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There is now still this. Don't be these people For the small number of people who cause all the trouble around here. They claim to have read the FAQ, but their posts and conduct say otherwise. Here are the moral lessons spelled out in detail.

My friend Amber came camping with me and my husband. We slept in our RV, my husband and I slept in the bedroom while she slept on the couch in the living area.

About 2 a.m. I was woke up by the bathroom light and fan. My husband was still in bed with me sound asleep so I figured it must be Amber and didn't think much of it. The light from the bathroom seemed to really light up the bedroom, but I was still half asleep and didn't think much of that either.

I heard her let out a pretty loud fart that sounded kind of like a trumpet, followed by a little pee and then some more gas. I then heard her strain and then kind of sigh like in relief. I couldn't figure out why I could hear everything so well, so I rolled over and looked towards the bathroom.

There is a door from the hall that goes into the bathroom, plus a small sliding door that goes from the bathroom to the bedroom. The sliding door was only closed maybe halfway. She must not have realized that door was there, or figured we wouldn't be able to see in anyways. Which would have been the case, however, there is a vanity on the bathroom wall to the right of the toilet with three long mirrors, that from where I was laying gave a view of the toilet.

Just as I looked that way she stood up from the toilet. From the top of the mirror I could see into the bowl, revealing one large turd probably 8" and length, it was hard to tell exactly. She wiped while standing and then flushed and turned out the light.

It was kind of awkward seeing her the next morning. I'm sure she had no idea that I had witnessed her get up and poop during the middle of the night. I felt kind of bad, but I didn't even mean to look, I just looked over towards the bathroom still half asleep and got an eyeful in the mirror. I was actually kind of impressed in how fast she was. From the time I was woke up by the fan and light until the light went out was probably only 45 seconds, which is pretty quick considering the size of the turd she dropped.


Big poops and Steve A's survey

Hi all! It's been a long while since I last posted, maybe a year and a half or so. But as usual, I'm still here, reading :)

Glad to see most of you are still around, and see some new people joining.

I wanted to answer Steve A's survey and also share some updates on myself.


1. Do you like natural laxatives? (Beans, Prunes, Activia Yogurt, Sugar free candies, etc.) or medicine laxatives? (Exlax, Milk of magnesia, suppositories, emenas)?

Natural laxatives. I believe the medicine laxatives could be harmful if not used carefully.

2. How long will you wait to take action if your constipated? (like if I don't go by the 5th day, then I'm taking a laxative)

No set number of days. It depends on how uncomfortable I am or if I need to engage in some kind of activity in which being constipated would prove counterproductive to it.

3. Are you open with anyone (besides family) with your bathroom habits?

Actually, I think I'm more comfortable with my closest friends than my family when it comes to pooping. Peeing, I feel equally comfortable with both groups. But I'm actually kind of pee and poop shy in public bathrooms.

4. How many times your do poop a week?

7-8 times. Most days I poop once a day, but I may have to poop more than once a day occasionally.

5. Has your poop ever been any other color besides brown? Rainbow colors?

Actually, yes! Besides shades of brown (yellow-brown, green-brown), I once had a very green poop. Think... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle green Hulk green. I was surprised at the moment, but then I realized it was because of something I had eaten the day before.

6. Did you ever overhear a conversation when they were talking about bathroom related stuff?

Yes, a couple of times, mostly between friends and family.

7. What was the cleanest and dirtiest public bathroom that you ever used?

I'm not entirely sure about cleanest, but dirtiest would probably be a park restroom I had to use a couple of times when I was in 5th and 6th grade.

8. Does medication (over the counter or household) affect your bowel habits?
Yes, it depends, but they can either give me diahrrea or constipation (not always... just occasionally).

9. What's your most memorable bathroom experience?

Not sure about the most memorable. Probably one I posted here years ago about pooping outside in the backyard of an abandoned house. You can find it on page 1753.

I just wanted to write about my big poops recently. They have been quite enjoyable. They require little effort, and the sensation when they're coming out and the relief afterwards has been one of the best so far this year. Today, for instance, I went to the bathroom shortly after dinner. I went in, pulled my pants down, widened my legs and began pushing. In contrast to some big poops of the past, this one required little pushing. I think I pushed not that hard for 5 or so seconds while it was coming out. The tip emerged and it stretched my hole quite a bit, but it did not hurt and felt kind of nice. After the first seconds it just slid out effortlessly, taking another 5 seconds to drop with a plop. Immediately afterwards a felt empty and relieved. And of course I was. I looked at what I had created and it was a big, brown log of aboout 12 or so inches long, most of it smooth except at one end in which it had some boluses. I wiped a couple of times although it wasn't that dirty. Most of my poops the last 2 weeks have been like that, and I hope they were all like that.

Best wishes, keep posting!

Little Mandi
Hey all,
I been having such a hard time pooping lately.
Whenever I go I have to push harder than usual and barely anything comes out. I mentioned before how I was never regular and suffer quite a bit from constipation and hard poops but for a while it has been ok. I would come out normal easy and soft.

Last Sunday was the worst I've had it in a long long time.
All day at work my stomach felt heavy and I kept getting on and off urges to poop but I couldnt get anything out. Ive mentioned before that even tho I got better at pooping in public I can't always get it to come out. Sometimes I feel like my body senses when I'm in my house because when I got home I got a really strong urge to go. I went up and sat on the toilet and gave my usual first push. I knew this wasnt gonna be easy. I pushed harder and I still couldnt get it out. It hurt really bad. I sat for 15 minutes trying to get it out. I even switched positions but it wasnt moving.Finally I gave up and started to go downstairs but I didnt get very far. The urge came back stronger than before and back on the toilet I was. I sat down and gave a hard push and right away it started to come out but it got stuck. I pushed harder and it moved a little but it hurt so bad I took a break and a few minutes later I wrapped both hands around my stomach and squeezed hard and at the same time pushed as hard as I can and finally after a few minutes I was able to get the thing out. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I sat a few minutes then wiped It was so dry that nothing was even on the paper.

I havent had a hard time like that in along time. I think I need to start maybe drinking more water and eating better. I been slacking on the healthy eating so maybe that has something to do with it. I have no idea.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina great story about and your friends you are true friends to eachother and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Danielle it sounds like your friend Jenna got hit bad by that stomach bug luckily you were there to help her out.

To: Random Girl great story.

To: Kung Poo great story it sounds like she had a good poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

This morning I was in the kitchen having some breakfast. My roommate Gracie was there, too and Danielle was having a shower. After two large cups of coffee I needed to pee and I also had a load knocking on my backdoor for a good morning poop. Gracie was kinda whining a bit and was like "I need to go to the bathroom, Dani better hurry up!". I told her I needed to go, too and then she went to the bathroom, banged on the door and yelled "hurry up, Ann and I need to take a dump!". I hadn't told her that I needed a number two, but I thought it was funny she thought I did anyway. To pass the time, Gracie and I then plopped our butts down on the couch to play Overwatch. Gracie was already wearing jeans and regular clothes, but I was still wearing my ultra nerdy Supergirl pajamas. While we played, all of a sudden Gracie farted. It was silent, but omg it was stinking so bad. I was staring at her with my mouth open and was like "omg, Gracie!", dropping the controller and fanning my nose. Gracie just shrugged and said "sorry, I really need to take a s***". We heard the shower stop and I figured I'd let her go first. Finally Danielle came out of the bathroom only wearing a towel. She said "sorry guys" and went straight to her room. Gracie went in and I kept playing for a few minutes. Then she was done and took the game over from me and I hurried to the bathroom. I closed the door, pulled down my pajama pants and sat down on the toilet. The seat was still warm from Gracie's bum and the whole room was kinda steamy from Danielle's shower. It smelled like poop a lot and I noticed a couple of large skidmarks in the bowl, I guess Gracie must have dumped quite a big load in the toilet. I was peeing myself which was a huge relief and when my stream was done I leaned forward a bit and started to push out my poo. I had a wet fart blast out into the bowl and then my first turd followed right away, crackling out slowly. It was wide and I let out a big sigh when it stretched my hole. I figured it would be a while and with my turd still hanging from my backdoor I grabbed one of the magazines from the toilet tank and started to read. It took a while for the poop to drop off and splash into the bowl. I kept reading and after a couple of minutes I had another piece of poo coming out. I also farted a few more times and after three turds and about ten minutes I felt all empty. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my backside. It was pretty messy between my cheeks, so I needed quite a lot of sheets. Then I pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet. It all went down but left some huge skidmarks, so I used the brush and flushed again.

I guess Gracie and I had given our toilet quite the workout and, oh can a bunch of college girls ever stink up a little bathroom, haha. I opened the window, washed my hands and then went out to play some more with Gracie. A little while later Danielle went back into the bathroom and she may have pooped as well, but I am not sure. That's all for today!

Victoria B.

To Mina (about Hisae)

I read your story about teasing Hisae for her tendency to get on the toilet and not finish a number two without needing to sit down a second time. As someone playfully teased by my own friends for my pooping habits (to the point where I once got a toilet plunger as a Christmas gift) I'd say you don't have anything to worry about. You aren't the kind of person to bully someone; your writing has compassion and love that shines through in every sentence and that's how I and probably a lot of other people who've met you here imagine you are like in person.

The level of intimacy and vulnerability between you and your friends is something special and unique. You're so comfortable with yourselves and you're able to open up to each other in so many ways. I get so happy when I read stories about the four of you going together, sitting next to each other while one of you does her business, helping each other flush, wash, and wipe. Your friends love you and you love them.

Here's a hug from all the way across the Pacific Ocean

Love, Victoria


Diarrhea at work

While I was driving to work I could tell something wasn't right with my stomach. A few hours into work suddenly a very strong urge to shit came. I finished making the cocktail I was making and raced to the bathroom. There were girl in the third stall and I took the middle. I pulled my pants and skull print panties down and sat on the toilet. I immediately unloaded a large torrent of diarrhea. I then started uncontrollably farting. The farts were long, loud, and very very wet. I did about eight of these farts. My shit smelled really bad and had an unusual odor to it. All of the water was full of brown very loose mush. I noticed the girl had finished peeing but was still in her stall. I decided to stay seated to both listen and see if anymore diarrhea would come. There was a short moment of silence before I heard a quiet fart. She started breathing louder then would keep stopping, probably when she was pushing. This went on for a little bit then I heard her shit drop. She sighed then there was three smaller plops in quick succession. As she was wiping I let out two more farts and wiped. I came out of my stall while she was washing her hands. She was a white blonde girl with her hair in a ponytail. She looked very fit and athletic.

An hour later I realized I never pissed. I was able to get away from bar tending and go back into the bathroom. There were two girls fixing their make up at the mirror and a girl peeing in the end stall. I took the first and started peeing. I then pushed and a loud and long fart came out. The girls at the mirror went quiet then continued talking when it ended. I had some more gas but no more diarrhea. This morning I had a minor amount of gas.

Steve A

Comments Plus Bathroom Privacy Issues At College (Question)

To Random Girl: It's great that your boyfriend is OK with the site. It would take a lot for some people to share a site like this with their BF/GF.

To Danielle: It's always the schools that have flu's and bugs. I hope you get better. I'm hearing that something is going around at some of the buildings on our campus. I didn't catch it when other people in my building were sick, so I must be doing something right.

Bathroom Privacy Issue: At one of the buildings on my campus, one of the men's bathrooms has no barriers between the urinals. They are differently shaped. They look like a circular oval instead of the normal rectangular urinals. Certain people might feel uncomfortable using that bathroom.

What do you think? Should urinals have dividers just like stalls have?

Cool Dumper

The Future is Now

I just read Julie's description of the public toilet of the future, and wanted to point out that this is exactly what is happening in Western Washington, USA today. For the last 10 years or so, whenever public restrooms on government owned land (usually parks, etc.) have been renovated, they have replaced the "ladies" and "gents" with about 6 to 8 or so rooms, each with a steel locking door like you would have on the exterior of a building. Inside there is a toilet, a sink with soap and either paper towels or an electric dryer, and maybe a urinal. They are not designated by sex, and there is room for maybe 3 people at most, in case someone needs assistance. Except for the increased cost, I cannot see how anyone could object to these facilities, and for those of us who are "toilet shy", they are a godsend.

Jennifer G


Hi everybody!

I'm really excited because I finally did get someone other than myself to have a pee in my car. Yaaaay!! And this time she didn't try to poop, only pee. I actually had a really rough week because of missing that opportunity the other day. See my previous post. I was actually having regrets about that whole thing, and how I missed that opportunity.

Then came Friday. I actually wasn't even planning this, but I was at a gas station putting gas in my car, and I saw a woman walking toward the restroom. It was one of those nasty outdoor restrooms that's always locked and you have to ask for the key. It's funny that I didn't think about gas stations other day. They're much worse than thrift stores, that's for sure. Anyway, I saw her, and so I decided to try my luck.

I went up to the restroom just when she tried to open the door. Of course it was locked. I said to her "Yeah it's always locked." She smiled awkwardly and was about to go and get the key, but then I went into my spiel about how the restroom always sucks and that I sometimes choose to just go to the bathroom in my car instead. Of course she was shocked at the idea, but then I noticed she started to think about it a little. That's when I said to her "If you want, you can go in my car too." Of course she looked at me funny at first, and then she laughed a little. But then after I assured her that it was okay, she finally said something like "Yeah, okay, that would work I guess." I was so excited!

Her name was Melissa by the way, if anyone was wondering. She actually told me she should introduce herself, since she was about to have a pee in my car. Then she laughed. I was actually starting to really like her. Of course I made sure she only had to pee and not poop too. I explained how I preferred that people only pee in my car, and not poop, and she said she could understand why I would feel that way. I was glad of that. Then she asked me how exactly I did it, and I explained how I just sit in the back seat with my pants pulled down and just let it go right into the seat.

We did pull into another parking lot where it was a little more private. Then Melissa got in my car and sat down on the back seat. I just stood outside so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable, but I was able to see what she was doing. I asked her how she was doing, and she said "I'm going." I was so glad! Soon I could see where she was peeing. I saw the puddle beginning to form in the seat. I was so happy that someone else was finally peeing in my car! Soon she had a nice puddle going. I began to realize that someone else's pee was going into my seat. I really liked that idea. And I really liked Melissa. She was definitely someone whose pee I wanted soaking into my seat. I was glad that she was the one who was peeing in my car.

After a few more seconds she was done. But she did pee a lot, and my seat is actually still a little wet from her pee. I'm so glad she did that though. I would definitely let her do that again if I ever saw her again, and I will also let other people do it too.

One thing I was wondering about, and maybe someone here can answer. I'm wondering if I will notice a little difference in the pee smell in the car now that someone else has peed there. I wouldn't mind at all if there was a difference, in fact I would actually like it. But I just was wondering. As for me, I haven't peed in my car this weekend yet because I'm waiting for the seat to dry from Melissa's pee.

That's all for now!


City Bus Conversations

Coming home late from school one afternoon I had missed the contracted bus that my parents pay for. Due to my babysitting I had some extra money on me for such emergencies. It was two hours after school got out and I had just finished my tutoring volunteer hours for the week. Since it would take longer for me to wait for and take the city bus, I decided to stop at the final bathroom before leaving the building. I always like to pee ahead because I don't want to risk having an accident on the bus or bus stop. There was one other girl in there. She was very quiet and didn't move her legs much and other than a couple of farts that was it. I took the toilet next to hers. Luckily there was a door, although it creaked bad and I think one of the attachments was badly bent. There was two to three times the normal crap at the bottom of the bowl. The water was dark golden telling me a number of bladders had been drained there. My timing was great because I flushed and then dropped my jeans and blue underwear just in time for me to seat myself without getting any splashback from the flush cycle. My pee lasted about 20 seconds. Because I had just finished another bottle of soda, the gas I released brought out one two-inch turd that had stayed behind when I crapped after lunch.
I felt relief as I stood, wiped, flushed and washed my hands before hurrying to the bus stop.

The girl from the stall next to me caught up with me at the bus stop. We made some small talk until the bus came. Then we both got on and took one of the few available seats very near to the back. There were six loud and very obnoxious junior high guys back there. We had to give them a stare-down so they would take their backpacks off the seat we wanted to sit down on. One of the guys was so loud in telling his friends that he had to shit so bad that if the bus made one more stop, and they said this by directing attention to us, that he his crap would go through the seat, the floor beneath it and probably damage the chassis. Then two others got into it with one of them saying he had been holding is shit since 9 a.m. and since no sane person shits at school, he needed to get onto his home toilet fast. A couple of the others agreed with him. The girl and I just looked at one another and shook our heads about how immature they were. She whispered to me that it is very unrealistic for them to expect to avoid bathrooms altogether during a full day of school.

Within a couple of minutes the bus got stuck in rush hour traffic. The going was slow. The one boy was starting to panic. One of his friend suggested he get off at the next stop where there was a store, use the toilet there, and then get on the next bus back home. Both he and one of his friends did just that. Right after they got off, the other girl and I along with the other boys noticed the bus remained parked against the curb and it stayed there for about five minutes. We found they were waiting for the transfer bus to arrive and we picked up a few more travelers who had to stand in the aisle. Both my friend and I have a hard time understanding why more students, especially the guys, don't want to just give in and use the bathrooms at school. If we've figured out the advantages, we think they should have been able to come to the same conclusion too. School bathrooms are necessary evils and sure beat the consequences of trying to avoid them.



Lindsey: I am sure that I would like any story you share and any advice you can give! Thank you for the reply. Chloe is (doo)ing much better! She seems to go as soon as she comes home from school, but I've tried tell her that if she would wake up earlier in the morning, she might be able to go before school. She is so worried that she will have to go at school and be embarrassed!

Steve A: Kudos for using Fiber One products. They are my favorite! I don't recommend stimulant laxatives, as they can be addictive and can slow down your colon's peristalsis.

Mina: I hope that you and your friends are safe! I don't think you should be upset with yourself on how you were to Hisae! You all sound like you love each other and that you are good friends! Love hearing from you!

Love to all!


Sorry I've not been able contribute much just lately but life has got in the way somewhat as it does from time to time.

Jennifer G. Thanks for sharing your account of trying to get someone else to pee in your car. I can understand why you wouldn't want them to poo in it though. It's the luck of the draw that if you ask someone in a toilet queue if they'd be happy to pee in your car that you might get an individual who needs to do #2 as well. At least the lady was honest about it and declared her hand. I'm imagining you wouldn't have been too happy if she'd left you a couple of unexpected sausages! Hopefully you'll soon find someone who is just happy to pee in your car.

Shadow. Constipation can often follow on from eating too much junk food - or rather too many refined or processed foods. Of course I'll hold my hands up and admit that I don't stick to it by any means, but the "five a day" advice when it comes to portions of fruit and veg is there for a reason! I'm glad the stool softeners worked and had the desired effect. However there's nothing abnormal about "not doing anything" for a couple of days and constipation's generally a self limiting condition which tends to be pretty good at sorting itself out sooner or later.

Catherine, Annas, everyone else etc - hope you're all keeping well.

Jennifer G
Wow still no new posts!

That's okay, if you read my last one, you'll see that I met a woman named Melissa, who actually peed in my car! And so I finally got someone else to do it besides me. I actually really liked Melissa too, she was really nice, even though I didn't get to spend much time with her. I guess you could say I had a girl crush on her. By the way, I don't think I mentioned this in my last post, but she had blonde hair and was probably in her early to mid 30s. Anyway I'm glad that she peed in my car, and that her pee is now permanently soaked inside my seat.

Today (Sunday) was actually the first day that the seat had finally finished drying after Melissa peed in it (which was Friday). So this morning was the first time it was dry enough for me to pee in it. And so I did. I think I liked doing it even more than before, now that someone else besides me has peed there. I peed really close to where Melissa peed, but not exactly the same spot, so that way I can still tell whose is whose.

I think I asked this in my last post, but I'm not sure so I'll ask again. Does anyone know if it's possible for me to notice a slight difference in the pee smell, now that the pee in the seat isn't only mine? It seems like when I first get in the car, I notice that the smell is a little bit different than before. Don't get me wrong, I like it. In fact I'm actually hoping what I asked is true. As I said before, I like the idea that someone else besides me peed in the seat of my car. And I really did like Melissa a lot. Part of me is really hoping I'll see her again sometime. Okay, I'm totally girl crushing right now.

Bye for now!


My Bowels

Hi everyone on the wonderful site of! The diarrhea that I experienced after my gallbladder removal is still hanging around. Sometimes, my bowels can produce chunky poo in between an episode, and normal poo too. The diarrhea urges I felt today were like a fart coming on, so I seated myself on the toilet to be safe. Some of it sounded like pee, but other bouts came a little at a time during in which I sat for a while. I suspect that my diarrhea isn't just regular diarrhea, but is poo mixed with excessive amounts of bile watering it down. Today I wiped my rear so much, that it became a little irritated, but not unbearable. My diarrhea that seems to be related to my loss of the gall bladder isn't distracting, nor is it the type that lasts all day.

Mr. Clogs

Laundry day and comments

Hey everyone.

Yesterday was Saturday September 24th, and I'm posting on today on Sunday September 25th. On Saturdays as you know I do my laundry, so to "pre soak" my clothes you know by peeing on them. So the day before which was Friday, I was getting dressed to go out on assignment and I needed to pee, so I went to my dirty clothes pile and peed on them, the relief of a once full bladder. I left and proceeded on with my day. On Saturday, I was getting ready to go out, so I was getting dressed and I needed to take a leak. I soaked again the same pile of dirty clothes with some more pee. I made sure to spread it around so not one spot is completely soaked. I came home and had my dinner and then washed my already urine soaked clothes. I didn't smell really much per because I drink tea and water in the morning and the urine color was clear.

Michelle: Thanks for sharing about the beans helping you clean out. Have you made chili yet?

Jennifer G: Great post as always and let us know when you per and poop in other things like a cup, bucket etc. If people need pee on your car seat and the need to pinch a loaf, keep some plastic shopping bags or some paper towels for them to do #2 in so you won't miss the opportunity for someone to pee in your car. Keep the posts coming dear.


Bathrooms of the Future

Victoria B,

I can't remember when I posted the dream - it hasn't been long ago. My new faster-paced life is really messing with my memory!

I was dressed in a business suit and was probably at a fancy restaurant when I needed to take a major dump. I walked into this fancy, upscale bathroom. Inside were sinks, lounge chairs and such, and then another door into the toilets. Once I got in, there were men and women using the bathroom on toilets lining the walls, facing one another. There were no stalls, doors or anything to provide privacy. In the dream, I felt like this was normal and remembered pulling down the skirt of the suit and getting situated on the toilet for the bowel movement. That's when I woke up.

Ever since then, I've had this re-occurring desire to use a unisex bathroom. I agree with you that unisex bathrooms need more privacy. Maybe the stalls should be floor to ceiling and the doors need to be almost floor to ceiling.

It would be an interesting change of life!




To Jennifer G

That's pretty brave of you asking random women to pee in your car. But, you lead up to it by conversation and the situation, waiting in line for the bathroom.

If you just randomly asked a woman to pee in your car, they might think it's an awkward and weird thing to do. I give you props because not too many people would ask something like that to others.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Re: Steve's survey

you like natural laxatives? (Beans, Prunes, Activia Yogurt, Sugar free candies, etc.) or medicine laxatives? (Exlax, Milk of magnesia, suppositories, emenas)?
I've tried pretty much everything, sometimes just to see how bad it will mess with me. The worst ones that I've tried: bottle of castor oil; caused some nausea followed by an urgent explosion. Milk of magnesia (or magnesium citrate) is almost an immediate case of the runs for me, but it's very watery. Works very fast though.
2. How long will you wait to take action if your constipated? (like if I don't go by the 5th day, then I'm taking a laxative) I try to act pretty quick. I've gotten into some bad situations before, so I try not to let it go too far

3. Are you open with anyone (besides family) with your bathroom habits? No

4. How many times your do poop a week? Daily or every other day

5. Has your poop ever been any other color besides brown? Rainbow colors? No

6. Did you ever overhear a conversation when they were talking about bathroom related stuff?
Oh, yeah. College guys talk about it proudly
7. What was the cleanest and dirtiest public bathroom that you ever used? Dirtiest was at a summer camp. Open pit toilets. Sole goal was to get in & get out fast.

8. Does medication (over the counter or household) affect your bowel habits? Pain meds have caused major stops in the past. Magnesium supplements will send me dashing for the john.

9. What's your most memorable bathroom experience? (Story) Probably the first time that I was given exlax. I was in high school & had gotten backed up. Out of milk of magnesia (the usual remedy), my mom gave me 3 exlax tablets to clear me out (the old formulation that has been pulled from the market). Later in the day, I could move my stomach around & hear the liquid sloshing around inside. My older brother and I were outside messing around with an old go cart when I started to feel a sharp gas pain. Since my brother was bent down at the engine, I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to rip a ripe smelling one right near his face. (He would've done the same; trust me). As I let the fart go, though, I immediately snapped to a perfect military "full attention" pose. I had pushed a stream of liquid into my jeans and was butt clenched to keep more from coming. My brother figured out what had happened and started laughing his ass off. I knew that I had to get back to the house fast. Unfortunately, each step caused those ass muscles to relax a bit, sending out more of the warm mostly liquid stream. By the time that I got inside to the bathroom, I had completely flooded my pants and was leaving a trail of poop drops through the house. My brother, of course, came bursting into the bathroom to call attention to the situation. The rest of the family came to see me standing there, stepped out of my jeans and briefs, with poop all over my legs and socks. As I plopped down on the john to just let it all out, I was still dripping onto the floor. Mom just said that she was glad that I was at least "feeling better" and dad just told me to get this shit cleaned up. I jumped into the shower, having to bail mid-bathing for round #2. I wasn't taking any chances with a ripe fart again. Growing up, my brother was the one always crapping his pants. Dad was convinced that he was doing it on purpose & so he'd usually end up getting a pretty rough tanning with the belt (with which I teased him relentlessly). I didn't get a tanning, as I was really too old & it was a "medical issue" of sorts. Still, though, I think that it was my payback of sorts. These episodes repeated for two days, though I was very careful to be on the john before farting again for at least a week or so. That old exlax formulation worked ... and kept working.

Steve A

Answering My Survey

1. Do you like natural laxatives? (Beans, Prunes, Activia Yogurt, Sugar free candies, etc.) or medicine laxatives? (Exlax, Milk of magnesia, suppositories, emenas)?

I like to use both, even though that they could have the same or different effect on me. My go to natural laxative are Fiber One Products. They work great for me.

2. How long will you wait to take action if your constipated? (like if I don't go by the 5th day, then I'm taking a laxative)

It would be 4-5 days for me. I almost had to take a laxative because of 4 days of not going, but I got an urge to go before I took it.

3. Are you open with anyone (besides family) with your bathroom habits?

I'm open with my family, some friends, and hopefully my wife someday.

4. How many times your do poop a week?

About 6-8 times a week. I might skip a day or go everyday. It just depends.

5. Has your poop ever been any other color besides brown? Rainbow colors?

It might've been a lighter shade or darker shade, but I never had a rainbow colored poop.

6. Did you ever overhear a conversation when they were talking about bathroom related stuff?

Yes, sometimes walking past or just overhearing people because they may have been a bit too loud.

7. What was the cleanest and dirtiest public bathroom that you ever used?

It depends. Some bathrooms were cleaner in certain stores and public places. The gas stations and porta potties were not always clean.

8. Does medication (over the counter or household) affect your bowel habits?

No, it never had an affect on me. I guess all the medicines I took since I was a kid had no bowel side effects.

9. What's your most memorable bathroom experience? (Story)

I've had some over the years, but these 2 stand out the most.

My First Toilet Stool Story:

We were going back to the school after a football game and the trip back was maybe 45 minutes to an 1 hour. Right before we left, a band student used the bathroom and we were on the bus waiting for him to return. Once he returned, we left. I had to pee really bad but I said nothing. So, I had to hold it for the entire trip back. Once we made it back, I went to the restrooms and there were some band members and some cheerleaders waiting to use the restrooms. Eventually, it was my turn to go and I made it. The only restrooms that were open in the school late at night were 2 single restrooms. One for the boys and one for the girls. I think one of the restrooms was locked so we might have had to take turns using one single restroom.

My Big Poop Before Gym Class:

I had to go poop at school. So, I pooped before I went swimming for gym. It was a log that was a little over 1 foot long, and maybe 2-4 inches in diameter. Well, I decided to leave it there for someone to notice after swimming. So, when we all went to the locker room to change after swimming, someone went into my stall and they were like, "Someone SH*TED in here and it's huge!" And people went to see it and they asked if it was me and I tried to deny it, but they found out it was me because I was late for attendance and they were all sitting and waiting to swim while the teacher was talking to them when I came up to swim. Some people said that was funny and awesome what I did and some people were surprised and asked, "Did that come out of you?!?" One person took a picture of it and said, "I'm instagramming this SH*T!" (no pun intended) I also got a few high fives as well.


To blondiemaja

Been reading this site off and on for a while, but this is my first post. Just couldn't resist responding to blondiemaja's post about liquid glycerin enemas. They are amazing. My boyfriend and I discovered them a little while back. We like to go backpacking and wild camping where there are no facilities, and we both usually get constipated despite all the exercise. I guess it's the embarrassment of trying to go squatting over the little cat-holes my boyfriend digs. The liquid glycerin enemas are tiny so they're easy to pack, and like you said, they make us go in about two minutes. Usually my boyfriend digs two holes facing each other then we squirt the little enemas into each other and immediately squat down, count three-two-one and push.

Has anybody else tied these?



Comment and question for Jessica

Hey Jess,

Thanks for posting about your experience when out hiking with your friends whilst staying at the cottage. I particularly enjoyed your story about the dumps both you and Louisa took seperately. It's good you both had the confidence to poop outdoors - it sounded as though both you and Louisa had quite intense urges. As you mentioned, when you have to poop urgently it is often very relieving in itself just to be able to relax your sphincters and allow the poo to "crown" and partly emerge.

I liked your description of the turds that both you and Louisa passed - you mentioned that hers were quite large and smooth. Out of interest, roughly how big i.e. long and thick were the two turds that Louisa passed? How large was your poop?

Look forward to reading more of your stories.


Jennifer G

Having a Hard Time!

Hi everybody!

Ok so I did decide to see if I could find someone else who would be willing to pee in my car. But I have to say that making up my mind about it was the easy part! I knew that asking someone would be really awkward, but I did eventually get the courage to ask a few different women. I went to a couple different places and I asked while they were waiting in line for the restroom. The way I said it was "You know, this bathroom is always such a mess." Then the woman would say "Yeah, it sucks" or something like that. Then I'd say "Yeah a lot of times I just go out to my car and just pee there." Of course that's when I would get looked at like I was a total dork. But then finally after a few tries, a woman gave me the answer I was hoping for. The way she said it was "Yeah I would totally pee in my car, but my husband would kill me if I did." So then I told her that she could go ahead and pee in mine if she wanted. She said she did. I was so excited!

It actually started out really good. She was actually really excited to pee in a car. She asked me all the usual questions and I explained how I just pee right into the seat, and that I didn't mind if her pee went into the seat too. She also asked me if it was ok if she farted while she was peeing, and I told her it was fine. She was actually really excited about the idea.

When we got to my car she was all ready to do it. But then when I opened the door she said "I have to poop too, is that ok?" Now for those of you who haven't read my posts, I'm not a fan of poop. I really don't like the idea of someone pooping in my car, even though I like the idea of peeing in it. And so when she said that, it threw me off. I told her that I really didn't want her to poop in my car, and I think she got a little offended when I said that, because she said "Fine, I'll just go back and use the restroom then." I didn't want to blow my chance, so I said "Wait! Can't you just pee here and then poop inside?" She looked at me like I was an idiot and said "You know I can't do that." Then I told her I could put down a plastic bag or something to catch the poop and that way she could still pee, and the pee would still go into the seat. But she wouldn't do it. She couldn't understand why I would want her to pee and not poop. So I blew my big chance to have someone pee in my car. But I can't help it that I don't like poop.

So anyway, that's all for me. Just a big disappointment. Better luck next time I guess. There was actually another woman in another store that I thought about asking, but she had her kids with her, and I didn't want them pee in my car too. I thought about asking anyway, and just letting the kids pee in the trunk or something, but I didn't want that either, so I just let it go. Anyway, better luck next time!



I am unkind to Hisae

Dear Lindsey: Thank you for saying, Mina hurry up with your story.

So now I tell you. It is shame story for me, but Hisae forgive and hug many times and sometimes kiss even it is not custom to kiss in Japan.

I was on loo and did huge motion like I usually do, Maho was putting on make-up. I decided I finish motion, because it was about 10 minutes and many turds, so I washed my bottom and got up.

Five minutes later I was hurry back to loo! I sat down and my bottom burst at once, plop plop plop, bururururururu.

I started to cry. I told before, Mina is silly unstable girl and often cry even pretext is very tiny.

Maho run to me. "Mina why you are crying...??"

I tell her with sobbing voice. Reason was, I often tease Hisae because she stay on loo not very long and five minutes later she run back and do more motions. "Why you don't stay on loo until finish?" I say to her.

But that morning, I was same!!! Why I tease Hisae when I do same thing? I am bad to Hisae, I thought, so I start cry, it is remorse. Bad bad Mina. Devil is waiting Mina in the hell. (I wonder how the loo in the hell is like.)

Maho console me. "It is no problem! Hisae love you, Mina. You don't have to worry!! "

I answer with my bottom. Burururururururururururu.

"Mina, you worry too much so you do a diarrhoea!!" Maho say.

It is true. But I feel bad, I hurt Hisae I think, and many times. I swear, I never say such this thing to my sweetest Hisae any more.

Few days later, Hisae come our flat. Maho tell her about my cry. Hisae run to me and hug and hug. Of course she forgive. I love Hisae and Maho and Kazuko!!!!

Hisae still come off loo quite quickly even she not finished. But I don't tease any more. Once she tease. "Mina, I finish now, but I start again five minutes later!!" I can laugh now.

My neighbours moved last week-end, it was long week-end because yesterday was holiday to respect old people. So flat of next door is empty. Kazuko and Hisae move in the early October! They will be our neighbors!! Mina is most happiest girl in the world!!! I and Maho are excited very much. Hisae and Kazuko too. This week-end we go Hisae's present flat, we clean together. We decide we hope we can all do motions together there, it will be last time! Maho say, she take a medicine if she is constipate.

Now there is big typhoon in Japan. In Hisae's family house in countryside we have to go out of house to go to loo. It is big trouble maybe.

Love to all of you.

Mina and friends

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie great story it sounds like you all had pretty good poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

Response To Melinda

Being a part of marching band for all 4 years of high school, I can relate to some of your experiences that you had in a different way.

Other band members and I have all experienced "holding it" on the bus during long trips. One of them was actually my very first story on here. It's a challenge holding it in on a bus with all the bumps and the way the bus driver drove. Luckily, I've made it everytime. There was even a time where we had to pull over to let someone go in the woods because they couldn't make it back to the high school. It was an interesting 4 years and I'll never forget some moments that we all have experienced.

Your experience can be compared to: desperate times equals desperate measures. People's desperation took over and they only had one thing on their mind: to pee. If I was in that situation, I would've done the same thing.


School Stomach Bug

There's a bit of a stomach bug going around my school lately. I haven't caught it yet, but my friend Jenna got it today.
In science class, I noticed that Jenna (we share a desk) was kind of shifting around uncomfortably in her seat. I asked her if she was okay and she said she was fine. A few minutes later, when everyone was working loudly and conducting experiments, Jenna started farting and she bent over, holding her stomach. She told me that her stomach hurt really bad and she felt like she was going to throw up. I quickly helped her to the bathroom, and I could hear her farting wetly as we walked. When we got to the bathroom, she hurried into a stall, ripped her pants down, and exploded diarrhea into the toilet. She moaned and I rubbed her ???? for her as she exploded several more waves of liquid shit. All of sudden she pushed me away and started puking onto the spot I was standing on. I felt really bad for her and rubbed her back. Thankfully, she only puked a few times before stopping, but she continued to spray diarrhea into the bowl for a while. After a few minutes, the diarrhea started trickling down and stopped, but Jenna still felt really sick and decided to sit on the toilet a bit longer. About a minute later, some watery diarrhea came out. When it stopped, we waited for a few more minutes. Then, Jenna started wiping, her hand shaking a little. She had messed herself pretty badly walking to the bathroom and her diarrhea attack had covered her bum and the back of her legs. I helped her clean up with wet paper towels and threw her soiled pants away. I hurried out of the bathroom to the girl's locker room to get Jenna her gym shorts wear (we knew each other's locker combinations). When I got back to the bathroom, an older girl who was standing outside the door stopped me and said that, "there's a kid in there who's stinking the whole place up real bad" and that I really shouldn't go in there. I ignored her, and shoved past, and rushed to where Jenna was kneeling next to the toilet again, dry heaving. I rubbed her back as soothingly as I could, but she didn't puke again. As she pulled on her gym shorts, she got some bad cramps but she didn't need to poop again. I helped her walk to the nurse's office, and she thanked me and said that I was a great friend. I told her that that's what friends do and that I hoped she would feel better.
She stayed out of school for 3 days and came back looking a bit tired, but feeling much better.


Peeking & Privacy

I might just be a little more observant as I'm using more toilets away from home and without the supervision of my mom, but I'm getting more uncomfortable sitting on public toilets. My mom calls them privacy stalls, but they are really not. At many of the places I go such as the park and the beach, there are not even partial partitions up around some of the toilets. At the malls and at our city's sports arena there are stall panels and doors, but as I sit if I look forward the openings between the door and panels are sometimes an inch or more wide. I see eyeballs looking in on me as I sit. I suspect they are trying to see how long I'm going to be in there. I just feel they invade my privacy when they take a look at me. Last time I was at the mall, the bathroom was crowded. I had to wait to get on a toilet. I latched my door, and thankfully because many of our school's and other toilets don't have latches or if they do they are broken, and seated myself. As my pee was starting, I saw the eyes of a little girl right against the door and she cried out to her mom that she was going to have an accident. Then I'd see her eye on me for about five seconds or more. Then her feet would move and her mom would be there and I could see her glasses up against the opening and she would study me. In a situation like that, I don't know what I'm suppose to say, if I'm suppose to tell them I'm not five days constipated and almost done. Or what? Or anything? This peek opening was large enough that I could see the logo on one of their shopping bags. This caused my pee to stop after about 25 seconds and I sat still, took out my phone because I felt very uncomfortable being watched and I wanted to fully drain my bladder. I was meeting a friend for a movie, had more shopping to do, and I didn't want to deal with the crowded bathrooms again in another hour. Then I saw the girl tug at her mother's bag and say that I was playing on my phone. The mother then looked in on me, said a couple of unpleasant things that I know I shouldn't have taken personally, but I did. I just stood, pulled up my shorts, opened the door and quickly walked out without looking at or saying anything to them. I didn't flush or wash my hands because I was too angry. Overall, I don't think I was seated for more than five or six minutes. I just feel I was kind of violated.


Backed Up

Not sure which post will show up first but I actually have a third story about myself. As I said in my previous post, my wife had gone out of town for a week and so it was just me for a few days as my daughter was staying with her grandparents for a few days. With my wife being gone, my diet went to crap (no pun). Boxed Mac 'n cheese,fast food, etc. The night before she came home I had a pretty decent poo (Friday night). Saturday-Monday I had not produced anything. This is highly unusual because I poop daily. After 3 days I felt extremely full but still not really able to go. Monday after work I picked up a bottle of stool softeners and took 3 capsules. I have a very sensitive stomach so I thought the stool softeners would be more gentle. Monday night I tried pooping. I was able to produce a pretty sizeable turd but even after that I still didn't feel empty inside. I sat for a long time but couldn't produce any more. Later that night I tried again with no results. When I woke up this morning though (Tuesday) my gut was churning and felt a good poo brewing. My wife was leaving for work so I kissed her goodbye and headed for the toilet. In about 10 minutes time I had filled the bottom of the bowl with multiple soft turds. About 10:00 that morning though is when the mother load hit. I was at work by this time and I started to get a massive gut ache. At work we just have a single user restroom that we all share in our office. Normally I would not poop in this bathroom but my bowels were not going to give me the luxury of waiting for a suitable bathroom. I got up from my desk and went into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat down. I started with a soft fart and then peed a torrent of pee. After that I relaxed my sphincter. Soft serve poo started pouring out of me for nearly a minute. Thankfully it wasn't noisy but the smell was extremely potent. I paused for a moment and then pushed again as more soft poo slid out. I had a third wave after this. Finally I felt done so I started wiping. It was quite a job to clean up and once I stood up the toilet was so full, half my toilet paper was above the water line. I flushed and the toilet had no trouble swallowing the load. I attempted to spray some air freshener but just my luck the can was empty. Fortunately the bathroom has a fan so after washing my hands and exiting, I pulled the door ajar and left the fan going. Later that afternoon I started to feel another urge to poop but held it until I got home this evening. It was not near as large as my poo at work but I did pass about 3 good sized logs. Once again the wipe job was lengthy because it was so soft. After that last poo I finally feel normal again. Hopefully this means my bowels will get back to normal again.


Random Girl :3

I Finally Told my Boyfriend

Okay, so the other day I finally told my boyfriend about this website. He didn't act like it was gross or anything, he asked to see my posts, and when I showed him, he actually laughed. I had helped him poo a couple times after I last posted, which was pretty uneventful. He had only watched me poo once, but pee multiple times.
He actually seemed mutually interested, and said that maybe he would post to ask about his constipation. He's a lot less shy around me now when it comes to BMs.

I have never described what I look like before. I am fairly short, 168 cm, and have subtle curves, but in the right places. I have light brown waist length hair and dark brown eyes, and I am asian. I have an ample bottom which my boyfriend calls beautiful. I would say that I'm pretty slim. I weigh about 115 pounds.

My boyfriend asked me for a show yesterday, and he said he would describe it, so here it is:
I am Random Girl's boyfriend, Luke, and I'm sitting on a towel bench in her bathroom waiting for her to use the bathroom. Okay, here she comes. She opens the toilet cover and unbuttons her jeans. She sexily pulls down her light blue thong and sits down on the toilet seat. Immediately a strong golden stream of liquid shoots from her vagina and lands in the front area of the bowl. It lasts for 30 seconds before dying down and trickling off. Suddenly placing a hand on her belly, she arches her back then gives a cute lil push. A tan turd emerges from her hole and fights to come out. After growing about 4 inches, it grows thicker and comes to a stop. Placing both of her hands on the underside of her thighs, she bends forward, giving me a good view, and squeezes out the rest of the turd. After growing to a total of 10 inches, she shakes it off and it splashes into the toilet. Announcing that she's not done yet, she lets out about 3 or 4 small farts that smell like roses. She says, "It's coming," and I look eagerly as she grunts with effort, but to her dismay she only farts again. After a few more tries, she's still only pushing out farts. Determined to give me a show, she presses on her belly with both hands and arches her back even more, going "Mmmmmph!" Another tan turd comes out, this time about 3 inches long, and plops into the bowl. She grunts again, and another emerges. It seems that every time she grunts, a turd appears. After letting out around 10 small balls, she says there are a lot more to come. A stubborn turd comes, and she strains until her face is red, but it is to no avail. It is the thickest thing I have ever seen. I curse the turd for giving my girlfriend so much trouble, but secretly I am enjoying it too much. After around 5 minutes of trying to get it out, it becomes stuck in her anus, and she pushes with all her might, her buttcheeks trembling from the strain. It's like I'm watching her give birth or something. In a strained voice, she tells me that this is the hardest she has had to push in years. I egg her on like I'm her coach, and say, "You can do it! Try harder!" I can tell she's really trying though. Turned on to the limits at this point, I reach over and spread her buttcheeks apart. She squeals, but then doesn't seem to mind, and pushes again. Piss is starting to dribble from her from all her effort. After about 20 minutes, the turd has only moved about 2 or 3 inches and she is about to cry. "Luke, what do I do?" she asks, and I ask her if she wants me to pull it out. She says yes, but only after she tries for a few more minutes. She asks me to exit for 5 minutes, but stay next to the door. I leave and hear the muffled sounds of her groaning, moaning, and grunting for the next 5 minutes. She sexily moans and pushes, moans and pushes, over and over. After 5 minutes, she opens the door and says that I can do it now. I tell her to squat on the toilet, hovering over the bowl, and she does with difficulty, considering that there is a 4 inch long monster sticking out of her butt. Her butthole is stretched and red, and it is bulging. I grab a piece of toilet paper and cover up half of her dry poop with it. I tell her to push as hard as she can, and gently try to pull the turd out. It is rock hard, and she has only not gone to the toilet for a day. She screams in pain but keeps pushing hard as I pull and is rocking back and forth by the time I get it out. The thing looks like a huge potato and I drop it into the bowl. Her anus pulses in and out a couple more times, and I leave her in peace until she is ready to come out. She lies down in bed after the ordeal, and when I tell her that it was quite a show, she smiles. She told me it took 4 flushes to get it all down.


Awkward Poo & Wife's Desparate Poo

I have a couple of interesting stories to share with everyone. First story takes place at Wal-Mart a few months back. I was having to pick up a few items before I made my way home after work one evening. I had been brewing a poo most of the afternoon and my gut was starting to cramp by the time I got to the store. So first thing, I made my way to the back restrooms because it is much larger than the one up front. This restroom had 5 stalls total and 3 urinals. There was someone in the handicapped stall so I took the last regular stall. I got started and it was quite noisy. While I had a breif pause another guy comes into the bathroom and of all the stalls, he chooses the one right next to me. Now under regular circumstances this wouldn't bother me too much as I had assumed he was there for the same reason I was. I continued on for a couple minutes farting and passing soft turds when I noticed my neighbor was making no noise (nor was the guy in the handicapped stall). I sat quiet again for another minute or so and I thought I heard movement in a rapid motion. I won't go into too much detail but I soon realized what this guy was really here for and it wasn't to relieve his bladder or bowels. Feeling very uncomfortable I tried to finish as quick as possible (which took another 5 minutes or so). Fortunately my neighbor finished taking care of his need before I started wiping and I was able to exit my stall without having to make face to face contact with him. By this time the guy in the handicapped stall had also finished and left. That had to be the most awkward situation I've ever experienced.

My second story is about my wife and it took place last week while she was out of town staying with relatives. In 2015 my wife had to have her gallbladder removed just months after the birth of our daughter. I understand this can be quite common in women after pregnancy. Since that time my wife has a very hard time holding her bowels. Most everything she eats goes through her within an hour or two, sometimes sooner if what she ate is especially rich. As I said earlier, my wife was spending a week with some relatives. Their house only has one bathroom and my wife's cousin was also visiting during this time. Four people sharing 1 bathroom plus my wife's bowel troubles lwas sure to present some interesting situations. Sure enough it did one night for my wife. After eating dinner and cleaning up my wife and her cousin took a quick trip to a local ice cream place to pick up some ice cream. After they got back, everyone but my wife's uncle went out back to talk. Suddenly my wife said she felt dinner making its way through like a freight train and she had to put her ice cream down and rush inside to use the bathroom. When she turned the corner to walk into the bathroom she was met with a closed door. Her uncle just so happened to be using the restroom and just her luck it wasn't for a quick pee. In dire straights she began to pace the living room hoping he would finish quickly. After a few minutes there was no sign he was coming out any time soon. My wife decided to return to the back patio to finish her ice cream. Almost immediately after sitting down though she realized she was literally on the brink of disaster. She got right back up and made her way back inside only to start pacing the floor again. For a moment she actually thought about taking the keys to her aunt and uncle's car to drive to the nearest gas station. About that time though her uncle opens the door and says "Did you need the bathroom?". She said "Yes, it's an emergency". He then kind of chuckles and says "Well, it's all yours." My wife makes a bee line to the bathroom, shuts the door and literally runs to the toilet. She barely gets her pants down when a torrent of wet slimy poo starts pouring out of her. She told me her butt hadn't even hit the seat. After what probably seemed like eternity to her, it was all over in just a matter of about 20 seconds. After she was sure that she was done, she wiped up, reclothed herself and flushed the toilet. The entire job probably didn't last more than 2 minutes from start to finish. One thing I've learned being married to someone who no longer has a gallbladder, you can't be shy when it comes to pooping. My wife tells me when it hits, it's all of a sudden with no warning and you better be close to a bathroom because there is almost no control.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!


Victoria B.

To Catherine

That sounds like an interesting dream! Do you remember any of the details?

I also looked at Julie's plans for the (drumroll; old-time radio announcer voice) bathroom of the future! and I liked what I saw. Humans are equal in their needs and, speaking as a woman, I wouldn't feel apprehensive at all about the setup she describes. There is one caveat, one familiar to all Americans and Canadians here: something would have to be done about the state of the stalls in our bathrooms. The gaps between doors and partitions or partitions and the rear wall can sometimes be ridiculous and often leave much less to the imagination than one might want. I'm conflicted about this, because I'm definitely guilty of an occasional peek into a neighboring stall. That being said, people would expect more privacy in a unisex bathroom and I'd be in favor of that, and of using one if I got the chance. The thought of sitting and going next to man with a long, thick log working its way out of his butt makes me a little hot and bothered! I'd love to have a huge BM of my own in a bathroom like that!



Two very short stories

This is an old story from when I was in high school. I was out with my friend all day. When we got back to her house she told me to wait for her and she went into the bathroom. I didn't know what to do so I sat in a chair and just waited. She had been in there for a few minutes so I knew she must have been taking a dump. She was in there for probably 15 or 20 minutes. I was surprised by how obvious she was, she had always been discrete about going to the bathroom. She must have really needed to take a dump.

The other night I went to take out some trash while working at the bar. I saw a girl who we cut off for getting too drunk by the dumpsters pulling her jeans up. She turned around and saw me and staggered to the sidewalk. I noticed a large piss puddle by the dumpster.


to Jessica

Hey Jess, I loved your last story! Especially the part about the two boys going for a buddy dump, haha! So funny. I have only done it one time and I guess we were maybe still kinda drunk a bit. But I think I'd do it again. I'm pretty sure I'd buddy dump with my friend Danielle for example. Would you with any of your friends? Oh, the story about us on the weekend away with the boys is on page 2500.
As for your experiences at school, that's so different. At my uni girls (boys IDK, haha) are using the washrooms to poop all the time. Last Friday I went to the big bathroom in the foodcourt to wash my hands and I am pretty sure there were at least three stalls with girls doing a poo in them! Maybe it's because I think you live somewhere else. Are you from the UK? Just because you use the word loo a lot.



Hi everyone this is Lindsey again and I decided that the part two is not very exciting, so just for a simple ending, one girl had a solid accident in her pants, and it smelled super bad. Also, me and Amy both made it to the bathroom. Yay!~ Today, ther is no story, but I prepared some comments. I will tell you a story about my 5th grade experience soon. Thanks!~
-Great story about a band trip!
-I really liked your story too!
-Thanks!~ I will be really happy to discuss about her. Next time, my story is going to be about a friend from my childhood which has a similliar personality with Chloe. I wish you'd like it!
-I really liked your story about your bad pee break too!~
Thanks everyone and bye!~

Steve A


1. Do you like natural laxatives? (Beans, Prunes, Activia Yogurt, Sugar free candies, etc.) or medicine laxatives? (Exlax, Milk of magnesia, suppositories, emenas)?

2. How long will you wait to take action if your constipated? (like if I don't go by the 5th day, then I'm taking a laxative)

3. Are you open with anyone (besides family) with your bathroom habits?

4. How many times your do poop a week?

5. Has your poop ever been any other color besides brown? Rainbow colors?

6. Did you ever overhear a conversation when they were talking about bathroom related stuff?

7. What was the cleanest and dirtiest public bathroom that you ever used?

8. Does medication (over the counter or household) affect your bowel habits?

9. What's your most memorable bathroom experience? (Story)

Thursday, September 22, 2016


My Wife, Judy

Hello Brandon T - glad to see you enjoy my posts. I hope enjoy this one too.

Sorry about all the typos in the last post. My laptop went bust and I was typing in my phone. I can't do that well.

My wife, Judy, is ethnically Chinese in her mid thirties. She's quite petite, has long black hair that she highlights, and she has the most beautiful toned legs, butt and hips. And she knows it. She often dresses to accentuate those features.

We often travel around Asia. The resorts here are beautiful and some have a very open concept when it comes to toilet design. Judy doesn't know about how much I love seeing her use the toilet, and I want to keep it that way. I would hate it if she gets all self-conscious knowing she has to put on a show.

We were living in an Asian resort that I have specifically picked because the toilet is only separated from the rest of the room by a single curtain. The other entrance to the toilet is the balcony that faces the sea. To keep your privacy from people at the beach, one has to close the door at the balcony. The curtain, however, is made of very fine silk. It is also slightly worn out. I found out that as long as the lighting in the room is darker than the toilet's, one can see through the curtain quite easily.

In order to have a good view of the toilet one must sit at the very edge of the foot of the bed. I think many people who don't have my interest won't bother to know this but this is the first detail I learnt of the room.

At breakfast, my wife was wearing a tight blue spaghetti strap top, and a gypsie-looking skirt that reaches all the way to her ankles. After we finished, I was replying to some emails on my laptop when I heard Judy walk towards the toilet. She often announces if she needs to poop, and she did that habitually. This time, she says, "Finally, I feel like I need to poop! I haven't gone for 3 days!"

She grab her phone and walked towards the toilet. Inside, she immediately closed the door to the balcony. Then because it is too dark now, she turned the lights on. Then she closed the curtains.

Immediately, I closed the blinds in the room, and laid on the bed, my head at the foot of the bed, just at the correct angle.

I saw her put her phone on the cistern, then she lifted her gypsie skirt. I could see the dance of colours as the skirt flopped about. Then tucking her skirt under her armpits, she pulled my favourite white panties down to her knees, the way she usually does. She sat, gathering her skirt forward so all the cloth falls between her knees.

What a sight! The waste-band of her tight blue top hugging her waist, her bunched up skirt, and the side of her bum pressed perfectly on the toilet seat. Her knees as wide as her panties can allow her. Then she reached around to grab her phone. She bent forward, her dance trained back still straight, and proceeded to fiddle with her phone.

By habit, she always does her first "test push". I notice she does that. I reckon it is to see how huge the turd was and whether it's going to be an easy one. Today, it doesn't seem like an easy one by the exertion.

"Erkh.." That was sound of her test push. Not a good sign. I mean good for me, but she may have loads of pushing ahead.

I heard the soft music of the game she's playing on her phone.

"Errkk" again.

She cleared a level in her game.

"Errk haaaaa..." Then she giggled.

"Can you hear me?" She asked, rather shyly.

I paused, pretending I was not listening in.

"What? Oh. No. What do you mean?" I lied.

"It's not eeeeasy to come out!" she said, while straining.

"Oh. Take your time!" I replied. She has no idea how much I'm enjoying this. "Do you want warm water? That may help?"

"Suuure!" She replied. I grabbed a jug, filled it with the hot water from the kettle, and passed it to her with a glass, parting the curtains slightly so she don't feel shy.

"Try to drink at least 1 litre, I said. It may help!"

I heard her down a few glasses and then she called me to return the jug. She drank about 3/4 of it.

"Does it work?" I asked.


"Waaiiit!" I watched her. She sat upright, her hands at her hips, her phone placed on the bunched up skirt.

Then she softly grunted. It was a series of long grunts with a pause in between, like a grunt morse code.

"Eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee HAAAAAIiiiiiiii!!!" FLOMP.

First piece.


"Ahhhhhhhhh" flomp plop plop plop plop.

Then she relaxed and leaned forward again. There was an occasional plop here and there but nothing too strenuous.

She unrolled some toilet paper and leaned to the side to wipe. It took about 3 wipes.

I quickly returned to my emails.


Band trip

In college I was in a pep band that played baseketball games. The band traveled on a bus with the dance team. On one occasion we traveled to another university by bus. The ride including traffic was 3 1/2 hours and the toilet on the bus was broken and locked. By the time we got there everyone had a full if not bursting bladder. It was rumored that a girl on the dance team actually peed in a salad container she was so desperate, but that was not verified. Anyway at the baseketball arena, we were immediately directed down a service hallway to a back room to unapack and prepare. The large room was all concrete and had tables, a single, tiled shower stall with no curtain, a toilet stall with no door and a curtain separating an area of the room with two stainless steel whirlpool type tubs. The band director left to get information and told the band/dance team to wait. Immediately I heard the familiar sound of a woman peeing violently into the toilet while hovering. The dance team was shielding one of their members as their team intended to take turns in the single toilet. The sound made everyone more desperate. One of the guys stood in the doorway of the shower and peed directly into the shower stall. Then a second guy. Suddenly, two of my girlfriends headed for the now vacant shower stall as the loud peeing could be hear continuing in the toilet stall. One stood in the doorway and the other in front of her blocking the view. The sounds of moans and sighs and peeing got to me. I quickly got in line between the other two girls for the shower stall. When my turn came, a girl offered to block the view. I felt my face blush and stomach sink and my bladder squeeze. I had never peed in a shower stall or so publicly with so many guys around. I didn't know about aim or anything. I bent over, hung my butt out and aimed in the general direction of the drain. I peed as fast and hard as I could without looking, just staring at the floor. I could hear my stream splashing the concrete and gurgling in the drain. It just kept going and I keep pushing. It seemed to take forever, but I finally finished and swapped places with the petite girl behind me for "guard" duty. She snickered as she peed into the shower obviously due to the stress. I could see and hear her strong stream landing against the back shower wall. Wow, I wondered if mine did the same thing. Such a strong stream from a petite girl.

Just about this time, someone announce there were bathrooms available about a quarter way around the arena if we went to the next hallway.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Michelle great story it sounds like you had a really great poop thanks to the help of beans and I bet you felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica great story.

To: KungPoo great story it sounds like had a pretty tough poop.

To: Abbie great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Protesting School Toilets

I'm 34, the parent of a son and daughter who go to the same large elementary school and I just don't understand the decisions the administrators make about the upkeep of the bathrooms. For example, I wrote on Page 2579 about how Kellen, my third grader, is forced to urinate practically shoulder-to-shoulder with the other boys at a trough urinal with no privacy blockers between the users. He says his classmates and also older boys in the intermediate grades will sneak looks at his organ and how he's holding it (they make fun of those who use two hands rather than one!). A couple of weeks ago our office staff had a retirement luncheon for one of our sales associates and that led to a couple of beers that my body is not typically use to at midday. So at 2:45 after squeezing in a meeting it was everything I could do to get across our city to the school to pick up the kids. When I got there, Kellen was in the cafeteria waiting area, but he said he hadn't seen his sister who is in 1st grade.

In walking farther into the school I not only twisted my ankle breaking in my new shoes, but that near mishap set off a feeling that I was a few seconds away from peeing my pants. I knew where the bathroom was so I sped up my walk, and went through a maze of lockers into a eight-toilet bathroom. There were privacy doors on only three of the toilet stalls. (Not totally a surprise to me because I had wrestled with a bad situation more than 20 years ago in junior high). Luckily, only one of the stalls with doors was in use, so I took the second one. I ripped the slacks to my business suit and underwear down quickly and dropped my butt to the very low (by adult standards) seat. I was within about a second of a gusher in my pants. I heard two girls coming in laughing and I leaned off the toilet to quickly latch the door. I looked high and low and there was no latch. That frustrated me greatly. That had been the case in junior high and I remember many times getting the door thrown against my knees by a girl rushing in without looking under the door first. As I was pouring into the toilet I remembered after the first few months of junior high trying to solve that problem by just automatically taking one of the door less stalls. As long as I kept my clothing higher, that solved the verbal insults and bruised knees. I don't know why it is, but after a desperate pee, I've learned to wait about 30 seconds becomes sometimes I'm not fully drained. As I was doing that I looked to the left, then the right and was becoming even more curious as to why I could not find a toilet paper roll. Then I remembered Kellen complaining that they had been moved to the wall behind the toilet. I looked behind me. Sure enough, there was a plastic container attached to the wall with pre-cut toilet paper squares stack in it. I pulled a couple of the last ones out and I wiped. The toilet and flusher were so low it probably would have been easier if I had dropped to my knees but I did get the toilet flushed. As I was washing my hands (after fighting and non-verbally cursing the sink faucets), Darcee came into the bathroom looking for me. She tried to hurry me up and it was obvious she was trying to hold her bowel movement in until we got home.

As we were making the drive I got to wondering if I had done the right decision by not insisting that she get onto the toilet right there at school before we left.



Victoria B: Definitely over!!!

Michelle: Glad you were able to relieve your constipation naturally! Even though I sell laxatives, I only think they should be used as a last resort!

Annie: Like with Michelle, I am so happy that you found relief from your chronic constipation and that you are having satisfying, regular bowel movements!

Julie: I like your vision of public restrooms in the future! I shared a dream on the forum a while back about using a unisex public restroom with no stalls, only toilets! Ever since then, I want to use a unisex restroom to poop!!! I think, though, for many of us in the USA, it will take a while to get used to. I don't think that it is anything other than the fact that we have always separated restrooms by gender. It may take a while, but I think one hundred years from now, unisex bathrooms, like those you describe, will be the norm.

Love to all!


Steve A

Response To Esteban, My Change, College Food Question

The "All Gender Bathrooms" on my college campus just have a toilet, with the exception of a few with a toilet and a urinal like the one in my dorm. They do have a lock on them. I use them sometimes to poop because it provides me the most privacy when you live in a communal dorm. Most people wait until they're buy themselves when they use it. I guess you can say that they aren't "all gender bathrooms" for the ones with a toilet and a urinal if two people of the opposite sex don't use it at the same time. People are probably not comfortable using a bathroom like that unless if the same sex is in there with them, which is understandable.

My Change: I've been working out at the gym on campus ever since college has started. It has a positive affect on my bowels due to the exercise.

Some people say that one of the food places on campus that's like a buffet causes some stomach problems for them. It doesn't affect me at all, but a sudden diet change from home cooking to college food may affect some people differently.

Question: How did college food affect you? Did it make you sick or was there no difference?

Optional Person

Turd mommy and turd daddy.

I woke up this morning with the need to poop. as I write this I am still not that awake. I went into the bathroom and there was no toilet paper but I didn't care. I went for years as a kid without wiping my butt. and even these days as I do wipe my butt, my underwear still gets poop stained. Anyway, I didn't care that there wasn't any paper. I stood over the toilet and bent at the knees. I could feel this poop wanted out, but I pushed anyway. a nice sized turd plummeted into the toilet bowl hole standing up. right behind it another identical turd that stood straight up. it couldn't sink down all the way because of the other turd so it was somewhat out of the water. in the middle of the two turds sitting on there laps so to speak was a very tiny blob of poo. Which is why I call this turd mommy and turd daddy. It was a neat scene. It was time to pee. I sprayed golden yellow pee all over the turd family filling the bowl with nice yellow "nectar" as some people call it. I love all the bubbles pee makes. the toilet bowl hole and the turds were a little murky now. It all flushed down fine. they weren't really messy, so I don't feel bad that I haven't wiped my butt. Hope you all enjoyed this one.


Clog Survey

1. Have you ever clogged at a toilet before? Where did it happen?
Yes, I have plenty of times. Many times growing up it would happen at my house after a day or two of not shitting.

2. Why did it clog? Too much TP, size of your load, or weak flush? It wasn´t that it was too much tp, but it would be both the amount of TP and the size of my turd.

3. Did you feel embarrassed when you clogged it? Not really, when it does happen I just realize that it´s better than having diarrhea.

4 Does your house toilet have a stong, average, or weak flush? Strong flush, which I do enjoy. I've lived in this house 4 years, and have managed to flush all sorts of sizes of shits and it has not clogged once! My plunger now has cobwebs.

5. What methods do you use to prevent toilet clogging? The only foolproof way of preventing a toilet clog for me is just waiting until I get home to poop, which rarely happens. I like to go as soon as I get the urge sometimes, others, I hold it.

6. Do you have a story about toilet clogging with yourself or other people? I have many many stories.

This past Thursday I went to go get pizza for lunch at a local place. I went in and got seated and ate a few slices, after the first course, my stomach started hurting and I knew I would have to get to a bathroom. I walked to the back where there was a men's room, with a stall and a urinal next to it. I went in the stall, locked the door and sat down. I began to push, and I felt the tip crowning. I pushed long enough and it began crackling out, taking forever to come out. I finally heard a big thud on the toilet bowl and a pretty bad smell. I peered between my legs to see a large turd in the bowl. I sat for a few minutes more, then releasing some small chunks. I wiped then stood up, seeing my work. I looked and saw a large log and chunks that dominated most of the bowl, with badly stained TP on top. By this time the restroom smelled quite bad. I hit the flush and part of the first shit went down as well as the tp but the water started to rise, turning brown as my dump was big, soft but well formed. I left the stall, seeing as no plunger, washed my hands and continued to eat. After I finished eating, I went back in the restroom. It smelled really bad and looking in the bowl they had got the blockage cleared but the bowl was laden with skidmarks.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Latest story

Hi all, I thought I'd post again as I had a bit of time tonight.
Earlier today Lucy and Katie were both round my house, we were up in my room when I started to feel the urge for a poo. It was only 2 days since I'd last opened my bowels which was a big improvement, when I'm badly constipated its more like 4 or even 5 days between poos, and then I really have a hard time going!
I said, "I'm going to the toilet, I need a poo," and got up to go towards my ensuite. Lucy looked worried and said, "Oh great, I'm starting to get desperate for a poo as well!"
"Well you'd better go first then, I don't need to go too badly just yet," I said, and Lucy said "Thanks, its not far from poking out into my knickers, I'll try not to take too long!"
Lucy went into my ensuite, Katie and I followed her in and sat on the floor so we could keep chatting while she was on the loo. Lucy lifted her blue dress and pulled down her purple stripey pants before sitting on the toilet, she had a wee to start with and then I saw her pushing her lips together and knew she was bearing down. She carried on pushing like that for a few minutes and before long she had gone a bit red, she said "Sorry about this, I haven't had a poo for a few days, I think I'm a bit constipated!"
"Don't worry if you need to push really hard, theres no need to be embarased in front of us!" I said, and Lucy nodded as she started to push even harder. She grunted loudly as well as she strained, and a few minutes later said, "God, this is a really massive poo, its really stretching my bum!" With that she reached round behind herself and pulled her bum cheeks apart, I have to do that as well sometimes, I know what its like trying to pass a huge fat log! I jiggled about on the floor, my own need was getting more urgent and I really didn't want to get skidmarks. As Lucy continued to push I said, "How much longer are you gonna be, only I'm finding it really hard to hold my poo in, I'm like totally bursting!"
Lucy couldn't answer as she was part way through a huge push, when she'd relaxed she said, "Well its stuck for the moment, I'm sorry, I'm going as fast as I can!"
She bore down again and I bit my bottom lip and clenched all the muscles in my bum, but I could feel a log trying to make its way out despite my best efforts. I could feel my pants were stuck up my bum, I said "Sorry, I've got a wedgie!" as I reached up under my skirt and pulled them down a bit, I wanted to avoid getting skidmarks if at all possible. I heard Lucy grunting and after that there was a plop. She said, "I'm nearly done, just a bit more left!" and shortly after she made a few more plops. By now I was standing next to the toilet, my skirt lifted and my thumbs in my pale green pants. "I'll stand up to wipe so you can get on the loo," said Lucy, and I nodded gratefully as she stood up, flushed and moved over. I quickly dropped my pants and sat on the warm seat, I sat down really heavily so my bum made a slapping noise but I was too desperate to care. I relaxed my bum and felt the log starting to poke out, next to me Lucy was taking some loo paper and was starting to wipe her bottom. I started to push as the log was getting fatter, but luckily I didn't have to strain too hard. Lucy threw the last piece of paper between my legs and then pulled up her pants and let her dress back down. She sat on the floor next to Katie. After a few minutes of straining and making some soft grunts I could feel the widest part was through and shortly after it splashed down into the bowl. Katie was starting to squirm about now, she said "I'm bursting for a wee, please hurry up!" She had her legs up under her chin and her white pants were showing as she was wearing a skirt as well. I said "I'm almost finished," and with that I made two loud plops and the others giggled. "Right, I'm done," I said, and stood up to wipe my bottom as Katie lifted her skirt and pulled her pants down before sitting on the loo, immediately I heard her starting to wee a strong stream and she moaned with relief. As her stream died away she farted, and Lucy said, "Do you want a poo as well?" but Katie shook her head and said, "No, I had a poo this morning, so it'll be a couple of days before I need another one!!"
She wiped her front, flushed the loo and pulled up her pants, and then washed her hands. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!


Beans did the trick!

Hi, I have been reading this site for years and have only posted a couple of times. But I wanted to let you know that the recent posts about beans helping you with constipation/bowel movements really helped me out yesterday. I had not taken a poop in about five days. I felt horrible, bloated, full. I tried a laxative, I tried eating high fiber foods. I would go a little bit here or there, but nothing substantial. I could feel it in there just wanting to come out. I read on here recently about eating beans to help move things along. I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try. We were at a farmers market on Sunday, and they were selling beans by the pound. I bought a pound of black beans. I brought them home and cooked them for over an hour in boiling water, until they were soft. I took about a cup of beans and mixed it with a chopped tomato that I also got at the farmers market. I just put pepper and salt on it, and it was delicious. At work on Monday, I could start to feel a rumbling in my stomach. After lunch, I started having silent farts, and hoping that my coworkers could not smell them. I refuse to use public bathrooms, and I knew what was coming so I actually left work early. The drive home was excruciatingly painful. I was trying so hard to keep this huge amount of poop inside as I drove home. I was sweating, had my air conditioning on full blast, and was listening to the radio to try to keep my mind off of the pain. I could feel my hole opening, and I was trying so hard to keep in the massive load. I was driving way over the speed limit, and all I could think about was getting to my toilet on time. I finally reached the house, pulled my keys out of my purse, and ran to the door. I think because I was so close, the poop just slowly started easing out of my ass on the way to the door. I was fumbling to get my door unlocked as I could feel the poop still slowly easing out. I burst in the door, raced to the bathroom, pulled my pants down as fast as I could and got seated on the toilet. There was a little poop in my underwear that had escaped, but mostly my poop went into the toilet. There was a log about 2 feet long, that was hard at first and then got softer as it came out. I was groaning and moaning in ecstasy as the relief of getting several days of poop out washed over me. I then had a huge amount of pee come out which also felt really good. I still felt like there was more to come out so I stayed seated. After the log, I took my time pooping out some more soft chunks that landed on top of the log. It took several wipes and 2 flushes to get it all to go down the toilet. What a relief, thank you to the person who posted about eating beans to help things along!

Mr. Clogs

Laundry day.

It was laundry day this past Saturday I was going to wash clothes later on that day. I was getting ready to get some laundry detergent I had to pee bad and didn't want to use the toilet to pee. I went to pile of dirty clothes and peed on them. It felt good to relieve myself on that dirty pile of clothes. Later on that afternoon I washed clothes and no trace of any urine smell or stain due to the fabric softener and my per was practically clear. Hope you all liked and enjoyed my post. Take caee.


Cottage, episode 3

Hi! Thank you to everyone for their kind comments! :)
And please excuse the long hiatuses between my posts... I'm not a fast writer!

Anna: we definitely seem to have a similar life: lots of time spent in the library, shared housing, as much outdoor activities as possible... This is probably why I like your posts so much! I have read quite a few roommates and hiking stories you wrote.
I haven't read the one "no boys at the café" story; do you remember the page one which it is? I just read the post you mentioned about buddy dumping with Chloe; you're brave ones! I have never let somebody watch me poop yet. But maybe hiking with Chloe and you, and enough "wine", hehe! ;)

I always seem to be the only one pooping at university. I overhear some other students reliving themselves at most once a week, while you seem to have company often. For instance, last week, I can't remember witnessing any pooping event. Sometimes, I spend more time than necessary on the loo, reading and texting on my phone or just enjoying solitude. Then, the girls entering the loo always just have a pee, sometimes a very, very brief one before leaving, just change their pad/tampon or refill their water bottle. In very rare cases, I can hear a log splashig, but this is an exception. It mostly happens at around 2-3 pm, and I noticed those are mostly staff members, PhD students. Urgent sounding diarrhea is also quite frequent.
There are plenty of modern toilets everywhere, the stalls are private to very private: it is not unusual for the dividers to go from floor to ceiling. The flushes are silent but efficient, hardly ever skidmarks in the bowl.
So it amazes me to hear about so many colleagues, friends using the public toilet for a number two. I also wonder how it is in the boy's room, as they have to "chose" if they want just an urinal or a full stall.
A while ago, I was washing my hands when a a TA I know entered the washroom. She took a stall but she didn't start peeing. As I was about to leave (I had already opened the door), I remembered I wanted to check my make up (I rarely put on make up, so I am not very confident when I do), so I let the door fall. Then, splash! splash!, the TA dropped two logs, farted and started peeing. Of course, I forgot about my make up again! So I just kept staring at myself in the mirror and listening to her. She wiped, flushed and unlocked the stall in less than a minute. She had an expression of great surprise on her face as our eyes met in the mirror. I is one of these events that make me think that most of us never poop if we're not alone in the washroom. By the way, 99% of my poops are solitary too. The place is just deserted at around 9am, when I go number two if I haven't before at home. Dear coffee, I love you tough!

So, back to my holidays series at the cottage with Louisa and Danny and Katya and Mark. We decide to do some hiking on the hills nearby. We had to leave very early, as there were just two buses a day going there (and returning too). Needless to say I had to wake everyone up, and definitely having time for my usual bathroom routine.

So we started walking at about 8:30 and we made a stop shortly afterwards for a light breakfast in a clearing. We had sandwiches we had prepared the day before, tea, orange juice and apples. Danny, which was carrying the biggest backpack said "I want you to drink everything to the last drop, I don't want to carry anything home!" We laughed at his joke, but we finished the tea and the orange juice bottle. Of course, as we were packing our stuff up, I was hit by a big urge to pee. So I announced "Please let me hit the bushes before we leave!", and I was joined by Louisa "Me too!" We all laughed, and Mark said "Ok, girls that way, boys this one!"

So we made our way to some dense bushes, there were plenty of them. After like ten steps, I put my trousers and my panties to the knees, went into a low, comfortable squat and started peeing a gusher. I was soon joined by Louisa, who was squatting right next to me. Katya was squatting five meters away from us and creating quite a river too! Then, my bottom betrayed me: an airy but odorless fart escaped from my butt. I suppose it was unavoidable due to the time of the day, me not having gone number 2 this morning and the comfortable squatting. I was very embarrassed nevertheless, Louisa and Katya giggling. We let the last drops fall down, wiped using tissues and stood up almost at the same time.

We walked back to the path and were there before the boys. I said "Oh my God, Danny was serious about drinking everything! We're gonna be thirsty!". The we started discussing why we take more time in the bathroom than guys, and whether this statement is true in the first place. We had great fun imagining how guys would line up toilet paper on a filthy urinal at a party. Time is something difficult to estimate, especially when you are having fun, but I think Danny and Mark really were away for a while. Just as we started to wonder again about them, they appeared from behind the bushes. Katya asked "Hey, what's up with you, we were starting worrying!" They laughed and Mark replied: "Oh, we were just taking a shit!" Katya, Louisa and I were like "What!?!" at the same time. Thinking back, that was hilarious. Louisa, maybe the bravest of the three of us, asked "But you went together, you came back together, so... Did you really take a shit together? Like I mean, did you see each other pooping?" I noticed Katya and I had a hand on our mouth, and then, we all started laughing hysterically. Danny played it down, "Yes, and it's no big deal, it's all natural" and then "So, let's leave now, otherwise we'll never get home!" This was very funny. I kind off looked up to them for being so uncomplicated, but I couldn't help laughing and thinking about how awkward this would be.

A few hours later, we arrived at the top of the biggest hill, were there were some tables and benches and a small observation tower. It was a very beautiful place, especially since the weather was excellent. Surprisingly, we were alone. We hanged around, the couples cuddled a little (Grrrrr....), we had lunch. Just like at breakfast, we ate some large sandwiches, with cheese, sausages, fruits, cucumbers and carrots, salad. We were eating for a while and even after finishing, we decided to expand our break since we had enough time and this place was so nice.

By then, I was totally relaxed, and the combination of exercise and a good meal was working on my belly: I knew I would have to isolate myself behind the bushes and the stones for a few minutes. I was constantly releasing little farts and was afraid one of them would be loud or stinky. Just as I was about to get up, I felt a hand on my shoulder and Louisa whispered to my ear "Jess, I have to go to the toilet, can you make sure nobody goes into the woods?" Even tough it was a really bad timing, I accepted: "Okay, no problem, but be quick" And she disappeared into the trees. To me, who knew what she was up to, her way of trying to be discrete was very funny. I do not know whether the others did not notice anything or just refrained from commenting.

After five minutes of intense farting and squirming, Louisa was back and I stood up, whispering to her ear "My turn. Do you have tissues left?" She handed me a almost empty package and I made my way through the pine trees and the large rocks to try to find I nearby private spot. behind a large rock, there was this pine tree with low branches that was accessible from only one side. I thought "Perfect, and such a nice view!"
Well, apparently, Louisa had come to the exactly same conclusion as I because looking down, I saw two large, healthy-looking smooth sausages and one tissue. The first flies were also on their way. I realized it was a good thing she went first, because she surely felt a lot better by then! Honestly, I did not care that much, there was almost no smell, my need was urgent (as usual), and it was a nice spot after all. So I pulled down pants and underwear, went into my comfortable squat position and let it go.

I first peed, quite a lot to tell the truth. My logs did not fall immediately: I had to push them out. This is rather uncommon when I have to go that bad, but it is probably because of the thrills of getting caught mid-act. I pushed tree-four times and a knobby turd stretched my ring, growing for a little before breaking off. That was already relieving, but I knew there was more to come. So I kept pushing, several times, before finally feeling the things moving again. Then, the turd began to slide out of my bottom faster, and as many fellow writers here have described it, I had to lift my bottom in order to allow it to escape entirely. I pushed a last time, giving birth to a tiny nugget.

I did not want to spend any more time than necessary with my pants down, so I used two of the tree left tissues to wipe, stood up and looked at my creation: once again, I had just produced a very decent sized bowel movement. It definitely could compete in the same league as Louisa's. Then, I quickly made my way back. Luckily, everybody was looking in some other direction and I am pretty sure my absence was not clearly noticed.

On the trip back, there was a moment I was walking just behind Katya and I would swear I smelled her farting a few times. The poor little thing surely had to go bad but was way to shy to admit this. I was quite sorry for her and when we came home, I tried to create some privacy for her so she could sneak to the bathroom, but I don't know whether she could make use of it.

Love & take care,

Jennifer G


Hi everybody and thanks to toilet car, Adrian, and Mr Clogs for liking my posts! I also enjoyed yours, but I personally could never poop in my car, though I'm glad you do. I only like pee, and also I don't mind when I fart while I'm peeing, but I don't like the idea of the mess of poop. I love pee though! I don't know what it is about the idea of releasing our bodily functions into our cars that gets us, but I'm glad I decided to give in to it! And by the way, so far I've only peed in my car, not any other weird place. I'm not sure if I will or not. If I do, I suppose the next logical place would be my couch. If I ever do I'll let you know.

I've still been thinking about letting someone else pee in my car, but so far I'm still not sure how I should go about doing it. It's a hard thing to ask or bring up to someone. I'm really open to the idea though. I'm actually starting to consider the idea of letting a stranger pee in my car first, so that way it's not as awkward or embarrassing as it would be with someone I know. Also it would give me some practice as to how to bring it up. It wouldn't be as uncomfortable since I'd probably never see that person again. I notice that Car Mom and others seem to be successful at thrift stores and malls and places like that. So I may start there. We'll see what happens. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I did pee in my car again, once on Saturday morning and once on Sunday morning. Both times in the back seat, once on each side. Nothing different about it, but I'm glad I got to do it again!

Bye for now!

I have a poop story that happened to me several months ago. I was in the hospital waiting for a colonascopy. I had done all the prep work the day before as well as that morning and had thought that i had gotten it all out. so i had my hospital gown on and was just laying in bed watching a little tv. The nurse said it would not be very long but unknown to me the doc was having some problems with the guy in front of me. so I had to wait longer than normal. So it was abou t then i started feeling a little pressure in my annus and after a short period knew i was about to have to get to a toilet fast or have a real mess. So I got the attention of a nurse who was passing by an told i really needed to use the rest room. She helped get up and pointed to the rest room accr0ss the room. She told me to hold mt gown closed as i walked as it was,of course, wide open in the rear. i knew that i could only hold it for a few more momments so I started walking quickly holding my gown closed as much as possible. When I got about half accross the room I knew I could move faster not holding my gown. I didnot care who saw my bottom I just had to get to the toilet fast. I made it to the door and closed it but as I was turning around I could hold it no longer and before I could reach the toilet my bowls let loose with a very very watery poop that when all over the floor and even on to part of my gown. It was auwful. I opened the door a little and stuck my head out getting the attention of the same nurse and told her that I had not made it. She gave me a wash clothe and told me to clean up at the sink by the toilet and she would give me a clean gown to put on. She said not to worry about the mess as it happened every so often and it was perfectly normal under the curcumstances..I got back in bed and was shorly wheeled off for the colonascopy which went really polups and I was good for another 5 years.

Victoria B.

Golden toilet?

So I read an article today about a new exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Its location-a fourth-floor bathroom-seems unusual until you hear what it is: an eighteen-carat gold, fully-functioning toilet. The article, written by someone who made use of this particular piece of art, described the seat as "forgiving on the rear of the thigh" and furthermore mentioned that its "like a charm" flush was able to handle "solids." I can't help believing that he wasn't talking about paper.

Would you go for the gold (pun intended) if given the chance? I'd probably give it a try, but, in spite of my fondness for unusually-colored toilets, it wouldn't be something I'd want in my own house. It just seems too over-the-top, too gaudy. This is something that you'd be pooping into that we're talking about. Mine is just too humble of a butt for an eighteen-carat gold toilet. Now, a washlet on the other hand....



My bad pee break

When I was in 6th grade, we had this student teacher in U.S. history who was really nice. In order to get our grades up a bit before parent-teacher conferences the following week, she tried to take some of the anxiety off our test. We learned relaxation strategies and it was suggested by our teacher that we all use the bathroom immediately before our upcoming test. There was some talk of 4 or 5 kids leaving the test to use the bathroom being bad in terms of preventing cheating. The only problem was that the passing period just before our test was lost because of a fire drill (smoking in one of the bathrooms)so several of us girls asked our teacher if we could break as a class for 5 minutes. She said yes so there was about 13 or 14 of us who hurried down to the bathroom in our hallway. There were only 4 toilets so several of us had to wait. The privacy doors had been removed the year before because of smoking, vandalism, truancy and something else that I don't remember the word for. So 4 of my classmates raced to be the first in. With the exception of Dara, who was so slow and who insisted on laying toilet paper over the seat before she sat on it, the others finished fast and I don't think they all flushed and washed their hands, but the next group took over the thrones and did a nice job. That's with the exception of Dara who started later and stayed longer. I remember planning to be next on her toilet, when she got off, redistributed her weight, and then resat herself down, after she adjusted the seat papers. I was just appalled that I was going to be back later than my friends. So I had to wait even longer. When I finally got into a toilet, sat down and began my pee, the last of my friends had finished up at the sinks and were back in class. I didn't sit a second longer than necessary and hurried back to class without flushing or washing my hands. I opened the door to the classroom. All eyes were on me. Our teacher was now upset and said there was no way the test could be given in the time remaining. Of course the class liked that but I knew I was going to be blamed for the test having to be held over for the next day. The teacher sure changed, she kept me after class and scolded me and even 2 days later was referring to me as the reason for the problems and why our class was behind the rest of the 6th grade sections.


Pringles can convenience

Hey there. I've posted once before - I'm a (middle-aged, oh god...) male who is interested in watching women go in naughty places. I do it myself sometimes. Tonight was one of those nights.

Tonight, I went down to the convenience store to buy some chips. I picked up a can of Original Pringles, and I ended up finishing them all in one night. Later, I felt like taking a piss, but I didn't want to get up and go anywhere. Luckily, I still had the pringles can with me - so I went ahead and filled that up to the brim. I had to stop before it overflowed, but overall it was quite convenient!

Definitely not the naughtiest thing I've done (and not sustainable, as the Pringles can is made of cardboard, not plastic, like the other brands) but it was convenient and pretty nice. I wouldn't mind watching someone of the "sugar and spice" variety duplicating my feat - especially if it overflowed!


House Guest

I have 3 toilets in my in my house - 1 in the bedroom, I at a living room, and 1 in the kichen. Guests love to use the one in the kitchen because it's the most convenient to get to. The other 2 are upstairs. I happen to have a female guest over one morning when no one else is around. She's a work colleague. Her name's Jean.

Jean is ethnically Chinese, and very slim. She is what some would call gangly but I think she's got curves in the right places. And she knows how to dress to show off her subtle curves. She's also always constipated and at work, she often goes off for 20- 30 mins at a time. Our work requires us to go to different sites for different projects. I suppose that wrecks havoc on her system. The body sometimes just refuses to move its bowels when in an unfamiliar place.

On this day, however, the site was near to my house so after a morning project was done, we had breakfast and because the next site was a few hours more, I asked if she would like to crash at my place.

Jean was wearing a black dress that goes down to her mid thigh. She was also wearing thick framed nerd glasses. The look suits her. We always being our toothbrushes because of all the travelling and she has hers, so she went to the kitchen toilet to brush her teeth. I heard her rinse, pack her stuff into her toiletries bag. Then I heard the toilet lid lift. She seldom poops so this must be a big operation for her. I was at the kitchen washing the dishes and I heard the rustling of her dress. Then I heard the sound of the toilet seat creaking. Then she peed a long stream

Then silence. I could vaguely make out her shape in the frosted glass door. Her black dress was hiked up and I could make out a light coloured panties at her knees. Then I saw her bend forward suddenly. SHIT!(no pun intended) She spotted me! I stood still but she did not say anything. Then I realised she was bending forward, hands on her knees, pulling up on them to strain. She bent and relaxed, bend a relaxed about 3 times, then she sat upright and I saw her spread her knees, and go on tip toes, desperately trying to stimulate her bowels to move. I could clearly see her dressed bunched up at her hips, and her panties stretched across her knees. It was quite something to see this shy girl in all her vulnerable glory.

Haaàaaa...I heard her sigh. Deep breath. Then sigh. Deep breath. Sigh
It was like she was doing yoga. But her breathing seems to work. About 10 sighs later, I heard a tiny "plip". Then "plip plip". I can imagine the turd making its way out, but because it's so dry, it's falling apart as it emerges. Jean was almost frozen in her upright, knees apart posture she looks almost regal. But I can kind of make out a painful expression on her face as the turd makes its way out, stretching her in a way she's familiar but never quite used to.

Suddenly there was a flurry of activity. I heard a few more plips and then I saw her hands grab the underside of her knees tight. I believe the turd is at the widest point and she's bracing herself. True enough, she let out at involuntary yelp, a short a sharp, "AH!" and her hands starting grabbling to anything. Her dress, her panties, at one point, even encircled her neck. Then ultimately her hand was clasped together very tightly and I could hear her strain "ehhhhh..." and then "flomp!" follower by "aiiiiiii...." a long sigh.

She sat for a moment, recovering and breathing, then she pulled off some toilet paper, leaned to the side and wiped. She wiped 3 times, stood up, got dressed, and flushed.

I pretended to be cleaning up the kitchen as she emerged, looking quite teary and red. She was also walking funny. I asked if she was okay, and she said, "Yea, haven't gone in 3 days. The strong coffee helped so much. And I love your bathroom! So clean and comfortable. I should come here to use it more often!"

"Sure, I said, "Anytime!"

Anytime, indeed.

Mr. Clogs

Interesting find while shopping

Hi everyone, I had an interesting find to tell you while i was out shopping. I was at a discount chaun store in my area looking for vacuum cleaner bags. I was looking in the auto section, I noticed a discount odor coming from a certain direction. When I looked it was a glass mug it had some liquid in it with dead flies in it. I thought it was some auto fluid. Upon further look it was old urine! Yes somebody must of urinated in that mug and placed there. Looked like it had been there for a couple of days or more. I had a real foul odor since it been sitting out for a while. Not sure if a man woman peed in that mug but I'm guess it was a woman because of their scent and their urine has a distinct smell to it. Ladies would you agree? I guess she didn't know that restrooms are open to was or made it time. So they had to done was best. So today was an interesting day. Well I hope you enjoyed my discovery and have a great day.


No longer suffer from constipation

Hi all :) Hopefully you're all doing well and that your bowels and bladder s are behaving themselves. Mine are doing well. I am eating very healthy and drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and exercising enough so my bowels are behaving themselves. I go 1-2 times a day with no struggling. So I'm very happy about that.


Tree House Wake-Up

I believe my bowels have been activated by physical activity, sometimes nervousness and occasionally, surprises. As I've written about before, my life as a child was largely uneventful and since my family didn't have the necessary money to travel. That meant summers spent largely in my tree house with my best friend Danni and a few others when they visited. When the weather wasn't threatening, the two of us had permission to sleep in the tree house. I would take a large used can for something like fruit cocktail out of the garbage and we would pee into it and when it got close to full, and there was no wind, Danni would toss the contents about 2 feet to the right and over the wooden fence onto the neighbor's yard. Since we couldn't always see what was right next to the fence on other side, Danni sometimes joked that we had given a golden shower to a rabbit or squirrel. We could hear something rustling in the grass and it wasn't the old lady who had lived there for 50 or 60 years.

Well one morning Danni and I were woken up by sirens at about 2 a.m. There were many more than we had ever heard before and they were coming from multiple directions. We could hear them stop a few blocks away. Danni was still half asleep when she got up and she suggested we use our bikes to ride and see what was happening. I was 10 but I knew my parents were sound sleepers so I figured we could get away with leaving without permission. Because I was being so startled by the noise, in going down the rungs, I let off two farts and Danni seemed so amused by that she missed a rung and almost fell. We took off on our bikes, neither of which had a headlight, and chased the sirens which were still wailing and as the 2-way radios became louder, we knew we were going in the right direction. After about 4 blocks, and my hard pedaling, I could feel my morning crap emerging 4 to 5 hours early. By then we could see the lights of a large number of fire trucks, police cars, and two rescue squads. We could see a building was fully on fire and more smoke was starting to come in our direction.

I told Danni I needed to crap and fast. She suggested we ride about 2 blocks backward and over to the big city park. That reminded me that she and I had used that bathroom before and since there was no door on the building, it would likely be open. There was some pretty good lighting in the park and after we jumped a couple of curbs, we could see the toilet building. We were riding on the grass to save time and luckily we didn't hit any holes on the ground, bottles or cans. We rode right up to the door, put our kick stands down, and just then two ladies, who looked to be about college age and who had cigarettes hanging out of their mouths, exited talking about if they had enough money between them to buy some beer. There were 2 cubicles. Neither had a privacy door. I headed straight ahead into the first one. It was dimly lit. The toilet had an old black seat and overall it looked a little larger than normal. I asked Danni to be my privacy door because the fire was bringing more people down there. I dropped my underwear and black jeans shorts, took my seat and Danni quickly tuned to see what caused me to yell "Ouch" the second my butt connected with the seat. I immediately jumped up, forgetting that there was a 2-inch turd hanging. Part of it broke off and splatted onto the concrete floor. Danni, who was 2 years older than me, was alarmed because I was holding back crying and I pointed her to my left thigh and what was piercing me like a nail. She put her finger on the spot, making it hurt more, and then pulled something off. She told me to look at her finger and I did. I had sat in some hot cigarette ashes that were still smoking. We looked around the toilet and sure enough there were some cigarette butts nearby. She said my wound was not bleeding, but was about the size of a thumb. I told her to keep her finger off it because it was hurting more and it was still burning me.

It didn't help that I had some crap smeared on my thigh and the toilet seat. Of course there was no toilet paper. I walked, with her help, to the other cubicle. There were three logs protruding out of the water, which showed some erosion and again no toilet paper. I was getting more frustrated about the situation, but I seated myself and could smell real stench, while Danni ran next door, in search of toilet paper from the mens room. She came back with about 5 or 6 of the brown paper towels and said that was the best she could do. So as I asked her to tear each of them in like thirds, I finished my crap and asked her to start handing me the towels. It took about 7 or 8 eight to clean me. After doing my thigh, I took the seat and did the pretty routine work. Then I would drop the towel between my legs. Each of the brown towels seemed much coarser than the others. The last couple I had thrown into the bowl were knocking against my underside and I knew there was no way the flush would work. I stood and asked Danni to take another look at my thigh burn and she said it was getting redder. I told her it was hurting me more.

Last week Danni treated me to another happy hour at our favorite lounge. Both she and I had some fun recalling that mid-night sneak-out 20 years ago. When we've been swimming together, she's noticed that I have some serious bug-bite scars on my lower back and legs from back when. She asked specifically if the burn scarred me. I told her I assumed it did because trouble and insecurities in using bathrooms away from home seemed to follow me for many years.

Optional Person

Another amazing dump.

I yet again felt the need to empty myself. this time an eggy smelling fart gave the signal and I then noticed the feeling in my butt that poop was inside. Now it was time yesterdays dinner and the wendys I ate today to exit my body.

I got to the toilet, lifted up the seat, moved the trashcan and stood over the toilet but didn't bend my knees this time. I began to push as sloppy diarrhea turds quickly and uniformly plopped out of my butt and into the water below. I enjoyed seeing the turds splash into the water. seeing the water splash was fun. I took a break, felt more moving into position and pushed again more turds came out as a fart came out as well. after another break I pushed and slightly darker poo came out. the toilet bowl hole was completely hidden in light brown liquid from the poos breaking up when they hit the water. I could tell it was last nights dinner as some yellow pieces of corn covered in light brown poo were floating around on the top. I really like it when I can see what I ate last night in my poo. it is just kind of triggers that since of curiosity about how the body works. I was impressed with my load, and again satisfied with the fact that I had to work to make it happen. several pieces of messy toilet paper covered up the messy diarrhea, and then I added a little clear pee on top and flushed. enjoying seeing the dark liquid splash in the toilet bowl hole during the beginning of the flush. the smell was delightful. I feel empty now. 4 nice dumps in a row, after some normal logs for the last couple days is pretty good. hope you all enjoy this one as well.

Optional Person

Satisfying dump.

I just got home from eating sonic and math tutoring. The last part of the " turds away" dump that was still up my butt decided it was time to exit this afternoon. as I was writing down some math homework my butt said " prrrrt....pop" which meant I needed to go poop. I went into the bathroom and got creative. I lifted the toilet seat up, moved my trash can out of the way, and faced the normal direction but stood up, and squatted, straining my knees. I began to push and immediately felt my poop crowning ( my legs wobbling) soon my butt made a satisfying whisper as a short little turd quietly landed in the toilet. with the same texture from last time. then I pushed again and with another whisper a slightly longer turd came out and plopped into the toilet, then I "bared down" so to speak and I could feel the line of turds moving inside my butt, as they quickly splattered into the toilet making a satisfying pile of short and slightly stinky turds. a satisfying poop smell was in the air as I noticed something. my turds had exited my butt and landed on the rim of the toilet bowl and then slid down the rest of it into the toilet. at this time I also noticed a certain body part of mine was hard. I guess having a dump that took some effort was enjoyable for me. I spent some time first wiping my butthole clean, which was like 3 or 4 pieces of toilet paper. then I used 4 more pieces to slowly clean the poop off the toilet, not in that order. I then stuck my face into the bowl to sniff the smell and flushed the toilet. it all went down in one flush. that was a satisfying dump for sure. If you love to poop ( as many of us do) I would recommend squatting over the toilet, I just think it is a fun way to go poop. Hope you all enjoyed this one. it is nice to be back.

So I'm a senior in high school, it's 3rd period and I need to poop, bad. I excuse myself from class and hustle to the girls bathroom. As soon as my pants are down and I am sitting the BM starts BUT before it slides from my anus someone bursts into the bathroom, crying! This is the girls bathroom of my high school remember? So I'm in the furthest stall from the entrance and being that I am a teen girl, in high school, I have poop anxiety and this other girl is crying, so awkward. So I do all I can to stop the big BM from rocketing from my body. I'm nearly sweating from holding in the stinky monster. After what feels like ages She stops crying washes her face and leaves, in my excitement to finally be able to let go of the waste clawing inside of me, I push with all my might..causing a huge hard poop to blow through my b-hole, it hurt, badly and splashed pee water on my cheeks, after the initial shock of pain, wetness and clean up, I had a satisfied laugh washed my hands and went back to class.

Hello , it's been a while so I hope you won't mind me posting again . Had a meal out with my boyfriend last Saturday night after which we went to a bar which was very busy . We had a great time and by the time we were leaving I was about 3/4 drunk and walking unsteadily but Brendan made sure I got safety to a taxi . 10 minutes got us home and I wanted to pee very urgently and I also needed a BM after the meal . Once inside the house I swayed down the corridor to the downstairs toilet , got inside and got to the toilet . I managed to lift my skirt and lower my panties then sit down without too much trouble except for a few drops of pee which dripped into my panties while I got myself ready to sit on the toilet . God the relief when I sat and I could let the pee flow . The poop was solid and I remember 2 big lumps and 2 smaller pieces dropping into the toilet , all solid . My memory is a bit hazy , but I think the 2 big lumps were each 5 or 6 inches long . That was everything so I stood up and cleaned myself up , hoping my cleanup left me neat and tidy , flushed the toilet and settled my undies and skirt , washed my hands . I left the toilet , had a cup of tea and went to bed . Thank You , from Eileen .

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Pooping Geek great story it sounds like the 3 of you had really good poops in that outhouse and I bet you all felt good afterwards.

To: Miranda great story.

To: Nicole great story t sounds like you both had great poops.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you both had pretty good poops.

To: Eileen great story it sounds like you had a really good and a pretty good sized poop as well.

To: KungPoo great catch.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Optional Person

turds away!

I took a dump today. Instead of sitting backwards I stood over the toilet and pushed. A sputtering fart came out and then a little loose diarrhea. I pushed harder and a tan turd plopped into the toilet, then another. The second turd caused the first one to break up slightly into loose strands and particles. They all sunk into the toilet bowl hole. The water became murky. Earlier I had made a dump sitting backwards consisting of three medium tan turds. Both dumps smelled eggy. The turds on this dump gave me a nice sensation coming out of my butthole. I could tell a turd was forcing its way out of me. Today I ate scrambled eggs, sausage, blueberrys and a banana and a strawberry. For lynch sonic chicken strips and fries. Not sure what's for dinner, but I bet you I will have a great pooping session tomorrow morning. Enjoy.


Reply to Steve a

Regarding all gender restrooms with a toilet and a urinal. Does the door have a lock? This is a common set up in many restaurants and stores that have restrooms for one person at a time. Why label them "men" or "women" and make someone wait? The urinal is usually for the convenience of a guy taking a piss and frankly, so he doesn't piss all over the toilet seat. But it doesn't mean two people of any sex are supposed to use it at the same time.



Lindsey: Thank you for your kind words! I will try not share too much information about "Chloe" even though I am using an alias for her. However, if you have any advice for me as a step-parent who has just recently tried to take on the task of raising my husband's two daughters, I would appreciate it. Chloe is very prudish, like her mother, who is out of the picture by her own choice. She does not want anyone to know that she is having a bowel movement. It really affects her in negative ways to hide this part of her life. She is coming around. She is communicating with me. Now that the girls have gotten used to the higher fiber diet, their bowel movements have become a much more positive experience. Chloe even told me that she looks forward to having to go now that her stomach is working in an healthy manner. She doesn't share much with me, but I think that, if we can communicate about her bowels, we can eventually have the talks about puberty and having a period. Any advice you have is welcome and appreciated!

Optional Person: Yes! It was good to hear from you! I hope that you are well and there is nothing to worry about having to flush twice. It happens to me a lot!!!

Victoria B: Loved your story! One thing that I have come to love about this forum - and your story was one of those - is the adventure of getting to the toilet! I mean, we all go. But all of us have experiences where it is a race against time and discomfort to make it to the toilet!

Has anyone ever wondered how many people that you see on a daily basis are holding a poop or have a full bladder, or trying to hide a case of flatulence right at the very moment when you see them! It's really an interesting part of life that we all try to deal with in hope that no one else knows!

Well, that's all. I am still going twice daily, morning and evening, with substantial, voluminous doodies!

Love to all!



Regular, mushy poops

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and staying hydrated and safe. I am. I'm eating a lot healthier and drinking lots of water and as a result, my bowels have been a lot looser. Soft poop verging on diarrhea. I'll still take that any day over being constipated. I overall feel very healthy and happy.

Happy pooping everyone


Peeing up a storm

Hi everyone. I've been drinking lots of water and as a result I've been peeing like crazy. Can't seem to get my bladder to calm down. I am pooping regularly though, 1-3 times a day so I'm happy about that.

Happy pooping and peeing

Friday, September 16, 2016


Universal Bathrooms

Oldpoop wrote:

>In one's own house, usually all bathrooms are all-gender, but are
>meant for only one person at a time. Having a toilet and a stand-up
>urinal in the same public bathroom so that a man and a woman can use
>them at the same time is, I guess, convenient, as long as both
>parties agree to use them that way.

That is exactly the arrangement you will find, in many of the smaller cafés and bars on the Continent: an inner stall with a WC, inside a larger space with a urinal and a washbasin.

>However, most people would be uneasy (to put it mildly) if they
>thought a person of the opposite sex would be there while they were

Our neighbours across the Channel have no problem with that. It is a *cultural* phenomenon, and therefore subject to change.

>The idea of forcing men to use the bathroom with women either already
>there or coming in (or vice versa, of course) is outrageous.

Not to everyone. See above.

>Our sense of privacy and propriety is instinctively strong,

No, your strong sense of privacy and propriety is *learned*.

>and for very good reasons. A woman alone and seated in the bathroom
>could easily be overpowered by a man coming in after her.

But you don't need co-ed bathrooms for that to happen! Any man wanting access to a women's bathroom need only obtain a mop and bucket, or a plunger and some plumbing fittings, from any hardware store and disguise himself as a janitor or maintenance man. The fact that this is not happening already, right now, would rather tend to suggest that it is unlikely to begin happening with the advent of universal bathroom facilities.

Most people in a bathroom just want to do their business, smarten themselves up a bit if necessary and get back out again as soon as possible. And I'll let you in on a dirty little secret: Not all those who pose a danger to women are men. I think you are showing what you really think of women here.

>People who know that someone of the opposite sex might come in while
>they are trying to poop might leave without pooping, thus starting a
>cycle of constipation. Single-occupancy either-sex bathrooms are
>fine; forced joint occupancy is tyranny.

Plenty of people in the world would disagree with you there.

How I personally would like to see bathroom facility provision improve in future: Phase out men's urinals (It's the 21st Century, for crying out loud! Give guys a bit privacy already!), and move towards more wheelchair-friendly, single-occupancy, self-contained suites with WC, washbasin and blow dryer. With perhaps, in sufficiently large installations, some "friends and family" units comprising two or three separate WC stalls, still with full floor-to-ceiling privacy, and a shared washing area. Such an arrangement would be beneficial for families with several young children, couples or groups of friends who are comfortable around one another. It should also help minimise waiting times, as the situation should never arise where a stall becoming vacant remains unavailable to 50% of the people who might be waiting for it.

Optional Person

Another satisfying dump

This mornings dump just took place. again I stood over the toilet. I pushed constantly the entire time, and a steady stream of short to tiny loose poos exited my butthole. I enjoyed seeing my butt transform the clear water into a light brown mess. a murky light brown color filling the bowl with some chunks floating on top. bits of blueberrys and corn could be seen. I had to pee so I turned around and peed right on the toilet bowl hole where the bulk of the poop was. as I peed on the poop it stirred up the smell which I enjoyed, and it transformed the bowl to looking as though I had had a wave of diarrhea. dark light brown in the center, and on the edges yellow from my pee. it was beautiful and so was the smell. I then wiped my butt, sniffing the toilet paper. and I flushed the toilet, yet again enjoying as the flush caused the poop over the toilet bowl hole to gush in dark brown awesomeness. I cannot wait until I have some serious turds to push out this way. This I believe is the last of the loose poop. but I thought that would have been yesterday so we will see. I hope you enjoy this story.


Latest story

Hi everyone, thought I'd do a quick post tonight.
Natasha- sorry you were so desperate that you ended up weeing a bit in your pants, don't worry it happened to me the other day as well! I was a bit luckier though as I was on the way home, so at least when I couldn't hold it any longer and let a few spurts go into my pants I was able to change them as soon as I got back. Its happened the other way round too and then its a real pain having to spend the rest of the day in damp underwear. Like you say, uni starting up again should hopefully give you some good stories!
I'm still not exactly finding it easy to go for a poo but it is getting a little bit better. I'm trying to get back in a decent routine so I'm sitting on the loo every day after I've had breakfast even if I don't feel like I want a poo at all. The last couple of days I've sat for about 20 minutes and have tried to have a poo but nothing would come, on both days I went back on the toilet after lunch and again after tea but still nothing. I tried not to get frustrated and hoped that this morning I might be able to go, so once again I ate breakfast and went back up to my room. I went into my ensuite just wearing some pink flowery pants, I pulled them down to my thighs and sat on the loo. I tried to relax and just sit for a while and after a few minutes I could feel a small urge developing. I started to push then and shortly after felt the tip of a log starting to poke out of my bum. It was quite a fat log but believe me I've had a lot fatter, so I breathed a sigh of relief as I realised it wasn't going to take too long for me to push it out. I went up on my toes, did some harder pushes then, and made some grunts, the poo was getting wider but it was still coming. It plopped down into the bowl about a minute later, I finished with a couple more softer logs and I was done, so I took some loo paper. I wiped my bottom, pulled up my pants and flushed. I'd been on the toilet for about 10 minutes, which is really quick for me! Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


Been Constipated!

Not much to report of recent,
Been having rabbit droppings thanks to bad
Constipation, so I'm taking my first 'Senokot' pill
Tonight to get things moving.
Much love, will post more soon when i have a story worthwhile to post lol
Jem xx

Pooping Geek

Great Buddy Dump at Gym

I was with my good friend Nicole at the gym, when we both felt like taking a dump. We headed to the bathroom, there were 8 stalls and only the 8th and 6th were open. I took the 8th and Nicole the 6th almost immediately after we sat down the bathroom was completely empty except for us. Nicole said "This is going to be a giant dump" I said mine would be too. I began to push gently and heard my poop crackling,I kept pushing until I produced a few thick 8 inch long logs. Nicole started on her bm while I pushed out some more good logs. Before Nicole could even start a cute brunette teen took the stall between us and let out a loud plop,Nicole grunted softly and pushed out a monstrous dump that almost filled the small bowl. We both wiped and left our masterpieces for other people to see. Later that weekend we did a buddy dump in a outhouse that had 4 seats. The outhouse was small with wood seats,we got there desperate to poop. There was only one other girl there,we asked if we could use the outhouse because we needed to go number 2 very bad she said it was fine because that's what she was going to do. I pushed and did a pretty big load that stunk bad after that I was finished but stayed seated so I could see what they had to do. Nicole farted softly and did a giant soft dump that made a loud splat noise,she grunted and pushed out a thick long log and was finished. The other girl whose name was Amber let out the biggest,loudest,stinkiest dump I have ever seen in my life. More stories on the way Goodbye


Too many toilet stoppers

Me and my friend Chelsey are in several classes together. Most every afternoon she comes over to my house. We hang out, ride our bikes and do our homework. She's a whiz at math. She comes from a really big family and doesn't like to spend any more time than necessary at her house because she's called on to do so many chores and watching her kid brothers when they come home from school. So her escape after school is my house. There is just one exception. While she pees like normal at school, she holds her craps until we get to my place. They are usually quite big and almost always they slow or clog the toilet. Most are like one large piece. They are sometimes probably 2-inches or more wide and long enough to stick up outside the water. They tend to be kind of hard so it is difficult for them to break up on their own in the toilet bowl. Most days right after the dismissal bell she and I will stop in one of the bathrooms on our way out and I will pee because I drink a lot of soda during the day. Sometimes I crap because the lines were too long between classes. I encourage Chelsey to take the cubicle next to me. Sometimes she does and she pees. But I don't ever recall her crapping. Then 15 minutes later she's clogging our toilet. The first time she did my dad was home and he was furious at her. He called her a "F****** Moron who should be going at school like normal people" because she hadn't even tried to break it apart or plunger it before flushing. The toilet ran over. Now we keep a couple of coat hangers behind the toilet. Chelsey will use them sometimes. Dad has also said certain people don't realize diarrhea can be a blessing.

Michael W.

Skipping Class to poop.

Hi everyone. I've been busy but I'm back with another story. But first.

To Mama of one. Great story. I had that same experience when I had trouble going as a kid. I remember feeling embarrassed having my mom in the bathroom with me while I went.

Onto my story. I was 17 years old and a Senior in High School. It was around March of 2006. I was going through a Punk Rock and Goth phase. Seminar which is "Home Room" was let out. A Lunch starts at 11. And I had C Lunch with is not til around 12:45 noonish. I felt like I had to poop and with my luck I knew I was going to take a while. I ate a lot of pizza. I had quite an appetite at that age. The night before and I was having Marco's pizza and I worked there at the time. Pizza is so good but it does make my poop stink. Anyways I had to go to Foods Class but I did not want to wait and if I waited til Lunch time to poop then I would miss lunch. I have high metabolism and I have to eat. So I was like screw this I'm skipping class just to take a crap. I ditched Foods Class bcz I had to poop and bcz they were making a dish that I don't like on that day which was egg salad. Gross! Anyways I went to the second floor Boy's Bathroom over by the Foreign Language Dept. When I came into the bathroom one of my classmates from Science was in the bathroom with me. I think his name was Brandon He asked me if I was ditching class and I said yes. He was like "Me too I have to take a shit." I was like "Same here." So I took the stall that was closest to the door. And Brandon took the stall that was closest to the wall. I pulled down my black jeans and boxers to my feet and then let out a soft fart. And then Brandon let out some soft farts which progressed to mid range farts and then he laughed. I laughed too. I was like "Damn, man what did you eat." Brandon said "Sausage and sour kraut." I was like "I had pizza." I did a medium push and then let out a loud Pfffrrtt! fart. I sighed in relief and laughed. And then Brandon was like "Ohh-wee its gonna smell like a barn in here." I farted loud again and let out some plops. Me and Brandon kept our conversation going while we were taking a dump. When I pushed some more poops out Brandon was going "Uggghhhhh!" I was like "You okay, bra?" He was like "Yeahhhh!" in a strained voice. Then he dropped another bomb and said "Sometimes you have to push it out." I was like "I hear you." I then had a small cramp on my left side and put my left hand on my left side and pushed with an "Uggggghh!" grunt and let a couple more poops out. And then did a soft fart. And for 45 minutes we kept talking and letting out our poops until we were done. I then wiped with toilet paper pulled up my black jeans and boxers up to my waist and buckled my pyramid stud belt and opened the stall door to put my backpack on. I washed my and hands and Brandon did the same. I told him to "See you around." And then I left the Boys Bathroom to go to B Lunch and C Lunch. And that is my story. I will post again later. To everybody, Happy Pooping.


Clogged toilet at work

At work I started feeling the urge in my gut to take a dump. I ignored it for awhile because the bar was really busy. An hour later I still needed to take a massive dump and now my stomach was hurting. The bar wasn't as busy so I quickly ran off to the bathroom. I got in there and the first and end stalls were taken. The girl in the first stall was on the phone. The one in the end was peeing. I went in the middle stall and noticed it was stopped up. Loads of toilet paper, brown water, and it was all low level. At work we need to unclog the toilets before the drunk patrons make it much worse, but the plunger wasn't in this stall. The end stall flushed and the girl left. I went to her stall and no plunger. I really needed to shit but I had to make sure no-one used the clogged one while I was shitting. The girl on the phone talked for a few minutes and a girl came in and peed in the end stall. The girl on the phone said "I need to take care of some business" before hanging up. There was a pause, then I heard her finally pooping. There was some crackling sounds and two plops. She wiped flushed and left the stall and I grabbed the plunger. I quickly unclogged the middle stall (I'm used to doing this) then turned around and sat down. I could feel my shit start poking out and I pushed out a big hot shit. It smelled really strong and I looked and half of it was out of the water. It had the strangest shape too. The second half suddenly went to as thick as my thumb, then back to big, then narrowed out. It reclogged the toilet so I fixed it.


To Brandon T

Yes she was very desperate. She had a big smile on her face after she got done

Mr. Clogs


Toilet car: It's good to see you post again and your friend Annamarie. I enjoyed every detail of your toilet car posts. Glad she was understanding and thought it was cool idea to relieve herself in your car. If you have any posts of her please post them. Also do you pee and poop in your car here lately? Also do you pee and poop in places and things other than the bathroom and your car?

Jennifer G: I enjoyed your pee in the car Saturday series. Please keep the posts coming. Also if you get any volunteers to pee in your car, please post an update as well. I may have asked you this question before, do you pee and poop in places and things other than a toilet or your car?

Nothing new for me, just checking on what's being posted. Keep the posts coming. Happy peeing and pooping everyone!

--Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: End Stall Em great story.

To: Toilet Car great story it sounds like she had a good poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


weekend outhouse poo with Rachel

Today I went out mountainbiking. My friend Amber was there, and also six other girls. I sipped some coffee during the ride to the trailhead. I had been out to a club the night before so I was kinda hungover a bit and my stomach started to act up about half way there. When we got to the trail I really needed to poop! I jumped out of the car and went straight to the outhouse. Another girl from our group was ahead of me, a tall brunette called Rachel. I don't know her very well, but she is very fit and it really shows. She has this super perky little bum that I'm sure all the girls are jealous off. I am for sure! I wish I looked like her instead of being short and chubby! Anyway, I saw Rachel take the left stall and when I got to the outhouse I took the right.

As I went into the stall I could hear Rachel peeing noisily on her side. I openend the toilet lid and ewww it was stinking so bad! But I needed to go soo much, I had no choice! I pulled my plaid biking skirt and my white string down to my feet and plopped my plump bum on the seat. I leaned foward a bit and started to pee. In the middle of my pee I couldn't help it and I let out a fairly loud fart and then right away my first poo started to drop from my behind. It was soft but wide and stretched my hole so that I was moaning a bit as it pushed out. Then it broke off and fell into the pit with a loud splat. I was just thinking how I was putting on quite an embarrassing show for Rachel when she let out a small fart herself and also started pooping. I guess she must have needed to go badly, too if she decided to do her number two in the stinky outhouse. Anyway, she dropped her first log and then we sat in silence for a bit until we started to push out our next turds. It was funny, we both had logs crackling from our bums at the same time. Mine was really big and I think Rachel's was, too. When it finally dropped into the pit under her toilet, she let out a big sigh. I wasn't quite done and needed to get some more poo out, so I kept pushing. My third turd was about halfway out, when suddenly Rachel knocked on my stall. She was like "I'm so sorry, but there is no paper on my side". And then after a brief pause "Could you get me some?". I said I would but that I wasn't quite done yet. Rachel was like "oh, I'm sorry" and then in the same moment my poo dropped into the toilet with a loud bubbly fart. I felt all empty and started to pull off some paper. I wiped my front and then my back. I had done a messy number two and my bumcrack needed a good cleanup. I told Rachel "sorry, I am almost done, I'm just wiping" and then I pulled my string back up, snapped it into place and pulled up my skirt. I got a big handfull of paper and went over to the other side.

I knocked on the door and she was like "it's open!". So I carefully went in and there was Rachel sitting on the toilet all red-faced with her bike shorts and black undies at her feet. She had her knees pressed together and was kinda bent over a bit to preserve her modesty. When she saw me she was like "oh thank god it's you Ann... this is really embarrasing!" and I think she was pretty relieved it was me and not some stranger who had seen her on the toilet. I told her it was no problem and that it had happened to me before. I handed her the paper and then closed the door and left her to clean up. We all went for a great ride and later in the parking lot Rachel said thanks again for helping her and that's all of my story. I hope you all liked it.


Still Reading

Hi everyone~
This is Lindsey and I was quite busy so I didn't post for a while. But I was still readinf your posts and I was happy to find out some wonderful posts.
-Loved your post about standing and going!
-I really loved your posts recently! I like your writinf style. I especially love your posts about Chole. Please tell me more stories about Chloe if you have.
-I'm really curious about what happened to Hisae and you. Love your posts!
Well today, I just have a short story.
Yesterday, I went to a restaurant with my friend named Amy. We were nice friends, but we weren't close enough to tell each other our bathroom stuff. So, we went to an Italian restaurant and we ordered one salad and two pastas. I ordered a cream pasta and Amy ordered a tomato pasta. As we were eating, I felt a subtle urge to poop. I had little cramps so I was sure it was a soft one. When we started eating our desserts, I found out that Amy was also fidgeting a little, so I noticed that se needed to poop too. After we finished eating, we decided to go to the bathroom. The bathroom had three stalls, but the middle one was locked, and there was three people infront of each two stalls. A lined up in the left stall and Amy lined up in the right staall. The person in the left stall was grunting, so I think that she was pooping, and so was the person in the right stall. The girl in front of me was holding her stomach and she was fidgeting, so I think that she also needed to poop. The girl in front of her had no signs so I think that she just needed to pee. The first girl was just fidgeting, so I didn't know if shee needed to pee badly or poop.
In front of Amy, there was a girl with no sign which probably meant that she just needed to poop,and in front of her, there was this girl who was massaging her stomach, so she need to poop I think. The first girl was also holding her stomach and she was fidgeting a little. I wasn't fidgeting and so was Amy. The right stall opened and the first girl from the Amy's stall came in. As soon as she sat down, she farted uncontrobally, and she let out poops with big plops. Soon, my stall also opened, and the first girl from my stall came in. She sat down peeing with a strong streem for about 25seconds. Then, she farted and soft mushy poop came out.
I'll tell the rest of the story soon.
Sorry that I cannot post really often.
Thanks, and please give me comments after reading my story!~
Even though I'm busy, I'll try to post more often, I'll alway read! Thanks!~

Hello , it's been a while so I hope you won't mind me posting again . Had a meal out with my boyfriend last Saturday night after which we went to a bar which was very busy . We had a great time and by the time we were leaving I was about 3/4 drunk and walking unsteadily but Brendan made sure I got safety to a taxi . 10 minutes got us home and I wanted to pee very urgently and I also needed a BM after the meal . Once inside the house I swayed down the corridor to the downstairs toilet , got inside and got to the toilet . I managed to lift my skirt and lower my panties then sit down without too much trouble except for a few drops of pee which dripped into my panties while I got myself ready to sit on the toilet . God the relief when I sat and I could let the pee flow . The poop was solid and I remember 2 big lumps and 2 smaller pieces dropping into the toilet , all solid . My memory is a bit hazy , but I think the 2 big lumps were each 5 or 6 inches long . That was everything so I stood up and cleaned myself up , hoping my cleanup left me neat and tidy , flushed the toilet and settled my undies and skirt , washed my hands . I left the toilet , had a cup of tea and went to bed . Thank You , from Eileen .

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