she had her legs spread almost up to the toilet level, and she was dropping turds without sitting on the seat. Just then the 1-minute warning bell rang. I saw her do a fast wipe, pull up her clothing and she didn't flush or wash her hands which I can partially understand because many teachers assign a lot of tardy detentions.

Now some questions:

1) Have you seen squatters in your school?

2) Are they peeing or pooping or both?

3) Do you know why they do it?

4) What are the advantages?

5) Disadvantages?

6) Have you tried it? What were the results? Explain

I'll start the survey.

1) Have you seen squatters in your school? Yes.
2) Are they peeing or pooping or both? Both.
3) What are the advantages? A couple of the mothers for whom I babysit have taught their kids of do it because they can avoid contact with the toilet seats in public places.
4) What are the advantages? If a seat has pee on it, they don't have to directly sit down in it.
5) Disadvantages? I hope their aim's good because the results are not too pleasant for the next user.
6) Have you tried it? Partially. But since I'm very vertically-challenged for my age (I hope to top 5 feet before I graduate), my feet are still almost an inch off the ground when I'm seated on a toilet.

@Dom Careful--over time too much peeing in one place will harm the grass. Urine contains urea, a potent and readily available source of nitrogen. Too much in one place is overfertilization.

Dude in Distress
I miss hearing from Linda and Dominic! I hope your constipation is better than mine. Yesterday I had to strain and PUSH like crazy for nearly an hour to get this turd out. I was sweating, grunting, and breathing hard by the end of my ordeal.

I do survey today.


1.What's your favourite brand of toilet paper? I have no favourite, I buy double paper, it is two layers, I like soft one. I never buy pulp paper, always recycle paper.

2.How much do you buy at once? Usually I buy pack of 12 rooms of paper. But when I open pack, I buy next one soon. If we have earthquake, good to have lots paper. 3 is same answer.

4. have you run out in middle of wiping? No, because my loo paper holder hold two rolls, so when one is empty, I fill soon.

5. Have you ever started / finished your business before realising there is no toilet paper? No. So it is not need to answer 6.


1. What is the longest time you went without having a poo? I think three days, maybe four. Maho sometimes go though one week.

2. What was the longest time you were on the toilet for? Maybe about 40 minutes. But Kazuko sometimes stay one hour or more, when her intestine give a trouble.

3. Have you ever went poo in loo with doorless stall? No, but once I went in woods. of course no door.

4. Have you ever had poo in the opposite gender bathroom? Sometimes, when I was very little girl, my father took me into men's loo. And I did motion. But after I was about 4, no more I did that.

5. Have you ever went with friend? I often go with friend! But only three friends.

6. have you ever clogged a toilet? One time. Usually I flush after some motions, then I do more motions.

7. Have you ever went in something else? Only woods.

8 Have you ever missed the toilet when having a poo? Sometimes, in Japanese-style squat loo. I posted once. Very easy to miss in Japanese loo. Now not so many Japanese loo, it is good thing.


1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes! I love. Especially I love when I can do with friends!

2. What is your favourite position while defecating? usually lean forward little bit. and knees together, but not bettari. Bettari mean, stick like glue.

3. Do you get stomach aches before motion? Sometimes. But they are not severe.

4. How many times a day do you poo? usually once in two days.

5. My motions usually break up, so I can't measure long. Time is 10 or 15 minutes, sometimes 20.

6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes.

7. Do you make grunting noise when pushing? No, I am quiet. Hisae makes noise, but it is not grunt, it is commentary on what her bottom is doing.

8. How often you get constipated? Very rare.

9. What was the longest time you were constipated? Sorry, I can't remember.

10. After difficult poo comes out, do you yell of relief? No. But Kazuko yell. And sometimes she cry long time, and she do more motions with crying.

11 Do your stomach aches often when you can't pass motion? I don't think so.

12. Are you gassy when you poo? A bit gassy, not so much.

13. Do you look forward to do motion? Yes! (Sorry, I don't like word "dump".)

14. What are signs of having to poo? Pressure inside bottom.

15. Do you ever lie down after long poo session? Recently I did. But usually no. Sometimes if it is diarrhoea, I faint.

16. Sorry, I don't understand "catch your breath". What is its mean?

17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick? I like to take long time until bottom empty. Maho and Kazuko too. Hisae likes to be quick. But she had big problem when her birthday. I tell you soon.

18. Sorry, I don't understand.

19. has motion hurt so much that you start to cry? I often cry, but it is not pain, it is emotion. Mina is silly crying baby.

20. How often you have diarrhoea? It vary. maybe average is one time in a month.

21 Do you push on stomach to get the poo out? No.

22. Do you ever massage stomach to help poo? I tried, but it don't work. So now I don't do. Sometimes massage friend's back.

23. Do you feel comfortable to have someone in loo to keep company?If it is Maho or Hisae or Kazuko, I love and love and love!!!

24. How bad do your farts smell when you are on loo? Not so much smell. But motion itself is big smell.

25. How much is the most that you have pooped? I not sure! I don't look size so much. But sometimes loo is full twice before I finish to do motion. Asian do more bigger motion than European, I think.

I do Lizzie survey another time. Sorry, I am sleepy! And Maho is with her family tonight.



Rereading my post from the other day, about my roommate and my ex I almost wonder if I somehow didn't bring it all on myself for being so open about my bodily functions. But even as I write this, I'm completely dismissing this idea because if you can't pee in front of your significant other of all people who can you pee in front of? I know it's not like he raped me or anything when he deliberately looked between my legs while I was peeing but, I still felt pretty violated when he did so. For me, peeing in front of a significant other or close friend is my way of saying, "I trust you." Basically, I'm saying, "You know me well enough that I don't mind being half-naked in front of you because by now it's probably not the first time you've seen me half-naked, except now I'll also be totally vulnerable too, but I don't mind that because I trust you. You've already earned this trust by making the seemingly abnormal situations where I'm half-naked in front of you feel totally normal, so this will be totally normal too." Yet what bugs me about both of these situations is that both times that trust was violated. Once intentionally and once unintentionally. And the unintentional one is much easier to forgive than the other one. I can honestly say that when my college ex told me he enjoyed checking out my ass whenever I peed in front of him, that actually made me feel less violated than what my other ex did. He also annoyed me one day when I woke up in his apartment one morning and went to pee while he was still sleeping. As usual, I left the door open and didn't think much of it as I took care of my business and climbed back into bed beside him afterwards. I remember getting back into bed and perhaps giving him a good morning kiss on the cheek or saying something sweet as I did so. Instead of just going with it, he took it upon himself to tell me that the hissing noise my stream had made while I was in the bathroom disgusted him. Needless to say I was a bit taken aback by this as it was quite unexpected. I basically told him I was sorry he felt that way, but that I really couldn't help the noise I had made, and certainly hadn't done it on purpose, nor did I have any control over it at all. Not knowing what else to say, I think I just went back to sleep, but I was totally crushed as I had gotten back in bed hoping to have some fun, and instead had had my morning ruined because my boyfriend was an uptight prude. In other news, I took the longest pee of my life the other day. Basically, my resolve to drink more water lately and a bad UTI combined to produce what was probably at least a 3 minute pee. Maybe even 4. Every time I thought I was slowing down and finishing up I just kept ????ing peeing. It was bizarre. I seriously thought I was never going to stop.

Anna H
So at school during gym my belly didnt feel to well we were going outside to run 3 laps on the track i decided to stay in the bathroom the whole so i went in the toilets are doorless due to its a locker room to so i sat on a toilet pulled my gym shorts and thong down to my ankles and let out a fart then grunted a bit and a pile of diarrhea splashed the toilet bowl my stomach feeling so much better and i let out a loud fart with about 3 piles of diarrhea splashing out i wiped pulled up my pants and went out with the rest of the class.

Tarja from Finland

To: Michael W. My answers to The Pooping Survey.

1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes.
2. What is your favorite position while defecating? If I'm constipated or having trouble pooping, I lean forward and when I'm constipated I lean back and massage my stomach. When I'm having diarrhea I just sit normal with my toes kneading into the floor with my both hands on my knees.
3. Do you get stomach aches before pooping? If so are they severe? Yes, I do, and sometimes.
4. How many times a day do you poop? Once or twice. Depends how much I need to I guess because of constipation or diarrhea.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? 3 hours.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes.
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? Yes and I groan and cry.
8. How often do you get constipated? Twice a month.
9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated? One time when I was like 10 or 11 I was constipated for 3 weeks and 2 days.
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out do you yell of relief? Yes and I groan.
11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM? If so, are they severe and how long do they last? Yes I do and yes they can get severe to the point where I'm crying and they can last to a good half an hour.
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Omg yes.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? Yes.
14. What are the sings of knowing you have to poop? Having stomach aches, cramping, and farting.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? I do when I'm at home sometimes.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping? Yes when I'm constipated and having trouble getting it out.
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick? I take as long as necessary.
18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you do to relieve yourself? I'll eat fruits and vegetables, apple juice, coffee, prune juice, fiber gummies. Sometimes my mom will give me an enema, which is no fun.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? Yes.
20. How often do you have diarrhea? Every once in a while, if I've been constipated long enough to the point to where I feel like I'm going to explode out of my butt.
21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Yes I knead and push.
22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? Yes.
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company? Yes my mom and dad have both been in the bathroom with me and talked me through having a difficult poop. Some of my friends from school have been in the bathroom with me. My boyfriend has been in the bathroom with me while I pooped. My friends and boyfriend have helped me through a tough time.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet? Omg they smell really bad.
25. How much is the most you have pooped? Enough to fill up the toilet.

That is it for now. I'm going to bed. Night and Happy Pooping.



Victoria B.'s toilet paper survey -

1. Scott.
2. 4 pack.
3. 1 roll.
4. Yes.
5. No, I always check first.
6. I did run out once when there was nothing left on the roll and nothing left in our cabinet in the bathroom. Then I just used some of the Kleenex that we keep on the toilet tank.

Natalie - you can have longer logs by making sure you're getting enough fiber and drinking plenty of water. Plus, staying relaxed while you're on the toilet and keeping a steady pressure while you're pushing out your poop. I do this and I usually have between a one and two foot long turd almost every day. Try it, it works.


Tall Lifeguard

Friday afternoon I visited the leisure centre to go swimming. I stopped off in the toilets on the way in. I locked myself in a cubicle and before I had undone my belt someone came in and went to the other cubicle. He was sat down pretty quick. I noticed how the guys feet were level with me and then as he sat down his feet went much further forward. I could see he had red lifeguard shorts on and his trainers.

He started dropping the kids off pretty quick. He was being quite noisy sounded soft and messy. There were several splashes as it fell into the toilet. He was messaging someone his phone at the time. You could hear the phone going off and him typing as the phone clicked. Once he had finished he sat there for a good length of time still sending messages on his phone. He then started wiping. It sounded like he was rolling out quite a lot of paper each time and then wiping quickly. When he was wiping his foot came under the side of the cubicle and was very close to mine. He wiped quite a few times so it sounds like it might have been messy!

Anyway when I was swimming later I noticed the lifeguard shoes. It was the really tall lifeguard, he is well over 7ft I think. He is tall and skinny with black hair and really hairy legs. It got me thinking. Is it difficult to use a toilet if you are really tall? Are toilet cubicles too small for tall guys?


Survey Response

1. Do you enjoy pooping? Sometimes
2. What is your favorite position while defecating? Normally sat down leaning forward a bit using phone. Sometimes at home sat up straight reading Dad's newspaper.
3. Do you get stomach aches before passing a BM? If so are they severe? Only if I put off going. Depends how long I leave it.
4. How many times a day do you poop? Generally morning and night one day and in the middle of the day the next day. But can vary if I eat a lot!
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? At least half an hour. When I stood up my legs had pins and needles and would not work properly.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes.
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? No. Sometimes I sigh
8. How often do you get constipated? Rarely. Tends to happen on holidays when I eat rubbish.
9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated? Less than a week. When things got going I had to pass a massive whale then a stream of little fishes shot out!
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out, do you yell of relief? No. I was in a public toilet at the time.
11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM? If so are they severe and how long do they last? No
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Depends what I have eaten.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? Yes if I need to go.
14. What are the signs of knowing you have to poop? Get a feeling "down there"
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? Not unless it is bedtime.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping? No
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick?
Take as long as I want. Generally about 10 mins unless there is a need to rush.
18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself? Eat fruit?
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? No.
20. How often do you have diarrhea? Rarely
21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? No
22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? No
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company while you sat there? Generally no but my cousin has joined me once.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet? Not too bad
25. How much is the most you have pooped? Not sure. Quite a lot.

Romantic Dump

Part 2

Sorry, I got so caught up in my story telling yesterday I realised it was way past my bed time :)

Anyway where was I?.....
Ah yes! So hubby was on the throne, whilst I was in need of making a visit myself, it was agonising listening to the relief he was receiving, and watching the time I had left before needing to leave for the train diminish.
I couldn't wait for hubby much longer I had a train to catch so I told him not to worry put my heels on and headed out of the door. This client meeting was very important for the company and being late just wasn't an option.
I had no other choice but to literally suck it up and walk to the train station. Tbh on the way the urge did subside just as well really, I got to the train station without incident and boarded the train for London.
Now on the way, traveling seems to have an effect on my bowels and with 20 mins to go I started needing a poo pretty bad. I was lucky I got a seat to keep the poo from escaping my bum, I was busting to get my arse on top of a toilet for some sweet relief. I started to fidget a bit during the last 10 mins of the journey much to the annoyance of the young chap next to me if only he knew what I was in need of.
During this time I receiving a text from hubby apologising for hogging the bathroom and asking if I had been able to make it to a loo yet?
I thought I'd guilt trip him and let him know I was on a busy train right now wishing I had used our toilet before leaving.
He asked why I didn't go on the train if the need was so bad but I told him the train was out of paper.
He was sooo sorry poor guy.
As we pulled into the station I couldn't help but release a silent fart though it was immediately regrettable. It was one of those warm farts that you know is going to smell bad! And boy! people were chocking, I went bright red though I think no one suspected me! the advantages of bing the fairer sex :D
As we arrived at the station I made a beeline straight away for the 20p toilets!
This could not wait, I was dying for the loo, it was pushing its way out of my bum and I couldn't afford it to ruin my outfit.
I paid my 20p and took the only free cubicle right in the middle centre stage.
I sat down without a moment too soon, lifting up my pencil skirt and dropping my knickers that I was about to poo in.
As I sat down a massive log started rushing past my bum hole and dropped with an almighty PLOP!
I let out a large sigh to my audience and before I could take breath another large poo was expanding my ring. The relief was out of this world!
This seemed to spark a chain reaction of plops and farts in both stalls next to me as all three of us started to seriously unload the smell was rather raunchy.
As I paid 20p I was going to take my time and ensured I was fully relieved! ;) whilst I listened to the other stalls!
My cubicle stank and I had bombed the toilet, poor thing had skid marks everywhere at least they were in the loo and not my knickers x


I like to reminisce sometimes.....

It's fun to think back on fun times.....

Like....those glorious shits I took back when I was 16. The best shits of my life; that's for sure!

I wouldn't go everyday; usually like every three days or my shits were huge.

I remember it so well.....I'd be walking around with three days of shit packed into me....and....then....all of a sudden I'd get my urge. What a feeling! This massive lump of shit right at my hole! I'd work it a bit.....back and forth....felt awesome to do that!

I'd sit my hiney on the toilet and just push a bit to get things moving.....and out it would come....just wide and hard enough to stretch me a little.....but it was an amazing feeling.

After going....I would stand up and stretch.....every muscle in my body (or at least it felt that way...)

I would look in the mirror and admire my flat ???? and cute little ass and; wonderful manhood!

An amazing time of my life. Can any of you relate?



To Catherine : I would be interested in the story about something that happened in college with your roommate

To Carin : Interesting story about you and your friend Chels. Bet you felt relieved afterwards

To Mina : Sorry to hear about the earthquake that happened in Kumamoto. Glad to hear the people you know there are fine and hope those who got affected are helped soon. Glad to hear Mina and her lovely friends are ok. Hahaha Mina that was a very funny story. To be sleeping and doing motion. Really enjoyed your story. You always post nice stories and I always enjoy them. Looking forward to your next story about Hisae's birthday and Happy belated birthday to Hisae

To Marly : Can't stop laughing after reading your story it is really funny. Thanks also for the advice and looking forward to your next post

That's all for now and Happy pooping to y'all and have a blessed day.....

Gerald :)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Carin great story.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Answers to Michael W's survey

1. Do you enjoy pooping?
Yes at home or at my boyfriend Diver's apartment; not necessarily in public bathrooms.

2. What is my favorite position while defecating?
At home, my legs are at about 10 & 2 oclock. Often my arms are over my legs. When its time to push my elbows are on my knees. In public, I worry about privacy and keep my knees together as much as possible.

3. Do you get stomach aches before passing a BM?
I would say its more of a full, stuffed feeling.

4. How many times a day do you poop?
Usually one. Sometimes I miss a day or two.

5. What is the longest poop you've ever done?
My longest ones tend to be at my home or Diver's apartment. However, 10 years ago at my high school I was 5 days constipated and mom gave me a stool softener. This one completely filled the bowl at school, and part of it even got on the back of the seat paper I had down and also on the back of the seat. There was no way that one was going to flush!

6. Do you find pooping relaxing?
Yes, when I'm at home, at Divers and much of the time at work. I hate the public places like parks and arenas. Too many people, too little privacy.

7. Do you make grunting noises or yell in pain?
I remember once I did at home and Diver came running in to see if I was OK. I had held it for about six hours during his double-header softball game. It was 1 a.m. in the morning when we got home, and he was sitting in the chair having a beer when he heard my animation from the bathroom.
He did insist on helping me plunge it before we went to bed.

8. How often do you get constipated?
Not much, except when I traveling.

9. What is the largest time you've been constipated?
Five days.

10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop, do you yell in relief. Not usually. However, Diver's told me about a friend of his who would have difficult craps at school and then put his fist the in the air, stand off the toilet, call out and you could hear him a few rooms down the hall. Diver said it a reminder for teachers to close their doors because there were no doors on the entrances of the bathrooms to muffle the sounds.

11. Do you have stomach aches when you can't pass a BM?
Yes, especially when I've overeaten.

12. Are you gassy when you poop?
Sometimes yes. In junior high I got done with my math test early, got teacher permission to use the bathroom, and I had a pretty good crap. For the rest of that class and the rest of the day I was blasting off gas. It didn't smell, I tried to muffle it as much as possible, but a few times other students looked up. A couple of really obnoxious boys then started making woodchuck noises when they were around me.

13. Do you look forward to taking a dump?
Always--when I'm home or at work. Not so much in really big, public places because I gave up covering the seat with toilet paper or using the seat covers years ago. But I'm doing better and I know I need to give myself credit for how far I've come.

14. What are the signs of knowing you have to poop?
There's just a certain feeling in my gut and many times it doesn't last that long, so I try to get on a toilet before I lose the feeling. If it's the latter, I have to push harder to get it out.

15. Do you ever lay down after taking a long pooping session?
Yes, I often did when I was young. I'd head right to my bed. However, when I'm away from home that's harder to do. I do remember coming out the bathroom once at a Holiday Inn and sitting in an easy chair for a few minutes after I had really extended my butthole.

16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping?
I was pretty close to it a couple of times back in high school, but I was pushing too hard because I didn't want to miss any more class than necessary. And its different if you're out of class 3 minutes or 30 minutes.

17. Do you take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick?
I take longer at home or at Diver's apartment. At work or a public place, I'm always quicker.

18. When you have a tough time getting it out, what is the best way to relieve yourself?
Mom swore by enemas. Now that I'm in my mid-20s I don't like to use suppositories, especially since many of my craps are away from home. Most of the time when I'm constipated, I can push at least something out. Then later in the day I work on getting more out.

19. Has your BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry?

20. How often do you have diarrhea?
Four or five times a year, at most. Often after I've had too much pop or beer to drink.

21 Do you push on your stomach to get your poop out?

22. Do you every massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or help you poop?
No. But my first boyfriend suggested it when we were about to leave his dorm room for a large concert, and I was having a stomach ache. I ended up farting (so embarrassed!) but I took a big crap an hour later at the arena.

23. Do you feel comfortable having someone with you in the bathroom while you sit there?
At home, when I had friends over before I was about 16 it was OK with me. As I've grown older, no.

24. How bad do your farts smell when on the toilet?
Moderately bad.

25. How much is the most you've pooped?
Discussed above.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Peeing in my yard

I have been peeing in my yard several times during the past couple of weeks. I have a fenced in yard with a corner that my neighbors can't see. I usually walk into the corner, pull out my man parts and urinate onto the grass. The urine doesn't seem to harm the grass. It's good fun as long as you don't get seen by anyone else.

Romantic Dump

Morning Desperation (Again) Part 1

So the other morning I had a client meeting with my boss in London.
this meant getting the train and having to get up a little earlier than usual. Not normally a problem but does clash with when hubby needs to leave.
After waking up I soon realise a trip to the toilet for more than a wee will be calling, especially as we went to see the mother in law yesterday and she stuffed us full of roast dinner, lamb, carrots, parsnips, roast potatoes the works. As hubby was already helping himself to toast down stairs, I took the opportunity to release my morning pee and unload my turds. After firing out a powerful piss within seconds of being seated, it became obvious my poo wasn't quite ready.
Nonetheless I decided to continue getting ready for work with the hope that a bite to eat and early morning cigarette might trigger the event I was hoping for.
Once clad in a white blouse and my new maroon pencil skirt and black tights I made my way down to the kitchen to start my morning ritual,
as I entered our kitchen hubby gave me a kiss on the cheek and went upstairs to finish getting ready leaving me some toast and jam.
I took the remaining slices of toast and opened the kitchen window to have my smoke. The food and cigarette took hold within a few minutes, the combination of the two was causing me to release some foul smelling wind that even surprised me how strong it was coming through my panties and tights.
The farts were loud as well and a precursor to the fact I needed a shit!
I finished my cigarette and grabbed my blazer and climbed the stairs releasing some more loud farts that I couldn't hold back.
I was already pulling up my skirt in anticipation of seating my bum for a much needed dump. yesterdays dinner needed out!
Upon entering the bathroom, I was confronted with the bitter sweet sight of hubby on the throne boxers and trousers round his ankles ready to answer natures call himself, usually I would relish this opportunity but my own need and urge were growing more desperate.
"Sweetie how long are you going to be?" I asked holding my nose, at this point his pee was trickling out and he had already started to stink the place out.
"A while yet I've only just started and I'm feeling full from yesterday still, its gonna be a big one, I'm guessing you need a shit too?"
This was not the news I needed to hear, okay I'll wait is what I replied but time was getting on. I needed to leave soon to get the train into London.
I thought I would sort my make up in the mean time in the bedroom but the bathroom is right next to it, my mind was too busy listening to hubby strain and sigh with relief, after every splash and plop!
"Are you nearly done? I need to leave soon?" I urgently asked, "No sorry love I'm not done yet"

Gotta dash but I will finish the story promise

As you know, I posted yesterday that I had been constipated for quite a few days and eventually took a stool softener to help move things along. WELL! Yesterday after work (after holding in all those days' worth of poop due to being poop shy at work), I had THE MOST relaxing poop in days! All that poop came out nicely and made many plops in the toilet. No straining required-just gentle pushing. There were some farts and some stomach gurgling happening as well. When I was finally finished (I was on the toilet for almost 15 minutes...)I looked to see how much poop had come out. Boy was I surprised! The entire hole was filled and there even a couple of pieces floating on the water. And boy it stunk! Anyways, I wiped, flushed and that was that!

Not sure what exactly caused this bout of constipation, but it sure feels nice to be cleaned out!

So I've been constipated since late Wednesday. I was able to poop a bit (with much effort and straining) on Thursday and yesterday. Again more straining... Not much poop came out, but enough to not make me feel bloated. I took a stool softener before bed last night and it's kicking in now. Only problem is that I'm at work and I'm poop shy there. All I know is that I've really gotta go!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: End Stall Em great story.

To: Jane The Poop great story it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Jemma as always another great story about your desperate poops.

To: George great story about your wifes poops in the composting toilet it sounds like she had some good poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hi everyone! Wow! Great surveys today! I am under the weather with a sinus infection and am staying home today.

I thought I would answer some surveys

Victoria - Great survey about toilet paper. I hope that this is helpful :)

I) What's your favorite brand? Charmin. I love it. I use the soft kind. I keep Charmin To Go - Both wet wipes and regular paper, in my purse.
II) How much do you buy at once (six-pack, twelve...)? I try to buy it in bulk. I've never run out at home!
III) How far down does your stock get before you decide to get more? See above.
IV) Have you ever ran out in the middle of wiping? I am sure I have. I just get off the toilet and get a roll at home.
V) Have you ever sat down and started/finished your business before realizing that there was no toilet paper? No, because I always have it in my purse if it's a public restroom or if I go at Alan's. I keep his house stocked as well :)
VI) If so, how did you deal with it? See above.

I'm glad that you made it to the toilet but I hate that you had to run the risk of an accident. Glad it worked out for you!

Morgan, I hope that this is helpful. I started posting on page 1811 and am the only "Catherine" in that time, except for a teenager that posted like twice, I think. If you do a search for my name, you can find many of the stories I am referring to.

1. What is the longest time you were without having a poo? Since I changed my eating habits as a preteen, I have never gone longer than one full day without a bowel movement (that's missing 2, possibly 3 poops, as I go twice daily on average).

2. What was the longest time you were on the toilet for? I am not sure. I think that some bouts of diarrhea have kept me on the toilet for about an hour at a time.

3. Have you ever went poo in a bathroom with no/doorless stalls? No.

4. Have you ever had a poo in the opposite gender bathroom? No.

5. Have you ever went with a friend (e.g. watching them, being watched, sitting on the same toilet at the same time, or used two toilets side by side or in cubicles next to each other) I recently wrote about my fiancÚ, then boyfriend, helping to the toilet when I had an unusual stomach bug in the summer time. He witnessed me do a major diarrhea and vomit into the trash can at the same time. I was humiliated but he was so great about it. I have another story that I have never shared about something that happened in college with my roommate. I wonder if anyone would be interested :) ???

6. Have you ever clogged a toilet? A few times. I have a post about clogging a toilet at church in October of 2014 that I posted on the forum. Also, I clogged the toilet at a weekend church retreat hosted at a friends house. I believe that story is on page 1817 or thereabouts. I would love to know what you think!

7. Have you ever went in something else (toilet, sink, mens urinal, shower)? No.

8. Have you ever missed the toilet when having a poo and landed your log on the back of the toilet or the floor? No.

Great survey, Morgan!

Lizzie, it's great to hear from you! I hope that this is what you are looking for :)

1. Have you ever started peeing and while you were peeing you farted and poop came out? Yes, sometimes when my stomach has been a little off, but I go to the toilet thinking that I only have to pee, then it can happen. It's usually just a little bit though.

2. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to pee? I always empty my bladder when I poop. Usually, I do all of the bowel movement first, and then I pee. It's much more uncommon that I pee before the bowel movement. And, I've had a few times that I've had to do both so bad that I pee and poop at the same time! That's an interesting sensation!

3. Is it normal that when my boyfriend poops he does the pee part sitting down? Yes, I am sure all men do that.
4. Have you ever sharted? Yes, when I've been sick with diarrhea, but not on a normal day.
5. When did you last poop and/or pee yourself? The last time I pooped myself was in 2011, solid or diarrhea. That one was very firm and solid. I had been holding it a long time. I've had three solid accidents since my preteen years. I had more as a preteen, as I had horrible eating habits mixed with anxiety that led to bouts of constipation and diarrhea. I've shared these stories - the three solid accident ones - on the forum.

I hope that is helpful!

Michael, I hope that this is helpful!

1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes!!! I love it!
2. What is your favorite position while defecating? I tend to sit lady-like, hunched forward a little, with my legs together, but not quite touching.
3. Do you get stomach aches before passing a BM? If so are they severe? I can get a little achy, but not crampy, unless it is going to be loose or diarrhea. When the load is going to be really large, I can get an achy feeling in my back and can feel pressure in my abdomen and rectum. I love the feeling of having to go!
4. How many times a day do you poop? Twice daily is normal!
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? Over two feet long! Oh, you mean time! I think I've been on the toilet an hour before with diarrhea.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes! I love the feeling of having to go really bad, then doing it, and then that relaxing feeling afterwards!
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? No. Mine are very comfortable!
8. How often do you get constipated? No. Very regular!
9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated? Three days as a child. I've never missed more than one day since my preteen years!
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out, do you yell of relief? I've had an almost afterglow type feeling after really large, but solid doodies.
11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM?
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Not as often as you would think. Maybe one out of every ten poops includes some toilet farting!
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? Yes. I really do!
14. What are the signs of knowing you have to poop? Stomach feels full, maybe some pressure, along with an achy feeling in lower back and rectum. I can feel the poop wanting to come out at my anus.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? No.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping? No.
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick? I like to be thorough, but normal poops take about 5 minutes for me.
18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself? Not applicable.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? No. But one felt so good that I started to cry!
20. How often do you have diarrhea? 1-2 times per year.
21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? No.
22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? No.
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company while you sat there? I've had to take Alan's girls to the toilet with me in public restrooms. Alan was in there when I was sick once. Once Alan and I are married, I will let him in sometimes, if he wants to be in there.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet? Not bad. I struggle with noisy gas more so than smelly gas.
25. How much is the most you have pooped? See page 1817 and 2466 for some big ones!

Well, that's all I can do right now! I hope that everyone stays well!



Some Guy

Oops...Plus a Survey!

I was apparently so eager to respond to Simmee in my last post that I forgot to include my name at the top! HA! I'll also give my answers to Michael's survey...the first one I think I've ever done!

1. Do you enjoy pooping?
If I have to go a lot, I enjoy pooping when I get that big feeling of relief afterwards. If it's more of a regular load, eh, it's just one of life's necessities!

2. What is your favorite position while defecating?
I pull my pants and undies down to my ankles. Unlike some of you, I just can't pull them down enough to go. It's not comfortable for me. I also have my legs open and my hands are either cupped over my privates, or my arms are folded and in my lap. I sometimes lean forward, but not always.

3. Do you get stomach aches before passing a BM? If so are they severe?
No, not really...may just have some gas.

4. How many times a day do you poop?
At least once a day...sometimes twice...and I'm becoming a regular morning pooper, too!

5. What was the longest poop you ever did?
Really not sure...15 minutes, maybe?

6. Do you find pooping relaxing?
Like my answer to #1...when I get that big feeling of relief...yes!

7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts?
No. I'm a pretty quiet pooper, except for my butt sometimes! HA!

8. How often do you get constipated?
Not too often. I can't think of a time frame here, so it can't be too frequently.

9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated?
A day or two? Not too sure here.

10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out, do you yell of relief?

11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM? If so are they severe and how long do they last?

12. Are you gassy when you poop?

13. Do you look forward to taking a dump?
If I'm going to get that big feeling of relief, yes! I look forward to pooping in public, too...something that wouldn't have happened when I was a kid.

14. What are the signs of knowing you have to poop?
I sometimes fart, and get pressure by the back door.

15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session?

16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping?

17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick?
I have to be quick at work; otherwise, I like to take my time so that I don't have to go again relatively soon.

18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself?
Apple Juice.

19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry?

20. How often do you have diarrhea? stools tend to be loose...never severe diarrhea, though.

21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out?

22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop?

23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company while you sat there?
If it's a close friend, then that's cool! Never done it, though, except for a time in Pre-School, which I've written about.

24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet?
Normally not too bad.

25. How much is the most you have pooped?
Don't know, but some turds have been pretty big! LOL!

Well, that's about it for now. Hope to have something interesting to share before too long!

Happy Pooping!
Some Guy

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